Simply Answer to Complex Problem

Is There Possibly a Simple Answer to the Complex Problem?

I have probably spent far too many hours contemplating the ills of our Society, the evils of Sin and the problem of Self and then again maybe too few. When I look at America from history I see a fledgling group of people who had a common vision and cause. Through their resolve and a willingness to lose everything even die for their purpose, they defeated a superior enemy who was better equipped, better funded and better trained. It wasn’t horsepower, gun-power or manpower that won the American Revolution it was resolve! A common thread ran through virtually everything they did that was their passion for Freedom and Liberty. Their cause had a faith foundation although much could be argued about what each of the founders believed, they believed that man should have the right to worship freely without interference from government. They believed that man should always be taxed fairly and in a representative manner not just at the whim or mandate of the King or whatever despot was in command at the time. They believed that everyone should have the right to pursue their own personal dreams and ambitions achieving success or failure without government interference. They did not believe that the government owed them a dime nor did they owe the government a dime. They were willing to endure a representative tax not a repressive one. It was not paying their fair share that bothered them it was the arbitrary and capricious manner in which their taxes were being levied.

A democratic society begins to crumble when it loses sight of its purpose and reason for existence. Any entity that exists to perpetuate itself and orchestrates laws, rules and regulations in order to achieve that purpose is unnecessary and has forgotten it’s true purpose. When a society reaches the point that it depends upon the government to provide for it, doom is inevitable. A society that wants to be provided for rather than provide is a society destined to live in a state of corruption and cannot long survive as a democracy. It will eventually succumb to tyrannical rule and lose, give up or have its rights, privileges and freedom taken away. It will become nothing more than another form of slavery. It’s been said that when a people realize that they can vote funds for themselves democracy dies! In fact, Paul had a good answer to the professional welfare practitioner in 2 Thessalonians 3:10 where he told them that anyone who is not willing to work, should not be allowed to eat either. I wonder what would happen to the Professional Welfare Case if that were the law of the land. I’m not speaking of someone truly in need of help for a temporary period of time. Nor do I refer to those rare cases where family, friends, church and then maybe government should help long term. Sadly when the focus turns inward destruction begins and that virtually always begins on the inside!

I believe that the problems in Society lies in the issue of Sin and the problem of Self – – What is sin? A most simplistic definition would be to make self the center of your universe rather than God as Adam and Eve did in the Garden. It is to vote God out as Lord of All and insert self. It is to make “self” the center of your universe. A Society that turns its focus inward where “what’s in it for me?” becomes the rule rather than the exception is just like sin, doomed for ultimate destruction. Self – – The culprit in virtually everything that is wrong with our world today. The majority of all the problems of our society are traceable back to the problem of “self”. We are either self-less or selfish. When we make “self” the center of our universe it’s all about us and the only purpose is our purpose. Do you realize that offence is impossible without first focusing on “self”? Most of us suffered offence at one time or another and Proverbs 18 tells us that a brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city. However, I suggest to you that you cannot become offended or “take” offence unless “self” is the focus. If our focus is anywhere but us, our needs, our wants, or rights or even our desires we cannot be offended. We have to TAKE offence. We have to give it conscious thought and make a willful decision to take umbrage to a word or deed. We, as Christians, do not belong to ourselves we belong to God. The Blood of Jesus bought and paid for us, therefore we have nothing to take offense over.

I am not suggesting that we get in a circle, sing kumbaya, don’t worry be happy and all will be well ca sara sara. No we need to turn our focus to God. I’m angry at where I see America today and what she will become if this course those in power have charted reaches their desired destination. The Pied Piper is playing his flute and the masses are following without any resistance it seems. I want America back and am willing to do whatever it takes to see that happen just like those of the Continental Congress and the soldiers of the Revolutionary War. I want liberty and freedom. However, I realize that America has, for too long and in too many ways turned her back on God by allowing the politicians and ideologues to push us toward this false utopian society at an alarming pace. I’m angry at the church for being complacent for too long. At myself for being a watcher rather than an involved participant in the process. At my elected representatives for being seduced by the power and the money and selling out their principles for principal.

My personal commitment is that from today forward, I resolve to:

  • Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.
  • Be involved in the political process that shapes my ability to worship, teach God’s Word and truth freely as well as reach out to other nations and lands as well as live the life of a free man.
  • Invest my money, time, intellect and energy into seeing America become America again.

So please forgive me for not being as diligent as I should have been and join me in the cause for freedom to see America become the real America again! Intercessory prayer and hard work are both required in this battle! For some it will cost everything but eternity, for others there will be an extremely high price to pay and they will endure extreme suffering because the forces we are facing are vicious. But as we succeed not only will we have liberty to advance the Kingdom but we will give any and all future generations an America that embodies the true principles of Liberty and Freedom! For to do nothing is to surrender!

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