The Certainty of Uncertainty – 2011

If you had asked me during the late 60’s and the 70’s if I
thought we would see the 2000’s I would have said no. There were
many reasons for my skepticism, not the smallest of which was my
religious beliefs. I looked at , the condition of the world and
could not imagine, God allowing a depraved world to continue in its
rebellion and debauchery, but He has. Obviously, He is far more
gracious than I and for that I am eternally thankful. Truly, He is
not willing that any should perish, although they will but not
because He did nothing to arrest their running headlong into
destruction. When that time comes, none will be able to say,
“Why didn’t you warn me?” He has
through frequently and thoroughly. The provision , has been made,
the invitation extended, the grace provided and yet many are
oblivious to what is before them. Many
things have transpired during the past fifty years that are nothing
short of astounding.
We saw man go into
outer-space and to the
moon while few thought it possible.
(Some still don’t believe it happened) We have
seen the personal computer burst on
the scene and become such an integral part of life that most would
be incapable of functioning without one. The cell
has become such a part of everyday life that
language skills are diminishing among not only
the young but the texting community.
Mathematics has become a lost
discipline to the point that if the computer or register doesn’t
give the cashier the amount of change due they are unable to
calculate the proper amount. Medicine
has advanced at an astronomical rate with the ability to view every
internal organ, muscle, tissue, bone and fabric of the body in
3D imagery.
Multiple bypass heart surgery has
become something less than the catastrophic intrusion into the
body. Knowledge has increased so
rapidly that by the time we a product reaches the market it is
obsolete and the next two generations of the item are in the
developmental stage. One would think that with all the advances,
technology and knowledge man would have become more inclined to
recognize the Sovereignty of God but instead he has tended to
become more self-reliant and alienated than ever. Tragically, many
do not turn to God until it reaches what , is believed to be,
“the last
I was called, to pray for a man
some time back and when I asked him if I could pray he responded,
“So it’s come to
His entire countenance changed
and in his eyes I could see defeat because he felt that if his
family asked me to pray it meant “all hope
was gone.”
It should never mean that,
for prayer and God should be, our first course of action and
thought, not a last resort. I know what it is to have the doctor
inform you that you have a malignancy, and the unsettling fear that
followed. I also know what it is to turn to God in both desperation
and trust and experience His removing the fear and desperation and
give me a calm assurance that He had performed a healing touch. The
doctor, a believer, later confirmed that fact and in that I
rejoice. It does not make me more special or better than
anyone else it just makes me

In the area of politics things never seem
to change
The greed, avarice,
corruption, hunger for power and double dealing, are as rampant
today as ever if not more so. Politicians seem to have little real
concern about the country or the citizens. They talk a good talk
but their walk exposes their hypocrisy. There is
certainty that the year 2011 has much uncertainty.

America is on the precipice of total destruction and politicians
are driving this runaway train toward the edge at breakneck speed
with seeming little concern as to the outcome. We
have a President
that seems to believe that it is
his divine right to do whatever he wants. We have
left wing, liberal radical groups who
want their pet project, provision or action implemented regardless
of the cost to everyone else. We have people on the
saying the right things that sound good,
conservative and logical and yet when the rubber meets the road
they seem more about getting elected than representing those who
elected them. There is much blame , to be shared
concerning , the condition of this great nation
and this
citizen is ready for , the destruction of the Constitution,
stealing our liberties and placing a debt upon our great
grandchildren’s inheritance that they will never be able to pay
TO STOP! The free Republic called the
United States of America is being driven, into socialism or as it
is being called, democratic socialism as though that is somehow
different. If we, citizens of these United
States of America, want our country back we must do several
This is not rocket science, just
common sense. First, we must
“turn our hearts to
If He is not first in our hearts
and minds we will follow our own paths and our paths lead to
destruction. His path leads to life and freedom.
Second, we must
DEMAND that our elected officials
truly represent the wishes of those who elected them.
The vast majority of Americans do not
want to see America fall. They want to see responsible government,
a balanced budget, cessation of pork attached to real legislation,
the ability to defend ourselves as a nation and the right to pursue
our dreams without undue interference from the government. History
is replete with examples of country after country facilitating its
own demise by wrong actions, choices and policies. Sadly, we are
being driven, down those same failed paths and too many are
following blindly like sheep. I have committed myself
to intercession for this nation and for engaged
to insure that my elected officials know the
pitfalls that I see with regard to political policies already
imposed and being imposed. I want them to know what I support and
what I oppose and
Although I am just one
, I believe that if enough of we ONE
commit to prayer and become engaged we can
see the hand of God move and America saved from destruction so that
this base of opportunity continue for the multitudes. I also
believe that a free and prosperous America can and will be a
catalyst for spreading the “Good News”
to the world. Therefore, my simple
prayer is, “Lord, forgive us for our sloughtfulness and
grant us wisdom and courage to do the right thing in every
dimension and facet of our lives.”
May God bless
America and you! I know that some will say, don’t do anything
because it’s God’s judgment. I equate that to
Don’t spread the Good News, if
they were meant, to be saved they will be or don’t bother working,
if God meant for you to eat or have a house to live in He will
provide it.”
That’s not what the Bible teaches and
certainly not what Jesus said in the Great Commission. We need to
work as if everything depends on us and pray as if everything
depends on God. It is my desire that you
have a prosperous, joyous and rewarding year in