MOTIVE – That Elusive Element in Life and Politics…


Frequently, I will encounter something and the first thought is, “What is the motive?”  There are times, the motive is incredibly obvious and at other times, it is dubiously vague and difficult to ascertain.  The effect is clear but the reason for the action sometimes opaque.  In life, we are often challenged to determine MOTIVE.  That is not easy in any sphere of life and in politics often opens the door to wrong decisions or reactions and cripples our ability to rightly answer the false ideas that motivated the action.

Among the more recent events that beg for a determination of MOTIVE was the Green Party effort to demand a ‘recount’ in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.  Jill Stein received less than 1% of the vote, therefore a recount would not affect her standing, so what was the motive?  I cannot definitively answer that, I can only speculate based on information available, words spoken, and participants in the process.  Although she declared that it would be tragic for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to be elected president, she knows that one of them will be the 45th President and the recount won’t change that reality.  Therefore, her suggested MOTIVE of ensuring the election was not fraught with fraud and valid, might be real but highly suspect.  The election officials of those states have declared there is no evidence of hacking or manipulation of machines or ballots, so the question looms large.  Also, why only the states that Donald Trump won narrowly and not include those won narrowly by Hillary?  If you want to ensure that no fraud took place, why not go to California, and seek to verify the voter rolls where it is reported that several million voted illegally?  MOTIVE, in this case, seems to be designed to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the next president or delegitimize his election regardless of the spin they are advancing.  The source of the money and the union of Hillary in the effort suggest my suspicion is correct.

How about the Protests/Riots after the election and the death threats to the designated electors if they vote for Donald Trump?  What’s the MOTIVE behind the protest/riot activities and the death threats?  The rioters/protesters official statement is they are upset with the outcome and their votes had been voided by a corrupt and flawed system rigged against them.  Then, we discovered that a significant portion of those protesting had not even registered to vote!  Imagine that, protesting because their vote, which they did not cast, had been subverted.  I guess they thought that we were using ‘mind-reading ballots’ and the election would be decided on their desire rather than actual votes.  What is the MOTIVE?  With the protests/riots, there is documented evidence that a George Soros backed entity or entities hired some to protest at wages up to $35 per hour.  Not bad work, if you can get it, right?  The MOTIVE might be genuine dissatisfaction but it might also be the work of dire forces ‘unseen’ and ‘unreported’ who want to delegitimize the election of Donald Trump and hamper his administration in its pursuit of the announced agenda and lay the groundwork for impeachment.  It might be that the Democrats, leftist, liberal, and progressives want to create a mentality in the American people that the only legitimate means of electing a president is raw popular vote rather than the proportional system now used in the Electoral College.  It might be rooted in the desire to ‘fundamentally transform’ America and render our Constitution null and void.  It might be something other than genuine angst by those on the losing side of the election.

What about the decision of Barack Obama to order the Border Patrol and I.C.E. to stop surveillance of our borders as his term expires?  What is the MOTIVE of encouraging more and more people to come to America ILLEGALLY?  What is the MOTIVE of those elected officials in cities across America to defend SANCTUARY CITIES where ILLEGALS are given sanctuary even if their history is violent?  What is the MOTIVE of allowing ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION?  Is it purely humanitarian as some on the left proclaim or something quite other than compassion?  If America is important and the Free Constitutional Republican Form of Government valuable, then national sovereignty is vital and to maintain that a secure border is required.  Is the MOTIVE to erase the borders and transform America into a member nation of the World Community where borders are eliminated and everyone is a Citizen of the World without the protection and security of individual national sovereignty?  Is the MOTIVE to develop and solidify a voting base that will assure power to a particular party and ideology into perpetuity?  Is the MOTIVE to allow asylum to those who truly are in danger?  I have a strong opinion but cannot give a 100% definitive answer to the MOTIVE of everyone engaged in this battle.  However, I can say the MOTIVE to have a secure nation should be important and if anyone is truly needing political asylum there are clear means to achieve that, but we dare never lose sight of the danger and fact that coming here ILLEGALLY is a Crime.

What is the MOTIVE for politicians to seek political office?  What is the MOTIVE for the activist to spin their rhetoric, engage in demonstrations, and even commit acts of violence?  What is the MOTIVE for wanting what we want socially, economically, morally, relationally, spiritually, or politically?  I continue to examine my MOTIVES and suggest you do the same.  Most of those who voted NO on Hillary Clinton and YES on Donald Trump had as their MOTIVE a Free Constitutional Republic where the Government would be more limited and less intrusive.  Most were and are fed up with the dirty business of politics as usual and wanted and want REAL CHANGE in Washington where we honor the Constitution and Limit Government.  Will we get that?  I don’t know but I know we would not under a continued Liberal Democrat administration. Therefore, I will pray for my nation and pray that God will prevent the leftist from achieving their goal of stealing the election and fundamentally transforming America!

God, bless you and God bless America!




The media and the Democrats have consistently charged Donald Trump with being Anti-Immigration.  Some Establishment Republicans have joined that chorus and charge, which is incomplete, at best, and blatantly false in many respects.  Donald Trump has echoed the sentiment that many of us have voiced, “America, must be first.”  With regard, to the issue of immigration, illegal is illegal but in viewing legal immigration we must know who they are, where they are from, the allegiances they hold, and their purpose and intent in coming to America.  If we cannot ascertain those important facts, allowing them to come is highly questionable.  Yes, some, as has been documented, of the illegals, coming across our Southern Borders are criminals, rapist, drug dealers, and violent criminals.  They made their way to American Sanctuary Cities and rather than being deported or incarcerated were allowed, to roam free and commit more crimes.   If that makes me a xenophobe in your eyes, I question your ability to use cognitive reason and logic. 

We have documented reports that the Obama administration has continued its push to bring Syrian refugees to America without proper vetting and without regard for their backgrounds and allegiances. That is dangerous!  Since the Paris terror attack last year, we know there have been at least 14,074 Syrian refugees brought to America.  That number is not necessarily significantly large but when you consider that 99.1% of those are Muslim.  Only 0.58% are identified as Christian and 25% are male ages 14-50.  A further breakdown reveals that 92.3% are Arabs.  Director of National Intelligence James Clapper informed the Senate last February that ISIS was “taking advantage of the torrent of migrants [entering Europe] to insert operatives into the flow.”  The influx in the calendar year 2016 that ended September 30 was tallied at 12,587 and 99.10% Muslim.  So far this calendar year we have increased that flow, considering we have barely entered the year, there have been 13,691 admitted and 99.1% are Muslim.  With the ISIS concern, is it unreasonable to want to halt this influx UNTIL we can truly determine who they are?  The target of the Obama administration is 110,000 refugee admissions into the United States. 

The Lord of Chicago, Barack Obama’s surrogate, Rahm Emanuel has vowed to maintain Chicago’s status as a “Sanctuary City.”  The Police Chief in Los Angeles has vowed to refuse to assist and even resist Donald Trump in his efforts to identify, arrest, and deport the criminal element among the illegal aliens.  Imagine that, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of a major city vowing to resist a lawful order from a sitting president.  Why would you want to protect violent criminals?  Could it be corruption?  Could it be they can vote in your elections?  Could it be you are frightened of the Drug Cartels?  What is your logical, rational reason for such action?   The city of Boston has also joined in as Councilor Tito Jackson has vowed, “Boston is a Sanctuary City.”  There is not universal agreement in Boston for the Bristol County Sheriff warned, “It’s no secret that these criminal illegal aliens and terrorists are looking for places to go where they are least likely to be caught.”  He further declared, “What’s really troubling about this is that any elected official in this country would suggest that there should be a certain class of people who do not have to abide by our laws.”  They Mayor of Santa Fe, New Mexico calls his action justified and principled.  Imagine that!

On a lighter side, a weatherman in Oklahoma decided that since people like Al Sharpton, Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer and many others were so distraught over Donald Trump being elected they vowed to go to Canada, he used his weather cast to give them the fastest route.  I’m quite sure he did it tongue in cheek and meant to be funny but were he not living in Oklahoma he would have been and still may be terminated.  Not so, for any on the other side blasting Donald Trump or those who voted for him. The Left won’t decry the negativity of illegal immigration but will wail loudly when anyone on the right identifies their hypocrisy in anything.

Although this president has reportedly suspended his legal push in the courts for Amnesty, he has ordered the Border Patrol and ICE to ‘stand down’ and ‘cease surveillance on the border.   So, Mr. Obama, you have decided that publicly you would appear to accept defeat but behind the scenes, you opt to further damage and destroy America in your ‘fundamental transformation.’  May your administration fail to do further damage and may the new Pro-America administration assume power quickly.

God, bless you and God bless America!



The petulance of the Left, largely the millennials who follow their mantra in the so-called demonstrations and protests which are frequently riots is disturbing.  However, the existence of this type of activity is not the major concern, it is the driving force behind it that disturbs me.  This is more than the inability of the fragile to cope with a defeat they were assured could never happen.  It is evidence of a problem much larger and a war much more serious.  If their unhappiness and uneasiness with the results of the election were all that was involved, I would say, “Give it time and it will blow over.”  However, it will not ‘blow over’ because it is part of a much larger issue and war that has been developing and being waged by the Progressive, Leftist, Socialist, and Anti-America factions in this nation and the world.  We are engaged in a very real War for the Republic.

The glaring lack of understanding of Civics or the complete rejection of our founding principles is incredibly disturbing and cannot be overlooked.  This is a War between Republicanism (not the political party) and Mobocracy or as the Leftist would argue Democracy. Our Founding Fathers did not desire that this nation be or ever become a true majority vote Democracy but a Republic or a Constitutional Representative Democracy.  The government they devised embraced principles of Democracy but was never to be a pure Democracy, which in their view was a recipe for destruction and some viewed it as Mobocracy where Anarchy and Tyranny would be the natural byproducts.  They were right!  If we lose sight of what is at stake we will lose our Republic and thereby our Rights, Liberties, and Freedoms.  Those demonstrating and arguing for Pure Democracy would ultimately find what they desired produced their own destruction, but it would be too late to correct the error.

I find it interesting that those protesting the Electoral College have no problem with Proportional Congressional Representation.  The vast, majority of any state might be Liberal or Conservative but have a few Congressional Districts wherein a majority, of voters, opted for a different party or direction.  There are no demonstrations in the streets, riots or protests as a result, so why is there over the election of President?  If we were to adopt a majority vote Democracy the U.S. Senate would be obsolete and completely out of harmony with that view.  How is it that we want equal representation in the Senate and proportional representation in the House of Representatives but are unwilling to allow the collective of states determine the President of the United States of America.  Are the voters of Montana, Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Arkansas, Utah, or New Mexico irrelevant?  Are the only voices that matter the voices of the most populace states especially the densely populated regions within various states where there is a super-liberal majority?  If the President is to truly be President of WE THE PEOPLE, then every state must be represented and their decisions respected.  To eliminate the Electoral College process would be to effectively rescind the 10th Amendment and place the Republic in great peril.


Do we want to so ‘fundamentally transform’ America that we become a nation where emotional, knee-jerk reaction by voters becomes the norm?  Are we going to do away with elected terms of office and whenever there is a groundswell of dissension, hold an election and remove officials or change policy without Congressional and Constitutional processes being followed?  Do we want to allow ‘mobocracy’ to become the norm and whatever the majority wants the majority gets, even if it means trampling on the rights of others in direct violation to God’s moral law and the Constitution?  This is no small matter it is a real War of Republicanism vs Mobocracy.  The Founders wanted to ensure that the rights of the people should not be violated by an unrestrained majority any more than they should be violated by a monarchy or tyrannical government.  Edmund Randolph warned those participating in the Constitutional Convention of 1787 that their responsibility was “to provide a cure for the evils under which the United States labored; that in tracing these evils to their origin every man found it in the turbulence and trials of democracy…”  John Adams revealed an understanding of the dangers of a True Democracy saying, “Democracy never lasts long, it soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself.  There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”  Alexander Hamilton echoed those sentiments saying, “We are a Republican Government.  Real liberty is never found in despotism or in the extremes of Democracy.”  James Madison, known as the father of the Constitution argued, “Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security, or the rights of property, and have in general been as short in their lives as they are violent in their deaths.”   The man known as the Father of the Country and our first president, George Washington, promised to dedicate himself to “the preservation of the Republican model of Government.”

In more modern times Progressives have continually waged war on our understanding of Republican Government and promoted the idea of Democracy.  In the War Department’s Training Manuel No. 2000-25 intended for use in citizenship training identified democracy as: A government of the masses.  Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of “direct expression.”  Results in mobocracy.  Attitude toward property is communistic — negating property rights.  Attitude of the law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences.  Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy.”  This manual also accurately stated that the framers of the Constitution “made a very marked distinction between a republic and a democracy … and said repeatedly and emphatically that they had formed a republic.”  In 1936 Democrat Senator Homer Truett Bone (D-WA) called for the complete repudiation of that document.  In 1952 the U.S. Army was singing the praises of Democracy rather than warning against it.  In Field Manual 21-13, entitled, ‘The Soldier’s Guide’ it stated: “Because the United States is a democracy, the majority of the people decide how our Government will be organized and run…”   The move was clear and forgotten were the warnings of our Founding Fathers and others.  In 1931, England’s Duke of Northumberland published a booklet entitled ‘The History of World Revolution’ in which he stated: “The adoption of Democracy as a form of Government by all European nations is fatal to good government, to liberty, to law and order, to respect for authority, and to religion, and must eventually produce a state of chaos from which a new world tyranny will arise.”  WE HAVE BEEN WARNED but HAVE WE LISTENED?


This is more than a battle between political parties it is a War for Freedom and Republicanism standing against Mobocracy, Anarchy, and Tyranny.  If we allow the Democrats and Progressives to destroy that which our Founders gave us we will effectively destroy America.  You may think it right to argue “one man, one vote” morally right and proper, but if you carefully consider the consequences and the importance of proportional representation by the individual states as a collective you will see the incredible danger that involves.  Benjamin Franklin’s astute and insightful statement resonates powerfully today when asked what kind of government we had, he said, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”  CAN WE KEEP IT?

God, bless you and God bless America!




The Constitution of the United States of America is explicit regarding Freedom of Speech.  The exact words are: “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

I’m not sure what part of this the progressive leftist fail to understand but they clearly do and frequently object to it in its basic premise, foundation, and scope.  I have contended for some time that the religion established by the government has been liberalism, progressivism, and statism.  Those on the left worship at the altar of Cloward-Piven, Saul Alinsky, the Fabian Socialist, Margaret Sanger, and others as they follow a view that is clearly Globalist and rooted in a Socialist, Communist, Marxist, and Elitist ideology.  They believe in Freedom of Religion so long as the prospective religion aligns itself with their philosophy and will succumb to their demands.  Take, for example, the situation in Houston, Texas some time back when certain pastors were ordered to provide copies of their sermon outlines for approval or evaluation by a governmental board to ensure their sermons were in harmony with the Politically Correct, Leftist Ideology.  They were accused of engaging in “Hate Speech” and threatened with incarceration if they failed to comply.  Thankfully, they did not all surrender their 1st Amendment Right and the Courts agreed with them.  That was, in my view, simply a ‘test case’ to see how far the leftist could go giving them information for future infringements.  The argument that the Founding Fathers wanted the banishment of all things religious and biblical from the civil government does not bear up under examination.

I have presented numerous arguments debunking that view, I hate to be redundant and do so again for those who are entrenched in that view will not accept factual evidence.  The clear mandate of the 1st Amendment is that churches and pastors are given liberty for the “free exercise” of their faith including enumerating sins or lifestyles the Bible speaks in condemnation of.  It is not necessarily ‘hate speech’ to do so but an evidence of a shepherd caring for and warning his flock of danger.  I will not argue that a church could not become embroiled in ‘hate speech’ for they could and may seek to incite riots, murder people of differing beliefs, and encourage lawlessness and destruction.  That is not what the 1st Amendment protects, but to disagree with a Politically Correct stance the Liberals have taken on any matter does not constitute ‘hate speech’ and that disagreement is protected by the Constitution and the 1st Amendment.


Freedom of Speech is a right that our founders not only recognized as inalienable but one they believed so valuable they included a protection in the Constitution through the 1st Amendment.  They, as Benjamin Franklin wrote under the pseudonym (Silence Dogwood), “Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom; and no such thing as public liberty, without freedom of speech.”  The father of our nation and first president George Washington said, “If men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter.”  Supreme Court Justice, Louis D. Brandeis offered, “It is the function of speech to free men from the bondage of irrational fears.”  Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President said, “If men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter.”

We live in perilous times as the Bible declared would come.  We have come perilously close to losing our Republic and Freedom.  We must work to ensure that no Congress, President, or Court is allowed to infringe on our 1st Amendment Rights.  You have the right to voice your view even if I find your view abhorrent.  No Congress, President, or Court has the power to forbid our freedom of religion or promote one religion over another, as Barack Obama has done in his continual defense of Islam over Christianity.  They have no authority to infringe, suppress, censor, or restrict our Freedom of Speech or Religion. They have no authority to prevent us from the peaceable assembly in protest or request for redress of any grievance.  The key word is ‘peaceable’ and that is not what has happened in the BLM and other extremist actions.


How do we guarantee the Constitution will be followed by the President, Congress, and the Courts?  Short of a rebellion we must do it through the electoral process and through possible boycotts as well as turn up the heat on those elected.  However, as a Christian, I believe that our most powerful weapon is prayer and through prayer and personal involvement we have a hope of turning the tide of the clear assault on our inalienable rights and constitutional guarantees.  That is why VOTING in every election and for every level of Government is imperative.  Not just voting, but voting in a manner to ensure defeat for the ideology that is desirous of stripping us of those rights and freedoms.

God, bless you and God bless America!




That’s right, I said that God demands assimilation and does not allow those seeking to be incorporated in the Body of Christ to keep their old identities, ways, practices, and the rigid preservation of their ethnicity or culture.  He demands that we FOLLOW HIM by dying to self and becoming as He is, shunning the very appearance of evil and walk in adopt His precepts and principles as our guiding force and assimilate into the Family of God.  Therefore, if God makes that demand, where do politicians and activist get off telling us that ASSIMILATION is unacceptable, immoral, unethical, and wrong for those seeking to immigrate to our country?

The influx of those immigrating to the United States, both legal and illegal are no longer expected to attempt to assimilate, rather we are told we are not to impose that requirement on them.  WHY?  What is the motivation?  From our beginning as a nation ASSIMILATION was expected or demanded as a requisite for citizenship.  In our current situation with those identified as ‘refugees’ from Middle-Eastern countries do not have sufficient documentation, cannot be thoroughly vetted, and there are economic, health, social, political, and national security issues with many of them.  Yet, we are chastised if we resist allowing an almost endless flow of those to enter this nation.  We are told that to do so is somehow UN-AMERICAN and not what we are all about?  Really?  Have you examined our history and read the constitution?  Oh, sorry, I forgot those are anathema to the leftist, globalist view and we dare not confuse the issue with true history and facts.  We are told by our own intelligence agencies, our military, the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, and the NSA that thorough vetting is not possible.  Yet, that is not a deterrent to the globalist in Washington and the World.

Why would any politician who is even marginally concerned about our National Security and National Sovereignty be willing to expose our nation to such significant risk?  They are Globalist who believe in a ‘Borderless World’ and our national sovereignty is antithetical to their views and vision.  There has been such a push for ‘diversity’ that we have lost the vision of America and what made America great.  Hillary Clinton once stated that Angela Merkel of Germany was her favorite current world leader.  Wow!   The Leftist in America repeatedly demands that we allow this massive influx of immigrants as a needed pillar as a true indication of America’s commitment to diversity.  We once identified ourselves (America) as a ‘melting pot’ where people of various ethnicities, backgrounds, religions, and cultures were melded together into Americans!  They were not required to ignore any of those but were expected to become Americans.  Today, we ask them to become hyphenated Americans and the hyphen becomes more important than American.  In so doing, we are losing our nation and while we like to say we are a nation of immigrants, I must ask, are we?  Yes, many, if not most, of the original settlers of this nation were largely immigrants not native.  However, they became Americans and that was quite diverse.  I am of Scottish, Irish, Cherokee lineage but I have never considered myself a Scottish-Irish-Native American-American.  As a friend of my who is black said, “I am not an African-America, although my ancestry can be traced to West Africa.  I am an American and no hyphen is needed or desired.”  You may ferociously disagree and that is your choice but America or any country should expect those seeking to become citizens of that nation to assimilate.


John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and most leftist are seeking a ‘World Without Borders”.  As Edward J. Erler of the Heritage Foundation recently wrote, “A world without borders is a world without citizens, and a world without citizens is a world without the rights and privileges that attach exclusively to citizenship.”  That is powerful and something that far too many in Washington and throughout the country seem to have overlooked.  Without borders the American Constitution is meaningless.  The Globalist want to strip us of our citizenship and thereby our rights.  They seek to create a world where the only effective means of governance is tyranny and the likely result is anarchy in rebellion and reaction to the removal of identifiable citizenship.  Citizenship affords rights and privileges which demand accountability and responsibility of the citizens.  In their borderless Utopia, everyone is effectively positioned to become a law unto themselves and in that state chaos or tyrannical suppression is the only logical conclusion.

Thus, my drive and focus is and will continue to be seeking Congressional Representatives and Senators who will commit to Secure Borders and a Strong National Defense.  That means we must know who is coming, as best we can, and determine how many we can safely and effectively assimilate into our society in a given timeframe.  So, Congress, I a, serving notice that I will continue my effort to inform people of the condition and danger of the leftist push for eradicating our borders and revoking our American citizenship while surrendering our national sovereignty to some Global Entity.  I will continue to fight for FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM.

God, bless you and God bless America!





We have a developing situation and condition in America that is truly a Recipe for Destruction.  It is not new to this presidential election or even to this decade but I see stages of destruction in America and we are in the late stages, I fear.  What is happening right now in this nation should cause all of us to fall on our faces in prayer, crying out to Almighty God for His help.  I truly see some stages of destruction that I believe have and do exist in this country and if we do not wake up and address them we will experience the final harvest of destruction and America will be no more.

The Stages or Phases of Destruction:


In my view, this begins with the planting of Seeds of Rebellion, (Disregard for the property and rights of others, Entitlement, Disrespect, Lack of accountability and responsibility).  I know that is quite a basket of seed but I do believe we have been planting or allowing those seeds to be planted for a very long time in America.  These have been planted in the classrooms in our schools, primary, secondary, and institutions of higher learning.  Academia has been active and diligent in the sowing of those seeds as they push their revisionism, secularism, socialism and Marxism, and the idea that being white is evil and being conservative and holding traditional biblical values is moronic, bigoted, intolerant, and racist.  When young minds endure that type of incessant brainwashing from the elementary school classroom through college and graduate school what could we expect but what we are seeing in the post-election protests and riots in our streets.  They have become so indoctrinated with the idea that the progressive, leftist, socialist view is the only acceptable view and all other views must be eradicated by whatever means possible.  Of course, academia is not the only guilty parties we must include the media, the activist, and too often the church and home. 


Those seeds produce the Fruit of Anarchy and I do believe we are witnessing that fruit in the streets of our cities, on social media, and in the organizations promoting this disruption.  It is one thing to have a peaceful protest but quite another to deface or destroy property, viciously attack individuals who disagree, and impede the normal operation of the country.  It is costing the ‘taxpayers’ millions and is being fueled by HATE not love, peace, or tolerance.  It is being fueled by a sense of ENTITLEMENT, not accountability or responsibility.  It is being fueled by people and groups who are not interested in those marching in the streets but in advancing their ideology, agenda, and empowering themselves.  It is lawlessness, petulance, and detrimental but they have been pampered so long they expect to get whatever they want with no real objections.  I have read that Twitter has blown up with calls for the assignation of Donald Trump and calls to rape his wife.  Of course, had Hillary won and someone did that, the FBI, Secret Service, HSA, and NSA would have made massive arrests.  The president is largely silent, Hillary in hiding, the media is silent, and Donald Trump can hardly come out and forcefully condemn the actions being taken, that would be quite counterproductive and fuel the fire.  No, the condemnation of George Soros,, BLM, SEIU, and all others involved should come from the left, the media, and Democrats including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.


This is when we realize the complete collapse of our civil society!  At some point, people on the other side of the issue, who are losing property, paying the bill for repair, and fighting for their lives will push back.  That is when Anarchy boils over into a harvest of destruction.  Chris Matthews of MSNBC questioned what they were protesting saying that he understood protesting based on economics.  He then touted his love and admiration for the Marxist Economic model which he called very good.  The Bernie Sanders model for America was totally a Socialist model in which the evil wealthy would have their wealth confiscated and given to those who had not achieved, had no desire to achieve or no willingness to invest the time, money, or energy to achieving success.  NO, in their view, society owes them something because, after all, everything must be FAIR and it is not fair for someone to achieve success and another not have the same reward.  This participation trophy mentality will destroy our republic and probably sooner than later.

There is the expected move of the Leftist is to call Trump’s election illegitimate and claiming that the popular vote should supersede the electoral vote.  I have dealt with that but to put it in a nutshell if we allow the heavily populated liberal centers found on the left and right coasts (California and New York) to determine the outcome by numbers voting we negate the voice and vote of the other sovereign states and their citizens.  The system was designed to prevent localized areas from determining the direction of the nation.  We ARE NOT a majority vote Democracy we are a Republic and that demands that we remain a Union of Sovereign States and each State must have its proportional voice.  There is and will be a move to coerce the electoral vote to ignore the voice of their State and given to Hillary Clinton.  If that happens it will not be seeds of rebellion, the fruit of anarchy, it will be the harvest of destruction and full-scale civil war.

California has plans to put secession on the ballot in 2018 and 2019.  Oregon has something similar in the works.  Hollywood is in shambles over their failure to ensure the defeat of Donald Trump and the masses who do not think for themselves are following their directives like rats following the pied piper or lemmings going over the cliff.  AMERICA, it is high time that we awaken from our slumber and realize that more is at stake than getting our way.  This is about, the Constitution being preserved as it was intended.  This is about keeping America the Free Constitutional Republic our Founders gave us.  We are watching the culmination of the war between Populism, Nationalism, Federalism, Socialism, and Constitutionalism.  The factions are deeply entrenched and the divide quite severe in today’s America.  Are we witnessing the Harvest of Destruction or can we turn the tide and plant Seeds of Hope that can prevent our demise?  I HOPE SO, but truly do not know at this point.

God, bless you and God bless America!




If you honestly believe the rhetoric of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that the left will or even that they believe they should give Donald Trump a chance you are going to be in for a rude awakening.  That seeming Olive Branch will not be extended long and Rush Limbaugh was right in his prediction of one of their prime tactics against Trump.

What did the Democrats do when Al Gore lost to George W. Bush?  Did they all get behind the Bush presidency and seek reconciliation and unification?  NOPE!  They began almost immediately attempt to ‘delegitimize’ his presidency and after harping on that throughout his first term they succeeded in shifting the thinking of a large segment of the population into believing that he stole the election, was simply a dumb cowboy, and everything he did was corrupt.  He managed to win a 2nd term but it was over the inflammatory rhetoric and outright fabrications of the Democrats.  They are never gracious losers even though initially they may attempt to present that image.  Of course, when they win, they say as did Barack Obama to the Republicans, “You lost deal with it” or “Elections have consequences.”  Graciousness, right? 

They won’t attempt the ‘hanging chad’ effort with Donald Trump but they have already begun attempting to ‘delegitimize’ his election by attacking the Electoral College.  You may think that popular vote should decide the elections but I caution you to consider the incredible wisdom of our Founding Fathers.  They gave us a Republic, not a Democracy and therein lies the problem with strictly utilizing the popular vote.  If we were a Democracy the popular vote would be the only means to determine the outcome.  However, since we are a Republic or a Republican Democracy, not a Pure Majority-Vote Democracy we must remember that we are a Union of Sovereign States.  The founders designed a means whereby each state would have proportional representation in the decision for president.  If we allow the highly populated areas such as California and New York to determine the outcome, the rest of the country loses its voice and representation.  Rarely, does a candidate fail to receive a majority of Electoral Votes and a plurality of popular votes but it can happen and when it does it gives understanding as to the wisdom and purpose the founders had in designing that system!  They sought to preserve the sovereignty and voice of every state giving them proportional representation. 


What will the Democrats, Liberals, Leftist, and Socialist Activist do?  They will, riot calling it a spontaneous protest, seek to coerce the Electors to disregard their states popular vote and seek legislation to trash the Electoral College claiming the election was stolen from them and the majority of voters.  But, I contend that the will of the States, which represents the people, was and is done through the Electoral College System.  Are we willing to allow the most populated areas such as New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities and/or states determine the direction of the country?  Are we willing to eliminate the 10th Amendment and destroy the sovereignty of the individual states?  Do we want those living in sparsely populated states having a sense that their vote and voice is ignored?  That is a recipe for tyranny and a ‘fundamental transformation’ of America from being the Constitutional Republic into a Pure Democracy which our founders were adamantly opposed.  In a Pure Democracy, the knee-jerk decision of the masses shapes the direction of the nation.  Whereas in a Republic there is proportional representation and a Congressional process by which change is effected allowing time for cooler heads to prevail and reason to do its designed work.

Sadly, there will be some Republican Elitist and a portion of the Never Trump crowd that will join their chorus and if they are successful we will have won the election but forever lost the Republic.  I will fight that with everything in me for I see that path the Road to Tyranny and Anarchy in that path.  I am on the side of the Constitution, Liberty, Freedom and want to preserve, protect, and defend our Republic and thereby preserve our Freedom and Liberty.  You may not like Trump and he may prove to be a bad president, I do not know.  However, the message of the masses in virtually all regions of the nation was a clear rejection of corruption, big government, higher taxes, weakened national security, and the disaster of Obamacare.  There is truly a movement of citizens, not just Whites, that have had enough and have drawn a line in the sand, saying, NO MORE!  We want change but not the kind of hopeless change that Barack Obama brought to the table and Hillary Clinton and the Democrats promote.  We want the Constitutional Republic established by our founders where the three branches of government function as designed and provide true and adequate checks and balances.

I hope you see through their insincere outrage and attack on the Constitutional System we have for electing our president.  I hope you see it for what it is, a ploy to ‘delegitimize’ a Trump presidency to advance their cause and agenda, not in the interest of America and Americans.  They have expressed and demonstrated their disdain for the wisdom and guidelines our Founding Fathers established but we dare not let them steal that from us.  God help us to stand firm in defense of the Constitution and Freedom.

God, bless you and God bless America!