THE DISOBEDIENT POPULACE – We the Proud Basket of Deplorable Citizens…

How dare we not passively resist the urge to be rebellious to their politically correct and ideological edicts?  How are we not, in subservient obedience bow to their wishes and offer our categorical obedience and agreement to their charges against President Trump?  How can we be so ungrateful for all they have done in their quest to liberate us from the labyrinth of life that requires thought and personal introspection and choices?  How dare we?  That seems to be the reaction to the increased favorability of President Trump in the wake of the Left’s Impeachment Coup Attempt to overturn a legitimate election and this present crisis.

I am sure some may take great offense to that last statement and insist that the election was somehow not legitimate and Trump caused the virus. Neither are true, but alas, that is the spin of the Leftists. I am confident that some will insist that there were foreign collusion and corruption involved and the election was stolen from Hillary and the Democrats. 

There are those who insist that Trump is murdering Americans in this crisis. However, no facts are supporting those allegations. There is a mountain of evidence supporting facts of the existence of dirty tricks, voter fraud, and attempted subversion of the public’s wishes by the Democrats.  Also, the facts reveal that the President has acted prudently and wisely in this crisis. That will possibly cause the blood pressure of some Democrats, Liberals, and Trump Haters to break their Omron machines.

The complete disconnect with reality that I hear and read from the media, politicians, and various activists is astounding.  They are visibly flabbergasted that we would dare to disagree.  The fact that millions of us do, in their minds renders us sub-human, deplorable, and Neanderthals.  They vocalize their amazement that we can find our way through each day, being as mentally challenged as we must be.  We find that humorous and disturbing at the same time because we wonder the same thing about them.

The Left appears so captivated by their delusional assertions that they genuinely believe that they and not us are on the ‘right side of history.’  There are those in their ranks who have bought the assertion of Barack H. Obama that his administration was 100% ‘scandal-free.’  How, is beyond my ability to comprehend, but they either believe it or refuse to acknowledge the fallaciousness of it.  Thus, the divide in America that is becoming unbridgeable at an alarming pace grows daily.

When I bring up the known scandals and subversion of Law, Justice, and the Constitution of the Obama administration I am attacked so vehemently I grow concerned about my physical safety.  Obama presided over one of the most corrupt administration in modern history.  He played the race card effectively and used his being half black as a virtual ‘get out of jail free card’ allowing him to plow through constitutional restrictions and prohibitions as though they did not exist. 

What would have been the response of the media, Hollywood, the pundits, activists, and haters had President Trump done what Obama did?  Let me list a few possibilities and you decide how they would have reacted.  What if Trump had used a recession to bilk a trillion dollars from the public to stuff the pockets of campaign donors like Solyndra?  What if he had facilitated Agent Brian Terry’s murder by Mexican cartels through a government gun-running scheme?  What if Trump had targeted American citizens for assassination without a smidgen of concern for ‘due process?’ He would have been drawn and quartered in the media. Wait, he has been for doing the opposite of Obama.

If those are realities are not enough, how about a few more of the things Obama did.  Transpose Obama’s name in connection to them and insert Donald J. Trump and consider what the response would have been.  What if Trump had lied to the voters that their doctors would be protected, their healthcare premiums reduced while taking tax dollars to pay for ‘illegally’ the health care of illegal aliens?  What if Trump had spied on reporters and put a record number of their sources in jail?  What if Trump had used the IRS to target political opponents?

How about Benghazi?  What if Trump had allowed that situation and our ambassador and other Americans to be slaughtered without lifting a finger to help?  What if Trump had then blamed the attack on a meaningless YouTube video as a cover to facilitate his reelection?  What if Trump had sent his minions on national television and radio selling the despicable lie about what really happened.  What if Trump had used the FBI, DOJ, CIA, Homeland, NSA, and other government agencies to punish his ideological foes? 

No, Trump has not done those things, but Obama did and there was not one whiff of concern or complaint from the Democrats, Hollywood, the media, and the activists.  Amazing how which side of the political aisle you stand on determines whether or not the ‘so-called’ news media objects to what you do, isn’t it? 

I keep wondering why Obama’s complete disregard for court orders and congressional oversight caused no concern.  I keep wondering why the way he went about protecting his friends, allies, and cronies from criminal investigation and prosecution was not of concern.  It has been disturbing that there was no crying foul when Obama’s actions, rhetoric, and policies escalated racial tension.

Documented facts reveal that Barack Obama began his presidential tenure as one of the least wealthy of all our previous presidents but has become one of the wealthiest.  The Clintons have amassed a fortune through their charity, but Obama has benefitted beyond belief from companies that benefitted tremendously during his presidency.  If you want me to believe that was due to their benevolence and coincidence, you came a bit too late.  I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

Obama cashes enormous checks everywhere he goes and received a colossal book deal in the tune of $65 million.  Where do I sign up?  Who did he get that deal from?  Before you say, “He is an ex-president and people are willing to pay handsomely for his memoirs and views.” 

Could I insert a few factual bits of information?  His book deal came through Penguin Random House.  No problem there right?  Well, they were taken over in 2013 by Bertelsmann, a privately held German company that is one of the largest media conglomerates in the world.  They are the parent company of Bertelsmann Investments.  Who are they?  Interestingly, they are an international network of private banking funds in the services and natural resources industries which includes those in Iran.

Let me say to the Mitt Romney’s of the world, the former conservatives pundits who are blinded by hatred for Trump and those who are pushing the Bernie Sanders view of Socialism/Communism, you are not on the right side of history.  If you are truly that dense that you fail to see the unprecedented coup against Trump and our American system for what it is and has been, you need to wake up. 

Yes, I am a proud member of the Disobedient Populace and wear my “Deplorable” label proudly.  I am an American, a Vietnam Veteran, a Conservative, a Constitutionalist, a Lover of Freedom, and a Christian and I thank God for the new direction America is taking and never want to go back to the destruction of the previous administration. 

God bless you and God bless America!


I did not say 800-pound gorilla or the elephant in the room but a 9-million-pound gorilla or monster in the room of our American society.  I understand that what I am going to say will cause me to appear insensitive, uncaring, and other disparaging labels will be hurled at me, but what I see, I see, and you can agree or disagree.  It is my opinion and not to be deemed the only possible way of looking at this matter, but one of concern. Hopefully, you will examine it, think it through, and decide how you feel and what you feel the government should or should not be doing. 

The coronavirus or COVID-19 is a dangerous enemy we are facing in today’s America and the world.  Nothing I say is intended to diminish that in any measure.  I applaud much of what has been done by our government and our president and I become deeply concerned about some things.  If I truly had confidence in Congress and the federal government I would not be as apprehensive.  Sadly, the historic and empirical evidence of their methodology and agendas causes me a great measure of trepidation. 

There are numerous problems this crisis has brought to light or ushered to the forefront of our minds or should.  One of the things that concern me greatly is the response of American people to the actions of the government or proposed actions of the federal, state, and local governments.  The extent we are comfortable with government involvement and control is always concerning to me.  The clear view of the majority is that the government can fix problems by spending massive amounts of money. 

I understand the quandary that the President and Congress find themselves.  The American people are suffering, and many are suffering greatly. As in every crisis or economic downturn, some prosper while others face destitution.  That is not new it is an economic reality that often causes angst and anger toward those who prosper.  If they prosper through graft and corruption, price gouging or devious actions, then the anger is justified but some prosper in crisis times because of the nature of their business and the need of society for those goods or services.   That is part of the free-market and even in Socialism, some prosper while the masses suffer. 

Speaking from a Christian perspective, I am delighted when I read, see, or hear businesses making massive allowances and donations to help those less fortunate.  I cannot grow angry at a business for conducting a needed business, charging a fair price, and prospering.  We are facing an economic crisis that could plunge us into a state that would be comparable to the Great Depression.  I pray that will not happen, but it could. 

The idea that the government can throw enough money at any crisis and resolve it is beyond economic sanity.  We have a recognized national debt of over $23 Trillion and some economist argues that because of the massive unsecured debt in the trillions our debt is probably nearer $222 Trillion than $23 Trillion.  That is more than disturbing and means there is no way for ten generations to pay off the debt.  That means we are an economic titanic heading for the iceberg at breakneck speed.  Doom is on the horizon and adding to that is unconscionable to me. 

Someone said, “Our current consumption is more important to us than any burden we will place on future generations, therefore let’s place much more debt on them.”  Few of us believe that is our view and most believe that something must be done.  That is right, something must be done but what and how much. 

It can be argued that government debt is a government claim on all future income.  There is a level of spending that must happen in this fight, but how much and what should be targeted?  The Socialists and many Democrats are contending that it is moral, humane, caring, and compassionate to offer ‘Free Health Care’ to everyone including ‘illegals.’  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is lamenting that the Coronavirus Bill does not give money to non-citizens.  Ms. Cortez, your thinking is flawed!  I suggest that giving free everything to everyone does not make one compassionate but terrible naïve at best, foolish or diabolical, not compassionate.  That pathway destroys everyone!

I read where one of Bernie Sander’s economic advisers said, “If you control your own currency and you have bills that are coming due, it means you can always afford to pay the bills on time. You can never go broke; you can never be forced into bankruptcy.”  Economic adviser?  That is beyond foolish and any person with a basic understanding of government or economics sees the flaw and danger in that argument.

The plan is to keep many businesses closed during this crisis, but send checks to everyone.  If we destroy the initiative and strip the workforce of productive people, we eliminate the prospect of wealth creation.  If we destroy the incentive, initiative, and productive we destroy the economy and render prosperity impossible.  How is that a good plan?  The arguments that whatever we need should be ‘free’ are deadly, but sadly massive numbers of the younger generation and too many older people believe that is a good plan.  It is certain economic and societal death.

Liberty and Freedom are never Free and frequently not Easy!  There are pleasure and pain in being the Free Constitutional Republic we were established.  The fact that we have allowed the federal government to become a behemoth with unlimited power has brought us to the place.  The reality that our educational system has produced several generations of mind-numbed followers of the Utopian Pied-Piper claims has brought us to the place.  The fact, that we began to rely on our own ability, the government, our employers, etc. rather than trusting God has brought us to the place. 

We are obligated to take care of children, but not adults.  That may sound harsh, unfeeling, uncaring, and cruel but it is not meant to be.  I am over 70-years of age.  I am on Social Security.  I paid into that system all my working life and now am drawing a portion of it in my sunset years.  My income is ‘fixed’, and I do not have a lot of disposable income, so I understand the concerns of economic hard times.  I have children who are in the workforce and have grandchildren that must be cared for.  But, is it prudent to expect the government to care for them?  I have learned that if the government provides it decides and we must be very wary of what we allow the government to decide.

I have seen statistics that indicate that many Americans have adopted or evolved into a childlike mindset regarding government and its role and responsibility in our lives.  If we believe that the government is responsible to take care of us, we will do little to prepare or plan for the future and the problems we encounter.  The statistical numbers indicate that 25% if not more Americans have no savings, and 40% acknowledge that they would have difficulty handling an emergency of greater than $400.  That is deeply concerning and an invitation for massive government involvement and control.  Is that a good thing?

In conclusion, I offer something that FDR said in 1935 in his State of the Union Address.  He said, “The burden on the Federal Government has grown with great rapidity[.] … The lessons of history, confirmed by the evidence immediately before me, show conclusively that continued dependence upon [government] relief induces a spiritual disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fiber.  To dole our relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit.  It is inimical to the dictates of a sound policy.  It is in violation of the traditions of America[.] … The Federal Government must and shall quit this business of relief.”

Our founding fathers wanted to keep the federal government small and out of our lives as much as possible.  Today’s politicians and many Americans want the government to provide for everything and out of the desire for personal benefit, we have allowed it to become massive.  Therefore, I believe that the coronavirus although dangerous is not our greatest or only concern.  We have a 900-million-pound Gorilla in the room.  November is our lifeline to stay afloat or shoot holes in the ship of state.  Vote Democrat and watch the ship sink with incredible speed.  I will vote No on them and vote Yes for America! 

God bless you and God bless America!


It is not Trump vs Biden, Sanders, or any other Democrat. Well, it is, but that is not what the election is all about.  It is ultimately about Freedom!  It is about America and the Constitutional Republic.  It is about Inalienable or Unalienable Rights.  It is about retaining the ability to purse, Life, Liberty, and Happiness.  It not about Republican vs Democrat, at its core, but Republican vs Democrat is the vehicle whereby we either retain or destroy the Freedoms we now have and are supposed to have.  

Let me explain my arguments and hopefully, you will agree.  I am a staunch defender of the Constitution and the right and privilege of every person to think their own thoughts, believe what they believe, and defend what they defend.  I may think you have lost your mind and you the same of me, but so long as this is America, the PC Police have no jurisdiction Constitutionally over our thoughts.  They attempt to do so in the Media, Social Platforms, Academia, Hollywood, and on too many political venues and platforms, but they are doing so illegally.  They attempt it in some of the corrupted courts in this nation, but Constitutionally they do not the right and I want to keep it that way!

Let’s examine some of the Platform Proposals of the two leading Democratic hopefuls and it will help us see what is truly at stake.  Bernie Sanders is fully committed to his anti-capitalism and pro-socialist message.  That is a bit strange since Sanders has amazed his wealth because of or through capitalism.  Yet, he professes to hate the system. 

If you examine the Socialistic regimes in the world and history the people with fortunes are those at the top, and he is at the top or would be, therefore, his fortune would remain safe.  Biden, on the other hand, claims to be the moderate in the Democratic Party yet, he is Socialist Lite or wants to appear that way.  However, he too offers plans that will destroy our economy and our republic.

Medicare and Private Healthcare are on the table.  Both will be destroyed if the Democrats regain power.  If either of the two leading Democrats wins the election and their Party controls Congress, we will have Obamacare Part Two shoved down our throats.  This time it will transcend anything that Obama envisioned or did and will totally destroy Medicare and Private Healthcare Coverage will be a distant memory. 

They plan to replace Medicare and Private Healthcare with a government-run and government-provided plan that covers everyone from cradle to grave.  That includes the illegals now, here and those who will arrive in the future. 

Sanders wants to make this mandatory whereas Biden says, “Oh, no, I’ll just make it available to whoever wants it.”  Really?  Whoever wants it?  Those who have paid into and paid for Medicare throughout their working life will be shafted and given a plan that cannot survive because ‘whoever wants it can have it.’ 

Both plans have an economic price tag that is unsustainable.  Both plans would strip healthcare providers of the ability and wherewithal to provide the best health care for their patients.  The result would be fewer doctors and healthcare providers as well as diminished and denied care.  If they win it is Hello, Socialism and Government-Run Healthcare.  Hello, population control and genocide.  Call me an alarmist if you please but examine the facts and you will discover what I am saying is valid.

Bernie Sanders is anti-gun and so is Biden.  Biden has tabbed Robert Francis O’Rourke, the failed Senatorial candidate from Texas, and the failed Presidential candidate who infamously and disturbingly made his views clear.  He said, “Hell yes, we will take your AR-15 and your AK-47.”  His future leader, Biden has dementedly declared that over the past few years 150 Million Americans have been killed in gun violence. 

Bernie insists that what he calls ‘assault weapons’ as well as magazines that hold more than ‘ten rounds’ should be banned nationally.  He has flip-flopped on gun issues, depending on the campaign he has engaged it.  Trump has been a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment Rights, as is the Constitution.

Abortion is an issue that every candidate for president on the Democratic side wants to make open to and even beyond birth.  That is beyond my ability to comprehend with the verified medical data that indicates when a heartbeat begins and when that baby in the womb can feel pain.  I believe that life begins at conception.  You may not and may believe like the Democrats that that baby in the womb is not a human being or a life until it is born and even then, they endorse the murder of the infant that survives a botched abortion.  Trump supports Life and stands against the atrocities of Planned Parenthood and the Abortion on Demand Leftists.

Freedom of Speech is clearly on the ballot in 2020. Many of our Universities and Institutions of ‘higher learning’ have become PC Police institutions limiting Free Speech.  The move appears to be one-sided and hypocritical because there is the effort to defend anything those on the Left say but censor and silence anything that his historically accurate or conservative.  If you want to maintain the right to think and speak what is on your mind and in your heart, you must beware of those who would strip you of that right, the Democrats.

Private Property is also on the ballot, especially in the form of your money.  All the Democratic hopefuls want to increase taxes.  They claim that they are targeting the rich or super-rich hoping to incite animosity, envy, and fan the flames of personal animus and jealousy.  Tragically, too few are willing to and some seem incapable of fully grasping the reality that an exorbitant tax on the rich will become a tax on everyone.  Bernie’s plans taxes that reach to the bottom and Biden’s plans are all over the place. Both want to take our money and redistribute it to the places and people they choose.  It is their pathway to power and votes.  Trump has cut taxes, grown the economy, and defended personal property rights as President.  Which do you prefer?

Our founders declared that certain rights are Inalienable or Unalienable.  Our Declaration of Independence clearly and beautifully declares, “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”  The idea of Unalienable Rights is repeatedly found in the writings and actions of our Founding Fathers. 

Unalienable Rights and the understanding of equality of the created were foundational principles in everything those men did.  John Adams said, “All people are born free and equal, and have certain, natural, essential and unalienable rights.”  The Constitution of Vermont said it slightly different, “All men are born equally free and independent and have certain natural, inherent, and unalienable rights.”

Understanding why they declared our rights to be unalienable is vital to keeping America Free.  It means that our Rights cannot be alienated.  The dictionary defines alienated: “to cause a person to become unfriendly or indifferent; estrange alienate a friend.”  That is not what the Founders meant because they were speaking not of friendships but The Law.  It meant that the Law or the Government could not touch those Rights. 

The Democrats do not believe in Rights coming from our Creator but Government.  Trump, on the other hand, recognizes that our Rights did not come from the Government but God.  Do you want to depend on politicians for your Rights or God?  I will go with God.

Therefore I contend that this is not about Democrat vs Republican or vice versa.  It is not about Trump vs Biden, Sanders or any other Democrat.  It is about Freedom and America! It is Liberty vs Tyranny!  I ask you to carefully consider what is at stake and not allow any personal preference regarding personality or perceived personal integrity to decide but choose to keep America Free.  None of the candidates are saints but some of the policies are devils.

God bless you and God bless America!


In some of the attitudes, actions, reactions, and legislation that is coming down the pike in the wake of this latest crisis in America and the world, I keep asking the same question.  My question, “Is doing it the way we’ve always done it the right thing to do?”  In some ways, President Trump and Congress have little choice but to keep doing the same old things, because a significant portion of Americans think that’s how it should be done. 

Why do people think that way?  I suspect it is partially because that’s how it has always been done and even though the band-aid approach has not worked in the past, we keep hoping it will work.  Why do people think that?  Because that’s what they’ve been taught in the schools, they hear from the media and political rhetoric.  If you hear something long enough, often enough, and emphatically enough, eventually you begin to believe it has validity.

We have seen times when our leaders deviated from those ‘always’ ways and we found some hope, help, and relief.  However, politicians and those who control the classrooms and airwaves insisted that this was the wrong approach.  They succeeded in their message because they convinced some, who were not significantly benefitted that only the rich benefitted not the little man.  The seeds of anger sown in by those seeking power or the deceived have produced a fruit that today demands, “Do it the way we’ve always done it.”  That is a recipe for disaster and often fails to achieve the prize sought.  I believe that is where we are in America today.

First, the coronavirus or COVID-19 is serious!  It is not something we need to ignore, but the danger of overreaction and paranoia is immense and dangerous if not more dangerous than the virus. 

I have been wondering and been asked, “Are we about to have martial law declared in America?”  Well, to a degree it already has been put in place, and some have called in ‘martial law lite.’  We have mandatory closures of businesses and churches.

We have schools, primary and secondary, closing for extended periods of time.  Some of those schools do not have the wherewithal to do online education.  Likewise, many homes do not have the capacity to access the internet, have the necessary equipment or tools to participate.  What happens then?  Do we just suspend education?  At what point, do we move back to any semblance of normalcy in America and the world.

I know business owners who are deeply concerned about the welfare of their employees, the needs of their customers. Some are wrestling with whether to leave their money in the bank or take it out.  This situation could be viewed as a trial run for martial law. I personally believe it is inspired by the most nefariousness of evil seeking to gain total world dominance and governance. 

Did they maliciously release this virus?  I am not saying that, but like Rohm Emanuel, they adopt the philosophy that you never let a crisis go to waste.  We are facing a health and well-being situation as well as a freedom and liberty concern.  This is far-reaching and what we do not know is possibly more frightening than what we do.

I would never have thought I would see the day, in my lifetime, there would be virtually no ‘push-back’ when government officials would take actions that could be viewed as an infringement on our inalienable rights.  I am seeing virtually no resistance by the masses when governors mandate the closure of schools, businesses, restrict travel and even insist that people not go to church. 

I believe that one of the reasons for this lack of resistance is we are now seeing the fruit of multiple generations that were indoctrinated by the liberal mindset of our public schools and universities.  Again, I am not minimizing the threat and whole-heartedly endorse positive, proactive, and preventative measures to deal with this situation.  I am concerned that we have a generation of people who believe that everything comes from the government, therefore the government can decide everything.  That is not universal but covers a large swath of our modern society.

We have multiple generations that have been taught in our schools, indoctrinated by the media, and duped by politicians.  They have been arguing that the constitution is a dinosaur, outdated, antiquated, and was written by evil white men who were racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic capitalist interested only in themselves. 

We had the precursor to some of this after 9/11 and the watched as new TSA policies were imposed and often abused.  We have watched as, our fear of terrorism, allowed the government to spy more openly and freely on American citizens without just cause.  We have watched, as the federal government time and again attempts to ‘throw money’ at any problem thinking that another stimulus or bailout will rectify our ills. I hope this new relief package in the tune of $2 TRILLION will work. History suggests that it will not fix the problem but be a temporary band-aid. So, why do we keep doing what we have always done hoping for a different result?

I read a statement by someone that said, “I think a lot of people are willing to do social distancing, etc., but they are unwilling to live in perpetual fear.”  I agree, at least I hope that person’s assessment is correct.  I hope our confidence in God and our resolve will propel us to take the needed action and continue to hope and live the wonderful life we have been entrusted.

Our economy is being decimated largely due to the paranoia and fear. Imagine what our economy would be now if this had begun during Obama’s economy.  We could be in breadlines by now!  Our, society is being transformed forcing us into our homes and causing many to cower in fear at the lurking invisible death that is in the air. 

I believe that the president we now have has helped make this less destructive for Americans. I believe he and his team have been insightful, attentive, and he has been willing to take the needed steps to curb the influx of people from infected areas.  He has not and will not make all the right decisions, but I am thankful for his leadership especially when I compare it to that of Barack Obama and the proposals of the Democrats. 

I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I believe that as in every other crisis including two World Wars, American resolve, the American spirit, and American excellence will rise to the surface.  I believe we will move beyond the madness and begin, with greater vigor than ever, to restore this nation, our economy, and our way of life. 

I don’t know how this crisis will impact people’s votes in November, but I pray that we will stay the course and not allow the philosophy of “Doing it the way we’ve always done it” prevail.  I pray that we will not accept the massive Socialism and Governmental Control offered by the Left. Historically, we have reacted to a crisis in the political realm by reverting to the “old paths.”  If we do that and give the Democrats, the White House and control of the government we will be shooting ourselves in the foot or the head.  Now is not the time for old ideas, it is time for innovation, daring, excellence, confidence, and faith!

I stand with the president.  I stand for America.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom!   God bless you and God bless America!


I have heard so much salivating by some on the Left recently that this upcoming election could end up in a 269-269 tie in the Electoral College.  I don’t think that is going to happen, but just for grins let’s assume that it will.  What would happen then? 

There is more confusion than understanding on the part of most of the electorate as to what the process is for determining the President if there is no majority winner in the Electoral Vote.  I want to address it, going back to basic civics and government classes in High School, College, history, and decades of study of our Government and the Constitution. 

Our process has been corrupted, modified, and misapplied by Congresses over the years, but the Constitution is still the guiding document to govern this process.  Most think that the 538 members of Congress vote, and whoever gets the majority becomes the President in this scenario.  That is incorrect based on the Constitution and the prescribed process.  Yes, they vote but they vote as a block, a delegation, or a state.  That means we have 50 states and a candidate must receive 26 of those votes to win. The Senate selects or elects the Vice President and the 100 Senators vote and the winner must receive 51 votes. 

Each state delegation can cast their vote for one of the three candidates who received the most votes in the election.  The Senators are limited to the top two in determining the Vice President.  It is a possible scenario that we could have a President from one Party and a Vice President from another. 

However, just because the results reported on Election Night or shortly thereafter indicates a tie that does not mean that the final Electoral College vote will end that way.  In the 2016 election, we witnessed seven electors cast their votes for someone other than the determined winner in their state.  They were, what is called ‘faithless electors.’

The rules require that Congress meet in joint session on January 6, 2021, to ‘count the votes’ and ‘certify’ the outcome.  If no candidate received the required 270 votes the House would be charged with determining the President and the Senate the Vice President.  This is where much confusion comes in for many.

What Congress would determine the President’s fate?  It would be the 117th Congress that will be sworn in on January 3, 2021.  In the present Congress, the Democrats hold a majority of Representatives but not a majority of State Delegations.  Many are unaware of that reality.  In the 116th Congress, the one now serving, the Republicans hold 26 delegations and the Democrats 22, with Michigan and Pennsylvania tied. 

We have seen the failure to garner the required majority in the Electoral College in our American history.  It happened the first time in 1800 when the House of Representatives elected Thomas Jefferson over his running mate Aaron Burr.  That was in a time when each Party put forth two choices for President.  Jefferson was the Republican’s first choice and Burr the second.  Both Jefferson and Burr received 73 electoral votes.  The situation was so sticky and awkward Congress quickly moved to hold a separate vote for Vice President and that eventually became the duty of the Senate.

The second time we experienced this was in 1824.  This time it was not a tie, but a four-way split in votes.  Andrew Jackson won the popular vote, but not the required Electoral College majority.  The House of Representatives selected John Quincy Adams over Jackson as President.  Jackson came back in 1828 and 1832 to win the elections outright. 

There was the suggestion that Trump and Clinton could and some even suggested would end in a tie.  Had that happened the waters were incredibly murky.  There were 11 states controlled by the Republicans that were in so-called swing states.  The question would have been how the delegates would vote, by Party or by how their State voted?  It could have ended in a 25-25 deadlock.

What would have happened then?  According to the 12th Amendment, “if the House of Representatives shall not choose a President whenever the right of choice shall devolve upon them, before the fourth day of March next following, then the Vice-President shall act as President, as in the case of the death or other constitutional disability of the President.”  That was later changed to the Vice President-Elect and to January 20th in the 20th Amendment.

The Vice President-Elect is chosen by the Senate and in the Clinton-Trump scenario, the question would have been who controlled the Senate.  We know that the Republicans had control of the Senate and that would have likely meant that Mike Pence would have been the Vice President-Elect and acted as President.

What would happen if both the House and the Senate ended in ties for both President and Vice President?  That is incredibly unlikely but were it to happen, the third person in line would become the President, the Speaker of the House.

My objective in this article is not so much to give a lecture or treatise on the process but to illustrate the incredible importance of voting and for those of us who want to keep America the Free Constitutional Republic to reclaim the House of Representatives.  It is imperative that we Vote and keep the Senate, regain the House of Representatives and never let this get to the point that there is no clear winner in the Electoral College for President and Vice President. 

If we fail to do that and just suppose that the Democrats, once again, shaft Bernie Sanders and deny him the nomination, which they have done. Will his following split into a third-party and possibly create a situation where no Party wins the required 270 Electoral Votes?  Would it create a situation where the Democrat vote was faced with an unbridgeable chasm?  Would that result in a Trump and Republican landslide?  I suspect the latter but do not ignore the other possibilities. 

It is imperative that if we love America, the constitution, our freedom, and want to keep our Inalienable Rights protected we must VOTE, and our vote must be to defeat those who are seeking to plunge us into economic darkness and tamper with our liberties. 

 God bless you and God bless America!


I heard someone ask a national figure, who was left-leaning, “Do Democrats really care about election integrity?”  Wow, that is a no holds barred question and I was interested in the response, which became a dance around it without answering with anything substantive.  I can’t say that I expected anything other than that but was hoping there might be something that would give hope of a semblance of sanity on the Left. 

I’m sorry if that offends anyone, but I am concerned about ‘Electoral Integrity’ and have been for a long time.  The Democrats insist there is no voter fraud and I suspect that is largely because most of it is committed in their favor or engineered by the activist arms of their party.  Everyone in America should be concerned about ‘voter fraud’ and ensuring that our elections only contain the votes of legitimate, legal citizens who are eligible to vote.  No one else should be casting a ballot and if they are caught doing so, they and whoever facilitated them to commit that crime should be punished to the full extent of the law.  Harsh?  I don’t think so, because I believe America is that valuable.

The Democrats in the current Congress sponsored “For the People Act” (H.R.1).  It is a terrible if not diabolical measure designed to ensure that ‘voter fraud’ will be mountainous in future elections.  Before I list a few of the things the Democrats support regarding elections I want to remind everyone that in the stimulus package proposed they wanted ‘election fraud vehicles included’. What do I mean? Blocking Voter ID. Now to consider H.R..1 and you decide the answer to my initial question, “Do Democrats really care about election integrity?”  If you honestly consider their proposals you will, in my view, find it impossible to vote for them. 

Some of the things included in the “For the People Act” should shock you and cause your blood pressure to rise in anger.  Will it?  I cannot answer that but keep hoping that millions will awaken out of slumber and “Just Say No to the Leftists Destruction of America.”

This Act mandates automatic, universal voter registration, and makes it a crime to interfere with registration.  It allows voter registration at the age of 16.  (Imagine that, they cannot vote until 18, but can register at 16.  How many will vote before 18?)  It mandates early voting of at least 15 days and requires paper ballots. 

It restricts and impedes routine voter roll maintenance.  (I wonder why?)  It prescribes strict rules for redistricting and authorizes court takeover of redistricting.  (What is the endgame in that?)  It regulates digital political advertising outright and restricts corporate political engagement.  It requires disclosure of donors by Super PACs and so-called ‘dark money’ groups.  It requires presidential candidates and incumbents to release 10 years of tax returns.  (Who is that targeting?) 

Let’s continue, it supports a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United decision.  In the Citizens United decision, the Court held that the free speech clause of the First Amendment prohibited the government from restricting independent expenditures for political communications by corporations, including nonprofit corporations, labor unions, and other associations.  In short, Citizens United limited the power of the government.  Do you wonder why the Left wants that overturned and repealed? 

A final part of that Act is their support for Statehood for the District of Columbia.  That should never happen, but the Democrats want it because 90% of DC is in their camp and devoted Leftists if not Anti-American Communist.  They want Statehood for any that are in the Leftist Camp and none for those who tend to be more conservative.  I wonder why? 

There are some things in that Act that I can applaud, but if you consider the ‘Big Picture’ and realize the endgame you say, “Whoa Nellie, what is going on?”  Election integrity should be on the front burner for all Freedom Loving Americans.  What is embodied in Election Integrity?  Basically, two essential elements must be intact.  We must have confidence that the voting process is legitimate and trustworthy, and responsible voters. 

I see some necessary characteristics for “Election Integrity” that must become a reality.  We can only allow legal citizens to vote.  We destroy both the integrity of the election and the sovereignty of the Republic if we allow non-citizens to vote.  Non-citizens may enjoy our benefits and many of our privileges, but they must not be allowed to decide the direction of our government.  That is for citizens and citizens only!

I do not believe it is possible to have ‘Election Integrity’ without verifiable ‘Voter Identification’.  It has been repeatedly proven that Voter ID’s do not diminish the access or ability of anyone to vote.  No legitimate eligible voter in the United States is unable to get proper identification.  That is a myth and a tool of the Left to spread fear, racism, and paranoia.  Their myth is a fraud and designed to facilitate ‘voter fraud.’  That must end!

I believe that there must be advanced registration, not simply showing up at the polls and voting.  You may think me harsh, but if a person is too lazy and such a procrastinator that and do not register in time to vote, then they should not get to vote.  That person is not responsible enough to vote! 

Many believe that the only way to achieve a lessening of ‘voter fraud’ is to have Election Day Only Voting.  Even the most ardent supporters of that view provide some special conditions in which a person can vote early or absentee.  One of the views of this position is that it demonstrates a willingness and a commitment to do what is necessary to vote and requires an investment of time.  I do agree that ‘early voting’ opens the door and provides a wide pathway for ‘ballot harvesting’ and ‘voter bribery’ as well as other forms of voter fraud. However, it provides a convenience to many law-abiding citizens who find it difficult to go to a polling place and wait on election day. 

One thing, that I am staunchly in favor of and believe we must insist on is ‘Election Roll Purging’ on a systematic and timely basis.  The voter rolls must be free of deceased citizens, were convicted and thereby ineligible, or non-citizens. 

One of the stated objectives of the proponents of H.R.1 is to make it ‘easier to vote.’  I was asked, “Is that a valid objective?”  Is ease the best way to have legitimate elections or is conscientious voting the best way?  If a person is not interested enough to vet the candidates and issues but shows up and votes the way someone who influences them or bribes them tells them to vote, is that good for America?

Is the best goal 100% participation in our elections?  I would say yes if everyone was informed and honest.  I would say no, based on the current condition of society.  I want everyone to enjoy the Right to Vote, but I also want them to know what they are Voting for and Who They are voting for.  I want to stamp our voter intimidation, voter fraud, and any votes by an illegal or ineligible voter. 

I read this excerpt from a very good debate on the issue of voter fraud and electoral integrity and I will quote it as best as I can.  “Our Founding Fathers demonstrated a profound trust in the American people.  However, they understood that for us to have effective self-governance elections must be decided by informed and engaged citizens.  They believed that our elections must be decided by the people and the government must respect and honor the decision of the people.  That required trustworthy and responsible voting.”  I wonder why the Democrats have such a problem with that.  No, I don’t wonder, I know, They Want Control and Want to Manipulate the Votes in their Favor. 

America, please help us defeat the Leftists in November.  God bless you and God bless America!


I am 100% convinced that the face of the National Democratic Party in America is Marxist and Socialist.  It does not matter which candidate they offer for president in 2020, the roots and control of the Party are now squarely in the hands of the radical Leftists.  I believe that the belief that Joe Biden is a more palatable candidate than Bernie Sanders because he is more to the Center is a flawed view. 

First, Joe Biden is not in control of himself much less his Party.  Therefore, whoever is pulling the strings behind the scenes, be that Soros, the Squad adherents, or whoever has an agenda to destroy America.  Biden will do whatever he is told and will continue to step in it, stick his foot in his mouth, and reveal his senior moments of dementia.  Those we do not see, the Deep State, and the Swamp Denizens will be making the decisions, setting the policy, and enacting the laws.  None of that is good for America!

The Democratic Establishment has been hellbent on stopping Trump but also Sanders.  It is not, in my view, that they disagree with his policies or views, but they do not believe that America is ready to accept them.  Sanders openly proclaims what they are doing and will do, if given the opportunity.  That is not good for America.

The Democratic Party of yesteryear was liberal and advocated Big Government seeking to impose Oligarchical governance on we the American people.  Some were more inclined to follow the Constitution than others.  Some, like Wilson and Roosevelt, was desirous of changing it or rewriting it. 

Some, like Johnson, wants to be a Dictator and make various ethnic groups so beholding to the Democratic Party they would, “vote Democrat for the next 200 years.”  They laughed at the rule of law and sneered at the idea that “all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.”  They believed that the government and their party were virtual gods and we should bow at their altars and be grateful for their handouts.

Today, the Democratic Party has demonstrated a willingness to thumb their noses at the Law, the Constitution, and virtually laugh in the faces of the voters.  We are, in the words of Barack Obama, “bitter clingers, clinging to our Bibles and our guns.”  We are, in the words of Hillary Clinton, “a basket of deplorables.”  We are in the view of most of the national figures on the Left including the Media and Hollywood, “vile creatures not worthy of drawing breath.”  

They have hoped for the Corona Virus to be spread at Trump rallies, and other Conservative gatherings.  They have hoped for a pandemic to sweep the world and the virus to impact our economy negatively doing great damage to this nation and people for the sole purpose of hurting Trump.  That is the Democratic Party of 2020. 

Bernie Sander’s success in 2016, which required manipulation and dirty dealing by the DNC to prevent him from winning the nomination, was viewed as an anomaly by many.  They are now struggling with the reality that in 2020 he is back and even stronger than in 2016.  Yes, he is fading and is apparently political toast. His views are apocalyptic and even some on the Left acknowledge that his proposals would destroy our economy and our republic. 

Biden has incredibly destructive views as well, and either of them would be catastrophic for America.  Not one Democratic hopeful offers hope for America! One would think that, with the empirical evidence and factual data in the numbers of their proposals, Americans would say, “Whoa, Nellie!  We cannot afford them or this.”  But millions either do not think or only think what they are told to think by the media.  That is not good for America.

Even the loud and obnoxious Democrat, James Carville who lamented the thought of Bernie being the nominee has admitted he would vote for a Socialist over Trump.  He has acknowledged that Bernie’s plans would destroy the republic but rather than reject him, he would choose Sanders over Trump.  Imagine that!  He and many on the Left would vote for our destruction before they would acknowledge that Trump has benefitted America economically and in many other ways.  That is today’s Democratic Party and that is not good for America.

Someone said, “Sander’s success in 2016 was the canary in the coal mine.”  It was a warning to all who would listen that America was moving toward Socialism at an alarming rate.  Sanders has openly sung the praises of Marxist, Communist, Socialist despots in history and yet his followers are like rabid dogs salivating when he speaks and rings his Pavlovian bell. 

There was a poll conducted recently that indicated that 76% of Democrats would vote for a Socialist.  That was in a generic poll and did not take into account a binary choice between a Socialist and Trump.  I believe that the number would be even higher among those on the Left and would reflect the view of Carville and others in the Democratic Establishment that winning is more important to them than America.

If the policies being advanced by Bernie Sanders and the Squad are ever enacted it would result in a total societal collapse in America.  I agree with the view that Sanders has not made Biden or any of the Democrats more Socialist, he is simply the first one to openly ride the wave that is moving millions that direction.  A nation becoming a Socialistic nation is not an event it is a process and academia has been working for decades to produce a generation of Marxists.  I fear they have succeeded and that is not good for America.

There are only two possibilities for the future direction of the Democratic Party.  They will either splinter with the Socialist-Marxists of Bernie’s Army forming a third-party and thereby damage both groups, or the Party will become openly a Socialist Party.  I suspect the latter is more likely than the former.   

The Leftists want total control of everything in our lives, our government, and our world.  They want to control the culture, communications, transportation, and finance.  They want to tell us what is moral or immoral.  They want to define right and wrong and truth. They want to determine who lives and who dies.  The rise of the ugly head of Socialism is simply the symptom of what has been happening in America for several decades.  It is noxious, diabolical, and inherently evil.  We must stop it, or it will destroy us.

The choice is yours and mine.  We still have the power to determine who governs.  Yes, we will have to overcome voter fraud, incredible corruption, a devoted media, and academia, but we can still win.  We can win, only if we unite and VOTE!  Remember that in November and vote for America!

God bless you and God bless America!