BLOG POST 3 - Help Me Understand

First of all, the rhetoric, faux piousness, and being offended by the language or purported language of Donald J. Trump by the left IS A RUSE!  It is their avenue or excuse by which they will continue to RESIST and HARM AMERICA by their unfailing commitment to the Leftist Agenda and Ideology of failed policies.  If any Republicans boycotted or threatened to boycott President Obama’s “State of the Union Address” they were deemed racists, obstructionist, or something sinisterly diabolical was afoot.  However, now there is a growing list of Liberal Leftists Democrats who are proudly proclaiming they are the true patriots of America in their intent to BOYCOTT TRUMP at the State of the Union Address.  How, exactly is that different?  

I had to laugh when Representative Frederica Wilson declared that due to President Trump’s recent racist and incendiary remarks about Haiti and African nations as her reason for boycotting the “State of the Union Address.”  She said, “For the first time since I began serving in the House of Representatives I will not be attending.”  Seriously?  You were elected in 2010 and only served under one other president.  You served under a president who was often blatantly and openly racist and incredibly divisive regarding racial conditions, namely, Barack Hussein Obama.  Your long tenure in the House of Representatives that spanned so many Presidents, right?  She joins other Leftist that include, Representative Maxine Waters, D-California; Representative John Lewis, D-Georgia; and Representative Earl Blumenauer, D-Oregon.  Representative Wilson asked the question that Republicans could have asked regarding her illustrious President Obama, “Why would I take my time to go and sit and listen to a liar?”    Representative Wilson, I’m not sure you’d recognize the truth if it bit you in the behind.

Others are going but going in the fashion of the Hollywood Protesters clad in BLACK.  Representative Jackie Speier, D-California has promised to dress as though in mourning.  Others are bringing guests who have encountered sexual assault or their advocates.  Do you remember the outrage at Representative Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina blurted out “You Lie” during President Obama’s address at the joint session of Congress in 2009 and it cost him his political career?  I’m quite sure that these Democrats will be lauded by the MSM, the Establishment (probably from both sides of the aisle) as courageous patriots and deemed heroes for their protest.

I remember Senator Ted Cruz, Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Antonin Scalia skipping Obama’s final State of the Union Address in 2016 and they were vilified.  I found watching the former President painful because many of the things he said were document fabrications and ran counter to revealed facts and reality.  He could stand with a straight face and lecture all of America on our unforgivable sins while working or appearing to work with those who chant, “Death to America.”  He did more, in my view, to produce irrevocable division in America than Donald Trump could ever do.  Trump’s sin is that he is not a politician, and does not dance to the music of the establishment.  Of course, his mortal sin is that he defeated the heiress-apparent to the Democrat Presidential Throne, Hillary Clinton.  He has done things to force Congress to get off their collective behinds and do their job.  He has taken actions to secure our borders, strengthen our national security, put Americans back to work, and attempted to deal with the Tax issues and Obamacare.  You may call him divisive, but the division is in the Liberal Leftist Democrats who refuse to accept their loss and work with him to govern.  The Leftists in obstructionism being unwilling to cooperate or compromise on anything and they are called patriots.  The Republicans opposing the Leftist agenda are deemed evil obstructionist who hates women, children, the elderly, and any immigrant.

Leftist Democrats, I’m waiting for you to explain to me how your childishness is somehow good for the country.  How have your failed socialistic policies benefitted America? What they have done is provide entitlements to a group of people to ensure they vote for your party without fail?  You have and continue to abuse your office and violate your oath failing to understand that you were elected to serve your constituents and your states?  You promised to “protect and defend” the Constitution of these United States of America, where is that in your continual diatribe, rhetoric, and protests?  How does your vile language filled with hate and sour grapes benefit anyone including your liberal leftist constituents?  You accuse Donald Trump of being a predator and sexual assaulter but defend Bill Clinton as an innocent lamb or in the words of Hillary Clinton, “What difference does it now make?” 

I pray that all Americans will stop the childishness of name-calling and pettiness that is being engaged in not only in Hollywood, the MSM, by activist groups, but in Congress as well.  I pray that we will reach a point that both Democrats and Republicans will set aside their thirst for POWER and CONTROL and consider what is good for America and what will restore that which has been lost, diminished, or tarnished in America.  If you give President Trump a reasonable chance to do what he promised, and he fails, or his policies fail, then vote no on him the next time around.  However, if you find that his policies and promises boost our economy, make dramatic corrections to our Tax Policies, deal with the diabolical law of Obamacare, secures our borders, and strengthens our national security – HOW IS THAT BAD FOR AMERICA?  Those who spend more time parsing every word, phrase and inflection of the President need to realize they are creating a condition for weakening our Republic and System of Government.  Those who seize upon how the First Lady dresses or doesn’t dress, trying to analyze the body language of President Trump, and attempting to explain or define his words often taking them out of context need to realize you are as much the problem as you accuse him of being.

If we truly love America, regardless of which party is in power we must demand that the elected officials follow the rule of law and honor the Constitution.  We must be strong enough and fearless enough that we are willing to VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE if they persist in blatant partisanship and ignore their true duties.  If we did that a few electoral cycles, we could dramatically move toward fixing what is wrong in America.  If we all dropped the racial overtones, forgot skin color, and realized that we are all descendants of Adam and Human Beings we could move toward resolution in a wonderful way.

God bless you and God bless America!




BLOG POST 1 - Sgt Schultz Defense

In the TV series “Hogan’s Heroes” the infamous jovial, dumb, and overweight character Sergeant Schultz repeatedly exercised his best defense included, “I know nothing”, “I see nothing”, “I’m not here” and “I didn’t even get up.”  It was a continual deflecting saying, “I see nothing!  I hear nothing! I know nothing!”  The three proverbial monkeys, “See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil” come to mind.  That defense kept him from being sent to the Russian front more times than one could count.  It worked in the movies and seems to be the path many on the Left and some on the Right have chosen to employ in today’s political arena.

Sgt. Schultz was designed to play the role of a gullible, dumb POW guard that enabled the American POW’s to conduct espionage and covert activities behind enemy lines.  It was silly but often funny because it was entertainment.  It may be silly but not funny when it is employed by politicians even if they are really that dumb and incompetent.  It is a dire threat to the American Republic and our Constitutional System of Government.  They should not be allowed to get away with it and if they are that dumb, uninformed, inept, and incompetent they should be quickly shown the door and sent back to the private sector where they would do far less damage.

In all the investigations during the past few years, the Leftist including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and their cohorts have repeatedly declared, “I know nothing!”  The MSM then parrots that as a justification even when the evidence is overwhelming that they not only knew but were neck deep in the decisions to engage in whatever the activity was.  The other Democrats chime in and insist that their fearless leaders were simply “in the dark” and some rogue subordinate initiated the action without proper authorization.  However, those subordinates never seem to face indictment or suffer any consequences for their actions.  Even in the IRS scandal some were reassigned, demoted, or as in the case of Lois Lerner given a full pension as she departed.  How’s that for consequences?  If you do the dirty work of a leftist administration, you are punished by being rewarded monetarily and shielded legally and politically.  SOME PUNISHMENT for a rogue operative isn’t it?  Yeah, and the moon is made of green cheese, there are unicorns grazing on the lawns in DC, and pigs are flying overhead.  Hey, if you buy their argument and spin, I would like to offer you some prime ocean front property in Arizona at a ridiculously reduced rate.

Hillary Clinton repeatedly pretended to be Sgt. Schultz or his clone when asked about various things.  She knew nothing or had no idea how anything technologically worked or how anyone could possibly do some of the things her staff did.  Her insulting question when asked about wiping her server clean, “You mean like with a cloth?” should have immediately drawn the ire of every American citizen.  It was an insult to every person with an IQ above 40 and a clear attempt to deflect the question or responsibility.  My statement then and now is that if she is really that dumb, uninformed, and inept she should be under the careful medical supervision and never allowed to run for any public office.  We have enough stupidity in Washington, D.C. without adding that level of DUMB to the mix.

But, in today’s political climate, if you are a Leftist Democrat all you have to do is plead ignorance and you are given a pass.  However, if you are a Conservative or Republican you are expected to KNOW everything.  Of course, everyone remembers, or should, Hillary’s argument regarding the death of our people in Benghazi, “What difference does it make now?”  We dare not forget Nancy Pelosi’s insistence regarding Obamacare, “We have to pass the bill to find out what is in it.”  We had numerous times when former President Barack H. Obama claimed ignorance.  Selective and situational ignorance seems to be a prime defense for members of the Democrat Party and some of the RINO’s.  Ignorance is bliss, the saying goes, and if that is accurate many in Washington, D.C. must be in a constant state of euphoria.  The FBI allowed the claim of ignorance to be a justifier for Hillary and her team regarding her State Department emails on a personal or private server.  Rather than taking the path that you and I would be given where ‘Ignorance is no excuse’ regarding the law, they were exonerated, excused, justified, and deemed honorable citizens fighting for right and freedom.  SERIOUSLY???  Try telling the traffic cop that you did not know the speed limit was 25MPH in that School Zone and you were doing 50 MPH and see if that sways him from writing you a ticket?

If we pattern our lives after the Liberal Leftist Democrats, members of the MSM, some of the FBI, and intelligence community, as well as the Department of Justice and other bureaucracies in Washington we would all be pleading ignorance all the time.  If it worked for us like it works for them we would have no reason for a judicial system because it would be meaningless.  If you were apprehended committing a crime PLEAD IGNORANCE and you are immediately set free.  If you fail to do your job and cost your company truckloads of money or endanger lives simply PLEAD IGNORANCE and you could expect to receive a promotion rather than termination.  In your relationship, you violate the trust of your spouse simply PLEAD IGNORANCE and all is forgiven.  Most of us know that DOES NOT WORK in real life for real people.  You may get away with it once or twice but if you employ that defense repeatedly you will awaken to some severe consequences, as you should.  I cannot imagine PLEADING IGNORANCE with God, He knows everything, but the voters are not god, and many are so blinded by their own lack of knowledge and so oblivious to the facts and reality they TAKE THE BAIT and buy the Sgt. Schultz defense.

So, my friends, if you want to be allowed to do anything you desire, become a Democrat and employ the Sgt. Schultz defense it seems to work famously for the politicians.  I hope you see my tongue firmly pressed against my cheek.  God help us if we continue to allow politicians to PLAY DUMB when cookie crumbs are all over their fingers and the evidence is crystal clear they are being untruthful.  If they are that dumb then let’s get them help so they don’t hurt themselves or anyone else.

God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 1A - Bloated Gov

When I say “Swamp” I am including virtually everything in Washington, D.C. and the massive number of federal employees who make six-figure incomes.  We have allowed the federal government to become the behemoth that is going to bankrupt our Republic and fulfill the prophecy of John Adams,Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”  He and our Framers and Founders understood the incredible danger of the governmental experiment they were undertaking and the necessity of WE THE PEOPLE maintaining a tight rein on the government.  WE HAVE FAILED and now it is OUT OF CONTROL.

It should disturb every American citizen to their core to learn that there are tens of thousands of federal employees who earn more money than ANY U.S. Governor.  The government watchdog group “OpenTheBooks” released a 40-page report titled “Mapping the Swamp” and the revelations of both the size and scope of the federal bureaucracy are alarming.  The number of federal employees continues to grow and the rise in the number of those employees earning six-figure income is increasing at an alarming rate.  THAT MUST STOP!

This report revealed that the number of federal employees earning more than $200,000 annually increased by 165% between the fiscal years of 2010 and 2016.  Those making over $150,000 increased by over 60% and the number being paid over $100,000 by 37%.  I would say earning but I’m not sure earning is the proper word and paid is probably a more accurate description.  I’m not sure they EARN anything!  This report indicates that almost 30,000 rank-and-file federal employees received more than $190,823 annually were higher paid than ALL 50 State Governors.  There were, according to this report, 406,960 federal employees being paid six-figure incomes and that amounts to one in five of all federal employees.  NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT, RIGHT???  Amazingly, the minimum wage for federal bureaucrats at 78 departments and independent agencies averaged $100,000 or more. 

In the fiscal year 2016, the USPS and VA employed more than half of the federal employees with the Postal Service employing 32% of all disclosed employees (621,523) and the VA was second (372,614).  The situation is probably worse than what the report indicates because there were a number of federal employees whose salaries were not disclosed.  Imagine that!  The report and others that I have seen clearly reveal that there are many “gaming the system” for personal gain at the expense of the taxpaying public.  The federal government pays its disclosed workforce at the tune of $1 MILLION per minute and more than $500 MILLION per day.  Is there any wonder why they want to TAX, TAX, TAX?  To spend that kind of money, which is a drop in the bucket of what they spend overall you must have an incredible revenue stream.  We could fix the problem, but it would take massive cuts in all departments and agencies of the federal government and restructure the total packages for those in Congress.  I might add, needed cuts and restructuring.  Will it happen?  Not if the Establishment Politicians are in control and Entitlements continue to buy votes.  Federal employees receive 10 paid federal holidays, 13 paid sick days, and 30 vacation days per year.  If each of them took all their allotted time it would cost the taxpayers $22.6 BILLION annually. 

BLOG POST 1 - Bloated Government

The base salary for those in Congress is $174,000 but that is just the beginning.  They have a very large “piggy bank” called their “allowance”.  In the House of Representatives, the members are allowed to spend more than $900,000 on salaries for up to 18 permanent employees.  They receive about $250,000 more for office expenses, including travel, and additional money for the congressional perk known as “franking”.  That is for the mass constituent mail sent out by members of Congress at our expense.  Senators get the same privileges but with a much larger “allowance”.  According to the Congressional Research Service report, the average allocation for the fiscal year 2010 was more than $3.3 MILLION.  The amount they get is connected to the size of their state but at the base, each Senator is given more than $500,000 to hire up to THREE legislative assistants. 

But, it does not stop there, they get lots of office space too both in DC and in their home state and district.  Senators get up to 8,200 square feet of space and there is no restriction on the number of offices they can open in federal buildings in their home states.  This perk also includes furniture for those offices and each Senator gets $40,000 or more for furniture in their home state.  Next, they are allowed to deduct up to $3,000 for expenses outside their home districts or states.  Then, regarding insurance and retirement, it is a Rolls Royce plan.  Forget Cadillac it far exceeds that descriptor.  They can sign up for the same health and life insurance plan as all other federal employees, but it does not stop there.  They are allowed to sign up for a 401(k)-style “Thrift Savings Plan,” a tax-deferred investment with a 5% matching by you and me.  Then, there is social security and a pension plan to boot.  The pension payments and eligibility vary but the members of Congress are eligible for an immediate, full pension at age 62 if they’ve served 5 years or more; they’re eligible at age 50 if they’ve served 20 years, and eligible at any time if they have served 25 years.  They do not have a one retirement plan but have access to three.  Any Senator or Representative elected after 1986 has access to Social Security, a 401(k) program that matches 5% of their contributions up to $17,500 and FERS, which as the name implies covers anyone paid from the federal till.  According to one calculation, an elected official’s FERS accumulation rate is almost double other employees.  NICE!

Their work schedule is such that they could hold down another job and still show up for all the sessions of Congress.  They get up to 239 days per year off.  The Congressional calendar of 2012 indicated there were 126 sessions on the docket which left members of Congress with 239 days off.  The vast majority of their air travel is FREE.  This does not mention the kickbacks, under the table funds, campaign donations, and many other perks that are often if not usually illegal but since it is Congress it is ignored by the rest of Congress.  You do not look your gift horse in the mouth or do you bite the hand that feeds you.

Patriots, if we do not find a way to regain control of this behemoth called the federal government we are driving the final nails in the coffin of the Republic.  The Never Trump Republicans, the Establishment GOP seem to be perfectly willing to cede control of the House and Senate to the Democrats to defeat President Trump.  Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face.  I cannot fathom how they cannot see how this hurts all of us and what would be best for America to FULFILL the campaign promises that got Donald Trump elected in 2016.

I want to say, “God bless America and God bless you” but I think I should say, “God help America and God help each of us who are footing the bill for the Swamp.” 


BLOG POST 4 - Deep State Take Down

Will it be easy?  HEAVEN’S NO!  Is it possible?  ABSOLUTELY!  Do we have enough people in elected office to follow through on the requests and recognition of the need to INVESTIGATE the INVESTIGATORS, the Obama administration, Clinton campaign, and the DNC?  Not at this time!  Therefore, it is imperative that we become actively involved in the mid-term elections in 2018 and continue that effort with diligence in the 2020 elections.  Failure to do that will result in more of the same, and probably find the Democrats gaining strength and possibly control of one or both Houses of Congress. THAT MUST NOT HAPPEN!

Do not mistake my insistence that we defeat the Democrats as a glowing endorsement of the GOP, it is not!  We need to oust those who are unwilling to follow the rule of law, protect and defend the Constitution, and advance the agenda of the Promises made to the voters in the 2016 election.  We need to defeat them in the primaries and replace them with truly Constitutional and hopefully Conservative candidates who will have the intestinal fortitude and ethical foundation to DO THE RIGHT THING and move forward into the restoration of our Republic.  IT IS POSSIBLE, but it will not be easy or quick.

I have been disturbed over how many Republicans in Washington, D.C. have praised the integrity, professionalism, and thoroughness of Robert Mueller while failing to decry the obvious partisanship, illegalities, and fishing expeditions his team and the Left have embarked on and engaged in.  Some are now suggesting that the Deep State and Swamp conspiracies against Donald J. Trump are beginning to crumble.  I hope they are correct.  There are some things that encourage me and give me hope there is some validity in their prognostications.

Recently, one of the Republicans who has demonstrated that he is a RINO and has been vocal in his opposition to the President has publicly declared there needs to be an investigation into the biased, unethical, and illegal actions of the FBI against Donald Trump.  He has expressed the need to conduct a criminal investigation into the investigators and expose the truth and prosecute where the evidence supports such prosecution.  That will receive no endorsement from any Democrat and far too many Republicans will back away from that request demonstrating their Establishment allegiance.

The Deep State’s plot to overturn or at least discredit the 2016 election to the point that Donald Trump either resigns or is impeached and removed from office needs examination.  We know that the Clinton campaign funded the dossier and the FBI and Obama administration used that document (filled with absurdities and fabrications) to get warrants to illegally spy on the Trump campaign, General Flynn, and others.  The fact that RINO Lindsey Graham is now demanding a Special Counsel has sent the MSM and the Democrats into damage control mode and the rhetoric and spin is transpiring with a vengeance.  They realize that they must continue the fabrications and get into the minds of enough voters that there might be some validity to their charges and claims or their house of cards comes tumbling down around their ears and they lose big in the upcoming elections.

If enough people sign on to Senator Graham’s call and the truth is published widely enough the witch hunt will bite them in the posterior and any shred of credibility they might hope to have been lost totally.  What do we know factually?  We know that the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton and even Barack Obama organized and funded the dossier claiming that Donald Trump was a traitor.  That alone should call it into question.  We know that the dossier is chock full of undeniable falsehoods and the FBI has admitted after a year of digging, they cannot verify it.  We know that the dossier was used by the Obama administration to spy on Trump and his aides.  We know that Obama’s team spied on General Flynn during the transition and that the FBI and Robert Mueller used that ILLEGAL SURVEILLANCE to trap the General in a lie.

Need we mention each member of the Mueller team and their open allegiance to and support of Hillary Clinton and their illegal activities?  We know that Peter Strzok, the lead FBI investigator launched the original Trump-Russia investigation BEFORE joining Mueller’s team and sought an INSURANCE POLICY against Trump in case he won the election, which he did.  We know the FBI obtained a secret warrant to spy on the Trump campaign and team based on the Clinton funded document which the FBI could not confirm.  We know the FBI is refusing the subpoenas of the House Intelligence Committee to surrender documents detailing how the dossier was used.  We know they are refusing to answer the committee’s questions.  DOES ANYONE SMELL A RAT?

Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein have admitted there is NO EVIDENCE of collusion by Donald Trump, yet the hunt continues. The Democrats and Deep State could not defeat Trump at the voting booth, so they are hell-bent on defeating him through phony charges, unverified accusations, and false information.  They continue to ignore the illegalities of the Clinton team and the Obama administration as well as that of James Comey and others within in our law enforcement, Department of Justice, and intelligence communities.

THE TIME IS NOW, TO INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS and bring this diabolical attempt to destroy a legitimate election and thereby severely damage our system of government to an end.  WE MUST TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.  If our elected officials will not respond appropriately, then it is incumbent on you and me to show them the door and send someone to Washington who has the backbone and intestinal fortitude to DO THE JOB!

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 6 - Replaced

I’ve had a lot of people laugh at me and attempt to ridicule me over my warnings about Agenda 21 and the Sustainable Development Initiative of the United Nations, the globalist, and the federal government.  Laugh if you please, but there is something coming down the pike that causes the hair on the back of my neck to stand up and gives me incredible pause and concern.  Its roots are deeply entrenched in the ideology and philosophy of Agenda 21 and fits squarely in the desire of the Big Government proponents to CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL every aspect of our lives.

You may think I am overreacting and deem me a conspiracy theorist to be ignored.  If so, that is your right, but before you totally dismiss my warnings I would urge you to both read what I am writing and do some investigation of your own.  I believe you will also find things that cause you to be concerned.  The item that I am going to bring up, on its face seems benign and many would deem it wonderful and possible a safety experiment long overdue.  I can see some elements that would lend to that but far more that make me leery of this futuristic plan and technological unveiling.

What am I talking about?  Autonomous or Driverless Automobiles.  Before you laugh and dismiss me let me offer some thoughts from my pondering on the matter and investigation.  On the surface, a driverless vehicle seems quite benign and even a pleasant thought but what about the potential problems and issues with government intervention?  Yes, there are both to be concerned about.

It is being proposed and pushed by the federal government, automakers and other entities to have “autonomous” or “driverless” automobiles on the road in large numbers by 2020-2024.  That’s not that far down the road.  No, they won’t be flying cars but will occupy the space that you and I now occupy on the highways and byways of America’s roads and streets.  There are several levels of “autonomous” vehicles proposed from limited driver involvement to complete autonomy of the technology of the vehicle.  The latter is where the government wants this to go and if that happens that is when the government regulations and intervention will take place that will be off the charts.  The government would or could control where and when you could occupy the roadways.  It would also require permission to take a trip and determine what speed you traveled.  That would make off-road travels for those who hunt and fish a virtual impossibility, but then the Leftist and Activist don’t want you hunting or fishing, so in their minds, no problem.

Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development seeks to press people into smaller spaces and force everyone to live in apartment type high rises where they can live, work, socialize, and shop in limited environs.  This is more of the government’s desire to CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL our lives.  Back in 2013, the federal government released some regulations for “driverless cars” and estimated they were looking at a 10-15-year window before they became a reality.  The argument was that far too many “senior citizens” and people with “disabilities” were on the road and insisted that this would solve that problem.  Would or will it?  That remains to be seen but that is not my concern in this issue it is GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

But there is another issue that nobody seems to want to talk about.  If this is software technology that drives the vehicle it is hackable and that poses an additional danger.  What happens if a terrorist takes over vehicles and uses the driverless automobile as a weapon of mass destruction?  You would have no terrorist on the scene and a several-thousand-pound weapon bearing down on victims.  But, what about someone with a grudge against anyone including those in elected positions, hacking into and taking over the vehicle.  That vehicle could be driven over a cliff, into oncoming traffic or simply shut down in the middle of the freeway causing accidents and havoc.  You may make light of that but consider this possibility as well.  If the government has a system that regulates where and when you can travel and someone hacks into that vehicle (even governmental agencies) and takes you somewhere that is morally, socially, economically, or politically embarrassing how would you defend yourself and insist you did not initiate the trip?

I see this as one more step down the path of stripping us of our Freedoms and Liberties and a precursor to deeming the elderly and disabled as being an unnecessary burden.  Am I overreacting?  Possibly but I do not trust the government for they have proven to be untrustworthy.  Have you ever used technology and found that a glitch caused it to do something totally other than what you desired?  How comfortable are you in trusting government controlled software to propel you down a busy freeway at 70 MPH?  This was a technology that former President Barack Obama endorsed and if the Leftist endorse something red flags immediately go up for me and I begin to examine the possible dangers.  We’ve already seen fatal crashes with the Telsa automobile and imagine 18-wheelers barreling down the highway with no driver.  I am also concerned that too often when the federal government is involved they leap before they look.

It is partially that I don’t want to give up my independence and choose where, when, and how I travel but it is more.  I also don’t trust the federal government to build a better mousetrap or regulate the building of one.  Everything (virtually) that the federal government regulates and controls come at a higher cost and with less efficiency.  How much control do we truly want to give the federal government in the name of safety or efficiency?  Some have argued that those of us who are “seasoned citizens” are less safe than younger drivers should be around some of the newly licensed products of the past few years.  Those of us who learned to drive when the rules of the road meant something is usually far safer than many of those who think that turning on the turn signal makes them invincible.  I deal with ineptitude behind the wheel daily in the DFW area and wonder how some people make it from Point A to Point B without an accident.  Those people would be a far stronger argument for driverless cars than the arguments now being used but even then, trusting the government is difficult for this citizen.

That was my rant and you may be 100% in favor of the “autonomous driverless automobile” and long for its full release.  I hope you are right and it is truly something benign not another step in the Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Initiative.  I hope you are right!

God bless you and God bless America!




It is the responsibility of every generation to refresh the tree of Liberty!  That is especially true today for those of us who love liberty and the Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America, in contrast to the voices, forces, and ideologies seeking to destroy it.  I am convinced that our founders based the Constitution, our system of government and judicial system on the presumption that those in leadership would work toward preserving the principles of Freedom.  I am not so naïve as to think they did not foresee the potential tyrannical despotism.  I believe they attempted to place safeguards and sound warnings loudly enough that centuries later we would hear them.

Our founders faced some serious problems in the formulation of this new government.  I believe did a remarkable job addressing those issues and attempting to insert adequate safeguards against despotism which would guarantee the survival of the fledgling new nation.  Like most systems of government theory is not always practical and thus we have the problems our nation faces today.  Although some of the Framers wanted to make the office of President a Monarchy the majority recognized the problem of placing too much power in the hands of one individual.  They also wanted a court system that was strong but not one that legislated from the bench, so they sought to develop a system that gave the court strength but not extreme power.

At the time of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 many were predisposed to developing a government that would provide ‘separation of powers’ in which the three branches were ‘co-equal’ in responsibility and power.  This was not a new idea but one that had never successfully been established as it would be in America.  Its roots can be traced to the 4th Century with Aristotle, championed by John Locke, refined and expanded by Baron de Montesquieu.  The writings of those and others influenced many of our founders greatly as did their desire to safeguard against the monarchical system.  They wanted a strong executive held in check by a defined legislature balanced by a judiciary that reviewed matters from a constitutional basis.  That worked splendidly for decades but has become so eroded over the past few decades and especially in the past few years that it would be unrecognizable by the Framers and Founders. 

In our present condition, we are suffering the after-effects of an administration (Obama) that pushed the limits of presidential authority damaging our entire political system.  We are suffering from a Congress that has largely abdicated its responsibility and a court where nine black-robed persons are virtually deciding what is legal and constitutional and what is not.  Instead of having a ‘balance of power’ where three branches are ‘co-equal’ providing checks and balances we have blurred the lines and so distorted our system, men like Thomas Jefferson would be calling for rebellion.  Our founders warned us of the inherent danger of any of the three branches becoming too strong or weak and laid the ultimate responsibility at the feet of WE THE PEOPLE!  If every generation does not ‘refresh the tree of liberty’ we will find that we are truly ‘one generation’ away from losing our liberty.

When the president, attorney general, and other major political figures engage in encouraging disregard for our justice system from a purely racial perspective we invite disruption of the peace, as the Obama administration did.  When people are encouraged, (as did the Obama administration), to disturb the Peace in protest rather than attempting to educate as to the process, the facts and maintain civil decorum it is an invitation to lawlessness.  When a president exercises power outside the constitutional scope of that office, ignores congress and disobeys the courts it is rightly called tyranny.  When Congress abdicates its responsibility to exercise the power of the purse, pass legislation and give oversight to the lawful exercise and observance of those laws we can rightly call them impotent.  When the courts render decisions that can only be understood as rewriting laws we can rightly accuse them of abuse of power.  We have each of those happening to greater or lesser degree in present-day America.  I do not wonder what our founders would say for I believe they demonstrated that in the American Revolution, Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Convention.

The former President, former Attorney General, and some major political figures called for those of a particular ethnicity to create havoc because they perceive a wrong transpired in the elections or other aspects of society.  The flames of hatred and racism have been fanned by those in leadership and have resulted in incredible chaos and division.  If WE THE PEOPLE fail to unitedly make our voices heard, we will see further disruption and destruction.  We must all realize that that declares that while our system is not perfect the constitution must be respected.  I am not calling for watering the tree of liberty with the “blood of patriots” as did Jefferson, but I am calling for watering the tree of liberty with our unified voice demanding a return to Constitutional Republicanism and lawfulness.

America needs, no requires our UNITED VOICE of support for Liberty in contrast to the voices of hate.  America needs leaders who protect and defend the constitution even if it is not what they would prefer.  America needs leaders who will follow the law, working to change any and all bad laws and serve as representatives of the people not purveyors of power and position.

My heart breaks for my America and I plead, God bless America and God bless you!




When I read the writings, and study the events of the founding of this incredible Republic known as the United States of America I am immediately drawn to the importance of LIBERTY to our Founders and the Framers.  We have the Sons of Liberty, the Liberty Tree, the Liberty Bell, and even the Statue of Liberty.  They were enamored with the idea of Liberty and so am I.  The question must be asked, WHY?  Why was Liberty so incredibly important to our forefathers? 

The more I study their activities, works, ideas, and arguments the words of Patrick Henry have even more impact, “Give me Liberty or give me death” was more than a catchy cliche or declaration.  It was at the core of his and their beliefs and convictions.  They could envision no other result than winning Liberty which would give them Freedom but Liberty at all costs was their objective.  They were fighting for more than mere freedoms they were fighting for LIBERTY and to them, that was a God-given right and a possession or prize worth dying for.  I wonder how many today have that same conviction.

Freedom is defined as, “independence, the license to do as one wants, the permission to do as you please.”  That definition is wanting as it applies to a civil society and the workable interchange between men where peace and progress can be the expected outcome.  Freedom, means you have the right to do something based on a clear granting of authority or autonomy, as in self-government.  Permission, on the other hand, reflects the authorization or permission to do something and if it is something given or authorized it can be revoked.

Our Framers and the Founding Fathers had a clear grasp of the difference and to them, LIBERTY is defined in the Declaration of Independence as something that comes from God not man and therefore not something man can revoke.  The words that express their view that ALL MEN are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights including Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness are incredibly illuminating.  This is a window into their hearts and minds and a reason they were willing to risk everything to FIGHT FOR LIBERTY and FREEDOM.  Any given Freedom can be revoked by those granting that Freedom but Liberty, in their view, and mine can only be revoked by the Giver of Life, the Creator of All Things – GOD HIMSELF!

When I hear people talk about Freedom and Democracy I grow concerned as to the understanding of what we have in America and what our Founders fought for.  John Adams said, “Remember, democracy never lasts long.  It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.  There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”  We have a Constitutional Republic with a Representative Democracy not a Majority Rule Democracy as ancient Greece.  John Adams also declared that America is “a government of laws, not of men.”  Much of our law finds its roots and foundation in the Bible and the principles of God’s Word.  I know that some find that offensive, but it is an inescapable truth if we honestly examine history.

In a Democracy, any group that managed a majority regarding any Freedom could vote to rescind that Freedom and mandate that we all follow their prescribed edict.  In our Constitutional Republic, we have rights that are given to all mankind by God Himself and no government, or majority has the right to trample on that Liberty.  If we only have Freedom, given by the government or the majority, those rights within that Freedom are subject to the interpretation of those in power.  In Liberty, the rights are not derived from man’s permission but by God’s decree and He supersedes all Human Authority.  Benjamin Franklin said, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.  Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”

There are those on the Left and among some of the Establishment Republicans who would force us to violate our convictions and give up our Liberty and inalienable rights.  We have the right to Life.  There can be occasion, biblically and legally, where one can commit a crime that abridges that right and their life is the price of their crime.  In the right to Life, the unborn in the womb, who cannot fend for themselves or defend themselves must be protected as are all innocents.  Life means that we have the inalienable right to LIVE according to the convictions of our hearts providing those convictions do not endanger others or trample their rights.  We have the inalienable right to Liberty where we are FREE and have the permission of the Creator to live freely without undue restraint from any human government.  The words of Patrick Henry resonate deeply in my heart and I cry for LIBERTY, not simply FREEDOM.  God made me Free and therefore I am Free Indeed and in that Liberty, there is Freedom and Inner Peace.  I may have material possessions or be destitute, but I still enjoy LIBERTY and am FREE.

The government is charged with the protection of our LIBERTY, but our American government has evolved into an entity that believes LIBERTY, FREEDOM, and RIGHTS come from Government.  Therefore, rather than protecting and defending our Liberty they seek to define what Liberty is and mandate our lifestyles and allegiances.  That is foreign to what our Founders fought for and the Framers of our American Constitution negotiated.  We are Free because God made us Free!  We need to convey to our elected representatives the understanding of the Framers and Founders that among our inalienable rights is LIBERTY and we have that not because of some governmental action, edict, or legislation but because God granted us that right.  We need to convey to them that unless they return to defending and protecting the Constitution and our Inalienable Rights we will help them find other employment.  We must develop the Spirit and Commitment of our Founders and allow the Spirit of 1776 to once again become prevalent in our hearts.  Unless Liberty is something we are willing to fight to the death to preserve and attain, our Freedom will be lost in America. 

I am focused on the mid-term elections in 2018 and the 2020 elections because I realize that our American system of government is hanging in the balance.  Politicians of all stripes are proving to be our antagonist not our allies in the area of Liberty and Freedom.  Join us in the fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom and commit to LIBERTY.

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!