MY MEMORIAL DAY MESSAGE – Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick…

BLOG POST 1 - Speak Softly

Theodore Roosevelt cited this as a West African proverb in a letter to Henry L. Sprague, on January 26, 1900.  It is a saying that conveys the idea of employing the tactic of caution and non-aggression, backed up by the ability to do violence if required.  That was then and this is now when the American President tiptoes through the tulips carrying a wet noodle demonstrating not desire, willingness or ability to wield a “big stick” except toward Americans and those who hold to our founding and moral principles.  I find the attitude, actions, and sentiments of the sitting president appalling, especially as I reflect on his administration this Memorial Day.  He has disparaged the memory of our fallen frequently and, in my view, once is too often.

BLOG POST 1 - Human Rights.gif

This president, unlike presidents of history, repeatedly demonstrates weakness and has reduced America to a nation no longer trusted by our friends or feared by our enemies.  I, personally, find lifting the arms embargo on Vietnam offensive for many reasons and one of the top is their history and the current state of utter disregard for human rights.  I served in Vietnam in 1967 and saw firsthand the incredible viciousness of the communist toward anyone opposing their agenda.  He continues to travel the world speaking apologetically for what he perceives as America’s sins and this action and his trip to Vietnam as his trip to Hiroshima is perceived by the world as an apology to Japan for using nukes to facilitate the end of the war and save millions of lives.  His last years in office are filled and will continue to be filled with acts designed to placate those who are or have been enemies and thereby denigrate the memories of the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice in preserving and defending freedom for America and the world.  No, he carries no “big stick” only a “wet noodle” when it comes to the world, but wants to display an “iron fist” when it comes to attacking our Religious Liberty and Freedom and Founding Principles.

BLOG POST 1 - Foreign Aid

FOREIGN AID is the matter I most want to address in this article and use the aforementioned as a Segway into that subject.  I understand the need to offer “aid” to foreign nations from time to time and maybe all the time in some situations but there are conditions, I believe, should be requisites for that support.  I personally believe that our federal budget should not be “baseline” but “zero-based” where we start from ZERO each year and in everything including Foreign Aid we determine what, who, how much, and how long based on some definitive criteria.  I do not believe we should give ONE NICKEL to nations who:

  • Demonstrate an attitude of hostility toward America.
  • Are in any way complicit in the funding, harboring, or facilitating of terrorism or terrorist.
  • Demonstrate reprehensible patterns with regard to human rights.
  • Demonstrate no tolerance toward religious liberty for its citizens.

 Any nation such as Iran and other Muslim nations where the leaders participate in and the refuse to condemn the chants “Death to America” should never receive ONE NICKEL from the United States and we should NEVER give them a path to acquiring arms of any kind.  Nations that harbor terrorist groups which murder, pillage, rape, and impose their religious or political views on citizens demonstrating utter disregard for human life and human rights should never receive tax-payer funds from the United States.

I do not blame the entire situation regarding foreign aid on Barack Obama but his administration has certainly made the matter worse.  Congress, is complicit in this tragedy and UNTIL Congress is made up of elected Senators and Representatives who value the Constitution more than position, purse, and power nothing will change.  The lobbyist will continue to line the pockets and we will continue to grow government using the “baseline” budgeting process where even if they claim NO INCREASE in spending the increase will be 5-10% automatically.  Oh, they will proclaim that they reduced spending when, in truth, they went from a 10% automatic increase to a 5% increase.  The pork in the legislation, the backdoor funding of pet projects, bureaucracies, and entities is often unseen, unnoticed, and allowed as politicians “buy, sell, and trade” for personal interest not the best good for America.

BLOG POST 1 - Elections

In the Elections of 2016, I am fixated with a laser-like focus on the history, attitude, and actions of candidates regarding many things and “National Security” and “Foreign Aid” are high on my list.  I hear what they say, then, where possible, I examine their record and previous stances.  Can people change their views?  Of course, we all do from time to time and on certain things.  But, if you ask me to trust the political leopard’s spot change on face value you have come to the wrong place.  They have earned my skepticism.  We err if we only focus on the Presidential Election for the House and Senate are of equal if not greater importance in the future of the Republic.  But, we also err if we lose sight of the local and statewide elections.  WE NEED TO WAKE UP AMERICA!   The Republic is depending on us getting this right, or as right as we can.

God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 2 - Quid Pro Dough

There has been much said about who is “owned” and who is not by special interest, big money, corporations, and power brokers in America.  Let me risk making everybody mad and say that, to a degree, they are all beholding to someone.  I realize that statement cannot be made without further clarification and if you will give me the opportunity I will explain what I mean.

If one engages in “buying” influence or “selling” influence their hands get dirty.  I will concede that the “sellers” of influence are possible more corrupt than the “buyers” but neither are pure and void of any skeletons in the closet that could or might be used to broker deals and, in a real sense, blackmail the politician.  When you “buy” influence there are things the “seller” knows that could be used against you and if you “sell” influence the “buyers” know things that could be used against you.  In a great measure, it is different sides of the same political coin and exists in the world of politics and business.  Therefore, I see no candidate who is completely free of that baggage.

BLOG POST 2 - Influence

My intent is not to attack Donald Trump in this statement and I hope you will hear the conclusion of the whole matter before kicking me to the curb in anger.  We hear much about “making deals” and “getting things done” in this year’s campaign.  Tell me, what politician is not a “deal maker?”  They all make deals and some are much better at it than others but “deal making” is not something unique to any one candidate.  Tragically, the Republicans have been making deals with the Democrats for years now and many of those deals have been very detrimental to America, the Economy, and our Constitutional Liberties and Rights.  The question is, “What is being dealt and what is being received?”  Just making deals does not interest me.  That ties back to the “buying” and “selling” of influence and what leverage the “buyer” or “seller” might have in the deal.

I appreciate Donald Trump’s effort to largely “self-fund” his campaign and thereby present the image, if not the reality, that he is free from the influence of special interests, super-PACs, Wall Street, Lobbyist, etc.  Yet, I cannot help notice that he has on his campaign staff Paul Manafort who is a “Lobbyist” and a very powerful one.  I also understand he has hired a former Goldman Sachs Partner and George Soros employee, Steven Mnuchin, as his Finance Chairman to solicit funds for the General Election.  Does that mean anything?  I don’t know but it opens the door for Hillary to question him on those fronts and in many ways would appear to negate his ability to use against her the argument that he is self-funded and takes no money from special interests.  It may mean absolutely nothing but I cannot imagine the Democrats not using it to suggest that Trump is being hypocritical, even if he is not.  Again, not an attack on Trump but something he and all Republicans should be aware of.  We all know that perception is reality to many people.

BLOG POST 2 - Political Mercenaries

We know that Hillary Clinton is in heavily funded by the national and international power brokers as well as millions coming from Muslim Nations or leaders and other foreign sources.  Donald Trump’s characterization of Hillary Clinton as “crooked” is absolutely apropos and accurate, in my view.  Hillary Clinton receiving almost a quarter million to give a 20-30 minute speech at Goldman Sachs was nothing more than “influence peddling” and “influence buying” and no one truly believes they paid her that obscene amount to give a motivational speech.  She gave three speeches for a total of $675,000.  The only question is what were they buying?  Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Clinton Foundation have been recipients of large donations from various foreign governments, organizations, and individuals.  Some of those nations are Saudi Arabia, Oman, Morocco and Yemen to name a few.  The fact that many of those donations and those received by Barack Obama are illegal and unconstitutional but when did that matter to them or many politicians.

I hope that my presentation does not so anger people they will no longer give me an opportunity to present what I see and ask my questions.  I hope that it does not dissuade anyone from voting and cause them to say, “See, I knew it is pointless and while we vote we have no real power or control, so why bother.”  I hope that it will cause us to ask questions, pressure our elected officials to “make definitive corrections” to our political campaign finance rules.  I personally would like to see the elimination of all Super-Pac’s and a much shortened primary process.  There are things we could do and still have limited government.  The process is a problem and sometimes the process brings corruption to the politicians or vice versa.

BLOG POST 2 - Vote for Money

I CANNOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON, nor can I do anything that will facilitate her election as President of the United States of America.  I will continue to be very much in prayer and seek to have all my questions answered regarding each candidate and UNLESS I find things that persuade me otherwise or dissuade me, I plan to vote Republican in November.  I know that is not a ringing endorsement nor is it a blatant refusal to support the nominee, so please be patient with me.  I have voiced questions about and to each candidate through the entire process and will not be deterred from asking questions.  I need to do so for my own conscience and peace of mind.  I want what you want, the best for America!  I like you, love this country and while I am convinced that Hillary Clinton and the major Democrats love something other than America the Republic and are imminent dangers to the Republic I will devote my energy and efforts to defeating them.

God bless you and God bless America!





BLOG POST - America Weeping

My brother and I were discussing politics and the conditions of our nation and world and he said, “I don’t think I have voted FOR a candidate rather than voting AGAINST someone since Ronald Reagan.”  I would have to agree, for the most part.  The senior Bush troubled me for I viewed him, at best, a moderate and often liberal in his political ideology.  I could not avoid his own words and apparent connections to the Bilderberg Group, Agenda 21, and New World Order movements.  I voted for George W. Bush both elections and my vote were a mixed bag of sorts.  I supported him on many fronts and he left me wanting on others, but the Democrat option was an absolute NO so I voted.  In the past two elections, I most assuredly voted against Barack Obama rather than voting for John McCain or Mitt Romney.  I believed and still believe that either of them would have been a far better option for America than what we now have.  I am trying not to be in that same boat in this election but there are some things that give me concern.  Be angry with me for that statement if you please, but if I do not ask questions and attempt to obtain definitive answers that quiet my fears I feel I have failed in my responsibility as an American citizen charged with selecting and electing a leader for my nation.

I am heartbroken over where I see our nation, the divide that has been exacerbated by the current administration and ideological pursuits of the Democrats.  I am heartbroken over the lack of intestinal fortitude, conservative values, or constitutional convictions by the elected Republicans on many fronts.  Our societal attitude seems to be shifting toward an ideology that embraces Socialism to some degree and the Entitlement mentality or participation has surpassed the 50% threshold and at that point, no Democratic Republic can survive.  The attempts to completely rewrite history, strip away the moral fabric, abandon foundational values and allow political correctness to run amok pushes me beyond heartbreak into despair.  I weep over the conditions I see existing in my nation.  We are standing on the precipice where a few more steps and we careen over the edge into oblivion never to be restored.  Some, discount that concern saying, “Well America has always survived and will survive this.”  No, our founders understood that we could lose our Republic as have many through the years.  We, as Ronald Reagan declared, “Are one generation away from losing our liberty.”

BLOG POST - Crooked

We are now on the brink of the 2016 Elections in which an individual who is suspected and, in my view, guilty of criminal activity will likely be the Democrat nominee for President of these United States of America.  The Republican Party is so divided that there are NEVER groups who are adamantly determined to prevent the likely nominee from winning the White House.  I have heard many arguments to support that view and at the end of the day I keep asking, “Can We Afford 4 or 8 Years of Hillary Clinton as President?”  She is on the record of wanting to reduce, restrict or rescind our Constitutional Rights as citizens to “keep and bear arms”.  She is on the record supporting “Amnesty” and allowing millions of Illegals to become citizens and cast ballots to determine the course America takes in the future.  She and her husband’s hands are so dirty via the “influence peddling” that it is mind boggling how any American who wants to preserve our Republic and honor the Constitution could consider voting for her.  The Clinton’s left the White House with a net worth of near ZERO and now are worth over $200 MILLION.  How?  How can that be?  Their foundation, which is largely a fund to support their political aspirations and provide them a lavish lifestyle, has received hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign nations and entities many of whom have or do support terrorism.  She engaged in questionable if not illegal activities as Secretary of State and long before she or He were in national politics they were engaged in questionable activities.

In 2016, many seem to be losing sight of the elections some call secondary, the House, Senate, Governorships, State Houses, and local elections.  I cannot ignore those for even the Republicans win the White House and lose the Senate, the Democrats win and will continue to advance their liberal leftist ideology and agenda.  If the Democrats win the White House, they will likely regain control of the Senate and that would be a disaster on so many fronts, the Republic, in my view, could not survive.  Hillary Clinton will, if elected, raise taxes, damage our economy in the continuation of the leftist war on fossil fuels, destroy or damage or Religious Freedom, launch a full-scale attack on our 2nd Amendment Rights, further damage or military, and allow incredible and dangerous holes in our national security.  She will open our borders and the dangers of that are so disturbing I will hold comments for another time.

BLOG POST - Choices

We have a choice in 2016.  We can either VOTE AGAINST Hillary and the Democrats in a way that will ensure they are not elected and cannot regain or keep power or we can ALLOW their ascension and continuation.  I speak this to those who are not firmly established in their support of the likely nominee and if the nomination becomes a reality, I ask you to prayerfully consider the impact on the nation if HILLARY CLINTON becomes President.  We can ignore the lower races and allow the liberal leftist to make significant inroads eroding our liberties and constitutional government or we can roll up our sleeves and become aware and involved.  Yes, I am Heartbroken and then some regarding my nation.  I know many of you are as well.  My continued commitment is to pray for my nation in intercessory prayer and do all I know to do to defend and fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

God bless you and God bless America!

BLOG POST - American Flag



There are numerous ways to address this and each of them beneficial in our examination and investigation of the issue.  We are told by the Democrats and some who identify as Republicans that a dealing with illegal immigration definitively and securing the border is demonstrating a lack of compassion and is not what America is all about.  I disagree and believe that failing to deal with the problem and/or securing the border is a lack of compassion, reason, common sense and that failure is not what America is all about.  Let me attempt to highlight my reasoning.

BLOG POST 4 - Cost of Illegals

ECONOMICALLY, we cannot afford an “open border.”  The cost is astronomical and growing larger each year and will grow exponentially if we continue this influx of people coming here illegally.  For illustrative purposes, I am going to lump immigrants (legal and illegal) together in calling attention to the economic drain and strain in America.  Thanks to an article by Caroline May we learn that The Center for Immigration Studies of the U.S. Census Bureau has produced some interesting data for consideration about the costs.  We learn from that report that Immigrant-headed households use 41% more federal welfare benefits than native-born Americans.  In 2012, the immigrant-headed household received 33% more cash welfare (SSI and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), 57% more food assistance (food stamps, the Women, Infants, and Children’s program, and school lunch), and 44% more Medicaid.  The CIS study also reveals that 51% of immigrant-headed households uses at least one welfare program, compared to 30% of native-born headed households.  I hope that disturbs you.  If we keep having more and more immigrants, refugees, and illegals coming into this country it will continue to escalate the cost of the entitlement programs, grow government, increase taxes, and put an unsustainable burden on education, healthcare, and the economy.  CAN WE AFFORD THAT?  I say NO!

Going a step further we find that, on average, immigrant-headed households receive $6,378 per household.  However, those coming from Mexico and Central America received an average of $8,251 per household which is 85% more than the native-born households.  In the report, we learn that immigrants from Europe and South Asia use less than the native-born households, but the more we allow poorly educated and those lacking beneficial skills as well as illegals to flood into this nation the more those costs will escalate.  WE MUST SECURE THE BORDER and WE MUST DEAL WITH THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION PROBLEM if for no other reason ECONOMICS.  Economics is a serious part of the equation and with a national debt of over $19 TRILLION, we are on a collision course with bankruptcy and the total collapse of our American economy.  However, economics is only one of the issues that make this a problem of epic proportions and one that is serious enough we cannot afford to continue to kick the can down the road.

BLOG POST 4 - Open Borders

NATIONAL SECURITY, demands that we deal with the problem of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and do so immediately and decisively.  Yes, we all want to be compassionate but you cannot allow any to imprison you with faux-guilt at the expense of protecting American citizens and our national sovereignty.  One of the duties of the President is “national defense” and the current president seems to believe that protecting Islamic jihadist and fighting against his perception of Islamophobia is more important than American’s Security and National Defense.  Therefore, the next president cannot be anyone who agrees, even remotely with that philosophy as does Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  John Kerry is clearly a defender of the Obama Doctrine as is Joe Biden and many of the Democrats in the House and Senate.

An unsecured border opens the door to terrorism on an enormous scale and one that reality no American should be willing to allow.  The Democrats seek to marginalize our concerns and attempt to shame us into submission to the “citizens of the world” mentality that is firmly rooted in the New World Order doctrine and the United Nations Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Initiative.  If we do not keep America, America securing our borders, dealing with the Illegal Immigrant and out of control spending we will lose this Republic and the “fundamental transformation” of Barack Obama and the Leftist will be complete.  I have one word for that – UNACCEPTABLE!

BLOG POST 4 - Decision

As we consider the upcoming election for President, Representatives, Senators, Governors, Mayors, and all elected offices, State and Local we should consider how those offices and elections impact our National Security, Economy, and Sovereignty as the Free Constitutional Republic our founders gave us.  THE DECISION IS OURS – – What Will We Decide?

 God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - Questions 1

I, like many of you, are troubled by the current state of affairs in America and the political cycle has not alleviated those concerns or answered many of our questions.  It appears, since Ted Cruz and John Kasich have suspended their campaigns that Donald Trump is or will be the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America.  It is also, almost assured that his opponent will be Hillary Rodham Clinton in the General Election.

There are those who are ecstatic about Mr. Trump’s victory and others who are in a state of deep depression.  Some are proclaiming that he will “Make America Great Again” and others singing, “Turn out the Lights the Party’s over.”  There are those who believe Mr. Trump is God’s chosen leader to escort us out of the doom and gloom we have been in for almost eight years or longer and others who see him as the destruction of Conservatism and the Republican Party.  Some of Mr. Trump’s supporters accept whatever he declares as factual and run with it and others see his rhetoric as a dangerous unsubstantiated diatribe.

BLOG POST 1 - Mixed Bag

I confess he has said some things that trouble me and some that excite me.  He is  often a mixed bag and impossible to press into a box and define.  His stance on the Transgender Bathrooms troubles me and when he quoted the National Enquirer as a viable major news source I raised my eyebrows and said, “WHAT?”  A gossip rag magazine a viable major news source?  Hardly, and I am surprised he’d quote them, but I understood that the pattern of repeating what has been tweeted or written and then defend it as, “I just cited what was said.”  But, then when he stands firmly against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and wants to secure the border I applaud and get excited that we might finally take definitive action even if his proposals are modified and adapted to some degree.  When he fearlessly identifies the major problem we face as being Islamic Terrorism I cheer.  The political correctness and defense of the world of Islam by this administration endangers America and Americans and Mr. Trump’s stance is somewhat a breath of fresh air.

I like the idea of bringing back jobs to America but question if “tariffs” and “punitive action” rather than proactive action to reduce corporate taxes and lift stifling restrictions and regulations is the right approach.  The intent is desirable the process to get there leaves me with questions as to the spillover effect in various parts of the economy.  I believe that Obamacare is a disaster and I want to see it totally repealed not simply restructured into a Universal Healthcare system and I need much more clarification on Mr. Trump’s proposals so I can contrast it to that of Hillary Clinton which is Universal Government Run Healthcare where we lose all freedom to coordinate with our doctors the type of care we receive or pursue.

I am Pro-Life and believe that the rights of the Unborn are important and must be protected as well as the rights of the mother.  That baby did not choose to be created and if life is deemed over when the heart stops beating why is it not deemed to begin when the heart starts?  Who is speaking for that baby?  Planned Parenthood, in my view, needs to be fully and thoroughly investigated for any criminal and immoral activities they have practiced not funded without limitations and restrictions.  We could fund other organizations and eliminate them completely or deny them federal funds and still provide the supposedly positive services they provide for women’s health.  I do not want to endanger any woman or hinder her from obtaining adequate healthcare but I do want to stop any agency or organization that practices harvesting body parts for profit, thus promoting abortion and even murdering a baby that has been born via a botched abortion.  We need to be able to contrast the Republican and Democrat view on those issues.

BLOG POST 1 - Constitution

I am an Originalist in my view of the Constitution.  I do not see it as a living and evolving document that is molded and changed at the whim of a political party in power but must be preserved and followed, as closely as possible, in the original intent of the authors.  If we do not like what it says we need to offer a Constitutional Amendment and go through the process of having it ratified but we must never allow any court to rewrite it to suit their political or ideological agenda or views.  Our system of government was carefully and prayerfully established and it will enable us to preserve our Republic and ensure our unalienable rights if allowed to stand as written.

I am decidedly a LIMITED GOVERNMENT advocate and I know, beyond doubt, that Hillary Clinton is diametrically opposite of that view.  Therefore, I am troubled when I hear Donald Trump say he does not want to eliminate any of the entitlements but will work deals to get more revenue to pay for them.  That is, in my view, not possible without an increase in taxes and even then it is not a desirable path if we truly want LIMITED GOVERNMENT and REDUCED SPENDING.  I hope for much more clarification from the Trump campaign so we can efficiently contrast his stance and that of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.  Then, when he speaks of taking care of our veterans, I am ecstatic.

I am strongly a FREE MARKET believer and opposed to crony capitalism which is destroying the free market.  I am appalled when businesses leave our shores transferring their manufacturing operations offshore.  I know Hillary Clinton wants to tax, tax, and tax everything and everybody and while I appreciate Mr. Trump wanting to bring back jobs I have questions about the proposed approach.  I believe that reducing the corporate tax rate significantly and lifting the crippling regulations and restrictions on businesses would provide that solution.  I do not believe that punitive tariffs and subsidies are a viable solution.  My concern is that will translate into higher costs for the consumer, higher costs for businesses, which means less manufacturing and loss of jobs.

BLOG POST 1 - Questions

I HAVE QUESTIONS and if I am to be tarred and feathered for daring to ask questions then go for it, run me out of town and I’ll get in front and we’ll have a parade.  I am TOTALLY OPPOSED TO HILLARY CLINTON and will do everything in my power to see she is defeated.  I want to be a supporting voice for the Republican nominee and to effectively and sincerely do that I have to have some of my questions and concerns answered.  I need some of the unknowns to become knowns.  I know the disaster that Hillary Clinton poses and I cannot, in good conscience, not work to stop her from being President of these United States of America.

God bless you and God bless America!

ALINSKYISM – Democrats Use It, Should Republicans?

BLOG POST - Belief

I had someone ask me recently, “Roy, at what point do I refuse to abandon my convictions to gain an electoral victory?”  My answer that is simple yet complex and something I have never drifted from.  NEVER, if it is truly a conviction, not just a preference.”  If I ignore my convictions and violate or shelve them my integrity is gone to myself and anyone who knows my convictions.  My words will no longer have any meaning and I negate any positive influence I might have or could have.  If it is truly a CONVICTION you cannot violate or abandon it.

I understand “Conviction” to be a firmly held belief according to Miriam-Webster but I believe that it is much more than that.  My convictions are a result of my values and determine my conduct.  A man will die for his convictions but not for his preferences or opinions.  Often I hear people talk about their convictions when the more they talk the more convinced I am they are referring to preferences or opinions not firmly rooted convictions based on knowledge and values but desires or wishes.  If you are addressing the political with a “conviction” that is truly a “preference” you should be adaptable and compromise is permissible. If you are addressing something that violates the “core values” you hold dear and requires you to compromise your firmly held principles and beliefs then I would never tell you to abandon those convictions.

BLOG POST - Convictions


Can or do convictions change?  Of course, as we gain new understanding and see additional sides to the diamond of truth we seek if that alters our beliefs to include or incorporate things we formerly held at bay, we would be changing our convictions.  But, do we abandon our convictions to win an election?  Is it acceptable for Republicans to adopt the Alinsky model of “the end justifies the means” and “all is fair in love, war, and politics?”  Some believe it is, I do not, but that is my opinion and I would even argue my conviction.  As I said, my answer is simple and complex.  One one hand, I must address my core beliefs, how the elections will affect my freedom, and the pros and cons of my decision and how it will affect myself and others now and in the future.

Holding politicians accountable should be a desire and objective of all Americans.  If we who identify a conservatives, constitutionalist, and/or Republicans are offended and demand that Hillary Clinton is held accountable for her words regarding the lives lost in Benghazi, “What difference does it make now?” are we not to hold all politicians to that same standard?  If Hillary Clinton can declare that since the event is history it should be ignored and we should move on, showing utter disregard for the lives of those brave Americans who fought for their lives and to protect those they were charged with protecting we are right to be angry.  If she lies about the cause and the failure for the failure our assets being dispatched to their defense, we are right to want her held accountable.  If she places our nation at risk with a private email server to hide her activities and for her convenience, we have a reason to be angry.  BUT, if we fail to hold Republicans to the same standard we demonstrate Alinskyism as much as the Democrats and I refuse to do that.  That violates my CONVICTIONS.

BLOG POST - Accountability

You have to know, by now, that I believe America cannot survive if we have four or eight more years of the Obama type policy and politics.  So for me to say we cannot afford to win an election by completely ignoring our convictions is almost contradictory in the minds of some.  If I believe a Hillary Clinton presidency means doom for America how can I refuse to ignore my convictions in order to defeat her?  On one hand we might lose the nation and on the other hand, we could lose our self-respect and integrity and all that comes with abandoning one’s convictions.  If I argue that it is not about me, then I can justify placing my convictions on hold and do whatever is necessary to defeat her.  If I argue that gaining the whole world and losing my soul is not an acceptable prize, I cannot.  I am not saying that to vote for the Republican candidate I have to abandon my convictions, I am saying that if that becomes the choice it will be a very difficult and prayerful decision I make.

Some have become angry with me because I question some of the things said or done by candidates on the Republican side.  If I truly hold the conviction that politicians should be held to a high standard of honesty, integrity, and properly dispensing their duties, how can I not question when something is questionable?  I won’t ignore what Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or any other Republican says or does while taking Hillary and the Democrats to the task.  That would be hypocritical on my part, in my view.  That would violate my core principles and beliefs.  Many are on the horns of a dilemma in this election knowing the absolute danger and sure destruction of a Hillary Clinton presidency and troubled by this or that GOP candidate.  Some of it is preference and some of it is their deep-seated conviction.  My purpose is not to judge or try to force anyone to abandon their convictions but to ask that we all earnestly pray because America’s survival may depend on what we do in November.  Another reason I am committed to interceding for my nation and her people.  It is my conviction that America is worth saving!  I am 100% convinced that allowing Hillary Clinton to become President is a disaster for America.  It is my conviction that I am to do all I can to preserve the Republic in my fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  Therefore, I weigh all my convictions in this decision and am earnestly seeking God’s guidance and will follow that which I hear in my heart through prayer.  What do we do when convictions about one thing meet in conflict about convictions regarding another?  We TRUST God!


I am praying for America, Americans, and the politicians, for integrity, honesty, and the preservation and/or restoration of our Constitutional Republic.  May God bless you and May God bless America and led us forth into His light and right.

Blog Post - Hope 2


BLOG POST - Questions

I have asked and been asked that question most of my life regarding virtually everything.  However, today we are talking about politics and proposed policies suggested by various candidates.  It would be impossible for me to successfully separate what I am going to address from particular candidates but I tread lightly because my purpose is not to offend or attack any candidate but to attempt to gain a complete understanding of suggested policies regarding “Trade and Tariffs”. 

I like boldness and often find that aggressiveness is a strong plus in dealing with problems that are being ignored and addressed with timidity fearing opposing sides might be offended.  There is a time to consider the risk of offending less problematic than addressing the problem.  I have found that although I was somewhat offended in a situation, the direct approach forced me to ultimately address the problem and come to a reasonable solution.

Candidates, greatly disagree on the issue of “Trade and Tariffs” and that has caused me dig deeper into this history and effect of “Tariffs” in a nation’s economy.  Again, the idea of applying heavy “tariffs” to goods imported may be an effective tool to bring about a balance in trade but it also may cause some negative consequences.  Punitive action is not always the best remedy to a problem.  Sometimes alleviating that which created the problem is the best approach.  Standing her on this thin ice,  I fear that I have already lost some and they will not hear the “conclusion of the whole matter” as I attempt to discuss this topic.  Let me ask the question, “How Do Tariffs Affect the Economy?”

BLOG POST - Tariffs

I am appalled and angry about the number of companies or corporations that have taken their business or products offshore.  However, I fully realize that their decision is usually was based on economics and profitability and in our current situation with government regulations, corporate taxes, and costs of production some have determined that in order to be profitable they must.  The cheap goods coming in from other countries because of the open market, low cost of goods and labor in those countries along with the taxes, fees, and regulations in America have made relocating to an offshore environment appealing.  We could address that immediately by reducing the corporate tax rate which is one of the highest in the world and address the overregulation.  Now, that will not address labor costs which I hope to address here or later.

How Do Tariffs Affect the Economy?  In a short but incomplete answer, tariffs make foreign-produced goods more expensive for domestic users and in that sense makes the foreign goods more competitive with American produced goods.  If that were the totality of the issue I would, too soon would not be soon enough.  However, that is not the full effect for there are some consequences that cannot be overlooked.

  • Although domestic producers would face less competition than without the tariffs; higher prices would occur on the protected goods and services for the consumer.
  • It is absolutely accurate that with the lower competition from foreign-produced goods domestic producers would employ people and that would naturally increase wages.  However, higher wages would also increase the price of goods and reduce the rate of innovation to produce goods outside the protected sector.
  • It would also affect the ability of foreign producers to purchase American goods and our exports would decrease and with lower demand comes lower production and lower employment rates and wages

BLOG POST - How Much

What happens if Company X decides to move its production facilities to Mexico, China, Vietnam, Japan or some other nation where the cost of goods and labor is much lower than America and the government decides that as a punishment a hefty tariff would be imposed on every item the import to America?  Who pays that tariff?  Company X may write the check to the government but they will pass that cost along to the consumer doing so in each step of the process.  Ultimately, it is you and I that must pay the fine, fee, or tariff imposed and thereof I ask, “Who is really being punished?” 

Historically, tariffs do not affect only the company of a particular product but the residual effect is widespread.  The “Sugar Tariff” that Marco Rubio supports because it impacts some of his constituents in Florida has saved jobs in the sugar production industry but cost jobs in the residual industries such as confectioners, etc.

Is the solution imposing hefty tariffs on products imported to force companies to return to our shores for production?  It sounds good to “make them pay” for their disloyalty to America and Americans but we need to consider who the action hurts the most.  I would suggest that a more long-term solution would be to dramatically and drastically lower the corporate tax rate and resist the temptation to allow the federal government to manipulate the labor rate giving the free-market the opportunity to work.  I am convinced that if we dramatically lowered the tax rate and reduced the crippling regulations we would find more businesses staying in America and some returning.  The result would be a competitive market, a boost in the economy, and while we consumers might see somewhat higher prices we could and many would balance that with the knowledge and pride that we are helping to “grow the American economy” and in the end, the residual effect would mean more jobs, more innovation, more revenue for the federal government and “made in America” would become the norm, not the oddity.  I desire to “Buy American” and will pay a higher price to do so, but while I am an American I am also responsible for my family and must be prudent and responsible toward them.

BLOG POST - Bottom Line

If we simply take the approach of “tariffs” I fear we will see a negative ripple in the economic waters and rather than forcing businesses to stay or return to our shores we will see fewer jobs, higher prices, less availability of goods and services and a continuation of a bad economy.  Short-term, tariffs might be a useful tool but are they truly a long-term solution?  In any industry one can readily see the potential loss of jobs in that industry without tariffs and see the jobs saved by the action.  However, there may be 8 jobs lost in other industries for each job saved in the protected field because of the tariff(s) and those dots are difficult to connect.  Thus, the proponents argue that businesses are saved in the industry because of the tariff and argue that you cannot make a concrete connection to the residual impact on other industries as a result.  They are right and they are wrong.

THE BOTTOM LINE for me, I believe that we would be best served in dramatically lowering the corporate tax rate, lifting and reducing many of the crippling restrictions and regulations that are killing small business and helping drive business into the arms of other nations.  I can see the positive and negative in tariffs and would ask the next president to weigh the matter carefully and seek long-term solutions, not simply punitive actions.  This is one issue of many that, hopefully, the GOP will think and rethink as we seek to find the best and lasting solution to the problem of “lost jobs” to offshore localities. We are not wrong to be angry over the loss but we dare not misdirect our anger and simply blame corporations when the taxes, regulations and restrictions mandated by the federal government is a major player.

I want, long-term solutions, as do you.  So, let’s encourage our elected officials to take positive actions to bring about economic stability and confidence in America.  God bless you and God bless America!