I know that my title is probably puzzling for those who know me and know how Pro-American, Pro-Constitution, and Pro-God I am. I am still firmly rooted in my core belief that this is the greatest country in the world, bar none. I believe that our system of government as designed and implemented by the framers of the Constitution is the best system the world has ever known, in the governments of men. I would declare that the only thing better would be a world in which Christ ruled completely and everyone accepted and acknowledged His Lordship. That Kingdom will come, but at the present time we are left with the frailty of human governments. None of which are perfect, because none of us are perfect.

But, back to my question – Does America deserve better? I can argue from both sides of that coin, but basically, YES! Our Republican Democracy has been under attack for a long time and has slowly been eroded to the point that recently a Democrat Congressman, said that the President was becoming an absolute Monarch. Of course, he would not say that on all matters but on the matter of the conflict in Libya he did. We have watched our freedoms slowly be taken from us and from the States individually for decades and most of the time little resistance surfaced when it happened. Those in Washington, at all levels, have appeared oblivious to the restraints placed on them by the Constitution and have circumvented it on every hand. Sadly, too many of us were either asleep at the wheel or since it didn’t seem to directly impact us personally felt no need to stand up in opposition. We have become the proverbial frog in a pan of water that has been slowly heated to the point that we succumbed without resistance!. Most of the losses of freedom were gradual and incremental unlike those of the past two plus years under this President.

Today, if we took stock of the freedoms we have gradually given up and those recently ripped from our hands, we would be in shock. Actually, some of us are! There is no question that the debt we now have, had participants from all sides. Only as movements such as the Tea Party began to form at the grass-roots level did anyone in Congress seem to take note of our opinions. Sadly, the result of the 2010 elections has only minimally improved the situation in Washington and there is much more work needed if we are going to convince everyone from the Whitehouse to the Outhouse that we are serious and won’t take it any longer. The interest alone on our debt is unmanageable and yet we repeatedly are told that bigger government and more spending by that big government is the answer. I don’t know about you, but in my personal finances I have never been able to spend my way out of financial problems. I have had to tighten the belt, even when it was difficult. I have had to make sacrifices and eliminate those expenditures that were not absolutely essential and even in some of those had to make adjustments. I know what it is to not have enough money to buy enough food for three meals a day. I know what it’s like to not have money for gas and walked to work part of the time. I know what it’s like to not be able to travel, even to see family due to lack of funds. I’ve been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, and survived. I have had God supernaturally provide for me in more ways than I can enumerate in this short post and am eternally grateful for that. Yet, our government doesn’t seem to understand that principle and knows that the only way that they can continue their insatiable desire to spend is to TAX us more and more. Yet, the more they take from us, the less we are likely to be able to dig our way out of this financial mess our country is in. I’ve had times when I knew it was time to CUT UP THE CREDIT CARDS and did. WASHINGTON NOW IS THAT TIME FOR YOU!

This administration has ignored Congress, judges, the Constitution, and used various governmental agencies to implement its policies and programs. It has ignored the overwhelming desire of the American people for various things to not be implemented. It has lectured us on civility while engaging in the most uncivil attacks on the opposition parties and people. It now has tapped into the Strategic Oil Reserve saying that supply will lower the price at the pump and enhance the economy, yet refuses to allow us to go after the oil resources that are yet underground and untapped. The first lady lectures us on our eating habits and yet in her recent trip she has eaten the very items that we are not supposed to eat and her husband is a regular offender of her proposed diet. It seems that Washington – all of it, feels that everything they say or do is for WE THE PEOPLE but not THEM! I must protest and say what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If you enact something you participate in it. If you want us to sacrifice, then by all means lead by example! Does America deserve better – YES! Is America going to get better – only time will tell!

I come back to the place that I have every time I’ve written something – We must return to God as individuals, churches, communities, cities, States, and as a nation. We must seek Him first and foremost above all else and we must become people of prayer, else our nation, as the founders envisioned, and we have enjoyed is history. I don’t mean to come across pessimistic, for I am confident in the power of prayer and believe that as Israel of old cried out to God, if we will cry out in humble repentance and sincerity He will hear our cries and heal our land. We absolutely must be honorable individually and demand it of ALL elected officials regardless of party affiliation. As a Christian, a veteran, and an American I have hope that God and the American people will prevail against this present attack on our Republic! That reminds me of the statement in the Book of Judges – “The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon.” So I say, “The sword of the Lord, and the American people.” (I speak spiritually and am not calling for armed revolution). May God Bless America and you as well!

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