Who did?  The Democrats in the debate last night in Texas.  I was disturbed, appalled, angry, frustrated, and disheartened by what little I heard.  I was alarmed and disappointed that even in the bastion of liberalism that Houston, Texas has become and the university at which they held the debate.  But, with the influx of liberal thought from outside the state and the decades of brainwashing in our universities, I am not surprised.  Add to that mix the bought and paid for liberal activist what else would we expect?

The Democratic Candidates for President, with the minor exception of Joe Biden, all revealed that the Constitution is meaningless to them.  As it was with Barack Obama, if it prevents them from doing what they want, they are willing to ignore it.  The assertions and appeals being made from that group were rooted in ignorance, misinformation, and paranoia.  It was an attempt to fan the flames of irrational emotion to achieve an end.  The end, I am convinced is not what they say they are seeking to achieve.

The question was raised to Kamala Harris about Joe Biden’s comment that her promise to secure ‘gun control’ on her first day in office as President through executive order.  Biden said and tried to repeat that ‘We have a Constitution.’  She ignored that as did the rest of the crowd.  Those especially disgusting included Robert Francis O’Rourke and Cory Booker.  They made some outlandishly ignorant statements that need to be addressed.  However, the bottom line is far worse than their ignorance.

I can understand the frustration of feeling like you are supposed to do something to protect people.  I can appreciate the urge to do something to quiet the fears of the public after mass shootings.  I can appreciate trying to find a viable and real solution to a problem.  However, if you begin with the wrong premise you reach a wrong conclusion.  That is what they are doing and what millions across America are doing.  We are treading water in the murky waters of tyranny and must be cautious.

The words of Benjamin Franklin and his warning should be given new life today.  I will paraphrase, “If we give up liberty hoping to gain safety and security, we will achieve neither.”  The idea that banning, confiscating, forcing people to sell their guns to the government WILL NOT solve the problem but make Americans less safe.  That reality is not the most dangerous part of their pursuit and agenda.  If we give up rights in one area, such as our 2nd Amendment Rights what is to prevent them from taking rights in other areas.  They are already attacking our 1st Amendment Rights and our 4th Amendment Rights.  What is next?  Total Tyranny?

Mr. O’Rourke demonstrated his total ignorance regarding guns or his diabolical intent or both.  He tried to make the argument that the AR-15 and AK-47 were designed to kill and therefore must be banned.  Sir, I must ask, “What gun is not designed to kill?”  He further stated that the ‘high capacity’ rifles were incredibly dire because the ‘high capacity’ rifle bullet when it hits its targets spreads throughout the body because that was its design.  That is total ignorance and I would hope he knows it.  The magazine does not determine the effect of the bullet.  If he was speaking of a bullet that fragments and stays within the body, he was probably speaking of ‘frangible’ ammo.  That round is designed for close-quarters use by the police or to protect innocent bystanders in the instance a round must be fired at a perpetrator. 

Mr. O’Rourke was asked if he would force Americans to give up their so-called ‘assault’ rifles.  He said, “Hell yes, I will take their guns.”  He and Mr. Booker tired to make the impassioned plea that ‘We have to do something.’  All of them argued that we could not wait until the Democrats were back in power but must do something now. 

Mr. Booker said that 80% of Americans favor a federal gun license.  Well, 83% believe that mental health is the main cause of mass shootings.  So, again, I contend that they are targeting the wrong root cause. The paranoia over semi-automatic rifles is misguided.  Have we forgotten that the scores of murders and shootings in cities like Chicago and New York are not with an AR-15 or AK-47 but a handgun?  Will that be banned next by the left.  If you demand a federal gun license will you also demand a valid photo voter identification?

The problem, which I have stated before, is that when a mass shooting takes place and the government acts with another ‘gun law’ that restricts the rights of legal Americans it does not solve the problem.  There is another public outcry to ‘do something’ and another more restrictive law is passed or enacted and that also fails.  Over time, the public becomes accepting of the idea of ‘banning guns’ trying to find safety and that opens the door for the government to impose restrictions in every area of life and gives them Total Control.

The inherent dangers of following this path of targeting a style of firearms thinking that is the solution are mountainous.  America, if we allow the politicians to continue stripping us, the law-abiding of our inalienable and constitutional rights hoping the criminals will also comply we endanger ourselves.

Additionally, if you think Donald Trump is foul-mouthed, how about condemning the potty mouth former Congressman from El Paso.  He seems to think that his increasing use of profanity is somehow endearing him to the public.  I find it repulsive and it shows his lack of ability to communicate so he is trying to be macho and demonstrate that he is a take-charge guy fighting for the people.  I see no redeeming value in his arguments or his demonstrated character.

America, if we do not wake up and reject that group of people who see no value, no authority, and have no respect for the document they will swear to protect and defend we destroy ourselves.   I reject the lot of them and will vote to ensure they do not regain control in 2020.

God bless you and God bless America!


The Left is spinning the spin and the various news outlets are chanting the mantra that the A/G’s special prosecutor or investigator or whatever he is called is just doing a fact-finding inquiry, not a criminal investigation.  That might be true, but…  But what?  But, if that is the case, then they have no cause for the panic being exhibited and the attempts of Comey, Brennan, and Clapper trying to throw the other under the bus. 

I get amused at the calumniation of the Democrats, the Media, and the various activist including some Republicans that insist everything done by Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Obama, Clinton, Schiff, Nadler, and the plethora of other Leftists identified, was on the up and up.  They insist that this was all done by the books.  I guess we should be asking, “What Books?”  Maybe we should ask, “Whose Book?”  The Cloward-Piven Book, the Alinsky Book, the Obama Book, What Book?  It is definitely not the Constitution and the defined laws guiding the process.  They besmirched President Trump at every turn without documentation, fact, or verified information.  His destruction was their objective and still is.

Their antics remind me of the “Who’s on First” skit by Abbott and Costello and is laughingly similar to the “Keystone Cops” episodes of bygone eras.  Brennan is going on the News Circuit claiming this investigation is a ‘fishing expedition’.  Seriously?  We just endured a two-plus year investigation of fictional collusion with Russia by the Trump team and the mythical obstruction of justice for the President doing his constitutionally guided job.  Now, when the shoe is on the other foot it is a ‘fishing expedition?’ 

Brennan insisted that what Trump and Barr were trying to do was find something they could misrepresent and taint the pristine actions of the FBI, CIA, Homeland, and NSA in this debacle and what should be called a scandal.  Seriously?  Misrepresent, that’s what you and the followers of your brand of toxic liberalism have been doing since the 2016 campaign when it was clear Trump was the Republican nominee.  What do you fear if you have nothing to hide?  Why posture yourselves and attempt to throw your fellow conspirators under the bus if there is nothing to find? 

They used the Steele dossier or the “Pee dossier” as intelligence when they knew almost from the beginning if not from the beginning it was largely if not totally fabricated.  The rats begin jumping the ship immediately when Attorney General Barr appointed a U.S. attorney to investigate the origins of the Russia collusion claims.  The email chain, texts, and other documentation have surfaced and the I.G. report is apparently so damning to their efforts they are scrambling to secure the appropriate cover. 

We know that the dossier was used as evidence and intelligence in at least three successful FISA warrants being secured.  The first application was signed by James Comey in October 2016 as they began spying on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.  Then the 2nd and 3rd were renewed every 90 days. 

A Brennan surrogate came forth and made allegations against James Comey and has insisted that Brennan and Clapper opposed Comey on the inclusion of the Steele dossier in the FISA applications because it was not intelligence.  That is somewhat laughable because Brennan had already been publicly vocal and adamant about his desire to stop Trump.  They might not have wanted to use the fictitious dossier, but they wanted the FISA warrants and wanted to spy on Trump and anyone connected to him.

On the other hand, a member of Comey’s army insisted that it was Brennan that insisted that the dossier be included in the ICA report on Russian interference.  It can be amusing watching the finger pointing and hilarious attempts to do CYA when those with their hands in the cookie jar get exposed. 

Former Representative Trey Gowdy, said that based on what he has seen, Comey has a better argument than Brennan on who was the key figure in including the fallacious dossier to obtain illegal warrants to spy on American citizens.  Mr. Gowdy said, “Tell anybody looking into this to look at the emails.” 

When Comey testified before the House of Representatives Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Mr. Gowdy challenged Comey on the dossier.  The dossier was referred to internally by the FBI as “crown material”, and heavily relied on.  Why?  Because they had nothing else and knew they could spin it to get what they wanted in the FISA Court.

Mr. Gowdy asked Comey if he (Comey) recalled whether any quote, crown material, or dossier material was included in the IC assessment.  Comey, said, “Yes.”  He then tried to do some basic CYA and referred to the unclassified Exhibit A called Annex A in the report entitled, “Russia – Kremlin’s TV Seeks to Influence Politics, Fuel Discontent in the U.S.”  That report like the rest of the report included this disclaimer:

This report is a declassified version of a highly classified assessment; its conclusions are identical to those in the highly classified assessment, but this version does not include the full supporting information on key elements of the influence campaign.” 

As the inquiry continued Comey threw Brennan under the bus and insisted that Brennan was part of the initial decision to include the Steele dossier in everything they did.  Clapper went on CNN insisting that they had corroborated some of the dossier and therefore included it in their pursuit of Trump.  That was a blatant lie and he knew it, but CNN parroted it and the ill-informed and those wanting to believe the worst about Trump bought it hook line and sinker.

Brennan regularly briefed Obama on the dossier and their actions in pursuing something on Trump.  Obama, Hillary, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and the almost endless list of other prominent Democrats have incredibly dirty hands.  If the Attorney General wants to restore any semblance of justice and integrity to the DOJ and Washington, he must not only do a fact-finding inquiry into this but prosecute the guilty of a violation of our laws. Some of the actions border on if they are not fully Treasonous.  I want all the corrupt to be exposed to the light of day and brought to justice, regardless of political affiliation.

God bless you and God bless America!


Let me state at the outset, this is not a one-sided tendency but one that is so deeply ingrained in politics and politicians it emanates from both sides of the aisle and is pervasive in much of society.  Of course, I am speaking of something in particular so rather than any further attempts to stimulate your interest, let’s get to it.

This can be and must be applied to numerous situations, words, and events, but one that comes to the forefront of my thought consciousness is “Global Warming.”  The more I research the transition and development of this idea, as advanced by Al Gore and scores of others on the Left, I observe some interesting facts and factors.  No, I do not find evidence to support the theory of man-made global warming, but how Global Warming became Climate Change and why.  It was both the work of politics and an effort to package and sell an unsellable commodity to the public.

Those advancing this theory discovered that the public and most politicians were not buying the concept and were unwilling to advance the desired policies being requested. That prompted them to do something interesting.  Their think-tank or whatever consortium of like-minded advocates they had networked together came up with an ingenious idea.  They changed the theory from being called ‘Global Warming’ to ‘Climate Change.’  Seems a bit benign on the surface but it is far from benign.

That simple change enabled them to base all their research on computer models which are only as good as the information put in them and politicize the weather.  Al Gore became an incredibly wealthy man as he engaged in this hype.  Others have become incredibly wealthy and powerful and entire nations have been brought under the thumb of the proponents and human beings have suffered more than a little. 

Let me refer you to a published declaration that appeared in the Wall Street Journal in January 2012.  In that research and article, the reports from sixteen eminent scientists declaring, “No Need to Panic About Global Warming.”  That should have been the end of this hoax, but they were ignored, and the hype continued.  Let me give you a statement from those scientists and you then decide if you still believe that man is causing global warming or climate change to the degree the Al Gore’s of the world insist.

“Today’s CO2 concentrations worldwide average about 380 parts per million. This level of CO2 concentration is trivial compared with the concentrations during earlier geologic periods. For example, 460 million years ago, during the Ordovician Period, CO2 concentrations were 4,400 ppm, and temperatures then were about the same as they are today. With such high levels of CO2, the Earth should have been boiling.”

Based on those facts I must remain a doubter or denier of the theory and hold to my belief that God is in control of the weather.  I do not believe that God is an absentee landlord and that puny man is capable of causing the disruption of which we are accused.  Those scientists also stated something more that should bury this theory once and for all, but it hasn’t and will not.

“According to the website, the current global average temperature is roughly ‘shy of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. About 55 million years ago – just after the age of the Dinosaurs – the era known as the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) saw average global temps as high as 73 degrees Fahrenheit.” 

I have read research from eminent scientists that suggest that rather than focusing on global warming we are moving in the direction of another global cooling.  They believe that a ‘cooling’ globally is possible and likely in this century rather than a ‘warming.’  I had someone challenge me saying, “If you don’t believe in ‘global warming’ your grand kids will.”  Seriously?  They might, they are being taught to be people who think.  However, I believe if they think and do actual research they will be like their grandpa and deny that this is the work of man. 

If the Global Warming or Climate Change advocates get their way, we will be plunged back into the pre-technological and pre-industrial eras and everyone and everything will suffer.  Transportation, manufacturing, energy, medicine, and even education will be hampered if not destroyed. 

A basic study of science reveals that the many arguments regarding CO2 emissions as being the greatest enemy of mankind and the planet is ludicrous.  The idea that CO2 emissions are the main driver of weather patterns is not an established scientific fact and there is much disagreement in the scientific community over its role and influence. 

To argue, as some politicians have that bovine flatulence must end to save the planet is based on imagination, not scientific data.  What if we went back to a time where there were millions of animals include the Bison or Buffalo that roamed freely across the planet.  Did they not pass gas?  How did the cow suddenly become the culprit?  Those four-legged creatures are simply a pawn in the scheme to gain control of everything through paranoia and fear-mongering.

Changing the name of something or redefining it has happened in many other things and the among the newest is the idea of Socialism being sold as Progressivism and Liberalism.  The redefining of genders and the expanding the basic factual DNA proven number from two to dozens is simply part of the scheme to package and sell an idea or agenda.  Free speech, if it is from a conservative, constitutional, or religious position is now Hate speech and not protected by the 1st Amendment. 

America, if we are to survive we must reject the presumptive postulations by the Left and return to following God’s moral law, using rational reason, and restoring the Constitution as the Law of the Land.  We have much to do, and it is imperative that each of us shoulders their own share of the load and gets to the business of reclaiming the Constitutional Government our Founders established and charged us to maintain.

God bless you and God bless America. 


How’s that for sounding like a ‘war-monger’? But, that is not my intent or my heart.  I desperately long for peace in America.  I want what seems to be an elusive dream and often seems a Utopian fantasy, a United America!  I was not alive during WWII but the spirit of survival and the spirit of patriotism that coursed through the veins of most Americans in that ear is something I long for.  I did not see it in Vietnam, a war of which I am a veteran.  I saw glimpses of it after 9/11 and saw what could be.

However, even in 9/11, there were naysayers and those who sought to divide America and prevent our focus on America and the perceived threat of our very existence.  There are some who are ‘Truthers’ who call this a heinous inside job by our American government.  Some of them are on my Facebook friends list and will take offense to what I’m saying.  If I were to adopt that view, and just because I see it on Google does not make it so, I would withdraw from society and become a hermit hiding in isolation and praying that no one finds me.  Our government has done some pretty bad things in our history and my argument that this was an attack by whoever is not a justification of the bad we have done in our history.

But, none of those things are my focus for this article. The disunity of America and the brewing and possibly impending civil war in America is.  The words of Rodney King are frequent thoughts in my mind and I hear calls from both sides of the aisle to “just get along.” 

Sadly, both sides seem to have drawn lines in the sand and refuse to budge.  Most of the calls for ‘civility’ and ‘unity’ put the burden and responsibility for the divide on one side or the other.  That almost guarantees there will be no coming together as a nation and no engaging in civil discourse that is void of violence.  Again, this is a heart and mind condition that is not a recent development.  This has been brewing and developing for decades but is almost to the point of eruption and that is deeply disappointing and concerning.

I, as a supporter of this President, am willing to say, there will be no getting along until the foundational issues of the millions who back President Trump are addressed with seriousness.  There were issues addressed in the 2016 Campaign that have not been facilitated or even considered by the Left and too many on the Right.  The typical response of Congress is to kick the can down the road and ignore the real issues.  They deal with the superficial and the easy but the difficult, complicated, and controversial they tend to sidestep.  Getting elected and reelected is their objective not fixing America’s problems. 

This may shock and even infuriate some, but I do not see Donald J. Trump as an extreme politician.  I can hear the gasps and some saying, “But, Roy, his rhetoric and constant tweeting is extreme.”  Really?  In 2020 America that is extreme?  If that is the case then virtually every member of Congress and every member of the Media, Hollywood, and most College Professors are extremist.  In fact, most of us are if that is the measure of extremism. 

The polarization in America and in American politics is not caused by Donald Trump, he is the result of that polarization.  Donald Trump’s election did not cause division in America it exposed it.  Millions of Americans in most States in this Republic had grown fed-up with politicians and politics and wanted America to be America again.  We had grown tired of the continued taxation, restrictions, political correctness, dismantling of our military, erasing our borders, and shredding our Constitution.  We wanted to get government out of our healthcare, our bedrooms, and relegate it to limited involvement in our daily lives.  In short, we wanted what our Founders and the Framers of the Constitution established and envisioned.  We still do!

At the risk of alienating some on both sides of the ideological aisle, the divide in America is not Republican vs Democrat it is Good vs Evil.  No, I am not saying if you are a Democrat you are evil and if you are a Republican you are good.  But, this is a heart and mind issue more than it is a political one.  The National Democratic Establishment has adopted Evil as their platform.  They have become, if they were not always, incredibly authoritarian.  They have moved to the Left of the Leftists FDR, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, and in many ways even Barack Obama. 

The National Democratic Party that should include Socialist in their name has become visibly anti-Semitic.  Their leaders, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings, and others have demonstrated a propensity to stoop to any level of dishonesty to achieve their objective.  There has been the direct and indirect encouragement for violence and some of their followers hear that as validation of their anger and open season on those who oppose their views. 

The rage against this president has been 100% manufactured and the refusal of the National and Congressional Democrats to move on and accept the acknowledgment of ‘no collusion’ in the 400+ page Mueller report is dangerous.  It is designed to keep Trump in the news, fake and real, and keep their base and followers in the dark and enraged.  They believe they must maintain that to have any hope of winning in 2020.  Are they right?  November of 2020 will be the answer.

As long as the angry bitter vitriol continues, we will have no peace.  As long as the fanning of the flames and the insistence continues, we will have no peace.  As long as the misuse and abuse of Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies continues, there will be no peace.  As long as various governmental agencies such as the IRS are used to target those of opposing views, there will be no peace. 

I am deeply concerned that there will be a blood-letting civil war in America!  There are extremist on both sides who are chomping at the bits to engage in war.  They are ticking time bombs with increasingly short fuses.  The ranting of politicians like Maxine Waters, Corey Booker, and others continues, there will be no peace.  As long as there is perceived or real ‘ballot harvesting’ in elections trying to steal them for either side, there will be no peace.  As long as there is the attempt to shred our Constitution and ‘fundamentally transform’ America into something other than what we were established to be Constitutionally, there will be no peace.

America if we want peace we must turn to the Prince of Peace!  I make no apologies in calling for America to Repent and Return to the LORD.  The directive in 2 Chronicles 7:14 is applicable today and is both a warning and a promise.  God says, “If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  We need healing and I pray, “Father, forgive me for my failures and help me be the man needed to bring about godly change in my world.”

            God bless you and God bless America!


That’s what the Leftist Democrats are trying to convince us that this crisis at the border is. There are people, with firsthand knowledge and who are using true statistical data that tell us that the Leftist are selling us ‘snake oil.’ They are warning that the crisis is real and a response to it is required because this is a National Emergency .  Of course, there are those that believe the border is a minor issue and they focus on our involvement in foreign nations as being far more serious. 

I do not disagree that interventionism is a problem, but I believe the greatest national security issue we face now is the Southern Border.  I wish that those in Congress both the Donkeys and the Elephants could find a way to work together and do what is in the best interest of America and Americans, but politics reigns and the impasse is impassable, so we are in this conundrum.

The statistical data and factual reporting reveal that there were over 76,000 illegal border crossing in February alone!  If that is not a crisis and a situation that demands immediate attention, I guess I don’t know what a crisis is.  If that is not a threat to our national security, I guess I don’t know what national security is.  I’m sure someone will say, “You are right, you don’t.”  However, I believe that I do know and while there are many threats to our national security this is one of those at the top of the list.  Illegal immigration, we are informed by Homeland and ICE as well as other researchers is on pace to triple the levels of two-years ago.  Why?  Why the increase?

Princeton University Policy Advisor Steven Kopits has projected that illegal border crossings will be triple that of 2017.  That is unacceptable, unsustainable, and dangerous!  No, they are not all innocent women and children.  No, they are not all simple poor people who want to find a better life.  Some of them and maybe many of them are criminals, cartel members, gang members, and associated with terrorist organizations.  Some of them are murders, rapists, thieves, and other reprehensible and dangerous individuals.  Please remember that we do have a Legal Immigration Procedure and anyone coming here MUST and I mean MUST follow the rules. 

That report has projected the number of crossing in 2019 will reach about 840,000 and DHS has estimated it to be closer to 900,000.  The illegals are aware of the dramatic increase in numbers and that increase diminishes the likelihood of their being apprehended dramatically.  Add to that the ‘Welcome Sign’ hung out by the Sanctuary Cities and States such as California and the Open Borders proponents of the Left and the promise of ‘freebies’ is like honey for flies.  If it were only the women, children, and people seeking a better life it would be one thing but those who have devious and nefarious intentions also see their opportunity to come stealthily into our nation.

Another report indicated that the crime data reveals that roughly 2,600 migrants will be murdered and over 100,000 people will be raped or assaulted during 2019.  The report also suggests that there will be 34,000 kidnappings, 21,000 cases of forced labor, and over 100,000 robberies.  If that is not serious and reason to secure the border, what will it take? 

The claim by non-thinkers such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Robert Francis O’Rourke, and the myriad of other Leftists Socialist Progressive Liberal Democrats that securing the border is racist, bigotry, and inhumane is ridiculous.  Their approach would give the United States zero control or say in who crosses our border.  How is that a good plan?  A country without borders is not a country it becomes nothing more than a state of the bordering countries.  I realize that the endgame of those Leftists is Globalism and a World Government, but that is not what most Americans want and not what should transpire. 

Border patrol agents have referred to this, rightfully, as an invasion.  Of the apprehended illegals attempting to cross the borders in February, they reported that 36,000 were family units and almost 7,000 were unaccompanied minors.  That reflects an increase of over 150% over 2018.  Tell me again that this is not a crisis and an emergency.  Our law enforcement officers and officials addressing the border issue have declared it to be a Crisis! 

In the past, about 70% of the illegals were Mexican nationals and easily returned home but now 70% are from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.  They have exposed over 2,400 fraudulent claims of being families, including those who claimed to be under 18 but were older.  Large groups of 100 or more individuals are linking up trying to cross the border making the task of law enforcement incredibly difficult if not impossible.  So, please tell me again that securing the border is a manufactured crisis. 

Unfortunately, for them and us, many of the illegals are infected with contagious communicable diseases.  That is dangerous for Americans, costly for America, and drains the manpower of law enforcement as they are required to transport and attend to the sick who cross illegally.  There is an increase of over 120% in the requests for asylum with almost 40,000 being submitted in 2018 which is a significant increase from 2017.

The Immigration Act of 1924 limited the number of immigrants who would be allowed entry into the United States through a national quota system.  We had literacy tests and an “Asiatic Barred Zone” enforced.  That changed in the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, also known as the Hart-Celler Act, which abolished virtually all quotas based on national origin.  One of the major reasons for limiting immigration was to advance assimilation by those who were coming here. 

The claims of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats that we must have immigrants to continue to be and become what our Founders envisioned is ludicrous and they know it.  In the past, America expected people immigration to become Americans and Assimilate.  Today we not only do not expect them to assimilate we encourage them not to, at least through the policies of the liberal leftists.

We either deal with the border or we lose the Republic.  It really is that simple, although an incredibly complex issue.  Once we secure the border we can then begin the conversation regarding the so-called dreamers and those who have overstayed their Visas and those who have been here for decades.  I am not saying give them blanket amnesty but once the border is secured and the massive influx of illegals is halted we can talk about the problem.  Until then, I want no discussion regarding illegals other than a Secured Border!   This is another reason that I will continue to Vote No on the Leftists and try to Primary as many RINOs as I can.

God bless you and God bless America!


That is an open ended question that could cover a myriad of topics.  The “End” that I am talking about is the senseless, nonsensical, inane, and absurd push to destroy Donald Trump by the Left and the Never Trumpers?  Where does it end?  Does it end?  Would it end and there be a return to any sense of normalcy and civility if they succeeded in impeaching and ousting him from office?  My gut feeling is, no! 

I have learned in life and 50 years of ministry dealing with people who are saturated with hate and that emotion has become the driving force in their perceived purpose in life, the seriousness of this problem.  Once hate becomes ingrained and is a daily driving force, over time, it becomes the singular focus and so poisons the mind and sensibilities it blinds from reality and reason.  Hate is an incredibly powerful emotion and force and is a destroyer.  It is a cruel taskmaster!

There are those on the Right that feel the same way about Barack Obama as those on the Left feel about Donald Trump.  When any society allows hate and bitterness to permeate its conversation and drive its pursuits, purposes, and objectives hate opens the door to the total dismantling of that society. Hate is a tyrant and a brutal taskmaster!  I have questioned the hatred of some regarding President Trump only to have them vehemently attack me arguing they do not hate.  I have had some on the Right tell me that they hate Barack Obama.  I do not hate any person, but I do have a very strong aversion to some of the policies that are presented in government, from time to time. 

I realize that some may question my statement that I do not hate any person and they argue that I hate Democrats, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and most other politicians on that side of the aisle. I’ve been told that. I speak strongly in opposition to the policies of liberalism and socialism and may even question the character of some of the purveyors of that ideology. However, since I cannot truly see their hearts, I must leave the final judgment to God.  I pray for them and all our leaders.  I do not pray that they succeed in what they do but that they will see the light and do right.  I do not blindly obey whatever directive is issued from the government for there can be a time when I must choose to obey God or man.  However, I believe that it is imperative we be a nation of laws and comply as much as is possible without violating our faith.  Do not take that as a justification to ignore the laws you don’t like. 

In the Mueller “Investigation” that morphed into something unrecognizable when held up against its original declared purpose, there are still many questions.  Even though the summary of the report indicated there was no evidence of collusion by Trump or his team, there are those who refuse to let that go.  Even though the Attorney General and his Deputy concluded that there was not sufficient evidence to advance a case of obstruction against the president there are those who insist that was a partisan decision and without basis. 

Rod Rosenstein is not a Republican partisan but rather a Democrat operative, in my view. So, exactly how was his input a Republican partisan action? Had Robert Mueller plainly declared that Donald Trump was wrongly accused and gave him complete exoneration, there would be those who reject that and insist that Mueller just did not dig deep enough or was inept in some measure.

My question, at this point, and has been my question prior to this juncture concerns the former President Barack H. Obama.  My question and the question many have been asking but no one in Congress seems to be concerned with is, “How much did he know and when did he know it?” The Mueller Report information provided by the Attorney General indicated that Mueller and his team employed 19 lawyers and utilized the services of 40 FBI agents, intelligence analyst, forensic accountants, and other professionals and came up empty on the “Collusion” and “Obstruction” charges.  They issued 2,800 subpoenas, executed about 500 search warrants, had orders for over 230 pieces of communications, used over 40 pen registers, and made 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence as well as interviewing 500 or more witnesses.  Yet, the Democrats and the Media are claiming this was not thorough!  Seriously!  The turned over every rock and shook every bush but came up empty!  When will it end?

Back to the former president and what he knew and when he knew it.  That is germane, in my view, because if he was complicit and helped coordinate this hoax and fishing expedition he should be held accountable.  What can be done via the courts and the rule of law?  Probably not much, but if he is guilty of participation in a conspiracy to overthrow a legitimate president in what can only be called a failed coup, he should be exposed to the public.

If the Democrats and Republicans truly want to get to the truth, they should reopen the Hillary Clinton investigation and examine the Obama Department of Justice and administration regarding their involvement with any entity to tamper with our elections and damage our system of government.  Some will protest and say, “Roy, let it die and move on.”  I would love to do just that but since the Trump hate will not die and the pursuit of impeachment and ouster by the Democrats will not end, the truth needs to be unequivocally and explicitly be presented.  Would that end this charade?  Not likely but it might wake up a few hundred thousand Americans who are now wandering in the labyrinth of confusion.

There is strong indication that Loretta Lynch, the Obama Attorney General, and some at high levels in the FBI, DOJ, Homeland, NSA, CIA, IRS, and other agencies were part of a conspiracy to either overturn the election or oust the duly elected 45th President, Donald Trump.  I said regarding Obama, while he was president, the way to stop him was at the ballot box and if you hate Trump you have that venue to seek your objective. I ask that you stop pressing for more and more needless expenditure of our financial resources, law enforcement manpower, and damaging our international as well as our national standing. 

I am praying for America.  No, I do not presume or want to project myself as the holder of all the answers or that my prayers are more powerful and effective than anyone else’s.  I simply state that it is my view and belief that for America to survive and return to being, that Republic our Framers and the Founders established we need God’s help.  We need His help in dealing with the condition of the human heart. 

So long as hate, bias, prejudice, and the spirit of revenge and vengeance is pervasive we will not be able to sensibly and rationally discuss our issues and find solutions to our problems.  Donald Trump is not America’s problem.  Donald Trump is not a symptom of America’s problems.  Were Donald Trump to be removed from the equation and no longer exist on Earth our problems would continue.  In a very real sense, “We are Our Problem!” 

I know that one sentence will not sufficiently define what I mean, but “allowing hate to prevail and blind us to seeing the good in others prevents us from enjoying the benefit of what each person can provide or offer.”  You may not like Trump or any Republican.  You may not like Obama or any Democrat.  That is a choice you make but if we could realize that we all need each other and none of us is the answer to the ills that exist in our world we could all benefit. 

I am praying for America as envisioned by our Founders that recognizes the inalienable rights of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”  I am praying for that America that views, “all men as being created equal.”  I am praying for the flames of hate to be extinguished and for us to embrace our differences while holding to our convictions and principles.  Let’s be America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - Ten Commandments

I keep hearing the argument that the Founding Fathers and the Framers of our American Constitution we devotedly determined to ensure that nothing of the Bible or Christianity could be included in the public sector, but I keep finding problems with that argument.  Each time I broach those findings to the Separatist, they get angry, quote isolated out of context statements by some of the founders and frequently make their attack personal.  Hear me carefully, I DO NOT want the Church to run the State and do not want the State to run the Church.  However, I cannot ignore, nor do I desire to cast aside the biblical principles clearly invested in our Laws, System of Government, and Constitution.  Disagree if you please but examine the facts carefully before you reject my argument.

I believe it is incredibly taxing to embrace the contention that there is any single work that has had a greater impact on America life and culture than the Ten Commandments.  The Ten Commandments formed the foundation for general morals in America as witnessed in the Common Law.  When Moses revisited the Ten Commandments God promised that it would go well with the nation, and they would prolong their days in the land they were about to possess and occupy.  That Promise was not lost on the Founding Fathers who openly endorsed the application of the Ten Commandments to Civil Law.  John Quincy Adams contended: “The law given from Sinai was a civil as well as moral and religious code; it contained many statutes… of universal application-laws essential to the existence of men in society and most of which have been enacted by every nation which ever professed any code of laws.”  Noah Webster agreed: “Where will you find any code of laws among civilized men in which the commands and prohibitions are not founded on Christian principles?  I need not specify the prohibition of murder, robbery, theft, and trespass.” 

 I find it amazing when you realize that these laws and precepts are vital to the existence any society, and yet the Separatist and biblical detractors object to displaying the Commandments on such spurious grounds that there are too many versions.  They contend that displaying them would cause a “deep theological dispute” and therefore they must be banned.  The differences in the versions are largely in the number of them.  What they fail to realize that in the Hebrew they were presented without noting verse or number, that transpired when the Bible was translated into different languages.  Regardless of how they are numbered their impact on American laws is inescapable.  I will list a few examples because time and space will not permit an exhaustive exegesis of the subject.

Consider with me the following:

HAVE NO OTHER GODS.  Before you argue that has nothing to do with American Common or Civil Law you need to visit the documentation of the Virginia Colony in 1610, the Massachusetts legal code of 1641, and Connecticut in 1642.  It declared, “If any man after legal conviction shall have or worship any other god but the Lord God, he shall be put to death.”   Harsh?  Yes, as was the incorporation of HAVE NO IDOLS, HONOR GOD’S NAME, and HONOR THE SABBATH DAY.  This came from a people who had heretofore not had a copy of the Bible in their own language to read and study for themselves.  Previously the Bible had been kept from the people and only the priests were allowed to have, read, and interpret it.  This freedom led to them being so desirous of serving God with a whole heart they incorporated some stringent requirements from the Bible in Civil Law.  During the Revolution, Commander-in-Chief, General George Washington issued numerous military orders directing that the Sabbath be observed.  After the Revolution, many states continued the have laws honoring the Sabbath.  Even the U.S. Constitution stipulates in Article 1, Section 7, Paragraph 2, “the president has ten days to sign a law, Sunday’s excepted.”

HONOR YOUR PARENTS.  In 1642 Connecticut this was specifically incorporated into Civil Law and in 1934, three centuries later the Louisiana Appeals Court affirmed the continuing influence of the 5th Commandment on Civil Laws.

DO NOT MURDER.  This is, without argument a vital part of our Civil Law and the insertion of it acknowledged as being based on the Commandment of the Bible.   Numerous State Laws acknowledged the biblical directive of DO NOT COMMIT ADULTERY and indicated so in the wording of their laws such as Texas’ highest criminal court in 1898 stating, “Thou shalt not commit adultery is our law as well as the law of the Bible.”  In 1955 the Washington Supreme Court affirmed that “Adultery, where promiscuous or not, violates one of the Ten Commandments and statutes of the state.”

DO NOT STEAL.  In 1951 the Louisiana Supreme Court acknowledged: “In the Ten Commandments, the basic law of all Christian countries, is found the admonition, “Thou shalt not steal.”  Hey California, in 1940 your Supreme Court agreed: “Thou shalt not steal” applies with equal force and propriety to the industrialist of a complex civilization as to the simple herdsmen of ancient Israel.”  In fact, in 1914 a federal court declared that the Constitution’s “takings clause” prohibiting government seizure of private property was an embodiment of the Eight Commandment against theft, including government theft.  Have we drifted from that mindset today or what?

DO NOT PERJURE YOURSELF.  In 1642 Connecticut the law read: “If any man rise up by false witness, wittingly and of purpose to take away any man’s life, he shall be put to death” and referenced scripture as the basis of the law.  In 1924 the Oregon Supreme Court affirmed Oregon Law that, “No official is above the law. “Thou shalt not bear false witness” is a command of the Decalogue, and that forbidden act is denounced by statute as a felony.” 

DO NOT COVET.  Is the foundational basis for many laws and prohibitions listed in the other commandments, as stated by William Penn.  He declared, “He that covets can no more be a moral man than he that steals since he does so in his mind.  Nor can he be one that robs his neighbor of credit, or that craftily undermines him of his trade or office.”  John Adams, a staunch defender of Property Rights declared, “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence. If “Thou shalt not covet” and “Thou shalt not steal” were not commandments of Heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every society before it can be civilized or made free.” 

The Ten Commandments are so intertwined into and the foundational basis of our Moral Law and Civil Law it is impossible to miss.  The effect of the Commandments is the basis of having a truly civil society. It does not matter if your neighbor is an atheist or follows any other religion, if he governs himself by the Ten Commandments’ precepts and requirements he will not seek to kill you, steal from you, take your wife or other possessions, or defraud you.  The benefit derived from that, regardless of what religion or the absence thereof is inconsequential to law and civil society, he will be a good citizen.  Remember John Adams’ declaration, that even if the Ten Commandments “were not commandments of heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every society before it can be civilized or free.” 

Regardless of what you believe regarding religion and the Bible, surely you realize the benefit of the influence these Commandments have on our civil and moral law, government, and society.  I do not run from my love for or belief in the God and the Bible, nor did our Founders.  Our drift from our foundational moral moorings has produced much of the ills of today’s society.

God bless you and God bless America.

Note: Thanks to Wall Builders and David Barton for providing much of the research for this article.