I know, I know, that statement makes me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ regarding this administration and the left’s desire and push for gun control legislation.  It is going to come either as congressional legislation or an executive order issued as an emergency measure under the guise of stemming the violence taking place across our land.  You can doubt this if you choose but I fully believe a last ditch effort toward total confiscation of firearms from the citizens will take place before Obama’s term is up in January 2017.

Blog Post 1 - OBAMA Gun Control

Will that push us into a total civil war when law abiding private citizens are faced with the choice of complying with a law or edict from Washington to turn in their firearms or resist and stand on their unalienable rights?  Will it be that the vast majority passively or complainingly comply while a few million resist?  Will it result in the incarceration of many 2nd Amendment supporters who are largely conservative in their politics and further solidifying the voting advantage for the leftist?  Will America survive if they are successful?  These are all questions that cannot be fully answered but I have little doubt each of you has an opinion if you allow yourself to speculate in the scenario aforementioned.

Blog Post 1 - Terrorism

      This president and the left ignore the incredible number of homicides within the inner cities of our nation where much of the crime is black on black as young blacks are mercilessly slaughtered by other blacks.  However, let a situation where the police shoot a black man regardless of the circumstances or a horrific situation like the AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina and the IMMEDIATE push is to label guns as the problem.  That is ludicrous!

I tread lightly as I in no way want to even hint that I am less than horrified and angered by what took place and condemn the actions of Dylan Storm Roof a 21 year old white male who apparently out of racial hatred, paranoia acted.  We know he was possibly on some mind altering substances before this took place as well.  Would he have committed this act without the drugs?  Who knows?  Is he to be condemned?  ABSOLUTELY!  Any act of terror is to be condemned and has no justification!  That is not the point I am approaching this from.

The tragic fact that something like this draws an IMMEDIATE reaction from Mr. Obama and the left that ‘guns are the problem’ is disturbing.  Forget the myriad of murders in the inner cities.  Forget the acts of terrorist and criminals using guns, knives, bombs, etc.  Forget all that and take advantage of the fact that a white male used a gun.  That means we must ban guns and if we have a law that controls or bans guns there will be no more gun violence.  I KNOW YOU DO NOT BELIEVE THAT!   Criminals and terrorist will not comply with the law. 

Blog Post 1 - Crisis

            Mr. Obama’s declaration that things like this do not happen in advanced countries is absurd.  He must not be aware of any acts of violence in any country in the world to make that statement or maybe he knows he can ignore facts and spin his agenda and those who support him and the media will jump on it like stink on a June bug.  America if we allow them to ‘ban guns’ for private law abiding citizens we will see the quick eradication of most if not all of our other constitutional rights.  I won’t go so far as to say that taking our guns would result in a Nazi-like move by the tyrants and would be gods in politics but they will strip our constitution to where it is a meaningless piece of paper and thereby enslave all.  I am fully convinced their agenda is to go far beyond guns but let it suffice to say the next move would be free speech, freedom of religion, unlawful and unreasonable search and seizure.  Just go down the list and check them off for our unalienable rights will be systematically and quickly eliminated.  We will be like the proverbial frog placed in a pan of water and the heat slowly turned up.  Rather than jumping out of the pan we will be boiled to death constitutionally or unconstitutionally.

THIS COMING ELECTION is about more than just who occupies the White House although that is critical.  It is about our constitutional rights and that means we MUST elect people to Congress who will rigidly defend the constitution and protect our rights afforded or identified by it.  If we fail to evict those who have shown signs of faltering on that front and send people to Washington and the State Houses who will protect and defend the constitution we are signing our own death warrant constitutionally.

I am convinced that in the wake of Charleston, SC and whatever subsequent police situations or other shootings take place Mr. Obama will do whatever it takes to make possessing or owning a firearm so tedious that many will give up the effort.  What will likely happen is enough citizens will resist that we will move to the next step calling it a National Emergency and via martial law declare guns in the hands or homes of citizens illegal.  That will leave the military, police and criminals armed if we comply.

Blog Post 1 - America

            FULL ASSAULT ON THE CONSTITUTION IS COMING!  Label me whatever you please but remember what I am saying and watch what sneaky steps take place over the next few days, weeks and months.   We are on the precipice of losing our Republic totally and forever.  Will we keep it?

God bless you and God bless America!


Blog Post  - Violence

I realize that I may draw the ire of some by what I am about to say but while I am deeply saddened and outraged by what happened in Charleston, SC at the AME Church I have some observations about society, the focus and the outcome.  There is NO JUSTIFICATION or EXUSE for what this deranged and evil individual did killing 9 people and forever traumatizing others.  This was an act of terrorism and he should be treated as harshly as possible under the law.  What I am going to say is not a justification, excuse or even attempt to divert attention from that horrific situation.

I am disturbed by the selective media coverage of situations like this and the politicization that always accompanies it.  The virtual absence of this kind of coverage in the myriad of crimes where black, whites, Hispanic or Asians are slaughtered that do not afford a vehicle for politicization is disturbing.  I support the reporting of this situation and am heartbroken for those affected so I tread softly not wanting to appear calloused or insensitive for I am outraged.  The fact that the man chose a church suggests that he not only wanted to kill those people but make a conscious decision to go to a church where the likelihood of armed resistance would be lower.  He had a problem with blacks and possibly with Christians as well.  I do know that his crime is reprehensible.

Recently in the Bronx four thugs, who were black, beat down and slashed the face of a 19 year old victim.  West Detroit Shooting at a basketball court where 9 or 10 were wounded and witnesses are not cooperating with the authorities.  There are numerous crimes in which whites attacked blacks, blacks attacked whites, and events involving various ethnicities.  Most get little notice and especially if it is black on black, Hispanic on Hispanic, Asian on Asian or white on white.  The events that get the most play in the media and most vocal input from politicians is when a white person commits and act of mass violence or a black is the victim.  That presents a problem for me and many in today’s world because, in my view, it shifts the focus from the problem to the political opportunities afforded. Evil is evil no matter the color of the skin of the one committing the act.

Blog Post - Politicize

            Am I saying that politicians are cold-hearted and calloused individuals that place ideology and agenda above human lives?  I wish I could say unequivocally no, but I cannot and the philosophy of never allowing a crisis go to waste is too visible too often.  Even in this most recent incident Mr. Obama used it as an opportunity to promote ‘gun control’ as he has are many others.  He has been amazingly silent on Christians in the Middle East beheaded by Islamic jihadist but quickly speaks out in something he can use to promote an agenda or ideology.

When something like this happens and we do not band together as a society condemning the act(s) and the individual(s) involved  we are polarizing race relations and we fail as a society.  Acts of terror do not require politicization to be combated.  They need us to come together and combat senseless acts of evil and seize the opportunity to teach our children that ALL LIVES MATTER promoting a colorless world as much as possible.  When something like this happens and the immediate response is to lump all of the race of the perpetrator as the problem we are not moving to a solution but an escalation of the problem and therein is the problem for me.

I can only imagine the pain of those in the AME church where the horrific act took place. I can only imagine the anger, confusion and frustration.  When we are wounded and in pain emotionally or physically we are much more prone to lash out and retaliate and when we do rather the problem becomes more pronounced and solutions further from view.  Any crime borne out of bias, prejudice or hatred regardless of the source is to be condemned in the most straightforward manner offering no justification.  I cannot ignore this any more than I can ignore 9/11 or the Boston Bombings or any other act of terror.  My plea is that we not allow this or any occurrence or series of occurrences become stimuli of hatred and bear fruit in future similar occurrences.

Blog Post - Peacemakers

            As a society and as those who are people of faith we must condemn this type of act whether it is white on black, black on white, any ethnicity on any ethnicity or crimes such as are daily in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Dallas Houston, Los Angeles or any other city in our land.   If we are to stem the tide of evil we must combat it with godly moral principles and resist the temptation to lash out.  More government control on guns or most any other issue will not solve the problem this must come from our civic, religious, political and educational leaders as well as from parents.  I still believe the directive of Scripture that if we ‘train up our children in the way they should go (live) when they are old they will not depart from it.’  If we want to solve this type of problem in our society we must accept responsibility to deal with it now to the full extent of the law and instill in the hearts of future generations that all people regardless of skin color are human beings and matter.  The white man is not the black man’s problem nor is the black man the white man’s problem.  A black woman called Sista Solove said on camera outside the AME church that “all crackers or mentally ill and urged blacks to kill all crackers”.  Is that being blasted by the president, media and left? NO!  We have a problem and that problem is selfishness, bigotry, hatred, bias and prejudice.  These have replaced personal pride, ingenuity, respect for others and closed fists are replacing open hands.

So my heart and prayers continue for those in South Carolina and my call is for everyone to search our own hearts and ask God to help us become the people we want others to be. 

           May God bless you and may God bless America!



Blog Post - Cost

I believe that Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote is quite germane: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”  Ronald Reagan said, “As government expands, liberty contacts.”  John Adams declared, “A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored.  Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”  All should be warnings against the ever increasing rise in size, scope and power of the federal government.  The insatiable desire to tax and spend should cause the alarm bells to constantly ring within our hearts and minds in this great land.

The sad reality is that we appear to have evolved to a position and condition in American society where we want government to intervene when it can intervene on our behalf against anyone or anything in opposition.  We have groups today who clamor for the federal government to mandate everyone accept them or their ideological position.  It matters not to them that the pursuit of their perceived rights may well trample on the rights of another for only their rights are important.  It really does not matter what group or issue we are talking about when you seek the federal government to control and mandate that everyone comply with your platform you have entered a most dangerous realm.  A realm that will, at some point, prove to be your downfall and that of society.

There are those so desirous of assistance from the federal government in the form of cash, services, goods, or advancement of their cause they are willing to risk the impending loss of liberty that accompanies that control.  The federal government gives nothing without demands.  Are we really comfortable with allowing the federal government to regulate virtually every aspect of our lives?  Can we not see the ominous cloud that is rising with each abdication of our individual liberties?  Do we trust government or politicians to DO THE RIGHT THING?  No we do not and yet we want them to regulate and assist in our cause.

Blog Post - Liberty

            What are we willing to give up in order to continue to receive our monthly check from Big Brother?  What are we willing to give up in order to have our group or cause recognized and heard?  What are we willing to give up to have a temporary sense of security and safety?  What we are willing to give up is a drop in the bucket of what the Government demands.  The old saying, “Give him and inch and he will take a mile” applies perfectly to the federal government.

Power corrupts and the more power the more corruption.  Most people tasting power develop an appetite for it, seek to entrench themselves in it and become convinced they are destined and deserving of it.  Despots and tyrants throughout history have evolved to the place where the citizenry became or become nothing more than subjects whose singular purpose was or is to serve them.  If we produce they increase and if we fail to produce the desired quantity and quality we are expendable.  They can live in splendor while the world around them lives in abject poverty with no noticeable troubling of their conscience.

Blog Post - Cost of Freedom

            We have transitioned from a limited government in which the States maintained their individual rights and we the people controlled the government and policies of our State and thereby limited the federal government.  Today, the cart is before the horse and the federal government usurps the constitutional guidelines, national politicians enjoy position, power and privilege and WE THE PEOPLE are no longer truly represented and viewed as the true owners of the government as dictated in our constitution.

Mr. Franklin you were right and your warning has gone unheeded regarding our need to “Keep the Republic” you and our founding fathers so valiantly labored to provide.  God help us!  We are a society in which it appears there is a willingness to give up rights and liberties for whatever government assistance we seek.  It matters not if that is money, goods, services or elevation of our group or cause to the forefront.  If we get what we seek we seem willing to allow the federal government to take another piece of the Liberty Pie off the table.  How long before only crumbs remain?

            God bless you and God bless America!


Blog Post B - Generational Brain Washing

One of the reasons I am not supportive of the U.S. Department of Education is the complete erosion of factual history and the complete revision of other disciplines.  The revisionist of the left have virtually rewritten our history.  We now have a generation that has been exposed to the New History and New Science since Kindergarten and many of them now have college degrees and even advanced degrees and it has completely shaped their worldview.

The liberal left virtually controls Education, especially at the institutions of higher learning as colleges and universities are called.  Anyone that disagrees with their ideological beliefs and views is ostracized, shamed, ridiculed and made to appear ignorant, intolerant and failing to progress and evolve with societal changes and mores.  Innocent young minds are conditioned at an early age to ‘accept’ the leftist pabulum and believe that if it is in the textbooks it has been validated, examined, tested and proven as factual.  Professors become virtual gods and students parrot the dogma presented either out of fear of receiving a bad mark or failure to use rational reason.

When education becomes a ward of the Federal Government and Institutions of learning become factories of liberal, environmental and progressive thought it is dangerous.  When successive generations are funneled through that system without a counter argument from parents, media, educators, politicians and/or clergy the Generational Brain Washing is complete and effective.  Are we now at the place where a 2nd or 3rd generation of students have come forth?  If we are and I fear we are then Constitutional Conservatism will be dealt a blow that will prove to be incredibly difficult to overcome and the Republic is hanging by a thread.

Blog Post B - Brain Washed

           I saw a recent poll that stated that revealed that over 54% of Americans believe that Hillary Clinton is dishonest and untrustworthy and only 38% believe her.  However, 62% of those consider her a capable strong leader and presidential material.  In head to head polls with Republicans she beats them all which is mind-numbing to me.  How can you consider her dishonesty, untruthfulness, culpability in Benghazi and more and still support her for President of these United States?  Have we been so brain washed and our moral values so eroded that this is the state of American politics?

Let me state that I believe in Education!  I believe that the information presented to young minds should be factual, informative and create an environment for them to inquire, investigate, examine, test and process.  It should cause them to THINK not simply become parrots of an ideology or theory presented as Law and Gospel by those molding and shaping their young and impressionable minds.  We should be producing people who have a quest of truth and determined to test and prove theorems and theories rather than being echoes of their professors.

Generational Brain Washing has been the objective of groups such as the Fabian Socialist for over 100 years.  It is the demonstrated objective of many educational groups and organizations.  In my view, seeking to Brain Wash young minds is demonstrating a lack of confidence in your belief and fear that if allowed to think for themselves they will disprove your argument.  It is a cowardly approach to education and life.

Blog Post B - Education

            Education and being informed are incredibly important components for an individual or nation which makes honesty, integrity and transparency requisite for political office.  If something is true it will bear examination and exposure to differing views.  If it is not true and only a hypothesis rather than proven fact then it should be, no must be tested.  How are we to combat this societal and educational dilemma?  They reject us as lunatics and fringe thinkers so we have no inroad to educate them.  They consider any conservative news outlet, blog or educator as out of touch so they do not listen.  We are tuned out before we are able to present our argument and sadly many Republican politicians are incapable of articulating the conservative philosophy and come across as ‘deniers without a reasoned argument.’

How do we combat this?  We must outnumber them at the polls.  We must somehow get the attention of those elected to hear and heed our voices.  We must become a nation of prayer once again for I am convinced that short of a miracle from God we have waited too long to become active, engaged and enraged at the assault on our Constitution, Freedom and Nation.  If we do not wake up, rise up, and stand we have lost!   You may find politics distasteful and even disgusting but if you treasure Freedom and Liberty you sometimes have to wade into the mud and push the wagon.

            God help us and God bless America!



Blog Post A - Mass Deception

In a perfect world, No.  But last time I checked we are not living in that place or condition.  Used car salesmen get a bad rap in the stereotype of all being shysters, crooks, cheats and con men and some are but it is unfair to lump all car salesmen or any salesman in that same pile.  I sold cars for a short time and refused to be dishonest.  It eventually cost me my job but my integrity was worth more than any sale.

John Adams once said, “There is danger from all men.  The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.”  That was incredibly wise and even prophetic when we look back on American and world history.  Even Franklin D. Roosevelt, a president that would have suspended the constitution for his personal political end said, “Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us.  The ultimate rulers of our democracy (republic) are not a President and Senators and Congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.”  I somehow feel we have lost sight of that and feel certain that those in Washington do not agree, believe or intend for that to ever be reality again.  Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately!  Thomas Jefferson said, “A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference.” 

There was a time when politicians and citizens recognized and respected the constitution and that WE THE PEOPLE were supposed to be the FINAL VOICE and VOTE in all matters government.  That ship has sailed and while Barack H. Obama promised in his first campaign to be President that his would be the most TRANSPARENT administration in American history transparency seems to be that they have no regard for the people or the constitution.

Blog Post A - Media

            One can claim to have done great things, get people in powerful positions of influence using vast mediums of dispensing information to agree but that does not mean it is true.  One can plan deception and weave a web of deceit so intricate that even those closest to it are baffled by it and begin to believe it but it is still deception.  History is replete with examples of how Tyrants used deception and distortion in the guise of government helping to seize power and become tyrannical despots.  Is America in the process of succumbing?

Adolf Hitler was declared “Time’s Man of the Year” in 1938 and campaigned on a platform of benefit of the people.  How did that work out?  Hitler was a despotic madman with an evil agenda and hatred for Free Governments.  He ‘fundamentally transformed’ German into his evil empire and was a clear threat to the entire Free World and even much of the Communist World.

Josef Stalin was the “Man of the Year” in 1939 and 1942 a man that FDR called ‘Uncle Joe’ during the 1930’s.  He exterminated at least 20 million of his own people but campaigned as a man of and for the people and against those of power and position.  Sound familiar?  How did that work out for Russia or the Soviet Empire?

Nikita Khrushchev was “Man of the Year” in 1957.  He proudly declared, “We will not have to destroy America with missiles; America will destroy itself from within.”  Could it be that he saw through the crystal ball of life and knew what was happening with the Fabian Socialist and other Anti-American factions slowing making headway within our government?

The Ayatollah Khomeini was the “Man of the Year” in 1979.  A despot who rose to power with the help of Jimmy Carter and waged savagery on his own people using the youth to torture, rape and execute political opposition.  Ronald Reagan called him, “a maniacal fanatic who has slaughtered thousands and thousands of people, calling it executions.”

Those are just a few.  Cuba’s revolution heralded a Freedom Fighter in Fidel Castro supposedly with the interest of the Cuban people at the heart of his campaign.  How has that worked out?   We could cite case after case of Despotic Tyrants in history and almost every time the common theme would be “We are here to help!”   With that kind of help we need no opposition. 

Blog Post A - Racist

Today we are labeled ‘racist’, ‘phobes’, ‘bigots’ or something worse if we oppose what the bloated, overreaching and intrusive Big Government is doing.  After all, we are supposed to quietly, passively be docile, drink the Kool-Aid and praise the work of THE GOVERNMENT.  They would never deceive us, would they?   After all the government is US, isn’t it?  Therefore, if it is deceiving us then we are deceiving ourselves.   We can be sheep or citizens.  We can think or be mindlessly ignorant and fail to even casually observe.   Big Government is not the friend of Freedom and never will be.   WHAT SHALL WE DO AMERICA?  WHAT SHALL WE DO?

            God bless you and God bless America!