I’m quite serious and will possibly be unfriended by some because of this post, but here goes.  Since the Presidential Election of 2016 and my expressed support of the GOP and in that President Trump, I have been challenged numerous times by those who are adamantly opposed to him.  In fact, their dislike for him is so strong they were and may still be willing to allow the Liberal, Leftist, Socialist, Progressive, Globalist Democrats win.  Some of them have claimed that they are the true patriots and conservatives because they oppose Trump.  I find that a very quizzical position at best and incredibly disturbing at worst.

I know I am a conservative in my political and life views.  I am a Vietnam veteran and a committed defender of our Republic.  I am proud to be an American and believe that I am a patriot.  That seems to be in question to those who call anyone who supports this president a ‘cultist’.  I have a difficult time grasping the reasoning of those who claim to be Conservatives, defenders of the Constitution, and patriots who would cede the House, Senate, and White House to the Democrats because of their angst or animosity toward President Trump.  That is more than a little perplexing to me.

I did not like many of the ideological or political views of Mitt Romney or John McCain, the previous two GOP nominees, but I could not envision any scenario in which I would either not vote or vote for Barack Obama, the Democrat.  Therefore, I, as my brother has said, “held my nose and voted Republican.”  I saw, and we experienced eight years of horrific policies and the systematic dismantling of our military and the perversion of our justice system slanting it in favor of anti-Americanism.  There were millions who stayed home and refused to vote for Romney and allowed Obama to win and they claimed moral high-ground and patriotism in their actions.  I confess I cannot understand that reasoning.

If a person is a professed liberal Democrat I can understand their vote and even appreciate their sincerity in their argument for their ideological position.  However, if a person claims conservatism and their opposition to the GOP candidate makes them a patriot, I find that an incredibly bitter pill to swallow.  There are no perfect candidates and there never will be.  Therefore, we sometimes find ourselves with the choice of defeating liberalism or letting it succeed.  In that case, I believe it is very principled to vote against the liberal.  You may disagree and that is your right and I will defend your right.  I disagree with your position and believe you are doing harm to what you claim to be in favor, the Republic, the Constitution, and Conservatism. 

Not all Republican nominees will be 100% conservative. nor will they have the particular polish or personality that we might prefer.  However, when faced with a binary choice, as we do in virtually every presidential election, if we are conservatives we must choose to defeat liberalism.  I say that even if the GOP candidate gives us conservatism lite rather than solid conservatism.  A little is better than none.  I agree that is a terrible position to be in, but until we regain control of the Party or see the real development of an alternative that is our choice.

I cannot fathom any true conservative being opposed to Tax Cuts.  I cannot see any scenario in which a true conservative would be against Border Security or National Security.  I cannot envision a situation in which a true conservative would be better served voting for or allowing the liberal to win regarding our 2nd Amendment Rights, 1st Amendment Rights, Religious Liberty, or Free Market Capitalism.  I cannot believe that any true conservative wants the federal government spending our tax dollars on entities such as Planned Parenthood and abortion on demand.  Maybe you can, but I cannot.  I cannot believe that any true conservative would be opposed to reduced unemployment, reduced entitlements for those refusing to work and simply taking for those who do.  I cannot believe that any true conservative would be for Government Run Healthcare, the rogue use of the IRS to harass conservative individuals and organizations.  That, to me, is not conservatism.

I do not hide from the fact that President Trump was not my first choice.  However, when he became the nominee, I threw my support behind him because he was a far cry better than Hillary Clinton.  I have been pleasantly surprised and appreciative of his determination to stand against the Democrat threats and not cave as previous Republicans have.  I see him as somewhat of a pragmatist rather than a conservative or politician.  He sees a problem and believes there is a solution and sets his mind to finding the solution and fixing the problem.  Does he get it right 100% of the time?  Who does?  Will he make mistakes?  Who doesn’t?  Which one of us is perfect?

I find it both amusing and aggravating that those who are part of the Never Trump Crowd like to call those of us who support him “Cultist” and yet get offended if we identify them as a “Hater.”  I have worked with people that I found repulsive, but in order to achieve an objective I needed them, and they needed me, so we found common ground and pursued the prize desired.  My prime objective politically is America.  I believe that it is critical that we defend her against the toxicity of liberalism and that may mean we elect presidents and other candidates that are not our most favored people. 

If someone tells me they are a conservative and their conservatism affords them patriot status but voted for the Democrat, I find it difficult to see conservatism in that action.  If you are a conservative and love America and Freedom, as do I, then let’s join together and set aside our personality preferences and unite against the toxicity of liberalism in the Socialist Leaning Democrat Party of today.  I am not trying to be antagonistic but simply detailing my failure to grasp the position of some conservatives today who are willing to see the Democrats win because of their dislike for the current GOP President.

God bless you and God bless America!



America, we either deal with the division that is not only existent but prevalent in our nation today or we see it destroy us like a terminal illness.  No matter where you stand on the political spectrum and what you think of the Democrats or Republicans, the Leadership in Congress or the President, America is a prize worth fighting for.  The Constitution, in its Original Intent, is critical for the survival of the Free Constitutional Republic. 

If you believe that the Constitution has outlived its usefulness and is as antiquated as the rub board or wringer washing machine, you will vehemently disagree with what I am going to say.  If you believe that the Constitution was and is a viable document that has allowed us to enjoy a governmental experiment like no other in history with incredible success, you will agree with most that I assert. 

The basic issue in America is not simply division it is the Constitution!  Even our Founders disagreed as they hammered out the wording of the Constitution and then formulated the Bill of Rights.  However, they all had one desire in view, AMERICA.  Not just a new nation but one that recognized the inalienable rights of All Citizens and would provide a means to protect and preserve those rights.  They wanted a Republic, not a Democracy for they understood the perils of a Straight Democracy, unlike the proponents of doing away with the Electoral College today. 

We are in a Crisis, not just because our borders are porous, that is a serious issue, but because of various elements within our government becoming propaganda tools and political weapons.  Our federal law enforcement community has been corrupted.  Our intelligence community, the Internal Revenue Service, Homeland, and many other federal arms, agencies, or bureaucracies have as well.  I fully support the enforcement of our laws.  Those laws, if bad, need to be eliminated and if good fully enforced.  However, the selective and partisan enforcement of our laws is unacceptable and detrimental to our prize, the Republic.

The paranoia of Richard Millhouse Nixon was well known.  It was not applauded but considered one of the major reasons for his political demise and the scandals that were an outgrowth of that condition.  However, the paranoia of the FBI is being lauded as patriotic and heroic by those on the left.  Sadly, too many on the right, are either unable or unwilling to see the depth of that corruption and how it is detrimental to All Americans regardless of political persuasion. 

I believe that just a few years ago if such mismanagement and partisan targeting had been revealed it would have resulted in an outcry of outrage from most Americans.  The distrust of our federal law enforcement agencies is being justified with each new revelation of how deeply partisan the meritless and costly investigations truly are.  I now wonder if the “insurance policy” by the FBI authored by former agents Peter Strzok and Liza Page was more about CYA for the agency than preventing Donald Trump from winning.  They did not believe he would even as they penned the plan but knew that there could be negative exposure of the agency and wanted to guarantee protection from prosecution.  That is more than disturbing it is diabolical and beyond self-serving.  I don’t care if they were Democrats or Republicans, this is repugnant and destructive. 

According to ABC’s Jonathan Karl, the Mueller investigation into which the counterintelligence probe flowed will yield “zero evidence” of collusion: “We are now just, I believe, weeks away from getting a final report from Robert Mueller, and there is so much anticipation, so much speculation about what he is going to show. He’s been looking into, you know, this whole range of issues. And I am led to believe by people who have interacted with the special counsel that we should be prepared for him to release a report that is anti-climactic.”  The fact that the FBI somehow believed and possibly believes that it to be their patriotic duty to treat a sitting president as ‘guilty until proven innocent’ is a revelation of how deep our problem is in America.

The Clinton email investigation and handling by the FBI was nothing short of judicial prostitution.  The FBI sold its soul, if it had one, in taking measures to ensure that the candidate they believed would become the next President was protected.  It was not their love for Hillary that motivated them, but their love for position, status, and power.  They wanted to ensure they were on the good side of the presumptive president, so they sold their integrity to give her and the outgoing president cover.  I don’t know what to call that but political or judicial prostitution.

I have wondered from the beginning, how far the FBI and other political operatives were willing to go to take Trump out and I believe I am beginning to come to grips with that question.  The answer, in my view, is they were willing to stoop to any levels, pursue any pathways, and do anything to DUMP TRUMP.  The pursuit of Trump did not begin with the election or even the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.  That pursuit began during the campaign and before Trump was the nominee for the GOP.  It was authorized and possibly orchestrated by the Obama administration if not Obama himself.  That is cringeworthy for all lovers of Freedom!

The indictments by Robert Mueller against Trump people and the absence of indictments by the FBI against Democratic operatives are incredibly revealing.  The Democrats have been given a ‘free pass’ and a ‘get out of jail free’ card but any Republican or Trump supporter who crosses any legal line is immediately exposed to the full force of the law.  If that does not trouble you, your troubler is broken.   The FBI showed no interest in the perjury cases or incidents with Obama, Holder, Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, Clinton, or Rice to name a few.  But they were devotedly determined to bring every violation of any Trump supporter to incur the full weight of justice.  Surely, you see the hypocrisy in that and it should cause you to realize the depth they were willing to pervert justice and use their agencies as political weapons.  THAT MUST END!

If Robert Mueller releases his findings and there is ‘no collusion documented’, and that is what should happen, the FBI and other agencies will live in trepidation.  They have been scrambling to give themselves cover and using the MSM to advance the theory that even if nothing is found, something is there.  Sadly, those who want to believe that the President is a traitor and such a despicable human being he is deserving of nothing short of execution will believe their spin and advance their talking points. 

I don’t want the FBI or our Intelligence Community to be deemed so corrupt they are useless, but we are getting dangerously close to that place.  Any student of Civics would realize how deeply flawed the assertions that President Trump is a national threat are.  Any president can tilt our foreign relations toward any country they desire and that is not really any of the FBI’s business and does not indicate treason or provide a basis for impeachment.  It is his responsibility to deal with foreign affairs.  Withdrawing from a war or buttering up to a dictator, presumably trying to find common ground to secure an agreement that is beneficial for America is not a crime.  It might or might not be the wrong approach but is within the purview of the duties of the president.  Congress is the ‘check and balance’ of our Constitution, not the FBI.

What we have been witnessing is nothing less than today’s “Watergate”.  Brennan’s convening of a ‘working group’ at the CIA headquarters that included Peter Strzok, James Comey to stymie Trump’s campaign is the problem, not Donald Trump.  Using a political opposition document purchased by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC, knowing it was not verifiable smacks of a modern “Watergate”, not a legitimate action to protect America and Americans.  It was political gamesmanship and partisan weaponizing of our federal agencies.  THAT IS TRAGIC!

America, we can either allow this to continue and watch our Republic disintegrate before our very eyes or reclaim our government. How can we do that? What do we do?  Again, my faith demands that we Pray, Pray, Pray and turn to God as the first course of action.  The second course of action is to become informed and the third is to become involved.  We Vote Out all those who will not protect and defend our Constitution. We Vote Out all who want to take us down the path of Socialism and destroy our Republic. We cannot sleep through this, it is far more than a bump in the road.

God bless you and God bless America!


HOLD IT! Before you lose your religion and throw something at your computer over my title let me explain what I mean.  I do not believe he was successful in the sense of doing what was right and good for America.  I believe he was an abysmal failure on that front.  He was, in many ways, more damaging and dangerous the Islamic or any kind of terrorism.  He was more damaging to our economy and our system of government than any outside foreign enemy has been.  So, why would I say he was successful and in what was he a success?

Many remember the Watergate Scandal and the downfall of Richard M. Nixon and those who do not remember have heard various spins on the events that led to the resignation of the president.  However, I believe that Barack H. Obama and his administration or partners in crime were far more successful at cover-ups than Nixon ever dreamed of being.  In fact, I would argue that they have pulled off the most effective cover-up in American history, to this point.  You may disagree and while there is still hope that the ‘cover-up’ will be fully uncovered, at this point they have and are succeeding. 

I could contend this on several fronts, including Benghazi, the Iran deals, Fast and Furious, Russia and Uranium, and more.  However, the one cover-up that stands at the front of the line and rises to the top of the page is the current one being played out in the incessant attack on our electoral system and the duly elected president of these United States of America.  It began before the 2016 presidential election but solidified during that timeframe and has continued to develop insulating layer after layer since that time. 

Our own Justice Department and the FBI participated along with numerous other governmental agencies in perpetrating and perpetuating the illegalities and the cover-ups needed to protect the Obama team and Hillary Clinton.  The entitlement mindset and the belief that they are morally superior to the rest of us encourage them to do what they do.  They truly believe that the end justifies the means and when that becomes the bedrock policy and ideology the means become the end and there is no distinction between the two. The Bible says, “a little leaven leavens the whole lump.”  Simply, a little corruption taints everything and if allowed to continue unimpeded corrupts everything it touches.  That’s where we are now in Washington, DC in a great measure.

We have endured two long years of endless diatribe, rhetoric, and devoted digging into everything Trump and nothing Clinton or Obama.  We have uncovered documentation after documentation that there was a cover-up and the collusion between various law enforcement agencies, members of Congress, the courts, and the White House under Obama is apparent.  Sadly, nothing has been and under our current lists of legislators and many bureaucrats in Washington suggest nothing will ever be done.  Justice will not be served but the pursuit of the perversion of justice will continue.

Representatives Nunes, Goodlatte, and Gowdy dug deep into the scandals and cover up and we know the incredible threat to national security through Hillary Clinton’s use of a private unsecured server to send and receive emails with classified information.  The FBI and the DOJ effectively insulated her and granted immunity to her team and has ignored any connection between them and Obama himself.  I’m sure there was every attempt by his staff to assure him of plausible deniability even when the deniability was not believable.

The use of the Steele dossier to obtain FISA warrants demands deeper investigation and Obama’s directives to the FBI, NSA, Homeland, CIA, IRS, and every other agency of government must be fully addressed.  The fact that the FBI and DOJ withheld much if not most of the pertinent information from Congress is more than a concern, it may well be a crime.  It borders on if it is not obstruction of justice and is clearly a coordinated effort to ‘cover up’ the improprieties, illegalities, and unethical behavior of the previous administration including herself, Hillary Clinton.

The collusion and conspiracy to infiltrate the Trump campaign, have Rod Rosenstein wear a wire in his meeting with the president, and the infamous insurance policy of former FBI agent Peter Strzok all have a repugnant odor that is loathsome.  When the former president can smugly claim that his administration was the most transparent and scandal-free in history, one would like to laugh but cannot.  Transparent?  Richard Nixon was more forthcoming than Obama.  Scandal Free?  Does anyone remember Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and dozens of other events?  He said, “Scandals that we were concerned about” so maybe that is the real issue, they weren’t concerned so to them there was no scandal.

The damage done to our system of justice and government will not be removed and will create problems for generations to come if we survive that long.  The blatant lies, the destroying lives of innocent people to facilitate their desired cover-up and the wedge that has been driven between Americans may well be irreversible.  Therefore, I say, “Barack Obama was successful.”  Not at being a good president or advocating for what is best for America but in seeking to ‘fundamentally transform’ this Republic and hide from those who are willing to be led into his web of darkness, he was.  In 2016 I believed that many American has begun to awaken from their political stupor and decided no more!  However, in the two-years that have ensued and the 2018 mid-term elections, I am no longer as convinced of the continued awakening! The elections of 2020 will define our future and whether the successful cover-ups of the Obama administration are allowed to stand.  If they do, America may never recover.  If they are not allowed to stand and justice is finally served, America will enjoy restoration to her Constitutional status as a Free Republic.

God bless you and God bless America!

TRUMP AND THE MEDIA – Not A New Thing If You Study History…

That’s right, dating back to Thomas Jefferson, the man known as the champion of the Free Press feuds with the media of their day has transpired.  But, if you only get your information from the incredibly biased and left-leaning partisan news such as the New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, and CNN you would believe that this is the first time in history a president has had an ongoing feud with the press.  I wish to acknowledge an article by Ryan Mattimore on Presidential Feuds published by the History Channel.  It was inspirational for me in writing this and caused me to try to research the matter further. 

I thought journalism was supposed to seek for the facts and report the news and the truth.  I guess that was yesteryear not present day.  I am not a fan of the media of today because they tend to slant whatever story they are reporting on toward their political ideological view.  They tend to use their platform for propagandizing and in many ways become nothing more than a Russian Pravda type entity.  The Pravda was the voice of the Communist Party of the old Soviet Union and used effectively to give the official government talking points for all citizens to adhere to and advance.  Most of the MSM in America is a propaganda tool of the Democratic Party or Socialist and Globalist agendas. 

But back to my assertion that Presidential and Media wars or feuds are not a new phenomenon.  Thomas Jefferson is often quoted by the press saying, “were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate to prefer the latter.”  That is a powerful statement in favor of the Free Press and somewhat anti-government.  That came from our Third President of these United States and the man who was heavily involved in the Declaration of Independence, influenced the Constitution and fought for the Bill of Rights.  He was a Champion of the Republic!

The press adopted an incredibly partisan posture and he later stated, “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper.  Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.”  That is quite a change of attitude toward the press. His campaign against John Adams was especially bitter and the press was used to trade insults.  Even in his staunch defense of the Freedom of Speech, he recognized how corrupt and untruthful the press could be regarding politics.  But, that can’t be, right?  This is new to the villainous Donald John Trump the 45th President of these United States of America, so says the media of today.

Theodore Roosevelt was quite astute in his ability to advance political spin.  He recognized the power of the press to communicate to the public and did so beyond what any of his predecessors had attempted.  He used them and many of them hated him.  He, at one point, called media personalities such as Upton Sinclair and other journalists “muckrakers.”  He manipulated them and would issue statements to the press on Sunday and make his executive decisions based on how the public responded on Monday. 

Woodrow Wilson curtailed the freedom of the press during World War I and in some ways, I find it difficult to argue against his actions.  There are times, in my view, when the press should be kept in the dark during military operations.  In today’s modern world the enemy is informed what our next move is going to be before it happens.  That places our troops in harm’s way and jeopardizes the campaign.  Had it not been for Republicans in the Senate he would have been allowed to exercise extreme censorship over the press.  He began what has been a staple of politics and used extensively by the Left, the Committee on Public Information.  That agency’s prime objective was propaganda that the government wanted to be disseminated to the public. 

We dare not omit “Give ‘em Hell’, Harry S. Truman.  His war probably solidified when the press published the Headlines “Dewey Defeats Truman” and suffered the humiliation of jumping the gun.  They were wrong, and Truman never let them forget it.  The press, as they have with Trump used their platform to spread false allegations and publish unflattering photographs of Truman.  He wrote in 1955, “Presidents and the members of their Cabinets and their staff members have been slandered and misrepresented since George Washington.  When the press is friendly to an administration the opposition has been lied about and treated to the excrescence of paid prostitutes of the mind.”  How’s that for considering the press the enemy of the people?

Of course, we all know of Nixon’s ongoing feud with the media.  His paranoia and their determination to destroy him created a hostile environment in Washington and around the country.  He had a list of ‘enemies’ in the press and used governmental agencies to audit and harass them.  His demise emboldened the media and it has continued its quest for power and relevance and morphed into what we have today.  Propaganda is not news, except in the sense that exposing it is newsworthy.

Bill Clinton had his skirmishes with the media as they sought to uncover the misdeeds in his business dealings and sexual transgressions.  His trysts resurfaced in the 2016 presidential campaign prompting Clinton to say that he thought the media was ‘fairer’ in 1992.  He and Hillary were incensed that the some of the press were reporting on things that an entire generation of voters had never really heard or considered.  With all the documentation against Hillary and Bill, I can understand why they would not want the press to report on those facts or happenings.  They both knew that there was a possibility of federal law enforcement scrutiny should she be defeated, which she was. 

George W. Bush was not a darling of the media while Barack Obama could seemingly do no wrong.  Now, we have sitting president Donald John Trump in the White House and he is vocal about the abuses of the press.  His calling them “fake news” continues to infuriate the Left and the Press and they are determined to destroy him.  Removing him from the White House is insufficient in their view, they want him destroyed.  His threat to enact stricter “libel laws” has the media in a defensive posture.  They seek to convey the image that President Trump is actively seeking to repeal the First Amendment and take away our Freedom of Speech.  That is beyond ludicrous, they know it, but believe that the minions who follow their news offerings will believe them.  That seems to be the case and many people now believe that Trump’s War or Feud with the media is something entirely new and originated with him. It did not and won’t end with him.

The Press has a role in our American life but only if it restricts itself to reporting the news rather than being the news.  I am a staunch defender of the First Amendment and the Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion, and Assembly.  However, with regard to the media, I believe they should be held to a very high standard and accountability in what they present as news.  Those editors, reporters, news anchors, etc. who advance their opinion rather than reporting the news should be subject to libel.  If they want to give opinions I suggest they go into “talk radio” or a “television show that is defined as opinion” rather than pretending to be unbiased and objective reporters of the news.

God bless you and God bless America!


The Democrats with the help of the Main Stream Media and various deep-pocketed activist are winning the air time debate on the Border Wall issue.  It appears that we have reached the tipping point toward Socialism in America.  The Democrats are hell-bent on the completion of the ‘fundamental transformation’ threatened or promised by Barack Obama when he entered office.  They had numerous opportunities to do just that but did not follow through as much as they could have. The American people work up for a brief time and wrested control of Congress from their hands.  Now, the pendulum seems to have swung to the Left once again and I am stunned at how many Americans are buying the rhetoric and drinking the poison of toxic liberalism.

When the President asked Nancy Pelosi if he reopened the government for 30 days would they fund the wall and she said, “NO!”  He left the meeting because truly there was nothing to discuss at that point IF he is committed to border security including the wall.  The Democrats were for the wall under Obama and now they are against the wall under Trump.  The wall went from being a needed effort to Immoral with the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of these United States.  The threats are the same, the need is the same, the only thing different is their devoted hatred for this President.  That is what is Immoral in this scenario.

The Democrats are pushing on two major fronts and if they are successful in one or both our Republic will have been ‘fundamentally transformed’ into a Socialist nation run by mobs and entitlement.  If anyone truly believes that is the best way to go, please leave me out of your conversation because, in my view, sanity has escaped you.  We are already $22 TRILLION in debt as a nation and cannot afford another $30-40 TRILLION over the next ten years.  Anyone with a 3rd grade level of math knows that is not sustainable.  However, the new face of the Democratic Socialist in America Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has advanced a Green Policy that will not just bankrupt America but will destroy our entire system of economics and government.

The Green Policy coupled with the two major pushes in the works now form a Pincer Movement designed to bypass the Constitution or rewrite it to their satisfaction.  The 116th Congress is waging war on the Constitution and we must not only be aware of it we must prevent it from becoming a victory for the Leftist. 

Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) introduced a Resolution on January 3, 2019, to amend the Constitution and abolish the Electoral College.  The Democrats who have benefited from the system in the past with the elections of Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Bill Clinton. You’d think they would want to keep it.  However, since they have been stung by the system twice in the past 20 years they are determined to abolish it and make our Republic a Straight Democracy.   That is something our Founders and the Framers fought valiantly to prevent from happening and why we have the Electoral College.  It would require the States to ratify but in today’s growing Socialist environment and the apparent lack of thought given by millions, it just might pass.  That would be tragic!

But, that is not the only front on which they are planning an attack on our liberties and constitution.  Congressman John Yarmuth (D-KY) Chairman of the House Budget Committee asked the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to analyze the effects of shifting all healthcare costs to the federal government.  What is that?  Medicare for All.  Single Payer Insurance.  Socialized Medicine.  That is a serious and real issue on the agenda for this Congress.  Where are the Republicans?  Will they have the backbone and fortitude to fight this? 

This is serious and should either of those two measures become realities and enacted into law, we are toast as a Republic.  My question is, “Are there really that many American citizens who want to become a Socialist nation?”  I must also ask, “Is the desire for freebies that strong that a majority of Americans would sell their liberty for a check in the form of some government entitlement?”  If the answer to either is yes, stick a fork in us we are done.

The Electoral College issue, if it becomes a reality and they manage to amend our Constitution and abolish it, would mean that mobocracy has prevailed, and we will see more chaos than we can imagine.  The destruction and disruption will be of such epic proportions that the only recourse for the federal government will be martial law and tyranny.  That’s what the Left wants and sadly, too many Americans seem oblivious to this danger.  Call me whatever you want, but I am sounding the alarm and see enough shift in members of Congress to make me very apprehensive.  If the Single Payer or Socialized Medicine becomes a reality we will have Mob Entitlement ruling the day.  Either way, we are headed toward destruction if we continue on this path.

Of course, I am fully aware that both those objectives have a significant hill to climb to become a reality. However, the incessant push coupled with the determined effort to destroy this president causes more than a little trepidation in my heart.  The fact that the Democrats and Obama pushed through a plan (Obamacare) doomed and designed to fail is part of their strategy.  They knew that the American public would become so incensed by the failures and inadequacies of Obamacare that Universal Healthcare would have more of an appeal and that strategy seems to be working on millions.

Before you dismiss what, I am saying consider that they only need a two-thirds vote in the House and Senate to pass the Electoral College Amendment to the States for ratification.  Then, consider the gains the Democrats had in Governorships do not automatically say, “This can’t happen.”   I wish people would remember the warnings of Milton Freidman and Ronald Reagan when the Socialized Medicine Issues arises.  They said, “Have you ever seen government take over anything and cause it to become more effective and less costly.”  The answer is NO!

We, allowed the Democrats to regain some power in the 2018 elections and we will rue the day for that grave error.  If we allow them to succeed in any of the things I have listed, we will not only rue the day we will witness the destruction of the Republic and see the rise of the Disunited States of Socialist America.  My love for freedom, for America, and my faith demand that I resist this with all I am!  I hope you will join this Resistance and stand with us for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

God bless you and God bless America!


I am amazed that some on the Right are already ceding defeat and offering their concessions to the Left in the 2020 elections.  Some of their reasons might have a trace of validity but many of them are either rooted in a desire for Trump to fail and lose or imbibing too much of the Media Kool-Aid.  I have never been one to give up before the final pitch has been thrown or until the curtain falls on the last act of the play.  Even in the face of daunting problems and obstacles, we are faced with we should keep the fires of hope burning until the last ember is nothing more than a cool lump of ash.  I follow the biblical directive found in Galatians 6:9 – “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”  And the wise words of Ecclesiastes 11:4 – “He who watches the wind will not sow and he who looks at the clouds will not reap.”  The simple message is Don’t Quit! 

I have often told people, “The devil cannot win unless we quit.”  He can’t win in the end, but in our lives, he can be victorious momentarily if we give up and thrown in the towel.  Never do that!  NEVER!  We lost the House of Representatives in 2018 for many reasons and even though it is being touted as an “anti-Trump backlash” I doubt that was truly the reason.  I would place more blame on the failure of the GOP in Washington for not backing the President in the pursuit of his promises on the campaign trail than any ‘anti-Trump’ sentiment.  I could be wrong but believe that a unified Republican Party would have crushed the Democrats in 2018 and can do so in 2020.  On the other hand, a disorganized and disunified Republican Party that is more its own enemy than the Democrats can create such a perception of inability and ineptitude that we could lose the nation in 2020.

In 2019, the Democrats are almost giddy with optimism, and I don’t blame them.  They added 40 seats in the House of Representatives and their total vote exceeded that of the Republicans.  Why did that happen?  Partly, because too many Republicans or Independents that are conservative leaning, opted to sit this one out as they have in the past and when that happens, we lose.  Pat Buchanan pointed out that in the New England states the Republicans do not hold a single House seat and Susan Collins of Maine is the lone Senator in that area held by the GOP.  That is not encouraging for those of us on the Right and should spur incredible optimism by those on the Left. 

I don’t know if it will happen, but I can foresee a war within the Democratic ranks in 2019.  Nancy Pelosi is not as popular as she once was and there is growing disagreement on how to proceed by the rank-n-file in the Party.  The Leftist Base is adamantly determined to destroy Donald Trump and they want a no-holds-barred approach resulting in impeachment, removal, and indictment of this president.  They don’t care how it happens or even if it is within the scope of constitutional legality.  They just want him gone.  That may play well or may prove to be a disaster for those following the toxicity of liberalism and rapidly turning to the Socialist approach. 

The Establishment Democrats are finding they are not as popular nor influential with the vast majority of Democratic voters today.  A USA Today poll recently released revealed that 59% of Democrats said they would be “excited” about “someone entirely new” leading the party in 2020.  The other side of that coin that should be disheartening to the Establishment Democrats is that only 11% want a familiar face to lead them.  That same poll seems to discredit its own reports because it also revealed that Joe Biden, the old-line Democrat who is a 76-year-old white male garnered 53% of the ‘excited’ votes.  The only candidate to come close to Biden was Crazy Bernie Sanders the 77-year-old Socialist from Vermont. 

Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke is a far less known individual and has not produced the overwhelming favor he and they had hoped for.  Other lesser knows than Sanders or Biden are Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, two extreme liberal leftists.  The negative for both Harris and Booker is they are from entrenched Democrat States, California, and New Jersey and would not give a boost to the ticket outside the voting blocks of California and New York. 

There is Sherrod Brown the liberal Democratic Senator from Ohio who won reelection in the face of the State going Republican.  Some have suggested that the 76-year-old Biden and the 66-year-old Brown would provide a formidable ticket and be problematic for the Republicans.  Much of that reasoning is that the Democratic Party is never-ending in the celebration of its so-called racial and ethnic diversity.  They believe they have the women’s vote in the bag as well as that of the millennials.  Could two white males satisfy the base that decries whiteness and maleness?

I keep seeing evidence that many blacks, Asians, Hispanics, women, and even some in the LGBT are splintering from the Democrat rule and thinking about the failures of the party for over 50 years with regard to their causes.  That could be problematic for the Democrats in 2020 and beyond.  However, it will also require the Republicans to articulate the differences in the party and platform and rally behind the president to achieve the promised objectives.  I am convinced that nothing sells like success and if the GOP does what it should have been doing all along a win in 2020 is not only possible but probable.

Democrats such as Louis Farrakhan’s giving praise to those who declare the Jews as ‘the enemy’ is finally troubling some of Jewish descent.  We are learning that the diversity policies in Ivy League Schools are embittering some Americans of Asian descent.  Quotas always hurt someone and usually fail to reward excellence, hard work, and qualifications.  That is not the American way and not the way to success. 

Identity politics, political correctness, and the censorship of anyone or anything conservative are not playing well in all parts of America.  Of course, the MSM and the Democrats and some weak-willed Republicans are claiming that anything less is ‘Un-American’.  For those of us who have fought to defend the freedoms of all people, this is grating and troubling.  I have recently spoken with lifetime Democrats who have looked at the list of potential candidates from their party for 2020 and said, “I cannot support those who desire to destroy our Freedoms and strip us of our Liberties any longer.”  They lamented that their party has drifted too far toward Socialism and has become quite antagonistic toward the Christian Faith, Judaism, and our Constitutional Rights and Liberties.  Some of them are expressing being troubled enough to, for the first time in their lives, vote Republican or not vote.

I am not ready to throw in the towel and declare the Democrats conquerors in 2020.  They may well win but for them to win we have to give up and either not vote or vote in such a manner as to ensure their victory.  I cannot do that, and I hope you are unable to do so either. I believe in God and I believe in America and my hope remains strong! Rise up America and let’s prevail and see our Republic restored.

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!

BACK DOOR, FRONT DOOR, or SIDE DOOR – Democrat Gun Control Is A Real Threat…

I am not saying they can actually achieve a total reversal of the 2nd Amendment or the gun control or confiscation they desire, but they will do damage to our inalienable right of self-defense.  The Constitution is meaningless to them when it stands in the way of what they desire.  We will continue to hear that the 2nd Amendment is archaic, and the Founding Fathers did not mean it to include every citizen and modern firearms.  They will continue to argue with such statements as, “if it saves even one life,” as justification for infringing upon our Constitutional Right to “keep and bear arms.”

My question for them on that front is, “What about abortion?”  If one baby could be spared by stopping abortion on demand wouldn’t that be good?  Also, “What about border security?”  If preventing one terrorist, murder, rapist, drug dealer, or the like from entering our nation and harming our citizens and thereby saving one American from that trauma or disaster would that not be good?  Of course, they do not want to hear that type of logic or discussion because it exposes the hypocrisy of their position.  They know, I know, and you know that taking the guns out of the hands of legal and responsible citizens will not curb gun violence.  We know that criminals will still have and find a way to get guns.  It is impossible to totally remove guns from our society.

That begs another question and should force us to consider real measures to deal with the problem.  High capacity magazines are not the problem, people are.  New Jersey has embarked on a journey to make owning a gun illegal in that State.  The New Jersey State Police have not ruled out ‘house to house checks’ to find illegal weapons legally purchased and owned by legal law-abiding citizens.  What part of the word criminal do these people not understand?  Those who are living outside the law will not abide by this new measure and this will place both citizens and police in harm’s way making them out-gunned by the criminals.  Is that reasonable?

Of course, high-capacity magazines have been used in mass shootings.  But we dare not forget they have also been used in stopping those shooters.  The fear of the AR-15, the prime target of the liberal leftist and the anti-gun crowd is misplaced fear.  Former Navy SEAL Dean Raso is quoted in The Federalist as describing the AR-15 as an ideal defensive weapon against heavily armed predators.  I agree!  I also agree with Judge Andrew Napolitano who is quoted in the Washington Times, “The historical reality of the Second Amendment’s protection of the right to keep and bear arms is not that it protects the right to shoot deer.  It protects the right to shoot tyrants, and it protects the right to shoot at them effectively, with the same instruments they would use upon us.  If the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto had had the firepower and ammunition that the Nazis had, some of Poland might have stayed free and more persons would have survived the Holocaust.” 

I hope you remember the story of a 15-year-old who used his father’s AR-15 to ward off invaders in their home.  He defended his home and his 12-year-old sister who was in the house with him.  He shot one of the burglars, multiple times.  They got away but were apprehended the minor of the two was apprehended and the adult was flown to a different hospital.  He saved lives that would likely have been lost had he not had the firepower and ability to defend himself, his home, and his family.  That’s what the 2nd Amendment is all about and no person, political party, or activist group has the right to take that from us.  It is both a Constitutional Guarantee and an Inalienable Right!

We hear about ‘common sense gun laws’ from the Left and too many on the Right in Washington and far from being sensible, they are nonsensical in their intent and scope.  I guess ‘common sense’ is another word for ‘nonsense’ because all they have proposed is just that, nonsense.  The Democrats have promised to make a swift and extensive push for ‘gun laws’ when they reclaim the control of the House of Representatives in January.  They have little chance of succeeding in achieving their stated and desired goals without the RINOs joining them.  We must ensure that does not happen.

They are planning a Democratic “gun violence prevention task force”.  That sounds good to everyone who is truly concerned about gun violence, but it is a front and a sham.  Universal background checks have always been a red herring.  It sounds great and sounds like common sense and wins the favor of many in the public, but the fact is that under current laws EVERY and I mean EVERY commercial gun sale in America has a background check now!  At what point do we truly believe that anyone wanting to commit a crime will report a gun sale? 

What that means is that we will have to develop a national registry of every firearm in America and track them.  Where will that lead?  It gives them the data they desire and will need for a universal gun confiscation movement under martial law.  Call me a conspiracy kook if you please, but they are serious and although it is virtually impossible for them to achieve their true objective they will do damage.  Just as the backdoor effort of Corporate Gun Control via refusal to lend money to gun owners, gun manufacturers, and gun traders.  Do we truly want the government with that kind of power?

I believe it is delusional to believe that background checks will stop school shootings, drive-by gang shootings, or domestic violence.  Universal background checks are one of those campaign talking points that score points with those who do not think the entire measure through and look at the endgame of the ones pushing that effort.  It gives the appearance of “doing something about the problem” while actually doing nothing.  We have requirements on the books today that do exactly what they are proposing on a very large scale.  Nothing will stop the illegal transfer of guns or the illegal use of them. 

What can we do?  You may not like my solution or even agree with it, but we need to deal with the hearts of people not the weapon of choice.  We need to teach our children the safe and responsible use of firearms like we used to.  We need to enforce our laws effectively, efficiently, and to the full extent of the law.  We need a revival. Yes, I said, revival.  We need God!

God bless you and God bless America!