BLOG POST 3 - Hate Squads

Actually, I am not exposing the unexposed but the little known because of the collusion between the MSM and the Democrats, as well as the ‘Ole Boy System in DC.  It is difficult to get the millions of avid followers of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the myriad of newspapers across the country who are Leftists to see or even believe the truth.  But the truth is truth and facts are stubborn things UNLESS those with the facts cower into the shadows in fear of the Leftist Big Government.  You would think that statement would be made of a Despotic Tyrannical Regime in some foreign country, but that is the situation in the United States of America.

HATE is a condition of today’s society in America that clouds all sensible and reasonable judgment.  There are “haters” on both sides of the equation but virtually all the Liberal Activist are embroiled in hate to the point of being rabid and willing to commit incredible acts of violence.  Someone suggested that we call the Liberal Activists “Regime Hate Squads’ or HATE BAITERS!  You call them what you will, but I call them deranged, delusional, and dangerous to our System of Government and our Constitutional Republic.

When a person or group of people can commit acts of violence including beating, mugging, and worse in the name of their Liberal Agenda and somehow justify it, that is dangerous.  When the MSM can spin the spin and offer the rhetoric that somehow makes them virtual saints while ignoring their hate and cruelty, that is delusional and diabolical.  When politicians attempt to manipulate their followers to engage in HATE that is deranged.  If you remember, Barack Obama and others encouraged ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter groups to engage in activism that included violence.  He even said, “If they bring a knife we will bring a gun.”  That is incendiary and for most of us would open us to the charge of inciting riots, but the Leftists swooned over his activism and praised him. Yet, if Donald Trump says there is blame on both sides, he is Hitler, Genghis Kahn, or Lucifer himself.  It is more than hypocritical it is diabolical and dangerous.

I’m sure some of you remember the “death squads” in Latin America.  The Liberals were beside themselves in their decrying the activities of these arms of the right-wing dictators in those countries.  However, when it came to the Leftist Revolutionary Guerrillas and their acts of violence were called noble.  The victims probably could tell no difference, but the Label was all that was important to the Liberals in America.  It is one thing to protest injustice and believes strongly that the system is flawed and needs to be corrected.  That could be praiseworthy but when it morphs into HATE and VIOLENCE as has been the modus operandi of these leftist liberal activist groups not only in recent history but historically, it is BAD!

I know this may touch a nerve with some, but I find it preposterous to insist that those groups being represented by the activist in today’s protest need to do so.  Why do I find it preposterous?  Simply because each of those formerly marginalized groups is well-represented in the System in today’s American Government.  But when activism is fueled by HATE it literally becomes a religion and is the source from which some derive their significance.  Without the protests, marches, and acts of violence, they would receive no special attention and would be relegated to living like the rest of us, in somewhat obscurity.  Most of us live day to day, going to work, raising our families, and serving in our community and churches with little fanfare or notoriety.  With regard to the Activist, if their protests were truly peaceful I could tolerate their antics, but when they destroy private or public property, harm citizens, and violently and verbally assault anyone disagreeing with them it is BAD.  When colleges and universities out of fear of violent uprising cancel any conservative’s scheduled appearance that poses a danger to a civil and free society where everyone has the Right to Speak and Believe what they choose.

If the Liberals allowed the same protest and complaints from those on the opposite side, I might be tolerant, but they do not.  It seems that the Liberal Activist of Today, largely Democrats demand that only they have the right to decide what can be said, and who can organize and protest that is TYRANNY.  I fear that it will soon be, if it is not already, a requisite for acceptance to some of the most prestigious universities in America, to be a participant in the Liberal Activism which is approved by the Ruling Class.  I say that because the senior assistant director of admissions, Hannah Mendlowitz, at Yale University said: “For those students who come to Yale, we expect them to be versed in issues of social justice.  I have the pleasure of reading applications from San Francisco, where activism is very much a part of the culture.  Essays ring of social justice issues.”  SERIOUSLY???  That is the requirement and deciding factor?  WHAT ABOUT A WELL-BALANCED EDUCATION?  Oh, sorry, I forgot that in today’s society and Leftist Culture that is unimportant but activism in liberal causes is paramount.  WE ARE IN TROUBLE!

This “activism” is a farce, in the sense that it does not represent people outside the system but those represented by the system.  It is a ploy and plan, to FORCE the rest of us into compliance with their prescribed agenda and ideology.  Our Inalienable Rights only exist if they concur with their views.  The more people like Louis Farrakhan and others can call for hatred of the Jews and Whites, especially white men the nearer we come to seeing “death squads” in the streets approved and endorsed by the Ruling Political Class, MSM, and Hollywood.  If this continues there will be push-back from those on the other side.  If you push a person long enough and hard enough, eventually they grow weary, believe there is no peaceable solution, and have nothing to lose and they PUSH-BACK.  That is when the 2nd American Civil War will begin, and it will not end well for anyone!

This and much more is why I feel compelled to constantly sound the Alarm and insist that it is imperative that we DEFEAT the DEMOCRATS in November.  If we allow the Leftist to regain control of Congress we do so to our own hurt and possibly destruction.  I have said before, “the power of hate” is unpredictable and even some on the Right appear willing to lose the Republic to do harm or damage to Donald Trump and his administration, they hate him that much.  I find that unconscionable because I value the Republic and our Freedom so deeply that I refuse to allow my personal preferences and any personality conflicts cloud my focus on WHAT IS AT STAKE.  You may disagree and that is your right, but if I am right, the Republic is in dire need.  I am sounding an Alarm and ask that you carefully pray, examine the facts and review the possibilities THEN VOTE! 

God bless you and God bless America!



WAKE-UP CALL For the Lovers of Liberty and Freedom…

BLOG POST 1 - Wake-Up Call For America

Over the past week or so I have been somewhat out of touch dealing with a family medical emergency.  My opportunity to write has been and will be limited for the next week or so.  My wife, Bonnie is battling stage-four metastatic breast cancer and recently my brother-in-law, Larry had a stroke.  He is recovering but the process will likely be slow unless we receive a miracle of God giving him instantaneous healing.  He is in an inpatient rehabilitation facility and we are deeply involved in his treatment, partly for encouragement and partly to help us know how to help him continue rehab after he is released.  Therefore, I have been somewhat out of touch.

However, as I have been able to catch bits and pieces of what has been happening in America, politics, and the world, I sense that those of us who love “Liberty & Freedom” are being given a WAKE-UP CALL!  We ignore this call to our hurt and that of the Republic.  I am disturbed at the number of Republicans who are either resigning or not seeking re-election in November.  I readily acknowledge that many of them need to go but their timing and the questions surrounding who if any conservative will be their replacement is of great concern.  The number of Republicans continues to grow and the nearer we approach November the more dangerous that becomes because of the time required to raise up a qualified and desired candidate to run against the Democrats in the mid-term elections.

Statistically, there are about 22 House members who retire each cycle.  But the number of Republicans leaving their post is historic and one has to wonder why so many are quitting?  At this juncture, there are 43 Republicans leaving their post in the House of Representatives.  The Democrats need to gain 24 seats to regain control and with 43 Republicans jumping ship that becomes even more likely than if all of them ran for reelection. I am concerned because many of them deciding not to seek re-election are in districts where Donald Trump was not tremendously popular in the 2016 election.  That places their seat even more in jeopardy.  Maybe they are bailing because they fear losing the election to a Democrat and rather than fight the good fight they are cowardly running for cover.  Maybe it is because they are opposed to the President and like the Democrats and Never Trump Crowd want to see him fail and see this as an opportunity to allow the Democrats to regain control and damage his agenda.  That would mean they are not only cowards but turn-coats and are willing to do damage to America to achieve an objective.  THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!   No, I do not know why they are leaving regardless of what they declare but have to accept the fact they are gone and now we have a few short months to re-energize the conservative, constitutionalist, and freedom-loving voters to GET OUT THE VOTE!  That has not happened in several special elections and the apparent apathy of the voters on the conservative or Republican side is a dangerous indication of what could happen in November.  I pray this is not the case!

WAKE-UP AMERICA!  If we lose the House and Senate in 2018 America will pay a price beyond what most imagine or even believe possible.  I ask that you bring to the forefront of your mind what happened when the Democrats controlled Congress and Barack Obama was in the White House.  We are still suffering from that disastrous time and if they regain control it will be even worse.  We cannot afford even two years of Democrat control in Congress.  If the Republicans had unitedly sought to advance the agenda of the Promises Made to America in the 2016 Election I would be predicting a Republican landslide in November.  The converse has been the case and as a result of the lack of cooperation and support by the GOP, we are facing the possibility of losing control of Congress to the Leftist.  THAT IS WHY – I plead with everyone to become involved and VOTE in November.  VOTE NO on the Democrats and thereby VOTE YES on America.  We will not get all we want but we will get nothing we want if the Democrats regain power.  THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

There are 25 Republicans and 9 Democrats retiring in this electoral cycle.  There are 5 Republicans and 2 Democrats who have resigned or are resigning.  There are 13 Republicans and 8 Democrats running for another office.  In simple math, there are 24 more Republicans leaving office than Democrats, the exact number the Democrats need to gain to take control of the House of Representatives.  No, I am not saying they will and pray that the GOP picks up seats, but I believe that the wave of departures is a WAKE-UP CALL for those of us who love Liberty and Freedom and want to keep our Republic the Constitutional Republic.

Secondly, this Syrian situation is of concern because it highlights the incredible existence and boldness of evil in the world.  NO, I do not want to become bogged down in the conflicts of other parts of the world and can see both sides of the argument regarding our action in Syria.  However, with the eight years of Barack Obama and his ever moving ‘red line,’ we MUST return to being a nation that keeps its word and if necessary flexes its muscle against tyranny and despotism.  If we allow this type of atrocity to go unanswered we will invite an escalation of this kind of evil and we dare not do that.  If we only warn with no corresponding action tyrants like those in Russian, Iran, China, and North Korea will become emboldened to the point that our national security will be in grave jeopardy.  There are times when moral rectitude demands that you take a stand for what is right and good.  I am not advocating becoming the world’s police force, but I am advocating an America that is willing to stand for what is right.

It is time that the UK and France, along with Germany and other NATO nations join the effort to crush this kind of despotic behavior and unite against tyranny.  We proved a united front has incredible power in WWII and while I pray we do not enter a WWIII.  I believe that if the Free Nations of the world will unite we can hold those with no value of human life and with ambitions of world dominance at bay.  This too is a WAKE-UP CALL for the lovers of Liberty and Freedom in America and the world.

Here’s the bottom line for me; if we fail to keep the control of Congress out of the hands of the leftist, liberal Democrats we will have abandoned America as the Free Constitutional Republic of our Framers and Founders.  If we fail to unite against tyranny and despotism and do not do enough to get their attention we will invite and open the door to this kind of evil (gassing civilians and genocide) and terrorism will rise to a new level and NO ONE WILL BE SAFE ANYWHERE.  The America needed to achieve Freedom, Liberty and Peace will not exist if the Democrats regain power in November.  Therefore, the question is – “What America Do You Desire?”  Being a spectator is no longer an option.  Burying our heads in the sand is not an option.  Apathy is not an option.  If we adopt the philosophy that we will survive no matter what we will likely suffer the fate of peoples who failed to resist and were slowly eroded into subservience such as those in Germany during Hitler’s reign.  Ronald Reagan said it rightly, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.  It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” 

I have not mentioned the activism by the “kids” rapidly becoming pawns of the “Gun Control” activist and the increasing divide along ethnic and life preference lines.  There are many WAKE UP CALLS being sounded and we fail to heed and recognize them to our own hurt.  What is your choice for America?  Freedom and Liberty or Tyranny and Government Control?  That is the choice we are making in this mid-term election.  Disagree if you please, but if we fail to Pray, Work, and Vote we will witness a catastrophe in America like we have never seen and a situation from which we may never recover.  Label me whatever you please but know that this American, Lover of Freedom, Patriot, and Lover of God sees the danger and my sole purpose is to inspire and encourage you to become involved in the fight for FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM.  Let’s Keep America Free!

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!


PAY ATTENTION – The Sabers are Rattling with the Mid-Term Elections in the Crosshairs…

BLOG POST 1 - Predict

If you are paying attention, and most of you are, things are happening with the mid-term elections in the crosshairs.  The Democrats and Robert Mueller are rattling their sabers making noise designed to motivate voters in November.  Much of their diatribe is rhetorical and lacking factual backing but touches the emotions of those affected and that often translates into votes.  Winning is their objective not truth or even what is best for America.  It is political gamesmanship and the quest for power and position.  I want to identify a few things that I see transpiring and ask that you join me in honest response backed by factual evidence and truth as we attempt to counter their fallacious spin.  I hope to inspire you to join the millions who are daily praying for the Republic and are joining the fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom as we seek to prevent the Liberal Leftists Socialist Democrats from regaining power.

One of the things that will be used by the Left is the inclusion of the question regarding citizenship in the census questionnaire.  The Democrat Senate candidate in Texas, Beto O’Rourke is decrying this claiming it will hurt Texas because many “immigrants” will refuse to answer the questions and there will be a significant undercounting of residents in the State.  My question for Mr. O’Rourke is “Why would immigrants do that?”  I can answer that question without any in-depth investigation.  It is not IMMIGRANTS that will hide but ILLEGALS who would be apprehensive to answer the question.  A Legal immigrant would not have anything to fear in answering the question because they are LEGAL, but someone here illegally would not want to openly acknowledge they are breaking our laws.  I am less concerned about any federal funds Texas may or may not receive than I am about our national security and national sovereignty.  We can survive without the potential funds we might lose as a result of illegals hiding in the shadows during the census.

Many of the leading Democrats are arguing that it is none of the government’s business whether a person is a citizen or not.  SERIOUSLY?  This is the same bunch that has engaged in data mining, spying on citizens, and unmasking them illegally for political purposes.  I argue that knowing if someone is a citizen and here legally is a major concern!  If a person is a guest in this nation legally, they are afforded the protection of our laws and are to be held accountable to those laws.  A person that is here illegally has already violated our laws and are likely committing other crimes including falsifying their identity, identity theft, or not paying taxes, etc.  Those persons need to be identified and if the census affords us the ability to identify them, I applaud that.  Of course, some states, like California have declared directly or indirectly that illegals are welcome to vote.  This is evidenced in the sanctuary cities, the warning of illegals of an I.C.E. raid, and the refusal to cooperate with federal immigration officials in apprehending and deporting those here illegally.  The Democrats plan to use this as one of their ‘Campaign Platforms’ that the Republicans and Donald Trump HATE immigrants and are racist.  It is a fallacious charge but one that resonates with the illegals, the supporters of open borders, and the liberal leftist in America.  If you vote Democrat in the election you are voting for Open Borders and the destruction of our National Sovereignty.  If that’s what you want, your choice is clear.  I do not desire that!

Robert Mueller is going to drop another shoe in the months to come and it probably won’t be until sometime in the summer or early fall regarding the Russian Collusion Investigation.  Judge Andrew Napolitano has suggested that Robert Mueller is dropping hints that there will be proof of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians to sway the election.  Will this be factual or coerced statements by those under his thumb to avoid prosecution or to obtain lesser charges?  We will have to wait and see.  There will be an attempt to connect Trump or at least the Trump campaign to Russia before the mid-term elections in an attempt to sway voters to vote against the Republicans and vote for the Democrats.  The blatant ignoring by the investigators of the Democrats, Obama administration, and the Clinton campaign’s connection to the Russians, the dossier, and other illegal activities is appalling and reveals the partisan nature of this investigation and the political nature it displays.  The matter of Rick Gates, Paul Manafort’s business partner during the campaign is where he bases his prediction.  When the FBI or other law enforcement agencies get something on someone and they desire a bigger fish they pressure them and coerce them to squeal like a pig.  Sometimes those squealing or truthful and sometimes they simply say what the interrogator desires to hear.  But the public is fed the idea that this was a willing corroboration of the truth and provides ample evidence that the person of interest is guilty as charged.  It then becomes the task of the charged person to prove their innocence rather than the path prescribed by our constitution and law that a person is “innocent until proven guilty.”

If the Republicans are smart, and they have not demonstrated that characteristic, they will open an investigation into all the Democrats involved in this investigation, the Russian Uranium scandal, the illegal spying of Barack Obama’s administration, the illegal unmasking of citizens, revisit Benghazi, and connect the dots in the corruption and connection of Mueller, Comey, and others in the FBI and DOJ.  Will they do that?  Not likely!  Why will they fail to do so?  Partly because the GOP Establishment Leadership wants to see Trump ousted as much as the Democrats and they will work clandestinely with Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, and the Democrats in allowing the Democrat-driven investigations to continue but rejecting a real investigation of ALL CORRUPTION regardless of which side of the aisle it is found.

Additionally, there will be an ever-increasing push to move the needle of the public opinion in support of what might appear a somewhat benign effort regarding “gun control.”  I personally, do not believe that any “gun control” measure is benign, but many do.  We will hear more and more rhetoric on “Sensible Gun Control” or “Compassion for the Kids” and that kind of spin and diatribe.  We are living in a time when the bulk of the educators are incredibly liberal leftists.  Many of the college professors of today are either the radicals of the 60’s or the disciples of those radicals.  They are filling the heads of our youth from kindergarten through university with liberal leftist socialist ideas and those trusting easily influenced youth are drinking the Kool-Aid.

There will be a renewed push for censorship of all conservative speech and the charge will be that we who so speak are lacking in compassion, phobic, paranoid, wild-eyed radicals, terrorist, and haters.  There will be an escalation of the attack on Christian views and values and as in the proposed bill in California an attempt to make it illegal to offer a pathway for people with “same-sex” attractions or “gender identity” issues.  That, if passed and signed into law would virtually eliminate many churches, religious programs on television and radio, and result in a book-burning of greater scope than any time in the past.  This election is going to be about what values you hold dear, what freedoms you are willing to fight for or concede, and whether you want America to remain a Free Republic or become a Transformed Socialist Nation.  In a very real sense, it is about survival.  No, I am not saying the Republicans are saints, they are not!  I AM SAYING, that the National Democratic Party is pushing an agenda that is the antithesis of what our Framers and Founders envisioned and established and what a Free Constitutional Republic requires.  This is an election on the Constitution of the United States of America!  Keep it or Toss it is the issue.  The Democrats want to cast it aside as an antiquated document and Conservatives want to keep it and follow its original intent.  Which side do you fall on?  That’s the choice in the upcoming elections!

God bless you and God bless America!


THE DEEP STATE – What You May Not Know Will Trouble You…

BLOG POST 4 - Deep State Coup

The phrase “dustbin of history” was coined by the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky.  He lashed out at his political opponents saying, “You are pitiful, isolated individuals! You are bankrupts. Your role is played out. Go where you belong from now on — into the dustbin of history!”

Is it a coincidence that John Brennan, the man who supported the Soviet-controlled American Communist Party in the 1970s (he has acknowledged that he thought his vote for its presidential candidate Gus Hall threatened his prospects at the CIA; unfortunately, it didn’t), would borrow from Trotsky’s rhetoric in his fulminations against Donald Trump?  Hardly!  His recent tweet that came shortly after the firing of Andrew McCabe, reeked of Trotskyite revolutionary ideology and methodology.  He tweeted, “When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America… America will triumph over you.”

Wow!  America will triumph over a president it elected?  That language reveals the failed coup engaged in by the former CIA Director and reveals the depth and breadth of the Deep State under Obama.  It validates the claims of Donald Trump that the CIA, FBI, and most of the other governmental arms are corrupt.  Mr. Brennan, in 2017 called for members of the executive branch to defy the President and urged them to “refuse to carry out” his lawful directives if they did not agree with them.  That is insurrection, not mere insubordination.  Mr. Brennan is not alone, he has company and support from another hard-core leftist, Samantha Power, the Obama operative that dug deeply into all intelligence picked up on the Trump team.  She found Brennan’s tweet inspiration and tweeted, “Not a good idea to piss off John Brennan.” 

We have the former CIA Director calling for the overthrow of a duly elected president, a former Attorney General (Eric Holder) calling for a ‘knife fight’, a Senate minority leader speaking ominously about what the intelligence community might do to Trump (‘they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you’), and various former FBI and CIA officials cheering a coup.  Obamagate is in full bloom and should alarm every American citizen who loves this Republic.

Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Robert Mueller, the entire Obama administration and Clinton camp, as well as the Democrat Party, reveal their animus and malice.  They manipulated the FISA court with faux intelligence and demonstrate they do not believe that the “rule of law” applies to them.  They lie whenever convenient and are openly calling for a coup against a duly, legally elected president.  According to our constitution that rises to the level of TREASON. 

Thus far the coup has been thwarted but if the Republicans in Congress and the Department of Justice do not move to end this charade and attempt to overthrow the 2016 election they will do incredible damage to our system of government.  Sadly, there are millions who believe the lies and are unable to see the reality.  It is hard to imagine that we would have an American CIA Director who supported a Communist for President, but we did!  That kind of revelation should cause you great concern and make you aware of the great need to Drain the Swamp and Dismantle the Deep State.  The only way that is possible is by DEFEATING the Democrats in 2018 and again in 2020.  However, it is not enough to just elect Republicans we must find and elect Conservatives who believe in the Original Intent of the Constitution or we will move further down the road of destruction in America!

It is not Trump that needs to end up in the “dustbin of history” but those Swamp Denizens and Deep State operatives who are destroying or seeking to destroy our Constitutional System of Government.  The task is daunting, the hill we must climb high, and we dare not fail to remember that “evil takes no holidays and never sleeps.”  If you love Freedom and Liberty and are a true American Patriot, then I plead with you to wake up and become involved in the process.  America can be saved, but only if her patriots rise to her defense!   REMEMBER NOVEMBER and Defeat the Leftist!

God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 3 - Future

Actually, I look to my Bible, into my heart, and consider what is happening in America politically, socially, morally, and economically and SEE SOME THINGS about the future.  Could I be wrong in what I believe I see?  Of course, but if I am right, what I am going to say should be both a WAKE-UP CALL and a CALL TO ACTION for every person who loves Liberty and Freedom and desires to ensure that the Republic called the United States of America is preserved and restored.  I would hope that whether a person identifies as a conservative, constitutionalist, patriot, liberal, or progressive America maintained as a Free Republic would be of the utmost importance.  I realize that is somewhat Utopian, but it is a Hope that keeps burning in my heart.  I keep hoping that America’s citizens will wake-up and realize that we have been lied to by politicians and those desiring to “fundamentally transform” this nation into something other than what it was designed to be and has been for a very long time.  I HOPE!

I can see the effect of the Mass Media Campaign by the Left and their surrogates in the Press, Hollywood, and Congress and it is not a pleasant sight.  I have talked to people who truly believe in conservative principles, hold constitutional views, and have strong moral values who are ceding defeat in the 2018 mid-term elections.  Some of them have begun to believe the rhetoric and spin of the Left and question this President on virtually everything.  Some of them have said, “I want to believe his promises but look at the chaos, confusion, and corruption in his administration?”  When I ask for specifics they usually give me the current media spin and the talking points of the Left echoed in the Press.  That is troubling and could well mean an ominous storm brewing in America politically, socially, economically, and morally.  I talk to some who voted for the President in 2016 but have become discouraged or complacent and did not vote in the primaries and have no real interest in voting in the General Election in November.  They sing, “Que Sera, Sera” and argue that “It always happens,” meaning that the party in the White House then loses Congress in the mid-terms of their 1st term.  They argue, “We’ve always survived, and we will this time.”  I Hope they are correct about surviving, but I’m not convinced, based on what I hear, read, and see coming out of the Democrat Camp.

If the Democrats regain power in the 2018 mid-term elections let me describe the picture I see in America and you decide what you think and what you should do.  The picture I am going to paint is not pleasant although the allure of the Utopia promised by the Leftists alluring and has the effect of the mythical Sirens upon sailors.  The allure is blinding, and the effect is the same as a lobotomy or the shutting down the cognitive reason in the brain and the emotional tug more powerful than reason. What will happen if the Democrats regain power in the 2018 mid-term elections?

There will be an immediate drafting of Articles of Impeachment and need no Republicans to join their ranks, although there are some that would.  There would be charges leveled against the President using all of Mueller’s investigation notes, the Russian Dossier, Stormy Daniels, or something and the Media would give those charges wall-to-wall coverage 24/7.  Politicians are, for the most part, far more interested in getting elected and reelected than they are in America and that would result in members of the GOP linking arms with the Democrats in seeking to oust Donald Trump from the presidency.  If the Left also reclaimed the Senate, it would still be a bit more tedious because that would require a two-thirds vote to convict before they could remove him.  How many RINOs and Cowardly Republicans would side with them?  That depends on the effectiveness of the MSM in painting Trump as Genghis Kahn, Hitler, or Lucifer.

The Tax Cuts that have been signed into Law would be repealed and the only question is would they have enough votes to override the Veto that would likely come from the President.  Obamacare would become etched in stone and steps would be taken through regulations, bureaucratic edicts, if not legislation and any hope of fully repealing it would be forever lost.  Amnesty would be kicked into high-gear and the number of ILLEGALS or DEAMers would suddenly become multiplied by 2 or 3 times and the 1 MILLION would become 2, 3, 5, or 10 MILLION and they would be afforded not only legal status, but the door would be open for them to vote legally in our elections.  Our sovereignty as a nation would be severely destabilized, our national security jeopardized, and our 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment Rights in grave jeopardy.  We would find that the charges of “Hate Speech” more readily applied to anything conservative, constitutional, or biblical and our Right to Keep and Bear Arms would become a clear and present danger.  The expansion of Democrat Voters would be facilitated in the above actions and the likelihood of any Republican or Conservative winning a national election would become difficult if not impossible.

However, there is another side to that coin and the side I am praying for, fighting for, and hoping for. That side is that Conservatives and Constitutionalist regardless of party affiliation will awaken from their slumber, realize the truth, and become engaged and involved.  If we like the promises kept thus far and desire the rest of them to become reality – WE MUST BECOME INVOLVED and VOTE!  If we want a secure border, a safe nation, a growing and robust economy, tax reform, reduced government, reduced spending and debt nationally, more control of our healthcare, the problem of Illegal Immigration dealt with, and everyone is held equally accountable under the Law, THEN it is essential that we become involved.  I believe that is more than a need but obligatory if we are true American Patriots and want to “Keep the Republic.”

What must we do?  Pray!  Yes, I believe that is how we arrived at the place where Hillary Clinton was kept out of the White House in 2016.  However, I believe that we must also Work!  We cannot sit like birds in the wilderness waiting to be fed and expect God to do it for us when He tells us to labor and pray.  We are enjoined in Scripture to work and told that “whatever our hands find to do, do it with our might.”  If you are a person who prays, then we need you to join the massive and growing army of Prayer Warriors, praying for America and the World.  But, if you are a Lover of Freedom and Liberty we need you to invest yourself in this struggle for the survival of our Republic.  How do you do that?  You talk to others and articulate your views and desires for America.  You inform of the lies, fabrications, distortions, and failures of the Leftist Ideology.  Being with those close to you and within your sphere of influence and then branch out to whomever you can gain an audience with.  Yes, you will likely be scorned, ridiculed, and attacked.  I have people say to me, “How can you claim to be a Christian and vote for Trump?”  I often turn the tables on them, and ask, “How can you claim to love America and/or claim to be a Christian and vote for Hillary, Obama, or the Leftist Ideology and Agenda of the Democrats?”  But more often, I tell them, “Donald Trump is not my pastor or spiritual leader and God has used some incredibly flawed human beings in the facilitation of His purposes in the world. I vote for the proposed policies I believe are good and right for America and vote against those I believe would damage and destroy the Republic.”  That’s How I Can Vote for Trump!

One of two things is going to result from these upcoming elections: a hard-left turn or an awakening.  If we allow the Left regain power we see America backtrack and take a hard-left turn politically which will impact us morally, socially, economically, and in some ways spiritually.  If we defeat the Left, we will see a shift in some Republicans and even Democrats whose constituencies desire a Restored America and want to maintain our inalienable and constitutional rights.  We will see America begin to move toward that which we have been praying and fighting for.  It truly is up to us, so WHAT IS OUR DECISION?

od bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 2 - Mouth of Babes

Jesus spoke of truth coming from the mouths of “babes and sucklings” and in spiritual matters, I believe that is a doctrine to be well received in certain situations.  Jesus did not desire to make that a blanket doctrine that we are to accept the “wisdom” of the children in all things and at all times.  That would negate His and the Bible’s clear teaching on the responsibility of parents to nurture, teach, and train their children.  We should listen to children but not everything they say is wise nor is every policy they seek the right one.

However, that seems to be exactly where the Leftist and the MSM are trying to take us in the aftermath of the Parkland, Florida mass shooting.  Their desire to achieve “gun control” and even secure a “gun ban” is driving them to elevate the children to the position of being the ones with the words of wisdom in this matter.  That opens the door to the children being considered the voices of reason in all matters, which would create a complete collapse of our society and government.  After all, they were the victims, the traumatized therefore they are the only ones we should listen to, according to the Left.  That is neither reasonable or helpful.  Yes, we should consider their feelings, and understand their emotional turmoil, BUT we must not abdicate our positions of adult supervision and surrender the Republic to those too young and lacking experience to determine our political direction in America.

There are those, mostly Leftist Democrats including articles by the Left, demanding that we “Let the Children Vote” meaning those as young as 16 or 17 should be given the right to vote.  Those same people demand that anyone under 21 should not be allowed to purchase an AR-15 making their inconsistency amazing if not amusing.  One article by Jonathan Bernstein insisted that the Parkland students ability to organize (with outside help, I might add) is proof that the younger teenagers should also be allowed to vote.  The idea that voting is the training wheels of political participation when applied to young teenagers is a dangerous one to pursue.

Organizing protests, marches, lobbying, and electioneering are expressions of “Free Speech” and the last time I checked “Free Speech” is not age restrictive.  That might be somewhat altered in the home where parents can and often do limit the ability in family matters.  On the other hand, VOTING is a definitive action that determines the direction of our Republic and Government and that cannot be diminished by allowing the naïve, inexperienced and immature children to determine the direction of our nation.  You can easily decipher the dangers that door opens.

Let’s examine this issue of “Children Voting” and see what we can discern regarding the pros and/or cons of young teenagers being given the vote.  Let’s take the State of Florida where adults (Elected Officials) sent a bill to the Governor declaring that anyone under the age of 17 was too immature to marry.  I might insert that many 17-year-olds also fall into that category.  Don’t boil me in oil just yet for I know that some of you married young and are doing just fine, but if you are honest you will acknowledge that few of today’s 17 and younger have the maturity to handle the responsibilities needed in marriage, a home and family.  Also, the Florida Legislature has passed a law that you must be 21 to buy a hunting rifle.  If you think the 15-year-olds and possibly younger should be able to vote, how can you deny them the other rights of adults?  What about alcohol or tobacco products?  Hey, if they can vote then surely, they are mature and responsible enough to decide whether or not to use those products, right?

I have always found it somewhat hypocritical and inconsistent to declare that a young person at 18, or 19 could serve in the military and be sent into harm’s way in a time of war could not enjoy the privileges and be expected to shoulder the responsibilities of adulthood.  NO, I do not think that 17-year-olds should be given the right to vote and much of the time I question if the 18, 19, or 20-year-olds are mature enough.  That is not a blanket or net that I can throw over all the youth, for I personally know some 16-year-olds that know more about what is happening in politics and the constitution than some 40-year-olds.  That does not alter the fact that we would effectively destroy our Republican Democracy were we to further lower the voting age in America.

As in many of the voices arising from the Florida shooting, the youth are often easily manipulated and indoctrinated to advance a particular agenda and ideology.  I often lament the ability of adults to vote when they know nothing about the matters they are voting on or the candidates from which they must choose.  Before you break out the bag of feathers, heat up the tar and bring out the rail to ride me out of town on, let me ask, “Doesn’t it bother you that people make decisions on matters not based on fact but political party?”  I believe the right to vote is more than simply a privilege it is a responsibility and even a duty.  In that view, it is incumbent on every voter to become informed and make a rational decision based on facts rather than simply voting along party lines.  It is not the government or the political candidates to ensure I have that information, IT IS MINE!  Yes, I believe that candidates need to be honest, open, and forthcoming as they provide INFORMATION not simply political shtick, rhetoric or propaganda.  That is another reason that I work as hard as I can and stay as involved as I am in trying to dispense INFORMATION that allows people to make responsible and informed decisions in political matters.

I ask that you “study” what is being presented, “vet” the candidates and REMEMBER NOVEMBER is about the Republic and our Freedom.  God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 10 - What Were They Thinking

Having been absent from my post for a few days doing stuff and dealing with issues, I failed to post this.  I realize that many have moved on from this topic but I feel the need or have the desire to express a few things regarding the omnibus spending bill and the abdication of responsibility by the GOP leadership…  I pray this will not be the open door which allows the Leftist to regain control of Congress…

Dierks Bentley has a country song “What Was I Thinkin” and the question is applicable to the Republicans in Congress in their recent Spending Bill.  Bentley said in his song, “I know what I was feelin’ but what was I thinkin’?”   The more I review what the Democrat Spending Bill passed by the Republicans includes it causes me ask of the Republicans, “What were you thinking?”  Better yet, “Why weren’t you thinking?”  I could even ask, “Are you Republicans or simply Democrat pawns?” 

The ridiculous argument that CNN and other media outlets have attempted to make is that the Republicans passed this bill, not because they wanted to but because they had to compromise with the Democrats to get things done.  SERIOUSLY?  I thought that the Republicans held a majority in both the House and Senate.  I recall the Democrats, when they were in the majority passing whatever they pleased with no consideration of what the Republicans wanted, demanded, or asked for.  Remember Obamacare?  There are other examples but that is the most glaring one and one that everyone should remember.  They locked the Republicans out of the discussion and Queen Nancy even had the audacity to tell us, “We have to pass it to find out what is in it!”  WHAT A WAY TO GOVERN!  Perfect if you are advancing a tyrannical agenda of fundamental transformation and empowering the federal government to have total control in every aspect of life.  However, it is a horrific way, if your desire is to be a Representative Democracy or the Constitutional Republic, as we are supposed to be.

I am fed up with the current leadership of the Republican Party and their collusion with or cowardice in dealing with the Democrats.  The omnibus spending bill is another example of Big Government Political Elitist entrenched in the Swamp revealing what they are all about.  I am furious with the Republicans for supporting this.  I prayed for the President to have the will have the fortitude and foresight to VETO the bill, but he signed it.  You may think the bill is a good thing, but I do not, and I will attempt to articulate some of my reasons.

The Freedom Caucus opposed the Bill and rightly so, in my view.  Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) called it TERRIBLE and I believe he is correct.  Speaker Paul Ryan said that Representative Jordan is wrong and that the bill does fund the Wall – THAT IS A FABRICATION or an incredible twist of reality.  It funds portions of a “fence” not the wall and does nothing more than what has already passed.  That point caused Nancy Pelosi to gloat with glee as she does an ‘in your face’ to the Republicans and all of us who voted for Trump in the Election of 2016.  The Spending Bill provides funds for Planned Parenthood, the NICS gets money, and the Gateway Project gets money (indirectly funding Chuck Schumer’s tunnel project).  The American taxpayer gets an additional TRILLION DOLLARS in deficit spending.  Although there are a few good things in the bill, as are in most of them, overall it is a BAD PIECE OF LEGISLATION!

It seems that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) may be the only person in Washington who is actually reading and studying the bill which is so lengthy that it would take an Army of Lawyers to truly interpret.  He tweeted that this bill has the crazy provision of $10 MILLION for disadvantaged Egyptian students.  WHAT?  Where did that come from?  We can find MILLIONS for that?  I understand that the Republicans, holding 51 Senate seats do not have a Super Majority of 60 votes required to break a filibuster under current Senate rules.  Maybe it is time for that to change.  However, for them to concede without a fight is not only cowardly it is cause, to seek their ouster in the coming elections.

What is in this bill?  Obviously, I cannot go into everything because of time, space, and what I know, but let’s consider some of the delectable morsels they have given us.  The bill is 2.232 pages long, that alone should send up red flags.  The Bill provides funds for the Fix NICS “National Instant Criminal Background Check System.”  It does nothing to fix it only spends money supposedly to hold governmental agencies accountable if they do not upload records.  Election Security gets $380 MILLION, again doing virtually nothing to fix any issues but to provide funds to STUDY and PROPOSE fixes.  Infrastructure (where the Gateway Project gets its pork for Chuck Schumer).  Although the infrastructure situation is needed there are so many open doors to fund pork projects it is frightening.  The provision to fix the “grain glitch” in the Tax Bill and to get that the Democrats got a boost in the affordable housing tax credit.  Restaurant Tips?  This bill allows a restaurant owner to pool the tips and redistribute them among the employees.  WHY DO WE NEED MONEY FOR THAT?  There is an increase in Child Care and Development Block Grants, increased daily pay for federal jury duty, an expansion of low-income housing credit, more funds for the national parks, a pay raise for the troops, more money for veteran’s hospitals and veteran’s homes, $2.3 BILLION for school safety.  The bill DOES NOT defund Sanctuary Cities.  There are good things and bad things in the bill, but the size and scope of the bill make it bad, in my view.

Republicans, you do not have to have 60 votes to control the negotiations, but you continue to allow the Democrats to act as though they were in the majority.  I do not expect the Republicans to get everything they want in legislation but to get nothing they want is disgusting.  They have leverage but seem unwilling to use it and that is still a mystery to me.  Maybe it is because the Party Leaders, want much the same thing the Leftist Liberal Democrats want.

There is a way to do this and the Republicans either are too inept or forgetful of history to remember when the Democrats controlled Congress?  There is a way to get this done following the normal process of Congressional Rules.  First, pass a bill in the House, the majority party can get a general consensus enabling them to do just that.  (The Democrats have done it before).  Next, take that bill to the Senate and dare the minority party to filibuster.  (Call their bluff and if they are not bluffing use that against them in the upcoming elections).  Then, if necessary, let the government shut-down, and blame the opposition (Democrats).  Finally, bide your time and wait for them to cave, or make concessions and re-open the government.  That takes courage and would work but the Republican leadership has no stomach for a fight for America and appear to be better suited for being in the minority rather than the majority.  NO!  I am not suggesting that we take that path but that we consider REPLACING the current leadership with Senators and Representatives who will govern in the best interest of America, the Constitution, and the constituents.

If the Republican Leadership is unwilling to govern in a manner in keeping with the promises they have made, the voters will grow weary with them and allow the return of power to the Democrats.  The voters did not elect the Democrats to control the United States Congress, but the Republican Leadership is allowing them to do just that.  I am concerned that actions like this will return control of Congress to the Democrats in November and if that happens this is a drop in the bucket to what we will see in the days to come.  America, we CANNOT AFFORD the government we now have and MUST take steps to Reduce the Size, Scope, and Power of the federal government and STOP the insane spending that politicians have a propensity to engage in.

God bless you and God bless America!