Some have suggested that the Deep State is making dangerous inroads of influence in the Trump Administration and we should all be concerned.  I have asked myself, “Is there cause for concern?”  I must confess that there are some signs of the creeping influence of Globalism in this administration and that does concern me.  I would also say, that by and large, I believe that the President is committed to keeping as many of his campaign promises as possible.  One significant problem, in my view, is the left-leaning of some family members especially Ivanka and Jared.  I know she has the ear of her father and apparently, Jared does as well, possibly more than any of his other children and more than some of his closest confidantes.  I am not ready to call it a loss but with each new situation regarding firings or resignations, there are questions.

You may or may not like Steve Bannon, but from all I can gather in research and reading and listening to his enunciated beliefs, his patriotism and the role he played in helping to galvanize the Trump campaign impressed me.  I, as do others, believe that he has the intellectual ability, the spine, and vision to place a roadblock in the unprecedented and unchecked growth and expansion of the behemoth federal bureaucracy that now exists.  He apparently was forced out of the White House by some of the more moderate-liberal globalist minded members of the administration.  Yes, I know he reportedly resigned and both he and the President suggest it is to allow him a more unrestrained venue to lead the fight from outside the administration.  However, the Deep State believes it succeeded in having him removed.  Are they, right?  If so, that should be of great concern to all of us. 

William Marshall, in his recent article, “Has the Deep State Won?” suggested a comparison to Great Britain during WWII and their fight against the Nazis had Winston Churchill resigned.  His question was, “Could England have survived?”  My answer is, “No, they could not.”  I don’t think it is a fair to compare Bannon to Churchill or the current situation with the fight against Hitler and Nazi Germany but it does raise questions that we need to consider.  Bannon, I believe, holds the view that is consistent with our Framers and Founders that government answers to the people, not vice versa.  The voices in the President’s ear are too often voices that, at least somewhat, embrace the Establishment view of government and are not opposed it its growth and power.

But moving beyond Bannon and others who embraced views consistent with the Constitution and Limited Government, this administration has a golden opportunity to expose the fraud, ineptitude, malfeasance, incompetence, and criminality of the previous administration.  Will he bring that to fruition?  Not with people like H.R. McMaster in the NSA.  Judicial Watch has battled the Obama administration in court seeking the release of Freedom of Information requests that keep being hidden and stonewalled.  Sadly, the Trump DOJ has not taken the necessary steps to release documents that are legally allowed and would advance the cause of Constitutional Conservativism and provide a direct hit on the Deep State and expose the corruption in Washington like little else.  My concern is why they have not?  The whitewashing of Benghazi has troubled me from the beginning and the Trump administration owes it to the public to fully disclose the truth behind the non-response of the Obama Administration and the Clinton State Department in that attack.

I have recently discovered that the Deep State bureaucracy through the State Department’s Agency for International Development (USAID) has been granting MILLIONS to George Soros-sponsored hard-left non-governmental organizations that seek to undermine pro-American governments in several countries.  Is the President aware of this?  I don’t know, but someone in his administration is and the persons at the head of that list should be the Secretary of State, the director of the NSA, and General Kelly his chief of Staff.  Are they?  If not, why not?  Is the Deep State that efficient in hiding its activities or is it so entrenched it does not have to hide?  Both are of concern to this American.

There are rumors that Bannon and others are planning to launch a media network to replace Fox News which is becoming increasingly liberal and assuredly moderate in its position.  If he does and is successful then he could possibly be a powerful voice outside the White House in the fight against Big Government, the Deep State, the DC Swamp, and political elitism.  There are judges and ambassadors, holdovers from the Obama administration who are ultra-liberal hardcore leftists that should have been replaced within the first month of this new administration but certainly nine months in.  The MSM, the Democrats, the Deep State, the Leftist, the Establishment Republicans, and the Never Trumpist are working 24/7/365 to end Trump’s presidency or at a minimum make it impotent and incapable of addressing the promised agenda.  The Deep State believes it is winning and from what I see in Congress and some of the changes in the Trump White House, I am concerned.  No, I have not given up hope and believe that the President has and is doing some good and am praying that enough people will put pressure on the Republicans in Congress to get behind the campaign promises to effect positive change and action going forward.  We can make a major impact in the mid-term elections in 2018 and in 2020 we could make significant strides in REPLACEMENT of the Statist to put the Deep State on notice that we are serious and will not give up or give in.  It is truly up to us and for that reason, we must PRAY earnestly, WORK diligently and tirelessly, and VOTE without fail.

            God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!




BLOG POST 1 - Snowflake

As I have watched what has been happening across America, listening to the MSM, the various activist, and observing the cities and University campuses a question keeps coming to mind.  That question is, “Are we truly so fragile as a society that we must have the ‘safe spaces’ and ‘provided counseling’ when someone advances an idea that opposes our own?”  I do not mean to issue a blanket categorization or direct that question toward most of Americans but those who are at the forefront of the Political Correctness that is ravaging our nation and society are my targets.

When any University is willing to completely shut down a gathering of fraternities and sororities because someone threw a banana peel in a tree rather than a trash can that is a danger signal.  This act (the banana peel) apparently caused such trauma in the heart and mind of a student he went to the administration and told them he felt threatened and needed a “safe space”.  The action was immediate and the University announced they would be providing “safe spaces” and “counseling” for those who felt threatened by the dreaded banana peel and the gathering canceled.  God forbid if it had been a bomb, I’m not sure they could have recovered.

When there is rioting at Berkley University causing the University to cancel conservative speakers because the students don’t want to hear someone exercise their 1st Amendment Right of Free Speech because it disagrees with their views, we expose a deep societal problem. Conservative Ben Shapiro’s planned speech at Berkley prompted the MSM and University official to declare that “Berkley is bracing for Shapiro’s appearance and are providing “safe spaces” and “counseling” for those who feel threatened by a conservative viewpoint.”  Are we that fragile?  I am serious!  Are we that fragile, so filled with anxiety, insecurity, political correctness, lacking in self-esteem, and have such a sense of entitlement that we need to be protected from any views opposite of our own, even when our views are not our own but those of the string pullers we follow?

If we are THEN…  Then what?  If we are there is truly the need for “counseling.”  If this is the case then those who are so traumatized that they need a “safe space” to color in their coloring books and sing Kumbaya NEED SERIOUS COUNSELING.  They need it because somebody in the lives has failed them miserably.  They need it because they are sick in a way that makes them a danger to themselves and society as a whole.  Part of growing up, becoming responsible adults, and learning the necessary skill of interacting with others is learning to accept different opinions and views.  No, I did not say embrace them, endorse them, or agree with them but tolerate them and recognize that as human beings, created by God.  As American citizens, we have the right to THINK and BELIEVE what we choose.

A healthy society is not made up of cookie-cutter views where everybody embraces and adopts the Politically Correct View mandated by certain groups or activists.  A healthy society has an open and honest debate on the issues.  Our, Constitutional and Inalienable Rights afford us the privilege of thinking what we choose, believing what we will, and peacefully declaring our views.  That is part of Freedom of Speech and the 1st Amendment.  There is no provision for people to cover their faces, take baseball bats and attempt to kill anyone disagreeing with them.  There is no provision for seeking to eradicate all thought, speech, and/or people of different skin color or views than your own.  The provision is that each of us, in a peaceful manner, has the right to express our views.  If you disagree then debate in a civil manner.  If you disagree and it upsets, you greatly do not attend the meeting where the views are expressed.  Any attempt to suppress Free Speech in the name of Free Speech is a diabolical perversion of our Constitutional Rights it should be condemned by both Left and Right, but it isn’t.

If you are so insecure in what you believe that you feel threatened to the point of needing a “safe space” or “counseling” to help you cope, your problem is you, not the opposing views.  The problem is inside of you.  Are parents raising children to believe they can demand that NO ONE speak anything they do not want to hear in their presence?  Are schools teaching that only the Leftist views of life, politics, and morality are acceptable?  Our government, learning institutions, some churches, and too many homes are enabling this kind of mindset and by doing so we are destroying ourselves.  America’s greatest threat is not evil powers on the outside attacking us but destructive views like those on display in the ANTIFA, the BLM, and all the Leftist Activist Groups.  Yes, views like the KKK and Supremacists are equally destructive and we should condemn them all and teach the next generation that it is okay to disagree.  We need to teach our children that someone holding a different view is not a mortal threat.  We need to teach our children to investigate for themselves and form views their own not those of some college professor, politician or angry activist whose focus is not the betterment of society but its destruction.  We MUST move away from SELFISHNESS and SELF-CENTEREDNESS and become responsible mature adults able to deal with diverse opinions without running for cover and insisting they be silenced.  Counter the arguments you disagree with by using and offering factual information do not simply resort to rhetorical and vitriolic talking points and resorting to violence.

America, we can recover but ONLY if we STOP THE INSANITY of allowing this to continue.  God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!



BLOG POST 2 - Power

Barack Hussein Obama, not Donald J Trump, in my humble opinion, is the abuser.  President Obama initiated the DACA program on November 20, 2014, via Executive Order as an effort to provide protection to children of illegals from deportation.  He had no authority to do that because immigration legislation is under the purview of Congress and His job is not to write legislation but to enforce the law.  His action was one of many acts that could be called a coup of seizing Congressional Power and making the Executive Branch a totalitarian and authoritarian branch not one of three branches with checks and balances.  Remember he said, “I am president and I can do what I want,” and “I have a pen and phone, and if Congress doesn’t act, I will go it alone.”  Neither of those statements is legally sound constitutionally but reflect the mindset of a Tyrant and would-be Dictator not an elected President of a Constitutional Republic.

The Constitution of these United States of America makes no provision for the President to set immigration policy.  His DACA order was designed to delay deportation of illegal immigrants and that authority falls under the oversight of the Immigration and Naturalization Services Department.  The federal rules for that department can only be set by Congress.  Article I, Section 8, clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that ONLY Congress shall have the power “To establish a Uniform Rule of Naturalization.”  If goes on to affirm that all legislative powers shall reside in Congress, which is to be composed of a House of Representatives and a Senate.  Therefore, Mr. Obama, your actions were illegal, and Congress you shirked your duties in not challenging him and acting to provide such legislation to address the matter.  The judiciary also failed in this, although there were some rulings that clearly declared Mr. Obama’s actions outside the scope of his authority.  Yet, only now with the election of Donald Trump do we have anyone in Washington willing to do the right thing.  Congress hates his repeal of the Obama Executive Order and places the ball squarely in the court of Congress forcing them to do their constitutional duty.

Barack Obama publicly declared over 20 times that he had no such authority.  He knew he did not have the constitutional or legal authority to unilaterally change any immigration laws, BUT HE DID.  Several of his overreaches were overturned by the Supreme Court, but he continued and Congress sat on their hands even with Republicans in control of the House and later both Houses of Congress.  WHO IS TO BLAME?  Barack Obama and Congress are guilty.  The GOP Establishment has willingly gone along with Mr. Obama and the Democrats while shouting from the rooftops they were in opposition to his policies.  However, when given a golden opportunity to actually repeal many of his illegal acts, they resist and refuse to act.  WHERE IS MY BROOM?  They must go!

Barack Obama repeatedly bypassed Congress using Executive Orders to rewrite or amend, the rules regarding immigration and numerous other laws.  He changed the application, definition, and selectively enforced various laws ILLEGALLY.  Yet, there has been little more than a whimper from the GOP but when it comes to Donald Trump they join the chorus of the Leftist shouting ABUSE OF POWER or OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.  Where were the cries and action when Barack Obama was abusing his power and obstructing justice?  Do you remember during his first term, he immediately introduced the $800 BILLION American Recovery and Reinvestment Acts (ARRA) which allowed him to work around existing Federal Laws?  He used his army of bureaucrats and czars to rewrite existing laws.  That virtually made him a Dictator, not an elected American President subject to the other two branches of government in checks and balances.  He was fulfilling his expressed belief that he was president and could do whatever he wanted.  In that act, there is a sentence that sent red flags to the roof for many of us but ignored by Congress and often the Courts.  It reads, “The Presidents and the heads of Federal departments and agencies shall manage and expend the funds made available in this Act so as to achieve the purposes specified in subsection (a)…”   Simply, that meant that the President and his czars could spend money on policies chosen by Barack Obama and that is one of the ways that the former president raised the national debt by $10 TRILLION in just 8 years.

Those are just a couple of the dozens of actions he took to strip Congress of its power, bypass the courts, and ignore the wishes of the American people.  It should be no surprise the national credit rating was downgraded and the federal budget allowed to spiral upward out of control burying us in debt.  What his actions did was place the power of Washington in the hands of the Democrats and leftist because the GOP is showing no signs of being willing to STOP THIS, DRAIN THE SWAMP, and deal with the DEEP STATE.  Nobody in DC seems to have the intestinal fortitude or spine to deal with the mandatory spending and return it to fiscal sanity.  Congress has been complicit in this effort to diminish the role and power of WE THE PEOPLE.  We can only survive if we seriously investigate the corruption of Washington, deal with the Deep State, evict the Statist, and Drain the Swamp.  Most of Congress needs to be given the Left foot of Fellowship and sent home.  WHAT WILL WE DO IN 2018???

God, bless you and God bless America!

THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT – We Must Maintain to Survive…

BLOG POST 2 - Separation of Powers

There has been much ado about Donald Trump’s action of repealing Barack Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional DACA Program.  There is no mention of the multiple times that then President Barack Obama declared that he did not have the authority via Executive Fiat to ignore America’s immigration laws.  He asserted, rightly, that Congress must pass the laws and then once signed into law the President must enforce those laws and the Courts must interpret them.  He repeatedly said, “I do not have the power or authority” and then acted unilaterally bypassing Congress and the courts and used his Executive Pen to do what he said he had no authority to do.

Donald Trump promised in the campaign to reverse Obama’s actions and his action on DACA is, hopefully, the right one.  I understand the dilemma, ethically, morally, and even legally in dealing with the children who were brought here having no say in the matter by their parents.  Their parents brought them into the United States illegally.  I understand this is the only home they have ever known and some of them are functioning as productive members of society and making valuable contributions.  I understand this is a sensitive matter and one that most find complicated and fraught with issues that have the potential to open a difficult can of worms.

HOWEVER, I believe Donald Trump was right in his action to rescind the illegal and unconstitutional action of Barack Obama on the matter.  He took an additional step that, in my view, was a wise one.  He has given Congress six-months do pass a comprehensive set of immigration laws and laws to deal with this issue in a manner that is right and workable for everyone while protecting our national sovereignty.  His end game may be to provide amnesty as some are suggesting but Donald Trump expressed, during the campaign, an understanding of our system of government and that this was a matter for Congress.  Congress has sidestepped the matter for years and would continue to do so, had President Trump not taken this action.  NOW, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, Chuck Schumer, and Mitch McConnell the ball is in your court.  WHAT WILL YOU DO?

I have heard arguments from all sides on this matter and my purpose is not to advance a singular position on what to do with the reported 800,000 Dreamers who are here illegally.  I am not without opinion on this matter but my focus in this article is not my opinion on what to do with them but whose responsibility it is to write legislation that deals with the matter IF the current legislation is deemed inappropriate.  It is the responsibility of Congress to write the Laws and if the Laws written are deemed acceptable to the President he can and will sign them.  At that point, it is the responsibility of the Department of Justice to fully and fairly enforce those laws without favoritism.  That is what I desire to see, which would be a return to Constitutional Government. 

Congress may pass laws that I do not like and the President might sign them.  I will argue against those laws I disagree with and attempt to elect people to the House and Senate who will overturn those Laws and write new Laws that are more consistent with my views and the Original Intent of the Framers and Founders of our Constitution.  We are or must be, a Nation of Laws and if the Constitution is not followed and our Laws are selectively enforced based on the political ideology of the occupant of the White House, we will lose the Republic.  If the President and DOJ can pick and choose in one area what is to prevent them from picking and choosing in other areas?  If they can suspend our rights on one matter without our consent what is to prevent them from doing so in other matters?  What I am concerned about is following the Constitution and the Rule of Law, which Barack Obama did not do, the Democrats are unwilling to do, and the cowardly Republicans demonstrate too much timidity for comfort.

If they do not do what they promised, it is incumbent upon you and me to VOTE THEM OUT and VOTE IN those who will do what the Constitution instructs.  We are the rightful overseers of government according to our Constitution and our greatest power is our vote and financial support.  If we can win enough elections we can get their attention and bring about real change in Washington.  Therefore, I urge you to stay alert, engaged, and active.  VOTE in every election from Dog Catcher to President and make your voice heard.

God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


BLOG POST 6 - Ashamed

NO, I AM NOT but it seems that many including Barack and Michelle Obama as well as many of the Leftist Democrats are.  Some have even said so, and Barack Obama, as president, went on an apology tour of the world decrying American Exceptionalism and citing what he claimed were our grave sins, dark past, and arrogance.  His words and deeds indicated that he believed and believes that America is an Evil Empire established by Evil Men with Evil Motives, on the backs of the Poor, especially those not white.  I found that offensive then and find it offensive now.  I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN even with the reality of some of our dark past, and failures.  I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN because of our Founding Principles and our System of Government which affords anyone and everyone the right to Pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness.  We have existed with a system of Risk and Reward and although everyone will not rise to the top, there exists that possibility.  That is completely opposite of the Socialist Communist nations of the world.  Only the select of the elect who are chosen and designated can rise to the top and no matter how qualified or how rich your ideas are if you are relegated to a particular class, there you stay.

I don’t know about you but I’m fed up with the self-righteous whining of the Left about how ashamed they are to be American.  I’m fed up with the diatribe and blatant lies that we became a wealthy and prosperous nation “on the backs” of the “oppressed”.  I’m tired of hearing the spin that sounds as though no American ever earned anything for himself.  I’m tired of hearing how bad we treated various people.  What happened, happened but we, I thought, were moving forward and overcoming many of the stigmas and roadblocks for the advancement of our society UNTIL Barack H. Obama became president and we have turned back the clock 50 or more years.  I’m tired of hearing that the rich are still rich and the poor are still poor.  Even Jesus said, “The poor you will have with you always.”  Some will be poor no matter what opportunities are set before them.  That is not meant to be a condemnation but a facing of reality that some, for whatever reason, will never climb out of the poverty basement and up the ladder of success.

Most students in today’s schools, as well as many who are teaching history, have no clue regarding our 500-year history on the continent or our 241 years as a Republic.  They seem to pick out and focus on a few isolated incidents and periods of history and make them the whole.  I readily acknowledge the terribleness of Slavery but that does not define America or should not.  Slavery was not unique to America and the fact that only about 1.4% of the population owned slaves and that number included both blacks and whites who were slave-owners.  There were over 600,000 Americans killed in the Civil War and that is a tragic reflection of a time in our history where people on both sides of the many issues of the War stopped talking and resorted to force.  It is a lesson or should be and the current attempts to sanitize history by removing every reminder of the Civil War South does not help it further divides and that is tragic.

We have had some dark times in our American history other than slavery.  The Salem Witch Trials, the Trail of Tears, Wounded Knee, the decimation of the Great Plains bison herds and other incidents are tragic.  Some of our dark times have been rooted in carelessness, apathy, and evil but did not and do not reflect the mindset of the vast majority of the public.  In our system of Capitalism or Free-Enterprise some grow rich and others poor.  Some gain and some lose and to most rational people that are a normal part of life but to the Leftist, it is unthinkable that some could become rich while others become poor.  After all, we must make everything fair and even.  WE CAN’T.  WE WON’T.  WE NEVER WILL.  They ignore that our poor, much of the world would consider wealthy.  Our poor, for the most part, have hot and cold running water, indoor plumbing, electricity, TV’s, cell phones, automobiles, and food.  Cherry picking either the good or the bad will not help us move forward, that will only further divide our nation.

I realize that what I am about to say will get me in hot water with some but if we are going to continue to focus on what happened 100-200 years ago, and fail to focus on the present we are writing our own death-warrant.  I listened to some black leaders, as they discussed some of the issues facing that community and one of those leaders said, “Nobody is focusing on the data that 70% of black babies are born out of wedlock.  The home and family are fragmented and the absence of the father as a role model is doing incredible damage.”  Another said, “Yes, and two-thirds of black males grow up without a father in the home or influencing their lives because the government has eliminated the need for them to stay and do their duty.  Welfare and entitlements have done more damage to our people than anything done by anyone else.”  As the discussion continued there was lamenting of black youths gunning down other black youths because they have not been taught not to.  Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty did more to enslave people in the inner cities than anything I can think of.  When we force those in those communities into failing schools giving them no choice we guarantee failure.  WHY?  Why is the Left so adamant in their demand that we do not give choice to parents who want a better life for their children?  One reason is DEPENDENCE.  They want to keep people dependent on government and in so doing dependent on the Democrat Party the Party of Entitlements.

One of the darkest things of our past and present, in my mind, is Abortion on Demand.  We have taken the lives of 60 MILLION innocent unborn babies since 1973 and that blood is on our hands.  You may find my position objectionable but if you truly believe that EVERYONE has a right to Life then surely you want to protect those who cannot protect themselves.  What group among us is more unable to defend itself than the unborn?  We have evicted God from our public schools, banned Him and the biblical moral teaching from everything public and wonder why we have problems.  I am not asking that everyone believe what I believe but I am asking that we stop attempting to sanitize history, cease attempting to over protect everyone to the point that no one can have or express an opinion.  Freedom of Speech must be protected.  Freedom of Thought must be encouraged.  Personal Responsibility must be restored.  The Constitution must be honored, defended, and protected.  I ask that everyone who prays, pray for America.  I ask that everyone who loves the ideal of the Free Constitutional Republic where every can Pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness become involved, informed, and exercise your privilege and responsibility and VOTE.  Let’s clean up DC at the ballot box and in so doing we will get the attention of the entire Swamp and Deep State and notify them that we are serious about reclaiming our Republic.

God, bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!


ANTI-FA – Domestic Terrorism, Peaceful Protests, Clad Like ISIS…

BLOG POST 1 - Antifa Terrorist

The Leftist, MSM, Democrats, Activist, and some Republicans would have us believe that the ANTIFA Protesters are peaceful and justified in their actions.  The logic behind that is beyond comprehension but still, that is what we are told.  If you object to their violence and call them what they are, terrorist, you are branded as racist or some other colorful descriptive term meant to be derogatory and demeaning.  If you opposed Barack Obama you were a racist and if you support Donald Trump you are a racist, so they claim.

Let me ask, “If you cover your faces, dress in black like ISIS, carry baseball bats, clubs, knives, and/or guns in your protests are you truly seeking peace or presenting a valid representation of peacefulness?”  If someone comes at me with a baseball bat having their faces covered and dressed like an ISIS jihadist, I cannot be condemned for assuming their intent is other than peaceful.  If they come at me dressed and armed in that manner shouting filthy epithets in a vitriolic manner, I cannot be condemned for rightly assuming they intend to inflict bodily harm if not death.  Therefore, according to all laws of reason and self-defense, I would be justified in using whatever force necessary to protect myself, my possessions, and my family.  PEACEFUL is not a thought that comes to mind when I see these ANTIFA Protesters marching, shouting, beating, and inflicting harm and damage.  I see HATE, hear HATE, and find no ground upon which to build a healthy reasonable discussion for if you disagree they attempt to shout you down and then attack inflicting bodily harm. THAT IS TERRORISM.

If you who ascribe to the arguments of the Leftist and those protesting and your objective is, supposedly, to right the wrongs of society surely you realize that threatening and being violent will have the opposite effect.  If I come at me shouting angrily, covering my face, and waving your baseball bat and making threats, what reasonable person would expect me to consent to your demands and convert to your way of thinking?  You may force people, through terrorism, to submit momentarily but you have done nothing to change the hearts and will encourage those opposing your position to unify and meet your protests with equal solidarity and force.  I am convinced that the powers behind those protests do now seek unification but violence.  I believe they desire to create an even greater chasm between segments of society and ethnicities for political purposes with the ultimate intent being CONTROL. 

There have been wrongs in our American history and society in the past, present, and will continue into the future.  You may be successful in gaining standing in the Congress and in the Courts to enact Politically Correct Laws that embrace your views but will that solve the problems you believe exist?  NO!  It will further divide and fan the embers of distrust which will begin to burn in anger and erupt in hate leaving bloodshed the only option in the minds of many.  That is the most tragic end of this scenario but one that is becoming increasingly likely because of the cowardice of Congress, the Courts, the MSM, Democrats, and Republicans to acknowledge what the FBI, NSA, and Homeland did years earlier – The ANTIFA Protesters are Domestic Terrorist.  No, I am not justifying the KKK, White Supremacists, or any group that hates another based on ethnicity or skin color.   I am asserting that we cannot ignore the violence and damage being inflicted by these protesters and should condemn the violence and hate that is being presented and demonstrated.

Even some of the leading Democrats have acknowledged that the ANTIFA Protesters are doing bad things and some of them are bad people.  Donald Trump was right when he said there was blame on both sides.  No, I will not give anyone a free pass based on some atrocities of the past.  Each person is responsible for their actions and must be held accountable for their choices in life.  One former Republican and member of the Reagan and the elder Bush’s administrations has tweeted that Donald Trump’s repealing Barack Obama’s unconstitutional DACA Plan confirms that all Trump supporters are racist.  He went on to say, “If you don’t like it, (blank you).  How professional and tolerant this former member of the Reagan team is in that kind of language and divisiveness.  That will help bring all parties to the table and discuss concerns that all sides hold, won’t it?  YOU KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT.

When public officials order the police to stand down and the police administration demonstrate they do not have the intestinal fortitude to disregard any order that endangers the public we encourage lawlessness and anarchy.  If the objective is a second civil war in America, then that plan will achieve its desired end.  If the objective, as stated by some, is to resolve differences then we need to enforce the law, leave the face coverings at home as well as the clubs and bats and have an honest open debate on the issues.  America’s wounds can be healed but only through a return to God and retention or return to our moral moorings and constitutional foundations.  Just because someone disagrees with your position or desired objective does not make them a lesser class of citizen.  I will defend everyone’s 1st Amendment Rights but also insist they express those views in a peaceful manner.

If you hide your face, dress like an ISIS jihadist, and carry a baseball bat I will not attempt to engage you in peaceful conversation.  I will stand my ground and defend my life, family, and property as is my God-given and Constitutional Right.  Call me whatever you please but violence is not the solution and does not make your cause more righteous.  If you don’t want to be called a TERRORIST stop engaging in TERRORISM.

God, bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 7 - Questions

The Main Stream Media, the Democrats, Leftist, and Activist that are opposed to everything on the Right know how to ask the questions which will, in their minds, prove their point.  It reminds me of my Ordination interview when one of the preachers on the panel asked tried to be funny and asked an impossible question.  He said, “I am going to ask you a Yes or No question.”  I suspected a rat and said, “Okay.”  He asked, “Are you still beating your wife?”  Remember this was to be a Yes or No question and regardless of how you answered that question under those guidelines you were in hot water.  I hesitated a moment and watched the snickering and sly smiles on the faces of the entire panel.  I looked up and said, “I know that was meant to be funny but it is a question designed to embarrass me and therefore I answer it this way, I am not nor have I ever engaged in that kind of behavior.”  His face clouded because I took his fun, at my expense away from him.  That is what is happening to Donald Trump and virtually all conservatives today by the media.

The media asked Donald Trump if he would denounce David Duke and the KKK in the Primaries and during the campaign as many as 15-20 times and each time he denounced them.  He even did so years prior to becoming a candidate.  They did not listen and continue to ask the question for the purpose of framing in the minds of those listening that Trump had not or was reluctant to denounce Racism.  They did not care what he had said in the past and by asking the question again, they believed they would achieve their goal of painting him a racist.  They were right for many.  Today, I hear people recite the talking points of the Left and claim that Trump is pro-white supremacy and therefore racist.  In the Charlottesville situation, he denounced racism and rightly identified that there was violence on both sides.  That, to the Left, is blasphemy because there cannot be violence or racism among those on the Left.  They are evening attempting to relate the Antifa protesters who came in with bats and clubs as being like the WWII soldiers who resisted the Nazis in Germany.  Seriously?  If you believe that nothing I can say will help you remove the veil over your eyes, so I will just shake my head and move.

CBS spent an entire day where there was nothing on the news except the Charlottesville story and largely directed at Donald Trump and their claim that he refused to condemn the supremacist.  They went and found three women who were Trump supporters, two black women, and one white.  All three shattered their narrative and reaffirmed their support for Trump and rejected the claims of racism by the media.  CBS was shocked because they like the rest of the liberal media do not believe that anyone exists that thinks rationally and sees through the false narrative of the Left.  Of course, they were able to find some ‘so-called’ Republicans who would sign on to the racism claim and denounce the Republican Party as being the Party of Segregation and Racism.  History does not support their claims and those claiming to be conservative and Republican were seeking an “Atta boy” from the Media and their moment before the camera nationally.   Everything President Trump does from the pardon of Sheriff Joe to the ending DACA that Obama had illegally and unconstitutionally put in place is considered a sign of racism and an endorsement of bigoted and racist views.  Facts and truth are unimportant to them for those get in the way of their narrative and agenda.

On June 12, 1936, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, at the unveiling of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Statue, in Dallas, Texas made an interesting statement.  He said, “I am very happy to take part in the unveiling of the statue of General Robert E. Lee.  All over the United States, we recognize him as a great leader of men, a great general.  But, also, all over the United States I believe that we recognize him as something much more important than that.  We recognize Robert E. Lee as one of our greatest American Christians and one of our greatest American gentlemen.”  Hold the Fort!  Does that mean that the Antifa crowd and the Leftist Media will now go after FDR and demand that he be purged from history as well?

Hamilton star, Leslie Odom, Jr. is in favor of taking down statues of both Washington and Jefferson because, after all, they were as Barack Obama said, evil White men and they owned slaves.  It does not matter what they did to try to set the stage for the eradication of that blight on our society and nation.  No, their crimes were that they owned slaves and were white males, therefore they are vile and history must not mention them again.  He is joined by many others on the left including a Chicago pastor who wants the name of parks in Chicago to be changed from Washington and Jackson because they are offensive and symbolize racism.  WHERE DOES IT END?

How many are taught that White Nationalism had its roots in the Democratic Party in the Post War South and the KKK was founded by Democrats and the late Senator Robert Byrd was a member of that organization?  Senator Byrd was once elected a top officer – the Exalted Cyclops, whatever that might be in his local Klan unit in the early 1940’s.  He once vowed to never fight in the military with “race mongrels” or “with a Negro by my side.”  Hillary Clinton called him her friend and mentor.  Are they going to go after the statues of Senator Byrd?  Senators Al Gore, Sr. and J. William Fulbright, a man that Bill Clinton dedicated a memorial voted against the Civil Rights Act.  Senator Byrd has the distinction of being the only senator to vote against the only two black Supreme Court Nominees, Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas and led a 52-day filibuster against civil rights legislation.  DEMOCRATS have been at the forefront of opposing legislation designed to help blacks.  They have not led the charge to free the slaves, as did Lincoln’s Republicans and have resisted time and again to keep segregation alive.

Donald Trump honestly identified that there was blame on both sides in Charlottesville, unlike Barack Obama who quickly stepped up to castigate the police wrongly and defend Black Lives Matter when they were wrong.  Obama fanned the flames of racism and targeting the police at a memorial for slain police officers.  WHO IS THE RACIST?  WHO IS FANNING THE FLAMES OF DISCORD?  President Donald Trump can answer the question honestly and clearly denounce racism of all kinds but because he is the hated enemy the MSM, the Leftist, Activist, Democrats, and Never Trump Republicans are selectively deaf.  It is a situation where no matter what he says, HE IS CONDEMNED.  I pray that those of us who want what was promised in the campaign and want to see America restored to her rightful constitutional status, the Deep State defeated, and the Swamp drained will not be swayed by the rhetoric and false accusations of the media.  You can accuse me of being a Trump apologist if you choose but what I am an apologist for is TRUTH and what is being reported is not the truth.

God, bless you and God bless America.