Blog Post - Bomb

This is not an official list released by the White House but one that I have complied based on his words and deeds over the past 7+ years he has been in office.  I am quite sure that some will not agree and some would list these in different order but let me postulate my view.

  • Climate Change.  [It is not necessary to justify this being placed at the top of the list for it comes from his own words and Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and many more leftist agree.]  
  • Republicans.  [He has lamented time and again that the Republicans are a greater threat to our National Security than ISIS or any terrorist.  Hillary, Bernie, Kerry and many other leftist agree.]
  • Guns.  [That’s right he believes that the gun is evil and therefore, in his misguided effort, to keep guns from criminals and terrorist the law-abiding must be disarmed as well.  A view supported by all Democrat presidential candidates and most leftist.]
  • The Constitution. [He has frequently complained that the Constitution was too restrictive and that it imposed hindrances to what the government could do.  Of course he has ignored it with little resistance for Congress or the Courts.  I have no doubt that Hillary and the others on the left are in lock step with this view.]
  • Too Little Government Spending. [That’s right, in his view and that of the leftist as well as many so-called Republicans we need more spending, more debt, more deficit, more entitlements, etc.]
  • Christians.  [Before you protest and tell me he is a Christian I must ask, “Why is he so quick to defend Islam and so quick to blame Christians for the atrocities of history?”  Why is he so obsessed with mandating Christians and Churches violate their convictions and beliefs to follow his politically correct tolerance view which stems from complete intolerance of the other side?]

This list is certainly not exhaustive although exhausting and should disturb every patriotic freedom loving American citizen.  America is less safe today than it was even 8 years ago and is growing less safe with each passing edict, action or inaction by this administration.

Blog Post - E Plubrus Unum

I realize there are supporters of the Democrat agenda and ideology who find the growing list of what most consider detrimental policies acceptable and even too limited.  I have stated before and state again, I am far less concerned about the (D) or (R) behind the name of the candidate than I am their personal, private and public views and history regarding the Constitution, Conservative Principles, Moral Rightness or as I often define it, “Faith, Family and Freedom.”  If they have a track record either in politics or life that indicates they have been defenders of those things I am more than willing to listen to what they propose.  If they have a track record of being Anti those things then I am predisposed to believe they will also be “Anti” if elected to office.  I know people change and shift their ideological perspective, I have to some degree on some things.  However, for the most part, Leopards do not change their spots and the core values largely remain the same in people’s lives without an epiphany of some kind.

We have a president who has aided, if not created a greater division in race relations than we have experienced in many years.  We have a president who has systematically reduced our military capabilities by seeking to reduce the size and strength of our forces and weaponry as well as purge high ranking brass from the ranks who disagree or question his policies.  We have a president who has waged war on the Christian faith in demanding that believers violate their core convictions and consciences to accommodate someone or something he desires to advance.  We have a president who is seeking to eliminate our national sovereignty by erasing our borders and in so doing is weakening our national security.  We have a president who is not respected by our allies nor feared by our enemies and thereby placed America and Americans in greater danger worldwide than we have been in a very long time.

Head in Hands

I am sorely disappointed in many of the Republicans and most of the Democrats elected and sent to Washington to represent WE THE PEOPLE.  I am concerned that the American people have been less engaged than is required to reclaim and restore the Republic.  I am hopeful but deeply concerned as to what we will do in the 2016 Elections for I consider them possibly the most critical we have faced in my lifetime.

What is America worth to you?  How much will you invest to see the Constitutional Republic established by our Founding Fathers and enjoyed for more than two centuries preserved, salvaged and/or restored?  My commitment is to “Faith, Family and Freedom.”

            God bless America and God bless you!


AMERICAN HISTORY – – The Real, the Imagined and the Revision…

Blog Post - American History





Many of us for a long time have been aware of the systematic “dumbing down” of those in public primary and secondary schools and especially many institutions of higher learning.  There are so many things being distorted and the attempts at moral equivalence has become more than a potential problem it has risen to the epidemic stage.  This administration and the hard core Democrat Establishment types have either lost contact with reality or they have willingly tossed it aside in favor of an agenda to “fundamentally transform” America into something other than a Constitutional Republic.

There are more examples than a short article can introduce but let me identify some things that defy logic, common sense and are such a stretch it is almost inconceivable that anyone would believe it much less teach it.  There is a consistent and concerted effort to decry everything about America and its beginnings.  One of the most recent is the unified cry of the Democrats, some Republicans and some religious leaders to compare and equate the Syrian refugees to the Pilgrims.  In my view, that is so outlandish it is difficult to believe any rational thinking person would not reject this self-righteous manipulation of truth and history.

Blog Post - Pilgrims

The Pilgrims left their native lands seeking “religious freedom” and to avoid “persecution”.  These people left the known to go to a land they knew almost nothing about and with total uncertainty as to what would await them.  They were not promised protection, sustenance and shelter they risked everything out of a desire to achieve religious freedom.  The Syrian refugees are being rounded up, selected and flown into this nation with guarantees from our government of housing, foods, protection, sustenance and more.  What exactly are they risking?  How can you compare the Syrian refuges or militants posing as refugees to the Pilgrims?  You cannot unless you ignore reality, truth and facts.  It is the attempt of moral equivalency, manipulation and attempting to shame Americans into believing that to resist this influx is somehow Un-Christian, inhumane and Un-American.

Blog Post - Violent Extremism.png

There is such a attempt to “justify” Islamist and Islam that some have taken steps to completely hamstring police and federal agencies to keep us safe from terrorism.  In the “Countering Violent Extremism Training” issued by the federal government.  That document places such restrictions on law enforcement while allowing freedom of movement and operation by potential terrorist it is frightening.  Basically, the police may suspect a terrorist plot but find it increasingly difficult to examine or monitor social media.  This administration has made using what the people are posting themselves on social media largely off limits citing privacy and civil liberties.  I am a strong proponent of our right to privacy and the liberties and rights afforded by the Constitution but if someone is posting their allegiance to Islamic terrorism or any terrorism as well as posts that encourage violence they should be fair game.  San Bernardino is a prime example of why this is a bad policy but one that is consistent with this administration’s defense of Islam and Islamist.  I am including a link to “Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Training” – Do’s and Don’ts issued by the Department of Homeland Security and National Counterterrorism Center

History is a valuable tool for predicting the future and should be a schoolmaster teaching us pitfalls to avoid.  However, when history is not conducive to the ideology of the ruling powers it is modified, distorted and/or revised to fit the narrative.  We are in a war we did not initiate with Islamic Jihadist, they did.  They have openly declared war on America and most of the Free World.  We either take the stance that we are going to address our National Security, adopt policies to combat terrorism regardless of where it originates, secure our borders, allow the Free Market to bolster our economy and return to the Rule of Law, the Constitution and once again operate as a Republic or we lose America.  It is not just a choice of Republican or Democrat it is a choice of America, Right and Freedom.

            God bless you and God bless America!



Blog Post 2 - Elections Rigged

I have friends and fellow conservatives who truly hold the view that all elections are rigged and the outcome predetermined.  Therefore, they see no reason to go to the polls because, in their view, it does not matter.  I will not argue or even suggest that there is not massive “voter fraud” and elections are “stolen” but I will argue that it is still important to go to the polls and cast our ballots.

“If” the elections are rigged and the outcome predetermined, how does one explain the Republicans gaining control of the House and Senate?  That control was squarely in the hands of the Democrats and loyal Obama soldiers marching to his commands and advancing the liberal agenda.  Why would the riggers allow this?  I acknowledge that the Republicans have been anything but stalwarts in opposing this push but somehow in the midst of rigged elections we wrested control of both Houses of Congress from the Democrats.

“If” the elections are rigged and the outcome predetermined, how does one explain the statistical probabilities that Mitt Romney could have and likely would have beaten Barack Obama in 2012 had millions of Republicans not refused to go to the polls?  The statistical numbers indicate that had those millions voted in the varying states it would have been enough to swing the election to the Republican candidate.  Please understand, Romney was not my desired candidate but if my choice is Romney or Obama I will take Romney every time.  I can understand and appreciate people standing for their “principles”, I do and my core principles declare that that America is too valuable to allow my dislike or disagreement with portions of what the nominee stands for or might do and thereby allow someone I know will be destructive and Anti-American win the election.

Blog Post 2 - I Still Believe

At this juncture I am unable to accept that my vote is meaningless.  I still hold the belief that even if there is massive voter fraud a monumental turnout by those who desire a Constitutional Republic, Conservative agenda and Limited Government we can offset their plans and beat them.  Could I be wrong?   Of course!  I like to believe I am a “realist” although some would call me a “pessimist” and others would label this belief as “fantasy optimism”.  If we do not try we are guaranteed defeat.

What can we do?  More than we are in most cases.  I have friends who tell me, “I don’t like politics so I just ignore it.”  I don’t like it either but neither do I like cleaning the toilet in my house but if I don’t it becomes unbearable.  There are some things that are not optional and in this day and time politics is one of them.  Benjamin Franklin’s warning is so relevant today.  When asked what type of government was adopted he declared, “A Republic if you can keep it.”  The wisdom and foresight of our Founders is sometime astounding and the willingness to ignore politics and politicians is not just dangerous it is doom.

What can we do?  We can volunteer to be poll watchers and if not accepted we can become unofficial watchers and report all violations observed.  We can volunteer to work for the candidate of our choice.  We can invest our time and treasure in helping them win the nomination and then work to insure that the most conservative, constitutional and integrous candidate possible.  We can attempt to educate, investigate, vet and inform.  THEN, we can go to the polls and cast our ballot.  It is when I have done those things that I can face my children, grandchildren and fellow Americans knowing I have done all legally allowable.

Blog Post 2 - John Wayne

Some advocate a new revolution and that may one day become a necessity as Jefferson suggested but today I still believe we can through prayer, moral integrity, labor and voting make a difference.  Am I wrong?  Possibly but that is my view and all I ask is you respect mine and I will respect and defend your right to yours.  This article may cost me social media friends and if it does, it does.  I offer it to ask you to carefully consider what is at stake and determine the best course of action on your part.

            God bless you and God bless America!


Blog Post - Constitution

How you view the United States Constitution depends upon which side of the political aisle you stand.  If you are on the Democrat, liberal, leftist, socialist and sometimes moderate Republican side you view it as archaic and/or an ever evolving document.  If you are on the Republican, conservative or limited government side you see it as the foundational document that is timeless and the guide for the rule of law in America.

After years of studying history and this incredible document I believe that it represents and reflects the character of the founding fathers and that of the American people over the past two centuries plus.  In this third century we are seeing a significant erosion and shift in the mindset of many in the public.  Why?  I believe it is largely due to successive generations of indoctrination in the public school, liberal theological institutions presentation or the lack thereof of absolutes in truth, the main stream media and politician’s distortions and misrepresentations of the meaning and intent of the founders.  They have worked tirelessly to suggest and spin the idea that one cannot be a strict constructionist and be true to the intent of the founders.

At the core of this disagreement is often a struggle for power something the founders understood and sought to defeat.  The American Constitution has clearly defined boundaries for each branch of government and I truly believe it the conviction of the founders that each branch would be so jealous of and diligent to preserve its authority the three branches would provide a workable and desirable system of “checks and balances.”  Today, Congress has largely abdicated its role and transferred by silence or act its authority to the Executive Branch.  The Courts have also become complicit in transforming the Executive Branch into one that can only be described as a “soft tyranny” and dangerously close to being a “hard tyranny.”

Blog Post - Balance of Power

Congress has many recorded incidents where they have relinquished their power and authority to both the Executive and/or Judicial Branch.  In some respects, the Legislative Branch has become almost meaningless and one of the reasons many are calling for a Convention of States to rewrite the Constitution and restore the balance of power and place the oversight of government back in the hands of the voting public.  In the 1970’s Congress allowed usurpation of their power and responsibility by the Executive Branch in various agencies such as OSHA and the EPA.  Obamacare is a prime example of Congress failing to do its due diligence and that was reflected in Nancy Pelosi’s statement, “We have to pass it to find out what is in it.”  I can only imagine what Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and George Washington, to name a few, would have said about that.  The disaster know as Dodd-Frank in 2010 presented a heavy blow to the economy and we are still reeling from that punch.

Congress has gone almost beyond the point of no return in forgetting and/or ignoring its exclusive Constitutional Authority and Power as described in Article I, Sections 8 and 9 which deals with spending by the federal government and taxation.  This has led to a number of federal agencies collecting their own taxes and generating revenue extra-constitutionally.  Congress no longer passes annual appropriations bills, agency by agency.  What we have today are “continuing resolutions” or “blank checks” for the president to do what he will regarding spending.  Congress could have stopped many of the disastrous Obama policies via the power of the purse but the Democrats have no desire and the Republicans are afraid of their own shadows.  The result is WE THE PEOPLE paid, are paying and will continue to pay the price.

Blog Post - Restoration

We used to have “lame duck” presidents in the last year of their second term but this president is anything but, largely because the Republican controlled Congress has demonstrated no intestinal fortitude and seem to be oblivious to their actual powers, duties and responsibilities constitutionally and as Representatives of the American people.    What could they do?

  • Reclaim the taxing, spending and borrowing powers the Constitution affords them.
  • Immediately and consistently exercise the power of the purse in appropriations.
  • Become Representatives of the people and Legislators once again as per the Constitution.
  • Eliminate the Cronyism that is often reflected in the seniority system and put people in chair positions who actually have some qualifications and demonstrate a propensity to follow the Constitution.                                                                                               
  • Blog Post - WhereAre there more things that could be done?  Absolutely but at the voter level we must resolve to elect only those who will actually support and defend the Constitution.  At the Congressional level we must have members of the House and Senate who refuse to cave to the pressure inside the beltway, lobbyist and elitist and do what they were elected to do.

    The Constitution can be a tool or vehicle to lead us forth to restoration of the Republic or if we continue on the current path it will be transformed to meaninglessness and the Republic will be no more.  The question is, “How much is a Constitutional America worth you and me?”  We will determine that, in a great measure, in 2016.

    God bless you and God bless America!




Blog Post 2 - Make America Great

Some may take offense to that question and declare, “America is great!”  I do not disagree but would contend that she is not what she used to be, like the old gray mare.  There was a time when our economy was the most robust of any in the world.  There was a time when our military was the most feared and provided a continual deterrent to conflicts across the globe.  There was a time when America was viewed as the most desired place to be and compared to many places in the world still is.

However, our economy is no longer robust regardless of the spin put on things with the fictitious “unemployment rate” or the questionable “job creations” this administration touts as positives they have accomplished.  Our military is still incredible even in the face of systematic downsizing and attempted neutering by this administration but it should be and could be even stronger.  Strength is the best position from which to negotiate peace and few in the world view America as strong under the current Commander in Chief.  The Constitutional Rights and Liberties we once knew have been eroded and in some cases eliminated without a Constitutional Amendment but via a misguided Congressional act or a presidential Executive Order.  There was a time, in my lifetime, when you could pursue your dreams without fear of an overreaching federal bureaucracy standing over your shoulder and limiting your ability to climb the ladder of entrepreneurial accomplishment.  There was a time when one could worship according to the dictates of their hearts peacefully without concern that some activist group backed by the federal government would impose upon you what you could or could not believe.  There was a time when healthcare was a matter between the patient and the doctor but with insurance companies, federal bureaucracy and Congressional lunacy we have been saddled with the disastrous Obamacare aka Affordable Healthcare Act.

Blog Post 2 - What Can We Do

What, Who or Whom can make America great again?  The simplistic answer is a change of heart in Americans.  We could remove the restrictions that evicted God and the Bible from public institutions, monuments, schools and courts.  It does not seem that every religion is banned only the one that follows the Bible or Christianity.  We could follow the wisdom of our Founding Fathers who at the Constitutional Convention invoked prayer and the name of God before every sessions.  We could return to our moral foundations and resist the temptation to adopt the politically correct ideology and call “good evil and evil good.”

What, Who or Whom can make America great again?  The citizens must become involved in politics again and be the true overseers of government.  It is supposed to be, as Abraham Lincoln said, “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”  In becoming the true owners of government we would evaluate and eliminate those candidates who have demonstrated no propensity to honor the Constitution and limit government.  We could remove from office those who are unwilling to make the hard choices and reduce spending, debt and deficit at the federal level.   Most people want to help the truly needy but that is not the government’s job it is the responsibility of local communities, churches, families and individuals not Tax Dollars.

What, Who or Whom can make America great again?  You and Me with the help of Divine Providence.  Politicians will not make America great, they are largely the ones who pushed her from that lofty pinnacle.  America needs her patriots more today than she has since the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War.  Will you stand up, step up, speak up and invest yourself in making her great again?  2016 will answer that question!

            God bless you and God bless America!


Blog Post - Root

The sitting president of the United States claims the world’s greates threat is “Climate Change” or whatever they are calling it these days.  Some activist claim it is “racism” and that until and unless “whitey” is put in his place nothing can be right with the world.  Others claim it is “phobias” and unless you accept and endorse the sexual preference lifestyles of the same sex advocates nothing can be right.  Others declare it is the “porous border” to the South which allows or potentially allows an influx of people undetected who desire to commit acts of terror on our shores.  Still others, claim the greatest threats are from those who are Christian, supporters of the 2nd Amendment and conservatives, namely Republicans.  Then others are certain it is Islamic Jihadism, primarily ISIS.

I have come to the conclusion that it is the “willing blindness” of multitudes.  When the president of the United States can go to France for a “climate change” conference and trash America with absolute falsehoods such as mass shootings only happening here the statements are problematic but the masses those who say a hearty AMEN are even more troubling.  We have politicians and citizens who proclaim that having concern over the possibility and probability of some Syrian refugees being ISIS operatives is heartlessness and evil there is a blindness to reality that is dangerous.  When the media and politicians ignore mass shootings by black men as in New Orleans but make it an unending story when a deranged white man commits such an act, there is a blindness and deafness that is frightening.  When political correctness becomes so powerful that college campuses can be taken over, entire cities shut down, the rights of business owners to follow their conscious and convictions to placate some group we have a condition that poses an incredible threat to America.

Blog Post - Blindness

America have we lost our collective minds?  I abhor all acts of violence.  I am appalled at the politicizing of tragic and horrendous acts of terror, murder and mayhem rather than focusing on the real problem.  My heart breaks when I observe the political process where politicians are far more interested in being elected than in honoring the constitution and doing the right thing.  I weep for my country because I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that America’s Greatest Threat is the WILLING BLINDNESS of multitudes.  I do not care which side of the aisle or political issue you stand if you filter everything through a prism which affords rhetoric to advance your ideology without a willingness to honestly discuss the issue, WE HAVE A PROBLEM and the DANGER is colossal.

Please understand, I recognize that bigoted intolerance, racism, national security, violence and terrorism are all problems.  There are many dangers and threats which I could add to this list but suffice it to say, we live in a trouble world and if we do not OPEN OUR EYES and honestly face the root causes we allow evil to prevail and advance.  I truly believe that the root problem is the human heart and mind.  I have not found that children were born with a bias and bigoted view, they learn it.  I have observed that hatred has to be nourished to survive and if we adopt an Entitlement or Victim Mentality and blame all our troubles on another race or group we allow the focus to be directed wrongly.  ISIS is a problem and must be dealt with and the sooner we acknowledge that the ideology of the Islamic terrorist is rooted in religious beliefs for which they are willing to die the sooner we understand how we must deal with them.  They laugh at anything but strength and are among the most intolerant people in the world.  Bigots fan the flames of hate and seek to recruit as many as possible to their view.  The same is true with racism, phobias and every other thing we can mention that is counterproductive to an honest search for solutions.

Blog Post - Constitution

No one has a right to trample on the rights of another!  Could it be that the Greatest Threat to America is Us?  By saying “us” I mean the willing blindness and tunnel vision too many possess.  By saying “us” I mean those who drink the Kook-Aid, spin the spin, incite the discord and ignore truth and facts.  Yes we face incredible dangers and threats today and have been leaderless for some time in America.  It is incumbent upon all who believe in prayer to pray for this nation.  It is incumbent upon all who love liberty to stand for the constitution, rule of law and right in this nation.  It is incumbent upon all who believe in “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” to unite, set aside political preferences and do that which is required for America beginning now!

            God bless you and God bless America!