BLOG POST 4 - The Real Problem

I have some people who stand firmly beside and behind me in our fight for the Constitution, Rule of Law, Liberty, and Freedom but disagree with me as to the “root cause” of the problems and the “real solution.”  The reason they disagree is they do not share my Christian Faith and therefore, reject the idea that the real solution is God and addressing the moral issues of man’s heart.  Most of them are staunch defenders of the 2nd Amendment as an inalienable right that government has no right to infringe but they are hard-pressed to define where those rights come from, if not from God.  Those on the Left who follow the Leftist Liberal Socialist Globalist philosophy ideology and agenda seem to believe that our rights come from government and therefore can be altered, amended or, revoked by the government.  I mention those realities to highlight the different views as to what the problem in America truly is and the correct pathway to find a resolution.

Therefore, I argue that if we do not recognize, diagnose, define, or acknowledge the Real Problem we will NEVER pursue the Real Solution and often follow Delusion and thereby heighten the problem and frustration in society.  When we pursue a wrong diagnosis the treatment often worsens the condition rather than relieving the symptoms or finds a cure.  That, in my view, is the pathway we are traveling in this current debate regarding “guns” and how we curb the mass-shootings being talked about.  I find it curious that there is no outcry over the daily shootings in cities like Chicago, Detroit, and other highly gun restrictive cities, but there is a major outcry when there a single shooter in a school or as the one in Las Vegas.  I find it somewhat odd that some I have discussed the matter with regarding the murders, muggings, and mayhem in Chicago often black on black crime with those on the Left they call that a moral and heart issue but in Florida and Las Vegas it is a gun problem.  They have yet to explain the difference to me and in that failure, I see delusion, deception, and denial when equates to no solution and suggests that this type of action will multiply leaving us more and more disheartened and leave us feeling helpless.

I believe that what we are calling “mental illness” is sometimes simply “evil” that may, in fact, be a type of mental illness but not the classic definition.  If a person has an “evil heart” no law will prevent them from pursuing their diabolical act of murder and mayhem.  No posted sign, no threat of imprisonment, or any other edict from the government will deter them.  Evil holds no respect for the moral or civil law and the type of evil as witnessed in mass-shootings has no regard for human life, even their own.  They thirst for blood and destruction and nothing will satisfy that longing except carrying out their heinous acts.  You cannot stop evil with legislation.  In the case of evil, aside from a spiritual conversion, the only way you stop an evil person intent on murder is with deadly force.  That may not play well with some, but if you are honest in your assessment you will know that is the truth.  How then, will we make our children safer or ourselves safer by “disarming” good, moral, sane, and sensible people?  How is taking away our ability to protect ourselves, our families, and our property the right path?

As for the matter of “mental illness”, we have allowed government and the liberal leftist mindset to prevent the finding of a solution and further endanger society.  The first public hospital, in America, built to care for the “mentally ill” was Eastern State Hospital, built in 1773 in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Many more followed and in 1955 there were 560,000 patients housed in state mental institutions in America but by 1977 that population had been reduced to 160,000. What was the cause of such a dramatic reduction in institutionalized patients diagnosed as suffering from some form of mental illness?  In the 1970’s, there was a dramatic rise in people advocating for the closing of mental hospitals because of the new psychotropic drugs available.  It was argued that people with mental disorders, even the most violent or potentially violent, could live unrestrained among the population.  In 2013 an article by Dr. E. Fuller, founder of Treatment Advocacy Center, titled “Fifty Years of Failing America’s Mentally Ill”, contended that this had not gone the way the advocates had planned or hoped.  His study reported that the “mentally ill” were responsible for 10% of all homicides (an even higher percentage of mass murders). They represent 20% of prison inmates and 30% of the homeless.  That suggests a failure on the part of the government, society, and the medical community in dealing with this issue.

I believe that “mental illness” is a very real problem, especially as it relates to murder (mass or otherwise).  The federal government has invested BILLIONS in building treatment centers and funding doctors and programs to deal with the issue and rather than curbing the problem it is growing.  We need to, as with most things, get the federal government out of the “mental health” arena and return control to the State and Local entities.  A Supreme Court ruling in 1999 (Olmstead v. L.C.) held that under the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals with mental disabilities have the right to live in integrated community settings rather than in institutions.  Some have benefitted from this ruling, many others have been harmed, not to mention the harm to the public.  President John F. Kennedy proposed the CMHC program funding of $1 BILLION, or in today’s dollars $10 BILLION.  The total annual public funds for support and treatment of the mentally ill is over $140 BILLION. 

Is the answer to institutionalize everyone with a mental disorder?  NO!  But those who show a propensity to or demonstrate a bent toward violence pose a danger to themselves and others should be carefully supervised and treated.  My heart breaks for anyone suffering from or any family dealing with the “mentally ill.”  I do not want to treat them as sub-human and simply cart them off to an institution, lock them up, and forget them.  I want to seek solutions to the problem while keeping them safe and the public free of the threat of that individual committing a crime such as the one in Las Vegas or Florida.  I am not saying that either of those was caused by mental illness but some of the mass murders have been.  If we deny the problem of either evil or mental illness and make the firearm (gun) the culprit, we become entrapped in a delusion that will fail to recognize the real problem and prevent us from finding a solution.  I do not have the answers to solving the “mental illness” issue but throwing more and more money at the problem with no visible result is not the answer.  The definition of insanity that has been used (not the technical or medical definition) is: “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.”  I believe that we are dealing with a HEART and MIND issue that is the result of our drift from our moral moorings in America and the indoctrination which has virtually become brainwashing of our kids and society by the politically correct rhetoric, diatribe, and ideology.  The Real Problem is not the weapon of choice but the choice to use a weapon!  If we continue to react as many businesses, activist, and politicians and target the wrong source we will open the door to a continuing and growing problem.  The mentally ill need our compassion, understanding, and help to help prevent them from harming themselves or others.  Dealing with “mental illness” effectively will not remove the threat of mass-shootings because of the existence of evil.  Evil called by any other name empowers it!  Hear me carefully, if there is a person shooting up or attempting to shoot up a school or a public venue it does not matter, at that moment in time, if they are suffering from a mental disorder or simply venting evil – THEY MUST BE STOPPED!  If you strip me of my right and ability for ‘self-defense’ you make me a victim and you have no right to do that!

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!




BLOG POST 3 - Motivated Voters

I realize that, in many ways, November seems an eternity away, but it is only 8 short months until American voters will largely decide the direction of this country for the foreseeable future.  Yes, I believe it is that serious and the reason I constantly contend for the Constitution and Conservative values, the values that helped this nation become arguably the greatest on planet earth.  I believed that the 2016 elections were the most critical we had faced in our lifetime and we fought, worked, prayed, and voted as a nation winning a battle which has given us a small window of opportunity.  NOW, we face another battle in this raging war for America and Constitutional Republicanism (Liberty, Freedom, and Limited Government).  What will motivate those on the Left and on the Right to shake off apathy and go to the polls and exercise their constitutional privilege and duty?  What will it take?  What will transpire?  How many of the current hot issues will cool and what new hot issues will surface?

One thing of which I am 100% certain, the Left, the MSM, the Activist promoting the Liberal Leftist Socialist, Globalist Agenda will find something as they attempt to “press people’s buttons” and motivate them.  They will never allow a crisis to go to waste and will politicize anything and everything as they fan the flames of paranoia, fear, distrust, envy, and hate.  I do not give very much credence to the POLLS but sometimes what they are reporting are revealing if not factual.  What are the current issues that are motivating people to go to the polls in the primaries?  A secondary question would be, “Will those issues continue to ignite people in November?”  But, what are the issues that are “hot buttons today?”

Of the many polls out there, many or most are skewed to elicit the response desired to achieve an objective is the USA Today, Suffolk University poll.  It reported that the top issues are immigration, border security, and gun control and the Russian “collusion” is dead last.  If that is true, then why would Mueller and the Democrats keep pressing that issue?  That, I’ve attempted to answer before but let me reiterate IT IS NOT designed to find criminal activity by Donald Trump but to build a dossier that the Democrats could use in attempting to provide a preponderance of evidence to support an attempt to Impeach the President should they regain power.  They fully believe that is going to happen in the November elections and are making plans to oust Donald Trump as early as January 2019.  Will they succeed?  That depends on us, the American voter.

Border Security and Immigration is the top issue for Republicans (17%) making that number one.  In comparison, only 9% of the Democrats view those issues as number one.  That is a bit surprising because of the hoopla that continues to be presented in the MSM and by the Democrats in Washington.  On the other hand, Gun Control is the number one issue for the Democrats (17%) as compared to Republicans (9%).  The third issue that is a “hot button” to voters is TAXES. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are incredibly vulnerable on this issue and Queen Nancy’s “crumbs” comments and Senator Chuckie’s declaration of the Un-Americanism of the Tax Cuts leave them open to rejection.  I say that because between now and November millions of Americans are going to realize benefit from the Tax Cuts and that could translate to a loss of votes for the Democrats running on repealing the cuts.  Additionally, the Democrats are running on a platform of Impeach the President and that issue is a virtual non-starter as only 1.4% of voters felt that Impeaching the President was a top issue.  Even more troubling, to me, is the findings of this poll that 75% disapprove of Congress, 48% do not view the Democrats favorably and a whopping 60% have an unfavorable view of the GOP.  It also reported that when asked, “Who would you most likely vote for as a member of the House of Representatives?”  47% of the voters said a Democrat and 32% said a Republican.  That is troubling!

Again, this poll has an agenda and like most polls, I’m confident it is somewhat skewed but the issues that are “hot button” items is interesting.  The economy is not, and I believe that is because the economy is moving in a positive direction.  Political moods are like the weather in Texas, they change daily if not hourly.  What new crisis will surface or be manufactured to motivate voters to go to the polls in November?  I cannot answer that question, but I will predict that the Mueller investigation will have more indictments in September or October to cloud the issue and in the hope of the Democrats motivate their base.  Let me also predict, there will be another mass murder or attempted mass murderous rampage in the Fall to motivate people to become fearful enough they are willing to elect Democrats and give up their right to keep and bear arms.  No, I did not say that the Democrats or governmental agencies will manufacture the event but the political correctness, the indoctrination in academia, the media, Hollywood, and by the activist will allow someone to slip through the cracks and evil perpetuates evil.  Another disgruntled or deranged person with evil in their hearts will seek to make their statement by this kind of horrific evil.  Can we prevent it?  Possibly not, but we can take positive steps to reduce the probability.

Here’s what I want to convey to every person who loves Liberty and wants to maintain America as the Constitutional Republic that our Framers and the Founders established – STAY FOCUSED.  If we grow apathetic or allow our personal distaste for any particular politician to cause us to withhold our ballot in November we will, by that action, allow the Democrats to gain inroads.  If we allow the Left to regain control of one or both Houses of Congress we will have surrendered many if not most of our inalienable rights protected by the Constitution.  We will open the door to the further “fundamental transformation” of our Republic into something other than a Free Nation and expand Government and Governmental Power to the point of no return.  You may or may not like President Donald Trump but surely you like some of if not most of the things accomplished or attempted to be accomplished.  Surely, you want to see the campaign promises kept and the American agenda advanced which would, in some measure, drain the Swamp and dismantle the Deep State.  Surely you want to see government become more limited and control of our healthcare returned to patient and doctor rather than government bureaucrats.  Surely you want to keep more of your hard-earned money rather than giving it to an inefficient bureaucratic government that is incredibly wasteful.  However, if you want to see Government become more and more powerful and are willing to trade your liberties for a false sense of security, then the Democrat pathway is your pathway.  If you want Freedom, Liberty, Limited Government, a Secure Border, a Strong National Defense, and your Constitutional Rights to remain intact, then Defeating the Democrats is your only option.  THAT SHOULD MOTIVATE EVERY PATRIOT!

May God bless you and may He bless America again!



BLOG POST 2 - Fatalism

I ask that with all seriousness because I had a person who identifies as a constitutional conservative accuse me of that.  He used the following quote in his argument:  “Fatalism is the lazy man’s way of accepting the inevitable.” I will go into why he leveled the accusation momentarily, but first I’d like to walk through what I see happening in the political world, especially in Washington, D.C. today.  I do not see a rosy picture where optimism is high, and the glass is half-full, but I also do not see total cataclysmic doom either.  I try to be realistic without being pessimistic and find the best path to travel in this journey of life and the fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom.

In the aftermath of another mass shooting in a public school, the Leftist are everywhere demanding more stringent “gun laws” with many demanding a “total ban” on what they are calling military-style weapons and often referring to them as “automatic weapons”.  Style, if we mean appearance might be accurate but when they call a semi-automatic firearm a machine gun or an automatic weapon they are not only wrong they are purveyors of hysteria and paranoia that is dangerous and detrimental to our Free Society. That is the kind of misinformation that continues to be reported by the Mass Media Outlets usually amounting to nothing more than the “talking points” of the Leftist who have a Globalist Agenda and desire to strip citizens of most if not all of our inalienable and constitutional rights.  The saddest part of this equation is that there are too many, and one would be too many, Republicans joining the chorus and singing the same song.  That demands action on the part of the voters and identifies the depth, breadth, and width of the Swamp and the Deep State.  We truly do need to “clean house.”  That is an undeniable reality, but HOW?  How do we “clean house” in Washington and purge the ranks of both Democrats and Republicans of all who will not honor, protect, and defend the constitution and follow the rule of law WITHOUT destroying ourselves in the process?  That’s my problem and part of why I was told that my views are fatalistic.

When people like former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice make public declarations such as, “I think it is time for us to have a conversation about what the right to bear arms means in the modern world.  I don’t understand why civilians need to have access to military weapons.”  First, Secretary Rice, THEY DON’T!  The AR-15 IS NOT a Military Weapon and you should know that but then I never considered you a true constitutional conservative any more than I considered your former boss one.  As to the conversation about the right to bear arms, it is one of our INALIENABLE RIGHTS and if you were truly a constitutional scholar and one who wants to protect and defend that document along with all our rights and freedoms you would understand why the Framers and Founders included it.  People of her mindset are another evidence of the need to “clean house” in Washington, D.C., a fact I readily acknowledge.  But again, HOW do we do that without destroying ourselves in the process?

I need say nothing with regard to the Leftist, Globalist, Progressive, Liberal, Democrats and the need to defeat them but when I call Republicans to task I am questioned as to why I would ever vote for one of them again.  That is a valid question and one that I’ll try to answer and if you find yourself in the same boat facing the same predicament maybe it’ll resonate with you.  If not, you too will likely view me as being fatalistic and not appreciate my reasoning.  First, I am very Pro-America.  I consider myself a patriot, I am a Vietnam veteran, and believe that my views are both constitutional and conservative.  I am a Christian and believe that the Bible is our Guide and Rule for Faith and Practice in life.  Those views place me at odds with many politicians on a regular basis.  If I allowed myself I’d be continually frustrated and angry with the Democrats to the point of wanting to slap some sense into them.  If I allowed myself I’d become so discouraged over the Republicans I’d desire to be a recluse, throw up my hands, and give up.  I cannot do either, for the Republic called the United States of America is too valuable to cede to the Leftist who want to “fundamentally transform” her into something other than what the Framers and Founders envisioned and established.

The person that called me a Fatalist said so because he thought I should abandon all Republicans and vote for the particular Third Party he was embracing.  He argued that we need to lose a few elections by withholding our votes from the Republican Candidates in order to dismantle that Party and formulate a replacement.  I asked, “How many elections we would have to lose to accomplish that feat.”  I also asked, “What Third-Party is going to replace the GOP?”  I had a number of questions along those lines and then what made him furious was my question, “In light of the eight years of Barack Obama, how long do you think it would take the Democrats to totally transform the Republic, strip us of our gun rights, entrench Obamacare to the point of making it impossible to remove, repeal the Tax Cuts, open the borders and give Amnesty to millions of illegals, and strip us of most if not all our constitutional rights?”  The speed with which they advanced their cause under Obama was alarming and had Hillary won it would have been going forward at “warp speed” today.  Therefore, is it more principled to withhold my vote from a Republican that from time to time or even most of the time shows a liberal bent to make a statement or to prevent the Leftist Democrats from completely destroying the republic?  He became furious and called me names that I would never have expected to hear from a person claiming to be a Christian who is a constitutional conservative.

In my home state, Texas, we are seeing the color of political purple becoming more and more apparent and that troubles me.  With the increase of illegals and the outside money flooding into our Statewide as well as some local elections the influence of Liberalism is growing.  One of the doorways through which this liberalism is gaining inroads is by people willingly withholding their votes for the Republicans and voting Third-Party or not voting.  If the Democrats become energized and smell blood in the water heading to the polls in droves while the conservatives and constitutionalist stay home or split their votes the result will be the Red State turning Purple or Blue and that would be a disaster for the State and the Nation.  My position has long been that IN THE PRIMARIES we need to attempt to unseat the RINOs and replace them with constitutional conservatives.  However, because of the incredible danger, I see if the Democrats win the General Election, I see little alternative to voting for the Republican BECAUSE I do believe there is enough difference in the parties to matter.  I readily acknowledge that far too often there is little difference BUT there is a small sliver of hope if the Democrats are stopped.  Is that a fatalistic attitude?  Possibly.  Would we be better off ceding the election and the republic to the Democrats in an effort to create a viable Third-Party to replace the GOP?  If I thought, we could do it without losing the Republic I’d likely get onboard, but I don’t see that train as having enough steam to climb the mountain while providing a defense against the globalist leftist liberal agenda of the Democrat Party.

I’m quite sure that I’ll get some negative reaction for what I’ve argued but in Texas and across the United States of America this 2018 mid-term election is, in my view, the most critical we have faced.  If we allow the Democrats to take back one or both Houses of Congress any hope of realizing the fulfillment of the Promises made to us in 2016 will be history.  We will be stuck with Obamacare permanently, our Tax Cuts will be in danger, Impeachment will become a reality (maybe not a conviction but impeachment), our borders will be thrown wide open, Amnesty will become a reality, spending will go through the roof, and our national defense will be in grave danger.  I cannot, in good conscience, participate in that so, if you deem my view of STOPPING the Democrats as Job Number One fatalistic, I can live with that.  I believe it is Patriotic and my duty as a lover of Freedom. 

God bless you and God bless America!


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Do We Truly Comprehend What We Have in this Republic???

BLOG POST 1 - Pledge of Allegiance

We are continuing down a path that began long before Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the National Anthem.  That is the path of disrespect for America and what America stands for.  It is an expression of hate.  You may find that objectionable but to declare that you are protesting the anthem or the flag over your perception of the existence of systematic racism by the police and America you cannot claim it is not about the anthem or the flag.  The Anthem and Flag embody what America was, is, and will be!  They are a vehicle by which every American can express his/her loyalty and allegiance to America.  If there are flaws in our system and in our interpersonal relations disrespecting the flag and fanning the flames of hate are not the solution, they are an extension of the problem.

Johnny Cash, the country star is reported to have said, “I believe in your 1st Amendment Right to burn the flag if you choose, but I also believe in my 2nd Amendment Right to keep and bear arms and I’ll shoot you if you burn mine.”  I am not advocating that kind of violence for the terribleness of the former does not justify the latter, it only makes the divide greater.  I hold the Flag, the National Anthem, and the Pledge of Allegiance in high esteem.  I am a Vietnam veteran and consider myself a patriotic American and a devoted Christian.  God is first in my life, family is next, and country follows them.  The Pledge is more than a statement of respect and an expression of allegiance it is a commitment to adherence to the values, principles, freedoms, and rights that every American citizen is blessed with.  There are few countries in this world where one could openly burn the flag and publicly disrespect the anthem of that nation.  America affords that liberty and yet those who exercise that liberty do so without a full comprehension of the damage they do in their actions.

In our original pledge of allegiance to our Republic, which was established by God, penned in 1892 by Reverend Francis Bellamy was used by educators in Chicago during the 400th celebration of Columbus landing in the New World.  In 1923-1924, the phrase, “the flag of the United States of America” was added to replace Bellamy’s original wording, “my flag.”  The Pledge then became: “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  You will no doubt notice a missing phrase, “under God.”  .”  In 1942 the Pledge was officially added to the U.S. Flag Code but the phrase “under God” was not added until 1954.  It was birthed largely as the result of a sermon preached by the Reverend George Docherty of Scotland, who was, at that time, serving as pastor just two blocks from the White House at the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church.  On February 7, 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower was sitting in the front row with numerous Senators and Congressmen.  The sermon reviewed how the hand of God was evident in American history and how America had taken the precepts of the Bible and incorporated them into American life and culture.  He declared that America had continuously acknowledged God as being essential to our foundational American identity.

The Reverend Docherty went into a lengthy conversation he had had with his son and in that conversation, the matter of the pledge of allegiance came up.  He reminded the audience that the beginning of each school day there was the Pledge of Allegiance.  It was so commonplace that no one would expect any other beginning.  Reverend Docherty related his preparation for a Lincoln Day celebration and in his studies, he discovered how frequently Mr. Lincoln used the phrase, “under God” and wondered why that phrase had not been included in the American Pledge.  From the beginning of our founding, it is evident that certain basic principles were laid down not only by the Founding Fathers who began their first proclamation with the words, “In the name of God, Amen,” but also by the Framers of the Declaration of Independence.  In that document they declared that “all men were created equal” and there can be no creation without a creator.  This was a clear revealing of their cognizance of the hand and influence of the Creator in the formulation of the American Republic.

Including the phrase, “under God” immediately separates our Pledge from the Communistic and Socialist governments of the world who disbelieve the existence of God.  It presents our view and interpretation of the meaning of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” in a much different light than in those nations.  When Mr. Lincoln used the phrase, “Under God” it was a reminder to all Americans that the United States that our only basis and source for our true freedom is God.  After the sermon, President Eisenhower approached the pastor and said, “I think you’ve got something!”  The next day, a bill was introduced to add “Under God” to our pledge and the members of Congress acknowledge that the sermon was the catalyst and inspiration to take this action.  Four months later President Eisenhower signed the bill that included “Under God” in our Pledge of Allegiance.

When I think of what America means, I am always conscious of the sacrifices that have been made throughout our history to establish and preserve the Republic in which “all men are deemed to have been created equal” and have “God-given rights that no government or man can or should infringe.”  Our Republic has a Constitution that details the pathway to implementing new laws, rules, and regulations and that deserves our respect.  The National Anthem is an expression of the treasure we have in our Free Constitutional Republic.  When you disrespect it, you trash the very precepts and principles that were the basis for founding a nation so wonderfully free that you can disrespect it without fear of incarceration or execution.  You may have problems with various institutions, organizations, or arms of government but you should never allow your dissatisfaction grow to the point of disrespecting the sacrifices of the men and women who paid the ultimate price to afford you that freedom.

The flames of hatred are burning high today and disrespecting the anthem, or the flag of the Republic will not resolve the problems that exist.  Disrespect breeds contempt and contempt drive wedges that produce impasses virtually assuring there can be no compromise or common understanding.  It becomes “my way or no way” and both sides rigidly stand unwilling to honestly discuss the issues of concern.  If you value Freedom and Liberty and want to preserve the Constitutional Republic, our Founders fought for and our Framers formulated a Pledge of Allegiance is not too much to ask.  I am not asking that you blindly follow and never express your dissatisfaction but out of respect for the sacrifices that have been made and out of an appreciation for our Freedom and Liberty, I ask that you stand for the Anthem and realize that the Pledge of Allegiance is not a declaration that there are no problems but that this Republic affords the priceless Freedom and Liberty and that treasure is too valuable to lose.

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


BLOG POST 1 - Evil or Disease

There is a difference and I am not qualified to give a medical diagnosis and go into the many parameters involved although I do have some training in Psychology (I am not a Psychologist), have been educated in Bible College and served in Christian ministry for over 40 years.  That gives me a small foundational base from which to address the issue.  However, in this article, I acknowledge that I am approaching it from a personal viewpoint and the research I have been able to do concerning mass-shootings and mass-murderers.  Therefore, my opinion is my opinion, and yours is yours!

There is much speculation as to the mental state of the most recent confessed mass murderer Nikolas Cruz just as there has been about every other such incidence and person.  Mostly it is speculation and sometimes it is the spin of the desired narrative by some group or entity.  The fact that few know anything concrete about his mental state or the possible mental illness he may have been suffering from.  Likewise, describing his act as one of a driven evil person would not be fair, if he is truly suffering from a mental illness and his ability to comprehend the evil of his actions.  That has not prevented virtually everyone speaking publicly on the matter from diagnosing him as one suffering from some incapacitating mental issues.

Why is that a problem?  I see it is a problem because it allows a justification if not an excuse for the evil, at least in some measure.  It seems that in our modern society we are more comfortable with labeling someone as “mentally disturbed” or suffering from some form of “mental illness” rather than defining them as “evil.”  If we can characterize them as “disturbed” we do not have to confront the terribleness of evil and can totally divest the moral or biblical aspects from consideration.  We do not have to address the possibility of the devil being involved and the need for God.  We do not have to investigate the possibility of supernatural influence through the demonic and can completely secularize the matter and sanitize it, in a measure, as being something clinical rather than spiritual.  We can make it a matter of the mind rather than the heart and that seems to be a safer position and allows those who want to target the GUN or the NRA to do so without holding the shooter totally accountable for his/her actions.

If we can make the crime pathological and move from the old viewpoint of the criminal “getting what he/she deserves” or JUSTICE, we feel compelled to cure him/her and the punishment become therapeutic rather than punishment befitting the crime.  C.S. Lewis addressed the “Humanitarian Theory of Punishment” and described this approach as removing the concept of “desert” [d’ZERT] from the equation.  He said: “[The] concept of Desert is the only connecting link between punishment and justice. It is only as deserved or undeserved that a sentence can be just or unjust…Thus when we cease to consider what the criminal deserves and consider only what will cure him or deter others, we have tacitly removed him from the sphere of justice altogether; instead of a person, a subject of rights, we now have a mere object, a patient, a ‘case’.”  The danger is that a wicked government is allowed to categorize crime and disease as the same and the masters of the state can choose to call anything the desire a ‘disease’ and when a crime is so labeled they no longer seek punishment, but cure and the deterrent of punishment loses its effectiveness.  That helps to facilitate and invite heinous criminal behavior for the evil person knows they have an out in the societal and governmental view of the matter.  Thus, evil is called disease and rather than treated as unadulterated evil it is treated as a disease beyond the criminal’s ability to control.

C.S. Lewis also said, “We know that one school of psychology already regards religion as a neurosis.  When this neurosis becomes inconvenient to government, what is to hinder government from proceeding to ‘cure’ it?”  That is frightening and part of what the Framers and Founders wanted to protect us against in the 1st Amendment’s provision of Freedom of Religion and the prohibition of Government infringing upon it.  Joy Behar and a myriad of others, I suspect, would welcome such a move by the government because she believes that if one believes God talks to man, they are suffering from mental illness.  I say, “Ms. Behar, you are treading on dangerous grounds and demonstrating a lack of understanding of the Bible and God.”  From the beginning of Genesis to the conclusion of Revelation, God speaks and speaks to man, frequently, clearly, and personally.  No, I am not suggesting that everyone hears an audible voice, but that does not mean He is not speaking through impression and the revelation of His written word.

Do you not see the problem in placing in the hands of ‘doctors’ the responsibility of administering justice and punishment and thereby stripping the jurist of that mandate?  The doctors, frequently know nothing of the law and would then be permitted to using their own pre-conceived ideas, ideological beliefs, and clinical understanding to administer punishment eliminating desert from the equation.  If we allow criminal behavior to become defined as a disease then what is to prevent the doctors from, over time, deciding that it is neither a disease or a crime and the new normal?  Yes, I am stretching the matter to the limits but what has the government not stretched to the limit when allowed to infringe upon our rights?  Are we becoming a society where there are no parental rights or expectations with regard to discipline, which often leads to evil being borne in the heart and the total devaluing of personal accountability?  When I was a child and when my children were young, “temper tantrums” were not tolerated and certainly not called “releases of frustration.”  They were deemed “bad behavior” and corrective action taken.  Tragically, there are countless numbers of those who have grown up with “no discipline” in their lives and commit heinous acts such as that in Florida and there is the view that they are not to be judged harshly for their actions and drugged rather than required to face the consequences of their actions.  That is not a solution and does far more harm than good.  It does harm to those who are truly mentally ill and endangers the masses by subjecting them to the dangers of the uncontrolled behavior that is evil at its core rather than simply being “mentally disturbed.”

I am concerned that the continued removal of God from the equation of our expected behavior patterns and the amoral view that is prevalent will result in the government issuing edicts and regulations banning the practice of teaching Christian values even in the home or church.  The shootings in Las Vegas and in Florida were evil.  The shooters may or may not have been suffering from some form of ‘mental illness’ but UNLESS that is unquestionably diagnosed this shooter needs to be subjected to JUSTICE and his punishment needs to fit his crime.  It is my view, that to do less is an open invitation to others to copy his actions and act out their particular brand of hate or fulfill a misguided desire of notoriety.  The subject matter of discussion in seeking a way of preventing this type of tragedy should be the heart and the mind, not the firearms or weapons used.  The weapons are simply tools, not the cause.  We need to refocus on the importance of the home, family, and discipline rather than seeking an explanation or a justification for these acts of evil.  I believe the Bible when it declares in Proverbs 26:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

God bless you and God bless America!



AMERICA – Sovereign Republic or What???

BLOG POST 4 - America

I guess it depends on your definition of America, Sovereign, Republic, and Constitutional?  I call to mind the infamous declarations of the two Clintons in their time of being questioned about their scandalous behavior.  Bill said, “It depends on the definition of IS.”  Hillary said regarding American lives being sacrificed in Benghazi through the ineptitude of her highness and Barack Obama, “What difference does it now make?”  The mentality of situational ethics has always been a part of the Clinton Crime Family’s repertoire and has long been reflected in their political and personal dealings.  It is the attitude reflected by the liberal leftists especially among the Democrat elitist and establishment politicians, the MSM, Hollywood liberals, and the Global activists seeking to transform this nation.  To them, America is anything, but a Sovereign Republic designed to be a Constitutional Republic with a specific set of Laws and guided by the original intent of the founding document, our Constitution.  America, to them, is whatever they decide it is at any given moment in history to accommodate their ideological beliefs and agenda.  That makes them dangerous!

In my personal view, it is diabolical to attempt to subvert our Constitutional Republic and fundamentally transform it into something other than the Framers and Founders established.  When any person or group of persons who seek to void that document for their ideological purposes without going through the Amendment Process as specified in the Constitution it is, to me, an act of treachery that borders on treason.  That’s how I view it, but what does the Constitution say about Treason?   In Article III, Section 3, Clause 1 of the American Constitution is defining Treason in this manner: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”  You read it, but do you have a clear definition of what constitutes treason?

I have wrestled with this for some time, especially considering the eight years of Barack Obama and the scandals involving Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and others.  There are those in Congress, the media, Hollywood, and various activist groups who have repeatedly declared that Donald Trump has committed Treason.  None of those are willing to ascribe that crime to Hillary, Obama, or anyone on the left.  Never mind that the evidence is substantial that Hillary colluded with the Russians, engaged in pay for play as Secretary of State, and that Obama enabled, allowed, or colluded with nations that hate America to advance his agenda.  Never mind, there has been no evidence that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians but the fingers all point to Hillary, Obama, and the Democrats.  Never mind Benghazi, Iran, Fast and Furious, and a myriad of other things which have endangered Americans and America.  Those do not approach the level of Treason in the minds of the Leftist, but Donald Trump is Treasonous for winning the election.  How Dare Him!  Therefore, it is imperative that we develop a clear definition of what the Constitution defines as Treason and once we have it must be reinstated in the conversation regarding what is happening in American politics today.  Can we do that?  Let’s try.

The word “treason”, as interpreted from the Latin through the French means “giving or delivering up.”  The common law defined treason as “treachery or breach of faith.”  That definition and meaning if applied to Treason against one’s country or government would be so broad that virtually anything could be charged and made to stick. It would effectively destroy our system of government and make it difficult for any president to survive a four-year term in office if the opposing party controlled the legislature.  There are two categories of Treason, as understood by law, so I’m told.  The Petit Treason included things like a wife killing her husband, a servant or ecclesiastic killing his lord or master, etc.  High Treason was defined as a breach between subject and sovereign, a betrayal of (or neglect of duty or renunciation of allegiance to, in word or deed.)  Both of those are so far reaching there was an appeal from people such as Sir Edward Coke, Baron de Montesquieu, Sir Matthew Hale, and Sir William Blackstone to define Treason the highest of crimes and call for a clear and precise definition of the term to prevent governments from abusing the charge.

Our Founders we clearly concerned about protecting individual rights and defending against the arbitrary power exercised by the federal government.  They sought to present and establish a clear and definitive definition of what constituted treason, the permissible means of proving it, and the limitations of punishment for it.  The result was that in our American Constitution “treason” was limited to levying war against the United States or adhering to it enemies by giving them aid and comfort.  It could only be proved by confession in open court or the testimony of a minimum of two witnesses to the same overt act.  Alexander Hamilton felt that the definition was still too broad and was part of the reason there must be a separate Bill of Rights to protect individuals from governmental overreach and abuse.  We have had numerous cases tired and reached the Supreme Court and the case of Aaron Burr in 1807 and the cases that grew out of World War II the Supreme Court held to the specific intent must exist in “adherence to the enemy, and therefore to harm the United States” was necessary, rather than simply rendering aid.  Then in Haupt v. United States (1947), the court relaxed the standard used in Cramer v. United States (1945) by holding that the standard of two witnesses to overt acts might be supported by other evidence as to the accused’s treasonable intent, including out-of-court confessions and admissions. In Kawakita v. United States (1952) the Supreme Court ruled that dual citizenship did not diminish a citizen’s allegiance to the United States and even if that citizen intended to renounce their American citizenship they could still be held for treason.

The U.S. Code, from 1948 made a clarification of the Article 3, Section 3 definition declaring, “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason.”  Allegiance to the United States means U.S. Citizens.  Assisting the enemy (foreign governments) by aiding them.  Waging War against the United States, with the goal of removing the sovereign (president) or overthrowing a lawful government, the constitution was defined as Treason.  In the days of the Constitution’s inception War meant battle on the battlefield with firearms and weaponry.  Today it must be expanded to include electronic surveillance, fabricated evidence, weaponized governmental agencies, etc.  Yes, I am saying that what went on before, during, and after the last presidential election climbs to the level of treason.  When a dossier can be developed with the help or in collusion with a foreign enemy and conspiratorially to hide its source and intent and call it “intelligence gathering” to deceive the courts and the public it qualifies.  What was their goal in the development of that document?  It was an attempt to “subvert the constitution” and prevent the peaceful and lawful transfer of power from one administration to another.  It was illegally disseminated to the media.  The media conspired to spread the disinformation to the entire world with the intent and desire to “subvert” our system of government and later to “overturn” a lawful election and thereby wage war against our Constitution.

I believe that the actions of the Left including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the DOJ, the FBI, the DNC, and others rise to the level of treason.  What are the legal punishments allowed if a person is convicted of the crime of Treason?  Article 2, Section 4 – “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”  According to the U.S. Code, those guilty of treason “SHALL suffer death, or SHALL be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”   Can we expect an investigation into the potentially treasonous activities of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, Erick Holder, James Comey, and others?  NOT SO LONG AS THE SWAMP IS FULL IN DC…  If anyone is guilty of Treason regardless of who that individual is, they should feel the full brunt of the Law and receive the due and just punishment for their crimes.  I pray that the lid will be fully removed in D.C. and all the corruption revealed in a manner the public cannot ignore it.  If our Republic is to survive, this is a MUST!

God Bless you and God Bless America!



BLOG POST 3 - Do Not Have to Lose

Lovers of Freedom, we do not have to lose in life or politics in America.  It is not an unwritten mandate that we shift back and forth between the political powers controlling Congress, the White House, and the political landscape of the nation.  IT IS NOT REQUIRED and usually NOT DESIRED, yet we have allowed it to happen time and again.  WHY?  That is the question that keeps traveling through the corridors of my mind.  Why do we, the voting public, allow this to happen?  Why do we elect a Republican as President and then allow the Democrats to gain power in the mid-term elections?

The answer to the WHY today may have more to do with HATE than REASON.  The Left is energized, so it seems, because of HATE and far too many on the Right either embrace that HATE or they are complacent.  Neither is good for the country and need to be identified and exposed.  There are a significant number of traditionally conservative and Republican voters who so DESPISE the current President they would be willing to lose the White House and Congress than see him win and even succeed.

I am stunned at how many Republicans, Conservatives, and those identifying as Constitutionalist are still embracing the NEVER TRUMP and OUST TRUMP coalition.  The Heritage Foundation, a very conservative and pro constitution organization has reported that 64% of Trumps promised agenda has already been done.  They indicated that he has enacted conservative policies faster than Ronald Reagan.  The report indicated that of the 334 agenda items called for by the Heritage Foundation, Donald Trumps administration has implemented 64% of them to date.  THAT IS AMAZING!  In just ONE YEAR, this president, that many hate with a passion, has done more to advance the cause of constitutional conservatism than any president and yet he is vilified as being incarnate evil.  The Heritage Foundation reported that President Trump has not simply focused on “single agenda items” but has enacted a “broad and sweeping agenda” touching many aspects of American life and politics.  He has moved on foreign policy, immigration, tax reform, healthcare and more, moves that the media refuses to report his successes.  The report card by the Heritage Foundation reveals that President Trump has achieved 81 major accomplishments and slashed at least 11 major legacy items of the Obama regime.

Among his moves include:

  • Leaving the Paris Climate Accord.
  • Repealing Net Neutrality.
  • Reinstating the Mexico City Policy which prevents tax-payer money from funding international groups involved in abortion and ended the funding of the United Nation’s Population Fund (an Agenda 21 plan).
  • Increased military spending.
  • Reformed Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) by strengthening existing work requirements in order to receive benefits.
  • Allowing the Development of Natural Resources.
  • Reforming Government Agencies – seeking to reduce the scope and size of departments.
  • Withdrawing from UNESCO.

Those are just a small sampling of what his administration has sought to do.  We have witnessed the appointments of conservative federal judges and are takings steps to secure our border and make our national defense stronger and America safer.  There is much more to be done, but we have moved forward at a very fast pace.  However, if you receive your information from the MSM, Hollywood, the Democrats, and liberal Republicans you’d think this has been the most DO-NOTHING administration in American history.  By allowing them to control the narrative is one of the reasons we LOSE too often when we should be winning.

President Trump and his team believe, as do I, that we could increase our majority in Congress in the 2018 mid-terms and increase the Senate majority by 4-10 seats if we Congress could get behind the agenda.  There is no question that failure by the GOP to ACT DECISIVELY in support of the promised agenda could result in losses in the Senate and House and threaten the White House in 2020.  The base that supports this President is not a bunch of “right-wing kooks” as we are described the MSM, Democrats and Never Trump Republicans.  As the economy improves and once the tax cuts kick in and Joe Citizen realizes the benefit to himself and his family, the Republican Party or the Trump Base should grow.  Much depends on the involvement or lack thereof of WE THE PEOPLE who want to see America Restored to her rightful Constitutional Place.

If we allow Nancy Pelosi to reclaim her perch as the Speaker of the House, we will “pay the piper” and the damage done will probably be irrevocable.  If we do not add to the Senate majority the weak-willed far too moderate or liberal and weak Mitch McConnell will get little done.  In the current state of the Senate and GOP Leadership, every victory is virtually a miracle.  If we want a ‘long-lasting’ majority that could give us a viable pathway and a real possibility of achieving the Campaign Promises made to America in 2016 we MUST, and I emphasize MUST defeat the Democrats and elect people to the House and Senate who will fight for America and fulfill the Promises made to us.

Patriots and Lovers of Freedom, WE DO NOT HAVE TO LOSE.  We have a message that should, and I believe will resonate with Americans and advance the cause of liberty and freedom in the Republic.  THAT MEANS that you and I must become involved, probably to a greater extent that we have in the past.  We need to inform as many people as possible of WHAT WE STAND FOR and pressure Congress to get off their duffs and get to work.  We need to invest ourselves in the campaigns of various candidates and fight for them getting people to the polls.  We need to pray, pray, and pray for America and we need to VOTE.  No, you cannot do as the Democrats and Voter Early and Often, but you can V O T E…

Remember November!  God bless you and God bless America!