Could This Be America?

I want to share something with you that came to me through a Vision and troubling Dreams.  Believe it or discount it that is your choice.  Consider me a kook that’s okay, but I feel compelled to share it today!

I really don’t know how many people have actually had an open vision where they were awake and aware and saw something as vivid as a movie or T.V. program.  Nor do I know what you think of someone who claims to have had such an experience but I have and it has troubled me for years.  Lately (over the past couple of years) I’ve had several dreams that are similar in nature which also trouble me.  These experiences coupled with the things going on in Washington today cause me to be even more troubled in my spirit as I think about the vision, dreams and current events.

Let me begin with the vision I had about 15 years ago.  It is still as vivid today as it was the day it took place.  I am unable to shake it and cannot forget it.  I was at the church praying and thinking about my life, some of the proposed out-reach efforts of the church and other events around me when suddenly, fully awake and aware, I saw a panoramic scene in full living color that shook me to my foundation.  I saw devastation, bombed out buildings, tanks and troops in the streets and general chaos everywhere.  It looked like scenes from WWII movies.  The insignia on the troops was not something I recognized so I was uncertain as to what I was seeing.  I asked the Lord, “Why are you showing me bombed out Europe of WWII?” What I heard in my spirit was , “Look again.” I looked and still the same question was in my heart only to hear “Look again.” This went on three times and finally I recognized one of the cities – New York City, then Dallas, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and others.  It was catastrophic and there was utter ruin everywhere. I asked, “What does this mean?” The only response was, “If my people pray and seek my face I will hear from heaven and heal their land.” I sensed that this was a message to the church, a warning of things potentially coming if we as the Body of Christ and America did not wake up and take action.  I attempted to warn others and most were seemingly unimpressed and many summarily dismissed my vision.  Yet, I could not and cannot forget it.  We have never seen this in America.  September 11th is the nearest thing we have seen to this type of catastrophe and far too few even think about that today.  For a brief time the church and the American people came together unified, laying aside their differences and were ready to stand for a common cause and fight a common enemy.  But then the same old political prejudices raised their ugly heads and we moved back into disunity and some have even accused the U.S. Government of masterminding the attack.  Can this be a reality? Can America become Europe of WWII? Can we have martial law and U.N. troops or troops from a conquering nation occupy the streets of our cities? I pray that this never be, but far too many signs indicate it as being possible especially with the direct and massive assault on our constitutional liberties.  We are seeing the almost daily concerted efforts to circumvent and bypass the legislative process and place almost unlimited power in the hands unregulated Czars and the Executive Branch of our government making this frighteningly possible.

The dreams that I had are three, two were identical and the latest had a somewhat different twist.  The first two were scenes in which the front door of my house was broken down in the middle of the night with armed individuals storming through the front door with no explanation as to who they were nor their purpose.  I keep a weapon handy and was able to stop two of the perpetrators before being shot myself and at that  point they identified themselves as DEA agents and after a brief interrogation they informed me that they had the wrong house.  I had just killed two people as I sought to protect my family and my property and had been wounded myself because they failed to

1). Knock on the door and identify themselves   2). Even after they stormed my house failed to identify themselves.

The third dream came a few weeks ago was similar in that not only was the front door broken down but several windows and my back door were stormed simultaneously. Armed soldiers with automatic weapons stormed my house and before I could respond took me into custody informing me that I was under arrest as a threat to the newly formed government of America.  That martial law had been declared and insurgents and enemies of the new government were being apprehended to insure that there would be no insurrection to disrupt the establishment of this new order. I was informed that my military history, years of ministry and recent writings opposing the direction being taken by the current administration categorized me as a danger and I would be transported to a detention facility for further action.  I woke up so I don’t know what that action was to be but can only imagine.  Either promotion to heaven or extreme torture most likely.

Am I being paranoid? Hopefully!  Are we in danger in America of losing our country? There is no question.  Do we need to take action? Yes, the following action:

We need to return to God as individuals, churches and as a nation as never before.

  • We need to become involved in local, city, state and national politics as never before.
  • We need to go to the polls in November and make absolutely sure that we cast a ballot for the constitution and freedom.
  • We need to become vocal and energized, encouraging everyone we know and have any sphere of influence over to vote and do the right thing.
  • We need to demonstrate our faith through our daily lives as a testimony for all to see.
  • Finally, but not least in importance we need to become intercessors for this land.

God heard Israel when they were in Egyptian bondage and delivered them!  There is so much more to the vision and dreams that time and space will not allow me to write but suffice it to say – – I believe it is time for the Church to be the Church and Americans to be true Americans and STAND UP for Right and Freedom!  I may only be one man but I am prepared to STAND IN THE GAP yet I know and am confident that there are multitudes like me in this Great Land.  My simple prayer is – “God Save America!  Protect her from Tyranny!  Guide her to Righteousness!  Lead her to her Divine Destiny!” God has Blessed America and it’s time that we honor those blessings and with one unified voice defend the cause of the defenseless, honor the principles of righteousness and make America a place, once again, where it is truly the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!


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