With so many varying religions and people predicting cataclysmic events in 2011-2012 one has to ask, “What does it all mean?” I want to preface everything that I say with this:

“I believe in the Bible and trust the God of the Bible not anyone or anything else. I place no faith or confidence in the prophecies or predictions of other religious groups, organizations, peoples or so-called sciences. I TRUST GOD, PERIOD!

Much speculation, has been made regarding the Mayan Calendar predicting the end of the world on December 21, 2012. The Mayan’s were a pagan religion and whether their calendar ending on that date has any significance or not is of little interest to me. Likewise, many have spent their entire lifetime studying the prophecies of Nostradamus and now the focus is on 2011-2012. Many of his previous prophecies have had to be stretched to the limit to make them fit what was and is happening in the world. Doomsday prophets have come and gone with their predictions failing to materialize for the end of the world. Edgar Cayce predicted Armageddon would begin in 1999 in conjunction with Nostradamus’s prophecy of that same year. Jack Van Impe said the end will come after the year 2000 – (do you think?). Richard W. Noone prophesied that the world would end on May 5, 2000. The Uranus Society believed that in 2000 a Pleidaean starship would land on the rising portion of Atlantis in the Bermuda Triangle. They had previously predicted 1985 but adjusted their prediction. The Hindu calendar says we can expect “a rain of blood in towns, villages and forests from 1999 to 2003” but the avatar of Krishna would arrive and establish “The Reign of Righteousness” which would last 108 days. Several Muslim Sufi sects have set 2076 as the end-time. That is the year 1500 in the Muslim calendar. It is also the Tri-centennial of the United States of America. According to the Jewish calendar, 2240 is the year 6000 and the end of time. What does it all mean? Truthfully, NOTHING!

However, there are some concerns about this next year and 2012 leading up to the date of the election. We have global unrest and this administration continually wants to go to the United Nations for their endorsement or condemnation of actions or activities the United States has been or is engaged in. He supports a “global government” although I’m not sure he doesn’t see himself as the head of that government. He is backed, by such “globalist” as George Sorros, the Open Society Institute, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, and others. He has in his corner numerous racist hate groups calling for both , the destruction of Israel and all white people calling them “crackers” and “peckerwoods”. In fact the head of the New Black Panthers advocated killing whites and said, “I love to fight me some crackers.” If I were to use the epithet so disgusting to the black race and most whites I would not only be banned from virtually all social media but probably investigated and charged with something as a “racist”, which I am not.

A Russian scholar Igor Panarin believes that Obama will find some means to declare martial law in 2011 and split the United States into six rump-states and that Russia and China will become the backbones of a new world order. Former presidential candidate Alan Keyes believes that the Obama administration will stage terror and declare martial law in order to cancel the 2012 elections. They are not alone in their fears or beliefs and there are as many theories out there as there are people, almost. Do I think he would be willing to try, yes! Do I think he can be successful, no! It would effectively begin a civil war within this country and probably split politicians, the military, as well as the citizenry. It would cripple the United States and open the door to armed aggression by our enemies and be so devastating that we would never rise from the ashes of that eventuality. Therefore, I am more concerned that this administration will use the numerous Czars, EPA, Justice Department, Homeland Security and other agencies in which they have control to STEAL THE ELECTION rather than prevent it from taking place. I believe there well could be a manufactured false recovery, fictitious numbers and reports to claim success of his policies and false and slanderous accusations toward conservatives running for all offices including the Presidency. It will be devious, diabolical and dirty.

What does it all mean? It means that all Americans who care about protecting this country MUST become engaged in refuting the falsehoods, and supporting the legitimate and truly conservative candidates. It means that all Christians MUST become engaged in serious prayer concerning this nation and our freedoms. I fully believe that we are nearing the end but when that will be, I do not know and until that day comes, I WILL continue to PRAY, SPEAK OUT, STUDY, and VOTE! The principles upon which this country was founded, are precious to me. I have gone into combat under her flag and left some friends behind on the fields of battle. So I’m sure you understand when I say, my blood boils when I hear anti-patriotic statements coming from either side. The principles of Christ are vital to me and I urge every believer to commit themselves to praying for this nation which has been a beacon of light for much of the world for centuries! I do not trust the arm of flesh (man) but I do trust God, so it is to Him that I make my appeal and know that multiplied millions are doing the same thing. Yet, we are instructed to occupy until He comes and to work while it’s day! Are we about to see the end of America and/or the world? I do not know. I do know that I will fight for America, and am content to put the end of the world in God’s hands refusing to fret over it, because that’s God’s decision and not up for vote!

We are a great country and the vast majority of Americans still believe in God even if they do not now serve Him. So, my friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, and anyone reading this blog – follow your heart as to what you should do in the coming days, weeks and months! We have a choice as to what direction this country is going to take and should the majority of Americans desire to continue on this destructive path, I will pray even more fervently and expect God to provide no matter what! That, is what it all means to me! Thank you for allowing me to voice my feelings and thoughts! God Bless America and God bless you!


I didn’t use the classical “F” word but, the guy I was talking to do did and called me numerous other names as well. The conversation came up when I overheard him complaining about the fact that his unemployment check, food stamps, welfare check and something else wasn’t enough. He said that he was going to have to cut back on his beer and cigarettes and it just wasn’t right! He ranted for several minutes and the young lady at the checkout counter, where he was buying a case of beer and a carton of cigarettes, was obviously uncomfortable and wishing he would just move on. My reason for engaging him in conversation was two-fold. I wanted to find out more about his situation and family, and I wanted to ask what he thought about the situation in Washington today.

I asked him how long he’d been out of work and it had been over a year since he had held any kind of job and before that had worked off and on at different places long enough to qualify for unemployment, then he would manage to be let go. He said the government owed him a decent living, and all the rich people should share their money with people like him so he could do whatever he wanted, like they did. I asked about his family and that’s when he used the “F” word and asked why the blank I wanted to know. I explained that I was concerned that he might have children and about their welfare. So, I asked if he had children and his response was, “Yeah, five or six, I don’t know.” I thought that was somewhat odd that a person would not know how many children they had, so I dug a little deeper. I asked if he was married and his response was, “No, I’ve never been married, why would I be that stupid?” He used the “F” word again. I asked him if his wife was taking care of the children and he said, “How the blank would I know, it’s not my responsibility, and besides the kids are from different women, and I don’t even know where they are and don’t care.” As I dug a little deeper I found out that he was getting food stamps under the pretense that he had children at home, and drawing welfare on them as well. He was milking the system (illegally) for all he could and blatantly told me that I and everyone else like me owed it to him to see to it that he had money, a place to live, food, clothes and a fine car to drive. He then said, “Obama promised that he’d make you people share what you have with us so I’m waiting on my check, it’s pay back time!”

I told him that there were some “F” words that I’d like to share with him if he would let me. He stared or glared at me and said, “What blanking “F” words?” He used his again. So, I told him that I believe there are “FIVE” vital “F” words everybody should know and incorporate in their lives. FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS, FINANCE AND FREEDOM…… That’s when he told me to take a trip that I don’t plan to take using very colorful language and descriptive adjectives in doing so, all the while signaling to me that I was number one in the sign language of today! I wished him a good day and told him that I’d pray for him as he got into his new Cadillac Escalade and drove off.

I truly believe that those FIVE WORDS are cornerstones for life. In fact you might say that they are the “F” words of life! I have long believed that God is the most important person, figure or element in life. Without FAITH it is not only impossible to please God but impossible to truly live. We have faith in many things, but faith in Him is the most important. I recall Jesus asking the disciples a very pointed question in the Gospel of Luke, when they were going to cross the lake and a storm arose while He was sleeping. The disciples were terrified, waking Him and telling Him that they were going to perish. He immediately calmed the storm, then turned to them and asked, “Where is your faith?” (8:25) He didn’t inquire if they had faith. He asked what they had faith in. Too frequently it is in our ability, the government, the doctor, or someone or something else rather than Him. Our faith grounds us, helps to remove our self-reliance, and turn our hearts to dependence, not on man but Him. It has never been the government’s job to provide a living for me or anyone else. Caring for the needy has always been a responsibility of the church, family, and believers. I’m not opposed to seeing a means of assisting those who are truly needy but only so long as we are moving them from need and dependency to sufficiency and productivity.

That brings me to the second “F” word that is crucial – FAMILY. This man had no sense of family, and no support from family. I thank God for my family, my wife, children, mother, brother and sister, cousins and in-laws. They are a source of strength and comfort to me, and I dare not take them for granted or neglect my relationship with them. It has been my experience and observation, that if one has a healthy family relationship they have an established support group that will stand with them through whatever trial that comes. I believe that FAMILY is important to God! He knows, far better than we, how strong a chord a healthy, loving, and committed family is in navigating the seas of life. Sometimes, for me, just knowing they are there has enabled me to face situations that otherwise I would have crumbled under. The rarely knew it but their love, support, and strength gave me the strength, courage and determination to hang on to my FAITH and make it through. I have truly been blessed and I know it!

Then the “F” word that is harder to define and describe comes to mind – FRIENDS. Friends are vital to a healthy life, and true friends are more valuable than great riches. They become the “iron” that sharpens “iron” helping to inspire and propel us to our fullest potential. A “true friend” will not be a rubber stamp for whatever you say or do, but will give you honest feedback when you are wrong and genuine support when you are right. Thankfully, Jesus is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Without FAITH, FAMILY and FRIENDS our lives would be “existence” not “life”. We would be plodding through this world, day by day, hoping to make it from one crisis to the next. Sadly, that is the state of far too many people in the world, and many in the Church. They wear their masks, hide their wounds, hurts, fears, insecurities and anger but inside they are a seething caldron, ready to explode. They are like an abused animal and given the right circumstances will turn on you in a heartbeat. A person that has “true friends” is a very wealthy person though they be penniless!

Then another “F” word that is important – FINANCE. It’s important because it takes money to survive in this present world. Someone said “money makes the world go round.” Obviously that is a misstatement, but without money you can’t buy the bread you need to feed your family, the gas you need to drive to work, pay the rent, mortgage, utilities and provide the health care you and your family need. When the economy is in the condition that it is today it is imperative that we have FAITH to help us hold on to our “hopes and dreams”. We need FAMILY to help us know and experience love on a human level, that helps us maintain the willingness to keep trying. We need FRIENDS to keep us from becoming isolationist, recluses and withdraw into a bitter world where we die little by little in resentment and anger. It’s difficult to keep the FAITH when your, FAMILY and FRIENDS turn away from you and when your FINANCES go into the tank due to an economic situation that has cost you your employment, and rendered you unable to afford even the basics of life. That is magnified when you see your government taking actions that make matters worse rather than better. The implementation of programs laden with hidden costs making the basic necessities barely affordable brings a sense of hopelessness that is difficult to overcome. You can easily become cynical and angry which increases the likelihood of more difficulty for you because you expect the bad rather than believing for the good or in the good. Without FAITH, FAMILY AND FRIENDS you could easily become a casualty in this battle of life.

That brings me to the final “F” word that is foundational – FREEDOM. It is more than a word, and one usually does not know what it truly was, and how valuable it was until it is taken from them or lost. Today we are seeing our liberties and freedom slowly taken from us as United States citizens. We are seeing our leaders take steps jeopardizing our very existence, and are moving us toward financial disaster as a nation, relegating us to third-world status internationally, in virtually every category. America, once a beacon of hope for the world, feared by her enemies and a comfort to her friends has become an insignificant player on the world scene. This has transpired over a long period of time but has escalated at an astronomical rate in just two short years. We have never had a President who has been so successful in implementing his policies and ideology as this one. His ideology is about as anti-American as you can get and he considers the Constitution a hindrance to what he wants to do rather than a road map to maintain the greatness of this nation. He considers the will of the people inconsequential if their opinion differs from his and considers himself above the law and even ignores court orders and circumvents Congress through his Czars, agencies and executive orders. FREEDOM is a principle, privilege and right that is being assaulted, and we as average American citizens need more than ever, to become anchored in our FAITH, endeared to our FAMILIES, in close fellowship with our FRIENDS and guarded with our FINANCES. We also must be willing to do whatever it takes to maintain or regain our FREEDOM. To me, that means intense, earnest prayer first and foremost. Then, active participation in the electoral and political processes to see people elected to office that, are godly, principled, law abiding, constitutional, and genuinely care about the best good of the people they serve. That assignment will take a considerable amount of research, investigation, questioning and prayer to determine who those individuals might be. Lastly, we must be willing to do whatever is necessary to see our Republic remain a Free Nation. I do not know what it will ultimately take, but as our forefathers in 1776 were willing to give their lives to gain this freedom, we must be willing to pay whatever price to retain it, or we will become a nation of slaves to the elitist ruling class in Washington. Our democratic republic will disappear and will be replaced by some form of tyranny with the government dictating every detail and facet of our lives…

I know that no matter what, God is still God and as David said, “I was young and now I am old and I have not seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging for bread.” (Psalm 27:25) I trust that statement made by the man God identified as being a man after His own heart. While we are Americans, if we are believers, we are first and foremost citizens of a heavenly kingdom and sojourners on this planet. I cannot cease calling for people to “pray” and “work” for restoration of both God’s rule and reign on the earth and our republic as established by those who purchased our freedom more than 200 years ago. I am praying for a TRUE Christian to occupy the White House. I’m not talking about someone who names the name of Christ, but someone who displays His character and stands firm for His principles. I suggest that virtually every candidate will claim to be that person in the next election but not all will be. Many were swayed by Jimmy Carter’s claim to be a Christian and I don’t question his faith, but his principles and policies were not those of our Lord, so do not be fooled! Hear the voice of the Holy Spirit in your heart and commit yourself to praying and working to see those individuals elected from the city council to the White House. We have some “F” words that are meaningful and vital so let’s focus on them! May the Lord’s best be yours in all that you do!