It’s called a real “Pay As You Go Plan”.  Oh I know it is not a new idea and one that Congress and the President claim they embrace but obviously they either do not understand what it means to “Pay As You Go” or they do not believe in “Pay As You Go”.  I am fully persuaded that it is the latter and they enjoy using rhetoric believing that we are so gullible and dumb that we won’t know the difference.  Sadly, they have been right so often one would expect that from them.


            If we roll back the clock to February, 2010 we find Barack Obama signing the federal requirement that the government only spend what it can afford.  But the day before he signed the authorization for $1.9 Trillion more federal debt.  Somehow those two do not compute UNLESS one has a different definition that any reasonable understanding of “Pay As You Go” and “Only What You Can Afford”.  The last one is where the rub comes in. “Only What the Government Can Afford” is the sticking point in this whole deal because Obama, the Democrats, and many Republicans seem to believe that the Government can afford ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.  The fact that we have over $17 TRILLION in National Debt not counting all the unfunded debt that we have in Medicare, Medicaid, etc. that is like a millstone hanging around the necks of all Americans and future generations.

             The President promised to “enforce” the PAY AS YOU GO or PAYGO which, in principle, requires all new spending to be offset by spending cuts, increase in revenue or a combination of the two.  Clearly Obama and the Democrats believe and desire to continually “increase revenue” without “cutting spending”.  After all, they have an obligation to keep the checks coming in for those from whom they have bought votes.

             Unfortunately, like all things Washington, this Law from 2010 is so riddled with exceptions and loopholes it is only an mirage having no substance or providing any hope of real balancing of the budget, spending cuts, or putting the government on a ‘monetary diet’.  It is nothing more than campaign fodder!  It is more spin and political double-speak to appease voters and divert the attention to something else while they continue to bury us in debt.      


            In my personal budget I have no choice but to adopt a “Pay As You Go” approach to my finances.  If I do not, the result will be the same as that of Detroit and many Americans who go bankrupt because, if my, “out-go” is continually higher than my “in-come” then I am upside down and living on borrowed time and borrowed money.  I am sitting on a ticking time bomb that will explode sooner rather than later.  For that to happen in government will have such a disastrous effect it will be far more than some austere tightening of the belt which we can survive, it will be economic collapse like not seen even in the ‘Great Depression.’ 

             Am I saying that “Doomsday” is coming economically for America?  I do not know for certain but all the signs are there. I do know that the current path that we are on is taking us onto a slippery slope that ends with an apocalyptic catastrophe economically.  That will, in turn, result in such anarchy and chaos that the ‘civil unrest’ will be uncontrollable and people virtually becoming a ‘law unto themselves’ with crime and mayhem being the norm rather than the exception in all cities and towns across this nation.

             The “tax & spend” approach that has been transpiring for too long now cannot continue because at some point we reach the line of demarcation when people can pay no more and attempting to force them to do so will result in 100% of society with their hand out for government to feed, clothe, and house them.  We MUST and I emphasize MUST adopt a “Pay As You Go” approach nationally and I suggest that with the national economic unsteadiness it would behoove each of us to do so individually.

 What do we do?  I am working toward several things:

  1.    Intercession for the nation and her leaders.

 2.    Diligently seeking information about what is going on and the actual and potential results of those actions.

 3.    Applying pressure to my elected officials and any elected official that will give me the time of day.

 4.    Seeking candidates to support who will honor the Constitution, seek to Balance the Budget, shrink the Size of Government, cut spending, respect the Law, and work to return this nation to being a Constitutional Republic as it was in the beginning.

            Are those enough?  I don’t know but it is what I can and am doing now.  As more comes to light that I can do I will do them.  I want to see this nation restored to being “One Nation under God” with “Liberty and Justice for All.”

            May God bless you and may God guard, guide, and bless this Nation.



            I know this is old news now but I want to rehash it just a bit if you will indulge me.  One has to wonder what the real motivation of Mr. Obama in delaying the implementation of the Obamacare mandate for businesses but not individuals.  I believe that the “devil is in the details” and ultimately we will see some very bad things for Americans who work and pay taxes coming out of this.  It has a design and that design is quite diabolical, in my opinion.


            One possibility, which all Republicans and opponents of Obamacare hope for, is that something will finally be laid at the feet of the Teflon President and help defeat the Democrats in 2014.  It could but with the “low information” crowd I would not bet the farm on it.  Instead when the employers dump health plans because they see a way out of the nightmare, the employees, media, and Democrats are going to call them every name under the book and it will further fan the flames of ‘class envy’ that Obama has worked hard to stir up.  If that happens then the most likely scenario is that they employees with the help of the Media and Democrats will blame the Republicans somehow and the sheep will buy it hook, line, and sinker.

             What is his real motivation beyond trying to help the Democrats avoid a good old fashioned “butt kicking” in the 2014 Elections?  I personally believe that his ulterior motive is to escalate and facilitate driving people out of private sector insurance and into the government run system of a National Health Care Single Payer System.  Once that is complete he will be able to virtually destroy the Private Health Insurance Industry then he can move to the next step of restricted, reduced, and denied health care for individuals he and those of his ilk deem prudent.  If you are a vocal conservative and have passed the age of 65 you can just about count on it you will have restricted and reduced, and likely denied care.  I know that I am cynical when I say that but what is it in this administration that would inspire me to be other?


            I have just about given up hoping that people will WAKE UP because there have been so many opportunities to do so and it has not happened.  Nothing from the IRS, NSA, Media, and other scandals has prompted people to actually blame Obama for this other than those who have been vocal about his politics and ideology from the beginning.  Oh, there are a handful, from time to time that come over from the dark side but by and large that number is relatively small.  His approval ratings are dropping and the majority of people do not trust him or government but when it comes time to vote they still vote LIBERAL.  To make sense of that is impossible from a rational reasonable viewpoint.

             Following the Alinsky motto – “The end justifies the means” and as Rahm Emanuel said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.  And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”  They will use and abuse even their sheep to get what they want and what they want is the dismantling of America and the fundamental transformation of this nation. They want to strip the Constitution of all its power and reduce it to nothing more than another of the many documents in government but meaningless and powerless.  They want to destroy the economic system of capitalism and free market that has made America what is was before this latest collapse economically.  They want to dismantle the military and reduce us to 2nd or 3rd rate status in the world and force us to become just another member of the Family of Nations under the governance of the United Nations.  They want to see Agenda 21 implemented in its fullest scope.  One way to reach those goals is to have such control of the lives of the citizens that they cannot breathe without the government’s okay.  That will be implemented, in a great measure, through Obamacare with all its nuisances, hidden mandates and regulations.

             Yes, ‘the devil is in the details’ and it will likely be too late when people finally realize what has happened.  I pray that I am wrong and that God will open the eyes of the blind politically and turn the hearts of millions to return to Him and the foundational principles upon which this nation was founded and has operated for over 200 years.

             May God bless you and may God bless America!



           I’m serious!  It is not politics that I have a problem with it is politicians.  I realize that it is virtually impossible to separate the political process from the individual politician and therein lies the problem.  Politicians, for virtually all of recorded history, have demonstrated their propensity for ‘untrustworthiness’ and their lack of resolve to be ‘trustworthy.’

           Politicians have, for as long as I can recall, demonstrated a drive to ‘serve self’ rather than be a ‘public servant.’  They seem to believe that once elected to whatever office they hold instantly makes them smarter than those who voted for them and gives them license to engage in the dirty business of political opportunism.  Their reelection becomes more important than the Constitution or their constituents.  Their position on the power grid becomes more important than the Constitutional duties they have been elected to perform.  They almost immediately begin to seek inclusion into the exclusive club of “Establishment, Elite, and Professional Politicians” and become completely deaf to the cries of those who voted for them.

           Politics is a necessary part of a Republican Democracy as was established by our Founding Fathers via our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  There is a process and that process is called politics.  There is a definitive method that is supposed to transpire in the introduction, passage, and enactment of bills that become laws.  Yet, each bill introduced in Congress comes out so filled with “pork” that it often has little or nothing to do with what the title of the Bill suggests.  That is because of politicians and their desire to participate in ‘cronyism’, satisfy ‘special interest groups’, and endear themselves to those who will line their coffers and help them secure a position in the political power hierarchy. That, my friend, is what politicians do to politics!


            Is it exclusive to one party?  Heavens No!  It seems to be the inherent characteristic of most if not all politicians once elected.  Few actually hold true to their principles throughout their entire time in elected office.  Most participate in some type of ‘graft’, ‘corruption’, ‘insider-trading’, ‘cronyism’, and ‘political shady dealing’.  The sad thing is that much of it is never brought to the view of the public and certainly not to the constituents who are charged with voting for or against these politicians.  They do it in the shadows and behind the walls of Congress or the White House and what comes out on the floor of the Chambers of Congress does not tell the whole story.  It is in the ‘back rooms’, the ‘bars’, and other venues that they cut their deals, plan their schemes, and build their networks.  It would be nice if somehow the voting public could know exactly what deals have been made, what buy-offs have transpired, and what the politicians actually do when they get behind closed doors.

             The quote by Robert A. Heinlein – “Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.”  It seems that most politicians fall into the first category and want people (other than themselves) to be controlled and most of us fall into the latter category, they want us controlled.  That creates a great chasm between the voting public and the politicians but they still manage to either dupe enough people or enough people decide that they have little choice and vote them back into office.  I long for the time, that I will likely never see, when we can actually choose candidates based on their character and core beliefs rather than political party.  I long for someone to enter politics out of a genuine desire and with strength of character to protect and defend the Constitution of these United States of America.  I long for people who will pursue elected office that demonstrate integrity, character, and honor both God and the Constitution respecting the God-given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights, freedoms, and liberties we have.

             So, it is not Politics that bothers me it is Politicians!   May God watch over you, guard and guide you, and may God send forth people of character to lead this nation!





            When I’ve made this statement in front of Big Government Liberals and RINO’s I usually get the same question, “What do you mean LIMITED?”  Many of them will agree that the federal government of today is an over-reaching, over-bloated, over-spending, over-regulating entity but none of them want to change it if it means touching their “golden goose.”  It is the same old thing, “Well we have to be compassionate” or something of the like.  I’ve been told “You must have human compassion, help the needy, and protect our national security.”  I agree that the needy (the truly needy) should have help but that should come from citizens, churches, and local entities not the Federal Government making them wards of the state.  I totally agree that protecting our national security is important but sometimes I have to ask, “At what cost?”  When it is a government that has demonstrated narcissistic, tyrannical tendencies I have to dig my heels in the dirt and say WHOA!  I’ve known for a long time that once you let government through the door you never get them out of the house.  Once a program is begun it never seems to cease and certainly never gets smaller.  Big government is insatiable in its thirst and hunger for power, control, and money and if you give it an inch it will take ten miles.

             The founders of this Republic understood that the federal government had to be LIMITED or it would become TYRANNICAL.  That is why they attempted to place the ultimate power in the hands of WE THE PEOPLE and limit the size and scope of all three branches of government.  They choose three branches as a means of checks and balances hoping that we would remain diligent and involved in government and giving oversight to politicians, but we have been far less than diligent.  The idea of LIMITED GOVERNMENT is a theme that is so intrinsically woven into the fabric of the Constitution that it is impossible to miss.  Just a cursory glance at how the First Amendment begins identifies that theme – – “Congress shall make no law…”  The founders believed, and so do I, that the only real source of governmental authority must naturally and exclusively come from the consent of those governed – WE THE PEOPLE.  Yet, politicians of all stripes seem to believe that they are the sole source of authority and once they walk the halls of Congress or the White House they forget their campaign promises, the wording of the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.


            It is the Constitution where WE THE PEOPLE have expressed explicitly that the federal government is to be LIMITED to only those things that are clearly defined as powers given to them by us.  In order to achieve LIMITED GOVERNMENT the founders instituted a three branch system of government which is the doctrine of “separation of powers.”  They feared and warned of allowing any branch to gain too much power and exercise too much authority.  They knew and we are finding out that to allow this is to open the door for TYRANNY.  In the monarchies of old, the central power of government was in the hands of the monarch and today we have a President who believes his office makes him a regal, a Congress that believes the same but believe that they are also members of the ruling gentry, and a Court System that has bought into the same doctrine viewing themselves as the arbiters of the Constitution.  James Madison declared that the “accumulation of powers” was by definition TYRANNY!

             Under our Constitution and Bill of Rights, the President is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, giving him a powerful position in a time of war.  But even in that the founders were concerned that this would be too unlimited and in an effort to limit the power that one branch had provided that Congress had to ‘declare war’ not the President.  So if the President tries to launch a war effort that Congress believes illegitimate they can pull the plug on it by refusing to continue funding the deployment.  Likewise if Congress passes a law that the President believes is either ill-advised or unconstitutional he can VETO it. Congress can override that veto but it takes a two-thirds majority in both houses to accomplish that and it is very difficult to do.  The Supreme Court then has the power through judicial review to overturn laws that are unconstitutional.  That sets the stage for some dramatic confrontations but most of the time it opens the door to compromise from the varying and differing branches.  When we complain about ‘gridlock’ we need to remember that the founders knew that their checks and balances would produce a certain amount of that to work.  So, all gridlock is not necessarily bad it just might be the system working.


            A key element in our system working and having LIMITED GOVERNMENT is FEDERALISM.  In our federal system there are some key powers held by the centralized national government and others are reserved exclusively for the individual and various state governments.  In truth, American federalism existed before the Constitution.  The 13 States or Colonies had already grown accustomed to wielding their individual power, autonomy, and authority and were not at ease in turning over those powers to a federal government.  If you think about it the American Revolution was, in part, a revolt against a distant all-powerful centralized government so what would be a reason to recreate anything that would be potentially tyrannical?  The founders knew that in order to preserve a union and have a nation that had a chance of survival they had to have a centralized government with certain powers and responsibilities but strove diligently to LIMIT THAT GOVERNMENT.  Federalism helped to bring that into reality.  This was where the division of powers between the states and the national government came into play and was, in truth, a compromise.  The goal was to equip and empower the national government to do a limited job and enable the states to retain their sovereignty and autonomy.  In this we had a check and balance between the state governments and the national government both limiting the power of the other.

             Today, we have drifted so far from that foundation that it is hardly recognizable. The power grabs, corruption, and cronyism that exists in Washington and most state governments is repugnant and repulsive.  It is a far cry from what we were found upon and should be desirous to return to.  I am committed to keeping pressure on my elected officials and touch as many people as possible trying to rekindle the desire to return to a Constitutional Republic in America.

             May God bless you and may God bless America!

WWJD – – Politically “What Would Jefferson Do?”


            I could easily ask, “What would Jesus do?” and that would be appropriate but from a strictly constitutional perspective I ask – “What Would Jefferson Do?”  Just a few days ago some Top Secret information was released to the press that shows that the NSA’s data mining was far more extensive than first thought and that the court giving oversight has been rubber stamping whatever Eric Holder wanted.  It revealed that the operatives in the NSA, not the court, the supervisors, or even the Attorney General could, on their own, make the decision to “snoop”, gather information and use it.  That is pretty lax and creates so much room for incredible abuse that it is, to say the least, ALARMING!

            The Patriot Act was written with a built in design to attempt to balance “civil liberties” and “privacy” with the need to do surveillance on an active terrorist or suspected terrorist.  It is quite clear that has been tossed aside and the NSA, FBI, CIA, and who knows what other agency has trampled on our liberties and privacy in the name of security.  The Constitution that our founders gave us along with the Bill of Rights does not give this kind of authorization to Congress or any federal agency but they ignore the founder’s intent and the clear wording of our constitution and do what they desire.  Is it all in the interest of keeping America and American’s safe?  HARDLY!  As we have seen with the EPA, the IRS, and now the NSA this material is used for political purposes against individuals, businesses, and organizations that are in opposition to the current administration’s policy and agenda.  IS THAT ACCEPTABLE?  Not to me but then I’m not a “low information” voter and exercise the ability and right to think for myself.


            As I look at some of the statements made by Thomas Jefferson regarding LIBERTY I have to believe that he would be leading the opposition to what is happening today.  Let me give you a few select quotes from Mr. Jefferson:

  •  July 1774 – – “The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time.”
  • Jun 1775 – – “Our attachment to no nation upon earth should supplant our attachment to liberty.”
  • July 4, 1776 – – “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”
  • December 23, 1791 – – “I would rather be exposed to the inconvenience of attending to too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.”
  • October 20, 1820 – – “The boisterous sea of liberty is never without a wave.”
  • “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
  • “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”
  • “I am not a friend to energetic government.  It is always oppressive.”
  • “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance.”


           So when I ask – “What Would Jefferson Do?”  The answer should be clear from the above quotes and multitudes more that can from his mouth and pen.  Thomas Jefferson and the other founders said the incredible danger of an ALL POWERFUL, OVER-REACHING Federal Government and continually warned us of it.  They put checks and balances in place that have been overlooked, disregarded, and despised by the Political Ruling Class.  It is time that WE THE PEOPLE flex our muscle and SEND THEM HOME at the next election.  We need fresh blood in Washington to even have a hope that we can restore the Republic.

 May God watch over, guard, and guide you and may God bless America again!