We are well into 2023, with signs of hope and hopelessness everywhere! There is hope if your faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of God.  There is hopelessness if your faith is in politicians and politics.  Sadly, the politicians all drink at the same watering trough and play to the same media.  They are narcissistic egotists and suffer from delusions of grandeur.  They do not see themselves as public servants and serving at the behest of the voters, but once elected, they deem themselves as our Lords and Ladies who know best.  In their minds, we should be beholding to them and awed with gratitude.

The modern mainstream media that was once ‘News Media’ has become a weaponized propaganda arm of ideologies inharmonious with freedom and liberty.  The media and politicians have become megalomaniacs, and their maniacal actions threatened our Republic more than any foreign adversary. 

Most of them seem to believe what Barack Hussein Obama openly lamented, the Constitution is too restrictive and prevents them from doing what they desire.  In this administration, that is not a problem; they ignore the Constitution and the Courts and dare Congress to intervene.  They play to the WOKE crowd and those who have an entitlement mentality. 

The objective is not always clear, but the end game is – Control and Totalitarianism.  The media works with the followers of the toxic liberal agenda of globalism and the myriads of insane demands presented by the WOKE adherents.  Modern media provides little useful information and is hardly worth watching or listening to.  News Media is a misnomer; they are biased propagandists and should be identified as such.

There was a time when actual factual information was reported, and opinion pieces were few and well-identified.  Today, opinion pieces dominate the MSM, and the purveyors of those reports deem them as Law and Gospel.  Unfortunately, those who only get their information from the MSM believe the reports, even when debunked.  Megalomania reigns supreme in the Media, Politics, Entertainers, and Activists and is becoming a norm rather than an anomaly. 

The media today decides “what news we need to hear.”  Need is determined by the network’s ideological position.  The need, in their view, is what will best advance their ideological cause, not providing factual and complete data so we can make an informed decision.  There were obvious opinion shows such as Meet the Press, 60 Minutes, Edward R. Murrow, Eric Sevareid, and others. We knew we were getting their views, not necessarily the total picture. 

In my early years, we had about three stations, ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliates.  The newspapers reported events that happened, not what they wanted us to believe and why they happened.  Magazines were filled with pictures and advertising and a little informative reporting.  That was an era when men would try to convince their wives that Playboy was for the articles, not the pictures.  We had no internet, cable channels, cell phones, or social media, and the news was the lifeline of information for many.

Back in the day, journalists actually existed and vetted the stories they published, and if a mistake was revealed, there was a correction or a retraction.  Good luck finding that today! Today it is spin and propaganda. The superfluous diatribe and drivel are mind-numbing and repulsive to the thinking person who loves truth and freedom.

I believe that genuine news reporting is vital in maintaining freedom because it should be a key cog in educating the public about the truth.  Our entire system was designed to provide information to the public, and the voter then could make a reasoned choice in candidates and policies.  That ship sailed long ago, and it is challenging to be informed with factual data, but possible.

George Orwell’s 1984 and Alvin Toffler’s 1970 book Future Shock accurately describe today.  Toffler said, “People of the future may suffer not from an absence of choice but from a paralyzing surfeit of it.  They may turn out to be victims of that peculiarly super-industrial dilemma: over choice.” 

With the 24/7/365 availability of “stuff,” the average person is easily swayed and frequently confused.  It reminds me of Proverbs 18:17, “The first one to plead his case seems right UNTIL another comes and examines him.”  In Ecclesiastes 12:13, we are advised, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter….”  Too many get their daily exercise jumping to conclusions and jerking their knee in reaction.

We have the truth available and more means of it being presented than at any time in our history. Yet, we have fewer facts and more misinformation and disinformation than ever.  There is no journalistic discipline or accountability in today’s world.  Someone said, “It’s in our biology to trust what we see with our eyes and hear with our ears.”  That gives credence to the idea often attributed to Lenin, Hitler, or Goebbels – “If a lie is told often enough and spoken loud enough, it will eventually be believed.”  Who said it is not important? The reality of seeing it walked out in our world is!

I have contended and contend that it is up to each of us to vet the information we receive as fully as possible.  Edgar Allan Poe is credited with saying, “Do not believe everything you read, and only believe half of what you see.”  There is validity in that when it comes to modern news reporting and political speech.  I read a quote from Colombian philosopher and critic of modernity Nicholas Gomez Davila, “In an age in which the media broadcast countless pieces of foolishness, the educated man is defined not by what he knows, but by what he doesn’t know.” 

We are responsible for what we say and do not say.  We are also responsible for what and how we hear.  Computer technology has a saying, “GIGO – Garbage in, garbage out.”  That is amazingly accurate in many minds today; we hear so much from the sewer of misinformation that we hardly know what is true and what is a lie.  Truth is like a gem hidden beneath the surface in the mine of information; it is up to us to glean it.  We cannot depend upon the megalomaniacs to provide us with the truth. 

I do not like being skeptical and do not want to become a hopeless skeptic, but we need to be cautious about what we hear and doubly about what we repeat.  The Bible says that the Truth will make us free.  The only dependable truth is God’s Word; if we allow the Holy Spirit to direct our moral compass, we can sail into the sea of truth and become free.  Politicians and broadcasters have become what was said about used car salesmen, “If their lips are moving, they are lying!”   I say that with deep remorse because the deception is widespread and destructive.

God help us to return to moral and constitutional sanity, or we will lose the republic

God bless you, and God bless America!


My title is ambiguous and requires further expounding to have any meaning.  Before I plunge into the deep cold waters of doubt and questions regarding the federal government and governmental actions and antics, let me say I believe God!  I believe God, not the government.  I believe God, not the purveyors of theories.  I believe God’s Word to be the Inspired Word of God and not only profitable but vital. My motive is to cause everyone to think for themselves not to be controversial.

Now, what do I have questions regarding?  Many things, but what I am focused on is the COVID mandates, treatments, or lack thereof, and the motivations behind the reports, hidden data, and actions during the past two-plus years.  Ancient history for many but painfully prevalent for others. There are far more questions for me than answers.  I do not care which side of the vaxx or not vaxx issue you stand on. That is not where my concern lies.

My concern is not only the information we have been privy to but the failure to disclose the whole gamut of the demands, mandates, lockdowns, information, and misinformation.  My questions arise out of the disagreement in the medical and scientific communities.  My questions arise from the draconian tyrannical actions of Little Napoleons from the local to national levels of government.  My questions arise from the infringement upon our Constitutional and Inalienable Rights, Privileges, and Liberties. 

I have read doctors’ reports on both sides of the coronavirus issue.  There is a plethora of documents that both support the mandates and that decry them as fraudulent, deceptive overreaches that cost lives and diminish freedom.  Who is right, and who is wrong?  I suspect there is a middle ground in which the real truth lies, but most of us outside the loop will never fully know, except as revealed by God Himself. 

Medicine, like the other sciences, is supposed to involve critical thinking and deductive reasoning.  In science and medicine, a hypothesis is always created to explain the myriad complexities of the healthy and diseased.  Each hypothesis is to be tested with the new information and insights that arise.  This results in knowledge about any disease or condition being nudged in one direction. 

Unfortunately, in the COVID-19 pandemic and paranoia, there seems to be a reluctance to allow new information or proven treatments to shift the hypothesis first issued. The information presented was to gain control on many fronts.  There are intellectually curious physicians becoming vocal in questioning the validity of the original mandates, diagnosis, and treatment or non-treatment plan pursued by the CDC and government-run health organizations and physicians.  That raises questions.

There was a time when leeches were used in bloodletting to cure diseases.  That practice is now known to be fallacious but was in place until the late 19th century. Incredible as it sounds, supposedly intelligent scientists believed in the somewhat superstitious practice rooted in anything but medicine.  We have now embraced practices that God instructed the nation of Israel to do as He delivered them from Egyptian bondage.  In the so-called pre-educated era of Moses, Israel applied wisdom in contrast to the superstitious practices of other nations. 

Until recently, Vioxx was considered a safe painkiller until it was discovered that it caused heart attacks and strokes.  The ‘safe and effective’ drug was found to be other than ‘safe.’  We have seen the danger of Oxycontin, marketed as a non-addictive pain killer. It destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, through its highly addictive nature.

My physician said, “I took the Hippocratic Oath and promised to Do No Harm.”  He said that seems to be a forgotten thing in much of the medical community today as government mandates push us toward abandoning that oath.   He said I promised not to be ashamed to say, “I do not know when I do not know, and I also refuse to play God.”  I trust my doctor, and he willingly listens and seeks answers if I have questions. 

He was disturbed by Dr. Fauci and others in the limelight during the height of COVID and insisted that no doctor, scientist, preacher, politician, or person knows everything.  My doctor believes we should be open to new information and reach our conclusion regarding any hypothesis using the compiled data available.  Any doctor or scientist that declares, “I am the science,” is attempting to replace God as the supreme and should not be trusted.

In America, we are told that at least 80% of the population received one dose of the vaccine, and at least 68% received two doses.  The incredible thing is that there is no end to COVID infections after almost three years.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has not declared that a new variant will be the most transmittable yet coming.  We are told that hospitalizations have been rising since Thanksgiving. 

It is evident that the vaccines did little, if anything, to prevent COVID infection. They may help to prevent hospitalizations, but that seems questionable based on new reports.  The rise in cardiac issues in young men and the rise in people dying from extraneous things at a much higher rate than pre-vaccine is concerning.  Are those things connected? What will happen in ten years post-vaccine? Have we opened pandora’s box and created something that will have repercussions well into the future?  We do not fully know, but it should cause us to ask questions.

In the beginning, we were told by the CDC, Dr. Fauci, and the WHO that vaccinated people did not carry the virus.  That was wrong. Few physicians questioned the original assertion. The CDC has or has had on its website that the vaccines are ‘safe and effective.’  If that is true, why is COVID still around, especially among those vaccinated and boosted? 

Physicians are concerned about the rise in myocarditis.  VAERS data reports that there have been 25,000 cases post-vaccine.  Steve Kirsch calculated that the VAERS underreporting rate is a factor of 41, which indicates that there could be as many as one million cases.  That is concerning! The recent incident by the NFL player Damar Hamlin has reignited questions and should. 

Young and healthy athletes can and do suffer cardiac arrest playing their sport.  In the past decade, there have been about 30-60 per year, but post-vaccine, many have transpired each month.  Is there a connection? We need answers!

One more thing before I conclude was the disturbing report by Steve Kirsch that sudden death was the Number One cause of death among those under 65 who received the COVID vaccine.  Also, over 260 athletes and former athletes in the USA died from cardiac arrest and other severe issues after receiving the vaccine.  Is there a connection? We need some definitive answers.

A Rasmussen Report suggested that almost one-half of Americans believe that COVID-19 vaccines are to blame for the unexpected and unexplained deaths.  More than twenty-five percent claim to know someone who could be included in those statistics.  If the non-medical populace is curious, should physicians not be extremely curious and determined to discover answers? 

I am not trying to write pro or con on the vaccine, only that I have questions, and the deceptiveness and failure to disclose information by the CDC and government fully cause me concern.  It leads to more distrust, which is not a good place because it could cause us to be trepidatious about everything, even the good things presented to us in the future.   We need answers, not fodder, for more questions.  Again, I declare I trust God!

America, we need to insist that our politicians, government, and scientific community be forthcoming and honest with us.  Hiding things and having fabrications exposed will only increase the divide between ideologies in America and the world.  We need honesty, and we need to become involved in our government.

God bless you, and God bless America!


Why do I say, ‘Ancient News?’  Well, because the classified document scandal of Joe Biden is the tip of the iceberg of corruption and ineptitude exhibited by this administration.  It is a revelation of how inept his handlers are in keeping him out of the frying pan as they try to keep him from jumping into the fire.  It is only the surface wounds that have been inflicted upon our republic, and little is being done about it. 

Talking about it now qualifies as Ancient News in politics.  Anything political, other than Trump, has a shelf life of a few hours, days, or weeks, not months.  The Left loves to say, “That’s Old News or Ancient History,” when confronted with something they got caught doing wrong.  Politics never deals with yesterday’s news; it daily provides new opportunities to advance the participants’ agenda.  The Media is complicit in putting out fires that could damage the toxic liberal agenda in pursuing fundamentally transforming America.

We were bombarded with images of top-secret documents in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago house, and even Joe Biden called it irresponsible.  Now, we have photos of classified documents in Joe Biden’s Corvette and are told, no worries, the garage was locked.  Seriously?  There were documents found at Biden’s private office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement at the University of Pennsylvania.  Other locations surfaced, revealing that this irresponsible behavior was widespread. 

Some of the Leftists have insisted that Trump or his acolytes planted the documents (all of them) to shame and discredit Uncle Joe.  This administration, as did Obama, claims to be totally transparent and operates at the highest standards of ethical behavior.  Transparent might be the right word if you are talking about making our classified documents available to everyone!  That is not an acceptable situation, but one that has been and will be downplayed when it involves a Donkey.  It will be treasonous if done by an Elephant. 

There were calls for Trump to receive the death penalty for his actions, but it seems they want to pin a medal on Biden for similar activities.  We have been told it is okay because Trump had more documents than Biden.  We are told that it is okay because Biden’s lawyers voluntarily disclosed the existence of the documents after they found them rummaging through the closet at the University of Pennsylvania. 

I find myself asking, “Why were they rummaging through the closet?”   We are told it is okay because Biden didn’t know they were there.  That might or might not be valid with his diminished mental state, but still not a justification.   Biden’s lawyers instructed him not even to ask what was in the documents to maintain his blissful ignorance.  That is not a valid justification.

What strategy is to be used by the Biden team and those seeking to put out the fires of evidence?  They will continue to claim, “He didn’t know.”  If that is the strategy, that should be the death knell in his presidency and guarantee he will not be the nominee in 2024.  That level of ignorance and ineptitude should resoundingly disqualify him more than he is already disqualified.

The documents were removed from a secure location to an unsecured one by someone!  If not Biden, then who?  According to existing laws, removing documents from a secured location to an unsecured one is potentially a crime.  Biden and his team seem to have lost track of the documents, meaning they were not protected, and that is irresponsible at best and criminal at worst.  The documents were stored in a location not secured by the Secret Service, which is potentially a crime.  Hey, if Trump is guilty of a crime, then how can it not be charged that Biden is also?

Let me throw in another quite disturbing caveat.  Joe Biden has revealed that in 2016, his infamous son, Hunter, had access to the Delaware garage, where classified documents were housed.  Suppose you do a little research on the chronology. In that case, you discover that October 2016 was just a few months before Vice President Joe Biden left the White House and allegedly stole classified documents.

What was in the documents?  According to reports, sensitive information regarding Ukraine was in the garage with the Corvette.  But it was locked, so no worries, right?  Sensitive information regarding Ukraine?  As I search my memory banks, I recall some questions about bribery, Hunter’s illegal dealings, and Joe’s kickbacks as the Big Guy connected to Ukraine.  Imagine that?  Joe didn’t know what was in the documents, but to keep them out of the hands of investigators, they magically appeared in his garage and other locations.  Convenient coincidence, right?  That does not sound like irresponsibility; it sounds like devious diabolical subversion.

Reports are that on April 25, 2016, Creative Artists Agency (CAA) agent Craig Gering emailed Hunter Biden with ‘confidential notes from our meeting,’ in which Gering listed apparent plans that were discussed for the vice president upon leaving office.  That included “wealth creation,” but no detailing that plan was included.  However, there was a reference to the Penn Biden Center in Washington, DC., with a possible job opportunity for Hunter.

Here’s a clincher and concern for me; The Biden Institute of Foreign Relations at the University of Pennsylvania, per the email, focuses on foreign policy.  It mentioned that the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C., was a possible opportunity for Hunter.  Gering noted that the Center operated much like the Clinton Global Initiative!  Interesting!  The Clinton Foundation and Initiative have proven to be a massive money laundering operation that has made the Clintons wealthy and seems to have been involved in influence peddling.  Quite benign, right?   Hunter’s history of influence peddling makes him someone who should never have access to classified documents.

Let me get to the point of Trump; and declare that if they charge Trump with a crime regarding classified documents, they must also charge Joe Biden.  Trump, according to the rhetoric and spin of the Biden administration and the Democrats, stonewalled the Department of Justice from obtaining classified documents containing national-security material.  It appeared that an obstruction of justice charge was easy and expected.  What do they do now, since Uncle Joe’s dirty hands have been exposed?

With the Biden classified document scandal, can they successfully sell the idea of charging the former president, Donald John Trump, with a crime, politically?  Do they dare take that step in their attempt to prevent Trump from running again?  Do they risk Biden and many other Democrats?  Are they so convinced that Donald Trump will destroy them that they will cast all caution to the wind, ignore the public’s potential view of the hypocrisy, and say, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” 

America, this may be swept under the rug, but it reveals the importance of getting to the truth in American politics and draining the Swamp and dismantling government, and holding politicians accountable.  ONLY if we return to our moral moorings and, in that, return to God.  We can.  The question is, will we? The ball is in our court; what will we do? 

God bless you, and God bless America!


I believe that we too easily become distracted with personalities and side issues in our elections and that opens the door for the destructive policies of the transformers to become entrenched.  We focus on individual races rather than the Republic to our own hurt. 

I understand that it is in the individual races that we are able to cast our ballots for those we choose to represent us in Washington.  I do not mean to diminish that.  I also understand that we cannot vote in all the elections nationwide.  However, we can focus on the overall objective of the candidates and political parties and work through the means available to support or expose candidates and political agendas. 

I believe that dating back to the statement by Benjamin Franklin when asked at the constitutional convention, “Dr. Franklin, what kind of government do we have?”  He said, “A Republic, madam if you can keep it.”  The “if you can” is the decisive factor and sadly, we have too frequently lost sight of what we are to keep, how we are to keep it, and why it is imperative that we maintain oversight in our government.

Our national bureaucracy has been infiltrated by statists, globalists, and political activists seeking ideological agendas that are counter-republicanism.  They are anti-everything our founders proposed, established, and warned of the ease with which it could be dismantled.  We are voting for the Republic, Inalienable Rights, and Freedom.  I am soberly serious in that declaration.  Our individual and national freedom is hanging in the balance.

Under the current administration, we have watched our economy be reduced to ashes.  We have watched the mandates and restrictions based on incomplete and often inaccurate information regarding the pandemic caused by the Wuhan Virus (COVID-19).  We have watched from the national down to the local level politicians and bureaucrats seize the opportunity to impose their brand of totalitarianism and revoke our liberties.  They have infringed upon our constitutional rights and, initially, we sat in silence and complied like docile sheep. 

Over time, many that were seeking to be compliant began to realize that maybe, just maybe we had not been given full disclosure.  Many began to realize that the economy was needlessly shuttered.  As people began to feel the pinch at the pump for gasoline to power their automobiles enabling them to live their lives, work, and earn a living, they began to question their actions. 

We have observed the growing shortages in the healthcare industry, airline pilots, teachers, and a myriad of other occupations.  We have experienced the escalating prices of energy, food, clothing, and virtually every good and service we need to continue as a sovereign nation and individuals.  Virtually none of it was necessary and virtually every action was rooted in a political agenda and ideology that was the antithesis of freedom. 

I have heard the moans, complaints, criticisms, and vitriolic language in reaction to our current state.  I hear people gripe and lambast politicians from one party or the other without focusing on the root problem and the prime objective we should be voting on in November.

Yes, the power needs to be stripped from any politician or party that runs amok in an escalating push to fundamentally transform America.  Yes, to defeat as many of those as possible.  Yes, we need to focus on individual statewide races, governorships, legislators, and local politicians as well.  Yes, to all those.  If we give control of the House and Senate to the GOP, I am confident that we will see moderate resistance to the destructive policies now being enacted.

I wish I could say, the GOP will drain the swamp, dismantle the Deep State, and slam the brakes on the Biden administration’s trainwreck, but I try not to deal in fantasy.  There are too many establishment types in both parties who are peas in the same pod with different letters after their names. 

However, I do believe that we can send a message to Washington that will cause the career political elitists to take notice.  How?  We can become vocal.  We can become involved.  We can turn out to vote En masse and then volunteer as poll watchers and sound the alarm at every irregularity.  We can begin our campaign to flood the DC switchboard with phone calls.  We can fill the political email boxes with our vocalizations of what we desire and expect.  We can blow up their phones with our texts.

What is our message?  We want the Republicanism of the Founding Fathers restored.  We want the FBI purged of all political activists and agents of liberalism.  We want the IRS depoliticalized and to end the army of new armed agents who are willing to use deadly force on citizens.  We need to demand the restoration of the military to be the fighting force it was designed to be.  We need to demand a return to Constitutionalism. We want God to be honored in our public square.

Will our saying that is what we want, impress them?  Not by itself.  But if we couple that with putting our money where our mouth is and being persistent in our calls, texts, letters, and voting, we will cause a ripple in the political waters they cannot ignore.  We will not achieve our objective in one election.  We must become committed, like those valiant patriots in 1776 to fight to the finish.  We must become smarter than them and learn to listen to not only what they say but watch what they do.

We have been played by politicians and this occupant of the White House and his team have used racial hoaxes to accrue power since the inauguration.  Sadly the Left have weaponized race and their propaganda arms in the MSM parrot the claims that if you are not a Leftist Democrat you are a racist.  The propaganda is never ceasing, and more than two to one press releases have been issued by the DOJ regarding the J-6ers domestic terrorists.  Why?  Because painting all conservatives as insurrectionists is more politically profitable than focusing on real and present threats to our republic.

We have the FBI Swat Teams raiding the homes of Pro-Life citizens and organization leaders in the name of protecting our democracy.  It is a gross overreach of their authority and power and has the blessing if not the direction of the DOJ and the White House.  We have become a nation, like the despotic totalitarian regimes of communist and third-world nations, where our law enforcement, military, and bureaucracies are weaponized against the opposition of the party in power.  That is what we are voting on next Tuesday! 

Sadly, many in the religious world have joined forces with the Leftists and either misinterpret the Bible, the value of the home and family, and the moral fiber needed to survive as a republic, or they ignore those precepts.  We recently had the U.S. Catholic Bishops celebrating illegal immigration.  Some religious authorities are insisting that the Bible supports abortion when the Bible and virtually all ancient Jewish history reveal that abortion was considered murder and anathema to God’s commandments.

I know that some will take umbrage at my usage of the Bible, but it is the core of my personal beliefs, and I will not run from my beliefs.  I believe that God values life and freedom.  I believe that America was founded on principles embodied in the Ten Commandments and the biblical precepts regarding government and law.  If you disagree that is your privilege.

We are voting for the Republicanism of the Founding Fathers in this and every election.  I pray that you will become inspired, emboldened, and committed to the cause of preserving the United States of America and returning our culture to its moral moorings, which would be to return to God.

God bless you and God bless America!


2 Timothy 1:12 – “…I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day.”  NKJV

I believe in God and Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior!  I am troubled over what I perceive to be a lack of commitment in much of the Christian community today.  I know that sounds judgmental, but I honestly do not mean it to be.  I just question and do not understand some of what I see.  I am startled by the lack of vision for the whole and the abundance of vision for self that I hear in churches and from believers.

I could allow myself to think as I used to think before I experienced the Christ of the Cross.  I have an option to either blend in with the crowd and popular thinking or I can opt to swim upstream against the current of much popular thinking.  I choose to invite the Holy Spirit to enable me to think God’s thoughts!

I have been amazed at how many people come into local fellowships declaring that God has called them to be there and then depart over frivolous things.  I have witnessed people starting churches only to find it difficult and declare that God said to shut it down.  My question is always, “Did God instruct, you to do it initially?”  If so, does that mean God is fickle and changes His mind at the first sign of difficulty?  If the difficulty is a justification to quit, how did the early church survive?  James suggested we both expect trouble and respond to trials with joy for it is helping develop our faith and courage.

I declare today that I do not have all the answers and sometimes wonder if I have any answers.  However, I realize that I do not have to have all the answers.  I know the one who does!  I can trust God to be who He declared He was and is and rest confidently in the fact that He knows my need before I even pray.  I trust Jesus to be Lord! 

I make the choice to think according to the Word of God and base my thinking on what God says not how I feel, desire, wish for, or prefer.  I choose to adjust my life to fit what He says rather than try to adjust His word to fit my life.  I choose even when I cannot see in the natural and it seems the promise is delayed or will not come. I choose to believe in and trust God.

I choose to stand against the powers of darkness, not in my strength but on the basis of the shed blood of Jesus and His Covenant revealed in His word.  I choose to roll myself onto God and trust Him in all things and at all times. 

I choose to allow God’s word to adjust my thought processes bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.  I confess that I have had a lot of practice in wrong thinking and now invite the Holy Spirit to reprogram my thought life.  I ask that He convict me every time I drift toward the old thought patterns and bring me into conformity with the Word and thereby transform my life.

That is my declaration today!  What is yours?   

May God be with you as you go through your day!


The question at this time of year in an election cycle is, “What Kind of Government Do You Want?”  Maybe a secondary question is, “What Kind of Government Are You Willing to Tolerate?”  The latter question might be more germane to the current political scene.  Why would I say that?  Because of our more recent history of apathy, animus toward a personality, and willing blindness to the destruction being done.  If that holds true, then we are in for at least two more years of abysmal economics and assault on our liberties. 

I believe that one of the major goals in every American election should be the defeat of Big Government Socialism.  However, many polls indicate that the thirty-five and under crowd largely support socialism of some form.  I believe that is because they do not have the experience or the understanding of what those entails.  Sadly, they are not likely to gain either between now and November 8, 2022.

Focusing on individual candidates will not achieve that objective.  We may defeat Joe Biden or whomever the Democrats offer in 2024.  We may defeat some of the main Democratic players and that will not do the trick.  We must have a workable, definable, and obtainable plan to ensure that Big Government Socialism cannot survive in America. 

That means we must develop the party platform to mandate that objective.  The Democrats will advance their brand of Socialism and their anti-capitalism agenda.  They will harp on their perceived horrors of not being able to kill babies in the womb, at will.  They will insist that man is destroying the planet and we must end all use of fossil fuels, turn to green energy, and inflict carbon taxes on businesses and the public.  They will insist value of grooming our children into transgenderism, homosexuality, and gender confusion.  Then they will offer their plans to tax us into oblivion and strip us of our inalienable rights. 

That should be enough to send every voter scurrying to vote the Leftists out, but unfortunately, millions agree with that ideological position.  We have a greater racial divide today than we have had in decades.  We have more toxic liberal activism today than ever in my lifetime.  We have more politicians concerned about their position, power, and purse than ever.  We have the establishment on both sides of the aisle hesitant to trim spending and reduce the size of the bloated entity called the federal government. 

It is way past time for modest reforms and token attempts to reduce spending, reduce the deficit, and loosen the grip of the federal bureaucracy on our lives.  It is time to radically transform the current government, restoring it to what the founder’s original intent was.  It was to be a limited government with specified powers and we the people were to be the true overseers and owners of the government.  They are supposed to govern by the consent of the people. 

Today, they do not care about the consent of the people and believe that there are no inalienable rights, only those deemed applicable and acceptable by the ruling class of elitist politicians.  It is time for that to end!  It is time to get out the vote and get out and vote!  In just days we will be going to the polls and casting our ballots for candidates who supposedly will do our bidding in Washington. 

Unfortunately, if history repeats itself many of those vocal and promising fresh faces will become part of the system shortly after being sworn in.  It may be money.  It may be coercion.  It may be the taste of power.  It may be grandiose views of their own political value.  It may be the influence of dark forces that seem to operate freely in DC.  Whatever it is, too many caves and go along to get along and we are left longing for that limited government we were promised.

The Founders feared an overly powerful Centralized Federal Government and what we have today would make them turn over in their graves.  We could turn back the clock and study the actions of both Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Regan in their drive to defeat Big Government Socialism.  Sadly, we have become a reactionary self-absorbed entitled society.  A people more interested in “what’s in it for me” than “what is best for the republic and posterity?”

If we have any hope of reversing the decades-long development of centralized power in Washington, we have to have a plan, and a strategy and articulate it as did both Thatcher and Reagan.  Thatcher condemned socialism as theft that was both unsustainable and immoral.  I agree with that assessment.  Eventually, you run out of other people’s money to pay the fare for free everything.  There are no free lunches, somebody pays for them.

Socialism has failed in every country that it has been attempted.  It is one of those ideas that may look workable on paper and even desirable until it is implemented and soon it wrecks the economy and destroys initiative.  In one of Thatcher’s speeches, she pulled out Friedrich Hayek’s 580-page ‘The Constitution and Liberty’ and slammed it on the podium declaring, “This is what we believe!” 

If we have any hope of salvaging the Republic known as the United States of America, we must develop a plan and articulate it everywhere.  We cannot be vague, and elected politicians must demonstrate a commitment to that vision.  Lip service is insufficient and will guarantee a rejection in the next election cycle. 

I am convinced that most Americans, at least those who work, pay taxes, and have to pay their own way are feeling the pinch.  I am convinced that most of those know that we had it far better before Biden.  They know that Biden’s plan is the Obama plan on steroids and is a train wreck.  Sadly, with Obama, it became an emotional issue based on race rather than actual policy and what was happening.  With Biden, those of us who oppose his agenda and that of his party are deemed, domestic terrorists, misogynists, xenophobes, racists, deplorables, haters, and semi-fascists. 

What do we need to do to salvage America, defeat Big Government Socialism and return to being the Republic our Founders established?  There are numerous things, and I cannot list them all, but some highlights would include:

  • We must control spending, bring down the cost of living and balance the budget.  That will never happen if we stay with baseline budgeting rather than going to a zero-based budgeting process.
  • We must restore our energy independence.  We can and should develop alternative energy, but we should not destroy our economy and lives by forcing the transition. 
  • We must secure the border.  A nation that does not have a secure border is not a nation and faces incredible national security threats daily.
  • We must enforce the law and keep violent criminals in jail and back law enforcement while making any necessary adjustments in policies or personnel.
  • We must focus on restoring the family and parental control of the lives of their children.
  • We must restore education to teaching real history not a revised, sanitized, or politicized brand.  The truth is the truth, and it will free us to move forward.

I plead with every legal American voter to examine the facts and stop allowing your bias to dictate your vote.  I urge everyone to reject the fallacious promises of the socialists and those who want to make America something other than what it was founded to be.  I urge everyone to carefully study the party platforms and then vet the candidates and be prepared to hold their feet to the fire.  We must reassume responsibility and become determined to hold ALL politicians accountable.

Lastly, we need to return to God and restore His rightful place in our society and seek to strengthen the family unit where there is a father and a mother in the home.  We did not get where we are overnight, and we will not dig our way out of this state of depravity and declension overnight.  We have a colossal task in front of us and I pray that as those patriots in 1776, we will rekindle the flame of freedom in America!

God bless you and God bless America!


I have some friends who are totally invested in the view that Green Energy and believe it is the only hope for the planet. I have others who believe that Fossil Fuels are sufficient and no need to pursue that path.  I happen to be one who believes it to be prudent to use all sources of energy available but not destroy the economy and lives in the process. 

When energy becomes a political football, those of us who are not part of the process but are dependent upon energy for our homes, businesses, travel, etc. are the ones hurt.  Visionaries have always been the driving force behind many changes in our societal evolution and progress.  Not all innovations by the visionaries have been viable and some are so outrageously costly they are not reproducible by the average citizen.

It has always taken decades to transition from one technology to another. Both the vision of the entrepreneurs and the demand by the public create a niche for those transitions to occur.  Supply and demand, at a reasonable price, are always key factors in the success or failure of those innovations.  It took fifty years to transition from the horse and buggy to the automobile.  Before there were complaints about smog, traffic jams, congestion, and loss of public space there were complaints about horse poop, flies, and the smell associated with it. 

Alternative energy is not a bad thing! But unless it is allowed to develop technologically and made affordable and viable it should not be imposed on the citizens.  Using the old technology and energy sources until and even after there are readily available and reliable alternative energy sources would be the prudent path. 

The idea that having enough fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal) to supply the nation without dependency upon middle eastern oil cartels being impossible is a wrong position.  Under the last administration, we proved we could be energy independent and the discoveries of untapped oil underground in the U.S. is proof that we could be again.  We are once again dependent not because of a lack of supply but because of bad political policies and the push to transition to Green Energy due to the false claims of the climate alarmists.

The transition from one technology or energy source to another must be done with great care.  Let’s consider Electric Vehicles such as Tesla.  Those are not powered by renewable energy although they are electric.  The electricity needed to recharge those batteries comes from the energy produced by oil, gas, and coal.  Also, at least sixty percent of all the tires in the world are produced using synthetic rubber, a byproduct of hydrocarbons.  If we suddenly eliminate all petroleum, where will we get the tires for those EVs?  Are we supposed to drive Fred Flintstone vehicles with stone tires, powered by our own energy? 

What happens when there are no more tires to put on those vehicles and on the massive dirt movers, tractors, etc. all needed to produce the food and everything else what will we do?  If you eliminate the hydrocarbon synthetic fibers used in clothing that produces another problem.  PETA protests loudly against using any animal fur for clothing. I suppose that when the synthetic fibers are gone those Climate Alarmists who are demanding the immediate elimination of petroleum will become nudists.  Not only that, ladies where will your lipstick come from?

This administration has declared war on the oil and gas industry and the president is demanding that oil companies and gas station owners lower the price that he caused.  It seems that King Biden and Company have not done any research into the situation regarding the production of gasoline.  Even CNBC reported that our refineries are already running at 90% capacity and no new refineries have been built in decades.  That is largely due to the stringent federal regulations and inconsistency in energy policies.  Why risk investing in a refinery if it is likely to be closed due to government policies?

The Keystone XL Pipeline and allowing drilling on federal lands without the overreaching restrictions would have prevented this crisis from transpiring.  But this is not about what is best for America or even making life easier for the public, it is about an ideological agenda that they are hell-bent on achieving. 

I find it laughable that the Climate Alarmists who are influencing the energy policies insist that a Carbon Tax will alleviate the problem.  How?  It does not reduce the Carbon in the atmosphere, it only increases the bottom line of governments, individuals, and corporations that benefit from the payment of those taxes.

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) approved a coal mine project worth $3.1 billion in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.  It will produce four million tons per year at its optimum production.  The stated goal, “ensure stable energy supply.”  What a novel idea, right?  Taking care of your country’s needs rather than being subservient to foreign sources.  Using what is readily available and dependable rather than depending on energy sources that are difficult to predict and often unreliable.

The evil fossil fuel industry, as it is described by the Climate Alarmists and this administration, is not the problem. The crisis created by Biden’s policies has created a situation where he is pleading with Middle Eastern Countries to step up their production so we can buy from them.  That is beyond insane when we have so much available here. 

The excess funds we are sending to countries like Iran and other avowed enemies of the United States could be used to build refineries and produce domestic crude.  The monies expended in entitlements for illegals and funding projects that have no redeeming value could be invested in our energy production as well.  We could have cheaper energy and not be tied to any foreign source.  But that would not allow the demand for an immediate transition to Green Energy.

Wind and Solar are good, but those pushing those sources are usually opposed to using nuclear energy.  They detest coal, oil, and gas and ignore the true science of CO2 and photosynthesis.  God knew what He was doing when He created this planet, and He assuredly knew what man would produce and discover.  The planet is not so fickle that car farts and fossil fuels are going to destroy it. 

I am 100% in favor of using renewable energy whenever possible and if it is the most efficient energy source.  It also must be affordable.  I feel about this like I do about most things, each person should be allowed to make their choice as to what type of vehicle they will drive.  If you cannot afford and do not want to rely on an EV and prefer the combustion engine you should have that option. 

There is the argument that the batteries last a couple of decades and that mitigates their prohibitive cost for replacement.  I do not know how long those batteries are covered by warranty. If they are like most automobiles, then you get 2-5 years and a stipulated number of miles or hours of use, often prorated.  What happens if the battery goes bad in 3 or 5 years, and it is no longer under warranty?  Then the cost is on you.  Many people would find it impossible to fit that into their budget.

At this point, the electric grid is not capable of handling millions of EVs being plugged in during the same hours.  We are barely able to handle the demand made on the grid now without the inclusion of millions of more energy users.  Therefore, until and unless we allow the technology to further develop, increase our grid capacity, and somehow make renewable energy fully sufficient, we are not ready to transition to Green Energy. 

It may be a feel-good topic, and on the surface seem like a great idea and will save the planet and be economically viable for the citizens, but it is not there yet.  You may disagree and I do not have the space to fully articulate many more reasons to tap the brakes and allow the process to evolve naturally not as a political mandate.

God bless you and God bless America!


No, I am not talking about the Red Dragon of the Book of Revelation, the devil, but China. So, who knew that China was a threat?  Who?  Well, anyone, with an IQ above freezing on the Fahrenheit thermometer, did or should have.  Communist China has long been our most dangerous antagonist and a thorn in the side or pain in the caboose.  They have outstripped the rest of our avowed enemies in design, desire, and ability to wage multiple kinds of war against us.  In fact, they have been waging an economic and technological way for quite some time.  I also believe they have engaged in a measure of biological warfare.  Those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Unfortunately, the current administration will not acknowledge that reality, or our growing inability to combat their efforts to supplant us as the world’s superpower.  In many ways, they have succeeded and are becoming more successful every day largely due to their growing strength and our decline. 

Who do I blame for that?  I would love to say Joe Biden is the sole culprit but that would be erroneous and intellectually dishonest.  It has been developing for some time.  The CCP gained a significant foothold under William Jefferson Clinton’s administration, made inroads under “W”, but made major strides under Barack Hussein Obama.  They were held in check, in a measure under Trump, but now they virtually own the Bidens and are fearless in their designs and desires.  The words of David Farragut in 1864 – “Damn the torpedoes!  Full speed ahead!”  They seem poised to move against Taiwan and whatever else they desire.

China has no fear of America under this presidential administration because they have deep financial ties and, in a measure, own them.  This occupant of the White House has demonstrated his abject weakness in dealing with any foreign power and his inability to guide America. Why would any antagonist be concerned about a WOKE military that is more concerned about pronouns and making sure that transgenders are comfortable in their ranks than being prepared for war? 

I say that about our military, not to disparage the devoted members of our Armed Forces.  I am a Vietnam Veteran and will stand by our service personnel until I die.  However, under Obama, there was an overt purge of the upper echelon of our military and under Biden and his Secretary of Defense and various other bureaucrats there has been a disgusting attempt to reshape the image and preparedness of our fighting forces into a PC Correct, WOKE extension of their views.  That has placed us in great danger and is a national security threat.  I am not surprised at the number of service personnel who have resigned or refused to reenlist.  They too see the dangers!

The CCP has been conducting economic espionage against us.  They are buying farmland near our military bases. Why would they want farmland specifically near military installations?   It is for farming but not growing vegetables.  It is for harvesting intelligence, so they can have the upper hand in any potential military actions.  There are many more reasons, but that is enough that it should have been immediately squashed.  But “The Big Guy” has hands that are soiled with money from China, he dares not kill the goose that is laying his golden eggs.  America first, is not his agenda.  Biden first, would be more accurate. 

China has been engaged in the theft of intellectual property and covertly and sometimes overtly engaged in a disinformation campaign to discredit any opponents to their agents working unimpeded in the United States.  I was deeply disappointed when in the face of the CCP’s brazen activities in the USA, Joe Biden pulled the plug on the Justice Department’s “China Initiative.” 

Remarkably, after he took that action there have been twelve Chinese agents indicted or charged with conducting or directing operations in the United States.  How many more would have been caught if our government continued to work diligently to discover, uncover, and indict the agents working within our borders?  Our U.S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center continues to warn of the escalation of the CCP’s covert campaign to influence politicians at all levels. 

This administration and the Leftists in control of Congress continue to play with fire and if you play with fire, you are likely to get burned.  China’s Xi has issued a stern warning to Biden, Pelosi, and America regarding Taiwan.  They intend to take over Taiwan and he made that clear, according to reports, in a two-hour phone call with Biden.  Biden reiterated that the United States supports independence for Taiwan but that seems empty words in light of his continual bungling of foreign policy.

U.S. military leaders have repeatedly warned of the growing threat emerging from China and believe that Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan will have ripple effects.  Taiwan has been ramping up its military, but it is a tiny molecule compared to the behemoth of China.  It is not David vs Goliath is it Goliath vs a small ant? Without U.S. aid, Taiwan cannot withstand the Chinese assault, and maybe not with our aid.  Will we defend them?  If so to what extent?  Will that plunge us into a dangerous war and possibly a nuclear war?  With Biden, and his frequent gaffes who knows? 

With this administration’s ineptitude regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the continuation of the disappearing lines in the sand that Obama used and Biden embraces, China has no fear of the United States.  Many experts believed that the military action by China would not likely come until 2025 or 2030 but now believe it could be imminent and possible if not likely within the next eighteen months. 

The strange ambiguity of this administration regarding China and their “One China Policy” lends to the threat.  The U.S. neither rejects nor accepts China’s claims over Taiwan.  How is that for straddling the fence?  As an Obama official said, “Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of foreign policy for forty years.”  He was and still is.  The world needs a strong America but has one that is led by milquetoast oligarchs. 

We have a ten-thousand-pound gorilla in the room in Communist China and this administration is inept and often clueless as to how to deal with them.  Part of that is the financial connection of the Biden Family and many of the members of Congress with China.  They have no stomach to bite the hand that is feeding them.  If they were truly concerned about America, they would put America and the American people first even if it were detrimental to their financial bottom line.  Patriotism is not something that can be bought or sold. 

In the 1980s President Ronald Reagan understood the importance of semiconductors for America.  He said, “the health and vitality of the U.S. semiconductor industry are essential to America’s future competitiveness.”  Sadly, we abandoned that vision and allowed our semiconductor innovation to decline, while Asia became a major player in that arena.  Currently, 90% of the advanced semiconductors are manufactured in Taiwan.  Now, do you understand more why China and General Secretary Xi are determined to take them over?  It has less to do with geography than economics. It is no longer a question of if they will use force but when.  The world needs America’s strength, and we have what we have in the White House and Congress.  May God help us and the world.

China has plans to build over thirty semiconductor factories in the near future and is spending hundreds of billions of dollars to attract companies, including American companies to fill their supply chain.  The Chinese are stockpiling the tools needed for manufacturing the chips and we are experiencing shortages.  We are asleep at the wheel and Bumblin’ Hidin’ Biden is eating his ice cream, twiddling his thumbs, and denying any danger.  I am not Chicken Little, and we are in danger of the sky falling on us like a giant meteor. 

America, it is time to clean house in Washington!  Not just in Congress and the White House but in the courts, the bureaucrats, and at the State and Local Levels too.  Our future and freedom are hanging in the balance.  Please pray and remember the dangers and damages when you vote in November.

God bless you and God bless America!

2024 – AMERICA or NO MORE?

2024 – AMERICA or NO MORE?

I really do not like to be gloom and doom and would prefer to paint a rosy picture of our present condition and the future prospects for America.  I really would!  Sadly, we have an occupant of the White House that is either suffering from a severe case of dementia or is incomprehensibly diabolical.  The third option is both, but regardless of which is the real picture, we are in a world of hurt in our Republic.

This President and Vice President have difficulty putting together coherent sentences.  The Vice President offers word salads that are incomprehensible, and the President reads every line of the teleprompter including the directions his handlers give him.  He stumbles, bumbles, mumbles, and then gets angry and lashed out when questioned or when he becomes frustrated with his obvious lack of coherency.

We are in danger of him making gaffes or hurling insults at the wrong people at the wrong time and plunging us into a state of war.  He is either wittingly or unwittingly destroying our economy, waging war on our freedoms, encouraging leftist political activists to act violently when they do not get their way, and destroying the sovereignty of the United States of America.

The embracing by the Left of the anti-liberty groups is promoting fascism more openly and prolifically than at any time in American history.  The Left including the Fascist ANTIFA hurl the word ‘fascist’ around in a promiscuous manner and while the BLM founders have acknowledged their Marxist roots the ANTIFA crowd pretends to be for freedom.  That is true only if Freedom means the elimination of anyone and everything not of their ethnicity and ideology.  Otherwise, they are the antithesis of Freedom and Liberty.

Their use of the terms fascism and fascist as pejoratives hurled toward whatever the pro-freedom groups on the right are doing is telling.  The rabid climate change alarmists and activists insist that the Supreme Court’s EPA ruling amounts to a ‘judicial coup’ and is a descent into fascism.  Anyone who questions the transgender, homosexual, or pro-abortion ideology is deemed, fascist. Basically, anyone and anything other than their agenda Anyone who fails to embrace their brand of Fascism.

The National Center for Constitutional Studies (NCCS) offered a powerful explanation of what is happening in today’s American government.  They said, “Government is defined in the dictionary as “a system of ruling or controlling,” and therefore the American Founders measured political systems in terms of the amount of coercive power or systematic control which a particular system of government exercises over its people. In other words, the yardstick is not political parties, but political power. Using this type of yardstick, the American Founders considered the two extremes to be anarchy on the one hand and tyranny on the other. At the one extreme of anarchy, there is no government, no law, no systematic control, and no governmental power, while at the other extreme there is too much control, too much political oppression, and too much government.” 

The promoters of anarchy are not pro-freedom but anti-liberty and that is where virtually all the Leftist Activist Groups fall.  Those on the pro-freedom side of the equation base their arguments and goals on the Constitution, Liberty, and Limited Government.  Would you include Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Pol Pot, and Mao Zedong as champions of Freedom, Liberty, and Limited Government?  I thought not.

Yet, the anti-liberty activists cherry picks their historical facts and offer the most outlandish lies or half-truths to back their arguments.  They are not concerned about the facts and truths and follow the ideology of Adolf Hitler, “The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.”  He also said, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”  I know others said things about repeating lies. 

Joseph Goebbels said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.  The lie can be maintained only for such a time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic, and/or military consequences of the lie.  It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”  If that does not make you sit up and take note of what is happening today, nothing will.

The riots of the past few years, the societal collapse, cultural invasion, shortages, and staggering inflation has provided the globalist with the prospects of a perfect storm for national instability.  If they can make us unstable enough, they have a pathway to imposing tyrannical control and advancing their World Agenda making America a memory and nothing more.

There is a concerted effort to force those of us who disagree with their agenda to abandon our core convictions of faith, governance, and independence and embrace their perverted agenda.  We have documented evidence that they are seeking to shift the global food supply from one that is based on high-yield, fertilizer-intensive crop farming and traditional cattle and poultry production to their new ‘sustainable’ diet.

What is the new diet they are seeking to transition to?  Insects and laboratory-grown synthetic meats.  Imagine that!  Lab-grown synthetic meat!  If you cannot imagine the clear and present danger that would be, you are not thinking.  Many are fearful of the vaccines and there is just cause to be concerned because of what can be added to a vaccine injected into the body.  However, imagine the ease of achieving population control and reduction through synthetic meat produced in a lab somewhere.  Wow!

Some nations of the world are pushing back, and we should be too.  However, there is little chance of that unless we wrest control of the government from the hands of the followers of the toxic liberal agenda being advanced.  One nation that is pushing back is Sri Lanka. 

The cost of food and fuel has grown so outrageously high that the tiny nation almost collapsed and still may.  The president fled the country, the prime minister promised to resign, and the tiny socialist nation is in a state of emergency.  Citizens have had enough and have taken over the capital.  Will that happen in America?  I do not know but if the economy stays in the tank, energy prices stay astronomically high, and the predicted shortages occur, people of all ideological persuasions will react out of a desire to survive.  We might see what I would call, a people take over in the near future.

In the Netherlands the farmers are being destroyed, their farms seized, and they are beginning to push back.  Some of those same efforts are being seen in Italy, Poland, and Germany.  Canada’s Castro-loving Prime Minister used his iron fist to use government power to seize bank accounts to dismantle the Canadian Trucker’s Freedom Convoy, but the public is growing weary.

2024 will America be anymore?  That depends on what we do in November 2022 and how much we allow the politicians to continue their draconian demonstrations of edicts and mandates.  If we unite and get their attention, they might back off a little and if we can reclaim the Congress, we can begin the long arduous process of restoration.  It will not be easy, without casualties, and cheap.  Freedom is never Free but worth the price paid to secure and maintain it.

May God help us to awaken and return to our Constitution, the Bible, and moral sanity.  God bless America and God bless you!


I am engaging in hyperbole and at the same time being profoundly serious in asking that question.  I suppose the answer to the title question would be, that it depends.  Depends on what?  It depends on who you are talking to and what you are talking about.  In today’s political climate I would say, it may be more akin to the unicorn and dodo bird than a dinosaur.  If it exists, it is extremely rare, and I cannot definitively tell you the last time I witnessed it from leftist politicians and activists.

I can only imagine the microscope that puts me under, and the target placed on my back.  We have a world or a segment of the government that is guilty of what Proverbs warns against.  In Proverbs 17:15 we are told, “He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the righteous, both of them alike are an abomination to the LORD.” 

The Old Testament prophet Isaiah also spoke to it and sounded the alarm.  In Isaiah 5:8-30 he pronounced judgments for the wicked behavior of the nation Judah.  That could easily be applied to any nation that rejects moral sanity.  In verse twenty he pronounced God’s disdain and impending judgment upon those, “who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

The apostle Paul addressed it in writing to Timothy regarding the condition of people in days such as we are now living.  In 2 Timothy 3:15, Paul spoke of the last days and how terrible things would be.  He spoke of the attitude and actions of people and described people who had an inordinate love for self, money, and pleasure.  He described them as making money their god, being boastful, filled with pride, disobedient, disloyal, disrespectful, ungrateful, unloving, slanderous, lacking self-control, treacherous, and rash.  When the self becomes our god and the rights and needs of others dissipate to nothingness we are in a crisis.

According to a YouGov poll recently conducted sixty-three percent of Americans oppose the Biden administration and the Department of Education’s plan to amend Title XI’s definition of sex and the embracing of the Woke and endless genders.  Seventy-one percent of all Americans also believe that biological males SHOULD NOT be allowed to compete in women’s sports.  I guess rational thought exists, but government officials do not have the capacity to exercise it, so they ignore it.  This brings another question to the fore, which we will deal with later.

The poll revealed that sixty-one percent believe that parental consent should be required before school counseling on gender dysphoria or transgender ideation with the students.  Hello to rational thought, but again the government is devoid of it and presses forward against the wishes of the majority of the people.    Additionally, sixty-nine percent believe that parents should have the right to opt their children out of sex education courses in schools.  Again, rational reason and thought are alive but ignored and non-existent in the government.  That demands we do something to rectify that situation.

The administration is pushing to make the southern border non-existent, and we have and are experiencing large migrant caravans heading our way.  The latest is just in time for the November elections and certainly in time for the 2024 elections.  Is that a coincidence?  It is difficult to accept it as being so.  A caravan that moved out of the Mexican city of Tapachula on the Guatemalan border contained 11,000 or more migrants and expected to grow to over 15,000 by the time it reaches the border.

The migrants (illegal invaders) are demanding that Joe Biden recall Title 42 and said, “Now we need him to keep his promise.”  Wow!  Keep his promise!  America is in the throes of the worst economy since the Great Depression, gas prices are at an all-time high, shortages are everywhere, and the focus is on his promise to illegals, not American citizens. Is this acceptable in a president?  If it is then the answer to my title question is, “Dead, Dead, Dead.”

We know that voter fraud has been prevalent and those on the Left in the media and politics insist that it does not exist.  That is unless they deem the vote might be against them, then even legitimate votes are suspect and need to be examined.  Now, we are apprised that there was an exceptionally large mistake in the 2020 census.  Did it favor one side of the political equation?  If you said yes, you get the gold star!

In Hawaii, Delaware, Rhode Island, Minnesota, New York, and Massachusetts the Census Bureau admitted they overcounted.  Interesting, right?  They overcounted in the states Biden won.  But it does not stop there.  They undercounted in Texas, Illinois, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas.  Five of the six undercounted states went to Trump in 2020.  All a mere coincidence, right?  Watch out for the flying pigs and unicorn poop as you walk along. Only a successful Supreme Court challenge can correct that. 

The insanity and unmitigated lies told by this president are more than disturbing.  If it were simply a matter that he engages in that kind of distortion that would be one thing, but the fact that the media, the Left, and far too many people believe him and repeat his ‘malarky’ is frightening.

In his diatribe and incoherent rant about guns and his supposed visit to a trauma hospital in New York, where he said doctors told him something impossible to believe.  He said, they showed him X-rays of gunshot wounds caused by various firearms.  Then he said, “They said a .22-caliber bullet will lodge in the lung, and we can probably get it out – may be able to get it and save the life, a 9mm bullet blows the lung out of the body.”  What?  The medical doctors told you that.  Are you serious?

If medical doctors actually said that and were serious, their medical licenses should immediately be pulled, and they should be kept away from patients.  They are so blatantly ignorant that they would be a danger to lives and the public must be kept safe from them.  Biden then went into one of his incoherent mutters about ‘self-protection hunting’ whatever that is!

Then Democrat Representative Don Beyer of Virginia proposed a 1,000% tax on AR15s and other semiautomatic rifles that the Left identifies as ‘assault weapons.’  So, if they cannot do away with the second amendment, then take the back door and tax them into extinction.  What would be next?  That would drive the price of those sporting rifles up by $4,000-20,000 each.

I will wrap up by saying, I am no longer willing to call Joe Biden a victim due to his obvious mental and medical issues.  He is and always has been the aggressor in pursuing fundamental changes to our republican system of government.  He is allowing the assault on our southern border and thereby threatening America and Americans.  He is waging war on family and faith implementing mandates, edicts, and regulations that require us to cede our beliefs and embrace the Woke agenda.  He is single-handedly destroying our energy and economy and insists it is necessary to cause us to transition to the Green Energy and Climate Change agenda.  That is not a victim that is a victimizer!

America, if rational thought and moral sanity are alive in America we need to unite and allow it to reclaim its rightful position at the lofty pinnacle of our republic.  It is time that we divest those who want to ‘fundamentally transform’ our republic from any ability to do more harm.  It is time that we stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and find a better class of politicians and begin our constitutionally authorized oversight of the government.

God bless you and God bless America!