BLOG POST 1 - Respect the Flag

Someone said to me, “Your problem is you are not listening to the players who are taking the knee during the National Anthem.  Because, if you did you’d understand and agree with them.”  Well, I’ve listened to Greg Popovich, Lebron James, Mike Tomlin, Colin Kaepernick, and more on the Left than I care to name and each of them painted a picture framed by Leftist rhetoric and not based in reason.  I have listened to the arguments that President Trump is somehow violating the 1st Amendment Rights of the players to kneel and disrespect the American Flag during our National Anthem but NO ONE on the Left is defending His 1st Amendment Right to declare is disagreement with their actions.  I Listened and Still Disagree With Them!

Coach Tomlin was incensed over the lone Steeler who came out and respected the flag and insisted that the players did not ask for this.  Seriously, coach?  That is exactly what you did when Kaepernick and others began the process and expressed their disrespect for America, our flag, the police, etc.  You claim that you are not being political but focused on football, but if that were true then you’d simply PLAY FOOTBALL not attempt to make a statement of disrespect for America, Americans, our Flag, our System of Government, and every person who has fought in the real uniform for your Freedom.

Some of the players are now issuing a statement that they are not disrespecting the flag and support the police and their protest is about unity and equality, not disrespect.  That dog won’t hunt either because by joining Kaepernick’s protest which was based squarely on those things you say you are not disrespecting, you are disrespecting both the flag and police.  I would never want to restrict anyone’s 1st Amendment Right of Free Speech but if we are going to be consistent FREE SPEECH must be a two-way street and the fact that the President, myself, and millions of others disagree with your actions should have your support of our right to voice our disagreement.  Why are you not defending our right to speak?  I guess, in your view, it is only those who agree with your point who are allowed to speak their minds.  HOW IS THAT FREEDOM OF SPEECH?

Lebron James suggested that anyone who voted for Trump made a mistake and he is sure they now regret it.  NO, Mr. James, I do not!  I would regret not having voted to defeat Hillary Clinton and the Obama policies being advanced even more vigorously.  Coach Popovich suggested that America is an embarrassment to the entire world because of President Trump and he and Mr. James both believe that it was IGNORANCE that elected Mr. Trump.  I say to both of you, I’ll gladly stack my intelligence and the millions of those who voted NO on HILLARY against yours.  The fact that you are a professional basketball player, a professional coach, a Hollywood elite, a Media Mouthpiece, or activist does not make you intelligent or right.  You have a right to your opinion and I have a right to mine.  Your right does not supersede mine nor mine yours.  That is the beauty of the Constitution of these United States and the 1st Amendment, we can THINK and SAY in a peaceful setting what we think.

I like what Coach Lou Holtz had to say on the matter.  He said that the President had every right to express his disagreement with the protests and that the unity of the team should be focused on winning not politics.  I like what former NFL Great Jim Brown had to say to the protesters.  He is an activist and a very vocal one, but he disagreed with disrespecting the flag and said that if they wanted to be activist be activist but the football field was the wrong place to do it.  Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys may believe that he is on the side of right when he and his team gather on the field, lock arms, and kneel before the anthem and then during the anthem, rather than showing respect they stand with arms locked.  He said that was a show of unity not disrespect for the flag.  I disagree!  It was a statement that you are unified in the spirit and purpose of the protest and desirous of making a political statement rather than playing a sport that was designed to be entertainment for the fans and a livelihood for the players and coaches.  You lost me, long before this, but this is the final nail in the coffin of my NFL and virtually any professional sports support.

The Leftist desire to paint all of the Trump supporters as ignorant and uncouth needing, someone, to care for them.  A recent poll indicated that 20% of college students now believe that it is justifiable to commit acts of violence against anyone saying or doing something they disagree with.  That is a recipe for anarchy and such an eruption of violence and chaos we may never recover.  ANTIFA and other groups hide behind masks, believe they are justified in taking baseball bats to anyone disagreeing with their Leftist ideology.  It is considered racist to say, “All Lives Matter.”  Colleges and Universities are creating “safe spaces” for their fragile leftist and launching an all-out war on the Constitution and the right of EVERYONE to be able to exercise their FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  Cities and even states are seeking to provide sanctuary to ILLEGALS and subject their citizens to the inherent dangers of that action and attitude.

If you are a defender of the Constitution, a Christian, or a Conservative you are considered their enemy and a growing number within their ranks believe that you must be eradicated.  If you disagree with the Climate Change / Global Warming claims you are an ignoramus, a member of the Flat Earth Society, and a greater danger to the world than terrorism.  In fact, they believe you are a terrorist because you do not bow at the Altar of their Religion.

There have been and will continue to be things I do not like about what President Trump does or says, but he is the duly elected President of these United States.  He campaigned on positions, promises, proposals, and ideas that I support and my anger is not directed toward him for the failure of many of them to be implemented.  It is not solely directed at the Leftist Democrats but at the Cowardly Republicans and Traitors who are determined to undermine and defeat him.  I welcome the victory of Judge Roy Moore in Alabama over the Establishment Candidate Luther Strange.  That is a breath of fresh air for me and gives me cause to hope.  Senator Corker of Tennessee is facing a Primary Challenge and rather than face potential defeat he has announced his retirement at the end of his current term.  I pray that more will do the same and we will elect Constitutional Conservatives to their seats and begin steering the Republic down a Constitutional Path.

God bless America and God bless you!



BLOG POST 2 - Meaningless to the Left

Yes, I said it and stand by that statement.  No, I do not mean every rank-n-file Democrat but those in Washington, DC are the Democrats and Leftist of which I refer.  Likewise, the Bible is anathema to them, so it seems.  Both ideological stances are troubling to me as a Christian, an American, a Vietnam Veteran, a Patriot, and someone who loves Freedom.  This has been going on a long time in the DNC and is becoming more prominent and less obscure as they openly attack in direct conflict with the Constitutional guidelines they have sworn to uphold, protect, and defend.

One example is the confirmation hearings of Notre Dame Law School professor Amy Coney Barrett, whom the President has nominated for a federal appeals court slot.  Senator Dick Durbin not only wrote a question regarding the nominee’s Catholicism and beliefs but then challenge her in the Senate hearing about her “orthodox” Catholicism.  The Constitution expressly states that NO RELIGION, not even the orthodox liberalism of the leftist, should be a prerequisite for holding a federal office.  Senator Durbin suggested the Professor Barrett would be unable to overcome her faith in exercising the duties of a federal judge.  She answered Senator Durbin in writing, “Any kind of conviction, religious or otherwise, should never surpass the law.”  But, that was not sufficient for Senator Durbin or his Democratic cohorts as Senator Diane Feinstein countered with, “When you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws are that the dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s of concern when you come to big issues that large numbers of people have fought for, for years in this country.” 

 Dogma?  Exactly what are you referring to Senator?  I believe it has far less to do with her religious beliefs than the fact that she has a demonstrated record of staunchly defending the Constitution, which Senator Feinstein does not.  One could presume that Senator Feinstein’s larger problem with Professor Barrett is that she clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia and therefore likely takes the Constitution very seriously. That is problematic for the Leftist Democrats.  The Senator likely was disturbed that the Professor holds views considered heresy to the Leftist regarding abortion and same-sex marriage.  Are those the big issues that Senator Feinstein is referring?  The ever-present Senator Al Franken chimed in about speaking honorariums received from religious-liberty nonprofit Alliance Defending Freedom and compared the group to the late Cambodian leader Pol Pot.  He questioned her judgment.  I had to laugh at that.  For the Senator from Minnesota to question anyone’s judgment is cause for a deep belly laugh or a good cry.

Senator Bernie Sanders has also been in the mix in the Democrat, religious tests on all nominees.  This past summer he raised religion because he was upset that Russell Vought, the nominee for Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget had written an article criticizing the platitude that everyone worships the same God.  In Senator Sander’s mind that was clearly a ‘thought crime’ of the highest magnitude and cause for immediate disqualification.  He expressed that Vought was an Islamophobe because he believes that the only path to salvation is Jesus Christ.  He then, asked, “What about the Jews?  Do they stand condemned too?”   Senator Sanders only uses Jewishness when convenient and has demonstrated a lack of support and respect for the nation of Israel.  I must ask, “What does religion have to do with crunching numbers in the OMB?”

I totally agree that it is important to find out if a nominee’s religious or any ideological views CONFLICT with the Constitution.  However, to assert that belief that Jesus is the only path to salvation, that everyone does not worship the same God, and that the presence of Catholicism or any other religious belief is of such concern that the nominee is to be disregarded is troubling.  I believe that it is the ideological view or “dogma” of the Leftist Liberal Democrats that is incredibly hostile to any and all orthodox faiths and originalist views that is the problem, not the other way around.  If a person serves as a judge, they must uphold the law and if they cannot uphold the law based on their religious views they should recuse themselves from the hearing.  However, holding “orthodox” religious views is not and should never be a disqualifier for holding a federal office.  I realize that the religion of liberalism finds any other religion offensive but if we are going to abide by the Constitution religion neither qualifies or disqualifies.  Democrats if you knew the Constitution you would drop your rhetoric and attack.   Wait, you may know it but you do not believe it and want to reinterpret and revise it to accommodate your ideological position so you continue your attack.  After all, it was your Party that has sought to ban God from everything government and the public.

I am concerned about the disregard for the Constitution and the growing silence of the Republicans when the Democrats launch their attacks.  I am not asking that everyone believe as I do but I am asking that everyone honor and respect the Constitution.  I am asking that my faith and religious convictions not be used to attempt to disqualify me from involvement.  I believe that for America to survive and thrive we must honor, respect, and adhere to the Constitution.  I believe that if find anything in the Constitution offensive to our convictions we should work to amend that guiding document.  If a person’s religious beliefs is a qualifier or disqualifier is the absence of religious beliefs also to be a litmus test?  If that is the case, then I suggest we would have no one qualified for any office.  That is not practical but the Left only want those in office or positions who adhere to the Leftist Liberal Democrat ideological positions.  IT IS CLEAR TO ME THE REASON THEY DO WHAT THEY DO.

May God, bless you and my God bless America again!


BLOG POST 6 - Free Speech

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution says, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  Can I ask you Leftist, Snowflakes, ANTIFA, BLM, Democrats, Hollywood Elites, and anyone else who wants to usurp and suppress that right WHERE and I emphasize WHERE DOES IT SAY “APPROVED” SPEECH?  Just in case you cannot decipher the words in the first amendment IT DOES NOT.  It says plainly “Freedom of Speech” and that includes ALL speech.  It does not matter to the Constitution whether you like it, agree with it, or approve it everyone has or is supposed to have Freedom of Speech.

Although it does not specifically say it, Freedom of Speech would imply Freedom of Thought too.  I know that is troubling to the Snowflakes, Leftist, Democrats, ANTIFA, BLM, and Hollywood but God created us with the ability to THINK and that is exactly what we should be doing.  Rather than parroting the authorized soundbites why not use some cognitive reasoning and THINK.  Examine the facts, consider the consequences of what you say and do not say and become a defender of the Constitution.  I know that would be virtually impossible for those on the Left as expressed by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams as he declared, “I thought once that everybody could speak freely and exchange information and ideas, the world would be a better place, I was wrong about that.”  He and many on the Left are joining the “Approved Speech” definition of Free Speech rather than the Constitution’s wording.

But who determines what is “Approved Speech”?  Ah, there is the rub because if you say anything deemed wrong by the Leftist and offend one of the Snowflakes, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) will immediately brand you a “hatemonger”, “racist”, “bigot”, or one who suffers from some phobia.  The Left will seek to destroy you not simply censor or silence you but destroy you.  I often wonder what our Framers and Founders such as Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Washington, and Madison would say about what is happening today in the out of control political correctness that has permeated our society.  I think I know because I have read and studied the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and read many of their writings.  They believed, I am convinced, that Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, and Freedom of Religion were cornerstones for our Republic and its long-term success and survival.

Today, we not only have the federal government with its nose in every facet of our business we have the activist, leftist, liberals, snowflakes, and other groups doing so as well.  They somehow seem to believe that it is their right and duty to monitor ALL SPEECH and anything that is deemed UNAPPROVED, by their definition and ideology, is to be banned.  Where does that end?  At what point do they determine they have stifled our Constitutional Rights enough and leave us alone?  I can answer that in one word, NEVER!  When a segment of our society is allowed to engage in violence and call it Freedom of Expression as part of their First Amendment Rights in attacking anything that disagrees we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle and the smell is growing more noxious all the time.

The Leftist are not satisfied in targeting SPEECH they want to control THOUGHT as well.  Exactly how they are going to accomplish that is somewhat a mystery but to them Unapproved Thought is VIOLENCE and if they think we are thinking wrongly they feel justified in attacking us physically, politically, financially, and in any other way possible.  After all, we engaged in UNAPPROVED THINKING and that is a very serious crime, at least to the snowflakes of our society.  How is it even remotely reasonable to declare that anyone saying, “All Lives Matter” is hate-speech and is an act of violence thereby justifying a counter attack of violence by ANTIFA, BLM, or any other Leftist group?

If we spoke against anything Barack Obama did or said, we were subjected to violence and certainly could expect to be branded as someone awful and a person to be shunned and destroyed.  Today, you are permitted to say anything you desire about Donald Trump, even calling for his murder, the rape of his wife and daughters, and as one famous chef said, “I’d poison him” yet nothing is done.  Those people are not charged with a crime, denounced by the Left and sadly by too few on the Right and are often praised as being heroes or patriots.  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? 

A NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist poll reported that 62% thought the Confederate statues, should remain, while only 27% believed they should be removed and even among blacks there was a 44% plurality saying leave them alone.  Yet, the government, city councils, ANTIFA, BLM, SPLC, and other groups are demanding they be taken down.  Here in Texas they are taking them down, renaming schools, and claiming there is an overwhelming outcry for that action.  Yet, poll after poll indicates that is a fabrication and distortion of the truth.  I guess the “squeaky” wheel does get the grease, but I suspect it is the Leftist in power in those cities and on those school boards who are taking advantage of an opportunity to please the Snowflakes.  Some of them are simply cowards thinking if they do this the Left and MSM will love them.  But where does it end?  What is going to be deemed UNACCEPTABLE next?

As an America, a Vietnam veteran, a patriot, a Christian, and a lover of Freedom and a defender of the Constitution I WILL NOT SUCCUMB to the unconstitutional and immoral demands that I adopt the PC version of Accepted Speech.  I do not mean to disrespect anyone or their right to say or believe what they believe but I will not sit silently while my faith and my nation are under siege from Marxist, Socialist, Communist, Leftist views.  I will continue to call for reason.  Let me stir the pot a bit more and ask, “If we are going to allow the removal of all things connected to the Confederacy claiming it is disconcerting to a segment of society, a symbol of racism, and an inducement for violence are we also going to remove the statues of the Leftist?”  If the answer is no, why not?  Do they not offend a segment of society?  Do they not inflame the rhetoric and thereby are a possible catalyst for violent behavior?  Do some not consider them racist and a symbol of the suppression of Constitutional Rights?  I am not saying they are or are not any more than I say that about the Confederate Statues but if we are going to sanitize our society and history, let’s go all the way and let all the schools be called “Schools” with no name because any name you find will offend someone.  America, we must stop this insanity and return to following and interpreting the Constitution as it was written and intended otherwise we doom the Republic.  I CANNOT PASSIVELY WATCH MY NATION DESTROYED.  

            God, bless you and God bless America and I pray that you will wake up, stand up, speak up, and step up becoming involved in the restoration and preservation of the Republic we were given.




Some have suggested that the Deep State is making dangerous inroads of influence in the Trump Administration and we should all be concerned.  I have asked myself, “Is there cause for concern?”  I must confess that there are some signs of the creeping influence of Globalism in this administration and that does concern me.  I would also say, that by and large, I believe that the President is committed to keeping as many of his campaign promises as possible.  One significant problem, in my view, is the left-leaning of some family members especially Ivanka and Jared.  I know she has the ear of her father and apparently, Jared does as well, possibly more than any of his other children and more than some of his closest confidantes.  I am not ready to call it a loss but with each new situation regarding firings or resignations, there are questions.

You may or may not like Steve Bannon, but from all I can gather in research and reading and listening to his enunciated beliefs, his patriotism and the role he played in helping to galvanize the Trump campaign impressed me.  I, as do others, believe that he has the intellectual ability, the spine, and vision to place a roadblock in the unprecedented and unchecked growth and expansion of the behemoth federal bureaucracy that now exists.  He apparently was forced out of the White House by some of the more moderate-liberal globalist minded members of the administration.  Yes, I know he reportedly resigned and both he and the President suggest it is to allow him a more unrestrained venue to lead the fight from outside the administration.  However, the Deep State believes it succeeded in having him removed.  Are they, right?  If so, that should be of great concern to all of us. 

William Marshall, in his recent article, “Has the Deep State Won?” suggested a comparison to Great Britain during WWII and their fight against the Nazis had Winston Churchill resigned.  His question was, “Could England have survived?”  My answer is, “No, they could not.”  I don’t think it is a fair to compare Bannon to Churchill or the current situation with the fight against Hitler and Nazi Germany but it does raise questions that we need to consider.  Bannon, I believe, holds the view that is consistent with our Framers and Founders that government answers to the people, not vice versa.  The voices in the President’s ear are too often voices that, at least somewhat, embrace the Establishment view of government and are not opposed it its growth and power.

But moving beyond Bannon and others who embraced views consistent with the Constitution and Limited Government, this administration has a golden opportunity to expose the fraud, ineptitude, malfeasance, incompetence, and criminality of the previous administration.  Will he bring that to fruition?  Not with people like H.R. McMaster in the NSA.  Judicial Watch has battled the Obama administration in court seeking the release of Freedom of Information requests that keep being hidden and stonewalled.  Sadly, the Trump DOJ has not taken the necessary steps to release documents that are legally allowed and would advance the cause of Constitutional Conservativism and provide a direct hit on the Deep State and expose the corruption in Washington like little else.  My concern is why they have not?  The whitewashing of Benghazi has troubled me from the beginning and the Trump administration owes it to the public to fully disclose the truth behind the non-response of the Obama Administration and the Clinton State Department in that attack.

I have recently discovered that the Deep State bureaucracy through the State Department’s Agency for International Development (USAID) has been granting MILLIONS to George Soros-sponsored hard-left non-governmental organizations that seek to undermine pro-American governments in several countries.  Is the President aware of this?  I don’t know, but someone in his administration is and the persons at the head of that list should be the Secretary of State, the director of the NSA, and General Kelly his chief of Staff.  Are they?  If not, why not?  Is the Deep State that efficient in hiding its activities or is it so entrenched it does not have to hide?  Both are of concern to this American.

There are rumors that Bannon and others are planning to launch a media network to replace Fox News which is becoming increasingly liberal and assuredly moderate in its position.  If he does and is successful then he could possibly be a powerful voice outside the White House in the fight against Big Government, the Deep State, the DC Swamp, and political elitism.  There are judges and ambassadors, holdovers from the Obama administration who are ultra-liberal hardcore leftists that should have been replaced within the first month of this new administration but certainly nine months in.  The MSM, the Democrats, the Deep State, the Leftist, the Establishment Republicans, and the Never Trumpist are working 24/7/365 to end Trump’s presidency or at a minimum make it impotent and incapable of addressing the promised agenda.  The Deep State believes it is winning and from what I see in Congress and some of the changes in the Trump White House, I am concerned.  No, I have not given up hope and believe that the President has and is doing some good and am praying that enough people will put pressure on the Republicans in Congress to get behind the campaign promises to effect positive change and action going forward.  We can make a major impact in the mid-term elections in 2018 and in 2020 we could make significant strides in REPLACEMENT of the Statist to put the Deep State on notice that we are serious and will not give up or give in.  It is truly up to us and for that reason, we must PRAY earnestly, WORK diligently and tirelessly, and VOTE without fail.

            God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


HILLARY’S BLAME GAME – The Revealing of a Societal Problem in America…

BLOG POST 1 - hillary

I am convinced that Hillary’s blame game over the loss of the Presidential Election in 2016 is reflective of a societal condition in America that is both troubling and dangerous.  It reveals how far we have drifted from our biblical and constitutional foundation and is a window through which we can look and see what and why things are happening in our beloved America today.

Hillary Clinton said, “I take responsibility for my loss” and then wrote a book and continues to expand the list of reasons everyone and everything but Hillary are to blame.  I wonder if she knows what “I take responsibility” means?  Based on her diatribe, rhetoric, and printed declarations I would have to conclude that her college degree failed her miserably, especially in language and comprehension.

Let’s briefly walk through some of her excuses and finger pointing and then get to my larger point of the Societal Problem and where I believe it will lead.  She has repeatedly blamed James Comey saying, “If not for the dramatic intervention of the FBI director in the final days we would have won the White House.”  She justified her use of a private server as simply a “dumb mistake” not what it is, “a crime.”  She ignores the fact that Comey took great strides in absolving her of any blame and crime.  She also says that his letter to Congress harmed her with women because it allowed the husbands to tell those docile and dumb wives that “Hillary will be in jail, so don’t vote for her and waste your vote?”  No, that is not exactly what she said but the husbands telling the wives part is and the other is implied in her comments.  Every woman in America should be incensed over those remarks.  That is accepting responsibility in Hillary’s mind.

She then blames Vladimir Putin saying, “I never imagined that he would have the audacity to launch a massive covert attack against our own democracy, right under our noses – and that he’d get away with it.”  The supposed hacking, by the Russians of the DNC emails, has subsequently been documented that it was a leaker, not a hacker that revealed the information and there is little evidence that the Russians did anything.  If what has been revealed about the Russian involvement is all the Russians did, IT HAD NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER.  But, pointing the finger is Hillary’s accepting responsibility.

She also pointed the finger at Barack Obama and said, “I do wonder sometimes about what would have happened if President Obama had made a televised address to the nation in the fall of 2016 warning that our democracy was under attack. Maybe more Americans would have woken up to the threat in time. “ Yep, her former boss is the reason she lost.  Well, that is partially true because she was an extension of his policies and America rejected that.  She didn’t stop with Barack Obama but targeted the Media too.  Imagine that, a Democrat blaming the Media for not supporting them enough.  She said, “Many in the political media … can’t bear to face their own role in helping elect Trump, from providing him free air time to giving my emails three times more coverage than all the issues affecting people’s lives combined.”  MSM, it is your fault that you were not effective enough in tarnishing and branding Donald Trump as everything you attempted to do.  It cannot be Hillary’s fault because it was your job to attack and destroy and you failed.  So, much for accepting responsibility.  We dare not omit her blaming Bernie Sanders too.  She said, “Many in the political media … can’t bear to face their own role in helping elect Trump, from providing him free air time to giving my emails three times more coverage than all the issues affecting people’s lives combined.”  Lest we forget she also targeted Jill Stein saying, “There were more than enough Stein voters to swing the result, just like Ralph Nader did in Florida and New Hampshire in 2000.”  Beyond that, she blamed sexism, white resentment, and now she blames the ELECTORAL COLLEGE.  After all, if it were not for our system of elections and government that has proven effective for 200 plus years she would be in the Oval Office today.  I’m surprised that she has not blamed Climate Change or the Confederate Memorials as well.  Where in all this is “I take responsibility for my loss?”  WHERE?  It is not there.

But on to my real purpose and focus for this article and that is Hillary’s refusal to accept responsibility and admit that America rejected both her and her message is an extension of what is happening in our nation today.  The BLM, the ANTIFA, the Democrats in Congress, the various Activist all BLAME something and someone for any difficulty, disappointment, and defeat they encounter.  The campuses across the land that are providing safe spaces and counseling for anyone traumatized by a view not liberal is an outgrowth of the Political Correctness, Intolerance, and Entitlement mentality we have developed in America over the past couple of generations.  Our schools are often nothing more than brainwashing entities and liberalism factories filling young minds with the ideas of liberalism, Marxism, and socialism.  We are producing a 2nd if not the 3rd generation of ME, ME, ME mentality, people who believe they are entitled to viciously attack, loot, and steal to get what they want.  They believe that they have the right to their views and no one has the right to oppose them or object.  They believe they have the Constitutional Right of Free Speech but anyone with an opposing view is Constitutionally if not morally bound to remain silenced.  They accept no responsibility for their actions, see no reason to EARN what they get and have been raised in a culture of Entitlement and Political Correctness.  This renders them incapable of tolerance and strips from them the spirit and attitude that Made America Great and is sorely lacking in much of today’s society.

An additional problem I believe is coming or will come from this mentality, THEY WILL TURN ON EACH OTHER.  Eventually, those in the various groups, sects, cults, and ideologies now working in an alliance will find someone within their alliance will oppose what they want and THE INTERNAL WAR will erupt.  Total chaos and anarchy will ensue and we will likely see the reality of martial law.  Depending on who is in Washington both in the White House and Congress we may or may not see order restored.  I know this statement will make some irate but blood is going to be shed, more than it has been and we will see such mayhem and chaos that people are terrified to leave their homes and will live in terror in their homes.  Many on the left who have argued for the confiscation of guns will lament that the police and government cannot adequately protect them.  Those who are staunch defenders of the Constitution especially the 1st and 2nd amendments will arm themselves to the teeth and make their homes virtual fortresses.  UNTIL we accept personal responsibility for our actions and develop a mindset that everyone has the right to their personal point of view we continue down the road to destruction.  UNTIL we return to the principles biblically, morally, and constitutionally that produced a nation like no other in the world we will continue to decay societally.  UNTIL we demand that everyone who comes to America become an AMERICAN, defend our national sovereignty and secure our borders we will continue witnessing the loss of our liberty, freedom, and national identity.  AMERICA, we can restore the Republic and see healing come to our nation BUT ONLY IF we return to that which made us Great.  Yes, we have made mistakes and history records our failures but America has been and in my heart still is the Greatest Nation on the Planet and a beacon of Hope to the world.

            I ask you to join me in fighting for America not fighting Americans who disagree with our point of view.  God, bless you and God bless America again are my prayer and desire!



BLOG POST 1 - Snowflake

As I have watched what has been happening across America, listening to the MSM, the various activist, and observing the cities and University campuses a question keeps coming to mind.  That question is, “Are we truly so fragile as a society that we must have the ‘safe spaces’ and ‘provided counseling’ when someone advances an idea that opposes our own?”  I do not mean to issue a blanket categorization or direct that question toward most of Americans but those who are at the forefront of the Political Correctness that is ravaging our nation and society are my targets.

When any University is willing to completely shut down a gathering of fraternities and sororities because someone threw a banana peel in a tree rather than a trash can that is a danger signal.  This act (the banana peel) apparently caused such trauma in the heart and mind of a student he went to the administration and told them he felt threatened and needed a “safe space”.  The action was immediate and the University announced they would be providing “safe spaces” and “counseling” for those who felt threatened by the dreaded banana peel and the gathering canceled.  God forbid if it had been a bomb, I’m not sure they could have recovered.

When there is rioting at Berkley University causing the University to cancel conservative speakers because the students don’t want to hear someone exercise their 1st Amendment Right of Free Speech because it disagrees with their views, we expose a deep societal problem. Conservative Ben Shapiro’s planned speech at Berkley prompted the MSM and University official to declare that “Berkley is bracing for Shapiro’s appearance and are providing “safe spaces” and “counseling” for those who feel threatened by a conservative viewpoint.”  Are we that fragile?  I am serious!  Are we that fragile, so filled with anxiety, insecurity, political correctness, lacking in self-esteem, and have such a sense of entitlement that we need to be protected from any views opposite of our own, even when our views are not our own but those of the string pullers we follow?

If we are THEN…  Then what?  If we are there is truly the need for “counseling.”  If this is the case then those who are so traumatized that they need a “safe space” to color in their coloring books and sing Kumbaya NEED SERIOUS COUNSELING.  They need it because somebody in the lives has failed them miserably.  They need it because they are sick in a way that makes them a danger to themselves and society as a whole.  Part of growing up, becoming responsible adults, and learning the necessary skill of interacting with others is learning to accept different opinions and views.  No, I did not say embrace them, endorse them, or agree with them but tolerate them and recognize that as human beings, created by God.  As American citizens, we have the right to THINK and BELIEVE what we choose.

A healthy society is not made up of cookie-cutter views where everybody embraces and adopts the Politically Correct View mandated by certain groups or activists.  A healthy society has an open and honest debate on the issues.  Our, Constitutional and Inalienable Rights afford us the privilege of thinking what we choose, believing what we will, and peacefully declaring our views.  That is part of Freedom of Speech and the 1st Amendment.  There is no provision for people to cover their faces, take baseball bats and attempt to kill anyone disagreeing with them.  There is no provision for seeking to eradicate all thought, speech, and/or people of different skin color or views than your own.  The provision is that each of us, in a peaceful manner, has the right to express our views.  If you disagree then debate in a civil manner.  If you disagree and it upsets, you greatly do not attend the meeting where the views are expressed.  Any attempt to suppress Free Speech in the name of Free Speech is a diabolical perversion of our Constitutional Rights it should be condemned by both Left and Right, but it isn’t.

If you are so insecure in what you believe that you feel threatened to the point of needing a “safe space” or “counseling” to help you cope, your problem is you, not the opposing views.  The problem is inside of you.  Are parents raising children to believe they can demand that NO ONE speak anything they do not want to hear in their presence?  Are schools teaching that only the Leftist views of life, politics, and morality are acceptable?  Our government, learning institutions, some churches, and too many homes are enabling this kind of mindset and by doing so we are destroying ourselves.  America’s greatest threat is not evil powers on the outside attacking us but destructive views like those on display in the ANTIFA, the BLM, and all the Leftist Activist Groups.  Yes, views like the KKK and Supremacists are equally destructive and we should condemn them all and teach the next generation that it is okay to disagree.  We need to teach our children that someone holding a different view is not a mortal threat.  We need to teach our children to investigate for themselves and form views their own not those of some college professor, politician or angry activist whose focus is not the betterment of society but its destruction.  We MUST move away from SELFISHNESS and SELF-CENTEREDNESS and become responsible mature adults able to deal with diverse opinions without running for cover and insisting they be silenced.  Counter the arguments you disagree with by using and offering factual information do not simply resort to rhetorical and vitriolic talking points and resorting to violence.

America, we can recover but ONLY if we STOP THE INSANITY of allowing this to continue.  God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!



BLOG POST 2 - Power

Barack Hussein Obama, not Donald J Trump, in my humble opinion, is the abuser.  President Obama initiated the DACA program on November 20, 2014, via Executive Order as an effort to provide protection to children of illegals from deportation.  He had no authority to do that because immigration legislation is under the purview of Congress and His job is not to write legislation but to enforce the law.  His action was one of many acts that could be called a coup of seizing Congressional Power and making the Executive Branch a totalitarian and authoritarian branch not one of three branches with checks and balances.  Remember he said, “I am president and I can do what I want,” and “I have a pen and phone, and if Congress doesn’t act, I will go it alone.”  Neither of those statements is legally sound constitutionally but reflect the mindset of a Tyrant and would-be Dictator not an elected President of a Constitutional Republic.

The Constitution of these United States of America makes no provision for the President to set immigration policy.  His DACA order was designed to delay deportation of illegal immigrants and that authority falls under the oversight of the Immigration and Naturalization Services Department.  The federal rules for that department can only be set by Congress.  Article I, Section 8, clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that ONLY Congress shall have the power “To establish a Uniform Rule of Naturalization.”  If goes on to affirm that all legislative powers shall reside in Congress, which is to be composed of a House of Representatives and a Senate.  Therefore, Mr. Obama, your actions were illegal, and Congress you shirked your duties in not challenging him and acting to provide such legislation to address the matter.  The judiciary also failed in this, although there were some rulings that clearly declared Mr. Obama’s actions outside the scope of his authority.  Yet, only now with the election of Donald Trump do we have anyone in Washington willing to do the right thing.  Congress hates his repeal of the Obama Executive Order and places the ball squarely in the court of Congress forcing them to do their constitutional duty.

Barack Obama publicly declared over 20 times that he had no such authority.  He knew he did not have the constitutional or legal authority to unilaterally change any immigration laws, BUT HE DID.  Several of his overreaches were overturned by the Supreme Court, but he continued and Congress sat on their hands even with Republicans in control of the House and later both Houses of Congress.  WHO IS TO BLAME?  Barack Obama and Congress are guilty.  The GOP Establishment has willingly gone along with Mr. Obama and the Democrats while shouting from the rooftops they were in opposition to his policies.  However, when given a golden opportunity to actually repeal many of his illegal acts, they resist and refuse to act.  WHERE IS MY BROOM?  They must go!

Barack Obama repeatedly bypassed Congress using Executive Orders to rewrite or amend, the rules regarding immigration and numerous other laws.  He changed the application, definition, and selectively enforced various laws ILLEGALLY.  Yet, there has been little more than a whimper from the GOP but when it comes to Donald Trump they join the chorus of the Leftist shouting ABUSE OF POWER or OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.  Where were the cries and action when Barack Obama was abusing his power and obstructing justice?  Do you remember during his first term, he immediately introduced the $800 BILLION American Recovery and Reinvestment Acts (ARRA) which allowed him to work around existing Federal Laws?  He used his army of bureaucrats and czars to rewrite existing laws.  That virtually made him a Dictator, not an elected American President subject to the other two branches of government in checks and balances.  He was fulfilling his expressed belief that he was president and could do whatever he wanted.  In that act, there is a sentence that sent red flags to the roof for many of us but ignored by Congress and often the Courts.  It reads, “The Presidents and the heads of Federal departments and agencies shall manage and expend the funds made available in this Act so as to achieve the purposes specified in subsection (a)…”   Simply, that meant that the President and his czars could spend money on policies chosen by Barack Obama and that is one of the ways that the former president raised the national debt by $10 TRILLION in just 8 years.

Those are just a couple of the dozens of actions he took to strip Congress of its power, bypass the courts, and ignore the wishes of the American people.  It should be no surprise the national credit rating was downgraded and the federal budget allowed to spiral upward out of control burying us in debt.  What his actions did was place the power of Washington in the hands of the Democrats and leftist because the GOP is showing no signs of being willing to STOP THIS, DRAIN THE SWAMP, and deal with the DEEP STATE.  Nobody in DC seems to have the intestinal fortitude or spine to deal with the mandatory spending and return it to fiscal sanity.  Congress has been complicit in this effort to diminish the role and power of WE THE PEOPLE.  We can only survive if we seriously investigate the corruption of Washington, deal with the Deep State, evict the Statist, and Drain the Swamp.  Most of Congress needs to be given the Left foot of Fellowship and sent home.  WHAT WILL WE DO IN 2018???

God, bless you and God bless America!