FROM RED TO PURPLE TO BLUE – That’s the Plan of Liberalism…

I am still trying to wrap my head around how my home state Texas has become Purple with a heavy hint of blueness in its political fabric.  How did that happen?  There are many explanations but none of them fully satisfy my concern.  In the last U.S. Senate election, we watched a Socialist Liberal Leftists from El Paso who wants to be identified by a Hispanic nickname run a close race with Senator Ted Cruz.  Some polls indicate that he is anywhere from tied to 2 points behind Senator John Cornyn had he opted to run against Cornyn in 2020.  But, Robert Francis has bigger fish to fry and sees himself as the savior of America so he is running for President. The transformation in Texas is deeply disconcerting and gives me great concern about my home state which has been a stronghold of Conservatism for a long time.

I have heard from some involved Democrats and some insightful Republicans that there is a concerted effort by the Deep State and the Democratic Socialist Party formerly the Democratic Party to make Texas and other states irreversibly blue politically.  If there were to happen it would make me BLUE emotionally but not politically.  My love for Freedom, our Constitutional Republic, my family, and my God prevent me from even considering a vote for a Leftists.  I see where that is heading and want no part of it, so I keep standing and sounding the alarm hoping some will hear and heed the warnings.

Sometimes later this year, the Supreme Court will hear the case and make a ruling on President Trump’s request that there be a citizenship question included in the 2020 U.S. Census.  I support his decision because no state should gain representation based on a population increase of non-citizens and illegals.  That is what is happening in virtually every state based on the current questionnaire of the U.S. Census. 

The Democrats are crying loudly that this is a ‘privacy’ matter and violates a person’s rights.  That has been rejected by a federal judge, but they will continue to make that plea and try to make it racist to ask about a person’s citizenship.  I don’t mind being asked if I am a U.S. Citizen on the Census questionnaire.  It is not an invasion of my privacy.  However, if a person is a non-citizen who has overstayed their visa or an illegal who has crossed our borders in violation of our laws it is a concern to them. 

If we allow non-citizens and illegals to be counted, then the Democrat Plan of turning our Red or Purple Eyes Blue will succeed in making purple states blue.  The numbers will be inflated in their favor in swing states.  Every state’s electoral vote and future federal funding are determined by their population totals.  Representation should be based on the total population of legal citizens and no one else!  We know this is part of the plan because in the past U.S. Census the electoral votes and representation of several swing states increased based on non-citizen and illegal aliens being included in the population totals.  That is wrong, and the Supreme Court should include the Citizenship Question and stop this madness.  Will they?  We will have to wait and see and as usual, I am concerned about the wolf in sheep’s clothing, John Roberts on this matter.

Based on the 2010 Census, my home State of Texas gained 4 U.S. House of Representative seats.  Texas has gained representation in every U.S. Census since 1845.  Texas is not alone in the increase because in Florida after the 2010 Census they gained 2 seats in Congress.  The dilemma for the Democrats is that Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey each lost a seat in Congress and the Democrats want to regain those lost seats and add a few more and their best avenue for that accomplishment is counting the non-citizens and illegals and including them in the numbers to determine representation in Congress and thus gain electoral votes.

The Democrats have been focused on the long game politically for over 100 years and even in the face of severe losses under Barack H. Obama they continued the behind the scenes efforts to solidify their position.  Having open borders and counting illegals is to their advantage and to America’s hurt but they do not care about America, they care about power. 

I am convinced that the Democrats would prefer to abolish the Electoral College than be forced to rely on the U.S. Census or be subjected to decisions made by the Supreme Court.  They know that their power base on both coasts in California and New York would guarantee a win in any national election based on popular vote.  That does not bode well for the rest of America but again, we are not their focus, power is.

The Democrats are still dragging their feet in confirming the many federal judicial nominees of President Trump.  Why the Republicans in the Senate are allowing this is another issue, but it is happening.  After two years some are still not confirmed.  That is evidence of their determination to be obstructionist in every way possible.  Democrats must control the courts because they know that the majority of people in the majority of states reject their snake oil politics and want nothing to do with it.  Sadly, there are enough people in America who want to get on the ‘freebie train’ and are willing slaves to the federal dole they continue to gain inroads in many areas. 

The reason the Democrats oppose border security and a wall is they know that if they can win on either of those two points I have mentioned the massive influx of new bodies in America will mean more votes for them both at the polls and in the electoral college.  The claim that there are only 11 million illegals here, as if 11 million could be an only, is flawed. I believe that is far too low and there are probably nearer 22 to 30 million.  If you add that number to the 13 million non-citizens with ‘green cards’ that gives the Democrats about a 10 percent increase in population and would dramatically affect all elections national and state.

The current condition of allowing non-citizens to vote in local and school board elections is gaining traction and that erosion of our Constitution will eventually destroy the Republic if we do not stop it now!  America, if we want to Keep our Free Republic we must defeat the Leftists who have largely become Socialist and are almost all Globalist.  It is not too early to focus on 2020 and now is the time to find honest, hard-working, God-fearing, Constitutionalist to run for office.  Is that you?  If so, I pray that you will take the plunge.  If it is not, I pray that you will join those of us sounding the alarm and become involved.

God bless you and God bless America!



That is an open ended question that could cover a myriad of topics.  The “End” that I am talking about is the senseless, nonsensical, inane, and absurd push to destroy Donald Trump by the Left and the Never Trumpers?  Where does it end?  Does it end?  Would it end and there be a return to any sense of normalcy and civility if they succeeded in impeaching and ousting him from office?  My gut feeling is, no! 

I have learned in life and 50 years of ministry dealing with people who are saturated with hate and that emotion has become the driving force in their perceived purpose in life, the seriousness of this problem.  Once hate becomes ingrained and is a daily driving force, over time, it becomes the singular focus and so poisons the mind and sensibilities it blinds from reality and reason.  Hate is an incredibly powerful emotion and force and is a destroyer.  It is a cruel taskmaster!

There are those on the Right that feel the same way about Barack Obama as those on the Left feel about Donald Trump.  When any society allows hate and bitterness to permeate its conversation and drive its pursuits, purposes, and objectives hate opens the door to the total dismantling of that society. Hate is a tyrant and a brutal taskmaster!  I have questioned the hatred of some regarding President Trump only to have them vehemently attack me arguing they do not hate.  I have had some on the Right tell me that they hate Barack Obama.  I do not hate any person, but I do have a very strong aversion to some of the policies that are presented in government, from time to time. 

I realize that some may question my statement that I do not hate any person and they argue that I hate Democrats, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and most other politicians on that side of the aisle. I’ve been told that. I speak strongly in opposition to the policies of liberalism and socialism and may even question the character of some of the purveyors of that ideology. However, since I cannot truly see their hearts, I must leave the final judgment to God.  I pray for them and all our leaders.  I do not pray that they succeed in what they do but that they will see the light and do right.  I do not blindly obey whatever directive is issued from the government for there can be a time when I must choose to obey God or man.  However, I believe that it is imperative we be a nation of laws and comply as much as is possible without violating our faith.  Do not take that as a justification to ignore the laws you don’t like. 

In the Mueller “Investigation” that morphed into something unrecognizable when held up against its original declared purpose, there are still many questions.  Even though the summary of the report indicated there was no evidence of collusion by Trump or his team, there are those who refuse to let that go.  Even though the Attorney General and his Deputy concluded that there was not sufficient evidence to advance a case of obstruction against the president there are those who insist that was a partisan decision and without basis. 

Rod Rosenstein is not a Republican partisan but rather a Democrat operative, in my view. So, exactly how was his input a Republican partisan action? Had Robert Mueller plainly declared that Donald Trump was wrongly accused and gave him complete exoneration, there would be those who reject that and insist that Mueller just did not dig deep enough or was inept in some measure.

My question, at this point, and has been my question prior to this juncture concerns the former President Barack H. Obama.  My question and the question many have been asking but no one in Congress seems to be concerned with is, “How much did he know and when did he know it?” The Mueller Report information provided by the Attorney General indicated that Mueller and his team employed 19 lawyers and utilized the services of 40 FBI agents, intelligence analyst, forensic accountants, and other professionals and came up empty on the “Collusion” and “Obstruction” charges.  They issued 2,800 subpoenas, executed about 500 search warrants, had orders for over 230 pieces of communications, used over 40 pen registers, and made 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence as well as interviewing 500 or more witnesses.  Yet, the Democrats and the Media are claiming this was not thorough!  Seriously!  The turned over every rock and shook every bush but came up empty!  When will it end?

Back to the former president and what he knew and when he knew it.  That is germane, in my view, because if he was complicit and helped coordinate this hoax and fishing expedition he should be held accountable.  What can be done via the courts and the rule of law?  Probably not much, but if he is guilty of participation in a conspiracy to overthrow a legitimate president in what can only be called a failed coup, he should be exposed to the public.

If the Democrats and Republicans truly want to get to the truth, they should reopen the Hillary Clinton investigation and examine the Obama Department of Justice and administration regarding their involvement with any entity to tamper with our elections and damage our system of government.  Some will protest and say, “Roy, let it die and move on.”  I would love to do just that but since the Trump hate will not die and the pursuit of impeachment and ouster by the Democrats will not end, the truth needs to be unequivocally and explicitly be presented.  Would that end this charade?  Not likely but it might wake up a few hundred thousand Americans who are now wandering in the labyrinth of confusion.

There is strong indication that Loretta Lynch, the Obama Attorney General, and some at high levels in the FBI, DOJ, Homeland, NSA, CIA, IRS, and other agencies were part of a conspiracy to either overturn the election or oust the duly elected 45th President, Donald Trump.  I said regarding Obama, while he was president, the way to stop him was at the ballot box and if you hate Trump you have that venue to seek your objective. I ask that you stop pressing for more and more needless expenditure of our financial resources, law enforcement manpower, and damaging our international as well as our national standing. 

I am praying for America.  No, I do not presume or want to project myself as the holder of all the answers or that my prayers are more powerful and effective than anyone else’s.  I simply state that it is my view and belief that for America to survive and return to being, that Republic our Framers and the Founders established we need God’s help.  We need His help in dealing with the condition of the human heart. 

So long as hate, bias, prejudice, and the spirit of revenge and vengeance is pervasive we will not be able to sensibly and rationally discuss our issues and find solutions to our problems.  Donald Trump is not America’s problem.  Donald Trump is not a symptom of America’s problems.  Were Donald Trump to be removed from the equation and no longer exist on Earth our problems would continue.  In a very real sense, “We are Our Problem!” 

I know that one sentence will not sufficiently define what I mean, but “allowing hate to prevail and blind us to seeing the good in others prevents us from enjoying the benefit of what each person can provide or offer.”  You may not like Trump or any Republican.  You may not like Obama or any Democrat.  That is a choice you make but if we could realize that we all need each other and none of us is the answer to the ills that exist in our world we could all benefit. 

I am praying for America as envisioned by our Founders that recognizes the inalienable rights of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”  I am praying for that America that views, “all men as being created equal.”  I am praying for the flames of hate to be extinguished and for us to embrace our differences while holding to our convictions and principles.  Let’s be America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

God bless you and God bless America!

HIDING FROM THE TRUTH – A Liberal Leftists Norm

The more that is uncovered and exposed about the corruption of the Obama White House and his Department of Justice the more my title becomes a viable reality.  The more we learn about the corruption of the FBI and other Intelligence Agencies under President Obama the more my title becomes a viable reality.  The more we learn about the complicity and collusion of the RINOs in Congress with the Leftists the more my title becomes a viable and visible reality. 

There was enough evidence, not speculation, as is all they have in the Trump investigations, to issue an indictment against many, including Hillary herself.  Nothing was done, and I believe that was largely for two reasons: to protect Himself and to try to keep the pathway open for Hillary to ascend to the throne of Democrat Power as President.  This was to be the completion of the Obama agenda of ‘fundamentally transforming’ America into a Socialist State and dismantling our Republican form of government.  Thank God the ascension part failed.

Now we have some access to the transcripts of Lisa Page’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee and it is more than a little revealing and disturbing.  Will it result in action?  Not unless the American people make so much noise even the Democrats cannot ignore or continue to sweep it under the rug.  Not unless the Democrats are evicted from the House in 2020 and kept out of the White House.  That is a lot of ‘not unless’ elements but things that every lover of Freedom should keep in mind as we near November of 2020.

Peter Strzok warned Page, “One more thing: She might be our next President. The last thing you need is us going in there [to Clinton’s interview] loaded for bear. You think she’s going to remember or care that it was more DOJ than FBI?”  Page confirmed that the ‘she’ was Hillary Clinton and it was in reference to the 2016 elections and the investigation of Clinton.  Dare we forget that Robert Mueller recruited Lisa Page to participate in his Russian Collusion investigation of Donald Trump?  Why would he want someone so adamantly opposed to Trump to help conduct what was to be an unbiased and bi-partisan investigation?  Because it was neither.

Representative John Ratcliffe (R-TX) tweeted that part of Page’s testimony: 

Mr. Ratcliffe: Okay. So let me if I can, I know I’m testing your memory, but when you say advice you got from the Department [of Justice], you’re making it sound like it was the Department that told you: “You’re not going to charge gross negligence because we’re the prosecutors and we’re telling you we’re not going to.”

Ms. Page: That’s correct.

Bruce Oho testified that he informed the FBI that Christopher Steele was biased and desperate to defeat Donald Trump.  That information was passed on to the FBI ‘before’ James Comey certified the FISA application to obtain a warrant to conduct surveillance on Carter Page.  Nice, right?  No corruption, no bias, no collusion, no ignoring the law by this Law enforcement agency, right?  Yeah, I can see pigs flying over my house and unicorns grazing in the back yard.

Trey Gowdy asked him directly and specifically if he told the FBI that the information he was passing along came from someone employed or working with the DNC.  Mr. Ohr confirmed that he did, and it was for the purpose of revealing ‘bias.’  The question is, “Why did the FBI ignore that bias and hide it from the FISA judge and largely Congress and the American people?”  It does not take a Rocket Scientist to figure that out.

In the Peter Strozk testimony, we find that he acknowledged that there was an agreement between the Clinton lawyers and the DOJ to block the FBI from access to Hillary’s emails.  Why?  House Judiciary Committed General Counsel Zachary Somers asked Strzok if he was ‘given access’ to [Clinton Foundation-related] emails as part of the investigation.  Strzok admitted that they were not given access.

Let me get this straight, BEFORE or PRIOR to an investigation into a potential crime, the subject’s lawyers negotiated with the DOJ over what information the FBI could access.  Seriously?  What would the Muller investigation look like if Trump, Cohen, Roger Stone, and countless others on his side had been given that option?  There would be no investigation and it would have ended almost before it began.  Again, all of this exposes the reality that the Leftists continually ‘hide from reality’ and are ‘insulated from prosecution’ by a corrupt bureaucracy, swamp, or deep state in DC. 

Under normal investigations, Strzok admitted, the DOJ would have obtained search warrants to take possession of Clinton’s server immediately. Instead, they negotiated with her lawyers and cut a deal to protect her.  I think that goes back to Strozk’s warning to Page that Hillary would remember once she became president.  It was partially CYA for those in the DOJ, and CYA for Barack Obama as well as attempting to keep the pathway open for Hillary’s coronation as President.  I agree with Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) that, “there was an orchestrated effort, a conspiracy, to ensure Hillary Clinton was not prosecuted.”  Unbiased?  Right, and the moon is made of green cheese too!

Republicans are not exempt from this kind of corruption and dirty dealing.  We dare not forget that it was a John McCain associate who shared, leaked, or promoted the unverified and largely fabricated Steel dossier.  The McCain associate was in contact with multiple journalists and government officials in an effort to disseminate the dossier.  Was that without McCain’s knowledge?  Hey, if you believe it was I have some ocean front property in Arizona to offer you cheap, and I will even through in the Golden Gate Bridge at no additional cost.  That seems to have been a plan to make it look like it wasn’t a political attack, but with McCain’s bitterness toward Trump and toward Republican’s who did not vote for him, IT WAS POLITICAL!

The agreement with the DOJ over the Clinton servers, even after the FBI took control were guided by restrictive ‘filters’ as to what they could and could not access or use.  His testimony, that of Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr indicate the complete lack of interest in pursuing truth and justice but was designed to protect Hillary.  I’m sure much of it had to do with their belief that she was a ‘shoo-in’ to be the next president and they did not want to have the Commander in Chief angry at them.  This was a case of “hear no evil, see no evil, and keep any evil from being revealed.” 

We have the choice in November 2020 to vote in such a way that All Corruption is exposed or to allow this charade to continue, the swamp to survive, and the Deep State to grow stronger. My choice is to Vote No on RINOs and Leftists Liberal Socialist and in that I will Vote for America and our Republic.  I hope you join me in this effort!

God bless you and God bless America!


Some have charged that Donald John Trump, the 45th President of these United States is an Autocrat and a would be, Tyrant Dictator.  Those same people ignored the usurping of Constitutional Power by Barack Hussein Obama when he used his ‘pen and phone’ repeatedly to bypass Congress, sidestep the Constitution, and ignore the Courts.  Could that be because his ideological position was the same as those, crying foul?  Could it be that his proposed agenda of ‘fundamentally transforming America’ was also their desire?  Could it be that events, actions, and inaction by Congress long before Obama or Trump created the current political conundrum?

First, Donald Trump is not an Autocrat.  He does not have absolute power.  He may be domineering, impulsive, demanding, and value loyalty so greatly that he is difficult to serve under.  He may be a lot of things that people accuse him of regarding his personality or character but an Autocrat he is not.  He is not Hitler and no comparison can be made that would justify such an allegation.  He may have developed a sense of worth that causes him to believe that whatever he does is right.  The same could be said of Barack Obama and many other presidents.  None of those are issues that justify the claims that he is mentally unfit and unstable.  None of those claims justify the hatred directed toward him and anyone who supports him.

But that is not the purpose of what I am writing.  My concern is what or how future presidents will conduct themselves regarding the Constitution, the Law, and governing.  Spanish businessman Juan Carlos Marino Perez Carreno said, “If you look at Trump in America and Bolsonaro in Brazil, you see that people want politicians that do what they promise.”  He was explaining to the New York Times the reason for the rise of Spain’s first far-right party since the end of the Franco dictatorship in 1975.  Action, not words have become something that is very desirable for many in America after decades of inaction and ineptitude in Washington.

When Obama took action that could only be viewed a usurping of the Power of Congress including the precious ‘power of the purse’ there was not so much as a whimper from the Left.  However, with Trump’s National Emergency and intent to use funds not specifically allocated to the Wall for National Defense his action became the worst event ever in American history.  They are charging that he is ‘shredding the Constitution’, a document neither they or the former president seemed to care about.  The Left is crying foul claiming that Trump’s actions violate the system of ‘checks and balances’ but does it?  They claim that he is acting like an Autocrat, an Imperial Dictator, and a most high potentate in violation of our American Constitution.

If you do a quick check you will discover that the approval rating of Congress is below that of the president.  Congress has, over time, become the least esteemed branch of government.  That is not because of Trump’s actions or his charges of inaction or obstructionism on their part.  No, it is their own doing and it did not suddenly occur under President Trump or President Obama or even George W. Bush.  It happened long before any of them ascended to the position of President and occupied the Oval Office. 

Let me borrow some thoughts from Pat Buchanan’s recent article. It is an interesting journey to view how history viewed various president’s actions.  Some of them far more dramatic than anything Mr. Trump has done.  Thomas Jefferson jumped on Napoleon’s surprise offer to sell vast Louisiana territory for $15 million.  Even Jefferson questioned whether he had the constitutional authority to do so, but it was the right decision and history has validated that action.  Andrew Jackson defiantly ignored the ruling against him by John Marshall’s Supreme Court.  He said, “John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it!”  I see that kind of attitude more akin to Barack Obama than Donald Trump. 

Abraham Lincoln arrested Maryland legislators to prevent a secessionist-minded legislature from meeting.  He violated the habeas corpus rights of thousands and ordered Chief Justice Roger Taney arrested, shut down newspapers, and in January 1863, declared that all slaves in the states still in rebellion free.  Did he have the Constitutional authority to do any of that?  What has Trump done to compare with that?

President Theodore Roosevelt, to enable him to build the Panama Canal joined forces with rebels to take the province from Columbia.  What about FDR’s corralling some 110,000 Japanese, 75,000 of them U.S. citizens into detention camps during WWII?  How about Harry Truman who, without Congressional authorization, ordered U.S. troops into South Korea in 1950 to resist the invasion by North Korea, calling it a police action?  Bill Clinton, against the decision of the House of Representatives, ordered troops into Serbia in 1998 and began a two and one-half month bombing barrage until the province of Kosovo was yielded. 

I am not trying to defend or decry any of those actions, though I have strong opinions what I am saying is that Congress has failed repeatedly to a branch of government that exercises its power in ‘checks and balances.’  When any branch of government cedes its legitimate constitutional authority to another branch it loses that power and authority.  Our Constitution affords Congress the authority to ‘regulate commerce with foreign nations’ but that authority was ceded to the Executive branch long ago.  They simply vote “Yea” or “Nay” on whatever the White House, any White House negotiates as a treaty. 

We dare not overlook the ceding of their authority to ‘coin money’ to the Federal Reserve.  Their power to ‘declare war’ has been ignored by presidents for decades and I would contend since Truman if not before.  President Trump’s declaration of a National Emergency falls within the scope of the powers given the President by Congress in the National Emergencies Act of 1976.  Congress even has the ‘big stick’ of the Constitution to corral a runaway and rogue Supreme Court but they have never used it and likely will not. 

America wants and needs Action!  We do not need any more politicians that are “all foam but no beer”.  Not to be crude but a friend of mine said, “Congress is about as useful as tits on a boar hog.”  That is not a totally inaccurate depiction.  America must find a way to throw off the restraints and chains of what has transpired in what is largely a two-party system of politics.  When partisan wrangling and positioning takes precedence over the ‘best good’ for America those politicians are useless.  No, those politicians are the problem!

I am concerned that in the future, both Republican and Democrat presidents will view our past few decades as an invitation to act as Autocrats.  While I applaud positive action, I am deeply concerned when any president bypasses Congress and/or the Courts and does whatever he or she desires or believes is best.  I had those concerns with Barack Obama was in office and I had them when every president of my lifetime did things arbitrarily without Congress and the Courts.  However, in the previous administration, the president told us that if Congress did not do what he wanted, He would go it alone!  That has opened a door that must be closed.  Not closed necessarily by legislation but by the Spirit of Freedom in the American people.  It is time that we send the majority of those in DC home and replace them with people who both honor and are willing to defend the Constitution.

God bless you and God bless America!


The saying is, “Hell, hath no fury like a woman scorned” but I would suggest that it “like a rabid liberal hater” as is evidenced in Congressman Adam Schiff and those following the toxic liberalism of their side of the political aisle.  Now that the Mueller probe has concluded, the report has been submitted to the Department of Justice and Congress is being apprised of its contents, Americans wait and speculate. We don’t know what we don’t know and may never know regarding the contents of the report and “investigation”. 

That, however, does not stop those on the Left from speculation, accusation, contention, and insistence that the probe continue. Why?  Because, as in the words of Congressman Schiff, “the evidence of collusion is in plain sight.”  He meant, President Trump was guilty, but I contend that he was right about the evidence being in plain sight.  Unfortunately for him and his argument, the evidence did not point to President Trump but Hillary Clinton and those on the Left.  Congressman Schiff’s argument was and is, “There is a difference between seeing evidence of collusion and being able to prove a criminal conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt.”  That is especially true when there is no evidence to condemn the person you targeted but substantial evidence against the one you are trying to protect.  That makes your case very difficult to defend.

Congressman Schiff has vowed to subpoena Robert Mueller and others to ‘get to the truth.’  Congressman, I contend that you are not interested in the truth but in trying to discredit and destroy Donald J. Trump the 45th President of these United States of America.  You lost an election you did not think you would lose and lost your opportunity to complete the ‘fundamental transformation’ begun by Barack Hussein Obama, or at least had it delayed.  You are angry, and your bias has blinded you to any light of truth. Power, it is said, corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

I have long argued that there needs to be a ‘day of reckoning’ for those who perpetrated this hoax of Russian Collusion by President Trump.  We have spent two long years and millions of tax-payer dollars in pursuing this elusive rabbit with nothing to show for it.  Nothing, that is, except a few virtually non-related indictments while ignoring tangible proof of criminal violations by the Clinton Team and the Obama administration. 

This hoax began before the appointment of Robert Mueller and is directly linked to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in their efforts to derail the Trump candidacy and election.  Once, Trump had won, their objective was either to impeach, impugn, or destroy him, his family, and anyone connected to or supporting him.  Let me offer a disclaimer, “I do not like everything President Trump does or how he conducts himself at times.”  However, I am appreciative of the things he has done to help right the ship of state and turn us in the right direction.  I voted for him and will do so again if he is the nominee against the Leftists on the Democratic ticket.  He has taken steps that I heartily applaud.

There are some people and organizations that should be held accountable for their collusion and involvement in the perpetuation of this “investigation.”  An “investigation” based on false information which was bought and paid for by the DNC and the Clinton campaign.  It was deemed ‘opposition research’ and was never “intelligence” gathered by our Intelligence Agencies validated and vetted.  It was hearsay, outright lies, innuendo, and largely fantasy.  I have believed that it was, in part, an effort to do basic CYA for both Hillary Clinton, the FBI, and Barack Hussein Obama.

Let me offer the names of some who should have their feet held to the fire as a result of this outrageous incredibly costly boondoggle which has damaged America around the world.  It has done possibly irreparable damage to our System of Government and in that great harm to the American people on both sides of the political aisle.  That, in itself, is a tragedy and demands accountability.

CNN should not escape because they were the first to advance the “pee dossier,” which prompted BuzzFeed to publish the dossier in full.  CNN subsequently gave massive amounts of airtime to analysts, former officials, and Democrats who pushed the Russian collusion narrative.  It published numerous false stories.  Investigate and hold them accountable.

BuzzFeed must be held accountable.  The Washington Post should be in the cross-hairs of scrutiny for they were at the head of the pack of vicious wolves seeking to devour this president.  They published leaks regarding former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn discussing sanctions with the Russian ambassador.  Flynn pleaded guilty of one count of lying to the FBI but there were no collusion charges. Investigate and hold them accountable.

We must not exempt the New York Times for they published a front-page, top-of-the-page story in Inauguration Day suggesting that the president had been wiretapped.  The suggestion of corruption was the intent, not factual information.  Then, the illustrious Congressman from California Adam Schiff’s involvement should result in his ouster from Congress.  It will not, but in my humble opinion, but it should!  He has been the lead purveyor of this theory without any proof and while ignoring the obvious evidence to the contrary and against his favored ones, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Investigate and hold them accountable.

We must include another California Congressman in this accountability demand, Ted Lieu.  He has worked with Schiff and the Leftists in the continuation of this hoax and even demanded that there be a “pause” on the ‘entire Trump agenda.’  Basically, he wanted to suspend Trump as president until the investigation was over and he was ousted from office.  Then, a journalist who was close to the FBI, Benjamin Wittes was the front man on Twitter inciting the story and paranoia.  We also dare not omit, a former British parliamentarian, Louise Mensch who advanced the theory of ‘sealed indictments’ against Trump and his associates and grand jury investigations that did not happen. Investigate and hold the accountable.

            Two more, of the many more, would include herself, Hillary Clinton, who advanced the idea that Trump, Comey, Russia, and whomever else she could think of bringing about her defeat.  Then, a Clinton campaign official, Robby Mook went public insisting that there was collusion between the Trump team and Russia.  He did that on the heels of the release of the DNC emails.  Again, I contend this was more about CYA for those on the left than any desire to find the truth or any belief on anyone on the Left that there was actual collusion between Trump and the Russians. Investigate and hold them accountable.

People will believe what they believe, and no matter how much evidence or the lack thereof against President Trump is presented, some will insist he is the epitome of evil and must be destroyed.  Some will praise him as a saint and because of the hoax give him a pass on all things.  Some will defend Hillary and Obama to the death and ignore factual documentation of their involvement and violations of the law.  The Mueller report will do little to allay this condition.  America, we can survive but not if we allow the Leftists who are now largely Socialist to prevail.   NOVEMBER 2020 is critical.

God bless you and God bless America!


Before you say, “America doesn’t need to be fixed” or give some canned dismissive declaration I ask that you hear me.  You may not believe the basis of my declaration and plea, but I hope you will agree with the objective.  I believe that most, if not all, who read what I write love America and want to see this Republic once again be the Republic established by our Founding Fathers and achieve that condition.  I believe that most of us, and hope that all of us, want to see the America envisioned by our Framers, Founders, and generations before us, “One nation under God, united, and where all men are able to pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness freely.”

I am a Christian, a preacher, a patriot, a Vietnam veteran, a Conservative. an Original Intent Constitutionalist, a husband, father, and grandfather.  I am a lover of Freedom and out of those identifiers and foundations for my beliefs I shape my views and develop my position.  I, like many, if not most of you, have a distaste for the Politics of Politicians and Political Elitism.  I am a strong advocate of our Republican Form of Government which could rightly be called a Representative Democracy.  I am not a fan of straight Democracy because history reveals the flaws and dangers of that system. 

I have spent a lot of time talking about what is wrong in America and what we need to do politically.  I have concluded that that approach is deficient standing alone and will never produce the desired result.  Our American politics has become so corrupted by politicians and political ideologies, special interests, and activist that we are light-years away from that Republic envisioned by our Founders.  Identity Politics, Political Correctness, Societal Division, Race Baiting, and Socialism are ripping our nation to shreds and creating ideological chasms that are hurling us toward a violent civil upheaval or war.  Nobody should desire that, and everyone should be willing to do whatever they can to prevent that catastrophe.  Sadly, some in various activist groups and some politicians seem to be pushing for, if not hoping for that outcome. 

I have come to the conclusion in my prayer time, meditation, the study of God’s Word, and contemplation as to what is happening in America, American politics, and society that we must take action.  What action are we to take?  Here is where some may disagree with me and want no part of my remedy.  I believe that one of the major reasons we are in the condition we are today is because believers, Christians, pastors, and churches have been silent for too long.  We watched and complained about what was being done in the attempts to strip anything biblical or Christian from the public square but did nothing more than complain amongst ourselves.  That produced no victories and allowed those seeking to push America’s Founding Principles and moral moorings to the back of the bus.  I take the blame for that.  I accept my share of the blame.  I could and should have done more. 

If the Bible is true, and I believe it is exactly what 2 Timothy 3:16 affirms, “All Scripture is inspired by God…”  I believe that!  That affirmation is a foundation of my life.  That is what I have lived by for the past 50 years.  I also believe Hebrews 13:8 that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”  I believe the declaration in Daniel 2:21, that it is God who sets up kings and takes them down.  He is the one who closes the mouth of lions, give guidance, responds to the prayers of His people as He promised in numerous places including 2 Chronicles 7:14 that if “My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  I Believe That!

So, what is my solution to America’s Problems of today?  GOD!  I believe as did men like John Adams no human government was capable of governing men with unbridled passions unchecked by God.  I believe as did our first President, George Washington “that the propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right, which Heaven itself has ordained.”  I believe the words of Proverbs 29:2, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice…”  Some try to take the entirety of that passage and make it about Donald Trump being a wicked man, but I do not and reject that notion.  I say that not because I consider him a righteous man in all things, but he has demonstrated a willingness and desire to restore America and remove the chains of political darkness politicians have inflicted us with for decades.

I write this to those who are Christians and believe the Bible.  I appeal to everyone, but this charge is to those of you who, like myself, seek to follow the Bible’s directive for life.  It is time that we cease complaining and start praying with earnestness and expectation.  If our prayer time is nothing more than a laundry list of complaints to God, it might be time to modify that approach.  If we are, as the Bible declares, “more than conquerors through Jesus” and if the words of our Lord are true then we can “ask, seek, knock, and find” solutions to the ills facing our nation and society.  We can pray and believe that God will literally fulfill the prayer of Matthew 6 and so transform us that we become agents of change in this world as we demonstrate the Light of God’s Love, Mercy, Grace, Peace, Wisdom, and Power.  We pray and then do!

We are told in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 that we are in a war in this world and it is not a war with flesh and blood but a war in the realm of the spirit.  I believe that what is happening in American politics is motivated by the unseen realm of spiritual forces.  This passage tells us that we have weapons to combat those forces and pull-down strongholds. 

I have concluded that to defeat the forces of darkness that, in my view, are clouding the minds of millions we must fight with spiritual weapons of warfare.  Yes, we will continue to educate, illuminate, articulate, work, vote, and do all the things we are now doing but we must go beyond those into what I can only call Spiritual Warfare.  Our Praying must become an expression of who God is, what His Word declares, and who we are in Him.  Our Praying must become a battleground where we exercise authority over the darkness through our faith in Him.  Our Praying must become effective and fervent with the comprehension that we are dealing, in a very real sense with life and death.  The survival of the Republic or its demise!

As I said in the beginning, some will not appreciate, approve, or embrace my position but I believe the greatest issue in America today is the Human Heart and if we get that right we will see America restored and advance beyond any level of success, greatness, or goodness she has ever known.  If you are a Christian and one who believes in God, then I urge you to join me in definitive and specific praying targeting areas of American politics that must change for us to survive as the Free Constitutional Republic.  If you do not embrace the Christian faith, then please continue to fight the good fight for freedom with us exposing the falsehoods of the ideology of toxic liberalism and socialism.

God bless you and God bless America.


I am not specifically speaking of the United Nations, the Globalist, and the New World Order advocates and adherents, but another danger that is very real and incredibly nefarious and threateningly dangerous.  That to which I am referring is the push, plan, and desire of achieving Shariadom in America.  I know that is a social media taboo to speak of Islam in anything other than glowing acceptance and tolerance, but I must say what I see and sound a warning.  I suggest that if we continue the pathway opened wide under former President Barack Obama we will see this become a significant reality in America.

Before you cry foul and say that I am simply being an alarmist and that America will never allow Sharia Law to become the norm or even acceptable you might want to look around you in modern America.  You might want to examine some of the Muslim or Islamic organizations that have as their tenets and platform exactly what I am describing.  You might want to check out some of our major cities that now have Sharia Compliant Zones where our American Law Enforcement will not patrol.  You might want to examine the teaching of the Koran and the many Imams who have called for a fatwa and jihad in America and the West.  If you still believe me to be an alarmist after that, that is your choice.

There is an organization called the Assembly of Jurists in America (AMJA) which is part of the international network of Muslim scholars who preach, teach, and demand that Sharia Law as a governmental system is superior to democracy or our Republican system of government.  Islam, if you view it from their teachings, is more than a religious system or order it is a political or governmental system as well.  There are many Muslim organizations which have become very involved in politics in America.  They are not satisfied with preaching in the mosques they want to have a national platform in Congress, and they are gaining inroads at an alarming rate.

The Council of Islamic Relations (CAIR) calls itself a “Muslim civil rights organization” solely focused on an Islamic view of the world.  They care not one wit about anyone else but Muslims.  The rest of us, to them, are infidels and must either be annihilated or pressed into servitude.  In 2015 a new organization was formed that is, in my view, quite dangerous, well organized, and well-funded.  The JETPAC or Justice, Education and Technology Policy Advocacy Center encourages all American Muslims to become devotedly involved and invested in politics on a local level.  That’s where they can gain a foothold and launch their national platform with far more efficiency and ease than trying to start at the top.  MPower Change is committed to creating a political platform based on Muslim issues and organizing around it.  The Politically Correct push in America demands that we accommodate and tolerate them.  We do so to our own hurt.

Each of those groups is affiliated with the dangerous Muslim Brotherhood and their stated goal is the implementation of Sharia Law.  They publicly say that is not their intent, but their mission statements, stated beliefs, and calls throughout the world if Islam is diametrically opposite to their assurances.  They want to replace our Republican Democracy or Representative Democracy with Sharia Law and thereby impose their religious governance on all Americans and ultimately the world.

Many of those scholars involved in these organizations attended Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, the world’s highest academy of Islamic learning and interpreter of the definitive sharia text – The Reliance of the Traveller.  There are over 100 top Muslim leaders who are members of the AMJA and Imams in over 3,000 mosques in America look to them for guidance in their operations as mosques and political activity.  The group’s name in Arabic, “The Group of Sharia Specialists in America” reveals their true purpose.  No matter what they say publicly in media soundbites their purpose is in their name and written agendas.

They are pushing for Muslims in America to follow the comprehensive, sharia-compliant fatwas they have issued.  The AMJA possesses authority to provide legal rulings for the worldwide Islamic community and keep Muslims in America connected to the Muslim Brotherhood pushing for sharia compliance.  One fatwa instructs Muslim judges serving in non-Muslim countries to judge by Sharia “as much as possible, even if by ruse.”  If that does not get your attention, what will?

The AMJA was deeply disturbed over the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and issued a Road-map for Muslims to defend Islam using the American Constitutional Rights to hide their true purposes.  They cited three specific Trump administration actions they were concerned about:  The executive order barring entry to those from ‘countries of concern’, namely, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.  They were incensed over Trump’s support for a Congressional bill to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization.  The third thing that was possibly the most infuriating to them was the moving of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.   In their Road-map there are veiled and some not so veiled threats to American citizens.  They are serious, and we must be as well.

In 1993, Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR spokesman, and co-founder stated that he and they want the United States of America to be governed by Islamic law in the future. In 2003, he admitted that if Muslims became a majority in America, they would likely seek to replace the Constitution with Sharia.  The newer Muslim organizations are echoing the sentiments of CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, and AMJA positions.

In 2018 we saw a marked increase in Muslim participation in our American elections.  Research and exit polls indicated that 78% of the Muslim vote went to Democrats in the mid-term elections.  Another block vote that the Leftist can count on, but this block is as dangerous for them as for those on the Right.  The Islamic vote is not designed to advance the cause or ideological position of the New Democratic Socialists Party but to use them as a vehicle to gain control and have a voice in national politics.

Americans we have watched the Muslim Brotherhood for three generations advance their ideological, political, and religious agendas.  They have been patient, dedicated, and fully invested in the pursuit of their purposes.  Now, it seems their work is bearing fruit and our Political Correctness and the insane insistence that we tolerate anything and everything ignoring the realities easily seen is going to bring great harm to America and Americans who are not Muslim and do now want Sharia law.  They are not in a position to take over and there would be an all-out blood shedding war, but they are gaining power and taking little segments of land and society and as America turns more to the Left and Socialism they gain power and find new doors to walk through.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

God bless you and God bless America!