I Remember When

I Remember When………..

I guess I’m getting old or at least older because I remember days that were better but seem like light years ago. So as I reminisce my mind brings up images of the days gone by and….

I Remember:

  • A time when you didn’t have to lock your door at night or even when you left for the day. Oh I’m sure there were some who would have stolen from us if we’d had anything worth stealing but the neighbors were watchful and cared for each other.
  • When you could make a deal with a handshake rather than having to have nine lawyers write a contract that would have hidden fine print in it that would be grounds for litigation.
  • When being patriotic was commendable and something desirable rather than viewed as outdated and obsolete.
  • When everyone would stand when the National Anthem played, men would take off their hats and all would place their hands over their hearts in pride.
  • When marriage was considered sacred and honorable unlike today when many choose to test drive the relationship before entering into marriage.
  • When giving a full day’s work for a day’s pay was normal unlike today when giving as little as possible to get as much as possible is the acceptable.
  • When there was time to take walks, read books, sit around the table with family or friends and break bread without a cell phone ringing with another call or text.
  • When we got our news either by letter or personal visits rather than texts, tweets and email.
  • When everyone knew everyone in the neighborhood and if you had a project or problem they were ready and willing to pitch in and help.
  • When teachers in school cared about actually educating a child and being sure they knew how to read and write rather than just making a grade on a standardized test for PR purposes, federal funds and grants.
  • When getting a toy at Christmas was a special treat.
  • When you could pray in school and recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag.
  • A great many things that do not seem to exist anymore.

I will never forget returning home from Vietnam in the late 60’s. I was totally unprepared for what I was about to experience upon arriving in San Francisco, California. Students from Berkley University lined a fence that we had to walk by and commenced to throw body fluids and other things at us. The thing that caused the Shore Patrol to have to restrain me was when that crowd began spitting at the men on stretchers. The incredible anger that welled up inside me was probably not righteous indignation as two of us were attempted to go over the fence into that crowd of about 300. Wisdom was not part of my makeup at that moment anger was! We were returning from a war that our country asked us to go and fight. I lost friends in that far away land and know many who endure emotional scarring that will last a lifetime not just from the war but from the treatment and reception received when they came home. We were not there because we were war mongers but because we were patriotic enough that burning our draft cards, fleeing to Canada or somewhere else was not an option. I am so very thankful for how the WW II veterans have been honored and love the way that the “Greatest Generation” has been shown the utmost esteem and gratitude for their service. I was thankful when the “Gulf War” veterans came home they received honor by most Americans. Yet I remember hearing Jane Fonda calling those of us serving in Vietnam baby killers, murders and rapist as she would broadcast from Hanoi. In any earlier generation she would been tried for treason but by that time America had begun to move in the wrong direction in both her views and morals. The men and women who now serve in Iraq and Afghanistan deserve our full support and respect. My blood boils when I hear anyone defame or discredit them. There was a time when burning the flag was an act that was unacceptable and considered treason anyone committing that act did so at their own peril.

Gone are the days when people expected to make their own way in life working for and paying for what they got. We have almost reached the point where over 50 percent of our society expects the government to provide everything for them for free. We have become a welfare nation and that spells disaster! Gone is the era when the only expectation for government was to protect and defend this country, maintain domestic tranquility and allow free enterprise to be just that. Gone are the days when we were not taxed to the point that we have to work from January to August just to pay the realized and hidden taxes placed upon us most of which are unconstitutional.

There was a time when the Constitution of the United States of America was the governing document of our country and only the Bible held more authority for most. Today it seems that the intent and purpose of this Administration is to completely dismantle and destroy the very document that provided this incredible Republic under God that has been the beacon of hope for the world for generations. The American Dream was a prize that most people throughout the world desired and sought after at the risk of life.

What happened to the view that communism and tyrannical despots who give no value to human life are evil? When did we lose our value of life? Some would tell me that my memories are nothing more than a nostalgic view of a time that did not exist. They suggest that we live in the modern era and it’s time to scuttle the Constitution, cast off our Judeo Christian values, set aside our ethics and become nothing more than pawns of a tyrannical government that seeks to control and regulate every facet of our lives. As a Christian and a patriot I cannot sit idly by and watch this Nation be stolen without a fight. We must use and use wisely the weapons of our warfare to wage the battle against this diabolical attempt to completely overthrow the founding principles of our Nation. It’s time to intercede as never before, become involved in the political arena as never before and stand on our principles and faith as never before. We may never have the “good old days” again but we can turn the tide and take back our Liberty! It truly is up to us to fight this fight! Four things are anchors for me – My Faith, My Family, My Friends and My Freedom! I will not go quietly! The words of Patrick Henry are appropriate today “Give me liberty or give me death!”