Blog Post A - Fortress America

I am hearing more and more the ideology that I can only term as ‘Fortress America’ mentality.  I have a number of friends and acquaintances who ascribe to the view that we should withdraw from everything outside our borders and simply ‘fortify’ America letting the rest of the world go their merry way without us.  I realize that I will likely ruffle a few feathers but may I point out my objections?

First, our borders are not and will not be secured in the foreseeable future either by this administration of the next.  If we were to engage in a policy today of having a totally secure border it would be a virtual impossibility to guarantee.  The borders are too vast, the means are too limited to guarantee that.  I fully support a  serious effort to secure our borders from ALL ILLEGALS regardless of their nationality or ideology.  That only addresses our land based borders.  What do we do about the thousands of miles of coastline that are impossible to monitor and guard.  The NOAA shoreline length calculation of 95,471 miles was determined by hand in 1939-40 with a recording instrument on the largest-scale charts and maps available at that time.  It would be relatively easy for a swimmer to come in from a submarine or small boat somewhere along those miles and bring things like suitcase nukes with them.  So trying to have a FORTRESS AMERICA is as much a pipe-dream as the Utopian ideology of this administration.  It is not accepting reality.

Blog Post A - U.S. Coastline

            Secondly, if we withdraw from all points outside the United States we place ourselves in a significant disadvantage if something threatens our national defense or threatens our friends around the globe.  I do not want America to engage in nation building or serve as the world’s police force but I also do not want us to give up our strategic position of being able to place boots on the ground or equipment anywhere in short order.  Could we scale back in some of our endeavors or bases?  Most likely but I do not want us to close them all for I believe that would negatively impact our ability to defend ourselves and take out the enemy before they were able to invade our shores en masse.

Thirdly, if we attempt to become FORTRESS AMERICA we convey to our friends and enemies that we are isolationist and not a nation to be relied on.  That position would endanger our friends and embolden our enemies.  I fully support having a foreign aid budget each year that begins at ZERO dollars and only give aid to those who are our friends and only in the amounts that can be justified with regard to national security.  I know that leaves a little wiggle room for politicians but totally cutting ourselves off from the rest of the world is not in our best interest, politically, morally, economically or nationally.  Our presence, the visibleness of our might, ability and willingness to take action will advance peace whereas isolationism will advance chaos globally.

Blog Post A - Isolationism

            Islamic terrorist are becoming more sophisticated in their training, equipment, technology and strategy and if we isolate ourselves we allow them free-reign to advance their evil and ultimately bring the war to our shores.  If we can prevent that we must, in my view.  We need an administration and congress with the backbone to stand against evil and if it becomes necessary to fight we must FIGHT TO WIN.  Wars are not won with leaflets and appeasement.  Wars are won by eliminating enough of the enemy that they cease their struggle and concede.  If we refuse to acknowledge the enemy or the existence of declared war against us we are doomed for failure.  We cannot fight this as a political war.  If war is to be waged it must be done militarily.  We have not fought a war with the determination to win since World War II and are paying a high price for our failure.

I want a president and congress who first and foremost want to keep America free and safe.  I want leaders who are strong enough to face down the enemy, uphold the constitution and demonstrate a patriotic determination toward America and the American people.  We do not have that at this time and only by the grace of God and diligence of those working to keep us safe behind the scenes have we avoided another 9/11.  That will soon change if we continue on the current path or move dramatically toward FORTRESS AMERICA. 

            God bless you and God bless America.

Transformation or Moderation of Islam???

Blog Post 1 - Transformation

           What major Muslim personality is calling for this?  The vast majority of the followers of Islam, as a religion, agree that the Koran authorizes, condones and commands Muslims to kill, behead, and bring into subjection anyone who does not convert to Islam.  Saying terrorist have ‘radicalized’ Islam is a false presupposition and argument.  They have not radicalized Islam they have chosen to follow it in its strictest interpretation and are not shamed by the so-called moderate Muslims around the world many times it is the opposite.

Why are so many so concerned about ‘offending’ those who follow Islam and unconcerned about ‘offending’ those who follow Judaism or Christianity?  Why is there a demand for tolerance and protection toward Islam but not from Islam?  Has Christianity had its dark times?  Of course, and most will cite the Crusades as a prime example I will not attempt to defend any atrocity committed in the name of any religion.

Blog Post 1 - Not Allowed To Criticize

Refusing to identify and label Islamic Terrorist as Islamic is, in my view, indefensible.  Yet this administration continues to walk carefully around the issue in some strange contradictions.  When the terrorist of late scream things like, “We have avenged the prophet Muhammad!  Allah Akbar!” it is difficult to divorce their beliefs from their actions or somehow claim they are not Islamic.  This administration has attempted to separate groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, Hamas and other terrorist groups from Islam but failed when you look closely.  Mr. Obama even said, “No religion kills innocents.”  He and we know that is absolutely untrue now and in past history.  In 2009 he attempted to separate Al Qaeda but then when a U.S. Seal Team took out Osama bin Laden identified as the head of Al Qaeda the burial was reported and even lauded by the White House as in ‘strict compliance’ with Muslim precepts and practices.  WHAT?  If bin Laden, was not a Muslim why the overly careful effort to treat him as a Muslim?

In Gitmo the detainees are, as one official stated, “the most pampered prisoners on the planet.”  We know that they are allowed up to four choices of halal meals, have a $750,000 soccer field, issued prayer beads, prayer rugs and a copy of the Koran.  If that were not bad enough the care to appease them is revealed in the small hammock they are issued to keep their Koran from touching the ground when not in use.  If any person who is not Muslim touches the Koran they are terminated but there can be no Bibles visible for that might ‘offend’ the detainees.  If we are detaining them on the basis of their terrorist involvement or potential involvement why are we concerned that we do not offend them.  Does 9/11, Paris, Fort Hood, Boko Haram, the Boston bombing or any other terrorist act offend anyone?

Blog Post 1 - Radical

I hear that only a small portion of the 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide are practitioners of the brand of Islam that the terrorist follow but reports and estimates indicate that upwards of 300 million do.  That is no small number and poses a significant threat.  When the so-called moderates within Islam who reportedly want to live in peace and tolerance remain silent, provide supporting funds and cover, and join the chorus for Sharia Law for Muslims in all countries I find it difficult to believe that there is not widespread agreement, in principle, with the terrorist.  I see no discernible  move toward moderation or transformation of the bloody practices they carry out.

When the president of the United States can stand before the United Nations and declare, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” we should have concerns and questions.  There should be concerns that he makes no similar defense of the Jews or Christians.  There should be the question, why he stands in defense of Islam and not all religions?

Blog Post 1 - Consitutional Republic

America is a Constitutional Republic and our 1st Amendment guarantee is “Freedom of Religion.”  I will defend the right of any religion to practice their religion so long as it does not infringe up the right of individuals to “Life or Liberty.”  If any religion threatens life or liberty of another they void their 1st Amendment guarantee and cannot be accepted or tolerated.

Terrorism is terrorism and should be identified and resisted with all we have at our disposal.  If one is a Muslim, Hindu, Jew or Christian that is their right to believe what they believe right or wrong.  However when you allow your religion to transcend moral decency and violate the unalienable rights of others to believe what they choose you should no longer be afforded any constitutional protection.  That is my view you have a right to yours.

It is time that we insist upon our leaders preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution of these United States of America.  May God bless you and may He bless America again!  


Blog Post A1- Can You Imagine

Who supports and defends the Constitution of these United States of America?  If you do the image that comes to mind is not Barack H. Obama!   Although there may be a simple explanation as to why he refuses to support the Constitution or clearly identify the Islamic jihadist as Islamic it is deeply troubling.  His aggressive defense of Islam and dismissive attitude toward the horrific atrocities committed by the jihadist places America and Americans at risk.  His trek into ‘moral equivalence’ is not only disgusting it is dangerous!

 Some months ago a former CIA officer said, and I have no reason to doubt, that there are ISIS Sleeper Cells in this country.  We have been warned that Iran has Sleeper Cells throughout the United States and Western world and will unleash massive suicide bombings should the Iranian nuclear facilities be attacked.  Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that he had grave concerns about Iran’s willingness to attack the United States.   Last June, Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Naghdi announced that Iranian assets have successfully infiltrated deep into the West, from Europe to New York.  Their ideology is revealed in articles by Alireza Forghani, the former governor of the Kish Province and serves as an analyst and strategy specialist in Khamenei’s camp wrote, “We Welcome War!”  He then quoted that book of peace Obama describes saying, “Prepare with all your armaments and force in your possession to confront the enemy so that your enemies and enemies of Allah will become fearful.”  That should cause the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up every time you hear this president defend Islam.

Blog Post A1 - Denial

This administration refuses to be forthcoming on Benghazi or any of the other scandals but at the Prayer Breakfast he had the audacity to compare ISIS and other Islamic Terrorist Groups with Christians citing the Crusades, resurrecting slavery, and advancing the Jim Crow Laws as justification to tolerate them.  This same man stood before the United Nations and said, “The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”  There are reports of his becoming furious when anyone under him said anything even remotely disparaging toward Islam and yet he never makes those same arguments regarding the Islamic jihadist and other hate groups blaspheming Christ, the Bible, the Jews or Christians.  What is that all about? 

I was thinking, as I read some of the things he has said and his repeated denials and refusal to call Islamic Terrorist Islam, about some analogies.  If I were bitten by a rattlesnake I can call it anything I want but the poison is still coursing through my veins as a result of the bite.  If I were attacked by a rabid fox I could call it a disgruntled carnivore but it would still be rabid.  His refusal to identify the true source of this reign of terror being conducted by groups like ISIS provides a most transparent pathology in this man’s head and heart.  But, he did tell us in his book long before the election, “If the political winds turn sour I will stand with the Muslims.”  We knew but many refused to believe and hoped against hope that he would somehow be transformed into a defender of America, our Freedom and Liberties.  He is becoming more and more transparent as to his pathologies and ideologies.

 Blog Post A1 - Sleeping

Maybe instead of sleeping through Jeremiah Wright’s sermons for almost 20 years he was absorbing it all for; what he says and does aligns with the expressed views of Mr. Wright.  It aligns with the Black Liberation Theology that Wright espouses and his sermons appear to have been a continual diatribe against America, whites and our Republican Democracy.  Mr. Obama’s views align with Louis Farrakhan, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky to name a few.  I suspect that since he faces no further elections his last two years (if he goes peaceably) will be pedal to the metal in advancing his ideology.

Blog Post A1 - American Dream

I can only dream of a president who honors the constitution, loves America, gives praise to American exceptionalism, will work to protect and defend our borders and strengthen our ability to defend our nation from all enemies both foreign and domestic.  Should we be saddled with another Obama type politician in the White House in 2016 it will truly only be a dream.

            God bless you and God bless America.


Blog Post 2 - Looking Ahead

Bill Clinton said while in office, “The Era of Big Government is over” as he conceded that he had to work with Republicans and along with Newt Gingrich balanced the budget.  In 1998 there was a surplus of $69 Billion and 1999 reflected a surplus of $126 Billion.  Clinton did not actually want to balance the budget in his 1996 budget he wanted stabilize the deficit at just under $200 Billion.  The Republicans led by Newt Gingrich pushed him into it and we got the Balanced Budget Act in 1997.  Gingrich wanted to dismantle the ‘bureaucratic welfare state.’   That was a touchy issue because of the addiction in Washington for spending, spending and more spending regardless of the size of the deficit.

It is quite possible that Clinton would have lost in his second bid for the White House for moving too far to the left had Gingrich not come along and pulled him back toward the center or appearance of being centrist.  Hillary had attempted to do what Barack Obama did in healthcare and it failed and the Democrats had lost control of both houses of congress so Clinton decided he had little choice but to move toward the center.  Clinton, in my view, was not a total hater of America and although would have relished the thought of being Emperor he never attempted what Obama has gotten away.  I do not believe he could have succeeded at that time which says much about the evolution of our society as a whole in the years from 1996 to 2008 and 2012. 

Blog Post 2 - Coup

           The past six years has seen the coup of the American Constitutional Republic transpire at an amazing rate with almost no push-back from the Republicans.  It is true that none of them voted for Obama-care but they have done little to derail it and any in their ranks who tries is branded a maverick, trouble-maker, domestic terrorist and part of the problem rather than the solution.  The Republican Establishment sometimes pretend to be working to stop the Obama spending and derailment of America train but mostly ride the train in silence.  They continually misread the American voter as in the most recent elections in which was an overwhelming rejection of the Obama Policies they act as though they lost and Obama struts around as though he won.  Both seem to have their heads buried in the sand or somewhere and are oblivious to reality.  Americans want most of the Obama policies stopped especially Obama-care.  Americans want a secure border.  Americans do not want what they have earned taken and given to someone unwilling to work.  Americans want freedom of speech, religion and press.  Americans want Liberty and as per Mr. Obama’s promise to ‘fundamentally transform’ America we are watching our rights and liberties vanish before our eyes.  Sadly, those we have elected to represent us are demonstrating a complete unwillingness to represent us choosing to represent special interest groups, increase their wealth and solidify the positions of power.  That is light years from what our founding fathers envisioned for public servants.

 Blog Post 2 - What Next

The last two years of the Obama administration will likely be one of intensified usurpation of that Constitution, ignoring the law, bypassing congress and disregarding of the voter’s wishes.  He will utilize his office with the support of the media to step up his grabbing of land, shredding the Constitution and neutering congress.  He will increase his support and abetting of Islamic regimes while working diligently to destroy Israel.  He will seek to increase the tax burden on a large sector of society while increasing the ‘bureaucratic welfare state’.  His god-complex and anti-colonialist mindset drives him to destroy everything that is not compatible with his worldview.  Sometimes his worldview appears Marxist, Socialist or Islamic but NEVER Capitalist or Constitutionalist.  His favorite people and those he looks up to are despotic tyrants or were.  He has demonstrated a passion to pursue the worldview that Barack, Sr., Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright and others of that ilk espoused. 

Blog Post 2 - Integrity

How far do we have to go back to find the beginning of the end in our society?  How far back do we go to find a society which demanded accountability from its leaders and would not tolerate the lack of integrity?  Where are the men of character who are not addicted to power but see themselves as servants of liberty?  Integrity and politician seem to be an oxymoron in today’s world and that saddens my heart as I weep for our nation and our world.

God said, “Return unto Me and I will return unto you.”  You may not be religious or a believer in God or acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ but if you truly look at society I believe will you acknowledge we have become detached from our moral moorings and are willing to substitute style for substance.  We have become willing to trade a little security for liberty and in the process lose both.

God help us return to the founding principles espoused in our Constitution.  God bless you and God bless America!