BLOG POST 2 - Republic 1

The words of Benjamin Franklin, “A Republic if you can keep it,” almost haunt me, at times, as I consider the state of my nation.  We have KEPT IT because we have adhered to the Original Intent of the Framers and the desire of the Founders who won our Independence in the Revolutionary War.  We have KEPT IT because of the resolve of the America people and our commitment to the principles of Liberty and Freedom.  We have KEPT IT because our American tradition and history has been THE PEACEFUL TRANSFER OF POWER election after election.  That does not mean that those on the losing end of the electoral equation happily embraced the new administration but they did not take to the streets, riot, burn, look, maim, harm, impede, and damage person and property.  They sought to use the legitimate and constitutional means of offering their dissent and opposition.  THAT IS CHANGING and thus it is my conviction that we are in grave danger of LOSING OUR REPUBLIC.

Thomas Jefferson suggested that in America and as Americans we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead nor will we be overcome by error as long as reason is left free to combat it.  The censorship we have experienced in the past few years from the PC Police, Activist, Liberals, Progressives, and Leftist is weakening that principle.  Those on the Left have demonstrated a propensity to ignore the truth and advance rhetoric that supports their ideological position and agenda.  When we, as a society, reach the place that we justify breaking the law and endorse lawlessness to advance a political or personal agenda we damage the foundations of Freedom.  When we, as a society, arrive at a juncture where the law does not apply equally to everyone we jeopardize the very Pillars of Freedom and Liberty that enable us to maintain our Republic.

We are in danger of losing our Republic because, in part, we have TAKEN IT FOR GRANTED and assumed that things will continue as they have been for 240 years.  As in every facet of life, when something or someone is taken for granted there is a real danger of losing that thing or person.  Abuses occur in that state and those abuses push the envelope to the point that drastic and dramatic reaction transpires.  Homes are disrupted, businesses fail, relationships destroyed, and governments fall when the people TAKE FOR GRANTED that which must be fought and labored for.

In today’s political climate in America, there are those who have virtually if not literally declared war on anyone and everything that is in opposition to their ideology.  We have a segment of our society who find it impossible to ACCEPT the outcome of the Election and are DETERMINED to destroy this new president and if that damages America they are unconcerned or unaware of the danger of their endeavors.  Those on the Left believe that if we disagree with Global Warming or Climate Change being the greatest danger to the world, we are unenlightened and must either be reeducated or marginalized to the point we are irrelevant.  They vociferously seek to deny anyone opposing their views the right to voice an opinion or present factual argument.  That not only applies in that area but all areas in which the Left embraces including abortion, illegal immigration, secure borders, religious convictions, healthcare, and the god-status they have ascribed to government.  Disagree with their position and you are branded as ignorant, bigoted, misogynic, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, unfeeling, uncaring, and desire to kill women, children, and the elderly.  There is no common ground, no give and take, no willingness to LISTEN to any opposing argument.  It is THEIR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!

The danger of adopting the current actions and antics of the Leftist who refuse to accept the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States of America is the destruction of our Republic.  What will be the result if in each successive election those on the losing side take to the streets, riot, loot, burn, destroy, and impede progress?  What will be the result if those in the losing party, in Congress, violate all principles of Republicanism and take whatever measures possible to impede and destroy the new administration?  We will have created a condition and a nation in which no one believes in our system and no one feels safe under the Laws of our Land.  We will have a condition in which anarchy becomes the norm and everyone seeks to become a Law unto themselves.  We will have a condition where people believe they can selectively obey our laws and the result is anything but a Republic and Civil Government.

We have a unique system of government that has survived largely because we, as a people, have embraced the PEACEFUL TRANSFER OF POWER.  We have, as a people, trusted our system, even if we have not always agreed with those governing.  We have been a Nation of Laws which has helped to maintain a peaceful society where the Constitution and Congress recognize our unalienable rights has passed Laws to protect those rights with the intent to equally protect everyone under the law.  Have we failed on any of those fronts?  Clearly, we have but our system has survived and provided a condition of Liberty and Freedom experienced by few, if any, peoples on the earth.

A REPUBLIC, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT?  Can we or will we keep it?  We can and will if we are able to set aside our personal agendas and consider the best good of the nation.  We can and will if we become men and women of Prayer.  We can and will if we are willing to rid Washington of the corruption, failed professional elitist politicians and DEMAND they follow the Constitution and maintain a condition of Peaceable Transfer of Power.  America is the prize we are fighting for; how much are we willing to pay for her preservation?

God, bless you and God bless the United States of America is my prayer and desire!


BLOG POST 1 - Squander

I guess I will never see a poem as lovely as a tree or a Republican-led Congress that does not shoot itself in the foot every time they have a Golden Opportunity to achieve something positive for the American people.  The questions that keep coming to my mind are, “Are they that dumb?  Do they have a death wish?  Are they simply Democrat Lights and preservation of the Ole Boy System is of greater importance and value than America and the Constitution?”   I’m afraid that some or all of those are YES, YES, and YES!  Some of the latest polls I have seen is that the Republicans are taking a significant hit in ratings and that does not bode well for 2018.

The Republicans had years to prepare for this moment but apparently did not think they’d reclaim the White House this quickly so they are not prepared to deal with Obamacare.  They are totally unwilling to simply repeal it and then work on whatever replacement might be deemed prudent so they are, according to many reports, advanced a law that would be little more than Obamacare Lite.  There were aspects of their plan that I could endorse and parts that I found and find repulsive and objectionable.  It appears that the bill that Paul Ryan and the Establishment sold to the President rankled enough conservatives it was doomed to fail before it began.  It is a bit troubling that the President after endorsing it demonstrated a side of his nature that could be problematic.  He threw down the gauntlet saying, ‘Deal or No Deal’  and informed Congress to either pass it or keep Obamacare.  That meant WE KEEP OBAMACARE with all its incredible destructiveness for the foreseeable future.  That could mean that in 2018 voters are going to remember and be infuriated with the Republicans and it is quite possible they will give the House and/or the Senate to the Democrats due to Republican failure and lack of preparedness.  THAT IS A TRAGIC POSSIBILITY  but a cycle that continues to occur with Republicans.  America is the loser!

The Spying that has apparently has taken place on members of the President’s Transition Team and possibly the President himself, completely unrelated to the Russian inquiry is an issue the Republicans MUST deal with decisively and definitively.  They MUST uncover where this originated, hold any and all persons accountable under the law for any illegalities and unethical actions.  They MUST expose those involved even if it leads all the way to Barack Obama’s door.  NO ONE and I do mean NO ONE should be above the law, Republican or Democrat.  If we fail to do this Political Targeting and Police State Activity will become the norm rather than the exception.  Representative Adam Schiff, (D-California) has become the Democrat mouthpiece and the Republicans are not demonstrating a willingness or ability to connect the dots on this Benghazi Lawyer who called the heroes who defended the embassy liars because they disputed Obama and Hillary’s narrative of what happened.  Those men were there and pulled back the curtain on the fraud, deception, and outright lies of the Obama team.  Now, Congressman Schiff is trying to downplay and discredit the information Representative Devin Nunes, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has uncovered that reveals there was purposeful or incidental spying and that the information had wrongly been spread around Washington unredacted.  That is of serious concern, but the Democrats want nothing to do with it, after all, it might expose their phony fishing expeditions and spin as they attempt to discredit President Trump.   As my brother said, “If they gain inroads in 2018 there will be an immediate and active push to Impeach Donald Trump.”  That is coming regardless of their gains but will assuredly escalate if they do gain ground.

The lack of intestinal fortitude by the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell is another example of squandering opportunities. He has allowed the Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, and the Left dictate what he does.  The Republicans have allowed the Democrats to slow-walk the nominations of many of Trump’s proposed appointees and now the Democrats are vowing to filibuster the Gorsuch nomination.  Senator McConnell, it is time for you to press the button and drop the nuke and get this done.   Sir Chuckie Schumer argued that judges should be independent and neutral as a reason for opposing Judge Gorsuch.  I wonder where that strong moral stance was when Sonia Sotomayor and Elana Kagan were up for confirmation?  Oh, I forgot, they are leftist Democrats so that standard does not apply to them.  Sorry, I keep forgetting how this works.  Sir Chuckie also said that he could not vote for Judge Gorsuch because he was not MAINSTREAM and it would appear that Senator Schumer’s idea of MAINSTREAM is someone who believes in a living Constitution rather than the Original Intent.  It would appear that it means someone who endorses the Leftist Agenda and is willing to legislate from the bench in forcing America and Americans to accept laws, edicts, and presidential acts that are unconstitutional.  If that is MAINSTREAM, then thank God, that Judge Gorsuch is not.  That is, even more, reason to confirm him immediately.  I find it laughable that now Senator Schumer wants to argue that the answer is “not to change the rules, but to change the nominee.”  Where was that argument when Senator Harry Reid CHANGED THE RULES?  Sorry, I forgot again, that is acceptable when the Democrats do it but an abomination when the Republicans do.

Republicans we gave you an opportunity to reduce the size and scope of government.  We gave you the tools to repeal Obamacare, lower taxes, secure our border, strengthen our national security, and rebuild our military, don’t squander it.  We gave you the opportunity to rekindle the fire of the economy and limit the massive and intrusive regulations that are strangling our economy, don’t waste it.  We gave you the opportunity to stem the tide of this runaway spending train, massive national debt, and political targeting by various left-leaning agencies and bureaucracies don’t ignore the problem or it will be costly.  NO, I am not threatening anyone, I am PROMISING and PREDICTING the outcome of another WASTED OPPORTUNITY.  The voters won’t tolerate it and the Democrat Party that was on the ropes gasping for political air will be resuscitated and given new life.  America loses! 

What can we do?  We can make our voices heard.  We can find our prayer closets.  We can make the members of Congress aware that WE WILL REMEMBER.  If we are sufficiently vocal and doggedly determined, we just might get their attention.  DON’T WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY it may be our last.

God, bless you and God bless America!


LAND OF THE FREE – – Shall We Look and See???

BLOG POST 2 - Freedom

We proudly declare that we are America and Free, but are we?  How Free are we?  How do we stack up against other countries in the world?  The Cato Institute, an American Libertarian ‘think tank’ based in Washington, DC is reportedly one of the top ‘think tanks’ in the world.  They released their “Human Freedom Index” which is a very broad measure of personal, civil, and economic freedom around the globe.  This report is co-published by the Cato Institute, Fraser Institute (Canada) and the Liberales (Germany).  Where do you suppose, the United States Ranks and how has that changed during the eight years of Barack Obama.  I suspect you suspect it has declined and you are right if that was your assumption.

These researchers considered 76 indicators in 152 countries to calculate the degree people are FREE in so many areas it would be difficult to list them all but freedom of speech, religion, and association are among those.  The New Human Freedom Index ranks the United States as 20th among the 152 countries. You might say, “That’s not bad,” but I must ask, “Is it that good?”  When Barack Obama took office in 2009 the United States was 16th, in 2015 was 20th and in 2016 dropped to 22nd in the world.  Please take note of the decline, which I believe was part and parcel of Obama’s plan of ‘fundamental transformation’ of America.  He sought to punish us and he did just that in more ways than I could list or even know.

If you find that disturbing it is worse than that, according to the report.  Using Appendix J, the ranking in Personal Freedom’s aggregate numbers listed the USA astoundingly at 28th.  But, who are the top 10?  From 1-10, Demark, Austria, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Iceland, and United Kingdom.  The next tier is Australia, Belgium, Canada, Poland, Czech Republic, Malta, Hong Kong, Slovenia, Italy, New Zealand, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and France. Then you get to the United States. That list should trouble you greatly, it does me.  I can understand that we might not be NUMBER ONE but we should NEVER be NUMBER TWENTY-EIGHT.  The fact that we have dropped from 16th to 28th is appalling and a clear indication that my ranting about the size, scope, and danger of the all-intrusive and invasive Big Government is valid.  We have watched our Freedoms disappear and most did not realize it was happening or are in denial that it has or is happening.  IT IS TIME TO DRAIN THE SWAMP of bureaucrats and politicians.  We dropped 12 spots in 8 years and if we do not change course how much more will we drop?

The Human Freedom Index ranked us 16th in Economic Freedom and while 16th might not sound bad it is not as good as it could or should be.  Who is on the list ahead of America?  Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Switzerland, Ireland, Canada, Mauritius, Georgia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Australia, Qatar, Chile, Jordan, Lithuania and then the good old U.S. of A.  If you were one of those that believed the spin of the Democrats and the Obama administration that our economy was strong, you might want to think again.  If you thought that the Obama administration was interested in America and Americans, you might want to think again.  We have slowly but surely lost ground in the world and our Freedoms have been eroded needlessly and wrongly.  I do not know if Donald Trump, a businessman, can turn the economy around and alleviate some of the stifling Government Regulations that the Obama administration imposed but I pray that he can.  I pray that the Republicans in Congress will find a SPINE and defend our freedoms and help return America to our rightful place as a FREE REPUBLIC and once again make us the “Land of the Free, as well as the Home of the Brave.”

When our top marginal tax rate is recorded at a 5.0 out of 10.0 that is astounding and must change if we are to have a restored economy and see America once again burst forth with economic growth.  When the size of government is listed as 6.41 out of 10.0 that should be disturbing for it indicates how massive and intrusive the Federal Government is.  When Business Regulations is scored as 6.63 out of 10.0 we should be concerned.  Our Military Intelligence was rated as 6.67 and that is assuredly not good.  This report indicates that the government is consuming a significant portion of our economic gains and the insane spending by the Federal Government is drowning us in debt and that is detrimental to our Economic Stability.

Most Americans are not financially stable and live from paycheck to paycheck.  Yet, many, if not most still demand their amenities such as flat screen televisions, new automobiles that we finance of 6,7 or 8 years, and insist that owning a house we cannot pay for is part of the America dream and our Right.  We complain about politics and politicians but who elects them?  WE DO!  We have not paid proper attention to their antics and actions and ousted them when they violated our trust.  Instead, we rewarded them with a 2nd, 3rd, or 10th term in office and helped facilitate the Ole Boy System that is destroying our Republic.  It seems to me that too often we major in minors and allowed the guilty in DC to go free rather than doing our homework, paying attention, and faithfully going to the voting booths and rewarding many of them with PINK SLIPS saying, YOU’RE FIRED!  We are not as free as we probably thought but we can return to our rightful place in the world and be FREE.

God, bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - Muslim Brotherhood

What do they know?  They know that organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood are terrorist.  They acknowledge it but the Leftist and some on the Right seem to have difficulty with calling a spade a spade.  I supposed those on the Right are afraid of being charged with Islamophobia or being xenophobic.  Why some on the Right allow the intimidation of the name calling of the Left to influence their actions and force them into the shadows is beyond me, but they do.

Most conservatives and constitutionalist recognize the grave threat of aggressive Islam and Islamic terrorism.  The former administration sought to put a gag order on any use of the term Islamic terrorism or jihadism.  In their view, any criticism of Islam was taboo and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch suggested it was an actionable offense that could result in federal charges being filed.  That is so foreign to rational reason one would think the public outcry would have been so loud the former President and A/G would have toned down their rhetoric, but not so.

The Trump administration is considering designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, and I hope they do because they are.  The majority of the Arab, Muslim world knows what they are and calling them terrorist is like calling the Pope Catholic.  I find it amazing that Saudi Arabia, Russia, Syria, Bahrain, and the UAE have all officially identified the Muslim Brotherhood as a terror organization but not the United States.  WHY? Why have we failed to identify them for what they are and continued to allow them to have free access to much in America?  WHY? 

The Muslim Brotherhood promotes and encourages violent jihadism and conducts it themselves in Egypt. They sponsor Hamas in its terrorism against Israel.  They follow the most radical doctrinal interpretation of the Quran and are takfiri (a Muslim that accuses another Muslim of apostasy). They, like the most radical jihadist, regularly call other Muslims infidels because they do not adhere to the most violent tenets of Islam.  I hope you remember how close we were to the Muslim Brotherhood having a seat at the table in the White House had Hillary been elected.  Her closest confidant Huma Abedin is from the Muslim Brotherhood family.  There are significant sums of money flowing into Democratic coffers from Islamic jihadist with the lion’s share going to their fellow Muslim Keith Ellison who is the Deputy Head of the DNC.  Does that suggest where the Democrat Party is heading?  It does unless you choose to bury your head in the sand.  The jihadists are at war with the world and hold a special hatred for Israel and America and to deny that is to expose all of us to incredible danger.

In the U.K. one of the most influential and recognizable Think Tanks conducted a Poll or a Survey among TEN European Nations and found that the citizens of EIGHT of TEN wanted a TOTAL MUSLIM BAN not just a selective ban from certain countries that have weak or no vetting.  WHY?  Because they see, first hand, the problems with the massive influx of Muslim immigrants into their nations.  They have experienced the problems and have sounded the alarm repeated to America and thus far, we have ignored the warnings.  I am hopeful and prayerful that President Trump will hold firm and continue to identify the problem and take the actions necessary to make America Safe or Safer.

In Sweden, the government statistics indicate a rise in ‘rape’ and other ‘violent crimes’ since the massive influx of Muslim immigrants or refugees.  Women in Sweden are reported to feeling unsafe in their own neighborhoods much less the highly populated Muslim sectors.  However, the Swedish government has refused to deport the rapists and that is causing an outcry from the women of that nation and causing concern across Europe and much of the world.  The reports that only 1 in 5 foreign rapists is deported in that country, so would it be a wonder that women feel unsafe?

The idea in America is that we need refugees and immigrants because they do jobs Americans won’t do.  First, if that is true bringing more immigrants will not resolve that problem it will only postpone the inevitable.  Second, how can flooding our shores with illegals be deemed a good or advisable situation?  How does having people who are breaking the law, using false documents, and hiding in the shadows contribute to society?  If they are excused for breaking one law what is to deter them from breaking another or having any regard for our laws?  What does that attitude say to various elements of our legal citizenry?  It suggests that the Law is to be selectively obeyed and you can pick and choose what law you deem applicable to you, thus endangering our way of life.  It may not cause our society to crumble immediately but will be like water wearing away a rock over time.  That is not the America our Framers and Founders fought for and deliberated to produce.  It is not the America that most Americans desire.  It is the America of FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION and that transformation is to a Socialist or Marxist Society where the government is totalitarian and authoritarian.  How could any American who loves freedom be willing to see that become reality?

We must stand for Freedom.  We must stand for the Constitution.  We must stand for a Sovereign America and therefore we must resist the attempt of the Leftist to shame us into believing that desiring to be the Free Constitutional Republic of our founding with a Secure Border is heartless and lacking in compassion.  We must determine that we will stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and accept nothing less than a return to American being the Constitutional Republic our Framers gave us.

God, bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 3 - Silent Coup

Yes, I said carnage and coup and connected them to the former President Barack Hussein Obama the 44th President of the United States of America.  Before you turn me off, kick me to the curb and declare me whatever you declare me, stop, and examine some of the political, economic, and social damage under his watch.  Then, if you still deem me a kook, so be it and we will part ways without vitriol, at least on my part.

President Donald J. Trump is being castigated for asserting that Barack Obama ordered the phones at the Trump Tower wiretapped.  The former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper has stated publicly that was not true, however, he did not say that none of Trump’s associates or a server in the Trump Tower was not a target of surveillance.  That leaves room for President Trump’s allegations to have some validity.  Now some new information surfaces that indicate there was some surveillance of someone and that resulted in incidental information discovery.  That raises a number of questions that we may or may not get the answer.  Maybe they did not target Donald Trump personally but it is becoming increasingly clear that there were wiretapping and spying conducted with the approval of the previous administration attempting to connect the Trump campaign, surrogates, and Mr. Trump himself to the Russian government.  I believe that was clearly a fishing expedition if not a blatant witch hunt but to deny that any wiretapping was conducted would be to ignore the evidence, media reports, and other information from various sources. But alas, that is how the Democrats seem to roll these days, and the media backtracks from their headlines that indicated wiretapping to ensure they are in step with the current narrative.

I could not possibly enumerate all the things that Barack Obama’s administration did that left our economy, our political system, and our social condition in turmoil or at least far worse than when he entered office.  Is it possible that the Department of Justice or Injustice as it has been under the former administration conducted ‘reverse targeting’ against Donald Trump?  Do wild bears live in the woods?  I say that because the Obama administration has used that tactic numerous times in the past, so why not against this political opponent?  The things I will highlight everyone is familiar with and this is not to give you a new revelation but to remind you of the atrocities and questionable if not illegal activities of the previous administration.

Let’s begin with the targeting of Conservative organizations by the IRS.  Remember that?  The Democrats were continually bemoaning the existence of that type of organizations and individuals who dared to oppose Barack Obama and his Fascist Marxist Anti-American Agenda.  The Left used the MSM, letters to Congressional Democrats, and appeal to the President requesting that the IRS carefully examine (target) those organizations and examine them in minute detail.  Lois Lerner complied and then destroyed or otherwise shielded evidence including emails to hide the wrongdoing and protect those individuals complying with orders from on high.  Of course, it was argued this was the work of a few rogue agents not a policy or mandate from higher ups in the IRS.  That was clearly proved to be false but Ms. Lerner was allowed to retire with FULL PENSION and the IRS paid a paltry penalty of $50,000 in damages for one targeting endeavor.

Do you remember the National Labor Relations Board’s harassment of Boeing?  Boeing, a private company has the legal right to open a plant wherever they want and can find the space to do so.  That is the way it works in America, or so we thought.  Not so, the NLRB charged Boeing with violations of labor laws by opening a plant in South Carolina instead of Washington.  They charged that Boeing was being retaliatory by putting their plant in South Carolina because workers in Washington were on strike. That was a charge that was never proved and Boeing insisted that it was for lower production and labor costs they made the decision.  Once the works in Washington and Boeing agreed to a new labor contract, the case was dropped.  The previous administration was using its muscle illegally and unjustly to coerce a private company to do what it wanted to protect the Democrat voting bloc of Union Workers in Washington.  Imagine that.

Talk about email scandals and not even addressing the DNC emails against Bernie Sanders, the John Podesta debacle, and the Hillary Clinton fiasco, do you remember the EPA Director using a ‘fake’ email address to hide political activity?  Surely you do!  The Wall Street Journal published an article about Lisa Jackson of the EPA resigning after being exposed as using an email alias “Richard Windsor” to conduct official business in an attempt to evade federal transparency laws.  WAIT?  Didn’t Barack Obama declare that his administration would be the most transparent in American history?  TRANSPARENT?  If you deem hiding, obstructing, and obfuscating investigations transparent, they were clear as a clean glass.

To lend credibility to President Trump’s charge about wiretapping and targeting him and his campaign, do you remember how the Obama administration, under the direct order of Eric Holder illegally conducted surveillance of reporter James Rosen?  Surely you cannot forget that.  They named him a ‘criminal co-conspirator’ under the Espionage Act of 1917. He was deemed a flight risk and sought to destroy his career.  All bogus.  But, now the left and the media are trying to paint President Trump as a lunatic and needing a straitjacket and padded cell to keep him from harming himself and others.  Mr. Rosen was called a “criminal co-conspirator” for doing his job, a job that BHO did not like and Erick Holder the Obama attack dog went after him.

We have the lies by the CIA, FBI, DNI, NSA, EPA, IRS, DOJ, and many other initials in the Washington bureaucracy to cause us concern.  The disaster known as Obamacare was rammed through using methods that virtually destroy any hope of bipartisanship in future endeavors and Barack Obama’s attempts to influence the Israeli elections to defeat the Prime Minister, a man he detests all reveal the attitude toward our Constitution, the Republic, and the American system of government.  Barack Obama has left carnage in his wake and America will be decades recovering if we can.  He is continuing to advance a coup against the sitting president and with the help of the Congressional Democrats, the liberal activist judges and the Left-Wing Mouth Pieces the MSM he is doing damage.  Hopefully, the American people are not dumb enough to take the bait, drink the Kool-Aid, and allow it to happen.  I am beginning a new Cry for November 2018 – NO MORE!  No more to the activist who wants to destroy our nation.  No more to spineless politicians who claim to be conservative. No more to political prostitution to gain position, power, and purse.  NO MORE!

God, bless you and God bless America!

AMERICA’S Valley of Decision…

BLOG POST 3- Valley of Decision

In the Book of Joel, the words “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision” are found as the prophet was warning of times coming upon the land and describing what God planned to do.  He was calling people to repentance and for a return to God and His purposes, plans, and principles.  Multitudes were facing a decision as to what direction they would take in life and that decision would not only impact their lives but their nation.  I see that as a condition in America today and I fully believe that the 2016 Election was the result of prayer and not attempt to make President Trump a saint, an example of godliness or righteousness, he was elected to give us an opportunity alter the wrong direction America has been taking for some time.  God, in the Bible, used people who were not always truly righteous or godly to bring about good for His people and His kingdom.  The Bible tells us that God raises up kings and takes them down, and you may disagree but I believe that the Election of Donald Trump is our window of opportunity to Reclaim and Restore our Constitutional Republic.  Will we?  Time will tell and only God knows for sure. 

Whether you support Donald Trump or adamantly opposed him, he is the duly elected president of the United States of America and if we love America and Freedom we must call for an end to the vitriolic violent petulant actions transpiring in America today.  We must insist that Congress act like responsible representatives of the people and rather than standing like junior high combatants pointing fingers, calling names, pouting, and refusing to seek real solutions to the problems facing America they DO THEIR JOBS.  No, their job is not to hold sit-ins, encourage violence and anarchy and with no regard for the Constitution continue to engage in obstructionism.  I do not mind dissent or disagreement but I do mind being subversive.

The media will give no credit to the newly elected president, the increase in his approval ratings, and the encouragement and hope that is being rekindled in the hearts of millions in America and around the world.  A strong America is one of the greatest deterrents to war and unrest globally that can be found.  A strong America with a vibrant economy is a boon to the economies of the world.  You can argue that the election had nothing to do with the rise in the Stock Market but you will be hard-pressed to make that case.  You can argue that the position of the new president on ILLEGALS and a desire to secure the border, the removal of the destructive restrictions on our Border Patrol and ICE agents is not having a positive effect but that is difficult to defend.  Especially considering a recent report that Illegal Border Crossings have dropped 40% in President Trump’s first full month in office. That is incredible!  The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol reported that the number of illegals crossing the border dropped from 31,578 to 18,762 in that period.  Of course, that reflects those detected not a true reflection of the numbers that actually cross the border.  In my view, this is a very positive and hopeful sign that we can regain control of our border and have a secure border, something we have not witnessed in a very long time.  America’s sovereignty depends on having secure borders!

We are in the Valley of Decision about the direction we are going to take as America.  Although, the federal bureaucracy and politicians have polluted and perverted our system of government we still have a constitution.  The American Constitution affirms that WE THE PEOPLE are the true guardians, overseers, and owners of our government.  We are in the Valley of Decision about whether we are going to allow politicians and bureaucrats to strip us of that authority and power or return to being a government of the people, for the people, and by the people.  My decision is TAKE IT BACK!  My decision is TAKE A STAND!  My decision is RESTORATION! 

We are in a War politically and literally fighting for our Freedom and our Republic.  I have said much and will continue to beat the drum of the danger and negativity of a Shadow Government and Silent Coup that is being waged today.  Former President, Barack Obama is leading the charge of disruption from the shadows and through organizations such as his OFA (Organizing for Action).  Most political organizations disband once the politician leaves office but not this one.  It is increasing its war chest and is enlisting a virtual army of disrupters to fight President Trump every step of the way during his entire term of office.  This kind of action was called “un-American” by Barack Obama and that makes one wonder if he is now showing his true colors as being “un-American?”

The OFA has a reported army of 35,525 agitators and according to tax records has raised over $40 MILLION in contributions. This organization states that it “trains young activist to develop ORGANIZING SKILLS”.  Barack Obama said he was going to return to and hone his Community Organizing Skills once he left the White House and just as he followed through on his promise or threat to ‘fundamentally transform’ America he is doing just that.  He is directing his agitators from his DC mansion and encouraging the dissent and even violence.  Michelle Obama tweeted support for Congressman John Lewis in his war with Donald Trump as Lewis called trump an illegitimate president.  She said that his voice should be the call to action.  Barack Obama expressed support and encouragement from the protesters and challenged them to NOT BE SILENT.  That was in the face and evidence of the violence, rioting, and mayhem being caused.  He found that appealing and encouraging.  He did that with Black Lives Matter and the War on Police as well as other incidents where he should and could have called for civility he chose to encourage violence, hate, and disruption, a True Alinsky Method!

We are in the Valley of Decision and if we choose the wrong path or choose to sit in silence we will pay the severest of penalties in the loss of much if not most of our Freedom and Liberty under the Constitution.  We will allow America to descend into a state of anarchy and allow a condition to exist where those opposing an election or a decision will feel license to riot, disrupt, and destroy.  A Republic cannot survive under those conditions and Tyranny will rise in the place of a Free Constitutional Republic.  ARE YOU WILLING TO ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN?  I am not, at least not willingly or passively.  I stand firmly for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

God, bless you and God bless America!

ACA (Obamacare) vs AHA (Trump-care or Ryan-care)…

BLOG POST 2 - Repeal

I have contended for a long time that we are going to be stuck with some form of Obamacare in America because the Republicans did not move quickly and definitively once in power and because it has taken this long to get a President open to REPEAL any or all of it.  Former President Obama would never agree to any repeal because he considered it his signature piece of legislation and after it began to be called by his name his narcissistic nature could not abide its removal.  He is the most important person on the planet, at least in his mind, after all, he is a legend in his own mind.

Now that the Republicans have published their plan, which will be modified, amended, and altered, we have a glimpse of what they are suggesting in their REPEAL and REPLACE package.  Some of it is good and some of it is anything but good and has the distinct odor and appearance of what we had under the ACA.  I see a major roadblock for the Republican Plan regarding one aspect that I heartily endorse.  Those on the Left will never agree to it, and sadly there appear to be some Republicans that are not buying in, making it a very long and difficult journey to attainment.  FREE MARKET MEDICINE is anathema to Big Government Liberals and Progressives.  I will not attempt to articulate all the reasons for their opposition but one is that it strips the government of CONTROL and that is the true objective of Obamacare and many other pieces of legislation that come through the halls of Congress.

I long for unfettered competition in the health insurance industry as we see in other areas of the economy.  I believe that competition, supply, and demand will dictate the market prices and usually, that means a reduction in price and an increase in quality.  If we truly adopt Free Market Medicine that would mean that the federal and state governments must stay out of health care and allow the individual and their doctors to determine what care is desired and depending on the plan purchased insured.  Totally Free Market Healthcare would also touch Medicare and Medicaid and that is an area that the public would never stand for much tampering, so we will never have truly Free Market Healthcare.  I am not arguing for or against the repeal of Medicaid or Medicare only that if we are to have Free Market Medicine and competition in the health insurance industry we are going to have to consider all aspects of healthcare.  But, with regard to non-Medicare or Medicaid insurance, we need desperately to return to unfettered competition in the industry and allow citizens to purchase their insurance across state lines.  We also need bequeathable Health Savings Accounts that are not ‘use ‘em or lose ‘em’ on an annual basis but one that continues and can be inherited by the heirs.

The one thing that the Proposed AHA includes is the removal of the unconstitutional individual mandate.  No American should be forced to pay a fine, tax, or penalty for not having insurance coverage.  The fact that some choose not to purchase insurance may and in many cases, does cost you and me, it should be a personal choice not a mandate from government.  Personal responsibility and accountability are missing ingredients in much of what is happening today and people are following the lead of elected officials who insist that we “Do as they say, but not as they do.”  That doesn’t work in the home and won’t work in society.  The new plan does remove the job-killing employer mandate that caused employers to hold off on hiring or lay off worker forcing them into part-time status because of the exorbitant fines and fees for not providing coverage for their workers.  It also removes the over the counter tax on medications that many didn’t realize they were paying.  Obamacare prevented us from using FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTS to pay for over the counter medications on a pre-tax basis, the new plan removes that restriction.  It also repeals the Obamacare cap on contributions to FSA’s, a cap that was especially adverse for parents with special needs children.

There is also the repeal of the high medical bill tax, a tax that most were unaware of.   Before Obamacare, if your medical bills exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income you got a medical deduction. Obamacare raised that to 10% thus a 2.5% tax. It also repeals the HSA tax. You knew about that one, right?  Obamacare increased the tax on early withdrawals from HSA’s from 10% to 20%.  Also gone is the ridiculous medical device tax of Obamacare.  Those are only a few of the many taxes, penalties, and restrictions of Obamacare that are being targeted.  Is the Republican Plan perfect?  YOU KNOW THE ANSWER.  Is it better than Obamacare?  YOU KNOW THE ANSWER.  Is it what we truly need?  YOU KNOW THE ANSWER.

Two things this bill does that all Conservatives should be able to endorse is that it defunds Planned Parenthood and it reforms Medicaid.  The immediate and obvious benefit of those two items is that we, the tax-payers, are no longer forced to provide millions to the largest abortion mill and purveyor of infant body parts.  House Speaker Paul Ryan announced in his press conference regarding Medicaid: “It has Medicaid per capita block grant, the biggest entitlement reform anybody has seen for decades.  It nearly doubles the amount of money people can contribute to health savings accounts, that is a fundamental part and a crucial part of conservative healthcare policy.”  Of course, Speaker Ryan is going to attempt to sell his bill and it is up to us to investigate and determine if this is acceptable, workable, and desirable.  If it is we need to inform our elected officials of our support or acceptance and if it is not, we need to insist they vote accordingly.

If I thought that we could get rid of Obamacare and not have the residue of it permanently, I would say reject this and insist on REPEAL, but I do not believe we will ever be rid of it.  I do not believe that the public will allow us to totally move away from some form of government healthcare legislation. We can detest the tax credits and equate them to the present subsidies and while I totally agree we need to READ IT and KNOW what is in it before it is passed we are faced with the dilemma of 100% of nothing or getting rid of the worst aspects of Obamacare. No, this is not an endorsement of the new plan, only an attempt to urge everyone to think, consider what we are being offered as compared to what we now have and do our due diligence.  I am disturbed by some things and excited about others in the Republican proposal.  I will continue to vet, examine, investigate, pray, and consider what is before us and I urge you to do the same.

God, bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!