Move The Cheese Don’t Cut It!

Hello Washington!  It’s not so much that I mind that you keep moving and even eating the cheese but would you mind not cutting it?  The odor that is coming out of D.C. these days is enough to almost need a gas mask to survive.  Our lives change on a daily basis.  Our jobs, health, social environment and even financial well-being are in an almost constant state of flux.  What we do not need is a bunch of career bureaucratic politicians being poly ticks (blood sucking parasites).  We do not need more, bigger and most costly government we need relief and that is not an excuse for you in D.C. to cut the cheese! 

We are growing government at a rate and cost that is unsustainable in any economy.  We have not only mortgaged the future of our children and grandchildren but are in the process of destroying the very fabric of what America is all about.  I have often wondered what our Founding Fathers would have to say if somehow they could arrive on today’s political scene.  I do not think that very many in either party would be very happy about what they had to say.  This great land is so far removed from what they not only envisioned but established.  They placed safeguards, checks and balances in our governing documents to protect us and yet we have allowed the politicians to not only dilute but virtually destroy those checks and balances. 

A few years ago there was the rave about the book “Who Moved My Cheese” and everyone wanted in on the bandwagon.  Unfortunately, it seems that those in Washington forgot the motivational part of that and have not only been moving our cheese but leaving behind a reminder of their efforts by cutting the cheese loudly and often.  The pungent odor from their efforts is unmistakable.

We date ourselves when we reminisce and wish for the “Good ‘ole Days” or “Simpler Times” but I am one of those.  It was a simpler time when I was young.  A time when most people seemed to know the difference between right and wrong and choose to do the right even if it was not necessarily the most profitable for them at the moment.  Prior to my time we fought two World Wars and won them both with resolve to protect freedom not only here but around the world.   We stood against tyranny and defended the right of people to live free.  Today in America we not only have big brother watching us but he is actively attacking anyone who disagrees with his particular political view.  That sounds more like something that you would hear about under a Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro or in the Old Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea or Hitler’s Germany.  Yet in America our freedoms are being taken from us little by little and for too many years we have sat idly by and allowed it to happen.  Enough is enough!

I urge you to take action.  Get involved in the political scene locally, regionally and nationally.  Work, talk, discuss, write letters, send emails and most importantly go to the polls and vote intelligently in each and every election.  The only way we can bring America back to her former greatness is from the bottom up.  If we build a strong solid conservative base we can build a strong country that can survive any of the storms she will face. 

In our great State of Texas we have candidates for governor who leave a lot to be desired and I’m tired of voting for the lessor of two evils.  Give me a candidate who is for the values upon which our our country was founded.  Someone who is opposed to creating a welfare state where over 50% of the population is dependent upon the government for their subsistence.  Someone who supports the Constitution of the United States and this State.   Someone who understands that the way to recover from the economic crisis we face is not over spending and over taxing but creating incentives through tax breaks and encouraging people to become entrepeneurs.  Our health care system is not broken but the best in the world.  Health coverage needs some work but that is a completely different story.  We can fix that through tax breaks allowing people to buy coverage if they so choose.  Creating tax incentives to health care providers to give care for the indigent would be step in the right direction.  Take medicare out of the hands of bureaucrats who know nothing about health care or even business and put it in the hands of people who are in the field and in business would be a plus.  Create health savings accounts to allow people to plan for health issues and make the savings plan portable so that it carries over from year to year and is inheritable by the family of those who own the accounts should they pass on.  Stop providing health coverage, welfare, etc. to illegal aliens in this country.  Illegal is the key word here!  Everyone can go to the emergency room and receive care regardless of insurance or the lack thereof.  Of course there are horror stories but they are not the rule they are the exception.  With the inefficiency of our government on every front why would anyone think that the government would be an ideal candidate to run a health care system that will have a cost that is beyond our ability to pay for and will not only ration care but deny care especially once you reach a point where your productive years are viewed as being too few to justify the cost of care.

The only comfort that I have in this is my faith that God is still God and will fulfill His promise to “Never leave us nor forsake us”.  I am still looking up because I believe that redemption draws near.  Truly, I am just one who is passing through this land, this is not my final nor eternal destination.  Enjoy life, find something that you love to do and love what you do. Make every day better than the day before because even if you live 100 years you only have a few of them.  May God’s best be yours each day of your life!