BLOG POST 1 - Ten Commandments

I keep hearing the argument that the Founding Fathers and the Framers of our American Constitution we devotedly determined to ensure that nothing of the Bible or Christianity could be included in the public sector, but I keep finding problems with that argument.  Each time I broach those findings to the Separatist, they get angry, quote isolated out of context statements by some of the founders and frequently make their attack personal.  Hear me carefully, I DO NOT want the Church to run the State and do not want the State to run the Church.  However, I cannot ignore, nor do I desire to cast aside the biblical principles clearly invested in our Laws, System of Government, and Constitution.  Disagree if you please but examine the facts carefully before you reject my argument.

I believe it is incredibly taxing to embrace the contention that there is any single work that has had a greater impact on America life and culture than the Ten Commandments.  The Ten Commandments formed the foundation for general morals in America as witnessed in the Common Law.  When Moses revisited the Ten Commandments God promised that it would go well with the nation, and they would prolong their days in the land they were about to possess and occupy.  That Promise was not lost on the Founding Fathers who openly endorsed the application of the Ten Commandments to Civil Law.  John Quincy Adams contended: “The law given from Sinai was a civil as well as moral and religious code; it contained many statutes… of universal application-laws essential to the existence of men in society and most of which have been enacted by every nation which ever professed any code of laws.”  Noah Webster agreed: “Where will you find any code of laws among civilized men in which the commands and prohibitions are not founded on Christian principles?  I need not specify the prohibition of murder, robbery, theft, and trespass.” 

 I find it amazing when you realize that these laws and precepts are vital to the existence any society, and yet the Separatist and biblical detractors object to displaying the Commandments on such spurious grounds that there are too many versions.  They contend that displaying them would cause a “deep theological dispute” and therefore they must be banned.  The differences in the versions are largely in the number of them.  What they fail to realize that in the Hebrew they were presented without noting verse or number, that transpired when the Bible was translated into different languages.  Regardless of how they are numbered their impact on American laws is inescapable.  I will list a few examples because time and space will not permit an exhaustive exegesis of the subject.

Consider with me the following:

HAVE NO OTHER GODS.  Before you argue that has nothing to do with American Common or Civil Law you need to visit the documentation of the Virginia Colony in 1610, the Massachusetts legal code of 1641, and Connecticut in 1642.  It declared, “If any man after legal conviction shall have or worship any other god but the Lord God, he shall be put to death.”   Harsh?  Yes, as was the incorporation of HAVE NO IDOLS, HONOR GOD’S NAME, and HONOR THE SABBATH DAY.  This came from a people who had heretofore not had a copy of the Bible in their own language to read and study for themselves.  Previously the Bible had been kept from the people and only the priests were allowed to have, read, and interpret it.  This freedom led to them being so desirous of serving God with a whole heart they incorporated some stringent requirements from the Bible in Civil Law.  During the Revolution, Commander-in-Chief, General George Washington issued numerous military orders directing that the Sabbath be observed.  After the Revolution, many states continued the have laws honoring the Sabbath.  Even the U.S. Constitution stipulates in Article 1, Section 7, Paragraph 2, “the president has ten days to sign a law, Sunday’s excepted.”

HONOR YOUR PARENTS.  In 1642 Connecticut this was specifically incorporated into Civil Law and in 1934, three centuries later the Louisiana Appeals Court affirmed the continuing influence of the 5th Commandment on Civil Laws.

DO NOT MURDER.  This is, without argument a vital part of our Civil Law and the insertion of it acknowledged as being based on the Commandment of the Bible.   Numerous State Laws acknowledged the biblical directive of DO NOT COMMIT ADULTERY and indicated so in the wording of their laws such as Texas’ highest criminal court in 1898 stating, “Thou shalt not commit adultery is our law as well as the law of the Bible.”  In 1955 the Washington Supreme Court affirmed that “Adultery, where promiscuous or not, violates one of the Ten Commandments and statutes of the state.”

DO NOT STEAL.  In 1951 the Louisiana Supreme Court acknowledged: “In the Ten Commandments, the basic law of all Christian countries, is found the admonition, “Thou shalt not steal.”  Hey California, in 1940 your Supreme Court agreed: “Thou shalt not steal” applies with equal force and propriety to the industrialist of a complex civilization as to the simple herdsmen of ancient Israel.”  In fact, in 1914 a federal court declared that the Constitution’s “takings clause” prohibiting government seizure of private property was an embodiment of the Eight Commandment against theft, including government theft.  Have we drifted from that mindset today or what?

DO NOT PERJURE YOURSELF.  In 1642 Connecticut the law read: “If any man rise up by false witness, wittingly and of purpose to take away any man’s life, he shall be put to death” and referenced scripture as the basis of the law.  In 1924 the Oregon Supreme Court affirmed Oregon Law that, “No official is above the law. “Thou shalt not bear false witness” is a command of the Decalogue, and that forbidden act is denounced by statute as a felony.” 

DO NOT COVET.  Is the foundational basis for many laws and prohibitions listed in the other commandments, as stated by William Penn.  He declared, “He that covets can no more be a moral man than he that steals since he does so in his mind.  Nor can he be one that robs his neighbor of credit, or that craftily undermines him of his trade or office.”  John Adams, a staunch defender of Property Rights declared, “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence. If “Thou shalt not covet” and “Thou shalt not steal” were not commandments of Heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every society before it can be civilized or made free.” 

The Ten Commandments are so intertwined into and the foundational basis of our Moral Law and Civil Law it is impossible to miss.  The effect of the Commandments is the basis of having a truly civil society. It does not matter if your neighbor is an atheist or follows any other religion, if he governs himself by the Ten Commandments’ precepts and requirements he will not seek to kill you, steal from you, take your wife or other possessions, or defraud you.  The benefit derived from that, regardless of what religion or the absence thereof is inconsequential to law and civil society, he will be a good citizen.  Remember John Adams’ declaration, that even if the Ten Commandments “were not commandments of heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every society before it can be civilized or free.” 

Regardless of what you believe regarding religion and the Bible, surely you realize the benefit of the influence these Commandments have on our civil and moral law, government, and society.  I do not run from my love for or belief in the God and the Bible, nor did our Founders.  Our drift from our foundational moral moorings has produced much of the ills of today’s society.

God bless you and God bless America.

Note: Thanks to Wall Builders and David Barton for providing much of the research for this article. 




BLOG POST 1- What Can We Do

Yes, I am wading into this controversial, volatile and a hot-button issue.  I realize that there may be many who will not like what I’m going to say, some will consider it going too far and some not far enough.  Hopefully, I will be able to convey my thoughts rationally, logically, intelligently, and judiciously.  In my statements, I have no desire to target the kids from Parkland, Florida who are becoming the National Mouthpieces for Gun Control.  Those kids, I believe are sincere!  They have been traumatized beyond imagination and deserving of our compassion, empathy, and understanding.  I do believe they are speaking out of fear, their indoctrination by leftist educators, possibly parents, the MSM, activist, and politicians.  That is tragic and my heart breaks for them and their fears, rational or irrational.  They deserve our prayers and love, so they are not my target.

My target is the misguided, fraudulent, and wrong philosophy and ideology that, if allowed to succeed, will perpetuate the problem not resolve it.  Evil cannot be legislated into being good, but the national debate is, once again, attempting to push us down that path.  It is a pathway of failure and fails to address the real problem and will not protect one life and the lives of our children are priceless.  If there was a law that could be enacted that would truly prevent another mass shooting as took place in the in Florida, I would support it.  It is Utopian at best to believe there is and the push for it may be far more sinister and diabolical than anyone imagines.  Stripping Americans of their inalienable rights, such as “self-defense” is a very dangerous path to travel and abridging Liberties and Freedoms usually results in more abridgment and infringement leading to anarchy and tyranny.  WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WOULD DESIRE THAT?

The indoctrination by and of the MSM, Hollywood, Academia, and politicians that the NRA is a ‘terrorist organization’ is not just dangerous it must be met head-on or it will lead to attacks and destruction of anything and everything conservative.  Is that the design?  Not by the kids in Florida or even some of the activist, Hollywood pretenders, or the MSM but it is by those behind the scenes.  I resist chasing that rabbit down its logical trail because I desire to talk about “What We Can Do?”  Possibly the better question is, “Can We Do Anything That Will Prevent More Shootings or Limit Them?”  I believe the answer is, YES!  I do not believe that we can do anything that will TOTALLY PREVENT an evil, deranged person or criminal from committing heinous crimes but if we can limit their ability to engage in their evil, is it not worth discussing?

Let me use a statement frequently used by the Left and Activist to make my point.  They say, “If we can save one life.”  They refuse that argument regarding abortion but then the babies in the womb are non-humans to them and that ideology enables them to desensitize themselves to the horror of that genocide.  Over 50 MILLION babies aborted since the inception of Rowe v Wade, far more lives snuffed out than in all the school or mass shootings in America.  HEAR ME!  I consider the mass shootings as being horrific and do not attempt to pigeon-hole me or stereotype me as uncaring and unfeeling.  I care about ALL LIVES!  That means kids in school, people in the Trade Centers on 9/11, and the unborn babies in the womb, to name a few.  ALL LIVES MATTER!

What Can We Do?  How about installing Metal Detectors in the Schools and make EVERYONE pass through them?  We have them in airports, courtrooms, and even businesses, why not SCHOOLS?  When I first had to go through a Metal Detector at the airport it irritated me and then I thought, “Wait for a second, if this prevents someone from getting on that airplane with a weapon or bomb, how is it bad?”  Yes, it slowed me down and inconvenienced me, and the system is not fool-proof, but it is a step in the right direction.  However, just having Metal Detectors would be “step-one” not the whole defense.  There should be “armed and trained” security guards nearby to deal with anyone attempting to crash that defense with a weapon.  They should have the authority to do what must be done to protect our kids and teachers.  Criminals and terrorist are often cowards and would avoid that scenario of facing a trained officer with a weapon.  The mentally disturbed might not and that is another issue entirely but one we can and must address.  Beyond the Armed Security Guards, I am Pro Arming the teachers who are willing to be armed and are trained to handle a firearm.  Imagine the coach who made himself a human shield being armed and trained to use the firearm.  He might be alive and many of the kids in Florida in class today not in the cemetery.

I went to school in the 50’s and 60’s and many trucks parked on campus had gunracks with a rifle in them and nobody was shooting up the school.  What was different then?  Many things?  We did not have the infestation of ‘snowflake’ mentality and ‘political correctness’ that is prevalent today.  We also had something else and that was DISCIPLINE in the home.  Most of us had two-parent families and our parents believed in discipline and demanded that we follow the rules.  Did we all follow the rules all the time?  OF COURSE NOT, but when we didn’t we not only incurred the penalties of the school and possibly the courts, but we often met the “board of education” at home and were disciplined in some way.

The idea that we can simply PASS A LAW and this problem will go away is beyond comprehension to me.  The failure of the FBI to either take the warnings seriously or the ineptitude of the agents and departments within that agency is stunning.  We need to ensure that communications between ALL Law Enforcement Agencies are strengthened.  We need to ensure that there is a severe penalty for those in various professions including the medical community that fails to give warning of what was apparently, open threats with specificity.  I appreciate patient-doctor and client-attorney privilege but when an act of terrorism is being advanced as a desire or intent, IT CANNOT BE IGNORED.  You may disagree, and I fully comprehend the can of worms we could be opening there, but can’t we discuss the matter rather than politicizing and using a tragedy or crisis to advance political agenda?  The gun, sitting on the shelf kills no one.  The gun in the hands of a person intent on doing evil does, so are we to focus on the implement of destruction or the real cause?  People are killed by cars, prescription drugs, and many other things, shall we ban them as well?  Yes, I’m being sarcastic but only to the point of pleading for sanity and rational thought.

I, along with millions of Americans, am heart-broken over this latest tragedy.  My heart breaks for these kids being used as fronts for the Leftist Agenda.  My heart breaks for the parents and families who have lost a treasured child.  My heart breaks for America and I plead that we do something to make us feel “warm and fuzzy” in enacting legislation that will be meaningless but that we take real steps to finding real solutions to this real problem.

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


AMERICAN POLITICS – A Shakespearian Tragedy or SNL Skit???

USA Democrat Vs Republican Election 2016 Cartoon - The Fight Club

Believe me, I am very serious!  When I watch the antics of politicians and the political hacks in the MSM, Hollywood, Academia, and Congress I want to laugh but it is so serious and dangerous I cringe.  I saw two political cartoons that depict the way that each side sees things and how they try to spin their spin to keep their partisans in line.

Let me offer them and make my commentary:

The Cartoon from a Conservative Cartoonist:

BLOG POST 2 - Memo 1

Those of us on the Right who consider ourselves Constitutionalists and Conservatives saw the MEMO and it, to us, clearly revealed the collusion, corruption, criminality, and even the possible treasonous activities of the DNC, FBI, DOJ, Obama, and Clinton.  I would love to see the entire report that the MEMO was written from but realize that will never happen.  The FBI has offered no factual rebuttal nor has the DOJ.  The preponderance of evidence is sufficient to require a Special Investigator, hopefully, an unbiased one, to investigate the activities of Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, the DNC, Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, the FBI, and the DOJ.  Will that happen?  As I alluded in my title, the State of American Politics is such that it is likely that the follow-up will be noise but no action or as a friend likes to say, “All foam and no beer.” 

The MEMO sheds enough light on the happenings prior to the election and subsequent to it to demand a full investigation.  The suggestion that there is no documentation of wrong-doing by the higher levels of the DOJ and FBI as well as the Obama and Clinton teams, as claimed by the Democrats is ludicrous.  They insist that it should not be ignored.  There was the argument by the FBI, DOJ, and Democrats that releasing the MEMO would endanger our national security, reveal secrets and sources used by the FBI that would damage their ability to gather intelligence and endanger our agents in the field, it did not of that.  Their cries were empty rhetoric in an attempt to keep the public in the dark.

The Cartoon from a Leftist Liberal Cartoonist:

BLOG POST 2 - Memo 2

As you can see from the cartoon, the Democrats and the Left believe that the MEMO was a “nothing burger.”   They insist that it did absolutely nothing to raise concerns about the activities of the FBI, DOJ, Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele, Peter Strozk, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.  Are they right?  If we allow the MSM who are the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party to control the narrative, the in the minds of millions the answer will be – YES.  The Left has and will leak information or, as in the Dossier, false information in an attempt to do damage control, CYA, and spin the spin favorably to their side.  The MSM does not believe that the average citizen is intelligent enough, informed enough, or concerned enough to investigate or understand what has happened and the ramifications to our Republic.  They believe this because we have allowed the Leftist to return to Washington time and again and millions believe that whatever the MSM presents is factual and NEWS.

The Democrats in Congress will NEVER agree to a Special Investigator or Prosecutor to investigate the FBI, DOJ, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or the DNC.  The Republicans history has been to back off rather than pushing the matter to a conclusion and letting the chips fall where they may.  Why is a question that should be asked of both sides of the aisle!  Democrats, why are you so afraid of a true investigation?  Republicans why are you unwilling to press the matter to its final conclusion?  I suspect that the answer is both are afraid that dirt will be exposed on their hands and the public will react negatively to them, jeopardizing their Position, Power, and Purse.  That is another reason for my title and my question regarding the Politics of America.  The ship of citizen representation sailed long ago, and we have endured decades of Professional Politicians who are Big Government Globalist and interested in being an oligarchy rather than Representatives of We the People.  WE NEED CHANGE IN WASHINGTON but not the kind that the Professional Politicians are advancing.  We need a RETURN to Representative Government and a RESTORATION of Constitutional Law where EVERYONE including Politicians is amenable to that law.

It is my plea that each person stays alert, pay attention and let’s join forces in November and send as many of those elitist home as possible and take steps, even if they are baby steps, toward RESTORATION of the Republic to its constitutional status.  WE CAN DO THIS!  It won’t be easy, nor will it be quick, but WE CAN DO THIS!

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer!


HILLARY’S BLAME GAME – The Revealing of a Societal Problem in America…

BLOG POST 1 - hillary

I am convinced that Hillary’s blame game over the loss of the Presidential Election in 2016 is reflective of a societal condition in America that is both troubling and dangerous.  It reveals how far we have drifted from our biblical and constitutional foundation and is a window through which we can look and see what and why things are happening in our beloved America today.

Hillary Clinton said, “I take responsibility for my loss” and then wrote a book and continues to expand the list of reasons everyone and everything but Hillary are to blame.  I wonder if she knows what “I take responsibility” means?  Based on her diatribe, rhetoric, and printed declarations I would have to conclude that her college degree failed her miserably, especially in language and comprehension.

Let’s briefly walk through some of her excuses and finger pointing and then get to my larger point of the Societal Problem and where I believe it will lead.  She has repeatedly blamed James Comey saying, “If not for the dramatic intervention of the FBI director in the final days we would have won the White House.”  She justified her use of a private server as simply a “dumb mistake” not what it is, “a crime.”  She ignores the fact that Comey took great strides in absolving her of any blame and crime.  She also says that his letter to Congress harmed her with women because it allowed the husbands to tell those docile and dumb wives that “Hillary will be in jail, so don’t vote for her and waste your vote?”  No, that is not exactly what she said but the husbands telling the wives part is and the other is implied in her comments.  Every woman in America should be incensed over those remarks.  That is accepting responsibility in Hillary’s mind.

She then blames Vladimir Putin saying, “I never imagined that he would have the audacity to launch a massive covert attack against our own democracy, right under our noses – and that he’d get away with it.”  The supposed hacking, by the Russians of the DNC emails, has subsequently been documented that it was a leaker, not a hacker that revealed the information and there is little evidence that the Russians did anything.  If what has been revealed about the Russian involvement is all the Russians did, IT HAD NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER.  But, pointing the finger is Hillary’s accepting responsibility.

She also pointed the finger at Barack Obama and said, “I do wonder sometimes about what would have happened if President Obama had made a televised address to the nation in the fall of 2016 warning that our democracy was under attack. Maybe more Americans would have woken up to the threat in time. “ Yep, her former boss is the reason she lost.  Well, that is partially true because she was an extension of his policies and America rejected that.  She didn’t stop with Barack Obama but targeted the Media too.  Imagine that, a Democrat blaming the Media for not supporting them enough.  She said, “Many in the political media … can’t bear to face their own role in helping elect Trump, from providing him free air time to giving my emails three times more coverage than all the issues affecting people’s lives combined.”  MSM, it is your fault that you were not effective enough in tarnishing and branding Donald Trump as everything you attempted to do.  It cannot be Hillary’s fault because it was your job to attack and destroy and you failed.  So, much for accepting responsibility.  We dare not omit her blaming Bernie Sanders too.  She said, “Many in the political media … can’t bear to face their own role in helping elect Trump, from providing him free air time to giving my emails three times more coverage than all the issues affecting people’s lives combined.”  Lest we forget she also targeted Jill Stein saying, “There were more than enough Stein voters to swing the result, just like Ralph Nader did in Florida and New Hampshire in 2000.”  Beyond that, she blamed sexism, white resentment, and now she blames the ELECTORAL COLLEGE.  After all, if it were not for our system of elections and government that has proven effective for 200 plus years she would be in the Oval Office today.  I’m surprised that she has not blamed Climate Change or the Confederate Memorials as well.  Where in all this is “I take responsibility for my loss?”  WHERE?  It is not there.

But on to my real purpose and focus for this article and that is Hillary’s refusal to accept responsibility and admit that America rejected both her and her message is an extension of what is happening in our nation today.  The BLM, the ANTIFA, the Democrats in Congress, the various Activist all BLAME something and someone for any difficulty, disappointment, and defeat they encounter.  The campuses across the land that are providing safe spaces and counseling for anyone traumatized by a view not liberal is an outgrowth of the Political Correctness, Intolerance, and Entitlement mentality we have developed in America over the past couple of generations.  Our schools are often nothing more than brainwashing entities and liberalism factories filling young minds with the ideas of liberalism, Marxism, and socialism.  We are producing a 2nd if not the 3rd generation of ME, ME, ME mentality, people who believe they are entitled to viciously attack, loot, and steal to get what they want.  They believe that they have the right to their views and no one has the right to oppose them or object.  They believe they have the Constitutional Right of Free Speech but anyone with an opposing view is Constitutionally if not morally bound to remain silenced.  They accept no responsibility for their actions, see no reason to EARN what they get and have been raised in a culture of Entitlement and Political Correctness.  This renders them incapable of tolerance and strips from them the spirit and attitude that Made America Great and is sorely lacking in much of today’s society.

An additional problem I believe is coming or will come from this mentality, THEY WILL TURN ON EACH OTHER.  Eventually, those in the various groups, sects, cults, and ideologies now working in an alliance will find someone within their alliance will oppose what they want and THE INTERNAL WAR will erupt.  Total chaos and anarchy will ensue and we will likely see the reality of martial law.  Depending on who is in Washington both in the White House and Congress we may or may not see order restored.  I know this statement will make some irate but blood is going to be shed, more than it has been and we will see such mayhem and chaos that people are terrified to leave their homes and will live in terror in their homes.  Many on the left who have argued for the confiscation of guns will lament that the police and government cannot adequately protect them.  Those who are staunch defenders of the Constitution especially the 1st and 2nd amendments will arm themselves to the teeth and make their homes virtual fortresses.  UNTIL we accept personal responsibility for our actions and develop a mindset that everyone has the right to their personal point of view we continue down the road to destruction.  UNTIL we return to the principles biblically, morally, and constitutionally that produced a nation like no other in the world we will continue to decay societally.  UNTIL we demand that everyone who comes to America become an AMERICAN, defend our national sovereignty and secure our borders we will continue witnessing the loss of our liberty, freedom, and national identity.  AMERICA, we can restore the Republic and see healing come to our nation BUT ONLY IF we return to that which made us Great.  Yes, we have made mistakes and history records our failures but America has been and in my heart still is the Greatest Nation on the Planet and a beacon of Hope to the world.

            I ask you to join me in fighting for America not fighting Americans who disagree with our point of view.  God, bless you and God bless America again are my prayer and desire!


THE RUSSIAN INVOLVEMENT – Two Trails We Need To Follow…

BLOG POST 2 - Russia

I, like many of you, have brown exhausted by the continual “Russia Did It, Russia Did It” cry of the Left, the MSM, the NEVER TRUMPERS, and Establishment Politicians.  After this long, if there was anything real it would have surfaced and now anything that surfaces will likely be a fabrication or distortion based on innuendo, not fact.  This nightmare should be laid to rest and done so quickly.

However, recently two pieces of information have surfaced and been reported by Politico and The Washington Post that give us two trails that suggest some very important truths not being discussed.  Facts and revelations that will be ignored by the Left, the MSM, and the Establishment Republicans.  What are those two trails?  One is that the Obama administration was warned in 2014 about potential Russian interference or involvement in our political process.  The second is that in early 2016 the Trump team was contacted by the Russians with an offer to help and were rejected.  That leads to the question, “Who really colluded with the Russians?” or “Who created a situation where there could be Russian involvement?”  If you follow those two stories you can conclude only one thing, it was not Donald J. Trump.  That only leaves one other possibility, which will never be acknowledged by the Democrats, the MSM, the Leftist, or the Establishment Republicans and Never Trump Crowd.  It was Barack Hussein Obama.

Why would the Obama administration fail to acknowledge the Russian threat and why would they fail to take any definitive steps to prevent it?  That would be virtually impossible to answer conclusively but I would suggest that then President Obama was terrified of what Russia might do if he acted forcefully and definitively.  Another possibility is that he thought in his narcissistic mind that the Russians would help him and the Democrats.  He and most of those in Washington, DC failed and continue to fail to comprehend that the Russians were not interested in helping either candidate but to damage confidence in our political system and thereby damage our Republic.  That has been a goal of the communist regimes of the world for decades and with Russia or the USSR, it dates back to Nikita Khrushchev and beyond.  It is not a new tactic or desire of those regimes. The deeper question is why Obama would say, “I spoke to Putin and told him to stop it and he did.”  SERIOUSLY?  Who believed that?  Imagine Putin being obedient to the weak American president?  That is beyond laughable.  Beyond that how about the Democrat involvement with the Ukraine elections and seeking help for a foreign government in the elections?  Nobody is dealing with that.  Why?  That is too obvious to need a response but with the Anti-Trump groups, the anything is justifiable if it does harm or insinuates wrong by Donald Trump or his team.

The other shoe that I want to drop, not that it will get any traction outside those who are defenders of the Constitution, is the Washington Post story that Team Trump rejected offers to meet with the Russians in early 2016.  Newly leaked emails reveal that during the Primary the Trump Team rejected offers to meet with Russian officials, citing legality and protocol issues.  It seems that campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos tried to set up some meetings with the Trump Team and Russian officials.  Paul Manafort and others in the Trump Camp immediately rejected those offers.  Sam Clovis and retired Admiral Charles Kubic slammed the door on those meetings.  They cited legal restrictions and the possible violation of the Logan act.  This information lends credibility to the argument that there was NO COLLUSION and NO “back-channels” between Putin and Trump to take down Hillary Clinton.

What is sad about these new media stories is that it will not end the false narrative about Trump and the Russians because the Democrats and the NEVER TRUMPIST cannot accept that Trump won.  They didn’t want him to and therefore he should not have won and because they do not think he should have won, anything is justifiable in their pursuit to ‘take him out’ and ‘remove him from office.’  Also, there will be nothing done regarding Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or the many Democrats whose hands are dirty with corruption, scandal, and nefarious actions.  We have a divided nation and as I heard a person say to a national radio host, “I want Trump impeached,” based on nothing more than this individual didn’t want him to win.

If anyone things Washington DC is a moral high ground, they are delusional.  If anyone thinks that the political establishment of either party is trustworthy, they are living outside the realm of reality.  I don’t mind political parties objecting and trying to get what they want to be enacted in legislation but I do object to participating in the destruction of the Republic, as is now taking place.  Someone said recently, “What Trump is facing is no different than what Obama faced with the Republicans.”  I WISH THEY WERE NOT SERIOUS, but they were.  There is a dramatic difference in that Obama did not have to contend with detractors in his own party as we saw in Obamacare and many other illegal and unconstitutional actions he took.  NOT A HINT OF RESISTANCE FROM THE LEFT.  Today, Donald Trump is dealing with a Democrat Party that has vowed REFUSAL TO NEGOTIATE with Trump but insists that he negotiate with North Korea.  He is dealing with a Democrat Party that has vowed to do whatever it takes to stop his agenda and impeach him.  If it were just the minority party resisting and obstructing I could overlook it but some of the Republicans are joining in the opposition and that makes what President Trump is facing dramatically different from what President Obama faced.

If you are fed up with the Obstructionism and the Phony Investigations I urge you to begin a letter writing, email, phone call campaign to your elected officials and the leadership in the House and Senate notifying them of your displeasure and put them on notice that WE ARE STILL AWAKE and WE ARE STILL ANGRY.

God, bless you and God bless America!





BLOG POST 2 - Dialogue

The Framers, as they are called, elected to hold their deliberations in secret free from the prying eyes of the press or anyone on the outside of the Constitutional Convention.  Their expressed reason from doing so was to enable each delegate to freely speak from the heart and convey, argue, contend, or propose those ideas and sentiments they held as core convictions regarding they type scope, and style of the American government.  Our fledgling nation operated under the Articles of Confederation in the ensuing years after the end of the Revolutionary War and our victory.  Those Articles rendered the Federal Government so impotent that each state did whatever it wanted with no regard for the whole and there was genuine concern that the new nation would not evolve into a Republic but would implode and become prey to more powerful and organized nations.  Each of the thirteen states operated as a virtually independent country and some contributed to the support of the national government, some didn’t, and none paid their fully assigned share.  It became increasingly evident that something had to be done to preserve the Union and the independence recently won and yet protect the rights of the individuals and states.  This was a major undertaking and the outcome still amazes me when I consider what I know of the sentiments of that era and as I view the politics of today.  I contend that we would never achieve what they achieved under today’s method of operation and political division, although I affirm that we need to do something.  We need to return to their objective, LIMITED GOVERNMENT but strong enough to provide for the common defense and hold the union together forming a Strong Union and Republic.

The fifty-five delegates from the thirteen states that gathered on May 25, 1787, Philadelphia’s Independence Hall found their task not without difficulty and almost failed on numerous occasions.  Fifty-five people represented numerous ideological and political positions and most who held those positions were firmly entrenched in their beliefs.  George Washington was unanimously elected as the president of the convention and from all accounts, his integrity and honesty brought significant balance to the convention and kept it from jumping the rails and ending in chaos and confusion.  Most of the delegates were in their thirties and forties and well educated.  Their ranks included lawyers, bankers, merchants, and farmers with Benjamin Franklin being the oldest at eighty-one.  Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were absent due to serving as ambassadors in Europe.  John Jay, Samuel Adams, John Hancock were also absent and Patrick Henry refused to attend believing that he “smelled a rat” and the convention would ultimately jeopardize the rights of states and individuals.  James Madison was only twenty-six years of age and fortunately years earlier Thomas Jefferson had sent him crates of books on various forms of governments and he studied them diligently.  He became known as the “Father of the Constitution” and was a key advocate of the “Bill of Rights.” 

For four months, the delegates labored to hammer out a compromise that established an amazing system of government that was flexible enough to withstand more than two centuries of change.  There were many issues that divided the delegates including slavery, popular voice of the people, and states’ rights.  Benjamin Franklin, sensing the danger of the entire convention falling apart make his infamous appeal based on Psalm 127:1.  I will give a portion of his plea: “I have lived, sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth, that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?  We have been assured, Sir, in the Sacred Writings, that ‘except the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it.’  I firmly believe this, and I also believe that without His concurring aid we shall succeed in this political building no better than the builders of Babel: We shall be divided by our partial local interests; our projects will be confounded, and we ourselves shall become a reproach and bye word down to future ages.  And what is worse, mankind may hereafter from this unfortunate instance, despair of establishing governments by human wisdom and leave it to chance, war, and conquest.  I, therefore, beg leave to move that henceforth prayers imploring the assistance of Heaven, and its blessings on our deliberations, be held in this assembly every morning before we proceed to business and that one or more of the clergy of the city be requested to officiate in that service.”  That is an awesome recognition of the Hand and Providence of God in Government and in Life.

There have been and could be entire volumes written on the deliberations and the subsequent government that was reached in their wisdom and the guidance of the divine.  Even after they arrived at a final draft of the Constitution there were those who resisted because it did not clearly protect people’s basic civil rights, such as freedom of religion, speech, and press.  Samuel Adams and John Hancock agreed to support the constitution only after these three liberties were included in a compromise on February 6th.   Patrick Henry, George Mason, and later Richard Henry Lee led the fight for the inclusion of a “Bill of Rights”.  Many of the Framers believed those were included in the State Constitutions but those pressing for this action won the debate and thankfully we have the “Bill of Rights” included in our Constitution.

James Madison declared regarding the type of government they sought in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined.  Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.”  That was then and this is now according to the Progressives, Liberals, and politicians that sentiment and document are inadequate and antiquated.  The Framers and Founders desired, designed, and presented a system of government that was LIMITED on the federal level and provided safeguards to prevent a Tyrannical Federal bureaucracy.  We have allowed politicians and pundits to erode those safeguards and the federal government designed to be LIMITED has become a behemoth that believes it is ALL POWERFUL and rather than being a government where the ultimate power is in the hands of the citizens it has become a government where ultimate power is in Washington and little or none vested in the citizens.  THAT MUST CHANGE!

May God, bless you and may He bless America again!

WHEN THE TRUTH IS KNOWN… The Democrats are Not Pristine…

BLOG POST 1 - Truth

The hypocritical faux piousness of the Left in attempting to paint the Trump administration as evil and often the ultimate evil is disturbing.  The attempt of the Left to connect Donald Trump and his team to the Russians while insisting that Hillary would have and should have won were it not for the Russians stealing our election is frustrating.  They attempt to question everything that anyone connected to President Trump while ignoring the glaring discrepancies from their members.  The ever expanding, revelation of the deviousness and diabolicalness of the Left through leaked, hacked, exposed, or revealed emails of many from Hillary herself, the DNC, John Podesta, and others including Rahm Emmanuel is incredible.  How they can continue their incessant pursuit of disruption and destruction of our system of government is almost beyond belief.  It would be, were it not that we understand their ideological position and the fact they have demonstrated a desire and willingness to destroy our Constitutional Republican Form of Government to insert and install their brand of Progressive Socialist Tyranny.

Mayor Emmanuel apparently violated existing laws via his private email account.  Those emails would not have become known were it not for the Freedom of Information Act and organizations willing to fight the system to bring truth to the table.  The DNC’s emails revealed the collusion between the Hillary Camp and the DNC Elitist to deny Bernie Sanders a fair shot at the nomination.  The emails of John Podesta revealed the same collusion and even went beyond exposing the dangers of Hillary’s private email server and our national security.  The emails of Donna Brazile and her releasing questions, in advance, to Hillary’s camp before the debates should trouble everyone.  The revelations of some deals between the Clinton Foundation and foreign governments, the pay for play, the collusion, and corruption that continues to surface by Democrats is ignored by the Press and members of Congress justify those actions while vilifying the Trump nominees and Trump himself.  ARE WE THAT IGNORANT AMERICA?  They think we are, and by our continuing to reelect many of them and send more like them to the hallowed halls of Congress we confirm their belief.

It has come to light that John Podesta had a role with Rusnano, a state-run company founded by Russian President Vladimir Putin.  The Democrats have insisted they had no connection to the Russians but Trump and his surrogates did.  This, of course, will get no play on the national news scene and no Democrat in Congress will call for an investigation.  WHY?  He’s a Democrat and Democrats are good but Republicans are evil, at least in their minds and narrative. The limited information people accept it as Law and Gospel and then parrot the rhetoric and talking points, “Republicans Evil – Democrats Good.”  John Podesta, we now know, first made contact with that company in 2011, when he joined the boards and executive committees of three related entities:  Boston-based Joule Unlimited, Rotterdam-based Joule Global Holdings; Joule Global Stichting, the company’s controlling interest.  These are high-tech renewable energy enterprises.  He accepted a ONE BILLION RUBLE investment from Rusnanao, which is approximate $35 MILLION in U.S. Currency.  To complicate the matter more, Podesta joined Obama’s White House Staff in 2014 but DID NOT DISCLOSE his 2011 Joule stock vesting agreement in his disclosure form.  HEAVEN FORBID, if a Republican omits even a small item they are deemed UNQUALIFIED to serve and the question arises as to whether they should be PROSECUTED.  Why not with Podesta?  There is an email trail that reveals he continued to work for or with that company EVEN AFTER he joined Obama’s staff.  VIOLATION OF LAW and ETHICS, so where is the outcry?  This links back to Hillary and Bill Clinton and their foundation and although the political arms of the FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland and the DOJ all want to ignore Hillary and Obama’s illegalities the Truth is the Truth.

The corruption, complicity, and collusion of the Democrats with foreign entities and governments should disqualify them from investigating anyone and should cause their antics to be laughed at by the public.  Sadly, it does not, and the willingness of many to believe that ALL REPUBLICANS are the devil incarnate is posing an incredible danger for America.  If we want to salvage our Republic we MUST demand that Congress cease focusing on Partisan Politics and focus on America’s needs and problems.  STOP FISHING FOR DIRT and START DOING YOUR REAL WORK. 

I pray that each of us WAKE UP, and realize what is happening in Congress and begin immediate action to SERVE NOTICE on Washington that this will no longer get a free pass and failure to PERFORM THEIR DUTY will result in each of them facing a formidable opponent in the Primaries and possibly TERMINATED as a Congressman or Senator.  Draining the Swamp one legislator at a time is a path we must be willing to pursue.

God, bless you and God bless America!