Today, we have more civil disharmony than we have witnessed in decades and I lay a large portion of the blame at the feet of this administration, the Democrats, the MSM, and activist groups that are feeding on people’s fears and plight. Wrong is wrong and if you begin with a wrong premise you reach a wrong conclusion. If the root is wrong or faulty the tree cannot produce the desired fruit or good fruit.

I am troubled by the actions of a growing chorus of people in disrespecting America and our National Symbol and Anthem. I understand that people have a right to protest and would never want to censor people’s right or restrict their ability to rightfully and peacefully protest.  However, I believe that the actions taken with regard to the playing of the National Anthem demonstrate a disrespect that is not conducive to finding a resolution to the real or perceived problem(s). I am not saying there are not problems only that this is the wrong forum and in many ways fans the flames of discord rather than offering an olive branch or a viable solution. There are right ways and right times to voice discontent, debate, and even protest and in my view, this is the wrong way. Disagree if you please but that is my view and I do believe that I have the right to form my own opinion as much as those protesting have the right to voice and from theirs.

The narrative that we have a ‘systemic racial problem’ in our justice system and in the police forces across America is both flawed and detrimental to finding solutions to the problems that exist. When we paint the Police with the broad brush of ‘systemic racism’ we detract from the overwhelming majority of Police Officers who truly want to serve and keep the peace and are not racist.  Many of them, and I do not know the percentages, are minorities, are they also racist?  The number of wrongful shootings of anyone by police is a very small number statistically as the evidence has repeatedly revealed.  When police shootings, justified or unjustified, are compared to the homicides in our major cities where the vast majority of black people shot are shot by other blacks the protests lose credibility.  The idea that the police and white people, in general, are on a hunting spree to find and murder blacks is so ludicrous it deserves no response.

It is our right to protest, express dissent, and debate the issues and that is as American as Apple Pie.  I not only defend that right but encourage it when done peacefully, at the right time, and in the right way and spirit.  But, I can never justify the ‘rioting, looting, burning, physically accosting, and anarchy’ that is being demonstrated and promoted by groups like “BLM”, the “New Black Panthers” and other groups.  In what way does burning businesses advance the cause of those who truly believe that the System is Rigged, Systematically Racist and that the police are racially targeting blacks with abandon. Even if you believe that, how is destroying the property of others, harming others, stealing, and inciting violence ever justified?  When leaders of various movements and in protests declare that whites are devils and encourage the murder of police and whites, in general, how is that not destructive and blatantly racist?  PLEASE DO NOT argue that it is in any way justified. IT IS NOT!

When any police officer wrongly shoots any person regardless of ethnicity that officer should be and must be held accountable. PERIOD!  When the facts reveal that the shooting was justified there is no basis of protest, demonstration, or attempting to fan the flames of hate and fear.  “Hands up don’t shoot” was based on a fabrication that has been disproven.  Racism is wrong regardless of which direction it comes.  I understand that there are people who lived through the 50’s and 60’s that were discriminated against and wrongfully treated. I can’t go back and cause that to not have happened.  I understand that those individuals learned to distrust and have a very difficult time respecting authority. In the past 8 years, there has been an almost incessant attempt to fan the flames of racial discord. WHY?  That would take a book to answer and then would be incomplete. One of the reasons is HATE but another is more sinister and diabolical, the POLITICAL and IDEOLOGICAL designed to divide and conquer this nation.

If you are offended that I declare that ALL LIVES MATTER I am sorry you are but I believe that to not embrace that truth is to state that some lives are more important than others and can justifiably be identified as RACIST. I detest everything that the Islamic Jihadist stand for but do not consider their lives worthless for they were created by God like you and I. They have a wrong belief and it is destructive. Should they be held accountable? ABSOLUTELY!  I disagree with various movements but consider their lives worth saving, if possible.  Being lawless and doing harm to other people and public or private property is WRONG and cannot be justified.  A person is not bad because they are black, brown, white or any other color. Skin pigmentation does not define the person, attitude does. So, can we stop the use of ‘broad brushes’ for political or ideological purposes and address specific situations in a civil and peaceful manner?  When we actually listen we virtually always find something worth hearing and when we accept that different perspectives produce different views we have a basis to work toward a solution. RIOTING, MAIMING, MURDER, LOOTING, BURNING, and DISRUPTING only produces more distrust and discord, so STOP IT PLEASE!

God bless you and God bless America!




Maybe that is unfair, she may not be able to stand considering her recent health issues and episodes of fainting or whatever has been happening.  I say that partially in jest and partially in seriousness, for I truly wonder if she does not have some major health issue that is being hidden like most other things with regard to this individual and the Clinton’s in particular.

She claims there were no classified emails sent or received and that she did not lie.  We know both those assertions were fabrications otherwise known as lies.  If she truly thinks that both are the truth, then her medical condition is clearly neurological and possibly psychiatric or psychotic.  She claims that she never advanced the ‘birther’ issue regarding Barack Obama but we know that her campaign did as she sought to bring question as to his qualifications in her attempt to secure the nomination in 2008.  There again, if she believes her claim to be truth then she either has some incredible memory issues or is pathological in her pursuit of falsehood.  She claims that she stands for women’s rights but viciously attacked the women accusing Bill Clinton of sexual crimes or liaisons as bimbo’s and liars even after standing before the world and saying that if a woman claims ‘rape’ she should be heard and believed.  Again, not sure what is going on but have a deep seated suspicion that it is a willingness to do whatever it takes to become president and I do mean anything.  She seems to have an incredibly bad memory, highly selective memory or is pathological in her abuse of the truth.

Then we come to the Clinton Foundation and its direct connection to their personal financial windfall as well as her campaign coffers.  The Clinton’s claim there is nothing to see here because the Foundation is a wonderful organization doing unparalleled good around the world.  The “pay for play” is almost too obvious to ignore and although there may not be sufficient evidence uncovered at this point to make prosecution unavoidable, I’m not sure law enforcement has truly looked and the smell of the rat and rottenness is unavoidable.  But, let’s consider the Wonderful Philanthropic and Charitable Champions of Human Rights and meeting dire needs in the world through the Clinton Foundation.

It is well documented that 85 of the 154 people she met with as Secretary of State were people who donated to her Foundation, Campaign or promised to support one of the international programs associated with the Foundation.  The donations from foreign entities are questionable if not blatantly illegal but, alas, “What difference does it make now?” would seem to be the response.  “Move on nothing to see here, that is yesterday’s news!”  How about the revelation that 50% of the staffers paid under the GSA program also worked for the Clinton Foundation.  That is, at best, a conflict of interest, and at worst fraud and corruption or both.  Her former chief of staff at the State Department, Cheryl Mills, also worked for the Clinton Foundation simultaneously.  Now, if nothing was illegal in the emails or the unethical dual association by Ms. Mills why was she granted immunity by the FBI to cooperate?  The fact that Ms. Mills was connected to both the State Department and the Clinton Foundation is not acceptable but alas, excused in the same vein as the FBI’s response to Hillary’s emails.  But, let’s get to where the rubber meets the road regarding the actual monies that were spent on charitable causes unless you consider the Clinton’s personal well-being a charitable cause.  The amount is atrocious!

In 2013 the evidence reveals that only 10% of their budget went to charity!  The breakdown is as follows:  Other expenses 34%, Salaries/benefits 33%, IT 2%, Office supplies 6%, Rent 5%, Travel 10%, and Charitable Grants 10%.  Take in consideration that Hillary & Bill claim that 88% of their expenditures go directly to life-changing work.  WHOSE LIFE?  The Clintons?  Then in 2014 it gets even better or worse depending on your perspective.  In the reporting year of 2014, the amount spent for Charitable Causes dipped to 5.7%.  The IRS filings made by the Foundation indicate that they spent almost $91.5 million in 2014 of that $5.2 million went to charity and almost $35 million in salaries and benefits and a whopping $50.4 million was classified as OTHER EXPENSES.  I wonder what those other expenses were.  Someone suggested that it was “Bimbos for Bill” but who knows.  We do know they continue to grow wealthier and foreign entities continue to funnel money to them and their foundation but precious little of the funds reach those in need of charitable grants.  Did I mention that $851,000 was listed as ‘professional fundraising expenses”?  But alas, the Clinton’s are personally very charitable they gave $1 million to charity and no one noticed that the million went to their personal slush fund.

Ethics and Hillary are not synonymous and yet millions are still considering allowing her to become president of the United States either by direct vote or backdoor vote.  I cannot fathom that as a real possibility but it is.  America, if we do not WAKE UP and RETURN to our founding principles we are going to do more than pay the piper we are going to see the demise of the Republic we have loved and now hold dear!

God bless you and God bless America!




I doubt seriously that, in a short session, I could adequately address the reasons why a significant number of Americans have bought into the Globalist Mentality but it is a reality and a dangerous one.  The quote, “If you want peace, prepare for war” is a quote attributed to many but it appears that it was first issued by the historian Vegetius to the Roman emperor over 1700 years ago.  It is not a new thought but most assuredly is a philosophy that has been proven valid over time.  Strength keeps peace far more than weakness and if you are dealing with a threat or a bully weakness or the perception of weakness only encourages them whereas strength often causes them to rethink their plans and/or actions.

I would argue, as do many historians and world leaders of the past and present, that when America manifested overwhelming military and industrial might it helped to maintain peace in the world.  Today, we have a sitting president and too many in political power who embrace the idea of Globalism and are intent on weakening America’s military might and also damaging our industrial strength.  That has led to and will continue to lead to instability throughout the world and bury us in quagmires of conflict that we may never dig out of.  I believe that is by design and deliberate and, in my view, incredibly Un-American and contrary to everything America has and should now stand for.

What is Globalism?  The full definition and description would probably take more time and space than would reasonably be allowed in this forum but basically, I view it from two specific major strains.  There is the Libertarian view that believes that isolationism militarily and free trade will always result in peace and prosperity.  The other is the Totalitarian view that believes that nations are obsolete and the future belongs to bought into and become part of the One World or a World without Borders or Nationalism.  In Globalism there is no national loyalty and national sovereignty is viewed as obstructive and a thing to be relegated to ancient history.

But, Globalism’s view of a world without borders and a One World Government and all human beings being citizens of the world rather than of a Free Sovereign Nation is quite dangerous for America.  Take the issue of Illegal Immigration and you should immediately see the dangers in this mentality.  A mentality that is embraced by the current president and the Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump, on the other hand, has offered some radical proposals regarding Illegal Immigration and Immigration from countries where Anti-Americanism and Islamic Jihadism is not only prevalent but promoted.  That has earned him the ire of a myriad of people especially the MSM and the Democrats but it has also been attacked by some Republicans as being Un-American.  Hillary Clinton has vowed to eliminate our borders within her first 100 days in office and has issued a declaration that she will STOP rounding up Illegals and prevent our Border Patrol and other Law Enforcement agencies from protecting America and enforcing our laws.  WHY?  I believe it is rooted in her Globalist mentality and in a hope of ensuring a significant portion of the Hispanic vote goes Democrat in November.  Her interest is largely Hillary Clinton but it is also part and parcel of her Globalist view and belief that national sovereignty should be a thing of the past.  Of course, she like most power seekers, think they will be key players in the control of the world.

Our founding fathers understood the importance of national identity and national sovereignty in order to provide a union in which all citizens could enjoy freedom of speech, religion, maintain the right to private property, have protection against unlawful and unreasonable search and seizure, keep and bear arms, and in general maintain the right to pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness.  That was to ensure that we would not be subjected to the whims of a Despot or Human Potentate but would be according to each person’s own Free Choice.  That ceases to be if we lose our National Sovereignty and become a member of the World Union in which the ruling powers determine what, if any rights, we have as citizens.   Globalism also endangers our citizens from a defense perspective.  If there are no borders, no controls over who enters, no regulations as to who and what can come because we are borderless and citizens of the world terrorism is free to roam wherever and whenever and we have no means of combating it.

There is much more to Globalism than what I have described but those are a few of the problems I see in the philosophy and ideology.  We are rapidly moving away from the America of our Founders, our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, and our Bill of Rights to one that will plunge us into a darkness we have not yet known.  I stand for AMERICA as a FREE and the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC and will give my all to defend that view.  In November, if we allow Hillary Rodham Clinton to be inaugurated as President America’s sovereignty will be damaged greatly if not destroyed completely.  I am unable to passively accept that and will do everything I can to STOP HILLARY and make NEVER HILLARY a realized reality.

God bless you and God bless America!



Every day there is something new that causes me to have strong doubts about the future of our republic and most of them make my blood boil.  This administration has pushed the needle so far forward in not only ‘fundamentally transforming’ but ‘reducing to rubble’ our constitutional republic.  Everything from Obamacare, the IRS, Homeland Security, NSA, Foreign Affairs, National Security, Terrorism, the Economy and much more continue to expose the disaster if not his intent to destroy and punish the United States of America.  Who would have imagined that could be even a remote possibility just a few decades ago.  Imagine telling the WWII generation in the 1940’s that this would be the state of the nation after the turn of the century.  I’m not sure what they would have said but they probably would have recommended a ‘straight jacket’ and ‘psychiatric care’ for those advancing that theory or suggesting that scenario.  But, alas, reality is reality and here we are.

We know from numerous reports that many of those detained or incarcerated in Gitmo this president has ordered released are, once again, leading the fight against us in Islamic terrorism.  In fact, the numbers suggest that about 1 out of 3 return to active jihadism and that number may be even higher.  He has been hell bent on closing Gitmo with virtually no regard for our national security.  Even when he is forced to acknowledge that some of them have rejoined ISIS or other Islamic terrorist organization he downplays it calling them low-level operatives and criticizes us for complaining and tells us that Gitmo is UNAMERICAN.  No, Mr. President, you are UNAMERICAN but protecting America and Americans is a very AMERICAN action!  The push for Amnesty and the push to eradicate our borders continues to lead to an erosion of our national security and the full impact of that policy has yet to be fully revealed.  I can assert without fear of being proven wrong that policy will cost many American lives and open the door to terrorism on a scale we have never known before.

But, now there is something coming to light that will get almost ZERO NOTICE in the Press or from most politicians or political candidates.  WHAT WOULD THAT BE?  Glad you asked.  We now have a report that the United States Government has ‘mistakenly’ granted citizenship to at least 858 immigrants who had pending deportation orders.  They came from countries of concern to our national security and with astronomical rates of immigration fraud.  Imagine that!  MISTAKENLY?  I have difficulty believing that anything was ‘by accident’ with this administration and even if this proves to be accurate in this situation it exposes the incredible ineptitude and inefficiency of our VETTING PROCESS.  We don’t know, for the most part, who is here or what they are doing and that is a colossal disaster with regard to National Security. 

We are told that they skirted detection by using different names and/or dates of birth to avoid detection. IS THAT ALL IT TAKES?  Wow, I feel so safe now, don’t you?  But the matter is even worse as DHS reports they have identified another 953 who have been naturalized despite having deportation orders pending.  DHS states they do not know if those person had digital fingerprints on file or not.  WHY NOT?  I had to be fingerprinted to get my Concealed Carry License , have been fingerprinted numerous times in security clearances, and in a few jobs, I sought.  So why would someone who is seeking to become a naturalized citizen of the United States not be vetted thoroughly including being fingerprinted?  That is beyond ineptitude!  To make matters worse we are being told that there are upwards of 350,000 who have final deportation orders or are criminal fugitives with not digital fingerprints in our system.  Again, we do not know where they are or what they are doing and we are supposed to close Gitmo, open our borders, allow inadequately vetted refugees from the Middle East, and other Islamic nations come in by the 100’s of thousands!  SERIOUSLY!  That is a good national security policy?  Well, it is a policy that Hillary Rodham Clinton agrees with and desires!  Some of those who have bypassed our system and wrongly granted citizenship have clearances in aviation and at least one is in law enforcement.  WHAT ELSE ARE THEY DOING and WHERE ARE THEY DOING IT?

I call upon all lovers of Freedom and patriots to consider the disaster the past 7 plus years has been and consider the destruction that a Hillary Clinton presidency would bring.  We allow her to become President to our own peril and endanger America and Freedom around the world.  If you like the idea of a borderless world where a few moneyed and powerful people run the world, she is your obvious choice for president.  If you want a restored America and desire to give the republic a fighting chance to survive then you will become a NEVER HILLARY person, I am quite sure.  Maybe not but I cannot imagine a worse disaster other than Michelle Obama being president than a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

God bless you and God bless America!



I have many people tell me of their unshakable objection to both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and while I question that stance in light of what a Hillary Clinton Presidency would mean negatively for America, I accept it as current reality.  The health questions regarding Hillary Clinton not to mention the numerous scandals cannot be eliminated from the political conversation today.  Even the liberal MSM finds them difficult to ignore and it appears that the Democrat hierarchy is greatly concerned about an election they thought was a slam dunk.

It has been rumored and reported that the powers that be in the DNC are meeting, strategizing and developing Plan B, C, D, etc. should something happen to Hillary.  Their dilemma is that UNLESS Hillary withdraws there is virtually nothing they can legally do to strip her of the nomination.  I have a friend that has predicted that Barack Obama would occupy the White House beyond January 20, 2017, and I have wrestled with the possibilities and scenario as to how that might become a reality and today I am going to offer a NIGHTMARE that could fill that bill.  However, nothing I am going to present has any validity UNLESS Hillary Clinton is coerced, forced, or chooses to step aside.  If she stays in the race, she is the DNC’s nominee in November and at this point, it would appear she will be.

Let me offer what I would call THE NIGHTMARE OF NIGHTMARES politically:

Suppose something, health, legal, or otherwise forced Hillary Clinton to withdraw from the Presidential race.  What would happen then?  What are the possibilities for the Democrats and America?  TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE and if this does not make your skin crawl I’m not sure anything would.  Were Hillary Clinton to withdraw the backroom arm-twisting, deal-making, and cronyism would explode and many possible scenarios could come forth.  I want to give you some possibilities that I believe are viable and extremely possible if that were to happen.

Probably the first choice of the powers that be in the DNC would bring Joe Biden to the forefront and offer him as the standard bearer for their party.  Most Democrats would rally around that and it might even be considered a breath of fresh air to the stale candidacy of Hillary Clinton.  However, I’m sure that the Bernie Sanders crowd would find that another slap in their faces and some, not all, might be so incensed they would withhold their vote for Biden in November.  I personally do not believe that group would be large enough to significantly offset or sway the outcome.  I could easily be wrong.

BLOG POST 1 - Nightmares.png

The second scenario is the NIGHTMARE OF NIGHTMARES of which I speak.  What if Hillary were to step down and the DNC opted to nominate MICHELLE OBAMA as their choice for President in November.  I’m sorry I should have warned you so that you could have had some smelling salts or a defibrillator on hand but hopefully, you have regained your composure and can continue considering this scenario or nightmare as is a more appropriate description.  If Michelle Obama were to become the nominee replacing Hillary Clinton the Democrats would have accomplished several objectives.  They would still have a woman at the top of their ticket, a minority, an ultra-leftist that has a demonstrated history of being Anti-America in ideology, and would be a continuation and expansion of the policies, ideology, and agenda of Barack Obama.  If she were elected that would mean Barack Obama would not have to leave the White House and would still have that forum to work his destruction as the husband of the president.  If that is not the NIGHTMARE OF NIGHTMARES I do not know a more frightening one!

Let me further ask all who are avowed NEVER TRUMP rather than NEVER HILLARY advocates, “If Hillary were to step aside and Michelle Obama were to become the nominee of the Democrats, would you still say better Michelle than Trump or there would is no difference in either the candidates or parties?”  I would expect you to remain consistent but I cannot imagine anyone who loves America and holds constitutional and conservative values and views being willing to see Michelle Obama become President of the United States of America.  If that were to happen, people standing firm that it would be acceptable for her to be president, my faith in the American people would be completely lost.

Will there be an October Surprise?  I do not know and if there is I do not know which candidate or party it will impact the most but were this scenario I have presented become a reality that would be, in my view, THE NIGHTMARE OF NIGHTMARES politically for America.  November may well be the end of the end for America or it could provide a small respite and give us a glimmer of hope.  THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

God bless you and God bless America!



A recent article by Bob Weir entitled “Pulling the Plug on America” jumpstarted or rekindled some thoughts from observations that I have noted and commented on in the past.  I agree with Mr. Weir that there was a time in American politics when any public official elected or appointed was exposed in their incompetence, negligence, corruption, or scandalous behavior they would virtually immediately resign and go into hiding.  That ship has sailed and rather than resigning and hiding they are often lauded as champions of this or that cause, given a free pass, and reappointed or reelected.  HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED IN AMERICA!

I’m not sure what it would take, in these times, especially regarding leftist liberal politicians to cause them to resign or be booted from office but clearly, bribery, mismanagement, gross negligence, criminal activity, blatant cronyism, and outright fraud are not sufficient to elicit that response.  Donald Trump and others are right in saying, “The system is rigged.”  Some of the assertions are wrong from various complainants about a “Rigged System” but in matters of politics, it is accurate to a frightening level for all lovers of Freedom and defenders of the Constitutional Republic.

Political Correctness runs amok today and for the past 7+ years, we have suffered at the hands of a political ideologue that virtually everyone in Congress, the media, and much of the public fear to challenge.  WHY?  Because no one likes to be branded with the “racist” label and many have bent over backward to accommodate his lawlessness, recklessness, mismanagement, fraud, scandals, cronyism, and anti-Americanism and he has taken full advantage of it.  I wish I could hear what Richard Nixon would say about the current president and about the nominee of the Democrats, but I think I know what he’d say.  I wonder what George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Rush, John Adams, and the other founding fathers would say, but I think I have a pretty good idea.  The tragedy is not what people of the past would say it is WHAT ARE WE SAYING TODAY! 

There is a myriad of examples I could offer to support this idea of the moral and political drift that has transpired but consider the lawlessness of this president and how he is defended and shielded by the press, politicians, and even the courts.  Then, consider the current Attorney General of the United States who because of her gender and ethnicity appears to be off limits for criticism.  This public figure is head of the Department of Justice which includes the FBI.  We all know that had the FBI recommended prosecution of Hillary Clinton for her gross negligence and other crimes and the DOJ followed through, Hillary’s chances of being elected would have been dramatically if not fatally damaged.  In my view, the FBI, the DOJ, and the White House blatantly ignored facts and the law to protect the heir-apparent to the throne erected by the Leftist in the Oval Office.  Then, couple the teaming up of the Establishment Republicans, the Media, and the Democrats to stop Donald Trump, it is impossible to not see the reality that corruption no longer carries any stigma in American politics.  Donald Trump, with all his quirks and flaws, has come out in support of dismantling Obamacare and in voiding many of Mr. Obama’s Executive Orders, as well as the potential to launch a serious investigation into the illegal money laundering in the Iran Ransom Payment Deal.  He would also, possibly, prevent the packing of the Supreme Court with liberal activist jurist and more.  Therefore, the Republican and Democrat Establishments have united as birds of a feather to prevent any disruption to the House of Corruption.

America it is now time that we wake up.  I am not saying that Donald Trump is the Knight in Shining Armor only that Hillary is a pawn of the diabolical and will further harm if not completely destroy our Constitutional Republic.  That is why I will vote to STOP HILLARY CLINTON in November.

God bless you and God bless America!



Let me correct that, IT IS THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG and what we do not know can and will and likely is hurting us.  This president’s attitude toward America, our founding principles and heritage is deeply troubling but when we couple that with his actions toward those peoples and nations who are avowed enemies of the United States of America and Freedom as we know it, that is frightening because it’s apparent intent is American Destruction not just Fundamental Transformation.

We belatedly heard about the $400 million CASH PAYMENTS (but of course it is not ransom) and that the method of carrying out this action was so covert that it was clearly designed to hide from our allies our violation of the international sanctions, deceive Congress, and lie to the America people about the lawlessness of this act.  It is, under any definition, money laundering and most of us would be indicted and imprisoned were we to engage in that type of activity but the lawless one in the White House considers himself above the law and apparently Congress agrees as do some of the justices in our judicial system.  Sadly, millions of Americans have no problem with his lawlessness and that is even more troubling.  But, the $400 MILLON was only a small part of a much larger scheme that has possibly reached over $33.6 BILLION paid to the terrorist nation of Iran in Cash and Gold by this government.

This president once said, “I’m president so I can do what I want.”  No, Mr. Obama, you are an elected official and according to the Constitution of these United States of America, you are restricted in what you can do.  You, sir, are neither a king nor a regal potentate with unlimited powers nor are you a divine.  You are a man who was elected, fairly or unfairly but your ascension to power was through the ballot box in two elections and that does not afford you unlimited power or exemption from following the Constitution and the Law.  Well, it should not!

I have discovered through some reports and various sources of information and Congressional Records that between 2014 and 2016 this administration has engaged in secret transactions of transference of money to Iran in the form of Cash or Gold Iran may have and is likely to have received as much as $33.6 BILLION in payments.  How is this not being openly reported and why has Congress taken no legal action or Congressional action to hold this lawless president accountable?  I cannot fully answer that but the corruption of the fraternity of cronies in Washington reaches farther than most believe or can conceive.

It seems that the Obama administration has argued that these funds insured the best method of Iran gaining immediate access to the monies.  I do not disagree, but I do disagree that the payments should never have been made in the first place.  Of course, if you give anyone cash or gold they have more immediate use of the money than if you transfer it through the proper legal channels.  This allows the terrorist more ready access to funds to facilitate their terrorism.  Why would ensuring Iran more immediate access and use of the funds be in the best interest of the United States of America?  IT IS NOT!

This is not the normal, constitutional or defined method of transfer of funds and largely takes Congress out of the loop and hides the transactions from the eye of the voters.  It violates our international agreements, sidesteps our Constitution, bypasses Congressional oversight and UNLESS there were specific exemptions requested and granted IT IS ILLEGAL.  At this juncture I can find no evidence of exemptions being requested or granted and if that is the case Mr. Obama and his administration have once again, trampled on the Constitution and violated our Laws.

Hillary Clinton not only agrees with his practices but has gone beyond in many of her personal, public, and private endeavors and would exponentially expand this type of activity were she to become the 45th President of the United States of America.  ARE YOU WILLING TO ALLOW OR RISK THAT?  I cannot with good conscience take any action that would further enhance her chances of winning in November.  NEVER HILLARY is my continual cry and stance.

God bless you and God bless America!