BLOG POST 1 - Real Problems

If you will allow me to be a bit facetious and sarcastic, IT’S THE POLITICIANS!   Do I have your attention?  Have I infuriated anyone?  I would wager the answer to both questions received a resounding YES.  I would also wager that some will immediately turn me off and look for the unfriend button on Facebook and deem me demented lunatic needed medical attention and confinement.  I am HORRIFIED over another mass shooting at a public school.  I am HORRIFIED at the dangers faced by the innocent and those unable to defend themselves or those who should not have to as in this type of heinous crime.  I am HORRIFIED by the political and societal reactions placing the blame at the wrong doorstep and failing to grasp the REAL PROBLEM and thereby negate the possibility of finding a REAL SOLUTION.  The latter opens the door and ensures that this treachery and evil will continue and happen again and again regardless of what new legislation is passed to BAN or CONTROL the evil firearm, especially the so-called “assault rifle” such as the AR-15.

If you are still with me, let me explain what I mean and attempt to identify the real problem in America and much of the world regarding this type of terrorism, treachery, evil, and criminal behavior.  I am amazed at how little most of the public actually knows about various firearms and yet, they speak as experts on what we should or should not have access to as law-abiding citizens who demonstrate safety and responsibility.  They are quick to seek to rescind our 2nd Amendment Rights and in doing so will endanger far more than they help and open the door to incredibly governmental overreach and possibly then implementation of Despotism and Tyranny in America.

The AR-15 IS NOT an “assault rifle” or a “machine gun.”  It is a “semi-automatic” version of the old M-16, which was a “machine gun” or could empty the magazine with a single pull of the trigger.  The version of the AR-15 available to the public DOES NOT DO THAT!  That would be illegal as per laws already on the books.  What new law are you going to propose that would prevent a criminal, terrorist, or deranged person bent on evil from modifying or using whatever weaponry they could find?  The AR-15 and similar rifles are getting a bad rap from the MSM, Hollywood, the Leftist, and Activist who want to BAN GUNS and the claim that it is a super-powerful weapon is absurd.  It chambers a 5.56 NATO or a .223 bullet and that is quite underpowered compared to the M1873 “Trapdoor” or the M1903 Springfield 30.06.  The AR-15 is a .22-caliber centerfire and not the monster being reported by the uninformed.  It is highly evolved, and the use of space-age materials makes it lightweight, highly durable, and weather resistant.  Target shooters love it for those reasons and its versatility and so do hunters, contrary to the claim of the Left that NOBODY USES IT TO HUNT.   Wrong again!  It is a favorite of Southern hog-hunters, Western prairie dog-hunters, and is perfect for Texas deer or medium-sized Eastern whitetails.  Also, nobody uses a 30-round magazine to hunt if, for no other reason, it is illegal to do so in most states.

Banning the AR-15 and other firearms because of how they look and the misconception of what they are or can do would be like banning the 747 because terrorist used it to kill people on 9/11.  After all, who needs to fly through the air at 5-700 miles per hour?  What about SUV’s or other automobiles that are used by terrorist and involved in car crashes, many of which have an impaired driver.  Do we ban them as well?  If we could just go back to the horse and buggy we would reduce the fatal automobile accidents, so let’s demand legislation to do that.  Before you attack me for that sarcastic statement and insist that I’m missing the point, let me ask what about the innocent babies in the womb?  If we believe that “banning guns” or more stringent “gun laws” will save one life are we not also concerned about abortions and could we not seek to save EVEN ONE BABY?

There is nothing about mass-shootings that is defensible and should horrify everyone.  We should be actively seeking to discuss everything and anything that might help rectify this problem and bring a sense of safety and peace to American hearts, especially our children.  BUT, I believe we are targeting the wrong culprit and in doing so we will not only not solve the problem we will allow it to grow worse.  We will become more and more frustrated with the inept attempts of legislation to solve the problem.  It will not because evil is evil and cares nothing about the law or human life.  You can’t solve that problem with more laws and more stringent controls on American’s ability for “self-defense.”

We have had guns for a very long time in America and yet, mass-shootings in the degree and proportion they are transpiring is a relatively new phenomenon. You could have used the Winchester repeating rifle of the 1800’s to conduct this type of atrocity witnessed in Florida.  You could have used a bow and arrows, broad-ax, sword or club to achieve that evil.  Why didn’t we see this type of activity back then?  I suggest there are many reasons, not the least of which was the moral and religious condition and position of the nation at that time.  NO, everyone was not a Christian and NO, everyone did not obey the law or value human life.  BUT, Society as a Whole valued our Christian heritage and we had strong families with the influence of the fathers highly regarded.  The Supreme Court ruled in 1892 that the United States was a Christian nation.  That, in my view, is difficult to argue today.  We are faced with the ever-growing influence of paganism and political correctness which is eroding our values and attempting to rewrite our laws and values to accommodate those views which are the antithesis of what America was for most of our history.  Rifle bans, throughout the world, have not stopped mass-murder as has been seen in France, Egypt, and Britain.  James Madison warned us in Federalist #10 regarding the Tyranny of the majority, in which, a faction, “united … by some common impulse of passion … adverse to the rights of other citizens” vies for power and control.”  Where are we today?  Consider the reactions being given a 24/7/365 airing by the youth in Florida and the Democrats.

Emotionally charged teenagers who have endured years of indoctrination in the liberal agenda of the Leftist including the N.E.A, the MSM, Hollywood, the Liberal Leftists, the Globalist, and too many politicians are now the face of “Gun Control.”  We are being told that if we love kids we must hate guns.  We are told the NRA, who had nothing to do with this, is a Terrorist Organization and any Conservative who defends the 2nd Amendment is aiding and abetting Terrorism.  THAT IS ABSURD, but the Kids believe it and the Democrats are ensuring they are out there constantly to touch our heartstrings and move us in compassion or empathy to willingly reject our needed right of “self-defense.”  YES, we need to discuss this incredibly serious and diabolical situation.  But to omit the need for father figures, strong families, moral values, and the problem of mental illness and unadulterated evil is WRONG!  We also must address the failure of communication between Law Enforcement agencies and redevelop our information system so that it accurately and adequately raised the needed RED FLAGS.  The warm-and-fuzzy approach of Gun Legislation is not the answer.  As a Christian, I declare GOD IS.  I know that may not resonate with some, but this is far more a heart and mind issue than a weapon of choice issue.  Until we actually deal with the Real Problem we will not find Real Solutions and this type of thing will continue to happen regardless of who is President or who is the majority in Congress.  Are we willing to honestly look at the matter or will we continue to inflame and divide the nation?  I pray we do the former not the latter.

God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 2 - Elections Have Consequences

If we do and allow the Leftist, Socialist, Progressive, Liberal Democrats to regain control of one or both Houses of Congress we will do great harm if not destroy the Republic.  I know that is a heavy statement to make.  I also know that there are those who argue, “We will survive, we always do and have.”  Let me caution you, this is different than anything we have faced and with each electoral cycle and the intensity of those who desire to “fundamentally transform” America it grows more serious.  I said in 2016 that election was the most important and crucial election we had faced thus far and it was.  Now I am warning that the 2018 mid-term elections are potentially, if not factually the most critical we have ever faced.  Believe me or believe me not, your choice but I hope you will hear why I believe that.

The Special Investigation led by Robert Mueller is designed for one purpose and one purpose only.  That, in a nutshell, is stopping Donald Trump and either removing him from office, forcing him to resign, or preventing him from being reelected or all the above.  The investigation has never been about finding evidence of a crime because NONE OF THEM believe there was a crime committed by Donald Trump.  The Mueller investigation and the token indictments are a part of a much larger picture and purpose.  It is designed to build a dossier for the Democrats to use, should they return to power in 2018 and develop articles of impeachment against the President.  No matter how failed the investigation appears and how minor the charges are leveled against various people, it will not stop!  The Republicans in Congress and the Department of Justice have no intention of stopping it for many reasons, one of which is fear of public opinion.  Another reason is that many of the Republicans and DOJ officials want Trump gone as well.

The Establishment is highly offended that Donald Trump is in the White House.  He was not supposed to be there, in their view, and therefore they believe they are justified in anything and everything they do as being for the ‘greater good.’  We are discovering that the FBI was less than forthcoming in their dealings with General Flynn and that reality could vacate the charges against him.  They were apparently less than forthcoming with the FISA Court and that should have very negative repercussions regarding every case they have developed and cloud the investigation to the point that Congress says, ENOUGH!  I do not expect that to happen, but it could and should.  The indictments against Russians for being Russians are simply diversions and an attempt to provide the appearance of the preponderance of evidence for the Democrats to use in the future.  After all, how can you explain Hillary’s defeat if it was not Russian manipulation of the election?  The Leftists and the Never Trumpers are all in agreement, Trump must go, and they follow the Alinsky model and motto that the “end justifies the means” and they will “never” let a crisis go to waste.  Tell a lie big enough, loud enough, and frequently enough and it will be believed.  THAT’S WHAT IS HAPPENING!

Let me take you back to October 2016 and then President Barack Hussein Obama’s declaration in the Rose Garden regarding ‘rigging the election’.  He was chiding Donald Trump calling him a “whiner” and declared something that was conveniently forgotten and abandoned just weeks later when Trump won!   He said, in response to Trump’s claims that the election was being rigged or there was an attempt to rig the election in favor of Hillary.  Obama said, “You start whining before the game’s even over?”  He said that Trump’s allegations were not “based on facts.”  He said that “I have not seen, in my lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the election and the election process before votes have even taken place.  It’s unprecedented.  It happens to be based on no facts.  Every expert regardless of political party regardless of ideology conservative or liberal who has ever examined these issues in a serious way will tell you that instances of significant voter fraud are not to be found.”  He went on to say, “The larger point that I want to make is there is no serious person out there who would suggest that somehow you could even rig America’s elections.  In part, because they are so decentralized, and the numbers of votes involved.  There is no evidence that has happened in the past or there are incidences in which that will happen this time.”  He chided Trump for whining and suggested he go and try to make his case to get votes. He also said, “…if Mr. Trump got the most votes, then it would be my expectation of Hillary Clinton to offer a gracious concession speech and pledge to work with him in order to make sure that the American people benefit from an effective government.  It would be my job to welcome Mr. Trump, regardless of what he said about me or my differences with him on my opinions, and escort him to the Capitol, in which there would be a peaceful transfer of power.”  Where is Jeff Wilson when we need him – Mr. President YOU LIED!

Immediately after the election and they realized that Donald Trump had won, Obama, Hillary, his justice department and it appears the FBI kicked their efforts into high gear to OUST TRUMP.  Mr. Obama had declared there was no Russian hacking and then after the election to give a semblance of validity to the claims of the Left and the Never Trump Crowd he placed sanctions on Russia, kicked out some diplomats, and began the public appeal to believe there was collusion with Trump and Russian manipulation in the election.  How soon the Left forgets and how convenient their arguments change.

America, if the Democrats win in November and reclaim one or both Houses of Congress there will be articles of impeachment issued against the President, the Tax Reform will be repealed, and there will be things done to entrench Obamacare to the point that we will never be rid of it.  The proverbial Fat Lady will not just be tuning up but will be singing loudly.  Everyone in America will suffer.  There will be a massive attempt to “ban guns” at many levels and for many types of firearms.  They will attempt to force at least one of the conservatives off the Supreme Court and replace them with their preferred Leftist Ideologue.  If that happens, our Founders and the Framers will be turning over in their graves saying, “We Warned You!”

Remember November and let’s Keep America Free so we can Make America Great and Safe again!  God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


BLOG POST 1- What Can We Do

Yes, I am wading into this controversial, volatile and a hot-button issue.  I realize that there may be many who will not like what I’m going to say, some will consider it going too far and some not far enough.  Hopefully, I will be able to convey my thoughts rationally, logically, intelligently, and judiciously.  In my statements, I have no desire to target the kids from Parkland, Florida who are becoming the National Mouthpieces for Gun Control.  Those kids, I believe are sincere!  They have been traumatized beyond imagination and deserving of our compassion, empathy, and understanding.  I do believe they are speaking out of fear, their indoctrination by leftist educators, possibly parents, the MSM, activist, and politicians.  That is tragic and my heart breaks for them and their fears, rational or irrational.  They deserve our prayers and love, so they are not my target.

My target is the misguided, fraudulent, and wrong philosophy and ideology that, if allowed to succeed, will perpetuate the problem not resolve it.  Evil cannot be legislated into being good, but the national debate is, once again, attempting to push us down that path.  It is a pathway of failure and fails to address the real problem and will not protect one life and the lives of our children are priceless.  If there was a law that could be enacted that would truly prevent another mass shooting as took place in the in Florida, I would support it.  It is Utopian at best to believe there is and the push for it may be far more sinister and diabolical than anyone imagines.  Stripping Americans of their inalienable rights, such as “self-defense” is a very dangerous path to travel and abridging Liberties and Freedoms usually results in more abridgment and infringement leading to anarchy and tyranny.  WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WOULD DESIRE THAT?

The indoctrination by and of the MSM, Hollywood, Academia, and politicians that the NRA is a ‘terrorist organization’ is not just dangerous it must be met head-on or it will lead to attacks and destruction of anything and everything conservative.  Is that the design?  Not by the kids in Florida or even some of the activist, Hollywood pretenders, or the MSM but it is by those behind the scenes.  I resist chasing that rabbit down its logical trail because I desire to talk about “What We Can Do?”  Possibly the better question is, “Can We Do Anything That Will Prevent More Shootings or Limit Them?”  I believe the answer is, YES!  I do not believe that we can do anything that will TOTALLY PREVENT an evil, deranged person or criminal from committing heinous crimes but if we can limit their ability to engage in their evil, is it not worth discussing?

Let me use a statement frequently used by the Left and Activist to make my point.  They say, “If we can save one life.”  They refuse that argument regarding abortion but then the babies in the womb are non-humans to them and that ideology enables them to desensitize themselves to the horror of that genocide.  Over 50 MILLION babies aborted since the inception of Rowe v Wade, far more lives snuffed out than in all the school or mass shootings in America.  HEAR ME!  I consider the mass shootings as being horrific and do not attempt to pigeon-hole me or stereotype me as uncaring and unfeeling.  I care about ALL LIVES!  That means kids in school, people in the Trade Centers on 9/11, and the unborn babies in the womb, to name a few.  ALL LIVES MATTER!

What Can We Do?  How about installing Metal Detectors in the Schools and make EVERYONE pass through them?  We have them in airports, courtrooms, and even businesses, why not SCHOOLS?  When I first had to go through a Metal Detector at the airport it irritated me and then I thought, “Wait for a second, if this prevents someone from getting on that airplane with a weapon or bomb, how is it bad?”  Yes, it slowed me down and inconvenienced me, and the system is not fool-proof, but it is a step in the right direction.  However, just having Metal Detectors would be “step-one” not the whole defense.  There should be “armed and trained” security guards nearby to deal with anyone attempting to crash that defense with a weapon.  They should have the authority to do what must be done to protect our kids and teachers.  Criminals and terrorist are often cowards and would avoid that scenario of facing a trained officer with a weapon.  The mentally disturbed might not and that is another issue entirely but one we can and must address.  Beyond the Armed Security Guards, I am Pro Arming the teachers who are willing to be armed and are trained to handle a firearm.  Imagine the coach who made himself a human shield being armed and trained to use the firearm.  He might be alive and many of the kids in Florida in class today not in the cemetery.

I went to school in the 50’s and 60’s and many trucks parked on campus had gunracks with a rifle in them and nobody was shooting up the school.  What was different then?  Many things?  We did not have the infestation of ‘snowflake’ mentality and ‘political correctness’ that is prevalent today.  We also had something else and that was DISCIPLINE in the home.  Most of us had two-parent families and our parents believed in discipline and demanded that we follow the rules.  Did we all follow the rules all the time?  OF COURSE NOT, but when we didn’t we not only incurred the penalties of the school and possibly the courts, but we often met the “board of education” at home and were disciplined in some way.

The idea that we can simply PASS A LAW and this problem will go away is beyond comprehension to me.  The failure of the FBI to either take the warnings seriously or the ineptitude of the agents and departments within that agency is stunning.  We need to ensure that communications between ALL Law Enforcement Agencies are strengthened.  We need to ensure that there is a severe penalty for those in various professions including the medical community that fails to give warning of what was apparently, open threats with specificity.  I appreciate patient-doctor and client-attorney privilege but when an act of terrorism is being advanced as a desire or intent, IT CANNOT BE IGNORED.  You may disagree, and I fully comprehend the can of worms we could be opening there, but can’t we discuss the matter rather than politicizing and using a tragedy or crisis to advance political agenda?  The gun, sitting on the shelf kills no one.  The gun in the hands of a person intent on doing evil does, so are we to focus on the implement of destruction or the real cause?  People are killed by cars, prescription drugs, and many other things, shall we ban them as well?  Yes, I’m being sarcastic but only to the point of pleading for sanity and rational thought.

I, along with millions of Americans, am heart-broken over this latest tragedy.  My heart breaks for these kids being used as fronts for the Leftist Agenda.  My heart breaks for the parents and families who have lost a treasured child.  My heart breaks for America and I plead that we do something to make us feel “warm and fuzzy” in enacting legislation that will be meaningless but that we take real steps to finding real solutions to this real problem.

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!



BLOG POST 1 - Blind Lead the Blind

What happens when that happens?  Well, the Bible says that they both fall in the ditch.  I do not believe it unfair to compare the way the DOJ and FBI have looked at the corruption and criminality on the part of the Obama administration, the Clinton camp and others and the way they have doggedly gone after Trump and his associates with BLINDNESS.  More aptly would be WILLING BLINDNESS and PARTISAN CORRUPTION at the highest levels of those entities, agencies, and arms of government.  Let me be perfectly clear and avow adamantly, “I DO NOT believe that everyone within the DOJ or the FBI are corrupt Democrat political hacks.”  Sadly, many are but I do not lump all of them in the same basket or category.  I support Law Enforcement and want to see my nation restored to her rightful place as the Constitutional Republic guided by the Rule of Law and a distancing ourselves from the moral turpitude apparent today.  Unfortunately, and shamefully, some of those at the top of the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, and other government agencies or bureaucracies are exposing themselves as partisan hacks.  Their partisan nakedness cannot be missed by anyone not blind and even the blind would sense the naked exposure being revealed in D.C.

Former Obama State Department official Jonathan Winer has confessed and confirmed that he passed along a dossier from Clinton operatives to the supposed author of the infamous Trump/Russia dossier.  He received a report from the Clinton campaign and forwarded it to Christopher Steele in the Fall of 2016.  That negates Hillary’s claim that she was Sgt. Schultz and KNEW NOTHING about the dossier.  She knew and she knows but thus far is walking free of investigation or charges of criminality.  I suppose we should have expected that due to the WILLING BLINDNESS of the FBI, DOJ, and State Department regarding her involvement.  They were, apparently, seeking to protect the heir-apparent to the White House and took great steps to do so.  Winer met with Steele in the summer of 2016 and Steele told him that he had learned of “disturbing information” regarding the possible ties between Donald Trump, his campaign, and senior Russian officials.  Winer reviewed Steele’s information and passed it along to the State Department.  Quite noble, right?  Hardly, because he had to know that the information was unverifiable, undocumented, and likely a concoction of the mind of another Trump hater.  He was being a good soldier for the Leftist and seeking any means possible to damage Trump and ensure a victory for Hillary and the Democrats.

Winer then just happened to run across an old friend and long-time Clinton operative, Sidney Blumenthal.  What a wonderful coincidence, right?  I guess, but coincidence and convenience seem to run rampant in the Clinton camp, don’t they?  He and Blumenthal discussed the Steele report and that means that Blumenthal knew about the dossier as early as September 2016.  That would further negate Hillary’s Sgt. Schultz defense that she KNEW NOTHING and only found out about the dossier in January 2017.  Blumenthal then gave Winer notes from a journalist that Winer said he was unfamiliar with.  That journalist was none other than Cody Shearer who is well known by the Clintons and their team.  The Shearer notes supposedly corroborated Steele’s dossier.  Seriously!  Where was the verification?  What sources were used?  Where is the paper trail and documentation?  It is conveniently absent from the notes and information provided.  Winer took Shearer’s dossier, which was more concoction than fact, and passed it along to Steele to incorporate in his work of fiction.  Winer passed on writing the document himself. It is my view that he did so in an attempt to have some shred of plausible denial and engaging in CYA.

Dick Morris, a man that probably knows Bill Clinton as well as anyone on the planet, has characterized Cody Shearer, the man allegedly behind the second Trump/Russia dossier, as one of Clinton’s GO-TO-GUYS for Dirty Tricks.  Hey, why not go to a prolific purveyor of slime and fabrication when the battle get’s hot?  That’s the Clinton modus operandi and the Clinton way!  Morris said, that Shearer was the operative that Hillary ALWAYS used.  Shearer was the operative that harassed and intimidated Clinton’s accuser, Kathleen Wiley and frightened her into silence.  He was the one who produced and peddled the highly suspect story in 1992 that a felon sold illegal drugs to Vice President Dan Quayle.  He also circulated reports of drunken and inappropriate behavior by former Senator John Tower in order to prevent him from becoming the Secretary of Defense.  Shearer has a long history of digging up or manufacturing dirt to be used against any Clinton opponent.

It has been suggested that Hillary choose Fusion GPS to float her accusations against Donald Trump because she needed someone more credible than Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer.  The Clinton camp and the DNC went into action using intermediaries in financing the Steele dossier while working diligently to keep their fingerprints off the work.  They wanted it to appear as intelligence gathering rather than opposition research. Shearer, reportedly, used what can accurately be described as LAUNDERING to ensure that his information had the appearance of coming from clean and legitimate sources rather than simply being political dirty tricks.  Shearer gave his information to Blumenthal who passed it along to the State Department, the Department that Hillary had led.  The State Department, apparently, passed that information along to Steele, who handed it over to the FBI.  What a nice chain of events and so helpful for Hillary and the Democrats, right?  The FBI then used the unsubstantiated dossier to obtain warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to spy on Trump and his team.  They claimed it came from a respected foreign intelligence officer and allowed the State Department and FBI to present a more lasting impression than had they admitted it came from the likes of Shearer or Blumenthal.  Heaven forbid they should be honest in their actions, after all, the Deep State operatives and Swamp denizens must protect their own at all costs, right?

The Grassley-Graham memo confirms a report from Steele that his company received the report from a person in the State Department. The memo also confirms that the Clinton camp funded the Steele dossier and her operatives and associates were contemporaneously funneling the allegations of Christopher Steele to various sources, including the media in leaks.  That is troubling and possibly if not probably criminal.  It is entirely possible that Blumenthal and Shearer developed and wrote the lion’s share of the Steele dossier and used Steele as the intermediary to make it public.  Steele was possibly used to hide the shady and corrupt political dirty dealings of the Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

It is my personal view that if we do not somehow restore SIGHTEDNESS to Congress, the FBI, the DOJ, the State Department, and most other government agencies we will witness the TOTAL DISMANTLING of our system of government.  Is that what Barack Hussein Obama was promising when he vowed to “fundamentally transform” America?  When the Blind lead the Blind in politics and government, they not only fall into the ditch, but they jeopardize our Freedoms and Liberties as a people.  We are nearing the mid-term elections and if we fail to oust the guilty, corrupt, and complicit in these types of cover-ups we will push the Republic to the brink of extinction and endanger our Constitutional Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties.  We must find and elect officials who will HONOR the Constitution, PROTECT and DEFEND it and FOLLOW the Rule of Law.  That is not optional it is mandatory for our survival as a Free Republic.  We must find people who believe in LIMITED GOVERNMENT as opposed to the monstrosity now in existence.  We must find officials who will support and enact LIMITED SPENDING and who will LOWER THE NATIONAL DEBT rather than do what McConnel and Schumer imposed upon us in the name of bipartisanship.  AMERICA, it is up to us to take back our government.  I pray that you remember this in November and between now and then will pray, pray, pray and work, work, work to ensure victory for America in November.

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!


CARE TO PLAY – What If???

BLOG POST 3 - What If

Neither do I, but for the sake of exposure and examination as we attempt to make sense of the senselessness of today’s political climate of corruption in Washington, D.C., let’s play.  What has transpired, leading up to and in the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential election reveals the depth of the Swamp and the breadth of the Deep State?  The events reveal the depth of cronyism and corruption existing in Congress and the incredible complicity by the courts in the perpetuation of the Globalist-Socialist agenda that is being advanced in America.  The former president, Barack Hussein Obama, kicked the progressive leftist liberal socialist agenda train into high gear and Hillary Clinton was poised to move it to WARP SPEED. Thankfully, she failed to ascend to the throne and we have been afforded a small window of opportunity to turn the tide and restore the republic.  Unfortunately, much of the Republican leadership has been complicit in the stonewalling, foot-dragging, and corruption that has transported us to the point in time and history.

Had the situation in American politics not descended so deeply into the Swamp and the ‘Ole Boy System’ not become so powerful, the Hillary Clinton scandals would have resulted in an indictment and probably jail time for her highness.  In all honesty, it has not been just the FBI, DOJ, Obama administration, and the Democrats in Congress who wanted to protect their chosen one, Republicans participated in a significant manner that allowed her to survive the threat of indictment and imprisonment.  That could change, but it will require a complete change in the leadership of the GOP and the removal of enough Democrats in Congress to become a reality.  WE CAN DO THIS!!!

The Clinton’s have a long history of corruption, bullying, and engaging in political dirty tricks to achieve their ends.  Therefore, while she was in the State Department, why would she change her tactics?  Nothing had stuck to her, to that point, and nothing since, so there would no perceived reason to change.  It appears, that Hillary decided to take definitive steps to HIDE her Pay for Play activities because she believed she had done enough groundwork for ample CYA.  She also believed, correctly, that the Barack Obama, the Democrats in Congress, the Leftist in the FBI hierarchy and DOJ would do that for her.  She was right, and she was wrong, but mostly she was right, they did!  If you follow the trail of Clinton corruption back to Arkansas when Bill was earning a paltry $35,000 per year as governor, she invested a measly $1,000 (crumbs to Nancy Pelosi) in cattle futures and make a staggering $100,000.  Man, I could use some of that good fortune, how about you?  If her trading had been legitimate, the odds of her success would have been something like 1 in 31 TRILLION.  Does anyone smell a rat or a Skunk?  The Clintons trashed and stole things from the White House as they vacated it prior to George W. Bush’s arrival.  What upstanding and honorable people they are, right?  Actions do speak louder than words.

Hillary and Bill maneuvered rules changes in the Democratic Primaries in 2008 to enhance her chances of winning the nomination but the Obama campaign thwarted her efforts and rained on their parade.  Obama, then threw her a bone making her Secretary of State, a high-profile cabinet position that would allow her to lay the groundwork for the 2016 elections.  Hillary used her position as Secretary of State effectively for her personal benefit and purposes but to the detriment of America and the American people.  Almost no one trusts Hillary and most people do not like her, even those who voted for her.  Most people see through the veneer and phoniness and know that she has no basis for relating to the average citizen.  Amazingly, millions still pull the lever for the Democrat regardless of who that Democrat might be.

Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and others, in my view, worked conspiratorially to give Hillary the required cover to continue her campaign and the expected ascent to the White House.  The documented evidence revealed, thus far, indicates that Hillary committed numerous federal crimes including the removal of TOP SECRET government documents and records from secure sites.  Her bathroom server failed to meet federal requirements for national security and her gross handling of the 33,000 “yoga and wedding dress” emails (as she called them) should have resulted in an immediate empaneling of a federal grand jury.  Months BEFORE the investigation was concluded and possibly even began the FIX WAS IN.  Before she was interviewed by the FBI the exoneration had been written.  Lying to the FBI (under oath or not) is a crime and Hillary lied.  I must ask, “Where is the perjury charge against her, as is the case of General Michael Flynn?” 

Someone asked, “What if James Comey had been honest?”  WOW!  That is a great question.  If he had been, Hillary would have been forced to suspend her campaign, possibly step down as the Democratic candidate, been faced with testifying before a Grand Jury, and would likely have been indicted for her crimes.  Comey would have also been making inquiries into the involvement of Barack Obama and his administration including the Attorney General and the Department of Justice.  He was not honest, and he did none of those things.  Had that happened, it is quite possible that Joe Biden would have been offered by the Democrats as an alternate candidate and I am quite concerned that he might have won.  So, in one sense I’m glad Hillary was the candidate and in another, I’m appalled that there has been such a miscarriage of justice.

I’ve not touched on the Democrats in Congress led by Senator Chuck Schumer and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. Their RESISTANCE is doing incredible damage to America, furthering the distrust and divisiveness existing in this nation, and if successful, will result in the completion of the “fundamental transformation” proposed by Barack Obama.  WE MUST NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!  Patriots WE CAN DO THIS!!!

In some ways, President Trump’s hands are tied. Public opinion, if not legal statutes require him to walk softly in some areas and let things play out.  His propensity to “shoot from the lip” will continue to be used as cannon fodder by the Left and I pray that he will, at times, use restraint.  NO, I do not want him to totally abandon his use of Twitter and his in-your-face response to some antics and allegations.  The ‘kowtowing’ of the Republicans have allowed the Democrats to bully them into conceding too frequently.  The Left has no clue how to handle someone who does not quake in their boots when the Leftist dogs bark.  It is my view that the onus is on WE THE PEOPLE to take the appropriate action, put enough pressure on the politicians that we move the needle toward the fulfillment of the campaign promises made in the 2016 elections.  DRAIN THE SWAMP is a rallying cry but we must focus on REMOVING THE RINO’s and EVICTING THE DEMOCRAT LEFTIST SQUATTERS from our inheritance, which is the Republic known as the United States of America.  Patriots – WE CAN DO THIS!!!

God bless you and God bless America!


WITH ALL THE EXPOSED CORRUPTION – A Vital Issue Goes Unattended…

BLOG POST 1 - DC Crime Scene

I desire, want and demand a full and complete investigation of the corruption in Washington, D.C. in all spheres, aspects, and entities of government.  I am perfectly willing to let the chips fall where they may.  I believe that is the only avenue by which we can reclaim, restore, and reignite the government our Farmers and Founders envisioned and established.  The Republican Democracy of Representative Government has proven to be the best system of government to ensure the inalienable rights, liberties, and freedoms of mankind.  Sorry, Prime Minister Trudeau, I use the term “mankind” not “people-kind” because I do not deem that term sexist but simply referring to the species of the human race and human family.

One of the greatest crimes in modern history, in my view, has not been the scandals of the Obama administration, the Clinton camp, the FBI, the DOJ, or any other governmental agency.  I am not suggesting that those are not incredibly serious and deserving of investigation and jail time for many of the participants.  Congress, in my view, has committed a crime that is off the charts in its importance, gravity, and impact upon our Constitutional Republic and the ability of American’s to PURSUE the American dream and enjoy our liberties and freedoms to which we are entitled.

Do I have your attention yet?  I HOPE SO but realize that some will possibly disagree with my assertions and disagree with the level to which ascribe the Congressional crime of which I speak.  What am I talking about?  THE NATIONAL DEBT and SPENDING!  It is or should be at the top of the list of clear and present dangers for the Republic and our continued existence.  The amount of IOU’s held by nations such as Communist China hold is staggering.  The politicians over many decades have hocked America’s future up to the eyeballs and many seem to treat this as inconsequential and believe it is simply PAPER not REALITY.  It is very real and incredibly ominous, yet congress after congress and president after president allows it to continue.  We see the DEBT CEILING being raised on a regular basis, the entitlement spending and non-discretionary spending continues to skyrocket with little or no cuts in spending.  That should keep you awake at night, but as long as people are not directly and personally impacted they ignore the issue.

Our National Debt is over $20 TRILLION and that is staggering!  The National Debt is comprised of two categories:  Intragovernmental Holdings and Debt Held by the Public.  We owe Communist China a whopping $1.3 TRILLION or about 19% of the total National Debt.  THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE and DANGEROUS!  It may not trouble you, but it disturbs me to the core of my being.  If China were to call in all the debt at once the U.S. dollar would collapse and the economy of the entire world turned upside down.  That is possibly the only true hedge we have against China calling in the debt and wrecking our economy.  If China were to take those steps to destroy America, they would do grave damage to their own economy.  However, they still have incredible ability and power to manipulate us in many ways due to the debt.  It is hardly mentioned but we owe Japan more than $1.1 MILLION and other countries hold $3.8 TRILLION of our debt.  The foreign involvement in our debt is troubling but that is not the total story.

You may or may not be aware but about $12.9 TRILLION of our National Debt is owned by Americans.  That’s good, you might say, but is it?  Our politicians, especially since Lyndon B. Johnson have been borrowing or stealing from Peter to pay Paul and destroying us.  Our Social Security Trust Fund owns about $5.1 TRILLION of the debt.  That is absurd because the politicians have no intent or interest in every paying that back, so it is theft by the government from the monies you and I paid into the system to fund their agendas and entitlements.  That is troubling on so many levels I shudder to think of it.  That fact is the major reason the Social Security program is in the dire straits it is in.  Politicians have effectively stolen from our Piggy Bank and stuffed it full of IOU’s they know they can never and will never repay.  Over $5 TRILLION is owed to individuals, pensions funds, and state and local governments.  That is problematic on many fronts but ignored by politicians and citizens.  We are, in a very real sense, bankrupt and operating in a money shuffling scheme which is a very real Ponzi Scheme that amounts to legalized theft by the federal government.  That is why the politicians of both parties are more than willing to listen to the call for MORE AND MORE TAXES.  They want to continue their “gravy train” that empowers them to do advance their agendas where they SPEND, SPEND, and SPEND and that requires TAXES, TAXES, and MORE TAXES.

I have only touched the tip of the iceberg this enormous problem represents but if you will allow me to go to the Bible and also insert some of the views of our Founders and Framers on DEBT.  I a very real sense DEBT is SERVITUDE.  Proverbs 22:7 warns that “the borrower is servant to the lender.”  I would argue that Freedom and Liberty are diminished in direct proportion to the debt owed.  WHY?  Because debt reduces the options the debtor has with regard to what he/she does with what he earns.  The greater the debt the fewer the options available because the debt must be serviced (paid) otherwise bankruptcy results and the loss of everything or most things transpires.  In Deuteronomy 15:6 God issued a commandment to the nation of Israel that we would do well to heed in America.  He said, “for the Lord, your God will bless you as He has promised you, and you will lend to many nations, BUT YOU WILL NOT BORROW; and you will rule over many nations, but they will not rule over you.”  [Emphasis Mine].  The lender rules over the borrower.

Thomas Jefferson was adamant in his opposition to debt.  He said, “To preserve their [the people’s] independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.  We must make our election [choice] between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude.”  WHAT HAVE WE DONE TODAY?  We have allowed the politicians to place us in the servitude of debt nationally and that limits our liberties and freedoms significantly.  Jefferson also warned of the excesses in federal spending saying, “The forehorse [leader] of this frightful team is public debt.   Taxation follows, that, and in its train wretchedness and oppression.”  That was prophetic and a warning we failed to heed and once you dance you must pay the fiddler.  He also argued, “I… place economy [frugality] among the first and the most important republican virtues and public debt the greatest dangers to be feared.”  I AGREE!

Jefferson was not alone, Alexander Hamilton also warned, “Nothing can more interest the national…prosperity than…extinguishing the present debt to avoid as much as possible the incurring any new debt!  Establish that a government may decline a provision for its debts, though able to make it, and you overthrow all public morality, you unhinge all the principles that must preserve the limits of free constitutions, you have anarchy, despotism, or whatever you please, but you have no just or regular government.”  WOW!  Our First President and the Father of our Country, George Washington agreed completely saying, “The progressive accumulation of debt…ultimately endangers all governments.  No pecuniary [monetary] consideration is more urgent than the regular redemption and discharge of public debt.”  NOT IN THE MINDS OF MODERN POLITICIANS and those on the dole.  Jefferson also said powerfully, “I am for…applying all the possible savings of the public revenue to the discharge of the national debt.  But if the debt should once more be swelled to a formidable size, its entire discharge will be despaired of and we shall be committed to the English career of debt, corruption, and rottenness, closing with revolution.  The discharge of debt, therefore, is vital to the destinies of our government.”  WHERE ARE WE TODAY?  We are one step from realizing the fulfillment of those warnings and experiencing the total collapse of our economy and the disruption of our government, resulting in anarchy and tyrannical despotism.  THIS IS, in my view, A TREASONOUS CRIME that is being perpetuated by elected officials against our Republic.  IT MUST BE ADDRESSED and STOPPED!

Yes, there are many serious scandals and corruption in Washington and most of them can be directly or indirectly connected to money.  Money connects them to the National Debt and the thirst for power by the political elitist of today.  When you vote in November think about the National Debt and ask your candidate his/her views on the Debt.  IT IS IMPORTANT!

God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 1 - Reason

Another mass shooting in America and the immediate impassioned pleas are for ‘Gun Control’ and ‘Gun Bans’ of various types of firearms.  Some want an immediate ban on ALL GUNS, some want a ban on certain types of firearms, but the Leftist Gun Control Activist want to shred the 2nd Amendment and BAN GUNS in some measure.  Mostly, it would make them feel better but would not address the real problem nor would it prevent more mass shootings.

Before you blast me as unfeeling, uncaring, and lacking compassion I ask that you tap the brakes and allow your emotions to calm just a little and use that thing on the top of your shoulders for something other than a hat rack.  The Bible says, “Come now let us reason together…”  Yes, that passage in Isaiah was talking about salvation, but it is a valid plea in any crisis or tragedy.  If we react in the heat of emotions we frequently make bad decisions and bad policy which is difficult to rectify and does not truly deal with the problem.

In no way, do I desire to lump everyone who is crying for a ban on guns in the same basket.  In no way, am I accusing you of being purely political because I realize that there are many who genuinely believe that if there was a law “banning firearms” we would have no more mass shootings.  They are wrong, but sincere in their beliefs.  They fear the evil gun and truly want to see America become a “gun free zone”, mistakenly thinking this will resolve the problem of “gun violence” in America.  Cities such as Chicago are a testimony of the fallacy in that argument, but then asking people driven by emotion to use reason is more than can be expected.

When I hear equal outrage over the genocide of Planned Parenthood’s Abortion wing, from those on the Left as I do their vituperation of the National Rifle Association I will believe we can have an honest conversation about this problem.  The millions of innocent unborn babies that are slaughtered each year reflect a problem as great as the diabolical actions of those who commit acts of violence in mass shootings and terrorism.  NO, I am not diminishing the abominableness and heinousness of mass shootings.  What I am saying is, “let’s not pick and choose which acts of treachery we are going to target, simply for political or ideological purposes.”  Let’s focus on ALL the issues and realize that this problem is not as simple as “banning guns.”  It is a heart and mind issue that cannot be controlled by legislation.

I am horrified by this event in Parkland, Florida at the local high school.  No words can convey my heartbreak for the families of the victims and the traumatization of the students, parents, and onlookers.  If there was a law we could pass that would eliminate this kind of event, I’d support it, but there isn’t.  We have enough laws on the books to prevent as much of this as is humanly possible.  The problem is not the lack of laws but the communication between various agencies, the dealing with mental health, and the lack of pro-active law enforcement.  I realize that may make me sound as if I want to just gloss this over and toss it on the trash heap of things we either cannot or will not deal with.  That could not be farther from the truth.  I want to deal with this issue and deal with it effectively.

This young man, from the reports I have seen and heard, had mental issues and had posted on YouTube a video in which he said, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.”  The vlogger, Ben Bennight, saw it and alerted the FBI of that comment last fall.  The FBI, from what I can gather interviewed Bennight but never contacted the alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz or his family.  WHY NOT?  I share the frustration of the local sheriff over that fact.  It was known by authorities in law enforcement at the federal level that this individual was a potential “ticking timebomb” and needed to be monitored, interviewed, and possibly referred to mental health practitioners for evaluation.  Some of the reports indicate that the FBI took a somewhat cavalier attitude toward this report and their interest was if Bennight knew Cruz rather than actively investigating the potential threat posed in the YouTube video.  WHY?  I cannot answer that question, but it is one of the foremost questions to be answered, in my view.  I understand that the FBI contacted Bennight again after the mass shooting.  Is this the investigative method used by the FBI to interrogate those reporting potential violence, terrorism, and crime rather than being pro-active in addressing the person in question?  WHY?  There are far more questions than answers at this point and the answer IS NOT to react with legislation that tampers with the 2nd Amendment.

It is being reported that the alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz bought the rifle legally and that indicates problems in the system not with the law itself.  In fact, virtually each of the mass shootings that have transpired in recent history, the shooters purchased the firearms legally and passed the extensive background checks required by law.  What, then is the problem?  I saw at least one report that said this individual, in Florida, was being treated for potential mental issues.  I realize that there are HIPPA requirements and confidentiality requirements that prevent some disclosure but if a person is being treated for mental issues, it would seem logical that a flag would be in the system to be addressed in firearms purchases.  I realize that this could open a can of worms that invade our privacy and could become unreasonable but if the FBI knew of the YouTube video, the history of this young man to have fits of anger (as has been reported), and there was current attention to mental instability WHY WAS THAT NOT FLAGGED?  Maybe it is an issue that is impossible to address and maintain our right to privacy.  Maybe it isn’t.  That is a matter that needs much thought.

Sadly, if a person is either evil or mentally ill and purposes to do harm to others there is NO LAW that can prevent that from occurring.  If more stringent “gun laws” or “gun bans” would solve the problem, then cities like Chicago would be crime-free today, but they are among the worst and most dangerous in America.  Criminals, terrorist, and the mentally unstable are not interested in following the Law, they are interested in carrying out their purposed acts of evil and violence.  It is a heart issue far more than it is a gun issue, but when in the heat of passion, we react, that kind of reasoning is left off the table and out of the discussion.

Although there are some who truly believe that GUNS are the problem and America should become a Gun Free Zone.  Those people truly believe that if we enact a TOTAL BAN and revocation of the 2nd Amendment would solve the problem.  Those people have my deepest sympathy.  Those who are pushing this issue from a purely political agenda and their endgame is to strip Americans of their ability to resist a rogue government is of the same mindset that allowed the atrocities of history to become realities.

There is a solution or something that would help prevent further incidents like this and it will be attacked viciously by those who want to BAN THE GUN.  A far better answer would be to put guns in the hands of qualified teachers, hire policemen or former military personnel to walk the halls and premises armed and empowered to protect the student body of every school.  That would do far more to deter this type of activity than some new gun law that will only muddle the issue more and do little to nothing to resolve the issue.  I CARE THAT KIDS ARE DYING in every situation not just from gun violence.  I care that they are dying from drugs, alcohol, gang violence, sexually transmitted diseases, and in any way their lives are being snuffed out.  I CARE not only about our kids but everyone.  The idea of a utopian law that would make everyone safe is just that UTOPIAN and not REALITY.  Curse me, praise me, or ignore me if you please but THINK and REASON rather than REACT and allow this to become politicized and thereby made impossible to resolve!

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!