I didn’t say “explain” but ‘splain using a colloquialism from my East Texas roots and a story I heard of Bubba and Boudreaux discussing what they believed to be a complex issue.  Bubba was having difficulty comprehending the situation and said to Boudreaux, ‘SPLAIN THIS TO ME…”   What are you talking about, Roy?  Well, let me ‘SPLAIN it to you in, assuming that there is an explanation that does not defy sanity and reason.


Question number one:  “Why would anyone, President, Democrat, Republican, or average Joe American, take such pains to ensure that nothing is done to offend the Muslims?”  Why the excessive concern with the feelings of this particular group of people?  Why so much concern for their feelings and so little concern for the feelings or sensibilities of Christians or any other group?  ‘SPLAIN that, please.  The immediate answer from most is, they are protecting their own.  Okay, if that is not a valid argument, what is the answer or are there any other possibilities?

I had a devout liberal and Obama supporter attempt to explain to me the reasoning.  He argued the talking points of this administration that there is nothing radical, evil, or violent in Islam.  When I questioned some points in the Quran and the history of the Islamic prophet which included incredible violence, pedophilia, rape, human rights abuses, and the subjugation and suppression of all non-Muslims.  He attempted to argue that the Bible and Christians did the same thing.  Specifics were a problem for him other than to say repeatedly, “The crusades, the crusades, the crusades…”  When a book of religion calls for the slaughter of innocents and those they identify as infidels and identifies that act as “doing the bidding and service of Allah (their god)” it is difficult to disassociate violence from the body of their religion.  Islam, I would contend, is far more than just a religion it is a way of governance.  So, why, in the name of sanity and reason would anyone take such pains to ensure the followers of that philosophy and religion be protected from anything they might consider offensive?

That, in my mind, suggests that either those doing so are so fearful of the followers of Islam they tremble at the thought of offending them or they agree with their overall objective in the suppression of various nations, ethnicities, religious or political views.  If it is the latter it is sheer treason they are engaged and if it is the former we need a new set of leaders with courage and conviction to step forth and lead.  Either of those possibilities will ultimately lead to the systematic destruction of America and all Western values and governments.  If it is the latter and they somehow believe that after the destruction transpires they can “control” the Muslims they are more delusional than I have previously imagined.


Question number two:  “Why would so many, in America, believe or accept the rhetoric that by ignoring the problem we can solve the problem because the problem is not really the problem?”  Sorry for asking a convoluted question but I am quite serious.  WHY?  Well, we have had at least two if not three generations of people brainwashed and subjected to thought sanitization in our schools especially in the institutions of higher learning we might have a window through which to view the problem.  The radicals of the 60’s are now the professors in colleges and universities and some of them are occupying political offices at all levels of government.  Parents have, too often, been absent from the education of their children and not given regular refutation to the fabrication and lies concocted by the leftist about our history and life and they heard and over time believed what they heard.  We are in an “information society” but are so devoid of “information” it is frightening.  We have spin, rhetoric, various narratives, but FACTUAL INFORMATION is largely non-existent.  Thus, we have millions hearing something on the “news mediums”, reading something on the “internet” and listening to political spin and forming their opinions based on what they have been told by those with a non-factual point of view but are ideologically driven rather than substance led.

Honestly, I am not sure there is a complete explanation as to why things are as they are but if the multitude of followers of Islam truly found the activities of terrorist abhorrent they would not be silent, and dance in the streets when terrorist attacks are carried out against the perceived enemies of Islam predominantly Israel and the United States.  They would not sit silently when they are aware of planned or potentially planned terrorist activities, they would SEE SOMETHING and SAY SOMETHING condemning it in the strongest of terms and aiding Law Enforcement in stopping the terrorist.  Therefore, for the President to be more concerned with protecting the image of Islam and the feelings of Muslims more than he is protecting Americans needs to be examined and kept in mind when we go to the polls and to our prayer closets.


If a people are willing to be silent when they know the plans of destruction and support the slaughter of people when anything offends their religion, I cannot be concerned with offending them.  I must be more concerned with protecting my family, property, and myself than I am whether they consider my questioning or criticism of one of their followers a commission of some unpardonable sin.  If their religion is to be construed a religion of peace then be peaceable and stand against that which breaks the peace by other followers of your religion.  When you refuse, you leave me no choice but to conclude you are either filled with fear or you agree with the actions, either way, I am left in a position of danger and with the need to defend myself and I will.

Mr. President, your incessant diatribe about the wonderfulness of Islam has wearied me and millions of Americans as you defend the slaughters, terrorist, and criminals and attempt to blame Christians, Republicans, the NRA and our 2nd Amendment Rights or “guns”.  You are not that naïve or simply misguided, I believe you are complicit in the effort to destroy our nation and way of life and that causes me to lean toward your being diabolical.  Your previous attempts to ‘SPLAIN this has not satisfied reason so until I see a change in your I will continue to believe you agree either wholly or too extensively with their desires, plans, ideology, and purposes.  That makes you and all who support your ideological and political views dangers to America.

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 2 - God and Politics

That’s right, I said politics and God and I should have made it a question because I am repeatedly challenged on my involvement and being vocal regarding political matters.  I hear, “Separation of Church and State” as a prohibition for preachers regarding expressing political views.  I hear, “God doesn’t need our help” as a reason to step back and not be on the front lines politically.  Truthfully, God does not need our help but we will look at some biblical examples of how God instructed man to become involved.  I hear, “we are to obey those in positions of authority who are our leaders” as a justification for not questioning their bad decisions or bad laws.  We are to obey those that rule over us, until and unless it violates God’s word then we have to choose between obeying man or God.  But, back to my title topic, “Is God interested in or involved in politics?”

Throughout the biblical record, we find incident after incident in which God used man to thwart bad government and depose bad leaders.  In each of those cases God could have done it Himself but I have learned and observed that God uses man to deal with problems of man including government.  God gives the guidance, ability, opportunity, and purpose, then man has to choose to obey or disobey and when a man or men (meaning human beings) accept God’s directive and step out things change.

BLOG POST 2 - What If

What would have happened had Noah ignored the directive of God to build an ark?  He had no support and was undoubtedly ridiculed but he saw the condition of man which would include government and knew that if there was going to be a perpetuation of the race with any hope of righteousness he had to become involved.  It was not an easy task, nor one of short duration but his commitment and obedience thrust him into action and we know the rest of the story.  What if Moses had adopted the belief that we are to obey those who rule, blindly and without questioning?  God could and likely would have found someone to do what Moses did but the point is that without the involvement in politics by Moses there would have been no deliverance and the Nation of Israel would not have entered the Promised Land.  What if Gideon had followed the idea that there had to be a separation of his religion and the government?  We would not have the miraculous deliverance that took place with Gideon and his small band of valiant souls.  What if Elijah had followed the idea of “Separation of Church and State” and “blind obedience to those in authority?”  He would not have confronted Ahab and Jezebel and Israel would have continued in darkness.  Instead, he faced the despots and challenged their authority and power.  Yes, God challenged each of those men and used them politically.  I would assert that without their involvement, evil would have prevailed, at least for a time beyond what it did.

Some will protest and say, “Yes, but all those examples are from the Old Testament and we are to follow the New Testament.”  Let’s examine that, if we might.  Take the case of the disciples imprisoned by the Sanhedrin, which was a government within a government, if the directive of Paul, that many  endeavor to use in the argument against involvement in politics, were the meaning they would have simply obeyed the instructions and stopped preaching in the Name of Jesus, but they did not.  They challenged the rulers of their day saying, “Whom shall we obey, God or man.”  If John the Baptist followed that mentality, he would not have challenged Herod but he did because he considered God’s right a higher authority than political authority.  Even Jesus challenged the government within the government led by the Sanhedrin and Pharisees.

BLOG POST 2 - God Uses People

To the matter of God not needing our help, it is absolutely true, He does not BUT He has chosen to use man to deal with the problems of man.  The same apostle who spoke of obeying human authority also said that if we know to do good or right and fail to do it that is a sin.  If we ignore tyranny, despotism, and the trampling of the inalienable rights given to man by our creator, can we say we are doing what is good or right?  If we fail to pray for our nation and leaders, can we say we are doing what is good or right?  If we try to live in quiet seclusion ignoring problems around us and declare that our religion is a private matter and religion and politics do not mix, are we doing what is good and right?  God told Ezekiel, that He had made the prophet a watchman on the walls and that he was to warn of wickedness and in that sense danger.  If he failed, the blood of those affected would be on his hands, but if he warned and they did not heed he would be absolved of guilt and responsibility.  I believe God has called me and many others, if not all others, to be watchmen on the walls and to sound the warning and point to the right.  That, in my view, includes all aspects of life.  Therefore, I cannot be silent and have peace in my heart that I am doing what I know to do and cannot believe my silence and blind obedience to bad government is pleasing to God.

This is my view, and you can disagree, but I ask you to consider the cost of blind obedience to evil or destructive government.  I ask you to consider the cost of removing God from all things political when the political affects every aspect of our lives.  I ask you to consider what one word at the right moment to the right person might accomplish for the kingdom of God and America.

God bless you and God bless America!  I will continue to pray knowing that all depends on God and that as He directs human beings and they respond battles and wars are won.  LET FREEDOM RING!


MY PREDICTION – The 45th President of the United States Will Be…

BLOG POST 1 - Monkey Prediction

My Prediction for the 2016 Presidential Election Winner is it will be – – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, UNLESS…  Unless what?  There are many possibilities or scenarios that could transpire to prevent or delay either of those presumptive nominees from occupying the Oval Office.  Barring something unforeseen one of them will be inaugurated on Friday, January 20, 2017, and become the 45th President of the United States of America.  That is exciting to some and anathema to others but from my vantage point, that is the cold hard reality.  I realize that some believe that a third-party candidate or alternate candidate can garner enough support to throw the election into the House of Representatives, but I cannot envision a groundswell large enough to allow any of the potential alternative candidates to win electoral votes much less enough electoral votes to prevent anyone from achieving the 270 votes needed to win the election.  That is my view, and you may or may not share it.

Back to the UNLESS that could prevent or delay either the Republican or Democrat from becoming President, what would have to happen to suspend, prevent, or delay the elections?  To suspend it, would take an incredible overreach of powers by either the President or Congress to achieve that objective.  There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution addressing the question of “wartime elections” and that means that the elections must be held even if we are in a war.  We have held presidential elections during a time of war both declared and undeclared.  Check the historical record and discover that elections were held during the War of 1812, Civil War – 1864, Philippine-American War – 1900, World War II – 1944, Korean War – 1952, Vietnam – 1964, 1968 and 1972 and the second Gulf War – 2004.  Therefore, even a war would not be sufficient to suspend the elections constitutionally.

BLOG POST 1 - Martial Law

There is the theory that Barack Obama will somehow find a way to declare “martial law” before the elections and suspend or delay the outcome.  Martial law is a very extreme and incredibly rare measure designed to control society during war or times of civil unrest that have reached levels requiring extreme measures to keep the peace and safety.  The Supreme Court has ruled that “martial law” has no precise meaning and that is frightening.  Yet, martial law nationally has only been done once by Abraham Lincoln at the beginning of the Civil War and regionally during WWII.  It can be declared by the President or Congress and Congress has never declared martial law.  It has been used by Governor’s but nationally it is an extremely rare measure but possible.  However, I am sure it would be challenged and fast-tracked to the Supreme Court were this president attempt to use it to stop the election or delay the outcome.  Would it be upheld?  That remains to be seen and in light of some recent decisions of the Court it is cause for concern.  However, were martial law to be imposed, I suppose there could be such restrictions enacted and mandated that it would prevent many from being able to travel to a place of voting to cast a ballot and skew the outcome significantly.  Again, this is hypothetical not a factual projection of what I think is going to happen.  I believe that this president and those pulling his strings and serving under him have examined every possible scenario and I would put nothing past him.  I would not be surprised if this tool of destruction were to attempt to declare himself Emperor of America.  But that would require another possibility.

BLOG POST 1 - Military Coup

To suspend the Constitution and elections and have it stand would require a Military Coup and I pray there is not enough support in the military for that to become a reality.  Barack Obama may create a crisis so significant that the public becomes willing to accept a suspension of elections and martial law out of fear but I cannot envision a scenario in which ALL CITIZENS would agree and thus another Civil War would be the result.  Were there to be a military coup and Barack Obama declared Emperor the violence and our streets would run red with blood.  That is a scenario I pray never happens and I still have enough faith in our military that there would not be sufficient support to carry out such an objective.  I have enough faith in the American people that this could never survive as a real possibility.  Do I think this president or Hillary Clinton would pursue such a scenario?  Absolutely, if they thought it had any realistic chance of succeeding.  Neither would risk being deposed and overthrown because as the elected President, they can cause incredible harm to our Constitutional Republic as we have witnessed over these past eight years.

BLOG POST 1 - Predictions

Therefore, barring something so drastic and dramatic that would bring America to a state of turmoil and chaos never witnessed in our history, either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be the 45th President of the United States of America.  The question is, “What Say You in November?”  If it is a certainty that one of them will be President, which one do you choose?  I have friends that say NEITHER and are adamant that it does not matter because at that point America is lost.  I pray that is not the case and will continue to pray fervently for my nation, examine the candidates as thoroughly as possible, and follow my conscience in November and I believe you will as well.  My request is that we PRAY, PRAY, and PRAY some more for God go guard and guide our nation.  I truly believe that America’s future and survival are hanging in the balance in the 2016 Elections and by that I mean ALL THE ELECTIONS from local to national.

God bless you and God bless America!

OKAY, Let’s Talk About Guns…


That’s right I said, talk about guns.  The sad fact is that this president and the left want to render the 2nd Amendment null and void for the Law Abiding in America.  They know, you know, and I know that “banning guns” will only take them from the hands of those who obey the law now, not the criminals, terrorist, and lunatics in the world.  Locks on doors are for honest people they do little, if anything, to deter those who are willing to steal.  When we consider the Orlando situation a number of facts come to light and “tighter gun laws” would not have prevented that evil outburst.  Why?  Because giving the FBI carte blanche to reject a person without legal basis because they deem it proper would not have prevented Omar Mateen from having guns.  Why?  Because he was licensed by the State to guard State facilities and check for people with weapons.  He was taken off the terrorist watch list by the FBI.  So, none of the proposed solutions offered by the President, the Democrat politicians, Media, and activist would have had any bearing on him and his ability to do what he did.  In fact, the FBI ignored or were prevented from any intensive investigation because they had numerous warnings.  The owner of a gun shop reported him attempting to buy heavy body armor and became suspicious.  Co-workers reported his bragging about connections to terrorist, his hatred for the West and anger at our military actions toward ISIS.  No, Mr. President the Christians, Republicans, nor the NRA caused the problem, your policies helped to ensure an open door but your political rhetoric and vitriol against anyone who dares question Islam or Islamic terrorism are misguided, at best.

BLOG POST 5 - Gun Laws

But, let’s talk about guns, legally purchased, legally kept, and legally used.  It would be almost impossible to determine the exact number of firearms in the hands of civilians in America today.  Some of the most realistic estimates are that there are approximately 270 MILLION such guns.  Some very reasonable estimates are that over 200 THOUSAND times each year a woman uses a gun to defend herself against sexual assault.  Likewise, some research I have viewed declares that 60% of felons questioned said they would opt to not attempt to accost a potential victim who was armed.

The Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy published a study that concluded there is a negative correlation between gun ownership and violent crime in countries internationally.  Simply, they reported, more guns resulted in less crime.  I know that won’t set will with the “gun control activist” but facts are stubborn things and wishing they weren’t so won’t change them.  They also reported that nations with the strictest gun control laws had substantially higher murder rates than those countries with less stringent laws or restrictions on citizens to keep and bear arms.  They reported that Nine (9) European nations with the lowest gun ownership had a combined murder rate 3 TIMES that of the Nine (9) European nations with the highest rate of gun ownership.

The report cited the nations with the highest rate of “Intentional Homicide” had Honduras at the top with 91.6 per 100,000 and the U.S. at 4.8 per 100,000.  Now, I ask, “How exactly will more stringent gun control laws help in America?”  The FBI released crime statistics and found that states with concealed carry laws reduced the murder rate by a minimum of 8.5%, rapes by 5%, aggravated assaults by 7%, and robberies by 3%.  Tell me again, how stricter gun laws will make us safer.  It was reported that in 1982, Kennesaw, Georgia, passed a law requiring heads of households to keep at least one firearm in the house. The residential burglary rate dropped by 89% compared to 10.4% in the state as a whole.  It is clear from virtually every study that guns are used 80 TIMES more often to protect a life than to take one. 


BLOG POST 5 - Guns

I have repeated this so often I feel as though I’m speaking to a wall and nobody is listening but the problem is not GUNS it is PEOPLE.  It is the moral condition of the heart, the belief system of the individual, and the willingness of that person to do what they do.  Someone said to me, “Roy as a Christian and a preacher surely you want ‘gun control’ to make everybody safer.”  I said, “I would love for everybody to be safer but having more stringent ‘gun control’ will not accomplish that.”  There are too many reports verifying my argument that if law-abiding, responsible citizens are allowed to “keep and bear” arms we are much safer than if we create a society where only the lawless have firearms.  The politicians, Hollywood Types, and money and power brokers of this world have “armed bodyguards” but not the average citizen.  Those aforementioned people will not relinquish their arms but want us to do so.  That is tragic.

The argument, here in Texas, was that if “open carry” was passed it would turn Texas into the Old West and there would be gunfights daily.  Since January when the law passed and was signed by the Governor that has proved to be a total fabrication by the left and gun control activist.  I would prefer the criminal to be uncertain about my packing status, however, you can believe I am.  I would hate to have to use my firearm on another human being but made the decision about whether I would or not, long before I purchased the gun.  In the case where I am fearful for my life, my family, my home, or an innocent person, I have already resolved the question and I feel safer and my family feels safer knowing that reality.

BLOG POST 5 - My Guns

You can think of me what you will, that is almost inconsequential because I have come to this decision through prayer, careful thought, biblical and constitutional study.  I am at peace with that choice and know that only to preserve the life of the innocent would I brandish the firearm and use it, if necessary.  I believe that is at the heart of the intent of our Founding Fathers with regard to the 2nd Amendment.  Of course, they knew the dangers of a rogue government and tyranny but they also understood the basic human right for “self-defense.”

God bless you and God bless America.  I WILL NEVER vote in any way that would allow a person who wants to take my inalienable and constitutional rights away.  November is about much, and this is certainly an issue that must be considered.




BLOG POST 1 - Blame Game

The act of terrorism in Orlando by gunman Omar Mateen is reprehensible and should be condemned at every level.  This was another act of senseless slaughter of people and with a direct link to ISIS and the Islamic jihad specifically targeted a gathering place for homosexuals.  The Muslim religion hates homosexuals and considers them fair game for slaughter whenever and wherever.  This comes on the heels of the threat of ISIS to bring terror to America and named Florida specifically.  Now, ISIS has taken credit for this act of terrorism.  The gunman Omar Mir Seddique Mateen was heard shouting “Allah Akbar” as he carried out his act of murder and mayhem which can be called nothing other than diabolical hellish terrorism.  It is reported that shortly before the attack, this terrorist called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  Does that leave questions as to who is responsible?  NONE WHATSOEVER!

Now, the left, including this President are positioning themselves to push for “more gun control” and press their agenda forward to achieve “gun control” and/or “gun bans”.  This individual, who had been interviewed and had dealings with law enforcement in 2013 and 2014 was able to legally purchase two guns in the past week or so.  The problem is not “guns” the problem is in our broken system and the pandering to Islamic jihadist out of fear of being accused of Islamophobia.  Call me whatever you please, the problem is the system and the terrorist, not GUNS.  We know that this individual was interviewed three times by the FBI suspected of having a connection to terrorist organizations and suicide bombers in particular.  Yet, he had a job as a security guard.  His ex-wife has stated that he was “not a stable person” and that he has issued threats against her in the past.  The questions I would have is, did she report this and if so when coupled with the FBI concerns why there was not a “red flag” on his background check.  Maybe there was not genuine cause for alarm and I would never want to go overboard in restricting a citizen from the lawful purchase of a firearm.  However, with the recent threat of ISIS to bring terror to Florida, the previous concerns of the FBI, and his ex-wife’s indication of previous threats of violence, that seems to be sufficient cause for the FBI, who is responsible for background checks for firearms purchases to “flag” this and do more diligent research before allowing him to purchase the guns.  Maybe I’m being too simplistic and maybe not.

I would add that I can somewhat understand the missteps and plight of the FBI in investigating any Muslim with the current administration and DOJ as their boss.  Do you remember how the FBI failed with regard to the major in the Fort Hood shootings?  What about the older brother in Boston?  Then, look at the handling of the investigation of Hillary.  I can only imagine the threat hanging over the heads of FBI agents and the fear they have of taking any action against a Muslim.  Of course, we could argue, they are supposed to be fearless in their pursuit of justice and conduct complete, thorough, and honest investigations.  But, we cannot fail to remember who is in the White House and who appointed the Attorney General or how quickly this president rushes to defend any member of Islam and how quickly he turns everything against the constitution and our 2nd Amendment Rights.  I am not seeking to absolve the FBI but I can understand their plight.

BLOG POST 1 - Kissy-Face

The problem is this administration wants to play “Kissy-face” with Islam and Islamic terrorist while targeting guns and gun organizations who seek to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.  The fact that he was a licensed security officer and held a Statewide Firearms License is problematic.  The reports are he was organized and very well-prepared.  Had he been trained?  Was he working as a lone-wolf?  Were there connections to ISIS, the Taliban or other Islamic terrorist groups?  Questions we will likely not get answers to with the history of this administration in dealing with Domestic Islamic Terrorist.

My stance on gun violence has been consistent.  We must carefully guard and protect the lawful ownership and right to keep and bear arms of legal American citizens.  However, if anyone commits a crime using a firearm they should have the book thrown at them and punished to the full extent of the law.  Maybe we need to increase the punishment, close the loopholes, and strictly enforce the laws we now have while acknowledging the real threat of terror from Islamic jihadist.  That, instead of using every terrible act of evil violence as an opportunity to go after the 2nd Amendment Rights of Americans.  The NRA did not create this situation.  The 2nd Amendment is not the problem, evil is.  The firearms are not the problem, people filled with evil, hate or suffering from mental disorders of the gravest kind are.  We need to move from the misguided and misdirected blame to the real problem.  However, I know this administration and the Democrat Left will seek to “never let a crisis go to waste” and spin the spin, use the willing media, and continue the narrative and rhetoric of the evil gun.  Using flawed logic results in flawed action and reaction and NEVER solves a problem but often exacerbates it.

BLOG POST 1 - Problem

So, Mr. President, Mrs. Clinton, and all politicians I plead with you to abandon your push to ban guns and strip us of our 2nd Amendment Rights and turn the focus one of the gravest threats to America and Americans, ISLAMIC TERRORISM.  I also plead with all so-called moderate and peaceful Muslims to OPENLY CONDEMN and take steps to STAMP OUT this type of behavior rather than attack anyone who calls attention to this evil.  If you want to be known and believed to be a Religion of Peace then take steps to condemn the evil, call it what it is and join the fight to rid the world of all who follow this diabolical hellish mentality.  Until you do, I can only believe what I see and what I see is the evil and violence of Islamic Jihadism.  I would condemn any so-called Christian or groups that did this and I condemn this.

Another evidence and proof that if we allow Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to keep the White House and make inroads in Congress we are dooming America.  I CANNOT DO THAT and will continue the fight to reclaim and restore our Republic!

God bless you and God bless America!

TEFLON CLINTON – – Cash Magnets…

BLOG POST - Cash Magnets

Of course, Bill thinks he is a chick magnet, but the Clinton’s are masters at finding the cash and acquiring financial help to facilitate their lifestyles and agenda.  History indicates that former Texas Governor Jim Hogg was quite corrupt and would sell favors for money.  The story goes that he was at a gala and someone accidently stepped on his foot and said, “Pardon me, Governor Hogg.”  The governor responded, “That’ll be $25,000.”  Bill and Hillary Clinton’s mantra is or should be “Show Me the Money!”  The list of questionable and corrupt sources of donations and funds that have come and are coming to them is almost endless.  However, so little is said about it by the media and sadly the Republican Establishment considers the topic too close to home for them to venture into the debate.  The result, the Clintons continue their “influence peddling” and amassing fortunes and campaign donations from sources with views and agendas totally foreign to the American ideals or benefit for America.

This is not new with them and another reason I would like to see the campaigns shortened significantly, Super-Pac’s eliminated, and the corruption in campaign contributions dealt with.  Not that this was the first, but back in 1996, Bill received large donations from people or organizations representing Communist China.  Now, why would a political candidate be supported by China?  I can assure you it was not an attempt to do the right thing for America, but if you believe it was harmless then maybe you can help me catch the unicorns that graze in my backyard from time to time.  Do you remember the names, Johnny Chung and Charlie Trie?  They were the source of millions to the Clintons and the recipient and the donors broke existing federal laws.  How about, Bernard Schwartz, the chief executive of Loral Space & Communications?  He managed to drop $1.3 million in the Clinton coffers and in return Bill gave the green light for Loral to aid Beijing in their rocket program.  Bill overruled the State Department and ignored the concerns of the Pentagon, but when you “sell influence” you have to pay up if you want the flow of cash to continue.  America’s best interest?  As Hillary would say, “What difference does it make?”  After, all the “end justifies the means” right?

BLOG POST - Clinton Cash

The Clinton’s left the White House in 2001 and virtually raided it taking furniture, dishes, etc.  Their claims to be “poor” always fails to acknowledge that their financial problems were due to their having to deplete their holdings to defend Bill from impeachment charges.  They may have been broke when the departed the White House but all of us would like to be as broke as they are today.  It is estimated they are now worth well over $200 million and most of it has come from “influence peddling” where the funds are funneled through the Clinton Foundation.  It did not end when they left the White House, but continued in Hillary’s Senate tenure and became even more pronounced while she was Secretary of State.  Do you really wonder why she opted for a “personal, private email server” against the directives and regulations of the State Department and federal law?  If you are seeking to “hide” your activities from Congress, the Courts, and the Public you ignore the law refuse to be transparent and conduct illicit activities knowing you will likely never be prosecuted if what you have done is discovered.

BLOG POST - Bill Clinton

There is much ado about Donald Trump’s failed University and it would appear there should be some concerns, but nothing is mentioned about Bill Clinton’s being hired as Chancellor for the Laureate Network, the world’s largest for-profit university network.  Bill and some of his cronies were hired to promote the university and investors in this multinational university include Henry Kravis, George Soros, Steve Cohen, and Paul Allen.  In fact, one of the investors in Laureate University, S A C Capital Advisors LP, is a hedge fund that had to pay $1.2 BILLION in a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice to settle allegations of insider trading.  You and I would have gone to jail for less but not the Clinton’s or their friends.  The law, it would seem, only applies to the average citizen or a conservative constitutionalist.  A judge recently released sealed documents on the Trump University but there has been nor will there be a release of documents showing how much Bill Clinton was paid for his promotion of Laureate, or what other possible connections there might be for the Clinton Foundation.  Do I sense a bit of hypocrisy in all this?  But alas, the media and the leftist tell us, “Nothing to see here, move on.  After all, this was in the past so it is no longer fair game.”  SORRY, but I don’t see it that way.  The Clinton’s have demonstrated a willingness to flock with some very dirty birds and if the saying, “Birds of a feather, flock together” is true then they too are dirty birds!

We dare not forget or fail to consider the corruption or apparent corruption involving the Clinton’s when it comes time to elect a President in November.  If we do and she is allowed to be sworn in as President of these United States of America the price will be greater than we can pay.  REMEMBER NOVEMBER!  

God bless you and God bless America!