BLOG POST 5 - Writing on the Wall

The Left has long pined for and sought Universal Single-payer Healthcare and there are those on the Right who are insisting it is inevitable and even desirable.  I BELIEVE THEY ARE WRONG!  Oh, I am not saying that Congress may not force that bitter pill down our throats in the future but it is not the desire of most Americans, not good for America, and would effectively destroy our Healthcare Industry to the hurt of millions.

Charles Krauthammer has stated publicly that “Universal Single-payer” is our eventual condition.  Ben Stein told Neil Cavuto that it is inevitable and that at the end of the day where we would be and the taxpayers were going to have to pick up the tab, so we might as well face it, embrace it, and move toward it.  He expressed that he did not desire it but that it was coming whether we like it or not.  I would not take major exception to Mr. Stein’s comments had he stopped there but he then launched into the Leftist talking point and said, “It is a basic American right to have decent health care. That is a basic right. We live in a very rich country… and the idea that any parent who sees his child born with a serious defect will think, ‘My God, I might not be able to afford to keep my child alive.’ Is abhorrent to everything it means to be an American.”  I understand the plea for compassion but continue to argue that healthcare is not a right.  I understand the plight of facing a catastrophic health issue and not being able to afford the care.  That is not a situation I would wish on anyone and am not insensitive to the trauma of that predicament.  However, to insist that health care is a right opens the door to a virtual Pandora’s Box of situations in which there is no viable or possible solution.

The matter of “pre-existing conditions” is a problem but resorting to ‘Universal Single-payer’ healthcare is not a solution and will not resolve the problems associated therewith.  I am quite sure the advocates on both sides of the issue can cite individuals who either benefited from or lost their battle for life because of ‘Universal Single-payer’ healthcare.  The idea that adopting that system would ensure that no American would be denied care due to a ‘pre-existing condition’ is not valid.  Those systems as are used in other parts of the world often result in the sickest and weakest being pushed to the back of the line for care.  It results in delayed or denied care which seems to be a natural part of Universal Single-payer healthcare.  Why would politicians allow that to become reality?  Simply, groups with political clout that can influence a politician’s re-election chances are more likely to receive good care under that system and those who lack the clout are neglected.  Let me explain.  The people who are gravely ill are relatively few in number and that translates into a small voting bloc, therefore they are less important to the re-election efforts than the larger group who are healthy or suffer lesser illnesses or diseases.  The seriously ill are too weak to protest and may not know the politics involved in their denial or delayed care and do they and their families are not sufficiently alarmed to oust the politicians.

The last time we were force fed a health care bill, namely Obamacare we saw the rise of the Tea Party and a growing segment of society that began to awaken and rise up in opposition to TOTAL CONTROL by the government.  Additionally, what program can you name where the government is in complete control that is efficient?  I want everyone to have decent healthcare. I want everyone to have access to decent health insurance.  However, I also understand that if a person has been negligent and did not purchase coverage while well or have coverage before their child was born there is some responsibility they must bear.  Hopefully, the charitableness of society, charities, and churches will step in and help.  I understand the economics involved in an insurance company charging a higher rate to cover someone with a pre-existing condition and having high-risk pools.  I do not expect them to be compassionate but I do expect them to operate within fiscal reason when setting the rates.  What I would like to see in any Healthcare Bill passed by Congress are Free Market access, competition, and true portability.  True portability would mean, in my view, that if you have insurance and develop a condition but lose your job, your insurance continues at the same rate (your contribution and your employer’s) and your coverage uninterrupted. Some seem to think that if a person loses his/her job their rate should be the same without factoring in the employer’s contribution. That is not reasonable and thus the push for FREE INSURANCE and FREE HEALTHCARE.  My wife is battling for her life with a medical condition that is deemed incurable by the physicians but not by God.  Thankfully we have insurance coverage but if we did not have insurance due to our inability to purchase it or our unwillingness to purchase it and that condition were diagnosed it is not reasonable for us to expect the government to pay for her care.  True Portability would guarantee that we would be allowed, if we could afford it, to pay the premiums and continue with the coverage and care.  That, in my view is reasonable not allowing the government to totally control our care.  I do not trust the government that much to trust them with the life of my wife or myself.

When there is a catastrophic situation in any family regarding health which places care beyond their ability to afford we need human compassion to kick in.  Having served as the pastor of churches I have seen families encounter those situations and we, as a church, did all we could to help.  I have witnessed businesses join our efforts because they saw our compassion and felt the tug at their hearts to alleviate the suffering of the needy.  There are medical charities available and if you cannot afford the care you can go to the Emergency Room and receive care.  Yes, the taxpayers pick up some of that tab but to argue that the only solution is Universal Single-payer health care is false. Our entire tax system is a problem and we have watched government FIX IT so what would cause us to think that government can FIX healthcare?  We need to move toward personal responsibility and competitive availability of health insurance rather than turn to the government to CONTROL another aspect of our lives.

God, bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 4 - Drain the Swamp

In prayer and consideration of what is transpiring and viewing the historic evidence, I believe there are two spirits operating in a powerful manner in Washington, DC today.  One is the spirit of deception and the other is the spirit of betrayal.  I am not going to go into depth on those but for those who pray, I hope it will stir your heart and target your prayers.  It is virtually impossible to identify some of the Swamp Dwellers and Swamp Activity without coming across as a conspiracy theorist but I will endeavor to uncover some concerns and hope they motivate you to become involved, pray, and labor for change in America that is restorative.

We have heard the discussion, supposed investigations regarding the Clinton emails, the Russian collusion, and the involvement of the national intelligence agencies spying on American citizens.  As much as I believe the Clinton corruption in her emails, the Clinton Foundation, and connection to foreign governments needs to be addressed and an honest criminal investigation conducted there are other issues that few are even truly aware of.  The corruption and Gestapo tactics of the Obama administration is largely glossed over and ignored BUT IT MUST NOT BE.  He may no longer be in the White House but he is still doing damage through his surrogates and through his direct involvement in the disruption transpiring and planned.  WE ARE AT WAR!  Before you turn me off because of that statement I ask you to hear, the conclusion of my argument and then render a decision or a judgment.

A recent report revealed that the Obama administration requested NSA data (secrets) on more than 30,000 Americans in 2016 and circulated over 6,000 intelligence reports WITHOUT removing the names of those citizens.  Where is the outcry from the Media, Democrats, and ALL Republicans?  The revelations of the Obama usurpation of the Constitution and wrongly using our intelligence agencies continues without a peep of objection in Congress.  We know that officials searched for the names of 30,355 Americans in comms metadata.  I acknowledge that data only reveals information such as email addresses and phone numbers but they also searched for 5,288 Americans within the communications.  The reports on those individuals were then circulated among various governmental agencies and some of it leaked to the media.  The NSA can ONLY legally gather data on foreigners using the U.S. infrastructure but clearly, they go far beyond that and we are discovering that under the Obama administration they have amassed a myriad of information on American citizens ILLEGALLY.  During 2015-16 the increase in spying on Americans increased dramatically and the number of NSA Intelligence reports and the names of American citizens exposed was well over 3,000 each year.  THAT IS MORE THAN TROUBLING because it is largely ILLEGAL and yet ignored by Congress, the Intelligence Communities, the Media, the Democrats, and too many Republicans.  That is only the NSA, not the FBI, CIA, and other agencies.  If one agency was this heavily involved, how DEEP IS THE SWAMP?

Susan Rice was directly involved in this endeavor and the targeting of Donald Trump and Republicans leading up to and subsequent to the election is further evidence of the need to DRAIN THE SWAMP.  One problem that President Trump or any president desiring to drain the swamp will find is the length, breadth, and depth of the swamp.  Today, there are about 20 officials with the power to unmask a name.  Who oversees those individuals?  Who do they report to?  What are the parameters and the legal guidelines to which they are to adhere?  When we have agencies such as the EPA targeting Conservatives and virtually blackmailing and holding businesses and states hostage to achieve their objective it reveals the massiveness of the swamp.  When we have the blatantly illegal activities of the IRS and the DOJ’s unwillingness to prosecute actively and aggressively those on the Left who violate civil rights, voting laws, and commit destructive acts the swamp looks incomprehensibly large and ominous.

How Deep is the Swamp?  Can we effectively and actually drain it?  Do politicians in Washington truly have any desire to drain the swamp?  The answer to those questions is the swamp is an almost bottomless pit, the swamp can be drained but not without casualties, and no politicians do not truly want to drain it.  Power is addictive and the deception of the requirement to go along to get along impacts every new politician.  We have all observed men and women who campaigned on sound conservative, ethical, godly, and constitutional platforms seem to go through a metamorphosis once they get to Washington.  I often wonder, how that could happen?  Were they wolves in sheep’s clothing?  Did the fall into deception?  What happened?  I cannot fully answer that but after observing politicians for decades I have concluded that Power, Position, Influence, Control, and Self-Preservation is part of the equation.   Some of them truly believe that they must play the game and serve their time in order to achieve some of their objectives. The System becomes All Powerful and the Guardians of Protocol convince them to toe the line.  It is part of the Swamp that needs to be drained.

How Deep is the Swamp in Washington?  If I could give a word of advice to President Trump it would be, “Remove every holdover of the Leftist and RINO administrations possible and do it immediately.”  Every appointed federal judge that operates as an activist rather than simply judging according to the Law and Constitution must be removed.  Every bureaucrat that uses that agency for political activism rather than serving America and Americans as their agency was designed must be removed.  Every bureaucracy and department that drains our economy, and does not actually provide a needed service must be removed.  The Swamp is deep and filled with creatures shielded and hidden by the swamps depth who are systematically damaging our entire system of government.  The Swamp has expanded and now the tributaries which include the media, academia, and even some business which are not drainable by the President or Congress.  It is incumbent on you and me to become informed, aware, alert, and involved.  If you pray now is the time to pray.  If you love freedom now is the time to become involved.  If you are a patriot now is the time to come to the aid of your nation and JFK’s words are applicable today, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” 

God, bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 1 - Memorial Day

It is human nature to take things for granted and as I observe various holidays I realize holidays such as Memorial Day are often nothing more than time off work, school, or wonderful sales to take advantage of for many.  Tragically too often, there is little thought as to the PRICE PAID by the thousands, if not millions to secure, preserve, and protect the Freedoms we enjoy today.  Our Freedom did not come without a price and that price was the ultimate sacrifice for many and their sacrifice a daily reminder for the loved ones they left behind.   A WWII veteran told me, “I enlisted out of love for my country but even more out of love for my wife and children.” He said, “I was willing to die that they might live and live free.”  That is a sentiment echoed by thousands who fought for Freedom regardless of the war or conflict.  None of us who were placed in harm’s way went into combat wanting to go or wanting to die.  We went out of a sense of duty and, in my case, out of love for my country.  I was asked to serve and I did.  I had a person challenge that, saying “They didn’t ask you, they told you.”  That is true and yet I never viewed it in that manner.  I considered it, another time that my country needed its young men to step forward, and as in wars of past eras, many of us did.  You may disagree with me and even disrespect me for that, but please do not disrespect those who gave their lives because they did it for their country and directly or indirectly for you.

Memorial Day to me is a time of Remembrance and Gratitude.  I know the pain of delivering the message to a family that their husband, father, or grandfather (or mother) would not be coming home.  As a preacher, I have had to deliver that message far more times than I care to remember.  Some of those times, I could comfort the family with total confidence that their loved one was secure in the arms of Jesus.  I had observed their lives, known them personally and seen the manifestation of God’s love in and through them.  I have tried to comfort grieving parents and grandparents at the loss of a child as they asked, “Why?”  I have participated in memorials at cemeteries where loved ones left behind gather each year to remember those who have gone before.  The pain some exhibit is difficult to watch.  I have observed celebrations at military cemeteries and watched the deep pain as family members and friends stood before the tombstone of their fallen hero.  THEY DO NOT FORGET and WE MUST NOT!

Jesus said in John 15:13, “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  I have traveled to countries of the world who do not know the Freedom we enjoy in America and walked away with a sense of gratitude and deep pain and sorrow.  Gratitude for the privilege of being born in and living in America but deep pain and sorrow for those living under despotic and deplorable regimes where they have no Freedom and often live in the squalor of poverty and oppression.  WE ARE BLESSED!  As I lift my voice and heart in gratitude I also become angry at the political jockeying of today.  In my mind, we tarnish the memories of the fallen by engaging in the political wrangling.  Too often the political is less about America, Americans, and Freedom than it is about position, power, and gain.  Jesus said, and men throughout history have echoed the truth that “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand.”  America, the memories of those who died to secure, ensure, procure, and defend our FREEDOM should bring shame to our hearts if we fail to appreciate and live up to what they died for.

Memorial Day to me is not a holiday where I am able to take advantage of the sales advertised, go to the lake and enjoy a day of leisure and sun, or even time off work.  Memorial Day to me is a DAY OF REMEMBRANCE and GRATITUDE.  When I think of what Jesus did for me on the Cross I am grateful, thankful, and remember.  When I think of what the heroes of the Revolutionary War did, I am grateful, thankful, and remember. When I reflect on the sacrifices of those of the many wars and conflicts of our American history, I am grateful, thankful, and remember.  MEMORIAL DAY to me is a reminder of what it means to be Free and a reminder that the price of Freedom is eternal vigilance.  It is a reminder that we must not cease to pray for our nation, her leaders, and people.  It is a reminder that we must be alert and aware of what is happening politically, socially, economically, morally, and spiritually in our world.  It is a reminder that what they died for places a burden and responsibility for me to continue to protect and defend that Freedom with my all.

All I ask from anyone is take the time to REMEMBER!   Take a moment and be grateful because what we have been given is precious and a prize that millions if not billions in the world would give anything to enjoy.  WE ARE BLESSED!   As you celebrate this Memorial Day it is my prayer that God keep you safe and free from harm and help you to REMEMBER and be THANKFUL.

God, bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!


BLOG POST 2 - Freedom of Speech

The definition of Free Speech seems to depend on who you ask or where you look for a clarification.  If you go to the Constitution, which is rarely done today by activist judges, politicians, media pundits, activist, and liberals, you find the foundation for the true definition.  If you believe the constitution is an ever evolving living document you will likely manipulate it to mean whatever you desire and those of the same ideology as you desire.

I read an article, some time back, in which the writer described her three children and how they liked to torment each other in various ways.  She described a scene at the dinner table in which the eldest was tormenting his youngest sister with words and everything descended into a shouting match with each telling the other to ‘shut up.’  She sought to bring order to the chaos and decided it would be a good teaching moment and asked each of the children to define “Freedom of Speech” to her.  The eldest son gave a textbook constitutional definition using the words of the 1st Amendment and insisted it covered everyone.  The next child was a little less specific and with a few modifications largely agreed with the 1st child.  Then the 5-year old’s turn came and the writer realized that this child had given it a great deal of thought and said, “Freedom of Speech means that you have the right to say whatever you want, so long as I agree with you.”  That is revealing and is the prevailing mindset of the leftist, liberals, and activist of today.  I will acknowledge that there are some on the Right who also seek to silence by various means anyone disagreeing with them but those on the Left continually seeks to silence opposing voices.  The writer said that as she reflected on the answers of her children she realized that her children were flowing in three political streams, at this juncture of their lives.  The eldest was a constitutional conservative, the middle child, a libertarian, and the youngest a liberal.

The incessant attempts to silence all conservative voices reveals the attitude expressed by the youngest child, “You can say anything you want, so long as I agree with you.”   College professors are seeking to censor anyone disagreeing with the liberal mantra.  Climate Change activists seek to silence all speech and scientific data that disagrees with their position.  Open Border proponents seek to silence all speech or action that would secure our borders, identify Illegal immigration as a crime and maintain our national sovereignty.   The Democrats want to protect the right of “Freedom of Speech” for those spewing hate against whites, Republicans, and constitutionalist.  However, they want to silence any voice that decries the hate, defends the constitution, calls for border security, fiscal sanity in government, lifting restrictions, ceasing to fund abortions with taxpayer funds, etc.  Those of us who warn of the dangers of Islamic jihadism are branded Islamophobic and told to SHUT UP.  Those of us who defend the Unborn Child in the womb’s right to live are told to BE QUIET and called haters of women.

BLOG POST 2 - Freedom of Speech Restrictions

Speech is not FREE if it does not apply to everyone.  I may not like what they are saying but they have a right to say it.  I have the right to challenge it, counter it with factual and reasonable evidence and discourse but I do not have the right to insist anyone be silenced simply because I disagree.  There are limitations to the right to speak and those are illustrated in the Law that you cannot yell FIRE in a crowded theater or public place when there is no fire.  That would cause panic and possibly or probably result in bodily harm to some or many.  You cannot use your speech to INCITE riots and criminal behavior.  You can argue your belief and even insist that one race is superior to another, but you cannot call for murder and violence and encourage or direct people to break the law.  That is not Freedom of Speech as described in the 1st Amendment.  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech; or of the press; or the right of people PEACEABLE to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”   Note the word PEACEABLE! 

The protests that have occurred as a result of Donald Trump’s election were often not PEACEABLE.  The protest on college campuses to prevent any conservative voice from being heard have largely anything but PEACEABLE.  The calls of Hollywood celebrities, race mongers, activist, and agitators to rape the 1st lady and the president’s daughters, kill the president, kill whites, main, disrupt, and destroy property and industry does not fall within the provisions of the 1st Amendment.  You have the right to stand in a public gathering and declare that you believe you or your race is superior to others so long as you do it peaceably.  You have the right to protest the actions of any sitting president and present your argument for your position so long as you do it peaceably.  You have the right to promote your religion so long as you do it peaceably.  You have the right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH but there are constitutional restrictions that must be adhered.  If we allow any segment of society to silence another segment simply because it does not agree with our philosophy we destroy a foundational principle upon which our Republic was established and has endured.  Open and honest debate is healthy so long as both sides are allowed to speak and both sides listen.  We may leave the debate unchanged in our opinion or conviction but no one is to be silenced simply because we disagree, think them deranged, and irredeemably wrong.

God help us to defend FREEDOM OF SPEECH for all Americans.  May God help us return to our founding principles and preserve our Republic.  God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!




I write this because during my time away from the Internet due to computer issues and other personal matters I received some comments from an individual that were less than complimentary.  They appeared to be positioning themselves as the defender of Freedom of Religion castigating me for my views and their last words were, “I think people like you are what is troubling about this nation.”  I make conscious effort to not allow compliments to overly influence me nor criticisms to deflate me.  If I receive a commendation I evaluate it and am grateful to the Lord for providing me any ability, insight, or opportunity to do whatever was done.  If I receive criticism I evaluate it to see if there is constructive and has any legitimacy.  I evaluate to determine if it might have been based on some misunderstanding that I could clear up or address in order to take corrective measures.

I have decided to give you the comments in exact quotes, then ask some questions that arise from those comments and criticisms.   Comment Number One:  The individual said, “The founders were not great role models, they owned slaves, lived openly promiscuous lives and some were even believed to be gay, which I am fine with but feel confident you are not.  Maybe you should read some US history books instead of just the Bible so you don’t make a fool of yourself.”  I’m not sure the basis of this criticism because I do not believe that I argue that all the founding fathers were always exemplary role models.  However, I do argue they recognized the sovereignty of God and the need for His divine providence in the Revolutionary War and the Founding of this Fledgling Nation.  Their writings, as well as the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, validate that position.  Also, their urging that the Bible to be taught in schools and prayer to be included in deliberations, suggest they understood the need of the Divine even if they were not always good representatives of His character.  Yes, some of them owned slaves and although they did not ban slavery at the outset many of them were hopeful that in a few years this matter would be resolved and some of them who were slave-owners either freed their slaves or acknowledged the terribleness of the practice.  The assertion that some of them were believed to be homosexuals is something that surfaces from time to time but without specific documentation, it is hearsay, not fact.  Even if it was fact, that would not preclude them from being national leaders UNLESS they attempted to force everyone to embrace their lifestyle as a normal, natural, or force everyone to cater to their views.  If a person chooses to follow that lifestyle that is between them and God.  I stand with the Bible on the issue and I do not, as the Islamist, seek to do them harm or ban them from any involvement in government or community.  The assertion that I need to read some US history books instead of just the Bible so I don’t make a fool of myself is laughable.  One of my majors in college was history and I have studied history for decades as well as the Bible and when one takes a position that is in harmony with the Bible and that is deemed making a fool of oneself, I will gladly be called a fool.

Comment Number Two:  ” Prayer shouldn’t begin in the schools. It doesn’t have to be.  A kid can pray in quiet if they feel compelled, but kids shouldn’t be forced to do it.  Freedom of religion means we have a right to practice whatever we want, even atheism.  It does NOT mean people have to pray the way YOU want them to.  Maybe you should focus on yourself instead of worrying about the troubling nation.  I think people like you are what is troubling about this nation.”  This is where my title question comes into play, “Am I What Is Troubling America?”  The Founders and Framers recognized the right to prayer and I do not argue they demanded everyone pray in school.  They believed that the Bible should be a vital part of the curriculum of public education.  They believed, as do I, the declaration of the Bible in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  If we give our children a solid foundation morally, biblically and teach them to respect the Constitution,  the Inalienable Rights of all citizens they will be equipped to better function in society.  I have and do argue that Freedom of Religion means you have the right to practice your beliefs so long as they do not endanger others and infringe on their Freedom and Rights. Therefore, to charge me wrongly seems to be an indication either a gross misunderstanding of what was said or something that was said placed a bone in the craw over a pet peeve.  I desire that EVERYONE PRAY but would never suggest that everyone must pray the way I do.  I suggest things I believe would be good to pray about but if those do not resonate, each person must order their lives and prayers according to their own hearts.  I do not desire a nation of robots blindly following a formula in this matter.  The charge that I need to FOCUS ON MYSELF instead of worrying about the troubling nation and that I and people like me are what is wrong is strange.

If people like me are THE PROBLEM I wonder what the result of applying the remedy of silencing us?  One of the problems in the world today is FOCUS ON SELF.  Many, it seems, are so “Self-Centered” they are always asking, “What’s in it for me?”  The challenge of President John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” seems to be falling on deaf ears.  The rioters in the streets today, the politicians in Washington, the Media Outlets, and many individuals all seem to be clamoring for “ME, ME, ME, and MINE, MINE, MINE.”  This is a condition that goes back to the Garden of Eden and has been witnessed in every generation and society.  If people like me who contend for a return to Limited Government, biblical moral standards, Inalienable Rights of Citizens, the Right of Life of the Unborn, and things like that are the problem, what is the problem? 

I want Government off the backs of WE THE PEOPLE in the sense that the stifling regulations, excessive taxation, illegal invasions of our privacy, judicial activism, and the like must be addressed.  I contend for Freedom of Speech and Religion for everyone even those I disagree with.  You have the right to believe what you believe and practice what you believe so long as it does not infringe on the rights or threaten the safety of others.  That is the basis upon which I oppose allowing Sharia Law in America and the Political Correctness that is running rampant in today’s society.   So, you decide, “Are People Like Me What Is Troubling America?”  I will continue to present my arguments from a biblical and constitutional position seeking to protect and defend our system of government and fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  If I am wrong, I ask that you pray for me and I believe God will correct my thinking.  If you consider me the Troubler of America, I can accept that and bid you adieu as you disassociate with me, as I’m sure you would feel compelled.  I will continue to love America, my fellowman, my family, and my Creator.

God, bless you and God bless America!




BLOG POST 1- Spending Cuts

I know there are many other things being discussed and occupying the media reporting and Congressional attention right now.  However, I am disturbed over the continued willingness of the federal government to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND, and SPEND.  We move from one financial crisis to another and from one spending debt ceiling to another acting as though money could either be printed or was in an endless supply.  We recently moved up another notch on the debt disaster ladder and now the federal government can borrow money that will increase our National Debt of $20.1 TRILLION.  How is that rational? 

Republicans, you could have and should have dealt with this issue in 2015 or before but certainly at that juncture.  You had the ability with your majority in Congress to force President Obama to veto your legislation or to get it pushed through that would regain control of the insane spending train in America.  You didn’t and Speaker John Boehner capitulated to Barack Obama and the Democrats and plunged us further into the debt tank and nearer a total financial collapse in America.  President Trump has promised to bring back American prosperity and make Washington work for everyone not just for the elite inside the Beltway and their cronies.  I am still hoping that will become a reality and Congress will work together with this administration to do exactly that. 

There are as many opinions on the most recent budget advanced by the President as there are pundits and I have some serious mixed emotions regarding what I have seen.  Some of it I like very much and some of it I am aghast at the duplicity of Washington and am troubled when the Democrats rejoice over a budget knowing their propensity to Tax and Spend.  The budget, that was largely gutted, sought to grant some significant increases to Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs and those I support, at least for the most part.  I don’t like waste and some of the Homeland spending may be questionable but overall I can applaud those increases and deem them needed.  There were some proposed cuts that are noteworthy and would be a step in the right direction. One proposed cut was a 31% cut to the EPA which has been nothing more than a political arm of the Democrats for some time and strangling our economy without actually protecting our environment.  The proposed cut to the Department of Agriculture was 21% and with the many things that have been placed under the auspices of that department needs to be cut and revamped.  Likewise, there was a proposed cut in the budget of the State Department.  Many lamented that the proposed cut of 28% was too much.  However, with some of the antics and activities of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Barack Obama that Department is, in my view, incredibly bloated and needs radical surgery to bring it back in line.
The proposed cuts would have impacted the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences.  Should those have been eliminated or weaned from federal money?  You must answer that for yourself.  I believe that most of those could and will survive with private contributions and funding and do not need taxpayer funds to survive and thrive.  But, the proposed cuts and these, in particular, would only represent a drop in the bucket of what needs to be done.  Unfortunately, those programs or departments find their funding from the nondefense discretionary spending (NDD) and is a pittance compared to the overall spending of Washington.  The NDD only makes up about 30% of all federal spending and the other two-thirds go to entitlements and defense.

We will never get this ship of state or the federal train back on track using a scalpel and making minor superficial cosmetic cuts.  We need to take a broadsword, a machete, or an ax and lop off some of the branches of the tree of federal spending.  We will have to deal with entitlements and address the issues of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.  Congressman Sam Johnson, (R-Texas) has suggested advancing the retirement age for Social Security to 69.  Social Security is reported to have a $11.4 TRILLION deficit and according to Social Security’s Actuary Stephen Gross, Representative Johnson’s plan would result in a $600 BILLION reserve.  There is good and bad in advancing the age for retirement but in the state, we are in due to the theft of our Social Security Funds by the government we will have to deal with this difficult issue.

If Congress only opts to deal with Social Security I will be incensed because every entitlement program needs to be dealt with and some eliminated completely.  I do not like hearing Social Security called an entitlement because WE PAID INTO IT.  In that sense, it is an ENTITLEMENT because it is ours and we are entitled to what is ours!  The answer is not continuing to raise the Debt Ceiling.  Congress has raised the Debt Ceiling 74 times since 1962 and 10 times since 2001.  THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!  It may be time for a Constitutional Amendment requiring Balanced Budgets to be sent to the states for consideration and ratification.  When I hear a politician or pundit argue that raising the Debt Ceiling does not automatically mean the debt will increase I laugh.  When has Congress every failed to take advantage of the opportunity to SPEND MORE?  It is, in my view, immoral for Congress to continue spending money that is not theirs on projects and for purposes that bury us further in the sea of debt.

America, we either tighten our belts and get control of this insane spending train or we will be buried in IOU’s and DEBT and the takeover by entities not governed by or under the oversight of WE THE PEOPLE will become reality.  IT WILL HURT TO RETURN TO FISCAL SANITY but return we must if we are to survive.

God, bless you and God bless America!




BLOG POST 3 - America

I realize that when I say things like I’m going to say, I frequently receive hate mail, threats, and some of those following me or on my friend’s list on FB or other Social Media sites rail out loudly in censorship and name calling.  I understand that some are unable to tolerate any view other than their own and when I couple what I’m going to say with the Bible it becomes doubly dangerous to their little corner of the world.  Why would I venture into such dangerous and dark waters if the aforementioned is a reality?  There is one simple answer, AMERICA!  Not that the other dimensions of my life, focus, and purposes such as Faith, Family, and Freedom are lesser in importance but we are talking about America, her current condition, and future.  Therefore a prime focus and prodding within my heart demand that I argue and fight for AMERICA. 

I know that there are some on my side of the political aisle, the other side, and some who try to straddle the fence who agree with me that AMERICA is a prize worth fighting for.  Although we may be on diametrically opposite sides of many if not most issues, the Republic is valued and worthy of defending.  I resist the urge to insist or assert that because a person is a liberal they hate America.  I do not believe that to be universally true.  However, some of the things they defend and seek to protect as well as the things they are at war with are rooted in something quite other than love for the Republic and our Constitutional Republican System of Government.  Therefore, I believe that some of them are blind due to deception.  Some are blind due to the stigma that the Left has effectively tagged those of us who are Conservative, Constitutional, and believe the Bible is our guide for faith and practice in life.  Some are blind due to pride and have allowed envy and jealous skew their ability to use rational and cognitive reason in any political discussion.  They are bombarded incessantly by the Left, the Media, Celebrities, and even some liberal theologians and that continual dropping of rhetorical water has eroded the stone of reason to the point that agreeing with anyone who desires and seeks a return to a truly constitutional form of limited government is impossible.

Here is a that will likely draw hostile fire, “Is America being turned over to a reprobate mind?”  NO, I am not suggesting that everyone has or even that a majority have but is that a direction we are heading nationally and politically in America?  I believe the question a valid one.  As I consider what is happening in this nation and observe the moral and political condition I ponder the question.  In the Book of Romans, Chapter One, the apostle Paul was addressing the vileness, perversion, and corruption of the human family and suggested that a long-term continual state of depravity and debauchery would result in God pulling back His hand and allowing the dark forces of hell to dominate minds and hearts, giving them what they, by their actions, indicate they want.  In verse 24 he speaks of God giving them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts and that gives rise to vile passions which include homosexuality and many other sexual sins. However, this condition is not limited to sexual sins and corruption but gives rise to EVIL HEARTS where people seek their own and become what he warned of in Timothy concerning the conditions of the Last Days.  Paul in Romans Chapter One verse twenty-eight says, “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind…”   Then he gives a long laundry-list of bad results from that condition.  Again, I ask, “Is that a condition identifiable in our society today?”  Are we heading toward this terrible state as a nation?  I pray we are not but fear we are.

The determined push to force everyone to embrace, as normal and acceptable, all alternative lifestyles, allowing men to go into women’s bathrooms where there are unsuspecting, unprotected women, and naïve young girls is a danger signal if not an evidence.  The caviler attitude many have regarding the unborn in the womb is one step from an acceptance of euthanasia of other segments of society such as the elderly or handicapped.  The insistence that we eliminate all things biblical and Christian from the public arena is an indication of our unwillingness to retain God in our knowledge and a refusal to recognize His hand and providence in our republic is a symptom.  You may not believe in God or you may follow a religion that does not accept the God of the Christian Bible and if so you will take offense to my assertion. However, I ask you to consider the continued decline in morality in our nation, the callousness people are demonstrating toward one another.  Hate is often driven by envy and fear and when I argue the points of this article I am accused of being a hater or some other vile name.  But, hate is not what is driving me to address this but rather love.  My love for AMERICA, my love for my fellow man, and my love for my God will not permit me to sit silently when I see destruction coming.

Our government has evolved into something so diametrically opposite of what the Framers and Founders envisioned and established it is frightening.  Our government was designed to be limited and most decisions were to be left to the states and the states would then largely leave the lion’s share of decisions to communities, cities, and towns within that state.  Today, the Federal Government has assumed the role of a deity and appears to envision itself as a true sovereign with all authority and power.  Rather than WE THE PEOPLE being the owners and overseers of government, the government is the owner and overseer of WE THE PEOPLE.  That would be bad enough if those in power were following biblical principles and the precepts of biblical morality but when they are heading to following a Reprobate Mind it is catastrophic and will not end well.

I ask again, “Is America being turned over to a Reprobate Mind?”  The word translated reprobate in the Bible means, “unapproved, that which is rejected; by implication, worthless (literally or morally).  Are we heading for a time of darkness where human life, in America, is considered of no more value than a piece of stale bread?  Government cannot remedy this problem because it is a heart problem that has become a head problem and will result in a national problem.  What can we do?  2 Chronicles 7:14 gives an answer that is valid and viable.  Matthew 6:33 gives a pathway that will lead us out of this darkness.  John 13:34 is the answer – LOVE.  Some find the thought of Loving Everyone impossible and in the natural, it may be.  But, if we truly want to fight for America we must return to the original documents that established this nation and restore those principles that ensured each person the right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.  I pray that we, once again, become ONE NATION that is UNDER GOD and seeks to provide liberty and justice for all.  A civil and free society CANNOT allow its citizens to do what is right in their own eyes with no regard or respect for the person or property of others.  Hate me if you choose but know this, I LOVE AMERICA and want what is best for ALL AMERICANS.  

God, bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!