BLOG POST 8 - Witch Hunt

Why has the Clinton Foundation, the Obama Administration, and Queen Hillary not investigated with equal fervor and determination?  The Inspector General’s report indicates and reveals that the Obama Justice Department worked diligently and determinedly to shut down or limit the investigation into the widespread allegations of financial crimes and the selling of influence by the Clintons.  If the real impetus is to uncover ‘obstruction of justice’ or ‘collusion’ then the astonishing involvement by the DOJ under Barack Obama to impede any investigation into the potential crimes of the Clintons should be the subject of serious investigation.

During the presidential campaign, senior officials in the Obama Department of Justice expressed concerns about FBI agents taking overt steps in the Clinton Foundation Investigation.  From the information available McCabe lied, leaked, and facilitated the desire of the Obama DOJ to impede the investigation into the Clinton Foundation, Hillary herself, and probably protected the Obama White House as well.  The amazing fact is that these same high-level Deep State, Swamp Denizens, DOJ and FBI actors are the same ones who are orchestrating the ongoing attacks on President Donald J. Trump.  I suspect that those attacks are being orchestrated at the behest of Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett’s PAC.

We should find it suspicious and unacceptable that the FBI would refuse to turn over documents regarding the meeting between former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac.  The FBI claims the documents are too “highly classified” to be released.  That is amazing since both Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch contend that the meeting was simply about small talk regarding the weather and grandkids.  How is that “highly classified”?   If what they claim (Clinton and Lynch) is true, then there would be nothing “highly classified” in those documents.  That can only lead to the conclusion that something is rotten in Denmark and what was discussed is possibly criminal and rises to the level of “obstruction of justice.”  It appears that there has been a severe violation of the public trust and, as with Hillary’s emails which violated numerous federal laws.  But then, Bill, Loretta, Barack, and Hillary are Democrats and therefore exempt from the scrutiny of the investigative eye of a Special Investigator.  Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a Republican and a threat to their apple cart ole boy system and corruption.  You decide if there is anything fishy or not.

Andrew McCabe, the leaker, lied to his boss James Comey about the leaks and his knowledge of who was responsible.  It was McCabe himself and he violated the FBI Offense Code 2.5 (Lack of Candor – No Oath).  On May 9, 2017, McCabe was questioned, under oath, by FBI agents from INSD and he was not forthcoming about his authorization of the leaks to the Wall Street Journal.  He claimed he did not authorize them and did not know who did – HE LIED.  This was a violation of FBI Offense Code 2.6 (Lack of Candor – Under Oath).  He lied to the OIG, to his boss James Comey, and based on the OIG report lied and continues to lie.  He not only should have been fired, he should be prosecuted, and it appears that his boss is in the same boat and part of collusion and corruption to impede any real investigation into the Clintons or the Obama administration.  However, the Mueller Investigation into Trump has now crossed all legal and legitimate lines in raiding Trump’s attorney’s home and taking documents that are clearly protected by the “attorney/client” privilege of our law.  When did the raid on the Clinton Lawyer take place?  Oh, I forgot, it didn’t.

There is evidence that Obama Justice Department pressured McCabe to limit the FBI agents in the field from pursuing the Clintons.  Why has there been such a push to protect the Clintons when former FBI Director James Comey acknowledge that Hillary lied and was grossly negligent in her use of a private server.  There have been so many revelations of the corruption by liberal political activist within the Justice Department and the FBI to protect the Clintons, the Obamas, and to attack Donald Trump with a vengeance it is astounding that nothing is being done to rectify that situation.  If the Mueller Investigation is not a “witch hunt” then why the non-stop digging while ignoring criminality, collusion, corruption, and obstruction of justice by the former administration and the Clintons?  Why are those activist within the DOJ and FBI walking free unprosecuted and those connected to Trump who committed acts far below the level of some of those under indictment or threat?

My concern in all this is America.  If we continue to allow the ignoring of potential crimes by high-level leftist Democrats and the unrelenting pursuit of anything against Donald Trump, we are destroying our System of Government and our Republic.  Where is the current Department of Justice, the FBI, and Congress on this?  Why are they defending Mueller and praising Comey, and acting as though Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were the greatest patriots in American history?  The only way Congress is going to act is if we pose enough threat to their reelection bids to get their attention.  THAT WILL REQUIRE UNIFICATION and COMMITMENT on the part of WE THE PEOPLE.  I wish I could say that I thought that would happen but at this juncture, the disjointedness of the various efforts to seek truth and justice suggest otherwise.  Those in Congress seem to only be interested in our concerns UNTIL they receive our votes and then revert to ‘business as usual’ and engage in the political cronyism of Washington, D.C.

What can we do, America?  We can utilize spiritual weapons to combat this evil and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.  We can become involved in the political process educating and informing as many as possible of what is going on, what has gone on, and what is at stake.  Finally, we can VOTE!  No, we can’t vote early and often as some on the left, but WE CAN VOTE!

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!

THE LIBERAL’S AMERICA – Is Not a Safe America…

BLOG POST 4 - Liberal America

There are many things that validate my constant call for rejection of the liberal, leftist, socialist, globalist, progressive agenda and VOTE NO on the Democrats.  You may or may not agree with my observations, but the effects of Liberal Democrat Control are resulting in harm to citizens, damage to our Constitutional Republic, and reveals an ineptitude or diabolicalness that is alarming.  YET, with each election cycle in some states and cities, the Leftists are returned to power and the carnage continues.  Someone said, “The definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing expecting a different result.” 

Cities like Chicago, Detroit, and States like California are prime examples of the insanity of allowing the Liberal Leftist Democrats control the agenda and direction.  In California, a self-proclaimed ‘Sanctuary State’ we now know that OVER 1 MILLION Illegals [undocumented] aliens [immigrants] have received California driver’s licenses.  They are not alone in allowing ILLEGALS to gain official ID’s and given driving privileges.  There are twelve states plus Washington, DC (imagine that, the seat of our government) which allow ILLEGALS to obtain driver’s licenses.  The irony of this is that until 1993, illegals could get driver’s licenses anywhere in the United States UNTIL California became the first state to restrict access and then 45 other states followed…  NOW, California is taking the lead again, they are ALLOWING the Illegals to obtain driver’s licenses which can and will probably be used to allow them to VOTE.  There are many issues I have with ILLEGALS being allowed to obtain driver’s licenses but one thing that touches every citizen’s pocketbook is the amount of money those entities are spending on opening new field offices and personnel to grant those licenses.  In California, it is estimated that it will cost approximately $141 MILLION over the next three-years.  Yes, there is supposed to be a distinctive identifier on the license but ILLEGALS being Legal Drivers is, to me, oxymoronic.

We also know that once again, the authorities either failed to heed or ignored a warning about a potential shooter.  The YouTube HQ shooter’s father contacted the authorities and reported his daughter missing. The authorities located her in the Mountain View, California and informed her family she was safe.  The problem in this is her family knew she was near YouTube’s HQ and informed the police she had a problem with YouTube.   She had been ranting that the company [YouTube] was ruining her life.  They informed the police of her rants and asked them to keep an eye on her.  The police said, “Not so, she never mentioned YouTube, was cooperative and calm.”  BUT, considering the most recent revelations that the FBI and police had been warned about the Parkland Florida shooter, one would think that “keeping an eye on her” would be a minimal action by prudent law enforcement.  The police deny that her father or brother informed them of any potential dangers.  Her brother said he Googled Mountain View and realized it was very near YouTube’s HQ and the fact that she had traveled from San Diego to Northern California near the company’s headquarters caused him great concern.  He called the local police.  However, it seems that that information and concern was not relayed to the Bay Area, San Bruno police department.

Let me state, I fully understand the need to maintain our Constitutional Rights and the Right to Privacy but communication between law enforcement agencies seems to be sorely lacking.  Is that a result of what is happening in our government and society today?  Is that a reflection of the lackadaisical attitude many have about the real problem because it does not advance the liberal agenda of Gun Control?  The Left has a deep interest in blaming the NRA and guns but no desire to address failures in law enforcement and government to address concerns and warnings that are human.  Never blame the real cause (people), rather blame the inanimate object or weapon of choice.  Blame the NRA or Conservative views and values, but never blame the one committing the crime and heinous act.  Another reason to ensure that the Left never takes back control of our government.

In Academia the situation is is no better and it appears that our entire educational system, especially at the higher education level has gone off the deep end toward liberalism and socialism.  Some colleges are now requiring a 2-hour “Campus Clarity” course that is purportedly designed to give the students a “comprehensive foundation in sexual violence protection, bystander awareness” and “sex in college and partying smart.”  SERIOUSLY?  This is clearly about indoctrination of the incoming students with the liberal ideology and seeks to cause them to either accept docilely the views of the Left or embrace them.  This course seeks to promote the LGBTQ agenda and some of the wording its tests target conservatives as intolerant bigots and that embracing the same-sex orientation is to be liberated.  That is their Campus Clarity?  Higher education has ceased to be about education but about indoctrination.  Conservative views and values including the Traditional Family are anathema and conservatives who openly express their views become targets of both students and teachers.  THAT IS THE LIBERAL AMERICA of the Democrats. 

None of these may bother you as they do me.  You may consider them minor issues, but the Bible says, “it is the little foxes that spoil the vine” and “a little leaven leavens the lump.”  If you were to begin dropping bb’s in a small boat, you would find that the cumulative weight of the little things (bb’s) would eventually sink the boat.  Little things matter!

God bless you and God bless America!


IN A TECHNOLOGICAL CYBER WORLD – This is a Genuine Threat…


I hear almost no one talking about the dangers of an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse).  It, in my view, is a real threat and one that hopefully our government, our military, and the technological world are taking steps to prevent and/or deal with should one occur.  However, with the demonstrated ineptitude of our government, and the investment of much of the world of technology in countries that hate us, I DOUBT WE ARE PREPARED.

I am not tech-savvy enough to fully detail what an EMP fully encompasses but I am informed enough to know it is a genuine cause for concern.  I am informed enough to know the vast damage and destruction that would result were one to occur in the United States of America.  A clear definition of an EMP is “a high-intensity burst of energy caused by a rapid acceleration of charged particles from either solar weather or a nuclear bomb detonated high in the atmosphere.”  That event whether a natural phenomenon or a diabolical terrorist attack or an act of war by an aggressor nation would cripple our nation far beyond what many seem to believe.  It would virtually shut down the U.S. Electric Grid and we would not have a ‘brown-out’ but a total ‘black-out’ across most if not all of this nation.  Without electricity, we would be returned to the 19th-century mode of operation and few would be able to survive that catastrophe.

From the information I have been able to uncover and examine, it appears that we have a very limited plan of protection against such an event.  That opens a very large and disturbing door for a terrorist attack by less-powerful nations who hate us or terrorist organizations to inflict crippling damage to the United States.  Sadly, there are those in power who view the threat of an EMP as fiction and something out of a science fiction comic book.  That troubles me, and I raise this issue again knowing some will disregard my cries calling me a kook and alarmist.  I hope I am wrong, but my heart and information suggest, I am not.

Imagine our Electric Grid shutdown and electronics across the nation fried by such an event.  How many of our gadgets, computers, modes of transportation, and more are dependent on electricity or electronics?  It would virtually shut down transportation and the confusion and congestion as people attempt to engage in any travel would result in chaos, riots, and anarchy.  Our economy would come to a screeching halt and that would impact not only delivery of food but medicine as well as communications.  We would literally be in the dark and there is no doubt that the looting, rioting, and shortages would result in our society degenerating into a people where little would be considered off-limits and unacceptable.  Survival would become the prime objective of virtually every person and no one or nothing would be safe.  It would result in a state of anarchy that would take more lives than all the wars of our history combined.

I am told that EMP’s are categorized as E1, E2, and E3, which are defined by their wavelength.  An E1’s speed is defined in nanoseconds and reaches over a very vast geographical segment of the country.  An E2 is a bit slower and has been described as being similar to lightning strikes and would fry transmission lines, towers, and destroys telecommunications, electronics, controls systems, and transformers.  It is devastating.  An E3 is a longer lasting pulse and has been compared to a ‘solar geomagnetic storm’ in its effect.  There are virtually no electronic or electric power systems safe from this type of EMP.  The higher in the atmosphere the EMP takes place the more far-reaching the damage and destruction.  However, experts in this field tell us that a nuclear bomb detonated just 25 miles above sea level would have far-reaching consequences, and potentially span the entire continental United States.  Does that get your attention? It should!

Let me give you a bit of history to help you understand my concern and belief that this is a genuine threat and not some science fiction theory without basis.  In 1859, a nascent electric system was exposed to an EMP-like event.  Telegraph operators were shocked unconscious and the telegraphs caught on fire. That was from a solar flare that reached earth.  In 1962, we detonated a hydrogen bomb at a high altitude off Johnston Island in the Pacific in an operation called ‘Starfish Prime.’  The effects were felt in Hawaii, a thousand miles away, where street lights were blown, and telephone outages occurred over a large segment of the island.  The test also damaged U.S., British, and Russian satellites.

North Korea has been working on the technology for decades and now they are developing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons to carry out their desired destruction.  It is, in my opinion, and that of some military and technology experts, that it is a matter of time before North Korea learns how to fuse their nuclear weapons properly, so they can detonate them in a high-altitude environment to maximize the EMP’s destructive power.  Terrorist organizations have been seeking the technology to bring about an EMP terror attack and with enough money, some nation will provide them with the technology to carry out their desired destruction.

In most cases, we would have a 30-minute warning after an enemy launched a ballistic missile but that is not etched in stone. The new Russian missiles are supersonic and we would not have that time to prepare.  But, what happens if a terrorist smuggles a nuclear bomb on an airplane or secures a high-flying aircraft and carries out a suicide mission to launch an EMP against us?  How much warning would we have?  

Why am I raising this issue?  Am I being an alarmist?  Are there not more pressing issues on the political, economic, and social scene that require more of our attention?  The answer to the last question is POSSIBLY.  There are some issues that are immediate, and we must not overlook them.  There are some issues, such as this that demand we take steps to prepare for the eventuality and develop means to prevent to the best of our ability.  OUR WORLD IS DARK and GETTING DARKER.  Legislation and political wrangling on the home-front can become a distraction that allows the diabolical destroyers carry out their destruction.  We must be alert and awake.  This is one of the many reasons that I continue to warn WE CANNOT ALLOW THE DEMOCRATS TO REGAIN CONTROL OF CONGRESS.  We must make America SAFE in order to restore her to her position of GREATNESS that we all desire!

Call me whatever you desire and ignore this warning if you choose.  I suggest that you consider some tactics of the ‘doomsday’ proponents and store up some non-perishable food and water and means of communication and lighting.  If you have the means to find a vehicle that is pre-electronic ignition it might be an investment worth considering.  I know, I know… ALARMIST is what some are saying.  I hope I am wrong!  I pray that I am wrong!  I pray that we never experience this kind of destruction.

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer!














BLOG POST 2 - Holdovers

I hoped that President Trump would immediately purge as many of the Obama holdovers from positions of power in government, but he did not.  It is possible that he could not purge some of them or even many of them, but I hoped that he would aggressively move to oust as many as possible.  I was troubled when he left people in the Department of Justice that were clearly Hillary supporters and Obama Team Members.  That has caused some of the difficulties he is now facing. Why he did that is still a mystery to me, but it is likely that the advice he received from those supposedly guiding him as he established his administration.  It may have been that he thought he could work with them and convince them to do the right thing.  It may have been that he thought they were more interested in America than partisan wrangling and political ideology.  If that is the case, he was wrong!

The Obama holdovers and even Clinton holdovers in the State Department are problematic.  It was through the efforts of at least one of those Swamp Denizens that the information that was the basis or springboard of the infamous dossier was presented to the Clinton Team.  The Deep State and Swamp Denizens are more interested in destroying President Trump than they are in America or our Constitutional System of Government.  In fact, most of them hold the same view of the constitution as did Barack Obama.  He lamented more than once that the constitution was a document of ‘negative liberties’ and ‘restrained government’ too much.  TOO MUCH, that is for him to easily pursue his agenda of ‘fundamental transformation’ of the Republic.

Barack Obama, as president, signed the United Nations Treaty on Climate Change and President Trump opted to vacate that treaty.  President Trump had the legal authority to vacate that agreement because it was never ratified by the Senate, which is a violation of our constitution.  That treaty is in place until 2020 and the United Nations insists that we must abide by it.  The Obama holdovers are ignoring the current president’s directive and going full-bore into the implementation of the treaty’s provisions and demands.  The climate official at the United Nations, Aleski Harkonen said, “We really don’t detect any change with the Americans.”  He is right, there is no change!  President Trump cut off the donations that President Obama promised but the Obama holdovers are pressing forward with the plan to surrender our American Sovereignty to the United Nations.  Congress has the Constitutional Authority to bring this to a screeching halt, but they have demonstrated no propensity or willingness to do so.  WE MUST FORCE THEM TO STOP THIS MADNESS!

After President Trump fired Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, the Swamp Denizens have become an army of ants scurrying to cede as much of our sovereignty to the United Nations as possible BEFORE another Secretary of State can be sworn in.  Congress can and must give the United Nations a “smackdown” and reclaim our surrendered sovereignty immediately!  I am still researching the New Spending Bill of Congress to see how it affects this matter and suspect it opens the door for the United Nations and the Swamp to do even greater damage to the Republic.  That is another reason to “Break out the Brooms” and rid ourselves of the professional political elite now sitting in Congress.

Our Founding Fathers took steps to prevent what Barack Obama did in his unilateral attempt to sign an international treaty.  The wisdom of the Framers and Founders gave Congress and Congress alone the “power of the purse”.  In that power, if the executive branch oversteps its bounds and goes too far, Congress can pull the rug out from under him/her and restore sanity.  Congress can and should “defund” what is left of the Obama administration agenda and the President can replace them, with the help of Congress.  If we allow Congress to ignore its responsibility and duty fiscally and fail to demand they back the President in purging the Obama holdovers from the various bureaucracies and positions of power, we will pay an incredible price.  The United Nations is not our friend and my personal position is that we need to kick them out of New York and withdraw all support from that organization that is antithetical to what America was founded to be.  The United Nations is a World Organization with the intent and goal of World Governance whereby the sovereignty of Free Nations is stripped, and all become citizens of the world and subservient to the World Order.  THAT IS NOT WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT IN AMERICA!  Well, that is not what we were founded to be about, but that is the pervasive view of the leftists and many in today’s society.  THAT IS TROUBLING!

The elections in November of this year are incredibly important and probably more important than most realize.  We are facing the choice between America as a Free Constitutional Republic and America as a cog in the World Order Wheel where the World Oligarchy determines our fate and future rather than WE THE PEOPLE.  Is that what you desire?  If so, Vote Democrat.  If not, the Vote Against the Democrats.  The choice is quite simple even if the issues are complex.  I STAND FOR FAITH, FAMILY, AND FREEDOM!

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - Skunk

That title or headline would be taken, by some, to mean, Republicans and especially Donald J. Trump the President of these United States.  However, my inference is with regard to James Comey in particular and the Leftist Ideology in general, which includes Robert Mueller and the higher-ups in the many bureaucracies of Washington, DC.  I smell a skunk and smelled that easily detected aroma long before now but some of the latest shenanigans by Mr. Comey, the DNC, the talking heads of the MSM, and the leading Democrats the smell needs immediate cleansing.

James Comey, by his own admission, in his book that is largely a work of fiction, has admitted he has battled an inflated ego all his life.  He has long been anti-nationalism, anti-core religious beliefs as embraced by most evangelicals and many, if not most, followers of the Christian faith.  He is making his book tour and finding a place in front of every camera or microphone he can in his effort to “harm” if not “destroy” the duly elected president of the United States of America.  He now seems to envision himself as the guardian of truth and the custodian of morality in America.  Yet, he lied to Congress, illegally leaked documents and information, and has conveniently produced “notes” or “memos” that have all the earmarks of fantasy or editing to support his assertions.  He, as did Mr. Mueller, Mr. McCabe, and others within both the FBI, NSA, and DOJ have ignored clear evidence against the Democrats or Democrat in particular, Hillary Clinton while using phony intelligence to dig deeply into every facet of Donald Trump’s life.  What next?  Will they examine how many squares of toilet paper he uses in a sitting?  Yes, I’m being facetious but it has reached that level and any credibility of the Mueller investigation or Comey’s work in the FBI has taken leave and that Elvis has left the building.

James Comey has verbally declared that often he felt that his job “sucked” and was frequently “pissed off” and then pretends to be Saint James Comey the guarding of truth and morality in America.  He talks about values while plunging himself into the cesspool of profiteering and partisan politics that is on par with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  He is attempting to become the mouthpiece and spokesperson for “decency”.  That is laughable because when any of the leading Democrats talk about “decency” their arguments must be viewed as “do as I say, not as I do.”  The Left claims they have a monopoly on “morality, decency, and the high ground” while wallowing in the muck and doing what they accuse others of doing.  But, their claims are embraced by the media and all the talking heads chant their diatribe and present it as truth.

Recently, I was with my wife in a store and at the end of the business transaction, the owner of the shop began to talk about violence and guns.  She said, “Why would anyone want to allow guns that were manufactured for the police and the military to be allowed in the hands of citizens?”  I corrected her about the guns and verbally demonstrated how the AR-15 and similar semi-automatic rifles ARE different than those designed for the military.  She was shocked to learn some of the information I presented but still wanted to regurgitate the spin of the leftist and want control of guns.  I suggested to her that the problem was not the weapon of choice, in this case, the gun, but the FAILURE to DISCIPLINE.  We have failed this generation by abandoning DISCIPLINE in the home and in the schools.  We have abandoned our moral principles and parental responsibilities and allowed liberal leftists in the classroom, media, Hollywood, and government to indoctrinate our kids with the leftist globalist mentality.  We have allowed this upcoming generation and one or two before it to develop an ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY where they believe they are to have whatever they want.  We have allowed Freedom of Speech to become IF YOU AGREE WITH ME SPEECH not true Free Speech.

James Comey detested Jerry Falwell long before he hated Donald Trump and that can be documented by reviewing his thesis at William & Mary where he described his concern about “troubling nationalism.”  He specifically cited Jerry Falwell and argued from the view of Reinhold Niebuhr.  With his expressed views and anti-religion found in the thesis, it is no wonder that his intense dislike or hatred of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign pressed his button.    He detested the Regan Patriotism Movement and used Niebuhr’s line about the “idolatry” of nationalism.  He believed, as did Niebuhr that nationalism and warned that it would produce a state of national pride that would be destructive.  He argued that American patriotism could and, in his view, probably would lead to a condition where our virtues are turned into vices.  When Donald Trump embraced “religious rights” that must have been the last straw for Mr. Comey and argued that the traditional Christian morality was too narrow and, in his book, takes veiled shots at both nationalism and Christianity.  He is nothing more than the average leftist liberal greedy denizen of the DC Swamp.

Mr. Comey can try until the cows come hope to portray himself as a man seeking truth and moral high-ground, but his pompousness betrays that assertion.  His fabrications and failure to offer verifiable references to his accusations against Donald Trump while ignoring the glaring mountain of evidence against Hillary Clinton and other high-ranking Democrats of the previous administration reveal who he really is and his objective.  We may have had an “independent” FBI at some point in our history but we do not today.  Men like Robert Mueller, James Comey, Andrew McCabe reveal the partisan degeneration that agency has plunged.  The DOJ and Obama holdovers in the NSA, CIA are nothing more than legal arms of the Democrat ideology and if America is to survive as the Constitutional Republic of our Framers and Founders we must address these lawbreakers and hold them accountable.

I want TRUTH to be revealed and JUSTICE to be served on whomever it needs to be served.  I want Congress, especially those who have claimed to support the Constitution and desire to get to the truth to ACT in a way that will end partisan fishing expeditions and honestly investigate the Democrats with the same vigor they are trying to oust Donald Trump.  The DNC’s ridiculous lawsuit, the continued manipulation of the innocent, and the double-standard of the MSM needs to be addressed.  WHAT CAN WE DO?  Possibly nothing, but we must try to elect people to represent us in Washington, DC who will refuse to simply follow the Party-Line and stand for the American People and the Constitution.  For the most part, that means voting out the Democrats and finding those who are Republican or Independent who will not cave to the pressure of DC.

My personal view is that we need a sincere and concerted effort to restore our basic traditional moral values in America.  We need to restore discipline in the home and in our schools.  We need to find the courage to resist the bribery the politicians love to offer in Entitlements and Promises and DEMAND they follow the Law, do their jobs, and truly represent WE THE PEOPLE.  We must stand firm in defense of the Constitution and our inalienable rights.  If we surrender our rights for a false sense of security, we will lose both.

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 3 - Hate Squads

Actually, I am not exposing the unexposed but the little known because of the collusion between the MSM and the Democrats, as well as the ‘Ole Boy System in DC.  It is difficult to get the millions of avid followers of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the myriad of newspapers across the country who are Leftists to see or even believe the truth.  But the truth is truth and facts are stubborn things UNLESS those with the facts cower into the shadows in fear of the Leftist Big Government.  You would think that statement would be made of a Despotic Tyrannical Regime in some foreign country, but that is the situation in the United States of America.

HATE is a condition of today’s society in America that clouds all sensible and reasonable judgment.  There are “haters” on both sides of the equation but virtually all the Liberal Activist are embroiled in hate to the point of being rabid and willing to commit incredible acts of violence.  Someone suggested that we call the Liberal Activists “Regime Hate Squads’ or HATE BAITERS!  You call them what you will, but I call them deranged, delusional, and dangerous to our System of Government and our Constitutional Republic.

When a person or group of people can commit acts of violence including beating, mugging, and worse in the name of their Liberal Agenda and somehow justify it, that is dangerous.  When the MSM can spin the spin and offer the rhetoric that somehow makes them virtual saints while ignoring their hate and cruelty, that is delusional and diabolical.  When politicians attempt to manipulate their followers to engage in HATE that is deranged.  If you remember, Barack Obama and others encouraged ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter groups to engage in activism that included violence.  He even said, “If they bring a knife we will bring a gun.”  That is incendiary and for most of us would open us to the charge of inciting riots, but the Leftists swooned over his activism and praised him. Yet, if Donald Trump says there is blame on both sides, he is Hitler, Genghis Kahn, or Lucifer himself.  It is more than hypocritical it is diabolical and dangerous.

I’m sure some of you remember the “death squads” in Latin America.  The Liberals were beside themselves in their decrying the activities of these arms of the right-wing dictators in those countries.  However, when it came to the Leftist Revolutionary Guerrillas and their acts of violence were called noble.  The victims probably could tell no difference, but the Label was all that was important to the Liberals in America.  It is one thing to protest injustice and believes strongly that the system is flawed and needs to be corrected.  That could be praiseworthy but when it morphs into HATE and VIOLENCE as has been the modus operandi of these leftist liberal activist groups not only in recent history but historically, it is BAD!

I know this may touch a nerve with some, but I find it preposterous to insist that those groups being represented by the activist in today’s protest need to do so.  Why do I find it preposterous?  Simply because each of those formerly marginalized groups is well-represented in the System in today’s American Government.  But when activism is fueled by HATE it literally becomes a religion and is the source from which some derive their significance.  Without the protests, marches, and acts of violence, they would receive no special attention and would be relegated to living like the rest of us, in somewhat obscurity.  Most of us live day to day, going to work, raising our families, and serving in our community and churches with little fanfare or notoriety.  With regard to the Activist, if their protests were truly peaceful I could tolerate their antics, but when they destroy private or public property, harm citizens, and violently and verbally assault anyone disagreeing with them it is BAD.  When colleges and universities out of fear of violent uprising cancel any conservative’s scheduled appearance that poses a danger to a civil and free society where everyone has the Right to Speak and Believe what they choose.

If the Liberals allowed the same protest and complaints from those on the opposite side, I might be tolerant, but they do not.  It seems that the Liberal Activist of Today, largely Democrats demand that only they have the right to decide what can be said, and who can organize and protest that is TYRANNY.  I fear that it will soon be, if it is not already, a requisite for acceptance to some of the most prestigious universities in America, to be a participant in the Liberal Activism which is approved by the Ruling Class.  I say that because the senior assistant director of admissions, Hannah Mendlowitz, at Yale University said: “For those students who come to Yale, we expect them to be versed in issues of social justice.  I have the pleasure of reading applications from San Francisco, where activism is very much a part of the culture.  Essays ring of social justice issues.”  SERIOUSLY???  That is the requirement and deciding factor?  WHAT ABOUT A WELL-BALANCED EDUCATION?  Oh, sorry, I forgot that in today’s society and Leftist Culture that is unimportant but activism in liberal causes is paramount.  WE ARE IN TROUBLE!

This “activism” is a farce, in the sense that it does not represent people outside the system but those represented by the system.  It is a ploy and plan, to FORCE the rest of us into compliance with their prescribed agenda and ideology.  Our Inalienable Rights only exist if they concur with their views.  The more people like Louis Farrakhan and others can call for hatred of the Jews and Whites, especially white men the nearer we come to seeing “death squads” in the streets approved and endorsed by the Ruling Political Class, MSM, and Hollywood.  If this continues there will be push-back from those on the other side.  If you push a person long enough and hard enough, eventually they grow weary, believe there is no peaceable solution, and have nothing to lose and they PUSH-BACK.  That is when the 2nd American Civil War will begin, and it will not end well for anyone!

This and much more is why I feel compelled to constantly sound the Alarm and insist that it is imperative that we DEFEAT the DEMOCRATS in November.  If we allow the Leftist to regain control of Congress we do so to our own hurt and possibly destruction.  I have said before, “the power of hate” is unpredictable and even some on the Right appear willing to lose the Republic to do harm or damage to Donald Trump and his administration, they hate him that much.  I find that unconscionable because I value the Republic and our Freedom so deeply that I refuse to allow my personal preferences and any personality conflicts cloud my focus on WHAT IS AT STAKE.  You may disagree and that is your right, but if I am right, the Republic is in dire need.  I am sounding an Alarm and ask that you carefully pray, examine the facts and review the possibilities THEN VOTE! 

God bless you and God bless America!


WAKE-UP CALL For the Lovers of Liberty and Freedom…

BLOG POST 1 - Wake-Up Call For America

Over the past week or so I have been somewhat out of touch dealing with a family medical emergency.  My opportunity to write has been and will be limited for the next week or so.  My wife, Bonnie is battling stage-four metastatic breast cancer and recently my brother-in-law, Larry had a stroke.  He is recovering but the process will likely be slow unless we receive a miracle of God giving him instantaneous healing.  He is in an inpatient rehabilitation facility and we are deeply involved in his treatment, partly for encouragement and partly to help us know how to help him continue rehab after he is released.  Therefore, I have been somewhat out of touch.

However, as I have been able to catch bits and pieces of what has been happening in America, politics, and the world, I sense that those of us who love “Liberty & Freedom” are being given a WAKE-UP CALL!  We ignore this call to our hurt and that of the Republic.  I am disturbed at the number of Republicans who are either resigning or not seeking re-election in November.  I readily acknowledge that many of them need to go but their timing and the questions surrounding who if any conservative will be their replacement is of great concern.  The number of Republicans continues to grow and the nearer we approach November the more dangerous that becomes because of the time required to raise up a qualified and desired candidate to run against the Democrats in the mid-term elections.

Statistically, there are about 22 House members who retire each cycle.  But the number of Republicans leaving their post is historic and one has to wonder why so many are quitting?  At this juncture, there are 43 Republicans leaving their post in the House of Representatives.  The Democrats need to gain 24 seats to regain control and with 43 Republicans jumping ship that becomes even more likely than if all of them ran for reelection. I am concerned because many of them deciding not to seek re-election are in districts where Donald Trump was not tremendously popular in the 2016 election.  That places their seat even more in jeopardy.  Maybe they are bailing because they fear losing the election to a Democrat and rather than fight the good fight they are cowardly running for cover.  Maybe it is because they are opposed to the President and like the Democrats and Never Trump Crowd want to see him fail and see this as an opportunity to allow the Democrats to regain control and damage his agenda.  That would mean they are not only cowards but turn-coats and are willing to do damage to America to achieve an objective.  THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!   No, I do not know why they are leaving regardless of what they declare but have to accept the fact they are gone and now we have a few short months to re-energize the conservative, constitutionalist, and freedom-loving voters to GET OUT THE VOTE!  That has not happened in several special elections and the apparent apathy of the voters on the conservative or Republican side is a dangerous indication of what could happen in November.  I pray this is not the case!

WAKE-UP AMERICA!  If we lose the House and Senate in 2018 America will pay a price beyond what most imagine or even believe possible.  I ask that you bring to the forefront of your mind what happened when the Democrats controlled Congress and Barack Obama was in the White House.  We are still suffering from that disastrous time and if they regain control it will be even worse.  We cannot afford even two years of Democrat control in Congress.  If the Republicans had unitedly sought to advance the agenda of the Promises Made to America in the 2016 Election I would be predicting a Republican landslide in November.  The converse has been the case and as a result of the lack of cooperation and support by the GOP, we are facing the possibility of losing control of Congress to the Leftist.  THAT IS WHY – I plead with everyone to become involved and VOTE in November.  VOTE NO on the Democrats and thereby VOTE YES on America.  We will not get all we want but we will get nothing we want if the Democrats regain power.  THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

There are 25 Republicans and 9 Democrats retiring in this electoral cycle.  There are 5 Republicans and 2 Democrats who have resigned or are resigning.  There are 13 Republicans and 8 Democrats running for another office.  In simple math, there are 24 more Republicans leaving office than Democrats, the exact number the Democrats need to gain to take control of the House of Representatives.  No, I am not saying they will and pray that the GOP picks up seats, but I believe that the wave of departures is a WAKE-UP CALL for those of us who love Liberty and Freedom and want to keep our Republic the Constitutional Republic.

Secondly, this Syrian situation is of concern because it highlights the incredible existence and boldness of evil in the world.  NO, I do not want to become bogged down in the conflicts of other parts of the world and can see both sides of the argument regarding our action in Syria.  However, with the eight years of Barack Obama and his ever moving ‘red line,’ we MUST return to being a nation that keeps its word and if necessary flexes its muscle against tyranny and despotism.  If we allow this type of atrocity to go unanswered we will invite an escalation of this kind of evil and we dare not do that.  If we only warn with no corresponding action tyrants like those in Russian, Iran, China, and North Korea will become emboldened to the point that our national security will be in grave jeopardy.  There are times when moral rectitude demands that you take a stand for what is right and good.  I am not advocating becoming the world’s police force, but I am advocating an America that is willing to stand for what is right.

It is time that the UK and France, along with Germany and other NATO nations join the effort to crush this kind of despotic behavior and unite against tyranny.  We proved a united front has incredible power in WWII and while I pray we do not enter a WWIII.  I believe that if the Free Nations of the world will unite we can hold those with no value of human life and with ambitions of world dominance at bay.  This too is a WAKE-UP CALL for the lovers of Liberty and Freedom in America and the world.

Here’s the bottom line for me; if we fail to keep the control of Congress out of the hands of the leftist, liberal Democrats we will have abandoned America as the Free Constitutional Republic of our Framers and Founders.  If we fail to unite against tyranny and despotism and do not do enough to get their attention we will invite and open the door to this kind of evil (gassing civilians and genocide) and terrorism will rise to a new level and NO ONE WILL BE SAFE ANYWHERE.  The America needed to achieve Freedom, Liberty and Peace will not exist if the Democrats regain power in November.  Therefore, the question is – “What America Do You Desire?”  Being a spectator is no longer an option.  Burying our heads in the sand is not an option.  Apathy is not an option.  If we adopt the philosophy that we will survive no matter what we will likely suffer the fate of peoples who failed to resist and were slowly eroded into subservience such as those in Germany during Hitler’s reign.  Ronald Reagan said it rightly, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.  It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” 

I have not mentioned the activism by the “kids” rapidly becoming pawns of the “Gun Control” activist and the increasing divide along ethnic and life preference lines.  There are many WAKE UP CALLS being sounded and we fail to heed and recognize them to our own hurt.  What is your choice for America?  Freedom and Liberty or Tyranny and Government Control?  That is the choice we are making in this mid-term election.  Disagree if you please, but if we fail to Pray, Work, and Vote we will witness a catastrophe in America like we have never seen and a situation from which we may never recover.  Label me whatever you please but know that this American, Lover of Freedom, Patriot, and Lover of God sees the danger and my sole purpose is to inspire and encourage you to become involved in the fight for FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM.  Let’s Keep America Free!

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!