The Pogo comic strip years ago, used a statement, “We have met the enemy and he is us” that is apropos for today in America and much of the world.  The lunacy that we are witnessing today on the national scene is beyond ludicrous it is dangerous and eroding the very fabric of our society and the foundations of our freedom.  If we allow our nation to continue down this slippery slope into those turbulent waters, we will witness the complete implosion of our American Democratic Republic.  Anarchy and chaos will be the norm not the exception and the result will be fate experienced by ancient Greece and other similar societies.  We can only exist within the framework of the Rule of Law and with strong moral moorings, which are evident in the pillars of our American Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights.

Let me elucidate this as thoroughly as I can in a few short paragraphs and hopefully, you will see a reason to unite in prayer and action to combat this cancerous plague that is ravaging our society and republic.  I do not mean to be offensive but this Leftist Lunacy is just that lunacy.  When President Donald Trump is vilified for his comments on Sweden’s issues of civil unrest being the result of an influx of migrants, refugees, or immigrants from primarily Muslim countries without proper vetting without acknowledging the facts that is criminal and dishonest.  The government of Sweden has curtailed the number of immigrants from 275,000 to 35,000 because of the issues but that is ignored.  The Swedish government released information that one-third of females in Sweden feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods, but that is being ignored.  The rise in gun violence, rape, and destruction of property has dramatically increased and that is being blamed on everything but the influx of immigrants.  When hours after Donald Trump’s comments there were, riots resulting in burning of cars and other property in primarily Muslim neighborhoods in Sweden that was omitted from news reports.  When citizens of Sweden issue warnings to the United States not to ignore the issue as their own government has, those warnings are not given credibility.  I find it astounding that the media could be so biased and dishonest, but they are.

When a mayor can go on national television and proclaim that he finds it offensive that the Trump administration would change the definition of criminal to include someone being here illegally, that is disturbing.  When he goes on to declare that those illegals using fake documents being called criminal are wrong because they must use fake documents because legal ones are not obtainable, that is troubling.  When he argues that it is wrong to call it a crime for someone to drive without a license or a fake license because they cannot obtain a state-issued license to drive due to the illegal immigration status that is at best misguided and at worse aiding and abetting criminality and encourages lawlessness.  That is the state of our nation today from the Liberal Progressive Leftist perspective.  Surely, American’s see through that and are not and will not buy the rhetoric, spin, and baloney being fed them by the MSM, Liberals, and Activist.

For the Governor of Connecticut to proclaim that his executive order to not cooperate with Federal Law Enforcement in detaining ILLEGALS is simply because the state should not do the Feds job, is a stretch.  The argument that when a State refuses to detain an illegal is not jeopardizing jobs and the safety of the legal citizens is a dangerous position.  If an ILLEGAL is apprehended by Law Enforcement and the Feds request those agencies to detain that illegal for questioning that is in the interest of every American, but not so to the governor.  Yet, on the matter of the Executive Order which basically turned the issue of Transgender Bathrooms back to the States, he argued that it was bigoted of Mr. Trump to do so.  How exactly is it wrong for the Federal Government to request the state to assist in detaining ILLEGALS because law enforcement within the state is a state issue but not so regarding the bathrooms?  Governor, you can’t have it both ways.  Deal with the issue according to how your state and local communities see fit and keep the federal government out of the bathroom, don’t try to posture yourself as morally superior and shirk your responsibilities.

When an LGBTQ activist can argue on national television that a person’s sex is scientifically determined by their personal identity and call it a “settled science” he surely cannot expect to be taken seriously.  But he was and accused anyone disagreeing as being unenlightened, monsters, bigots, and phobic.  From a purely biological position genitalia must be included in the determination of a person’s sex.  Hormones cannot be ignored and other biological factors.  Just because a person wakes up one day and says “I am woman” does not or should not allow them to participate in women’s athletics, get federal loans for women operating a small business, go to the bathroom of their choice, or even go to a prison designated for women.  The dangers of that are far too obvious to ignore and the lunacy of the LGBTQ argument to the contrary is not just insane it is diabolically dangerous.

That is where we are in America today and our Political Correctness where no one’s feelings can be hurt, safe zones must be created and maintained, and everyone forced to comply with the ideas and beliefs of a few activist or elements is not just wrong it is destructive and no republic or civil society can survive that type of incessant assault.  We are faced with the demand that God be removed from everything and anyone who holds to biblical teachings that identify sin are deemed misguided, bigoted, and monsters but those who hold views contrary to those teachings are a protected class.  THAT IS AN IMPOSSIBLE CONDITION and provides us with a Mad, Mad, Mad World.  We are being hurled headlong down a path of confrontation with biblical truth and liberal ideology and if we ignore the truth, morality, and sanity we will descend into a state of total debauchery in which everyone is a law to themselves.  No society can survive that.  We must have foundational principles upon which we are moored. 

I pray that we WAKE UP and return to our roots and restore moral sanity in America.  God help us if we continue down this path of destruction, politically, morally, and socially.  May God, bless you and may He bless America again is my prayer!



I have been warning for several years that there is an economic bubble about to burst or likely to happen.  I keep praying that it will not happen but all that I see and what I hear in my heart of hearts says we are sitting precariously on a house of cards.  I told several friends during the primaries that should the Republicans win the White House the economic calamity created by Barack Obama and the Democrats will likely crumble and the Republicans will be blamed.  If President Trump is successful in turning our economy around the Democrats and Barack Obama will claim it was the result of the Obama policies.  If the economy collapses they will blame President Trump and the Republicans.  Facts will not be considered but the MSM will report it as factual documented truth and Obama will be absolved of blame or given credit unjustly.

Regardless of who gets credit or blame my warning is to average American citizens, many who are struggling to make ends meet and survive.  The deficit spending, bad economic policies, the Federal Reserve and much more has been playing Russian Roulette with our economy and the hammer is about to land on a live round in the chamber and the result is going to be ugly.  I said two years ago, that I felt that within 24-48 months from that time there would be a dire economic situation that would be far worse than the most recent recession we endured where many lost one-half or more of their savings and nest egg.

The Federal Government operates under an economic model that would produce failure in any business.  The Keynesian economic model, the insane spending, the incredible deficit, the Federal Reserve, and the politicians are the problem.  However, they are not the ones who are going to suffer, WE ARE.  There are many factors involved in the potential economic calamity and because they are many and varied we may not be able to avoid the coming disaster.  You cannot spend your way out of debt.  Yes, you must spend money to make money but you cannot use credit cards leaving unpaid balances each month to achieve economic success.  That is a recipe for disaster and that is basically what the Federal Government has been doing for generations.  During the past 8 years, we have witnessed the doubling of our national debt and the prospects of it growing even larger are very real and frightening.


The U.S. Dollar is skating on thin ice in the global world of finance and should our dollar collapse we would be in a crisis economically as a nation.  I am very concerned that massive inflation is looming on the horizon and the way the Fed is printing money there is a real danger of a massive global sell-off where foreign investment rejects our currency.  President Trump will be blamed regardless of any involvement his policies may or may not have affected the situation.  He will be the convenient scapegoat to absolve Barack Obama and the Left of the blame.  I have seen reports from some financial wizards suggesting that unlike the last crisis, where the Fed flooded the planet with freshly printed fiat dollars, this time the moneyed powers will withhold their investments and banks will go under.  What happens if the banks are unable to deliver physical gold, we encounter a war of global proportions, face natural disasters that completely crush regions of the country or world or have a major cyber-financial attack?  What happens if there is an EMP that shuts down our electronic grid?  I encourage everyone to diversify as much as possible and add physical assets to their portfolio.  You may find the need to barter in the future.

I am convinced that the globalist, world money powers, and political ideologues on the left have been setting the stage to blame those on the right and at the forefront of that will be Donald Trump.  Like George W. Bush he will be blamed for everything and credited with nothing praiseworthy.  The Big Government types such as Larry Summers, former Treasury Secretary along with countless other CFR members are laying the foundation to BLAME TRUMP.  What is their objective?  An economic collapse would help facilitate their ultimate objective, taking down our capitalist system and advancing a global currency run by the IMF and the establishment of a totalitarian system of Global Governance.  People rendered destitute from a massive financial collapse would be more open to their agenda as a cure-all for the ills of those suffering.  This has happened before.  The coming collapse, if it happens, and I believe it will, is designed to advance a World Government.  I suggest you check into reports that billionaires and members of the elite globalist community are hedging their bets now in preparation for this collapse.  They are buying bunkers and massive tracts of land from the Midwest to New Zealand and around the world.   We need to educate the masses, sound the alarm so that we prepare and are not caught unaware and fight for limited government based strictly on our Constitution.  I am not convinced we have enough time to do it to stave off the collapse but if we hope to survive WE MUST, drain the swamp and preserve the Constitution, return to Limited Government, and stop the runaway train of insane spending.  IT WILL BE AUSTERE TIMES.  Do we have the heart or fortitude to do it?  In a very real sense, it is another 1776 we are facing.

God, bless you and God bless America!





I am not surprised but I am incensed by the way the MSM, the Democrats and far too many Republicans (so-called) are teaming up to damage or destroy the Trump administration before it even begins.  I expected the Democrats and the MSM to unite against Mr. Trump and knew that there would likely be some ‘snowflake’ Republicans, who are adamantly Big Government and Anti-Trump join the chorus line of resistance.  I may not like the way Donald Trump does some things.  I may not like his twitter outbursts from time to time.  BUT, the fact that he has demonstrated his desire and willingness to attempt keeping his campaign promises is encouraging and for any Republican to stand in the way of that is disgusting, to this American.

I read that Senator Susan Collins of Maine has announced she was voting NO on the confirmation of EPA administrator-designate Scott Pruitt.  He is not liberal enough for her and does not by the hype, spin, rhetoric, and fabrications being advanced by the leftist and he wants to take a common-sense approach to EPA regulations.  That is not acceptable to her, it would seem so she is lining up with the Democrats against him.  This was not a total surprise for Senator Collins has lined up with the Left more than she has with the right in her tenure in office.  One could ask, “Why is she called a Republican?”   On the other hand, a Democrat, Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia spoke positively about Mr. Pruitt.  We know that the two liberal independents, Bernie Sanders and Angus King promised to vote NO as were most if not all the Democrats.  Thankfully it did not come down to a 50-50 vote and he was confirmed.  Hopefully, we can begin a positive move toward stripping the EPA of some of its power that is dangerous for America and destructive for Americans.  The EPA has been out of control for a long time and it is high time that we reign it in and break the stranglehold it and other agencies hold over America and Americans.  We need to have our chains broken off and focus on people, not simply policies and theoretical possibilities.

I do not watch it but am aware that recently on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” the infamous Senator from Tennessee, Bob Corker was a guest.  The Senator is not known for his conservatism and he was being interviewed about the resignation of General Mike Flynn.  Senator Corker, to the glee of the liberals, stated that the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’ was the Russian influence.  He blasted the Trump administration and wondered if it could stabilize itself, as though the Obama White House was stable.  Senator Corker never found it necessary to question most of the activities of President Obama but President Trump is another issue.  He considered the ‘intelligence leaks’ a sub-issue but Russian interference in the elections a major issue.  Seriously?  I wonder if he and MSNBC have already forgotten the input of Barack Obama in October when it appeared that Hillary Clinton was tracking for a landslide win?  Former President Obama chided Mr. Trump and said with detectable scorn that “Donald Trump was headed back to reality TV because Mr. Trump had claimed the election was rigged against him.”  Mr. Obama went further scolding Mr. Trump saying, “Stop whining and go try to make a case and get the votes.”  Trump and his team did just that and won!  Mr. Obama also said something that nobody on the left and almost nobody on the right is reminding people of.  He insisted that there was ‘no serious person’ who would suggest it was possible to rig American elections.  WOW!  I would presume that also included the Russians, right Mr. Obama?

Yet, Senator Corker, along with Senator McCain and other Republicans continue to join the chorus of the left and insist this is the BIG ISSUE and MAJOR CONCERN for everyone.  He and they diminish the issue, that to me, is even larger THE LEAKS BY THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY.  I have some simple questions that hopefully will stir your hearts and inspire your involvement and prayer.  The American Intelligence Agencies are spying on American citizens and the New York Times had a headline that read, “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts with Russian Intelligence.”  First, how did they know that?  The article cited ‘phone records and intercepted calls’ between the Trump team and Russian intelligence agencies.  I do believe that the campaign officials were U.S. citizens and are not to be spied on by the CIA or NSA without cause and warrant, right?  SO, how did the New York Times get this information?  Surely the Times is not tapping the phone lines and spying on American citizens.  There is no question that the CIA, NSA, or FBI did the wire-tapping but HOW DID THE TIMES GET THE INFORMATION?  The ‘elephant in the room’ is the answer to that question.  They could not have gotten it without a leak from within those Intelligence Agencies passing it along to them.  That is criminal, dangerous, Un-American, and could be classified as treasonous.  That is not a problem but is a sub-issue to Senator Corker.  SERIOUSLY?

We have not even dealt with what the American people are expecting from Congress and the failure of people like Senator Corker and others to clear the path for the new administration to attempt to fulfill its campaign promises.  The failure of Congress, the Obstructionism of the Left and the RINOs is another BIG ISSUE in my mind.  I am becoming increasingly fond of the idea of ‘term limits’ and am assuredly a fan of ‘breaking out the brooms’ and FIRING THE LOT OF THEM in 2018.  America, we are focusing on the ‘wag the dog’ issues not the real issues and it is high time that we wake up and pressure our elected officials to get on board with the plan to ‘drain the swamp’ and ‘restore the republic’.  I do not claim that all of Mr. Trump’s ideas are good or will be good but we need to reclaim the lost ground stolen by the Left under Barack Obama.

God, bless you and God bless America.




That would be my advice to President Trump.  The old saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” might be applicable.  The Democrats are a united front but the Republicans, Conservatives, and Constitutionalist are anything but united.  Those of our side are about as divided as I have ever witnessed and the tragedy is that the Establishment (Republican) is playing footsies with the Leftist who have as their prime agenda, taking down the Trump administration.  There is so much to see that is not seen I hardly know where to begin in addressing this issue.

The uproar over the former National Security Advisor, General Mike Flynn is not as simple as a person breaking the law or rules it is much deeper than that.  The Logan Act that has been raised to justify attack General Flynn is grasping at a straw and if you check the historical record you will find that NO PERSON has ever been prosecuted for breaking that law.  One person was charged but that charged was almost immediately dismissed.  General Flynn did make some mistakes and although he is a good man, with a stellar record, apparently, he misrepresented the facts and truth to Vice President Pence and that is not acceptable.  However, the fact that the talked to the Russian Ambassador before the inauguration is not the problem, in my view.  The Logan Act was designed to prevent private citizens to conduct foreign policy.  Arguing that General Flynn was a private citizen would be a stretch, at best.  General Flynn was a national security adviser designate.  But, maybe we should recall that Barack Obama traveled the globe talking to foreign governments about American foreign policy before he was even a candidate for President.  HOW WAS THAT NOT A PROBLEM? 

Who was involved in leaking the information and spearheading the attack on General Flynn and why?  It has been revealed that former Obama administration adviser Ben Rhodes, the architect of the White House effort to create a pro-Iran echo chamber.  He organized and initiated the effort to flood the media with stories attempting to discredit General Flynn.  This effort was also designed to prevent the Trump administration from disclosing the details of Obama’s secret deal with Iran.  This effort was initiated in the weeks before President Trump’s inauguration.  They knew that there would be several people on Trump’s national security team that would oppose diplomacy with Iran, so they sought to protect the deal at all costs.  General Flynn became a target and he did not help matters in failing to be totally forthcoming.  Who is celebrating over General Flynn’s ouster?  I suggest that it is Ben Rhodes, the NIAC, and the Iranian Mullahs.  It has been revealed that General Flynn was making preparation to publicize many of the details of the deal and that was taboo for the Obama team and seems to be for the Republican Establishment.  The Establishment is willing to use anything to discredit President Trump and harming national security is not a problem for them, for they seem to consider stopping Trump a greater objective.  THAT IS SAD FOR AMERICA!

An even larger concern, in my mind, are the leaks from the Intelligence Community who had recorded the conversation between General Flynn and the Russian ambassador.  The FBI recorded the conversation, pursuant to a warrant which had to come from the highest of levels and possibly from Barack Obama himself.  They released the transcript to the media with the intent and for the purpose of discrediting General Flynn.  The FBI, CIA, NSA was abetted by Obama-ear holdovers in an understaffed Justice Department and the leftist media in an apparent coup attempt to take down the Trump administration.  That should be what is under investigation but if President Trump or Attorney General Sessions seeks to do so it would be viewed as tainted before it began.


President Trump cannot afford to be passive on this matter, and clearly, that is not his normal pattern.  He must fight but he must fight with a clear strategy, twitter won’t be enough.  He must act definitively, decisively, and quickly to get rid of every Obama holdovers left after the dust settles.  Yes, that is radical but necessary.  The CIA, NSA, and many other agencies are so infested with those of such liberal bias they desire to destroy this administration before it can even begin.  The swamp must be drained and YOU’RE FIRED needs to be heard loudly in Washington in a sweeping reform.  I pray that President Trump’s advisers will successfully get his attention and convince him to move NOW to clean house.  He has been hesitant possibly because he truly believes he can reach across the aisle and convince people to come around to his way of thinking.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, welcome to Washington, Mr. Trump.  This is a cut-throat community that would sell their mothers into slavery to achieve their objectives.  TRUST NONE OF THEM. 

I am praying for President Trump to make the right decisions and I am praying for America.  This kind of situation is dangerous for national security and a direct threat to our Republican Form of Government.  If you thought all would be rosy after the election and inauguration, think again.  That was a BATTLE but this is WAR and we cannot lose this WAR.

God, bless you and God bless America!



I should be surprised at nothing advanced by the Liberal Leftist of America and the world but I am.  I listen to the rhetoric of the protesters, the Hollywood types, the MSM, Leftist Politicians, some Clergy and others and am stunned at the complete disconnect with reality.  They insist they are supporters of Free Speech, Religious Liberty, Tolerance, and Diversity.  I heard Robert Reich and others argue that the Berkeley riots were the work of paramilitary right-wingers and could not believe what I was hearing and reading.  That is an evidence of a blindness or attempted deception seeking to blind millions to the reality that is alarming and beyond dangerous.

Those in participating were not right-wing paramilitary activist they were the black-clad Antifa anarchist who coordinated with the Bay Area community activists and the UC Berkeley student groups to disrupt and destroy.  It was not an activity supporting Free Speech but designed to suppress the right of Free Speech of anyone holding a conservative view.  They threw Molotov cocktails, burned buildings and other things, carried sticks and protesting the appearance of Milo Yiannapolous.  The Antifa was possibly birthed in Germany in the 1970’s and are an extreme far-left group whose purpose is to disrupt.  They are incredibly well networked, well trained using paramilitary tactics and apparently well-funded.  Their credo printed on the inside of their masks is, “By putting on our masks we reveal our unity; and by raising our voices in the street together, we speak our anger at the facelessness of power.”  They like some other anarchist groups carry thick poles designed to harm, threaten, intimidate, and maim anyone they encounter.

A distinct difference between the extremist on the Far Left and the Far Right is the Left embraces their extremist and for the most part the Right denounces the extremist on the far right.  The Tea Partiers that I know abhor the far-left and the far-right anarchist and their anarchism.  The Left seems to be convinced that every conservative is joined at the hip to the Nazis or Nazi sympathizers and KKK.  Hillary Clinton worked that angle in her campaign and associated every Trump supporter with the racist, neo-Nazi, and White Supremacist.  That was and is an unfair characterization because most of us denounce those groups.  I blame Hillary and the rhetoric of the Left for the Pu… Hat March in Washington and the vile rhetoric that has ensued since election night and will likely continue into the foreseeable future.

I am frequently told that what those of us on the Right should do is nothing.  We should let the Left continue simply ignore them.  Although, I agree we should not engage in violence with them we dare not ignore them.  If we do, we are facilitating a rise of a monster that we will only be able to defeat with the use of force.  That would be incredibly destructive and detrimental for the Republic.  I believe that every time they are able to carry out one of their riots they become emboldened and we move one step closer to WAR.  We may think they are incoherent, uncoordinated, and will implode but I warn that the forces behind them see each unopposed protest, riot, and act of anarchy as a victory and becomes a serious recruiting tool.  It allows them to advance their narrative and convince others that there is no penalty for this kind of illegal activity and, in time, will so solidify their unity they will be a formidable force.  What we are seeing in the streets is not spontaneous and new, it is the culmination of decades of liberal efforts behind the scenes.

Each time a University, police force, or politician cede to the demands of those groups they enable them to become stronger and then they reach for larger prizes. When the law is broken, we must arrest and prosecute everyone involved.  No police force, no University, no Politician should cave to the demands thinking they are doing right to avoid further violence.  NO, those groups are willing to take to the streets and destroy and even kill to get what they want.  Again, I am not saying we need to take to the streets to fight them using force against force but we MUST demand that the Laws of our Land are enforced uniformly and consistently without fail.  If we treat these groups as petulant children and fail to take them seriously we will help create a monster that will destroy our political system and society.  WE CANNOT AFFORD TO ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN!  A statement the Berkeley College Republicans described the situation in a most accurate manner, “It is tragic that the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement is also its final resting place.”  FREE SPEECH must be ‘free for all’ or it is not ‘free at all.’  These are more than ‘rent-a-mobs’ they are part of a growing and dangerous development in America that seeks to create chaos and anarchy thinking it will achieve their end but it will be our end as a Republic.

God help us to stand up and apply the pressure upon our elected officials, Law Enforcement and voice our concerns so powerfully that it cannot be ignored.  God, bless you richly is my prayer and God bless America!




I have been accused of being overly nostalgic and living in the past as I express my concerns about the state of my nation.  I was recently told that I needed to come into the 21st Century and realize that things are not the same, they have evolved and I’m behind the times.  I have been chided by the Left and even some on the conservative side of the equation that my views of Strict Construction and Originalism in interpreting the Constitution are outdated and I should adopt the view of a changing world and thereby the need for a “Living Constitution” that evolves with the mood of society.  I reject that and resist it for I believe that is one of the problems in our Republic today.  Couple that with the creation of a ‘Safe Zone Society’, the ‘Entitlement Mentality’ and the ‘Self-Centeredness’ of much of our society has brought us to this place.  I dare not fail to mention the move of the Progressive, Liberal Left that embraces much of the Atheistic mentality and seeks to build a Wall between Religion or God and Government.  We are a million miles from where the Framers and our Founding Fathers sought to bring us and from that Republic they established and embraced.  The very Republic and Constitution that has keep us “The Land of the Free” and “The Home of the Brave” for 240 years is under direct assault today, and that would produce incurable melancholy were it not for my faith in God and my belief in the American people.

It is quite possible that the ‘ME’ MENTALITY and ENTITLEMENT PHILOSOPHY has existed in a greater measure than I recall.  It is quite possible that the Large Cities never knew that which I grew up enjoying in rural East Texas where neighbors not only knew each other but helped each other.  Maybe, there have always been sectors of our nation in which people embraced isolationism and were so ‘ME’-CENTERED they not only did not know but did not trust their neighbors and fellow man to the point they were cold and indifferent.  Maybe, I am being nostalgic and living in the 20th Century, longing for a return to a society where we were willing to offer a helping hand to those in need and did not expect the government to be our provider in all things.  I long for a return to a time when it was not taboo to say “God Bless You, Merry Christmas, or a myriad of other banned phrases.”  I long for a return to a time when we valued the sanctity of life and adoption was a much more acceptable idea than abortion.  I long for a return to a time when God was not banished from the classroom or the courtroom and the pulpit was not silent regarding sin, even the sin of the government.  I long for a return to a time when it was not only acceptable to say, “In God We Trust” but when we did.  I long for a time when the spirit of enterprise and ingenuity that has enabled many people to dig their way out of poverty into prosperity and that enabled America to rise to being one of if not the greatest nation on earth.  I long for a return to a time when we could “disagree” without feeling the need to annihilate those on the other side of the argument.  Yes, we had the riots and protests of the 60’s and I viewed them negatively then as I do the present ones today.  We cannot build a bridge with a sword.


It matters not to me whether you are a Donald Trump fan or not, he is the President of the United States of America.  His election was no more skewed than any other election including the two of Barack Obama and maybe less skewed and tainted with voter fraud and interference.  Our system of government and the manner of electing our presidents has been a wonderful means of guaranteeing that the Entire Nation would have a voice in the outcome, not pockets of liberalism or conservatism, but each State would have valued input and directly impact the outcome.  That is a system that we should applaud not seek to destroy.  I’ve said repeatedly, we are not a Majority Rule Democracy we are a Constitutional Republic with Representative Government and that has been one of the major reasons for our preservation and longevity, albeit it brief, in comparison to some of the European systems.

Our Constitution guarantees “Freedom of Speech” and if speech is not free for everyone it is not free for anyone.  Peaceable Assembly is provided for in our Founding Document and must be guarded but there is not provision for riotous activities, the destruction of property, the endangerment of lives and the threat of bodily harm for the targets of those protests.  You cannot stand in a crowded theater and yell FIRE when there is no fire without penalty and you are not legally allowed to do what the rioters are doing today.  You cannot call for the assignation of the president with impunity, although this is being allowed and even applauded by those on the Left.  You are not allowed to incite riots and engage in sedition that seeks the overthrow of the government.  We have Laws and if we selectively enforce those laws based on what we would prefer to happen rather than seeking justice we do damage to the Republic and render the Laws meaningless and toothless rather than a deterrent.

Our America is in trouble and I weep for my nation.  I am angry at those who are seeking to drive wedges between groups fanning the flames of HATE that can only end in disaster.  I detest the incessant rhetoric that is without basis and established on speculation and preference rather than reality.  When Hillary Clinton, in the 3rd Presidential Debate castigated Donald Trump for not openly saying he would immediately accept the outcome of the election she was touted as a modern-day heroine and defender of America and Integrity.  Then, when she LOST it seems that her diatribe was just that, meaningless drivel as she and her forces went to work to challenge, question, diminish, delegitimize, and possibly overturn the outcome she was not chastened, castigated or vilified as was Donald Trump for his response.  HYPOCRISY is not a sufficient explanation but the Left has demonstrated a willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve their end and legality, morality, and constitutionality seem to have no bearing.


America, we are divided and if we remain so we will experience another Civil War and that would likely end the Republic.  There is a Hope and it is a most powerful one, God!  The Bible gives us a prescription for remedying our ills as a nation in 2 Chronicles 7:14.  If God’s people will come to Him in repentance and humility and genuinely seek His face (will and way) He promises to FORGIVE us both individually and as a nation and HEAL our land.  We desperately need HEALING.  The Preamble of our American Constitution offers hope, “We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States of America.”  Our Declaration of Independence recognized God and the unalienable rights He has given and our Pledge to the Flag recognizes God and that America UNDER HIM is One Nation, unified and indivisible seeking Liberty, and Justice for all.

Is America worth fighting for, praying for, working for and worth the incredibly arduous task of finding common ground and bridging the chasm that now separates us?  This is not a one-way street and cannot be a unilateral effort but it will require ALL AMERICANS or a SUFFICIENT NUMBER of Americans to commit to the Republic.  America, Land that I Love is worth fighting for to me as a Christian, an American, a Patriot, and a Veteran.

God, bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!





We are at a critical juncture in our American history and if we get this wrong we will not only hear the proverbial fat lady sing we will see the taillights of Liberty, Freedom, and the Constitutional Republic drive away.  I have never seen the level of incendiary rhetoric and vitriol in America as I am witnessing today.  It is more than disturbing or disheartening it is genuine cause for fear.  As a Christian, I do not embrace fear for it is other than my faith and the torment it carries is both unhealthy and unnecessary.  There is a place for a healthy respect and caution that some would call fear and I can accept that.  However, the conditions in America today are frightening and the end that we are apparently headed for is quite other than beneficial and productive.  The flames of HATE are reaching higher than I have ever witnessed and people from all walks of life are being drawn to the flames and many are being consumed before our eyes.  Sadly, many of them are completely unaware they are being engulfed by the destructiveness of those flames and may truly believe they are doing God a service, and fighting for basic human kindness and what America should be.  In that case, the prospect of reconciliation and healing in our nation become virtually impossible.  There has never been a more fierce fighter than one fighting for a religious cause and the fight is religious on all sides of today’s issues.

The American Revolution was waged to secure, as is so eloquently revealed in our Declaration of Independence, protection of our unalienable rights which include, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”  I would encourage everyone to meditate on the words of that document which expressed the heart, desire, and intent of our Founding Fathers and the Colonist living in this land.

“When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.  We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

I purposefully did not include the entire declaration but that portion which identifies, powerfully, the intent of the American Revolution and the desire for those who would be citizens of this Republic to be afforded and enjoy.  We have, for 240 years, enjoyed the protection of our Constitution and embraced the vision of the Founding Fathers and the Framers of our American Constitution.  Have we fallen short?  Obviously, there have been times we have failed and some of those times failed miserably in maintaining the spirit and intent of our forefathers.  They believed, as do I, that the providence of God enabled us to win our Freedom and that if we ever drifted from His principles and the precepts of His word and our stated founding guidelines we would suffer greatly as a people.  Are we witnessing that today?  It would seem so.

I hear those on the Left and the Right claiming that their efforts are a Revolution for America.  But in some cases, it seems that rather than an American Revolution that fights for our founding principles, the protection of our unalienable rights, and the perseveration of our American Constitution we are witnessing American Devolution.  Much of what is happening in the protests and the ‘fake news’ by the MSM designed to divide and destroy, as well as the actions of those in protest, riots, and anarchistic endeavors is not a Revolution of Freedom it is a Devolution pressing us toward a state of Anarchy, striving for Mobocracy and is fueled by intense HATE.   When college professors and others can argue that if a person is white they owe those who are black reparations. we open the door for further division and bitterness.  They are even advancing the idea that every white person should be opening reparations accounts for blacks.  I heard one professor hawking his new book supporting that view say, “A black person with a college degree is less likely to get a job than a white ex-convict.”  On its face, I call that a blatant lie and inaccurate.  What jobs are we talking about?  I have worked in the public sector and experienced being passed over because I was white.  I know what it is like to be told to my face that I was the most qualified but because the other candidates were either of a different gender or ethnicity I would not get the job.  So, exactly what do I owe and to whom?

The call for violence even a military coup to overthrow this administration is not only unhealthy for our Republic it is criminal.  If America is going to HEAL, the HATE must subside.  I see two fountains or rivers flowing in America and the prism through which you view life is established.  There is the River of American Revolution seeking to advance Freedom and develop a country that is “One nation under God indivisible…”  The other is the River of Devolution that is seeking to suppress and eradicate any view other than your own.  It will use any means necessary to achieve its end and sees no conflict in advancing the message of HATE while calling for Love and calling HATE Love and LOVE Hate.  We are divided and that chasm is so wide, no bridge other than the principles upon which America was founded and the God of the Bible can span.  We need to be reminded of and embrace the word of our First President, George Washington uttered at his First Inaugural Address on April 20, 1789,The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right, which Heaven itself has ordained.”

I am deeply troubled by what I hear and see in America today and ask that you join me in prayer for HEALING in our land.  I believe it is the desire of the majority of Americans to have a nation that is prosperous, free, and secure.  We desire a nation that embraces the tenets of the Declaration of Independence and affords the protections of our American Constitution.  I ask that you join me in Praying for America.  My prayer is God please bless America again, and help us to cease viewing everything through the prism of politics and see His purposes.

God, bless you richly is my prayer and desire and God bless America my hope!