Only a few years ago, I would have railed on anyone saying that America is or is about to become a Totalitarian state. That was only a few years ago. But in 2021, I confess I was wrong and under the current administration, the Democrat-controlled Congress, and the Swamp-filled Supreme Court we are there. You may disagree and insist that I am overreacting and to that I say — I Hope So! I pray that you are right and that I am having a classic knee-jerk reaction to the rapid and rabid assault on our liberties, freedoms, and the American constitution.

I heard something recently on the Tucker Carlson show that caused me great concern and at the same moment instilled a flicker of hope in my heart. What I heard came from the lips of a former Clinton adviser, Naomi Wolf. One of her many statements was that what is happening in the push to totalitarianism is beyond partisan and should unite those on the Left and Right to fight it. The operative word is ‘should’ not ‘would’. It should but from my perch, it seems that almost none on the Left and too few on the Right see, believe, or maybe even care.

I’m not sure that the condition of incredible apathy or non-involvement is due to not seeing or simply not caring. It seems to me that, for many, they have not been impacted sufficiently to be alarmed. The tragedy is that by the time that transpires it will be too late to fight back and the republic will have become a full-blown banana republic with the totalitarian dictators and oligarchs in control. The abdication of sanity by the Supreme Court over the election fraud cases makes it clear that the Deep State and Swamp are still in control.

I am more convinced than ever that our hope was another four-years of Donald J. Trump. You may find his personality as irritable as fingernails on a chalkboard. However, if you are capable of rising above the personality of the players and see the results, you should see the stark contrast in constitutionalism between Trump and Biden. Biden has shredded it daily and Trump fought for our liberties and freedoms. Biden is decimating our economy. The Trump administration produced an agenda that ignited it and benefitted everyone. Biden is erasing our borders and endangering our republic with his immigration policies and Trump made significant gains in protecting our borders and our national sovereignty. Biden is kowtowing to China, Russia, Iran, and others whereas Trump placed the world in a safer position by providing a strong America.

Ms. Wolf said, “America is becoming a totalitarian state before our eyes under President Biden’s leadership.” That came from a Democrat, not a Right-Winger. It came from a female, not the dastardly white male, well dastardly if that male was a conservative. Liberal Leftists white males are considered ‘woke’ sufficiently to be given a pass. Her view was that we are witnessing a ‘coup-like action that is creating a police state.’ This is the result of Biden’s ongoing coronavirus-related economic shutdowns and other actions.

Ms. Wolf declared what I and others have been contending for a long time, “This is beyond partisan. It transcends everything that those on the Right and Left might disagree or agree on.” It is a matter that should bring all freedom-loving Americans to the table of cooperation and ignite a fire of commitment to protect, defend, and preserve the Constitution and our Republican Form of Government. Again, the operative word is ‘should’.

The Left and the manipulated on the Right have decimated businesses, issued edicts that prevented Americans from freely assembling to worship as is guaranteed by the Constitution’s 1 st Amendment. The 4th Amendment is being trampled upon and the 2 nd Amendment is in the crosshairs of the Leftists and seekers of Totalitarian governance.

Ms. Wolf has published a book that outlines the ten steps that would-be tyrants always take when they want to close down a democracy and she expressed her belief and concern that America is headed toward ‘step 10.’ The use of executive orders or emergency orders stripping us of our rights is unconstitutional and dangerous. The rights of property, self-defense, speech, and assembly are constitutional mandates that if lost, destroy the pillars of freedom required for America to remain free.

The Editor in Chief of Breitbart, Alex Marlow has produced an investigative book that exposes the deep corruption within America’s media establishment. That is not a surprise, but his research and documentation is and should shake every lover of freedom and patriot to the core of their being. Mr. Marlow said, “I’ve been immersed in research on America’s media conglomerates for a year and I’ve kept the material tightly under wraps.” That was wise because otherwise, it would likely have brought about his demise. He said, “What I have found is shocking even to me, and I’ve tracked these players and issues my entire career. ”

His expose contains well over 1,000 endnotes. He said, “Media bias does not begin to describe what is in the book.” He spoke of the weaponization by the media giants and the unbridled use of fake news to benefit the Left, the globalists, and the multi-national corporations that control much of our lives. It extends from cronyism to the China ties, to the unending web of lies and half-truths that are prevalent and deeply embedded in today’s media. He said, “This is the truth about the 2020 election story the powers that be don’t want you to read.” That makes me want to buy the book and hope it is not much ado about nothing and more hype and foam than substance.

We are witnessing the utter fakeness of the imbecilic presentation of a liberal utopia. When politicians gain power through fraud, everything that follows is also fake. We were inundated with fake news and fallacious stories about Russian collusion in 2016. That was debunked and disproven so succulently that it should have resulted in indictments and convictions, but it continued for FOUR-YEARS!

We have been bombarded with the fallacious rhetoric presented by the Left that America is on the brink of a second civil war. The divide is great and growing greater. The hate is so prevalent that one wonders how long it will be safe to step outside your own home. The tech giants have become the censor arm of the Leftists and now there is a determined effort to censor and silence ALL conservative news outlets. If you are a Constitutionalist, a Conservative, and often a Christian holding to traditional biblical and family values you are deemed to be a spreader of hate speech and thereby censored.

The video where President Biden repeated what he was being told in his earpiece or whatever device he receives instructions was revealing. He said, “salute the Marines.His handlers tell us we misheard him and that he actually said, “good looking Marines.” NOPE, he said what he said, and it is one of the myriads of incidents where he is clearing parroting what he is being told.

Some said that the ceremonies of his signing Executive Orders look more like a hostage situation than a person in control and making their own decisions. He is, in my view, a puppet, but a very dangerous one. I hesitate to say this because I do not want to judge another person’s faith, but to call Joe Biden a ‘devout Christian’ seems a stretch. You know the tree by the fruit and the fruit of support for abortion on demand, and the other agendas and actions that are contrary to the written Word of God causes me to wonder. That being said, in the end, that is between Mr. Biden and God.

America, if we have not become a Totalitarian State, we are not far from it. The handwriting is on the wall and it is time for all True Patriots regardless of political party to unite to stop this and preserve the Republic. Can we count on you?

God bless you and God bless America!


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