BLOG POST 5 - Deal of the Day

With today being the first day of early voting in Texas I address this issue.  The slogan for the mid-term elections launched by the Democrats some time back was, “New Better Deal for our Democracy.”  I guess that is a takeoff on FDR’s New Deal and a backhanded slap at Trump’s Make America Great Again (MAGA).  But, I’ve been asking for specifics and details as to exactly what their proposed “New and Better Deal” might entail.  It has been an arduous task and even after months of researching, asking questions, and trying to define it has made me fully aware that it is still muddled, to some degree.  Please, don’t misunderstand me, I believe they are incredibly transparent about their desire to Tax, Tax, Tax until there is nothing left to Tax and want to ‘fundamentally transform’ America into something other than our Constitutional Republican Democracy.  Yet, as is my nature, I want clear-cut answers to specific questions and do not limit that to Democrats.  Mr. or Ms. Politician, “let me be perfectly clear, I want you to be perfectly clear.”

They are touting that they want to improve and protect voting rights, produce new ethics laws, have some type of campaign finance reform (that is a bit muddled), and open borders.  After all, they tell us, Illegal Immigrants are people too?  Who has argued they are not?  Regarding Voting Rights, they insist that photo identification to vote would somehow disenfranchise the poor and blacks.  I must ask, how?  If welfare benefits and many other entitlements require a person to have a photo identification card, how exactly does producing one to vote, disenfranchise anyone?  That, in my view, would better protect the integrity of the elections and ensure that people do not produce utility bills or some other form of identification that affords no guarantee as to the identity of the holder.  It would bring more legitimacy to the outcomes but that is anathema to the Democrats and their rhetoric and spin have resulted in many being deceived as to the ease with which a person can obtain a State Issued Photo Identification Card.  But, digressing, if you must have one to draw welfare or other entitlements, what is the problem?

I almost choked from laughing when they proclaimed they wanted to address Corruption and Ethics violations.  Imagine that?  No, they do not, at least not within their own party but will gladly entertain the idea if it is somehow connectable to the Trump administration.  How they can ignore the scandals, of which Barack Obama said his administration had no scandals they were ashamed of?  I add that little portion because it reveals an out for them by saying there were No Scandals to being none they were ashamed of.  After all, if the end justifies the means, those things that facilitate your objective are things you are proud of, even if they are scandalous.  Let me say, there is too much Corruption and too little Ethics in Washington, DC and that needs to be dealt with, but can we allow the fox to provide security for the hen house?

Next, they take a swipe at Campaign Finance Reform.  That almost sent me into hysterical laughter, but I am serious, that’s what they proposed!   The party that has had more corrupt money from foreign governments, sponsors of terrorism, and globalist like George Soros wants to Reform Campaign Finance?   All efforts to get Barack Obama to truthfully reveal the source of many of his contributions failed.  We also hit a brick wall trying to get Hillary Clinton to do so.  With that in mind, how can we take them seriously and believe that they can or will Reform Campaign Finance?  Hold on a second, I do think I caught a glimpse of a pig flying over the unicorns in my backyard, so let me pause to go look.  Sorry, it was just a shadow and that is all their claim is Shadow with No Substance.

Of course, their prime target in this or any election is the man they view as Dirty Harry, Donald Trump.  The Russia did it mantra has worn thin and while they charge Republicans with fear mongering they engage in hyping hysteria that the World as we know it will end if the Republicans win, and Conservatives are confirmed for the Supreme Court and Trump remains in office.  The Democrats are promoting Socialism in the form of Universal Medicare for All and never address how it will be paid for without bankrupting the Republic.  They fight for Open Borders and allow Illegals to flood our nation and then be granted citizenship.  They have taken a firm position that Abortion must be at Will and on Demand or else we are haters of women. What about that defenseless baby in the womb?  Who fights for that child in the womb who the result of either sexual promiscuity or failure to take the necessary steps to prevent becoming pregnant?  If Black Lives Matter, do not all lives matter?  If Illegals or people too are not those babies in the womb people?

The Republicans, on the other hand, have campaigned as being for Limited Government.  I realize that they have not followed through on those promises to the degree I desire but at least they are on the record as being for a Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  They are for Lower Taxes and followed through in a measure keeping that promise.  They are taking a stand for a Secure Border which is necessary for a Safe and Sovereign Republic.  They are standing in defense of our 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment Rights as well as all our inalienable rights.  They are not perfect and so long as we are governed by flawed mortals there will be no perfect outcomes in government.

The Republicans have not sought to eliminate God from their party platform and not insisted that we become a gender-neutral society and nor do they seek to force everyone to abandon their core religious convictions to accommodate someone who disagrees.  With them, there is a small window of hope and opportunity to drain the swamp, at least a little.  With them, the Deep State faces some opposition. With them, We the People, have a voice in government, howbeit not a large one but better than no voice with the liberal leftist of the National Democrat Party.

We have a clear choice in November nationally, in the individual states, and locally.  I encourage everyone to vote and it is my hope that you will, as deeply as possible, examine both the position and record of the candidates and vote for America by defeating those who embrace the toxicity of liberalism espoused in the Democrat Party.

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!



BLOG POST 1 - Voted Yet

Yes, this is another “Get Out the Vote” blog post and hopefully, I am not preaching to the choir or those already energized and committed to vote.  Hopefully, this message and other like messages will sufficiently remind every one of the critical situation we are facing in America.  Overall, the mid-term elections are a contrast between light and dark, freedom and tyranny.  I know, I know, Roy is on another rant about the Republic hanging in the balance, but I believe it so strongly I am compelled to shout it from the rooftop.  WAKE UP AMERICA!

If a Fox News Poll is correct we are facing the real possibility of losing the House if not both the House and Senate to the Democrats.  I have a difficult time believing the poll is correct largely because I cling to my belief that the American people are not stupid, blind, or that easily deceived.  I could be wrong!  We may have crossed the 50% threshold and those on the government dole may have exceeded those not feeding at the freebies and entitlement trough.  If that is the case, we are witnessing the demise of the Republic and nothing short of a miracle of God will reverse the eventual outcome.

The poll suggested that President Trump’s approval ratings are underwater.  It appears from the poll that a majority believe the Democrats spin that the economy is not doing better and climbing positively.  How they can ignore the statistical data of lower unemployment, higher wages, etc. but if this poll is correct, they do.  The poll indicated that the GOP tax law is less favorable at 40% than Obamacare at 51%.  I cannot wrap my head around that.  The poll indicated that the Republican Party is less popular at 39% than the Democrat Party at 50%.  How can that possibly be, but alas that is the report of the poll.  It also indicated that optimism about life for the next generation of Americans is down 8% from last year.  That is troubling.  The poll also suggested that enthusiasm to vote in the mid-terms is higher among the out-of-power Democrats than Republicans.  If that is true, we could be in trouble.

Additionally, the poll indicated that the Robert Mueller Investigation of Trump regarding Russian collusion is up to 59% for and 37% opposed.  After over a year of nothing but smoke and mirrors, how can this possibly be accurate?  The poll also indicated that 40% believe it is very likely that Mueller will find that President Trump committed criminal or impeachable offenses whereas 53% believe it to be somewhat or not at all likely.  Those percentages do not compute with the favorability of the investigation.  Why would you favor an investigation if you believe it will lead to nothing?  The poll suggested that 48% of those polled favored their Democratic Candidate whereas 38% favored the Republican.  THAT COULD SPELL DISASTER!

What is my point?  The stakes are so high in this mid-term election that apathy on the part of GOP voters will spell doom for the Republic.  If the Democrats reclaim power in this election and return to control of Congress in January 2019 the accomplishments of President Trump and the Republicans will be attacked with total abandon.  They will immediately expand all investigations and seek to not only impeach the President but Judge Kavanaugh and other appointees made by this president.

The balance of power in the Senate is 51 Republican and 49 Democrats.  There are 35 Senate seats up for election in this mid-term and 20 are deemed likely Democrat victories with 2 leaning toward the Democrats.  There are 6 likely Republican victories and 2 leaning Republican. That leaves 5 races that are deemed “toss-up” contests.  If the likely and leaning, go according to the projections the Democrats would hold 45 seats.  That would mean they need to claim all the toss-up races to have a 50-50 split in the Senate.  We must not let that happen.

In the House, the Democrats how 193 seats and the Republicans 236.  218 are needed to hold power.  Of the races, 191 are deemed solid Democrat wins and 171 solid Republican.  That is a bit troubling.  However, there are 16 that are leaning to the Democrats and 26 leaning to the Republican side of the ledger.  That leaves 31 “toss-up” races and the Democrats would only need to win 10 of the 31 “toss-up” races to reclaim power.  THAT IS TROUBLING!

I try to remain optimistic and believe that the Conservative, Constitutional voters are going to turn out and vote.  If they do, we will hold the House and Senate but if these polls are correct and the GOP voters do what they have done in the past and STAY HOME those non-participants will doom the Republic and place us back under the control of the Liberal Leftists who are rapidly becoming Socialist.

They (Democrats) will immediately take every step they can to ensure that our borders are open, the tax cuts repealed, Obamacare will be here to stay and expanded to Medicare for All.  Can they do it with Trump in the White House?  Not completely, but they have avenues, namely the power of the purse and holding up all appointments to the courts and virtually everything else.  Amnesty will become their prime push and some form of ‘gun control’ legislation will be passed forcing the President to veto.

Conservatives, Patriots, Constitutionalist, Christians, and lovers of Freedom WE HAVE TO VOTE!  If you are not registered to vote you have already cast your ballot for the Democrats by not participating.  Don’t argue that is not what you have done, because your absence from the voting booth means they have one less vote to overcome.  The abdication of your right, privilege, and responsibility means that we must enlist two more to replace you to counter that non-vote.  Barack Obama won a second term because over 10 million disgruntled and disinterested GOP voters stayed home.

You may believe that this is not a big deal, but if you will recall what we endured for eight years under Barack Hussein Obama and the current rhetoric and posturing of the Democrats you will know it is a very big deal.  No, it is more than a big deal it is, in a very real sense, a choice between Freedom and Tyranny.  Therefore, I am pleading with each of my fellow Americans who are Conservative, Constitutionalist, Christians, and Lovers of Freedom PLEASE VOTE.  We can stop the so-called Blue Wave of the Democrats and if not turn it into a Red Wave we can make it a stalemate and maintain the status quo.  I want more than that but will take that at this juncture.

God bless you and God bless America

CRITICAL ALERT! Mid-Term Elections A Fight For Survival and Freedom…


I am cognizant that there are those who hear me and others like me and dismiss us as Alarmist, Fear Mongers, and Doom and Gloom purveyors.  I get that because in times past we have weathered some significant storms politically in America.  Yes, we somewhat endured 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama and times of Democrat control of both Houses of Congress.  However, with each occurrence, with each cycle in which the Liberal Leftist were in power, there was a little more erosion of our founding principles and the pillars of our Republic weakened noticeably.

The problem now is not that we could be facing another cycle in which power changes hands for a time.  The problem is that we have inched along on the trail of “fundamental transformation” to the point that the Face of the Democratic Party is now Democratic Socialism.  They are no longer hiding their agenda.  They are no longer trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes regarding their desire to “fundamentally transform” the Free Market Capitalism of our Republic into Redistribute the Wealth Socialism.  The national party is no longer pretending to be defenders of our inalienable rights because they do not believe we have any.

Individual candidates are still conducting their charade and speaking out of both sides of their mouths, such as the liberal Democrat running for the U.S. Senate in Texas Robert Francis O’Rourke.  He and many of them are trying to tell voters they are Pro-Second Amendment Rights while voting and endorsing agendas and platforms that are Anti-Second Amendment.  The National Democratic Party does not recognize the sovereignty of God not the rights of individual states afforded under the Tenth Amendment of our Constitution.  It specifically declares, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” 

The Tenth Amendment reflects the understanding and desire of our Founders and the Framers to ensure that the Federal Government never became the all-powerful behemoth it is today.  With each period of Democrat rule. States and individuals have lost more and more of our privileges, rights, and liberties.  There are things that I oppose but if the individual State’s voters and legislature deem it to be the path they choose, I not only acknowledge that right but support their right to take that stance.  If it is beyond my ability to live with, I have the choice of running for office, becoming an advocate for change, or moving to a State whose laws are more harmonious with my views.  I have no right for insurrection, sedition, inciting of riots, or attempting to overthrow the legitimate government.

The Democrats, on a National level, have promised to Dump Trump at all costs if they return to power.  Their liberal leftist base will accept nothing less than impeachment and it seems with the more recent calls for physical violence they would embrace assignation.  That horrifies me.  Our religious liberty literally hangs in the balance with the open push and vicious assault lead by the Democrats to force everyone to comply or die (so to speak) with the edicts and demands of their version of tolerance.  Your religious convictions are immaterial to them and they fail to grasp the reality that your rights end where mine being and vice versa.  My right to life in the pursuit of my religious convictions cannot be trampled by your desire to live a lifestyle I find contrary to my faith.  You have the right but not the right to force me to participate in or facilitate your choice.

The demand of the Democrats for Medicare for all is an impossible dream with a price tag unaffordable by any mathematical or economic evaluation.  If you were to suspend ALL government programs and funnel ever dime of that into Medicare for all you would still need more money.  Where would that money come from?  It would require taxes so exorbitant that no small business could survive, and no average or middle-class individual could pay.  We are talking TRILLIONS of Dollars, not millions or billions but TRILLIONS.  Their plan over the next ten years would raise the national debt by about $36 TRILLION Dollars.  That would equate to about $3.6 TRILLION each year.  Who pays that?  Where does that kind of money come from?  The Democrats cannot and will not answer that question because they do not know, other than from you and me.  Taking it from the wealthy is not the answer and they know it.

Your right to Free Speech would become extinct like the dinosaur and their Politically Correct Dictionary would be imposed on everyone.  Your ability to think for yourself and express and disapproval would be classified as ‘hate speech’ and I suspect their push would include jail time or worse for all offenders.  Certain classes of people such as White Men of European descent would become prime targets.  The foundational principle of our judicial system, “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” would become “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” and thereby destroy our society.

Yes, I am painting a dire picture, but I believe that what I have painted is mild compared to what would happen if the Democrats return to power.  Our borders would become so porous that the sovereignty of the United States of America would be only a memory, not a reality.  Our laws would have no hope of being fairly, and uniformly applied and governmental agencies and bureaucracies would become weapons of the liberal agenda.  The lack of accountability in politicians of all stripes has brought us to the point of extinction as the Free Constitutional Republic.  This is a critical time in our history and America needs her patriots more than at any other time in modern history.

Dismiss my warnings, ignore the danger signs, and sit this one out and we will all pay a price too high.  Embrace my warnings and even if you do not fully believe the situation to be as dire as I suggest, VOTE and help ensure that it never becomes that chaotic state of anarchy that I see looming on the horizon.  Please Vote in November or in your early voting period.  Please!

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 2 - Vote

Let me answer with a question, “Does Your Life Count?”  If you are a living breathing human being and a member of the human race, it most assuredly does!  Both your life and your vote.  Your vote may not seem to count because the candidate may win handily and would have won had you, as a lone individual not voted.  The candidate you support may lose handily and would have lost regardless of whether or not you voted.  That does not mean your vote is unimportant.  That may sound illogical to many and I’ve had this discussion before, sometimes with success in enlightenment and sometimes in abject failure because the other person’s mind was a sealed as a waterproof vault buried deep within the ground.  Their stance was, “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my minds made up.” 

We have a Constitutional process for electing members of Congress and the President of these United States of America.  In Presidential elections, we have a process that involves a two-part method for determining who will serve for the next four years as President.  It involves the popular vote in each state and then the electoral college vote in which the electors usually vote according to the determination of the popular vote of each state.  Some states are winner take all and some are proportional and in the proportional states, the individual vote becomes clearly important in the minds of virtually everyone.  In state and local elections, we have state constitutions that determine the statewide process and in local elections, the charters or constitutions of those entities determine the process.

Voting, in America, is a right and a privilege!  In my mind and in the minds of our Framers and Founders appeared to believe the importance of voting.  That would make it a civic if not moral duty because we are supposed to be a self-governing nation, not an oligarchy, tyranny, monarchy, or any other system.  Our is supposed to be a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”  I compare it to a business.  How so, Roy?  In a corporation or business that is publicly traded and owned by the employees and private citizens if those holding shares of ownership disregard their privilege of voting in corporate elections they cede their ownership to the managers.  By that I mean, if we simply take what we can get, in the way of dividends but pay no attention to how the corporation or company conducts business we are takers (which many investors are) and not owners.  In a sense, we are selling our shares for the quarterly or annual dividends we are paid.  That, I would argue, does not argue that does not absolve us of any wrong done by that company or corporation morally although we are safe legally.

In our American government, it is incumbent upon us, the legal citizens of this nation, to involve ourselves in the affairs of government.  Often it seems that the only possible means through which that can transpire is in our exercising our right to cast our ballots on election day.  We can and should go beyond that and pay attention, communicate with our Representatives and Senators as well as the President.  According to our American Constitution, we have the right to express ourselves, worship according to the dictates of our hearts, expect a fair and prompt trial by a jury of our peers, self-defense, and many other things.  We have the right to choose who represents us in various offices in our government and in that right and privilege comes responsibilities.

It is our responsibility to be informed.  Although the government should be responsible and accountable in dispensing genuine information it is not solely their responsibility to disclose everything to us.  They should, but they do not and as an owner of our federal government, as a citizen, I must seek to know.  If I fail to participate in the process I maintain the right to complain but I have no moral standing to do so.  I have abdicated my privilege and responsibility and allowed others to determine the direction of the nation although my voice and vote are absent.

In a family unit, everything is not done in a purely democratic process.  The Majority does not rule and should not. The parents have authority, power, and responsibility regarding raising their children.  In government, if we are uninformed we are unarmed and unable to properly address our grievances.  If we do not vote we express that we either do not care, government is unimportant to us, or we are willing to be a docile sheep led wherever those in power desire to lead.  Some, feel so hopeless and helpless they have cast off all hope and therefore do not vote.   That is tragic!

In today’s many protests by the leftist activist, I see a smidgen of expression that People Care!  Please don’t misunderstand, I am fully cognizant that many of those protesting are clueless as to what they are truly protesting.  Some are paid protesters and simply following the diatribe, rhetoric, and directive of those organizing and coordinating the protests.  Some of them, hold deep views on some things, but with no real understanding of our governmental process.  Many of them know little of the Constitution or our Political Process.  They have their hands out and believe the Socialist and Activist arguments that “Life is supposed to be Fair and Equal.”  They believe that the Rich are evil, and it is important to “stick it to the man.”  They represent one segment of society and one would think that if they were truly as concerned as the demonstrations suggest they would vote, but often they do not and do not care to do so.  They are not the only ones who do not vote.  Many follow the mentality, “Let the Politicians take care of Politics.”  I continue to argue that is exactly how we got in this mess!

I may not agree with how you vote but I encourage you to vote.  It is not only your privilege, but it is also, in my mind, your civic and moral duty because it expresses your voice in the process.  It is an expression of your preference as to the direction that we take.  It is part of your responsibility as a citizen owner of government.  If your input determined your paycheck, would you participate?  If you input determined your access to health care, would you vote?  If your participation determined your right and ability for self-defense, would you vote?  If your input determined your ability to live Free, Pursue your Dream, and enjoy your Liberty, would you vote?  Well, guess what, IT DOES!

No, your individual vote may or may not change an election, but it is your investment in the process and your acknowledgment of your responsibility as a citizen owner of our government.  I cannot imagine a person having a share of a business and not having any interest in how that business is run, the direction it is taking, the frugality of the managers, and the bottom line.  However, there are millions who do just that when it comes to government and voting.   In November we have the clear choice between Socialism, Globalism, Liberalism, Higher Taxes, Bigger Government and More Debut or Free Market Enterprise, Constitutionalism, Liberty, and Freedom and an opportunity to reduce the size and scope of government.  The ultimate question is “What Do You Prefer?”

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - Daddy's Democrats 1

I grew up in rural East Texas and most of the people I knew called themselves Democrats.  However, that group of people wanted the federal government to stay out of their business, complained about high taxes, believed in the sanctity of marriage, considered military service honorable, and would have been appalled at the idea of allowing illegals free entry into this country.  Many of them thought that the Republicans caused the Great Depression and did not understand the common man.  However, they did not believe it was okay to destroy public or private property if someone got elected that was not of their political party or personal ideological views.  They revered the Union and believed that our Founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution produced a system of government, with checks and balances, that was to be respected and preserved.  I never heard any of them saying, “The President needs to be shot.”  That kind of language and mentality was foreign to them.

As time advanced and Dwight D. Eisenhower became the Republican nominee for President, Adlai Stevenson was the Democrat offering and many of those in my community voted Republican for the first time in their lives.  My father, a man that was far less interested in political party than political agendas voted for Eisenhower and never again voted Democrat in a Presidential election.  He found that his views and those of the national Democrats were not harmonious and without ever calling himself one, he became a Republican.  He felt that the Republicans were more concerned about the country and in that the common man than were the Democrats.  He voted for some Democrats on a more local and State level but by and large his vote and that of my mother was mostly Republican because of their Christian views and conservative beliefs.  Even those in our community that never voted Republican were vocally opposed to those they viewed as draft dodgers and protested in the streets.  They had been soldiers, sailors, airmen, or Marines in WWI, WWII, and Korea.  They were Democrats but so dramatically different than today’s Democrats they would not have been able to embrace what is happening today.

This President, Donald J. Trump, has been vilified like virtually no president in our modern history and possibly ever.  He is blamed for everything and given credit for nothing.  Even now, once Mr. Obama staked his claim on the economic success brought about by President Trump, the MSM has joined his chorus and the economic explosion of today is Obama’s economy, at least to them.  Most of us know that ludicrousness of that assertion and know that the economy did not take off in a positive direction until Obama’s regulations and restrictions, as well as his taxes, were dealt with.  It has been proven time and again that lower taxes produce job growth and increased revenue for the people and the government.  Yet, the mantra of the Democrats is Lower Taxes only benefit the rich and those dastardly rich, the society of which most of them are members, are evil beasts.

The Democrats, the Media, Hollywood, the Agitators, and Activist hate Donald J. Trump with a vengeance like I have never witnessed.  They appear willing to do anything and I mean any and everything possible to remove him from office and destroy him and his family.  I recently asked a Democrat, “Is it possible that your party is willing to harm people simply to damage Trump?”  This person was angered by my question and demanded that I explain.  I was grateful for the open door to attempt to elucidate and expand on my question.

In Puerto Rico, one year after Hurricane Maria there has been the discovery of hundreds of thousands of bottles of water meant for the victims of that storm.  Boxes upon boxes of unboxed bottles of drinking water covered with a blue tarp were uncovered.  Why?  The Mayor of San Juan repeatedly shouted to whatever camera and microphone she could find that President Trump was evil and incompetent.  Is it possible that she and they withheld this water from the victims seeking to do damage to Donald Trump?  I can only conclude the answer is yes.  If anyone is so incompetent they let this much water sit unused or so diabolical and vengeful they would withhold it from the victims, they are a danger to themselves and society.

But, alas, that is the theme of the Democrats today, it seems.  Maxine Waters has become increasingly vocal calling for disruption and even harm to all supporters of the President.  She continues to vow to ‘get him.’  I am convinced that had a Republican said that and continued to call for violence and chaos while threatening Barack Obama, that Republican would have been ostracized from the congressional halls and would likely be under indictment and in jail if not worse.  Yet, the Democrats are not censoring her, Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Al Sharpton, or the Leftists in the media or Hollywood who are calling for harm to the president and his family.  Is This Really Happening?  Is This Really the State of the Democratic Party today?

How about PJ Media contributor and Fox News guest Denise McAllister who recently sent out a powerful tweet denouncing the abortion movement.  Within days she was being threatened with rape and murder as pro-abortion supporters came after her with a vengeance.  Her tweet: At the root of #abortion hysteria is women’s unhinged desire for irresponsible sex. Sex is their god. Abortion is their sacrament. It’s abhorrent as women have flung themselves from the heights of being the world’s civilizing force to the muck and mire of dehumanizing depravity. 7:26 AM – Sep 6, 2018brought death threats.  The proponents of abortion praised those attacking her and no one, it seems, on the Left called for civility or blasted the wrongness of those threats.  Is That Really Where We Are Today?  Is This the New Face of Politics in America?

BLOG POST 1 - Daddy's Democrats

We have a clear choice in November between a party and candidates who justify this kind of behavior and one that wants to make America great and safe for everyone.  Sadly, too few of the Republicans running for office and the Establishment GOP are articulating the differences and enabling the public to understand the gravity of our choices and the value of voting in the midterms.  I like what President Trump said regarding the Immigration battle.  He said, “This election is a choice between Democrats who want to abolish ICE, and Republicans, who want to abolish MS-13.”  It really is that clear a choice.  Remember how Schumer and Pelosi defended MS-13?  You may not because the Democrat propaganda arms, the Media didn’t tell you what they said.

We cannot depend on honesty from the pollsters or the media.  We must fight the apathy that they are attempting to engender and inspire.  We must realize that if we stay home, it virtually becomes a vote for the Leftist in a backdoor manner.  I know that I often sound like a broken record, but we must talk to our family, friends, and neighbors and by word of mouth and volunteering to transport people to the polls if possible.  Voting in this election is not optional, it is necessary!

I will predict that if the Republicans hold the House and Senate the rioting and demonstrations we saw after President Trump’s election will pale in comparison.  The Left has become a Party of Violence and it will escalate.  However, let me also insert that I believe that even if the Democrats win in November there will be more riots, demonstrations, and protests of violent nature.  Why?  Because those engaged in the protests are being fueled by outside forces who want to destroy America and many of the protesters now believe that by doing their damage and destruction they are heard and get what they want, and they want more!

God bless you and God bless America!




BLOG POST 3 - Democracy

First, let me reiterate that we ARE NOT A PURE DEMOCRACY but a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.  That being said, there are some very serious things hanging in the balance this mid-term and our system of government is at the head of that list.  The Democrats are chanting that if Republicans win “Democracy as We Know It Is Over!”  What is Democracy as they know it?  It is assuredly not Democracy as the rest of us know it!  They accuse the Republicans of being ‘fear mongers’ and yet they are fanning the flames of ‘fear’ and ‘hate’ like I have never witnessed before.  You would think if you listen to them, that Republicans or more specifically white men will be gunning down those of other ethnicities, women will be repeatedly raped by those dastardly Republicans, no one will be able to get health care coverage, and millions will die!  WOW!  If that were true, I’d be chanting Vote Democrat, but IT IS A BOLD-FACED LIE and they know it.  It is a fabrication, an unsubstantiated allegation, and an accusation that is not only unprovable but a complete distortion of the truth.

However, if the Democrats are successful in regaining control of the House and the Senate there are some things that are in serious danger.  They want to strip us of our ‘Religious Liberties’ if we stand on biblical principles and say what God and the Bible say about abortion, homosexuality, and many other things.  The Democratic National Committee has made it perfectly clear they want no part of Christianity that stands for Life and biblical principles that are contrary to their political agenda.  They have rejected God and the Bible in the National Convention and their belief is that they have the right to impose their views on everyone.  If you are a homosexual, to the Democrats, your rights transcend the rights of Conservatives and Christians that hold core convictions opposite your chosen lifestyle.  Actually, they do not truly see you that way and only seek to manipulate you.  I can understand why many homosexuals vote Democrat but not all because some of them look beyond their personal lifestyle preferences into the issue of economics and liberties.  They understand that if we are to remain the Constitutional Republic we must protect the rights of all people, not select groups.

The Democrats are on record with an insistence that we allow abortion for any reason and at any time during the pregnancy.  I am not suggesting that if you vote Republican in November Roe v Wade will be repealed.  I seriously doubt that it will any time soon, largely because of Chief Justice John Roberts willingness to stand with the left on many issues and as he attempts to protect his legacy.  However, I will say that the Democrats regain power, we will see a greater push for euthanasia and certain types of genocide will become even more pronounced.  It will possibly become a criminal offense of a medical doctor refuses an abortion.  People and businesses will be in danger if they take a biblical stance and refuse to participate in things that violate their convictions such as same-sex weddings.  Churches and pastors will be in the cross-hairs of the Leftists and any allegation or accusations will result in them being investigated, possibly prosecuted, and their reputations damaged to the point of their lives and ministries being destroyed.  If you believe in the biblical and constitutional right of self-defense that will be in serious jeopardy.  You right of property will be in danger and the real possibility of governmental confiscation will arise.  THOSE ARE ALL THREATENED!

The Democrats, largely, want to rewrite the Constitution and do away with our system by which we elect the president.  They want to go to a plurality of the popular vote rather than the electoral college.  The danger in that is easily identified because it would relegate the election to the two large states on the East and West Coast, California and New York.  The rest of the country would have virtually no voice in the election, unlike today.  Small states would become irrelevant and politicians would totally ignore them.  We would no longer have a system of government where there is equal representation of all the states based on population.  If the Democrats are unsuccessful in repealing and doing away with the electoral college they will seek to overload the states will illegal aliens, systematically placed so as to guarantee that the electoral vote of the states will be slanted toward the liberal leftist socialist Democrats.

The only way we stem the tide of liberalism, leftism, Socialism, globalism is to prevent the Democrats from regaining control of Congress or the White House.  For us to have any hope of reducing the size of the federal government we must STOP THE LEFTISTS.  For us to have any draining the swamp we must STOP THE LEFTISTS.  For us to have any hope of keeping our Inalienable Rights such as “Freedom of Speech, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and Freedom of Religion, etc.” we must STOP THE LEFTISTS.  If we believe that ‘Unless speech is free for everyone it is free for no one’ we must stop them! The Framers and Founders of our Republic took great strides to guarantee that we would always remain the Constitutional Republic with freedom from overregulation and control of the government.  They wanted us to BE FREE!  What is being proposed by the Leftists is not freedom but a type of slavery, because we become totally dependent on the government for our rights and life.  THAT IS ANATHEMA to the intent of the Framers and Founders!

What is my point?  Simply this, WE MUST VOTE in November!  If we believe in America as the Free Constitutional Republic and our Inalienable Rights WE MUST VOTE in November!  But, it is not enough to vote we must VOTE NO on the Leftists and the toxicity of liberalism and DEFEAT THEM.  How do we do that?  The only way that I see, at this point, is to VOTE FOR the Republican candidate.  Will that totally solve our problems? NO, but it will give us a window of opportunity to reclaim the country, drain the swamp, dismantle the deep state, and replace the RINOs with Constitutionalists who believe in the Original Intent of the Constitution.  Beyond that, we must EDUCATE, INFORM, and ARTICULATE our views, political ideology, and persuade people to VOTE.  Not as the Democrats who want their people to vote early and often, we must vote legally and STOP THE ASSAULT on America!

God bless you and God bless America!


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No that is not a typo, but a real question that was asked by some recently regarding the U.S. Senate Race in Texas.  I didn’t hesitate to announce my intentions to vote solidly for U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and against candidate Robert (Beto) O’Rourke.  The person was taken aback, it seemed, and asked, WHY?  I was grateful he gave me the opportunity to detail my reasons and as it turned out it was far more than he wanted to hear.  At one point, there was the argument, “Well” he said,Cruz isn’t an American citizen, he’s a Cuban and then they said, I mean Canada-ian.”  My sense of discernment kicked in and I perceived that my belly laugh was not a pleasing sight to him and could see the veins protruding on his neck as I continued to detail my reasons, over his talking point objections.  It was funny and a bit fun, but it was disturbing at the same time because I was reminded of how effectively the MSM has been able to negatively characterized Republicans, Conservatives, and Constitutionalist.  Far too many, simply accept what is offered by CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and the many other liberal arms of the Democratic Party.  They believe that if it is in the newspapers on television it must be true.  I even had one person say, “Well, they can’t put it on the news if it isn’t true, it’s the law!”  Again, my falling on the floor doubling up in laughter did not set well, but some statements demand an appropriate reaction.

Some, even some of the Leftists, have recognized Ted Cruz as a genuine Conservative. They have identified him as a movement conservative, a religious conservative, a constitutional conservative with libertarian leanings.  He might be all those, but one thing I know is that he is incredibly intelligent and can articulate points on virtually any argument with knowledge, data, facts, and reason.  Some do not like his detailed explanations and feel that he is talking down to them because they either do not want to listen carefully, think thoughtfully, or are uninformed and want the Cliff Notes version answer to any question.  His personality is not that of a polished politician and his deficiencies in the area of charisma have hurt him and may now be hurting him in this contest with a very liberal leftist progressive Democrat who wants to identify as Hispanic but is not.  Who does that remind you of?  Pocahontas comes to mind.  No, not the wife of Captain John Smith of Pilgrim lore but a more recent Senator. 

Ted Cruz supports free trade, desires to abolish the Internal Revenue Service and implement a single tax for all citizens.  Well, so do I and believe that if people actually thought about what that would mean would be onboard with those positions.  I suggest you ask Mr. O’Rourke how he feels about the IRS, a Flat Tax, or Free Trade. You will undoubtedly watch him dance around the question and attempt to spin it his way, but he is not in favor or reduced taxes, doing away with the IRS or anything of the sort. He supports the Democrat Plan of HIGHER TAXES.  Ted Cruz is in favor of downsizing the federal government, reducing regulations, and getting government off our backs.  Sounds, reasonable to me, how about you?  He is Pro-Life, opposed to Obamacare, and wants legitimate Immigration Reform while supporting the securing of our borders.  Mr. O’Rourke opposes most if not all those issues.  He is for Obamacare, wants Immigration Reform that allows the Dreamers and millions of others to become citizens, and is in favor of Sanctuary States and Cities.  That is not what we need or want in Texas!  Ted Cruz favors the 2nd Amendment while Mr. O’Rourke wants some measure of ‘gun control’ which would lead to a ‘gun ban’ and a revision of our Second Amendment Rights.  Ted Cruz is in favor of school choice and does not drink at the fountain of Climate Change, Global Warming, or Climate Disruption, whatever they are calling it these days.   He opposes the United Nations Agenda 21 Plan of Sustainable Development which is nothing more than population control and total control of the citizens.  I oppose that as well.  He could probably be characterized as being somewhere between, Rand Paul’s non-interventionist position and that of the late John McCain of active interventionism.

In November we are faced, in Texas, and around the nation, with the choice of allowing the Liberal Leftists Brand of Toxic Liberalism largely based in the Democratic Party to regain power or STOP THEM!  Yes, that is exactly how I view the elections.  I wish that I could say, ‘Elect Republicans and See Our Nation’s Constitutional Position Restored’ but that is still down the road.  However, if we fail to defeat the Democrats in November the fork in the road we are now facing will become a major thoroughfare of Liberalism.  What we have thought was a ‘runaway train’ toward the destruction of our Republic as a Constitutional form of Government will become a ‘rocket ship’ traveling at light speed.  YES, I am sounding an alarm and NO, I am not the little boy crying wolf, IT IS REAL!  You may or may not believe the warning, but that does not change the reality or the impending destruction and devastation if we fail in the effort to Keep Power Away from the Leftist in November.

In Texas, I call upon all my fellow Texans to vote NO on BETO and VOTE YES on Ted Cruz.  I ask that you send Lupe Valdez to the sidelines and prevent her from turning Texas into a Sanctuary State with Open Borders, Higher Taxes, whatever else she proposes from her Leftist Position.  Mr. O’Rourke has claimed to be invested in and involved with no PAC but amazingly his campaign co-hosted a Washington, D.C. fundraiser with at political action committee.  WAIT A MINUTE!  Mr. O’Rourke, you claimed your support is ONLY from private citizens and in small amounts.  Secondly, why would you be raising funds in Washington, DC if that is true?  There are strong indications that millions of dollars are flooding into his campaign coffers that have direct and indirect connections to the infamous hater of America, George Soros.  Mr. O’Rourke, you have campaigned advancing the claim that ALL PACs are corrupt and now you join hands with a PAC, how can you justify that?  Like all liberal leftists and most politicians, you spin the spin with double-speak and a political dance that might win you 1st Place on the TV Show about Dancing.  I don’t recall its name!  Mr. O’Rourke has even accepted money from J-Street, a PAC that supports a two-state solution in Israel and has hosted fundraisers for Mr. O’Rourke.  Mr. O’Rourke has demonstrated, while in Congress and in El Paso a willingness to do things that are opposite of the views of most Texans and are dangerous for the Republic.  It is my understanding that Mr. O’Rourke’s campaign requested that the VFW, Post 4006 in Navasota, Texas take down the America Flag during his rally there.  WHAT?  If you can support that I doubt that we could have any productive, rational, or civil conversation.

YES, this is an article directed at the Senate Race in Texas, but it is about more than Texas, it is as the Democratic Chairman Perez declared, “This Democracy, we know it is on the ballot and it will mean the end of Democracy if the Republicans win.”  I can agree with part of his statement, “Our Republican Form of Government is on the ballot.”  My argument is that if the Democrats win it will be a serious if not a fatal blow to our Republic.  WE CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN!  I truly believe that this is these mid-term elections are the most important we have ever faced.  Each successive election may well be, but this is NOW, and WE MUST ACT NOW!  I call upon every Freedom Loving American Patriot to VOTE!

God bless you and God bless America!