It does not seem to matter if it is a right-leaning or left-leaning media outlet, they all have the same message – Hysteria, Paranoia, and The Sky Is Falling!  I have never been so inundated with conspiracy theories in my 74 years on the planet.  I see them from those on the Left and the Right.  I see the theories among Christians and non-Christians.  I see them coming from Conservatives and Liberals.  I see them being espoused by Capitalists and Socialists.  There seem to be as many theories as there are people.  I know that is an exaggeration, but with the blowing of my email and phone, that’s how it looks to me.

I am a believer in God.  I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I believe that the Bible is ‘God-given’ and therefore the only valid rule for guidance in life and faith and practice.  I believe in the Republic created by our Founders and the Framers of the American Constitution in 1776 and 1789.  I believe in the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and am pro-limited government.  I am a Vietnam veteran having served in-country in 1967.  I am an American by birth a patriot by choice, and a Christian by the new birth.  That’s who I am!

Over the past decade or more, I have watched, often totally flabbergasted by what has happened in the political, social, and religious worlds.  When I gave my life to Christ, after returning from Vietnam in the late 1960s I would have never believed we would see what we are seeing.  I guess that speaks to my naivety and lack of prophetic insight, at that time.  I was raised by God-fearing, hard-working, parents who loved God, America, and believed that you only deserved what you earned in life.  That is foreign to much of today’s society.

I do not believe we are in another of the many political cycles we have endured where the Democrats control for a time, then the Republicans.  I believe we are in a war for the survival of the Republic.  I believe that God allowed us a small window of opportunity to allow us to get our house in order, and in a measure, we failed to take advantage of that time.  We looked at personalities rather than policies and insisted that we were standing on principle in allowing what happened to happen.  I believe that is an errant view. 

How can I call it principle to detest a man because of his personality, societal misgivings, and maybe even business flaws, but support a man who has many if not all the same flaws?  How can I seek the defeat of a personality by embracing a Party Platform that endorses and advances abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, stripping people of their inalienable and individual rights of property, speech, religion, and self-defense and call that principle?  If I manipulate scripture to say what I desire so that I can persist in my detest of a personality, I lower myself to the same level as that which I say I am against.  I either stand with God and what is right, or I stand with or allow that which is against God and morally, socially, ethically, and politically wrong. 

We watched as a real virus was used to create an international mindset that the Sky is Falling.  We opened the door for tyrants and tyranny to seize power and once the tyrannical seize power they never willingly relinquish it.  We continue to place ourselves at the mercy of those in elected or appointive positions claiming they are following science and the experts.  Sadly, the science and experts are anything but unified in their opinions leaving us to wonder. 

We hear from the experts, politicians, and media propagandist that if we do not follow the edicts, force whites to denounce their whiteness, abandon our core religious convictions to accommodate those who choose a lifestyle in conflict with those believes we make life unlivable on planet earth.  We have watched the masses, mostly honest citizens living in paranoia and fear, become rabid in their demands for compliance to the edicts of the experts regarding COVID. 

The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling!  I know Chicken Little is around here somewhere.  I guess she or he is with the Unicorns and the Flying Pigs searching for the fictional Utopia we are told will be a reality if we simply become followers of the toxic brand of liberalism and political correctness offered by the Leftists and Activists. 

We watched the Republicans do more damage than the Democrats regarding the efforts of the previous president.  Now we see the result of tossing aside by hook or crook a personality deemed distasteful for a milder character of no less questionable moral fiber.  Having served in Vietnam and watching the abandonment of the South and our allies, I was horrified to see history repeating itself under Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.  I did not say that withdrawing was wrong but the handling of it was a demonstration of incredible ignorance and weakness.  Now we will face the Chinese in their pursuit of nations in their region.  Will we resist?  Not likely.

When the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians, and other despotic regimes rattle their sabers will we demonstrate sufficient resolve and strength to deter them?  When that happens the cries of a Falling Sky and the End of the World will crescendo to the point it will be deafening.  We could have avoided this disaster, but we allowed the nefarious diabolical actors on the political stage in America to seize the script and determine the final act of the play.  If the Sky is Falling, we created the condition for it to fall.

America, if we are going to remain the Free Constitutional Republic and operate under the System of Government, we have enjoyed we have some serious choices and decisions to make.   The passive and weak-willed will not be able to endure the required commitments.  Only those totally committed to Liberty will find within their heart of hearts the resolve to make a like commitment as those in 1776.  Only those who believe in Freedom will make the choice to Live Free or Die Trying!

If we are to survive and see a change in the conditions in America, we cannot do it politically, judicially, or legislatively.  The Kingdom of God within the heart of the believer is salt and light and a change agent.  Nothing remains the same when the Kingdom of God is present.  We are supposed to be agents of change and influence rather than those who endure the changes made by the politically powerful.  If we want different politicians, we must become different people, and only through a total commitment to God and a willingness to lay our lives on the line for Him and His Kingdom will bring about the condition conducive for this change. 

If we will take God at His word and do what the Bible teaches rather than teach what it teaches with no corresponding action, we will see change!  I believe that when any believer becomes so full of God that God oozes from them in every facet of life will impact positively his community, then his city, then his state, and then his nation.  I used (his) generically as people, not gender.  If you want to see God’s Kingdom Come and His Will Done on Earth as it is in Heaven, then join those of us who are willing to die for Him and Freedom!

God bless you and God bless America!

ARE YOU SERIOUS?  Don’t Confuse Me with the Facts…

The current narrative and debate being engaged in by the followers of toxic liberalism embodying the modern Democrats have seemingly determined their version of truth trumps freedom.  We are the Free Constitutional Republic and as a Republic, we have freedoms that have been sacred since 1776.  The modern Leftists do not believe those freedoms take precedent over their definition of truth.  For many on that side of the political equation, it is comply or die. 

I guess the saying, “Truth is in the eye of the beholder or the mind of the beholder” is applicable in today’s politics.  When the mainstream media that is extremely biased and prejudiced in favor of the Left can predetermine what is true before the facts are in, we are doomed to conflict if not confinement.

The modern censors led by the Left deem it dangerous for the public to have access to any truth or information that does not meet their definition of truth.  This has escalated with the arrival of the unseen COVID-19 virus where the Left decided that it did not originate in a Laboratory in Wuhan China.  Therefore, anyone disagreeing or offering conflicting data was immediately silenced and branded as a kook or a rabid conspiracist.            

The Fact Checkers and Truth Police of the Left have determined that anything that does not meet their definition of truth to be untruth and worthy of banishment.  There are so many things that need open debate but are doomed to suffer censorship.  One of those is the Critical Race Theory (CRT).  If a person contends, “I treat everyone the same” they are deemed to be guilty of failing to understand that race defines relationship. Therefore, the person who declares they treat everyone the same is guilty of racism and spreading untruth.

The Left has defined racism to be whatever they choose and virtually made everything racist.  Someone said, “When everything is racist, nothing is.”  I acknowledge that prior to the second half of the 20th-century racism was and a real problem in America.  There was significant evidence of progress until the Left hijacked the movement.  It was a matter of “never letting a good crisis go to waste.”

As the Left hijacked the civil rights movement and the matter of race relations, we saw the rise of a new industry or pursuit – Diversity.  When a society learns to embrace its differences, we grow.  It is as we observe, recognize, and allow diversity to exist we grow as a society.  In the 1990s this began to make strides toward a positive outcome, but the Left decided that there could be no diversity in political thought.

America was once seen as a melting pot where people of varying ethnicities, nationalities, and cultural backgrounds were assimilated into becoming American, not hyphenated Americans.  That is no longer acceptable.  We are facilitating and even forcing segregation of cultural communities and abandoned the idea of assimilation.  If that continues, we will lose the Republic.  We will lose all hope that our citizens will be Americans.  Many will value their former culture and nation more than America.  We became strong because we expected people to become one or assimilate into the culture of America. 

We are being forced to endure things like the 1619 project where the contention is that the true founding of America was not 1776 but 1619 when slaves were first brought to our shores.  The heart of that project is to teach that America was founded on the evils of slavery and not on the ideals of equality as is declared in our Declaration of Independence.  I remind everyone that according to the Bible there are two genders, male and female.  I also contend that the Bible teaches two ethnicities, saved, and lost, and thereby one race because we all come from Adam who was created by God from the dust of the ground.

When everything is racist, it diminishes the true incidences of racism.  The idea, which I have been informed, is that only those light-skinned are racist and must live in a continual state of atonement and apology.  The fallacious idea is that if you are white you experienced white privilege.  I don’t know about others, but my skin tone did not enable me to achieve anything I have achieved.  Faith in God, hard work, willingness to take a risk, and good fortune enabled me to have what I have and experience what I have experienced.

It seems that segregation, once deemed evil and harmful, is not good and desirable in some instances.  Ignoring history does not change history but opens the door for a society or generation to repeat the failures of the past and not have the benefit of the success. 

It almost seems that a new religion has been created so the followers of the politically correct and perpetually offended can worship and express their ideologies.  Something that happened in major league baseball not too long ago is evidence of what I am suggesting. 

During a Colorado Rockies baseball game, there was an uproar over the claim that a fan yelled out a racial epithet while a black player was at the plate.  After that was investigated further it was determined that the fan was yelling “Dinger” the name of the mascot.  The media refused to correct the error of reporting.  Yet, this individual was yelling so loudly and for such a long period of time, one would think someone would confirm the charge.  Rather than confirming a racist action not one soul heard a racist statement.

The player, at-bat, Lewis Brinson, said that even after the charges against the fan proved to be false, he still kept hearing the N-word in his head.  He said, “So I watched the video at least 50 times in the past 15-16 hours.  I watched it a lot, especially when I heard that he said Dinger instead of the N-word.”  He insisted that when he listens, he hears the N-word even though everyone around the fan insists it was Dinger.  It is an example of don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind’s made up.

I have learned through study and talking to psychologists that the mind has a way of telling you what you tell it to hear.  If you want an incident to be racist, then you will hear racism regardless of the factual document evidence.  That is so true in so many areas of life. 

If we are going to predetermine what the truth is before we have the factual evidence, we will never achieve peace in our society.  We will continue down the road to destruction and discord.  We can overcome, but we must never rush to judgment.  I find that there are many on the Left and on the Right who knee-jerk and immediately conclude that what they hoped was said or done was said or done.  STOP IT!

God bless you and God bless America!

EMBOLDENED, The Left Is Engaging in An All-Out Assault on the Constitution…

If you had told me thirty years ago that we would be witnessing a political party engaging in an all-out assault on the constitution, I would have disbelieved it possible.  I was naïve enough to believe that such an overwhelming majority of Americans valued the constitution and our liberties and freedoms enough to deter the political elitists from such an effort.  I was wrong and that causes me great concern and trepidation.

The current president is not the first to violate his oath of office, but he may be the first to openly brag about it.  I don’t know if that is because of his lack of mental acuity, dementia, or the embodiment of corruption to the point there is no fear of reprisal.  I want to address some issues that make me say that and we may disagree on those issues.  Our agreement in principle or percept is not my point, his actions are.  The oath of office is more than of minor importance to me and should be to everyone.

He announced, a few weeks ago, his new ‘eviction moratorium’ and as he did, he acknowledged that the “bulk of constitutional scholars” would say that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention eviction moratorium is “not likely to pass constitutional muster.”  What?  Mr. Biden, you know what you are doing violates the constitution and yet you are doing it anyway!   That means you value your oath of office about as much as a loaf of stale bread.

His declaration that it was not likely to pass muster had already been proven.  The Supreme Court had already agreed that the CDC “exceeded its existing statutory authority.”  Biden and the Left do not care about the constitution, they care about appeasing their rabid base and holding Americans hostage to their draconian edicts.  They are not proponents of the Free Market but a controlled market in which they line their pockets and the rest of us flounder around trying to make ends meet.

He suggested that thumbing his nose at the constitution and the rule of law allows his administration more time to act on rental assistance.  But if he does it one time, what is to prevent him from doing it multiple times?  What is to prevent him from ignoring every decision of the SCOTUS or our existing laws?  What is to prevent him from acting as a literal dictator? 

I suppose they interpret the Constitution, Article 2, Section 5 to mean that the president can make laws irrespective of any Supreme Court ruling as long as he crosses his heart and promises it is only going to be temporary.  That is either incredibly naïve or dangerously diabolical and speaks volumes of what they think of the rule of law, the constitution, or the American public.

The Squad of malcontents arguably being led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lauded the action.  She proclaimed it was a “huge victory for the power of direct action and not taking no for an answer.”  Ma’am, if you understood the law, the constitution, and our system of government you would understand that in this matter sometimes you have to take no for an answer.  In fact, in life, there are many times when you must take no for an answer. 

Lawlessness in the name of ‘direct action’ is still lawlessness.  They want to defund the police, censor the public, hamstring religious leaders, and undermine our faith in federalism and counter-majoritarian institutions.  The declaration the Left loves to use when it is targeting a Republican President or a Conservative at any level is deemed inappropriate when it applies to them.  That declaration – “No One Is Above the Law.” 

The Biden assault on the constitution in his 19-page order is laced with many draconian penalties and fines including potential jail time for landlords who ignore his order.  In his order, he is effectively ripping to shreds millions of legal contracts and suspending the property rights of 90% of the landlords.  If they can do that, what is off the table?  NOTHING!  Property rights are an integral part of the constitution but if you believe yourself and your party to be operating with a divine right, you believe you can do anything, and it all belongs to you.  IT DOES NOT!

I am concerned that there will be a New America in the not-too-distant future.  I am concerned that America will be the result of a revolt that could be an armed rebellion against the unconstitutional takeover of our government by the Left.  I believe that the American people are being pushed to the limit due to actions such as the Biden assault on the constitution and the nefarious use of COVID-19 to impose their draconian edicts on the public.  At some point, people will have had enough or will surrender and cower like sheep waiting for the slaughter.

The Left has no intention of allowing the pandemic to end.  It will be extended, modified, and expanded.  The manipulation of data and the imposition of mandates that run counter to common sense and threaten the lives and livelihood of citizens is taking their toll on the minds of millions.  The proposed future lockdowns, some of which we are seeing, screams that this pandemic is a political tool that will not go away without a revolt.

In a time when American cities are reeling from an escalation in crime, the political elitists are advancing their agenda of cancel culture, revisionism, defunding the police, censoring conservatives, and silencing religious voices.  Our borders are more porous than a sieve and this administration is allowing unvetted, unvaccinated, untested, illegals to flood into our country then bussing them to cities in the South.  Why?  Why the demand that Americans be vaccinated and locked down, but the illegals are given a free pass?  The answer my friend is blowing in the wind and the handwriting is on the wall.

In today’s culture if you fear and speak out about rising crime you are deemed to be a white supremacist and a racist.  If the Democrats and the Political Elitists truly cared about crime and America, they would secure the border, debunk the defund the police mantra and take swift action against the looting, rioting, violence, and crime in our cities.  Instead, they make the criminal a form of a modern-day Rosa Parks and heroes expressing their demand for equity.

I will conclude with a warning.  Antonio Gramsci authored his famous treatise while in prison in Italy under Mussolini.  His ‘Prison Notebooks’ offer an explanation for why the proletariat revolution failed in the West and laid out a new roadmap for revolutionary success in the future.  His thesis is called ‘cultural hegemony.’ 

Cultural hegemony wrapped in a tight package is that cultural values and consciousness emanate and are reinforced by societal institutions.  Businesses, media, religion, courts of law – all institutions controlled by the patriotic bourgeoisie prevent the underclass and exploited people from ever learning of their oppression.  He argued that the task was for the radical to seize control of the institutions in order to propagate the revolutionary ideology.  That became a reality in the 1960s with the student radicals influenced by Gramsci and who are now the professors, and heads of many of our American institutions.  The stage is set, and we are seeing the fruit of their decades of planting and planning.  This is not spontaneous.

If America does not toss these ravenous zombies out, we have no hope of reviving or recovering our America as the Free Constitutional Republic.  The rule of law, the constitution, and moral sanity must prevail.  It will be a war and if those who value faith in God, conservativism, the constitution, and Republicanism do not commit themselves as did the founding fathers in 1776 we will lose the republic.

I am convinced the Left would rather see our cities burned to the ground and looted than advance our Republican system of government.  A system they insist is a system of white systematic racism and oppression.  They do not support law and order but the American people, I believe, do.  The question remains, will we allow the Leftists to retain control, or will we oust them?  Will we be able to make the necessary change at the ballot box or will we be forced into a 1776 type rebellion and resistance?  I pray that we, through prayer, commitment to God and moral rightness, and dedication to the constitution and the rule of law can reclaim America.

God bless you and God bless America.  The price of Freedom may be our lives!


It would seem that commitment is no longer an American value according to the actions of this White House and those in charge of various functions of government and the senior brass of our Armed Forces.  I am cautious about branding the military brass with this ideological stance for they are supposed to follow orders.  Well, lawful orders and, I guess that in their minds, this order was lawful.  I question it but, I am not senior brass in the military, just a Vietnam veteran, a patriot, a concerned citizen, and a Christian.  But question it, I do!

I agree with former CIA analyst Matt Zeller that the president engaged in presenting a false narrative about the evacuation.  President Biden insisted that we had planned for every contingency.  That is so blatantly false that I cannot believe his handlers would put that on his teleprompter for him to read.  But it would seem that we, the American citizens, are deemed too dense that we would believe whatever we are told.  If it were not for the many that seem to do just that, I would think that rather foolish on their part.  But alas that is an inescapable reality in today’s America.

Some of those with boots on the ground, inside Afghanistan in Kabul have informed all who would listen that the Taliban has been going door to door making a list of everyone who used to work with the United States.  They need not do that for our illustrious leader has provided them a list, supposedly with an agreement to gain safe passage for those individuals.  The history of that group of people suggests that the only passage those people will get is to the next life.

Mr. Zeller declared that the Taliban are the modern version of the Nazis.  He also stated that he voted for Biden and was happy when he took office and now has remorse over the blatant lies being told and the actions taken in Afghanistan.  It is documented that this administration not only left people behind but valuable weapons and technology.  Those actions can do nothing but embolden our enemies and dishearten our friends. 

I don’t care if you are a liberal or a conservative, a Republican or a Democrat, Independent, Libertarian what took place and what it could mean should trouble you.  If you can honestly say that the evacuation was a roaring success, then I question whether you are paying attention.  I don’t mean to be offensive, but the way this went down has breathed life into ISIS and has emboldened our enemies worldwide and make another 9/11 or worse a very real possibility.

Former U.S. Army Green Beret and CIA liaison officer Jerry Torres believes the cutting-edge weapons we left behind have not only emboldened our enemies but equipped them beyond their wildest hopes.  The botched evacuation not only left Americans in harm’s way but endangered hundreds of thousands of Afghanis as well.  Torres insists that we have American citizens or SIV (Special Immigrant Visa) holders scattered all over the country and in areas our government is paying no attention to.  However, the Taliban and ISIS are. 

The sad reality is that the Taliban is allowing the Chinese to inspect our weaponry left behind.  Isn’t that just peachy?  One of our most formidable adversaries in the 21st century, China is now combing through what we left behind seeking any technological advantage and insight into our capabilities.  How is that for success?  The equipment is one thing but the code, the computer programming code in that stuff is beyond alarming, it is almost as though this administration wanted to disadvantage our military in future conflicts. 

The Taliban utilized much of the weaponry left behind to fight the Panjshir province, the last stronghold of resistance.  Over 64,000 machine guns, 350,000 assault rifles, and 126,000 pistols were left for the taking.  That violates every sentiment and position America has held since her inception as the Free Republic she was founded to be. 

A list that I have seen, but cannot fully vet is highly disturbing and, in my mind, borders on treason by the president or whoever ordered the abandoning of those weapons.  Let me quickly give you the list:

· 2,000 Armored Vehicles Including Humvees and MRAPs

· 75,989 Total Vehicles: FMTV, M35, Ford Rangers, Ford F350, Ford Vans, Toyota Pickups, Armored Security Vehicles, etc.

· 45 UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters

· 50 MD530G Scout Attack Helicopters

· ScanEagle Military Drones

· 30 Military Version Cessnas

· 4 C-130s

· 29 Brazilian made A-29 Super Tucano Ground Attack Aircraft

· Heavy Equipment, Including Bull Dozers, Backhoes, Dump Trucks, Excavators

Not a bad haul for our enemy but that was not the end of the list.  It appears that we left behind at last 600,000 small arms, M16, M249, SAWs, M24 Sniper Systems, 50 calibers, 1,394 M203 Grenade Launchers, M134 mini guns, 200 mm Gatling Guns and Ammunition.  Yet, that is not the total list, we also gave them encrypted cell phones, Air to Ground Rockets, night vision goggles, thermal scopes and goggles, body armor, U.S. Military HIIDE, for Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment Biometrics, and millions of rounds of ammo.  We made them one of the most highly equipped forces in the Middle East.  Nice move Mr. President.  America was certainly not first in your mind!

The Marines, and I salute them have a motto that most of the branches believe in, “No One Left Behind.”  If you saw the movie, Lone Survivor, you remember that a small US Navy Seal team went on a mission to capture a Taliban leader responsible for the death of more than 20 US Marines, as Afghan villagers.  The entire team, save one, was killed, in addition to 16 rescuers shot down by Taliban forces.  That kind of heroism and commitment was lacking in the evacuation of Afghanistan by the Biden Team.

The Marines have another motto that we should all hold, “Do Not Quit, No Matter the Cost of not Quitting!”  It may not be rational to lose an entire unit to bring back a dead comrade in arms, although I applaud the intent.  But to quit is not the American Spirit of 1776 or we would still be under British rule. 

History records three known Marine combat unit surrenders, Guam, and Wake Island in December 1941, and Corregidor in May 1942.  In all three cases it is reported that in all three cases, higher ranking non-Marine officers ordered the Marines to surrender.  It is also reported that at Wake Island, Marines wept when they laid down their arms because they believed they should fight until no one was left standing.  To that, I say Semper Fi Marines.

We are living in an evil and hostile world, a world that shares neither our values nor faith.  The people that we just helped become stronger than ever are those who chant “Death to America” and yet we are supposed to believe they will cooperate with us.  They, like all terrorists, will seek to hold us hostage and seize any opportunity to harm us.  I am thankful for the ex-military contingents and civilians such as Glen Beck who have facilitated the rescue of many of our citizens.  Sadly, our government leaders do not have the same heart and spirit. 

I am not arguing that we should have stayed in Afghanistan, but I do argue that we should never have closed the Air Base and should have gotten our citizens and allies out before removing our forces.  This was either incredible lunacy, ineptitude, or a diabolical effort to harm America.  None of those are acceptable to me.  You have and have a right to your own opinion!

God bless you and God bless America!


On the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 my heart is filled with anguish and pain. The memory is burned into my consciousness and I cannot forget! My heart weeps for the families of those who lost their lives in this terrible event. Their pain has been exacerbated by the forgetfulness of much of America and most of our government. The most recent events in Afghanistan must be tormenting to them. The flood of unvetted Afghanis coming into our country and scattered across the land has to be painful for them and should be for all of us. Vetted refugees is one thing, but unvetted which opens the doors for terrorists to enter unimpeded is something that should never happen.

I refer to “Two Wars” but am not referring to Iraq and Afghanistan, I am on a completely different front and realize that some will call me an alarmist in what I will address, but I believe it is current reality and a future danger.  We had a literal Civil War in America between 1861 and 1865 and from all historical accounts, it was horrific and incredibly divisive.  In fact, for some, it still divides today and that is tragic. We have had more than a few volatile civil uprisings in America since that war including some during the 1960s that pressed us dangerously close to a full-blown race war and had the potential of becoming a second Civil War.  Thankfully, they did not escalate to that point. 

In more modern times, since the election of Donald J. Trump, there have been groups such as Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, ANTIFA, and Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.  It has, largely, been one-sided but the heat of anger, the fire of animosity, and blindness of prejudice are being exploited by those who want to inflict a ‘death blow’ to our Constitutional Republic, the United States of America. 

Sadly, we are anything but UNITED and have ceased to be “One Nation under God, indivisible…”  Some would argue that is because there is not “liberty and justice for all.”  But those arguments are frequently rooted in a blind bias, prejudice, and hate rather than concrete realities.  That makes the issue even more dire.  When facts and truth take a back seat to prejudice and hate, there is usually no resolution short of bloodshed.  That I do not want!  That I Resist with all that is within me.

The Two Wars of which I refer are The Coming Civil War and the Spiritual War that is now being waged in my beloved America. The original anarchist, rebel, and protester was Lucifer (the devil or satan) himself.  From the time of his eviction from heaven and fall to the earth, he has waged war against the children of God, God, and everything right, good, and moral.  He is, as is reflected in numerous passages of Scripture (Genesis 3:4-5; John 8:44; 2 Corinthians 11:3, 14; Ephesians 6:11; Revelation 12:9; Revelation 19:20 to list a few).  Paul warned in 2 Timothy 3:13, “But evil men and seducers will wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.”  

The scripture of the blind leading the blind comes to mind because in this hour we are witnessing the deceived deceiving.  No wonder both Jesus and Stephen could pray, “Father, forgive them…”  Jesus added, “for they know not what they do.”  You may not believe in God and consider those of us who do, as fools, but One Day, you will come face to face with the reality that GOD IS!  It may come after you have experienced the destruction of Evil and suffered loss beyond your imagination. 

I believe the devil, the great deceiver, has gained inroads into the minds of men and women, most of whom would be appalled at the idea they are being used by the devil.  They have been indoctrinated by the media, politicians, Hollywood, and most of all through our Educational System. 

That tool became readily available to the destroyers because we slept when we should have been carefully watching!  Parents for the past several generations placed unwarranted trust in the Educational System and failed to carefully filter their children’s education or indoctrination.  I am not declaring that All Teachersare bad, they assuredly are not.  I Am declaring that the objective of far too many within the System has been to reshape the thinking of generations and thereby achieve the stated objective of Barack Obama, “fundamental transformation” of America. 

Not only have parents been negligent but so has the Church or more specifically the Clergy.   Much of the Church world bought what the liberal, progressive, globalist was selling and took a “hands-off” approach to matters of government or politics.  We sat silently as the curriculum shifted to a revisionist position, stripped our schools of any offering of moral foundation and biblical truth.  Too often, we lamented the change to our congregations but offered no clear-cut warnings or pathways to combat the atrocity we were witnessing, and our children have been deceived.

It is my firm beliefthat without divine intervention we are witnessing the demise of our Republic.  I believeit is critical that we get out the vote, go to the polls and cast our ballots, inundate our elected officials with email, text, faxes, letters, and phone calls expressing our desires.  I believe it is vital that we speak to everyone we have any influence with and to those with whom there is a door of opportunity, presenting truth, facts, and reality with civility. 

I believe it is imperative that we demonstrate a willingness to listen and have an open discussion regarding issues, problems, and solutions.  BUT I do not believe that we currently have the level of involvement, enlightenment on a large enough scale, or the manpower to stem the tide of evil without God’s divine intervention.  That may sound “doom and gloom” to some, and all I say rejected as a result.  BUT, please, please, please, Hear Me – I believe that we win this war if we follow some basic guidelines.

First, those who are given to prayer must become Intercessors.  Without prayer, we will find that our efforts are like rain on a tin roof, noise with little substance.  Prayer energizes with supernatural strength, endurance, courage, and wisdom like few other things we can do.  Therefore, the first step in turning this tide is Prayer!

Second, we must Invest ourselves in the War!  We will not do that until we fully believe there is a war and grasp the intensity and reality of that war.  I declare to you, that if the Left succeeds in their proposed agenda, we will watch our Liberties and Inalienable Rights including Freedom of Speech, Right to Keep and Bear Arms, your Right to follow the Convictions of your Faith and demand at the threat of prison or worse, be taken from us illegally, unless we COMPLY! 

I sometimes feel that my warnings are falling from my lips or my pen and going no further than my lips or the page upon which they have been written.  You are not simply becoming involved in politics but the Fight for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  This is the Second American Revolution and could become the Second Civil War if the spiritual forces of darkness are successful in heating the pot to the point of boiling over.

Third, we must Return to our founding principles and our national moral moorings.  Parents, you must reassert your parental authority and assume your parental responsibilities.  You are mandated by God to oversee the upbringing of your children.  Proverbs 22:6 instructs parents to “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  That is not the government, the educational system, or the community’s job It Is Yours! 

Pastors, you must once again become “Watchmen on the Walls” and Sound the Alarm when there is a danger.  You must not only inform of the danger but detail a strategy and provide a shelter for the people to run to and to stand firm against the flood tide of darkness that is coming.  We are not to hide behind the four walls of the church but take up the armor and weapons of spiritual warfare and Stand using those weapons to pull down strongholds.  I realize that some may take exception to this strategy, but it is what I believe and if it resonates with you embrace it and join those of us fighting for America and for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

I do not vote for the Republicans simply because I believe them to necessarily be godly or of impeccable moral character.  I vote for them because when I view the platform of the Democratic Party, I find it impossible to reconcile my faith with that party platform. 

If it were only the issue of abortion, that would be enough to repel me and prevent me from voting for the Democrat, but if you want any hope of limited government, secure borders, Freedom of Speech, Religion, and the Right of Self-Defense, you cannot vote Democrat.  If you have any desire to see the federal bureaucracies brought to a place of accountability you cannot vote Democrat.  I pray that the blindness that has afflicted many will be healed and the scales and blinders removed.  My prayer has been for a long time, “God expose the corruption in Washington.” 

Please forgive me for this lengthy article which some will call Roy’s Rant, but please take to heart the dangers we are now facing in America and join the fight for freedom.  I am concerned that we will see another 9/11 or worse shortly.  It is time to awaken from our slumber and take our place in the trenches in the fight for freedom!  America needs her patriots more today than possibly anytime in history.  What Is Your Freedom Worth? 

God bless you and God bless America!


Yes, I played with words in my title, but I want to talk about tyranny and in case you missed it, tyranny has come to the forefront in American politics in 2021.  Like most things diabolical in humanity and human governments, tyranny begins like a trickle and becomes a raging flood that is unstoppable.  It begins as a small seepage in the dam but soon weakens the dam so that the waters of destruction sweep over everything.  We have been the proverbial frog in the pan of cool water slowly heated to the point of boiling and allowed our own destruction. 

Fortunately, it is not too late, or I hope it is not too late.  It is assuredly not too late to attempt to stop this onslaught of the tyrannical being imposed on our republic.  Stopping it will require more than words and more than an ouster or two from the political ranks. It will require an across-the-board unification of people who love freedom regardless of their political affiliation.  America must transcend political parties and fragmented ideologies.  We must have a resurgence of the Spirit of 1776 and the commitment of those founders.  If we reach that point of fervor and dedication, we will reclaim and restore our republic.

You may be on one side or the other regarding the movement of a decade ago, the Tea Party Patriots.  The zeal and dedication to withstanding the tyrannical imposition of Obama’s socialized medicine via Obamacare were refreshing.  Sadly, the politicians were not so committed and too many surrendered to the demands of their ideological benefactors.  Money and power were more important than the wishes of the people or the constitutionality of the action.  That was a trickle that would lead to the river of tyranny.

The many inclusions in Obamacare that were small pricks that would become gaping wounds moving us toward tyranny were often ignored and dismissed.  As a Christian and a believer in the Constitution, I was alarmed when those demands included forcing employers to provide insurance coverage for abortions and sex-change operations.  Those are just two but each forced acceptance by the government opens the crack in the dam of Liberty a little more.

We have gone from a breath of fresh air in the diminishing of government control and regulations to the current administration where we went from the little prick of Obamacare mandates to the draconian lockdowns, mask mandates, and injection mandates.  Obama illegally and unconstitutionally used the NSA, FBI, CIA, and IRS to threaten those not bowing at the altar of acceptance.  We watched Silicon Valley become the propaganda arm of the government.  All precursors to what was to come when the time was right, and they were emboldened enough.

Americans were systematically and slowly condition to drink the Kool-Aid, believe the rhetoric and spin, and buy into the critical race theory, cancel culture, and the evils of being white or being conservative are probably more accurate.  After all, many on the Left are white and they are not deemed to be racists or white supremacists so it must involve political ideology, not simply skin pigmentation. 

The Obama administration introduced the idea of spying on your neighbors and turning them into Big Brother if they violated the mandated protocol of the ruling powers.   Our English language was restructured making so many non-harmful words harmful and accused of being filled with hate or harmful.  It has even reach, the place that pronouns of he and she are disallowed.  Mother and father are not acceptable terms, and pregnant woman is anathema. 

Ironically, the Leftists and Progressives rabidly condemn fascism by asking the government to take over more and more of our lives.  That is fascism!  Somebody said, “many of them would not understand if Obama himself were to stand there handing them bricks and wet cement for their own 6 x 8 cell.”

Obamacare did not make us healthy, and the mandated vaccines will not make us free.  If you take the vaccine or reject it, that is and should be your individual decision.  There is ample documented scientific argument to support both arguments for and against.  There are some unavoidable facts that the Left will not acknowledge such as the medically verified fact that even the N95 mask will not capture the microscopic particles that transmit airborne viruses.  This was verified in a scientific test over 15 years ago by medical personnel and Navy scientific researchers.  If wearing a mask makes you feel more comfortable, please feel free and if you do not then you should not be mandated to wear one.

The mantra of every tyrant in history seems to be their claim that their actions leading up to total dominance was, “for the welfare of the people.”  It appears to me that the Democratic Party of this era has morphed into a Progressive Politburo.  We have gone from one example of authoritarian impulse and edict to an even more sinister one.  It is progressive and the only end will be when we are completely under their control and dominance. 

One word describes the condition of the Progressives – Intemperance!  Anyone who disregards or disagrees with their dictum and the mandates of political correctness is not only vilified but publicly flogged in every way but the physical.  In some cases, they are flogged physically, and some have been killed by the marauding gangs roaming the streets in the name of some cause, they champion.

I detest true racism and believe that if we accepted God’s Word, we would realize that all of us are created beings.  We all come from the same origin.  We may have different skin pigmentations and come from different cultural backgrounds, but we are all members of the same race.  If I value God, then I value you and treat you as I would desire to be treated.  That ends racism. 

However, racism is a term used by the Progressive Politburo that is extremely elastic, mutable, and ever-changing to fit their current need or situation.  They ignore their own participation in actions that damage some sectors of society elevating one group over another.  Therefore, racism has become whatever the Progressive Politburo desires or needs it to be at that moment in time. 

Joe Biden is a figurehead president, and the Progressive Politburo is controlling his actions.  They cannot control his inability to read the teleprompter correctly or refrain from off-the-cuff remarks that reflect his lack of mental acuity.  But, at the end of the day, they control what he signs, and I wonder if he even knows what he has signed.

The mantra of the Progressive Politburo is the evils of “Whiteness.”  They no longer cite Marx’s seminal work Das Kapital, but their new ideological Bible is Das Whiteness.  I’m sorry for harping on that but as a Southern Christian White Male, I find it unpalatable and reject the denigration it implies.  I love God and in loving God I love my fellow human beings.  I may not like how you live, what you believe, your political philosophy, or even your personality, but I can separate that and love you.  I want you to enjoy the same freedoms I want to enjoy.  I want you to succeed just as I want to succeed.  I want you to have peace just as I desire peace.

We have watched a few corporations becoming drawn into the politically correct world of exclusion to a growing number adopt such cowardliness that they are afraid to operate without the endorsement of the Politburo of Progressivism.  That cannot be good for America!  There is no Utopia and only as we allow people and businesses to follow their own values and convictions and aspire to attain success will we better America.  We are nearing totalitarianism and moved from a soft tyranny to one that is becoming rock hard. 

God help us if we do not wake up, band together, and reclaim our republic.  God bless you and God bless America!

COVID – The Past, the Present, and the Future…

Let me offer a disclaimer at the outset, I am not a scientist.  I am a concerned citizen who continually researches every available outlet attempting to uncover the truth regarding COVID, the pandemic, and what is happening in our beloved nation today.  Unfortunately, there is more disinformation and misinformation based on theory, fear, paranoia, and bias than there is factually based, unbiased data.  You have to dig through a lot of fodder to get to the substance.

I am concerned about the virus. It is a very real virus.  I do not know with 100% certainty if it was a biological weapon created in a lap or stemmed from some bat or animal.  I have a strong opinion based on what I have been able to uncover in my research and based on what I sense in my spirit.  I do know that this virus is responsible for many deaths in America and around the world.  Therefore, I do not downplay the virus not make light of people’s fears or concerns. 

I was and continue to be surprised at the incredible ease the government was able to lock down the entire nation based on limited data, some of which have been proven to be fallacious and slanted for some purpose.  I, as did the rest of America, watched politicians and bureaucrats at all levels of government seize the opportunity to impose totalitarian restrictions on their communities.  It concerned me then and continues to send chills down my spine as it continues in various forms.

I, and many others, declared at the outset that with the stated data of the recovery rate of this virus it had a higher recovery rate than the seasonal flu.  That information caused many to wonder why we were taking such drastic measures when those same measures were not implemented for the flu which takes lives every year.  I stated, in the beginning, that there had to be something the government knew that we were not being allowed to know that precipitated this response.  I still hold that view.

If it was a virus that came from some bats in China this response would not or should not have been warranted.  If it was a biological weapon created in the Wuhan Lab and strategically released, then the drastic measures make a little more sense.  The reality is that some countries have had almost zero outbreaks, but Europe and America have been overrun with the virus and now the variants are of interest.  Why would the virus not cross some borders and infect some nations but become a pandemic in others? 

We began with the enormous numbers of potential deaths and as things transpired, we discovered that many of the declared necessities seemed to be counterproductive.  We were told that isolation and masks were necessary to flatten the curve.  I recently listened to a former Navy doctor who participated in scientific research say that it was her opinion based on medical scientific knowledge and experience that this was, in fact, a biological weapon.  She was apprehensive about the rush to vaccines because of her experience in research and medicine.  She was apprehensive because of the names associated with vaccines and the connection to some of the government spokespeople being on the payroll of those individuals and entities.

She spoke of masks and that scientific data from research over fifteen years ago had proven that even the N95 masks touted as the gold standard for preventing this virus were largely ineffective.  The reason, she declared, was that researchers placed the N95 masks on some people then added a device to capture any particles not stopped by the masks. Their objective was to determine how effective the N95 masks were at capturing microscopic particles released into the atmosphere. Those particles are the ones that would spread airborne diseases.  The results were shocking to the scientist and doctors conducting the test.

They had anticipated that the N95 masks would be highly effective but discovered that the very small, microscopic particles were not stopped, thus revealing that the masks were not effective.  The argument that surgeons and operating room staff wear masks is comparing apples to oranges or cucumbers.  The surgeons do not wear masks to prevent microscopic particles from being released but to prevent something from being dropped into an open wound causing an infection.

I have contended that if wearing a mask makes one feel safer, then wear a mask.  In every previous pandemic or call for isolation, we have isolated the sick, not the well.  In this, we virtually locked down the sick with the well and thereby seem to have escalated the problem.  Again, I am not a doctor or a scientist only a person with a limitedly informed opinion.  The inconsistencies of Dr. Fauci and the government causes many to distrust and discard all information being presented.  That is tragic because not all the information is invalid.

I have a concern that is as large as the COVID problem.  I too have lost people I know to the virus.  Some may have succumbed to underlying health problems exacerbated by the virus but without COVID they probably would be alive today.  Therefore, I will not engage in ridiculing anyone over their concerns.  I will and do pray for those infected, the families of those lost, and for all of us to be protected from the virus.

I am deeply disturbed in my heart of hearts over the reality that families have become estranged, friends no longer speak to each other, lives have been sent spiraling into chaos over COVID.  If this is a biological weapon, it apparently was not designed to wipe out entire populations but was the springboard to psychological warfare and it has been effective.  I don’t know if this was launched as a manmade diabolical attempt to destroy but I am convinced it was birthed in the pits of hell and belched out to divide sufficiently so that our nation and society crumbles.

Our response has been as destructive, in many ways, as the virus.  We have divided into two camps and it has shaped our interpersonal relationships.  We have allowed these differences of opinion to cause, even Christians, to act in ways that are not Christlike.  We have resorted to intimidation, name-calling, bullying, and hurled slurs at anyone, not in our tribe, camp, or holding our opinion.  That divide is as dangerous if not more dangerous to the survival of the Republic than COVID.

Jesus declared in Mark 3:25 – “If a house is divided against itself, it cannot stand.”  That can be applied to nations, homes, families, businesses, and every sector of life.  We are an incredibly divided nation on almost every front.  Those seeking power and control are playing upon our fears and divisions and manipulating the masses to achieve their goals.  That makes me wonder if this was simply a crisis that they do not want to let go to waste or was planned biological and psychological warfare.  We are dangerously near the precipice of destruction.

I am sure that some have grown tired of my contending that the only solution to the problems in America and the world is God.  We have lost or abandoned the ability to love one another.  We have abandoned the idea and ideal that we are to treat others as we desire to be treated.  We have lost sight of the reality that everyone is a person of value to God and the reason Jesus went to the Cross. We are not the select of the elect and better than others who disagree with us.  God loves everyone!  We are also to love everyone!  We may detest what they stand for and do, but if we could learn or relearn the art of seeing them through the eyes of God we would respond differently.

We will not fix the problems in America, put to rest the fear and paranoia of this pandemic by legislation, mandates, and forcing people to abandon their convictions.  My reason for doing or not doing something may be valid or based on incorrect information, but all of us have the right of choice.  God made us that way.  If we lose that and abandon our defense of that inalienable right, we will become prime candidates for totalitarian tyranny on other fronts and issues. 

I pray that we will return to God and adopt the belief that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that we could be saved.  If we will decide to treat others with respect as to their opinions, we will move toward healing.  Yes, we could and should hold everyone accountable for their actions.  We should each assume personal responsibility for ourselves and desire to become our brother’s keeper as much as we are able.  We can see America restored if we would pray, pray, pray, work, work, work, and refuse to allow the enemy to divide us.  We are All Americans and America is worth saving!

God bless you and God bless America!


All our American liberties, freedoms, and constitutional rights must be protected if we are to survive as a free people and nation.  Our founding fathers recognized a truth that today’s politicians, bureaucrats, Deep State Statists, and the swamp denizens do not.  The founder’s recognized the sovereignty of God and that our Creator granted to all human beings certain inalienable rights.  Those in today’s political climate appear to believe they are the conveyors of rights, privileges, freedoms, and liberties.

When the idea was advanced and adopted that our founders and the framers of the American Constitution desired all things of God and the Bible to be banned from the public sector, we began the rapid descent toward the abyss of a freedom-less society.  Our founders clearly wanted to prevent the federal government from having the ability to establish a State Church but did not desire God’s banishment from the public sector.  I have addressed that so many times, I will not delve deeply into it again.

The problems we face in America cannot be solved or resolved by governmental edicts, laws, mandates, or injunctions.  It is a heart issue and until the human heart is transformed, the bentness toward evil will prevail and human envy, hate, bias, bigotry, and greed will prevail.  As long as the heart remains unregenerate and lacking the needed transformation covetousness will drive wedges between people and we will have the chaos we now see.  It will not remain static but will escalate to the point that either martial law will be invoked, or a bloody war will ensue.

One of the freedoms that help to protect all the others is embodied in the 1st Amendment.  I believe that without Freedom of Speech we will find ourselves censored and silenced by the ruling powers.  However, beyond Freedom of Speech, we must maintain our Freedom of Religion, or we will succumb to the baser nature of the human heart and that will not bode well for America or anyone in this republic.  When it becomes every man for himself, it will be an unlivable world.

The current administration, following the lead of their national party, continues to take positions on religious freedom that is so restrictive following one’s faith and core convictions become impossible within the construct of the law.  They have repeatedly refused to defend those following the Christian faith but defended the followers of religions other than the Judeo-Christian faith.

In December 2020, the Trump administration’s Department of Justice accused the University of Vermont Medical Center of an egregious violation of religious freedom.  Eric Dreiband, the assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights Division, called the hospital’s treatment of forcing a nurse to assist in an abortion against her core religious convictions.  He argued, rightly I believe, the kind hospital’s treatment of the nurse, “the kind of indecent coercion [that] violates everything this country stands for.”  The Biden administration dropped the lawsuit.  

Drieband argued, “Federal law protects health care providers from having to choose between their job and participation in what they sincerely believe is the taking of an innocent life.  Coercing people to perform abortions violates the law, and the U.S. Department of Justice will not stand for this shocking and outrageous attack against the right of all people in this free country to follow their conscience.” 

The current administration supports the liberal ideological position that religious freedoms can rightly be imposed and infringed upon if they are in contrast to the liberal views on abortion or when life begins.  Just as Obama and Biden denied and denies the religious freedom and rights of the Little Sisters of the Poor, this administration supports forcing people of the Christian faith to abandon their convictions and follow the governmental edicts.  That places our religious freedom in grave danger for this is only the crack in the door and will open Pandora’s box if allowed to continue. 

When any party or politician takes a position that reveals they are willing to sacrifice religious freedom on the altar of political correctness we are all in danger.  The idea being conveyed is that the agenda and goal of the followers of this toxic liberal philosophy believe that religious freedom is secondary to their demand for universal recognition and acceptance of their views on abortion, homosexuality, marriage, gender, and a myriad of other matters affecting or conflicting with the Bible and one’s faith. 

They insist they are defending rights, but how do you defend rights by trampling on the inalienable rights defined in our Constitution?  The present push to adopt Critical Race Theory in our schools, make it a crime to be a white male who does not bow at the altar of political correctness or things of that nature.  If our religious freedom is stripped from us and pastors and those choosing to follow their faith will become criminals in the eyes of the state.  If our religious freedoms are infringed what will prevent them from infringing upon all our rights?

I believe that it is to the advantage of every society to have the fear of God.  You may vehemently disagree, that is your choice.  I want you to be free to believe or not believe, but I want to be given that same freedom.  I read about a non-religious mother complaining about her seven-year-olds best friend would not stop talking to him about the Bible and stories about Jesus.  She said, “I don’t want him to be religious.  I want him to learn that you should be a good person and do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, not because God will punish you if you don’t.”

Might I suggest that Christian parents want their children to be good people too!  They want them to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.  They also realize that motivation by God not judgment is the ideal.  However, most of them also understand that there is a healthy societal benefit from fearing God with reverential awe.

I have read some psychologists with international repute and esteemed as being knowing speak of the ‘Stages of Psychosocial Development.’  They contend that when a child is in a certain early developmental stage, he understands that something is wrong only if he gets punished for it.  I know that will not sit well with the non-punishment crowd, but I concur and so does the Bible. 

The Bible says that the “Fear of God is the beginning of knowledge and/or wisdom.” [Proverbs 9:10].  What happens in a society where people are never disciplined and forced to face the reality that choices have consequences?  One of the reasons we have such a lack of respect for those in authority, teachers, police, or parents is easily traceable to the lack of discipline in childhood.  If a person never learns to do the right thing or what is right, they will violate the law and violate other people’s rights and property.

Many accept the idea that the police and our judicial system are designed to deal with the recalcitrant and those violators will end up punished and behind bars. Yet, those same people reject the idea that there is to be a healthy and reverential fear of God.  Some people do not do what is right simply because it is right. 

Christianity adopted the view that one should do the right thing because it is the right thing to do ages ago.  The Bible, in my view, teaches two types of valid repentance.  The ideal would be that when one does wrong, they are genuinely sorry for having committed that transgression because they realize it is wrong and they love God.  They realize they have wounded the heart of their loving creator.  The other which is less than perfect is one is repentant because they fear punishment. 

Even the best of people seems to have missing pieces in their moral compasses.  They will feel bad and have genuine remorse when they violate the moral principles residing in their hearts.  Some may realize they have violated those moral principles but because everybody is doing it and the fear of God is a missing element, they may not feel remorse. 

If we remove all religious freedoms and banish moral absolutes, we will find ourselves in a world where the ideal is unattainable (people doing right because it is right).  We will find ourselves in a society where there is no fear of any punishment but man’s laws and only then if caught.  The conscience will no longer play a role in the development of society.  If we lose our consciousness of God and eternity, we are in danger of a world in such chaos none are safe, and no rights will be maintained. 

Thank you for allowing me to ramble but I hope I have conveyed the reality that All Freedoms must be protected, and we need to begin with the Freedom of Religion.

God bless you and God bless America!

IT IS SCIENCE – But Is That Political Science?

I have been concerned for more than a decade that there would come a time when the United States Federal Government would seek to impose such draconian restrictions on us, we would become virtual slaves.  I believe that time is now!

In no way would I downplay the seriousness of COVID and not claim it is not real. It is very real and poses danger for multitudes. However, I believe that it quickly became the vehicle by which various government officials at all levels used to gain control.  The virus has taken lives, I acknowledge that.  Unfortunately, rather than seeking the best good of the citizens the politicians and bureaucrats have seized upon this situation to advance their quest for power and control.  It is science, but political science or political.

The guidelines and mandates have changed so often they are impossible to trust.  When proof positive guidelines fluctuate as these have, the ‘science’ designation takes a severe hit regarding credibility.  The science seems to be political.  Wait?  I guess that allows the powers that be to call them science with the word political as the lead word [Political Science]. 

I hear talk about returning to ‘normal’ and then hear the words ‘new normal.’  That was a distinction the Obama administration that Biden was a part of regarding the economy, jobs, etc.  They insisted that we would never see what we saw under the Trump administration and Mr. Obama even suggested it would take a magic wand to achieve.  Sadly, their magic wand is shredding our freedoms rather than producing liberty and recovery. 

The insistence that the mandates, regulations, rules, and edicts are for our best good and will enable us to return to normal, is suspect at best.  When government insists that we comply or face the full brunt of the power of the federal government’s enforcement agencies and the scorn of our fellow citizens, it smacks with totalitarianism and authoritarianism.  Governing by coercion and fearmongering is not enacting mandates based on proven science.  The data required to validate the authenticity of the need to enact lockdowns, mandatory vaccines, and in-home quarantines and isolation does not exist.  Rather we have the revolving spin and questionable reasoning. 

But have no fear America, it is in our best interest. After all our betters (their view) know what we need and what is best for us.  Right?  Surely, they are genuine in their desire to protect the citizenry and flatten the curve or whatever is needed to be done to the curve to restore us to a reasonable semblance of normal life.  Surely, they are!  I’m sorry, I was distracted by the flying pig soaring over the unicorns eating the green cheese from the moon in my backyard.  Trusting the government would be comparable to trusting the devil to tell the truth. 

I am not a scientist, at least not one of the medical varieties, and do not play one on television.  However, with the loose use of the term and difficulty in defining science today, I may be a scientist of some ilk.  I know, I am a Personal Opinion Scientist. That means I can express my opinion with the same weight and credence as the CDC and other government agencies.  The way this pandemic, virus, bioweapon, or whatever it was or is, was handled causes numerous questions to arise. 

It seems that there was at least equally as much panic as there was pandemic.  I do not and will not downplay the seriousness of the virus because I know some people on a personal level that succumbed to COVID.  We were told that there was a 99.9% expected rate of recovery, greater than that of the seasonal flu and on that data or projection, we locked down the nation, destroyed the economy, and created numerous other catastrophic issues. 

My doctor once recommended a procedure and informed me that there was a 5% chance, I could die from it.  He said the slim chance of that makes the reward worth the risk.  I said, “Doc. The 5% who die are 100% dead.  Therefore, while 5% seems minuscule to you, it sounds large enough to give me cause for concern.”  I opted not to have the procedure.  A couple of years or so later new data was presented that indicated the percentage was nearer 20 and other dangerous side effects were even more readily experienced.  He apologized for suggesting it.  He had bad information and what may have been skewed data.

I have questioned, from the beginning, if we handled this rightly.  I have questioned whether the path our government chose to follow was the best.  I have had nagging thoughts in my head regarding the motives behind the drastic measures taken.  I don’t have all the answers, but I will use my Personal Opinion Scientist self-designation and declare, “We Handled It Wrong in Many Ways.”

There continues to be inadequate and inconsistent data regarding the success of the vaccines, both long and short term.  The mutations and variants of the virus, like the seasonal flu, make a one-size-fits-all vaccine a virtual impossibility.  Those with underlying health issues are highly susceptible to the devastating effects of this virus, the flu, and many other diseases.  My opinion is that to Vaxx or not to Vaxx much be a personal decision and hopefully, it is arrived at after due diligence in research and deep soul searching in prayer. 

I am not surprised that the Leftists’ mantra “My Body, My Choice” has been tossed aside regarding the handling of this pandemic.  However, it is still in full force when it comes to issues like abortion and other personal decisions, they insist people must be allowed to make. 

Aside from the obvious medical and life-threatening issues involved in this virus is the large issue of Freedom.  I appreciate those who view following the mandates and support mandatory vaccinations as necessary to save lives, even one life.  I appreciate the views of those who view following the mandates and reject the idea of mandatory vaccines as necessary to maintain our freedoms and inalienable rights, thus preserving the Republic. 

One side insists that in order to attain ‘herd immunity’ and have a contained virus or one that there is sufficient immunity we must comply or die.  The other side insists that if we let this thing run its course and make the vaccine a personal decision we will, over time, see this thing run its course and develop sufficient ‘herd immunity’ to resume a normal life.

I am always concerned when the government seizes upon an opportunity to gain more power and control.  I have reached a place of cynicism regarding our government to be concerned that some within the power structure would manufacture things that cost lives in order to maintain their hold on the power gained.  I do believe that Mr. Obama’s right-hand man, Rahm Emanuel said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  If they long for a crisis, even one that costs lives and livelihoods to advance their goal what is to prevent them from manufacturing a crisis.

We know that the vaccines will be annual if not semi-annual with boosters required.  We know that even the vaccinated are contracting the virus.  We do not know the long-term effects of the vaccine.  I am not trying to promote or denounce what you decide, that is between you, your family, your doctor, and God.  I am only suggesting that hidden beneath the surface may be something far more sinister than we see.

I only ask that we all remain calm, stop vilifying others who do not agree with us, and prayerfully ask for God’s protection and guidance.  I ask that we watch carefully what those in power do and try to keep from being blind-sided and complicity in the loss of our liberties and freedoms.  It is your God-given and constitutional right to choose which path you take.  I do not want anyone to suffer the virus or die from it.  I do not diminish the seriousness of it nor of strains of the flu or other diseases that are highly contagious respiratory and airborne.  We need to use proper hygiene, be cautious, and be courteous.  We need God more today than ever.

My objective is not to pit one side against another but to call for all of us to preserve and protect our Gog-given and constitutional rights, freedoms, and liberties.  From a biblical perspective, I see much of what has been done as a conditioning effort for an eternal consequence.  No, I do not believe if you get the vaccine you have taken the Mark of the Beast.

God bless you and God bless America!


I am a Christian and do not use profanity so none of those choices are options for me.  Also, I ask that if you comment on this post, please do not use them.  I have searched for the best word to describe the toxicity of progressivism, liberalism, and the modern Democratic agenda today.  I am not sure that I have found the best word but one that is apropos.

The word that I have chosen is ‘Dystopia.’  Let me define the word as defined by WordNet 3.0 of Princeton University.  Dystopia – [n] “A work of fiction describing an imaginary place where life is extremely bad because of deprivation or oppression or terror.”  [n] “A state in which the conditions of life are extremely bad as from deprivation or oppression or terror.”  Merriam Webster defines it: “an imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized fearful lives.”  The New World Encyclopedia defines it: “the vision of a society that is the opposite of utopia.  A dystopian society is one in which the conditions of life are miserable, characterized by human misery, poverty, oppression, violence, disease, and/or pollution.”

Since the inauguration of Joe Biden in January of this year, we have seen the rise of the United States of Dystopia.  We have the insanity of open borders where there is a flood of human flesh entering this nation with no safeguards for the citizens.  The unvetted horde that is arriving daily includes some of the most despicable dregs of humanity and those who desire to destroy this nation.  Yes, some people are trying to find a better life, but some desire to do harm and are taking advantage of the weakness of the current administration.  I call the condition Dystopia.

We have witnessed unsustainable spending and massive increases in the size, scope, and power or control by the federal government.  We have witnessed the spending that could only come from a delusional mindset, which is reckless and is crushing our economy and hope of survival.  We have witnessed the demonization of anyone not adhering to the political correctness of the Left, embracing the agendas of groups that demonize those not, like themselves, and the branding of the police as systemically evil.  We have watched as identity politics has risen to the podium, cancel culture is prevailing, censorship is the norm, and socialism the goal.  I call that condition Dystopia.

Someone rightly said, “America is becoming unhinged.”  As always, I ask, “Who is to blame?”  I always ask, “At whose feet can we lay this?”  Many who agree that the toxicity of the progressive left is dystopian do not agree as to whom we should blame.  There is blame aplenty for all politicians, the media, the educators, the super-rich power brokers, and beyond.  I also believe that some if not much of the blame must be laid at the feet of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Before you seek to tar and feather me or have me drawn and quartered let me explain that last statement.  I believe that the Church (believers) slept while Rome (America) was dismantled.  We believed a lie and as we sat in silence the politicians engaged in politics that banned God from the public square.  We watched as they took more and more control and infringed upon our liberties and freedoms.  We allowed personality preferences to determine our vote rather than Party Platforms.  Therefore, we must share some of the blame.

But who is the major culprit in creating this condition?  I could say, rightly, the devil but let’s bring it to humanity and address it.  I believe the prime candidate to receive the scorn and blame is the super progressive liberal wing of the modern Democratic Party.  They are now in control of what is often called “the beltway”.  They have Congress, the Courts, the White House, the bureaucracy, many mayors, and city councils of our major urban centers.

If the progressives actually embraced positive progress they would not be in the Democratic Party.  I hear from those on the Left and some on the Right, the words of R.P. McMurphy from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – “A little change never hurt anyone.”  I disagree that there are times when change is disastrous.  World history is replete with examples of change that destroyed nations and lives. 

Dare we forget the damage done by the rise of the U.S.S.R. via the Bolshevik Revolution or the rise of Adolf Hitler via the National Socialist German Workers Party.  They were deemed to be progressive and the promised changed did immeasurable harm and destroyed millions of lives.  Dare we omit the direness of the Cuban people under Fidel Castro and the utter chaos of Venezuela? 

We are allowing the followers of the toxic liberal progressive totalitarians of the Left to create the United States of Dystopia.  The fundamental transformation declared by Barack Hussein Obama is upon us and it does not bode well for the Republic or its citizens. 

How can eradicating our borders be beneficial for our national sovereignty or the American citizens?  How can defunding the police help reduce crime and protect the citizens of their domain?  How can the emptying of jails and prisons, increasing the national debt, and engaging in censorship bring about the progress that is good for America?  The willing ignoring of the dangers of COVID by the illegals entering America is dangerous.  Human sex trafficking and the influx of dangerous drugs such as fentanyl is destroying us.  How can arming the Taliban and ISIS be good for America? I call that Dystopia.

If you disagree with the purveyors of this toxic brand of politics you are shouted down and deemed, racist, sexist, misogynists, homophobes, xenophobes, fascist, deplorable, or some other derogatory term.  They do not argue from a factual basis but an emotional one.  They do not allow empirical evidence to be displayed only that which produces a warm fuzzy feeling in their disillusioned minds.  I call that Dystopia.

When a nation suppresses speech, restricts the free exercise of religion, demands adherence to draconian edicts that nation is on the brink of destruction and the people or doomed for a life of misery.  The segregation of people by skin pigmentation, political or religious ideologies, and dividing us guarantees our demise and difficulty.

Will we wake up and reclaim America?  That is a question that only God can answer and is rooted in the choices of the people.  If we will return to God and band together, we can overthrow the tyrants and those bringing Dystopia to America.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and ask that you join me in the trenches as we pray for and fight for America, the Free Constitutional Republic.

God bless you and God bless America!