The increasing divide in America that has grown exponentially during the past 8 years will likely be even more pronounced after January 20, 2017, as Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States of America.  The Leftist are intensifying their resistance and rhetoric against President-elect Trump.  They demanded that those of us on the Political Right accept Barack Obama, give him a chance, work with him, and not criticize him in any manner.  They went berserk when Donald Trump did not immediately say, during the debates that he would accept the outcome of the election.  They called it Un-American and suggested that his response was so foreign to what America is about it was reprehensible.  However, the same question was never asked Hillary Clinton and as we now know her answer would have been “I will accept the outcome ONLY if I win!” 

President Barack Obama stated almost immediately after the election that Donald Trump had won, the election was legitimate, and we should give him the opportunity and/or benefit of the doubt.  Hillary said much the same in her belated concession speech.  We have subsequently learned that as she was making that speech she had an army of lawyers looking for ways to overturn the election and oust Donald Trump.  So much for accepting the outcome, I guess.  Information has surfaced that various Soros funded and directed groups have worked with the many leftist activist groups, the DNC, and the Clinton Camp to cause unrest, intimidate, and attempt to delegitimize and even overturn the election.  Then, Jill Stein became a useful tool in the recount attempts.  It advanced their agenda, gave her more national notoriety, and lined her coffers with needed funds.  Their efforts failed and now the President is calling for the military to question Mr. Trump’s authority and orders and is advancing rhetoric that is inflammatory and divisive.  The Left are vowing to fight tooth and nail the entire term of Mr. Trump and will be more obstructionist than the Republicans could ever have been accused of being.

Dare We Dream in Twenty-Seventeen (2017)?  Are we such a divided nation that there is no hope of healing in America?  Have we crossed the line of demarcation from which there is no peaceable solution?  Have we reached the place in our society that what our personal preferences are of greater importance and value than what is best for the nation or constitutional?  Have we reached a place that we reject the other side, not based on substance but on their political identification?  Have we destroyed hope to the point that we dare not dream?  I PRAY WE HAVE NOT!

America, as founded, was to be a Limited Government as a Constitutional Republic, not a Pure Democracy where mobocracy could rule.  We were to be a Representative Government following a very clear set of laws, rules, and principles and would adamantly defend the inalienable rights of citizens which include the Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  That includes or demands that we have Freedom of Speech, Religion, and be afforded the right to peacefully assembly and even protest.  It also embodies the idea that we have the right to our property and self-defense of our person and property and to facilitate that Right we have the 2nd Amendment which shall not be infringed.  Our founding fathers would be livid today were they to see the Entitlement Mentality, the Government Confiscation, the Bureaucracy of Washington, the porous borders, the Tax burdens on Americans, and so much more.  They envisioned a nation in which HOPE was a daily reality and DREAMS were more than fantasies.  So, again I ask, Dare We Dream in Twenty-Seventeen (2017)?

I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible and therefore, I am praying for our nation that we return to the first principles that propelled America into Greatness.  I am praying for a healing of the divide among the people of various sects, groups, and ethnicities.  I am praying for a restoration of the Authority and Power of the Constitution and Rule of Law.  I am praying for America!  I personally believe that without a Spiritual Revival we will not heal but you may not hold that view.  However, I believe we can agree that a House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand and we are a Divided House in need of a bridge to span the crevice separating us.

I am hopeful that this 2nd Chance we have been given will not be squandered and that after enduring 8 years of iron-fisted rule in enacting a leftist agenda and an incredibly weak position in world leadership we can move to rightness and strength.  May we see a return to a Government of the People, by the People, and for the People.  I refuse to give up my dream so I WILL DREAM IN TWENTY-SEVENTEEN (2017) of a Restored America who has returned to her founding principles and roots. 

God, bless you and God bless America is my hope and prayer!


Ignorance is Bliss Patch

We all know people, and some may be among those who declare, “What I don’t know won’t hurt me.”  I may not know there is a deadly disease in my body but being unaware will not shield me from its destructiveness.  I may not know there is a mugger waiting in the darkness near my parked vehicle but being unaware does not forewarn or enable me to fend off his attack.  I may not know the financial investment I am entering is built on fraud and deception but my ignorance of that reality will not prevent me from sustaining a loss and the expense of trying to recover my investment.  Ignorance may give me a sense of serenity allowing me to live oblivious to the lurking dangers and in that sense, provide bliss, but when the culmination of that of which I am ignorant become reality BLISS will not be what I experience.  Ignorance may seem like bliss, but believe me, it is not!

In today’s political world we are watching the implosion and consistent denial by the Democrats and Progressives and can call much of their diatribe nothing short of ignorance.  Over the past few election cycles, the Democrats have consistently lost seats in Congress losing both the House and Senate and now the White House.  Yet, rather than discovering the disconnect with reality they blissfully follow the pathway of ignorance and blame everything but themselves for their losses.  The failure of both their message and messenger in the presidential election should have sent them back to the drawing board to restructure and rethink their strategy.  However, that is not what is happening and while I don’t want to burst their bubble and diminish their bliss, they are making a tragic if not a fatal mistake.  Consider the election losses under the House leadership of Nancy Pelosi and rather than become enlightened they walk in ignorance and extended her contract by reaffirming her as the minority leader of their party.  WOW!  That makes as much sense as blaming an obscure video for Benghazi or taking a hammer to the check engine light on the dash of your car.  But, who am I to suggest that their ignorance is not providing bliss?  It most assuredly is for those of us who are aware of truth and reality.  They seem to be positioning themselves to name a bitter racist as the head of the DNC will not bode will in upcoming elections, is my view.  This man once suggested a separate nation for blacks and supports the Islamic jihad while lashing out at our most consistent ally in the middle-east, Israel.

If ignorance is bliss, then President Barack Obama should be in a state of constant euphoria because he seems to believe that we are living in the Obama-land or La-La Land.  He has expressed that he has saved the American economy, brought stability to the middle-east, provided a most loved healthcare fix in Obamacare, and his environmental policies and massive regulations are loved and supported by most Americans.  If he truly believes that, his bliss should be virtually uncontainable and he must literally be whistling while he walks in the Whitehouse.

If ignorance is bliss then the many millennials marching in the streets, being coddled in their ‘safe zones’ and told that life is supposed to be fair and equal should be filled with joy.  We have not only done them a disservice but we have endangered our American way of life and our Constitutional Republic in how we have allowed them to be indoctrinated.  They are ignorant of life and unless confronted with reality and truth would be in a constant state of blissful euphoria singing, ‘We are the world around the campfire with choruses of Kumbaya.’ 

Sadly, too many Republicans are also living in a state of ignorance and have the idea that if we will just be nice, extend an olive branch, and make a few concessions the Democrats will become bipartisan and cooperative.  What a blissful state they must be in.  Unfortunately, history warns and present reality exposes the reality that they have an agenda and will not deviate from that agenda for anything or anyone.  Their idea of bipartisanship is a total concession by the Republicans and even when they lose they drive the bus and determine policy.  If those of us who are happy that Hillary Clinton was defeated and Donald Trump won, the election live in ignorance of the incredible war that still lies ahead do not wake up our momentary bliss will be turned into tears and become a nightmare.

It has been said that “knowledge is power” and in a very real sense, that is correct.  In war ignorance, can and will likely bring about defeat.  In war, a key strategy is to know more about the enemy than he knows about us.  In business, ignorance is a recipe for failure.  In health, ignorance can be disastrous.  And, in politics ignorance will not produce lasting bliss so let’s follow the biblical directive for life and ‘study to show ourselves approved…’  I know that was speaking of ministering the Word of God but it is applicable in every area of life.  Knowledge may be power but Wisdom is knowing how to use that knowledge and right application of knowledge will open the door for success and in success comes true bliss!

God, bless you and God bless America!



I realize that many think the words, “A house divided against itself cannot stand” came from Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address but they are found in Mark 3:25, spoken by Jesus Himself.  “If a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.”  That is exactly where we are in America and the division is severe and incredibly dangerous.  The survival of the Republic as the Constitutional Republic reflecting any semblance to that Union established by our Founding Fathers.  It is severe, it is destructive and incredibly dangerous.

I believe there are Three Main Streams of Division in America today with many tributaries within those streams.  It is my conviction that many within, those streams have not truly evaluated the consequences of their rigid stance and attitude of division and separation.  Two of those three Main Streams are apparently forming a loose coalition to stop the Third Stream and if that continues the catastrophic result could well be far more devastating than most anyone envisions.  Some take their position without regard for the damage and others do so without fully grasping the import of their actions.  Sadly, it matters little whether it is intentional or unintentional the final damage will be the same.  The only difference is that those in the unintentional crowd would change if they truly saw or believed the danger and damage.  They do not see and do not believe, therefore they continue believing they are on the side of right, morality, integrity, principle, and even the Constitution.  We are dangerously near a time of chaos and destruction beyond which there is no redemption.

When the idea that there is no peaceable solution to the political problems of a nation there an atmosphere created where the diabolical wield great influence and destruction is likely.  When a people believe, there is no peaceful solution and no way to change course in their nation through peaceful means they have two choices.  They can submit and accept the fate imposed on them by the tyrannical or they can take up arms and rebel.  They may or may not succeed in their rebellion and fail to throw off the chains of the tyrants.  They may be forced into submission.  We see that in nations of the world and I am very concerned that we are dangerously close to becoming so divided in America we will fall to the tyrants and be forced into submission.  What are the Three Main Streams dividing America today? 


There is Stream Number One made up of Leftist Liberal Socialist largely led by the Democratic Party.  Within that stream, there are multiple sub-streams of activist groups, ethnic groups, and political elitist groups too numerous to list.  That Stream wants to ‘fundamentally transform’ America.  They would do that by eradicating our borders and making citizenship virtually meaningless.  They would do that by redefining our Constitution and rather than considering original intent they would make it a living document interpreted according to modern mores.  They would make government all powerful and gain total control over the citizens. Political Correctness would determine what we can think and speak and seek to reprogram how we think thereby stripping us of our most fundamental inalienable rights in the process.

There is Stream Number Two made up of Fundamental Conservatives and Constitutionalist, largely Republicans, Independents, and some Libertarians.  This group wants to see the government limited and power returned to the citizens and the states rather than in the Central Bureaucracy in Washington.  This stream has largely gotten behind President-elect Donald Trump and while they do not all believe he is the knight in shining armor riding to save the day, they understand that he provides a window of opportunity and possible respite in the impending destruction now existing.  This stream wants government’s involvement in our lives and businesses restricted as per the constitution.  This stream wants a secure border, a strong national defense, and to maintain the sovereignty of the Republic.  This stream wants our inalienable rights protected not restricted.  This group wants a return to Constitutional Republican Limited Government.  That is not exhaustive but indicative of the current of this stream.

There is Stream Number Three and this is possibly the most problematic in that this Stream is made up of those who truly love America and desire most of if not all of what the Second Stream desires.  However, there is a fly in the ointment for them and that is the person of Donald J. Trump.  They cannot accept him and are willing to align themselves, at times, with the First Stream to prevent his inauguration and/or successful enactment of his proposed agenda.  The deem him so unacceptable they coalesce with those who do not truly love America as originally founded and are those who want to ‘fundamentally transform’ this nation into a Socialist Union.  Those in this Third Steam do not agree with that philosophy and but, in my view, many of them cannot see the potential damage and destruction.   They believe they are acting in the best interest of the republic in their actions driven by their abhorrence for the man.  That rigid refusal to work with the Second Stream to try to turn the tide of destruction and reverse course nationally is creating a climate of division that strips everyone in all streams of hope and that is incredibly dangerous.  None of us want to see those of the First Stream aligned against those of the Second Stream facing each other in the streets in a violent upheaval.  THAT WOULD BE CATASTROPHIC, in my view.  In that scenario, America would be the loser and nothing positive accomplished.


I know that those rigidly opposed to Mr. Trump may well take exception to what I have said and I regret that.  My purpose is not to lecture anyone on what they should or should not believe politically.  My focus is AMERICA and the state of division that I see existing nationally.  My fellow lovers of liberty and freedom if we allow this nation to reach the place where people believe that elections do not matter and there is no hope of peaceful change and resolution we are doomed to destruction.  The diabolical forces lurking behind the scenes and working diligently to steal this prize called America will swoop in like vultures and I warn they have a plan in place, a strategy to take control.  All they are waiting for is chaos to the point hope is abandoned by the masses.  I issue this warning, knowing that it will not be popular with some and maybe many but my love for America is greater than my concern whether I will be accepted or rejected.  I am unimportant, America is! 

I ask everyone regardless of what Stream you find yourself, is America not worth trying to find a peaceful resolution to our differences?  Is America not worth seizing upon the opportunity to reverse course on many of the destructive policies of the past few years?  Is America not worth have a strong national defense, a secure border, a strong economy, and preventing further incursion and intrusion of the federal government in our lives?  I believe that most of us want the America of our Founding Fathers where we can proudly declare, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”  Is that not the America we all want?  We can have it but we cannot have it so if we insist on remaining so staunchly divided we will consider no path other than our preferred on or no candidate other than our chosen one.  We will make mistakes and we will experience failures but they do not have to be fatal.

I am not asking that we all sit around the campfire and sing Que Sera, Sera or Kumbaya accepting and tolerating everything and anything. What I am asking is that we place America ahead of personal preference.  It is my view that Hillary Clinton was not just unacceptable but would have been the death knell of the Republic.  Some feel the same about Donald Trump, I do not.  We need to take advantage of any opportunity to work toward restoring American principles and values, limiting government, strengthening our national security, securing our borders, and rekindling our economy.  If we recognize where this divide is leading, we can, not only survive but thrive as the Restored Republic.  The decision must be made by each of us individually and then as a nation.  Therefore, I say, pursue what you believe but please consider the consequences and the cost to America in whatever path or stream you follow.  America can survive if we can find it within our hearts to unite around that which we have in common and refuse to allow our differences to become so volatile that we are unable or refuse to hear those of opposing views and summarily reject all views but our own.

God, bless you and God bless America!

THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE and Federalist 68…


I believe that many who have advanced Hamilton’s Federalist 68 as a justification for current electors to reject the vote of the people in their state and vote according to their own preference in the Presidential Election.  I know that statement will likely stir up the anger of those who are NEVER TRUMPERS and those who dislike the Electoral College but I ask that you hear my entire argument before rejecting what I have to say.  Of course, if you are not capable or unwilling to listen to another side of an argument, you will have already turned me off or formulated your counter without hearing my position.  That, I believe, is one of the problems in today’s society, we DO NOT LISTEN we REACT.

I believe the Founders were endowed with genius in the adopting of the Electoral College system for electing the President of the United States in contrast to allowing the popular vote of the nation makes that decision.  They were adamantly opposed to pure democracies and understood that for us to have a viable long lasting republic the Union of States must be protected and thereby provide the voice of all citizens.  The pure popular vote would open the door to pockets of one ideology or another swaying the entire election and deny the several states from their representative voice.  It would also, in my view, open the door to greater voter fraud in the sense that it would allow those so desiring to taint the election in a few pockets rather than having to shape that of an entire state.  That would be Antithetical to the idea of the Constitutional Republic operating as a Representative Democracy.

Hamilton’s Federalist 68 opened the door to the idea of rogue electors doing their constitutional duty of rejecting a particular candidate based on their view of qualifications.  If we would consider that at the time of Hamilton’s writing there was not the massive availability of information as today.  Many of the citizens were uninformed of happenings and thus by electing individuals to represent them at the Electoral College they were opting for a situation where those individuals could, would or should be more informed as to what was happening.  That condition does not exist today and thereby, in my view, largely negates the argument that an elector has an obligation to vote his conscience or as is usually the case preference negating the voice of the people of his/her state.  Today, we have massive amounts of media information and internet availability enabling the average voter to make a rational decision and have as much information as the Elector as to the candidates.  That, in my view, is the reason we should consider an Amendment modifying the Electoral College. 

I did not say, do away with it and go to popular vote but modify it or alter it so that it is representative of the vote of the individual state and the people’s voice.  I would suggest that one possibility might be to mandate that each state awards the electoral votes to the candidate winning their state and avoid the possibility of an elector negating the voice of that state.  If we were still in the state, the nation was at the time of Hamilton’s Federalist 68 I would concur that an elector was duty bound to know all they could about a candidate and based on facts cast a ballot that they truly believed was in the best interest of the nation even if that was contradictory to the vote of the state.  Again, that condition does not exist today and the public has the availability to the information that the electors have and the elector is no more qualified than the voter to determine who should be president.  When an elector today decides that their decision has more validity or weight than the people of their state, they are in error and dangerously close to demagoguery.  You may disagree but are you disagreeing based on honestly evaluating what I have said or based on your preference and calling it morality or constitutional duty?  There is a difference!

The Electoral College has worked wonderfully through our history and has protected the voice of the individual states preserving the Union of States.  No one seems to take issue with the manner in which we choose Representatives.  We do not take issue with proportional representation in Congress and have no problem with each state having two Senators regardless of size.  That leads me to ask, “Why do we have a problem with the electoral college?”  How would we feel if there was a system where someone could negate the vote within a Congressional District and say, “No, I have decided that the candidate who won is not, in my view, qualified and therefore I will negate the vote of the district and choose someone else?”  Is that not as or more dangerous than the public voting for someone who is questionable?  It is to me.  I am 100% convinced that if Mr. Hamilton were to write his Federalist Paper today he would negate the argument that he gave license to ignoring the vote of the people of a particular state.

I am opposed to the popular vote nationally used as the means of electing a president but am fully supportive of the popular vote within each state to decide who is president.  That is embodied in the Electoral College System and something that we need to maintain while eliminating the rogue electors following their own desire.  One elector that has vowed he will not vote for Donald Trump for moral reasons is working with the organization led by Van Jones.  Imagine that, Van Jones is a 9/11 Truther, blamed the election on ‘whitelash’ and has offered incredible racist views, as well as advancing a Socialist if not the Communist view of government is coordinating an effort to prevent Donald Trump from being president.   Sorry, but if Van Jones and George Soros are in the mix it muddies the water for me greatly.

God, bless you and God bless America!

THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE – Initially and Presently…


This year, possibly more than any previous election cycle there are those who appear ready to defect from their pledge to vote according to the popular vote of their representative state.  There is the incessant plea of the Democrats, activist, pundits, and some NEVER TRUMPERS for the selected electors in states that Donald Trump won to refuse to vote for him and vote for Hillary or someone else.  That, in my view, is a direct assault on our electoral system and the intent of our Constitution, including amendments, and even the original intent of the Founding Fathers.

In Texas, there have been two, thus far, who said they cannot or will not vote for Donald Trump, the candidate who won the popular vote in Texas and thereby the Electoral College votes of the State.  One has resigned or is resigning so that there can be another person take his place who can and will vote according to the pledge each of them took.  The other a Republican from Dallas who appears to claim moral superiority and declares his intent to vote for another candidate is somehow a defense of the Constitution to protect it against all enemies foreign and domestic.  Clearly, he considers Donald Trump an enemy of America and the voters of his state lacking in integrity, morality, and intelligence.  I wonder what he considers Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or the leftist agenda and policies of the past 8 years?  When anyone assumes moral superiority and suggests superior intelligence I hit the pause button and step back to examine the matter.  If I take a pledge to fulfill an obligation and fail to or refuse to honor that pledge my integrity is immediately questioned.  I may or may not be justified in my decision but I must make absolutely certain that it is not based on my personal preference but there is factual evidence that to honor my pledge does irreparable harm.  I personally, believe this is a case of preference not factual evidence of danger and feel this elector should resign rather.  I do not believe there is any factual credibility to his decision and when I realize that he is linked to a Van Jones organization, I become even more convinced.  The voters of this state are not ignorant or uninformed.

The initial method of electing the President and Vice President proved to be unworkable.  The candidate garnering the most electoral votes was President and the next vote getter was Vice President.  Under that system, Donald Trump would be the President and not Mike Pence but Hillary Clinton would be the Vice President.  Imagine that, Hillary Clinton the President of the Senate?  Imagine how disruptive that would be in the White House, Congress, and the Courts.  That was quickly remedied and we got the 12th Amendment, ratified in 1804.  Under the original system, each elector cast two votes for President.  The votes were counted and the candidate receiving the most was President and the runner-up Vice President.  The 12th Amendment replaced that system with separate ballots for President and Vice President with each elector casting a single vote for each office.


The Constitution gives each state a number of electors equal to the combined total of its Senate membership (2) and the House of Representatives delegation. The 23rd Amendment added 3 electors for the District of Columbia, a decision that I personally disagree with but it is a ratified amendment therefore stands.  Today, the electors are chosen by the voters, but in the beginning, more than half the states chose the electors in their legislatures.  That changed in the 19th century as the vote was expanded to more and more of the populace.  The electors take a pledge to vote for the candidate chosen by their state and the strict adherence demanded varies from state to state.  The desire of our founders and subsequent leaders was to ensure the integrity of the Rights and Proportional voice of the states, thus the system we have today.  For an elector to reject the will of the people of his/her state after having pledged to honor that decision is something I believe should be addressed and possibly rather than having individuals represent each of those electoral votes they should be allotted based on the outcome of the vote of the states without debate or opportunity of any dissident to subvert the voice of the people.  That would be an amendment I could support.

The Founding Fathers did not want political parties but the very system they established, later amended did exactly that.  The initial system lasted through 4 presidents and the election of 1800 was a catalyst to adopting the 12th Amendment.  The electors of the Democratic-Republican Party gave Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr both members of that party an equal number of electoral votes.  The tie was resolved in the House of Representatives after 36 votes and left a very bitter taste in the mouths of many.  A primary intent of the initial system was to prevent the bargaining and deal making behind the scenes to select a president.  To prevent that from happening again the 12th Amendment came into being and I personally am grateful it did.  At the time of Hamilton’s Federalist 68, there was not the availability of information to all citizens as today.  Therefore, it was incumbent on the elector to be informed, often far beyond the average citizen, and make a decision based on facts, not preference or conjecture.  I also believe that considering today’s information availability the legitimacy of a rogue elector is incredibly limited if it exists at all.

I do not support national popular vote because that would negate the proportional voice of the individual sovereign states.  I also, do not support the idea that each elector can go rogue and ignore the vote of the people based on their particular view of morality or preference.  If a person selected to be a member of the electoral college pledges to honor the vote of the citizens of his/her state and fails to do that, that vote should be negated, in my view.  Again, I do not expect everyone to agree and realize that there are many so adamantly opposed to the Republican President-elect they would embrace any action to prevent him from being elected.  That, in my view, is tragic for the glaring reality is that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be the 45th President of the United States and Donald Trump won that in State votes.   We can continue dividing America or we can seek to unite around that which all of us have in common, AMERICA!   

God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


AMERICA – The Severely Divided Nation…


That is not a revelation that anyone was unaware of but something that needs to be addressed.  We have reached a point in American politics where there is a clear line of demarcation between having the Constitutional Republic or becoming a Socialist or Shira Compliant nation.  Unfortunately, the Republicans have not consistently championed the distinction and defended the Republic but the basic party platform does.  We have evolved from the days in which my parents would say, “I don’t vote for the party, I vote for the person” to “I vote for the party platform, not the person.”  That, for me, is a shift and one that I fully embraced in the 2016 election.  I saw a clear distinction between the ideological and announced agendas and one was much more grounded in the basic principles I believe and the other anathema to my core convictions and beliefs.  Thus, my vote was for principle embodied in the platforms of the parties.

We are divided politically more than any time in my lifetime.  I won’t burden you with a lengthy dissertation on when the shift of the Democratic Party transpired but it has been in the works a very long time.  The roots of radicalism, progressivism, liberalism, and socialism go back decades and how many working Americans and various ethnicities missed this or ignored it is often a mystery.  With the election of Barack Obama, the shift to the left was placed on the fast-track and with the defeat of Hillary Clinton, the brakes were applied dramatically.  I was dangerously close to losing hope for America until this election but now have a renewed confidence in a large segment of Americans and my faith in God has soared exponentially.  I truly believe we have been given a 2nd chance and as Ted Cruz correctly stated recently, “We have been given the Whitehouse and both Houses of Congress if we blow this there will be pitchforks and torches in the streets.”  I wonder if there might not be more than that but I am fully convinced that the movement for change that has demanded the Republic be returned to WE THE PEOPLE will not tolerate squandering this opportunity.  Republicans beware and I pray you realize what is at stake and determinedly stand for the People and the Constitution.

It began before McGovern, but in 1972 there was a dramatic shift of the Democratic Party toward Progressivism and it has slowly evolved into a cancerous blight on the Republic.  The Democratic Party’s view of those of us who desire a Constitutional Republic, limited government, secure borders, strong national defense, and limited spending as a “basket of deplorables”.  They are scrambling behind the money-bags of George Soros and other leftist trying to reconstruct their party and the reconstruction is not moving to the center but farther to the left.  Will that mean the demise of the Democrats?  I doubt it because over half of Americans are receiving some kind of entitlement or check from the government and when ‘money talks integrity walks.’  The Democrats are poised to possibly name as the Chair of the DNC a leftist who is so aligned with the Islamic community and so favorable to allowing Sharia Law to be superimposed over American Constitutional Law.  They are all in on abortion on demand, trampling on the rights of one segment of society in favor of another, and want to spend America into oblivion.

We are divided racially more than we have been in decades and that has escalated dramatically in the past 8 years under the regime of Barack Obama.  The almost continual diatribe decrying our judicial system as being systemically racist has not alleviated the problem but escalated it.  The praise of BLM Protests based on false narratives by the president and the Democrats has further divided the nation has not offered a positive means of reconciliation and open discussion on genuine issues.  The defense of Islamic groups and values while trampling on those of Christians and Jews is not moving us toward reconciliation but violent division and disruption.  The forced adoption of political correctness in our schools, colleges, and armed forces is not bringing us together it is driving wedges that can only result in undesirable realities.  The media’s continual labeling of anyone not supporting the leftist agenda and ideology as being racist, phobic, and lacking compassion is not bringing healing but division.

We are divided and if we want to survive as the Free Constitutional Republic we were established to be where those on both sides of the issues are able to express their concerns in a civil and rational manner or even irrational manner we must STOP and LISTEN to each other.  I pray that the Trump administration will take the actions necessary to ensure our national security, protect and defend our constitution, and limit government’s overreach.  Once that is done, we may have a chance to come to the table and discuss differences but until that is done we will remain dangerously divided.

God, bless you and God bless America!



I can only imagine what Americans thought as they received the news from Hawaii regarding the act of war by the Empire of Japan on December 7, 1941.  It was unthinkable that Pearl Harbor thousands of miles from Japan could be in harm’s way.  The historical record reveals mistakes, misinterpretations, and faulty intelligence and proper preparation on many levels.  The incredibly misguided decision to have the major portion of our Pacific Fleet harbored in one location was an invitation for disaster, as hindsight reveals.  But, on that morning shortly before 8 AM on December 7, 1941, virtually no one in Hawaii or in the United States could have imagined such an occurrence.

The two nations, Japan and the United States had been at odds for decades especially with regard to Japan’s belligerent attitude toward China and that region. Japan was an aggressive nation seeking to expand its economic and political position by seizing territory and commandeering the goods of other nations.  The United States believed, wrongly that aggressive economic sanctions against Japan would force them to curtail their expansionism.  Japan was a nation ruled by an Emperor who believed he was a god and whatever he decided was both right and to be pursued at all costs.  The United States had attempted to take somewhat of an isolationist stance in the War that was raging in Europe even in the face of Germany attacks on merchant’s vessels.  We were wrong and failed to realize that tyrannical despotism is rarely ever stopped at the negotiating table for the only thing they recognize is strength and a willingness to exert military might against them.

Our intelligence sources thought that since Japan was 4,000 miles from Hawaii any attack by the Japanese would be on European holdings in the South Pacific such as Singapore or Indochina.  Thus, we left Pearl Harbor totally exposed harboring most of our Pacific Fleet in that narrow harbor and lined up hundreds of our planes on adjacent airfields.  We made Pearl Harbor an irresistible target and the Japanese did not hesitate.  Their objective was to destroy America’s Pacific Fleet and render America incapable of mustering any resistance in the Pacific which would allow Japan to move across the South Pacific unchecked.  They were wrong!  They failed to take into account the resolve that made America the nation our Founding Father’s established and envisioned.  We maintained that resolve for decades but in the past, few we have seen a diminishing of the resolve, resoluteness, and commitment required to maintain our perch on the top of the world stage.  The past 8 years has been a concerted assault on what America was, is, and should be.  The attack on Pearl Harbor awakened the Sleeping Giant, the American People, and the American Spirit. 

When President Roosevelt addressed Congress and the world on December 8, 1941, He said, “Yesterday, the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked.  No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory.  I believe I interpret the will of the Congress and of the people when I assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost, but we will make certain that this form of treachery shall never endanger us again.”  That was the Spirit of America expressed by our leadership but totally absent in the current administration.  Hopefully, the incoming administration will once again embody that Spirit and Resolve.

I was not alive on December 7, 1941, but I was very much alive on September 11, 2001, when terrorists, without provocation, attacked America by flying planes into the Twin Towers in New York, attempting to do so at the Pentagon, and another plane apparently designed to fly into the White House.  I know what I felt and the resolve that welled up inside my being.  I watched as Americans demonstrated the Spirit of America as they have in times past such as December 7, 1941.  We were forced into War in 1941 and determined to not only defend ourselves but completely and utterly defeat our attackers.  WE NEED THAT SPIRIT AGAIN!  No, I am not suggesting that we become Blood Thirsty, War Mongers but we need to say to the bullies of the world, NO MORE!  We need to say to the Islamic jihadist, NO MORE!  We need to say to the Despots and Tyrants in other nations and any would-be dictators within our nation, NO MORE!  We need to once again, Remember Pearl Harbor and remember 9/11.  We need to remember the Spirit that resulted in this nation being birthed and follow, the counsel of President Theodore Roosevelt by walking soft but carrying a very big stick.  We need not carry that stick for show but with the willingness to use it if necessary. 

America, we need to REMEMBER!  Today should rekindle the flame of Patriotism and Commitment to Independence, Liberty, and Freedom.  America was founded as a Free Constitutional Republic, has survived as a Free Constitutional Republic, and will continue only so long as we keep that Spirit alive!

God, bless you and God bless America.   I encourage you to take the time to reflect on Pearl Harbor and honor the memories of the lives lost and the sacrifices made by the millions of service personnel and civilians in the subsequent years to KEEP AMERICA FREE!  Today we remember the Day that Will Live in Infamy and it Does in my heart!