THE UNLAUGHABLE – Politics in America…

BLOG POST 1 - Funny No

I told someone, “This could be laughable, but it’s not!”  What are you talking about, Roy?  The barrage of accusations against men everywhere for sexual harassment and sexual abuse is the case in point to which I refer.  I am not saying the men accused did not do what they have been accused of but the flood of accusations, some of which, are no doubt, bogus is almost comical.  NO, I am not trying to make light of that type of reprehensible behavior when it occurs, but it seems to be in vogue today if you are a woman to have been harassed or abused.  AGAIN, please don’t misunderstand my statements for I find that kind of behavior inexcusable and to be condemned.  I also find sexual predatory activities by females equally vile and if it involves children it is beyond the pale and deserves the severest of penalties.

There have been accusations against politicians or the famous that were unfounded and designed for extortion or destruction rather than seeking justice.  What I find almost laughable are the cries from politicians in Washington for Judge Roy Moore to step aside because of the allegations against him saying that because of the seriousness of the allegations he is not fit to serve.  Those same people have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the actual incidences by fellow members of Congress and some of them guilty are saying Judge Moore must step down.  Is it any wonder that people have such a low regard for politicians in general and Congress in particular?  It has almost reached the point where you must ask, “Who has not either paid hush money, settled claims, or been accused of sexual sins?” rather than asking who has.

Our founding fathers warned us against politicians that were deficient in integrity and honesty and, yet we have repeatedly sent them to Washington.  The amazing thing is that people will vote for scoundrels and then complain about the scoundrels in government.  George Washington said, “Virtue or morality is a necessary spring of popular government.”  James Madison argued, “To suppose that any form of government will secure liberty or happiness without any virtue in the people, is a chimerical idea.”  George Washington also said, “Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”  Sadly, that is quite reflective of today’s political climate where special interests and lobbyist seem to have just what is needed to attract or buy enough politicians to achieve their objectives.  Former President and General Dwight Eisenhower said, “The qualities of a great man are ‘vision, integrity, courage, understanding, the power of articulation, and profundity of character.’”  Calvin Coolidge contended, “Character is the only secure foundation of the state.”

In today’s political climate many of those now serving in Congress are tainted by corruption of some kind.  There can be no justification for corruption and the partisan defense of corrupt politicians needs to go the way of the Dodo Bird.  We need to find men and women of integrity and character who are willing to do the heavy lifting, make the difficult decisions, honor the constitution, and follow the rule of law and allow them to represent us in Washington.  UNTIL we accomplish that feat we will continue to see the erosion of our liberties, the disintegration of our foundational moorings, and the continued infringing of our rights and liberties by the larger Oligarchy called The Establishment made up of politicians of both parties.  Those advancing the ideology of “fundamental transformation” of our Republic because it restricts them in their pursuit of POWER need to be afforded the opportunity to GO HOME or GO SOMEWHERE other than Washington, DC.

Who is to blame for our decline in America, politically?  That blame must be shared by many.  Of course, as a Christian, I lay the initial blame at the feet of the devil, but it goes far beyond that.  We assuredly can blame corrupt, greedy, self-serving, and ideologically driven politicians but they are not totally to blame.  Why?  Because if we did not allow them the prize of election they could not do their deeds and oppress and suppress us to the point of losing many of our liberties and freedoms.  If we UNIFIED as a people and said, “NO MORE” those left standing in the Halls of Congress would walk softly knowing they could and likely would be next.  The only way to get the attention of politicians is at the ballot box unless you have the deep pockets of the Special Interest Groups and Lobbyist, then they are all ears.

YES, the sexual misconduct, sin, or crimes that are very real in our society are reprehensible.  No buts, that stands alone.  At the same time, the abuse by politicians of the Constitution, the American people, our Laws, and our Republic is also to be condemned.  Voting for someone simply because they have a “D” or an “R” after their name perpetuates the problem.  In Alabama, the Democrat, Doug Jones is a supporter of “Full Term Abortions” and that brings no condemnation, but Judge Roy Moore’s alleged sexual misconduct is a disqualifier.  Mr. Jones has also been blasted by a child sex abuse victim as uncaring and cited his argument against her claim as being simply a cynical attempt to extort money.  She had allegedly been abused by the football team of the University of Alabama Birmingham at the age of 15.  She said, that Jones was anything but the highly moral representative of victims of abuse and found his attacks on Judge Moore hypocritical.  I don’t know the facts in any of those cases and only state what was said by this victim.

This illustrates one of the problems in our society where allegations are often as damaging as factual proofs in a business, organization, or individual’s career.  To destroy, one only has to allege, and the allegation alone is sufficient to condemn in the minds of many.  That is a problem and has opened the door for almost endless lawsuits.  It is good for the attorney’s and media persons but bad for our society and political world.  NO, I am not attempting to sweep the awfulness of sexual abuse under the rug, ignore it, or advance situational ethics as a defense.  I am rather arguing that our moral fabric has deteriorated and we need to return to those moral moorings required to preserve and advance the Republic.  That is one of the reasons I continue to ask people to pray for America.

We can recover and restore the Republic but ONLY if we are willing to fight to the finish and abandon strictly Party Politics and fight for the Constitution, our inalienable Rights, and evict from the Swamp every denizen of the Deep State dwelling there.  Please join me in the continued effort to SWEEP CONGRESS CLEAN. 

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


CAN WE STOP WITH THE “Not Paying Their Fair Share” NONSENSE???

BLOG POST 4 - Fair Share

I realize that some who read this will vehemently disagree because they truly believe the evil, corrupt, and selfish rich are shafting everybody else and that the Republicans only care about the Rich, Super Rich, and Corporations.  I have contended, “Taxes have no fair share!”  That being said, the Office of Management and Budget released a report that states – “The Top 20% pay 95% of taxes and the Middle Class ‘Single Digits.’”   The hatred and distrust of those in the Top 20% might be more understandable if they were all Super Rich, but I will suggest that some of those who feel the RICH are not paying their fair share are themselves in the Top 20% and do not even realize it.  I wonder if that would change their view of who and who is not paying their FAIR SHARE?  I guess it depends on their ideological persuasion politically.

Mike Mulvaney, at Georgetown University, gave some incredibly revealing and enlightening numbers and the impact of the proposed tax cuts to the Middle Class.  The information he provided is worthy of examination and consideration.  In 2015, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Top 20% of income earners paid 84% of all federal taxes.  That is huge in itself but 95% is ASTOUNDING.

Mike Mulvaney said: “If you break the income tax universe into what we call quintiles, so equal sized 20 percent columns, the first two columns, the first quintile and the lower quintile, don’t pay any taxes at all. In fact, they net positive. We pay them when they file a tax return.  That middle quintile, which you might describe, some people do, as middle class, pays an effective rate in the low single digits. And all of the taxes are paid by folks in the top two quintiles, and that last quintile pays almost fully, 95 percent I think, of the taxes. 

People always ask all the time, ‘Why do you want to give a tax cut to the rich?’ Here’s the math. We have a progressive tax system, which means that if you make $1 million and I make $50,000, we both pay the exact same rate on the first, let’s say, $20,000. And then, from the next $20,000 up to my $50,000, and her next $20,000 to her next $50,000, we pay the same, I think it’s 12 percent of 15 percent, I can’t remember where the brackets are right now. And then she goes on to pay her higher rate on the stuff that she makes and I stop. 

Well, if you want to give me, the middle class, a cut, take my 15 percent rate down to say 10 percent, and that gives the middle class a cut. Guess who else benefits from that, she does. She pays that same rate on the way up the brackets.”

 His conclusion, “You could sit there and do nothing but lower the rates on the middle class, and all other things being equal, you’re giving the rich a tax cut.”

 Let’s examine the Top 20% briefly and in order to qualify for that tier of income earners, you must earn roughly $111,000 per year.  The factual data is that about 61 out of 100 U.S Households find themselves in that category.  Likewise, the data indicates that 39 out of 100 U.S. Households will find themselves in the Top 10% with earnings of roughly $153,000 per year.  Does that sound like the Super Rich or even the Rich to you?  I guess it depends on your economic condition and view of the world of finance and economics, but for most people, neither group qualifies as Rich or Super Rich.  We also discover that 5 out of 100 Households will be in the Top 1% of incomes which is roughly $360,000 per year.  Even that does not sound like the dastardly filthy rich we hear the Democrats (many of whom are Millionaires or Billionaires) castigate.  On the low end of the spectrum, about 20 out of 100 U.S. Households will fall into the poverty range of $23,850 per family of 4. 

I will be the first to say that I do not think a family of 4 with an income of less than $25,000 per year can afford to pay federal income taxes.  But, I also do not think that people in the Top 20% should be paying virtually ALL the federal taxes either.  I personally believe that this nation thrives and survives better if EVERYONE has skin in the game and I have long argued that the Federal Government should not be due more than God and God’s plan in the Bible begins with 10%.  I am a proponent of a Proportional Tax rather than a Progressive Tax.  The people who create jobs which helps all levels of society are the ones who now have money.  If we, as some Democrats and Establishment Republicans desire, tax the rich to the point they no longer invest or find it unappealing to invest WHO DOES THAT HURT THE MOST?  If they are Rich or Super Rich, they have money and do not have to earn more.  However, those on the other end of the spectrum MUST have jobs and a regular paycheck to survive and have any hope of climbing the ladder of success so they can become entrepreneurs.

The most recent revelations of corruption and partisanship in the Internal Revenue Service would be reason enough to oppose its continuation.  Moving from a Base Line Budgeting Process to a Zero-Based Budgeting Process would help reduce spending, reduce the deficit, and create a healthy condition in the Federal Government.  It would allow Congress to properly fund the Social Security Fund, that they and previous administrations bankrupted.  It would allow Congress to clean up the welfare system, work on eliminating waste in Medicare and Medicaid as well as every other government entity and department.  It would allow us to cease funding nations that sponsor or engage in terrorism.  It would allow us to see our economy move toward a much more robust condition and be good for EVERYONE.  That, in my view, is common sense but to those in Congress and the many bureaucracies of Washington, it is heretical.  WHY?  It strips from them the power to bribe and extort.  It strips from them the power to control.  It forces them to DO THEIR JOBS not build their networks, line their pockets, protect their position, and increase their power.  It would force them to become Citizen Representatives, not Professional Politicians.  Some of them, if not many of them, would find the position and task of being a Senator or Congressman/woman not as appealing as it has been heretofore and they would go home.  WHAT AN IDEA?  What a pleasant thought that they would serve a term or two and go home.

America, we can fix what ails our Republic but not without some austerity, commitment, dedication, effort, and prayers.   We have a daunting task ahead of us because we must change the culture of Washington, DC while those who perpetuate that culture control things.  We must remove them via the electoral process and it may take a very long time, but we can if we refuse to give up and inspire those following us to enter the battle and commit to the long-term struggle.

God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 3 - Scatter Shooting

The more I watch the political circus in today’s America and what little I actually hear from the Lame Stream Media the more I wonder if “Scatter Shooting” with regard to talking politics and life is not the only way to go.  There are so many things surfacing on the political scene seemingly unconnected and, yet the roots are deeply embedded and interconnected.  If we could somehow connect the dots and trace the threads, we would find that the “peas of the political pod” are almost uniform and the ultimate agenda of the Swamp denizens, the Globalist Big Government Establishment Politicians are exactly the same.  Yes, I am actually saying that the Establishment Republicans and Establishment Democrats are both enemies of America.  You may disagree vociferously, and I can accept that.  However, hopefully, we can all agree that much of what is happening in Washington, DC now and over the past few decades have not always been in the best interest of the Free Constitutional Republic called the United States of America.  I would argue that the more appropriate descriptor would be hardly ever been in the best interest of America and Americans but then I am being a little cynical.

There are so many limbs on the proverbial tree of DC that illustrate my argument I would truly have to “Scatter Shoot” to bring them to light.  No, to enumerate them all would be impossible for they are so many and far-reaching.  There is no department or bureaucracy that is not deeply invested with Swamp denizens and Deep State adherents making it impossible to even know all the corruption, therefore naming the limbs on the DC tree would be virtually impossible.  I do not have the time or ability to fully investigate and expose all the corruption, but I can highlight enough to cause thinking people to see the “red flags” and begin to question Washington.  Hopefully, over time, I can sound the alarm enough and cry from the rooftop loudly enough to get the attention of sufficient numbers of voters to tackle the Swamp, the Ole Boy System, and Deep State in Washington.  If the voting public ever truly becomes enlightened those Good Old Boys in DC will be history.  Will that happen?  I don’t know, it hasn’t thus far, but we have never lived in a time quite like this and never seen an awakening like we see signs of today.

I find it amazing that there could be any justification for corruption investigating corruption.  What am I talking about?  There are many examples but one of the most glaring is Special Investigator or Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  I am a very loyal friend and I can appreciate friendship but if it impedes truth and justice it becomes a problem.  I can respect and appreciate the fact that Mueller, Comey, Brennan, and Clapper have known each other and been friends for years.  That, in itself, is not the problem but the history of Mr. Mueller’s involvement in coverup and corruption is.  Robert Mueller was a top FBI official during the Bill Clinton impeachment imbroglio and helped Clinton fight his fight.  

James Comey intentionally or inadvertently helped the Clintons during Hillary’s email scandal while Secretary of State.  She, either through intent or incredible incompetence and ineptitude failed to adequately protect our national secrets from foreign governments.  It seems that she intentionally sold secret and sensitive information to Clinton Foundation donors all over the world including the man at the forefront of the Trump accusations, Vladimir Putin.  Mr. Putin now owns and controls 20% or more of our uranium.  The Muslim Brotherhood, friends of her chief confidante Huma, the Iranians, who sponsor a very large portion of terrorism in the world, the Chinese, who thirst for more and more of our technological secrets, and the French, who understand bribery and sought for leverage over Hillary and the United States should she become President were all beneficiaries of her corruption.  Not to mention the fact that Bill Clinton sold U.S. rocket-launching technology to the Chinese for campaign or personal finances.  Not sure you can differentiate between the two with the Clintons.

 Hillary became a U.S. Senator from New York, which is known for its political purity, right?  What state is?  I questioned when she ran for the Senate in New York based on the smoke and mirror residency scam, but she did.  The New York political machine, for whatever reason, opted to place her before the voters and with their endorsement, she was elected as a liberal Senator from a liberal State.  Violation of the Law is not new to the Clintons, especially Hillary.  She was well versed in political malfeasance from the time she was hired by the Senate Watergate Committee to lynch Richard Nixon.  Nixon resigned but the Democrats wanted him hanged from the highest tree or burned at the state.  Hillary urged that ALL of Nixon’s constitutional rights be stripped away in order to destroy him.  Their cover was that the American people still believed the media, unlike today where virtually no thinking person believes the Washington Post or the New York Times. 

Few, even on the Left would honestly argue that Hillary is not corrupt, but they seek to justify her corruption as a legitimate basis for fighting constitutional conservatives in politics.  I would argue that Hillary’s actions as Secretary of State amounted to TREASON because we were in a state of war, even if it was not so named by her boss, Barack Obama.  The Democrats wanted James Comey fired UNTIL Donald Trump fired him, then he became an abused agent of government who demonstrated impeccable character and integrity.  SERIOUSLY?  The Clinton’s with the help of people like Robert Mueller has gone Scot Free but are not at the head of a Corruption Investigation against Donald Trump.  HOW IS THAT ACCEPTABLE?

 I must argue that Robert Mueller is part and parcel of the Hillary Cover-up.  With Wiki Leaks and many other revelations, we know, to some degree, the depth of the Clinton Corruption going all the way back to their days in Arkansas.  Sadly, nobody has been prosecuted for those crimes and the Left has turned a blind eye to the Clinton corruption but is doggedly determined to destroy Donald Trump no matter the cost to individuals or the Republic.  Placing Robert Mueller, a man with dirty hands politically, in charge of a corruption investigation is like giving the fox guard duty at the hen house.  If Congress were truly interested in Justice, Hillary and most of the Obama administration would be under the investigative microscope and there would have been numerous prosecutions and likely convictions.  JUSTICE is not what this is all about it is about Partisan Politics, protecting the Deep State, defending the Swamp, and advancing the Globalist agenda.  Donald Trump and all of us who have taken a position as Constitutional Conservatives and/or Christians are PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE according to them.  They would not be satisfied if we caved and agreed to all their demands, to them we must be eliminated.  America, we must wake up and Change the Culture in Washington, DC.

God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 2 - How Many Shoes

How many shoes have to drop with regard to Hillary Clinton, the DNC, her subordinates and surrogates as well as many within the Obama administration including the one himself?  From the way things look, you could drop a jumbo jet full and still nothing would be done and the spin would keep whirling to protect the Leftist.  Hillary continues to plead the Sgt. Schultz excuse – “I know nothing or I knew nothing.”  Obama knew nothing, Hillary knew nothing, those closest to her knew nothing, the DNC knew nothing, so I guess you can say the Leftist Democrats KNOW NOTHING!  If that is the case, then why would we ever allow them to control anything?  Do we really want people that are so UNAWARE, in charge?  I guess the uranium deal with Russia just happened by spontaneous eruption and the Russian dossier just materialized out of nothingness.  AMAZING!!!

Information keeps being revealed or leaked that links Hillary Clinton and her organization with Russia and attempts to rig the election against Donald Trump.  Imagine that!  Hillary and the Democrats doing that which they are accusing Donald Trump.  Fusion GPS has been accused of being a “Democrat-aligned misinformation firm aligned with Russia.  It has refused to cooperate with Congress in their investigation taking the fifth at every turn.  They have also been accused and suspected of advocating for the interests of corrupt Russian and Venezuelan officials while hiding its foreign work and connections from federal authorities.”  If that is true, then the firm hired by Hillary and the DNC is an Anti-American subversive organization and sheds further light on the depth of debauchery the Leftist are willing to go to achieve their objectives.

The amazing thing is that despite the intensity of efforts by billion-dollar corporations including the MSM, there has not been one verifiable compromising or embarrassing detail of the dossier confirmed.  NOT ONE!  It appears, and I believe is Horse Droppings and almost completely if not completely a figment of their imagination and a concoction designed to dupe the public and provide talking points for the Left.  With all the information coming forth and the revelations of those behind the infamous dossier filled with what can only be called scurrilous and salacious lies about Donald Trump being tied directly to Hillary Clinton’s campaign team and the DNC, there MUST be a Special Investigator.  Not appointing one and the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and Congress doing their due diligence renders all those entities meaningless and political shams not governing and law enforcement agencies and entities.  THEY BECOME A JOKE especially considering the 24/7/365 attacks on Donald Trump.  This is a war and it is more than simply a pitting of those on the Right against those on the Left, it is a Fight for Liberty and Freedom.  The Republic hangs in the balance depending on the outcome of this war.  It is that serious!

As sometimes happens, the worm appears to be turning and the accusers are being exposed as frauds.  The Left thought that this dossier and the War waged by the MSM, Hollywood, ANTIFA, BLM, the Never Trumpers, and others would steamroll Trump and remove him from office or force him to resign.  They are in disarray and dismayed that his approval ratings have been virtually unchanged by their efforts, the economy is rebounding more than at any time under Barack Obama, and the president continues to attempt to fulfill his campaign promises.

It has been reported that the investigation of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was not based on his brief relations with Donald Trump BUT…  Wait for it… BUT based on his lengthy connection to the Democratic Podesta brothers, and the extent to which he may have helped them funnel wealthy and influential Russians into high governmental circles in Washington.  If that is true, that is a BOMBSHELL of such megatonnage it should blow the Democrats out of the water and result in indictments of dozens within the Clinton and Obama teams and probably should include both her Highness and his Highness.  Please understand I do not think them to be regals but refer to what they believe about themselves.

The FBI has documented evidence of outright bribes and there are more revelations coming down the pike.  How high this goes and far-reaching this will be, remains to be revealed.  Will this end the Muller investigation or will Robert Muller do a real job and investigate the collusion by the Clinton team and the DNC, the illegalities of the Obama administration and bring to task those on the Left as well as any on the Right who have broken laws?  I suspect the answer is NO because the team Muller has assembled appears to be nothing more than a Partisan Leftist Gestapo to find and destroy Donald J. Trump and anything or anyone who is a proponent of Originalism in the Constitution.  It is my opinion, that based on the current revelations and the factual information of the FBI covering up illegalities during the Uranium One situation, Mr. Muller should immediately resign and step aside.  His longtime friendship with James Comey is also a disqualifier.  Will he do that?  It is not likely.  Will Hillary and the Democrats admit their collusion and conspiracies?  Not in this lifetime.  Will the public finally wake up and put enough pressure on Congress to end this charade and address the true culprits?  Time will tell.

We are almost at the end of 2017 and the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency.  We are about to enter the mid-term election year and what we do in this coming election will reveal the hope or hopelessness of our Fight for Freedom and the Restoration of the Republic.  The Establishment Republicans who are openly hoping for a Democrat resurgence is not just troubling but incredibly dangerous.  The inability or unwillingness of the GOP to work with this president and advance the agenda of fulfilling the campaign promises is cause for concern.  It is also reason to CLEAN HOUSE in Washington.  We MUST, not simply SHOULD, remove via elections as many on the Right and Left who do not honor the Constitution and truly work in the best interest of America.  2018 is a critical election and we cannot slumber while the foxes raid the henhouses.  WAKE UP!

May God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - Alert

The former president, Barack Hussein Obama, infamously declared that it was his intent and desire to see America ‘fundamentally transformed’.  Although he did not declare exactly what that transformation would entail and what the finished product would look like, many of us knew.  How did we know?  We knew because we vetted him and had researched both his previous political positions and his present declarations.  Many of us viewed his proposed “fundamental transformation” as a negative for our system of government and a danger for America as the Constitutional Republic our Framers and Founders had fought so valiantly to obtain.

I appreciate the view that we are a “Democracy” but understand that view is incomplete and inaccurate.  We are not a Democracy but a Constitutional Republic or a Representative Democracy and as Benjamin Franklin aptly stated when asked what kind of government they had produced, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”  Throughout human history, there have been numerous forms of government and the results have been both good and bad.  I would like to list seven forms and then focus on how our system of government is different and unique.

TOTALITARIANISM – A highly centralized government that has zero tolerance for individualism or differences of opinion.  There is no Free Speech in this form of government and it is seen most clearly in the communistic and socialistic systems.  Usually, the head of that government is a dictator, czar, sultan, premier, and most assuredly a Tyrant.

MONARCHY – A government whose head is a king, queen, or emirate.  It is frequently hereditary and the line of succession is not determined by the will of the people but bloodline.  It can be benevolent or totalitarian depending on the mindset of the monarch.  The suppression of Free Speech and individual liberties is easily possible under this system of government.

OLIGARCHY – A government in which the political resides in the hands of a small select group of the elite.  This is seen in feudal tribal governments, aristocracies, and plutocracies.  In our modern America, we are dangerously close to an oligarchy by the Establishment Politicians and Political Elitist.  Again, in this system of government, there may be a declaration of individual liberties and Freedom of Speech but the ruling group can subvert and even suspend those rights via their edicts.

ANARCHY or REVOLUTIONARY – This is simply a government without laws and the supreme power is deemed to be in the hands of the individual.  “Every man doing what is right in his own eyes.”  The individual does whatever he/she thinks they should as they have the power and ability to do so.  The trampling of individual liberties is a natural part of this system and often cliques and sects forms which make it an oligarchy by anarchy and revolution.  If they do not like what is happening they create havoc and destruction.  Is that now where those on the Left are pressing us today?

DEMOCRACY – In a Pure Democracy, the power lies in the hands of the majority.  This system is driven by the heat of the moment and the emotion of the affected rather than through deliberation and evaluation of long-term best interest of the whole.  Like ancient Greece it implodes and generally, the entitlement mentality becomes an unsupportable and unstainable weight under which no system of government can survive.  Many think America is a Democracy and majority should rule without regard to the dangers inherent in this system.

THEOCRACY – In this system, we find a government in which the power is vested in the hands of the immediate representatives of God as they claim to act upon His directives.  If God were truly running the government we would find this a most enriching and wonderful system but too frequently in governments of men, men corrupt the system.  If men were angels we would need no government but men are often more closely identified with devils than angels so we need government.

REPUBLIC or CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC – In this system, the power is exercised by representatives elected by the people.  A Constitutional Republic is, in my view, the highest and best form of republican government and rather than the elected representatives becoming an oligarchy or ruling class they are REPRESENTATIVES.  In the system, our Framers hammered out the elected representatives are amenable to the voters and are subject to the Constitution, a written law of the land.

In America, we have a Constitution and according to that document, the elected representatives are accountable to us and subject to the Constitution.  They are NEVER to assume dictatorial powers or become tyrannical in their governance.  They are supposed to be bound to operating within the guidelines of the Constitution even when they disagree with its limitations or demands.  In our system of government if sufficient people in sufficient states deem it necessary to amend that document it is possible but until that transpires ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS are supposed to be bound but the guidelines of our Constitution.  That is not happening today and far too many of those in Congress and politicians at all levels of government believe they can disregard or reinterpret the Constitution to fit their ideological beliefs and agendas.  Those politicians should be shown the door on the very next electoral cycle in which they are voted upon.

If America is to survive and our individual and inalienable rights, freedoms, and liberties preserved WE MUST send only those to Washington and the State Houses who will commit themselves to the Constitution.  If we send anyone to Washington or a State House who fails to keep their pledge we are honor bound and duty bound to ensure they are not reelected.  That would require that all voters and citizens become involved, vet the candidates and incumbents.  I add one more action – PRAYER.  I believe the declaration of 2 Chronicles 7:14 and believe that if we the people of the United States of America will pray, repent, and seek God’s face and will, He will help us!

God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 8 - Abdication

Many on the Left, some on the Right, and numerous Christian voices have challenged me regarding caring for the poor and needy.  They believe that it is the responsibility of government to care for the poor through entitlement and welfare programs and, in their words, “to do less is Un-Christian and Un-Caring.”  I contend that assigning this to the government as a federal responsibility is to abdicate personal responsibility and empowers the government to become ALL POWERFUL.  I also contend that neither the Constitution nor the Bible mandates that the government provide for the poor and needy.  That is not to say we should not be concerned about those individuals, for we most assuredly should and turning a blind eye to their need is both Un-Christian and Un-Caring.

In Deuteronomy 15:11 we read, “For the poor will never cease to be in the land; therefore, I command you, saying, ‘You shall freely open your hand to your brother, to your needy and poor in your land.’”  That was echoed by the apostle Paul in Galatians 2:10 – “…remember the poor…”  I am 100% in harmony with the need to care for the poor and needy both as a Christian and as a citizen of a civilized society.  But the question must arise, “Whose Responsibility is it to Care for the Poor and Needy?”  I believe we have abdicated too many of our personal responsibilities to the government and in so doing we have continued to grow the government and empower it in ways the Framers and Founders warned against.

If you will allow me to address this from a biblical perspective first, I suggest that the overwhelming evidence is that the Bible lays the heaviest burden on the individual in caring for the poor and needy.  I will not quote them in full but refer to scriptures I suggest you read; Deuteronomy 15:7-8, 10-11; Isaiah 58:6-10; Matthew 25:34-40 to name a few.  The emphasis in both the Old and New Testaments was individual responsibility for caring for the poor, not the government.  Additionally, it is the responsibility of the local church to care for the poor and needy.  In the Old Testament, if the poor were unable to meet their obligations, the priests were charged with the examination of that person’s situation to determine the extent of their need.  He was to determine what portion the poor person could pay and then grant them proportional relief as is seen in Leviticus 27:8. In the New Testament this was addressed in Acts 4:34-35 and there was not a needy person among them BECAUSE the “church distributed to each as any had need.”  This was not a true communal socialist community as some suggest but a continuation of the Levitical prescription and “as they had need.”  It was proportional, temporary and not designed to be continual or perpetual.  In Proverbs 19:17 we find God’s attitude toward caring for the poor and read, “One who is gracious to the poor man lends to the LORD…”  The poor and needy, not the slothful and lazy are to be cared for and helped get back on their feet so they can not only provide for themselves but care for those less fortunate than themselves.

Thomas Jefferson’s view of caring for the poor is found in his declaration: “I deem it the duty of every man to devote a certain portion of his income for charitable purposes, and that it is his further duty to see it so applied as to do the most good of which it is capable.  This I believe to be best ensured by keeping within the circle of his own inquiry and information the subjects of distress to whose relief his contributions shall be applied.”  The Bible informs us, that generally, acts of charity should also be anonymous.  George Washington expressed concern for the poor and needy saying, “Let the hospitality of the house with respect to the poor be kept up. Let no one go hungry away.  If any of this kind of people should be in want of corn, supply their necessities (provided it does not encourage them in idleness); and I have no objection to your giving my money in charity… What I mean by having no objection is, that it is my desire that it should be done.”   Personal responsibility and a desire to ensure the condition is not encouraged or perpetuated.

Our Founders believed the government had a role in helping the poor but limited that to children, disabled, and the widows who could not work.  However, they believed that any aid should include work-requirements for the able-bodied and did not envision it being a perpetual handout.  Benjamin Franklin believed that aid to the poor or needy should be done so as to assist them in OVERCOMING POVERTY as expediently as possible, he did not believe it should be a generational lifestyle.  He said, “I am for doing good to the poor…I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty but leading or driving them out of it.”  WHAT A CONCEPT!  In today’s World of Entitlements, we not only make it easy for them to remain in that condition we make it almost impossible to get out.  The Founders sought to provide aid in a way that would help the deserving poor but minimize incentives for recipients to act irresponsibly. They wanted to protect the rights of working citizens by preventing corruption and abuse in welfare aid.  James Madison said, “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.”   They sought to help but not perpetuate the situation or condition unlike what we have today was the overriding sentiment of our Founders and Framers.

Since the middle of the twentieth-century welfare has become less stigmatized and more acceptable as a lifestyle thus perpetuating the problem.  We have experienced an almost endless expansion of Welfare and Entitlement Programs and the poverty rate has escalated rather than reduced.  Until the mid-1960’s, free markets, secure property rights, strong families, and minimal taxation advanced a culture with a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit.  The rise of liberalism and the progressive movement has reversed that course and plunged more and more people into an impoverished state.  The work of the post-1965 welfare push has been to dismantle the family unit and made welfare wages higher than working wages creating an environment where unmotivated people would opt for the dole rather than the earned paycheck.  Single motherhood has been encouraged because the more babies you can produce the more income you will have.  We need to return to the principles and vision of our Founders and as we help the truly needy we should encourage them to leave their state of poverty as quickly as possible.

However, I contend it is not the sole responsibility of government to care for the poor it is individuals, families, churches, and communities.  The principle expressed by the apostle Paul should be applied to any able-bodied individual, “If he will not work, he should not eat.”  Our present entitlement system is enslaving more people, causing individuals to shirk their personal responsibility, and empowering the federal government to the point it controls every dimension of our lives.  THAT CANNOT BE GOOD and is foreign to our Founding Principles and the Bible.

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


THE PIED PIPER IS PLAYING – – Will We Follow Him to Destruction?

BLOG POST - Pied Piper

I have been convinced for a long time that the root of the problems now existing in America and evidenced in the activist, media, and political jockeying is the loss of our Moral Moorings.  You can disagree but that is what I believe based on what I am witnessing today, my study of history, and my biblical beliefs.  That last portion is a disqualifier for some, but it is at the heart of my core convictions and life direction, so I stand by that statement.  Even if you do not believe the Bible and that God does or should play any role in our societal evolution and condition, surely you recognize a significant drift in our societal morals.  Surely you recognize a world in which people are much more “self-centered” than “others-centered” and less concerned about the General Welfare but more concerned about What’s In It For Me.

Our Educational System is filled to overflowing with teachers and professors who ascribe to the Alinsky model, Socialism, and that the greatest threat to mankind is what they call “white privilege”.  When a black college professor can openly declare that he is teaching his own children to distrust and even hate whites because of Donald Trump we have a problem.  The problem is not simply one election, it is systemic, generational, and promoted by those in power who want to use and abuse people to achieve their end – CONTROL.  I disapprove of racism regardless of where or from whom it comes.  It is foreign to the biblical principles by which I try to live and diametrically opposed to the ideal presented in our American Constitution.  Racism does not believe, “All are created equal” nor that “All are endowed with certain inalienable rights by our creator.”  Racism is, at its heart, SELFISH and SELF-SERVING and must believe that the end justifies the means; else its error and evil would so convict the heart, a change of mind would occur.  When there is no change of mind, as is evidenced in today’s America by those the most vocal, blindness is revealed.  This kind of blindness willing or otherwise is destructive and creates a chasm unbridgeable by reason and results in the fires of hate reaching such intensity violence are the only natural result.  Hopefully, none of us truly desire that.

I make no defense of any pedophile or any act of pedophilia.  I would not be disturbed if the pedophile were to be relieved of a certain bodily appendage if guilty of such a heinous act with a child.  Any male or female that preys on young girls or boys deserves whatever punishment given.  If they truly repent, God will forgive them and so will I but that does not totally wipe the societal slate clean.  There are penalties for sin even forgiven sin in life and that includes politics, entertainment or religion.  That being said, there are accusations against Judge Roy Moore, and if they those allegations are true he has been a very sick man.  I don’t know if they are true or are not, I don’t have the facts and believe that anyone is innocent until proven guilty.  Some are arguing that the onus is on Judge Moore to prove his innocence but that is not our American system.  Bill Clinton’s alleged and confessed indiscretions were overlooked, justified, and excused and NOT ONE DEMOCRAT called for him to step aside or step down based on accusations.  Sexual abuse or sexual harassment is reprehensible and there is no justification for them.  Again, I do not know if Judge Moore is guilty, but I’m sure some have already deemed him guilty and in their hearts convicted him of those crimes.  The timing of these allegations is somewhat suspect.  The first allegation was from an alleged incident 38 years ago.  It would seem that with all the political jockeying and jousting that Judge Moore has been involved in during that time there was ample opportunity for these kinds of things to come to light, especially if there are as many as are now being reported.  The millions of dollars spent by Mitch McConnell to defeat Judge Moore in the primaries and the continued efforts by GOP Establishment members even before these allegations cause me to wonder a bit.  The Soros money that has been invested to find and destroy Judge Moore and anyone proclaim to be a Constitutional Conservative cause me to wonder.  The mother of the first woman said, her daughter did not seek out the reporter but he came to her and she had no intention of coming out until after that contact.  She also brought into question a portion of her daughter’s story about a phone in the bedroom, which did not exist.  Questions that deserve answers will likely go unanswered gives me cause for concern.

Again, not to present the idea that I am justifying, glossing over the seriousness of those allegations or any allegations but to focus on a larger picture I ask several questions.  If we have reached a place in our society where a person is guilty until they prove themselves innocent have we not destroyed our criminal justice system?  If alleging or suggesting something negative is justified, even when untrue, as with Harry Reid and Mitt Romney’s taxes, we evidence a societal problem.  False or true accusations MUST be proven in court for a conviction and simply allege something should not be the basis of conviction or rejection.  If we can invalidate legitimate elections because we don’t like the outcome do we not destroy our entire system of government?

Our American Republic’s ability to survive is rooted in the Constitution and to a very large extent our moral turpitude as a society.  I argued that if the WikiLeaks information was factual it deserved to be investigated.  I was not seeking to justify any criminal acts involved in securing that information but that if the leaks revealed criminal conduct that should be investigated.  I would argue that if the accusations against Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Donald Trump, or Judge Moore, are justifiably matters deserving investigation but not a basis for partisan witch-hunting.  Let the facts and evidence flow to a definitive conclusion, but DO NOT fabricate, twist, or skew things to obtain your ideological agenda and objective.  Those I named are not the only ones with allegations leveled at them and when the MSM, Congress, Political Parties, Activist, and Hollywood can ignore some and pursue others based on ideology we are endangering our Republic if we allow it to stand.

            You may hate the idea that Donald J. Trump is President but we had a legitimate election and even in the face of unproven and unsubstantiated allegations, HE WON!  If those who oppose his presidency succeed in overturning the legitimate election by the voters WHAT IS NEXT?  What in our System of Government or Republic remains safe or sacred?  I am always concerned about accusations such as have been leveled at Judge Moore but as long as it is “he said – she said” it becomes a personal matter for each voter to determine what they believe and act accordingly.  However, I am convinced that Mitch McConnell and the Establishment will seek to find some means to refuse to seat Judge Moore were he to win the Senate seat in December.  How many, presently in Congress or previously in Congress, had allegations not proven hanging over their heads and were still seated?  Again, I am concerned and disturbed by the allegations and if they prove to be true appropriate action should be taken.  I am also concerned about what invalidating elections will do to our Republic.

I love America, as do you, and pray that we will return to our moral moorings and constitutional ideals and receive the blessings of God.  God bless you and God bless America!