Before the first shots were fired at Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775, the seeds of Independence and Freedom had been sown in the hearts of many in the American colonies.  Our struggle for Freedom stretched from 1775-1783 and the many examples of the Providence of God are inspiring.  In April 1775 the armed conflict began at Lexington and Concord with the ‘shot heard around the world.’  France entered the revolution in 1778, siding with the American colonist and shifted the war from an internal civil war into an international conflict. 

When the British surrendered at Yorktown, Virginia, in 1781, the Americans had effectively won their independence, but the war did not formally end until 1783.  The colonists led by George Washington, John and Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, and John Jay among others detailed their grievances to the British Crown in September 1774.  Their efforts were summarily dismissed and were ignored.  In May 1775 they met again to authorize further action, but by that time fighting had already begun. 

The Second Continental Congress convened in Philadelphia adding Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson to the mix.  They voted to form a Continental Army and appointed George Washington as the Commanding General to lead the military efforts of the colonies.  The Battle of Bunker Hill inflicted heavy damage on the British forces led by General William Howe. The British ultimately won the battle but it gave hope and impetus to the American cause inspiring them to continue their struggle for freedom. 

By June of 1776, the war was in full bloom, and on July 4th the Continental Congress voted to adopt the edited version of the Declaration of Independence.  That document was the work of a five-man committee including Franklin, John Adams, and Jefferson.  Jefferson is credited with being the most significant contributor and the author of that illustrious and powerful document.  The British response was to send a fleet of over 34,000 troops to New York to crush the insurrection. 

The British routed the colonists on Long Island and forced Washington to retreat and evacuate New York by September 1776.  He shocked the British with a surprise attack in Trenton, New Jersey, on Christmas night and won a victory that reinvigorated the enthusiasm and hope of freedom in the troops and colonists.  By the fall of 1781, the American forces had forced Cornwallis to withdraw to the Yorktown peninsula in Virginia.  Washington moved against Yorktown with 14,000 troops and 26 French warships which trapped the British blocking their possible retreat.  Cornwallis was forced to surrender on October 19, 1781. 

Cornwallis claimed illness and send his second, Charles O’Hara to formally surrender.  O’Hara approached the French General Rochambeau to surrender his sword, but the Frenchman deferred to Washington who nodded to his second, Benjamin Lincoln to accept the sword.  One slight was met with another and the spirit of pride and independence has long lived in the hearts of Americans and is part of what has made America the Great Nation she has been and still is.

We are standing at another crossroads in our history and the entire world is watching.  This nation has long been known, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  We have long been viewed as a beacon of enduring hope, and a place of genuine promise.  On Ellis Island, Lady Liberty stands with her torch raised high and immigrants from all walks of life and all over the globe come and see that as a beacon of hope.  The American Dream was alive and has been thriving for over 240 years and is now in the cross-hairs of destruction and fundamental transformation. 

Is the American Dream dead?  I hope not.  I am proud to be an American and proudly honor the flag that waves over this land and provides the symbol that declares our belief in Life, Liberty, and the right to pursue Happiness.  Former President Barack Obama went on a world tour apologizing for America and decrying the idea of American exceptionalism.  I took offense and still do when anyone verbally or visibly disrespects this nation, the land of my birth. 

Tragically, many seem to have forgotten where we came from and what has made this nation the Great Symbol of Hope she has been for more than two centuries.  We did not become a superpower and a great nation by osmosis or accident.  It was the result of following the principles of liberty espoused in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution and embraced by our Founders.  It was more than simply having great ideas that have made America great.  I believe that America has been great, in part, because she has embraced good and followed key moral and biblical principles.

Have we failed and sinned, at times?  Yes!  Have we fallen short of the founding principles, at times?  Yes!  But America has been an international defender of freedom, and often a rescuer in times of crisis.  I would never insist that we have always made the right choices, acted morally or rightly, and pursued the right things with the right motives.  That assertion would be an insult to history.  However, our core principles and constitution are based on the right, the good, the moral, and provides the pathway to being and doing right.

I contend that on this celebration of our Independence we must remember that freedom must be passed as a legacy from generation to generation.  We must never lose sight of the reality that we are always one generation away from losing our freedom and liberty.  Essentially, we are always one election away from despotism, tyranny, and fundamental transformation. 

Hard work, willingness to risk, and dare to dream have been key factors in our success but are not the real reason for our greatness as a republic.  Our real source of greatness is found in our recognition of our Creator and His granting us providence and inalienable rights that we have defended.  At our beginning, we dedicated ourselves to the purposes of God and until more recent history have honored God as the true source of many of our blessings.  We have drifted from those moorings and if we want to keep America great and free, we must return to our founding principles. 

That is why I will vote in November to keep America free and therein keep America great.  I will vote against the globalists, liberals, progressives, socialists who want to strip from us our freedoms and liberties and become our overlords.  I will vote for President Trump and vote to defeat every liberal leftist on the ballot.

God bless you and God bless America!


As we near our celebration of America’s Independence from Great Britain the American Constitution must be brought to the forefront of our discussion.  Why?  Because it has been tarnished and trashed by politicians for too long.  It has been misinterpreted and misapplied by politicians and members of academia for too long.  In our beginning, everyone understood and studied the constitution but in today’s America, few have any real knowledge of that critical document.

We hear politicians and academics declare what they want it to mean and accept that as fact.  We hear jurists define what it means and accept that as fact.  In our formative years as a nation, the citizens from the most uneducated to the most educated there was the pursuit to inform everyone of the principles, declarations, provisions, protections, and prohibitions of that document.  Why?  Because the Constitution was the Law of the Land and America’s guiding document. 

It is an incredibly simple and straightforward document.  It is incredibly easy to understand and can literally be read in less than half an hour.  If you listen to politicians, academics, and some jurist you would think it is so overly complicated that only those with advanced degrees in constitutional law could possibly understand it.  That was not the intent nor is it the intended reality.  Our Founders desired that everyone would know what was in it, understand it, and live securely under its governance.  That ship sailed long ago, and we have become ignorant of what the Constitution provides and that has allowed the devious political elite to usurp it and strip us of our liberties.  That must change!

One popular student text in our formative years was the 1828 Catechism on the Constitution compiled by Arthur Stansbury.  That was a textbook for elementary students.  The Federalist Papers testify to the simplicity of the Constitution and were written in 1787-1788 by Madison, Hamilton, and Jay.  They did not fill those writings with legal mumbo-jumbo and legalese too difficult for the average citizen to understand.  They wrote in plain language and were incredibly effective in introducing the constitution to the citizenry. 

Elementary students mastered the Constitution and the most complex portions of it were understood by the average citizen.  They understood and sought to know, enjoyed the provisions, and were able to keep politicians in check due to their knowledge.  Knowledge is one of the greatest deterrents to tyranny and when we allowed ourselves to become ignorant of our Constitutional rights, privileges, liberties, freedoms, and the restraints on government we became the prey of the political ruling class.  We did it and they took advantage of it.

It is estimated that only 1 in 1,000 citizens can name the five basic guarantees of the 1st Amendment.  Those being freedom of religion, press, speech, assembly, and petition.  It is because we do not know the Constitution that we are oppressed, and our rights violated and infringed upon.  That is the reason that politicians are able to govern unconstitutionally and then redefine the Constitution to fit their method of governance.  They have been backed by the activist on the courts and even the Supreme Court has been complicit in the usurpation of our Constitutional guarantees.

For the first century and a half, the simple and uncomplicated philosophy of America was that the Constitution was to be interpreted with an Originalist or Original Intent view.  Thomas Jefferson wrote to Supreme Court Justice William Johnson a powerful guide that we need to reinstitute today.  He said, “On every question of construction, carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed.” 

Congress has long ignored that view, as have many of the courts.  Ignoring the constitutional guidelines, provisions, prohibitions, and guarantees introduced the Progressive Income Tax.  American ignorance of the intent of the founders and possibly in our envy and desire to shift responsibility from ourselves to the federal government to provide we adopted a Constitutional Amendment that made that action constitutional.  It is but it violates the Original Intent, yet it is where we are.

American exceptionalism is revealed in the Declaration of Independence’s first two paragraphs.  There are six fundamental principles found in the wording expressing the hearts and minds of our Founders and the Framers.  Let me list them and you muse on them and study them.

  1. There is a Creator.
  2. Inalienable Rights come from God.
  3. Government is to Protect our Inalienable Rights.
  4. There is an Absolute and Fixed Moral Law.
  5. There Must be the Consent of the Governed.
  6. We have the Right to Alter, Abolish, or Create a New Government.

Our first President and the Father of our Country, George Washington, in his ‘Farewell Address’ issued a warning that we need to be reminded of as we consider America’s future.  He argued that we must always be careful in our attempt to change the meaning of the Constitution.  He said, “If, in the opinion of the people, the distribution or the modification of the constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates.  But let there be no change by usurpation, for (this) is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed.”  

Today’s politicians believe they can interpret the document and modify it without our approval and that must change.  Many of the jurists sitting on court benches believe they are the final word in defining the intent and meaning of the constitution and that must change.  Some presidents do not believe they are obligated or bound by that document and that must never be allowed to prevail.  If we will, once again, become informed we can reclaim our Republic and see her restored to Constitutional governance.  That is what I am voting for in November and pray you will as well. 

God bless you and God bless America! 


I address this touchy subject because I have been challenged by fellow Christians and preachers over my political views and my being vocal about the ills and dangers I see.  Some of them believe that the Bible mandates Bible that I must passively comply and relegate my opposition to the prayer closet.  It is not my desire or intent to attack them.  I believe that they believe their position is solidly biblical.  However, I believe they are not accurate in their interpretation.

I believe that we are to “Pray” for the leaders, religious and civic.  I pray for them daily as do millions of other believers.  When Barack Obama was president, I prayed for him.  I did not pray he would succeed in his objectives.  I considered his political ideology and agenda bad for America.  I considered them a threat to our constitutional republic, but I prayed for him.  I prayed for his soul and still do. I prayed he would have advisers that would give him godly and right advice.  I prayed that he would have an epiphany and do the right thing.  I do not know how effective my prayers were, but I prayed daily for him and America.  I still do!

When I examine the proper Christian response to government, I turn to numerous Bible directives.  I examine what I believe I have been directed to do by the Heavenly Father.  It is from those that I pursue the pathway that I pursue.  You may disagree with my understanding and believe I heard what I wanted to hear not God, in my pursuit of my purpose and responsibility.  That is your right.  It does not mean you are right, but it is your right to have your own opinion, just as it is mine to have mine.

When I view the directive of God to Ezekiel, I have difficulty remaining silent sounding no warnings. Some consider my warnings nothing more than criticisms.  If I see danger, and much that is happening in American politics and throughout the world, can only be deemed dangerous, and I remain silent, am I obeying God’s directives?  I think not.  God directed Ezekiel to sound the alarm when he saw danger coming.  He informed the prophet that if he saw danger and did not sound the alarm, the blood of those destroyed would be on his hands. 

When I consider the matter of abortion, as a believer, I find it impossible to sit in silence.  When I see politicians endorsing, embracing, advocating, and lauding the destruction of unborn babies as a good thing and a right, I cannot sit in silence.  If I consider the directive of God through James that the person that knows to do good and does not do it commits sin, how can I sit in silence when I see things like abortion and other things that the Bible deems abominations? 

The politicians and political parties that endorse multiple genders, same-sex marriage, lifestyles that are anathema to the Bible are dangers for the easily deceived.  If I simply pray and do not sound the alarm, am I obeying the directive of God?  I think not, but you may disagree. 

We have politicians and political parties in today’s world that seek to ban God and everything of God from the public square.  They insist that there must be a wall of separation between all things Christian and the political.  I say, all things Christian, and not simply all things religious, because they do not seek to ban some religions only the Judeo-Christian view and our Christian Bible. 

The former president, Barack Obama, lauded Islam while blasting Christianity numerous times.  He claimed to be a Christian but sat in a church for 20 years led by a racist, an anti-Semite, hater of America.  His view of our individual freedoms and liberties was in direct contrast to the view of the Founding Fathers as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  Would I have been right to ignore the dangers embodied in those views?  I think not, but you may disagree.

When the disciples of Jesus were called on the carpet by the religious hierarchy and the demand issued that they cease preaching Jesus, they refused.  Should they have complied and “prayed for the leaders?”  When Elijah challenged Ahab and criticized his governance and person, was he in violation of the supposed edict to “Pray and Comply?”  How could we say that when it was God that told him to say what he said and do what he did? 

When John the Baptist challenged Herod and his adulterous relationship with his sister-in-law as well as other things, was he in violation?  I think not.  It cost him his life and the easy road would have been to say, “Well, I can’t speak out on political matters or direct criticism toward leaders, I must just pray for them.”  He could not because of the fire burning in his heart.  He understood that God demands, holiness, and calls for us to ‘come out from among them and be separate.’  I believe that one of the reasons we are in the condition morally, politically, and religiously we are in America is due to the silence of the churches on too many things.

I am 100% convinced that what we need in America are not more laws seeking to legislate morality.  What we need is a change in the hearts of people.  We need a change in our attitude.  I believe it is imperative that we pray and spread the Word of Christ in the Gospel message.  I believe that what we need in America is a change of attitude.  When I realize that millions only get their information, news, or supposed factual data from sources such as CNN, MSNBC, or the other major media outlets, I see incredible danger.  If the Christians and Christian preachers do not identify the dangers and expose those endorsing and advancing those dangers blood will be on their hands.

I heard an illustration years ago about a soldier and chaplain in WWII.  The soldier was not a Christian and he went to the Chaplain troubled in his heart.  The Chaplain gave him a generic directive and said, “God bless you.”  The soldier looked at the chaplain and asked, “Chaplain do you believe in God?”   The chaplain was shocked and was insulted.  The soldier then asked, “Chaplain do you believe in heaven and hell?”  The chaplain was bordering on fury at the questions.  The soldier then asked, “Do you believe that people who do not accept Jesus as their savior will go to hell?”  The chaplain said, “Yes, I do.”  The soldier, with tears in his eyes, said, “Chaplain, if I believe that, though England was covered with glass I would crawl on my hands and knees to warn them of the dangers and tell them of the hope you claim exists.  You, sir, are telling no one, so I do not believe you believe what you are saying.”

If I believe there is danger and lives can be destroyed by the bad actions of government and government officials and I say nothing, what am I saying?  Let me reveal what it says to me personally.  It says that I do not believe God, I do not believe I am responsible for warning against danger.  It says, to me, that I do not believe the lives of those in danger are worth my daring to sound the alarm.  I would be declaring that I believe I have no responsibility to watch for others and that would, in my mind, make me incredibly selfish and self-centered.  I do not say that is how you should feel, but how I feel after prayer, studying God’s Word, and sensing what my purpose and responsibility is.  Therefore, I will shout from the rooftops the dangers I see and hope to prevent destruction.

You must follow your heart and the balancing of my Faith and my Politics is not always easy, but something I believe is mandated for me. 

God bless you and God bless America!


How’s that for being Captain Obvious?  But, Roy, if it is for benevolent purposes then that is different, right?  WRONG!  The Framers of the American Constitution in 1787 never intended for the money of the American people to be forcibly taken from us or the federal coffers and used for benevolent purposes.  What I am going to say is almost ancient history now in the light of the ever changing situation in America but I believe it is still relevant and needs addressing.

In 1794 when the U.S. Congress voted to appropriate $15,000 for relief for French refugees who fled from insurrection in San Domingo (now Haiti) to Baltimore and Philadelphia, James Madison disapproved.  He is arguably the father of the U.S. Constitution and knew the intent of the wording and provisions.  He said, “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.”  Where is Mr. Madison today?  He does not exist in the U.S. Congress.

The normal federal budget has surpassed $2.5 Trillion and at least two-thirds of it is spent on “objects of benevolence.”  So much for following the Constitution as politicians are so adept at insisting the other party do but exempt themselves.  We have had a few, precious few, presidents who held the sentiments and understanding of Mr. Madison. 

In 1854, President Franklin Pierce vetoed a bill to appropriate funds for the mentally ill.  That would get him crucified today and probably impeached.  He said, “I cannot find any authority in the Constitution for public charity.”  He insisted that approving the measure, “would be contrary to the letter and spirit of the Constitution and subversive to the whole theory upon which the Union of States is founded.”  Wow!  Many Americans, if not most, disagree with those two gentlemen.  I do not!

President Grover Cleveland vetoed several congressional appropriations based on those very sentiments, insisting there was no constitutional authority for them.  If something is unconstitutional even if it is deemed for benevolent purposes it is still unconstitutional.  President Cleveland argued, “I can find no warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution, and I do not believe that the power and duty of the General Government ought to be extended to the relief of individual suffering which is in no manner properly related to the public service or benefit.” 

Mr. Madison and Jefferson both agreed that it was not in the purview of Congress to do whatever it wanted with federal money and attempt to promote the General Welfare.  They argued that if that transpired then the Government would no longer be a limited one, possessing enumerated powers, but an indefinite one, subject to particular exceptions.  They did not believe, nor do I, that Congress is afforded Unlimited Powers in the Constitution. 

Today, the Democrats and far too many Republicans have gone off the deep end in pursuit of benevolence.  They are spending like the proverbial ‘drunken sailor’ and as though money was in abundant supply or grew on trees.  The relief or stimulus packages passed and the ones being proposed were and are laden with indefensible spending for indefensible purposes. 

Yet, few are arguing the Constitutionality of the attempts.  The focus seems to be, “does it help me and my party in seeking reelection.”  That is terribly flawed and something that should trouble every Lover of Freedom and American Patriot.  If you claim to be a Constitutionalist or a Conservative and you support this insane spending, I argue you are losing sight of those positions. Go ahead and throw something at the computer screen and immediately find the unfriend button on Facebook.  That is my view. 

Yes, I care about human misery and suffering.  No, I do not want people to starve.  However, I do not believe that it is Constitutionally defensible for the federal government to take on that responsibility.  Biblically, it is first the family, secondly the church, thirdly the community, then possibly the State but not the Federal Government.  Charity and caring for the poor and needy is not a constitutional function of the federal government. 

I bristle at the prospects of my tax dollars being used to bail out incompetent and liberal profligacy those Blue States have engaged.  Some of them have virtually bankrupted their states in pursuit of their brand of benevolent spending and seeking to make their citizens beholding to the government for sustenance.  I bristled when Governor Gavin Newsom of California attempted to blackmail the federal government unless billions were forwarded to his state.  He has doled out millions in taxpayer dollars to care for the illegals in his state and wants the rest of us to bail him out.  His threat to lay off first responders should end his political career, but it won’t.

We have witnessed the rise of mini tyrants in various states and cities during this incredibly trying destruction of our economy.  The fear engendered in people over COVID-19 has opened the door for unhindered abridgment of our Constitutional Liberties and Freedoms.  The willingness of Blue States to allow the rioting and looting to go unchallenged is a threat to our Republic. Our Constitution has been shredded in more ways than can be enumerated, largely by those mini tyrants. 

If the American people in those states reelect those, now openly despotic tyrants, it is difficult to sympathize with the good people of those states who detest what has been happening and want constitutionality to prevail.  I won’t be so callous as to say, “Move Away From There!”  Some cannot because of family, livelihood, and other reasons so they are stuck.  I weep for them. 

Imagine, the people in those states who openly protest being called “domestic terrorists” because they want the constitution to be observed and followed.  Hillary Clinton and some of those governors identify them by that distinction.  If they are ‘terrorists’ then sign me up.  I call them defenders of the Constitution and Freedom and that would, in my view, make them patriots willing to fight tyranny at home and abroad.

In today’s world, if you disagree with the Left you are deemed a terrorist, a racist, suffer from some phobia, and are without empathy or sympathy.  They deem you to be a heartless Republican who wants grandmother to die and people to suffer.  They are authoritarians and totalitarians who apparently believe they have a divine right to rule and determine what we can or cannot believe or do.  They do not consider any rights as inalienable because they do not believe in the giver of those rights.  They are advocates of a global agenda that seeks to usher in a New World Order that is anti-American at every level. 

I could never support a political party that wants abortion on demand, illegals to be afforded the same rights as legal citizens, and disregards our rights to personal property.  A party that bans God from their platform, strips any mention of the Bible from public venues, and ignores the founding principles of America I can never support.  Love me or hate me, I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and will do so until God takes me home.

Governor Abbott in Texas tweeted a chart that infuriated the Left but was refreshing for my eyes and heart.  I share it for your own perusal. 

God bless you and God bless America!


Some will read that title and immediately insist that is a description of the “Trump Presidency.”  That is not what I am talking about, but alas, the followers of “neverism” and “liberalism” will never understand that the Trump Presidency is not an example of America being leaderless but the opposite.  The insistence that he has told thousands of lies is unverified, undocumented, and unproven but those who insist it is the truth are followers of those who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the caboose. 

Okay, I have poked the hornet’s nest with those comments, and some may find it difficult to hear anything else I say.  Some take exception to my calling any elected official a leader, but they are supposed to govern and those who govern are supposed to lead. Leaders is what they are supposed to be. I have no desire to deal in semantics over terms, titles, or definitions, only to make a point regarding our current condition in American politics. 

The ongoing revelations of the coup to prevent Trump’s election and the subsequent coup(s) and attempt(s) to overturn that election has produced numerous revelations that cannot be ignored.  The indications are that this scheme and orchestrated plan reached all the way to the top in the Obama administration.  That would mean, Barack Hussein Obama’s hands are dirty, and he is complicit and likely the final authority to do what they did.  If that is true, failure by Congress and the Department of Justice to get to the bottom of it would be a travesty and invite its continuation in future elections and administrations. 

I am a conservative who supports the Rule of Law, the Constitution, the Bible, and Donald Trump.  That may brand me negatively in the minds of some and result in instant dismissal of my contentions and suggestions.  If that is the case, that is your decision.  However, if you desire to see this kind of illegal, unethical, and destructive activity thwarted I ask you to hear my arguments and decide for yourself how far we must go in our pursuit.

The January 5th meeting in the White House that initiated or facilitated the plan to entrap or trick Lt. General Michael Flynn and oust him from the Trump administration is more than a little troubling.  If I believed they were only after Flynn for whatever reason, I would not be nearly as concerned as I am.  I would be angered that they would ignore the law, the constitution, and ethical principles to entrap a citizen but their plan was much more expansive and destructive.  They wanted Trump and they wanted America to bow at the shrine of their god of liberalism and totalitarianism.

The meeting included the former president and vice president.  The meeting included directors of our major intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The meeting was designed to hide all information from the incoming president and lie to the American people, Congress, and the world.  The revelation in a communique between Lisa Page and her FBI lover, Peter Strzok was damning.  She said, “POTUS (Barack H. Obama) wants to know everything we’re doing.”  Why?  Was it to correct their illegalities?  Are those pesky pigs flying over my house again?

Senator Lindsey Graham, the Republican Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee believes it would set a bad precedent having Obama called to testify in an investigation where he is implicated.  He cited the separation of powers as his justification while insisting that no president is above the law, his way of giving Obama a free pass.  That would also include the Democratic hopeful, Joe Biden who was VP at the time.  Thank you, Senator Graham, for looking out for the interests of America, NOT!

Why would it be a bad idea to have the FBI 302’s and fully investigate who, when, where, and why a private citizen was unmasked, and the name leaked to the Washington Post?  That is a crime punishable by a 10-year prison sentence.  Senator Graham has engaged in verbal diarrhea on television appearances about how he would get to the bottom of the various scandals.  However, he has done little other than talk. 

Senator Graham and other Republicans are insisting that to investigate would impede other investigations and therefore they must wait.  Wait for what and how long, Senator(s)?  Wait until this country has been destroyed by the toxicity and illegality of the Globalist Socialist Ideologues in the Democratic Party!  Is that how long we must wait for you to do something? If that transpires you won’t be able to do anything because you will be out of the circle of “leadership”.  You will be an afterthought in the minds of those pursuing the objective of the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America.  Is that how long you want us to wait?

In an interview with Anderson Cooper of CNN, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper indicted Obama in a manner that demands his feet be held to the fire and forced to testify ‘under oath’ as to his knowledge and involvement.  Clapper said in that interview, “If it weren’t for President Obama, we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today, notably Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place.” 

It has been my prayer and desire that ALL the corruption in Washington, DC be unearthed and uncovered.  I want all those guilty to be held accountable.  Why?  Not because I want vengeance or believe that only the Democrats are guilty of corruption.  I want that because the future of America and our Republic is hanging in the balance. 

If Obama, as Clapper stated, ordered Peter Strozk to carry out an Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA), which became the basis for the entire Mueller probe, that must be made open for the world to see.  Will it matter to the followers of the toxic brand of liberalism and globalism that is rampant today?  Probably not but unless those who are deemed “leaders” or charged with “governance” via elected or appointive positions are held accountable we are dooming ourselves.

I do not fear the supposed ‘can of worms’ of calling Obama to testify, under oath as does Senator Graham and others.  I wonder if the former president would blatantly lie and deny or if he would find it necessary to ‘plead the fifth amendment’ in his testimony?  Holding everyone involved accountable and forcing them to give an account of their actions would be a giant step toward preventing this from happening in the future.  Will that happen?  Probably about the same time as pigs fly over the unicorns standing on the steps of Congress.

Leaderless?  Yes, we are leaderless in Congress if being a leader means doing what you are commissioned to do in the fulfillment of our constitutional duties.  I believe that President Trump sees the danger to America.  He has weathered assaults and attacks that no future president should ever be forced to endure.  America, we either demand that those commissioned to lead do so or help them find other endeavors outside of politics and government.

God bless you and God bless America!


In 2 Corinthians 12:9, we are reminded of the need for God’s grace and strength and the words, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Those are powerfully comforting words.  America is in a crisis that is threatening to destroy our freedom and dismantle our constitutional form of government.  That crisis is not COVID-19 or even the Riots, but the result of the reaction to the pandemic and events that opened the door to the rioting. It is the paranoia and fear created by the politicians and nefarious powers behind the scenes.  The virus has and will take the lives of Americans and that is tragic.  However, there is a myriad of other viruses and conditions that do that as well.

Some look at President Trump and charge that he has acted weakly in allowing Drs Brix and Fauci to dictate the reopening of America.  Others insist that he does not listen to the medical experts or science and is responsible for the thousands of deaths that have and will result.  He is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.  Frequently he stands alone and finds himself on an island needing our prayers, God’s grace, and sanity to prevail.  I do not envy his position and responsibility, but I am grateful that he not Hillary, Obama, or Biden is leading America in this time of crisis.

After watching this president maneuver through the minefield of politics and the multiple coup attempts, I cannot believe he suddenly became clueless and weak.  He is a strategist and has managed to be one step ahead of the media and leftists so I continue to believe, he has a plan, and hopefully, it will be fruitful and bring us to full recovery and victory in November. 

The Democrats have cast off all restraint and pretense and feel liberated from the constraints of the Constitution.  Former President Barack Hussein Obama lamented that it was ‘too restrictive’ and a document of ‘negative liberties’ preventing him from doing what he wanted.  He ignored it but publicly acknowledged it’s power and constraint.  Imagine what they will do if we allow this pandemic and the sanitization of history and political correctness to totally destroy the republic and give them total control.  No, I do not want to envision that scenario, it is too nightmarish!

We are at war in America and it is not with China, Islam, Russian, North Korea, or any other foreign enemy.  It is a war within!  It is a war against the toxicity of liberalism and the agenda to fundamentally transform America into something other than the Constitutional Republic our Founders established.  That must never be allowed to become a reality.

Through this mess, many Americans have remained in the president’s corner.  We have endured a 24/7 barrage of false information from the media, lies from the Left, and distortions by the so-called experts who made mistakes and mispredicted both the dangers and results.  The medical experts ignored the economics and the accompanying psychological, emotional, social, and moral repercussions their edicts would inflict.  The mantra became, “If it saves one life.”  That sounds noble, but is it reasonable?

Have we incurred incredible damage in this lockdown? Our economy has been devastated, paranoia and fear have been generated to a frightening level and the protest/riots have placed America on the edge of destruction. Will we ever be the same and return to normal? Possibly but not likely.  I pray that we have not crossed the line of demarcation that ensures we will never recover.  I do believe we can recover but I also believe it will take a long time and could extend well into the second half of next year.  Will that spell doom for Trump’s hopes of reelection and our hope of retaining our freedom?  I don’t know, but I pray not.

There are numerous Democratic governors and local officials who have used this opportunity to trample and infringe upon our inalienable rights.  Amazingly, they have deemed it not dangerous for riots and protests to amass large crowds but a Trump political rally or attending church a threat to produce a 2nd wave of the virus. Our 2nd Amendment rights have resurfaced as a prime target, our 1st Amendment rights shredded, and our right to personal property damaged.  We are in a dangerous situation and the unconstitutional actions in lockdowns and stripping people of their lives and livelihood is beyond belief.  I believe that those who have tasted power and are like sharks seeing blood in the waters, and will never willingly relinquish the positions they have gained through their usurpations of the Constitution. They will not easily or willingly relinquish their hold on their newly found power.

I refuse to submit to the fatalism insisted upon by many, mostly on the left.  I reject the cataclysmic view of America’s future they suggest.  I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and as a Christian, I stand on God’s Word and God’s Promises.  Therefore, I have HOPE!  The writer of Proverbs said, “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue: and those that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”  (18:21).  My confession and declaration are: “Yes, it is bad.  Yes, the virus has killed people.  Yes, America is being threatened internally and our rights and liberties are in danger.  But I believe in America and believe in the American people.  I believe we will recover!”

When Governors like California’s Gavin Newsom declared, “We’re not going back to normal until there is total immunity or a vaccine” I cringed.  When various states sent out armies to track down and isolate every person exposed or infected and lock up citizens who violate their draconian edicts, I cringed.  When politicians insisted that because of this pandemic we must discard our system of elections and engage in the incredibly dangerous ‘vote by mail’ method, I cringed.  All of those reveal just how dangerously near we are to the precipice of destruction in America. 

One must wonder if this virus is an intelligent life form and selective as to who or where it attacks.  Let me make a statement that will be deemed ridiculous, but I offer it to illustrate the dangers.  Someone said: “Wow, COVID-19 is so intelligent and diabolical that it does not attack a person in Walmart, Home Depot, the grocery store or a riot but does at hair salons, restaurants, churches, and Trump rallies.”  I saw a report that Governor Cuomo of New York was perplexed to learn that there was a higher number of hospitalizations among those who had followed the edict to ‘shelter in place’ than those who had not. 

I suggest that the statistical numbers revealing where the most deaths have occurred should serve as a warning against allowing the Democrats to win and gain control.  The reports indicate that 60% of the deaths in America have occurred in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  What do they have in common?  They are run by Democrats and most have been for some time.  They are in states that have the most stringent lockdown mandates.  That is revealing and raises numerous questions.

The anti-body tests being administered have revealed that more people had the virus than was first thought meaning that the mortality rate is 0.2% or less.  One model has contended that masks not lockdowns slow the disease.  I am concerned that the danger of destruction in America is not COVID-19 but the lockdown and constitutional usurpation of the Leftists.

There was a study of social isolation out of Oakland that reported that this action is expected to cause over 75,000 deaths of despair over the next decade.  Yes, the next decade, because the long-term effects will impact Americans negatively.  It will last for years.  We have reports that more suicides have occurred and will occur due to things directly related to the lockdown, not the virus itself.  It has been suggested that the lockdowns will cause an extra 1.4 million tuberculosis deaths in the next five years because people are not getting tested and treated.  Childhood diseases are rising because people are staying away from the doctor’s offices and hiding in their homes.  If the prevention does more damage than the cure is it the right move?

America, in our time of weakness we need to muster the strength to do what is right and restore our republic, our economy, our sanity, and preserve our freedoms.  We must restore Law and Order. If we fail to do so, our weakness will be terminal.  I believe in America and I will fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom in every way that I can and for as long as I can.

God bless you and God bless America!


Incendiary?  My title is not intended to be incendiary but will be for those who are unwilling to honestly view the reality of what is happening and why it is happening.  I have said for years now, our issues in race relations in America are heart issues, education issues, and have been politicized and weaponized to our own hurt.  There can be the continued advancement of the narrative that there is Systemic and Institutional Racism prevalent and deny the opportunity of any semblance of healing and resolution of the tensions.  We can allow the narratives to be advanced that the police are hunting down black and shooting them and deny the opportunity for rational or productive discussion or measure to alleviate the tensions.  We have a choice and although it will be costly for me, I am going to address it as best I can. 

We are engaged in a situation in today’s America where the attempts to appease those protesting, rioting and arguing that everything remotely connected to the past must be eradicated. We have a situation where the rioters and protesters are burning, looting, defacing, and destroying. We have college athletes now demanding that school songs be abandoned, coaches be fired, and that they won’t play for the university because they don’t like the political views of the coach or the staff. When did anyone’s personal preference entitle them to demand that the inalienable rights of another be trampled? The appeasement will never end and the demands never stop if we continue our current path of cowardly surrender. We must face reality and demand that life matters and everyone has the right to believe what they believe.

Sadly, because I am a southern white Christian, my views will immediately be discarded and attacked by some.  They will not hear my offerings but rather classify me as willingly blind to the truth and a racist.  I am neither, but that will be the charge and will be accepted by those who have allowed irrational hate to reach the apex of their hearts and thoughts.  America has problems but the problems are not what those rioting, the politicians, and the media claim.  The real reason for the current unrest is not George Floyd’s death, it extends far beyond that.  It has been and is a vehicle, not the cause, and is the wrong vehicle. 

I will not be bullied into bowing before the shrine of hate. I will not accept blame for the racial tensions in America.  I will not accept the idea that the rioters are not accountable but I am for slavery that I had no part of. I will own my sins, confess them, and repent of them but I will not be bullied into repenting for being of the ethnic that God created me and neither should anyone else.

I will not accept the insistence that as a southern white man I am the cause of slavery and must make restitution and do penitence to atone for the sins of the South.  The facts are that the southern plantation owners were not the only slaveholders in America, nor were whites the only slaveholders.  There were slaves in the North and the South.  I am not justifying slavery I believe it is wrong. 

I know from studying history that slavery was a part but not the entire basis for the civil war.  There were those in the war that did not approve of slavery but did not believe that the federal government had the right to tell individual states what they could and could not do.  There were many factors in the war and that tragic event in our history must never be forgotten.

I saw a post from a fellow southerner who stated that his grandfathers fought for the South, but he did not feel guilty for their sins.  I don’t know how old he or his grandfathers were but I am over 70 years of age and have living cousins over 80 and my maternal grandfather who was the oldest of the grandfathers was not born until 1878 so he could not have fought in a war he was not alive to see.  I have relatives that served in the armies of both the North and the South.  My ancestry connects to at least one of our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Rush and he viewed life as valuable for everyone and so do I.   More importantly, so does God.

My grandfather told of hearing that there was going to be a slaughter of blacks in the East Texas region he lived, and he refused to participate and condemned it. But, even if he had, would I be guilty of that crime?  I stand on what the Bible declares in Ezekiel 18 that each of us is accountable and responsible for our sins.  I am not to be judged for my father, grandfather, or great grandfather’s sins I am to be judged for mine. 

I will not be bullied into assuming guilt for something I did not do, and neither should anyone else.  I have harmed no person of color other than in war in Vietnam and I do not mean blacks.  I believe that all people are God’s creations.  Therefore, to expect me to put up signs and post articles that “Black Lives Matter” to the exclusion of other lives mattering is to ask me to ignore some realities.  To charge me with racism if I say, “All Lives Matter” is to go beyond what I can accept and ascribe.

If Black lives truly matter to Black Lives Matter (BLM), then where is the outcry over the millions of black babies being aborted?  Where is the outrage over the senseless murders in some of our major cities of blacks killing other blacks or anyone killing them senselessly?  Where is the outrage over the businesses of blacks being burned to the ground in the rioting that has ensued?  It is not that the police are hunting down black and murdering them it is the gang members in many of our cities that are.  If Black lives matter, why is there no outrage over those things? 

That is not difficult to explain.  Those are not marketable dramatic images that can advance a cause for the change desired and the fundamental transformation of America sought.  When I witnessed the Democrats in Washington wearing their identity scarfs kneeling in solidarity with those rioting over George Floyd’s death I was saddened.  Not that they were offering empathy and sympathy to the Floyd family and the incredibly horrible event, but that they have never done that for a slain police officer or our fallen military.  Where those lives not equally valuable?

The situation is not about race or police injustice. It is not about institutional and systemic racism, it is about politics, power, and hate.  It has been used by the politicians following the motto, “Never let a good crisis go to waste” and the mantra that the “end justifies the means” to inflame and divide.  It has been a vehicle and excuse for people with intolerance and unrestrained hate to vent and lash out.  It is an excuse to do harm and if it was about Black lives mattering, the black businesses and lives of blacks in the cities and suburbs would not be destroyed by these ‘protesters.’  It is about power, politics, anger, and hate and not about solving any racial tensions. 

I will not repent of a sin I have not committed but will acknowledge that America has sins that need to be repented of.  We can continue to justify hate and give it status and honor, or we can denounce it.  We can reform our institutions and honestly seek to weed out the bad and enable the good to become more able to do their jobs.  We can hold everyone accountable for their actions and thereby restore confidence in our judicial system.  There are many things we can do, but to make all whites or blacks bad and the enemy is not a pathway to resolution or reconciliation. 

When I became a Christian, I repented of my biases and prejudices and asked God to help me nail them to the Cross.  He has and is working on me and any time I discover a kink in my armor and flaw in my character I take it to Him in repentance and prayer.  I go to any individual that I have had anything against or have harmed and ask forgiveness.  I asked God to help me cease seeing skin color and to see eternal souls needing God’s love, grace, peace, and forgiveness. 

We are all being played by the nefarious evil agents operating largely behind the scenes as they seek to instigate and inflame tensions.  We are being manipulated by the core evil that is driving what is happening and seizing upon the generational hate that has been taught on all sides.  It has been said that we ‘fear what we do not understand’ and there is truth in that.  If we followed the directive of James, we would find a vehicle to carry us to a much more unified world.  He said, “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this:  Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.”  (James 1:19).

Also, the directive and warning of Paul in Galatians is germane.  He said, 13 For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. 14 For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” 15 But if you bite and devour one another, watch out that you are not consumed by one another.”  (Galatians 5:13).

My fellow Americans and fellow believers in the Lord Jesus Christ I ask that you join me in praying for America and asking God to move on and in our hearts and help us to set aside differences and seek Him.  If we can somehow allow the Love of God to be shed abroad in our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus, we can find peace. 

The politicians that are using this as a political tool are undeserving of election to office and one party, in particular, is preying upon the fears, distrust, and anger and seeking to make America a totalitarian despotism with them in control and make all of us their serfs.   Remember that in November!

God bless you and God bless America!


I am serious!  How does it make you feel to be classified as ‘non-essential’ which is another way of saying ‘unimportant’?  Remember back to the playground when you were in school and the choosing sides for whatever game you were about to engage.  If you were one of the ones picked last or not picked, how did that make you feel?  I was fortunate when it came to sports that I had enough athletic ability that I was usually chosen early in the selection process.  However, there were a few events when I was excluded, and it was incredibly demoralizing.  My peers deemed me ‘unimportant’ and that made me feel ‘unwanted’ and had I embraced that rejection I would have been damaged emotionally long-term. 

I am thankful that I had parents and family that helped me reject the feelings of rejection.  My mother was especially gifted at instilling in me a sense of worth, value, and ability.  She never took a course in psychology or child-rearing, but she was a master at boosting my personal image and that was invaluable. 

I recall a time in elementary school when, for whatever reason, I did badly on a test designed to determine intelligence and aptitude.  I made good grades in school and the scores did not reflect my ability, as was proven over time.  However, the Principal that brought the results to the class openly chided me and laughed at me before the class.  He asked, “Beaird, can you even spell your own name?”  That did two things.  It made me angry and it built a fire in me to never allow that to happen again.  As would be expected, his action caused some to take up the chant, but others knew better and were embarrassed for me. 

Today, in the lockdown we have endured edicts issued by the federal and state governments dividing America into two classes – essential and non-essential.  Intentionally or unintentionally that conveyed a message to both classes of workers.  That message was that some were valuable and even heroes for what they did, and the others were so unimportant that any complaints made them sniveling cowards and need to be silenced.  You may not see it that way, but many have even if they have not voiced those feelings.

We have endured a situation where police have literally pulled over motorist demanding to know why they were not at home.  If you did not possess your letter certificating that you were essential, you could be fined or jailed for your disobedience to the demands of Big Brother.  Is that America? 

Remember the movie Schindler’s List?  I recall the scene where a one-armed man personally thanked Schindler for giving him a job as a machine operator performing a function that was deemed essential to the war effort.  He said, “The SS beat me up and would have killed me, but I am essential to the war effort.”  Is that America?

Essential?  Is your income essential to you and your family?  Is your property essential to you and your family?  Is providing for your own essential to you and your family?  We have over 36 million Americans who fall into the ‘non-essential’ category of the chaste system created by COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.  The attitude of many in government, the media (often very unessential), and the elitists is that if those deemed ‘non-essential’ want to be counted they are ungrateful complainers and disregarded.  After all, saving one life from the virus is more important than saving millions from financial destruction, right? 

Safe was deemed more important than Life to those making the decisions about the dangers and requirements in handling this pandemic.  Of course, those making the decisions have been unaffected by the destruction of the ‘non-essential’ classification.  They continued to draw their paychecks and were free to do what they chose.  They have the best medical care known to man and our plight never darkens their door or their minds.  Yes, I may be overstating how they feel but that is how it comes across to the millions deemed ‘valueless’.

The social media ‘fact-checkers’ can stay safe and still prevent us from speaking our minds if it does not fit the rhetoric of the globalist on the Left.  The Leftists have insisted that it is unsafe to vote in public but safe to go to Walmart and riot in the streets burning and looting.  Abortion clinics were ‘essential’ but churches ‘non-essential.’  Is this America?

I have become more concerned about the fear and paranoia that has been and is being engendered in this than the virus itself.  Please do not assume that I am suggesting it was and is not serious and even deadly, in some cases.  I am concerned that the politicization of this using it as a weapon to sway an election is endangering our Republican Form of Government and rendering our Constitution meaningless.  I am concerned about the psychological damage that is being inflicted will produce incredible dire consequences in the months and years to come.  I am concerned about the long-term. 

When I research the statistical data that reveals the mortality rate of this virus is no more or possibly less than the seasonal flu and other viruses that we have endured, I wonder.  When people see and hear those statistical reports and are told that their lives were destroyed because of this virus, they wonder.  When you realize that the virus has not been the massive catastrophic killer than we were told it would be but to protect from it millions are ‘non-essential’ and collateral damage justified.  What does that do in their hearts and minds? 

If you reach a point you no longer believe what the ‘experts’ are telling you, but you continue to suffer the mandate as you watch your life be stripped from you, how does that make you feel?  I suggest that one of the eventual emotions will be anger.  That anger will become a seething caldron that could and possibly will erupt into a massive outburst that will disrupt everything in America.  What am I describing?  A civil disturbance that could become a Civil War and an attempted overthrow of the government seeking to reclaim the lost or perceived lost freedom.  Toss in the rioting and you have a recipe for total chaos and anarchy. No Republic can survive that situation if it is allowed to grow unimpeded.

I call upon every American and citizen of the world who is a Christian to commit to intercessory prayer.  We must pray for a change of mind not just a change of laws.  We must prevent those who want to destroy our liberties and freedoms from gaining total power.  We must reject the tyranny that is being given life during this pandemic.  We must determine that ALL LIVES ARE ESSENTIAL to God and therefore must be fought for.  Life is more than physical safety it embodies the entire spectrum of our existence.  We live in a body, have a soul, and are a spirit.  We need God! 

God bless you and God bless America!        


Each time I have written about the current problem and offered what I believe to be a biblical solution, I get attacked and unfriended by some who think I should join the chorus in repenting for being what God made me. I like what Morgan Freeman said when asked about racism or institutional racism in America. He said, “If you want to stop the growth of the problem stop highlight it and making giving it a position it does not deserve.” He said, what I have said to people and I believe is a biblical attitude. He told the interviewer, “I am going to stop calling you a white man and ask that you stop calling me a black man, I am a man.” I asked a group of people, what do you see when you see me? Then I said, “When I look at you I don’t see black, brown, or white, I see people. If we could look at others as creations of God without inserting ethnicity we could find a way to heal.”

What I am going to say is rooted in my core convictions as a Bible-believing Christian, and American patriot, a Vietnam veteran, and one who wants to see peace.  Some will find, my views conflict with those identifiers and I may become even more estranged from some members of my own family.  I want to address the charge of ‘Institutional Racism’ and the current climate of hate, lawlessness, and danger in America.  I hope that I can speak to this rationally, civilly, morally, biblically, and constitutionally.  I write with a breaking heart.

Before I venture into the charge of ‘Institutional Racism’ being systemic in America’s police let me address those of all ethnicities who are posting BLM support on their social media pages and even putting signs in their yards and attempting to repent for your ‘white privilege.’ I believe that black lives matter.  I also believe that ALL lives matter regardless of skin color, religion, age, occupation, or political ideology.  If you deem that statement racist, I ask how?  How is valuing ALL LIFE a racists position?  That is God’s position and the Bible mandates that we ‘love one another.’  That love makes no distinction as to the pigmentation of the skin. 

The Bible, in Galatians, declares that in God’s eyes the divisions and distinctions we use are not the ones He uses.  “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are ALL one in Christ Jesus.”  (3:28).  The apostle, speaking for God, is addressing salvation.  We are told in Genesis that God created man.  Our ancestry dates back to Adam and Eve in the Garden and assuredly to Noah after the flood.  The division in language and spreading of people around the globe occurred as a result of the event at the Tower of Babel as we read in Genesis.  “Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other. 8 So the LORD scattered them from there over all the earth…”  (11:7-8).

We have been struggling to communicate since then.  The price of sin was high and continues to be reflected in our interpersonal and international relations.  If you demand that I only say, “Black lives matter” I resist saying, “I cannot.”  Let me give a brief explanation of why I cannot and will not identify only one portion of the human species as being valuable.  Before you insist, that is not what you are doing, I suggest you consider how it impacts those of other ethnicities when they hear the claim that if one identifies them to be of value, they are somehow a racist? 

I would never suggest there are no problems between ethnicities today.  There are, but it is a needless division and tragically there is generational hate being engendered in hearts.  That is not one-sided by whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans.  It is not unique or isolated to one ethnicity.  If that presses your button, then I believe you are the one unwilling to ‘listen.’  Listen to those in your sphere of influence.  Listen to those in your communities.  Listen to those in your churches.  Listed to those you work with.  Listen to the media and the politicians and I believe you will see what I am saying.

The issue, for me, is when we isolate a particular group of people as being those who matter, we perpetuate the problem with a myopic view and develop tunnel vision.  We overlook or omit the overall and only focus on our selected target.  There has been the saying bandied about for a long time, “WWJD?”  What Would Jesus Do?  Well, I ask, “What Does God Think About All This?”  How does God view His creation?  Does he focus on one group to the exclusion of others?  Does God not desire the best for ALL mankind?

If we want to solve the ‘racial tension’ existing in America I ask, “Is the best approach to separate and divide?” Would it not make more sense to view everyone as members of the same race, the human race?  If we want to solve the issues and tensions existing today, we must pull back from our victim mentality and cease isolating and segregating by skin color and begin to honestly and openly discuss the issues. 

I have not sufficiently addressed this, but suffice it to say, if we reject the idea that ALL people are God’s creations, we will help perpetuate the problem.  Those who feel victimized will lash out and those being victimized by that group will push back, tensions will escalate, hate will turn into violence and the chasm will grow wider and deeper.  If we want unity, peace, justice, and the Freedom to Live the American Dream, we must cease segregating by skin color and ideology. If we do not we will see no peace.

The former president, Barack Hussein Obama, after the George Floyd death said, “This should not be the norm in America.”  Mr. President, I declare, “It isn’t the norm.”  It is anything but the norm.  I do not ignore that some blacks have been harassed by police officers.  The former president said in his national address that he wanted the protesters (rioters) to make the officials as uncomfortable as possible.  What does that mean?  Does it mean as he said before, “Get in their faces” or “if they bring a knife to the fight, we will bring a gun?”  When he could and should have condemned the lawlessness, murder, mayhem, arson, and organized rioting, he chose not to do so.  How are his comments unifying and President Trump’s incendiary?  If you attempt to loot my house, the shooting will begin, and I will not care what the color of your skin might be. 

As to ‘Institutional Racism’ in America’s police and as Chris Wallace insisted to Senator Tim Scott, that a black man was 2 ½ times more likely to be shot by the police than a white man.  That is a blatant fabrication when you examine the raw data.  Numbers do not lie.  They may not identify all the underlying or mitigating circumstances, but numbers are numbers.  Let’s look at some raw numbers of people shot by the police 2017-2020:  2017 Whites (457), Blacks (223).  That would make Candace Owens’s declaration that 55% more whites were shot by the police than blacks.  How many know their names and how many riots ensued.  In 2018 Whites (399), Blacks (209).  In 2019 Whites (370), Blacks (235).  Thus far in 2020, it is a much closer percentage but sill, not the 2 ½ times Mr. Wallace falsely asserted.  It is Whites (42), Blacks (31). 

That makes the charge of ‘Institutional Racism’ and a view that America does not believe that black lives matter, hard to defend.  What about the 61 million unborn babies, a significant portion of them black?  Are their lives unimportant?

I am empathetic with anyone who has been abused and I believe they have the right to protest (peacefully).  I am empathetic to anyone who fears going out for fear they will be harassed and targeted.  The Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Crime Victimization Survey, 2018 (Table 14) gives some alarming statistics and suggests that our problem is not simply a racial problem but a moral and spiritual one.  They reported the following statistic on violent crime in America:  Black on White Crime (547,948), Black on Hispanic (112,365), White on Black (59,772), White on Hispanic (207,104), Hispanic on White (365,299) and Hispanic on Black (44,551). 

Do we have a problem?  Yes!  Can it be overcome?  Yes!  Will it be overcome by allowing behavior that pushes all sides of the issue toward a full-blown blood-letting civil war?  No!  Only, as we reach out to God for Grace, seek His forgiveness, and recognize that ALL people are valuable and to be loved can we hope to find a resolution.  Only, as we police ourselves and refuse to give justification to any lawlessness, regardless of the source, can we move toward resolution.  This is not a Republican vs Democrat or Black vs White issue it is a heart issue.  No matter your skin color you are a fellow member of the human family and I value you.  I hope you value me as well.

Now that I have become anathema to some, I conclude and ask that we all strive to ‘listen’, learn to be ‘tolerant and forgiving’, and ‘seek God’.  If we return to God, we will find peace and resolution.  If we allow a belief that we are victims and exacting our pound of flesh a legitimate and righteous cause, we will not.  The choice is ours, what is your choice?  As for me and my house, we will seek the LORD and refuse to allow bias, prejudice, hate, or envy prevail. 

God bless you and God bless America!


Before anyone argues, there is no war, I beg to differ and state that the war is being waged on numerous fronts and it is intensifying.  The COVID-19 pandemic and the Anarchy and Riots have pulled back the covers and exposed those in power, at all levels, as would-be dictators and exposed their dangerous and even treasonous actions.  The taste of power that has been infused into them in the edicts and demands is telling of the true condition of America. 

I am flabbergasted at the ease with which the tiny totalitarians at various levels have exercised ‘total control’ over the populace.  Those charged with governmental oversight have exposed their true desire and character.  The many shapes and forms of the lockdowns have revealed a Napoleonic complex and a Barney Fife-ishness that would be laughable were it not so incredibly serious and destructive.  Fear is an incredibly powerful weapon and a weapon it is proving to be.

Long before the pandemic and massive restrictions were placed on America and Americans there was a war being waged against many of our freedoms and liberties.  Many in power are seizing upon the opportunity to infringe upon our constitutional and inalienable rights.  If Americans are allowed to exercise their freedoms, liberties, and rights, the power-hunger political elitists have no power.  That is abhorrent to them and demands proscription. 

The medical experts, namely Drs Fauci and Birx may be genuinely interested in the health of Americans but their models have been wrong more than right.  Dr. Fauci, who has a long-standing relationship with Bill Gates seems hellbent on forcing America to take a yet to be produced vaccine.  He is also adamant about continuing the lock-down and has even proposed an ID card to qualify us any reprieve from his desired virtual house arrest.  If we are good little boys and girls, they indicate they are willing to toss us a crumb of our freedoms.  That is troubling on many levels.

I argue that the COVID-19 ‘mitigation’ actions have become if they have not always been, a ‘political weapon’ wielded by the Democrats in their effort to defeat Donald Trump.  I have seen documented reports that there has been an escalation in the suicide rates during and directly related to the mandates.  I have seen reports from treatment centers that there is an increase in various opioid addictions as well as alcoholism and food bingeing.  I have seen reports from various sectors, not widely reported, that the unrest and desperation in people have produced an increase in burglaries and other crimes.  In times of desperation and fear, people do things they would not otherwise do. 

Most of us are social creatures and are not emotionally or psychologically equipped for long-term isolation from other humans.  We have the mini tyrants striving to create a condition where neighbors are squealing on neighbors for perceived violations of the mandates.  We are witnessing some of the earmarks of the rise of despotism and created a virtual ‘Twilight Zone.’  I wonder if the fruit of the over aggressive-quarantines can be excluded from the rioting, looting, and mayhem. No, it is not the cause, but may be playing a role in misdirected aggression and anger.

If anyone thinks that those in power, who have stripped us of many of our freedoms, rights, and power will restore that when the fear subsides, you are not being realistic.  Power once seized is seldom restored.  Liberty lost is never regained short of a revolution to reclaim.  Today, the Leftists want to completely dismantle America and render our cities without law enforcement. Well, they want their own brand of law enforcement to be imposed and the obvious result of that will not bode well for legal and law-abiding citizens who do not toe their line.

John Adams, in a letter to Abigail Adams, July 7, 1775, made an arresting statement.  He wrote of the rebuilding of cities and restoration of opportunity to those reduced to poverty and loss.  He then said: “…a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored.  Liberty once lost is lost forever.  When the People surrender their share in the Legislature, and their Right of defending the Limitations upon the Government, and of resisting every Encroachment upon them, they can never regain it.”  That is astounding and germane today.

The War in America is the War for Freedom!  You may or may not like Donald Trump, the current president that is your choice.  However, if you consider the expressed ideological desires and agenda of every Democratic hopeful to replace him, you must see our danger.  If we allow them to ascend to the rule of governance, we will have opened the door for the continued infringement of our liberties and freedoms.

Our Freedom of Speech has been openly challenged for several years and during this time all our 1st Amendment Rights are in the cross-hairs of politicians.  They desire for us to consider them the grantors of liberties and freedoms rather than believing we have certain inalienable rights.  We have witnessed county judges, mayors, governors, and politicians in Washington demand ‘unlimited power’ and, to a degree, they have been granted their desires.  I warn once they taste and experience ‘unbridled and unlimited’ power they will not willingly relinquish it. 

If you have been troubled with what many believe to be pandemic overreaction, and the results in our cities due to the riots, then you dare not elect the Democrats.  What would make anyone think that once they have tasted that power, they will give it up?  They won’t!  What would make anyone think that after decades of governance in some of our large cities they would suddenly become efficient in governance? They won’t! If you want to maintain your Freedom of Speech and are appalled at being labeled a racist, bigot, homophobe, or some equally derogatory name because you expressed an opinion, you dare not elect the Democrats.

If you want to maintain your God-given right of self-defense embodied in the 2nd Amendment, you dare not vote for the Democrats.  If you want to maintain personal property rights, you dare not vote for the Democrats.  If you believe that life, all life is valuable, you dare not vote for the Democrats.  If you want to have become so paranoid and fearful that you are willing to hide in your home for perpetuity allowing the government to make all decisions for you, then vote for the Democrats.

Barack Obama promised or threatened to ‘fundamentally transform’ America and was unable to fully achieve his objective.  Following the advice to ‘never let a good crisis go to waste,’ the Left has seized upon this pandemic and now the riots, with the help of the media and instilled fear so strong millions are terrified.  It appears to me that the Democrats and the media are effectively saying, “Screw you America.  Stay in your homes, hide from the world, and when it is safe, we will tell you when you can come out and if you are sheepishly obedient, we will toss you a bone occasionally.  If you join us in defeating the evil Trump, we might let you come out for a few hours each week and live a semblance of a normal life.”  I say NO THANK YOU!

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, I suggest that we adopt the mentality, “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”  I believe that every American should commit to protecting and defending the Constitution.  In that, we should respect the rights, beliefs, and opinions of others.  We should become informed and stay abreast of the issues.  We should perform our civic duty when called upon and participate in the ‘democratic process.’  By that I mean, vote, and work to ensure that all elections are legitimate and free of fraud and corruption.  Finally, I believe every American has a duty to defend this country if the need arises and protect it against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

America, we are in a War and that War is a War for Freedom!  I am voting to keep America Free as well as Safe.  I hope you will join me in praying for America, the president, our leaders, and our people. 

God bless you and God bless America!