Who did?  The Democrats in the debate last night in Texas.  I was disturbed, appalled, angry, frustrated, and disheartened by what little I heard.  I was alarmed and disappointed that even in the bastion of liberalism that Houston, Texas has become and the university at which they held the debate.  But, with the influx of liberal thought from outside the state and the decades of brainwashing in our universities, I am not surprised.  Add to that mix the bought and paid for liberal activist what else would we expect?

The Democratic Candidates for President, with the minor exception of Joe Biden, all revealed that the Constitution is meaningless to them.  As it was with Barack Obama, if it prevents them from doing what they want, they are willing to ignore it.  The assertions and appeals being made from that group were rooted in ignorance, misinformation, and paranoia.  It was an attempt to fan the flames of irrational emotion to achieve an end.  The end, I am convinced is not what they say they are seeking to achieve.

The question was raised to Kamala Harris about Joe Biden’s comment that her promise to secure ‘gun control’ on her first day in office as President through executive order.  Biden said and tried to repeat that ‘We have a Constitution.’  She ignored that as did the rest of the crowd.  Those especially disgusting included Robert Francis O’Rourke and Cory Booker.  They made some outlandishly ignorant statements that need to be addressed.  However, the bottom line is far worse than their ignorance.

I can understand the frustration of feeling like you are supposed to do something to protect people.  I can appreciate the urge to do something to quiet the fears of the public after mass shootings.  I can appreciate trying to find a viable and real solution to a problem.  However, if you begin with the wrong premise you reach a wrong conclusion.  That is what they are doing and what millions across America are doing.  We are treading water in the murky waters of tyranny and must be cautious.

The words of Benjamin Franklin and his warning should be given new life today.  I will paraphrase, “If we give up liberty hoping to gain safety and security, we will achieve neither.”  The idea that banning, confiscating, forcing people to sell their guns to the government WILL NOT solve the problem but make Americans less safe.  That reality is not the most dangerous part of their pursuit and agenda.  If we give up rights in one area, such as our 2nd Amendment Rights what is to prevent them from taking rights in other areas.  They are already attacking our 1st Amendment Rights and our 4th Amendment Rights.  What is next?  Total Tyranny?

Mr. O’Rourke demonstrated his total ignorance regarding guns or his diabolical intent or both.  He tried to make the argument that the AR-15 and AK-47 were designed to kill and therefore must be banned.  Sir, I must ask, “What gun is not designed to kill?”  He further stated that the ‘high capacity’ rifles were incredibly dire because the ‘high capacity’ rifle bullet when it hits its targets spreads throughout the body because that was its design.  That is total ignorance and I would hope he knows it.  The magazine does not determine the effect of the bullet.  If he was speaking of a bullet that fragments and stays within the body, he was probably speaking of ‘frangible’ ammo.  That round is designed for close-quarters use by the police or to protect innocent bystanders in the instance a round must be fired at a perpetrator. 

Mr. O’Rourke was asked if he would force Americans to give up their so-called ‘assault’ rifles.  He said, “Hell yes, I will take their guns.”  He and Mr. Booker tired to make the impassioned plea that ‘We have to do something.’  All of them argued that we could not wait until the Democrats were back in power but must do something now. 

Mr. Booker said that 80% of Americans favor a federal gun license.  Well, 83% believe that mental health is the main cause of mass shootings.  So, again, I contend that they are targeting the wrong root cause. The paranoia over semi-automatic rifles is misguided.  Have we forgotten that the scores of murders and shootings in cities like Chicago and New York are not with an AR-15 or AK-47 but a handgun?  Will that be banned next by the left.  If you demand a federal gun license will you also demand a valid photo voter identification?

The problem, which I have stated before, is that when a mass shooting takes place and the government acts with another ‘gun law’ that restricts the rights of legal Americans it does not solve the problem.  There is another public outcry to ‘do something’ and another more restrictive law is passed or enacted and that also fails.  Over time, the public becomes accepting of the idea of ‘banning guns’ trying to find safety and that opens the door for the government to impose restrictions in every area of life and gives them Total Control.

The inherent dangers of following this path of targeting a style of firearms thinking that is the solution are mountainous.  America, if we allow the politicians to continue stripping us, the law-abiding of our inalienable and constitutional rights hoping the criminals will also comply we endanger ourselves.

Additionally, if you think Donald Trump is foul-mouthed, how about condemning the potty mouth former Congressman from El Paso.  He seems to think that his increasing use of profanity is somehow endearing him to the public.  I find it repulsive and it shows his lack of ability to communicate so he is trying to be macho and demonstrate that he is a take-charge guy fighting for the people.  I see no redeeming value in his arguments or his demonstrated character.

America, if we do not wake up and reject that group of people who see no value, no authority, and have no respect for the document they will swear to protect and defend we destroy ourselves.   I reject the lot of them and will vote to ensure they do not regain control in 2020.

God bless you and God bless America!


YOUR CHOICE AMERICA – What’s Your Pleasure?

We can either move toward Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Fascism, and Political Correctness engendering a universal ‘snowflake society’ or we can move toward restoring the Constitutional Republic.  Which would you prefer?  Some will take aim at that statement and insist that there is no difference in the choices in this coming presidential election, but I beg to differ. 

We can move back into the stagnant economic conditions with overt and covert government regulations stifling business as we had under Barack H. Obama or we can progress in the recovering economy.  Which would you prefer?  The Democrats all insist that they will ‘fix’ the economy.  What exactly are they going to fix?  The lowest unemployment in decades?  The rising wages?  The lower taxes?  What are they going to ‘fix’ or is it ‘fix’ as in dealing with your cat or dog and neuter or spay us?  Which would you prefer?

Political Correctness is destroying this Republic and creating unbridgeable chasms.  Political Correctness has allowed the use of the charge of ‘hate speech’ to be bandied about making it virtually meaningless.  Yes, I believe racism exists and hate exists, but it is not one-sided, and that highway is a two-way street if not a four-lane thoroughfare.  People of all ethnicities, races, colors, and ideologies can be and sometimes do exhibit and practice racism, bias, bigotry, and spew forth hate. 

When it is deemed justifiable to beat-down a person wearing a MAGA hat but an act of racism, and hate-filled bigotry to criticize a leftist that is destructive and inviting more violence, division, and animosity.  If I tell you that you are ugly, which I would not do, that is not racist or bigotry it is an opinion.  It would be rude but would not qualify for any of the monikers attached to any criticism of a person of another ethnicity or political persuasion.  If I tell you that your policies have done damage to your own ethnicity and your district that is not racist it is an opinion.  It may be backed up by empirical data that supports my statement but does not qualify as hate, bigotry, or racism. 

In today’s political world if President Trump or anyone on the Right criticizes anyone on the Left, especially if they are of non-white lineage it is deemed racism and immediately rejected.  President Trump called Al Sharpton a ‘con-man.’  Imagine that! 

Al Sharpton has gotten away with non-payment of millions in owed taxes, fomenting rioting against the religious Jews in Brooklyn, and boycotted a Kenyan grocery store calling the owners, ‘yellow monkeys.’  He has led anti-Semitic racially charged rallies that resulted in the Freddy’s Department Store massacre, and purposefully destroyed the lives of two white police officers in the Tawana Brawley hoax.  He has hidden behind the title “reverend” while threating ‘no justice, no peace.’  I happen to believe that the President was being truthful and calling things as they are not as the PC World demands. 

Calling the Main Stream Media’s bias to light is not racist, it is factual.  It is a truth that most people know deep inside and have thought. Sadly when the public eye is upon them many are afraid to voice that opinion. When President Trump calls out the decades-long Democrat-run cities in America that are tottering on the brink of ruin that is not racism it is an opinion rooted in fact and statistical data.  The seemingly untouchables such as Representative Elijah Cummings of Baltimore are being exposed and that is somehow racist.  No, it is holding the facts up for everyone willing to look to see. 

When the President and those of us who want to see a Restored Republic push back against the vile names, charges, and pleas for violence against us we are not racist we are taking a stand for Freedom and Right.  I want everyone to be protected under the Constitution and that includes the aforementioned individuals.  Barack Obama used his position to malign America and Americans not on his side of the aisle or his ethnicity and that was acceptable but if Trump offers a criticism, he is deemed a racist. 

Trump did not and I do not call for the deportation of all non-whites in America.  It is not a skin-color issue but one of legitimacy and national security.  The mind and the heart are far more important than the pigmentation of the skin.  Do we want to continue the pathway to destruction launched by Barack Obama’s racism and religious bigotry, or would we prefer an America where “all men and women are created equal, with the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness recognized and protected?”

I am proud to be an American and am willing to fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  I want the dignity and sovereignty of this Republic protected.  Every politician elected to serve in Congress, or any other national office has taken an oath to “protect and defend” the Constitution.  It is time to hold them accountable and insist they do just that.  It is not their personal preference of what they wish the Constitution stated but what it states that is the Law.  It is time that we call out the so-called leaders in America whose policies and politics are destroying our cities and weakening our nation.  It is time that we identify and expose the self-serving agitators who try to identify as civil-rights leaders and take definitive steps to make America better and even great again. 

Call me whatever you please, that won’t change what I believe.  My mother taught me, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  I’ve modified that clinging to the first part but adapting the second to ‘words will never stop me.’  They may hurt deeply but they won’t change the truth or alter my responsibility to do what I believe is right. 

God bless you and God bless America!

HOW CRAZY CAN WE BECOME? – Is Not Meant To Be A Challenge…

Yes, I say that with some levity but also with heartbroken seriousness based on what I am witnessing across this great country.  Craziness, some argue, has become the new normal.  I contend, it is not normal but a new venture into the world of the inane and political correctness has plunged.  It is the fruit of toxic liberalism and the snowflake mentality that has become pervasive in far too many circles today. 

I have some dear friends who are lifelong native Californians and out of respect for them, I try to avoid stereotyping all Californians as crazies.  That being said, there are cities and governmental entities that make that increasingly more difficult.  California is a beautiful state and one friend who has lived there his whole life recently said, “If it were not from my family roots, I would leave the state and never look back.”  Another, said, “California is a great place to be from, far away from.”  Again, please don’t take offense because Texas has some of those same crazies and seems to be producing more of them with each passing year and election. 

I am beginning to wonder if sanity has taken leave and crazy has become the go-to mentality of a majority today.  I hope that is not the case but when women seem to have taken offense by the exempted from the identification of those maintenance holes in our streets and forced the renaming from ‘manhole covers’ to ‘maintenance hole covers.’  What?  I can only imagine the outcry if they decided to change their name to ‘woman hole cover.’  It is an impossible situation for those who opt to take offense to everything not gender-neutral. 

I saw a report recently that listed some of the decisions of the City Council of Berkley, California.  I laughed and cried and thought, “How crazy can we get?”  They decided to remove all references to gender in any of their laws.  That’s right, you cannot refer to brothers and sisters but siblings.  You can no longer say he or she but they.  That is mandated even if there is only one person being referred to.  That lone individual regardless of gender is not a he or she but they.  The aforementioned manhole covers are now maintenance hole covers because women are offended as are those promoting a gender-neutral society. 

Miss Kathy Zhu the Miss Michigan winner was decertified as the winner of that state’s Pageant.  Why?  She committed the unpardonable sin of having an opinion that is outside the accepted liberal mainstream.  Two years ago, she posted on Twitter a response to the Black Lives Matter tweet criticizing the police.  She defended law enforcement.  How dare she?  What did she say that was so grossly offensive?  She tweeted a question: “Do you know that the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks?  Fix the problem within your own community first before blaming others.”  Her reasoned question and statement offended those on the left and she was stripped of her crown.

Of course, she also committed the unthinkable in questioning something regarding Muslim women when her college endorsed a “World Hijab Day.”  The Muslim women were encouraging passersby to “Try a hijab on.”  She made this statement that made her a candidate for being boiled in oil.  “So, you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing?  Or are you just trying to get women used to be oppressed by Islam?”  Yeah, pointed questions but questions that many of us have thought and questions that should be legitimately asked. 

Returning to California for my observation on the craziness and the insane political correctness that is pervasive today I offer an example.  A doctoral candidate who is also a teaching assistant named Laura Tanner is under attack, not because of something she said in the classroom but on her own time and in her own world on Twitter.  She said, “It is not possible to be born in the wrong body.”  I agree!  The demands are that she be immediately fired. 

How about Queen Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat-controlled House of Representatives?  They had to get into the act and approved what was called ‘Equality Act’ in a vote of 236-173.  That Act, if not blocked by President Trump will require allowing males who ‘identify’ as female via the transgender process to be allowed to compete in all-girl sporting events.  If that gains the president’s signature the female vs female competition will be a memory and no longer exist. 

The amazing thing is this is called Progress by the Progressives, Liberals, Leftist, Socialist, Activists, and Democrats.  Progress?  I guess I really don’t know what progress is if this is progress.  Can I have a cup of sanity to go with my morning coffee, please?  God help us if we allow this craziness to become the norm in America.  I agree with the statement I heard recently, “Why do they call it common sense when it is so rare?”

God bless you and God bless America!


I have observed the trend in America over the past few decades and am deeply troubled about many things.  I am always encouraged in God and from time to time in people, but overall when it comes to the direction of politics today, I am petrified about our future.  I purposefully used the word ‘petrified’ because simply saying ‘concerned’ would not encapsulate the depth of my trepidation. 

I believe we are on the brink of a societal and political apocalypse like we have never witnessed in our history.  You may disagree.  I have friends equally conservative, devotedly Constitutionalist who disagree on that point.  They believe that all things political are cyclical and we have a time of leftism and then a time of conservatism, but little truly changes.  They insist that the 8 years of both Clinton and Obama and the 4 years of Carter were mere bumps in the road and all things tend to correct themselves if allowed to run their course.  I wish I could believe that, but I don’t, at least not concerning America and the Democrat’s Plan of Destruction.

To be fair to the Democrat, the rank-n-file Democrat who works for a living and loves America, I don’t believe that every person who votes Democrat wants to destroy the Republic.  However, the plans, agenda, and proposals of their leaders will.  Sadly, I am seldom able to convince them of the dangers and the depth of deception and hypocrisy of their Party’s Platform and Agenda.  They believe that Republicans, Conservatives, Constitutionalist, and those holding to traditional values such as marriage are haters and want to harm the little man.  Facts seem inconsequential to them.

The current policies being advanced by virtually every Democrat seeking their Party’s nomination for president are beyond dangerous they are diabolically destructive.  We cannot afford their economic strategy.  If we want to maintain our Freedom, have a less intrusive government, and not be taxed into oblivion we must open our eyes and see through the destructiveness of their economic proposals.  I keep trying to shed light on the matter but often feel I am preaching to the choir and talking to the wall.  However, because of the seriousness, I cannot remain silent on this and many other fronts.  I like you, regardless of your political ideology, love America! 

If the Democrats win the White House in November of 2020, individually, we had better have a ‘stash of cash’ socked away in some safe investment they cannot get to and steal.  Their plan will crash the stock market and place such a burden on businesses that costs will skyrocket, and many small businesses will cease to exist.  That will cause a dramatic uptick of the unemployment rate, an increase in the government outlays for entitlements and welfare.  The healthcare industry will crumble and not only cost more, and we will encounter delays and denials of care.  Our borders will virtually be erased, and the United States of America will cease to be recognizable constitutionally.  How can I get you to see that?

The New Green Deal proposed, seeks to renew stifling regulations, create Medicare for all, provide free college, and burden us with a tax rate of 70-90% will send us to the fiscal grave nationally and individually.  Outliving your money will become a fantasy rather than a genuine hope and goal. 

The flood of poverty-stricken immigrants and their insertion into the job market will suppress wages to the point that far more will be living beneath the poverty line economically.  The demands that will place on our social programs, housing, healthcare, education, etc. will cause the Republic to sound the ‘death rattle.’  How can I get you to see that?

Milton Friedman warned over a decade ago that if we allow open borders and become a social welfare state the influx of immigrants will be infinite.  He contended, and I agree, the fiscal cost would be astronomical, and no nation could survive that kind of fiscal demand but would become a third-world banana republic and throw open the doors to despotism and tyranny.  How can I get you to see that?

Let me offer a few pertinent statistical revelations hoping to get your attention.  Without the entitlements and the free stuff proposed by the Democrats, Americans, even the poorest in the United States, lives better economically than most of the world.  Many of our poor have automobiles, large screen televisions, video games for their kids, and cell phones.  The invitation to the poor of the world, in unlimited numbers, will not elevate them but reduce many of our citizens to the levels those people knew in their country of origin.  How can I get you to see that?

Statistical data indicates that as of 2017 there were at least 184 million people in Latin America living in poverty.  Sadly, the open borders will not limit immigration to our own hemisphere but the world where there are over 750 million worldwide who live beneath the International Poverty line of $1.90 per day income.  That is unimaginable and knowing what open borders will do to our nation is more than dangerous it is diabolical.  How can I get you to see that?

The Democrats are delusional that taxing the rich will solve the economic woes of this nation and its people and even the people of the world.  The Socialist agenda of Medicare for All will destroy the best healthcare system in the world and make it comparable to the worst of the world.  The New Green Deal will so regulate and stifle exploration of energy it will escalate costs, destroy entire industries, as was the desire of Obama and the Democrats regarding the Oil & Gas industry and Coal.  How can I get you to see that?

I personally do not believe we have any other choice but President Trump in November 2020.  I’m not saying I want another choice but I see this as binary. No matter what you think of him; love him or hate him, you must be willing to acknowledge that he has been good for the economy in contrast to the Democratic Liberal Leftist Socialist Policies of Obama.  Unless you want to see our American economy go in the tank and your standard of living reduced to ashes, you truly have no alternative but to vote for Donald Trump in 2020.  How can I get you to see that?

I expect some push-back on that and will hear the repeated rhetoric of his character and failures on other fronts, but if America cannot survive economically, it cannot survive in any manner.  How can I get you to see that?

God bless you and God bless America!


Who am I talking about?  The Democrats vying for their party’s nomination for President, that’s who.  I keep hoping that they are simply saying things trying to garner votes and have no real desire to destroy our Republic.  I keep hoping but the more I listen to them, the less I think that and that causes incredible trepidation in my heart.

If they believe and truly desire what they are suggesting, America is in deep trouble.  If we are foolish enough to allow them to reclaim the White House, keep the House of Representatives and reclaim the Senate we have lost our minds.  Yes, I said it and believe it. You may, as some on our side and the other side have insisted that the cost is no big deal. 

They believe that if the government is paying, it’s just money and all we have to do is print more to solve the problem.  That is wrong on many levels and although I have in the past and will again try to summarize the terribleness of that view, it won’t resonate with those who believe it.

It is estimated by some reasonably reliable sources that combined, all the proposals of the Democratic hopefuls would cost approximately $210 Trillion dollars.  Our federal tax revenue is approximately $3.1 Trillion.  That means that our annual revenue from taxes is less than 2% of the money needed to pay for their programs.  Imagine that! 

In 2018 the total wealth of Americans was estimated at $100 Trillion.  If the government confiscated every dime in assets of all Americans, there would still be a shortage in paying for the Democrat plan.  So, please tell me they don’t mean or believe what they are saying?  Please, I’m begging for someone to offer an encouraging word of sanity.  Sadly, the more I listen to them, the more I believe they believe that it is only money and that they can tax us enough to pay the freight. 

Although the American dollar is the monetary standard of the world that does not mean that our Federal Reserve can simply print more when they want it to pay for stuff.  That approach is morally wrong.  If we make an obligation, we should feel the responsibility to pay our debts.  If I were a nation lending money to America and they did that to me I would say, “Good luck getting any help from me in the future.” 

Printing more money would cause a dramatic spike in inflation and likely to plunge us into hyperinflation and the dollar would be virtually worthless.  Think of what that would do to your 401-K or other retirement funds.  Think of what that would do to your ability to live unless your wages increased 1000-fold.

Hey, if it is only money and there is plenty to go around why stop with the proposals they are suggesting.  Why stop at healthcare, education, reparations, and the like.  If, when the government is footing the bill, it’s just money then let’s go for the whole enchilada. 

Give everyone a government gas card and when the bill comes let the government just print the money to pay the bill.  When the energy bill for our homes comes in, just print more money.  When the house note is due, just print more money.  The same with the car, the cell phone, television cable, internet service, travel, food.  Why limit what the government can and will pay for?  After all, its only money, right?  If the government is paying for it, there is no cost to anyone, right? 

But let’s press that even further, let’s totally eliminate taxes because, after all, the government can just print more money anytime and pay the bill.  The dollar would be worthless and would virtually grow on trees or off the printing press and why make anyone pay anything in taxes?  Believe me, I don’t like taxes and believe that what is happening is nothing short of legalized theft by the government, but I see the holes in that kind of thinking. 

The Utopian World of the Democrats running for President would last about 10 seconds before someone pulled the plug.  Businesses would quickly refuse to provide goods and services, employers would be forced to dramatically reduce their workforce.  Nations around the world would not simply hate us, they would seek to destroy us. 

Am I being dramatic and even overly so?  Of course, but it is to illustrate the flaws in the mentality that is prompting the proposal of the Socialistic Plans and Proposals and the idea that “it’s only money.”  If the government provides everything, they will control everything including the amount of time you are allotted on planet earth.  They would determine where you live, what you eat, what you drive if allowed to drive, where you work, and everything else in life.  Our system of elections would be eliminated, and our Republic would be nothing more than a wistful memory.  None of us want that!  None of us!

Please use that organ inside the appendage on top of your shoulders for something other than a place for your hat or hair to rest.  Think!  Reason and reject the lunacy of the left in all the Free Everything Proposals.  Not only are they unsustainable financially they are unsustainable morally, ethically, governmentally, and with regard to our Freedom and Liberty. 

Obama said, “If you like your healthcare plan you could keep it.”  That was a lie and if you like your Freedom, you can’t give it away and expect to keep it you are not being rational.  Freedom is not now, never has been, and never will be free!  It must be fought for and guarded as a precious treasure to keep.

I urge you to join me and millions more in November 2020 in rejecting this kind of lunacy and take another step toward restoring America as the Land of the Free!

God, please bless America again and help us to return to You!


I can envision the pitchforks, the boiling tar and the rail to ride me out of town on because of that statement.  It will be deemed by some that I am a White Supremacist and want to suppress other cultures and ethnicities.  I do not!  However, as a nation, multiculturalism is a destroyer and I will gladly tell you why I believe that.  It is not racism or phobia, it is a desire to see America remain the Free Constitutional Republic that we were given over 240 years ago.

The problem is evidenced in the political spectrum and stage.  Politics is all about amassing votes, winning elections, entrenching ideological views, and securing power.  It is about mobilizing votes and voters.  That’s one of the reasons today’s politicians say one thing in Des Moines, another in Atlanta, another in New York City, and another in Fort Worth.  They say whatever they deem is necessary to motivate, captivate, inspire, and endear the voters of those sectors of our nation. 

One of the most prolific flip-floppers of modern times is the Democratic presumptive favorite, Joe Biden.  If you check the record you will find that, at one time, both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were on the record of being opposed to ‘illegal immigration.’  Even, Queen Hillary was, at one time opposed to gay marriage.  Imagine that!  But, as the mood of the electorate shifts, politicians tend to shift their stances.  They weigh the positive and negative and determine which stance gets them the most votes.  The fact that they say one thing in one place and another somewhere else is inconsequential to them, it seems because voters tend to decide based on what they heard not what is said to someone else in some other part of the country.  Why I cannot explain.

If you study history and observe the path of societies under dictatorial rule and tyranny you discover that truth is deemed to be whatever the dictator declares at any given time.  Contrast that to Republics and Democratic Societies you find that truth is deemed to be whatever the mass wants to hear at any given time.  Both have significant dangers and present significant problems.  The latter opens the door to the diabolical snake-oil salesmen politicians to nefariously tell us what they think we want to hear.  They have no real interest in fulfilling their promises but promise they do to get our vote.  Once in power, they view us as tyrants view their populace.

Some may deem the next presentation of my argument as ‘racist’ because I wish to walk through the evolution of the civil rights movement and bring things current.  I would never argue that blacks were not mistreated in America. That would be historically inaccurate and require ignoring of facts, which I try not to do.  The movement began with a legitimate desire to be afforded basic human dignity.  Any peoples deserve that regardless of ethnicity.  Once that objective was achieved they pressed for equal opportunity.  Again, I do not decry that as a wrong desire.  Any person should have equal opportunity. 

The problem in the evolution of causes is that sometimes when they obtain their basic objectives they morph into something destructive and counterproductive.  When American society, for the most part, recognized the basic human dignity and the right of equal opportunity the movement then took an Orwellian leap and demanded that equal opportunity be redefined.  The redefinition was that we would have quota systems and in that preferential treatment.  The civil rights movement that focused on blacks is not the only group that has sought preferential treatment based on ethnicity, gender, etc. 

Once, that objective was achieved, in a measure, the new push was for reparations for slavery.  Pardon me, but are there any living in America today who were slaves in America?  Yes, there are descendants of those who were slaves in generations. Those slaves suffered, but in today’s America, anyone can achieve if they set their minds to achieving regardless of ethnicity.  How can those of us who never participated in slavery be held accountable for the actions of our forefathers?  How can those who never experienced slavery be awarded reparations for damage not done to them?  The push for reparations is not a healing balm and will not cure or absolve any past wrongs it will further divide this nation.

The problem is people are incredibly tribal.  I detest the hyphenation of Americans.  That designation lends to the further dividing of our culture and nation.  The segregating of cultures based on the request of those cultures divides and makes us weaker, not stronger.  Politicians and activist have learned that grouping people into tribes is the easiest way to mobilize them and bring them to the fight or the voting booth. 

America has always been a multi-ethnic society, but we had a dominant culture that defined who we were.  Today that is being eroded to the point where no longer see ourselves as Americans but as tribes, sects, groups, or communities.  The politicians nurture that distinction and division for their purposes, not for our betterment.  In Vietnam, we quickly found that the enemy’s greatest strength was it was a homogenous culture, language, and identity.  The oft used cliché, “Our strength is our diversity,” is not totally true, and blinds us to problems inherent in multiculturalism.

If you look at nations such as Lebanon, Rwanda, Switzerland, and South Africa you quickly discover the multiculturalism usually descends into barbarianism, ethnic cleansing, and civil war.  The Swiss have different languages but have a strong unmovable identity.  They know who they are and so should we.  In South Africa, white farmers are being hunted like animals.  That is a far cry from Nelson Mandela’s idea of a Rainbow Society or multiculturalism working.

In my view, those supporting multiculturalism are those who believe it will advance their cause, not because they want everyone treated equally.  Muslims want our public schools closed on Muslim holidays and halal food served in the cafeterias.  In our political America, multicultural tribal desires are legitimate unless you are white and Christian.  Our colleges have caved to the demands of the multiculturalist and have segregated dormitories, student unions, and graduations.  Imagine whites or Christians demanding “white-only” dorms and graduations.  We would see blood in the streets.  I am not advocating whites demand that, nor do I want other cultures afforded that recognition.  We are America and supposed to be Americans!

            Wake up America, the politicians, and political elites are not pushing multiculturalism in the interest of all cultures but in the interest of power and control.  It is time that we return to insisting that everyone who legally immigrates to America become Americans.  Maintain your culture but become part of the unique American culture.  Remember your roots but become part of the solution not part of the problem.  Be part of the unification not part of the divide. 

Love me or hate me, that’s how I see it.  I love America and want everyone regardless of ethnicity or cultural heritage to be treated equally.  I want an America where we recognize that all men are created equal.  I want to maintain the recognition of our inalienable rights that include the right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

That is why I will oppose the Leftist Democrats in 2020 and all other elections I am blessed with the opportunity to cast my ballot.  

God bless you and God bless America!


Confiscation of guns, stripping us of our 2nd Amendment and Inalienable Right to defend ourselves and ‘keep and bear arms’ or other gun law actions WILL NOT stop murder or evil!  There are many good and well-meaning people swept up in the hoopla over “just do something!”  The idea that if we could just pass one more law, or close one more loophole we could curb the violence and evil.  That has failed everywhere and is failing now.  The only thing it is doing is empowering the evil, the criminal, and the terrorist while rendering legal, law-abiding citizens of their God-given rights and ability to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their property. 

There is no truly ‘safe space’ in this world!  Evil lurks everywhere!  In the cities and countries where gun laws are the most stringent, there is still evil including murder.  At some point, it should become obvious to everyone that we have a problem and the problem cannot be solved through an academic or legislative approach.  Some will immediately reject my statements, but it is a heart problem, a moral problem far more than it is a legislative problem. 

Gun violence is not simply a Right or Left issue, but can become worsened by the rhetoric of either side.  Sadly, the attack on the Family Research Council where a domestic terrorist inspired by a leftist organization walked into that center with 100 rounds of ammunition and opened fire.  The Media wants to make all gun violence the result of actions by conservative Right-wing white males. Any honest research reveals that is not the case.  There are people of all ethnicities and political persuasions involved in acts of violence.  Again, that suggests it is a heart, head, and moral issue not a gun issue. 

When we consider the massive numbers of legally owned firearms in America and the incredibly small percentage of those used in gun violence, we should realize the issue is not a need to restrict the law-abiding from gun ownership and gun possession.  Criminals disregard the law. That’s what the word means! 

The problem and increased occurrences of gun violence scream of a problem that is far deeper than any law or political jockeying can repair.  Some argue that Donald J. Trump the President of these United States is the culprit in the increase.  That is disingenuous and dishonest, even if it is not intended to be and stems from ignorance of the truth. 

If Trump is the cause then how do we explain the mass shootings that took place in Orlando, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, and Aurora during the Obama administration?  Was that also Trump’s fault?  If we seek to restrict the implements of destruction while ignoring the root problem we will fail.  The fact that that is the approach sought by politicians, the Media, and many citizens is revelatory and exposes the greater problem.  It defines why gun laws will never solve the problem.

Nationally, statistics reveal that 80% of gun crimes are committed using illegally obtained and unlawfully possessed guns.  Our nation’s capital has some of the most stringent gun laws in the nation and that city has a murder rate of 18 per 100,000.  Will more gun laws solve that problem?  We all know better, but some continue to argue that it is the evil violent gun that is the problem rather than honestly looking at the person behind the gun.

In the United Kingdom, a nation with incredibly strict gun ownership laws they have begun restricting the sale of knives more than 3 inches long. Why that move?  Because of a new rash of violence using a knife.  It really doesn’t matter if it is a rock, a hammer, scissors, a machete, a rope, a knife, or a gun the result is the same.  How about automobiles used in committing crimes of violence, do we ban them too? 

The Bible speaks to the problem in Matthew 15:19, where Jesus spoke of murder in the heart or hate in the heart producing murder.  We need to have a conversation about WHY not simply HOW these crimes and acts of heinousness are committed.  That discussion is impossible apart from morality and religion.  In today’s anti-faith politically charged climate that approach is taboo and regarded as without value.

Our Founding fathers recognized the importance of faith and morality in maintaining our Freedom and our Republic.  George Washington in his farewell address offered a word of wisdom for posterity.  He said, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.”  John Adams echoed that sentiment in addressing the Massachusetts militia saying, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” 

Just over 240 years later, our nation has dispensed of the faith of our fathers and resorted to legislation and political correctness.  The failure is too obvious to miss by anyone with an honest examination of our present world and the conditions existing today.  The baser nature of man is not altered by more legislation.  The impotent promises of security through more government regulations provide no  relief and adds more frustration and dismay.

The only real solution to gun violence or the evil that is lurking in our world is not more laws that erode our freedoms.  The solution to gun violence will only be found in recognition and embracing the wisdom of our Founders, that we are human beings dependent upon and accountable to an Omniscient God.  Until we see a change in the human heart, we will not see a deescalation of violence and heinous acts of murder and mayhem.  New gun laws will never rise to the level of the Golden Rule and America will not be safer until we see a return to our moral moorings as a people. 

Love me, hate me, agree or disagree it is your choice.  I know from my own heart and life that only God can truly change the heart, mind, and character.  No amount of willpower and the threat of law will achieve that objective.  It is a heart, mind, and moral issue and if we give up our rights hoping to gain some security, we will lose both our rights and our security. 

God bless you and God bless America.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and do so unashamedly.