BLOG POST 2 - Christian Nation

Some would say, “I hope not,” and others will say “I hope so.”  Over the past few decades, there have been subtle and not so subtle assaults on the Christian values and principles that were evident in our nation’s founding and have been present since.  Like most erosions, there has been a slow removal of various Christian identifiers in our public spectrum and there has been an evolution in some churches which has resulted in a decline in the number of Americans identifying as Christian.  Those who have argued vehemently that there must be a TOTAL SEPARATION of Church and State to the point that nothing of Christianity can be seen in any public building or activity are growing in number.  Yet, over 70% of Americans profess to be Christian.  I somehow wonder about that percentage with the present condition of our world and the political correctness that is running amok.

There was a recent survey that supposedly interviewed or questioned over 100,000 people and the result was interesting and disturbing at the same time.  The number of Americans who, as the survey reported, identify as white and Christian is less than 50%.  This survey was conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) and they reported that forty years ago, 8 out of 10 Americans were white Christians and now those identifying as white Christians make up only about 17% of the population compared to 23% just 10 years earlier.  There are many possible reasons for this decline and one of them is assuredly the influx of non-white immigrants, legal and illegal now residing in America.  Most mainline denominations have lost membership in recent years and the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant group in America lost over 15 MILLION members last year, according to Chuck Kelley, president of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

One-third of Republicans say they are white evangelicals, and nearly three-quarters identify as white Christians.  If you compare that to the Democrat Party, you find that white Christians are a significant minority shrinking from 47% ten years ago, to only 29% in 2016.  Over 40% of Democrats declare they have no religious affiliation.  That should come as no surprise in a Political Party that booed God and voted Him out of their National Convention.  In American Catholics, 55% identify as white, compared to 87% 25 years ago, and in the last 10 years the white Catholic population in the United States has dropped from 16% to 11% and white mainline Protestants declined from 18% to 13% of all Americans.

Frankly, the effort to identify the percentage of white Christians is somewhat disturbing because Christianity knows no skin color or ethnicity.  I am far more concerned about the percentage of people in America and the world who are Christians than I am about percentages in any ethnicity.  I attribute many if not most of our societal problems to the decline in our moral moorings and am concerned about my America.  I pray that we are still a Christian nation and will return to our first love.  You may disagree with that and it is your right and privilege but it is my prayer and hope.

I could offer many quotes from our Framers and Founding Fathers regarding their view of the importance of God and the Bible in America but I will restrict it to the Inaugural address of our 1st President, George Washington.  President Washington said, “I dwell on this prospect with every satisfaction which an ardent love for my Country can inspire: since there is no truth more thoroughly established, than that there exists in the economy and course of nature, an indissoluble union between virtue and happiness, between duty and advantage, between the genuine maxims of an honest and magnanimous policy, and the solid rewards of public prosperity and felicity: Since we ought to be no less persuaded that the propitious smiles of Heaven, can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right, which Heaven itself has ordained: And since the preservation of the sacred fire of liberty, and the destiny of the Republican model of Government, are justly considered as deeply, perhaps as finally staked, on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people.”  Our founders understood and believed that God’s hand was in the formation and founding of this nation and we had a daunting responsibility to both God and man to be a nation guided by divine principles and offer a moral mooring and hope to the world.

In Leviticus 26, God instructed Moses concerning obedience and in verses 1-13, He gave a promise of His blessing and defense of the nation if they people would honor Him and walk in His precepts.  Then in verses 14 forward, He identifies the problems that will be on the nation and people that reject Him.  If America rejects God and the principles of the Bible, as we have allowed our elected officials to do at the urging of the leftist, liberal, anti-God segment of our society we will suffer.  We are suffering some of the problems identified in Leviticus 26 and missing some of the blessings of protection and provision promised for obedience.

You may reject my Christian argument and that is your choice.  I am unashamedly a Christian, an American, a patriot, and a citizen of this great nation.  I have watched her decline in my few decades on the planet and am now engaged as fervently and actively as I can to see the trend stopped of drifting away from our Christian heritage and a return to those principles and precepts that made this nation, arguably, the greatest nation on Earth.  I wish that all would accept Jesus Christ as their savior.  I staunchly defend and embrace the Constitution and the ideals presented in it and our Declaration of Independence.  I truly believe that all men are created equal in the sense they all have the right to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”  I want Liberty and Justice for all without regard to their ethnicity, skin color, political, or religious ideology and beliefs.  I stand firmly in favor of our inalienable rights and those affirmed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  I am Pro-America and want to see America return to her status of Greatness that is a beacon of hope for the world.  That is why I am vocal and prayerful about matters political and will work diligently to remove from office every politician who does not firmly stand for the Constitution as it was written and intended.

God, bless you and God bless America.  I ask that you join me in fighting for Faith, Family, and Freedom peacefully and prayerfully.





I acknowledge that this will not be an exhaustive explanation or clarification but I can and will point to a time in American politics when our country made a sharp left turn away from the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  There was a clear point in American politics when the Progressives, the anti-Constitutionalist, and New World Order gained significant inroads and the aftermath of that has been and will continue to be detrimental to the Freedom defined in the Constitution.  It was, in my view, a clear point when we began to lose our Republic.

The slow erosion since that point in time, and over the past eight years the rapid erosion must be addressed by all Constitutional minded patriots and lovers of our Republican Democracy.  If we continue to allow politicians to erode our liberties and rewrite or reinterpret our Constitution, we will pay the high price of tyranny.  I realize that saying, we are guilty of complicity in our apathy and silence will not be well received by some but think about it.  Does not our Constitution place the burden of oversight in our hands?  Are we not supposed to be the owners and overseers of our government?  How did we evolve to the place that we are simply the sheep and the politicians the shepherds?  How did we reach the place that Congress, the President, and the Courts gained supreme authority and our voices effectively silenced?  How and Why did we allow this to transpire?  Questions that each of us must answer within our own hearts and then express our answers at the polls.

I suggest that the decline of America as the Constitutional Republic designed and desired by the Framers and Founders began in 1913 with the election of Woodrow Wilson.  He and his cohorts, as did Barack Obama, quickly took steps to shred the Constitution and advance their particular brand of politics and ideology in America.  Many would argue that Wilson frequently showed bad judgment and his disasters on the international front are among the most prolific examples of his badness for America.  However, Wilson and his cronies selected their targets adeptly and began a systematic attack on the principles of our Founding Fathers and the Framers of our American Constitution.  His policies and actions opened the door for FDR, LBJ, and BHO to easily enact their agendas and further damage the Republic.

The election of Wilson in 1913 brought about the 16th and 17th Amendments to the American Constitution.  We saw the implementation of the Federal Reserve and the flourishing of the Progressive Movement and Era, an era we are still burdened with and labor under.  He broke the pact that the Framers made with the American people and opened the door to a federal government bureaucracy and power that significantly diminished our Freedoms and Liberties.  If one reads the pact that the Framers gave to the American people found in the writings of James Madison in Federalist 45 you can see the truth.  “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined.  Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.  The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce[.] … The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.”

In saying what they ratified is not what we now have, there should be no argument.  The federal government of 2017 is only remotely similar to that described and defined in the Constitution.  Woodrow Wilson, in my view, was a significant starting point in our demise.  Some disagree with me but I contend that the 17th Amendment was and has been incredibly detrimental to our Republic.  Electing Senators by popular vote rather than making them subject to the State Legislature allows them to become engaged in political cronyism and become far more self-serving than they could be if amenable to the State.  The Senators were, according to the Constitution, to represent the State from which they were elected, unlike the Representatives who were to represent their constituents within the District they served.  The purpose of serving the State is realized in the fact that each State regardless of population has two Senators.  They were to be a true check and insurance that the “few and defined” powers of the federal government did not usurp the Rights of the States.  That is only a fleeting memory today, thanks to Woodrow Wilson and the 17th Amendment.

The 16th Amendment introduced the Progressive Income Tax, which is one of the crowning jewels of the Progressive Movement.  This changed the federal government’s revenue base from tariffs, which are largely self-limiting and removed a basic limitation on the growth of the federal government.  In 1910 our federal revenue looked much like it did under President Washington, about 3% of GDP. The 16th Amendment threw open the doors to government expansion giving it, what seemed to be, unlimited revenue and allowing the political opportunist to bribe and buy what they wanted to ensure their continued place of power.  This allowed the federal government to run its tentacles into every facet of the lives of every American citizen.  It brought corruption to the federal government like few other things could or have.  It was a death knell to Limited Government and will continue to be UNLESS and UNTIL we repeal it.

I will deal with the Federal Reserve in a later article but it too has been a destructive force to our Constitutional Republicanism.  Instead of providing liquidity to sound banks during a panic, the FED has taken control of our currency which is an unconstitutional power over America’s wealth.  It is estimated that one 1910 dollar would be worth approximately $24.89 in 2017.  The saying, “sound as a dollar” would indicate anemia and elicit the call to 911 today.  The dollar is not sound and I trace that back to Woodrow Wilson in 1913.  Thanks, Mr. Wilson, for nothing!

We are focused on peripheral issues today and nobody in Washington wants to address the three issues I have raised.  They won’t budge UNLESS we help them get off high center and fire enough of them.  Politicians do not like to alter the status quo because in the status quo they find safety and are able to advance their self-serving agendas.  AMERICA, WILL WE ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE?

God, bless you and God bless America.



WHAT??? The Russians involved with Black Lives Matter…


I apologize for delving into “Old News” but since the Democrats won’t talk about it I feel the need to open this can of worms.  Let me say at the outset if the Russian involvement with BLM is true that would be even stronger evidence that the Russians were not colluding with Donald Trump but seeking to destroy or damage in the 2016 election and our Republic.  I have believed from the beginning that any involvement by the Russians was designed to damage our system of government with the intent of destroying us.  I have never believed they cared who ran or who won but their purpose was to damage America directly and indirectly.  They sought to raise question and doubt as to the security and validity of our elections and thereby subvert our system of government and constitution in the minds of people.  They are not our friends and will likely never be our friends but they are not the reason Donald J. Trump won in November 2016.  He won for many reasons including prayer, the buying into what he was declaring he would or wanted to do, and the rejection of Hillary Clinton and the Obama policies.  Those, not Russia is WHY HILLARY LOST and TRUMP WON.

We witnessed the coordinated effort of the Leftist in the march on Charlottesville and the destruction and removal of historical monuments in the South largely orchestrated by Black Lives Matter and other racist and leftist groups.  Now, the effort to disrupt and defeat America has evolved into a war against our National Anthem.  It was introduced by Colin Kaepernick formerly of the San Francisco 49ers.  It has and is gaining momentum in the NFL and will spill over to other sports UNLESS there is enough fall-out and loss of revenue the owners draw a line in the sand and the players realize they are shooting themselves in the foot and killing their golden goose.

I saw a poll that suggested that 75% of America is fed up with what is going on and are tired of having unfounded and outlandish accusations and insults hurled at them by the activist and activism sheep.  I would never argue that blacks were not brought to America as slaves nor would I ever argue that slavery was acceptable.  However, if we are honest to history we must realize that slavery did not originate in America and did not end with the abolition of slavery in this Republic.  After 150 plus years one would think that we could or would have moved on and addressed the fact much of the black leadership in America seems to be more interested in keeping blacks in an uproar and angry.  WHY?  Because it empowers them and enriches them.  Those of the ilk of Louis Farrakhan, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson are doing more damage to the black community than anything else in today’s America.

Statistically, 62% of robberies, 57% of homicides, 45% of assaults in the 75 largest counties in this nation are not committed by whites but by blacks.  Also, statistically only about 15% of the population of those counties and 91% of blacks are murdered by blacks.  Statistics indicate that blacks make-up about 10% of the population but commit about 42% of the robberies and 34% of all felonies.  In 2007 the FBI files indicated that there were 433,934 single-offender victimization crimes against whites by blacks compared to 55,865 crimes committed by whites against blacks.  Interracial rape, according to the FBI report is almost exclusively black on white.  In Chicago, 76% of all homicides are committed by blacks.  I am not trying to target blacks and blame them for our societal problems but suggest that if we want to help everyone we return to our moral moorings and restore the family while dismantling the Government as the Sole Provider.

The Schott Foundation released a report citing a staggering statistic regarding the graduation rate of black males from high school as compared to other ethnicities.  The report showed that only 59% of black males graduated from high school compared to 65% of Latino males and 80% of whites.  In Detroit where the leadership has been black and Democrat for decades only 20% of black males graduate from high school.  That is an indictment that cannot be ignored and should become the focus of all people in America.  We are losing our society through flawed leadership and focusing on the wrong things.  When we fail to truly identify the problem and target things that are not causing the problem we are attempting to treat symptoms and not find a cure.  THAT IS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER!

Statistics indicate that in 2013 71% of black births were to black unwed mothers.  The government with the Entitlement Society and Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty has created a condition where the black fathers do not feel compelled to stay behind and care for their children. WHY?  Because the government is doing it for them.  In the decades prior to the 60’s the two-parent homes in all ethnicities was much higher than it is today, especially in the black community.

Are there problems in America?  Are there problems blacks are facing that are troubling and wrong?  ABSOLUTELY!  But, attempting to fix the problem by banning historical monuments, blaming whites, protesting the National Anthem, marching in the streets with faces covered and carrying baseball bats destroying things is not the answer.  It is an expansion of the problem, not a solution.  All Americans need to focus on the evolution of our government into being a virtual god and the increase in dependence on government rejecting God and the moral foundations and moorings our nation was founded upon.

In 2016 Russia used Facebook to encourage and inflame “Identity Politics” in America.  According to documented reports, Russia targeted Baltimore and Ferguson two volatile hubs of racial activism.  Russia placed ads that promoted “African American rights groups.”  There is evidence that popular activist accounts operating on Facebook and Twitter under the name “Blacktivist” were directly linked to the Russian government.  This group consistently stokes the flames of hate and incites violence.  This group has almost 400,000 likes exceeding that of the official Black Lives Matter account.  Russian has done the same impersonating Muslim groups in America and promoting anti-America sentiment.  The vast majority of the 3,000 Russian ads “never specifically referenced the U.S. presidential election, voting, or a particular candidate.”  They were designed to be divisive and cause civil unrest and even touched issues ranging from the LGBT and Gun Rights.  In short, they are desirous of destroying America and have no real interest or compassion for any of those groups.

I believe the decline in the home and the active assault on traditional marriage is one of the greatest issues facing us societally today.  I am a Christian and believe that our drift from our moral moorings is destroying us.  Therefore, I ask those who pray to join me in praying for America.  I ask all who are concerned about our current condition to stop fanning the flames and collectively seek to find real solutions to real problems not point the finger and wallow in our own personal pity parties.  You can call it white privilege if you desire, but I have never felt that anyone owed me anything and always believed that if I walked honestly, worked diligently, and treated others with respect I could succeed in life.  I am not rich in material things but I am rich in friends and in my spiritual life.  Thank God, I live in America where I have the Liberty and Freedom for “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 1 - Wrong Focus

Then why is terrorism committed via other weapons of choice?  We have many issues, conditions, and actions that result in the death of people in this present world.  The statement, “It is not guns that kill people but the person using the gun” is the truth but to say it seems to so infuriate some they become violent.  That alone, reveals that the problem is far deeper than any firearm and is reflective of a human condition that we see to ignore or of which we are ignorant.  NO, I am not calling anyone ignorant but asking, “Are we thinking this thing through clearly and logically?”

Why is it that the incredible number of murders via gun violence in the city of Chicago alone are almost never discussed by the Left?  Someone said, regarding the mass murder in Las Vegas, “It is the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history but a normal month in Chicago.”  I do not mean to sound insensitive because what happened in Las Vegas and happens in Chicago and any other city in America is horrific and should cause each of us to seriously ask, ‘WHY?’  What is the reason behind the murders?  Can you transform the human heart by enacting a more restrictive gun law?  Can you transform the human heart by passing a ‘gun ban’ and attempt to confiscate all guns?  The answer is too obvious to even address, yet some would argue that if guns were more difficult to obtain we’d eliminate this type of activity.  They know, in their hearts, that is false but some are so focused on the ‘evil gun’ they are incessant in their cry for the ban of some or all firearms.

If we are going to pass a law that regulates or bans things used in murder and mass murder what will we have left?  Trucks and cars have been used to commit acts of terror and kill people, do we ban automobiles?  Doctors, through negligence and/or error cause the death of people, do we ban doctors?  Airplanes have been used to commit acts of terror, do we ban airplanes?  A friend of mine said, “Some people have been killed during sex, do we ban sex?”  He meant that to be sarcastic and an attempt to use the ridiculous to illustrate the point that the weapon of choice or the instrument of destruction is lesser in importance than the individual using that instrument or weapon.

There are those who promote “Gun Control” and seek a total “Gun Ban” doing so, not out of genuine concern for the safety of people but something quite sinister.  In order to successfully take over America or virtually any other nation, there must first be the disarming of the citizens.  The fact that Americans are well armed has been a deterrent to enemies outside our borders and has resulted in a lower crime rate and lower incidences of gun violence.  In the city of Chicago in June there were 84 murders, 76 in August, and last month there were 59.  I never hear the Left blaming the NRA or calling for Gun Control based on Chicago’s murderous history.  Why?  If we can pass a law that will transform the human heart and bring peace, then let’s ban all firearms not only in America but the world.  Peace on earth will immediately transpire because we passed a Law or Laws, right?  You know that is ludicrous because the evil in the heart of the person disposed to commit acts of violence is unconcerned with the legality of their weapon of choice.  Hatred or the desire for vengeance tends to suspend moral moorings and to them “the law be damned.”  They want their pound of flesh or their misguided retaliation.

Terrorist, criminals, demonic souls, and the mentally unstable who commit acts like Las Vegas want to do as much damage as possible.  The individual in this diabolical act could pass any background check even enhanced checks being promoted by the Left.  To blame the NRA for this act would be no different than blaming the automobile manufacturer for a terrorist driving a truck into a crowd of people.  The problem is the human heart and we have conditioned people to believe they are VICTIMS and with the current eruption of activist violence, often promoted or encouraged by politicians a condition is revealed that was created by us.  Not most of us, but those who educate, engage in mind transformation rhetoric, and seek to divide our nation along many lines are to blame.  The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”  If we take that into the classroom of our schools, some homes, and the incessant rhetoric of the activist and politicians would it not also be true that if we “train up a child to hate, feel victimized, and entitled” will they not also stay with that as they grow older.  One preacher/teacher said, “What we allow in moderation our children will do in excess.”  The idea is that if we instill in the hearts of young minds a certain worldview they will press it far beyond what we may have desired.  If that worldview and view of self is negative and destructive can you not see the incredible damage and destruction possible?

I don’t know what was in the heart of the murder in Las Vegas but I know that the guns he used did not drive him to commit this act.  I don’t know what was in the hearts of any of those who have committed similar acts of terrorism but I know the weapon they used did not compel them to act as they did.  President George Washington said in his 1st Annual Address to Congress on January 8, 1790, “A free people ought not only to be armed but disciplined…”  I agree totally.  We need discipline and the inalienable right of self-defense must never be infringed.  Thomas Jefferson agreed as did the other Framers and Founders.  Jefferson said, The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” – Thomas Jefferson, Commonplace Book (quoting 18th-century criminologist Cesare Beccaria), 1774-1776

We must address the issue but to focus on the implement is a mistake and although it may make us feel warm and fuzzy thinking we are DOING SOMETHING we are DOING NOTHING to address the problem.  We have a mountain of “gun laws” on the books and we need to enforce those laws vigorously and consistently.  We need to teach “gun safety” and address “mental health” but we also must seek to instill in the hearts of our children MORALITY and the VALUE OF HUMAN LIFE.  We must seek to teach them they are NOT VICTIMS or ENTITLED to what someone else has.  We must teach them that LIFE IS NOT FAIR or EQUAL in all things and insist on PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY.  We must not only teach that but demonstrate it and insist that Public Officials do as well.  We have drifted from our moral moorings in America and the Gun did not cause that drift, the human condition did.

You may disagree with part or all I have said and insist that we need to “ban guns” believing the gun is the problem.  If so, we disagree and should you and I be together in a situation requiring self-defense, I will use my firearm to protect us both.  I often wonder how the gun control advocates would feel then.  We need to be alert and aware of things that are red flags and causes for concern in behavior.  Too often, too many are willing silent when they should have raised a concern.  Life is precious and my heart breaks for the victims and families in this and every incident.  I am not insensitive to the problem and acknowledge the need to seek real solutions but let’s not focus on the wrong thing.

God bless you and God bless America.



BLOG POST 4 - Rights

According to our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, our Founding Fathers, and the Framers of the Constitution they come from God and are unalienable or inalienable.  However, according to the Leftist, Democrats, Media Voices, and Elitist that view is asinine, wrong, and ignorant.  To them all rights come from Government and Government is, in many respects, their god.

Chuck Todd of MSNBC demonstrated his ignorance of the Constitution and his belief that Government is the source of everything.  After Judge Roy Moore won the primary in Alabama, Mr. Todd sought to cause hysteria and said, “Roy Moore!  He’s not only a conservative…he’s a CHRISTIAN conservative who ‘doesn’t believe in the Constitution.”  Why did Mr. Todd say that?  Because Judge Moore said, “Our rights don’t come from government, they come from the Bill of Rights.  They come from God.”  Imagine that!  How refreshing that a politician would actually know, understand, and stand for the Constitution.  Mr. Todd was so disturbed by that statement he was almost inconsolable and accused Judge Moore of not believing in the Constitution.

What did the Framers and Founders say on the matter of rights and where they come from?  Mr. Todd, if you were to read the documents and read the writings of our Founders you would find that Judge Moore was right.  Our Constitution and Founding Documents, as well as our Founders and the Framers writings, clearly state that the basis of our Constitution and our Rights come directly from God Himself.  If you are an atheist, I’m sure that disturbs you that those men would assert that but it is there in plain English.  Government is not and will never be God although the proponents of Big Government make it their god.

The Declaration of Independence lays out the concept in unmistakable terms.  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”    Imagine that!  The Founders and Framers literally wrote that our Rights come DIRECTLY FROM GOD and stated that because of that point alone, governments are instituted among men.

Mr. Todd, Senator Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Senator Warren, Senator Sanders, etc. the Government, does not give us those rights.  Government is not the provider of rights and is not the source of our economic prosperity.  Government was, according to our Founders and Framers, to be LIMITED in scope, size, and power.  I’m sure that Mr. Todd and the Leftist consider our Framers and the Founders as a gathering of dangerous, frightening Christian fundamentalist to be wary of.  I’m sure that, in their view, that makes the Constitution invalid and is the basis upon which they insist it is a Living Documents constantly evolving to accommodate whatever ideological view the Leftist advance.  The Left cannot accept rights as coming from God for to do so would limit their power and give a basis for LIMITED GOVERNMENT. 

Judge Roy Moore and people like him are a threat to them because those politicians believe what the Framers and Founders expressed in our Constitution and their writings.  Judge Moore, believes that WE THE PEOPLE are the true owners of government, not vice versa.  He believes in LIMITED GOVERNMENT which is anathema to the Leftist.  He is not a fan of the Welfare State and his political views are consistent with someone who wants to “Drain the Swamp” and “Dismantle the Deep State”.  Because he is a Christian and a Conservative he is a dire threat to the Leftist such as Chuck Todd and the Democrats in Washington, DC.  However, he is exactly the type politician that we need in Washington if we are going to return to being the Constitutional Republic our Founders and Framers gave us.  Judge Moore’s win in Alabama over the Establishment candidate and the millions infused into the race by Mitch McConnel and his cohorts is a breath of fresh air and gives me reason to hope.

I continue to believe that the average American who works for a living, believes in strong families, and loves liberty believes much, if not most, of what Judge Roy Moore believes.  His win in the primary can and should inspire more people who are truly constitutional and conservative to throw their hats in the ring and give the voters the opportunity to clean house on the elitist politicians who are not following the Constitution or honoring the desires of the voters.  That may be fantasy, but it is a growing hope in my heart and I hope in yours as well.

God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 3 - Electoral College View of Leftis

I can tell you in one sentence why but will try to give more foundation to my assertion.  The simple answer is “so they can commit voter fraud and steal elections.”  It is much easier to manipulate the national election when you do not have to deal with 50 separate states.  If you only have to manipulate the total votes then it is a much simpler task to stuff ballot boxes, commit voter fraud, and steal the election than if you must deal with every state and somehow manipulate enough of them that you get 270 Electoral Votes.  Their plan is simple, diabolical, and wrong for America!

However, I know a significant number of people who would never vote Democrat, are totally opposed to the Leftist views being advanced today but agree with the Leftist that the Electoral College needs to go.  I AM NOT IN THE NUMBER!  The Democrats are pushing for this almost exclusively because they lost the 2016 Election while winning (apparently) the popular vote.  I say (apparently) because some reports indicate that voter fraud and irregularities may have skewed the popular vote beyond truth.  I won’t spend time on that point and you can believe what you choose.

One of the Leftist reasons for abolishing the Electoral College is that, according to them, Trump has a significant possibility if not the probability of winning reelection if the Electoral College is kept in place.  There you have the underlying motive.  If we are to remain true to our Constitution, making such a change would require an Amendment to the Constitution.  It must be passed to the states for ratification and ratified before that change could transpire.  That is not an easy or speedy process.  However, the Democrats offer another “end run” around the Constitution calling it an “elegant” runaround.  The official title is “Interstate Compact” where states would pool their electors for whichever candidate wins the popular vote nationally disregarding the vote of the populace of their state.  This is not something to be dismissed as “sour grapes” by the Leftists and deemed to have no chance because as of this date there are 11 State Legislatures that have signed on to the “Interstate Compact.”  According to what I have been told if enough states sign on bringing the Electoral Vote Totals to 105 it goes into effect and our Constitution will have been shredded without a ratified amendment.

What happened to accepting the loss of an election and moving on while making plans for the next one?  If the sane within the Democrat Party (if that creature exists) do not prevail and reject this, the consequences to our Constitutional Republic will be dire if not deadly.  The Republicans have had their fair share of “bad candidates” which cost them dearly in the elections and the Democrats should realize that a bad candidate is explanation enough for a loss, not a reason to change the system to rig it for your side.  The Interstate Compact is, I believe, UNCONSTITUTIONAL and if the Supreme Court has any sanity and Constitutional understanding it would strike it down immediately.  The Framers and Founders explicitly prohibited such compacts because they saw them as death knells for the Republic.  What happened to following the rules?  Are we not a nation of laws and rules and should we not expect, no, should we not demand from all sides that they abide by the Law and follow the Prescribed Rules especially regarding elections?  If you want to abolish the Electoral College take the only legitimate pathway to that end via a constitutional convention or an amendment offered by Congress and sent to the states for ratification.  NO OTHER PATHWAY IS ACCEPTABLE.  I do not want it to happen but that is the only legitimate means for it to happen.

The Leftist are not interested in the Rules or Right they only want to win and gain power giving them control.  It is not about the Republic or We the People, it is about Position, Power, and Purse.  They see themselves as the only legitimate authorities and are intolerant of any view that does not agree with their own.  They are willing to do whatever to WIN!  They follow the Alinsky model to the Letter and ascribe to the idea that “The End Justifies the Means.”  They would never take the path of a Constitutional Amendment because that is an incredibly difficult road and most Amendments fail.  The Constitution was designed to be difficult to alter but there was the avenue by which it could be if the majority of states and people within those states wanted to do so.

We need to contact our Governors and State Legislatures and make them aware that we find actions like this unacceptable if we do.  If we are going to “protect and defend” the Constitution of these United States, we MUST resist this end around and backdoor approach to subverting our system.  You may not like the outcome of the election but it was achieved via our electoral process, a process that has served us well since our founding and will serve us into the future if we will allow it to do its rightful work.

The Democrats desire to create a situation where voter fraud, electoral manipulation and stealing elections is easier.  If we allow this to happen there will likely be no more Republicans or Conservatives elected to the national office.  If that is your objective it is a good plan, if following the Constitution is your desire it should be appalling to you.

God, bless you and God bless America!


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As much sense as what?  As the diatribe and rhetoric of the Leftist, some in Congress that if we just pass Laws the Lawless will obey them.  I wish I did not believe they were serious but considering the apparent brain power of those presenting those ideas, I can believe they believe it to be the truth.

If that belief were a factual reality we would have no gun violence in America today because we have laws against using a gun in a crime.  There are laws against murder, assault, robbery, rape, pedophilia, and scores of other crimes but the last time I checked those crimes were still being committed.  So much for the theory that if we pass a law regulating or restricting some activity or as is in the cross-hairs today – GUNS we would prevent crime, murder, and mass shootings.  I find it almost laughable that many of those shouting the loudest for “gun control” or a “gun ban” is celebrities guarded by ARMED bodyguards.  Do they want to give up their ARMED SECURITY?  I pause while you think and answer… I paused for a brief nano-second and we all shouted NO!

I read an article some time back that quoted Actress Jessica Chastain who weighed in on gun violence and the need for gun control.  She said, “Welcome to America, where you’ll wait 6 months for an X-ray but hey, you can buy an AR-15 in 5 minutes flat.”  I thought she was talking about America but must be talking about one of the nations where there is socialized medicine or she has located some incredibly incompetent medical facility to frequent.  I don’t know where she bought her AR-15 in 5 minutes flat unless it was from some street vendor because the rifles and handguns I have purchased took longer than that.  Her rant is the same as the late-night comedians, Hollywood elites, and politicians – FALSE and heavily seasoned with EMOTION not based in FACT.  We have people like Nancy Sinatra who tweeted after the Las Vegas mass shooting, “The murderous members of the NRA should face a firing squad.”  Seriously?  Do you really want to exchange one Mass Murderous Rampage with another?  Do you really want to blame innocent people for the diabolically evil man who committed this act?

These same people and members of Congress think that adding more “Gun Laws” will somehow lessen the occurrence of gun crimes and the overwhelming statistical evidence is THEY ARE WRONG!  They ignore the daily murders in cities like Chicago and sections of St. Louis and attempt to make political hay in events like that which transpired in Las Vegas.  I am convinced there are no new “gun laws” we could have passed that would have prevented that evil.  There are millions of rational, sane, and safety conscious gun owners in America who will never commit such a heinous act as did Stephen Paddock.  The NRA has, almost from its inception sought to teach and encourage gun safety and responsible gun ownership.  It has elected women to its board since 1948 and the slogan “refuse to be a victim” is a theme that inspires their push for training and self-defense programs designed especially for women who feel threatened.  It, unlike so many organizations of the Left, empowers women by giving them confidence when threatened and the tools whereby to protect themselves.  Those women who have been trained and survived an attempted violent attack understand that “self-defense” is far more valuable than some new gun law.  Criminals do not automatically obey the law.  They are CRIMINALS and by definition that means they break the law.

Leftist lunatics like Michael Moore are shouting that it is time to get rid of TRUMP and the 2ND AMENDMENT.  I’d like to ask Mr. Moore and all those on late-night television, those in the make-believe world of Hollywood, and the Ivory Palaces of the Elitist and Washington, “How many of those mass shootings were in GUN FREE ZONES?”  Most of them!  Gun free zones appear to be magnets for psychopathic killers like the one in Las Vegas.  If those shouting for gun control and the banning of firearms truly care about saving lives how about protesting Abortion on Demand?  How about marching against the violent murders in our inner cities where the crime is often largely black on black?  How about protesting the disastrous destruction of our healthcare industry through Obamacare?  How about protesting the murder of police officers and first responders who rush into danger to protect lives?  NO, rather than being focused on saving lives, they are focused on a political objective and having no real answers they opt for MORE LAWS and MORE RESTRICTIONS on Americans.  The only thing a “gun ban” does is place more innocent citizens in harm’s way and prevents more law-abiding people from being able to adequately protect themselves.

I am 100% in favor of gun safety and do not want criminals or the mentally deranged having access to firearms or any other weapon by which they can do harm.  But, I am staunchly a defender of the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.  If I hear one more of that crowd say that the 2nd Amendment was referring to muskets I will scream.  The 2nd Amendment did not specify muskets and they should realize that the 2nd Amendment provided civilians to have the same arms as the militia.  I am not suggesting that citizens have ready access to fully automatic weapons and what is being called an “assault rifle” is an errant classification by the uninformed.  Just because a rifle looks ominous and imposing does not mean it is an assault rifle.  Why is the 2nd Amendment a threat to that crowd?  Could it be, as with tyranny in all ages, a desire to disarm citizens in order to take control?  NO, I will not give up the fight to keep ALL our Constitutional Rights intact including the 2nd Amendment.

I hope you are paying attention and remember all that is going on when it becomes time for you to vote in the mid-term elections in 2018 and in the elections of 2020.  We can make a difference if we rid Washington and Congress of as many Constitution objectors as possible and send people to DC who will fight for you and me constitutionally.

God bless you and God bless America!