I wish that I did not feel the need to write this article on HATE but I do.  I wish that the answer to Rodney King’s question, “Can’t we all just get along?” was YES, but it isn’t.  I wish that we could agree to disagree, be amicable, fight for our ideological positions in a civil manner, but it seems we cannot.  At least not in today’s PC Correct Political World.

It is my contention that the Liberal Left hates Donald J. Trump with such a passion that they would dance in the streets were he to meet his demise and no longer be present on Planet Earth.  I also contend that they hate him, not just because of who he is but because he has, largely, sided with those of us on the Right who stand for Conservative Constitutional Christian values.  They hate us and they hate him and now it is virtually impossible to determine who they hate more, him or us – but HATE US THEY DO.

Remember Hillary calling us DEPLORABLES and Obama’s description of us was BITTER CLINGERS who held onto our guns and their religion.  They hated us long before Donald Trump arrived on the political scene and will hate us long after he is gone.  The Inspector General’s report confirmed what it denied – POLITICAL BIAS in the FBI and if the truth were told in the DOJ, CIA, NSA, Homeland, and so many governmental bureaucracies.  The political bias is one-sided as was clearly revealed in the IRS scandals under Lois Lerner where conservative and Christians groups were targeted.  The FBI’s Peter Strozk and those working with him were determined to STOP TRUMP at all costs and it is now apparent that the costs will be astronomical for America going forward.  HATE is a powerful motivator, clouds all sense of reason, and justifies actions calling them the moral high-ground or righteous.  HATE is destructive, not productive and anyone who engages in the fury of hate is not just hurting the object of their hate but themselves as well.

Those who are classified as the middle-class have long experienced the intolerance and hatred of the Progressive Socialistic Liberal Leftists, largely Democrats on a national level.  The language and rhetoric of Hollywood and media personalities such as Robert De Niro, Alec Baldwin, Joy Behar, Jimmy Kimmel, Samuel L. Jackson, Bill Maher, and an endless list of others are utterly repulsive.  I have never tried to paint Donald J. Trump as a saint but do believe that God had a hand in his election. You may disagree and argue that God does not get involved in politics.  I would argue against that based on the entire Bible and such references that inform us that he sets up and takes down leaders and that He is concerned with every detail of our lives.  If He is, as some like to argue, an “absentee landlord” then He is not the God of the Bible, in my view.  I don’t pray for God to help my favorite sports team win over another team but I do pray that God guide this nation and the elections directly impact the direction of the nation, so YES, I believe He gets involved.  HATE is never acceptable and it matters not if it is coming from the Left or the Right, HATE IS WRONG!

The PC Police of today, the censorship by Liberal Universities and the cry for silencing everything on the Right labeling it HATE SPEECH is rooted in hate, not the advancement of our nation or society.  The demand for TOLERANCE by the Left while demonstrating UNBENDING INTOLERANCE is not simply the result of hypocrisy it is the fruit of the root of HATE.  There are those who so HATE this President and any of us who support him to the point they would be filled with glee were America’s economy to collapse, and this President was to fail at every turn in diplomacy and the fulfillment of his campaign promises.  I wish I could say this was a passing fad or condition but I believe it is the result of decades of HATE being taught and caught and is now generational as well as ideological.  We are living in a world where we have at least two if not three generations of indoctrinated haters in all aspects of our society.  That can only result in dire times and incredibly dark days for America and Americans.

Let me give you a sampling of some things said by Liberal Leftists Democrats regarding those on the Right:

  • Montel Williams – “Michele Bachmann, slit your wrists. Go ahead… or, do us a better thing.  Move that knife up about two feet. Start right at the collarbone.”
  • Rapper Everlast’s tirade was filled with “F” bombs about the president and suggested that if the Secret Service was not on their toes, he’d take out the president.
  • Bill Maher – “I have zero doubt that if Dick Cheney was not in power, people wouldn’t be dying needlessly tomorrow… I’m just saying if he did die, other people, more people would live. That’s a fact.”
  • Courtland Milloy – “I know how the ‘tea party’ people feel, the anger, venom, and bile that many of them showed during the recent House vote on health-care reform. I know because I want to spit on them, take one of their “Obama Plan White Slavery” signs and knock every racist and homophobic tooth out of their Cro-Magnon heads.”
  • Charles Karel Bouley said on the air – “I want MF Joe the plumber dead.”
  • Representative Paul Kanjorski, (D-PA) – suggested putting Governor Scott from Florida against the wall and shoot him.
  • Stephen Crockett called for strapping Katherine Harris and Ken Blackwell to an electric chair and light them up like Christmas trees.
  • Allan Brauer, the communications chair of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County said to Ted Cruz staffer Amanda Carter – “May your children all die from debilitating, painful, and incurable diseases.”
  • Dan Savage – “I wish they (Republicans) were all (blankety-blank) dead.”

I try to be cautious about saying anything about someone deceased but Chef Anthony Bourdain said that he would poison Donald Trump if he had the chance.  Remember Kathy Griffin and a host of others and the vile language and calls for violence against Trump and his supporters.  THAT IS HATE!

We can never achieve the greatness that America was and can be if we continue down the road of HATE.  Some may not like this statement, but WE NEED A REVIVAL IN AMERICA.  We need a move of God where hearts are changed.  We do not all have to agree or want the same thing but we need to be healed from the condition of HATE that is now prevalent.

God bless you and God bless America!




AMERICA’S FUTURE – Dim or Bright???

BLOG POST 3- America

I would urge everyone to exercise restraint in answering that question.  I would urge a deeper digging into the plethora of information that is now available and much of it confirmed by the IG Report regarding the FBI and her highness Hillary Clinton as well as BHO and his subordinates.  There are many things coming to light, much of which we already knew or suspected regarding the BIASNESS and INVOLVEMENT of various intelligence gathering, law enforcement, and bureaucratic agencies under the auspices and guidance of the Obama administration leading up to and subsequent to the 2016 election is disturbing.  How anyone, including the avid NEVER TRUMP crowd, the MSM, and the Democrats could continue to argue for the Mueller Investigation focused solely on Donald J. Trump and his subordinates is beyond me.  How could anyone defend Hillary Clinton, the Obama DOJ, the FBI, John Brennan, James Clapper, and dozens of others involved?  How could there not be an immediate demand that a FULL-SCALE INVESTIGATION of the involvement, criminality, subversion of our system, and collusion by those on the Left not be forthcoming?  I do not mind investigating the Right but insist that the evidence demands an investigation of the Left as well.  If TRUTH is the objective then that investigation MUST be initiated immediately.

We are have learned and are learning that the FBI modified witness reports, misled the Department of Justice watchdog and gave false information.  The FBI appears to have “edited and changed” key witness reports in the Clinton and Russia investigations.  The witness interviews compiled by federal investigators appear to have been altered based on the findings of the Inspector General’s report.  It goes far beyond Hillary’s actions and the depth and breadth of this encompass the key investigators and administrators in the various law-enforcement bureaus, the DOJ, and even the White House under Barack H. Obama.  I find the threat to our system of government so dire that I ask the title question regarding our future as a sovereign republic.

We have learned that the former FBI Director James Comey also used a personal email account to conduct bureau business and that caused Hillary to argue that if he could then why could she not?  The Inspector General’s report confirmed that classified information contained in the Clinton emails was compromised by foreign intelligence services.  THAT IS A PROBLEM!  She recklessly emailed President Barack Obama using her private unsecured personal email from within the sovereign territory of a hostile foreign adversary.  HOW IS THAT NOT A PROBLEM?   In James Comey’s July 2016 statement we were made aware that Hillary’s private emails included “seven e-mail chains concern matters that were classified at the Top Secret/Special Access Program level when they were sent and received.”  THAT IS A PROBLEM and CRIME.  Comey even acknowledged that “hostile actors gained access to the private commercial e-mail accounts of people with whom Secretary Clinton was in regular contact from her personal account.”  He called it “extreme carelessness” which according to the legal statute demanded indictment and prosecution.  BUT NOT SO FOR COMEY and PETER STROZK.

The FBI knew and covered up the fact that “hostile actors” had gained access to the information in her emails.  Comey’s statement in 2016, “the FBI successfully determined classified information was improperly stored and transmitted on Clinton’s email server, and classified information was compromised by unauthorized individuals, to include foreign governments or intelligence services, via cyber intrusion or other means.”  THAT IS A PROBLEM!  It is a problem regarding national security, legally, morally, and ethically but they IGNORED and IGNORE the wrong of the Left and as Peter Strozk said, “Comey instructed him to prioritize the Russian Investigation over the Clinton Investigation.”  THAT IS A PROBLEM!  The subsequent failure to pursue this and the year-long dogged pursuit of Donald J. Trump reveals a Partisan attempt to complete a coup against our government, protect the guilty on the Left, and overturn an election.  THAT PRESENTS A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER FOR OUR AMERICA!   Hate Trump if you choose, but love America and demand that this immediately cease and proper action be taken to hold the guilty accountable.

In previous administrations, there was sufficient concern for cybersecurity and protection of intelligence that when officials traveled to certain foreign countries the Secret Service insisted that they remove the batteries from their BlackBerrys, place them in sealed plastic bags, and leave them on Air Force One for the duration of that visit.  Hillary Clinton was so cavalier that she used her private unsecured email to communicate directly with the President of the United States rather than the official government communications device.  WHY?  What was the motive?  I won’t speculate but I will argue that it posed and poses a significant threat to America then, now, and in the future.  THIS MUST BE ADDRESSED!

When you have FBI Agents such as Peter Strozk texts which reveal his objective was to STOP TRUMP and find that he was the lead in putting together the Clinton investigation, you must smell the stench of the rottenness.  It now appears that it went far beyond a few rogue agents but all the way to the top of the FBI, the CIA, Homeland, the IRS, the DOJ, and even the White House to subvert our system and achieve their objective.  THAT IS A PROBLEM!   One significant problem in the Mueller investigation is that he inherited the poisoned information from Peter Strozk and then added him to his team.  THAT IS A PROBLEM!  Mueller’s friend Comey’s credibility has been destroyed and yet this entire attack on America has been based on the faux intelligence amassed by Comey and his FBI.  THAT IS A PROBLEM!  The toxicity of the Liberal Coup, led by Comey, Strozk, McCabe and more is apparent.  This was not an attack on Donald Trump solely but on our American system of government and politics.  It was an attempt to entrench the Leftist ideology and agenda and advance their cause.  When it finally comes, Mr. Mueller’s report will be the “fulfillment” of Peter Strozk’s INSURANCE POLICY, a plot and ploy to impeach President Trump via harassing investigations should they fail to defeat him at the ballot box.

America, will we allow this kind of assault on our American system to continue at our own peril.  Even if you are adamantly opposed to Donald Trump as President surely you are supportive of our Republic and want to keep our electoral process intact?  SURELY!  Maybe I should say HOPEFULLY for I’m beginning to concede that the Left has no desire to maintain our system but convert it into a Leftist Liberal Progressive Socialist Globalist Oligarchy where they are in TOTAL CONTROL.   I will fight that every step of the way!

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 2 - Fearlessness

In 1776 there was a FEARLESSNESS  that prevailed among the Freedom Fighters in the American Colonies.  No, I am not saying they did not experience times of trepidation and their hearts and minds gripped in the turmoil of concern and question but they were FEARLESS in the face of all obstacles and DETERMINED to achieve the only acceptable objective INDEPENDENCE, LIBERTY, and FREEDOM.  That required a FEARLESSNESS that would keep them alert, committed, and determined beyond what often seemed humanly possible.

There was the Spirit of FEARLESSNESS that prevailed during both of the World Wars in which America participated.  That fearlessness was demonstrated in the many heroes of the battles and on the home front in the families, wives, and children left behind who keep the home fires burning and supplied the munitions to fight the good fight to defeat tyranny in the world.  That fearlessness was the result of a populace convinced that the ONLY SOLUTION and ONLY OPTION was to defeat Communism, Socialism, and Tyranny that was threatening Free People in America and around the world.  Turning the other cheek and ignoring the problem was not an option and from the politicians to the armed forces and the public FEARLESSNESS and DETERMINATION produced a Patriotism that prevailed against Tyranny.

Sadly, it is my view, that spirit began to wane after VE Day on May 8, 1945, and VJ Day on August 15, 1945, when the final formal surrender was accomplished ending the terribleness of WW II.  At the onset of the Korean War in 1950 that spirit was expected to prevail and complete victory was anticipated, but three years later it had become all too obvious that a total victory was either not the objective or not a reality and we allowed a Tyrannical Regime to continue while carving out the Democratic Republic of the South.  A partial victory, not a complete victory as had been the only acceptable objective of Americans in War to that point. 

A few years later we became embroiled in Vietnam and almost from the beginning no one truly believed that we would demonstrate the FEARLESSNESS and DETERMINATION required, as a people, to resolve the matter completely.  I am not talking about those men fighting on the ground, in the air, and on the sea but the general public and the politicians.  There were many factors including the fear of another World War but that war, in my view, became a political and commercial war.  I am a combat veteran of that war and do not want to appear in any way to detract from the valiant efforts of our forces and those men with boots on the ground, those sailors at sea or the airmen flying over the terrain.  THEY ARE PATRIOTS and I salute my brothers in arms.  We did what we could even when the politicians and hierarchy choose not to take the path of FEARLESSNESS and DETERMINATION.

In our modern era, we have been engaged in the War on Terrorism for years and I am deeply grateful for each man and woman who has served, those who paid the ultimate price, and those who gave a limb and a portion of their sanity for the cause of Freedom.  Politicians, the MSM, Hollywood, Academia, and Activist have trashed our armed forces and labeled those of us who want a sovereign and free America as bigots, suffering from some phobia, haters, and evil.  I rejoiced when our people came back from the First Gulf War and were given accolades and demonstrated appreciation.  Those of us serving in Vietnam know how vastly different that was compared to our return and we rejoiced that those serving were given the respect they deserved.  Respect?  Not from the Leftist or much of the media and Hollywood but the public and that is where every patriot looks for recognition and appreciation.  When the average citizen says, “Thank you for your service,” my heart leaps for joy and tears come to my eyes.   They understand the need for FEARLESSNESS and DETERMINATION.

Now my real question is “What Happened to Fearlessness in Politics?”  By that, I mean those men and women who will defend the Rule of Law and the Constitution regardless of consequences to their political career.  I, personally, do not believe in professional politicians.  I see them and know they exist and are real but do not believe they are legitimate constitutionally.  The only way that changes is for WE THE PEOPLE to take back our government at the polls and elect those who will be FEARLESS and RELENTLESS in defending the Constitution and our American Freedom and send them home if they cease to do so or decide to stay too long.

Let me touch on a hot-button for me, RINO Republicans who aid and abet the Liberal Leftist Democrat agenda.  I hesitate to address one because he is terminally ill and I never want to denigrate the dying or dead but am satisfied to leave them in God’s hands.  However, Senator John McCain has committed some acts of treason toward Constitutional Conservatism that cannot be ignored.  Many of them you know but I desire to bring up one that has come to light that highlights the need and requirement that we elect ONLY Constitutional Conservatives if we are to reclaim our Republic and see her restored to her rightful place.  I believe that Senator McCain is a man filled with bitterness and genuinely hates anyone and everyone who did not support him to become President of these United States of America.  It often appears that his desire for a “pound of flesh” and “revenge” causes him to do great harm to our Constitutional Republic.

It has come to light that it was at his, and other RINOs, urging that the IRS went after conservatives and conservative organizations.  It was a sort of political back-stabbing that cannot be ignored and should have demanded his ouster long before his current situation.  It is revealed in internal IRS documents that Senator McCain’s former staff director and chief counsel on the Senate Homeland Security Permanent Subcommittee, Henry Kerner, urged top IRS officials, including then-director Lois Lerner, to “audit so many that it becomes financially ruinous.”  Senators John McCain and Carl Levin demanded that the IRS “reign in” political advocacy groups. Sadly, it was not all advocacy groups they wanted to be targeted but those who were staunch conservatives and not milquetoast in their political ideology like Senator McCain.  They were groups that had supported other candidates and withheld their votes from him, making them enemies, in his mind it would appear.

He has on more than one occasion referred to the “Tea Party” in such vile terms as to group them in the basket of Domestic Terrorist.  Senator McCain cannot claim that Kerner went rogue because he regularly met with him and there is documented evidence that he was fully aware and in favor of targeting conservative groups.  The Tea Party is one of the major reasons that the Obama administration went downhill in the minds of many voters.  Lerner was not punished for her illegalities and had the support and help of none other than Senator John McCain (R-AZ).  McCain’s antics were part of the reason that Mitt Romney found millions refusing to vote in the 2012 election.  Now, Donald J. Trump has come on the scene and demonstrated a type of FEARLESSNESS that millions of Americans have longed to see in politicians.  That does not make him a saint or even right all the time, but makes him somewhat unique in today’s political world.  What we need now, is an infusion and a wave of Constitutional Conservatives who will take seriously their campaign promises and the constitution.  Smokey Bear says, “Only you can prevent forest fires.”  Roy Beaird says, “Only you and I can prevent the liberal decay of our American system of government and RECLAIM AMERICA.”  

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - America then and now

Conservatism, Constitutionalism post World War II and today, is there a difference?  Unless you have been living in a world that is devoid of contact with people, contains no internet, printed news, books, television, or politicians you would say ABSOLUTELY!  But in my conversations with people, some who claim to be Constitutional Conservatives, I am convinced that world of delusion must exist.  The demonstrated hatred from those who are truly trying to advance constitutional and conservative values and agendas are more than amazing, it is incomprehensible.  The Post-World War II era is dramatically different from today and both major political parties are substantially different.   In the aftermath of WWII, many Democrats embraced the Constitution and even held conservative values and principles.  On a national level, that does not exist today!  No, I am not saying every person in America who views themselves as Democrats fully embrace the Leftist, Liberal, Socialist, Progressive, Globalist, Anti-Constitutional American views and values, but many do.  I am saddened when I talk to some people, whom I love and respect, who find it impossible to separate themselves from their party when their party abandons their core values, simply because they have always been Democrats.  Yes, there are Republicans in that same boat, but there is a significant difference in the core planks of the two parties, in my view.

The Post-World War II American Conservative was staunchly anti-communism, pro-life, pro-America, and pro-National Sovereignty.  That movement was rigidly against Big Government, pro-limited spending, and anti-taxation to the excess and extreme of today’s government.  That era was surprisingly tolerant of opposing views so far as having open debate was not only allowed but encouraged.  No, they did not bend on their core values and principles but they listened to the other side to see if there was a workable compromise or common ground upon which to build.  That has taken a 180-degree turn today and those on the Liberal Side of the aisle are viciously intolerant of any view not in harmony with their own.  The conservatives of the Post-World War II era were not afforded the media coverage we have today, albeit today’s coverage is largely negative.  There was no Fox News or the various outlets afforded to conservatives of today to articulate our views and argue our core values.  They were not concerned about positioning themselves to be acceptable to the media, they simply believed what they believed, worked to see it become reality, and worked, often behind the scenes, to achieve the Constitutional Conservative Agenda.  Today, far too many are more concerned about ratings and being liked than they are about advancing genuine constitutional and conservative principles and agendas.

I am disturbed that many so-called conservative voices in today’s world engage in theatrics for personal gain and media acceptance rather than advancing constitutional and conservative values.  After all, in the world of media, theatrics pays.  I don’t mind some theatrics because that can be a tool to garner the attention and interest of the public allowing a sprinkling of theatrics but the objective must be to educate, interest, and promote the Constitutional position for our American System of Government.  If that is not the prime focus then theatrics would seem to be nothing more than rain on a tin barn and promotion of self rather than the Republic.  I know a talk show host in my area that was on the West Coast and when he was the MC of that talk show it had a liberal bias and when he moved to this area in Texas he suddenly became conservative.  That was where the interest was and that enhanced his popularity and thereby his bottom line.  I do not consider those who are faux Constitutional Conservatives Conservative or Patriots but media personalities seeking fame and fortune not the betterment of the Republic.

When I grew up in East Texas in the 50’s and 60’s most people voted Democrat on the local level but many them began voting Republican on the national tickets when Eisenhower ran for president.  They would have been called, “blue dog Democrats” and later, “Regan Democrats”.  Although they considered themselves Democrats they were opposed to the increasing bent of the Party toward Big Government and Socialism.  They believed in lower taxes, limited spending, a strong military and national defense.  They believed that marriage was between one man and one woman, opposed abortion, and believed that if a person WOULD NOT WORK they should not eat.  They voted Democrat on local and State elections but every four years many split their ticket and voted for the Republican for president.  Many of those, before their departure from this life, began to vote Republican on State and National elections while continuing to vote Democrat on local elections. WHY?  Why did they vote Republican on State and National Elections?  Because of ideology and core principles and values.  Why did they continue to vote Democrat on local elections?  Often there was only one candidate running and they knew the candidate on a personal level.  Therefore, they did not consider view their vote as Democrat or Republican in those cases was what my mother always said, “I don’t vote for the party I vote for the man.”  We know that, generally, that is not the case but when it comes to a County Road Commissioner or School Board Member, etc. that is sometimes what is happening.

What is my point in all this?  Simply that we have seen an erosion of foundation in what is being called Constitutional and Conservative which has produced a huge herd of RINOs and faux conservatives.  It is out of that group we find many of the NEVER TRUMPERS and the milquetoast Republicans today who are willing to allow the Republic to be damaged if not destroyed because of their dislike, hatred, or dissatisfaction with a particular candidate or decision.  In the case of President Donald Trump, I know of no one who is proclaiming him to be a SAINT. He was not running for Pastor, Sunday School Teacher, or Theology Professor.  He ran for and was elected to be the President of the, arguably most powerful nation on earth.  We endured eight years of weak-willed, Muslim leaning, squiggly red line leadership.  We endured eight years of a government that enhanced and emboldened our enemies including Islamic terrorist and Illegals flooding our shores.  What we needed and now have is a President with a spine and one who is willing to do what needs to be done no matter how popular or unpopular that action is.  He is assuredly a “shoot from the lip” individual and a “businessman” who makes deals and has the ability to move from a very antagonist negotiation and let it become history rather than obscuring the possibilities of the next deal.  He is, I believe, a pragmatist and does not see things as Conservative or Liberal but what needs to be done, what is good, or what is not good.  That makes him unique in our long history of presidents and opens the door for some incredibly great things to be done in America under his leadership.  Will he make mistakes?  Is he a living breathing human being?  Of course, he will and has.  All of us do. But he is attempting to keep his campaign promises like no other president or elected official and that should be appreciated if not applauded.

We dare not allow the Liberal Leftist Globalist Socialist Progressive Democrats regain power in November.  If we do we are effectively surrendering our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms.  That is one thing I cannot stomach and will not willingly tolerate.  I am in this fight to the finish and my position is firmly rooted in the Constitution and I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  I ask for you to join the fight and pray with me and fight with me and the millions of others doing the same as we seek to keep America the Free Constitutional Republic of our Framers and Founders!

God bless you and God bless America!


THE GOOD OLE DAYS – In Many Ways Were Very GOOD…

BLOG POST 4 - Good Old Days

I do not want to lose our technological and modern mode of transportation and return to the early 20th or late 19th centuries.  I do not want to lose the medical advances and equipment which is, in many ways, affording people the opportunity to live longer and even more productive lives.  However, I do want to return to the view of the Constitution being the Law of the Land and reverse the moral drift we have been embarking on for several decades, if not longer.  I do want to return to an attitude and condition where our inalienable rights were considered inviolable and politicians did not feel at liberty to trample on those rights for their ideological, personal, or political gain.  I want to return to a time when the core subjects are taught in our schools rather than the indoctrination of leftist, socialist, progressive ideologies seeking to brainwash our youth making them good soldiers of the Liberal Leftist Agenda and bury them in political correctness.  There are things from bygone eras that I would like very much to reacquire and things from this era that I want to keep.  Can I have my cake and eat it too?  Not according to the purveyors of toxic liberalism that are the most vocal today.  Constitutional rights, to them, it would seem, means bowing at the altar of liberalism and embracing the ‘fundamental transformation’ dating back to the Fabian Socialist and the new-era liberalism of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, etc.

I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, or that’s when I attended public school, and I do not recall a time when there was a demand or a need to hire armed guards to police the hallways and campuses of our schools.  I do not recall any incidents where a student was gunned down on campus.  I remember having my behind paddled when I acted up or crossed the line of discipline and decorum demanded both by my parents and the schools I attended.  I believe that ‘respect’ is earned as individuals.  However, there is also a place to demand ‘respect’ and/or ‘obedience’ to the rules. That includes parents, teachers, and officers of the law.  Today, children are allowed to sass, and openly rebel with no consequences.  Yes, there are consequences because every action demands and receives an equal and opposite reaction.  The Laws of Harvest or Sowing and Reaping are in play in every aspect and dimension of life.  Somewhere, somehow, and someway our decisions have consequences.  The Law of Sowing and Reaping or Harvest includes the truth that what you sow you reap, you reap more than you sow, and you reap later than you sow.  We are sowing, a crop of chaos today in our American society and via the channel of the toxicity of liberalism.  The harvest is going to be ugly and the cost higher than anyone anticipates.

In the Days of Yesterday or the “Good Ole Days” as they are often called is relative depending on your age and memory.  But, for those of us who are 65 years of age or older we know many of the differences of our “Good Ole Days” and the present time and long for the return of many of those principles and practices.  If we are to buy the spin of the Liberals and Gun Grabbers we must conclude that the change between then and now is the GUN.  Guns have supposedly somehow morphed into a misbehaving object and gone rogue in their behavior.  Therefore, we must deal with the GUN because surely the GUN is the problem in today’s world, not the person using, controlling, pointing, and firing that inanimate object.   What will be next, the washing machine, the automobile, the telephone, the computer, the lawn mower, WHAT?  If inanimate objects that require a human being to operate them can become the problem and go, rogue, we are living in a very dangerous world and soon the MACHINES or GUNS or SOMETHING will take over and annihilate human life on the planet.  Yes, I am being facetious but that argument deserves facetiousness and ridicule.

The change that makes our schools unsafe and many of our cities a war zone is PEOPLE.  The argument of the Climate Change Advocates that MAN is the problem is correct, not as they argue, but regarding safety in our society.  The human heart is the issue, not the weapon of choice or instrument of destruction.  If you are old enough to remember you will realize that GUNS were easier to obtain back then than they are now and yet we did not have the catastrophic calamities we have in the mass shootings, at least not to the level of today.  If it was the availability of GUNS should we not have had more not less of those incidents back then?  That would be using too much reason and logic for the Leftist!

Human behavior is a major culprit in the conditions of today’s mayhem.  When I was in school it was an incredibly rare event for a teacher to be assaulted or even threatened but today it is the norm.  Reports indicate that in Baltimore, Maryland there is an average of four (4) teachers and staff members assaulted every day.  I suspect that is a low number since those statistics were from 2010.  We are told that over 300 school staff members filed workers’ compensation claims in a year because of assaults or altercations incurring on the job.  In Philadelphia, in that same year there were 690 teachers assaulted and in a five-year period, that number soared to over 4,000.  It is reported that on an average day over 25 students, teachers, or staff members were beaten, robbed, sexually assaulted, or victims of other violent crimes.  That does not include the bullying, extortions, and threats that surface daily.  We are living in a troubled time and it is not the GUN that is causing the problem or the availability of the GUN.  It is PEOPLE!  It is the lack of DISCIPLINE and the enforcement of the rules that is creating the problem. It is the fact that in far too many homes disorder is not only allowed it is often encouraged.

Did you know that up until the 1960’s that New York Public high schools had high school shooting clubs?  Students were taught the proper and safe use of firearms.  Students carried guns on subways and turned them over to the homeroom teacher or gym teacher and they kept them stored until they were to be used for the shooting clubs.  In Virginia students often went hunting on their way to school and brought guns with them.  I know in my school in East Texas it was not unusual to see a rifle on a gun rack in a pickup truck parked outside the school.  None of us feared getting shot.   What changed?  I guess the GUNS developed a mind of their own and suddenly became violent.  NO?  Well, what could it possibly be then?  What changed?  PEOPLE DID!  If we don’t return to a time and position in our society where DISCIPLINE is once again administered in the home, at early ages, and in schools, we are going to continue to grow even darker in our society and more dangerous.

If we allow the purveyors of ideological toxicity prevail in November we will facilitate the further erosion of our society and create a dangerous and dark world.  It is time for parents to discipline, schools to discipline, and churches to teach Biblical values and principles again.  It is time that we acknowledge the real problem rather than blaming the convenient object that is only dangerous in the hands of the deranged or evil person.  IT IS PEOPLE, not GUNS that we should be concerned about.  Let’s stop the rhetoric and illogical diatribe and focus on God, Morality, and Human Decency.

God bless you and God bless America!


WHEN I HEAR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM – I Weep with Gratefulness…


Yes, I am patriotic to a fault, if that can be called a fault.  I am Pro-America, Pro-Constitutionalism, Pro-Life, and Pro-God, so if any of that is so offensive you are repulsed I suggest you read no further.  You can hurl insults at me if you choose and I will do my best to remain civil and defend your right to believe what you believe and express yourself.  I will do so, providing you refrain from making it a personal attack on me or any others commenting.  If you engage in vulgarity and use vitriolic hateful language then I will not be tolerant.

Now, before I lose all possible readership let me address my deep gratitude to God and those who have served in the U.S. Military throughout our storied history as a nation.  July 4th of each year we celebrate our American Independence and should be profoundly grateful for the sacrifices, service, and success of those men and women who fought for independence and hammered out the foundation for a Republic that would allow people to LIVE FREE!  Each time I hear the national anthem and see the American flag my heart beats a little faster as I call to remembrance what is being represented.  Without the vision, foresight, fortitude, and daring of those valiant patriots in 1776, we would not be enjoying the Freedom and Liberty we have today.

When I hear the anthem and see the Flag, I am reminded of those valiant warriors in World War I and II who placed their lives on the line to stop imperialism and tyranny preserving not only America but much of the world’s liberty and freedom.  Were it not for the love of country and liberty exhibited by those who fought against the Communism of Nazi Germany and the tyrannical Imperialism of Japan a very different flag would be likely be waving over our Capitol, schools, and public buildings.  No one would not be able to “resist” and “protest” as is being witnessed today.  We would not be able to live where we choose, drive what we can afford, and work in the vocations of our desire.  We would be puppets and pawns of the State and subjects of some despotic tyrant or emperor.  You can accuse me of being overly dramatic if you please but what I’ve portrayed is an unavoidable reality were it not for our Fighting Forces and American Spirit of Exceptionalism that prevailed in an undeterred commitment to Fight to the Finish and Win the Victory!

When I think of the many who have fought and served since the mid-1940’s after World War II ended my eyes become wet with tears.  I am grateful for their willingness to step into harm’s way for America and Freedom in the world.  I am a Vietnam Veteran, and my fellow vets were not given parades, not that we asked for them.  We were often called vicious and insulting names and treated worse than one would treat a rabid dog.  I am grateful that I did not experience the vilification that many of my brothers in arms experienced and my family and friends were supportive and encouraging.  After about a year and a half home I received Jesus Christ as my personal savior and that totally transformed my life.  I entered the ministry and went to Bible College and began a life of service in the role of pastor, evangelist, teacher, and other capacities.  However, I remained and remain 100% Committed to the Cause of Freedom and Liberty and each time I hear the national anthem and see the American flag tears come to my eyes, I choke up a bit and reflect on what those symbols stand for.

Those who feel the urge to burn the flag should realize that they would not have the freedom to engage in that act were it not for those patriots in 1776, WW I & II, and all the other wars and conflicts we have engaged.  If it were not for the Free Constitutional Republic that our Founders and Framers established they would find that to do what they do in protests and Anti-American acts would likely land them in a concentration camp, or before a firing squad.  In America, we have tolerated collaborators who in their protest trashed America on foreign soil.  In my view, that is treason and deserving of the just reward for that act of treachery but they have frequently been rewarded with fame and fortune and elevated to high places.

I am an American.  I was born here of parents who were both American citizens and they were children of American citizens dating back to pre-revolutionary war days.  One of the founders, Benjamin Rush, is a very distant cousin and I share much of the sentiment he expressed regarding both God and country.  In the America that  I grew up, there was a recognizable display of national and self-interest.  There was a sense of being our “brother’s keeper” and “neighbors” in the biblical sense.  We did not lock our doors and when a neighbor needed help we offered our assistance.  We wanted and believed that the best government was a government that kept out of the way and allowed us to produce the goods and services needed for the community and nation.  We believed that a man’s home was truly his castle and that what a man possessed was his to do with as he pleased.  We believed that it was honorable to honor those who served in the military, respect our elders, and pay our own way.  Many, in that time, did not see themselves as Democrats or Republicans but Americans and from time to time would switch parties in a vote or split their ticket depending on the candidates involved.  They voted for people based on those individuals expressed and demonstrated a commitment to a particular need or agenda.  They sometimes felt betrayed by politicians but not because the politicians did not drive the gravy train by their house, but because they created a gravy train in the first place.  Few, if any, wanted a handout from the government only an opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Anyone in America can succeed if they are willing to take the risk, make the commitment, invest themselves, their time and resources, and persist.  PERSEVERANCE is the key more often than being lucky and having something given to you.  From the beginning of colonial America through the Revolutionary War, World War’s I & II, and to the common era, America is the Land of Opportunity.  OPPORTUNITY sometimes knocks and those inside either are not listening or they are too self-absorbed to open the door.  If you have $100 MILLION and I have $1 DOLLAR I deserve nothing of yours and you deserve nothing of mine.  It is my view that if anyone is too lazy to work and chooses to sit on their duff thinking they are entitled to what I have labored for, they should be awarded the biblical mandate given by the apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonians 3:10 – “…if anyone is not willing to work, neither let him eat.”  No, I do not believe my Christianity is tainted by that position.  If we truly care about people we will not facilitate their laziness or hatred.  We are all “human beings”, part of the “human race” and our ancestry, each of us, dates back to Adam and Eve in the Garden.

I LOVE AMERICA and say that without reservation or hesitation.  I make no apologies for my patriotism.  Any party, politician, or person who takes a position that trashes this great nation and seeks to ‘fundamentally transform’ this Republic into anything other than what our Founders and Framers established earn my distrust and disdain.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for   which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”




BLOG POST 2 - Independence and Freedom

July 4th – Independence Day America!  The Fourth of July also known as Independence Day has been a federal holiday since 1941.  The tradition of public celebration dates back to the American Revolution.  On July 2nd, 1776, the Continental Congress voted in favor of Independence, and two days later delegates from 13 colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence.  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said of December 7th, 1941 that it was a ‘Day that would live in infamy’ and I contend that July 4th, 1776 is also a Day that lives perpetually or should in the hearts of all Americans.  There were battles that broke out before that date dating back to April 1775 over one year earlier.  The foundation for War was being etched in stone and in the hearts of many in the colonies.  The pamphlet “Common Sense” published by Thomas Paine in early 1776 was a significant factor in the education of the public of the situation and articulated the reasons for demanding Independence.  It was not until June 7th, when the Continental Congress met at the Pennsylvania State House (Independence Hall) in Philadelphia when Virginia delegate Richard Henry Lee introduced a motion calling for the colonies’ independence.  The ball was now rolling and the eventual prize of Liberty and Freedom was won years later.  But, July 4th, 1776 is a Key Date in our American History and one that far too few know anything about today.  John Adams believed that July 2nd was the correct date to celebrate the birth of America and turned down invitations to appear at July 4th events.  It is interesting that both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th, 1826.

There were patriotic celebrations after the War and it became an even more popular tradition after the War of 1812 when the United States once again faced Great Britain.  In 1870, the United States Congress made July 4th a federal holiday but it was not until 1941 that the provision was expanded to make it a PAID HOLIDAY for all federal employees.  The most common symbol of our Independence is the American Flag accompanied by the playing of singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”  That today is being tarnished with the disrespect to the flag and the sacrifices made by patriots and heroes of bygone eras as well as today’s heroes in combat.  I salute all who have served and are serving.  I salute all the first responders and law enforcement members.  I salute every American Patriot who loves America enough to give his or her life for Faith, Family, and Freedom as embodied in America!

On this day we celebrate our American Independence.  As we do, I hope that we do more than have the obligatory cookout, trip to the lake, picnic, or relaxing day off work.  I hope that we reflect on the incredible sacrifices made by the Revolutionary War Patriots and the amazing Gift of God in the Republic we know as the United States of America.  I realize that today many on the Left, the MSM, and Hollywood liberals do not see America in the grid of the Constitution and in harmony with the vision and desire of our Founding Fathers.  That makes me sad, but I face it as a reality.  They do not believe in the Original Intent of the Framers of the Constitution and often refer to that document as antiquated and outdated. Former President, Barack Obama called it a “Document of Negative Liberties” and lamented that it restricted the government too much and prevented him from doing what he wanted to do.  Although, he ignored it often, and declared that he was president and could do whatever he pleased.  He even said that if Congress failed to do his bidding he had a ‘pen and phone’ and would ‘go it alone.’  Those on the Left seem to believe that the Constitution is a living document that evolves with the changing whims of politicians and ideologies rather than being a concrete directive that gives perpetual guidance for a Free Society.  That makes me sad, but I accept it as a reality of the evolution of modern politics and the growth of Fabian Socialism and the toxicity of liberalism in America today.

As we reflect on July 4th, Independence Day, I am reminded of some interesting realities about the Original Patriots of this Great Nation.  In my studies, I found that it was Benjamin Franklin who first used the term “patriot” and used it regularly in the years before the American Revolution.  It appears that the term caught on and was embraced by the public and the military resulting in that distinction being given to the colonial soldiers who fought the British in the War for Independence.  Through the years I have come to realize that many seem to have a very romanticized view of the Revolutionary War.  I’ve heard those who are charged with teaching history contend that those fighting against the Loyalist or Tories were ideological soldier-farmers.  History does not support that assertion and historical facts reveal that General George Washington relied on poor laborers who were motivated to join the army because they were offered money and land for their service.  The record indicates that by 1778, half of those serving were not of English descent and the pay the soldiers were promised was often delayed or never arrived.  It was a massive struggle and that makes the success an even greater miracle and/or mystery.  To not see the hand of God and the providence of the Almighty in this victory is beyond my ability to comprehend.

As all conflicts that are rooted in politics and ideology, we discover that families were torn apart by the conflict and the differing ideological views.  One such example is Timothy Pickering, Jr., an adjutant general in General Washington’s Continental Army but his father remained a staunch Tory until his death.  Pickering entered the Revolutionary War as a Colonel in 1775 and after the War was appointed by President George Washington as ad interim Secretary of State on August 20, 1795, and elevated to the official position on December 10, 1795.  John Adams dismissed him on May 12, 1800.  When Pickering learned of his father’s imminent death, he wrote a letter to his father to thank him for his example, even when their opinions differed.  He said, “When I look back on past time, I regret our difference of sentiment in great as well as (sometimes) in little politics; as it was a deduction from the happiness otherwise to have been enjoyed.”  One of the many stories of how families were split over the decision to fight for independence and not all were as amicable as the Pickering situation.

One of the more light-hearted moments of the War came during or after the intense struggle in the Battle of Brandywine.  In 1777 where the Colonist were defeated by the British.  General Washington found a dog sniffing around the camp with tags indicating that it belonged to British General William Howe.  The dog was returned to General Howe with a note attached, “General Washington’s compliments to General Howe.  He does himself the pleasure to return his dog, which accidentally fell into his hands.”  There can be civility even in hostilities.

Everyone fighting on the side of the colonist was not a solid citizen and history reveals that some of the Patriots were Pirates.  Great Britain had the most powerful navy in the world in 1776 but the American Patriots managed to recruit some privateers and their armed ships to fight for the fledgling nation.  Nearly 800 vessels were commissioned, and they ultimately captured or destroyed approximately 600 British ships.  An American navy could never have defeated the British Armada those privateers caused about $18 MILLION in damage to British shipping by the end of the war. That would be over $302 MILLION in today’s dollars.

General George Washington was masterful in the use of spies and had an extensive spy network during the war!  The undercover patriots included farmers, tailors, merchants, ordinary citizens as well as military officials who were engaged in covert activities and spying.  The Spy Ring was directed by Benjamin Tallmadge or “John Bolton,” who created a complex system of coded messages for the operatives.  Women were also used and the network was complex and extensive.  Those spies listened in on British conversations at a vast arena of locations all over the colonies.  In 1780 they uncovered the British plan to ambush French troops and they spread misinformation about the size of the Colonial Army to the British.  This network was so successful that one British officer said, “Washington did not really outfight the British.  He simply out-spied us.”

Women played a significant role as was reflected in the efforts of Margaret Cochran who married John Corbin in 1772 and joined her husband in the war efforts. She cooked, did laundry, cared for the sick and wounded nursing them to health and even dressed as a man and joined her husband in the Battle of Fort Washington, assisting him in loading the cannon.  He was killed and she took over firing the cannon.  She too was wounded and her left arm nearly severed and her jaw severely wounded. She survived the battle and was awarded a life-long pension equivalent to one-half that received by male soldiers, becoming the first female combat veteran of the war to receive a pension.

One of the turning points in the war was fought in South Carolina in 1781 and was a major turning point in the Revolution.  The Battle of Cowpens was a major success for the American Patriots and thanks to the help of spy/messenger Catherine Moore Barry who knew the trails well notified the militia of the approaching British troops and helped General Morgan lay a trap for Cornwallis and the British providing a significant victory.

The amazing outcome and the subsequent establishment and development of the United States of America produced and continue to produce the best system of government and economics of any system practiced by man.  America won her Independence and became a Free Nation and would become the Free Constitutional Republic established with the ratification of the American Constitution.  I pray that on July 4th, 2018 we will remember what transpired in 1776 and then when the Constitution was signed and later ratified.  WE ARE FREE because of the sacrifices of many and because of the providence and hand of God.

God bless you and may we never forget the Gift He has given us.  God bless America!