Mr. President,

There have been a number of recent occurrences that I want to call to your attention and ask that you take public and definitive action condemning and being what you claim, President of the entire United States of America. Your oath of office indicated that you would support and defend the Constitution of these United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Your campaign rhetoric told us that you would be President of all the people even those who disagreed with you and you would be the post-racial President. It is my opinion that you have failed on all fronts and I will detail why I feel this way.

When the Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress and the White House you suggested to the Republicans and anyone who disagreed with you that “elections have consequences”. That was a very divisive statement and your actions proved that you believed it was your right to shut the opposition out of the discussion and even when the American people overwhelmingly opposed your policies you and the Democrats forced them down our throats. I suppose you believe that you and they know better than any and all of us what is best. However, it is my belief that this has done nothing but weakened our nation and created a divide that we have not seen since the 1960’s. I would suggest that you reevaluate your position, your unwarranted attacks and take a stand to condemn those on your side of the aisle for their highly inflammatory and racial comments, but so far you have not been willing to do that. Instead of doing what is right you have chosen, for political gain to fan the flames and intensify the divide.

The latest statement by the Congressional Black Caucus is one of the most blatantly racist things I have ever heard. Although I am of the White Race I am not a racist and never have been. I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America and fully believe that “ALL MEN (mankind) ARE CREATED EQUAL.” I believe that each person should be treated with respect and dignity. You and the CBC obviously know nothing about the real Tea Party and only attack because they have been successful in slowing down your radical ideological agenda. You have stooped to name calling, inciting people to become highly inflammatory, and it almost appears that it is your hope that all this race baiting will get a violent response from someone in opposition so you can blame it on the Tea Party and Republicans. I truly hope that sanity prevails and no one takes your bait and maintains their decorum while you and your supports attempt to destroy this country. The evidence has proven that the Tea Party has been civil, cleaned up after themselves, unlike your supporters in their rallies. They have treated people with respect and demonstrated amazing restraint with regard to the attack after attack that has come from your supporters.

You have called for compromise and civility and yet when you were in total control neither were part of your vocabulary or rhetoric but now you say it but immediately use words that are as volatile as an incendiary bomb and NEVER condemn your supports who engage in the same type of diatribe. That causes me to think that you sir, are what you are calling others “A Racist”. I do not like saying that about the President of the United States but until I see you taking a stand against the injustices, lies, inflammatory, and divisive statements and actions of your supporters I will have to conclude that you agree with them.

You use of Executive Orders to by-pass Congress, the Constitution, and the Courts is of grave concern to me as an American Citizen and one of your latest is as divisive as you can get. That being the new “Office of Diversity and Inclusion”. a bureaucracy that was not needed considering the fact that the statistical evidence confirms that federal employees of minority ethnicity are presently in a majority! That would suggest that your action is either racially based or politically based to purchase votes in the next election. Both are unacceptable and you should immediately rescind that order and apologize to the American public for taking yet another divisive action.

Mr. President, you seem interested in dethroning dictators and despots around the world in countries where the Muslim Brotherhood is not in control and choose to ignore those that are although the “Human Rights” atrocities are the same or worse in those countries. You continued apparent disdain for the Nation of Israel, one of if not the only friend we have in that region causes me grave concern. Your willingness to spend American into bankruptcy is so destructive that were it not for my faith in God I would be unable to sleep at night. Yet, having said all that “I trust God”. I believe that He will sustain those of us who trust Him. Government cannot be the source of supply and sustenance for the people and we do not need or desire to become a “Welfare State”. Please, find it in your heart to uphold the Constitution rather than consider it an “obstacle” in the path of your ideology.

I call for ALL AMERICANS to band together and pray for this nation. I pray for you that you will somehow see the light and turn from your path of destruction and do what is right for America. Sir, as the sitting elected President of the United States of America, I expect you to have America’s best interest at heart. Your continued failure to demonstrate that leaves me with no alternative but to work to see you defeated in the next election. You can blame bad luck, former President George Bush, the Tea Party, the Republicans, Conservatives, and those who cling to their Religion and Guns but you sir are the central figure in America’s decline. Your policies have not worked and will not work. They failed in Europe and many of those nations are turning from them. They have failed in every century where they implementation has been successful.. Please, allow us to produce the energy that will help us become less energy dependent upon nations that hate us. Please allow the free market to function without your crippling regulations and use of agencies such as the EPA to make it virtually impossible for business to function. Please stop your class warfare on America’s successful people and give them the opportunity and incentive to grow this economy and restore this nation.

I respectfully, suggest that you take immediate action and publicly condemn the CBC for their radical and racist remarks. I ask that you insist that the justice system enforces the laws of the land rather than fighting States who are trying to do what the Constitution and our present laws call for them to do. I ask that you immediately cease and desist, your seeming efforts to divide this nation and make a sincere attempt to become the President of ALL THE PEOPLE not just those of your particular ideology.


Roy Beaird
Natural Born American Citizen
Descendant of Legal Immigrants

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