$19 TRILLION NATIONAL DEBT IS BAD, A Tip of the Iceberg…

BLOG POST - National Debt

We hear about the National Debt and how it has escalated under Barack Obama and it has, but we seldom ever talk about the UNSECURED LIABILITIES of the Federal Government.  That figure, depending on what source you quote is between $125 and $200 TRILLION.  That is beyond broke and beyond repair.  The Country Music Group, “The Tractors” have a song entitled, “Badly Bent” in which one verse says, “I’d like to ask the Congress; I’d like to ask the president ‘Can you tell me where the money went…”  No, they can’t and we are beyond broke and are more than badly bent financially.  In fact, some economists have suggested that the Federal Government needs at least $200 TRILLION to invest in private sector jobs in order to fund its legal liabilities.  America’s unsecured liabilities is a taboo topic for politicians and most government reporting agencies and glossed over as though it were simply numbers on a page and having no real consequence.  WRONG!

BLOG POST - Reality vs. Fantasy

In my research on this matter, it seems that the Congressional Budget Office operates with TWO SETS OF BOOKS as any Ponzi scheme would require.  There is the Extended Baseline Forecaster (EBF) which is used to report to financial outlets and the second is the Alternative Fiscal Scenario (AFS).  The difference is the AFS is used to project future taxes and spending that includes not just the laws on the books but the activities of Congress and the President’s bending and changing laws without actually passing laws. This is what the CBO actually thinks America faces financially without a dramatic change in direction and policy. The EBF and AFS projections are dramatically different and the AFS is hidden usually hidden in one tab of a spreadsheet called Supplementary Data, which is almost impossible for anyone to find.  Alas, now that page is gone, since some have called attention to it.  I wonder why?

Our gross debt to GDP ratio is at least 105.5%.  The revenue to GDP ratio is 35.8% and spending to GDP ratio is about 37%.  That is not a viable situation and not only must we reduce the debt but the deficit and in order to do that we must drastically cut spending and even eliminate some federal entitlement programs and address waste and fraud with dogged determination.  That will take more courage than the average politician has and more than most Americans seem to have.  Why?  Because it will turn off the flow of “freebies” and force some whose profession is “taking from the government” to have to fend for themselves in the real world.  What a novel idea?  Wait, it was presented in the Bible when Paul said, “Any man that WILL NOT WORK, should not eat.”

We have approximately 151 MILLION in the workforce today which is about 3.5 MILLION fewer than in 2000.  However we have over 93 MILLION, not in the labor force and that has grown almost 15 MILLION since 2000.  The U.S. population is roughly 323 MILLION and at least 161.5 MILLION are receiving benefits from the federal government.  I do believe that is virtually 50%.  When half of the population is receiving benefits from the government we have a situation beyond a crisis and a situation where there are not enough people working to tax even at 100% to support those receiving benefits.  When we consider the 93 MILLION who are not participating in the labor force and dig a little deeper we find that about 49.6 MILLION are retired and another 10.7 MILLION are disabled.  Thus, we have at least 15% who could be working but are not.  But, the disabled number should not be assumed to mean that all 10.7 MILLION are 100% disabled and the question is how many of them could be working or working some?  That would likely send the true unemployment number to a minimum of 20% and probably higher. 

BLOG POST - Spend Til Broke Party

When will the United States Government go bankrupt?  As long as the lenders maintain their willingness to receive interest on the loans, who knows?  However, any rational person should realize that it is not possible to continue on this insane spending path into the future and not see a total collapse.  One Economist said the immediate solution would be to raise all federal taxes by at least 57%, cut all federal spending by a minimum of 37% or some combination of both.  What are the odds of any president and any congress passing and signing such a bill?  You would have a better chance of winning the Lotto multiple times in a row with one ticket per year.  I would suggest that a snowball would have a better chance of not melting in hell.  IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!  Were the Federal Government go bankrupt many, if not most of us, would face financial ruin immediately and the chaos, rioting and looting that would ensue would be catastrophic.  So when you are deciding on who you want to be President, one of the things you should be considering is who wants to truly CUT GOVERNMENT THE MOST?  You cannot leave all the entitlement programs intact.  You cannot increase spending anywhere without dramatic cuts in other places to offset the increases.  TAXATION is not the answer.  America we have a DEBT CRISIS that is epic and if we do not begin to view the UNFUNDED LIABILITIES as well as the Deficit and Reported Debt we make a mistake.

The Democrats want to spend more, some of the Republicans want to leave all the entitlements in place and even expand some of them.  What do you want?   God bless you and God bless America!


2020 AMERICA???

Blog Post - Four More Years

I like hearing hope expressed by the supporters of various candidates running for the office of President of the United States of America in 2016.  It is a good thing to be hopeful for without HOPE we would be a miserable lot and despair would overcome and overwhelm to the point that we throw up our hands and surrender.

  • Without HOPE, there is no determined struggle to overcome obstacles.
  • Without HOPE, there is no drive to climb to the pinnacle of accomplishment.
  • Without HOPE, there is sure defeat and I pray that we do not reach that low point in our American history.

I am HOPEFUL because I desperately cling to belief in America and the American spirit.  However, the strength of my HOPE is my confidence and faith in God.  I know that “with God” all things are possible and America can survive.  I also know that “without God” we will not succeed as the Constitutional Republic.  You may agree or vehemently disagree and find my mention of God offensive.  If that is you, I am sorry you feel that way but it is what keeps me going and when I read the writings of the founding fathers and research the history of the 1776 Revolution I cannot view it without seeing the hand of God in the process.  I am not saying that God saw the colonist as superior to or better than the British only that He had a plan for a nation to become and an incredible example of Freedom and a Light Shining to the World of Hope.  That, in my view, was our founding base and most or many of the founders would agree.

Blog Post - 2020 America0

Today, it is almost inevitable that Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat Nominee for President.  Her history, record, failures and leftist views will not deter her nomination, so it seems, and the vast majority of Democrats will vote for the “D” behind the name with no consideration of the person.  Some Republicans will do the same for the Republican candidate and others will, as they did in 2012, withhold their vote because they find the nominee unacceptable.  I personally disagree with that because I consider Hillary Clinton or any of the Democrat possibilities as more dangerous and destructive to the Republic than the eventual Republican nominee whether that is Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich.

Blog Post - Constitution

The question in my title, “2020 America?” is, in my view, a valid one.  Can the Republic survive another four years should the Democrats keep the White House and possible reclaim the Senate?

  • If they do, the Supreme Court will be so altered and transformed into a Liberal Leftist Rubber Stamp the Constitution will be rendered meaningless and largely null and void.
  • If they do, Illegals will be not only offered a pathway to citizenship but afforded the rights and privileges of citizenship without the process.
  • If they do, the national debt will escalate even more rapidly than it has in the eight years of Barack Obama, taxes will increase exponentially, business will continue to be lost to offshore sites, the economy will continue to decline, and more people will be dependent on the government for their livelihood. It will be a UNSUSTAINABLE

 Therefore, my question is, “If the Democrats win, will we have an America in 2020?”  My prediction is, “Only theoretically!”  The Republic described and detailed in the Constitution will no longer exist and America will be America only in name, not reality or function.

Supporters of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich believe that if their candidate is elected America will be fully restored to her former status and constitutionality.  Some of the proposals of each of those candidates offer hope and some proposals are virtual impossibilities because they would require bipartisan support in Congress which would likely never happen and some would require a Constitutional Amendment that would likely take years to adopt if ever.  Could they use the Obama method of “Executive Orders” to arbitrarily impose their will on America?  Yes, but if you think the Democrats would not quickly challenge that with more intensity than the Republicans have, you are dreaming.

Blog Post - Hope

No, I have not lost HOPE but I am troubled deeply in my heart for my nation.  I believe, that if America or a significant portion of America would once again, “call on God” and turn from the path we are on of self-centeredness, selfishness, and self-exaltation and in humility, with repentance call on Him, He would bring us forth once again.  That is my view, you may or may not share that view but please understand that everything I say and do is based on my Faith in God.  I am a Vietnam Veteran, a Patriot, one who loves America and will every stand and fight for FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM.  

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST - Heads I win

My title reflects how the Democrats feel as they watch the perpetual infighting in the Republican Primaries and the ever widening divide among camps.  THIS IS NOT AN ATTEMPT TO TEAR DOWN ANY CANDIDATE but a PLEA TO REALIZE WHAT WE ARE FACING!  This is how I see what is happening and likely will very possibly in Cleveland at the National Nominating Convention.  This, as was the past election, was a ready-made victory for the Republicans.  However, the varying factions from the Party Elitist to the loyalist of particular candidates have and are becoming so fractured the ominous cloud of defeat has become a real possibility, if not probability.  Just a few months ago I could not envision a scenario in which Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders could win the White House but today, the way the situation is transpiring within the Republican Party I can see a pathway for the Democrats to finish their work of “fundamentally transforming” America and virtually destroying our nation.  That brings great sorrow to my heart and makes my blood boil.

The Chair of the GOP has stated that the nominee would be one of the candidates now in the race if there is a contested convention, which is quite possible.  The national polls, which the varying camps mostly reject, indicate that Trump will be beaten badly by Clinton, Cruz and Clinton are close, and Kasich beats Clinton in the General election.  Are the polls accurate?  Who knows, but with as many as are reporting much the same thing, they are probably fairly accurate today.  Could and will that change before November and could Donald Trump or Ted Cruz pull off a Ronald Reagan who was trailing Jimmy Carter turn this around?  Of course.  Will they?  Who knows?

BLOG POST - Open Convention

There are those convinced this is a worldwide conspiracy to stop this or that candidate.  I readily acknowledge that the Party Elitist and some influential and powerful money people would stop at nothing to prevent either Trump or Cruz from being nominated.  The problem is more than simply the process.  It is in the almost cult-like devotion to candidates in which there is a willingness to hand the keys to the nation to the Democrats rather than rally behind the eventual Republican nominee.  The powers that be are completely capable of changing the rules and should the convention find itself deadlocked after a few votes, reject all three and insert a “fresh face” who would be deemed a compromise candidate who could supposedly unite the Party.  That would result in a total disintegration of the Party and whether delegates walked out of the convention or stayed MILLIONS of voters would reject that nominee.  It would be “Heads Hillary Wins, Tails Republicans Lose.”  The Party Elitist would retain power in a failed, splintered, and broken party and the Constitutional Republic would be flushed down the proverbial toilet.  WE THE PEOPLE would be the real losers and that is breaking my heart and is making me mad.  DEFEATING THE DEMOCRATS MUST BE A TOP PRIORITY IF THE REPUBLIC HAS A CHANCE OF SURVIVING!!!

I am somewhat surprised to hear Donald Trump and those deeply entrenched in his camp complain about “deals” being made in the process.  Mr. Trump is the one who is supposed to be the Ultimate Deal Maker and thus far has been outmaneuvered by others in the process.  Good or bad “deal making” is a part of the political process and Mr. Trump, apparently not sufficiently familiar with the process lagged behind but is showing signs of learning the process and it would appear will be more formidable in the days to come in the behind the scenes efforts of an open or contested convention.  I suspect it will get ugly as deals are made and accusations are hurled from all directions.  Abraham Lincoln’s ground game defeated the frontrunner William Seward and Gerald Ford bested Ronald Reagan because of “deals made” behind the scenes allowed by the process.  I do not necessarily like the process but it is what it is and will likely be one of the major reasons for the possible defeat of the GOP in November.

BLOG POST - Make a Deal

Should, Mr. Trump, and Senator Cruz unite the GOP establishment would be defeated and they would, in all likelihood be a team that could and would defeat the Democrats in November.  That will never happen and I am not arguing for it to happen.  Thus, “heads I win, tails you lose” becomes a much more likely scenario for the leftist.  The suggestion that John Kasich would be the heir-apparent should the deadlock present an impossible impasse and that he should choose Mr. Trump or Senator Cruz as his VP is laughable.  Neither of those men would likely accept such a deal and I doubt that their supporters would either.  A Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney might satisfy the Party Loyalist and Elitist but would alienate such a large portion of the Republican base the election would be lost before it began.

The argument that the excitement in the GOP Primaries is so large it is a virtual guarantee that Mr. Trump or Senator Cruz would easily win has some flaws, in my view.  More people voting in the primaries does not necessarily equate to more people voting in the General Election.  Apathy in the Democrat Primaries does not mean that the Democrats will stay home in November.  Counting the number of people to vote for a particular candidate in the primaries does not, in itself, mean that candidate will have an equal proportion in November.  Alienation of the Republican base by any candidate cannot be viewed as a positive and when that is coupled with energizing the base of the other party it is a disaster.

Mr. Trump and his supporters have vowed they will never endorse Senator Cruz because they have declared him an illegal candidate, a liar, a thief, a cheat, and lacking in moral character and integrity.  Senator Cruz and his supporters find it difficult if not impossible to endorse Mr. Trump because they have classified him as a tyrannical authoritarian, an egotist, a liberal secret Democrat, and a political Camelion, and advanced the “con-man” label ascribed by Marco Rubio.  The hatred, I fear, is so deep that while the candidates might be willing to form a coalition their supporters probably could or would not.  That has been my problem in the vicious personal attacks launched in this campaign, it causes damage that we will be unable to repair.  I disagree with Newt Gingrich that those supporting Trump or Cruz detest the Democrats and Hillary more than they detest the other but I don’t see that and certainly don’t hear it.  When I call attention to this divide I have been attacked by people in various Republican camps and called names.  How can we not see the reality of a house divided against itself being unable to stand?

BLOG POST - Principles

So, UNLESS we have something miraculous transpire before or by Cleveland and see a unification behind a candidate Hillary and the Democrats will crow at us saying, “Heads I win and Tails you lose.”  I am not asking that anyone abandon their candidate but focus on the issues and the real enemy, the Democrat Nominee.  Focus on America and make your case for your policies, agenda and political convictions.  I personally, do not need to hear denigration of the opponents, I need to hear SPECIFICS of WHAT YOU OFFER.  I stand committed to the Republic and cannot sit silently and watch us self-destruct and thereby destroy any hope of preserving the Constitutional Republic.  In my view, The Republic is more important than my personal preferences.  My focus is defeating the Democrats as I stand firm for FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM!

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 2 - Horse Droppoings

That would be courtesy of Washington, DC and the powers that be.  We keep being feed or asked to consume daily a very large amount of Horse Fertilizer and Bull Droppings by the Washington Political Crowd it is amazing.  What is as troubling as their continual offering of the garbage is the fact that a significant portion of the public willing consumes it and says, “Wow! Tasty!”  The talking heads, pundits, Party Establishment types, media members, and politicians then wonder what is going on in the country politically regarding candidates and campaigns.  They are clueless because they cannot fathom a public that would see through their superfluous diatribe and incessant offerings that are nonsensical, unhealthy, and detrimental to our Constitutional Republic.  They are stunned that we aren’t buying what they are selling, at least, enough of us to upset their protected applecart.  That are in a panic!

Let me walk through a few of the items on the Horse Fertilizer Menu Washington is offering.

BLOG POST 2 - Real Unemploy


The BLS (which might need to drop the L) has released figures for March that said the total nonfarm payroll rose by 215,000 and the Unemployment Rate was 5.0%.  What they fail to focus on and include in that 5.0% rate is that those who have been out of work for 27 weeks did not change and the “workforce participation rate” is less than 63% and we have over 93 MILLION Americans of job age who are UNEMPLOYED.  How does that equate to 5.0% Unemployment?  Only with creative accounting and number crunching.  I am personally aware of a number of people who are unemployed, have been long term and have little prospects of finding a good job.  I have recently been made aware of a number who were recently or will soon be laid off.  In fact recently in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram here in the DFW area BSNF announced it has furloughing 4,600 workers.  If the economy is as robust as a 5.0% Unemployment rate would suggest that would not be happening.  The downturn in and the war on the Oil and Gas Industry does not just hit the pockets of CEO’s in Big Oil it impacts every aspect of our economy.

If we use the numbers of the BLS and other agencies that the number of working-age Americans (15-64) is approximately 204 MILLION and 93 MILLION are not employed what would that make the Unemployment Rate?  It would be over 45%.  Even if you cut that 93 MILLION in half you would still have over 22% Unemployment and I am convinced that number is far more realistic than the fictitious 5.0% that we are being served as a hot meal of Horse Fertilizer to inspire us and dissuade our fears and concerns about the economy.  We are sitting on a powder keg economically and the bubble is likely to burst very soon, then what?  Blame it on the Republicans?  What will be the spin?  Lies beget lies and perpetuate lies and we have been and are being lied to.



What person in their right mind would seriously believe that?  Apparently MILLIONS, and that speaks to why we are in the condition we are today.  Horse Fertilizer may be good for the soil and plants but it is not a staple for human consumption and that is what the politicians want us to have as the foundational base of our diet, at least politically and ideologically.  If we question the so-called “settled science” which is anything but settled about “Climate Change”, “Global Warming”, or “Climate Disruption” we are called bigots, racist, deniers, flat earth people, and worse.  Whereas if we cite facts and examples of the danger of Islamic Terrorism we are called even worse names and are fed more Horse Fertilizer telling us that if we banned guns, worked on climate change, created a robust world economy, catered to the demands of Islam, and talked nicely without truly addressing the issue there would be a sharp decrease in terrorism.  Give me a double helping of that horse fertilizer please?  THAT IS INSANITY and yet we because we allow Congress to allow this President to continue down the path of destruction we are demonstrating that we are “UNSTABLE” too.

The Democrats are offering us an Extreme Leftist who has zero regards for the Constitution, human life, and a Free America and an avowed Socialist.  I know, he attempts to differentiate his brand from the Communist/Socialist Brand that exists in other places by calling it Democratic Socialism, whatever that is.  At the end of the day it is the same as the other, just a more palatable way of describing it.  Sadly, millions about 50% of the population is dependent on the federal government for their subsistence and when half the people are on the dole and depending on Big Brother for their monthly check it is no wonder millions are flocking to Bernie Sanders and even Hillary Clinton because the promise of the Democrats is MORE FREE STUFF.  Nobody stops to understand that there is NO FREE STUFF, somebody has to pay for it and ultimately that somebody is every working American whether they are on Wall Street or Main Street.  WE ALL PAY. 

BLOG POST 2 - Real Threat

Our enemy and the purpose in the Elections of 2016 should not be creating a War within the Republican Party but Defeating the Democrats.  Sadly, people have become so emotionally attached to a candidate or campaign they are willing to abandon reason and lose the country to have their chosen one named the nominee.  Blast me if you will but I would vote for “Daffy Duck” or “Elmer Fudd” before I’d vote for any of the Democrats.  The only hope for the Republic, in my view, is DEFEATING THE DEMOCRATS IN 2016.  Love me or hate me, your choice but that is how I see it.  Anybody want another serving of Horse Fertilizer???  NOT ME!

God bless you and God bless America!




I am convinced that there are sinister forces at work behind the scenes which are driving much of what is happening in the political landscape these days.  It is not a new plot, nor are these new forces but the manifestation is taking a direction that is causing confusion and intensifying the anger of many voters.  What is happening is a direct assault on our Constitution, the Republic and if I am right, even marginally, a plan to end all opposition to the leftist agenda or, at least, marginalize it to the point that it is minimal.  God help us if I am right.

BLOG POST 1 - Plan to Destroy

Let me begin by posing a question that will not set will with some and will resonate with others.  Are these organized protest simply opposition to Donald Trump or something more sinister?  I believe what is happening is an example of opportunism by those diabolical forces to use the undying loyalty and devotion of many of the supporters of Mr. Trump. I believe they are seizing the opportunity to exploit the anger, distrust of the Establishment and the feeling of betrayal for purposes other than simply Stopping Trump.  Yes, there are voices, largely within the GOP that want to dump Trump at all costs including losing the election to the Democrats.  That, in my view, is not only unwise but incredibly dangerous.  I believe those unseen forces (not necessarily unknown) are hoping to use the anger and loyalty of supporters of Donald Trump to cause such a disruption that it escalates into chaos and anarchy.  I believe it is their hope there will be swift and powerful push back from the supporters of Donald Trump and cause such chaos that massive rioting and violence will occur.  Their primary interest, in my view, is not as much Donald Trump as taking down America.  I know some who are avid supporters of Mr. Trump and see him as the only hope to save the day will take exception to this because it suggests that he is not the focal point but a means to an end for those dire forces seeking to destroy America.  I believe their attack on Mr. Trump goes far beyond him or the possibility of his being President but it is a designed plan to destroy America.

That leads to a second question regarding the cross-over votes for Donald Trump by Democrats in the primaries.  I hope as Mr. Trump believes, this means more people on both sides of the aisle are fed up and want a change in the direction the Establishment of both parties have us on.  But, could it be a variation of what the GOP did in the first the 2008 election cycle where Republicans crossed over to vote for Hillary in the primaries to prevent Obama from wrapping up the nomination too soon?  Could it be that Mr. Trump is the candidate they want to face the Democrat?  I am not saying that is the case, but it is a legitimate question and one that we will not truly know the answer to until the General Election if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.  We will have a better view of the fallacy or veracity of that theory as more realistic polling is advanced after the conventions.  I hope it is a Reaganesque situation and the more moderate and conservative Democrats will align with the Republicans and prevent another Clinton Presidency or a Socialist Sanders win.

BLOG POST 1 - Obama on Constitution

I am adamantly opposed to and condemn the protesters and those behind them in violating the 1st Amendment Rights of Donald Trump and those at his rallies.  It is NEVER right to use your constitutional rights to trample the rights of another.  You can and should be allowed to protest and/or demonstrate peacefully.  You are even allowed to go to a rally in protest, wearing your hood, tee shirt or holding your sign.  You have to understand that you place yourself in danger by doing so but you have a right to do so and expect to do so peacefully.  But if you try to take over the microphone, block entrance to the facility, block the highway, and aggressively attack those in attendance or the speaker you move outside your protected bounds.

America is in difficult times and heated emotion will not solve our problems nor will cold reason.  We need to become people of prayer who evaluate, examine, and investigate and then allow our passion to be coupled with our prayer and reason and become committed to America.  An issue that may be even larger than which party controls the White House is the Supreme Court.  But, obviously, the Party that controls the White House offers the nomination and UNLESS the Republicans in Congress demonstrate a spine that president can position the court in a liberal anti-constitution mode lasting generations.  The next president will have 1-4 opportunities to appoint justices to the court.  That will shape America for generations and could be the salvation of the Republic or its destruction.  We cannot get this wrong!

BLOG POST 1 - Election

PLEASE, and I am begging in this request.  Please, pray like everything depends on your personal prayers, investigate and vet the candidates as honestly and thoroughly as possible, examine their history, records, and proposals as though everything depends on your findings, and allow God to channel your emotions to be demonstrated in a commitment to Restoring and Salvaging the Republic.  There are no perfect candidates.  No, your choice is not a perfect candidate.  There is no Moses, David, Joshua, or even Ronald Reagan in this race.  We have flawed candidates with flawed messages trying to lead flawed people, but we can find the person best suited for this hour to lead this nation.

God bless you and God bless America.  I stand firmly in my commitment to vote for the Republican nominee believing they would be infinitely better than either of the current offerings of the Democrat Party.