BLOG POST 2 - Pro and Anti

I am very much in support of public education and lament each time I encounter anyone, especially those of the younger generation who are seriously challenged in simple mathematics calculations, etc.  However, I am very anti the indoctrination that much of our primary, secondary, and higher education has become.  There is ample blame to be shared for this condition including the function of parents in the home, the church, educators, and the students themselves.

Educational endeavors such as “Common Core” and years ago the introduction of “new math” and the continual attempts to ‘rewrite’ history and make it more palatable to the leftist ideological views is disturbing and detrimental.  I have no issue with teaching conflicting opinions on a historical subject and allowing the students and their parents to investigate and determine what they believe.  I have no problem with teaching the theory of evolution in school so long as there is equal time given to Creationism and the biblical view.  Before you argue, “Separation of Church and State” might I suggest that Science is or should be open to opposing views and allowed to examine empirical data to reach a conclusion and that transcends your desire to keep all things religious or biblical out of the public arena.

Recently, we encountered another incident where a young person was completely incapable of performing simple mathematics regarding money and giving change and totally devoid of any cognitive comprehension of the process.  The bill came for the meal and it was $16.18.  My wife handed the server two dimes and a $20.00 bill and the server said, “I don’t need the dimes, I’ll bring you your change.”  My wife informed her that was exactly the point in giving the two dimes or twenty cents.  She wanted to receive, in change, 4 one-dollar bills, and two pennies rather than 3 one-dollar bills and 82 cents in coins.  After several more protests from the server, she took the money and returned with $3.82 in change.  She had kept the two dimes and did what she wanted to do at the beginning.  My wife spent several minutes attempting to educate the young lady as to her error and why she gave the twenty cents additional.  Finally, the young lady said, she understood the twenty cents but could not comprehend how that changed anything regarding the bill and change for the $20 bill.  My wife, finally said, “Just give me 4 one-dollar bills and two pennies, please.”  The server huffed but complied and my wife said, “Talk it over with your supervisor if you need to but do what I asked.”  I told my wife that the supervisor, who was about the same age as the server would probably not comprehend it either, so it was an exercise in futility.  This is not a unique situation and one that I encounter far too often for comfort.  Strip those young minds of computers and expect them to use cognitive reason and logic or “common sense” and you have a total disaster on your hands.  That is a problem!

Why is it a problem?  Because, that is the generation that will be leading this nation in just a few years and if they are that challenged in the use of common life functions, how does that bode for the nation?  Most of those also are completely ignorant of historical facts and know little to nothing of our Constitution, System of Government, or the Electoral Process.  They operate in a world where whims rule, emotions drive their bus and regurgitate the rhetoric they have been taught in schools.  We are living in a time where most of the university professors, many of the public-school teachers are products of an educational system that is anti-God, liberal if not socialist in their ideological views, and incapable of demonstrating the use of reason and logic in problem-solving.  We have created a system where the attempt is to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy, making everything average by lowering the standards to accommodate the underachievers or those with lower abilities rather than inspiring everyone to climb higher.  We have created a system where there is little to no reward for achievement and no penalty for failure or lack of involvement and investment in the process.

I blame the educational system for the product being presented.  No, I do not lump every teach in that basket but those of you who are good teachers you know the problem and share my lament.  I blame the parents for abdicating their role and responsibility in shaping and developing their children’s education and learning.  Back in my day, (yes, I’m waxing nostalgic) parents, for the most part, wanted or demanded to know what we were doing educationally and did not leave the shaping of our beliefs and core values to the educators.  I also blame the church for shirking its biblical and moral duty to instill in the hearts of the young, core principles and provide a moral foundation that will guide them through the troubled waters of life.  When churches adopted the idea that it was taboo to speak of matters deemed political their silence opened the door for the indoctrination of our children ideologically to our detriment.  NO, I am not suggesting that the pastor and church spend every Sunday on politics but that they teach basic moral values and principles, the benefit of education and knowledge, and fearlessly highlight those political policies and ideologies that are foreign to the teachings of Scripture.  Who should we obey, God or man?

Lastly, I blame the students for this condition but it is not solely their fault.  We have allowed them to become slothful and they have learned a worldview that preaches ‘entitlement’, ‘fairness’, and ‘equality’ without addressing the reward of dreaming, daring, and doing.  In life the adage, “nothing ventured, nothing gained” is applicable and when I see a young person motivated and fully invested in the pursuit of knowledge, my heart leaps because I have hope for that generation.  My oldest grandson is a highly motivated young man and when he finished high-school he had earned over 40 hours of college credit through his AP Courses.  His brother, next in age, has seen the rewards of his investment and has become motivated to achieve as well.  Their parents are highly invested in their learning and the development of their core values and that is an incredibly huge factor in what is happening with those children.  I know many people who have a high school diploma and cannot read or write cognitively.  I know people with college degrees who have about as much ‘common sense’ as a plow mule and are incapable of functioning outside their limited educational discipline.

Education is important and as I learned in college, the greatest tool I could develop was the ability to reason and research.  I knew, and many of my professors instilled in my mind that college was not to ‘teach me everything’ but enable me to ask the right question and know where to look for the right answers.  I developed a basic foundation and from that foundation, I have spent the last forty plus years building knowledge and learning wisdom in the application of that knowledge.  I was taught, at home, to think and developed a core system of beliefs that would enable and embolden me to question and even challenge ideological rhetoric that was not supported by empirical data and facts.  I had professors who totally disagreed with my position but acknowledge respect for me because I used REASON and backed up my arguments with data.  I did not change them nor they me, but we enjoyed a journey into a realm of learning that many of my fellow students were oblivious even existed.

This is another of the many reasons I will VOTE NO on the Liberal Leftist Socialist Agenda of the Democrats in November.   I pray that you will examine where we are, what is happening, and awaken enough to see what needs to be done rather than allowing your bias and emotions to rule your decisions.

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - Dealing With The Devil

I am experiencing an ongoing quandary regarding my continued presence on Social Media because it is becoming more and more apparent that, in doing so, I am dealing with the devil.  However, I have always believed that the real fight is not preaching to the choir but going into the trenches where the devil is, and “plucking some as brands from the burning” and “storming the very gates of hell with the Good News.”  Therefore, as much as I distrust and dislike the censorship, diabolical leftist ideological positions of Facebook and other Social Media outlets, it is where much of the fight for America, Sanity, Reason, Clarity exists, and provides a medium whereby I can articulate (as best I can) conservative, constitutional, and Christian views.

We know the toxicity of the liberal views embraced by Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Therefore, when we participate or utilize those mediums to advance the cause of Freedom and fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom we do so without blinders.  We know that we are subject to being censored, banned, blocked, and placed in the PC Jail for a period of time.  I have been warned, blocked, and had posts deleted by Facebook but until they kick me completely off that outlet I will continue to bring the fight to the trenches and try as valiantly as possible to persuade some, even one of the validity of the Constitutional argument politically in America.  I wish I knew how many I have positively affected, but I don’t.  I hear from some from time to time who are like-minded and their encouragement keeps me plodding along.  I stand on a passage from Galatians 6 which encourages me, no commands me, to not grow weary in well-doing for in DUE SEASON I have the promise of HARVEST.  I also stand on the Promise that Jesus will NEVER leave me nor forsake me.  Then the words of James 4 keep echoing in my mind, “…him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.”  HOW CAN I KEEP SILENT?  How can I become mute when so much is at stake not only for this present generation but for posterity? 

Some time back another bombshell exploded regarding Facebook’s collusion with the Democrats and even foreign governments to the detriment of its participants.  Facebook confirmed that it shared user data with the Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei.  However, that was not the only Chinese company Mr. Zuckerberg funneled information, at a price of course.  He also shared user data with Lenovo, Oppo, and TCL.  He contends that the shared data never made it to Chinese servers.  Please pause while I watch the flying pigs that are attempting to land in my backyard where the Unicorns are grazing.  Hey, if you believe him, I would like to offer you some pristine oceanfront property in the middle of the desert in Arizona and if the price is right, I’ll throw the Golden Gate Bridge in free.  HOGWASH is the nicest word I can think of to comment on his assertion and claim.

Facebook has been funneling information to the Leftist, Liberal Democrats for some time and has taken a very strong stance for Muslims, same-sex marriages, open borders, and much more.  The hierarchy in Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc. have been significant contributors to the Democrat Party and especially, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  You can post virtually anything you want on those mediums against Donald Trump, Conservatives, Constitutionalist, and/or Christians but if you post any biblical views of homosexuality, same-sex marriages, or any other view you are likely to be blocked and placed in the Facebook jail for a time.

If it were only one foreign entity or government involved that might be something we could overlook but Facebook has acknowledged giving deep access to at least 60 device-makers including Apple, Amazon, BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Samsung.  Some of those device makers retrieve data from data users’ friends without their explicit consent.  That is and should be disturbing and not something that I can simply say, “Oh, well that is the new world of technology.”  Privacy is rapidly becoming a dinosaur and facing extinction but Constitutionally it is supposed to be one of our guarded rights.  We are all familiar with the misuse of private information by the political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica.  I am convinced that this type of “spying” and invading our privacy is far more widespread that we see as we look at the tip of the data iceberg.  We know that the Federal Government has been collecting metadata for many years and supposedly not abusing our right to privacy.  However, the Russian Collusion Scam has revealed how far from the truth that really is and how extensive the information the Federal Government and Social Media collects on every America citizen.  Most of it is unethical if not a blatant violation of our Privacy Laws and a usurpation of our Constitutional Rights. 

Someone said, “Facebook is like having locks installed on the doors of your home only to find that the locksmith gave out keys to all his friends so they can come in and rifle through your belongings without your permission.”  Only recently has Facebook acknowledged that some of its partners are storing private data on their servers.  They argue, that no matter where the data is stored, it is guarded by strict agreements between Facebook and the companies or governments.  How do I stop laughing or crying at that assertion?  That would be like giving the keys to the prison to the inmates and say, you can roam the halls but you cannot abuse your privilege or go outside.  How about hiring the fox to guard the hen house?  I’m sure the wolf would love to be the watchman over the sheep and would gladly agree to not eat them.  At least not while you were looking.  PLEASE, Mr. Zuckerberg and Leftist, we may be allowing you to get away with much but some of us are not completely brain dead – WE ACTUALLY THINK and REASON.

What do we do?  We protect our private information as much as possible and cautiously place personal information on any Internet site.  We realize that this kind of activity will continue UNTIL and UNLESS we the people find it within ourselves to demand a return to Constitutionality in America and send people to Washington who will honor the Constitution and truly become guardians of our inalienable rights and freedoms.  There are some Republicans as well as Democrats who need to be evicted from their DC Shrine and kicked off their political pedestals.   If we want to return to being “One nation under God with liberty and justice for all where everyone is viewed as being created equal with the God-given right to Life, Liberty, and allowed to pursue Happiness we MUST become involved.”  HOW MUCH IS YOUR FREEDOM WORTH?  The answer to that question will determine your action or inaction in the November mid-term elections.  Only you can decide!

God bless you and God bless America!        


BLOG POST 7 - Inalienable not Subjective

We either have a Constitution which enumerates certain “inalienable rights” or we do not.  According to those following the Liberal Agenda largely fronted by the Democratic Party, some Establishment RINO Republicans, the Main Stream Media, and many Hollywood Elitists the 2nd Amendment IS NOT an Inalienable Right of Every Law Abiding Citizen.  They construct the Constitution in such a manner as to obliterate the view of the Founding and Framers, and totally ignore historical evidence that it means INDIVIDUALS not simply organized Militias.

I want to take a stroll through history and if you care to join me you are most welcome.  I want us to consider some of the overlooked facts the “gun grabbers” conveniently omit from their plethora of arguments devoid of facts.  If you honestly examine history, not just that of the United States, the Colonies, but British Law and British Constitutions you will discover something amazing regarding the “Right to Keep and Bear Arms.”  The Colonist, pre-revolution recognized the RIGHT of every person to “keep and bear arms”.  They understood that that right was not something the government could or should attempt to tamper with for they viewed it as a basic human right or inalienable right that came from God Himself, not the government.  What you may or may not know is that the concept of the right to “keep and bear arms” did not begin with the Bill of Rights it predated dating back to the 17th Century in England.

The fact that the Colonist eventually revolted against the British Crown makes British history of significant importance in this matter.  The individual’s right to own a gun was settled in Britain in 1689 and the historical record indicates that not only was it recognized that every British citizen had a right to “own a gun” they were expected to do so.  The British Declaration Bill of Rights in 1689 listed among the grievances of the British subjects that the Crown was violating the individual right to own firearms.  The debate seems to have centered on the 1662 Militia Act which focused on the confiscation of private firearms.  Sound familiar?  Where they were is exactly where the Leftist want to take us today.  I suggest the results will be similar if the Left actually achieves their goal of a gun confiscation” law.  The Act in 1689 did not create a new individual right, it recognized an existing one. They deemed the right to belong to the individual not the collective and the individual right to “keep and bear arms” was for the “common defense” and for individual “self-defense.”   WAKE UP LEFTIST, History is against you in your inane argument that the gun is the problem and your wrong argument that the right means MILITIA, not INDIVIDUALS.  You are wrong!

I find it completely understandable that one of the first outbreaks of resistance at Lexington and Concord came as a result of the British Army attempting to confiscate the firearms of individuals.  Our own Declaration of Independence clearly states that there are inalienable rights and among those are “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  That statement and recognition necessitate the right to own guns for the purpose of securing both life and liberty.  Long before the Second Amendment, British Common Law adopted in the Colonies respected private ownership of firearms.  And yes, Alice, they had the same type of firearms as did the Militia and no it was not intended to restrict that to a black-powder single shot musket.  I find it powerful that in Pennsylvania their constitution specifically stated, “the people have a right to bear arms for the defense of themselves and the state.”  If you will check the record you will find that no less than nine (9), state constitutions adopted in the 18th century or early 19th century acknowledged the right to bear arms for “self-defense.”

The Founders and Framers including James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Richard Henry Lee, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, and Thomas Paine to name a few demanded the right be kept intact.  I guess they would be labeled “deplorables” by the Left today and called every unconscionable name in the books for their position on this inalienable right.  Alexander Hamilton went so far as to argue that the greatest threat to liberty was if the government ever deprived the citizens of the right to “keep and bear arms” and called it the “original right of self-defense.”  Richard Henry Lee believed that every citizen should be armed.  In fact, North Carolina and Rhode Island refused to sign off on the new Constitution until this right was guaranteed by amendment.

I challenge you to study the writings and work of James Madison and you will find that his original intent was to insert this right into Article I, Section 9 between Clauses 3 and 4.  This is where we find the topic of Individual Rights covered.  If Madison believed and intended that this right was “collective” he would have inserted it in Article I, Section 8 where Congress’ powers over the militia are detailed.  The original wording of Madison on this issue was: “that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, a well-armed and well-regulated militia being the best security of a free country, but no conscientious objector shall be compelled to render military service in person.”  He meant it to be clear that this was an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT.

Therefore, for all who support “gun control”, “gun confiscation”, or “gun bans” and argue that the Constitution is outdated and the second amendment is a dinosaur law and so archaic that it needs to be removed from our document and trashed, I argue from history you are wrong!  The Second Amendment is not simply an 18th-century idea who time has expired it is timeless because it codifies a natural or inalienable right.  There is nothing unclear about this right or the wording in the Constitution. I suggest that if they win and take from us the Second Amendment Right they will take from us all other Rights including the First and Fourth Amendments and effectively makes us slaves to the whims of the State and the governance and oversight of Big Brother.

This is one of the many reasons I will vote NO on the Democrats in November and vote YES on the Republican because, at this point, the Republicans are not at war with our Inalienable Rights and give us a better pathway to reclaiming our Republic.  Disagree if you please, but NEVER accuse me of trashing my principles by voting for a candidate who may not fully embody those characteristics I hold dear as a Christian.  I am VOTING YES on America and I believe that is a very principled thing to do.  Allowing the Liberal Leftist Democrats to regain power would be to take steps backward that I do not believe we can afford.  I don’t care what anyone calls me, that is my position and it is rooted in Prayer, my Faith in God, my belief and love for America, and my desire to remain Free!

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - Pain

As many of you are aware, I have been dealing with some excruciating physical pain over the past few days.  I don’t like to bring my personal pain into the conversation other than simply to request prayer.  That is not because I do not want others to be aware of my struggles but because I never want the focus to be me.  However, there are times when our personal and physical pain exceeds our ability to deal with it without the help, comfort, and strength of others.  A few years ago, I wrote a book entitled, “Prison of Pain”.  That book was birthed out of personal experience and observation of the ravages of pain in the lives of people and even nations.  Pain whether it is of a physical nature, emotional or spiritual can be and often is devastating.  Pain can lock a person in a prison as real as one of brick and mortar, bars and chains, and the armed guards may not be mortal men but spiritual or within one’s mind, but the result is the same PRISON.

The pain that I am enduring pales in comparison to that of many including my wife Bonnie who is battling Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer and others in similar situations.  The Prison of the Pain of Abandonment, which many are experiencing, is a most excruciating experience and often drives people to thoughts of suicide.  The Pain of Loss in life is a diabolical taskmaster and imprisons to the point that rational thought is almost impossible.  There are many types of pain and if that pain rises to the level that it occupies almost every waking thought it can and often does become a Prison and in that state of captivity, the prisoner is placed in a state and condition where they experience HOPELESSNESS.

What is the level of pain on a scale of 1 to 10 is the question always asked by the medical profession?  I have been asked that question and then on one occasion immediately following the question was the corrective addendum, “Pain Level Ten is where one is so tormented by that pain they entertain thoughts of suicide.”  My response was and is, “since I have never knowingly entertained the thought of ending my own life, I must not be a Level Ten, but whatever level is just beneath that I am dangerously close to that level.”  I’ve been reading the Book of Job and as I read from day to day new things would present themselves to add to my calamity and pain.  I laughed and cried out to the Lord, “Lord, in no way, do I compare myself to Job, but this is almost too coincidental for words.”  As I laughed and cried I recalled the last chapter of that Book and rejoiced because Job was restored and received a double portion.  Also, in the last chapter of the Book of Revelation, I find that WE WIN and the devil loses.

But, my purpose is not to address my physical pain.  I deeply appreciate the many prayers offered on my behalf.  My physical pain cannot be compared to the pain in the hearts of every true American Patriot today.  As we witness the drift and shift of many in this great nation moving far from the moorings and charted path of our Framers and Founders, we experience Pain of such enormity it is almost unbearable.  The Pain in my heart that cannot be cured with an injection, a pain pill, or even natural surgery comes from the many who embrace the idea of Socialism for America.  I have witnessed, first hand, the pain in the eyes of those living under the tyranny of Socialism and Communism.  I have heard the hopelessness in the voices of those citizens and viewed the abject poverty that is produced for the masses under those systems of government and economy.  The Pain in my heart rises from the heartbreaking result of the indoctrination of generations that convinces them that abandoning our moral and spiritual moorings as a nation is the better route for America.

As I reflect on the selfless sacrifices of the hundreds and thousands of men and women who paid the ultimate price in the fight for Independence, Liberty, and Freedom in the Revolutionary War, my pain level rises.  We know the names of the most prominent among them, the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution but what of those many average citizens who held the dream of Liberty and Freedom in their hearts and fought and died for that vision.  They, as in our other Wars for Freedom and the fight against Socialism and Communism around the world, were not simply thinking of themselves but their children, grandchildren and future generations.  Those following the new move toward Socialism do not know Pain to the level of those peoples in countries who have known those systems of government for generations, but they will and that causes incredible Pain in the hearts of the true American Patriots.  We know where the abandonment of our Republican System of Government and Free Market Economy leads and the Prison of Pain that accompanies the fulfillment of that agenda.

Those today who have or are allowing hate to cloud their minds and fill their hearts do not realize the Prison they are creating and will become incarcerated in emotionally, mentally, spiritually, if not physically.  That causes the level of Pain in the hearts of the true American Patriots to rise to a new level and it is excruciating.  Those today who believe that abandoning our moral and spiritual moorings as a Republic will have no negative consequences have not carefully examined history, studied those nations and peoples who are living under the type of government this movement desires.  In America today, we have problems and there are flaws in our government.  Those flaws are not the fault of our Constitutional System of Government but the corruption of man and the slow but systematic modification of our Constitution without following the mandated method via Amendments ratified by the individual States and citizens of those States.  We will not solve any of the problems existing in our nation by abandoning our Constitution and embracing a System of Government that has failed everywhere it has been or is being tried.  The result will be a Prison of Pain for all except those in Power.

I have been out of touch with social media, much of the news, and virtually absent from engagement with the internet for days and my focus and thoughts have been on personal matters, including physical pain to a degree.  However, the major thrust of my focus has been on God, America, and our Founding Principles and Precepts which produced America, the Land of the Free because of the Brave.  I, like you, love this nation and believe that we have existed because of the principles espoused in our Declaration of Independence, expressed and codified in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and demonstrated in the selfless sacrifices of millions through the generations.  If we abandon our founding moorings and drift from our moral foundation as a nation we will create a PRISON of PAIN beyond anyone ability to imagine. 

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a Democrat or a Republican, if you truly want to see America be and remain the America that was a Beacon of Hope to the World and the Freedom and Liberty expressed in our Declaration of Independence and our Pledge of Allegiance then I beg of you to join together and STOP THE INSANITY that is being advanced in America today.  We can demand from the elected officials a return to Constitutional Government and that return will provide a means of recovery and deliverance from that Prison of which I allude.

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 3 - Never Be A Democrat

I normally do not write this blog on Sundays but feel that I need to offer it.  I realize that a title like this will probably earn me the angst of some and bring out the haters who will hurl vitriolic hateful comments.  However, if you will give me an opportunity I will qualify my title and offer some reasons for my position.  You may disagree with them, and that is your God-given, Constitutional, inalienable right.  However, I would remind you that I have the same right to form an opinion and express it.  I will tolerate your disagreement if you will tolerate mine.  That being said, let me delve into some of the many reasons I cannot support the Leftist, Liberal, Socialist, Progressive, Globalist Agenda and Ideology of the National Democrat Party.  I will offer these not necessarily in the order of importance to me.

Number One, Liberal Democrats such as Virginia’s former Governor Terry McAuliffe’s restoration of rights to ‘felons’.  The result is that we now have a convicted pedophile who threatened to kill President George W. Bush is now legally able to run for Congress in Virginia.  That is the result of Governor McAuliffe restoring ‘voting rights’ to thousands of felons. The convicted pedophile is running as an Independent candidate in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.  Huffington Post interviewed him and he expressed pro-pedophilia and incest views calling it NORMAL for men to be attracted to underage women.  He has posted online articles entitled, “Advantages of Father-Daughter Incest”, “The Justifiability of an Incel’s Kidnapping a Girl and Keeper as His Rape-Slave for Sex and Babymaking.”  He supports making “child pornography” legal and restoring “benevolent white supremacy” and “patriarchy.”  He has referred to Adolf Hitler as a “white supremacist hero.”  His being allowed to run for office is the result of a Liberal Leftist Democrat in power making decisions that ultimately endanger the public and makes a sham of our political system.  I seriously doubt that Virginian’s will elect him but the fact that someone with that history and point of view could run for office is disgusting.

Second, the Liberal Leftist Democrat Establishment and Leadership, as well as Hollywood elitist, have voiced support of the diabolical and dangerous criminals MS-13. They have taken the position of supporting Hamas vs Israel.  They continually defend the hateful comments and commentaries of people like Bill Maher, Samantha Bee, Joy Reid, Joy Behar, Keith Olbermann, Jemele Hill, Kathy Griffin, Robert DE Niro and scores of others while attacking anyone espousing a conservative view.  The vileness and destructive hate that is being expressed by Democrats such as Barbra Streisand who blamed President Trump for Samantha Bee’s comments and those calling for the murder of white people, especially white men calling us crackers are ignored and even lauded.  But Rosanne Barr (who I am not trying to defend) are to be burned at the stake and boiled in oil.  It is more than a double standard it is Destructive Hate that is dividing this nation.  Barack and Michelle Obama during their time in the White House did more to expand the racial divide than any president past or present.  Yet, they are excused.  Hillary called those not voting for her DEPLORABLES and a Leftist went on national television and insisted that everyone who voted for Donald Trump was a ‘racist.’  That was glossed over and excused.  I will not support that kind of hate and hypocrisy in any candidate or party.

Third, the never-ending perversion of our justice system and the abuse of political power by the Democrats as clearly revealed in the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and Democrats to continue an Investigation that is clearly the investigation of a person trying to find a crime.  That is the reverse of what our criminal justice system is supposed to be about, but that is the result of the Never Trump and Destroy Trump mantra of the Democrats.  The partisan players in the Mueller Investigation and the revealed antics of the Obama DOJ, FBI, and CIA make it clear that the desire of the Democrats is to stop Trump even if it means the destruction of our Constitutional Form of Government.  They are pro-Amnesty, pro-Open Borders, pro-abortion, and pro-gun control which makes them anti-Constitutionalism and I view that as Un-American to their core.

Fourth, the announced plan of the Democrats to repeal the Trump “tax cuts”, etch in granite Obamacare, open our borders, allow Iran and other tyrannical nations to obtain nuclear weapons, and more is more than I can stomach.  How could I vote for things that are bad for America and bad for Americans?  I am pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-First Amendment, anti-terrorism, and pro a Strong National Defense and Secure Border, to name a few things.  The Democrats, at least nationally, have embraced virtually everything that I oppose and view as an attack on my faith, the constitution, and my inalienable rights.  Constitutionally, Congress has no right or authority to confiscate any wealth (as if I had any) and redistribute it to another.  I have the sole right to be charitable with what I possess and I have the sole right to not be charitable.  It is my choice and my right.  No one has the right to what I have earned and to take it from me by edict or forces should be so reprehensible to all politicians it would cease immediately.  That is not the mantra or modus operandi of the Democrats for they have proven to be the Party of Tax, Tax, Tax, and Spend, Spend, Spend or should I say Confiscate and Redistribute for the sole purpose of “buying votes” and “solidifying power.”  Control is their objective.

Those are four areas that prevent me from being a Democrat.  Before you go off on me or make the claim that Republicans are no better, they are.  At least, on a National Party Platform, they are.  They are far from pristine and pure, but they are not seeking to raise our taxes, open our borders, support heinous murders such as Hamas, MS-13, Islamic Terrorist, and Street Gangs in many of the largest liberal cities in America.  They are largely pro-life and that is a very big issue for me.  They are openly in support of our inalienable rights, especially our 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment Rights.  They are not waging war on Christianity and do not support the witch hunt of ousting a lawfully elected president because they don’t like him.  Some of them are very opposed to President Trump but, at this juncture, the Republicans are not seeking to Impeach and Oust him based on their preference for someone else.

November 2018 is a tipping point for our Republic and our nation is clearly at a cross-road.  If we allow the Democrats to regain control of one or both houses of Congress we will have helped to facilitate the ‘fundamental transformation’ desired by Barack Obama and the Globalist controlling things behind the scenes such as George Soros.  If we allow the Democrats to regain power we will see the erasure of the advances we have made in the year and a half that Trump has been president.  DO YOU WANT THAT?  ARE YOU WILLING TO LET THAT HAPPEN?  Those questions must be asked and answered before you vote in November and hopefully, they will prompt you to VOTE and cause you to VOTE in a way that prevents the Democrats from regaining power.

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 2 - Ray of Hope

I try to remain optimistic about everything in life.  In matters spiritual, I can manage that but when it comes to the American political scene I sometimes have difficulty.  There is a mountain of reasons for that and the major reasons I remain optimistic are GOD and American Patriots.  I still believe that most Americans want to maintain and retain our Constitutional Republic and preserve our Inalienable Rights and Freedoms.  Within that group, there are vast differences of opinion and some incredible ideological divides but I still believe that most want the United States of America to resist Socialism and be a Free Sovereign Nation.  I could be wrong and there are signs that say I am and signs that say I am not. 

The Democratic Party is rapidly moving toward radicalism politically that embraces Socialism, supports the dismantling of our Republic as a Free Sovereign Nation by eliminating our borders, endorse the Entitlement Mentality (Socialism in Action), and desires Big Government.  The idea that all America’s problems stem from our Constitution (outdated in their view), White Men, Big Business, and the Rich (the class many of them are charter members). 

Among the many things that clearly identify the shift or continued move of the Leftist Liberal Socialist Progressive Globalist (Democrats & RINOs) toward Socialism was evidenced in New York when an Establishment Democrat Incumbent was defeated by an avoid Socialist of the Bernie Sanders cult.  Then in California, the Democratic Party has refused to endorse incredibly liberal Senator Diane Feinstein and endorsed her Democratic opponent, Kevin De Leon.  With California’s “jungle primary” system means that he will be her opponent in November.  No Republican will be on the ballot.  De Leon wants to abolish ICE and implement many other Socialist and radical policies.  He received 65% of the California Democrat Executive Board.  In the Primary she defeated him 44% to 12% but the California Democratic Establishment in keeping with the mindset that has been painfully apparent in that State’s Leftist is FAR FAR LEFT with no thought of compromise or middle ground.  What will happen?  Feinstein will probably win but with the strong endorsement of the State Party Establishment and the supply of funds he will likely receive, it presents the prospects of being a very ugly race and that could hurt the Democrats both in that State and across the Nation.  I hope I’m seeing a Ray of Hope!

Another thing that gives me hope is Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia had some strong words for Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer regarding President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.  Chuck Schumer had previously made a statement about “whipping votes” among the party caucus.  Manchin said, “I’ll be 71 years old in August, you’re going to whip me?  Kiss my you know what.”  That is hopefully an indication that Schumer and the Toxicity of Liberalism that has a death grip on the Democratic Party is losing its power.    There are other Democrats who have joined Manchin publicly sending a shot across Schumer’s bow.  Senator Joe Donnelly, (D-IN) said, “My decision won’t have anything to do with Chuck Schumer.”  Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) was the third Democrat in the confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch to join Republicans in the confirmation vote.  I take that as a Ray of Hope and hope that I am not being overly optimistic.  The reality is, if all 51 Republicans vote YES, the Democrats can scream about a return to slavery or the end of women’s rights, or the impending slaughter of gay people till they are blue in the face and it will do them no good.  Anyone with any sense of reason and possessing any intelligence knows that those charges are TOTAL FABRICATIONS and designed as Scare Tactics, not realities.

I see a continued shift of the Leftist Liberal Democrats toward Socialism and the creation of an Oligarchy that strips Americans of their Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties.  I see a move toward Political Correctness becoming the Law of the Land if they regain power and control of Congress and/or the White House.  Their desire to grow government, grant amnesty to the illegals (their new voting base), raise taxes for more entitlement spending (to buy votes), and censorship of any views not consistent with their own.  They have an expressed desire to repeal the 2nd Amendment, not by the constitutional process but by legislation or executive edicts and the continued corruption of federal law enforcement.  I see a Democratic victory in November as the dark cloud of destruction for America as the Constitutional Republic we have known and enjoyed.  I could see that and the complicity of the propaganda arm of the Leftist, the Main Stream Media providing 24/7 spin and indoctrination to advance their cause and report their lies as truth and facts and grow despondent.  However, what I saw in 2016 was a rejection by America of the Leftist Agenda and the Propaganda of the Media.  That gives me a Ray of Hope in what would otherwise seem hopeless.

Another Ray of Hope is in the continued evidence that most American Voters reject Socialism for America.  The Democratic Party’s new mantra is FREEBIES and their embrace of Socialism should send chills down the spine of every Freedom Loving American.  A Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey reported that 74% of likely U.S. voters prefer a Free Market Economic System to Socialism.  Only 13% of those surveyed expressed a preference for Socialism and there were 13% who were undecided. How that is possible?  I can only explain by the tendency of some of the docile sheep to think they can stay on the fence and the wolf won’t eat them.  I could find it incredibly depressing that 13% of voters in America could ever embrace the idea of Socialism.  One commentator said, “Being undecided between Socialism and Free Market Capitalism is like being undecided between Bar Refaeli and Nancy Pelosi. But I suppose you could find 13% of poll respondents would say the Sun rises in the West.”  Today’s face of Socialism is Venezuela and if you do some simple examination you will find what a disaster that is.  WHO COULD PREFER THAT TO AMERICA?  That gives me a Ray of Hope!

AMERICAN PATRIOTS, I ask you to seriously think about what is happening and the dangers that will become real calamities should the Democrats win in November.  I wish we had a smorgasbord of choices and could pick and choose whatever we preferred and be successful in moving America toward continued Freedom and Liberty but we do not.  We have a choice of voting in such a way as to DEFEAT the DEMOCRATS or vote in such a way that EMPOWERS and ENABLES THEM in November.  My brother said correctly, “We MUST defeat the Democrats in November and then in 2020 and beyond we MUST work to primary as many RINOs and Establishment Republicans who will not support the Constitution and defend our Inalienable Rights as possible.”  That being said, in this election I see only one option and that is to DEFEAT THE LEFTISTS.  I pray that you will agree and join those of us who are fighting for America and our American Freedom.

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - not what it seeems

The surface is not always a clear picture of the whole, only the part that is visible and can be used emotionally to elicit a particular response or attitude.  The clamor over the children separated from their parents, as my friend Jack Niewold recently said regarding the mass hysteria of the Leftist is most assuredly a spectacle to behold.  The Democrats want to keep the “families” together and as Jack stated,and effectively release them into the interior of the country, where they disappear.”  WHY?  Why do the Democrats want to do this?  That is too easy to miss.  It is not the moral aspect or even the humane dimension of the issue but is two-fold, “keep the Republicans in a negative light in the public view” and “build the Democrat voting base in the future.”  This issue is far more complicated than the surface knee-jerk reaction that is being displayed and politicians are falling prey to the ploy including many Republicans who should know better.

Jack pointed out that this opens the door for the Mexican Drug Cartel’s and human traffickers to abduct and sell children as a free pass into the United States.  IS THAT WHAT WE WANT?  No, but no one is talking about the real problem and no one wants to acknowledge that the children are separated from their parents for a very short time, normally.  Additionally, those children are in a much safer housing and sustenance situation than they would be if they stayed with their parents.  Photo ops play a far bigger role in moving the needle than truth, facts, or cognitive reason.  Whatever happened to good old “common or in today’s society uncommon sense?” 

I saw the response of Hillary Clinton to Jeff Sessions and others as she claimed to be a biblical expert, having studied both the Old and New Testaments.  I have seen nothing in Hillary Clinton that makes me think of a Bible Scholar or a Saint, but alas, I am just a mere mortal who loves America and wants the hypocrisy and rhetoric to cease.  Her purpose is to turn as much of America as possible against President Trump and the Republicans and paint fallacious pictures of what is really happening on the border with the “children.”  None of us want the inhumane treatment of children or anyone else for that matter but we also want to ensure the safety of America for Americans who are here legally.  Yes, we want to exhibit compassion and empathy but we must not simply become caught up in the moment and allow a particular bias or hatred fuel our reactions and plunge us over the abysmal cliff to destruction as a nation and a free people.

I am an ordained minister and I have studied the Old and New Testaments for almost 50 years, so I believe I can speak with as much qualification as does Hillary Rodham Clinton.  I have studied the original languages, served as senior pastor, traveled as an evangelist, and worked with numerous ministries and charities and taught the Bible for decades.  Hillary claimed that Bill spent Father’s Day thinking about the thousands of children separated from their parents at the border.  REALLY?  That would be quite a change from the demonstrated womanizer who has spent most of his adult life chasing skirts rather than fending for the children.  I can only think about the Clinton Foundation and the fraud involved in their raising millions for Haiti and yet only a trickle of that got to those it was supposedly intended to help.  However, millions made its way into the pockets of the Clintons.  So, Hillary, I must ask, “When did Bill get that particular epiphany?”  Wait, was it the children of his pedophile friend where underaged girls were molested, abused, sodomized, and passed around to anyone who could afford the price?  Yes, I’m being harsh but how many times did he visit that island?  He would not be the poster boy to speak of someone thinking about the Children.

Hillary attempted to use Matthew 19:14 as the proof-text for her argument saying, “Jesus said suffer the little children to come unto Me.  He did not say let the little children suffer.”  [Hillary’s interpretation of that passage].  Unfortunately for Ms. Clinton that verse did not contend or justify the exploitation of children for the maniacal self-serving purpose of deconstruction of a Constitutionally ordered society.  I find it astounding that there is such an uproar over the few thousand children on the border being temporarily separated from their parents while there is not so much as a whimper over the 60 MILLION babies separated from their parents in ABORTION.  If we are going to express concern about the CHILDREN let’s include the UNBORN, for they too are children being separated from their parents.  Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot that to Hillary and the Leftist those are not HUMAN BEINGS but mere globs of tissue.  Forget the fact, they have fingerprints, heartbeats, and can feel.  That is inconsequential for in Hillary’s expressed view, they are not human beings UNTIL they have exited the birth canal in a live birth.  However, she and they must modify that too because they allow “partial birth abortions” where babies in a botched abortion are slaughtered and somehow find it morally justifiable.  So much for using biblical principles, for if you are going to be consistent with Scripture you would use the whole of scripture, not partial texts to support your argument.

It seems that nothing in politics is what it appears on the surface and another reason that so few trust politicians.  The history and track record of most politicians and politics, in general, have earned that distrust and disrespect.  Therefore, I contend that we cannot depend on politicians to solve the problems of our society or even our government.  We continue to send people to Washington to govern who are more interested in their agenda and personal gain than they are about America.  WHAT DO WE DO?  We can complain and continue to reelect them or we can PRAY, WORK, VET, SUPPORT, and ELECT men and women who will honestly and devotedly follow the Rule of Law and the Constitution.  That is much easier to advance as a possible solution than it is to make a reality.  That means some of those hearing this will need to become involved as candidates.  We begin at the lowest level of government and work toward the top.  Many of us do not have enough time left in this life to see it become reality but we can lay the groundwork for those following to pick up the Torch of Freedom and Run for the Cause.  Please, hear me, we MUST NOT ALLOW the Leftist Liberal Progressive Socialist Globalist to return to power in November.  WE MUST NOT! 

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!