The Government Didn’t Give and It Has No Right to Take Away – LIFE, LIBERTY AND…

Blog Post 1 - Life

The American Declaration of Independence lists as included in man’s unalienable Rights, ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.’  It declares that all men (people) are ‘created’ equal and it recognizes our ‘Creator.’  I find it impossible to view the founding documents and conclude that the Founding Fathers considered Government all powerful.  No!  Their writings made it incredibly clear they considered man a creation of God possessing certain unalienable rights inherent in their existence.

blog Post 1 - Life 1

            They recognized the sanctity of LIFE and that the Right to LIVE was God-given not Government given.  I am alive not because of some governmental edict or law but because God placed in the hearts of a young couple living in Pasadena, Texas to continue their procreation.  I came into being on planet earth because of God not Government.  The government might want to give me life in prison or worse but they did not and cannot give me LIFE in the natural or spiritual for that is the handiwork of God and God alone.

Blog Post 1 - Liberty

            They recognized the individual and collective right of LIBERTY as being an unalienable right given by our Creator not Government.  Government almost never seeks to expand Liberty but restrict.  The Founding Fathers recognized that within the heart of man was not only a desire for Liberty but a Liberty that could not be achieved by governmental edict.  The Constitution of these United States recognized LIBERTY as being an individual right to be protected as described in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  They were casting off what they considered tyranny and oppression.  They were casting off what they views as actions, edicts, laws and regulations that suppressed LIBERTY.  They believed, as should we, that LIBERTY was a God-given right that no government anytime has a right to supplant or suppress.

Blog Post 1 - Happiness

            They recognized that the individual had a God-given right to PURSUE HAPPINESS.  The very idea, as presented by some today, that government can make all equal and essentially all happy is not only foreign to the founder’s views it is impossible.  It is not a contradictory view to say that all are not equal in talent, abilities, desire, drive, ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, ambition or intelligence but all created equal.  Most of those are developed characteristics not things the government can provide.  The very idea of EQUALITY as prescribed and pursued by government renders null and void all ambition, education, talent, creativity and excellence.  It reduces everyone to the lowest level rather than elevating everyone to the highest.  You cannot elevate to the highest in intelligence and creativity those who squalor in laziness therefore if the playing field is to be leveled it will be to the lowest rung on the ladder not the middle or highest for attaining that run requires effort, investment and involvement not HAND OUT.

God gave and our Founder’s recognized that we have a Right to LIVE, LIVE FREE and PURSUE HAPPINESS.  The constitution did not nor does God guarantee that everyone will be HAPPY only that we have the right to Pursue Happiness.  We have an incredible nation which was established on principles rooted deeply in the Bible and recognized man’s unalienable rights.  America was conceived and brought forth to produce a system of government in which man’s unalienable rights would NEVER be trampled or restricted.  Today’s liberal, progressive and elitist politician seek to make government not God the ALL POWERFUL force in our lives.  They seem to truly believe that Government giveth and Government has the right to take away.  Our evolving legislation has systematically and consistently removed God from the equation and resulted in the conditions we now find ourselves.

You and I have a Right from our Creator to LIFE, LIBERTY and the Pursuit of HAPPINESS.  When any man or government perceives their authority supreme, in that moment, they invalidated their legitimacy of governance.  It is time that we WAKE UP America and RECLAIM our government.  If we do not return to our founding principles which include a recognition of God’s sovereignty we will fail. Is there Hope?  I believe there is else I would cease my efforts to warn and awaken.  I would go into seclusion.  Can we succeed?  Yes!  Will we succeed?  I do not know!

            God bless you and God bless America!


Blog Post 1 - Double Standards

We are informed by many that we must be respectful and tolerant of the followers of Islam’s religious stance concerning cartoons or references to their prophet Muhammad.  Those who declare and demand that demand it selectively but have a significant double standard when it comes to respecting the beliefs of the followers of Christ.  I find that difficult to rationalize.

Muslim’s want Shira Law imposed on everyone and often the jihadist are painted as victims rather than purveyors of their brand of religious intolerance.  Anyone who speaks against the terrorism, abuse and murder at their hands are labeled as ‘haters’, ‘Islamaphobes’ or ‘racist’.  The same goes for anyone criticizing anyone of color especially the current president, Attorney General or any public figure who is non-white.  Yet, the left can attack Christian beliefs vehemently, call conservatives all kinds of vile names, slander their character and brand them evil.  The double standard is glaring and I cannot imagine anyone not seeing it so I must conclude that it is excused and deemed desirable to launch assaults on Christianity and Constitutional Conservatism.

Blog Post 1 - Double Standard 1

We are supposed to be careful not to offend the Muslim’s regarding their prophet but it is open season on corporations or individuals who take a religious stance regarding abortion, same sex marriages, etc.  That is quite a double standard.  My immediate question in this is:  “If it is considered reprehensible, bigoted, homophobic and/or racist for Christians to stand against homosexuality, same sex marriage, abortion, etc. why are the Muslims not also condemned for their opposition to homosexuality?”  In the Muslim world child abuse and physical abuse of women is acceptable but were that practiced by Christians it would be condemned.  It seems there is selective tolerance and condemnation practiced. 

I would argue that it is not about ‘equality’ or ‘tolerance’ but a political tool to gain Democrat control in Congress and the White House.  The media supports this narrative and agenda as do an alarming number of religious leaders and institutions.  In the world of Islam there is no uniformity in interpretation of their book nor is there in the world of Christianity.  However all Muslims agree in the demand of tolerating their beliefs without consent for other faiths to express their beliefs.  In Muslim countries it is illegal to proselytize and anyone preaching Christ or Judaism could and likely would be jailed or executed.

This administration finds it impossible or distasteful to identify ISIS or other Islamic jihadist and terrorist as Islamic but finds it easy and palatable to castigate Christians over the centuries old Crusades.  Islam is intolerant but demands that everyone be tolerant toward them much like the Progressives and Liberals want to exercise their freedom of speech but censor anyone with an opposing view.  The double standard is incredible.

Blog Post 1 - Religion

            I may or may not agree with some actions by those who are defending and exercising their right of Freedom of Speech but I defend their right to exercise that right without fear of a terrorist assault as was in Garland, Texas or Charlie Hebdo in France.  It is one thing to picket, boycott or protest peaceably and quite another to launch an attack in a hail of bullets.  That should be condemned immediately and uniformly by all including those who claim to be Moderate Muslims.  If Islam is a religion of peace then where is the outcry against the violence, murder and mayhem?  If Islam is a religion based on love where is the demonstration of tolerance toward people who hold a differing religious point of view.

The vileness that comes from the jihadist, terrorist and activist on the left promoting things that are diametrically opposite of most Christians is reprehensible.  If anyone on the Right were to adopt the tactics used by the Islamic jihadist, terrorist and activist I would call it reprehensible as well.  The First Amendment belongs to everyone who is a legal American citizen.  Non-citizens in other countries of the world enjoy NO RIGHTS but expect to be afforded the rights, privileges and protection of our American Constitution.  That is a double standard and the left exercises it so long as is it politically expedient for their cause.

America it is time to wake up, stand up and speak up in support of the Constitution of these United States of America.  We must demand our country back.  God help us see the Republic restored.   May God bless you and God bless America!

Blog Post 1 - Memorial Day


Blog Post 4 - Death and Taxes

The well-known saying, “There is nothing certain but death and taxes” often attributed to Benjamin Franklin was likely uttered long before by Daniel Defoe in “The Political History of the Devil”, 1726 when he wrote, “Things as certain as death and taxes, can be more firmly believed.”  The variations of that are with us today.  Although the push by many politicians is that taxes extend beyond death and you are taxed in death too.  That is not something our founding fathers would have embraced nor should we.

In fact, our founding fathers were opposed to taxing income and although they understood that the federal government had to have sources of revenue to function they did not want it to become the monster it is today.  They believed that, in taxes, there should be both uniformity and equal protection afforded not a Progressive Income Tax system as we have today.  I can only imagine the response of those men who hammered out the Constitution and Bill of Rights to today’s American Tax Code.  The Boston Tea Party would probably pale in comparison to what they would suggest.

Blog Post 4 - Progressive Taxes

In an excellent article regarding The Progressive Income Tax in U.S. History by Burton Folsom we are reminded of the words of James Madison regarding this monstrosity when Mr. Madison declared that the ‘spirit of party and faction’ would prevail in Congress if they were allowed to tax one group of citizens and confer the benefits to another.  They were adamantly opposed to allowing politicians target groups of citizens and ‘redistribute the wealth’ via taxation or any other means.  Personal property was considered sacred and one’s income or wealth was considered personal property. 

We know from history that during the Civil War a progressive income tax was advanced and while the maximum rate was 10% it was still a progressive tax and foreign to the constitution and desires of the founders.  It was repealed in 1872 when Representative Justin Morrill of Vermont decried it saying, “In this country we neither create nor tolerate any distinction of rank, race, or color, and should not tolerate anything else than entire equality in our taxes.”  That lasted until 1894 when Congress launched another attempt to target the rich but that law was declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL by the Supreme Court.  Completely unlike today’s Justices.  But alas, the quest for revenue never seems to die among politicians for in 1913 Congress proposed a Constitutional Amendment permitting a Progressive Income Tax and it was RATIFIED.  Shame on them and shame on the American people for buying the spin thus altering our Constitution from the spirit and letter.

The tax rates initially were capped at a very low rate but under Presidents like Hoover and Roosevelt the tax rate became permanently fixed and escalated to ridiculous percentages when in 1941 it grew to 94% under Roosevelt.  I know there was a War being waged but his proposal was a 99.5% marginal rate on all income over $100,000 and allowed income to be taxed at the marginal rate of 90%.  That is governmental theft and should have infuriated every American but didn’t.  No the War effort was touted and the class warfare was launched and we still have that warfare today, to our hurt.

Blog Post 4 - Vote Buying

            The Progressive Tax System has become nothing more than a tool for the left and some on the Republican side to use for ‘vote buying’, ‘redistributing the wealth’ and creating a ‘permanent dependent class’ of citizens.  Everyone does not have skin in the game and therefore the class warfare and envy must be kept alive to insure that the public will allow politicians to continue their theft by government.

The Tax Code does not need to be reformed or modified it needs to be TOSSED OUT completely and replaced with a Fair and Equitable Code.  That can only be accomplished by a Fair or Flat Tax and then with careful examination of loopholes, deductions and exemptions afforded.  We need to reach a place where government is not allowed to ‘redistribute the wealth’, ‘tax death’ or utilize taxation as a political tool to buy votes and ensure that entire segments of society are locked into dependence on a political party.

            May God bless you and may God bless America!


Blog Post A - Worlds Collide

It really doesn’t matter what we are talking about but when differing worldviews collide there are always casualties and frequently that includes the truly innocent.  We are living in a world where opposing worldviews politically, religiously, economically and socially are on collision courses and the fallout will be massive.

Blog Post A - Religion

In the realm of religious beliefs we have opposing views with Islam on one side and every other religion in the world on the other.  War makes strange bedfellows it would seem but the two specifically in the cross-hairs of the fundamental followers of Islam are Christianity and Judaism.  We are seeing an ever rising tide of violence and brutality by Islamic jihadist toward both and the slaughter is reigning havoc and destruction on a host of people who are other than direct participants.  It is causing a level of distrust and animosity toward all Muslims by many because of fear due to what the jihadist are doing and if allowed to continue will eventually plunge the worldwide shooting war.  This, I believe, is predicted in the Bible and we are living in the generation observing it being walked out in real time and reality.

Blog Post A - Social

In the social realm of society we have opposing views on any number of things including same sex marriage, racial relations, abortion and many others that is triggering an outburst by what appears to often be small groups of well-organized activist having a social and economic impact on innocent bystanders.  Jobs are being lost due, lives traumatized so severely that some are having experiences that can only be likened to PTSD of our military.  (I do not want to disparage our troops but the trauma is real in this).  The sentiments on both sides of these issues is often deeply rooted and not easily quieted and anytime worlds collide people are hurt.  Again, I personally believe this is described in the Bible as characteristics of the Last Days that we are watching unfold before our eyes.

Blog Post A - Ecomomy

In the economic realm the opposing worlds of Free Market Capitalism and Marxist- Socialism with its redistribution mindset, jealousy toward success and quest for power and control the collision has been large but will become more pronounced in the days to come.  Groups such as the SEIU, this administration and various leftist activist groups are driving businesses from this country and out of business because of the regulations, demands, and costs.  Some want to put the blame on corporations and mom and pop businesses for wanting to make a profit and rail against the rich but if there were no corporations or small business people willing to invest and risk what would that do to the jobs market?  People that have no real interest in either side of this argument but simply want to work and earn a living are being damaged by the collision of these two worlds.  It is happening in real time and reality and those who have lost a job or find one comparable are among those being injured.

Blog Post A - Politics

In the realm of politics the war between the two major parties is often more about control than upholding the Constitution or in the interest of the American people and who gets hurt when those two worlds collide?  Not the politicians but Mr. and Mrs. Average Citizen.  That person who wants to live in a Free Society, earn a living, care for their own and basically be left alone are the ones who most frequently feel the pinch of the political wars.  Politicians are all about POWER and MONEY not about Public Service and People.  I can understand why some have become so turned off by the political jockeying of the differing political worlds and have checked out refusing to vote or participate in the discussion.  They consider both major parties and some lesser parties, just variations of each other and to a degree they are right. 

My concern is that if we check out on any of those fronts we are not exempted from the fallout of the collisions.  If we check out, our detachment can empower both sides of that collision leaving them with no real feedback from the public about what we see, feel, believe, desire and demand.  They will continue to pad their bank accounts, create their networks, entrench themselves in the power grid and the average citizen will pay the price.  If it only affected the generation in which it occurred I’d say, “Fine, you allowed it you pay the penalty.”  It does not and successive generations who were not part of the process and innocent will suffer the most and that is tragic.  That is one of the many reasons I cannot be SILENT and will pray earnestly and work diligently for a Restored Republic in America.

            God bless you and God bless America!


Blog Post 3 - America

            Wow!  Before you assume I, like the individual occupying the Oval Office, want to bypass the constitution, congress, courts or the American people and impose my vision upon the nation please pause a moment.  If you would be so kind as to allow me to explain, in a very limited fashion, my American vision I think you may largely agree with me.

The drive of both major political parties to CONTROL all branches of government cannot be overlooked and is part of, if not the primary reason, we are in the shape we are in today in America.  Let me state that one party controlling all branches of government is not good or bad in itself but the result has proven to be bad.  It is not necessarily desirable to have one party control the White House, another Congress and share the Courts that could be a good check and balance or could be meaningless as we have seen.

Blog Post 3 - America Destroyed

What would I create, if possible for America politically?  That is a great question and I’m so glad you asked.  The founding fathers hammered out a system of government in which they proposed and envisioned significant ‘checks’ and ‘balances’ to insure the Republic would stand and remain free and WE THE PEOPLE would be protected from internal tyranny.  They logically assumed that each branch would steadfastly defend their authority and thus provide a true ‘check’ and ‘balance’ to the other branches so no one branch would run roughshod over the others.  We have seen the failure of that in recent years for whatever reason so just having opposing parties control various branches is not a guarantee of good government or a Republican form of government with ‘checks’ and ‘balances.’

Having one party control the various branches of government of recent years gifted (or cursed) us with the Affordable Health Care Act aka Obamacare.  Republicans were locked out of negotiations and discussions on various issues and even told by the president, “Elections have consequences, you lost!”  We heard the infamous words of Nancy Pelosi, “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”  This highlights the danger of ONE PARTY RULE in Washington and certainly one party that is completely ideologically driven to the point of ignoring or despising the Constitution.  Even when the Republicans took back control of the House little was done to stem the runaway train of spending and a rogue executive branch.  The recent return of the Senate to the GOP has not greatly improved that issue so what is the solution?

Blog Post 3 - My America


The Executive Branch:

A president who so reveres the Constitution that even if he disagrees with its mandate he follows it.  If he wants a change he works with congress and the American people to either ratify a Constitutional Amendment to change the Constitution or a Law Congressionally passed to be signed into law that is within the guidelines of that document.  We have had limited visions of that in modern history but so seldom that most missed it completely.

A president who refuses to bypass Congress, ignore the courts and heeds the wishes of the American people.  One who will not abuse the Executive Order or Action in an attempt to skirt the constitutional guidelines or allow congress to provide ‘check’ and ‘balance’ oversight as designed by the constitution.  Sadly, presidents of both major parties have violated this to a greater or lesser degree and the American Republic suffers as a result.

A president who truly desires to be President of the Entire United States of America not just a political or ideological faction.


A congress that recognizes its function and role as Representatives of WE THE PEOPLE not Overseers, Lords or Rulers of the populace.  A congress that will honor the constitution, follow the rule of law without fail regardless of personal ideological belief.  A congress that will staunchly defend and protect its constitutional authority rather than ceding it to a tyrannical executive.  A congress that honors the constitutional constraints on Big Government, limits taxation, spending and infringement upon our unalienable rights as citizens of the United States of America.  A congress that considers service in that branch of government a temporary duty rather than a lifelong job or an inherited right to rule as professional politicians.   Citizen Representatives!


A Supreme Court that no longer affords lifetime appointments but limits it to a specified period of time.  A lifetime appointment has become an albatross rather than a benefit for rather than becoming apolitical the court has become partisan and whereas the lifetime appointment was supposed to free them from political pressure it has become a political weapon.  A court where the individuals set aside their personal political preferences and strictly honored the constitution of these United States of America.

Blog Post 3 - Constitutional America

That is not an exhaustive detail of my America but gives a brief overview of what I would like to see beginning in the 2016 Elections with regard to the occupant of the White House, Senate, House of Representatives and appointees to the Supreme Court.   I want the Republic that the founders envisioned, offered, and labored to provide.

God bless you and God bless America!