Well, I am not quite that old, but in the view of some of the younger generation, I am older than Methuselah.  I say that in light of some of the comments I have overheard or encountered by the Gen Z-ers and Millennials over the past couple of years.  I was standing in the check-out line behind two twenty-something young ladies and could not help but overhear their conversation.  One was lamenting that some ‘old dude’ at work was hitting on her.  In her tirade, she said, “He is really old, he must be at least 35 or 40.”  I laughed out loud and they glared at me.  The person at the register said, “You almost got in trouble, but I agree, they don’t know what old is.”

I remember America in the 1950’s.  I was born in the late 1940’s and grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s so, I remember America as it used to be in my ‘Good Old Days.’  Let me paint a picture of my world which was on the brink of the assault of the Left on America, home and family, and basic morality and neighborliness.  I lived in the country, rural East Texas, but visited relatives who lived in some big cities and the world I saw then was not the Utopia the Democrats insist we can have or the crime and corruption of today. 

Imagine, if you can, a neighborhood that is largely comprised of low and middle-income families.  Imagine that neighborhood where there were two-parents in most homes, no homeless people on the streets, no drugs being sold on the street corners, and people could walk the streets at night unmolested and unafraid.  What?  You cannot imagine that world!  Well, that is the world I grew up in.  Of course, that may not have been your experience if you lived in Chicago or New York City, but in my world that was normal.

Imagine a public school where there was the Pledge of Allegiance, a Prayer, and a Bible verse read over the PA System.  Wait, you can’t?  Maybe you do not believe that should be allowed in public schools, but that was my world and I believe that I am a better man for it.  We may not have respected our elders as we should, but we did not dare demonstrate disrespect for not only would we encounter the ‘board of education’ at school but at home as well.  My parents commanded rather than demanded respect.  They did that through their lives.  We gave them our respect willingly.  Well, mostly willingly, many of us rebelled a little from time to time.

Open debate was welcome even if it was offensive, it was deemed a person’s right to hold and express their personal opinions.  I grew up at the beginning of what some have called a ‘cultural revolution’ and most assuredly the ‘sexual revolution’ of the 1960’s.  I was drafted in 1965 and served in the U.S. military serving a year in Vietnam in 1967.  I did not protest, burn my draft card and knew no one in my community who did.  We considered it our obligation and some of us considered it a privilege to serve our country as did our fathers and grandfathers before us.  That may not have been your world, but it was mine.

A paradigm shift to liberalism began in a noticeable way in the 1940’s or should I say, became a more serious agenda of the Left.  There was a very distinguishable loss of understanding of what could be called the ‘timeless constants of the fundamentals of life.’  Igor Stravinsky said in 1947, “We are living at a time when the status of man is undergoing profound upheavals.  Modern man is progressively losing his understanding of values in his sense of proportions.  This failure to understand essential realities is extremely serious.  It leads us infallibly to the violation of the fundamental laws of human equilibrium.”  That was not only insightful but powerfully prophetic and we have witnessed the culmination of that warming.

Although I do not fully ascribe to the philosophy embodied in the Serenity Prayer, it holds significant truth.  That prayer is, “God, grant me the grace to accept with serenity the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”  Another philosophy we need to mention may have first been issued by Augustine, but many believe it was coined by the German Lutheran theologian, Rupertus Meldenius.  It is a philosophy that I have sought to incorporate into my own life.  That declaration is, “In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity.”  We too often strain at gnats and swallow camels through our own personal biases and blindness.

In America, we have come to a philosophical position that many, especially those on the Left, embrace.  That attitude is, “Damn the Absolute!”  We moved from our moral moorings and our belief in absolutes to the abstract and insisted that there are no absolute truths.  We watched the rise of Western metaphysics and it crept into the churches as well as our educational system.

There are those who reject the notion of God, our Creation and Creator.  They follow the view of Friedrich Nietzsche who declared, “God is dead.” The quest to destroy all ‘absolutes’ has been an integral philosophy of the Left in their assault on what we were and what we can be.  Some of them ascribed to the philosophy, “If there were no God, one would have to be invented.”  They follow it up by saying, “That is what has happened.”  I reject that for I have encountered the Living God and know in my heart He is real. 

We do not need to invent God or even prove His existence it is everywhere apparent.  Most of the drive to prove there is no God only serves to further prove that He is.  What is needed is for everyone to awaken from our slumber and realize that where I world has evolved is not good.  Our streets are no longer safe, our children threatened on many fronts, and our freedom in the cross-hairs of totalitarianism and tyranny. 

You may not be old enough to remember America as I do but if we are to survive and thrive, we must return to our old landmarks.  No, we do not need to revive the terribleness of slavery, racism, or sexism but we need to return to the embracing of what our Founders embraced – GOD IS!  We need to recognize that everyone has inalienable rights that must be both acknowledged and protected.  We must restore freedom of Speech, Religion, and protect the sanctity of life. We must return to being, a nation of ‘limited government.’  We cannot allow the wrecking ball that is being swung against our republic to succeed. 

I ask that you join me in praying and working for America to be restored to being “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  Vote for America in November and against our destruction! 

God bless you and God bless America!


How do nations die?  The possible avenues for demise are more numerous than I can effectively articulate, but many of the signs of a dying nation are visible in today’s American politics.  I can almost hear the death rattle of our republic when I hear and see the antics of far too many in the political arena today.  No, I do not believe we are dead, but our need to make some corrections is too evident to ignore.

One of the ways a free nation dies is by losing its contact with the original purposes and any sense of moral sanity.  You may vehemently disagree that moral sanity is a required element.  You may reject my frequent assertions that Faith, Family, and Freedom are essentials to Liberty, Freedom, and the existence of a Constitutional Republic.  That is your privilege, but I stand firm in my beliefs.  Everything I believe in is solidly rooted in my faith in God and belief in the Bible, as it is written.

America was founded to be a nation that devotedly committed itself to the ‘rule of law.’  The idea and ideal of our Founders was that the law would be equally applied to all citizens regardless of their walk of life, and social or economic status.  They desired that the citizens ‘created equally and possessing certain inalienable rights’ would be an effective restraint and provide a powerful constraint over the power of politicians and politics.  We have failed in that sphere, but it is still a core principle in Republicanism.  Losing that power and oversight by the public opens the door for the death of a nation. 

America’s founding principles embodied and embodies the idea that all citizens and politicians are to live within the constraints of the agreed-upon and established law of our free republic.  It is evident that we have a multi-tiered judicial system and frequently that is redefined depending on which political ideology is in power.  That was not the intent of the founders nor is it consistent with the wording and meaning of our constitution.  Losing that or allowing that to transpire opens the door for the death of a nation.

How can the lawlessness that has transpired in the riots, upheavals, disturbances, and protests be viewed as unprosecutable by the feds? I find it disturbing that when any offense is committed by those on the Left they are excused but prosecution is demanded for any others. Is that not a tad hypocritical and is an abuse of both power and the constitution? 

How can a person with a national or international persona and platform be allowed to call for violent acts against a sitting president, his family, or those supporting him with impunity? How does that type of behavior not result in all citizens immediately demanding accountability under the law?  How can that be allowed when it is blatantly one-sided?  When that multi-tiered judicial system is in force that opens the door for the death of a nation.

When cities and states within the nation can ignore the law for some people and prosecute others who hold opposing agendas or political ideologies that are symptomatic of a disease that will kill freedom.  When politically favored groups are allowed to ravage the law and inflict harm and damage to person and property of those they oppose but the other side is held accountable under the full weight of the law, that is a symptom of a disease that leads to the death of a nation.  America, we are witnessing the abuse of power by members of Congress.  We are witnessing the double-standard of some in our national intelligence community and the federal law enforcement agencies that are endangering the republic.

When a president, as did Obama, publicly suggests that the police are the enemy of blacks, other people, and systematically racist that is problematic for freedom, civility, and liberty.  The empirical evidence does not support the charges by him and the myriad of Democrats who incite people to cheer when police are murdered on the streets. 

New York City faced a massive problem of lawlessness thirty years ago and then-Mayor Giuliani and police commissioner William Bratton enacted strict law enforcement policies that were known as ‘broken windows.’  Those policies were based on the collaborative works of criminologist George L. Kelling and political scientist James Q. Wilson who published an essay in The Atlantic 1982, called “Broken Windows.”  It turned New York City around for a time.  Sadly, those policies have been scrapped and the Left-leaning ideology has prevailed reversing the success and plunging that city into conditions of the past.  That type of practice opens the door for the death of a nation.

The results of the “Broken Windows” policing inspired police forces across the nation to adopt similar policies and improved the quality of life and safety of the citizens in many municipalities.  The current living conditions in many cities controlled by the toxic ideology of the liberal left has made them hell-holes and largely unlivable.  Thus, we are witnessing massive flight from the cities as people seek a saner and safer environment in which to live and raise their children. 

Today, the Democrats in power in Washington continue to seek to overturn a legitimate election and remove a lawful president because he impedes their ability to rule.  The clandestine operations they have conducted reveal the depth of the swamp and the expansiveness of the deep state and the clear and present dangers they present for our continued survival and life as a Free Republic. 

It is my hope and prayer that the current Attorney General, William Barr, and his special investigator or prosecutor Durham will honestly and definitively address the multi-tiered pathway this nation has been traveling.  I pray that they will be successful in re-creating an environment of effective deterrence against the decades of lawlessness that has been transpiring on the political front.  Misconduct by public officials must be addressed else the republic is doomed to the slow death of corruption where citizens are stripped of their liberties and all respect for the law is lost.  Failure to do that opens the door to the death of a nation.

We have drifted far from our moral moorings as a people.  We have drifted far from the moral values we held as a nation when I was a teenager.  Sadly, many have either become ambivalent, amoral, or atheistic in their view.  The family unit has suffered, the Bible devalued, human life not held precious, and freedom misunderstood.  If we fail to return to our moorings, we will witness the death of our republic, at least in its Constitutional form. 

The political correctness in existence today is an affront to the Bible and faith. It is incredibly destructive.  The push toward Socialism, redistribution of wealth, moral relativism, and the practice of situational ethics are deadly.  I am praying for a revival of patriotism, civility, and basic moral rightness and decency.  I love this republic too much to see her destroyed without fighting to preserve what God gave us.

God bless you and God bless America!

LET’S PLAY A WHAT IF GAME – What If I Was A Democrat and a Smart One?

I did that with a group of people I know, some Democrats, some Republicans, and a sprinkling of Libertarians in the mix and the reaction was as expected, mixed.  One of the Republicans laughed and said, “Smart-Democrat, that’s an oxymoron.”  A Democrat became angry and called me a racist.  A Libertarian, said, “No comment.” 

I had a point to make and after the group stopped pointing fingers at each other and all the insults died down, I proceeded with my intended points, hoping to inform some, persuade some, and empower some.  No, I do not think I am a particularly important figure in this fight for freedom, but I am one willing to stay in the trenches and fight to the finish.  If I can influence, inspire, enlighten, inform, encourage, or persuade even one, I consider it a victory. 

But if I were a Smart Democrat, I would not have taken the approach they have for the past three-plus years in their incessant and destructive approach to government. I believe they have made some key tactical errors and hopefully, it is backfiring on them.  I am cautiously optimistic that most Americans are far more politically astute than the media and most politicians believe.  If we are then 2020 will be a victory for America and an ouster of many followers of the lunacy of the new Democratic Socialist Agenda. 

What would I have done and how would it have been perceived?  Another consideration is how could I have argued that my Party was partly if not wholly responsible for the progress?  The Democrats, based on their actions, have no pathway to achieving either of those and have given President Trump the upper hand in the presentation or argument to the American people.  Rather than governing and taking care of America’s business, it appears that the Democrats have devoted 100% of their energy and attention to overturning the 2016 election.  How will that play out and was that a smart move?

It seems that each of the Democratic hopefuls all seek to deny the reality of the Trump economy and the benefit to America and Americans.  They all promise to fix the booming economy and return it to the Obama disaster. 

They deny the reality that our allies around the globe have stepped up to the plate and shouldered a larger load of the financial burden in defense.  They have ignored the reality that those nations ignored the style of Clinton, Bush, and Obama, but have responded positively to Trump, even with his ‘style’ the Left hates so much.  Strength is virtually always respected and pandering, and weakness detested.  Our enemies do not respect weakness and fear strength.  This president has operated from a position of strength and with America at the heart of his push.  Why is that good when other nations do it and bad when we do it?

Had the Democrats, who control the House of Representatives, taken positive and sensible actions regarding our infrastructure what would have happened?  I believe that the President would have worked with them, the Republicans would have joined in a bipartisan effort and America would have been the beneficiary.  

What have they done?  They have offered a 24/7/365 barrage of innuendos, allegations, and engaged in attempting to make Trump worse than Lucifer himself.  What has that gotten America?  Millions if not billions of wasted tax dollars spent.  The homeless situation, our veterans left wanting attention, our borders unsecured, and Americans endangered are some of the things we have gotten.  How is that a good platform for a political campaign?

How can the Democrats defend the new push for Socialism?  History is replete with examples of how Socialism has destroyed once prosperous nations and turned their economies into shambles and their people into poverty.  Sadly, our younger generation’s indoctrination by the toxic liberal philosophy in our Universities is bearing the fruit of fiscal ignorance and reality is glaringly absent.  Someone said, “Freedom unifies the soul.”  That is true in many ways and the absence of true history, the good, the bad, and the ugly of history is dumbing down our society in more ways than can be enumerated.  How is defending Socialism a winning platform politically in a Free Republic?

I continue to be amazed at the willingness of the Democrats to oppose giving parents, all parents, and children the ability to choose the best school to attend.  If a public school is failing, is propping it up with entitlements, grants, bailouts, and lowering standards the right move? 

I hear the Left harp about ‘white privilege’ and how our schools have been designed to teach whiteness leaving the various minorities in the shadows.  However, many of the minorities excel in education and blacks, given the opportunity to be exposed to ‘good education’ excel.  Why wouldn’t we want to close the bad schools, weed out the bad teachers, and provide the best possible education possible for the students? 

The push to decriminalize illegal entry into our country and open borders is indefensible for most Americans.  The glaring reality and indisputable facts of the the many dangers and crimes committed beyond the crime of illegal entry into America are of concern to all Freedom-loving Americans.  The Left continues to advance its agenda to strip America of its national identity and sovereignty.  Their position, in my mind, is beyond indefensible and borders on treason.  No, it would never qualify for that charge legally, but morally it does.

They are advancing a new piece of legislation, that few even know about.  It is the New Way Forward Act (H.R. 5383).  It is light-years worse than the disastrous proposal of Hillary Clinton in 2013 when she called for a “hemispheric common market” with “open borders.”  The Democrats, at least the ultra-leftist view America as a ‘rogue nation’ that needs to be brought to her knees.  Their push is to ‘fundamentally transform’ us and that means to destroy our Constitution, our Laws, our Institutions, our Freedoms, our History, and our Values.  We must conform to their worldview or be eliminated. 

This legislation introduced by the radicals in their Party is supported heartily by a whopping one-fifth of the Democrats in the House.  That is beyond troubling, it is frightening and reveals the position of the New Democratic Socialist Party in America.  This bill would entirely remake our immigration system, with the explicit purpose of ensuring that criminals are able to move here, settle here permanently with impunity. 

Let me list a few things this bill would do, and you decide if the Democrats are being smart or pro-America.  It would end automatic deportation for all crimes.  It would give immunity to aliens who falsify passports and protect them from deportation.  It would allow drug smugglers to immigrate here freely.  It would decriminalize illegal entry and abolish all enforcement of that crime.  It would mean that we have no borders and illegals could come and go as they please.  How is that a defensible platform to run on?

I cannot fathom any Christian or lover of Freedom buying the ideology of late-term and even post-birth abortions.  I oppose abortion, but I am opening the door a bit to question how anyone could conscientiously accept late-term or post-birth abortions.  How can you defend ‘Sanctuaries for Lawlessness?’ 

How can you defend the destruction of our Energy Industry?  You may be a total “greenie” and believe that all fossil fuels are bad but if you do a little research you will realize that to produce your ‘green energy tools’ you need the energy from fossil fuels to run those production plants.  Also, being Energy Independent makes us less dependent on any foreign nation and more independent, sovereign, and safer. 

You may hate Trump but I love his optimism and I agree that one of the best lines in His State of the Union address was: “In just three short years, we have shattered the mentality of American decline, and we have rejected the downsizing of America’s destiny.”  If I was a Democrat and a smart one, I would never have allowed myself to become anti-progress while calling myself a progressive.  But, then being smart is not a natural trait of many politicians. Maybe ‘oxymoron’ is a proper description of what they are doing, you decide! I hope that is all it is and not deeply diabolical, but alas what we see is sometimes reality.

God bless you and God bless America!


At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, “I contend that our Republic and its republican form of government is worth saving.”  Those who value what we have in America and can see through the fog, smoke and mirrors of political jockeying largely agree with me.  There are those who have been so thoroughly indoctrinated by what is being called modern education and the insanity of political correctness may not.  No, they do not!  They have bought into the Unicorn Utopian Society that politicians like Bernie Sanders and the current crop of Democratic hopefuls are pushing. 

The never-ending source of laughs, Joe Biden, has denied that our present economic situation is real.  That’s right, he has insisted that it is all smoke and mirrors and the blue-collar worker is getting hammered.  But, if you will reach back just a few millimeters in your memory banks you will recall his declaration, “We choose truth over facts.”  What?  Isn’t truth supported by facts and aren’t facts truthful? 

Old Joe also said, “poor kids are just as talented as white kids.”  That caused comedian Seth Myers to joke that Biden apologized by saying, “Sorry that came out gay.”   His foot-in-mouth moments caused some of the Leftists comedians such as Colbert to joke that Biden also said, “We choose hope over, optimism, faith over belief, and synonyms over words that mean the same thing.” No, I did not say that he said all those things the comedians joked, but can anyone seriously consider him for president?

Bernie Sanders and the members of his paid staff have been outed in their views regarding gulags and how the rich and Republicans should be treated.  Those hot-mic moments and tweets have revealed an attitude that is frightening due to the depth they are willing to plunge to ‘re-educate’ those of us on the Right. 

The parade of Democrats lamenting the death of a terrorist from Iran and the continual willingness to aid and abet our enemies was and is deeply disturbing.  The attack of the Democrats on our System of Government and Economic System should send shudders down the spines of all Freedom Loving Americans.  I said, should, not does! 

Former President Obama kowtowed to the haters of America and displayed real anger towards anyone daring to question the motives of the Islamic jihadists, demanding that those radical followers of that religion were not Islamic.  Those jihadist clearly are Islamic. They may be fringe elements, but to deny their beliefs would be to bury one’s head in the sand.

The demand of the Democrats and those following the modern view of democratic socialism seek to eradicate our borders. The manner they treat those breaking and entering, thumbing their noses at our sovereignty and laws is deeply concerning and disconcerting. 

The Democrats began the push for Impeachment before the President was inaugurated and have spent over three years attempting to overturn the election.  They may say they do not, but they HATE him!  I suspect that their hate is the fruit of several roots not just personal animus against him as a person.  I suspect it is his success they hate, and his unwillingness to bow at their altar and get in step with the political elitists of both parties.  He is their nemesis and he is proving to America and the world, that you can get things done and resolve some problems economically, governmentally, and internationally.  He has, in the face of severe opposition and the virtual abandonment of his own party leaders, achieved incredible success.

I understand that those on the Left and those who detest him to the core of their being, HATE him!  I get that, and have a word of advice and even warning for any in that group who will listen.  “Stop backing Foreign Terrorists and Haters of America and Freedom!”  Those on the Left and some who claim to be on the Right that are backing our enemies over this president and this country should realize that you are being hypocritical. 

It is hypocritical and delusional to insist on rights for homosexuals, demand equal treatment of women, and things of that nature and back those nations and individuals whose religion is the opposite of those views.  Those nations and leaders that the Democrats have been vocal in support of have downed civilian airlines killing innocent people, treated women inhumanely and murdered homosexuals.  How do you back them?

Here’s my suggestion, “Quick backing our enemies and support America?” If you did you just might get people to listen to you and take you seriously.  I know that infuriates the sense of who they are, but for all the haters, “stop standing up for human vermin and stand for what is good and right.” 

But alas, hating Trump is popular in Leftists circles and if a person believes that the rise in the stock market is evil, low unemployment is bad, and less government is appalling then back the Democrats and campaign for them. 

If you believe that what Trump has done for America is bad and higher taxes are better than lower taxes, then by all means back, the current band of haters running on the Democratic side of the aisle.  Someone said, “If you don’t like what has transpired and don’t like the success and benefits of the past three-years then back the senile pappy of the promiscuous crack connoisseur, or the fake India, or the crusty communist, or that insufferable little weasel who is mayor of the Indiana equivalent of Barstow.”  That is your right as a Free American!  I think you are nuts but defend your right to be nutty as a fruitcake.

Our political system, our federal intelligence community, our federal law enforcement agencies, and many of our bureaucracies were weaponized under President Obama.  We are being destroyed from within and our enemies are laughing their heads off, realizing they do not have to do anything because we are showing signs of imploding.  The world is watching, and America should be. 

I might add, from my Christian perspective I know and believe that God is also watching. I am quite sure He is not amused.  I keep clinging to the belief that there are people who have heretofore voted Democrat that are patriots and served our country with dignity and honor.  I cannot believe that those individuals are not just as disgusted as those of us on the Right are with where our country is being pushed by the insanity of toxic liberalism.  They love America and I cannot help but believe that their skin crawls when they see members of their own party defending those that hate America.  I offer this to those individuals, “Come on over, the water is fine and there is room at the table for you.”

America, we are facing the most critical election in our history.  We are watching the systematic dismantling of our system of government, the rule of law, and the precedent-setting destruction of our Constitution.  We must prevent this from continuing and to do that we must DEFEAT every Democrat in November.  Well, every Democrat who will not stand for America and who sides with our enemies. 

God bless you and God bless America!


The saying, “the elephant in the room” or the “800-pound gorilla in the room” should become “The Monster in the room,” when talking about government spending.  This is more than a paper problem it is a looming disaster that can and will destroy our Republic.  Both Democrats and Republicans have a propensity to ‘borrow and spend’ at an alarming rate.  There are many reasons, and none of them acceptable to this American taxpayer.  You may disagree and that is one of the things that makes this a great country, we have that right, at least today.

The current spending by our government is $4.746 TRILLION.  That is the federal budget for the fiscal year 2020 which is the period between October 1, 2019, and September 20, 2020.  That is 21% of the gross domestic product (GDP) based on reports from the Office Management and Budget Report for the FY 2020.  That is staggering!  It is not a new occurrence and while I hoped it would be reduced it has not been and there is no future projection of reduction. 

No, I am not throwing Trump overboard and boarding the lunacy train of the Democrats.  Their plans would be even more catastrophic and increase the debt and deficit exponentially.  Our impending implosion through debt would be sped up at light speed and our destruction would come sooner rather than later.  Neither or pleasant thoughts but facts are stubborn things and I am deeply concerned about our spending and debt in America.

I am a ‘baby boomer’.  I am on Social Security.  I am on Medicare.  I am a retiree who pays taxes.  The mandatory spending in the federal budget makes up 60% of the annual federal budget.  Within the mandatory spending, we have Social Security and Medicare and that makes this a problem or issue with no easy solution.  To immediately curtail spending, at all levels would result in catastrophe for many ‘boomers’ on Social Security and with no financial safety net other than their monthly check from the government.  Money, they paid into the program and deserve to receive.  Government mismanagement is blameworthy, but the problem exists and the other 40% of spending will not provide a complete fix. 

We have what is called discretionary spending which makes up about 30% of the federal budget and in that is the needed funding for our military and defense.  We take 10% of our federal budget to pay interest on our national debt and yet it grows and grows and grows every day. 

The reality that over many decades Congress has “borrowed” from the Social Security Fund to pay for other programs and have weakened the fund cannot be overlooked.  However, a required change is looming in the immediate future and it will impact all discretionary spending and Social Security, recipients.  Social Security takes a $1.102 Trillion bite out of the budget, but payroll taxes provide only $949 Billion.  The deficit is made up of interest received from the Social Security Trust Fund. 

That would not be the colossal problem it is had Congress kept their hands out of the cookie jar. But for too long the government has failed to utilize any semblance of investment wisdom and prudence.  Congress has pilfered for their political purposes and the government investment acumen is sorely lacking.  That leaves us with the coming problem that will become a nightmare for politicians and for us ‘boomers’ in the near future.

It is projected that by 2034 the outflow of Social Security payments to retirees will begin to drain the general fund.  At that point, Congress will not have the cookie jar to put their greedy hands in.  The costs will be greater than the interest and income-producing a fiscal dilemma that no politician is willing to address.  Our government made a promise to us that they cannot and will not keep in the days to come.  Some of us will still be alive to see this disaster and some will not, but the problem is real.

Here is a mandatory program that needs immediate attention.  Social Security, Medicare and, in a measure, Medicaid cannot be dramatically changed without causing incredible stress on those receiving the retirement payments.  But there is $642 Billion in mandatory spending that can be changed.  Here is where I will lose some, win some, and some will be ambivalent taking a ‘ho-hum’ attitude and embrace the idea that it is just paper and not a real problem.

In that $642 Billion we have food stamps, unemployment compensations, child nutrition, child tax credits, supplemental security income, and student loans.  The unemployment insurance tax pays about $46 Billion of the $642 Billion.  There are also retirement and disability programs for civil servants, the Coast Guard, and the other branches of our military.  No, I am not suggesting that we touch the military retirement and there are things that we cannot end without causing catastrophic nightmares for people.  It is a problem and not an easy one to solve.  We got here slowly, at first, and at Mach-speed in the past few decades.

In FY 2020 it is estimated that the interest on our national debt will be almost $500 Billion.  That would pay for 10 Justice Departments one of our fastest-growing expenses.  It has been projected that by 2029 that will double, and we will be spending almost a Trillion dollars on interest to service our debt.  That is mind-boggling to me!

What does this mean?  Several things come to mind.  It will result in increased taxation on virtually everything.  That is being resisted by the current administration but if the Democrats regain power, we will see taxes skyrocket and spending go off the charts.  We will likely see reductions in Social Security but not in the various ‘entitlements’ that they use to buy votes.  The illegal immigration problem is taxing our budget and will impact every segment of our society with the demand and desire to provide ‘freebies’ for those breaking our immigration laws. 

The underlying desire of the United Nations and many who claim to be Progressives is ‘population control.’  They have a deep-rooted belief that all of us, excluding themselves, have a shelf-life of about 70 years and the sooner we assume room temperature the better.  They will reduce our ability to seek and receive medical treatment and there will be a dramatic increase in ‘end of life counseling’ and doctor’s mandated to prescribe pills to help with their desired eugenics. 

That is one of the gruesome realities of this insane spending and we must find some way to get a handle on this problem before it is too late.  I have lived for over 70 years and enjoyed a wonderful life.  I have a desire to live longer and do more for God, my family, and people.  I want my children and grandchildren to have the hope of having a long life and freedom.  I see those things in jeopardy if we do not get control of this issue and one of the best ways to achieve that is to REJECT the idiocy of the Left and their ‘money grows on trees’ mentality.

God bless you and God bless America!

TRANSFORMING AMERICA – The Goal of the Left, But into What?

That was the question I asked when just a few days before his inauguration Barack Hussein Obama threatened or promised to “fundamentally transform America.”  I shouted at the television, “Transformed Into What?”

I asked that of liberals and conservatives, and most of them responded with a, “Ho Hum” and they acted as though it amounted to nothing more than just political speak and not a genuine threat or warning.  I took him seriously and immediately began to examine, in greater detail his positions on numerous Constitutional issues.  I immediately engaged in more serious and more earnest prayer for America.  I did not consider it a bump in the road but an advance notification of the impending War on our Freedom.  He proved me right.

I asked then and continue to ask, “Is America such a terrible place that it needs to be ‘fundamentally transformed’?”  The more I listen to the Democratic candidates, the Media voices, the Hollywood political illiterates, and the Activists, the more I am convinced their view is, “Yes, It Is!”  That is troubling on so many levels it sends a chill down my spine.

When I contemplate what ‘fundamental transformation’ is, I cannot view it as a minor change in political policy but a dramatic and drastic shift.  If we were talking about surgery, it would be called ‘radical or major surgery.’  To ‘fundamentally transform’ America would mean to dramatically and profoundly change our economic system, our political system, and many other segments and sectors of our nation and society.  Is that truly what is needed?  Would that be good for America?  Would it be in our best interest as a Republic to abandon the principles set forth in our founding?  Would tossing our Constitution in the trash bin of history be the right move?  I think not, but those on the other side are devotedly in the yes column.

Barack Obama was a proponent and adherent of the view that our two-party system needed to be trashed in favor of a one-party socialist system where those of his ilk ruled permanently and completely.  Bernie Sanders and most of the other Democratic hopefuls hold must the same view and some even go beyond his radical views.  Is that what America needs or even wants?  I continue to hope the answer is no but seeing the number of those willing to vote for the Socialist and Socialistic agenda, I wonder.

Barack Obama was heavily influenced by extreme Leftists and they helped shape his political ideology and worldview.  Men such as Frank Marshall Davis, who many wonder if he was Obama’s real father, was an avowed Communist and Russian sympathizer.  In Obama’s 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father, he expressed his deep admiration for Davis and painted him in the most glowing of pictures.  Davis’ affinity for Communism clearly rubbed off on Obama and translated into the young Obama being drawn to Marxist professors in college.  That was reflected in his presidential agenda.

Obama was also heavily influenced, by William “Bill” Ayers.  Mr. Ayers was a domestic terrorist and his only remorse is that he did not do more harm.  Ayers wrote and said, “I wake up every morning and think, today is the day I will end capitalism. I go to bed disappointed every night but am back at work tomorrow because that is the only way you can do it.”  Obama’s political career was launched from Ayers’ living room and he was a clear reflection of the anti-American sentiment held by that terrorist. 

Another figure that has influenced many on the Left including most of the Democratic hopefuls and assuredly Obama and Clinton was the dangerous Saul Alinsky and his Rules For Radicals.  Alinsky and most of the Leftist politicians of today follow the Lenin and Goebbels view that a lie told often enough, and loud enough becomes truth to many. 

Alinsky’s modus operandi included a constant barrage of accusations against political opponents labeling them as racists.  That was Obama’s pattern and has been the pattern of the Democrats for decades.  Everything and everyone that disagrees with their toxic brand of liberalism are deemed racism.  Republicans have feared that charge so much they have allowed the Left to effectively brand them and make the charge stick in the minds of millions.  That must end!

Dare we forget the infamous, racist, American hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright? Most believe that Obama attempted to gain ‘street creds’ to advance his political ambitions by joining Wright’s church who was a devoted follower of Black Liberation Theology.  The Obama’s attended that church for 20-years.  Think about it, 20-years and yet Obama claimed to not know Wright’s racist and anti-American views.  Seriously?  Obama even quoted him in Dreams From My Father, “white folks’ greed runs a world in need.”  Both men were followers of Louis Farrakhan, the openly anti-Semitic, anti-white and American-hating minister of the Nation of Islam. 

The list is almost endless of the many anti-American agendas and proposals advanced by Barack Hussein Obama and now we have one of the leading Democratic hopefuls Bernie Sanders appearing more than a remote possibility of becoming the nominee for the Democratic Party.  What is the difference between Obama and Sanders?  Basically, the only difference I see is that Bernie is open about his love for Socialism and Obama tried to play coy and somewhat hide his bent. 

In recent history, we have witnessed the nation of Venezuela, a once-prosperous nation fully embraced Socialism and become a cesspool of economics and political failure.  In my lifetime I watched Cuba embrace Communism under Castro and saw the decline.  I have witnessed the destruction of that view in the former U.S.S.R. and now Russia and many of the Satellite spiral into the hell hole of human misery and economic calamity.  Is that the fundamental transformation that America needs? 

That is exactly where the Democrats are seeking to take us.  That is exactly where the Tax Plans, the Healthcare Plans, the Open Borders, the Dismantling of our Military, the Restrictions on Business, the Redistribution of Wealth, and assault on our Freedoms and Liberties will take us. 

We have a clear choice in November of this year.  We can vote to keep America the Free Constitutional Republic or vote to ‘fundamentally transform’ her into the Socialist, Totalitarian Dictatorship or Oligarchy the Democrats are offering.  The choice is clear!  We can vote for abortion on demand, the complete dismantling of our traditional values and marriage, surrender our rights, liberties, and freedoms or we can vote NO on the Democrats! 

That’s my view, and I stand by it.  You can embrace any view you choose, that is your inalienable right.  However, if we choose wrong, we all suffer not just those who chose wrong at the polls. 

God bless you and God bless America!


Actually, that is an easy one to answer.  It is for their benefit and to deceive the voters, especially the voter who might be swayed by facts.  It is a grim reality that some voters are not swayed by the facts and fit the stereotype of “don’t confuse me with the facts, my minds made up.”  Some just do not care about facts, truth, or long-term effects, they want what they want when they want it, and the way they want it and never think beyond that desire.  That is a breeding ground for corruption in politics, deception to become the norm, and the destruction of our republican system of government and with it our freedom. 

The ‘Medicare for All’ boondoggle is just one of those political footballs that the politicians fear the public knowing the truth.  Bernie’s insistence that he does not give a number for the cost is because it is a huge number and if he gave it some people would say, “Oh ****” and reject it.  It is not a just huge, but a colossal number that makes the plan impossible to sustain by any magic mirror manipulation of the numbers.  The $$$$ are just not there, even if we taxed 100%, it is unachievable and unsustainable.  Even, if the program had merits, which are few if any, its cost would make it prohibitive.

However, that does not stop Bernie or any of the other Democratic presidential hopefuls.  They demand that it is mandatory for us to self-inflict a fiscal wound that would kill our economy and thereby our Republic.  They are even willing to divide the nation so violently that finding common ground is impossible.  The philosophy of ‘divide and conquer’ is in play, intentionally or unintentionally, but divide they have and divided we are.

The Plan, using the best estimates of the actual cost is $40 Trillion.  That is Trillion with a “T”.  The human costs would be even greater.  The lengthy waits in critical care cases would result in the deaths of many Americans.  I hope that is not part of the plan, to reduce the population, but fear that the devious minds behind this embrace eugenics and genocide through medical care failure as a viable pathway to achieve that objective.  Yes, I said it, and yes, I believe that the true powers and forces behind these plans are ultimately evil.

Bernie, for example, has proposed a new 7.5% payroll tax as well as a 4% tax on every American household.  He wants to tax, tax, tax, and spend, spend, spend, as though the supply of money is unlimited.  His hatred for Capitalism, the system that provided his wealth, is so embedded that the fate of the average American is not on his radar screen. 

Some of the most charitable evaluations of this plan are that 70% of Americans now working, privately insured individuals and households would pay more for less coverage than they now have.  Is that logical?  He lauds the Canadian system as the be-all-to-end-all cat’s meow of medical care and coverage.  Yet, the Canadian people have seen an increase in their taxes by almost 65% since 1977 and their personal health costs have increased by about 75%.  Is that a good plan?  If so, how?

We know from factual data that there were approximately 4.5 million people in the United Kingdom waiting to see a specialist in March 2019.  That was an increase of 40% over the past 5 years.  Does that sound like a good path to take for medical care in America? 

Bernie and the advocates for “Medicare-for-all” insist that their plan would lower the overall costs of healthcare.  However, the facts disagree.  They insist that their plan would eliminate most of the administrative costs involved in health care costs, there is an element of truth in that.  However, they omit the fact that of the cost increases for collecting the associated taxes, which would offset any potential savings.  One increase will offset the corresponding decrease therefore their numbers are not a true picture of actual and overall costs.  They also omit the cost of lost work time, wages, etc. involved in having to WAIT for care.

The days of access to high quality, state of the art, modern health care would be dramatically restricted.  The government-run and mandated care would be rigid, and it would not be the decision of the patient and doctor what care to pursue, but the prescribed bureaucratic edict of some government-run medical board writing the rules. 

This is not an attempt to give absolution or a free pass to the Republicans, but the Democrats are deceiving the American people on virtually every front and issue.  We need to look no further than the totalitarianism in China to see the dangers of government deception and control.  The idea being presented by the Democratic Party is a Utopian Society.  There perfect world is a world that does not and cannot exist, this side of heaven.  Yet, they insist that through legislation and government control they can achieve the impossible, and millions are taking the bait.  Why?  I will leave you to your own answers.

Our system of government that enables the people to select and elect the leaders they desire to govern must be protected and defended.  Political corruption must be exposed and rooted out wherever it exists and whenever possible.  The idea established by our Founders and the Framers of the American Constitution and System of Government was that the American people could reasonably vote expecting their chosen representative or president to work to fulfill their promises. 

The Democrats have proven they have no interest in working for the betterment of their constituents but are seeking to reclaim power.  Since the inauguration, when America should have come together to find a compromise and common ground to achieve the desires of both sides, we have been in a virtual political war.  It is has been a non-stop assault on our choice for president and an assault on our system of government. 

The Democrats platform includes, “Impeaching the President again and again, Medicare for All, the New Green Deal, Open Borders, Various Social Justice Issues, Gun Control, Restriction of Freedom of Speech and Religion, and a return to a foreign policy of appeasement and weakness.”  They have tirelessly attempted to paint President Trump and anyone supporting him as a demonic, bigoted, racist who suffers from some phobia and a war-monger.  Yet, weakness is an invitation to assault and their plans weaken America at every turn. 

They desire to destroy our economic system of Capitalism and replace it with an economic disaster in their brand of Socialism.  Their plans to expand government and governmental control is an open invitation and a pathway to totalitarianism as seen in China and other sectors of the globe.  Is that good for America and Americans?  Not if you love Freedom!  Ben Franklin’s warning is apropos today, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”  Can we keep it?  Yes!  We can, but only if we reject the disastrous deception of the Left and keep the window of Hope open in America for four more years.

God bless you and God bless America!