BAD IDEA – Here’s Why…

BLOG POST 2 - Bad Idea

Democrat controlled “Blue States” are lining up to destroy and side-step the Constitution of the United States.  They are forming a coalition of states where they would ignore the Electoral College and the Constitution and award that states’ votes to the candidate who won the national popular vote.  BAD IDEA!  I know that many may find my stance grating and want to boil me in oil, tar and feather me, and ride me out of town on a rail.  The chant will be “After all we are a Majority Rule Democracy.”  NO, WE ARE NOT!  We are A Constitutional Representative Government, not a pure Democracy, and I am grateful for the wisdom of the Framers on that point.

This is directly connected to the fact that Hillary Clinton seemingly won the popular vote (discounting the illegal votes in California and other liberal bastions).  The movement is called the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact”.  These states are telling their voters that even if they vote for the candidate garnering less of the national popular vote they will ignore the wishes of their state and cast their electoral ballots for the other candidate.  I WOULD BE FURIOUS and every American should be too.

Their idea is to prevent another Democrat who wins the national popular vote, largely determined by the super-blue sectors on both coasts, New York and California and yet lose the election based on the votes in ALL FIFTY STATES.  That would be a major death knell for our Constitution and would render many of the smaller states and rural areas of this country without a vote or voice in the election of a President.  THAT IS NOT WHAT THE FRAMERS DESIRED nor is it what we should desire.

Connecticut just joined that coalition and now they have 172 Electoral Votes.  However, I must point out that the states joining this movement were states which Hillary won in 2016 and if that holds true it would have little effect on the Constitutional Process.  Yet, I cannot help but wonder if those states would take their BLUE VOTES and turn them RED were a Republican to win the national popular vote?  My guess is – NO!  The argument is that it makes every vote equal is in error in my view because it negates the votes and voices of the States and does not make every state proportionally equal but makes California and New York the decision makers for who is to serve as President.  NOT A GOOD IDEA!   The states signing on, at this point, are California, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia.  NO SURPRISES THERE – They are Bluer than Blue when it comes to politics and liberal ideology.

I believe this is illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  However, if we lose the House and Senate in this mid-term electoral cycle the judges deciding the matter would likely be Far Left-Wingers and the Constitution would again be ignored as in the past.  I am a little concerned because President Trump told “Fox and Friends” that he would rather have a popular election.  That concerns me because I understand how the system designed by our Framers gives the smaller and less populous states a proportional voice in the direction of this nation.  THAT MUST NOT CHANGE!  Another thing that concerns me is that the following states have passed such a measure in at least one house:  Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Oregon.  Those eleven states would turn the tide on how we elect presidents were they to join the ranks of the Liberal Leftist seeking to further “fundamentally transform” America into a Democrat Nest rather than a Republic with a Representative Government.

If this transpires and I can guarantee you it is going to become a “test case” in the courts and possibly be decided by the Supreme Court.  That is another reason we MUST not let the Democrats win in November.  We need at least one more and probably two more Originalist on the SCOTUS to keep our Republic a Republic rather than a Grecian Democracy that would be doomed to failure.    Keeping our system keeps the smaller states relevant in the politics of our nation.  It provides for clean and normally widely accepted ending to the election.  It makes it easier for candidates to campaign and often forces them to address all geographic regions of our nation rather than focusing on the big cities.  Our current system demands a distribution of popular support rather than pockets on the two coasts.  It gives minority interests a say in the election and in my view, encourages political stability and maintains a system of national representation.  It keeps the voice of the state alive in national politics and thereby decentralizes the federal government.  If you like Big Brother having ALL POWER then you would be in favor or disbanding the Electoral College and turning American into a Grecian form of Democracy.  If you are in favor of Limited Government you should oppose this and desire to keep the Electoral College vote.

Historically, we have had four presidential elections in which the plurality winner of the popular vote was not chosen, president.  It is also true that since 1824 no president has received the votes of a majority of the eligible voters and 18 presidents, including Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush were elected with less than a majority of the votes cast.  In each case, the Republic survived and our system of government has remained strong.  The National Popular Vote push for determining the election would undermine the complex and vital underpinnings of our American System of Government.

In my view, this movement is a BAD IDEA and one that would do far more harm than good and could possible and would likely destroy our Republic by opening the door to the heated passion of any given majority.  History is replete with the failures of the pure Democracy system and our Republic is a testimony of the incredible wisdom and foresight of our Framers and Founders.  I LOVE AMERICA as do you and want to do everything I can to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution and keep our Republican Form of Government in the Republic known as the United States of America.

God bless you and God bless America.




BLOG POST 1 - Change

Over my several decades on planet Earth, I have watched my America evolve into something quite other than the America of our Founders and Framers or the America of my young years.  Some may say, “But Roy, change is good and progress requires change.”  I can accept that but some changes are NOT GOOD and some things called progress are actually digressions!  Yes, America has had and still has problems but the core foundation of the principles of government and the ideals of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights was good and provided a pathway to continued Freedom and Liberty.  That began to change long ago and over the past decade the attempt to “fundamentally transform” America into something akin to a third-world country where political and social insanity reigns have been rapid.  I am disturbed and my heart breaks over the diabolical destruction transpiring as well as the vitriolic hate that is accepted and embraced by too many on both sides of the aisle politically.

The Left has long been proclaiming they are the Champions of Morality and Empathy.  They declare themselves to be the Party of the People and the Compassionate whereas they Right are labeled as unfeeling, uncaring, unsympathetic haters of everyone other than the super-rich.  Now, the Never Trumpers and the GOP Establishment are attempting to channel the Democrat in them and practicing what some are calling ‘virtue-signaling’.  That is, they are taking public positions that are deemed to be politically correct and proclaiming their virtue and goodness telling the public how wonderful they are because they are on the side of compassion and are joining the ranks of the self-proclaimed morally superior.  They pretend to care more than others and therefore they are a superior person.  THAT IS DISGUSTING.  Just do what is right and there will be no need to ‘toot your own horn’.  Follow the Constitution and Rule of Law and the proof will be in the pudding, you do not need to be Democrats be what you told the voters you were.

My heart breaks for Senator John McCain as he battles brain cancer and has declared that he is dying.  He is exhibiting a heart filled with hate and revenge he is to be pitied, in my view.  He recently said that he did not want Donald Trump or Sarah Palin at his funeral.  He has fought the president at every turn and most of his opposition has not appeared to be ideological but personal.  I believe that John McCain developed a hatred and bitterness for everyone who did not vote for him to be president and his ego was shattered when Trump won in contrast to his losing the presidency.  He has blamed Sarah Palin for his loss much in the spirit of Hillary Clinton blaming others rather than taking personal responsibility.  The Democrats mocked Ronald Reagan when it became apparent that he suffered from Alzheimer’s and that was sickening and now McCain is channeling his Democrat in the venting of his hatred.  I would think that when one is faced with sure death they would want to find peace, not turmoil but hate is so powerful and the thirst for revenge so powerful some are consumed by it.  I bring up John McCain, not for the purpose of solely talking about him but to reveal a condition that seems to be prevalent in our America today.  HATE is destroying relationships, clouding sound judgment, and preventing us from finding real solutions to our societal problems.  Problems that we could overcome with love and understanding.  HATE is ‘transforming’ America.

Academia has shifted from being about education using and teaching the core and fundamental elements of learning to being indoctrination factories to brainwash impressionable young minds.  Their objective is to develop them into being liberal leftists and activists for the agenda of the socialism and progressivism.  When former first lady Barbara Bush passed away, California State University professor Randa Jarrar went on Twitter and blasted the former first lady as an “amazing racist” and rejoiced in her death.  New Jersey, Brookdale Community College professor Howard Finkelstein got into a heated exchanged with a conservative student and yelled at that student, “F*** your life!”  At City University of New York School of Law, students shouted down guest lecturer Josh Blackman for 10 minutes.  Duke University president Vincent Price tried to address the alumni, students took over the stage, shouting demands telling him to leave.  There is a new study produced by Brooklyn College professor Mitchell Langbert – – “Homogenous: The Political Affiliations of Elite Liberal Arts College Faculty” that demonstrates that domination in academia.  He examined the political affiliation of Ph.D. holding faculty of 51 of the 66 top-ranked liberal arts colleges and found that 39% of those schools are Republican free with ZERO registered Republicans.  The professors of our major colleges and universities are so left-leaning and often engage in incredible activism for leftist agendas it is alarming.  Math and science and the core elements of education have morphed into political ideological studies of some kind and the promotion of lifestyles rather education.

We have marches that call for the end of “male supremacy” and the attack on males is alarming and the assault on white males even more pronounced.  The result of many of the Leftist policies has been to destroy the two-parent families where there are a father and mother in the home.  The government, through entitlements, has become the surrogate father and the result is seen in many of those children so raised.  Most of those committing acts of violence in mass murders were not afforded a strong male role model in the home.  Discipline has been tossed in the waste bin in our society and children raised with the absence of discipline usually become undisciplined entitlement minded adults.  That creates rather than resolves the very problems that the liberals complain about and demand that we fix.  More laws or regulations, more diminishing our inalienable rights will not resolve moral, mental, or heart issues that come from a change within and adhering to the rule of law and the constitution as well as the Bible.

How long do we have as a Free Constitutional Republic?  That depends on who we elect to govern.  If we allow the Democrats to regain control of Congress in 2018 and the White House in 2020 the answer is NOT LONG.  If we hold them at bay and oust those who will not follow the Constitution and fulfill the campaign promises that got them into office we can endure and see our Republic restored.  THE CHOICE IS OURS in November.  What is your choice?

God bless you and God bless America!

IT MAY NOT BE DOOMSDAY but It Would Be a Bad Day in Blackrock…


What are you referring to, Roy?  Thank you for asking.  What I am talking about is the danger of the Democrats reclaiming control of Congress in the mid-term elections this year.  My thoughts range from the total destruction of the Republic to a season of severe drought in sanity.  It most assuredly would be a very very very very bad day for America.  I know, that might be some who read this that are ideologically aligned with the Left or are so adamantly anti-Trump that they take umbrage with my remarks but let me illustrate as best I can why I say it would be a Bad Bad Bad Day for America.

Historically, mid-term elections do not usually bode well for new presidents so the danger is very real that the Democrats could make significant inroads in this electoral cycle.  I am hopeful and prayerful that this will be more an exception than the rule and the GOP will maintain control in both the House and Senate.  If you listen to the talking heads, the MSM, and the Democrats you would think that there is coming a tidal wave sweep for the Democrats and they will be a massive swing in elected officials giving them a super-majority in Congress.  I don’t believe that but I am concerned that they might gain control for many reasons, not the least of which are apathy and the lack of cooperation and support for the president’s agenda by the GOP Leadership.

Most of the information I have been able to filter through and view through the grid of reality suggests that the GOP could lose the House but will likely keep the Senate and might even make gains in that illustrious body.  The Democrats seem to be energized more than usual and sadly too many Republicans and Independents who support Freedom, Liberty, and the Constitution are growing increasingly complacent.  If you couple those two factors with the Never Trump Advocates and Activist who see the mid-term elections as an opportunity for revenge the conditions for a shift in power in Washington is very real.  TURNOUT is going to be the critical factor.  If the Republicans and Liberty Loving Independents “turnout” the Democrats will be defeated in November but if apathy prevails and as has transpired in some previous elections the Conservative Constitutionalist Republicans and Independents stay home we will pay a price for our failure to motivate voters.

In many ways, I see the 2018 mid-term elections a crossroad for the Republic and most certainly for the presidency of Donald J. Trump.  You may not like the man but if you honestly examine what he has done and tried to do regarding fulfilling the campaign promises you would acknowledge that he has accomplished more than anyone thought he could or would.  The economy is gaining ground, the tax cuts are not perfect but light-years ahead of anything we have in a very long time.  He has demonstrated an interest and willingness to secure our borders and maintain the sovereignty of the United States of America.  He has given support to our military and dealt decisively and positively with our foreign enemies and garnered the support of our allies in some situations.  There are many good things happening under his watch and I believe that he was the man for the hour to help turn the ship of state in a more positive direction.  No, I did not say he was a saint but he has courage, fortitude, and as a pragmatist, he sees the problem and rather than simply addressing it as conservative or liberal he wants to “FIX” it.  That is a breath of fresh air in the world of political corruption, elitism, and cronyism that is the norm in Washington.

The GOP has repeatedly let the ball drop regarding the campaign promised agenda and the announced agenda of this administration.  However, there have been some positives which would be attacked or shredded should the Leftist Democrats regain control.  I consider the Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017 positive.  I consider the Tax Reform Act positive for many reasons including the fact that it reduced the regulatory burdens that have stifled business and damaged our economy.  If the Democrats regain control there will be immediate attempts to IMPEACH the President and coupled with their Special Investigation Fishing Expedition against a duly elected president who has committed nothing worthy of impeachment would severely damage our Republic and System of Government.  The Judiciary or any hope of returning much of it to a Constitutional position would be out the window if the Democrats regain the House and Senate.  The Deep State would not only survive it would thrive and grow even stronger and more impregnable meaning that we would NEVER dismantle it to the degree that limiting the size and scope of government would be impossible.  The DOJ and the FBI would become even stronger arms of the Leftist Ideology and America would suffer the consequences.  Yes, Alice, Elections do have consequences!

Rasmussen has reported that President Trump has accomplished more in his first year than most of our recent presidents accomplished in their entire first term.  He has, although unreported by the MSM accomplished many of his key campaign promises.  He was deprived of the typical ‘honeymoon’ new presidents are afforded because of the hate and vitriol that was stewing even before his inauguration.   He may be on the verge of officially ending the Korean War with cessations of hostilities by the North Koreans.  That would be historic.  He may be nearing the dismantling of North Korea’s nuclear bomb program and their ICBM program.  There are slivers of hope that we could witness the reunification of the two Koreas and the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the South and a full return of U.S. captives.  Those may never happen but there is hope for the first time in a long time or ever.

Someone suggested that when November rolls around many Americans may come to recognize and embrace the old Irish saying: “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.”  No, I am not calling Mr. Trump the devil nor am I calling him a saint but using an expression to indicate that dealing with what we know may be better than dealing with the unknown politically.  However, I believe that history reveals what our government would be like if the Democrats returned to power.  It would be disastrous for the constitution and our individual liberties and inalienable rights.  Many of them have openly declared their willingness to shred the constitution to advance their agenda and strip us of our 2nd Amendment Rights as well as destroy much of our 1st and 4th Amendment Rights.  It might not be Doomsday if they regain power but it would sure look an awful lot like it and everyone will pay a most severe penalty.  I stand firmly for Faith, Family, and Freedom and from my vantage point that means I MUST VOTE NO on the Leftist Agenda proposed by the Democrats.  You must decide what road you will take but I pray you take the right road.

God bless you and God bless America!


IS THERE HOPE THAT SOME IN WASHINGTON, D.C. are Finally Growing a Spine???


I have zero doubt that the Republican leadership and the Democrat machine will do everything they can to shipwreck the action that prompted my title and this article.  However, I find the proposal a breath of fresh air and cause a spark of hope to arise within my being.  It is encouraging that a member of Congress, a member of the Freedom Caucus has demonstrated enough spine to present something that just might resonate with the public.  I did say, might!  I say that it might resonate because some will like the fact that it touches the pay and pocketbooks of those in Washington.  Many, if not most, are disturbed over the pay and benefits afforded those elected to office including their retirement golden parachutes.  That factor might be enough to grab the attention of those in the public that would otherwise simple dismiss it as a Republican effort and never hear the proposal.  I wish I could say that it would cause people’s interest to be spiked to the point of fully understanding what citizen representation means but I do not think that will be the case.

Let me briefly detail what Congressman Francis Rooney (R-FL) has proposed.  I’m sure you have heard his proposal but let me reiterate it and hopefully generate renewed interest in your hearts and minds.  His bill is titled the “Thomas Jefferson Public Service Act of 2018”.  That is a very long title but there is substance in the proposal worthy of consideration.  This bill must do with TERM LIMITS, but it offers a workaround to the requirement of a Constitutional Amendment.  President Donald J. Trump campaigned on a platform that included imposing TERM LIMITS on Congress as is on the Presidency.  I viewed that promise as somewhat “pie in the sky” not because I did not believe it a good idea but because those in power will never be inclined to willingly give up their power, position, and purse.  For TERM LIMITS to become a reality there would be the necessity of the Swamp denizens agreeing to DRAIN THE SWAMP.  They would have to sign on to limiting their power and that would be like expecting the fox to willingly cease raiding the hen house and become a guardian of the hens.  Power hungry people are not accustomed to ceding power voluntarily.  Congress has long ceased viewing our system of government as a government of the people, for the people, and by the people.  They view it is a government in which they are in control and the owners of government, not WE THE PEOPLE.  They view themselves as being the only ones with the wisdom and insight to know what is best for us and the nation and place no value on our opinions or desires.  They talk the talk but have failed to walk the walk of Constitutional Government for so long that expecting them to change would be nothing short of fantasy.

Representative Rooney’s bill provides a means of achieving TERM LIMITS in a way that caused me to smile and say, “Atta Boy.”  His plan would reduce Congressional pay to just $1 for any Congressman or Senator who served longer than 12-years.  It would not specifically prevent them from running again but would mean that they had to do so at their own expense, not on our dime.  The bill is named after Thomas Jefferson because Jefferson specifically called for “citizen legislators”.  He and many of our Founders and the Framers believe that those serving should not be professional politicians but should serve a term or two and then return to private life and labor. They viewed those in Congress as “public servants” and anything less was reprehensible to them, and it is to me as well.

The Freedom Caucus is trying to force the GOP Leadership to bring this matter to a vote, but the only what that is likely to happen is if WE (the voters) put enough pressure on them they fear not doing so.  Another facet of this bill beyond limiting pay to $1 for those serving longer is it would implement a retirement cut-off.  Even if a Congressman or Senator wanted to serve beyond the 12-year limit they would not have the massive pay-day awaiting them in retirement.  Senator Ted Cruz has called for TERM LIMITS from the first day of Donald’s Trump’s presidency.  The problem has always been that to have a specific limit in the constitution an amendment ratified by the states would be required and that is incredibly difficult and most avoid it.  This bill opens the door to achieve what no one has had the courage to attempt and provides a pathway to the accomplishment of the goal of TERM LIMITS.  The objective of the bill is to restore or return Congress to a “service model”, not one that is centered in and focused on “personal-enrichment”.  The Swamp Denizens and the Deep State Operatives will target this Congressman with a vengeance and if you believe that TERM LIMITS are a good idea, you should be supportive of this bill.

One commentator said that “Term Limits is a solution searching for a problem.”  He deemed the matter unimportant and the work of hysterical right-wing nuts.  Isn’t it nice to know what the Left thinks of those of us who stand for the Constitution and Citizen Representation?  I have a very difficult time believing that people run for office 5-10 terms out of concern for their constituents and the constitution.  I have a much easier time believing they are doing so for themselves, not us.  One wonders what the attitude of Congress would be if those serving knew that their time was limited to 10-12 years.  Would they be more inclined to advance the cause of their constituents rather than those of special interest groups?  On one hand, I would argue YES and on another NOT A CHANCE.  There is a real danger that they would fight for immediate implementation of the desires of various special interest groups knowing that they only had a short window of opportunity and a brief shelf-life value to the money behind the scenes.  Quick action on some things would be wonderful but on others, it would be incredibly dangerous.  I have found it most interesting that the wheels of progress in Washington turn incredibly slow on things that we conservatives and constitutionalist desire but move with lightning speed on advancing liberal causes and agendas.

I support TERM LIMITS but realize that many of you may not share my views on that issue.  I believe there is more to be gained by a turn-over in Washington than would be lost.  I desire LIMITED GOVERNMENT and believe that the only way we will ever have a hope of achieving it is to have true ‘citizen representation’ in Congress rather than ‘professional elitism’.  If we could have people in Washington who knew that they were going to have to return to private life and live, work, and do business under the same laws they impose on the rest of us, we just might get better laws and fewer stifling regulations.  There would be times that it would be detrimental and times when it would be beneficial, but in the long run, it would give us hope of securing a government “of the people, for the people, and by the people.”  It would provide a doorway for us to reduce the size and scope of the governmental bureaucracy not in Washington.  It would give us hope and a chance to sufficiently drain the swamp and dismantle the deep state that we might reclaim our republic and government.  Am I chasing a Pipe-Dream?  Possibly, but the current method and path we are following are certainly not going to reduce the size, scope, or power of the federal government.

This and many other issues are reasons, in my mind, that it is imperative that we VOTE NO on the Leftist Liberal Democrats in November and VOTE YES for the Constitution and the advancement of policies and principles that seeks to reduce the size of Big Brother.  What you do in November depends on which side of the LIMITED GOVERNMENT issue you find yourself ideologically.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and desire LIMITED GOVERNMENT with REDUCED SPENDING.  For that reason, I will VOTE AGAINST the Leftist Agenda and Candidates in November.

God bless you and God bless America!


MR. PRESIDENT – Don’t Fall For The Trap…


Some of you may be in harmony with the desire of the liberal leftist socialist Democrats and some within the GOP Establishment and want Mueller to trap Trump, but I don’t.  I don’t for many reasons and one of the top reasons is the damage it would do to our Republic and our system of government.  It would open the door to virtually guarantee that we would likely never again have a duly elected president who could survive his term in office.  In that sense, we would become like many of the third-world and other nations where our government was in a constant state of flux with no stability.  That would open the door of so many abridgments of our liberties and rights we would be, what Barack Obama wanted, “fundamentally transformed.” 

Special Investigator Robert Mueller is laying a trap for Donald J. Trump and my prayer, hope, and advice is “Mr. President – Don’t Fall For The Trap!”  The assault on the president began long before the election was concluded and before his inauguration and will not end UNTIL either Donald Trump has been removed from office or WE THE PEOPLE put an end to this diabolical scheme to destroy him and thereby do incredible damage to our Republic.  Some will argue that I’m wrong but if you examine what has happened thus far you should be able to see the scheme clearly.  Every time their investigation comes to a dead end they formulate a new tactic to GET TRUMP.  They have long ceased seeking truth or investigation a crime but trying to create a crime they can use to indict the president or impeach him.  Our system of criminal justice is supposed to be the investigation of a crime trying to determine who committed that crime.  This investigation has been and is clearly the investigation of a person trying to find some crime they can use to charge or indict.  THAT IS NOT OUR AMERICAN SYSTEM but the one that too many politicians and people are comfortable with when it is directed at someone they hate or want to be ousted.

Mr. Mueller’s latest shenanigan of leaking or allowing the leak of his proposed questions raises so many red flags and further discredits any credibility he might have had.  This is a leftist witch hunt designed to GET TRUMP.  It is not about truth, for if it were Hillary, Obama, and many on the Left would be under the investigational microscope, but they are not.  Many at high levels in the CIA, NSA, HOMELAND, FBI, and the DOJ have incredibly dirty partisan hands and should be under careful scrutiny but they are not.

James Comey and Robert Mueller’s close relationship and kinship in the FBI and involvement in helping leftist Democrats taints Mr. Mueller’s credibility.  The directions of this investigation reveal that this is more about GETTING TRUMP and protecting the FBI and the Democrats than about conducting a real unbiased investigation.  I want the truth exposed but as long as it is solely directed toward Donald J. Trump and omitting those on the Left, including Hillary Clinton, I oppose the investigation.  I am still disturbed that Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself and has continued to allow the liberal leftist partisan Rob Rosenstein drive this bus.  Mr. Sessions are you a secret hater or is this some misguided attempt to CYA and maintain your connections and status in the ‘ole boy system’ of Congress?  Is this a matter of making a mistake and thinking you were taking the high moral ground?  Regardless, I would like to see you step back in and deal with this issue.  I realize that it is now a ‘no win’ situation because if you stay on the sidelines you are damned and if you become involved you are damned.  THEREFORE, do what is right!

Regarding the “leaked questions” of Special Investigator Robert Mueller, which were leaked to the New York Times, I smell a rat.  The leaking of the questions, in my mind, was designed to enlist public opinion against the president.  It was also to give the MSM ammunition to use against the president regardless of his cooperation or refusal to be interviewed.  President Trump and Jeff Sessions have allowed Mr. Mueller and the Democrats to paint Mr. Trump into a corner and if he refuses to interview he will be tried and convicted in the media and if he is interviewed the traps will be sprung and they will likely come up with something to fuel the impeachment agenda.  NO, I did not say they would find evidence of “obstruction of justice” or “collusion with the Russians” but SOMETHING no matter how minute to charge the president with.  It will likely be when Mr. Trump talks at length and offers a possible contradiction of his testimony.  It may be taken out of context but a contradiction will be a tool to GET HIM.

Robert Mueller has a mandate from the leftist to GET TRUMP at all costs. He has a sense of loyalty to the FBI and his buddy, James Comey that drives his desire to GET TRUMP.  The fact that Attorney General Sessions and Congress have allowed this to happen is deeply troubling and suggests the incredible need to CLEAN HOUSE in Washington.  I realize that a CLEAN SWEEP would oust some good legislators but the removal of the incredible amount of debris (legislators) would far outweigh the negative.

The Justice Department’s Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, is going to release a much-anticipated assessment of Democratic and Republican charges that officials at the FBI interfered with the 2016 presidential election.  I suspect, if it is legitimate, it will reveal that former FBI Director James Comey violated FBI protocols.  James Comey has lied about matters large and small and the interview he gave Fox New’s Brett Baier found him offering an unbelievable story that his dinner meeting with John Brennan and Jim Clapper DID NOT include any discussion of Donald Trump and the controversies.  If you believe that then I want to offer you some wonderful ‘ocean front property’ in the middle of Arizona and I might just throw the Golden Gate Bridge in free.  Hey, I also have some young unicorns grazing in my backyard and some flying pigs I’ll offer you as well.  He also suggests that he still doesn’t know if Hillary or her team paid for the Steele dossier.  SERIOUSLY?  Are you that dumb or are you simply channeling Sgt. Schultz – “I know nothing.”

I fear that this attempt coupled with the president’s ego, thinking he can explain things without falling into a well-devised trap may entrap Mr. Trump.  I pray it will not.  I pray that the president will wake up and heed the warning of his lawyers and advisers and say to Mr. Mueller, “Since you or your team have demonstrated a lack of ability or integrity to keep this confidential I can no longer consider meeting with you.”  Could Mr. Mueller then subpoena the president?  I suppose so, and that would open the door for Jeff Sessions and Congress to act immediately and protect what is left of our System of Government.  I have a great concern that if this last-ditch effort fails, there will be something even more sinister put into play and we all need to pray for the president and his family’s safety.   THE HATERS ARE CAPABLE OF ANYTHING!

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 7 - What If

If what, Roy?  Thanks for asking, “If the Democrats regain control of Congress,” that’s the what of the if, that I’m talking about.  WHAT HAPPENS?  Some are complacent enough to think that if they do, it will be a minor and temporary setback but nothing catastrophic, therefore no cause for concern.  I believe those people are wrong!  I’ve had some turn the question around on me and ask, “Well, what changes if the Republicans maintain control?”  I’m glad you asked that question too for both questions give me an opportunity to highlight just a few of the issues America will face or conditions we will suffer IF the Leftist regain power in DC.

If the Democrats regain control of the House and the Senate there will be the immediate issuing of Articles of Impeachment against President Donald Trump.  You may be of the mindset as an Anti-Trump person that you consider that a good thing.  Those Articles will not necessarily be based on evidence or fact but hatred and opposition to this president.  At this point, they have nothing which would rise to the level of impeachment, unlike Barack Obama.  The Republicans in Congress viewed impeaching Obama somewhat of a Pandora’s Box politically and for whatever reason avoided it.  Would he have been convicted in the Senate?  NO.  Would Donald Trump be convicted in the Senate if the Democrats regain power?  Very possibly, because there are several RINO, Trump-hating Republicans now in the Senate and they would very possibly side with the Leftists in seeking to oust a president, not of their liking.  That becomes a can of worms that I don’t believe anyone using rational reason would desire.   It could and likely would effectively destroy our system of government and make us like other nations where we have a turnstile president in office and the voter’s choice would mean little.  THAT IS NOT what our Founders envisioned and is what they warned against.

I am fully cognizant that as long as President Trump is in office, he could and likely would veto any legislation the Leftists advanced to repeal the Tax Cuts.  My concern is how many so-called Republicans would side with the Democrats in seeking to override his veto?  That is a concern.  Nominations to the Supreme Court would be virtually impossible to advance UNLESS the nominee was a liberal leftist.  Our hopes of getting one or two more conservative jurists who are originalist would be dashed on the rocks of despair and America would be locked into liberalism, globalism, and progressivism for the foreseeable future.  That cannot be acceptable to anyone identifying as a Conservative or Constitutionalist, but then hate is a powerful thing.

Obamacare would become so entrenched, and may now be, that we would NEVER rid ourselves of that calamitous and lamentable law or piece of legislation that has harmed far more Americans than it has helped.  We would be pressed toward “single-payer healthcare” and place our health decisions squarely in the hands of bureaucrats rather than our physicians.  The cost would continue to escalate, and the quality of care or availability of care would drastically be reduced.  That cannot be acceptable to anyone identifying as a Conservative or a Constitutionalist, but again hate is an incredibly powerful motivator.

Amnesty and an Open Border would be permanently in place because the Republicans have demonstrated, in the past, a total unwillingness to prevent the Democrats from imposing their will on America.  The so-called 800,000 to 1.4 million DREAMers along with millions of other ILLEGALS here and those that would pour into our nation would totally reconstruct the political landscape, the economy, healthcare, education, and endanger our national sovereignty.  That cannot be acceptable to anyone identifying as a Conservative or a Constitutionalist, but the power of hate cannot be discounted.

The 2nd Amendment would be in grave danger not only through legislation that President Trump would likely veto but through regulations and bureaucratic edicts not requiring his signature.  The ignoring of our Laws by cities and states would become epidemic and the push of the Leftist Gun Grabbers in seeking to make the entire nation a “gun free zone” would be sped up dramatically.  If the 2nd Amendment is damaged or destroyed, what other Rights and Freedoms are safe?  The Framers and Founders understood the importance of the 2nd Amendment and it had nothing to do with hunting but self-preservation and self-defense, with one of the prime suspects being THE GOVERNMENT.  They believed that citizens needed to be armed for day to day self-defense and in the event the federal government became tyrannical.  Damaging our 2nd Amendment or any of our inalienable rights cannot be acceptable to anyone identifying as a Conservative or a Constitutionalist, but again the deceptive power of hate must not be ignored.

If we are to realize the fulfillment of the campaign promises made by President Trump and the GOP in the 2016 Election we MUST NOT ALLOW the Leftist to regain power.  What we need is an increase in the present majority but not just numbers but people who are true Conservatives and Constitutionalist.  We need people with a backbone and the intestinal fortitude to stand for America, protecting and defending our Constitution, and holding everyone accountable for their actions, including those in the ‘ole boy system of cronyism in DC. 

Our educational system, judicial system, economy, national security, national sovereignty, healthcare, tax system, the oil, gas, and coal industries, as well as a myriad of other factors, must be considered in the November election.  If we want to move forward and achieve our objective of Restoring America’s Economy and Protecting our National Sovereignty we MUST defeat the Leftist in November.  If we want an America that is moving toward more limited government, reduced debt and deficits, and a system where WE THE PEOPLE are once again recognized and empowered as the rightful owners and overseers of government WE MUST defeat the Leftist in this election.  IT IS NOT OPTIONAL, and it will be far more than a slight bump in the road it will be a POTHOLE large enough to hide a 747.  Yes, I believe it is that serious!   If you love freedom and want to protect our Liberties, then VOTE and vote to defeat the Liberal Leftists.  

May God bless you and may He bless America again!



BLOG POST 6 - Nihilism

I could address a myriad of situations and conditions existing in America’s political climate today but will try to limit my remarks to two or three issues that are threatening our Republic.  The Democrats, RINO’s, Never Trump Activist, the MSM, Hollywood, and those engaged in ‘fundamental transformation’ activism is either engaged in political nihilism or there is a diabolical and sinister plot underway in America.  I suspect it is both, with some simply being naïve or blind and practicing nihilism while others are maneuvering to destroy this Republic.  You will have to decide which, if either, not simply based on what I write but through your own investigation and prayers.

Let me take as my first issue the Outcry of the Left and Amnesty Advocates the decision of President Trump to include the “citizenship question” in the 2020 census.  You would think that the President had committed such a heinous crime that 100% of America would resist because of its direness.  I believe that President Trump did this based on calculated investigation and data regarding Illegal Immigration and use it as a tool to drastically reduce the influx of Illegals in America.  The Democrats and those on the Left are screaming bloody murder over this for a number of reasons.  None of them rooted in concern for America but for political reasons.

I find it interesting that until the middle of the 20th Century this question was a part of our U.S. Census and see no reason it should not be included.  If we ignore the issue and assume that everyone who responds to the census are citizens, we will continue to see disproportionate representation in various states.  That allows some states to have more Representatives in Congress than is reflected by Citizens.  It should never be a consideration for Representation in Congress the number of people in a State but the number of Citizens.  Non-Citizens cannot legally vote and have no say in the direction of this nation, therefore while it is important to know HOW MANY PEOPLE are here it is equally important to know HOW MANY ARE CITIZENS in each state.  The Left is arguing that Trump is putting politics in the census and that politics has no place in that needed activity.  SERIOUSLY?  They want the “citizenship question” omitted for POLITICAL PURPOSES so who is inserting politics in the census?

The argument that they are using includes the idea that the city or state is the people who live there and that it is wrong to privilege citizens over non-citizens.  They argue that the non-citizen’s needs, desires, and political ideological views are as binding upon the nation as citizens.  If that concept is adopted, Globalism Wins and our national sovereignty and borders are destroyed.  We become “citizens of the world” not “citizens of the United States of America.”  We would then logically become subjected to the oversight of World Organizations such as the United Nations.  THAT IS NOT AMERICA!  If everyone belongs, then there is no outside and thus NO NATION!  The Democrats are pushing for the eradication of America or “fundamental transformation” as proposed by Barack Obama.

To argue that politics should not be involved in the census is to ignore that fact that it is the basis upon which we apportion congressional representation.  It is the means by which we assess how we will pursue the good of the collective as a polity.  It is Political, and we must keep it that way!  Citizenship has benefits and those must be preserved if we are to remain the Free Constitutional Republic our Framers and Founders established.

A second issue is the current press for GUN CONTROL.  This has never been about keeping our children or citizens safe it has been about CONTROL and will remain so.  We have a biblical right for “self-defense” and “self-preservation” and if the Leftist are successful in the process of “banning guns”, “restricting guns”, and/or “confiscating guns” we will have given up one of our most sacred inalienable rights and place the remainder in dire jeopardy.  Is it political nihilism by the Left that suggests by taking guns from the law-abiding we will somehow produce a safer environment or is it more sinister?  For some it is naivety and for others, it is a diabolical power grab that seeks to ‘transform’ America into a Leftist Tyranny controlled by the Political Elitist Oligarchy.

The Founders of this Republic considered “property rights” as a “bedrock principle” in our Republic.  They believed, as per their writings, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, that property rights encompass not simply physical property but one’s life, labor, speech, and livelihood.  We have a natural right of “self-preservation” that must never be ceded to the diabolical.  Every person has the God-given right to defend him/herself against all transgressors, including the government, who would deny, abrogate, or unlawfully seize his/her property.  The Left has moved progressively into alignment with Marx and Engels espoused in their Communist Manifesto.  They declared, “The theory of Communism may be summed up in a single sentence:  Abolition of private property.”  They argued as do the Leftist that one’s labor or livelihood is not private property and therefore not protected but is subordinate to the wishes and whims of the government.

There were those such as Plato that called for a communist social order in which property was held in common and that human nature should be molded and transformed to benefit the state.  Aristotle, on the other hand, argued that if property is held in common man could not exercise his right of self-preservation and that would produce incredible animosity and anger and ultimate chaos and anarchy.  Both, the laws of nature and the rule of law demand that government governs for the good of the people not the good of those in power.  That is opposite of the philosophy of the Democrats and some Republicans of today.  In the Federalist 28, Alexander Hamilton wrote: “If the representative of the people betray their constituents, there is no recourse left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government.”  The Framers were not ambiguous regarding our inalienable rights including that of self-defense for they said in the Bill of Rights: “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”  SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!  Former Justice John Paul Stevens, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and David Hogg that means NEVER!  You have no right to take my right to defend myself from me.  It was given to be my God and no man or government has the right to attempt to supersede God’s order.

So, this November we will be voting on AMERICA as the Constitution reveals and demands or the AMERICA of Barack Obama and the Left.  We are voting for Liberty, Freedom, and our Inalienable Rights or voting against them.  A vote for the Democrats is a vote against the Constitution and against our Inalienable Rights.  I know, I know… I will likely be unfriended on Facebook for that statement but if you honestly examine it you will realize that I am being truthful and factual.  NO, I am not saying the Republicans are saints and staunch defenders of Freedom and our Rights, but the Democrats are becoming open that THEY OPPOSE THE CONSTITUTION.  Therefore, you decide – Can you vote for them and thereby vote against the Constitution?  I CANNOT!

God bless you and God bless America!