BLOG POST - Objective

The more I watch, read, and listen to the Republican candidates the more I wonder, “What is the Real Objective?”  Is it to simply become the GOP nominee for president or is it to become president and alter the course of this nation averting the sure destruction looming before us?  I am perplexed by what I see and how the masses are responding to what we all hear and see.  I have heard many possible reasons for the paradox being witnessed but none has satisfied my inquiring mind.


I understand being angry, for I too am angry.  I am angry at the assault on the constitution and the spinelessness of our elected officials to stand in the gap for America.  I am angry at the insatiable appetite Washington has for spending us into oblivion without regard to future generations.  I am angry at political promises made and not kept.  I am angry at the systematic erosion of our constitutional and God-given rights and liberties attempting to “fundamentally transform” America into a nation that in no way resembles that described and provided in the Constitution.  I am angry at the facilitation of the moral decline, the dumbing down of the young through educational manipulation and brainwashing, and the rejection of reason and time-honored traditions and beliefs that have made this nation strong for over two centuries.  Therefore, I understand the anger, but is anger enough or do we need real answers that are prayerfully thought out and implemented?

As I have watched the debates I keep wondering if anger is the reason many applaud rudeness and rhetoric without substantive details as to how the promises are going to be kept.  When I talk to people about whom they support I continue to be surprised at the reasons and how willing many are to embrace their choice not based on substance but presentation and appearance.  I have some tell me they consider it a breath of fresh air to have someone present an image that is in a continual attack mode.  I guess our Political Process has evolved to the place that candidates resort to name-calling, half-truths, innuendos, and character attacks and that is more productive than SUBSTANCE and DETAILS.  Candidates, I really don’t care who called who what first, escalating the back and forth of name calling is juvenile and what we have experienced over the past seven years.  Each of the candidates has their soundbite 15-second statements they use over and over and sadly their chosen words seem to resonate with people even without hearing the HOW.  I am puzzled because my view of America, where she is, where she is heading, and where she should be will not allow me to be swayed by emotion but demands that I see the details.  I want to know if the promises are truly possible and have a reasonable possibility of becoming realities.  Just my view and you have a right to yours.

BLOG POST - Substance

I agree with something Donald Trump said after the last debate regarding Dr. Carson’s treatment by the moderators.  He said, “I don’t think it was fair and they didn’t ask him enough questions.”  That is true and in this particular debate Dr. Carson and John Kasich offered more details and substance as to their views than I have heard heretofore.  I expected Marco Rubio to be the attack mode toward Donald Trump and knew that Trump and Cruz were going to go after each other.  Although I understand what and why the three of them are doing and what they do in the debates, but for it to become a shouting match is troubling.  In private conversations or public debates, I do not like to hear people talking over each other and resorting to name calling and all three did that to one degree or another.  In a true debate, which it almost became at times, one person states a position and another counters and the back and forth often leads to a revelation of positions.  However, in these formats for that to happen we almost have to have the shouting matches where the moderators are ignored and the candidates engage in debate.  That being said, when the debate is not substantive but rhetorical it turns me off.  Again, simply my opinion and preference and may not be yours.

BLOG POST - Target

I heard things that troubled me, things that angered me, things that raised new questions, and things that sent me to my knees.  However, back to my original question, “What is the Real Objective?”  If it is rescuing America then it is time for each of the candidates to tone down the personal attacks and name-calling, rudeness, and rhetoric and begin to detail in clear terms what they plan to do, how they plan to do it, and when we could reasonably expect their objectives to be accomplished.  Tuesday will be incredibly revealing and we will, quite possibly, know who the Republican nominee will be or if we will be heading to an Open Convention, which I doubt.  I am hopeful and prayerful that we will see a coalescing within the GOP and a presentation of proposals with details that we can all gravitate to and support in opposition to the leftist agenda of the Democrats.

My continual plea is, “Let’s not forget the Objective.”  America is in need of her patriots to rise up, and stand in the gap more than any time since 1776.  We face the full and final “fundamental transformation” of this nation if we do not find some way to unite and defeat the Progressive, Liberal, Leftist, Socialist, agenda of the Democrats in November.  God help us if we fail or refuse.

God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST - Discerning the Times

Over the past months and even years I have been deeply concerned for my nation and her citizens.  There is a noticeable assault on our Constitutional Liberties and Rights and while it is not a new phenomenon it has escalated over the past few years.  I want to share something that I feel God has put in my heart regarding four specific areas upon which I will be focusing in the foreseeable future.

I have posted the following on YouTube and hope that you will devote a little over six minutes to listening.  You may agree or disagree and that is your privilege and right, a right I have and will defend.


It is my genuine prayer and desire that God bless America and God bless you!


Blog Post 1 - What Does It Mean

As I watched the results, listened to the pundits, heard the speeches of the candidates and the withdrawal of Jeb Bush, some thoughts came to mind.  The question I asked myself, “So what does it all mean?”  To answer that question there are so many things must be considered and most of it speculation based on observation.

As I listened to Jeb Bush begin his opening comments I said, “He’s throwing in the towel” and he did, as he should.  He may have had the establishment backing him, rich Super-Pac money and support but his message or his person was not resonating with the voting public.  He could have stayed in the race and it would have hurt one candidate more than any other and would have had zero effect on the frontrunner, Donald Trump.

Virtually everyone is asking, why John Kasich and Ben Carson are staying in or saying they are staying in the race?  What do they accomplish?  Are they seeking Vice Presidential consideration?  Living in fantasyland?  Are they seeking to help or hinder a candidate or candidates?  I cannot answer that but I have some observations about them staying in the race with their 14% or so of the vote.  It has an impact but who does it help and who does it hinder?

Blog Post 1 - Split the Vote

If I were Donald Trump I’d want as many of them to stay in the race as possible because regardless of what he, the pundits, or I think it is likely that most of Kasich and Carson’s votes would gravitate to Rubio.  Carson’s votes would likely not go to Trump or Cruz and Kasich’s establishment votes would assuredly lean toward the most establishment candidate of the top three.  Naturally, some would vote for Trump and some move to the Cruz camp but the lion’s share would likely go to Rubio making him a more formidable challenge to Donald Trump.  That is not an endorsement or a criticism of anyone just an observation.  Therefore, I wonder why Carson and Kasich are staying in the race, they cannot win and they know it.

Blog Post 1 - Integrity

At this juncture, Hillary Clinton appears to have a clearer path to the nomination than Bernie Sanders and out of Nevada, the one thing that stood out most was the percentage of the black vote that went to Hillary.  The black vote comprised 13% of the total vote and Hillary received over 70% of that block.  If that holds true in the Southern states Bernie is toast and Hillary skates to the nomination with all the baggage she carries and the likelihood of an indictment dims with each primary.  The Democrats cannot afford and will not allow their nominee to be facing a criminal indictment just before the election. 

Another observation is that as long as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio stay in the race they enhance Donald Trump’s ability to win and continue as the front runner.  Trump might choose Rubio as his VP but never Cruz.  However, I wonder if he could do that since he has questioned the legality of Cruz and Rubio to run so could he choose one of them as his second?  Some have suggested that Rubio should offer Cruz the VP slot or Attorney General and get him to drop out.  What would that do?  If Trump convinced Rubio to drop out and through his support to him probably seal the deal and if Rubio got Cruz to drop out it would likely not tilt the scale to Rubio as many speculate.  However, none of the top three is likely to get out of the race anytime soon and Rubio and Cruz will split votes as runner-ups and Trump will continue to lead and likely win most if not all the primaries.  I suppose there is still the possibility of a Brokered Convention and we will know much more after the Super Tuesday tabulations and then assuredly by the 2nd wave of multiple primaries in mid-March.

Blog Post 1 - Fight for Freedom

I am more convinced than ever that the voters are not voting with their reason but with their emotions.  Is that good or bad?  Time will tell.  In 1776, the fight was balanced between emotion and reason and reason built a fire of emotion that could not be extinguished.  I would prefer it to be a balance of both with the reason being the dominant factor but the earned distrust politicians have generated, the anger and feeling of betrayal have created an environment that is burning hot and is not likely to dim in the near future.  I am concerned when emotion blinds to the point that facts and flaws are ignored and that applies to all the candidates.  On the left, it seems that criminal activity lies, distortions, and endangering America and Americas are immaterial because after all they must vote their party regardless and are enamored by more and more free stuff and desire to sock it to the rich.  On the right, there is confusion, conflict, and anger which creates a most interesting landscape politically.

I am not criticizing anyone or endorsing anyone in this observation, just presenting what I see and what the questions Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina have raised.  Again, I am praying for and pleading for all candidates and supporters of candidates to lay aside the personal bitterness and focus on the problems that confront our nation and the specific solutions as to how to solve those problems.  Our Freedom is far more important than personal preferences based on something other than substance.  I am not saying that people who support one candidate or another are strictly following emotion without reason but I am pleading for everyone to ensure that emotion alone is not driving this train.  I think the next month is going to be very interesting and I will continue to vet, examine, investigate, and most importantly PRAY for America. 

God bless you and God bless America!




ESSENTIAL RESEARCH – Each Candidate’s Tax Plans…

BLOG POST 2 - Income Tax

I in a recent debate among the Republican hopefuls for 2016 the moderator posed the question regarding taxes citing that 68% of Americans polled support an increase in taxes for those making over a $1 Million per year.  Is that truly reflective of America?  Is that the result of the persistent attempt to create a class or economic warfare where the rich are hated for being rich and a desire to “spread the wealth?”  I don’t know, but I suspect it has more to do with envy and jealousy and buying into the diatribe and rhetoric that the rich are not paying their fair share.  Whatever a fair share is!

I thought it would be germane to our discussion and vetting of the candidates to consider where they stand on personal and corporate income taxes.  I have been surprised in discussing the various candidates with friends and those I meet, how little they know about where their preferred candidate stands on these issues.  I will address the Republican and Democrat Candidates in alphabetical order regarding their proposed Tax Rates.  I cannot go into the full details of their individual plans, you will need to go to their websites and review the details.

BLOG POST 2 - Tax Plans

  • Jeb Bush – – Top individual rate 28% and 20% for corporations. He would eliminate State and local deductions, offer a new break for lower earning spouses and the full and immediate write-off of capital investments with no interest deduction.
  • Ben Carson – – Top individual rate 14.9% for individuals and businesses.  He would abolish all tax credits and deductions, eliminate taxes on estates, capital gains, dividends and interest.  His tax rates would apply above 150% of the federal poverty level.
  • Ted Cruz – – Flat Tax of 10% for individuals and 16% for businesses.  He would keep the mortgage and charitable contribution deductions as well as tax-deferred savings accounts.  Businesses could deduct investments.
  • John Kasich – – Top individual rate 28% and 25% for corporations. Full write-off of capital investments and expand the earned-income tax credit.
  • Marco Rubio – – Top individual rate 35% and 25% for businesses.  No taxes on capital gains and dividends from new investments.  He adds a $2,500 child tax credit.
  • Donald Trump – – Top individual rate 25% and 15% for businesses. Removes individuals with income under $25,000 and married couples under $50,000 from income tax.

On the Democrat side, I have seen numerous plans and Hillary and Bernie both support a tax code that would have at least 49-50% tax rate on the top individuals.

  • Hillary Clinton – – Proposes higher capital gains rates on assets held for 1-6 years and a 4% “Fair Share Surcharge” on taxpayers making more than $5 Million per year. Debt free Tuition at public colleges and expanded childcare assistance programs.  More entitlements.
  • Bernie Sanders – – Proposes a 0.2% payroll tax increase to pay for family leave program. Keep the Death or Estate Tax and have it begin at $3.5 Million instead of the current $5.45 Million.  Impose Social Security Payroll taxes on wages over $250,000 no caps.  His health plan would require a new 6.2% business payroll tax and a 2.2% tax for all top rates up to 52%.  Expand Social Security benefits, free tuition to public colleges and universal health and child care.

At this point, among the candidates, we have the Democrats proposing a tax increase and most of the Republicans proposing tax reductions although Rubio’s is a minimal reduction.  The Bush and Kasich plans are incredibly similar in rate and extras.  Dr. Carson’s plan would give a dramatic reduction for individuals and businesses.  Ted Cruz would move away from the progressive tax plan to a Flat Tax.  There are nuisances of each plan that each of us should carefully consider.

BLOG POST 2 - Men in Black

However, I suggest that these are all PLANS and PROPOSALS and not guarantees that they can or will get them enacted by congressional legislation.  When I hear a candidate say, “I will do this or that” I take it with a grain of salt and reflect on the process upon which our government works or is supposed to work.  We have had over seven years of lawlessness in which the sitting president acts as a King or Potentate and imposes his will on Congress, the Courts, and the People.  NO MORE!  That must stop and so far as I am able to discern the GOP candidates have indicated they will not follow that path, so I am hopeful. 

I personally believe that everyone should have skin in the game and when we have half of the population paying ZERO TAXES voting to increase taxes on the other half we have a problem of epic proportions.  If everyone had a stake in the American government we would see a renewed push for limited government as proposed and established by the Constitution and our founding fathers.

God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST - America

Is America still America the Beautiful or has it been so tarnished, transformed, and stripped of its Constitutional Foundation that it is no longer AMERICA in the founding sense?  Maybe it hasn’t been in a long time but until recently we could still see glimmers of a Constitutional Republic feared even when not respected by our enemies and those who would destroy her.  That dramatically began to change with the Administration of the current occupant of the White House and his initial Secretary of State.  It has continued and now after over seven years of systematic efforts to reduce the American Constitution to a meaningless piece of history, systematically reducing our ability to confront and defeat enemies both foreign and domestic militarily, creating such intense divisions in this nation we are in difficult times, to say the least.

Our economy, supposedly recovered, is anemic.  Our ability to deal with terrorism, especially Islamic terror is almost none existent under this administration.  His lack of willingness to deal with them is a clear expression of the ideology of this administration. The culture, class, race, gender and ideological wars being fanned to the point of boiling over is growing worse daily.  The news media has long ceased being a reporting of events to the shaping of events politically and in other ways.  Our educational system has been hijacked by the Leftist, Socialist, Anti-American, Anti-Free Market and we are now seeing the result of those so indoctrinated now teaching the next generation.  The words of the song, “My country ’tis of thee sweet land of liberty” is rapidly becoming a blip on the radar of history.

BLOG POST - Honoring Terrorist

I realize that what I have said, thus far, is bleak and gloomy but we have a sitting president speaking at a mosque led for over a decade by an Imam who publicly justified suicide bombings and helped found a mosque with ties to Al Qaeda.  The President’s visit to the Islamic Society of Baltimore with the intent to give them honor is troubling.  He can’t find the time to visit our Wounded Warriors in Bethesda Naval Hospital but can praise this Imam and his followers who are party to the “Destroy America” and “Destroy Israel” movement in the Islamic world.  That is not America, at least not the America our founders envisioned and established.

We now know that this President emailed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State at least 18 times on her unsecured server, but of course, he was unaware of her violation of federal law.  We know that at least 22 of Hillary’s emails have been deemed too sensitive and damaging to our national security to release because they are, at least, TOP SECRET but she claims they magically transformed from unclassified to top secret AFTER she received and/or sent them.  How stupid do you think we are?  No, how devoted do you believe your sheep are, Ms. Clinton and that is the larger question and the more dangerous one.


A former Inspector General has spoken out regarding the absence of an IG under Hillary’s time as Secretary of State which suggests that this was planned before she became the Secretary.  She refused to allow the State Department to create her an official email address on a secure server.  Why?  One can only speculate but at the top of the suspected reasons was HIDING from the scrutiny of Congress and the People.  Her CONVENIENCE was a reason given and I find that appalling that any government official would cite CONVENIENCE as a justification for jeopardizing our national security.  If it is not criminal, and it is, it is incredibly self-serving, self-centered, dangerous, and demonstrating a total disqualification for any higher or even elected office in America.

The back door assault on our National Sovereignty through Executive Orders on many things including Amnesty and the “go it alone” attitude of this President claiming, “I am President, I can do what I want” has, is and will endanger our nation and threaten our existence.  He has made it no secret, as have many leftists that he wants to “disarm” law abiding citizens supposedly to make us safer.  We know, based on the facts, that the “gun free zones” are far more dangerous than citizens being able to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights.  Now, Hillary is indicating her willingness to not only continue his push but expand it and her plan, somehow in her world of fantasy, will be consistent with the 2nd Amendment.  We know that is a farce and yet, millions support her and some even identify her treacherous behavior regarding Benghazi as one of her signature accomplishments.  With friends like Hillary, one would need no enemies.

BLOG POST - Awaken the Giant

AMERICA HOW LONG WILL YOU SLUMBER?   When will we wake up or will we wake up?  I am deeply concerned about my nation and that makes the 2016 elections even more critical.  We MUST return to following the Constitution and allowing the System of Checks and Balances our Constitution mandates be restored.

God bless you and God bless America!

DIVIDED AMERICA – Where Does It Lead?

Blog Post 3 - Divided America

America is more divided today than I can remember in my lifetime.  The vitriol coming from virtually every direction is so divisive and inflammatory one wonders how we have avoided massive encounters resulting in bloodshed by opposing factions.  America, in my view, is a seething caldron or pressure cooker waiting to explode and UNLESS something changes that explosion will soon become a reality.  What will that achieve?

In the current and previous Presidential Campaigns we are exposed to such deviousness that to those who pray, desire the best good for the nation, and actually examine the assertions, statements, and promises find deeply disturbing.  Will it change?  Not as long as it works in stirring the emotions to the point they override rational reason and honest examination of the matters at hand.  There is a concerted effort of visible and invisible powers to fan the flames of hatred, distrust, envy, jealousy and push ideological differences to the point of producing real and realized hatred.  I have learned that when HATE is allowed full vent REASON is normally abandoned and the desire to subjugate the objects of hatred is paramount.

Blog Post 3 - Sound Bites

In today’s political world politicians continually offer “sound bite” assertions and accusations knowing their words will achieve the desired objective of stirring the emotions, clouding reason and endearing others to their cause.  I do not mind politicians naming another candidate and asking for a clarification of a particular policy or promise.  I do mind them doing so in a manner they know is rooted in deviousness and is filled with half-truths or outright fabrications but playing on the suspicion of the American voter and fanning the flames of distrust for politicians.  It is one thing to compare your ideology, policy or plan to another’s and asking the voter to decide which they think best and prefer.  It is quite another to use deception to discredit an opponent seeking to build yourself up by tearing them down.  I find that repulsive!

I long to hear politicians offer the ideology, planned policies, their plans for solutions to current problems and how they align with the Constitution on issues.  If an opponent is for increased taxes and you are opposed then highlight the difference without using deception, simply offer facts and allow the opponent to respond and the people evaluate and decide.  Unfortunately, American voters have demonstrated a propensity for voting based on emotions so frequently that politicians feel obligated to fan those flames and know that “sound bite” politics is effective.  We have created this monster and we are the ones who must defeat it.

Blog Post 3 - Flames

It is frightening that politicians are allowed or are so lacking moral integrity they would practice such deception and seek to further divide this nation.  The attempt to use “race” as a tool to solidify a voting block is not only insulting to those they use but dangerous for society.  We know that there is an increasing number of people whose anger, bias and hatred based on real and perceived injustices and that poses the potential for violence.  Nobody should desire that, not even a dishonest politician whose singular objective is personal power, position, and purse.  It is troubling when politicians are willing to trample on the Constitutional Rights of a segment of society in favor of another solely for the purpose of acquiring votes.

It would be refreshing and heartening if politicians backed up their claims and promises with definitive records and actions.  If one claims to be a Free Market Capitalist how does he/she support heavy government regulations, increased taxes, government subsidies or eminent domain to name a few?  If one claims to support National Security how does he/she support AMNESTY for ILLEGALS?  If one claims to believe in limited government how does he/she support a tax plan that hinders business and increasingly takes money from the workers.  How does he/she support an increase in entitlements and a continuation of “baseline budgeting” rather than a “zero based budget”?    It seems that virtually all of them err on some point and that is of concern to me.

We are continually bombarded with, “My opponent supports this or that” without hearing a detail of the plan the candidate would advance.  I appreciate that we are talking about things we have been unwilling to talk about on the political stage but am troubled by the planned deception of virtually every candidate without fully revealing their plan.  I know, I know people would become bored with details and are more interested in a good mud-slinging fight.  That reveals a flaw in the American psyche that troubles me deeply.  We are divided and becoming more divided even within the political parties that claim to all want the same thing.  No, for the most part, we want what we want and are not overly concerned with how it affects everyone else.

Blog Post 3 - Restore

America we can turn this thing around and reclaim our Constitutional Republic but not if we continue down the road of DIVISION and DIVISIVENESS.  I have not formerly endorsed any candidate yet and some take exception to that.  I know many are so adamant in their support that they can tolerate no differing view.  I want what is best for America as the Constitutional Republic and want to have a President who will not only promise to protect and defend the constitution but will, without fail, do so.  I do not want a president that does whatever he/she wants but one that will follow the prescribed separation of powers, consider the will of the people and devotedly uphold and follow the Constitution.  Anything less than that is unacceptable to me.

God bless you and God bless America!