THANK YOU is not enough to express my gratitude to all my fellow, veterans for your service and sacrificeToday, November 11, 2020, is the specific day that we have, as a nation set aside to say, THANK YOU to those who served in our Armed Forces. 

The term “armed forces” is appropriate because it expresses a force that has both the manpower and firepower to protect and defend this great nation from all enemies.  Foreign enemies, such as ISIS and the Islamic jihadist are a real threat as are nations such as Iran, North Korea, and our perpetual adversaries Russian and China. 

But also domestic threats and those petulant temper-tantrum throwing leftist taking to the streets, airwaves, social media, and calling for and actually doing damage to property and person are asking for a taste of what our Armed Forces are capable of.  I do not want to see blood flowing in our streets but sadly it seems that is the objective of the Soros-led organization, BLM, New Black Panthers, SEIU, and many others.  It is tragic that we may soon ask our men and women in uniform to place themselves in harm’s way against fellow citizens and non-citizens treated as citizens. 

BUT that is not my desired focus for Veteran’s Day it is to say THANK YOU and show the RESPECT and APPRECIATION you deserve.  I served in Vietnam and spent 1967 in that part of the world and came home to a nation that spit on me and my fellow, veterans calling us every derogatory name they could imagine. 

I am so deeply moved by the realized real sacrifice those in 1776 and beyond made to secure a Free, Independent, and Sovereign United States of America.  I am deeply appreciative of the sacrifices and service of those in our two World Wars as well as those in Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars, and every other war and conflict our men and women have been thrust.  Many may not have fired a shot in combat and they are no less to be respected and appreciated because they are part of this illustrious and needed body designed to PROTECT and DEFEND this nation.  THANK YOU!

If I could exclude myself so that no one considers my remarks self-serving I suggest that our veterans “are the backbone of Freedom in this beloved nation.”  They are those who are out front in the line of defense for the freedom that even those who hate them are afforded. 

My love and appreciation for our Armed Forces only grow stronger each year and in each situation where they are required to defend this nation.  I salute you and your service.  Thank you to all my fellow, veterans the Marines, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, and Navy. 

THANK YOU!  May your day be joyous and may the entire nation show you the honor and respect you deserve as well as remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice!



Proverbs 14:34 – “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.”  NASB

Some may be offended or take exception to my usage of Scripture and citing the moral decline of our republic as the most significant problem we have.  If you do, that is your choice, but I believe that from America’s inception as a republic family, faith, freedom, fidelity, and morality have been key cogs in the wheel of our success and greatness. 

John Adams addressed the military on October 11, 1798, and said, “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion.  Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net.  Our Constitution was made only for a moral and a religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

The father of our nation and our 1st President, George Washington declared, “The foundations of our national policy will be laid in the pure and immutable principles of private morality, and the preeminence of free government be exemplified by the attitudes which can win the affections of its citizens, and command the respect of the world.”  He also said, “Tis substantially true, that virtue or morality is a necessary spring of popular government.  The rule indeed extends with more or less force to every species of free Government.”

Another signer, Charles Carroll said, “Without morals, a republic cannot subsist any length of time; they therefore who are decrying the Christian religion, whose morality is so subline and pure (and) which insures to the good eternal happiness, are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the best security for the duration of free governments.”

Thomas Jefferson an oft-maligned founder said, “I know but one code of morality for men, whether acting singly or collectively.  He who says I will be a rogue when I act in company with a hundred others, but an honest man when I act alone, will be believed in the former assertion, but not the latter…if morality of one man produces a just line of conduct in him, acting individually, why should not the morality of one hundred men produce a just line of conduct in them, acting together?”

Politics has evolved into a nasty cut-throat nefarious and diabolical organism.  It has a life of its own and exists to perpetuate itself elevating the professional politician and statist to a place of preeminence and power.  It has become about control, manipulation, and promotion of ideologies, agendas, and sects desirous of dominance and control.  American politics have lost the view of the value of morality and many have adopted a ‘cat mentality.’

What is a Cat Mentality?  I call it that because people attempt to compartmentalize their lives and justify bad behavior in one area while claiming piousness in another.  I had a man in a congregation that I led who was a very prosperous businessman.  He had gone from being penniless to a multi-millionaire through his ability and the favor of God.  He was a faithful member of our congregation and generous to a fault if there can be a fault in generosity.  He believed, as do many that his business life, social life, family life, political life, and church life were different compartments and one did not impact the other. 

The reason I know this is because I was sitting in his office and overheard a business deal, he was conducting.  His deal was, in my view, questionable for a Christian and although not illegal or even immoral it did not advance the testimony of a believer exemplifying Jesus but focused on the bottom line and his benefit.  When he concluded the phone conversation, I questioned him about some specific points.  He said, “Preacher, that is just business and my business life is separate from my religious or church life. I do what has to be done to get the deal done and make money.”  I sat there a few minutes not saying a word then looked at him and said, “You are not a cat.  You do not have separate lives you have a Life!  What you are in business, the social world, home, politics, or in church you are!  You are the sum total of all those activities they are expressions of what is in your heart and who you are.”

America has ignored the basic teachings of the Bible and abandoned morality on many fronts.  We justify abortion claiming it is about women’s health or a woman’s right to choose.  What happened to the unborn baby’s right to choose and its health?  Politicians get away with fabrications and people brush it off as ‘politics’ because we too are guilty of engaging in our own distortions, and questionable handling of the truth.  We excuse in politicians what we are guilty of or deem acceptable in getting the deal done.  That reveals a massive deterioration of our moral moorings and foundation as individuals, families, and a nation. 

I do not justify moral failings in politicians.  I accept the fact that they have them and the lacking a saint to guide our government we must deal with that reality.  I believe that America had the favor of the Almighty in our beginning because we had a strong moral foundation as a nation.  You may find that objectionable because of things like slavery, but the vast majority of our citizens believed in God, the teachings of the Bible, strong family, honesty, and basic morality. 

I contend that we cannot call ourselves righteous when we allow the mass slaughter of the unborn and fail to love and tolerate others who are different.  I would never suggest that anyone violate their core convictions and conscience and embrace religions deemed by the Bible to be false.  I would not suggest that anyone abandon their convictions and embrace or call normal lifestyles that are anathema to the teachings of the Bible.  However, just because a person does not see things as we do does justify our failure to love them as created beings of our heavenly Father.

In our Declaration of Independence, the moral position of the republic was declared and defined.  “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  I would argue that today’s America no longer believes that principle base on the vitriol in politics and society.

The words of Proverbs 14:34 need to echo in our hearts and minds and we need to revisit our beginning history and examine the reality of the blessing of God’s providence through the years.  When we were a more moral nation, we had the favor of God and advanced greatly, even amazingly.  As we have become more depraved, we have lost favor in the world, watched the disintegration of strong families, and witnessed the increase of intolerance, hate, bitterness, crime, and corruption.  We were great, and I would argue still are, but we can be greater still but only if we return to our moral moorings and reestablish our moral foundations as a people.  This must be addressed individually, then collectively.  

Our elected officials are not examples, of moral standing, but if we as a people return to our moral moorings, we can create an environment where those of moral fiber will step forward and become willing to participate in governance.  Am I dreaming of a Utopia?  I think not, but each must evaluate and address this in their own hearts.  I stand firmly for Faith, Family, Freedom, Fidelity, and Morality.

God bless you and God bless America!


I am going to share this in my blogs and what I am going to say will resonate with some and possibly turn some off.  I am speaking strictly from my Christian perspective and the desire of my heart for a deeper relationship relationship with God and my love for my nation.  This is a different type of post I am placing in www.roybeaird.com but a more normal one for www.royscovenantcorner.com but I hope it is meaningful and helpful.

The LORD is stirring my heart more than He has in a long time over what is happening in America, the world, and the church.  I am shaken to the core of my being and drawn to seek the LORD more than ever.  I take the command and commission of Jesus extremely seriously and am seeking to understand and pursue Him with my entire being.

Jesus gave us some incredibly specific and pertinent instructions in Matthew 6.  In verses 9-13 we are given what we have called the “Lord’s Prayer” but it is actually the prayer that Jesus gave us an example or pattern for us, His disciples.  Then in verses 33-34, we are given instruction or our our mission and assignment in life.  This is paramount over all else that we can think or do.  I believe it is the key to success or failure.  It is the key to liberty or tyranny.  It is the key to life or death.  It is something that we mentally ascribe to but practically bypass.

The directive here and elsewhere in including a dozen or more places in the Old Testament is that we are to Love and Seek God with our entire being, body, soul, and spirit. Seeking God FIRST is critical but what is the purpose of seeking Him first?  Is it that we can feel good about ourselves, get goosebumps, have notoriety, or do some exploit? 

In order to answer that question, I ask that we go back to the earlier part of Matthew 6 and the prayer.  We are instructed to pray, “Thy Kingdom Come.  Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”  We are to seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and our purpose is to bring the manifestation of that Kingdom to the earth so that God’s will is done here as it is in heaven.

How do I seek the Kingdom of God?  Is it through petition and prayer pleading for God to come to us?  I suggest that everything that Jesus did was for the purpose of action and was our example.  He was fully God and choose to live and operate as fully man.  A man totally obedient to God and filled with the Holy Spirit.  He thought with a heavenly mind.  Jesus revealed that He only did what He saw the Father do and only said what He heard the Father say. In John 5:30 our LORD said, “By myself, I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please Myself but Him that sent me.” 

What could Jesus do in His own power?  NOTHING!  Before you protest and say, “But He is God and God can do anything.”  Remember that Jesus chose to operate fully as man, a man dependent upon the Spirit of God and the Father.  Jesus is an example of what one person can do who is totally dependent, totally obedient, and filled with the Holy Spirit.  Jesus told us that with God all things are possible.  The Bible tells us that we are IN Him and seated WITH Him in heavenly places.  He has given us power and authority over all the power of the devil.  Therefore, we can do all things through obedience and faith.  NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE to them that believe (Mark 9:23).


We become what we focus on.  Our lives, thoughts, actions, and conditions are determined by what we fill our hearts and minds with.  Whatever most fills our hearts and heads determines who we are and what we do.  It determines whether we live and operate in faith, victory, and power, or fear, defeat, and bondage. 

If we hear what the Mainstream Media says more than what God says we will live in fear, anger, jealousy, envy, and defeat.  We will be unable to exercise the Christ-given authority that the Cross won.  We will not be able to bring the Kingdom of God into our present world or situation.

If we focus on the abuses or perceived abuses or other injustices of the world and any inequalities, we will live defeated and driven by our emotions.  On the other hand, if we realize that we have authority over the powers of darkness we will bring the Kingdom of God into the present situation, and through our lives and actions, we will bring peace and become a drawing light to Christ. 

Paul taught us the importance of our thoughts and instructed us to “think heavenly thoughts not earthly thoughts.”  There is no contest between God and the devil.  We do not have two all-powerful gods we have The Living God and the devil, a created being.  God could mash him like a bug anytime.  But God has chosen to operate in this world through our invitation and obedience. 

Let me illustrate it this way and hopefully, it will resonate.  If I own a home and rent it to you.  I am the owner and have a master key but without your invitation, I cannot enter that house.  While you are meeting the requirements of the lease agreement it is your home.  I own it.  I am ultimately responsible for it, but I have made an agreement with you to manage it.  God owns all things.  He created man but He has chosen to allow us to be fruitful and replenish His creation.  He has chosen to allow us to follow the desires of our hearts.  He has given us choice and we either live in obedience or rebellion.  We either trust the arm of flesh or the arm of God.


The problem with this present day is not people!  It is not even what they do!  The problem is the existence and operation of evil and our disobedience or ignorance of God’s provisions, purposes, and desires.

If we focus on what is wrong and what people are doing, or people, we will be controlled by earthly thinking and never see the full victory He has promised and provided.  God has invited us to enter into a relationship with Him where we can have the Kingdom of God live and manifest in us.  In that relationship, we view everything from the perspective of What Is in Him not What Is in the Present World.  We move from what we see with our natural eyes, hear with our natural ears, and experience in our natural emotions to a Kingdom Consciousness and a God Consciousness. 

The Spirit of God in us is not a Lake it is a River.  He is in us to flow out from us and impact those around us.  We do not have His presence to simply make us feel good we have His presence to impact our world.  We are salt and light.  We are the flavor the world needs.  When we walk into the room, things change, or they should.  Why?  Because of the presence of God in us and the Expectation that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

God has given us an Impossible Assignment.  A commission that we cannot fulfill in our own strength.  The only way we can complete our Life Purpose is in Total Reliance on God.  We must become totally obedient.

Believers, if we want to see America and the World saved we must change our mindset and worldview from what we see in the natural, what we can do in the natural to GOD, and become people who have a limitless expectation. 

I have so much I’d like to say but for the sake of a little brevity and the limitations of posting on social media, I conclude saying, “What happens in the world is up to the Body of Christ.”  We either become who God says we are and exercise the authority of Christ and enforce the victory He won on the Cross or we operate in our own strength and flounder from battle to battle often defeated and relishing momentary and temporary victories.  We win a few battles but not the War!

I am determined to become a vessel that He can use and allow the Holy Spirit to enable me to end my stinking thinking and become Kingdom and God-conscious.  I refuse to live in defeat when He has provided the Victory.  I refuse to allow the devil to steal, kill, and destroy when Jesus said, I have authority over Him.  I will resist the devil by seeking God and expect the devil to retreat.  IT IS UP TO US, IN AND THROUGH HIM!

God bless you!


Call me a conspiracist, I don’t care. But, I have an inkling deep inside my heart of hearts that something incredibly sinister is afoot in all the paranoia of today’s America and world.  I believe it extends far beyond the shores of the United States and has tentacles reaching into every nation on the planet.  I believe this agenda is not birthed in the heart of man but the bowels of hell and has its roots back to before the creation in Genesis.  That may be enough to cause some to stop reading, but I hope you continue even if from a desire to debunk what I am going to assert. 

The incredible paranoia over COVID-19, a real virus with a real threat, is beyond reason.  We have had other pandemics and health threats to America and the world, but we have never witnessed the rapid, extensive, and compulsive and willing shutdown that has occurred.  There is vast disagreement in the political, economic, and medical communities as to what we should or should not do, but the path chosen was a mandatory ‘shelter in place’ edict.  That lock-down destroyed our economy and disrupted the lives of multiplied millions worldwide. 

The efforts of the President and those wanting to help America return to some semblance of normalcy have been stymied and hampered by the Blue State Mayors and Governors as well as the Democrats in Congress and even some Republicans.  Yet, despite their efforts to keep the economy in shambles until after November, we are seeing hopeful signs of recovery and if everyone on both sides of the political aisle would work together, we would see it restored and Americans the beneficiaries. 

The Rioting and Anarchy that is being pursued and even encouraged by some politicians have a deeply sinister side.  I object to being called insensitive, a bigot, or a racist if I replace “Black Lives Matter” with “All Lives Matter.”  My assertion is not intended to ignore the reprehensible treatment of blacks or other ethnicities in our American history.  It is designed to acknowledge that ALL Lives Matter to God and should to us.  We will never achieve the purported objective of “equal treatment” if we segment or segregate society and insist that we only view the ill-treatment of one ethnicity.  If we cannot view everyone as created in the image of God, we cannot find a pathway to peace. 

When I read the research and websites of groups such as ANTIFA, BLM, the many Soros funded organizations I am deeply troubled.  Some of the declarations on their websites and the open statements of some of the leaders it further convinces me that my suspicions are right about the sinister evil behind this disruption. 

The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty lists the BLM founding principles as “guaranteed minimum income for all black people, free health care, free schooling, free food, free real estate, gender reassignment surgery, free abortion, and a global liberation movement [designed to] overturn U.S. Imperialism and Capitalism.”  What can we call that except Socialism coupled with revolution?  I vote no and say that is the pathway to destruction, not peace.

The co-founder of BLM, Patrisse Cullors was a protégé of Eric Mann, former agitator of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization, and spent years absorbing the Marxist-Leninist ideology that shaped her worldview she even said in 2015 that her fellow agitators were “trained Marxists.”  If that does not trouble you regardless of your ethnicity, then I am even more troubled.  It should be repulsive to everyone.

I am encouraged when some astute, clear thinking, and awakened members of the black community see the dangers and resist.  One example came from the president of the Englewood Political Task Force in the Chicago area as a group of black citizens were chasing away the rioters.  He said, “If your issue is with the police, take it to police headquarters.  Don’t come to our neighborhood.  If our people want to protest the police, they can do it.  But no one from the [White] northside or Indiana or any place other than Englewood can come here to protest.”  He was not opposed to protests but opposed to the massive destruction and rioting.  He is right.

The issues with ‘vote by mail’ are so undeniably dangerous, if we trust the postal system to conduct our election, we will destroy our system of elections.  I do not wish to charge postal carriers with fraud or make the guilty without a trial but when we have 300,000 active and retired letter carriers endorsing Joe Biden, I grow concerned.  I would be concerned if that same number endorsed Trump.  I want free and fair elections and when the USPS has already advised they are ill-prepared and unable to fulfill this task, we should listen and resume our customary manner of balloting.

Why the massive push to ‘vote by mail?’  Is it because there is genuine concern for the health of those getting out to vote?  If so, why are we allowing the protests, going to the grocery store, or any other place?  Why are we not experiencing a totalitarian martial law with mandatory house arrest for all citizens?  If voting in person poses that kind of threat, then no one should be allowed of their houses for any purpose.  Wait?  If we do that, how will we survive?  We won’t and the government will be in total control.  This is not about protecting citizens but shaping and shifting the election in favor of one side or the other.  I VOTE NO!

Let me cite an incident that exemplifies and amplifies my concerns and what I believe should be the concerns of everyone.  In Washington state, which has had mail-in elections for years.  In that state, the postal workers attach partisan campaign material to mail-in ballots.  Democratic candidate Alicia Rule, running for the 42nd Legislative District seat, was either dumb or had a brain fart when she posted on Facebook.  She said, “Ballots arrived today!  Mine was carefully tucked together with a flyer by our neighborhood postal worker.  I am reminded of just how much support we have because even that postal workers union has endorsed our campaign.”  That is being investigated by the USPS Inspection Service.  Am I hopeful this will be dealt with?  You guess!

The Democrats are not decrying this kind of chicanery.  Biden is peddling the fallacious rhetoric that failing to allow ‘vote by mail’ is somehow voter suppression and Trump is trying to steal the election.  The Postal Service has notified no fewer than 46 states that the sudden expansion required would be impossible to fulfill.  When you couple that with the reality that postal workers are anything but nonpartisan, you must see a potential danger.  I want everyone eligible to have the opportunity to vote.  I believe there are some cases where a mail-in ballot is necessary. However, for most, it is not.  We also need Photo Identification to better ensure that the person voting is the person at the voting booth.  One person, one vote, and that vote must be that person’s vote!

You may dislike or disagree with my concerns and assertions, but I believe there is a very diabolical objective and agenda afoot.  If the Leftist regain total control of the government, our Freedoms, Rights, and Liberties will be in jeopardy.  This is not a bump in the political road, this is a washed-out bridge, and failure to recognize it and defeat the agenda will mean doom for our Republic.

God bless you and God bless America!

ELECTION INTEGRITY – A Must for A Free America…

I believe it is vital for our survival as a Constitutional Republic to have legitimate elections.  The need for election integrity is not optional.  If we allow those who want to commit mass fraud in the upcoming and future elections to prevail, we will be shooting ourselves in the head.  It won’t be a wound to the foot, but a fatal shot to the head that will end our republic as we know it.  If you are okay with that, then the Democrats are your cup of tea.  I am adamantly opposed to losing our republic and believe that we must achieve and maintain integrity in our elections.

I would argue that one of the only ways we can achieve election integrity is voter IDs for every legitimate voter in America.  Other countries have this and those who argue that it disproportionately affects various ethnic groups, I say balderdash.  That is a lie being bandied about for political purposes hoping to engender support for the radical leftist’s cause of ‘fundamental transformation.’  The fallacious assertion of the Left must be debunked.  We must fight the current attempt to completely revamp our mode of elections.  If we fail, we will lose the White House, the Senate, and have no hope of recovering the House from the stranglehold of the followers of toxic liberalism.

The fabrication that requiring Voter IDs would result in fewer people being able to vote is ludicrous.  How many on Food Stamps or other government subsidies find it impossible to claim those benefits due to the requirement of a Photo ID?  None would be the correct answer.  In Alabama, which has mandatory voter ID, the black vote turned out in droves to elect Doug Jones in 2018. 

We must have Photo IDs to do many things in our daily lives, why should voting be different?  I have heard the argument that many, seniors do not have birth certificates and therefore cannot get an ID.  If that is true, how are they drawing Social Security?  I am not saying they all have birth certificates but that is not a preventative.  For one to legally drive on the streets of America we are required to have a driver’s license.

It is a requirement to have an ID to draw welfare benefits, purchase a firearm legally, get married, board an airplane, and in most cases to check into a hotel.  I’ve never obtained a loan, bought a car from a dealership, purchased insurance, or many other things in life without presenting my identification.  I find it strange that people function quite well in America obtaining and enjoying the many goods and services afforded us, but somehow a Voter ID would be detrimental and somehow racist. 

In America, we are supposed to have ‘one person one vote.’   That system must be preserved and protected else we open the door to massive voter fraud.  How better to determine a voter’s identity than with a valid Photo ID.  We know that there are documented cases of people registering in multiple states and voting multiple times.  A legitimate ID along with a nationally coordinated database would help reduce those incidents. 

Not only do I believe we need Voter ID, but we need to regularly and consistently purge the voter rolls of deceased people.  We need to ensure that those voting are legal citizens.  We need to ensure that those voting are not felons who have lost their voting rights.  Why would any American not support or desire Election Integrity?  That is easily answerable because they want to cheat or don’t mind cheating.

Some countries have a mandatory Voter ID.  Interestingly, some studies indicate that those countries are deemed to be more voter-friendly than the United States.  They require voter IDs, but we don’t, and they are more voter-friendly!  That is interesting.  Norway mandates that voters present a photo ID, including a passport, driving license, or bank card that includes a photo to vote.  In Northern Ireland, voters must present an ‘acceptable photo identification’ to vote.  Germany requires that voters have state-issued voter ID’s to vote.  Also, France, Israel, Mexico, India, and Iceland require voter ID. 

I read the transcript of a conversation between an election official in Greece and an American that exemplifies our problem and the fallacy of the argument against Voter ID.  The American citizen was filming a documentary and asked an election official, “Can I vote?”  The official said, “Not without a valid photo ID.”  The American said, “So you have to see proof that I am a citizen and who I claim to be to vote, right?”  The official said, “Of course!”  The American said, “Well, in America we don’t have to do that.”  The official was surprised and said, “You mean you can go to vote and not have an ID?”  He then said, “How can they know, you are the one you say you are?”  They can’t and that’s the problem!

Voter IDs have been adopted in numerous countries seeking to preserve election integrity.  They want to prevent fraud and multiple voting by individuals.  They realize that voter fraud is destructive to the integrity of their elections.  America has the greatest system of government known on the planet and we openly allow voter fraud by failing to take the needed steps to better ensure the integrity of our elections.

The latest move to have our elections conducted via ‘mail-in-ballot’ would virtually guarantee voter fraud, ballot harvesting, and ballot-box stuffing.  I don’t care if it is done in favor of the Democrat or the Republican, I want no part of it.  I want the election to be legitimate and whoever wins is the winner.  I may be unhappy with the outcome but if it is a true reflection of the sentiments of the legitimate voters, I will live with it.

The Democrats are using the fear generated through the COVID-19 pandemic to steal our elections.  I make that accusation without apology.  I can see where there would be some who are unable to vote in any other manner than via mail.  I am supportive of those people being able to legitimately vote.  I want safeguards to ensure that those votes are not votes by someone other than the person voting.  If Grandma is 95 and suffering dementia, I do not want son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter or anyone else filling out her ballot.  If she is no longer capable of making a reasoned and rational decision, she should not vote.  Just because she is alive does not mean that her family or some activist group can decide for her.  One person, one vote, not take the name of a person and cast a ballot for them.

Someone asked, “If President Trump signed an Executive Order making a law requiring voter ID would you support it?”  First, he cannot make a law, that would have to be passed by Congress and if it was a constitutional amendment it would have to be ratified by the states.  I doubt that an Executive Order would be constitutionally defendable.  This is a matter that the individual states must take up and any state that wants election integrity should move to enact such requirements.  It impedes no one from voting.  The state DMV’s issue ID’s and if a person is incapable of getting to the DMV, how are they getting to the poll to vote? 

I want everyone who is legitimate and takes the necessary steps to register to be able to vote.  I want Integrity in our Elections.  I did not like it when Barack Obama won but since it was deemed the result of a legitimate election, I dealt with it. 

God bless you and God bless America!


It is my view and that of many others that America is in dire straits and we need to ‘reclaim’ our Freedom and our Land.  There is a biblical principle involved and as we wade through this, I will attempt to identify several things.  I hope to identify our condition, how or why we got in this mess, and what, if anything, we can do to rectify it. 

If you do not agree that we need ‘restoration’ then what I have to say will not resonate with you.  However, if you see, what many of us see, and realize that our liberties and freedoms are being systematically stripped from us and our moral moorings as a nation has drifted, it may.  If you are interested in seeing America restored to our foundational base and be the Republic our Founders envisioned, then I invite you to take this journey with me.

I do not believe we can achieve or receive the ‘fullness’ our Founders envisioned, and God desires individually or nationally UNTIL we have followed His directives and place ourselves in ‘right standing’ with Him, His Word, each other, and the Constitution.  I believe strongly in a biblical principle that ‘preparation always precedes blessing.’

In 2 Kings 3:16, we see the prophet Elisha’s instruction for King Jehoshaphat as they prepared for battle with Moab.  He said, “make this valley full of ditches.”  Israel complied and the next morning they realized that water had filled the ditches.  Moab awoke and the glistening of the morning sun made the water appear as blood and they assumed that Israel had turned on each other and ran to the battlefield to collect the spoils of victory.  The result was a complete slaughter of Moab and a victory for Israel.  I use this example to demonstrate that when we do what God says, He provides.

Another example is in 2 Kings 4 where the poor widow was instructed by the prophet to borrow vessels.  She filled the house with borrowed utensils and the prophet poured them full UNTIL there were no more vessels to fill.  The only limitation to her miracle was the number of vessels.  Her obedience or preparation enabled the man of God and God to do a miracle.  God will never go beyond our capacity or our obedience. 

In Matthew 12, Jesus identified some of the evidence of God’s Kingdom and Restoration, which can be applied to America and the restoration of our Freedoms and Liberties.  He called them ‘works.’  He included the casting out of demons (trespassers on the promise), healing the sick, and provided the reality that IF we follow God’s directives and seek to be realigned with His principles, purposes, and person, He will fulfill His promises. 

Our founding fathers believed that America came into existence because of the providence of God.  Today’s America believes we became what we became through our own strength and ability.  Some believe we achieved greatness as a nation on the backs of the less fortunate and our beginning was corrupt and must be atoned for and transformed.  I believe that even with our errors and sins in our beginning we originated for God’s purposes to be a catalyst to advance the Kingdom of God on this earth. 

In Matthew 12:25 our LORD declares something that is incredibly important spiritually, personally, and nationally.  He said, “Any kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.”  We are divided in America beyond anything I ever envisioned could become a reality.  The hate and vitriol that is hurled about vehemently is eroding the foundation of our Republic and will be our destruction if not quelled.

We have generational hate being perpetuated.  We have the systematic engendering of a brand of hate that hides cloaked of ‘principle’ and justifies itself by attacking everyone and everything that disagrees.  There are those who believe they are constitutionalist and even conservative political idealists that have allowed personal animus toward particular candidates to cause them to join forces with those who would otherwise be deemed, enemies.  I guess the philosophy “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is applicable.  The result is division, estrangement, and the erosion of many freedoms and liberties.  The result will be the destruction of the Republic.

In Matthew 12:29, the Lord Jesus brought to light a reality that could easily be applied to our American predicament.  Jesus identified the strongman and in Luke 11 He expands that and identifies that this ‘strongman’ is fully armed.  The defeat of that strongman requires one that is stronger to come in, disarm him, and reclaim what has been taken.  In America, the nefarious seekers of ‘fundamental transformation’ have divided us and weakened the fabric of our republic.  They have pitted us against each other when the objective of many on both sides of the equation is the best good for America. 

The problem lies in not understanding the end result.  The problem lies in forgetting how we came into being and distorting the intent of our Founders as declared in the Declaration of Independence.  We have lost sight of our Creator, His Holiness, His Provisions for us and become selfish and self-centered.  In many cases, we have lost sight of America and only viewed politics through the prism of our bias and personal ambitions.

Our Founding Fathers declared that they believed in self-evident truths.  Today’s academia and some political ideologues do not believe in ‘self-evident truth.’  They do not believe in a Creator.  When we eliminate the Creator, we also render ineffective, if not null and void, the idea of inalienable rights.  I had a person that does not believe in God insist that they believe in inalienable rights.  I asked, “Where did those rights originate?”  He could not answer other than affirming that he believed they were either product of man’s desire or the gift of the government.  Yet, he claimed to believe in limited government, the constitution, and conservativism.  I am unable to connect those dots because, as our Founders declared, ‘these rights are endowed by the Creator upon man.’

I believe that God enabled America to become a Free Republic for a purpose. That purpose extends far beyond us being personally or nationally prosperous.  If that were the purpose for our existence then we become prime candidates for greed, envy, covetousness, jealousy, ambition, and hate to prevail and destroy us.  If there is not a moral framework and mooring to which we attach our reason for existence, we will not seek the best good of everyone but our own interests.  I have heard all my life, “You have to look out for number one because no one else will.”  That is antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and contrary to the declarations of our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, and the writings of our Founding Fathers. 

They believed that among those endowed rights was the Right to Life.  What is Life?  That would take a book to detail, but it is more than just breathing.  It is more than possessions.  It is the ability to pursue your purpose without undue restriction and regulation by a centralized power structure that seeks to dominate. 

There was also the right to Liberty.  What is Liberty?  It is more than not being in jail, prison, or chains.  The word carries the idea of Freedom and that freedom must begin on the inside.  If I am Free on the Inside, then even if I were in chains, I remain Free.  Government cannot give me that, it comes as an endowment of our Creator. 

Then, the right to Pursue Happiness.  What is Happiness?  I contend you cannot have that quality of life unless you are allowed to live free.

I have talked about the vision of the Founders and even identified some of our conditions in the loss of liberty and freedom.  However, I have not begun to address the How, the Why, and the Remedy.

I believe those things can be capsuled in the reality that we have been deceived into believing that a benevolent elitist governmental hierarchy can provide those things for us or are charged with doing so.  Ignorance is the first step toward enslavement politically and we have become ignorant of the devices of the devil politically.  We have allowed the politicians to watch over the matters of government without giving the constitutionally mandated oversight.  Our ignorance as to what they have and are doing, coupled with our being ignorant of our authority and power has enabled the devious to become a ‘strongman’ taking over our house (America).

We can see Restoration, but only if we return to the moral moorings of our beginning.  We can see Restoration, but only if we invest ourselves in the oversight of government and cease allowing the politicians to manage the politics of the nation at their discretion.  We can see Restoration if we stop allowing the desired division promoted by the devious to thrive.  If a restored America is our desire, then we need to take note of all politicians and parties that seek to weaken our Constitution, infringe upon our inalienable rights, and force us to comply with edicts that violate our conscience, conviction, and faith.

I believe that all who believe in God must become intercessors and as intercessors do the following:  Repent for our own sins and failures.  Repent for the sins of the nation.  Recognize what Jesus did for us at Calvary.  Recognize that the devil wants America destroyed.  Recognize that the devil has no power over us or America UNLESS he finds some legal ground within which he can operate.  Therefore, Repentance is Required, even if we are not personally guilty of those sins that give the enemy of Freedom opportunity.

I see a deeply divided and troubled America and that causes me great sadness and concern.  I know in my heart of hearts that if we continue this hate-filled decline into degeneracy and division we will witness the end of the Republic.  I believe that to support an ideology, candidate, or political agenda that weakens our moral moorings infringes upon our liberties and rights, and denies the right to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness is to abet and enable our own destruction. 

Therefore, I ask that you consider becoming an intercessor and pray for America.  I ask that you become involved in the process.  I ask that you carefully consider every candidate, and governmental proposal considering how it affects our Freedom, Liberty, and the ability to pursue Happiness.  Then, VOTE!

God bless you and God bless America!


I am not attempting to discount and diss the concerns and plight that has been felt by various sectors of our society.  I am not diminishing the concern that there is racism living and breathing in America.  That would be foolish.  No, it would be incredibly deceptive and ignorant of reality. 

I contend that a few bad apples does not make the apple tree bad of the apple barrel bad, it makes the bad apples bad.  If you had a toe with gangrene and in need of amputation would you cut off the entire leg?  Would you believe the doctor justified in injecting you with a death serum because your toe was bad?  No, you would want to deal with the problem and go no farther than the problem.  Well, I would hope that is what you would do, but in light of what is happening today, I wonder!

When I listen to the narrative being advanced by the media and the incredible hate and vitriol being hurled at those of us who are white, I am shaken to my core.  It makes me wonder if we have become so infected and infested with hate, generational hate, and a victim mentality that we can never recover.  I pray that is not the case, but with each new outbreak of ‘protests’ that become or began as ‘riots’ I wonder.

I briefly listened to two black men on Sean Hannity’s show, some time back, and was stunned at the hate and uncontrollable anger spewing forth from professor Cornel West of Princeton University.  He called the other black man names and his face and eyes were so fixated with hate that he was beside himself.  He kept talking over everyone and insisting that he was not being respected, but he disrespected those with opposing views in an uncontrollable rage.

What is frightening is that this man teaches in one of our renowned universities. What is he teaching and how is what he is teaching bridging the gap and not inciting more violence?  I was deeply saddened as I listened and watched. I prayed for him.  Don’t accuse me of being self-righteous, I was genuinely concerned for his soul and the future of America and the lives that can be destroyed by his anger.  That goes for all sides of the issue.  Hate is never the answer.  Violence is not the pathway to peace.  Innocent people are not your enemy.

It is troubling to hear leading Democrats, and some on social media voice their hatred for President Trump so vehemently they justify violence, lawlessness, criminal activity, and murder as justified. They argue that because, “Trump is a Dictator and a Tyrant,” they are justified. They have no verifiable examples to support those charges and ignore the fact that he has done more for the black community and virtually all communities than any president in modern history.  They ignore the fact that shining through his crustiness and crudeness is a heart that loves America and wants the Constitution followed.  He makes mistakes in words and even actions, but at the end of the day, the body of work has been in America’s best interest.

If I listen to the media and those engaging in the violence, riots, and mayhem I realize that they consider all of us that are white and not liberal leftists the root cause of the problem.  In their minds, we are their justification for total chaos and anarchy.  In their minds, we deserve it and our perpetual sin against them is reason enough for them to destroy, loot, kill, and destroy.  If we protest that we are not their enemy then we are deemed racist, xenophobic, bigoted, and living in our ivory towers of ‘white privilege.’  We are their ticket to exoneration and exemption from being held accountable.  They are the Victims and we are the ones who Victimized them. 

Let me insert, being victimized should not create a victim mentality in anyone. Becoming a Victim is a choice. It is an internalizing that strips the individual of the power to rise above the event or events and survive and thrive.  It robs the individual of peace and the thirst for vengeance becomes so prolific in the heart that the insatiable drive and desire for a ‘pound of flesh’ demands violence.  Sadly, those who get their ‘pound of flesh’ are never satisfied and the hole in the heart is not healed.  That leads to more violence and a perpetual blaming of others for the condition and problems they face. That is never the pathway to Life, Liberty, and Happiness.  It is the pathway to a Prison of Pain in the heart and mind that renders the person incapable of enjoying life.

The insistence that the rioters are angry because of justifiable grievances against and those of us who are not of their skin color, ethnicity, religion, or political party is destructive.  If there was truly ‘systemic racism’ in the police or America it would demand amelioration, but it is not the truth.  Statistics do not support the charge.

When I consider the violence that has escalated in the cities where the most prolific attempts to appease the ‘protesters’ have occurred, I wonder if this was about George Floyd or not.  No, I don’t wonder, I think I know that it was for some, but not for those orchestrating the violence and many participating.  When a man like the black 77-year old retired police captain David Dorn was murdered by the protesters as he sought to protect a pawn shop it screams that all lives do not matter and even some black lives do not matter to these ‘protesters and instigators.’  When the murder rates in Chicago, Los Angeles, and other cities escalates and black on black crime takes dozens of lives but there is no mention of them, then I ask, “Do those Black Lives Matter?”

When I examine history and view the data available, I discover that between 1979 and 2014 blacks killed 324,000 other blacks in violent crime. That causes me to realize this is not about Life but a desire for vengeance.  It becomes an excuse to ignore the law, ignore the property of the dozens if not hundreds of black businesses that have been destroyed as well as those of whites and other ethnicities, I realize this is not about ‘systemic racism’ but ‘hate.’  It is an excuse to commit terrorism and seek to ‘take over’ the nation.

That’s what Islam desires and now we are fighting a war on multiple fronts within our borders and the politicians are using it as a tool to advance their agenda and hoping it will propel them into power.  America, we are destroying ourselves with hate and that is not a one-sided issue but one that must be addressed and stopped.

America’s first war (as a nation) was with African Muslims who were raiding American vessels and enslaving the occupants.  Thomas Jefferson and John Adams asked the Muslim ambassador what ‘injury’ the fledgling American state could possibly have committed to provoke such acts the response was telling.  Jefferson said, “The ambassador said that the attacks were founded on the laws of their prophet, that was written in their Koran that it was their right and duty to make war upon non-Muslims wherever they could be found and to make slaves of all.” 

It would behoove us to remember that ISIS, in modern times, has been careful to tell the world that they are attacking and hate the West first and foremost because Islamic law requires them to do so.  They do not care about our behavior it is their perceived mandate from Allah. 

The demands for reparations for slavery are ludicrous and beyond the realm of possibility fiscally. It is irresponsible and drives a wedge between us that continues to separate, divide, and engender distrust and hate.  There is an answer and I keep referring to it.  That answer in a word is GOD!  If we love God with all our hearts, we can love our neighbor as ourselves.  If we sin against our brother, we need to go to our brother and seek forgiveness. 

There are bad police officers. They need to be rooted out, but they are not all white.  There are bad politicians that need to be rooted out and they are not all Democrats or Republicans. There are bad people in society, and they must be held accountable for their behavior and actions.  If you are white or non-white, I am not your enemy, I am a fellow member of the human race.  We can overcome this blight but not if we allow hate to prevail.  If we allow ourselves to become Victims in our Minds, we will imprison ourselves and destroy this nation and freedom. 

Love me or hate me, that is your choice, but please, please, please, stop hating because someone does not look or think like you. 

God bless you and God bless America!


Today, I write in the midst of turmoil, hate, confusion, and destruction and weep.  I weep because, in my view, many have lost the view of the preciousness of life.  Too many seem to be focused on themselves, their causes, their wounds, hurts, bitterness, anger, resentment, and desires rather than LIFE. 

We live in a world filled with hate and hate is, in today’s climate, more visible than love.  That is a tragedy of tragedies.  In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, paranoia, fear, and economic destruction in its wake, life goes on.  In a time of anarchy, violence, riots, mayhem, and destruction, life goes on.  However, because of external stimuli, many have lost God’s intended view of the preciousness of life.  That makes me sad and causes me to weep.

In the middle of all of this, my family has been brought face to face with our own mortality and in that realization, we have developed a new sense of the preciousness of life.  My wife’s battle with Stage Four Metastatic Breast Cancer we have renewed our desire and drive to savor every moment of life and live it to the fullest possible.  In that, there is no time for hate, envy, greed, avarice, or a desire to exact vengeance on anyone.  That will not make our lives better.  That will not extend our lives one second and possibly could end it prematurely. 

I see the riots in the streets over the claim of Institutional Racism in the Police and the argument that the condition is systemic and universal.  However, real statistics make that argument difficult to sustain.  Factual, statistical data from reliable sources indicate that the claim that a black man is 2 ½ times more likely to be shot by the police than a white man is not true.  Candace Owens reported a staggering statistic that debunks that claim.  The percentage of people killed by the police annually are whites (55%), blacks (27%,), and Hispanics (19%).  That makes Institutional Racism a difficult position to defend.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Crime Victimization Survey, 2018 (Table 14) reported interracial violent crime incidents in 2018.  The numbers were staggering and should trouble everyone, but not in the way the current spin is being presented.  The data indicated that the number of incidences of black on white crime (547,948), black on Hispanic (112,365), white on black (59,772), white on Hispanic (207,104), Hispanic on white (365,299) and Hispanic on black (44,551).  That suggests the rhetoric and spin is factually inaccurate and screams of a problem that is not racial but a mindset and a heart condition.

When I read of the 61 million unborn that has been aborted, I weep and ask, “Did their lives matter?”  When I read of events like George Floyd’s death, I weep and ask, “Does life matter anymore to anyone?”  When I read of the rioters killing innocent civilians in their ‘protest’ of the wrongful death of Mr. Floyd and the aftermath, I weep and ask, “Does life matter anymore?” 

When we value life and embrace the preciousness of it, we live differently, treat others differently, and view each day as a gift.  There are problems in our American society and riots won’t cure them.  There are problems in America and attacking the police or other institutions won’t cure them.  There are problems in our world and hate only exacerbates them it never resolves them.

We are all creations of God and all our lives are valuable.  They are valuable to God and because we are God’s creations and been granted the gift of life, they should be valuable and precious to us. 

Elections matter in the sense they give power to politicians who enact laws that shape our future as a republic.  They matter because they give power to politicians who either protect our liberties or seek to restrict and infringe upon them.  Elections matter, because we are a Republic and those elected are supposed to be our Representatives.  They are people to whom we have consented to govern and if they fail to govern morally, righteously, constitutionally, ethically, and legally we are obligated to vote them out of office in the next election.  Elections matter because Freedom is priceless, and Life is precious. 

Those who insist that these riots and exhibitions of anarchy are necessary to battle the Institutional Racism in America I ask several questions.  First, how does taking the lives of innocent people, destroying property and thereby lives, and looting rectify the wrong you are protesting?  It makes you what you are supposedly protesting.  If there is Institutional Racism in the police how do those protesting and making that argument address the cities where the mayors, city councils, and police departments are headed by black men and women?  Are they racists against blacks?  The problem is not skin color, the problem is the heart, the mind, the attitude.

Too many have been taught to fear and hate.  Have there and are there injustices?  Absolutely.  Can we resolve them?  Yes, but not in the manner we are pursuing it today.  I am a Christian and unashamedly declare that only God can change the heart and until we have a heart change and begin to view life as precious will we see a change in the culture of this nation.

Love me or hate me, that is your choice, but I ask everyone to look deep inside your heart and ask yourself, “Is My Life Precious?”  If you answer yes, and hopefully you will then ask, “Are not all Lives Precious?”  If we adopt that view and realize that we all can trace our ancestry to Adam in the Garden of Eden and certainly to Noah then we will see a change in our interpersonal, international, and interracial dealings.  It is our choice and we need God’s help.

God bless you and God bless America!


No, I am not a defeatist and no, I do not believe America is hopelessly lost, but I do see a clear and present danger that could become the fulfillment of my title question.  The battle for Freedom and America cannot be won solely on the political battlefield.  You may vehemently disagree, and I will attempt to articulate my reasons for that stance.  There is a way to win and, in my view, only one way to win.

Life is too short to spend unhappy and filled with hate or the erroneous belief that we are the any one person is responsible for how everyone else thinks, acts, or believes.  That seems to be the view of the incredibly unhappy leftists of today, largely in the Democratic Party.  There are PC activists who appear fully convinced that, in order to save humanity, they must transform the thinking and living of everyone.  They are miserably unhappy with their lives, largely due to their ideological beliefs, and their agenda, if realized will make everyone else miserable too.  I guess the old saying is correct, “misery loves company.”

I can honestly say today, I do not hate anyone.  I don’t know that I could have honestly said that a few years ago, a few months, weeks, or possibly even a few days ago.  I have stood before the Throne of God in Prayer and confessed my animus and animosity and asked forgiveness.  As I asked the LORD to unpack any hate in my heart, He obliged far beyond any expectation and I wept, knowing I was guilty.  I didn’t think I hat hate in my heart.  I excused my disgust as being righteous indignation not hate.  I justified my dislike and argued that it did not rise to the level of hate.  The Holy Spirit seemed to disagree and now that I have laid it on the altar, I do not want to pick it back up.

Hate is ripping our nation to shreds.  Hate is dividing families and estranging longtime friends.  Hate is creating an impasse in Congress and impeding our progress as a Republic.  Hate is drawing us back to positions and conditions that we had made great strides to overcome in almost every sector of society.  Hate is not exclusive to one ideological position or political party.  Hate is not exclusive to one religious sect or one sector of the country.  It has become pervasive and although denied, it is real.

If we continue fighting the Battle for the Republic on the political battlefield, the battle is already lost.  What is happening in America is no longer Republican vs Democrat, Conservative vs Liberal, or even Capitalism vs Socialism.  The battle is truly Good vs Evil but saying that sounds as though we are saying the Republicans, Conservatives, and Capitalists are all good and everyone else is evil.  If that is our view we are dangerously near the abyss of hate and destruction.  Each side in this political war seems to believe they are purists and holy and the other side corrupt and unholy.  That creates an impasse that politics cannot cure.

In my conversations with some devoted followers of the current liberal ideological agenda, I have discovered they are deeply troubled, filled with anger, and incredibly unhappy.  You may be one of the followers of that ideological tenet and take exception to my statement.  I don’t know every liberal so I cannot make a blanket statement that is one-size-fits-all.  I can only address those I talk to and those I see and hear on the national stage.  The deep resentment for this country’s founding is astounding to this American. 

Many on the Left express their enmity for our heritage.  They have been taught by professors and others who believe that our founding was immoral, and we unjustly created this Republic.  They do not believe in American exceptionalism and agree with Barack Obama that it does not exist or exists only at the expense of the rest of the world.  They want to create a Utopian world where everyone has the same success earned or unearned.  They want to create a world where we become a cookie-cutter version of humanity and mindlessly follow the politically correct code.  They demand fairness without realizing how unfair their demands are for those who invest themselves to achieve.  They are miserable and driven to make everyone else conform to their ideological views.

I have heard the many disparaging labels used by both sides in today’s political squabbles. Derogatory names are hurled about while claiming to be on the side of right and the civil ones in this battle.  Name-calling usually reveals something in the heart that is far from righteous and is birthed from deep animosity that borders on if it is not full-blown hatred.  I try to refrain from using the most-vile of those terms because I do not see them as productive and affording any hope of finding common ground for the good of America.

Nancy Pelosi, in announcing that there would be a vote on Impeachment said, “We have been working on this 2 ½ years.”  The unfortunate truth is that the crime they accuse the president of committing occurred in July of 2019, namely the Ukraine phone call.  Yes, they accused him of working with a foreign nation to steal the 2016 election but that fell apart almost from the beginning.  Their focus then became Ukraine and that was the basis of their Impeachment Articles passed in a completely partisan vote in the House.  Was her admission a Freudian slip?  Regardless it made their actions even more transparent. 

America has suffered unnecessarily over the past 3 years, as the Left has belched forth incredible vitriol and tirelessly sought to oust and destroy this president.  If we were not divided by hate, both sides could have worked to achieve much good for the American people in this booming economy and improving international conditions.  That has not been the case and it has become totally partisan politics.  If we cannot see how that fails and realize that fighting this fight strictly politically will result in defeat for both sides, we are not being observant.

I am unashamedly a Christian.  I believe that the only solution to the divide in America is for this nation and we Americans to reaffirm the truths upon which our Republic was founded.  Our founders were not necessarily pious men or even deeply religious, but our Constitution was clearly influenced by the teaching of the Bible and God’s moral law.  They believed that everyone has the Right to Life and the right to live that life without undue government influence, regulations, and restrictions.  They believed that every person should be allowed to enjoy Liberty and Freedom and pursue Happiness. 

Pursue Happiness?  I meet so few today among those who espouse the liberal ideological philosophy of today that are happy and find it difficult to believe they are pursuing happiness.  When I am miserable, I tend to think that everyone else is too and find it difficult to see that I might be quite alone in my morass of depression.  It is when I look beyond myself, looking upward and outward that I realize that I too can find hope and happiness.

America if we are going to win this war we must look inward and address the condition of our own hearts.  We must return to God and accept the reality that everyone does not think the same, live the same, believe the same, or want the same things.  We can disagree without destroying those who disagree.  In a sense, it is “live and let live.”

I am praying for America and praying that we will awaken, first in the Church, and then in the nation and once again become the Republic that our Founders envisioned and hoped to perpetuate into perpetuity.  One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All. 

God bless you and God bless America!


The end game of what?  What is the end game of the Democrats in this bogus impeachment boondoggle?  Yes, I called it that and stand by my opinion.  If you hold a differing opinion you have the right to it.  Opinions and a sawbuck will get us a cup of coffee in most places.  Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys one said, “Opinions are like an anal cavity opening, everybody has one.”  He used a little different language, but I will take my verbiage and leave it at that.  Opinions are just that, opinions.  They are not in and of themselves facts, they are opinions.

Now, back to the question at the outset, ‘What is the end game?’  What could the Democrats possibly hope to achieve with this incredible 3-plus year mining expedition trying to taint, damage, and oust the President?  They know they have no factual evidence, at least none they have offered.  They know they, have little hope of obtaining a conviction in the Senate!  They know that virtually no on the Right will come over to their side.  Therefore, it begs the question, “What is the end game?”

Let me offer my opinions.  Yep, that personal and sometimes valueless activity of forming an opinion is what I am offering.  I believe that what I suggest is valid, but you may unequivocally disagree.  I only ask that you hear my suggestions as possible reasons for this constant dripping on the proverbial rock that we have endured for the entire time Trump has been President.  Yes, he is president even if some do not think legitimately so.  He won!

Possibility number one is they hope to overturn the 2016 election and oust the president.  I suspect that only a few blindly hopefuls on the Left think that is possible.  So, if that is not the reason is there a sub-reason in this attempt to oust him from office? 

Possibility number two is they hope to taint President Trump in the eyes of the public so that he will be damaged goods in November’s election.  But I seriously doubt that anyone other than a few rabid Leftists honestly believes they can turn any on the Right to their side.  There are some who apparently do believe that is possible, but I suspect there are precious few of them.

Possibility number three is they hope to flip at least four Senate seats and regain control of the Senate.  I believe that is a much more viable possibility of what they are hoping to achieve.  They are targeting Susan Collins (R-Maine), John Cornyn (R-Texas), Cory Gardner (R-Colorado), the vacated seat of Jon Kyl (R-Arizona), Thom Tillis (R-North Carolina).  There are others running in 2020 but those are the names I have heard mentioned most often as potential flips.  That may well be their objective since most of them know they cannot oust Trump and many on the Left do not believe they can beat him in 2020. 

Possibility number four is they are seeking to shore up the rabid base on the Left and quell the quest of people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to oust some of her own party and replace them with rabid liberals.  The Democrats are a very splintered Party and there are competing factions between the Biden, Obama, Clinton camps and the Sanders, Warren and openly socialist camps.  AOC has been vocal in her intent to spearhead an attempt to rid the Party of any Centrist positions.  She said, that in any other country she and Biden would not be in the same political party.  She has even suggested as have others that if Bernie loses the nomination, they should form a Third Party and run against both sides. 

What could they gain by that action?  They believe that they could split the electoral vote so that no candidate received 270 electoral votes and the election would be sent to the House of Representatives, thus opening the door for them in the future.  I believe that if they splinter the Party that dramatically it will result in the same scenario as Ross Perot caused for George H.W. Bush and they would get beaten soundly.

Possibility number five is one that few are considering.  That is that Schiff and Nadler and a few others are trying to solidify their own base and keep the AOC dogs at bay.  They are talking like the rabid Leftists they are and know that will resonate with the AOC consortium if she has one.  The most rabid among the liberals on the Left are so fixated on hating Trump, anything that appears an effort to destroy him is welcomed by them.

What is the End Game?  Above all is their desire for Power and Control.  Congressman Schiff revealed what he thinks of the American voter in his tirade before the Senate.  He said, “The President’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.”  They have said on more than one occasion that they do not trust us to decide who governs us.  They do not believe we are competent enough, intelligent enough, or informed enough to make our own decisions.  That flies in the face of the Constitution and intent of the Founding Fathers.

I am increasingly gravitating toward the opinion that the Democrats in power would seek to suspend all national elections if they had total control and would become our masters for life.  Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately.  They are targeting our right to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Religion, Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and most of our other inalienable rights.  Why?  Because if we are allowed to freely speak our minds, form our own thoughts, worship our God, and protect ourselves they cannot control us. 

What is the end game?  TOTAL CONTROL!  You can doubt my opinions and discount them as nothing more than paranoia, fear-mongering, and conspiracy theories. However, if they regain power, you will discover I am not off the mark.  They do not believe we have the right to private property if that property is useful to them.  Rather than seeing themselves as ‘public servants’ they see us as ‘servants.’  What they think of us was vocalized by Barack Obama as he called us ‘bitter clingers’ and Hillary Clinton as she called us ‘a basket of deplorables.’  They are two of the many who believe they are our rightful lords and we should be grateful for any bones they throw us.  After all, the government not God is the ultimate power to them.

As I said, this is an expression of my opinion and you can do with it what you will.  However, if you value your freedom you will carefully consider what is happening, watch the shenanigans and listen to the superfluous diatribe that has no purpose other than purveying fear and hate.  If you pray, think, and investigate you will realize you have no option but to reject the Leftists in November. 

God bless you and God bless America!