Blog Post 2 - Pork Barrell

           What in the world are you talking about Roy?  Have you noticed how many times a legislator acknowledges or it comes to light they did not READ the legislation before or after voting.  Yes, some of their staff researched it but I seriously doubt that even those truly or fully read the legislation and could articulate, debate or defend its nuisances.  Most of them are painfully unaware of what is in the legislation and that is problematic but not the only problem.

An additional issue is each piece of legislation that makes its way through the Halls of Congress, signed by the President and packed with pork has so many riders that NO ONE KNOWS the full extent or potential damage it can and will do.  I would venture to say that NO SINGLE PERSON or ENTITY knows what is actually on the books in America as laws or regulations.  That is a problem!  How can the public be expected to obey laws they are unaware of and those charged with enforcement are either unaware or unable to articulate and educate regarding?  HOW or better WHY?

 Blog Post 2 - Legislative Abues

IT WILL NOT HAPPEN but what we need is an Act of Congress and the People of America that demands each item stand on its own and then evaluated, debated, discussed, and if implemented funded as a STAND ALONE ITEM not a rider to fill the Pork Barrels of some legislator or special interest group.  This process has been crippling our American dream for decades and although I do not expect it to end I can dream.

The U.S. Senate follows much more tolerant rules of germaneness than the House of Representatives but both are ridiculous.  In State Houses 43 of the 50 states have provisions in their constitutions that allow a ‘line item veto’ of unwanted pork but that also serves as a political tool rather than preservation of the constitution and the best interest of the public.  Allowing the United States President ‘line item veto’ will not fix the problem so I am not proposing it.  The only real solution to the problem and verifiable way to know factually how each legislator voted on and item is to have STAND ALONE LEGISLATION where every department and bill has to be dealt with as a SINGLE ITEM not a rider and hidden in the volumes of budgetary items that will pass without much scrutiny.

It is a weapon that both parties use and a powerful tool in the legislative arsenal used to avail them to positions of power and an almost endless stream of finance personal and political.  Someone said, “We send a man to Washington who is not wealthy and he comes back a millionaire.”  If that were because of astute investment and entrepreneurial skills I would applaud them but it is most frequently because of Crony Capitalism, the Good Old Boy System, and the Brotherhood of Thieves in D.C. called politics.

Blog Post 2 - Report Card

Of course the problem I am addressing is often dismissed as a small issue but I suggest it would return politicians to being Public Servants and better serve the American people.  It would enable us to truly see if they were following their campaign commitments, honoring the constitution and fulfilling the duties of their offices.  It would affect, in a positive manner, our National Defense, Economy, and Foreign Policy making politics an entirely different animal and return power to the voting public where it should be.

You may not share my concerns and that is fine but I must ask if you would be interested in knowing the particulars, potential problems and cost of each piece of legislation your elected representative voted for or against?  They could be held accountable and responsible without being able to side-step and evade the issues and use the age old back door, “I didn’t know.”  No they would know, we would know and we would be better served.

God bless you and God bless America again!   My desire is a return to Constitutional Government and that for which I do battle!


Blog Post 1 - Historic

We could be talking about anything but I am specifically talking about the two previous presidential elections and the one upcoming.  A significant number of people told me in 2008 they were voting for Barack H. Obama because it would be HISTORIC.  They gushed over what that would say to the world about how America had evolved socially, racially and politically to have the first black president.  I asked some of those same people before the 2012 elections of they were going to vote for the first black president again and some of them were almost violent in their antagonism toward me while some acknowledged they would.  I had one person say, “The first time was historic the second time is lunacy.”  Yet, he was given two terms in the Oval Office.

The dismantling of our Healthcare or Health Insurance industry alone is tragic.  But when you factor in the dismantling, shredding, side-stepping of the constitution, the fundamental transformation of our nation, eradication of our borders, the purging of our military, the increase in government regulations, the scandals and Gestapo like tactics of various governmental agencies such as the IRS, EPA and others this HISTORIC event has been incredibly detrimental for America and our Republic.  It was Historic but just because something is historic does not make it good or even desirable.

  Blog Post 1 - First

Some of those same people who voted for Barack H. Obama in 2008 are now telling me they plan to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016 presuming she is the Democrat nominee because it would be HISTORIC.  Frankly, I have given up trying to talk to, educate or debate them for when one is that willfully out of touch logical and rational discussion is impossible.  HISTORIC?  Anyone that casts a ballot simply on the basis of gender or race is either racist, sexist or cretinous or all the above.

It would be HISTORIC for an earthquake of such epic proportions that the entire state of California crumbled into the sea but would that be good?  It would be HISTORIC for a hurricane of such size and power that the entire East Coast were destroyed but would that be good?  It would be HISTORIC for an EMT to be detonated in our atmosphere rendering the entire nation paralyzed electronically but would that be good?  Just because something is HISTORIC does not mean it is good and often it is the opposite.  It could be argued that it was HISTORIC for Hitler and the Nazi’s to commit the acts of the Holocaust but that does not mean it was good!  NO, just being historic does not equal being beneficial.

Blog Post 1 - Hindenberg

Politically, a Hillary presidency might be HISTORIC but would be more than Obama Part 2 it would be to ‘fast forward’ his agenda and prove to be even more destructive and detrimental for the American Experiment given us by the Founding Fathers.  I would like to see something HISTORIC transpire in the 2016 elections but not a Hillary presidency.  I have no problem with electing the first woman as president nor did I have a problem with the idea of a black man being president.  It is not what that is problematic for me it is who or whom.  If we take the pathway of voting to be HISTORIC then what is next?  Is it then incumbent upon us to elect the FIRST openly ‘gay’ president?  How about the FIRST openly ‘Muslim’ president?  (I did say openly).  That mindset is one that I pray dies away before the next elections but fear it will not.

Blog Post 1 - Novel Idea

How about this novel idea:  “Elect a president who actually loves America, honors the Constitution, will follow the Rule of Law, and considers National Security, Border Security and National Sovereignty important.”   THAT WOULD BE HISTORIC in our day!  Character and commitment to country were requirements in our past but in our present PC World seem to be viewed as detriments rather than benefits.  HISTORIC? 

Someone told me recently, “I want to be part of history.”  I must have had a stunned or amused look on my face based on their reaction and then said, “You are part of history.”  You may not be a major player in the facets of it but you are part of it.  I want to vote HISTORIC in 2016 and cast my ballot to elect a truly Conservative, Constitutional American who loves this nation, honors the Constitution and believes in the American Republic.

            May God be with you as you go through your day!


Blog Post C - Enough

I had a fellow Christian ask, “Why do you hate Barack Obama so much?”  They were serious and I did not immediately dismiss the question but carefully examined my heart and weighed my response.  It is a serious allegation and one that I do not take lightly.  I refused to allow myself to become offended by the charge or question but rather to honestly examine my heart and answer the question.

I can honestly say that I DO NOT HATE the man Barack Obama.  I detest his policies, actions, ideology, politics and destructive actions toward America, our Freedom and the Constitution.  That I readily confess but I do not hate the individual.  I suspect that the driving force behind his actions goes beyond ideology and is spiritual in nature although not Christian.

Blog Post C - Bullying Stop

It has been my observation over my few decades of existence on planet earth that a bully can only push so long before those being pushed push back.  I am concerned that this is the objective to push until some push back and open the door for a far more extensive use of Executive Orders to quell any civil disturbance that might ensue.  Over the past six years while in the White House he has repeatedly fanned the flames of division, hatred, racial discord, and anti-American sentiment.  He has taken actions that are certainly extra-constitutional if not outright unconstitutional, ignored the courts, congress and the voters.  He has exhibited all the characteristics of a tyrannical dictator who truly believes it is his destiny and right to RULE not govern but rule.

He has recently taken steps to grant amnesty to millions of illegals and now the mandate to all government personnel under his administration to cease calling ILLEGALS illegal and call them “Americans in Waiting.”  WHAT?  Before anyone tries to chastise me and declare that those from the other side of both borders are Americans (North Americans) might I suggest that neither, the Canadians or Mexicans consider themselves Americans but Canadians or Mexicans!  No one saying, American is thinking the generic North American but United States citizens.  So please do not approach the argument from the technicality of North America including Mexico, Canada and the U.S.A.  These ILLEGALS are not “Americans in Waiting” they are ILLEGALS and should be treated as such.  Mr. Obama has decreed that there will be ‘consequences’ for any ICE or government enforcement person who does not carry out his ILLEGAL Executive Order and carefully protect those ILLEGALS.

Blog Post C - Obama King 

He proposed Executive Order to enact back door ‘gun control’ by targeting .5.56 M885 (.223) ammunition used by more than the AR15 rifle. He and they are calling it ‘armor piercing’ ammunition allowing sweeping classification and justifications to eliminate the ammunition rendering the rifles that use it useless.  He knows he cannot get Congress or the Court to give him legislation to ‘ban guns’ but since he has issued illegal order after illegal order with impunity why not take the next step?  Will his actions and that of the ATF be effective?  Although they have backed of briefly does not mean they have vacated the idea or plan.  I do not know with Congress being so weak-willed but I do not think Mr. Obama believes that millions of Americans will passively submit to the confiscation of our firearms and knows that there will likely be some type of confrontation sooner or later.  Is he trying to drive us to a civil war or something akin to the American Revolution?  I hope not but suspect that is exactly what he wants.  He has lived as Emperor for six years and those throughout the world he most admires are tyrants, dictators, despots and iron fisted rulers. 

The FCC under his direction and influence have moved forward to allow and enable the federal government to control the internet which will destroy freedom of the press and speech via that medium.  The Treasury will not explain a decision to make $3 Billion in Obamacare payments to the House Ways and Means Committee.  Where is all this leading?  If the direction continues there will be a push back from Americans.  Will the black community wake up and realize that he does not have their backs or will the seeds of hatred and bias prevent millions for awakening?  Will the Hispanics wake up and realize that they are nothing more than pawns that he and the leftist are using to dominate, control and rule?  If they along with the millions of so-called moderates and independents realize the game being played and the stakes America will see another revolt against a government gone rogue.  I AM NOT CALLING FOR WAR OR VIOLENCE.  I DO NOT WANT IT.  I am concerned that the Executive bullying will push America into a place where our police and military have to make difficult choices with regard to our Republic and Citizens.

Blog Post C - Jefferson

We are living in some incredibly perilous and dangerous times and I will continue to pray for the souls of the individuals.  I will also work to expose their tactics, strategies and plans.  I love my God, my family, my freedom and my country and pray that Congress do their jobs, the courts do their jobs, the police and military do the right thing and America awakens from out of slumber.  If the sleeping giant of the multitudes ever awaken we will see a restored America but if they do not we are witnessing the demise of America as described in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

            God bless you and God bless America!

Blog Post C - Disobedience


Blog Post A - Experience

I have heard for almost seven years now that we should have elected a president with more experience.  I do not necessarily disagree but I must ask, “Would more experience have changed Barack Obama?”  He is what he is because of his mentoring, training, beliefs, ideology and political faith not because of lack of experience.  In fact I would argue that had he had more executive experience he might have been even more destructive and dangerous not less.  He would have learned more ways to subvert the constitution, by-pass Congress and the courts.  No experience is not his problem political ideology is.

 Blog Post A - Character

That brings me to the 2016 elections and the theory of experience in the candidates.  I am less concerned about executive experience than I am character.  I am not discounting experience for I consider it a valuable tool in helping an individual hone their skills as an executive and leader but if there are bankrupt in character they will NEVER be a good leader.  They may be adept in getting their agenda enacted in to law and swaying public opinion but their heart will not be honoring the constitution and doing what is best for the American people. Character is not learned through experience it will be demonstrated and rise to the surface during experiences.  What we need is not someone with a long resume of executive experience but lacking in moral mooring and character.  It would be wonderful to have a candidate who has both experience and character and a demonstrated resolve to stand firm in their defense of the Constitution of this Republic, the United States of America.

I do believe that former governors have valuable executive experience but do not discount people from private industry or congress.  If the sole qualification is having been a governor of a state large or small then I am unimpressed.  If the sole argument against the candidate is they have not served a full term in congress or never held a political office then I am not dissuaded in possibly supporting them.  As I stated previously, the top requisites for me are:  character, conservativism, constitutionalism and commitment to America and the Constitution.  Without those we will get nothing more than politics as usual albeit the politician may be polished having honed their political skills extensively.

Blog Post A - Accountability

I heard a talk show host declare that Hillary would likely not run due to the email scandal and would decide it is just too much to overcome.  I called the show but could not hold long enough to actually get on the air to counter that hypothesis.  Hillary has observed the lack of being held accountable by the current president for going on seven years.  She came through Benghazi largely unscathed and Whitewater had little impact.  She observed her husband Teflon Bill dodge bullet after bullet politically with no real impact.  She has been schooled in the art of deception watching the IRS scandal being swept under the rug, the Veteran’s Administration issue fading into a distant memory and many other things.  She and the Democrats have invested too much into her for her to even consider stepping aside.  The media has been the Democrat lapdog and the polls (real or fictional) are indicating she would beat any of the Republicans by double digits.  If that is being sold to the American public would you step back?  Only if your character demanded you to do so and since I do not see the evidence of character in her I would expect her to run and probably be the Democrat nominee.

What experience has Hillary or any of the candidates had running a nation such as the United States of America?  She claims to have been co-president but the last time I checked we do not have such an animal in American politics or in the constitution.  So while she was first-lady or first-woman she WAS NOT PRESIDENT.

 Blog Post A - Most Important

I would argue that it would serve us well to move toward making CHARACTER the top qualification not EXPERIENCE.  We do not need an experienced professional politician who will grow government, further subvert our rights and liberties and further transform this Republic in to an Oligarchy or Tyranny.  We need another Washington, Jefferson, Coolidge or Reagan.  We need a man or woman regardless of ethnicity or experience who is articulate, committed to the constitution of this nation and will advance the policies that made this America great.

            God bless you and God bless America!