Blog Post - America's Future

My title opens the door for me to present ‘much every way’ as a preacher friend of mine used to say he preached.  Some tell me that America has no future but I want to address this by looking at several scenarios and leave it to you to decide what you think.

America’s future if the Republicans keep the House and win the Senate…

One the one hand I would like to think that this would be a Congress that has the courage, spine, backbone, intestinal fortitude and constitutional reverence to actually DO SOMETHING to stop this administration from further destroying our republic.  That is a scenario I have little hope of becoming a reality but I am 100% convinced that if this happens Barack Obama will go completely rogue and govern via Executive Fiat.  He will go far beyond what he has already done and his actions will not only be unconstitutional but illegal and treasonous.  The only hope for America at that point would be a Congress that impeaches and/or indicts him.  He has already said he plans to stay in Washington after his term to insure his policies are not repealed or rolled back.  The dangers for America are colossal therefore we MUST insure that there, at a minimum, a hope in Washington of impeding the advancement of his ideology and agenda.

Blog Post - Power

America’s future if the Republicans keep the House and do not win the Senate…

Barack Obama will know he is safe from anything more than a slap on the wrist and will go completely rogue and America will be so radically transformed by the end of 2016 no one will recognize her.  While electing Republicans to control both Houses of Congress might not accomplish much it would afford the possibility of stopping him and might give him pause and the Democrats to hesitate in any full scale advancement of his agenda.

America’s future if Hillary Clinton is elected President in 2016….

DOOM!  Barack Obama is a narcissistic, self-serving ideology who has surrounded himself with people who share like ideology and Anti-American views and he has demonstrated some sway to public opinion.  Hillary has not surrounded herself with friends she does not have any and does not believe she needs any.  Unlike Bill Clinton who being the consummate politician did take note of public opinion, Hillary listens to NO ONE and only to Bill when it serves her purpose but otherwise, given the opportunity she would advance the ideological causes Barack Obama has begun with such urgency America could not survive.  I see Mr. Obama as quite ruthless on some things but Hillary makes Genghis Khan seem tame.  I am convinced that NOTHING would be off the table with her to ensure the achievement of her objective.

Blog Post - United Nations

One thing that Barack Obama, Hillary, and Bill Clinton share is the desire to be the recognized leader of the New World Order and all envision the position of Secretary General of the United Nations as a step toward achieving that goal.  I do not believe that Bill Clinton wants Hillary to be president because of unwavering support for her but as a means to an end to get him the position in the United Nations.  Mr. Obama, I believe, is so narcissistic and full of himself that he believes he will be automatically elected in that body and if he is will do there what he has done in America and attempt to usurp the sovereignty of the nations of the world and usher in the New World Order with him as the self-proclaimed head.  Although I seriously doubt the world is quite ready to accept that, a crisis or two such as a massive Ebola outbreak or some other calamity could open that door and a virtual martial law internationally be imposed in the name of ‘preserving the world’.

Blog Post - Price of Freedom 

America, if we are to have a future and a hope we must pray in repentance and intercession for our nation and our world.  We must work at all levels to find and elect people who share the moral and constitutional values that our nation was founded upon and has allowed her to survive.  Can we do that in an election cycle or two, I do not know but I do not believe we have many election cycles left and maybe on one or two before the death knell sounds.  WE THE PEOPLE OF THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA must fight to the finish to preserve that which we were given over 200 years ago.

What price are you willing to pay to save, restore and/or reclaim the republic?  May God bless you and may God bless America!


Blog Post - Clear and Present

Over the course of the past few days, weeks, and months many disturbing situations have come to light.  The normal political spin and rhetoric has been in full swing but there are questions that should be asked and answered but are not and will not likely become reality.  The questions will only be asked by people like me and other people, some with large audiences, who are conservative and honor the constitution.  However those will be attacked by the government and their agencies as simply ‘conspiracy theories’, ‘paranoia’, and ‘hysteria’, but are they? 

 When people with military backgrounds including intelligence gathering, former ICE, Border Patrol, and other enforcement agencies all say much the same things it causes my radar to go off and demands that I at least look into the suggestions.  Are they all accurate?  I doubt it.  Is there an element of truth in many of them?  Without question!  Should we be concerned?  I am!

Blog Post - Asymetric

 When former Border Patrol Agent Zach Taylor stated his belief that the ‘open border’ as being part of ‘asymmetrical warfare,’ it caught my attention.  Especially in light of the hordes of supposedly ‘minor children’ flooding our southern borders and from all indication was inspired by the White House and if not inspired or orchestrated it was known by them it was coming.  WHY?  What purpose would it serve to destroy the border and allow a flood of illegals to cross many infected with very communicable diseases which have and are killing children and adults in America today?  What purpose other than the ‘fundamental transformation America’ and stripping her of her sovereignty forcing her to become part of the ‘global citizenry’ under control of a centralized world organization such as the United Nations.  As an American, veteran, patriot, and Christian the potential of that eventuality deeply angers and concerns me.

When this administration ‘refuses’ to restrict flights from Ebola stricken West Africa and states that one of his major responsibilities is to protect Africa I am shocked and concerned.  With the knowledge and information we have held for many years we know some of the nukes from the old Soviet Union have fallen into the hands of terrorist, the continued rise of groups such as ISIS and the feeble response this administration has given this, I am concerned.  When terrorist declare they are at war with the United States of America and will fly their flag over the White House and there is only ‘push back’ from this president is against aggressive and definitive action, I am concerned.  When there is the refusal to call ISIS Islamic terrorism or even Islam and the continual appeasement of Islamic nations and peoples while trashing our friends such as Israel and placing Americans in harm’s way, I am concerned.

Blog Post - Threat

 We have been told by the Secretaries of Defense and State, the DOJ, HLS, and the White House that our greatest threat is Climate Change rather than these real and avowed enemies, I am concerned.  When we are told that Ebola either will not come to America and if it does it will be no problem and yet we are seen repeated demonstrations of lack of preparedness or ability to handle it and keep it from spreading, I am concerned.  When a person who was at ground zero with the Ebola patient from Liberia in Dallas and had a low grade fever was told it was okay to fly from Cleveland to Dallas thereby potentially infecting the passengers, crew, and whomever they might then come in contact with, I am concerned.

Over sixteen years ago I had a vision (now some will label me a kook) but it was real and documented that before 9/11 that I saw destruction in American cities.  I saw chaos and a scene that appeared taken from a WWII movie of Europe after repeated bombings.  I saw things regarding the church and the conditions of America.  I did not and do not know exactly how it happened but saw troops in the streets wearing uniforms not of the American military.  Couple that with the actions and words of this president here and around the world, the massive amassing of ammunition by government agencies, reports of portable coffins/caskets or whatever they are that are large enough to hold multiple people and their existence is not denied but spun as just normal operations.  When some former agents report that FEMA has been preparing for a number of years for massive civil unrest and large numbers of Americans dying, I am concerned. 

 If this were a military action  to attack our enemy I would not want media coverage until AFTER THE FACT but Ebola is an infectious deadly disease and we need real information even if it is ‘we do not know’ but their argument is that if they tell us the full story there will be panic in the streets.  Maybe, but by hiding facts and giving misinformation they are endangering hundreds, thousands, and maybe millions of American lives so I say the danger of panic is outweighed by the need to be WELL INFORMED so we can attempt to protect ourselves.  Tragically this president has sent troops to Africa to fight Ebola and now is leaning toward sending the National Guard.  ARE YOU SERIOUS???

Blog Post - Chaos

CHAOS IS COMING!  When?  I do not know.  Will Obama and the left use something like Ebola to take total control?  I do not know but it concerns me.  I wish I did not distrust our government like I do but they have demonstrated such an untrustworthiness I cannot trust them.  We face a clear and present danger and it is coming from within as much as from without!  We could do something to help stem this tide of Ebola, terror, and other diseases but the Democrats nor Republicans seem willing to challenge the man in the White House.  That will, I fear, lead to a catastrophic situation in America that will receive heavy military and police action.

            God help us!  May God bless you and may God bless America!


Blog Post - Campaign Costs

From time to time there will be some scandal or uncovering of an elected official obtaining the services of someone engaged in what is called the ‘oldest profession’.  The self-righteous diatribe that ensues is often laughable and the motivation evident.  The outrage or outcry depends on which side of the aisle one hangs their hat.  The media will become fierce watchdogs when it is a conservative or Republican and virtually silent and disinterested when it is a liberal or Democrat.  When activism is conducted from the bench based rooted in political ideology and often as a reward for the appointment that is, at best, an activity akin to the ‘world’s oldest profession’ politically.

As a moral society some things are or should be offensive and that includes the indiscretions of public figures, violating marriage vows, and otherwise showing lack of moral fiber.  Yet, I am outraged by a different kind of indiscretion and that is what I would call ‘Political Prostitution’.  Why are we upset when a politician engages the services of a ‘lady of the night’ or ‘man of the night’ as the case might be and not offended when politicians ‘sell their souls’ for money and power.

Blog Post - Political Prostitution

Prostitution as defined in the dictionary is:  ‘the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.’  A sub definition is:  “the unworthy or corrupt use of one’s talents for the sake of personal or financial gain.”  If we embark armed with that definition then the ‘influence peddlers’ of Washington, DC who solicit the elected officials with campaign contributions, donations to various causes, PAC’s or the providing of influence and power promises are seeking PROSTITUTES and the elected official successful solicited is engaging in POLITICAL PROSTITUTION.   In many cases it does not seem to be illegal and in most cases seems to be viewed as just part of what happens in Washington. 

When the elected official sells his vote for money, influence, or power is that not PROSTITUTION?  It is a violation of the spirit and intent of our founding fathers in their drafting of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  It violates the sacred trust promised to the constituents who voted for this individual and is akin to break the marriage vows, in my view.  I do not place elected officials on the same level as marriage but you see the analogy.  I am not anti-corporations but am anti-bribery and the POLITICAL PROSTITUTION that those in DC engage in regularly is nothing short of bribery and those participating should be held accountable by the voters if not by the law but they seldom are.

Blog Post - Core Values

We can pass all the laws we want and it will not control it.  It goes to the moral makeup of the individual and the willingness of voters to JUST SAY NO to any politician who practices it.  We have not seen much of that and while Congress has attempted to gain some control in the past, largely superficial it has not and will not change until WE THE PEOPLE show them the door.  In 1907 we had the Tillman Act of 1907 which was an attempt to prevent ‘legalized bribery’ (political prostitution) and in the not too distant past we had the so-called Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act known as (McCain-Feingold).  Corruption will not become incorruption via legislation but has to come from ‘core values’ within the heart and mind of the individual.

We the voters are the injured party.  The politicians and the ‘money’ are guilty of political prostitution.  I have watched as someone will campaign on a platform of integrity and being a public servant only to watch their metamorphosis into a Political Prostitute and sell themselves to the highest bidder.  Oh, they may keep it on the down low but we see it and if you look carefully at their votes and where the money comes from members of Congress on both sides of the aisle are GUILTY.

Blog Post - Enough

I’m fed up with their lack of fidelity and blatant deception.  I would love to see a concerted effort by the voters to rid the halls of Congress of those who participate in political prostitution and it would not take many election cycles until they got the message.  Is that likely?  NO!  But it is a thought that brings a smile to my face as I think of the possibility.

Remember November and remember you are America!   May God bless you and may God bless America!


Blog Post - Obama

When president elect Barack Obama announced to his followers and the world that we were just a few days away from the ‘fundamental transformation of America’ many of us heard those words with great trepidation.  Some danced in the streets over what they believed would be the radicalization of America to the point that fundamental conservative values would be eradicated and the golden goose providing their all would be ushered in.  I personally felt a twinge in my spirit that the desire was not ‘transformation’ it was ‘destruction’ of America that was the objective.  I believe that the events of the last six years prove that concern correct.

Blog Post - Muslim Outreach    Shortly after taking office Mr. Obama instructed NASA to take steps to make the Muslim nations and people feel better about themselves.  I thought what has NASA to do with the Muslim world unless it is the connection to ‘Moon Worship’ which Mr. Obama would be fully aware of.  I still do not know the full reasoning behind this directive but it is one of many that we have observed.

Mr. Obama went on what has been labeled the ‘apology tour’ to the Muslim world and much of the world diminishing our heritage and lamenting as to the inherent evilness of America from its founding.  Oh, I know he did not say all that in exact words but the message was there and that is exactly how it was received by those who hate America.  They felt they had a friend in the White House that would facilitate their desired objective of taking down America as a world superpower and it appears they were right on the friend part.

With the forcing of things like the Stimulus that George W. Bush was duped into being a part of and the Affordable Health Care Act (Obama-care) telling Republicans elections have consequences and refusing to allow them in the room to discuss the plans or details we began to see the pattern of dismantling of our economy, national security, and constitutional liberties.  Mr. Obama promised to have the ‘most transparent’ administration in history and unless you call ‘deception, lies, deviousness, and ideological destruction’ transparency his has been anything but transparent.  He has filled his administration with Czars that have cabinet level authority and access without having to go through Senate confirmation.  He has filled his cabinet positions with people who have a questionable history at best including Muslims who have clear connections to terrorist organizations and jihadist.

Blog Post - Obama JobsSince Mr. Obama’s first inauguration we have seen about 12 Million Americans leave the workforce with fewer Americans working than in April of 2000 and the population has expanded by over 30 Million.  Those not participating in the work force have continued to escalate, government has expanded and somehow magically the unemployment rate has dropped using calculations that do not count those out of work and not retired or disabled.  If all were counted the rate would be nearer 15% than 6% as is being reported. The food stamp rolls have increased, welfare escalated, disability expanded.

We have the IRS targeting those of differing political values than this administration, Benghazi, NSA spying on citizens, refusal to identify acts of terror as such calling them workplace violence’ or some other term and insisting that we cater to the Islamic world while showing no compassion or consideration for the Christian faith or our friends in the nation of Israel.  The EPA has been and is being used to so regulate and stifle private citizens and business that we are rapidly moving to a world in which it is illegal to breathe without a government permit.  (Overstatement acknowledged or is it?)  We have a justice department that has demonstrated an incredible racial bias in the prosecution of lack thereof of criminal cases including voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers.

This president called ISIS or ISIL the JV and not a problem.  He declared that Ebola would not come to America and both have been proven wrong.  He has eliminated our border with his directives to ICE, Border Patrol, and other law enforcement agencies which has created a National Security situation that should send chills down the spine of every America.  We are in grave danger as a nation not of being ‘fundamentally transformed’ but ‘completely destroyed from within.’

Blog Posst - Thomas Paine             Now, the left wants us to accept Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next president a woman who is possibly more of an Alinskyite than Mr. Obama.  Sorry, ‘What difference does it make now?” is not the person I want as president and the person who would complete the ultimate destruction of our Constitutional Republic.  I CANNOT ACCEPT THAT WITHOUT A FIGHT!  Some of my friends chide me for speaking out politically as a Christian but I ask, “If I see danger and destruction and fail to warn of it is that not sin?”   The Bible clearly says that a person that knows to do well and does not do it has sinned.

So I plead with you to REMEMBER NOVEMBER and be involved in the attempted preservation or restoration of America as a Constitutional Republic.  Much is at stake and silence is not golden it is surrender in this case.

            God bless you and God bless America!