The pen and phone are dangerous apparatuses wielded by this man of media shield but his ‘period’ is another of his insincere political speak trivializations of things important.  When a person actually says the word ‘period’ at the end of a sentence it should mean, ‘case closed’, ‘end of story’, or ‘final decision’.  Yet with this man it seems to be just a flippant remark designed to generate the imagery that he is ‘dead serious’ and ‘means what he is saying’.  In the way he has used it, “If you like your doctor and health plan you can keep it, period” and other usages by this one it should engender comfort and confidence that your life will not be plunged into shambles but it does not! 

             As we have found his ‘period’ is a pause not a finale.  It may be an abbreviation of such as ‘You can keep it for a short period or for a period of time’ but certainly not ‘end of story’, ‘case closed’, or ‘final decision.’  Oh no!  Like with is infamous ‘red line’ when challenged he declared it was not his red line it was the international communities red line after all how dare anyone hold him accountable for what he has said.  I sincerely doubt he can remember what he says after all he is only reading words on a teleprompter not speaking from conviction or the heart.


            His recent West Point speech screamed of his insincerity and lack of understanding of America and Americans, in my view.  When he defined to the West Point graduates that American Exceptionalism was living up to the ‘norms of the international community’ I was flabbergasted.  How can it be ‘exceptional’ if it is ‘the norm’?  If it is the ‘norm’ of the international community’s standards then it is not ‘exceptional’ but average and nothing more. I believe that expresses his view of America and maybe is a higher view than he actually holds.  I’m not sure he even considers us ‘average’ as much as he considers us ‘evil.’  With ideologues like Barack Obama America is the cause of most of the ills of the world. 


            It really does not matter if it is Obamacare, the IRS, NSA, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Gun Control, or the VA Mr. Obama’s ‘period’ is definitively not a ‘period’ but a diversion, a pause, or a parenthesis.  If these allegations prove to be true he declares he will not put up with it ‘period’ and I just saw Alice and the Tin-man walk by my window along with a couple of pigs flying overhead.   The most transparent presidency in history, period is the most obscure and secretive.  So maybe, just maybe, when Mr. Obama says ‘period’ it means the exact opposite.  Instead of meaning he will act it means he will do nothing except find some scapegoat to fall on the proverbial sword for him.  I’m sure a condition to being appointed to any position under this administration is the signed agreement to ‘take a bullet’ for the administration should the need arise.  Maybe that’s the way it is with all of them, but I have every reason to believe it is with this one.

             If you are an American citizen and care about this nation and her people you should be disturbed over the lack of integrity and insincerity in the words that are spoken by this president.  I would ask that you hold Barack Obama to at least the same standard you held George W. Bush and every Republican President.  The left did not consider it a witch hunt to hold George W. Bush accountable for every word and deed.  When things like the CIA Station Chief transpired under Bush somebody went to jail (Scooter Libby) and was ruined politically but with this administration his red lines and periods are just words that have no meaning, no substance, and no accountability.  He has a pen and a phone but his periods are not periods except when it comes to negotiating with Republicans then his refusal is PERIOD, end of story!


            If America is foolish enough to allow the left to keep control of the Senate, gain any ground in the House, and retain the White House after the 2014 & 2016 elections respectively then we are placing our own PERIOD on American history.  I am deeply concerned about his ‘pen and phone’ but I am disgusted with his PERIOD.

             God bless you and God bless America!

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