BLOG POST 1 - INeptitude

Yes, I am blasting the GOP especially the RINOs and Establishment portion of the Grand Old Party (Republicans) for their continual failure to REPEAL Obamacare and/or REPLACE it with anything that even remotely resembles a positive move.  Hey, Guys, you have had over six years to have a workable plan in place and even with the Republicans who are not Republicans and the self-serving ones like John McCain you should have and could have had a plan.  WHY HAVE YOU FAILED? 

If I could answer that fully I would be both an incredibly wealthy person and someone whose services are in high demand, but I am not and cannot sufficiently answer that question even to my own satisfaction.  WHY?  There are times when WE THE PEOPLE should and must ask that question of those we elect to represent us in Washington.  The Republicans have a slim majority in the Senate, a substantial majority in the House and now hold the White House as well, so why the ineptitude or seeming impotence?  WHY?  Since I cannot get into the minds of each individual Senator or member of Congress I won’t try to tell you why the various individuals are acting as they are.  However, if you follow the money, reflect on the Ole Boy System, Cronyism, and political posturing in a quest for power you begin to unravel much of the dilemma.  Sadly, in many cases, it reveals that the GOP and the DEMS are creatures of the same ilk – POLITICIANS or more specifically SELF-SERVING POLITICIANS seeking their own not that of the Republic or their constituents.  You may consider that harsh and unfair but from where I sit I believe it is somewhat generous and charitable rather than unfair, unkind, or harsh.

The GOP failed miserably to articulate why their plan was better than Obamacare.  I wonder if they assumed that everyone would automatically accept the idea that virtually anything would be better.  If they did they, once again, misread the American people and that has cost them and us time and again over the past few years.  They allowed the Democrat spin to stand and their feeble efforts were reported as death sentences to millions and therefore failed to garner the popular support it should have.  The Democrats and the MSM tell us that if we repeal Obamacare and pass a replacement bill it will mean that MILLIONS of the poor, including disabled children and women, will be thrown off the MEDICAID rolls and left to fend for themselves resulting in the death of thousands if not millions.  THAT IS A FABRICATION but since the GOP failed to offer a counter, it stands for many.  The expansion of MEDICAID was not a life saver and the failure of Obamacare forcing the expansion of that program has cost millions dearly in their healthcare but the GOP seems incapable of articulating that with real data and in terms that the average citizen readily understands.  There is much not to like about the failed GOP Senate Bill that John McCain showboated in sabotaging but it would have been better than OBAMACARE.  One thing it did was prioritize federal MEDICAID spending and provide more for the poorest and most vulnerable of our Republic.  NOBODY REPORTED THAT and John McCain’s revenge sunk the ship.  I would recommend you locate and read an article by the Heritage Foundation it gives some wonderful insight in this matter:  http://www.heritage.org/health-care-reform/commentary/the-senate-health-care-bill-could-save-america-billions

I am not a defender of Big Pharma or Insurance Companies for they have colluded and gouged the public for decades amassing their fortunes, increasing their power, and buying enough politicians to insulate themselves.  In the 70’s we suffered from a “stagnant recessionary economy” identified as “stagflation”.  We have very high unemployment and through the roof interest rates which brought financial ruin to millions of Americans.  Among those groups not suffering hardship were the Big Insurance Companies as they received premiums and benefited from the 12-18% interest rates and in that period, we were introduced to HMO’s and WellCare.  It was during that period that some incredible breakthroughs in medicine occurred and the ill were given new hope but at a higher price.  The lobbyist for the insurance companies was successful in getting state regulators to mandate certain types of coverage (mental health, chiropractic, skilled nursing, etc.)  As more coverages were mandated the higher the premiums climbed and the more the Big Insurance Companies benefited from the astronomical interest rates.  They grew larger, richer, and more powerful affording them the luxury of buying more politicians.  More government regulations and mandated benefits resulted in the glee of the insurance companies because the premiums increased and they earned more in interest.  Every time the government becomes involved in our lives it takes a huge slice for itself, we lose freedom and money in the process and are awarded a less efficient product.  THAT’S WHAT POLITICIANS LIKE, Power and Profit.

Before the Obama administration’s fingerprints were found on the insurance industry the law of the land was the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945.  That Act granted anti-trust exemptions for insurance companies to market across state lines.  The insurance companies were regulated by the states, not the federal government.  It was more difficult for the lobbyist to achieve their objectives because they had to deal with ALL THE STATES and did not have a blanket mandate from Washington.  By centralizing the regulation in one place it allowed the lobbyist to access the politicians in Washington and use their money and influence to achieve their objective.  Competition would drive the prices down and produce a much more desirable commodity but politicians love power, position, and the purse too much to allow that to happen.

WHY has the GOP failed?  At least one reason is that many of them are so deeply indebted to the lobbyist and special interest they dare not upset the Golden Goose and jeopardize their reelection chances.  SELF-INTEREST is one of the biggest reasons for their failure.  Our Framers and Founders warned us of allowing that type of politician to ascend to power or stay in power.  CAN WE CHANGE THIS?  Only if we pray earnestly, work diligently, and unite solidly to oust those of all parties who serve themselves not the people or the Constitution.  WHERE IS MY BROOM?  Let’s sweep the Halls of Congress clean of professional politicians and return to citizen representation.

God, bless you and God bless America!




I don’t care if you are a Democrat, Libertarian, Republican, Independent or something else if you are participating in the Political Gamesmanship that has been going on in Washington, DC for decades YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.  The political cronyism, protecting of position and power of politicians has and is doing great harm to the Republic and many of our Founding Fathers and Framers of the Constitution felt that there would come a time when THE PEOPLE would have to once again take back their government.  Has that time come?  YES, but how we go about it is a matter of debate and deserves serious examination.  NO, I am not a proponent or supporter of overthrowing the government through violence but I am a proponent of TAKING BACK CONTROL at the Polls and through peaceful and legal means.  Can that be done?  I don’t know because we have truly tried it yet.  Let’s try it and see if it works.

In 1910 President Teddy Roosevelt gave a speech that is often quoted and he said, “It is not the critic who counts.  The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood.”  One thing, in my mind, that is sorely lacking in the GOP is a coordinated ground game.  The Republicans had over six (6) years to have a plan in place to both REPEAL and REPLACE Obamacare but as we can see, they had or have no strategy.  WHY?  I can only speculate but it seems that many of them did not believe they could win the White House or at least not until it was too late to RID AMERICA of this plague and disaster.  They seemed to enjoy talking a good game and telling their constituents, “I voted against it or voted to repeal it” knowing it would not receive a presidential signature and therefore would remain in place.  Did they want to keep it?  Possibly, because as Rand Paul has argued correctly, it is not about health care but is a massive spending bill filled with entitlements.  Politicians like pork, spending, and entitlements because those equate to money in their campaign coffers and personal bank accounts and translate into votes to get them reelected.  The Constitution and the needs or desires of America are at the bottom of their priorities, so it seems.  THE POLITICAL GAMESMANSHIP IS UNACCEPTABLE!   

Many of us have shouted from the roof tops for a long time that the GOP needs to grow a spine and find the intestinal fortitude to DO THE RIGHT THING for America.  Yet, year after year we find them operating as though they had no clear leadership, no game plan, no strategy, and participating in political gamesmanship to our hurt.  The Democrats are also in disarray but have a unified front in opposing any conservative agenda and in advancing the “fundamental transformation” agenda of Barack Obama and the Leftist.  They somehow are able to sell their snake oil to their constituents largely by fanning the flames of hatred toward Republicans and now Donald J. Trump and the Republicans.  Their mantra is, “Republicans evil – Democrats good” and those who do not examine the facts or think for themselves parrot their rhetoric and talking points and vote, vote, vote keeping the liberals in power in various places.  The Republicans could advance the promised agenda holding control of the House, Senate, and White House but are failing – THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!

The rise of the Tea Party demonstrated that having a game plan and a strategy would result in success at the polls.  The Republican Establishment and many rank-n-file members of that party seem to have missed the message and continue their individualism to the point of chaos, confusion, and political failure.  That has translated, in the past, into a return of Democrat control and we just witnessed the damage that can be done in eight (8) short or long years.  We have witnessed the productivity of a clear, well-articulated strategy in the past.  The MSM salivates when there is any evidence of confusion or disagreement in the GOP but ignores the total chaos and failure of the Democrats.  The question never seems to be, “What is best for America and Constitutional?” but “What is best for the politician?”  THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!

The 24/7/365 pursuit of destroying Donald J. Trump and anyone connected to him by the MSM, Democrats, and Republican Establishment is deeply troubling.  If Washington were really concerned about corruption, collusion, fraud, illegalities, etc. we would have long ago had serious investigations into the Clinton Foundation, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, the IRS, the VA, and many other entities within the federal bureaucracy.  Special Counsel Robert Muller continues to expand his investigation into Trump and Trump associates far beyond the Russian interference in the 2016 elections but NOTHING of the sort concerning Hillary Clinton and Democrats.  WHY?  The team of lawyers he has assembled looks more like a Clinton Campaign committed than a bipartisan investigative team.  THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!

The Republicans are spineless in this and allowing the Democrats to control the process and advance their agenda.  WHY?  Some of them agree with the Democrat view – TRUMP MUST GO.  There has not been one shred of evidence that would stand up in court that there was any collusion between Trump and the Russians or that anything the Russians did influence the outcome of the election.  Even, Chuck Schumer expressed the real reason for the loss by the Democrats and it wasn’t Russia.  He said, “When you lose to somebody who has 40% popularity, you don’t blame other things – Comey, Russia – you blame yourself.”  Paul Ryan has, as any good swamp denizen and establishment elitist, declared that Robert Muller is anything but a Democratic partisan.  Seriously, Mr. Ryan?  Look at who he has hired and what he is doing?  Is he investigating the criminal activity of Comey or Clinton?  NO!  I agree with the president when he asks, “Why aren’t there any Republican investigators and why is there no investigation into the crimes of Hillary Clinton?”

Mr. Ryan said it was not the Republicans in Washington’s job or responsibility to defend the president.  Could I ask, “Did the Democrats spend eight (8) years defending and protecting Barack Obama?”  Do wild bears live in the woods?  Politics, in many respects, is a team sport and the Republicans need to stop the political gamesmanship and political posturing trying to protect their personal turf and FULFILL THEIR PROMISES TO THE VOTERS.  Someone said, “2018 may well be the first time in history that a party controlling Congress lost an election because their own party base thought they were better off without them.”  THAT WOULD BE A TOTAL DISASTER because it would place the DEMOCRATS BACK IN POWER.  This may be the first time in my lifetime when there is the possibility of a viable third party to surface and challenge both the Democrats and Republicans.  I, like millions, am angry over the Political Gamesmanship and Spinelessness of the GOP in DC.

I pray for America and am committed to working for a return to the status of Constitutionalism in the Republic.  God, bless you and God bless America!




I am serious in my question about the Leftist, Liberals, Democrats, MSM, and Activist regarding Donald J. Trump.  How low will they go in their vitriolic hatred and absolute insanity as they continue to reject the vote of the American people in rejecting their anointed one, Hillary Clinton?  How deep is their hate?  How violent are they willing to become?  I am coming to the conclusion that there are no depths to which they will not descend nor is there any action they are unwilling to consider including overt violence and criminality to remove the 45th President from office.  The intense hatred and never ending rhetoric, diatribe, and calls for impeachment and more are one of the major factors in America being ripped to shreds at the very core of our national fabric.  THIS IS MORE THAN TROUBLING it is DANGEROUS and DESTRUCTIVE.  You may disagree but from where I sit and as I talk to people almost daily, I can conclude nothing else.

The Cold War with Russia ended in the Reagan era but the Cold War in America has been heating up for decades and has now reached the boiling point.  I am deeply concerned that we are about to see full-scale violence in the streets and a full-blown shooting war (civil war) in America.  No, it will not be over the issue of slavery or even state’s rights but it will be about preference and the insistence of the Liberal, Leftist, Activist, Democratic agenda pronounced by Barack Obama of “fundamentally transforming” America.  Bernie Sanders, an avowed Socialist has expressed his disdain for the Constitutional Republic and he has millions of followers longing for the ‘freebies’ he promised and the ‘utopia’ he declared would result.  They are blinded by greed, entitlement, envy, hate, and more as are the supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Democrats.  There is no Utopia and there is no Free Lunch, somebody pays for it and in the case of the Democratic offering, it is YOU and ME, the taxpayers who will foot the bill.    Barack Obama and many of the Democrats consider our Constitution a Document of Negative Liberties and they despise it.

The Law is no longer The Law for the Politically Correct, Leftist, Liberal crowd and they believe they have a mandate from their pseudo-moral position to eradicate everyone who disagrees with them.  How is that dramatically different from ISIS and the other Islamic jihadist?  They want to eliminate everyone who does not convert to their position, religion, or ideology and that is the very path the aforementioned groups are following.  If you believe that marriage is between one man and one woman you are their mortal enemy and unworthy of continued existence, in their minds and often their stated views.  There are racist groups that openly call for the eradication of those not of their ethnicity.  The Climate Change/Global Warming Activist believe that those of us who do not believe that man is the major culprit in any change in the climate is worthy of extermination.  If you want a Secure Border and desire to protect our National Sovereignty, you are something vile, in their minds.  Some have declared that we are the cause of all societal, economic, and political ills including the rise of terrorism.  They hypocritically place a massive carbon footprint on the planet while decrying carbon emissions as the singular most dangerous thing in existence.  If the planet, created by God, is that fragile and fickle, then God must not be who the Bible declares Him to be, and I fully believe He is.

We have a society today, where the criminal is identified as the victim and those victimized as the problem.  When someone sneaks into the country illegally they are not an immigrant they are a criminal.  However, many Democrats have, with incredible vile and hate, declared that those illegals have every right to be here and those of us who want them dealt with and the borders secured must be stopped in any way possible.  That sounds eerily like a call to violence but they insist that it is those of us on the right that endorse, espouse, and embrace violence.  The Right has had no violent protests unlike the Leftist but somehow it is we who are the promoters of violence.  Alexis de Tocqueville once described America as the safest country in the world because, he said, “In America, the criminal is every man’s enemy.”  That ship has sailed and with sanctuary cities, and cities such as Chicago where murder and mayhem are daily norms.  He felt that, in America, there was no distinction between the people and the government.  If he could see us today, he would recant and proclaim us on the road to perdition and impending chaos.

The government today seeks to control the people and desire to tell us how our children are to be educated.  The politicians have virtually eliminated our pathway of protest their overreach in many areas and if we push back too hard we will find ourselves in deep trouble with Big Brother and his powerful bureaucracies including the EPA, NSA, and IRS.  They want to mandate to privately owned corporations or businesses what they can and cannot do even if it violates their core religious convictions and tramples on their inalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

The Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Bernie Sanders and Representative Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) incite violence either directly or indirectly.  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton either by their approval of various groups or deafening silence regarding violent activity have as well.  Luis Gutiérrez went berserk calling President Trump a “major criminal” and said he had to be peacefully eliminated and brought to his knees.  He demanded that the illegals were not criminals but Trump.  He then compared himself to Gandhi which tells me that he is 100% consumed with the religion of the left and believes that anyone disagreeing must be eliminated.  He touted numerous false data as the basis of his argument and his rant will likely find its way into the heart of some of his followers and some of those will act on his assertions that Trump must be eliminated and brought to his knees.  They will miss the peaceful portion of the statement and we will plunge deeper into the state of disarray and chaos.

America, if we are going to survive as the Constitutional Republic and have any hope of returning to a government OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, and BY THE PEOPLE we must find a way to end this overflow of hate.  Can we?  I am not sure.  Will we?  I can only hope and pray.  What we can do is become involved in as civil a manner possible and begin now working to elect people to Congress (Senators and Representatives) who will follow the Constitution and do what is right, good, and best for America.  If we actually accomplish that in a large enough measure as to get the attention of the rest, we will begin the long slow process of restoration.  THAT IS MY HOPE AND PRAYER!

God, bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 2 - The Law

Actually, they believe they are the only true defenders of the Law and that the Law is whatever they determine it to be at the time.  They use it, abuse it, ignore it, and violate it at will and attempt to make everything that any Republican and/or Conservative does ILLEGAL.  I suppose that would include breathing since so many of them have called for violence and even elimination of those of us who are not Democrats.

James Comey, the former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, knew and knows the Law and he knew and knows that he violated the very Law he swore to defend in leaking his memos and documents to his friend.  His friend who he knew would ensure that the Press got the Memo and designed to secure the appointment of a Special Prosecutor or Investigator into President Donald J. Trump.  Even if his memos contained ZERO Classified information it was incredibly unethical and cowardly to LEAK IT.  He then went before Congress and Lied under Oath about the contents of those memos claiming they contained ZERO CLASSIFIED INFORMATION.  We now know that was inaccurate and there is no possible way Mr. Comey, a lawyer and the former Director of the FBI did not know that at the time of his testimony.  He had a mission and an agenda and just as he protected Hillary Clinton he is seeking to destroy Donald Trump.

The information now available is that 4 of the 7 memos he removed from the FBI headquarters contained CLASSIFIED INFORMATION.  He broke the same Law that he absolved Hillary Clinton of violating.  He knowingly and with malice and forethought created classified government documents and then leaked them to get them into the hands of the Press for political purposes.  That means he is in violation of the Federal Espionage Act and guilty of Perjury before Congress.  Those are not minor misdemeanors they are incredibly serious felonies, but I see no effort by Congress to take him to task over those violations.  The Democrats certainly will not.  The MSM will do nothing but defend him and do everything to harm President Trump and anyone associated with him.

James Comey testified before Congress, under oath, that the memos he created were his own papers and contained no classified information.  The question is, “Will Special Counsel Muller actually go after Comey on those counts?”  The answer is “When Pigs Fly.”  No, he will not go after his buddy and fellow Democratic Trump hater even when the preponderance of evidence is as great as it is.  Real evidence, not innuendo like is being used in the Trump investigations.  Congress could charge Mr. Comey with Contempt and refer the case directly to a Grand Jury and bypass Mr. Muller but I seriously doubt they have the courage or willingness to do that.  Mr. Comey testified before Congress as to his INTENT and that was to damage the President.  My plea to every America who cares about Law and Order and wants to see Justice served is to CALL YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS and DEMAND this be done with regard to Mr. Comey.  It is high time that we stop allowing the Leftist to violate the law for political purposes or any purpose and hold EVERYONE ACCOUNTABLE.  By everyone, I mean EVERYONE, both Republican and Democrat. 

We have no reason to believe that Robert Muller, a close associate, and friend of Mr. Comey will do anything other than attempt to advance Mr. Comey’s desires and protect his “bird of a feather.”  With the list of attorney’s and people, Mr. Muller has been hiring to investigate President Trump one would think this was a DNC organized investigation, not an Independent Counsel.  The team he has amassed are devoted liberal Democrats and extreme Anti-Trump individuals some of whom are directly connected to Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation.  It appears that the Law is the Law only if you are not a Democrat in Power.  When people (Clinton associates) can take a hammer to destroy Blackberry phones attempting to prevent investigators from being able to retrieve data and nothing is done, we clearly see that The Law is the Law only if you are not a Democrat.  If you are, however, it is whatever you want it to be or as Mr. Comey said regarding Hillary Clinton’s usage of a Private Server and other violations of the Law, “She did not intend to do harm.”  Seriously?  If I drive 90 while in a 55 MPH zone can I tell the officer I didn’t mean to do any harm and be let go with a slap on the wrist?  You know the answer to that.  If a criminal holds up a store at gunpoint and then shoots someone can he tell the arresting officer that he didn’t mean to do any harm and be set free?  I would hope not.  How is it that when the President, acting within the guidelines of the Constitution fires the FBI Director he is suddenly guilty of Obstruction of Justice but when Loretta Lynch can meet with Bill Clinton while Hillary was under investigation and that is not?  The Law is beneficial and has power, ONLY if it is uniformly enforced without regard of person, position, or status.

We are a Republic that has a Constitution and that Constitution establishes the basis of our Law and that Constitution and Law MUST be uniformly applied.  When we allow the special consideration for political purposes to be the norm we relegate our Constitution and the Law to a meaningless state and press the Republic nearer and nearer to extinction.  It is said that “Justice is Blind” meaning that Justice regards no man but equally applies the Law and Facts to every case.  IF only that were a reality today, especially in Politics we would resolve many of our societal ills in America.

I am praying for America to wake up and return to Constitutionality and a place and time when The Law is equally and rightly applied to all citizens.   May God, bless you and may He bless America Again!


BLOG POST 1 - Promises

That song has been popping into my head recently when I hear the arguments of some of the GOP as to why they will not REPEAL Obamacare.  I have replaced the words with “Where Have All the Republicans Gone???”   We gave you the House and you have squandered that power and open door.  We gave you the Senate also and you chose to sit on your hands and lament that the Democrat in the White House would not sign your legislation.  We gave you the White House and now you break ranks and show your true colors and do things to derail any attempts to REPEAL this monstrosity.  Some of you argue from points that are illogical that you will ONLY vote to REPEAL if you get everything you want in REPLACEMENT.  Hey, if you are going to build a new house on the site of an existing house you must first tear down the old house.  What a novel idea?

Peter, Paul & Mary sang Pete Seeger’s song in protest to the Vietnam war and I am protesting the lack of intestinal fortitude and the failure to demonstrate any cohesiveness among the Republicans, Conservatives, and those claiming to be Constitutionalist.  You made a Promise and now we expect you to fulfill that Promise.  DO WHAT YOU SAID YOU WOULD DO and remove that millstone called Obamacare from around the necks of the America people.  Deal in real numbers and address the real issues of healthcare and health insurance rather than parroting the Leftist rhetoric and talking points.  Bring the Free Market back into the equation and allow genuine competition to produce the product that is desired at a price that is affordable.  Allow for true portability and do not draw imaginary lines that prevent people from seeking out the best coverage across state lines and outside your protected boxes which create monopolies.

President Trump has nominated almost 150 people to fill important federal positions and you have managed to get less than 50 approved.  WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?  You have the votes if you were truly unified and could begin the process of draining the swamp but some of you seem to like the swamp too much to see it drained.  You could address Tax Reform and give genuine tax breaks and cuts to businesses and individuals that would stimulate the economy in a powerful manner.  You could, but unless you get your piece of the pie and your slab of pork you seem to be unwilling to do what WE THE PEOPLE voted to achieve.  WHERE HAVE YOU GONE? 

The Democrats vote in a unified bloc but the Republicans are often so fragmented they can get nothing done even when they have control of both Houses of Congress and the White House.  The Democrats lost the election and are in the minority but with what is happening in Congress, for the most part, one would think they won and are in control.  WHERE HAVE ALL THE REPUBLICANS GONE???  The Democrats may not all agree 100% on any piece of legislation but if it is a bill from the Left it gets almost 100% of the Democrat votes every time.  They coalesce around their Party and even though they have no real message other than hate and obstruction they are unified in a way the Republicans never seem to be.  Please understand, I applaud people having a mind of their own and standing against their party if something is bad for America but many of the things they cannot agree on have ample room for compromise.  There is enough common ground to advance the agenda that the 2016 Campaign Promised the American people.

REPUBLICANS, if you continue this path to destruction you will so anger the voters that they either stay home or vote NO on you in future elections.  If the voters become so angry they allow the Democrats to return to power America will suffer enormously, so WAKE UP and DO YOUR JOB.  I’m tired of asking “Where Have All the Republicans Gone?”  My advice is “GET ‘ER DONE.”  We voted for you either by voting for you or voting against the Democrat so we expect you to keep your promises.  Instead of fighting among yourselves realize that those in the opposition party do not have America’s best interest at heart and it is imperative that you find ways to unify and advance the agenda promised.

I am concerned for America, disgusted with politicians, but hopeful that the American people will find a way to apply enough pressure to those Washington denizens they will begin to do what they promised to do!  I hope that my hope is not ‘pie in the sky’ but a real possibility in the near future.

God, bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!



I am all the above regarding the state of POLITICS in America today!  The MSM, for the most part, is in bed with the Liberal Leftists Democrats and offer no semblance of news, truth, facts, or honesty.  They have an agenda and that agenda is to STOP TRUMP and then to STOP or IMPEDE anything and everything the Republicans, Conservatives, and Constitutionalist try to advance or accomplish.  We know that, so that alone is not what is causing my angst, it is anticipated if not expected.  The Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, and Socialist Activist are in the same mode and although they have gone far beyond what I anticipated, they are on an ideological mission to DESTROY.  Even coupled with the MSM the Democrats are not what is causing my severe case of angst.  There is more hate being spewed in the public arena today that I have witnessed in my numerous decades on the planet and although I am alarmed and disturbed by what is happening I am fully convinced that could be overcome, so that is not the root of my angst.

Why am I FRUSTRATED, ANGRY, and ALARMED?  Why am I more DETERMINED than ever to press through to full and complete victory in America?  The reasons are many but let me offer something that may help explain my sentiments and hopefully will encourage you to either become or stay involved in the process and reject the temptation to throw in the towel and concede even in victory.  The primary root of my angst is REPUBLICANS in Washington.  Do I mean every Republican is deserving of this FRUSTRATION, ANGER, and ALARM?  No, some of them are fighting devotedly for what they promised the American voters in November and in previous elections.  However, the Establishment Republican Hierarchy is anything but on board with the Promises to the People made in the 2016 Campaigns and Election.  Those Republicans who are part of the RESISTANCE are the focus of my frustration and I am on a mission to see them evicted from their perches in the next election cycle in which they are up for a vote.

The Republicans holding the line for keeping Senate Procedures that allow the Democrats to filibuster, block, stall, and derail much, if not most, of the Trump agenda and the Republican Promises, appointees, and refuse to ACT definitively and positively for America and Americans are the problem.  If any of those Republicans truly believe that were the situation reversed the Democrats would allow anything to block their agenda, they are delusional.  Once, Harry Reid exercised the NUCLEAR OPTION and forced Obamacare and other things down our throats the gate was opened to never be closed again.  Republicans asked for the House and we gave it to them.  They asked for the Senate and we gave it to them.  They asked for the White House and we gave it to them.  If they fail to act now and allow the losing party that is in the minority to control the agenda, determine the outcome of legislation and appointments they deserve to be ousted at the earliest possible opportunity.

The MSM, Democrats, and even Republicans are failing to identify the accomplishments of President Trump and his team.  People like Lindsey Graham and John McCain seem to be determined to discredit him at every opportunity and allow the Democrats to derail that which the American people voted for.  Why?  Only they or God could fully answer that but they have demonstrated the truth that they are not Republican or Conservative in the politics but Establishment and defenders of the ole boy system of Capitol Hill Cronyism.  They participate in the Russian Investigation but have no stomach for targeting the many things that Hillary Clinton, Valarie Jarret, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Jon Podesta, Susan Rice, and Barack Obama should be investigated for.  The Democrats colluded with the Ukrainian Government to influence the election and that is a “non-starter” for them but if there is even the slightest connection of Trump or anyone connected to him dealing with a foreign entity, that is TREASON, in their minds.

Republicans in Washington, this American, Vietnam Veteran, Patriot, and Voter is decreeing that I am on a mission to send you home IF…  If what?  If you fail to do what you promised to do and have the power to do.  You can secure the border.  You can repeal and even replace Obamacare.  You can deal with Tax Reform.  You can strengthen our National Security.  You can deal with Islamic Terrorism.  You can lift the many stifling regulations that the Obama administration placed on businesses both small and large that have crippled our economy.  You can approve the many appointees needed in the various places in the federal government.  You can address the waste, spending, and corruption that exists on Capitol Hill.  YOU CAN and if you fail to do so, I want to see you gone and will do whatever I can to expose your true colors and attempt to rally support for your ouster in your next election.

I am FRUSTRATED, ANGRY, and ALARMED but I am incredibly HOPEFUL and DETERMINED to continue the Fight for Freedom and a Restored Republic.  I am encouraged that we have been granted a small window of opportunity to RETURN and am the many who express their willingness to join me and those like me in PRAYER and INVOLVEMENT to FIGHT FOR AMERICA!

God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!

AMERICA – Have We Opened Pandora’s Box?

BLOG POST 2 - Pandora

I had a friend chide me recently over my concern over the conditions in American Politics and Society.  He said, “People are basically good and we will survive this so don’t be overly concerned with the current direction things will get better.”  I have a problem with several parts of his hypothesis and the first being that people are ‘basically good’.  I do not find that consistent with my understanding of Scripture or my experience in 45-plus years dealing with people on a spiritual level.  Jeremiah warned in Jeremiah 17:9 that the heart of man was ‘deceitful and desperately wicked.’ 

I genuinely wish I could see a world that is getting better but I see a vastly different world as I attempt to honestly review this present world in America and around the globe.  Paul warned Timothy and those who would hear in 2 Timothy 3:1 that ‘perilous times’ were coming and as I study Scripture and view the direction of our world, nation, and society, as a whole, I see TROUBLE, not PEACE coming to our world.

The gradual and now not so gradual erosion of our Constitutional Rights and Liberties, as well as the wearing away the moral moorings nudging our world toward chaos, anarchy, and war, does not encourage.  China’s Sun Tzu once said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”  Former Defense Intelligence Agency Directory Lt. General Michael Flynn warned us that ISIS and other factions of Islam identified as ‘radical’ had doubled in size during this administration.  Yet our former president continually lectured America and the world that we dare not condemn radical Islam because of the Crusades.  He also argued that ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other factions are not Islam therefore not truly Muslim and to connect them to Islam is to suffer from Islamophobia.  General Flynn said accurately, “We need a much broader strategy that recognizes that we’re fighting not just this tactical problem of ISIS in Iraq and Syria… but we’re facing a growing and expanding threat around the world in some case.  You can’t defeat an enemy that you don’t admit exists.”  That is absolutely true!

To deny the real problem is to place ourselves in a position to be overcome and overrun eventually.  We are facing enemies who do not play by the rules, do not care about our political rhetoric and only want to defeat and destroy everything and anything not in harmony with their views.  The refusal to recognize, identify and define the enemy we are facing is to guarantee inability to defeat that enemy and could ultimately mean our subjection to them.  I find that UNACCEPTABLE!  Rather than carefully and soberly addressing our real threats we have a Democrat Party and the MSM on a 24/7/365 assault on Donald J. Trump and desirous to “take him down” or “take him out” at all costs.

The issue of same-sex marriage goes far beyond the ideological view of legitimatizing marriage for that group of individuals.  I realize that some in Christendom disagree as to what the Bible teaches regarding that lifestyle and others reject the biblical stance totally.  If we consider the problems the SCOTUS ruling presents we can see issues that are incredibly far reaching.  The homosexual community and supporters have argued that marriage is a right and that opens the door to polygamy and even incestuous marriages and Justice Roberts’ dissent gave a warning that is likely prophetic.  We already see lawsuits being levied advancing the idea of the right to polygamy and other issues of marriage.  Maybe one could marry themselves and then claim an additional dependent on their taxes.

I read recently that a known pedophile threatened to sue using the argument from the homosexual community that young children should be encouraged to express their sexual orientation and participate in Gay Pride Parades, etc.  The pedophile argued that children should be allowed and encouraged in the same manner regarding pornography and sexual activity.  Have we created an undefeatable monster with today’s Progressive, Liberal, and Leftist Politically Correct World?  Have we opened Pandora’s Box and rendered America so depraved that there is no societal morality any longer?

In allowing vocal groups that are a small minority in society control the dialogue and determine what is allowable we are inviting sure and certain destruction.  When we allow ourselves to become virtual slaves of Political Correctness we edge nearer and neared the abyss of destruction.  We have an enemy and that enemy is, too often, us if we allow our nation to ignore right, call good evil and evil good, evict God from our political, economic and interpersonal lives we sign our own death warrant.

Politics cannot be ignored or eliminated from our lives and Christian or not if a safe world that your children and grandchildren can grow up and live in and maintain the Free Constitutional Republic is important to you ELECTIONS and POLITICS MATTER.  It is more than just getting your candidate nominated it is DEFEATING EVIL.  You cannot defeat evil by refusing to participate in the fight against it.  You cannot defeat evil by withdrawing when you don’t get your way.  You defeat evil with good and UNLESS we come together and fight.  A few of us in the fight will not win the war!

God, bless you and God bless America!