BLOG POST 6 - Mad Mad Mad World

I know that is the title of a movie of some years ago and the slapstick comedy was hilarious and ridiculous.  The madness of our present world is anything but funny and is assuredly not a comedy, it is a life or death struggle for many.  There are times when it is impossible to determine who the players are and what team they are playing on with the ever-evolving positions politicians take.  Determining the position of the Hollywood types is not that difficult because, for the most part, they are liberal leftists.  The MSM are easy to identify because other than a handful of outlets or voices they are also super liberal leftists.  The Democrats are easy because regardless of what their constituency desires they vote and voice in harmony with the Establishment of their Party and Vote Far Left with incredible consistency.  The Republicans and Libertarians are less easily identified because they fluctuate from issue to issue and day to day.  Let me backtrack on that statement and say those of the ilk of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Olympia Snow and the RINO, self-serving liberals of the Republican Party are Trump Haters of the highest order and may exceed the hatred of the Democrats.

Watching Congress, the MSM, Hollywood, Entertainers, Climate Change Activist, and Terrorist clearly reveals that our world has gone completely mad.  My Dad called it “Horse Sense” and if he was alive today he would be fully convinced that Washington is totally devoid of sense and the only part of a horse being exhibited is the South end of a Northbound one.  We had eight years of ‘fundamental transformation’ or ‘fundamental dismantling’ of America and when a President assumes power who is willing to tackle some of those issues and revoke the actions of destruction he is deemed Lucifer incarnate and a danger or menace to society.  When the President calls out those free-loaders in NATO who are not carrying their load, he is deemed an enemy to peace and a shill for Russia.  When the President pulls out of the Paris Accord, an agreement that was not constitutionally entered into with Congressional consent he is a denier, a flat earth society member, a hater of people, and an enemy of the environment.  The agreement was bad for America and bad for the world and based on faux science, not genuine provable data.  Even some liberal scientist has consented that our pulling out will not have any appreciable effect on ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change.”  I contend it will have none because of man’s involvement in the problem if there is one, is minimal.  However, the haters will continue to hate and look for anything to bring discredit to the president.

Hillary Clinton cannot cease blaming everything under the sun for her losing the election except herself, the previous eight years under Barack Obama, and the policies and positions of the Democrats.  Heaven forbid that she and the Left should acknowledge this was a rejection by the American people, not the Russian Federation.  Even James Clapper and every other person with information acknowledge there is no evidence of collusion with the Russians or that the Russians actually affected the outcome of the election.  I am not sure that we will ever get to the bottom of the hacking or the many potential players involved and there is certainly no definitive evidence and very little circumstantial possibilities that any of them were aligned with the Trump Team trying to defeat Hillary.  The Russian Leader, Putin wanted to pay Hillary back for her involvement in trying to defeat him and he was unconcerned about who her opponent was.  The investment of Hillary and her people in Russian dealings are matters that should raise eyebrows but since she lost the idea is, “nothing to see here, move on.” 

It seems in America today we are more concerned about the feelings of Muslims and Islamic Terrorist than the lives of unborn babies.  We are more concerned with the plight and flight of refugees and those seeking to come to America, legally and illegally than we are protecting American citizens.  We have an economy that has been decimated by Democrat policies and the attempts to rectify it are deemed actions to enrich the rich and harm the poor.  The Left will never acknowledge that if we fix the terrible tax code, remove regulations that are stifling the ability of business small and large to expand, secure our borders, deal with Obamacare positively, and have a strong military to enhance our ability to have a strong foreign policy we will better America.  Horse Sense, as my Dad called it, is too logical and rational so we must pursue the inane diatribe and rhetoric that is spilling into the streets and pushing us to the brink of anarchy.  That should concern every American.  We didn’t take to the streets under Obama.  Sadly, Republicans stayed home in the 2008 and 2012 elections and allowed Barack Obama to ascend to the Presidency and do the damage he has done.  In 2016 many Republicans decided they would rather continue that destruction than support Donald Trump and amazingly he still won.  Some have called the assertion that this was the result of prayer and the presence of God’s hand is apostasy.  I believe the Bible when it says that God sets up kings and takes them down.  Yes, I believe that God allowed Barack Obama to become president due to the apathy and attitude of America.  I also believe that He heard the prayers of the millions who cried out, “Enough!” 

We live in a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and the only solution is to engage in Horse Sense and Prayer.  We can see the Republic restored and protected from the ravages of the Liberal Leftist.  We cannot achieve that objective through apathy, passivity, or failure to become involved.  America needs her Patriots today as much as ever.  WILL YOU STEP FORWARD FOR AMERICA?


God, bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 10 - Strategy

What strategy might that be?  It is multipronged but seems to be focused on destroying Donald Trump in any way possible.  They have been harping for months now that the vacant seats in Congress vacated by those who accepted positions in the Trump administration were going to show the Democrat Power and how America was already fed up with Donald Trump.  It was to be a rousing endorsement of their resistance and refusal to even attempt to work with the Republicans in Congress.  It was to be an endorsement of the Summer of Resistance in which we were to have more of the rioting, demonstrating, looting, and bashing of anyone and anything conservative.  It was to be a silver lining in the cloud pointing to a resounding Democrat thrashing of Republicans in November 2018.  Of course, that could still happen but what has happened is also important.

The Race in Georgia was going to propel Jon Ossoff to a win and signal a change in the political landscape in Georgia and the rest of the nation in favor of Democrats.  It failed and was the most expensive Congressional Race in history where the Democrats funneled multiplied millions from all over the world into the campaign.  The MSM pundits were salivating and the Democrats in Congress were shouting victory and counting their chickens before they hatched.  So far the Democrats have ZERO in wins in the special elections they thought they could flip.

I have said for some time that the Trump Derangement Syndrome that virtually all the Democrats, Progressives, Liberals and RINOs have become infected with is dangerous for the Republic.  It is not simply a matter of liking or not liking Donald J. Trump it is a matter of our Republican Representative Democracy and the Constitution.  The Tea Party was birthed in opposition to the policies of Barack Obama and the Democrats and proved to be an effective grassroots organism, not just an organization that drew people from all walks of life into the fold.  It shifted the House from Democrat control and later the Senate.  I believe the Tea Party was very instrumental in maintaining that power in Congress and putting a Republican in the White House.  The danger that I see is that if Republicans in Congress do not develop a spine and follow through with a plan and strategy to fulfill many of the campaign promises the Democrats will gain momentum and flip seats in 2018 and 2020.

The Progressives have been claiming they have a Progressive Tea Party, although being Taxed Enough is not their mantra or belief, but a coalition of resistance to defeat the Republicans and Donald Trump.  I believe that has yet to become a reality and there is splintering in the Democrat ranks.  The Trump Derangement Syndrome is real and dangerous and the fruit of it was evidenced in the shooting of a Republican Congressman in Washington and other incidents where violence against conservatives has been evidenced.  Unlike the Tea Party Movement which was non-violent and sought to win at the ballot box by informing, energizing, and empowering enough people the Progressive Movement and Trump Derangement Syndrome seeks to overturn the election by violence or any means possible.  Do you remember Barack Obama telling his supporters to get in people’s faces, argue, and he said, “If they bring a knife to the fight we will bring a gun?”  Guess what?  That is what is happening even when our side is not bringing a knife they are bringing knives, guns, and clubs.  That is not what this country was established to be and not a provision of the 1st Amendment.  It is anarchy and in no way, resembles any kind of democracy or republic.  It is destructive and counterproductive.

The Tea Party, to the best of its ability, sought to purge itself of dangerously zealous elements that wanted to resort to violence.  Those of us who could easily identify with the message of the Tea Party believed that type of action would pollute our message, hurt our cause, and damage the Republic.  We knew that the MSM would portray us as bigots, racist, terrorist and we were called such names by the press and politicians including some high-ranking ones.  I am convinced that if the Progressives fail to develop a genuine message that resonates across a very broad spectrum they will never develop a Tea Party type movement they must have to strip the Republicans of power.  It could happen and I am praying it will not.  I am concerned about 2018 and 2020 not because of Donald Trump but because Congressional Republicans are failing to demonstrate cohesiveness and coalesce around the promises made on the campaign trail.  Americans are angry and fed up with Congressional Failure and if they fail they will pay and when they pay and that will mean AMERICA suffers.

It is my hope and prayer that the Republicans will unite and somehow purge their ranks of some of the members who are willing to destroy the Party and damage the Republic to continue their Anti-Trump stance and rhetoric.  You may detest Donald Trump, you may love him or be ambivalent toward him, that is a personal choice.  However, I pray that we can set aside our differences on the man and focus on the nation long enough to enact some much-needed legislation that will secure our borders, strengthen our national defense, bring about genuine tax reform, restore the economy, deal with healthcare, and much more.  DO SOMETHING POSITIVE and stop allowing the Democrats to control Congress as a minority party.  If there are Republicans who will not join the effort to do what needs to be done, end this senseless expedition to oust Trump and work for us, LET’S SHOW THEM THE DOOR.  We have a window of opportunity to turn this train around but it is, in my view, a very short and narrow window.  TODAY IS THE DAY and NOW IS THE TIME.

God, bless you and God bless America!


THE SWAMP IS STRIKING BACK – “Who Is Going to Guard the Guardians?”

BLOG POST 1 - Swamp

I don’t like to engage in soundbite snippets and slogans but what is happening in Washington is so outlandish and dangerous it should cause everyone to take note and become concerned.  However, the Left, Liberals, Progressives, and Never Trump crowd are applauding while many Republicans in Congress are largely sitting on their hands or cowering in the shadows.  We need to carefully consider what has transpired with former FBI Director Comey and the Special Prosecutor or Investigator Muller.  THIS IS DANGEROUS and not just because they are going after Donald Trump but because of the damage, this can and likely will do to the Republic.

From time to time, even news agencies and newspapers who are not normally friendly to Donald Trump get it right, as did the Wall Street Journal recently.  They had a headline that read: “Robert Muller’s Mission” – The special counsel needs to rise above his Comey loyalties.  PRECISELY!  But, I have no real hope he or those behind him will.  I say that for several reasons, not the least of which is his close ties and friendship with James Comey.  Birds of a feather tend to flock together and the brotherhood of bureaucracies tends to be joined at the hip in protecting their own and destroying any and all threats to their position and power.

James Comey, admitted, under oath that he LEAKED a memo with the specific intent of securing the appointment of a special counsel against Donald Trump.  It was just days after that leak that his good friend Robert Muller was appointed to investigate Donald Trump for “Obstruction of Justice”.  The ever-changing story of James Comey and the never-ending pursuit of the Democrats to find anything they can use against the President opens the door to a Pandora’s Box in the Swamp that no American should desire.  YES, we want to have truth and an unbiased impartial investigation is perfectly fine, but that is not what is taking place.  Vendettas are not only undesirable they are dangerous. You can challenge that statement but I ask that you allow me to lay the foundation for my hypothesis before you toss it out as a mere conspiracy theory.

How many recall that Robert Muller as Director of the FBI joined James Comey Deputy Attorney General in threatening to resign in 2004 over President George W. Bush’s antiterror wiretaps. Imagine that!  They opposed the something very closely akin to that which Mr. Comey has used to try to find dirt on Donald Trump.   As FBI Director, Mr. Muller was deeply involved in the debacle in 2006 which led to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that his FBI raid had violated the Constitution’s Speech or Debate Clause. Interesting, isn’t it?  The FBI was doing things outside the Constitution’s guidelines and now this violator of the Constitution is trying to use the Constitution to investigate Donald Trump on weak if not totally bogus grounds.

We have reports from sources such as the Washington Post citing five or more unnamed officials claiming that the President is being investigated for obstruction of justice over his firing of James Comey.  His act was squarely within the guidelines of the Constitution but since it is Donald Trump it is nothing short of treason, according to the Left and others who hate Trump.  Then almost immediately unnamed sources advised the Jared Kushner is also under investigation.  The continual leaks, innuendos, rumors, and allegations are at best immoral if not illegal.  They all seem to be coming from sources directly connected to the Special Counsel’s investigation and team.

Justice Antonin Scalia warned of the monster of special counsels and articulated the reality that they possessed some powers and advantages that even the Attorney General did not.  He warned that an overzealous and unaccountable independent counsel could pick his targets and then prosecute them for the most minor or technical offenses.  He saw it becoming nothing more than a political tool to attack political enemies.  The Supreme Court Decision to disallow the Reagan challenge, Scalia warned, would weaken the Presidency and expose the executive branch to ‘debilitating criminal investigations’.  He was right and now he is gone.

There has been ZERO evidence that any collusion between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in the 2016 election but still we hear RUSSIA STOLE THE ELECTION.  How about Hillary Lost the Election instead?  But some of the people Mr. Muller has elected to have join his team are possibly the most poignant proof of my assertion that this is not a genuine investigation but a fishing expedition with one purpose – DESTROY DONALD TRUMP.  It would be a useful pursuit to unearth who Michael Dreeben is.  What is his purpose?  There is only one, “make a case for impeachment.”  He has also added Andrew Weissmann, how oversaw the Enron Task Force and secured the conviction of the Arthur Andersen accounting firm.  Please note that the SCOTUS unanimously overturned that conviction, but left the 28,000 U.S. employees in the cold.  Mr. Weissmann is also a contributor to Hillary Clinton and his legal work has been questioned and criticized.  These are fair and impartial participants?  If so, then the Fox should be considered safe to guard the henhouse.  There are more people that raise red flags such as Jeannie Rhee, a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation.  How can anyone claim this is or will be a fair, unbiased, and impartial investigation?  I use the term “Fishing Expedition” but President Trump is not off base when he calls it a “Witch Hunt.”

What we have is a clear example of the Swap Denizens going on the offensive and forming an alliance designed to TAKE DOWN THE PRESIDENT.  They do not care what their actions might do to the Constitutional Republic.  Their primary interest is their position, power, and purse and that is far more important to them that the Republic.  America, it is totally up to us to make our voices heard.  It is up to you and me to make enough noise that those in D.C. cannot ignore us and then in 2018 take action that will back up our words by sending enough of them home to get their attention.  Are you up for the task?  America is standing in need, “Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country.”

God, bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!


BLOG POST 2 - Inevitable

The Left has long called for, sought after, and contended for Universal Single-Payer Healthcare and there are those on the Right who are now insisting it is inevitable and even desirable.  THEY ARE WRONG!  I am not saying that Congress may not, at some point in time, force that bitter pill down our throats but that is not the desire of most Americans, would not be good for America or our Economy and would effectively destroy our Healthcare Industry hurting millions.

Charles Krauthammer has stated publicly that “Universal Single-Payer” is our eventual condition.  I pray he is wrong!  Ben Stein told Neil Cavuto that it is inevitable and that at the end of the day it is where we will be.  He said that the taxpayers are going to be forced to pick up the tab and we might as well face it, embrace it, and move forward.  Seriously?  He expressed that this was not his desire but it was coming whether we like it or not.  I would take no exception to Mr. Stein’s statements had he stopped there, but he didn’t.  Mr. Stein continued offering the Leftist, Liberal, Progressive, RINO rhetoric, diatribe, and spin saying, “It is a basic American right to have decent healthcare.  That is a basic right. We live in a very rich country…and the idea that any parent who sees his child born with a serious defect will think, ‘My God, I might not be able to afford to keep my child alive.’  It is abhorrent to everything it means to be an American.”  I understand the plea for compassion but will continue to argue that healthcare is not a right it is a privilege.  You have the right to seek the best care and coverage you can obtain and afford but to align it with the inalienable rights of the Constitution is going beyond reason.  The situation to which Mr. Stein alluded is not something I would wish on any person.  I am not insensitive to the trauma of that predicament.  I know what it is like to have a child born with a healthcare need and have to choose between the basic necessities of life and his care.  I also know what it is like to have a family member battling a disease deemed incurable by the medical professions.  However, to insist that health care is a right opens the door to a plethora of problems and becomes a Pandora’s Box in which we encounter situations there are no viable or reasonable solutions.

The matter of ‘pre-existing conditions’ is a complex problem but resorting to “Universal Single-Payer” healthcare will not resolve the problems associated therewith.  I am quite sure that advocates on both sides of the issue can cite individuals who either benefited from or lost their battle for life because of “Single-Payer Healthcare”.  The idea that adopting that system would ensure that no American was ever denied care due to a ‘pre-existing condition’ is not valid.  Those systems using that plan in other parts of the world often result in the sickest and weakest of society being pushed to the back of the line for care.  There are frequent delays and even denial of the needed care.  That seems to be a natural outgrowth of the Universal Single-Payer system.  Why would any politician allow that to become a reality?  I would not presume to know the full answer for every politician but I have observed the outworking of politics and see some reasons.  One reason is those groups with the political clout to shift or shape an election or reelection are more likely to get good care and give attention than the seriously ill and weak.  Why?  Because the seriously ill and weak make up a much smaller bloc and thereby have less political clout. They are often too weak or ill to protest and often do not realize that politics is playing a role in their care or the delay or denial thereof.  You may say that I am over-dramatizing but I suggest you do some research and settle the matter in your own heart.  If I am correct in my assertion I ask that you join in opposition to this system.

The last time we were force fed a healthcare bill or pill we saw the rise of the Tea Party and a growing segment of society that began to wake up and stand in opposition to the government’s reach for TOTAL CONTROL.  Additionally, what program can you name where the government is in control that operates with effectiveness and efficiency?  I desire that EVERYONE have decent healthcare. I want EVERYONE to have access to decent health insurance.  However, I also understand that if a person has been negligent and did not purchase coverage while they were well or have coverage before the child was born there must be some personal responsibility borne.  I understand the economics of an Insurance Company and why they charge a higher premium for someone with a ‘pre-existing’ condition and why they have ‘high-risk’ pools of insured.  I do, however, expect them to operate within fiscal reason when setting those rates.  What I would like to see in any Healthcare Bill passed by Congress are Free Market access, competition, and true portability.  TRUE PORTABILITY would mean, in my view, that if you have insurance and develop a health issue but lose your job, your insurance continues at the same rate.  By that, I mean your contribution plus that of your employer.  Your coverage would be uninterrupted so long as you pay the premiums.  Some seem to think that if a person loses their job the rate should be what they were paying for their portion of the premium minus that of the employer.  Who would pay that?  Surely we do not expect the insurance company to pay the employer’s portion of the premium, do we?  That is not reasonable and the continual push for FREE INSURANCE and FREE HEALTHCARE feeds that philosophy.

My wife is battling a medical condition the doctors have diagnosed as incurable.  We do not accept that diagnosis as final authority because we believe that with God all things are possible and nothing is impossible with God.  We do not deny the diagnosis but we do not deem it to be the final authority.  Thankfully we have insurance coverage but if we did not due to an inability to pay or unwillingness to purchase insurance once the diagnosis was rendered we would be in a dire situation.  We would not expect the government to care for her.  Yes, I am speaking from a position of having coverage and you may deem my statement implausible but it is our view.  TRUE PORTABILITY of insurance would guarantee that we would be allowed, providing we could pay the premiums, to continue uninterrupted coverage and care.  That, in my view, is reasonable not allowing the government to determine our care.  I do not trust the government that much to trust them with the life of my wife or myself.

Where there is a catastrophic situation in any family regarding health and it is beyond their ability to afford human compassion comes into play.  I have served in several churches as a pastor and seen families encounter situations beyond their financial ability.  In those cases, we, as a church family, did all we could to alleviate the weight of their burden.  I have seen businesses step forward, seeing our compassion, and join the effort.  There are medical charities available and if you cannot afford the care you can go to the Emergency Room and will not be turned away.  Yes, the taxpayers pick up some of that tab but to argue the only solution or the best solution is Universal Single-Payer Healthcare is flawed, in my view.  Our entire tax system is a problem and we have watched the government FIX IT, so what would make us believe they can FIX healthcare?  We need to move toward personal responsibility and allow competition to enter the mix rather than turning to government to CONTROL another aspect of our lives.

God, bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!



BLOG POST 3 - Shame

Not to get into old news but how many of the Leftist comedians have been vulgar, vile, and engaged in horrific diatribe and rhetoric against President Donald Trump and received virtually no condemnation by the Left?  Where is the outrage from the Left, Media, Hollywood, and Democrats?  It is virtually nonexistent because they agree and enjoy the vitriolic rants calling it entertainment.  However, were the shoe on the other foot and had comedians, entertainers, and politicians engaged in the same activities regarding Barack Obama there would have been rioting in the streets and the PC Police would have been issuing warrants for their arrests.  I’m sure that would have also brought them under the scrutiny of the FBI, NSA, IRS, Homeland Security, the DOJ, the media, and every other possible law enforcement entity.  If not arrested they would, without a doubt, been harassed by the IRS and banned from the public airwaves for their crimes.  But, when the Left does it there is nothing more than a brief mention, a mild pat on the wrist, and a wink of the eye.  After all, we are talking about Donald Trump, who in their eyes is the incarnation of Lucifer himself.

When Kathy Griffin held a fake bloody head of Donald Trump she experienced some push back, and rightly so, but not nearly enough to deter future such acts.  When Stephen Colbert can refer to the president’s mouth as a receptacle for the male appendage of Putin of Russia and it is deemed as within his constitutional rights and acceptable language for the public airwaves it reveals a serious problem.  Others on the conservative side have been censored for things much less egregious.  But the double standard is alive and well, so we should not be surprised.  When entertainers like Snoop Dog can produce a video in which he engaged in the assignation of the President and that is deemed humorous but not serious or dangerous, it reveals a problem.  Yet, even criticism of Barack Obama was deemed worthy of criminal indictment.  When people like the endless list of Hollywood types, entertainers, politicians, media pundits, and others can rant and rail against President Trump and be called heroes or praised for their public stance and any opposition to Barack Obama vilified we have a problem.

I opposed Barack Obama in both elections and lamented many of his actions as president but I never called for his murder or sought to see harm come to Michelle or the daughters.  I spoke against his actions and consider him a traitor to America, in violation of the American Constitution much of the time, and believe he is guilty of crimes worthy of indictment.  I desired and desire the peaceable, legal, and constitutional actions taken to deal with the damage done by him as President.  If you believe Donald Trump is in violation of the Constitution and operating outside the law, by all means, seek peaceable, legal, and constitutional means to deal with that issue.  BUT, please have a smidgen of shame and demand the vulgar and violent rants, riots, and calls for his murder cease.

I am convinced this goes far beyond politics and it reflects a heart condition in America and the world today.  It is, in my view, an evidence of the moral decline in our society and is the result of multiple generations of liberal brainwashing in our schools both primary and secondary.  It is the result of the Political Correctness that has permeated our world and the incessant insistence that we tolerate everything and accommodate that which violates our basic spiritual and moral convictions.  It is reflective of the ME-ness and Self-Centeredness into which our society has descended.  There was a time in America when we were neighbors to our neighbors.  There was a time when we considered patriotism an honorable position and valued the principles upon which the republic was established.  There was a time when we could set aside personal preference and political posturing in the interest of the nation.  In the environment in which I grew up, people cared about each other, offered help, encouragement, and support without expecting personal gain.

If we allow the ME-mindset to rule and continue to look to government for our sustenance in life, we will descend into a virtual if not literal slavery in America.  If we continue to allow liberal professors, Hollywood, entertainers, and activist define what is acceptable and desirable in speech, political views, and actions we will experience irreversible decay in our nation and society.  WE MUST, take to heart the message of 2 Chronicles 7:14 and realize that we have drifted from our founding principles, our moral moorings, and return to that which allowed us to become the nation that became arguably the greatest nation in modern history.

America, it is high time that we band together and DEMAND a cessation of the vile vitriolic assault and War on Freedom.  It is now time that we band together and DEMAND politicians put America before party and position.  It is the time that we band together and DEMONSTRATE the resolve of WWII and the Revolutionary War America settling for nothing less than a return to the condition that made us or makes us ONE nation, UNDER God, INDIVISIBLE, seeking and affording liberty and justice for all.

God, bless you and God bless America!




BLOG POST 5 - When

If the question is when will the NEVER TRUMP and NEVER ANYTHING TRUMP diatribe end, it won’t.  There could be an unmitigated statement by all the investigations that there is NO COLLUSION between Trump and the Russians and it would still be argued, there might be or might have been.  The absence of ANY CONNECTION after months of hard searching suggests to rational minds there is nothing but that does not, has not, and will never stop the Leftist.  I have said before, “This is Personal” with them and will continue to be an incessant voice demanding his ouster.  It has less to do with what he is doing, although some of it is tearing down their house of cards and more to do with who he is and what he represents.

If the Democrats were to drop the Russian connection card, the Comey threw the election Trump’s way card and the other excuses for losing they would have to acknowledge the truth.  They lost because enough Americans were fed up with the policies, ideology, and actions of the Obama administration and the Democrats and wanted to try something new.  Many of us realized the impossible situation should Hillary Clinton win the White House and voted NO on Hillary and to do that voted YES on Trump.  Some who identify as conservative, Constitutionalist and even Republican found and find Donald Trump so offensive they are willing to work actively or indirectly with the Trump Derangement Syndrome Crowd and want him gone for any reason and every reason.

The Democrats and Liberals, which makes up the bulk of the media today never stop beating the drum that Trump is mentally ill and not fit to be president.  Their illogic never ceases to amaze me but even more amazing is that people buy their spin.  It appears that Donald Trump has a map showing all the counties he won in red and those won by Hillary in blue and the map is almost all red. The exceptions are the pockets of liberalism on the Left and Right Coasts, namely California and New York along with a few other strongholds of ultra-liberalism.  It seems that visitors to the White House have received these maps and the media is now using that to argue Trump’s mental disconnect with reality.  They contend that Trump is stuck in campaign mode and it is not possible to govern the same as you campaign.  They insist this is evidence that Trump is mentally disturbed and should be impeached for the good of the country and for his own good.  How benevolent!  The illogic of this and the hypocrisy is that those few federal judges that have ruled against Trump have argued they are not interested in what the Executive Orders say they are evaluating them based on what he said in the campaign.  WAIT?  If you can’t govern the same as you campaign, how can you use campaign speak as the basis of ruling on an Executive Order ignoring the text and insisting there is a sinister motive behind the words?  THAT DOES NOT COMPUTE LOGICALLY.

Our Constitution affords us the RIGHT of Peaceful Assembly but what is happening by the Left is anything but peaceful.  In Tennessee, a woman was charged with felony reckless endangerment when she tried to run Republican Congressman David Kustoff off the road after a town hall meeting.  She was enraged at his support for the American Health Care Act and demonstrated a propensity for violence before the incident.  A popular parade in Oregon had to be canceled because of threats of violence against a Republican Group.  The email warning was that 200 or more protesters would rush the parade and drag the Republican marchers out.  They boasted that the police could not stop them because they were too powerful.  The email was sent from an email address registered to RiseUp.Net, a liberal anti-capitalism organization.  A North Carolina GOP office was firebombed before the election and the building spray painted with graffiti that said, “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else.”  Olivia Corn, president of Cornell University’s College Republicans was physically assaulted as her attacker shouted unprintable slurs at her.  Those on a handful of a mountain of incidents all conducted by rabid Leftist, some of who are paid protesters, organizers, and agitators.  They have received the commendation and endorsement of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton along with other Democrats.

The media goes on a 24/7 rant with any new story they think will damage Trump and/or the Republicans and the Comey blitz is not having their desired effect.  The polls after the Comey firing did not move much in either direction regarding Trump personally or his job performance.  In fact, just a day or so ago a new poll indicated that Trump has received a better than 50% approval rating.  You would think with the tireless effort by the Democrats and Media to make this the worst scandal ever would have shifted public opinion dramatically against Trump.  Not so and they are in a quandary and that leads to more and more far out illogical reports and allegations not supported by facts.  If they were to acknowledge the truth they would have to admit they lost not because of outside collusion or any of the numerous excuses they use but because America rejected them, their candidate, and their position.  That is a virtual impossibility for them for they are so convinced they and they alone have the answers.  They are convinced that anyone not agreeing with them is either illiterate, incapable of rational thought, uninformed or so filled with hate and bigotry they must be eliminated or marginalized to a state of meaninglessness.

When will this end?  It won’t.  It will not end even if we vote out all the leftist and replace them with constitutionalist.  The country would fare better and move in the right direction but their shouts, rants, protests, and wars on sanity would not cease.  They are so deeply rooted in their ideology only a divine intervention would change them and their party does not believe in the God who could intervene.  After all, that is the party that booed God at their national convention and has taken stances diametrically opposed to the Bible.  I am praying for this nation and all the leaders both Republican and Democrat.  I am praying for America and Americans and asking God to guide us back to the right path and lead us out of this present darkness.

God, bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - Democrat vs Republican

I will try to resist using a broad brush about which brand of politician or bureaucrat gets a pass and which ones do not.  I could say, Republicans go to jail and Democrats go free as a blanket statement and it would not be terribly far-fetched so I won’t.  If it were left to the Main Stream Media, the liberal-leftist political pundits, the Hollywood types, and Democrats in Washington it would be spot on.  Sadly, it has been left to them too frequently and that is an issue that needs to be addressed by the rank and file (you & me), the politicians, and whoever has a voice or platform from which to address this matter.


It seems a bit odd that during the eight years of Barack Obama’s administration we observed scandal after scandal and illegality after illegality but not one of his subordinates went to prison.  There were no indictments or convictions and even with the almost continuous Congressional investigations there was no special prosecutor or investigator to delve deep into the allegations.  How is it that there is one now and will likely be more during the Trump term of office?  Why was it deemed satisfactory that Congress investigate, the FBI, CIA, NSA or any of the other agencies of government handle the inquiries but not with Donald Trump?  It is largely due to the hate for him but it goes beyond that to a double-standard concerning Republicans and Democrats.

If you examine the record and research the history of Democrat handling of Republican scandals, real or fabricated you will see what I’m suggesting.  In Watergate, we heard about the “Plumbers” who were trying to plug the leaks against Nixon and all hell broke loose.  There was no hard evidence that Nixon knew anything about the June 1972 break-in in advance or that he authorized it.  That mattered not to the Democrats and at the end of the day Nixon was forced to resign for covering up a crime he possibly learned about later.  The Democrats in the Senate formed a committee resulting in 69 people being charged with various and sundry crimes, 48 found guilty, and 16 served prison time.  I do not mean to dismiss or diminish any crimes of the Nixon administration but there were no national security issues, no national secrets stolen or compromised and the information the Plumbers obtained was inconsequential.  If the break-in had not been exposed the information would have minimal effect on the election, which was a massive re-election of Richard Nixon.

We also must not overlook the Democrat pursuit in exposing the Iran-Contra scandal.  Regan’s administration officials secretly sold arms to Iran and then used the proceeds to fund the covert Contra resistance against Nicaragua’s Sandinistas.  The national-security team of the president was seriously concerned about the real threats of the pro-Soviet Sandinistas.  The memories of the Soviet Cuban Missile crisis were etched firmly in their minds prodding them to act in the way they did.  Lt. Colonel North led this effort and argued that his actions fell under the protection of Reagan’s presidential authority.  The Democrats refused to accept that and “Contra-gate” became a major scandal and saw this as an opportunity to bolster their political capital to offset that of the very popular Ronald Reagan.  A three-judge panel appointed Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh to investigate.  The attack on Reagan spanned over six years and dozens of people were implicated.  Most of those had absolutely nothing to do with Contragate and the harassment of various Anti-Communist organizations ensued.  Lawrence Walsh managed to criminally charge 14 Republicans and 11 were convicted.  I do not seek to justify any wrong doing only to highlight how the Democrats have responded to Republican scandals, real or fabricated.

The Clinton’s have operated a “pay for favor” foundation for a long time and allegation after allegation has surfaced but the Republicans did nothing and the Democrats insisted there was no need for any Special Investigations. The actions of Loretta Lynch and James Comey regarding Hillary Clinton has not been treated in the same manner as the Democrats go after Republicans.  With the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, it looks as if the Republicans have lost any stomach for truly investigating the illegality of Comey, Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Holder, or any Democrat.  As usual, it appears that the Republicans cower in the shadows as the Democrats advance their agenda, cause, and seek to imprison any Republican they consider a threat.

The scandals under Obama that demonstrated clear violations of federal law have been largely ignored.  The IRS scandal is still a bone in my craw but the Republicans in Congress have largely moved on.  WHY?  Could it be they do not want to strip the IRS of its power, hoping to have that tool available to them at some future time?  If that is true they are sorely mistaken for the hierarchy of the IRS is liberal leftist Democrat controlled.  The VA scandals exposed some incredible violations of ethics if not laws but no serious pursuit by Congress.  The “Fast and Furious” scandal of gun-running resulting in the death of Americans and countless other acts of mayhem has been virtually ignored.  Hillary Clinton has been given a “Get Out of Jail Free” card and her subordinates given immunity and the evidence against her and them destroyed by the FBI and the Republicans make noise but it is all foam and no beer.  If you take Water Gate and Contra-gate you discover that the Democrats managed to have 83 Republicans charged with criminal conduct.  How many Democrats have been charged in all the scandals of the Obama years?  ZERO!

Drain the Swamp was a rallying cry during the 2016 Election but few had any idea how deep or far-reaching the swamp is.  The Swamp has declared full-scale war on Donald Trump and we need to convince the Republicans in Congress they cannot afford to be “water bearers” for the Democrats.  We gave the control of both Houses of Congress and the White House and if they do not develop a Constitutional boldness we will watch the destruction of the Republic and allow the Left to block everything good that could be accomplished under Donald Trump.  If the Republicans continue their cowardice we will see a shift in the political landscape in 2018 and the renewed pursuit of Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of the Republic resume.  If that happens it will be Obama on steroids and all of us will pay the price!

God, bless you and God bless America!