If dumbing down the dumbed-down sounds confusing and convoluted, welcome to 21st Century America, because that is where we are.  That is exactly what has been happening in our beloved land.  A devoted Leftists said to me, “There is too much confusion when I think so I don’t want to think.”  I wonder how many others in today’s world agree with her statement and have shut off the thinking switch in their brains and let someone else think for them? 

I don’t want to be unkind, harsh, unsympathetic, or without empathy for the millions who have been indoctrinated in our educational system over the past several decades.  I want to be compassionate to those who have been taught that America is bad, capitalism is evil, the American Constitution is a racist document produced by white supremacists are becoming or nearing majority status in America.  But this is frightening! 

I don’t believe in the theory of evolution, but those who do and those who don’t should all agree that the human brain has the potential to reach remarkable levels cogitative application.  The human brain is designed to use deductive reason, evaluate the conflicting elements of the equation and achieve solutions like no other mammal, fowl, or fish could achieve. 

Think of how far man has advanced intellectually over the past 100 years and you will see how important thought has been to that advancement.  Ideas that were concocted in the mind have become realities in our lives.  The products, inventions, and achievements have produced incredible advancements in science, mechanics, technology, and medicine.  The creation of the Internet, the smartphone, the computer is nothing short of amazing.  The development and advancement in automobiles, the combustion engine, jet propulsion, nuclear fusion and a myriad of other realities amaze me. 

Sadly, I encounter people, mostly the younger generation, who cannot make change without the computer or cash register’s readout.  I meet people who are so dependent on the internet, google, the auto-correct feature on their computer or phone they cannot spell.  Today, a working knowledge of geography is glaringly absent.  History is unknown and with the laziness encouraged in texting and tweeting grammatically literate sentences are obsolete.  It is a grim reality that some students can no longer read cursive writing.

Students today no longer feel they need to know mathematics because they have a calculator.  They do not see the need to know history because they can Google it.  Someone said we have a “Thinking Syndrome” in modern society.  I can believe that we have a “Non-Thinking Syndrome” and the absence of thought is horrifying.  They defined the (TS) as a vestigial malfunction of the brain. 

Thinking, for many is an activity that seems more offensive than the idea of shoveling manure in a stable.  Thinking appears to be rapidly becoming extinct and that is more than troubling it is deadly to an advanced society that seeks to create and produce.  Are we becoming so dependent on Artificial Intelligence that we are enslaved by our own technology? 

I heard a discussion by ‘so-called’ scientists and psychologists that suggested the need of today’s society was an alteration of the human brain, so people were no longer burdened with thought.  What?  Those so-called thinkers are suggesting some medical procedure that eliminates the need or ability to think?  That sounds like yesteryears approach using lobotomies to cure mental disorders.  Have we truly become that dumbed down in the new enlightenment of the 21st century?  God help us!

They suggested that although there are mitigating drugs to help a person overcome their Thinking Syndrome (TS) we might need to utilize a non-invasive procedure to solve that problem.  That procedure would permanently alter certain synaptic centers of the brain using a tiny implanted interactive chip canceling out rogue paths of thought redirecting them to the desired centers of the brain.  They also called for the establishment of a Virtue Agency called the Center for Optimizing Perception (COP) and predetermine a person’s response to questions and certain stimuli.  I do believe that would be ‘mind-control’.  It Orwellian beyond belief.

Of course, indoctrination and brainwashing has been going on in our educational system for the past 50 or more years attempting to do the same thing.  The suggested chip approach is to expedite what the ideologically driven professors and teachers in our schools have been striving for which is the political predisposition of young minds. 

The systematic dumbing down of our youth is directly connected to the increasing cultural dissonance today.  When a society stops thinking, loses the ability to engage in critical thought and has no ability or desire to use deductive reason we become puppets of the manipulating masters. 

When thinking and reason cease, we become the product of the data that is input into our consciousness.  Who controls what that data will be?  Therein is one of the problems in ascribing to the idea that thinking is too confusing and should be eliminated.  We open ourselves to the diabolical forces that seek to control.  We relegate ourselves to a servitude far worse than any system of slavery known to man. 

The paranoia and hysteria that is being created in the ‘non-thinking’ of today are pressing us dangerously near the precipice of societal destruction.  The driving fear of cataclysmic destruction through man-made global warming or climate change has resulted in an increase in suicides among the Millennials and Generation Z-ers. 

When a person believes that life as we know it is over and they have no future, suicide can easily become an appealing out.  When politicians gain the ear of the ‘non-thinkers’ they offer promises that are unfulfillable and advance agendas that are destructive.  Any thinking person can see the fallacy of Socialism, but many today are driven by greed and never think of the consequences or ask, “how is this possible?”

We have a problem in America and that problem is in Thinking or Not Thinking.  Are we so disinterested in finding solutions that we are willing to embrace the ease of not thinking?  Yes, thinking is sometimes confusing because you see many sides of the equation.  In thinking we see the problem and are required to sort through a plethora of potential dangers and solutions to find the best approach. 

Thank God, our founders were men of thought.  Thank God, the innovators throughout the ages were people of thought.  Thank God our forefathers were not willing to just muddle along in life and go wherever the wind or the stream took us.  Thank God, we have the innate ability to THINK! 

What I ask is that you use your brain and THINK!  Think about what is going on.  Think about the flames of hate, envy, greed, and destruction is the fruit of the rhetoric and ideology advanced by the nefarious and devious of today.  Think about how we are to pay for the proposals of the politicians.  Think about the security of the nation and the inalienable rights we have been given by God and are supposed to be protected by our Constitution.  Think about the hypocrisy of politics and politicians.  Think about how you would like for people to view and treat you and set yourself to find ways to treat them in that manner.  The Golden Rule is not a detriment but an incredible benefit if we will practice it.

I ask that you think about your children, grandchildren, and future generations and vote in such a manner as to ensure they have a Constitution to protect them and a secure and safe nation live and work in.  I believe that if you THINK you will vote to oust those advancing anti-American and are Socialists or Globalists. 

God bless you and God bless America!


Before, I begin let me say my answer is YES and it still is!  But, we must delve into the question a bit more to find out what is happening politically in America today.  I discussed America and our founding principles with a mixture of Republicans and Democrats and someone in that group brought up the economy, national security, the border, and socialism.  That person said, “How can anyone not acknowledge that we are better off than under the eight-years of the previous administration?”  He then said, “We need to get behind the idea and dream of making America Great Again!”  One of the Democrats snarled and asked, “Was America ever great?” 

His question is a valid question that deserves more than a flippant dismissal.  Was America ever great?  Each of us has our opinion and mine, without detailing why, is YES!  The question and challenge by the Democrat in our group inspired a pilgrimage in my heart and mind.  I wanted to see empirical evidence that supported either side of that argument.  I wanted to know beyond what I believed out of my love for this nation, the answer to the question. 

I don’t know if I can sufficiently answer that question with the documentation that some demand or if they would accept the facts and examples available.  I have learned that most people believe what they believe, often absent of evidence to support their view.  I have learned that some have, often unwittingly, taken the position, “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up.”  There is guilt in that area on both sides of every issue.  That, in my view, is one of our problems today, we are, too frequently, unwilling to listen to another view. 

There are those who hate President Trump so much they would believe anything bad and nothing good about him or what he does.  There are those that love him enough that they would ignore factual data that he made a mistake or was wrong.  That presents an impasse and a chasm so wide that no bridge can span.  The haters appear willing to risk the republic to destroy him and the supporters have become so frustrated with that view, they are growing antsy and angry.  There is a cauldron boiling in America that could end in catastrophic tragedy between the opposing sides. 

But, back to the question, “Was America Ever Great?”  Margaret Thatcher said in a speech in 1991, “and Europeans alike sometimes forget how unique the United States of America is.  No other nation has been built upon an idea, the idea of liberty.”  That is a powerful recognition of our founding purpose and principles.  The Founding Fathers did not declare our independence based on the idea, “we are Americans and they are Englishmen.”  They founded it based on the factual reality that the colonists in America were being denied the rights due to Englishmen or All men.

The motto on our Great Seal: E Pluribus Unum, “out of many one” expresses their view that “All men are created equal and possess certain inalienable rights including Life, Liberty, and the right to, in an unobstructed manner, pursue Happiness.”  America was founded on Patriotism. 

Most nations, unlike the United States, were nations before they became states.  America was a group of colonies who unitedly were pursuing a dream where all people could live, worship, and work free.  A patriot’s loyalty is not to a political party or any ethnicity.  Patriotism is a term for devotion and commitment not to ethnicity or fringe ideologies but to the nation of which they are a citizen.  The saying, usually attributed to Thomas Paine is apropos, “It is the duty of a patriot to protect his country from its government.”  We could add to that, “to protect his country from radical fringe elements and ideologies that strip citizens of their inalienable rights and threaten the peaceful pursuit thereof.” 

The greatness of America is suggested in the views and writings of Alexis de Tocqueville who came here in 1831 to study America.  European were amazed that a new nation barely 50 years old could be competing with them on virtually every level.  He looked at the American school system and took note that everybody finishing the Second Grade was completely literate.  That is amazing, but is it true today?  No, because many that finish high school and some that complete a 4-year-degree in college do not qualify.  We were great in education.

Today, the government takes a hefty portion of our earnings in various taxes and we are struggling on many fronts and burdened with an astronomical deficit and national debt.  In our beginnings, there was no income tax, did not have the extensive and enslaving welfare and entitlement system, and American ingenuity and drive inspired people to fight their way to prosperity.  Today, we are so laden with the entitlement mentality that many if not most are asking, “what’s in it for me?” 

America was great because she allowed everyone to enjoy Freedom of Speech, and Religion.  Today, political correctness is stifling the free discussion of issues for fear of violating some written or unwritten of the enforcers of the proper speech.  We were great because we were free but there has been a systematic erosion of our freedoms and with the loss of freedom the loss of greatness.

America was family-oriented in our beginning and that strong family bond with the diligent oversight of the father and mother helped steer multitudes of youth away from debauchery and crime.  The Bible was still relevant in our schools, the foundational moral guidelines established in the Ten Commandments were embraced nationally. 

It is reported that as the Constitutional Convention was falling apart and appeared doomed for failure, Benjamin Franklin saved the day.  How?  The 81-year-old statesman stood before the assembly and said, “Gentlemen stop!  During the Revolutionary War, every other phrase out of our mouth was, ‘Lord help us,’ and now you don’t even want to talk about God.”  He urged them to get on their knees and pray for wisdom.  Today that would land him in the PC Jail if not indicted for hate speech.

Without laboring to give financial examples, technological innovations, agricultural, architectural, artistic, scientific, or industrial evidence of the greatness of America past, I wish to give you some of my core reasons for belief that America Was Great, is Great, and can be Greater going forward.

We were founded and desired to be, One Nation Under God with the Undeniable Right to Life.  We enjoyed ordered Freedom, embraced the strength of the traditional family with a father and a mother in the home.  Nationally we encouraged the exercise of common decency, had a very solid Work Ethic.  We were Covenant minded people and God was a vital part of our American life.  John F. Kennedy said in his Inaugural Address: “Let us go forward with God’s blessing but realize that, here on earth, God’s work must truly be our own.”  We had God-Centered Education, respect for Church on a national level, and not only practiced but defended Religious Freedom. 

For America to return to her former State of Greatness we must rediscover some of the old paths.  Not those that led us into horrific mistakes, but those that led us out of those mistakes and staunchly defended freedom.  America is still that land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  America is still the Land of Opportunity.  America is still the nation that millions desire to immigrate and pursue the inalienable right to Live, Live Free, and Pursue the dreams of their hearts.  Yes, I believe America is Great and I am unwilling to allow the Liberal Leftists Socialist Globalist destroy this Republic.  Will you join me in keeping America Free so that we can keep America Great?

God bless you and God bless America!


Hillary Clinton and others have been funding and attempting to organize what they have called “The Resistance” since and even before President Trump was inaugurated.  Hillary had the audacity to identify herself as “an activist citizen and part of The Resistance.” 

Hillary continues to claim she is the real winner of the 2016 election and her refusal to accept defeat and the outcome flies in the face of her demand that Trump state before the election he would accept the outcome.  I am not sure what drives Hillary and others like her, but I am certain that part of that equation is the thirst for power and control.  They truly believe they are ‘entitled to rule’, and we should be the groveling pheasants thankful for their willingness to rule us.  After all, anyone who resists is deplorable, right?

The immediate riots after the 2016 election, the destruction of person and property by the so-called Resistance was a symptom of a grave illness in our Republic.  Sadly, the prescription for that illness presented by the Democrats was ‘take to the streets.’  Former President Barack Obama encouraged his followers to “get in their faces” and said, “if they bring a knife to the fight, we will bring a gun.”  Civility, the Left demands from the Right is glaringly absent from the public and private encouragements by the Left. 

Before the Inauguration of President Trump in January of 2017 media outlets such as Vanity Fair were asking, “Will Trump Be Impeached?”  He had done nothing.  He had not yet assumed the role of president.  The only hope they had was the fake Steele dossier that everyone knew was phony and had been bought and paid for by Hillary and the Democratic National Committee.   Yet, Politico and others were asking, “How soon will he be impeached?”  There has never been a question that they would try, but try as they might to uncover something impeachable, they have come up empty.  Yet, they continue to fabricate, distort, and use Nazi Gestapo style inquisitions to sway the public. 

Congressman Adam Schiff appears to have no soul and is either so dangerously arrogant or disturbingly dumb. He continues his quizzically bizarre insistence he has concrete evidence against the president.  Interestingly, he has yet to present any of that unimpeachable evidence and insists it exists.  He insisted he had indisputable evidence that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. 

He insists that he does not know the identity of the Ukraine whistle-blower but will bring hellfire down on any Republican that mentions the name.  How would he know?  If he does not know who it is, which is a blatant lie, and everyone knows it.  His arrogance or delusional state of mind impels his personal pursuit of his quest to get Trump at all costs!

The result of this three-year journey into nothingness has given us a ‘do-nothing Congress” beyond anything ever witnessed.  Is this what we elected the members of Congress to do?  If it is, we need a new system of government because this one is broken beyond repair.  If this is what people voted for, then the American voter has completely lost touch with reality and personal vendetta has become more important than the progress and development of this nation.  That would make us as bad, if not worse, than the dictatorial and coup driven nations in various parts of the world.  Our doom is sealed and our Republic dead, we just haven’t realized it.  Maybe it has been dead so long we can’t smell the stench of the rotting corpse.

The Left has been wittingly or unwittingly growing an army of resistors and revolutionaries that are fighting for causes they do not even understand.  They are seeking to replace our system of Representative Democracy or Republicanism with Socialism and Tyranny.  They are seeking to implement policies and agendas that will obliterate any progress we have made economically over the past three years and plunge us into a recession and depression that could make the Great Depression a walk in the park.  The Democratic Party, like it or not, has officially become the Party of Socialism.  That makes America the loser in this current coup.

If the so-called Resistance wins and ousts this president or defeats him and the Republicans in 2020, America loses.  If America wakes up and realizes that the offering of the Democrats is significantly higher taxes, costs, restrictions killing economic growth and limiting our freedoms, we can win.  The Left offers abortion on demand and a devaluing of human life to the point that euthanasia and genocide become plausible possibilities in their quest to solve the Climate Change problem and fix our world. 

If the Democrats win Freedom of Speech will be severely restricted, and the PC Police will monitor all social mediums and workplaces.  Those following the Christian faith will be in danger of imprisonment and pastors will likely be required, by law, to present their sermons beforehand to a monitoring agency for approval.  So much for “whom should we obey, God or man” as being a minister’s guide.  History will be sanitized and revised to the liking of the politically correct and conservativism will no longer be a publicly viewed commodity. 

Hate is a powerful force and if allowed to run its course terminally destructive.  The hate for President Donald John Trump is beyond anything I have ever witnessed.  I knew some people that wished for the death of Barack Obama and hated him with everything in them.  However, I did not see the concerted and determined effort to ignore the outcome of an election and not just oust him from the White House but destroy him and his family.  I found his ideologies, policies, and agendas anathema to my views and my faith, but I accepted the fact that he was elected twice.  I determined that I would cite his failures and warn of more of the same if we did not defeat the Left in future elections but wanted no destruction to America to achieve that goal.

America can only win if the Attorney General William Barr and the special prosecutor John H. Durham truly bring the guilty to light and hold them accountable under the law and constitution.  If we allow this type of political coup to become the norm in American politics, All Americans Lose and America Loses.  Is that what anyone truly wants?  Do we want to see America become a failed Republic and coup after coup, many of which will not be bloodless, become the norm? 

If anyone is willing for that to become a reality, then leave me out of your conversations.  I keep trying to believe there are some redeeming qualities in everyone and hope that America will awaken from the stupor of delusion and return governmental oversight to where our founders placed it.  They believed it was to be “a government of the people, for the people, and by the people”, and so do I.

God bless you and God bless America!


No, I do not mean we should not allow the Democrats to be a part of the process in government but the proposals being bandied about by the political hopefuls are unaffordable.  Each of the dozen or so Democratic hopefuls to become their party’s nominee for president are jockeying to carve their own unique niche in the quagmire of lunacy.  Obviously, that is not how they are their supporters view it, but it is how I see it and I’m calling it as I see it.  You can agree or disagree, that is your choice and your right.

A bipartisan budget watchdog released a report recently with details regarding the cost of the various options proposed as to how the government could pay for “Medicare-for-all.”  Each of the Democratic hopefuls has embraced some form of “Free Healthcare.” At least that is what they are calling it. Sadly, free is a misnomer, because their plans are anything but free.  That report indicated that there is no feasible pathway for the government to realistically fund those plans.  The report exposed the fallacy that simply raising taxes on the wealthy will solve the budgetary requirement. 

The report, published by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, studied this extensively.  They examined the proposed ideas of how to raise the estimated $30 trillion needed over a ten-year span could be achieved.  Those options included a 32% payroll tax.  Hey, if you are working you quickly realize that their brand of free is anything but free.  There would be a 25% income surtax and a 42% value-added tax. 

Those plans would raise a lot of money unless the economy tanked, unemployment skyrocketed as it did under the previous Democrat administration.  Unless the wealthy moved their money to offshore accounts and out of the United States as well as stopped investing.  At that point, those taxes, levies, and garnishment by the government become much ado about nothing because 100% of nothing is nothing!

Taxing rich people is part of the proposal of most of the Democratic hopefuls and that resonates with those in the public who are struggling or envious of others having more than they.  I am not wealthy and struggle to identify as middle-class so I should be on board with ‘sticking it to the rich’ and forcing them to ‘pay their fair share’ right?  No, I am not because I understand the most basic principles of economics and see the empirical historical evidence that lower, not higher taxes stimulate the economy and fill the federal coffers.

Those reviewers, as well as other qualified economists contend that there is not enough annual income available among the higher earners to finance “Medicare-for-all.”  The report stated the obvious, which the oblivious cannot see because of hate, greed, envy, or deception.  The obvious is that on a static basis, even increasing the top two income rates (applying to individuals making over $204,000 per year and couples making over $408,000 per year) to 100% it still would not produce the needed $30 trillion.  In short, it is IMPOSSIBLE!

The politicians are not telling us that the so-called middle-class will be the burden bearers of this fiasco.  Taxes will be raised on EVERYBODY not just the wealthy.  Senator Warren pretends to be the defender of the middle-class and the poor.  She made the laughable promise, “I will not sign a bill into law that does not cut costs for middle-class families.”  She did not say ‘cut taxes’ but ‘costs’ and that is a loophole giving her incredible wiggle room to hide her agenda.  So, you pay a small premium for the ‘free healthcare’ but dramatically higher taxes, how is that ‘cutting costs’?

The CRFB.org, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, wrote: “The debate over how to pay for Medicare-for-all has intensified.  We have looked into what it would take, including a 32% payroll tax, an 80% reduction in non-health federal spending, or a 108% of GDP increase in the national debt.”  I don’t know about you but that is more than a little troubling for me.

If America elects any of the Democrats as President and allows them to control Congress you can take it to the bank – TAXES WILL INCREASE!  A 32% increase in payroll taxes would bring the rate to 47% on most wages.  How do you like the idea of giving the federal government half of your salary each week?  If they get their way, we will endure a 25% income surtax which would force the lowest income tax rate to climb to 35%.  Now that sounds so good, I’m sure everyone is scurrying to sign up, right?  (Yes, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek). 

If the government cuts the non-health federal spending by 80% what gets cut?  You can bet your bottom dollar that the first target will be Social Security.  Here’s what that would look like in dollars and cents.  If your annual Social Security income is $18,000 it would become approximately $3,600.  I am not exaggerating because that is what an 80% cut would amount to. 

Of course, the ‘deficit-funding’ ploy would be used and that would do incredible if not irreversible damage to the economy.  The financial markets would go into a tailspin and become so volatile that many would abandon all investments protecting their money.  I do not blame them, it would be fiscal insanity to put one dime in the market.  The result would Jimmy Carter-Esque inflation and the 108% of GDP spending would shrink the economy by at least 5% and that would equate to an average of each wage earner losing $4,500 annually in income.  Doesn’t that sound peachy, and free? 

America, this is just one of the proposals and burdens the Socialist in the Democratic Party running for office wants to impose on us.  There are so many reasons for me to reject the proposals and candidates on the Left and this is just one, but not a small one.  The Politically Correct agenda to force us to abandon our core religious or personal beliefs is troubling.  The abortion issue is no small thing for me.  The push to erase our national borders and expose America to incredible danger is another.  There are many and I want an America where our inalienable and constitutional rights, freedoms, and liberties are protected.  I do not see that in any of the Democrats, therefore, I am compelled to reject them.

God bless you and God bless America!


My title, Death by Ideology, may be puzzling and cause you to wonder, what in the world is ‘Death by Ideology?’  I am so glad you asked, and if you will give me a few minutes of your precious time I attempt to explain what I mean.  What I hope to articulate may or may not be perspicuous to you, but hopefully, it will engender serious thought.  If I succeed in eliciting a modicum of critical thinking in a few, it will have been worth the effort and I will have obtained my immediate objective.

Every person’s ideology is an integral part of who they are and determines what they are willing to invest themselves in the pursuit of.  The ideology of those following the toxicity of liberal, progressive, globalists, socialist thought, largely found in those on the Left, is integral to their power or the pursuit of power. 

The Democrats appear to be determined to codify political correctness into legislation and insist that it reflects settled truth.  They are unwilling to allow further discussion.  To them, their truth is Law & Gospel and any violation of their prescribed political correctness is to become an ideological heretic and a person who must be eradicated.  It is “comply or die”!  Maybe not die physically but socially, economically, and politically.  You are an unwanted blight on their Utopian world and cannot be allowed to infect anyone with your unwelcome questions.

They have failed, at every turn, to solve the problems they insist are causing humanity to hang precariously on the rim of societal destruction.  The welfare state and entitlement mentality, along with their policies and legislation have not solved the problem but exacerbated the huge problem of intergenerational dependency and misery.  They have succeeded in enslaving countless numbers of people in a state of utter dependency on the government.  They have, with the help of some of the Republicans, created a national debt that is more frightening than any horror movie. 

They have inspired a victim mentality in their insistence that it is abhorrent to civil society to disallow gender-neutral bathrooms.  Allowing pedophile men to go into women’s bathrooms with young girls is a real and present danger.  Any semblance of sane reason would reveal that a person with male genitalia, regardless of how they identify themselves, still has male genitalia and likely uses it as males do.  Is that something you want young girls exposed to?  I do not want a member of the opposite sex, other than the parents, to be in the bathroom with young boys or young girls.  The dangers or enormous and cannot be ignored.

There are always two sides to every issue and that reality was one of the founding principles and reasons that our founders and the framers of the American constitution hammered out the Bill of Rights and Freedom of Speech.  The believed and insisted that that freedom included religion and the unspoken protection of the Right of Thought. 

The PC Police, managed by the Left, want to police even our thoughts and compel us to comply with the authorized thought of political correctness.  That is problematic for me because I am an individual.  As an individual, my preferences and opinions are not necessarily the same as anyone else.  Additionally, I am a believer in the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ and if any prescribed ideological thought is contrary to the written Word of God, I cannot ascribe to it. 

I have argued for almost all my life, that you cannot legislate morality nor can you via the legislative process control thought.  You may use academia to indoctrinate pliable young minds and make them predisposed to accepting certain ideological views.  You may use the media, entertainment, and political bribes to influence and encourage your desired ideological mindset.  You may do all those things, but you are still left with the reality that we are individuals and individuals sometimes stray from the plantation.

Sadly, millions of Americans no longer seem to exercise the cogitative portion of their brains and allow others to think for them.  Millions seem to have become docile sheep following their appointed shepherds and rats following the pied piper of the toxic ideology that embodies liberalism.  That presents a very serious and dangerous condition and a threat to the future of our Free Constitutional Republican form of government and life.

We have heard the demands for ‘social justice’, we have endured ‘affirmative action,’ and hear the incessant cries of ‘racism’ and ‘white privilege and supremacy.’  Those failed and divisive policies and ideological assertions are inviting the death of our Republic and thus I say that we are facing, ‘Death by Ideology.’  When those of us who believe in the Constitution, the Rule of Law, Freedom for Everyone, God, and the Bible cower in the shadows offering only token resistance we enable them.  That must end!  It is time for America’s patriots to arise and defend her and our freedoms!

We need men and women who have the intestinal fortitude (guts), the ability to articulate truth, and the willingness to place themselves on the line for the republic to step forward.  I am encouraged when I see people dare to stand against the tide of toxic ideological leftism and fight for true freedom for everyone.  Academia has been swallowed up with this ideological pursuit of rewriting history and the embracing of a brand of Marxism.  We have and are enduring the postmodern deconstruction of all meaning and our youth are being taught there are no absolutes morally, socially, or spiritually.  That opens the door for ‘Death by Ideology.’

I believe that if we are persistent, and use rational reason, facts, and civility we can achieve a victory by hitting the Achilles heel of that ideology, which is Reality!  If we can enable normal people to realize the dangers in allowing the hurling of accusations against those of us who are opposing their ideology as they accuse of committing abuses we do not, we can win.  If we find a way to articulate the dangers of socialism economically as well as in the realm of personal freedom, we can win.  If we target the Left’s affinity for deconstruction human nature into a plethora of mini-identities using fact, science, reason, and the Bible, we can win. 

We need to focus on the failed ideologies of those nations who have embraced those views.  Divide and conquer and then rule is their modus operandi.  The more divisions in identities, the more categories of victims they can create, and the more they can divide us, they succeed in bringing us to the brink of ‘Death by Ideology.’  Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and modern China have all embraced a dissected view of human nature and rejected the view of it as holistic.  In those nations humanity as an individual is first limited and then eliminated.  The State becomes the whole and the individual is left without rights.  We can win, but we must never stop articulating the truth and we must never stop praying!

God help us to wake up and stop this impending ‘Death by Ideology’ that is being pursued by the liberal leftists of the Democratic Party. 

God bless you and God bless America!


Our founding fathers attempted to place safeguards in our Constitution and in the Bill of Rights to ensure that our Republic could survive the deviousness of professional politicians.  Those safeguards were based on the assumptions that the public would continue to be engaged and the media would ethically provide truth and information that enabled the voters to decide for themselves. 

There has been the obvious failure of the public to continue to be engaged in the process. We have, for decades, been content to leave the politics to the politicians and were ignorant of their deviousness.  We allowed them to systematically strip us of many of our liberties, rights, and privileges they have no right or authority to infringe. 

As is the case when those in power acquire a taste for power and become blinded by their self-assumed importance the erosion of our liberties transpired.  We yawned at the occasional warnings of those in Congress or watchdogs dedicated to preserving our Freedoms and Liberties and the duplicitousness of the political elite is bearing its deadly fruit. 

Additionally, the media has been anything but non-partisan and unbiased in their reporting.  Regardless of which source you seek for information or ‘news’, you find a slant and a bias that is impossible to overlook.  Even in the days when our nation was in its infancy the media often had a bias designed to shape the opinions of the voters. 

If the media operated with integrity and reported the news allowing the public to exercise deductive reason and critical thinking, we would have ousted most of the nefarious parasites in Congress.  We would have never allowed the bureaucratic mess our gargantuan government has become. We were warned but failed to heed the warnings and now must pay for our apathy.  

I am both amused and disgusted by the self-righteous pronouncements of the current Speaker of the House and the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee that they are somehow the guardians of our Constitution and Truth. 

Nancy Pelosi has said that she does not want to Impeach Trump and is praying for him.  Seriously, Nancy?  You began laying the groundwork for impeachment immediately upon your party regaining control of the House.  Mr. Schiff, any pronouncement of self-proclaimed integrity from you is easily recognizable as hot air.  You have lied to the point that one must believe you are a pathological purveyor of fictional fabrications.  Your Gestapo type handling of the Impeachment Inquiry is far more revealing than anything you say.  Actions truly do speak much louder than words.

I can only imagine what could have been accomplished in our beloved nation over the past three years had the Establishment Republicans and Democrats worked with the President rather than resisting him.  The accomplishments in the face of almost total obstructionism by the Democrats and backstabbing and betrayal by the RINO’s have been impressive and appreciated. 

The Democrats and the unelected bureaucrats in Washington laughed at the idea that Donald J. Trump could be a viable candidate for the GOP nomination.  They smirked and sneered at the very thought that anyone with no political background could be considered a serious candidate.  That was their first mistake but not their last.

Donald Trump did not engage in the normal political schmooze of cozying up to the elitists and dancing to their drummers.  Rather, he spoke to an entirely different crowd and won the hearts of millions of Americans who were tired of the corruption, the business as usual approach of both parties in previous administrations.  He spoke to the populace with real promises and convinced millions that he was serious.  He did not have to run, he was wealthy.  He did not need the notoriety he was already famous.  He did not need the connections, he was already well connected with business networks across the globe.  He was a businessman who convinced people that a new approach was needed.  He was right!

His message and tactics infuriated the elite. He did not listen to them or kiss-up to them as politicians of the past had done.  He went to the people with a message that resonated.  He had rough edges and was not the consummate polished politician that we had grown accustomed to.  He did not say one thing in De Monies and another in Topeka.  He did not make a promise in Dallas and another in Sacramento.  He conveyed the same message across the nation and spoke of doing things differently.  That was a threat to the old boy system and the cronyism of Washington. 

Hillary, the DNC, the FBI, the CIA, Homeland, the IRS, and the Media immediately began a campaign and covert and overt attempts to derail his candidacy once he was nominated.  James Clapper, John Brennan, and James Comey worked in a conspiracy to cover for Hillary and Obama and trash Trump.  They conspired with fabricated and altered documents to obtain surveillance warrants to spy on Trump and broke the law repeatedly.  The Trump train kept climbing the hills and breaking down the barriers they attempt to throw up.  Then to their utter dismay, He won the election!

Once they realized they could not prevent him from assuming office they began the implementation of their plan to IMPEACH the president.  He was their nemesis and an unwelcome thorn in their sides.  He was a threat to their oligarchy and rulership and that could not be allowed to stand. 

They have continued their metamorphic journey from Russian collusion to obstruction of justice, and now Ukraine calling it quid pro quo, extortion, bribery.  They have produced no evidence and in fact, have exposed their nakedness and involvement in corruption.  Yet, they continue.  Do they care about the damage this is doing and has done to our Republic?  It appears that power is more important than principle to them.

Thomas Jefferson offered some considerations about politics that we should remember.  He said: “In a free society, differences of political sentiment result in different political parties. These sentiments resolve themselves naturally into two basic parties: the authoritarian (or monarchist, tory, etc.) that favors government that controls the people, and the democratic (or republican, liberal, etc.) that favors government controlled by the people. The body of the nation chooses a path that is mapped by one or the other of these parties.”  He also said: “Were parties here divided merely by a greediness for office…to take a part with either would be unworthy of a reasonable or moral man.”

I believe we have reached the condition embodied in Jefferson’s sentiments.  It is time that we, the American people, take positive action and unite to keep our Republic Free and Constitutional.  It is up to us to regain our oversight of the government and through the ballot box choose the path for our nation that leads to the preservation of our Freedom.  Let us return to being “one nation, under God and indivisible.”  Let us return to being the land were “all men are recognized as having been created equal and possessing certain inalienable rights including Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” 

I am standing for Faith, Family, and Freedom and will vote NO on the Democrats and the Socialistic agendas being advanced.  I will vote for Freedom, Liberty, and our Inalienable Rights.  I ask that you join me in 2020 and beyond to Keep America Free and Constitutional.

God bless you and God bless America!


What or who is truly the blame for the rise of the favorability of Socialism among the Millennials and Generation Z?  What or who is truly the blame for the shift in the Democratic Party to an anti-capitalist mindset and pro-socialism agenda?  I wish I could say it was simply the result of being misinformed or not informed.  I wish I could, but believe it goes far deeper than that. 

            Is there any group or event or events that can be blamed?  Well, yes there are several suspects.  I say a survey conducted by the Cato Institute that sought to explore the beliefs of Americans regarding wealth and the wealthy.  It disturbed me for many reasons and raised a red flag of warning that cannot be ignored.  That report suggested that 47% of those who identify as American Socialists believe that taking violent action against the rich is justified and even commendable. 

The fact that I’m not rich does not reduce my concerns.  I have learned, in my journey in life that hate is never satisfied and once it has devoured its primary object it creates another.  This hate will not be satisfied with violence against the rich, but it will expand and is expanding to include anyone who disagrees with them.  That is a threat to any civil society.

The Cato Institute survey found that rather than embracing the American Dream of striking it rich, the Socialists in America, especially the young, were far more inclined to ‘strike down the rich.’  The survey found that 47% of those under 30, which amounts to about 35% of all Americans, believed that violent action against the wealthy was sometimes justified.  That is incredibly disturbing.  What are they being taught?  How did they arrive at this worldview and political view?

The survey found that 20-30% of those under 30 were more likely than those 65 and older to Believe:

That the rich got rich by ‘taking advantage of other people.’  (57% to 27%). That billionaires are a threat to our system of government. (51% to 26%). Feel angry when they read or hear about rich people.  (44% to 11%). It is immoral for society to allow people to become billionaires. (39% to 13%). That citizens taking violent action against the rich is justified. (35% to 10%).   That redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor is right.  (53% to 20%).    That raising the top marginal tax rates is the right move.  (62% to 43%).

Contrast that with the commentary in ‘Consumerism’ in July that “Millennials Want to Be Rich More Than Anything.”  WHAT?  I believe that materialism is very closely associated with a loss or diminishing of the Christian faith and the absence of teaching the basic principles of life.  If one perceives or believes in nothing beyond the material world they will be driven by materialism and view the objective of personal gain worth any price.  Simply, those who want to engage in violence against the rich want to be rich.  It is a heart problem, a spiritual problem, and it is rooted in envy and greed.

Who or what do I blame?  There are many places to lay blame.  I believe that the secularization of religion (Christianity) is a key player in the creation of this condition.  I believe the abdication of parental responsibility allowing the government and the schools to shape our children’s philosophies and beliefs is a factor.  I believe the insatiable thirst and quest for power and control by those in power is an element that must not be overlooked.  I believe that the absence of personal responsibility is a factor. 

Therefore, I blame ministers who have turned the church into motivational, feel-good, gatherings while ignoring the warnings of scripture and the need for core moral principles and accountability for wrong.  I blame parents who have shirked their God-given responsibility to ‘train up their children in the way they should go’ and allowed the public schools and the government to take over that responsibility.  I blame Educators who have pursued a planned path of brainwashing our youth, rejecting the truth, sanitizing history to their preferred presentation, and leading them away from everything biblical, and moral. I blame politicians for their willingness to destroy the Republic and millions of lives to gain their positions of power and control. 

But, at the end of the day, it is a personal matter and each of us must make a reasoned choice about how we live, what we believe, and what we will allow to influence us.  I am eternally thankful that in my early twenties I accepted Jesus as my Savior.  I am thankful that my parents and grandparents taught me personal responsibility and moral values.  I am grateful for those patriots of American history who fought for my Freedom and those spiritual pioneers who blazed the trails that I could discover who God is and what I could be.  I am thankful that I learned early in life that I was owed nothing and there was no free ride. 

I envy no man or woman.  I begrudge no person of any success they have achieved or inheritance they have been bequeathed.  If you were born rich, that is both your blessing and curse.  If you become rich through ingenuity and hard work, that is your prize.  I do not want your money to be taken from you and given to me simply because the government decided there needed to be some ideological equality.  I want to pursue my destiny in life without undue interference by the government or anyone else.  I want to live in peace with all people.  I want to ‘prosper and be in health, as my soul prospers.’

I love America and willingly accept what I believe to be God’s call on my life to be a Watchman on the Wall.  I do not believe that I am more spiritual or insightful than others, only that when I see danger, I must sound the alarm.  You may or may not agree with my views and what I see as dangers, that’s your privilege, right, and prerogative.  Yet, if I am, to be honest with my perceived responsibility as a Christian, a Preacher, a Patriot, and a Lover of America, I must persist. 

God bless you and God bless America!