I’ve had limited access to what’s happening in the world of politics for the several days and as I began to catch up (which is impossible) I discovered some interesting things going on in DC and all around me.

             The IRS and Lois Lerner situation grows more revealing and there seems to be more and more implications that this reaches all the way to the top.  We found that the IRS failed to follow the law regarding the Lerner and other emails.  We heard the IRS chief declare that he is not PARTISAN, although he is an avowed Democrat, donated to Democrat campaigns, support Democrat policies and politics and failed to disclose the fact that the emails had reportedly been lost.  No that doesn’t sound partisan at all – HAHAHA!


            If the emails were truly and innocently lost, which is impossible, had the IRS disclosed that fact upon the initial investigation and had this IRS chief disclosed that there were missing emails months ago it might be a little more believable but it is not.  His assertion that he did not promise to deliver the emails he did not have reminded me of Bill Clinton’s definition of “is” and Hillary’s “What difference does it make now” declarations.  I don’t really care how many emails they provide if a significant window is missing like the Nixon tapes missing information it smells fishy or ratty to me.

             Do we go to a special prosecutor?  I say yes although I know that with Eric Holder and Barack Obama running the show in that arena it would be a political hack giving us a dog and pony show with no real intent on finding the truth or prosecuting anyone.  However, if we do not take those steps then we say to the IRS and everyone that this administration can do whatever it pleases with impunity and that is virtually ceding the constitution and making him king.  I cannot abide that and neither should you.


            It seems that Mr. Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional recess appointments are unconstitutional but the ruling also seems to deem it okay if Congress does not resist enough and that would allow him to literally amend the constitution without the proper process or due course.  That is not acceptable and takes us another step down the road to a dictatorship.  Congress has virtually become useless with regard to providing the ‘checks’ to this president which were designed to help ‘balance’ the equation of government and keep our Republic intact.  I’ve said before that if they are not going to do their jobs then they might as well go home and let things take their natural course as when a coup transpires in a nation.  Mr. Obama is attempting a coup to totally takeover the government of the United States of America and there is little to no resistance in Washington which has to change.


            Special prosecutors in Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS, and the VA should be immediate and there should be impeachment proceedings against the Attorney General, the VA chief, those in the State Department involved in Benghazi, and yes the President.  Would anything come of it, not likely but at least it would be a statement that we protest and maybe just maybe something would come to light that would be impossible to sweep under the rug.  Someone just might decide that going to jail or the possibility of going to jail is not worth their blind loyalty to this administration. 


            What I do know is that America is being dismantled from within just as our founders warned and many have predicted.  America it is time to WAKE UP, STAND UP, and STEP UP.  We have a Republic to save a Constitution to defend and Freedom contend for.  What shall we do?  Yes I understand that if impeachment proceedings ensue the media and administration will use it to further make the Republicans the Evil Empire but enough is enough!

             God bless you and God bless America!


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