In my beloved America, I believe there is an epidemic that is far worse than any pandemic disease that we have faced or will face.  I am not minimizing the devastating effects of disease and the rise in premature deaths for many known and unknown reasons in America.  We have serious problems including violence.  Our political, social, ideological, and even religious society is daily dealing with this epidemic and if not held in check or rectified, it will destroy us as a Free Nation.

This epidemic will do more than destroy the Republic, it will destroy homes, and individual lives like nothing else. Some will disagree with my assessment and say, “Roy, you have put on your preacher hate and longer a commentator on issues of the day.”  You might be right, but my faith hat is the only hat I can faithfully wear.  My faith defines who I am, and it shapes every view that I hold about everything.  I do not and will not run from that.  I will stand on God’s Word and declare what I see.

What is the epidemic of which I speak?  It is what those on the Left accuse those on the Right of engaging in when they offer counterarguments politically.  It is what those on the Right accuse those on the Left of engaging in when they offer counterarguments politically.  It is not one-sided but each side views the issue myopically and improvidently.  We cannot see the beam in our own eyes but believe we see the speck in those we disagree with eyes. 

I am concerned that this issue or epidemic is a word that, like many others today, has been bandied about so frequently it has lost its meaning to most people.  Self-justification is a tool we use to argue that our attitude, actions, and position are justifiable.  It is akin to the usage of the word racist or racism, so frequently used and used in so many inappropriate situations it has become almost meaningless.  Not that racism is meaningless but the usage of the word.

We use the word Love ascribed to virtually everything from loving hamburgers, cars, clothes, or something to loving people and have diluted the power of the word.  I believe in Love and believe that the Bible reveals the incredible power of that attitude, emotion, and demonstration.  If I say to someone, “I love you” I am not saying that my feelings or attitude toward them is the same as when one says, “I love hamburgers.”  They are not a slab of meat on a bun, they are human beings and worthy of the highest recognition possible. 

What am I saying?  The overuse of any word and the use of it inappropriately diminishes the power and worth of the word. I believe that words have meaning and when used appropriately with understanding, they convey the depth of the mind, heart, and soul.  Jesus said, “The words that I say unto you, they are spirit and life.”  The words were calculated and targeted at specifics.  They were not veiled justifications or insincere platitudes.  Jesus’ words were produced to bring Life like His sacrifice was to bring about Redemption.

Okay, Roy, what does this have to do with the situation in America?  Everything!  The epidemic that I will finally address is described in another four-letter word Hate!  I believe that hate is the single most destructive thing in the United States of America today.  

Politicians and activists seem to have the propensity to make accusations toward their opponents and detractors accusing them of hate while stirring up animosity from their followers.  Politicians may not call for violence directly, but in their vitriol, they inspire it and many of the followers believe the rhetoric so strongly they justify their intense animosity – HATE!

I have encountered professing Christians who justify their hate for those who are not of their religious, political, or social order.  They justify it by saying that those they view as their enemy are evil and justify their animosity believing they are biblically justified.  We cannot reach any semblance of true bipartisanship so long as both sides engage in hate. 

The writer of Proverbs said, “hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers all wrongs.”  (10:12).  The apostle Paul urged in Ephesians for all believers to guard against allowing language that corrupts to come out of their mouths.  Rather speak words that build up and encourage. (4:29). Then the writer of Proverbs gave a powerful summation, “People may cover their hatred with pleasant words, but they are deceiving you.  They pretend to be kind but don’t believe them.  Their hearts are full of many evils.  While their hatred may be concealed by trickery, their wrongdoing will be exposed in public.” (26:24-26).

Jesus used a disturbing analogy in Matthew 18 when he said, “If your hand or foot causes you to sin, chop it off and throw it away!  You would be better off to go into life crippled and lame than to have two hands or two feet and be thrown into the fire that never goes out.”  (18:8).  In Matthew 5 the Lord addressed the flaw in thinking hate could ever be justified.  “You have heard people say, ‘Love your neighbor and hate y our enemies.’ But I tell you to love your enemies and pray for anyone who mistreats you.  Then you will be acting like your Father in heaven.  He makes the sun shine on the just and unjust.  He sends rain on those who do good and those who do evil.”  (5:43-45).

In our present world, we have allowed the Epidemic of Hate to split our nation in two.  I have heard people on both sides of the political aisle use such abusive language towards those with whom they disagree it inspires violence.  When national figures, no matter their political bent use inflammatory rhetoric laced with hatred what can we expect but outcroppings of violence?  It has become an epidemic.

If we want to salvage our Republic and restore Constitutional governance, we must address the problem of the heart and the mind individually and collectively.  I long to see the church address the problem and seek to inspire believers to walk in love.  No, I did not say become doormats but tit for tat will only produce more divisiveness and ultimately separate us to the point we cannot reach any agreement. 

Compromise is sometimes a very ugly word, but if we view it as an attempt to find commonality and points from which we can work together rather than abandoning our core convictions we can make it a useful word.  If we will recognize that hate poisons the person who hates.  It produces chemicals in our systems physically that affect our health and our brains.  In a very real sense, we are killing ourselves and destroying America by allowing ourselves to engage in and justify hate. 

I wish am so disturbed by the prevalence of hate; I have committed myself to intercession for America.  I am praying for the dampening of hate and for an outpouring of the Spirit of God to bring us back to God and our moral moorings.  I am praying for a resurrection of rational reason and sound logic in our thinking.  We have the inalienable right to Freedom of Speech which includes freedom of thought.  We do not have the inalienable right to hate indiscriminately.  Hate destroys and prevents any hope of even hearing what those we hate are saying.  If we learned to listen again, we just might find that God will help us become restored.

God bless you and God bless America! 


I going to take a little different approach but one that is integral to who I am and what I believe.  There is so much confusion, chaos, bitterness, and vitriol in America, and the world today is disturbing and destructive.  It is not relegated to one ethnicity or one political ideology.  It is even present in some of Christendom and that is doubly disturbing.

Our Founding Fathers presented the Declaration of Independence as an appeal to the British Crown to reconcile their differences while stating the foundational beliefs of the colonist.  Let me cite the second paragraph in part as my catalyst to unpackage what I desire and believe needs to be said.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

There is much in that but the central part of their message not only to the British Crown, and the other colonist but to those of us centuries away was powerful.  It speaks of self-evident truths that cannot be overlooked nor diminished in value.  Their first declaration was to recognize that all people are created by God and therefore have equal standing with God.  All are not equal in talent or ability.  All are not equal in their determination to excel, but all are equal in that they are creations of the Almighty and none are more important or lesser important than the others.  It seems that this is missed in today’s world where we place value on ethnicity, status, ability, looks, and many other things.  We fail to see every human being as important to and created by God.  No matter their ideology or faith.

The second was that each of those created beings has been and is endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.  Rights that can only come from the Creator of all things.  Rights that no one, no government, no church, and no earthly potentate has the right to infringe.  They are unalienable which means they are not to be separated, given away, or taken away, they are inalienable.  They are undeniable and uninfringeable but in today’s world, many within the whole of society and government believe those rights are not permanent and uninfringeable.  That opens the door to some terrible consequences and conditions.

Among those unalienable rights was the Right to Life and all that life entails.  Not just to breathe but to live the life that God opens to us.  It is to live with the freedom to pursue that life without fear of an overreaching government or group impeding that progress and pursuit.  Among those unalienable rights listed were Liberty and all that it includes.  It is more than being without chains it is to be free, free to speak, free to believe, free to think, free to worship, and free to be who God has made us to be.  If we are mandated with what we can think, speak, or believe we do not have Liberty.  Then the right to pursue Happiness.  It includes a state of well-being and contentment that can reach the level of Joy.  Joy is not contingent upon externals but is a result of the heart’s condition.  Happiness is contingent upon externals and if we are restricted from our right to Life and Liberty, Happiness is virtually impossible in the natural. 

There is a condition in today’s world that is worsening and being justified based on bias, political, religious, social, and in almost every aspect of human existence.  That condition is addressed by the apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 3.  In the first nine verses of that chapter, Paul called our attention to the attitude and actions of people in the Last Days.

In the Tree of Life Version, it says, “…in the last days hard times will come.”  Hard times?  Haven’t there been hard times for centuries if not millenniums?  Of course, there have been, but this word in Greek is chalepos which stems from the root chasma which means to gape or yawn.  It is a chasm or vacancy.  That is interesting, a chasm or vacancy in what?  In moral standards and recognition of the very thing, the Founders included in the Declaration of Independence, the unalienable rights, and the recognition of God as Creator.

Then the apostle Paul delves into a detailed list of characteristics that will be more pronounced than any generation.  There will be the deification of the self, the level of covetousness will reach a zenith, and the love for and drive to have wealth will be the driving factor.  It will be a time when people feel entitled to what someone else has and covetousness will blind people as to what is right, moral, and logical. 

Can we not conclude that in today’s society we are hearing incredible boasts out of pride and many in today’s society and politics have no fear of blaspheming God?  We began in the 1960s opening the door to destruction and the return of the diabolical forces of darkness.  We began taking steps to exorcise God from the public square and on the heels of that first action we saw the sexual revolution and as time progressed more and more rulings to banish God from all things government and public. 

The result of that could only be the rise of the powers of darkness.  As the moral fabric of our society crumbled the rise of an amoral and immoral push would replace it.  It is a principle that is seen in physics and life that if you empty an object of one thing it becomes filled with another.  If you empty a room of light, you fill it with darkness.  If you empty a glass of water, you fill it with air.  The converse is also true.  Therefore, when we banished God from the public square, we opened the door for the workers of darkness to fill those voids and chasms. 

John the Baptist said, “He must increase but I must decrease.”  The more I empty myself of hate the more room there is for love.  The more I empty myself of prejudice the more I can accept others for who they are.  The more I fill my heart with God the less room there is for evil.  Yes, I believe that the greatest need in America and the world today is Love.  That love can only come from a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

I hear those on all sides of the political and other hurl their hatred toward those in disagreement with them and justify it by calling the other side evil.  There is never a justification for the hate of other humans.  We may detest what they do but the person is a creation of God and one for whom Jesus died on the Cross.  I have found that it is impossible for me to hate the person I genuinely pray for.  I may not want to be in their company because of their language, attitude, or philosophy, but I will still love and pray for them.  God turned me around and if He can turn my life around, He can turn anyone around.

Just going to church and voting against things that are anathema to reason and moral sanity does not justify hating those who disagree.  We have plunged so deeply into the abyss of hatred and the attempted justification we are a divided nation and the end of that will be destruction. 

We cannot fix what is wrong in government or society through legislation or the efforts of a political party. We must, somehow and someway address the human heart.  In 2 Chronicles 7:14, we have the prescription for curing our national, personal, and societal ills.  It reads, when My people, over whom My Name is called, humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  I am committed to doing that and I ask all who believe in God to join me.  We can see a change in America and the world.

God bless you and God bless America!

THE QUESTION LOOMS – Do People Really Care?

I realize that the title demands an explanation.  Do people care about what?  Who are the people being spoken of?  What is the context of the discussion?  All those are valid and questions deserving of answers.  Therefore, if you will, please give me a few minutes of your precious time, I will try to articulate my question by relating it to the current situation in America and even the Church.

Many things have come to my attention and not escaped my observations over the past few years that gave rise to my question about caring.  But one of the most recent was when Democratic Representative Jim Clyburn, the Donkey Party’s most senior voice made an alarming confession.  Yet so many of them are being reelected.  That makes me ask, “Do People Really Care?”

The illustrious Representative appeared on MSNBC before the election and this South Carolina Democrat admitted that the Biden administration and congressional Democrats knew that certain actions they were going to take and were taking would drive inflation up.  Wow!  He said, “Well, let me make it very clear.  All of us are concerned about the rising costs, and all of us knew this would be the case when we put in place this recovery program.  Any time you put more money into the economy, prices tend to rise.”  Basically, admitting that their spending plan was going to hurt everyone.  But people still elected so many of them.  “Do People Really Care?”

Are we so partisan that no matter what the elected officials of our party do, we will still vote for them because they are members of our party?  Do we care more about party affiliation than actions?  Do we care more about who is granted the power to run our government, than what they are or will do?  Do we believe that we are winning when we give up our freedoms and dreams to keep them in power?  “Do People Really Care?”

They knew all of them, all of the Democrats in Congress KNEW that their plan was going to cost you and me dearly.  They knew and yet they still did what they did.  It was not necessary.  The economy did not have to be shuttered.  The Oil and Gas Industry did not have to be decimated.  The price of gasoline did not have to go through the roof.  The energy did not have to be driven to the point that some have to choose between food and energy.  The costs of goods and services and thereby the cost of jobs did not have to occur. They knew what they were doing would cripple America’s economy, but they did it anyway.  Therefore, “Do People Really Care?”

I would readily acknowledge that I have strong doubts that Joe Biden has a clue where inflation comes from or how the economy works, based on his four-plus decades of cognizant disconnect with reality.  However, I do believe that members of that party such as Representative Clyburn are smart enough to know and yet they did what they did with full knowledge of the damage it would do.  Therefore, I ask again, “Do People Really Care?”

When Tulsi Gabbard ditched the Democrat Party, I wondered if this was an example of the rats abandoning the sinking ship seeking survival or if was this because she cared.  I cannot honestly say that I have a definitive answer, but I hope it is a sign that some still have a shred of allegiance to the Constitution and the Republic.  Time will tell, but do we have the time to wait for the answer?

She said that she was leaving the Democratic Party because of “cowardly wokeness” that “radicalizes every issue” and divides Americans needlessly.  She may have been referring to things such as former President Barack Hussein Obama’s speech at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit behind closed doors where he sought to radicalize the fact that many Republicans disagree with him.  How dare they?  Disagree with The One!  That is unforgivable to the Donkeys.

He said, “Sometimes it turns out they’re mean, they’re racist, they’re sexist, they’re angry.  Your job is to just beat them because they are not persuadable… Sometimes we get filled up with our own self-righteousness.  We’re so convinced we’re right that we forget what we are right about.”

That is so full of hubris and self-exaltation that it deserves no comment.  But he is right, they are incredibly self-righteous, and they project what they are doing onto their political opponents.  Tragically, too many just do not seem to care, drink the Kool-Aid, regurgitate the talking points, and vote no matter what negative actions their party takes.  It causes me to wonder if People Really Care.

Does the Black Community care that their party of choice the Donkeys exhibit incredibly insensitive racism behind closed doors?  An example in point would be the Los Angeles Democrat, Nury Martinez, and two others were caught on tape comparing a two-year-old Black child with a monkey, saying in a prima facia call for violence against the child, that he needs to be ‘beat down.’ 

An example of ‘cowardly wokeness’ is that the Democratic Party has been in control of the White House and both Houses of Congress for two years and none of them have the gonads to oppose the destruction.  Inflation, under this administration and with the approval of the Democrats in Congress has soared from 1.4% in January 2020 to over 8.5% now.  That is a 40-year high and may go even higher before they are evicted from Washington if they are.  Will they be?  Only if “People Really Care?”

The Border fiasco is bringing chaos to many segments of our Republic and will only grow worse for the next couple of years.  Crime is escalating, especially in the Sanctuary Cities and States and in the Deep Blue Cities run by the Democrats, and will continue into the foreseeable future.  Unless?  Unless people begin to Really Care!

In the midst of all this, the inept person occupying the White House continues to give incoherent drivel revealing that he has no clue where inflation comes from or what to do about it, or any other problem now facing us.  Yet, many of them continue to be elected.  “Do People Really Care?” 

Biden insists that this was all caused by the Republicans, Putin, Climate Change, COVID, or something, but not him or his fellow Donkeys.  He had the audacity to tell the Washington Examiner and the world, “If the Republicans take control, the prices are going to go up.”  Hey, Mr. Biden, where have you been – PRICES ARE UP and GOING HIGHER DAILY!  This is not under Republicans but you and your fellow Donkeys.

That is beyond idiocy!  People who are in the know such as Milton Friedman have declared that Inflation is ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE a monetary phenomenon.  Friedman was the author of the Regan Revolution’s Economic strategy.  The policy helped us claw our way out of the Jimmy Carter era of inflation and stagflation.  A smaller government, not a gargantuan government is the answer, as any reasoned economist knows.  Politicians know it too, but they want the power and control afforded them in the behemoth now existing.  Buying votes through handouts is probably here to stay.  It will stay until “People Really Begin to Care.”

Biden and the Left keep telling us that we can spend our way out of this mess.  I am convinced that a 5th Grader would know better.  Their insane spending keeps driving the CPI up and inflation keeps rising hurting every American who works for a living or worked for a living and pays taxes.  If you have been to the gas station, the grocery store, had any work done or purchased lumber or virtually anything else, you know better!

God help us to begin to care and awaken from our political stupor and as the old cliché goes, “Throw the Bums Out.”  Maybe we are not desperate enough and until a greater degree of desperation occurs, we will likely see the continuation of the lunacy reelecting the perpetrators of the destruction.  I am praying for people to wake up and begin to really care!

God bless you and God bless America!


Yes, I am aware of the boy band Boyz to Men. However, I could not tell you one song they sing or sang.  If you like their music and music of the genre, that is your choice, my taste is different.  However, music is not my focus in this article, it is the development of our children into productive mature citizens who contribute positively to society and hopefully the Kingdom of God.

I grew up in an era when boys were able to observe men, not women wanting to be men or men wanting to be women.  We saw real men living their lives, loving their wives, and working for a living.  We saw their pain and disappointments as well as their victories through the strength of their character.  I was extremely blessed to have two men, in particular, in my life that shaped my view of manhood powerfully.  Those men were my earthly father, W.P. Beaird, Jr., and my maternal Grandfather, Charlie Randolph Kellum.  Both were strong men of integrity.

In today’s society young boys and young girls are not always afforded the privilege of growing up in a home where there is both a father and mother and are often left to fend for themselves.  They are babysat by the television, computer, internet, smartphone, and video games, and influenced by outside forces including their peers who are following the same path in life. 

In their most vulnerable years, they are subjected to the influence of groomers and the nefarious who want to capture their hearts and minds and mold them into the image of the toxic ideology of the day.  Children observe and it is a scientifically proven fact that observation is a significant part of development and learning.  If exposed to the toxic influence of hate, anger, bitterness, violence, and anxiety the development tends to produce adults with no strong moorings to help them navigate the difficult path of life.  Those are among the ones who commit gross acts of violence and vehement crimes. 

We have gone through a period where those in control of education and those following the ideology of liberalism have attacked strong males charging them with ‘toxic masculinity.’  I do not deny that some men develop into and choose the path of chauvinism and are abusers.  That is a heart condition that is developed early in childhood and only God can transform that heart into what a Real Man should be.

The participation trophy society, entitlement mentality, and the myriad of confusing demands pressed by those who seek to alter humanity negatively have brought us to this place.  We have gender confusion, a lack of any semblance of a work ethic, and a total devaluing of the home and the role of the father.  I praise God for the godly mothers who have shouldered the burden of raising children alone and done a spectacular job.  But the family as God designed it and in its best state has a godly mother and father in the home teaching and training the children.

If we allow our society to develop where being a man is a negative thing, we will watch a decline in every other aspect of society.  Violent crime is running rampant in America today.  It is easy to blame the tool of choice as the problem and put a Band-Aid on cancer and see the malignancy grow worse.  There is factual data that reveals that guns are the least used tool in homicides in America.  I draw my information from some overlooked and little-reported data compiled by the FBI.  Imagine that.

When academics such as Harvard University’s Dr. David Hemenway misapply data and cite statistics to support the leftist’s ideological cause, we are endangered greatly.  He reported that there are 250 people shot each day in the United States.  He claims that children 5-14 years of age are thirteen times more likely to be killed by a gun than children in other high-income populous countries. That is fallacious and advances the myth of the danger of the inanimate object, the gun.

The reports have been advanced that 74% of the time a gun was used in a homicide.  That came from an FBI 2019 report.  The claim is that the United States outranks most of the nations of the world in gun violence.  Is that factual?  Let us consider it briefly.  Is America a violent nation based on the cherry-picked statistics and data being used?

I will not win friends on the Left, but my answer is NO!  The truth is, using the FBI’s own data that homicides comprise 1% of the violent crimes in America.  That same report from the FBI indicated that 78% of the violent crimes in the United States were committed WITHOUT a gun.  Therefore, about 8 in 10 violent crimes in America do not involve a firearm. 

If you include the reality that America is one of the few countries that constitutionally allows its citizens to keep and bear arms, the fact we have more firearm deaths should not be a surprise.  You might compare that to the reality that Egypt has more deaths from people falling from a pyramid than any other country.  Do we ban pyramids?

What does the FBI include in their definition of a violent crime or aggravated assault which comprises about 66% of all violent crimes?  Amazingly, in those aggravated assaults 72% of the time there was no gun used.  Someone said, “The only difference between a murder/homicide and an aggravated assault is whether the victim lives.” 

Using those statistics, the percentage of guns used in homicides reportedly 74% tumbles to 77% of aggravated assaults and homicides combined reveals that a gun was not involved.   The FBI defines violent crime as including homicides, aggravated assaults, rape, and robbery.  Their own report indicates that there are fifty times more aggravated assaults than homicides in America.  But if you want to skew the statistics you ignore select portions of the data.

What does this have to do with boys becoming men?  Everything!  In my young life, it was common to see a firearm hanging in the back window of a pickup truck.  We did not cower in fear of being shot at school, church, or anywhere.  We lived in a time when God was honored or at least acknowledged, respect was demanded by parents, and children were taught the value of working for what they earned and respecting others and private property. 

Today we have a president who exhibits the traits of a pedophile and has an inordinate interest in young girls.  He appears frequently delusional and out of touch with reality and the truth.  We have politicians making laws that attempt to force boys to become demasculinized and reject their role in the family.  We have allowed the indoctrination of entire generations with a fallacious history, rejected God, and promoted lifestyles that are anathema to strong families and thereby strong men and women working in tandem to train their children to become strong and productive men and women.

If we do not return to God and to the moral foundations upon which America was first established, we will watch this nation plunge into such darkness that we will be no better than the most heinous despotic regimes of the world.  Can we turn this ship around?  Only, and I repeat, only if we restore the family, allow boys to become men and girls to become women.  Only, if we return to God and the moral principles taught in the Bible.  Only if we restore the value of life – ALL LIVES.  Only then, can we hope to see restoration and reclaim the propitious smiles of heaven on America!

God bless you and God Bless America!


That is the title of a book written by Canadian Evangelist Willard Cantelon wrote three books on global economics, The Day the Dollar Died, New Money or None, and Money Master of the World.  He lectured at civic, university, and church gatherings all over the world.  I borrowed his title as the subject of my article to serve as a catalyst for the diabolical actions of the current president advancing the globalist agenda to destroy America. 

How do you destroy the arguably greatest county in the world?  There are many tentacles to that monster of destruction and one of them is to kill the dollar.  I have contended that Joe Biden is suffering from a form of dementia but is also firmly entrenched in a decades-long agenda to fundamentally transform America and free market capitalism.  One of the pathways that he and they believe is the most viable is to make the American dollar worthless and replace it.

Are you aware of Executive Order 14067?  On March 9, 2022, he signed that Executive Fiat with little notice or fanfare.  How it escaped the Republicans in Congress and the watchdogs for Conservatism, is questionable.  Fox News, to their credit, did call it ‘deeply troubling.’  Within the verbiage and power laced in the order, it becomes an incredibly dangerous and sinister pathway for total government control of our money and our freedom. 

Some analysts suggest that this Executive Order makes provision for the government to engage in legal surveillance of every U.S. citizen.  If that does not get your attention, you might want to check your pulse.  It paves the way for them to have total control over our bank accounts and purchases.  We know the $600 ceiling on purchases before the IRS examines them behind the scenes.  This is not headed in a positive direction.  There is also the pathway to censor and silence all dissenting voices permanently.  Yes, I said permanently.  Do I have your attention yet or are you deeming me a conspiracy kook and discarding my warnings?

Do not take my word for it.   Some people who have inside information are also sounding this alarm.  Jim Rickards, a well-known economist, and former advisor to both the CIA and the Pentagon also see this as incredibly dangerous and sinister.  He believes it is a threat to every American citizen and that it could and probably will mean the end of the U.S. dollar as we know it. 

Mr. Rickards called it the ‘3rd Great Dollar Earthquake’ and believes it is in the process of becoming a reality.  According to him, the 1st was when Roosevelt confiscated private gold in 1934.  The 2nd was when Nixon abandoned the gold standard in 1971 and this would be the 3rd and final straw that breaks the camel’s back and kills the dollar.  I hope he is wrong, but believe he is on the money in his predictions.

Should we be concerned about a cashless society?  Should we be concerned about a World Government?  Should we be concerned about the moral breakdown in America and the genocidal shift through the abortion industry that has anesthetized us to the horrors of taking an innocent life?  Should we be concerned about the push for a gender-neutral society and the encouragement of gender confusion in our children?  Should we?  If we are not, then we are not paying attention.

We have been dumbed down so significantly in America that we accept high school graduates receiving a diploma without being able to read at a cognitive level.  We have so devalued math, history, civics, and English that many cannot function without Google or electronic devices.  We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated with paranoia and fear in so many areas that we are becoming a non-functional society.  We are rapidly heading toward being a society that needs specific daily instructions from the government or some power to guide us through the day.

Take the ludicrous idea that man has pushed the planet that has existed for at least 6,000 years and according to some billions of years to the point of destruction.  Seriously?  We are going to believe that this planet that has survived splendidly is in danger unless we go Green, recycle every can and bottle, eat less meat, and eradicate bovine flatulence.  Are we that gullible or simply that lazy and dumb? 

How could supposedly intelligent people ignore science regarding that entity in the womb (baby) and not acknowledge that it is a developing human being?  How could we ignore the DNA and Chromosomes that distinguish male and female and realize that both science and the Bible identify two genders – male and female?  Have we become so indoctrinated and brainwashed by decades of inane ideas through the educational system that we now have true intelligence lower than a braying donkey in the wild?

I have always believed that if a person has any reasonable amount of intelligence and will pay attention, they will see the light and change their minds.  Today, that seems to be a relic of ancient history.  We have people, who even though they see with their eyes, but cannot see.  Even though they hear with their ears they do not hear, or they fail to connect the dots.  Well, more likely, they are ideologically entrenched in a particular political persuasion and too prideful to acknowledge their error.  That is dangerous!

Joe Biden is closing in on 100 Executive Orders if he has not already passed that mark and it is costing the American Taxpayer an exorbitant amount of money.  It is also threatening our republic and our freedom.  Why are more people calling attention to the destruction?  I had one person tell me, “Well at least he isn’t Trump?”  Seriously, that is your justification for accepting his damage like a docile sheep in the fold. 

Remember Barack Obama famously declared, “I’ve got a pen and a phone.”  Well, Mr. Biden had surpassed Obama in his use of Executive Fiat and is ruling this nation with his pen.  Albeit many of his orders are illegal and unconstitutional, unless someone in Washington challenges him, he and they will continue.  He has already cost us $1.5 trillion according to most reports.  That is destructive and weakens the foundations of America.

According to some analysts, a so-called budgetary impact analysis accompanies each executive order but does not include actual monetary costs.  I wonder why?  It allows them to conceal the true impact and damage.  The Executive Orders usually contain vague language supposedly telling us if the order will have an impact on, increase or decrease federal costs.  Of course, they increase costs.  Reducing expenditures is not a part of the DNA of the Democrats and most Republicans in Congress.

The Inflation Reduction Act could prove to be the nail in the coffin of our American economy.  Executive Order 14067 will work hand in hand with that and the 87,000-armed IRS agents, the FBI, CIA, Homeland, and the NSA to bring us under the thumb of the federal government.  If they control our money, they will control us. 

We must stand up and resist and the most prolific pathway we have is at the voting booths.  Remember in November that we are voting for America and Freedom not simply particular candidates.

God bless you and God bless America!


If you believe in unicorns and own a couple of flying pigs, you might say, yes.  The extreme left believes that the only hate that exists is that which comes from those opposing them.  They see nothing in what they do or say as being laced with hate.  Are they delusional?  I do not know, but I do know they are living in an alternate universe where reality and honesty are non-existent. But to be fair, there are some on the extreme right that view everything through their prism of ideological narrowness.

Before the election, Ohio Democrat Representative Tim Ryan demonstrated that lack of contact with reality and a lack of cognizance regarding hate.  He said, “Kill and Confront the extremist movement of which J.D. Vance, unfortunately, is a part.”  What movement is that?  It is those who want limited government, wants the Rule of Law to be enforced, support the constitution, and back conservatives.  Those are the ones that Congressman Ryan thinks should be killed. 

But that is not hate, right?  That is not incendiary rhetoric, right?  He claimed to be seeking the support of Trump voters and he spews that kind of hate-filled vitriolic rhetoric.  Who in their right mind would support any candidate that openly advances the idea of “killing” their opponents? That is not a Free Constitutional Republic but a despotic third-world atmosphere.  For him, if you question the validity of the last presidential election you deserve to be killed.  If you support limiting or banning abortions, they believe that you should be killed.  How is that not identified as hate?

We have a major political party that has embraced the ideas of Marxism, Socialism, and Fascism.  They hate our Free-Market Capitalism and want to punish those who have excelled in business and made money.  They have abandoned science and medical realities that have existed for centuries and the biblical declaration regarding gender.  There are two and only two – Male and Female.  There are not scores of varying genders based on what someone concocted and decided they should be called.

The Left has targeted parental rights and responsibilities as dangers and their infringements upon immature children and is embracing the groomers. They are advancing the idea that children, who hardly know the difference between boys and girls should have ideas of gender confusion pressed upon them.  If parents protest, they have deemed domestic terrorists and a threat to democracy whatever that might mean when used by the Left.

Marxists’ views crumble without the legions of foot soldiers to advance their cause.  We are seeing the production of a massive army of brainwashed through our institutions of higher learning.  The frightening thing about that is that those are the ones in a decade or two who will be running the country.  When education was coopted, and the systematic indoctrination of revised and rewritten history was introduced we opened a door to our own destruction. 

The public schools from kindergarten through higher education’s advanced degrees are inundated with destructive fiddle-faddle and utopian rhetoric.  Our founding is lambasted as evil and anything or anyone who is a white male who thinks must be either reprogrammed or eliminated.  We have produced generations who bought the drivel and now teach pushing the fallacious to the nth degree.  We have those indoctrinated in that rhetoric now in Congress, sitting as judges on the bench, teaching, and heading up corporations.  If you cannot see the danger we face, you are not paying attention.

Hate is, to the followers of the toxic brand of liberalism advanced by today’s Cancel Cultural Marxists and the Democratic Party, is one-sided.  Well, it is one-sided to them.  They believe they are justified in their hate, violence, destruction, theft, and inciting violence.  They believe the only racists are those who vote Republican or Conservative.  They believe that any Christian who does not bow at the altar of Abortion and stands in agreement with Gender Confusion, Climate Change, and radical hate-filled racial activists is evil and must be eliminated.  Please know, there is hate on both sides and it is wrong too!

Sadly, we have become a society where a sizable number have never escaped the adolescent years mentally or emotionally.  By that I mean we have a society where a majority seem to believe that they are right regardless of the facts or factual presentation of the evidence.  They believe that anyone not backing their ideological positions is wrong and poses a threat to them and society.  Therefore, harming their opponents is not hate, it is a public service.  That is insanity and it is hate.  A rose is a rose no matter what you call it.

These Leftists believe that they are the smartest people in the room. However, there are some narcissists on the Right who believe the same about themselves.  The haters seek those who will mindlessly regurgitate their palaver and spin their spin.  They want followers who do not think but robotically spout the preapproved chants and talking points.  If it is Trump, it is evil.  If it is conservative, it is evil.  If it is Pro-Life, it is against women.  If it Pro-Family, it is homophobic.  If it is for a secure border, it is xenophobic.  The list goes on.  They are right, everyone else is wrong and America must be fundamentally transformed.

They believe there are no moral absolutes and no absolute truth.  They demand that we follow the science and ignore the scientific data and the inconsistencies in their so-called scientific proofs.  They believe that Christians who stand for and seek to live according to the Bible are vile haters and must be marginalized at best and shut down completely at worst. 

They believe they are the victims and those of us who disagree with them are the victimizers.  They appear as the Athenians whom the apostle Paul addressed. They welcome any new thought that is other than biblical, moral, or factual. They like utopian theories and insist that if we are to be deserving of national sovereignty we must embrace every religion, every sexual preference, and certain brands of genocide, and reject everything that made America, America.

Gender dysphoria and transgenderism are now deemed normal.  How did we reach this place?  The answer to that also explains why hate will not dissipate regardless of who is in power in Washington.  We reached this place by pushing God out of our society, and out of the public square.  When that began to transpire there was a corresponding rise in the amount of moral decline, crime, and weakening of our societal framework and our governmental structure. 

Victims never see any fault they might have had, only the abuse.  I am not diminishing true victims, but our modern state of entitlement and victim mentality is the reason that hate will not cease.  So long, as people can justify their hate, hate will survive and thrive. 

If we want to return to the America we were founded to be and become a light on the hill shining into the darkness, we must return to our moral moorings.  I believe that means we return to God.  I believe that means all those who believe in God and prayer begin to intercede and refuse to become sucked into the black hole of hate and vitriolic rhetoric. 

I pray for America.  I pray for everyone living in America.  I pray that we will awaken from our slumber and demand that the politicians honor the constitution and once again recognize our inalienable rights.  Until we do that, we will continue down the path of hate and decline.  That will mean America is doomed, it is just a matter of when.

God bless you and God bless America!

THE VOTE IS IN – Now What?

I guess that depends on your perspective and political ideological aspirations.  I fully anticipate that the Democrats who follow the toxic liberal ideological views will press to increase taxes and strip us of more of our individual liberties and inalienable rights.  They will press for more gender confusion, political correctness, climate change adherence, and the move away from the abundance of fossil fuels.  They will continue to pursue their path to destroying our Free Market System of Economy and transforming America into more of a Socialist, Marxist, Fascist, and Totalitarian State. 

I would hope that the Republicans, especially those who believe in the Rule of Law and the Constitution would seek to shore up the weakened foundations of our Republic, reduce the size of government, reduce spending, and ensure that we maintain and enjoy our inalienable rights and individual liberties.  I would hope, but with the history of the GOP and the Donkeys in DC, I am not confident of that hope. 

However, I believe that God is still God and if we will follow the prescription of 2 Chronicles 7:14 and many other passages in the Bible we will open the door for His helping hand in our plight.  I am old enough to remember an America where people treated each other with more dignity and respect than the current condition. 

The comic strip Pogo declared, “We have seen the enemy, and it is us.”  In many respects, we have created the monster that we are not encountering in the federal bureaucracy and overreach of government. We allowed the activists and protagonists seeking to transform our Republic from a moral nation to an amoral or immoral one.  We have allowed those who detest everything of moral sanity, the Bible, God, and strong family to slowly evict God, the Bible, and moral reason from the public square.  That has opened the door for our plunge into a depraved state that is wreaking havoc in our society.

Every society goes through an evolutionary process morally, spiritually, politically, and socially.  There have been forces at work behind the scenes for decades to weaken the pillars of our American society and moral fabric.  In the 1960s we had numerous things that opened the door for the decline.  The sexual revolution transpired which was a direct assault on our faith and the strength of the family.  Along with that, the Supreme Court mistakenly took the Bible and Prayer out of the public school.  When I said took, it concluded that separation of church and state mandated that no organized prayer could be in the schools. The decline began.

With the decline in observance of God and His Word, and the shift in morals where sexual intercourse between couples was now openly and accepted outside of marriage, we laid the foundation for another door to be opened.  With the increase in sexual activity, the lessening of the importance of faith and the Bible, unwed pregnancies increased and the stigma and expectation of the couple getting married began to dissipate.  That was a natural precursor to the push for abortion to be the accepted outcome of an undesired pregnancy.

The Supreme Court ruled unconstitutionally that abortion was a constitutional right and made it a national issue rather than a state-by-state issue.  That instilled in our society a devaluing of life which when extrapolated reaches a horrifying situation toward which we are headed.  To further exasperate the situation, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriages, contrary to our historic position and the biblical directive were now legal.  This was a further weakening of the fabric of strong families and the institution of marriage between one man and one woman as biblically defined.

With the diminishing of our public consciousness of God, the Bible, faith, family, and life we have witnessed the growth of government establishing and expanding bureaucracies in an attempt to address the myriad of issues resulting.  The costs of those programs and bureaus have caused the growth of government to the behemoth size it is now.  The increased deficit spending has buried future generations in debt and destroyed the American dream for multitudes.

The natural result of an amoral or immoral society is increased crime, violence, and a growing lack of respect for others.  If the focus is on “me” and what I want, then there is a corresponding decline in “you” and what you want, need, or have a right to.  If you have and I do not, in that condition, it is easy to develop the mentality of entitlement and believe that by having, you are somehow evil and I am good, therefore, I deserve part of what you have.  That is an untenable condition for a civil society.

The Founding Fathers, following some precepts of the Bible and sound reason, acknowledged that all people are Created by God.  They recognized that from God we have certain inalienable or unalienable rights that no government or person has the authority or right to infringe upon.  Among those many inalienable rights is the Right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  They developed the Bill of Rights to address several of those inalienable rights including freedom of speech and religion as well as the right to private property and the right of self-defense. 

Today’s Leftists do not believe the Bible, they consider the Founders errant in their views, and do not recognize God as the grantor of rights.  They believe that the government, meaning the central government in Washington, D.C. is the giver of rights.  In effect, they believe that the government is god and the government giveth and the government taketh away with regard to rights.  

The Left has openly supported and advanced the idea of redistribution of wealth, support of unending taxation claiming that it only affects the rich.  That claim is beyond fallacious and the idea of taking from one who earned or inherited wealth and giving it to those not producing is an untenable position that will destroy society.

America was the most unique form of government known at the time of its formation and still is.  Many nations have copied our system in a modified fashion and those living in squalor under socialistic and communistic systems know the value of freedom.  Sadly, in America, our politicians are largely professional layabouts, more like leeches than productive members of society.  They make their living not from their salaries but from the kickbacks and grafts that are prevalent in politics for those who play the game. 

Where do we go from here?  If those we have just elected do not do what is right, constitutional, and follow the rule of law, then we MUST, and I mean MUST find a way to primary the RHINOs and oust the Leftists in each succeeding election.  We must begin a campaign of involvement and renew our commitment to give oversight and stay abreast of what is happening in Washington.  Politics affects life and life is an inalienable right.

I want America to be the Republic we were founded to be.  I want limited government.  I want our inalienable rights recognized.  I want the politicians to become civil servants again and do our bidding, not pursue their personal or ideological agendas.  Do what is right and what your constituents voted for you to do.

America, we allowed this mess to become a reality, and now it is time to face the arduous task of correcting our errors.  We can but only if we return to God and unite as a voting bloc that gets their attention.

God bless you and God bless America!


Tuesday, November 8, 2022, is election day in the United States.  Many have already voted via early voting in person or via mail-in ballot.  There are many concerns regarding the integrity of this election due to the shenanigans in the last election.  If those in politics were genuinely interested in election integrity and one person-one vote the election judges and ballot counters would be balanced.  Sadly, that is not the case and in virtually every precinct there is a horrific imbalance slanted to one side or the other.

But, putting all that aside and hoping that there will be enough whistleblowers and enough boots on the ground, and eyes scanning the process we will have a reasonably legitimate election.  I do not like saying, reasonably legitimate, because that means it is anything but.  I am not settling but facing the facts and praying for divine oversight as well as political courage by those involved to do what is right.

I do not like losing and that includes politics.  However, if the election is fair, legitimate, without fraud, ballot stuffing, and fraught with any illegal votes, then if my candidate or party loses, I can accept that.  I will continue to speak out if I see things that are detrimental to our Republican form of government and our free market system of economics.  I will speak out when edicts, actions, or legislation tramples on our inalienable rights, biblical precepts, and our constitution.  I would expect that from any freedom-loving American.

We are voting in this election to determine which party controls the House and Senate.  The party in control of those houses of congress will determine if there is to be and can be any resistance to the agenda of destruction and transformation pushed by the party in power in the White House.  I do not consider Joe Biden the true leader of his party, but a figurehead and often an extremely incoherent one.  He reads what is on the teleprompter and frequently even the directions his handlers give him.

We have watched, during these past two years, our economy reduced to ashes, many of our freedoms infringed, and various bureaus of the federal government weaponized.  That should disturb those on the Left and the Right.  A rogue CIA, FBI, NSA, and IRS are dangers to the Republic and freedom.  If any of those entities amass enough power or form a cohesive coalition, they could launch a coup to take over our government.  When you add to that mix the continual revision of our military you should see a clear and present danger.

I do not believe that the Republican Leadership in Washington is significantly different than the Democratic side of the aisle.   However, I do believe there are enough races with candidates who are proving to be brave enough to be vocal and draw lines in the sand to prevent the continuation of our metamorphosis toward Socialism or Marxism.  If we can elect a sufficient number of those individuals, we can alter the power structure in Washington and move a step closer to the restoration of the Constitution and our Liberties.

We are voting on inflation.  If we allow the Democrats to maintain control of the House and Senate, we are voting for hyperinflation, stagflation, and the continued destruction of our economy.  We are voting to allow small businesses to be strangled with stifling regulations and mandates and to be forced out of business due to the ever-increasing costs of goods and services.  If we want to see a return to normalcy we must vote no on the Democrats, because they have proven they are willing to vote down the party line, regardless of the issue.

We are voting on Religious Freedom.  If we allow the Democrats to maintain control of the House and Senate, we are voting to allow the continued infringement upon our religious freedoms and our freedom of speech.  If we believe that churches and individuals should be allowed, as the Constitution asserts, to worship as their heart’s decree and follow biblical principles we must vote no on the Democrats.  They have demonstrated not only a willingness but a propensity to trample on our religious liberties.

We are voting on Border Security.  If we allow the Democrats to maintain control of both houses of Congress, we are voting to strip America of her sovereignty and make her a member state of the global government proposed and desired by the left.  If we want to see America secure, safe, sovereign, and able to defend itself we must vote no on the Democrats.  Their actions regarding illegal immigration, and border security, make our military a participant in the WOKE mentality and their actions reveal their intent.  If we want the America of yesterday and the America of our Founding, we must vote no on the Democrats.

We are voting on our Children.  If we allow the Democrats to maintain control of Congress, we are voting to expose our children to pedophiles, place them on the altar to Baal and offer them up to Molech as sacrifices.  We are voting to allow their pliable young minds to be molded to embrace the Revisionist, WOKE ideology, and force them to experience confusion as to who and what they are.  If we believe that parents should have the final say in the education and training of their children, we must vote No on the Democrats. They have demonstrated a willingness and desire to force our children into a state of confusion as to gender as well as sexual preference as a lifestyle. 

Children, who are not old enough to be responsible for themselves should not be exposed to the blatant confusion being pressed upon them by the groomers and toxic liberals.  We must fight for the children who are born and the children who are yet to be born.  We are fighting for Life. 

We are voting on America.  If we allow the Democrats to maintain control of the House and Senate, we may not have an America to vote on in 2024.  The course they are charting for America will radically move us toward a totalitarian despotism where Socialism replaces Capitalism and inalienable rights will be replaced with government rights.  We will find ourselves less free and more subservient to the federal government which sees itself as our benevolent benefactor.

What the federal or state government funds it controls.  If we allow ourselves to become dependent upon the government for our subsistence, we will be surrendering our freedoms, right, and liberties to those in control of the government.  We are voting on Life, Liberty, and the right to pursue Happiness.  We are voting on the American Dream.  We are voting on personal property rights and all our inalienable and constitutional rights.

We are voting on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and all the Amendments.  How we vote will determine how far they will go to strip us of our rights.  Our vote matters and if we can evict enough of them and replace them with constitutionalists we have hope politically. 

Just in case you wonder how I have voted; I voted NO on the toxic liberal agenda.  Will I be faced with some difficult choices in voting?  Assuredly, but I will pursue the path that I believe best affords America and my home state of Texas to maintain freedom and liberty.  You can agree or disagree with me, that is your right, prerogative, and privilege.  I will defend that right. 

I pray that all of us have carefully vetted the candidates and the political parties they represent.  I pray that each of us has earnestly sought the mind of God in this election.  I pray that each of us will do our civic duty and vote!  When a small percentage of the electorate vote, we are allowing the few to determine what the whole should have with regard to government and individual liberties.  If I do not vote, I have no legitimate right to voice objections later.  I will cast my ballot and then resume my position of Watching from the Wall and sounding the alarm when I see the danger.

God bless you and God bless America!

OCTOBER SURPRISE – Weaponized FBI and More…

The infamous October Surprise that is always forthcoming during any election year seems to have been multiple things.  I am sure each person has their own view of what it was, even if it was not truly a surprise.  My thoughts on this matter have caused me to ask the question, “Is This America?”  What happened to the America of our Founding Fathers and the America of our fathers and grandfathers?

In 1908, the United States of America’s population had exploded, and it now stretched from ocean to ocean and Canada to Mexico.  We had inventions like the telephone and the telegraph making communications easier than ever.  Railroads had shrunk the enormous expanse from California to New York and America was wealthier than ever.  We had become a World Power thanks to our naval victory over Spain. 

Our growth and expansion had produced more than one hundred cities with populations over 50,000.  That seems insignificant today, but that was near the turn of the century, and with it came the ever-increasing problem of crime.  Organized crime through the mafia along with the terrible conditions for the poor in those cities presented a sizeable problem.  Those in government were hearing the pleas of citizens for something to be done.

Strikes and clashes between workers and corporations were becoming deadly and the growing power of Union Bosses often tied to the mafia was becoming a major concern. Political machines were becoming entrenched in power as was witnessed in the corrupt political machine of Tammany Hall.  Illegal monopolies were rising and with the growth of our population, the increasing size of our cities, and the corruption in politics, business, and the problem of organized crime, something was needed to bring a sense of safety to the citizens.

In 1908 there was no systematic method of enforcing the law across the vast American landscape.  What was to be done?  Many states and local communities had their own law enforcement agencies and often those were not well-trained or equipped.  The problem was growing and the call for action had reached a crescendo.  Anarchy was raising its ugly head, as the first modern-day domestic terrorists began to unite and create problems nationwide.

The shooting of President McKinley occurred in 1901 and Vice President Teddy Roosevelt was in the oval office.  He was a staunch advocate of the rising “Progressive Movement” and believed that the federal government had to become the guiding hand in law enforcement and oversight of the industrial complex.  He had served six years as Civil Service Commissioner in Washington and proudly declared, “we stirred things up.”  He served two years as the New York Police Department’s head. 

It was through President Teddy Roosevelt that the FBI would get its start.  He appointed a like-minded reformer as his second Attorney General, Charles Bonaparte.  It did not take long for Bonaparte to realize that his hands were tied in dealing with the rising tide of crime and corruption.  He had no team of investigators to call upon except for a handful of special agents.  With Congress rejecting Roosevelt’s quest for more power in the use of the Secret Service Bonaparte deemed it necessary to create his own force of investigators.  In June 1908, he quietly hired nine of the Secret Service investigators previously borrowed and combined them with twenty-five of his own men to form a special agent force. 

Congress did not object to this special unit and his successor George W. Wickersham, gave this band of agents their first name – The Bureau of Investigation.  For fifteen years operated under that name and although not powerful enough to withstand the influence of outside money and corruption, it continued.  New agents were poorly trained.

The FBI’s initial purpose was to investigate and prosecute criminals who evaded prosecution by crossing state lines.  In a few short years, the handful of agents had become more than three hundred and by the end of World War I, it was given the responsibility of investigating draft resisters, violators of the Espionage Act of 1917, and immigrants suspected of radicalism.

J. Edgar Hoover joined the DOJ in 1917 and in a brief time became special assistant to Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer.  He became the face of federal law enforcement during the “Red Scare” of 1919-1920.  He established a card index system listing every radical leader, organization, and publication in the United States and by 1921 had amassed over 450,000 files.  He had more than 10,000 suspected communists on his list.  The AG was criticized for abuse of power, but Hoover came out smelling like a rose, unscathed. 

In the 1920s with Congressional approval Hoover dramatically restructured and expanded the Bureau of Investigation.  It could be argued that he built an effective crime-fighting machine, but he also created an emerging monster with incredible power and authority.  The Bureau was initially created to fight crime and stem the rising tide of corruption in the United States. 

Today, that Bureau has become a politicized arm of the Leftist agenda and is out of control.  Among the many excesses and questionable activities of this federal agency transpired in March 2021.  Most Americans are probably unaware of how the FBI failed to disclose to the judge granting their warrant their intent to permanently seize valuables from citizens.  In that raid, they seized more than $86 million in cash, jewelry, and gold from 1,400 safe deposit boxes in a raid of a Beverly Hills vault company. 

The company pleaded guilty to the charge of conspiracy to launder drug money.  However, there were hundreds of private citizens whose assets were also seized and who were not suspected of any crimes, by the FBI.  That is according to court documents, yet their valuables are still being held illegally by the FBI.  They failed to tell the magistrate Judge Steve Kim, that they intended to keep all the assets in every safe deposit box containing more than $5,000 in cash or valuables.

We are all aware of the move against former President Donald Trump and regardless of what you think of him, you should be concerned about that raid, how it was conducted, and the apparent overreach involved.  Then, they went after Trump supporters in raids and confiscated phones, etc.  But it has not stopped there. 

The Pennsylvania pro-life activist’s arrest should raise eyebrows and concerns about the Gestapo-type tactics of overly dramatic actions and the targeting of individuals who do not follow the politically correct script.  They seem to be unconcerned about the escalation of attacks against pro-life pregnancy centers and violence against anti-abortion activists.  But are laser-focused on anyone supporting the Make America Great Again political ideology and who is pro-life?

Attorney General Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray have weaponized the FBI and federal law enforcement to persecute, harass and prosecute political adversaries and protect their fellow political partisans.  They ignore the threats toward Supreme Court Justices and allow those who commit acts of violence in the name of liberal activism to go unscathed. 

The October Surprise that I believe that the Left launched and that which we have only seen the tip of the iceberg is the rogue FBI.  What will come in November and during the elections and counting the ballots?  What overt action will transpire to keep power in the hands of the toxic liberal ideologist?  America, we are at war, and the war’s roots go far beyond the political into the spiritual.  We are fighting principalities and powers of darkness seeking to destroy this nation. 

It is time to fall on our faces before God and cry out for Him to send forth His light and expose the darkness.  It is time to return to our moral moorings and begin to invest and involve ourselves in the oversight of our government.  Freedom is hanging in the balance!

God bless you and God bless America!


I am sobersidedly serious about the dangers one living in a Free Constitutional Republic can face becoming a political prisoner.  One would expect that in Russia, China, Cuba, or many of the other despotic tyrannical totalitarian governments of the world, but America?  How can this be?  Why would we tolerate it for one nano-second?  Why would Congress allow this type of action to transpire? 

Just in case there is someone who has not been apprised of one of the many illegal and unethical actions of the man occupying the White House called the President is urging the FBI to find crimes committed by his political opponents.  What?  That is not America! Well, it is not what the Constitutional allows, but unless and until someone steps up to the plate in Congress, the Courts, or there is a unified action by we the people, this will only get worse.

Information has surfaced via several current and former FBI agents to expose this dilemma.  They revealed it to the Washington Times.  Joe Biden has been and is urging the FBI to target MAGA Republicans and label them domestic terrorists and he characterizes all in that category as semi-fascists.  His very actions are a prime example of fascism at work.  It is equivalent to the actions of Hitler in Nazi Germany and a myriad of other despots in history. 

The sanctimonious plea that he is somehow fighting for the soul of America is being exposed as beyond hypocritical it is diabolical and destructive.  They keep harping that the Republicans, Trump, and those who support him are destroying the foundations of our democracy.  (We are a Republic, not a Democracy).  This type of action is weakening our political foundations as a Free Country. 

I do not know whether to call this a shameless display of audacity or evidence of his dementia.  What I do know is that it is not only divisive and inflammatory it is deadly destructive.  If this is allowed, what is to prevent him or future presidents from issuing an executive order outlawing any dissent or disagreement?  If this is not challenged and forced to end, we are doomed as the Free Constitutional Republic of our founding. 

Scandals and targeting political opponents are not new, but this is so far beyond the scope of anything previously experienced in the past that it is frightening.  This is the first time, to my knowledge, that a sitting president has used governmental agencies (FBI, DOJ, CIA, DOD, IRS, Homeland, etc.) to actively target and harass political opponents and their supporters.  Have we truly plunged into the abyss of corruption and totalitarianism to the level that this is allowable? 

The FBI is charged with investigating crimes not going on fishing expeditions to find a crime and prosecute it.  That is so filled with dangers one could easily see how this could morph into the creation of crimes to accuse someone of committing.  It could become fraught with the dangers seen in communist and totalitarian nations where crimes are fabricated and incarcerations or executions the result.  Is that where we are?  That should frighten even those on the Left, for in totalitarian governments even those on the same side become targets if deemed a threat to the totalitarian’s power.

Not to stir the pot too much, but there has been at least one FBI whistleblower who has come forth with allegations that the FBI schemed to distort the January 6th situation into a nationwide ‘domestic violent extremism’ epidemic.  If that is true, we are nearer the precipice of destruction than I have been willing to believe. 

This individual alleged that the FBI failed to follow standard investigative practices for the January 6th cases.  The accusation was that they sought to make it appear that this was a nationwide epidemic of terrorism by those supporting Donald Trump.  The allegation alleges that the misrepresentation of data and the artificial categorization scheme allowed the FBI hierarchy to claim there was a significant increase in domestic violent extremism.  Of course, all the DVE (domestic violent extremism) is purportedly coming from MAGA Republicans while ignoring the rioting and criminality of the Leftist since and before the 2020 elections.

This individual made a shocking allegation.  He said that the FBI hierarchy inappropriately and unnecessarily prioritized the January 6th cases.  He alleged that they were told, “child sexual abuse material investigations were no longer an FBI priority and should be referred to local law enforcement agencies.”  His allegations come on the heels of two other whistleblowers making similar accusations.

Are we living in a time when the political powers are overtly using the full force and power of federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies to silence all dissension?  We know that whistleblowers have informed members of Congress that “the Hunter Biden laptop was off-limits.”  We watched the nefarious protectionism in the 2016 elections as the FBI protected Hillary Clinton and her camp even in the face of glaring criminality, perjury, and obstruction of justice.  We no longer have a true federal law enforcement arm; we have a political weapon for the Left. 

I am stunned that polls would indicate that the majority of voters realize that Joe Biden and his party are dividing the country yet seem willing to vote for them again.  Are we so blinded by our political bias that we are unable or unwilling to see the truth and see the handwriting on the wall?  The age-old definition of insanity is “Doing the same thing expecting a different result.”  Are we so devoted to our political bias and so unwilling to admit error that we are willing to participate in our own destruction?

If 58.7 percent of the voters see this that should be a sign of our return to sanity.  However, that same poll indicated that 43.6 percent of the Democrats believe Biden has unified the country.  What country are they talking about, it cannot be the United States.  In that poll, 92.8 percent and 64.1 percent of Republicans and Independents respectively believe he is dividing dangerously.

It is incumbent on all freedom-loving and thinking people to pay attention and become involved in the process of government.  If we the people are the true owners of government, as the founders suggested, then our failure to give oversight and hold others accountable is to participate in the destruction.  We have lost all reason in this modern age and are allowing extremists activists groups to push their agendas with the backing of the power of the federal government to our hurt.  We have allowed the government to steal the rightful authority and responsibility of our children from the parents and place it in the hands of governmental appointees. 

We have abandoned true science, the Bible, and reason? Our religious freedoms are in the crosshairs of destruction.  It is becoming unsafe to use any language that is not PC-approved.  It is unsafe to stand for your religious and moral convictions.  It is unsafe to voice dissent toward the Leftists in power.  They use various agencies and social media to attack you personally, socially, politically, and economically.  What will it take for them to attack us physically?  Wait, in some incidences that are happening.

America, I ask, “Are We Willing to Allow Political Dissent to Be Made A Crime?”  Right now, that is dissent toward the toxicity of the liberal leftist agenda.  But, if this is allowed to stand, it could become a normal tactic of those in power.  That would be our end, or is it already our end?  We MUST not let this type of antics stand.  We MUST unite and reclaim our Republic.

God bless you and God bless America!