Some will say, Yes.  Some will say, No.  Some will shake their heads and say, Hopefully.  I wish I could definitively answer that in the positive but with the deep entrenchment of the Swamp Denizens and the Deep State in government, I am not overly optimistic.  I believe in God and believe that He is still in control.  However, I also know that God will allow man to pursue his own folly.  God will not impose His will upon us and force us into compliance.  Therefore, the onus is on us.  We who love this Republic and want to protect and defend our freedoms and inalienable rights must stand firm and stand together in our efforts to Reclaim the Republic.

Regarding the Ukraine issue, I do not find any constitutional evidence that Trump committed an impeachable offense.  There are times, I wish he would be a bit more cautious in his verbiage.  There are some around him that should walk softly when addressing the media, the Democrats, and the public.  But, to totally ignore blatant violations of the constitution by the Democrats and come after Trump for what could be equated to a very minor traffic violation, if that, is ludicrous.  It is revealing of the true intent rather than expressing any genuine desire to uphold the law or uncover the truth.

Nothing this President has done even comes close to what Obama, Hillary, Biden, and countless other Democrats have done and are doing.  How were their actions and the continuing revelations of their actions, not Front-Page News?  I’m sorry, I almost forgot that we do not live in a world where both sides are held equally accountable by the Press or Congress.  How could I be so absent-minded?  Please forgive me!

The former president Barack Hussein Obama his administration and loyalists engaged in a blatant, covert and sometimes an overt conspiracy to overturn a legitimate election and oust Trump from office or prevent him from being elected.  That is criminal, immoral, and treacherous if not treasonous. 

Beyond that, the Benghazi disaster, the Fast and Furious debacle, the Green Energy Slush Funds he provided for his buddies, using the IRS to target conservatives, the Clinton Email Gate, and a myriad of other events are ignored.  How and Why?  The bottom-line answer is, “Because they are Liberal Leftists Globalist Democrats.”  There is no other answer.

The Russian collusion fabrication has produced a nothing burger for them, but they never stop.  This time, the Ukraine phone call scandal is not based on factual information but hearsay, but it is ‘Front-Page News’ and the worst scandal in American history if you listen to the MSM and the Democrats.  Do they really think the American people are that dense?  Well, Yes, they do!  They do because voters keep confirming the ignorance or willingness to look the other way when a Democrat commits a crime or makes a major political misstep. 

The cover afforded the Leftists in the Media, Congress, and even the Courts have left me less than hopeful of the full restoration of the Republic and a significant draining of the Swamp.  But I refuse to give up or cease my fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom. 

The charge by the Democrats is that Trump colluded with Ukraine to ‘dig up dirt’ on Joe Biden because he is so afraid of having to face Biden in the General Election.  There is no factual evidence to support that.  Many presidents have talked to foreign governments regarding corruption, potential crimes, and threats to our Republic.  Some of the Democrats and nobody seemed to mind, but if Trump sneezes, He is in violation of some moral and constitutional edict and must be annihilated.

The Democrats thus far have gone after numerous associates of Trump hoping to get one of them to give them some ‘dirt’ on Trump.  They have come up empty and I suspect it is because there is nothing criminal or impeachable, they can give.  But the Democrats refuse to quit and are doggedly devoted to the cause of “Ousting and Destroying Donald John Trump.”  He is their mortal enemy and they would sell their souls to destroy him.  Wait, maybe they have done just that, sold their souls!

The Democrats and too many Republicans have ignored the violations of ethical guidelines and the law by the various sectors of our bureaucracy including the Intelligence Community.  John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Evelyn Farkas, Samantha Powers, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch to name a few engaged in devious if not illegal activities targeting Trump and Conservatives.  The Obama administration was very open to the use of the government to coerce people to comply with his agenda. 

There was a tag line in the “X-Files” to describe administrative state nefariousness:  Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate.  That is the clear mantra of the Democratic Party and their loyalist.  There was and is an unhealthy worship of Barack Obama, possibly because of his being half-black or his being the darling of George Soros and the toxicity of liberalism.  There has been the clear trepidation about launching anything against the Clinton’s because people fear for their lives.

We have had the blatant misuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). That has been revealed in the exposed lies they used to obtain warrants.  They activated the potentially potent “Five Eyes” intelligence services of Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States against Trump.  The Five Eyes are not bound by the same constitutional restrictions as the U.S. Intelligence Agencies.  However, our own agencies have demonstrated a willingness to side-step and ignore that document.

One possible flaw in President Trump is his openness as to what he thinks.  His open observations regarding the Biden family have triggered the Left and sent them over the edge.  They have ramped up their ambition and drive to ‘destroy’ him, at all costs.  “Damn the torpedoes full steam ahead” is their mantra.  They consider Trump’s destruction worth the crumbling of our system of government.  They are oblivious to the pain they are inflicting on Americans.  Their enemy must be destroyed, and they consider us collateral casualties.

Those “Five Eyes” have targeted Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu, Boris Johnson, and anyone who even remotely supports law and order and Republicanism.  I pray that we can Drain the Swamp and Restore the Republic before a ‘civil war’ breaks out.  I pray that we can somehow dismantle enough of the Deep State and drain enough of the Swamp to reclaim oversight of the Government.  I pray that America can once again become “One nation under God.”  I pray that we can once again see America be the land where “our right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness are protected.”  I pray that America will once again see “liberty and justice for all.” 

God bless you as you pray for and fight for America!  


Obviously, that requires a bit more detail before there can be a serious answer.  The Democrats are on record of supporting and proposing “Population Control” as their means to ‘Save the Planet.’  They have embraced the Malthusian Theory of Population Control.  Their assertions are based on false information, paranoia, fear, and delusion, but what is new about that position?  Nothing, with the main-stream political elitists who are seeking to be President of these United States of America. 

The Malthusian Theory identified population growth as being a catastrophic danger for the world.  The reason behind that position is the theory advanced by the Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus, in 1798.  He advanced his theory that population growth was not paralleled by food production.  He suggested and believed that if the population of the world continued to expand there would be massive food shortages and therefore ‘Population Control’ was mandatory for the survival of the planet. 

Think about when was that theory advanced.  Hang on to your hats.  It was detailed in the Reverend’s writings, “An Essay on the Principle of Population” in 1798.  That’s right I did not say 1978 but 1798!  Wow! Over 200 years ago he advanced his debunked theory based on nothing more than fear and presumption.  He suggested many “checks” on the population including preventing marriage between people deemed to be suffering poverty or perceived as ‘defective.’  There is much more in that theory but suffice to say that the Democratic Presidential hopefuls want to ‘Control the Population’ to Save the Planet. 

They have offered some incredibly preposterous proposals that just a few years ago would have resulted in them being laughed out of the room.  Today, those proposals are not laughed out of the room but due to the multi-generations of brainwashing that has been transpiring, the fear-mongering, and faux science used to advance the fear of ‘Climate Change’ people are buying their suggestions and assertions. 

The current crop of presidential hopefuls in the Democratic Party stated on CNN’s Climate Change Town Hall that ‘Climate Change’ is the greatest threat America and the world has.  That is beyond preposterous but alas, there are millions who buy it hook-line-and-sinker.  Their dumb ideas make banning plastic straws seem like a mild absurdity.  Their proposals make banning incandescent light bulbs and air travel seem middle of the road ideas.  Their assertions go far beyond calling Climate Change the greatest threat to humanity since WWII.  It went beyond calling hurricanes racists, which they have done.

Their most ludicrous idea is that to fight climate change we must have ‘Population Control.’  The incredibly dangerous ingredients in that idea can readily be viewed by simply looking at what happened in Nazi Germany under Hitler.    They have embraced the theories of Paul Ehrlich of Stanford and many of their proposals come directly from his book ‘The Population Bomb.’  Ehrlich contended that the world is overpopulated by at least 1 billion people and that the only salvation of the planet is population control and reduction.  That would include forced sterilization and contraception programs being enacted.  I wonder how they square that with their arguments for ‘reproductive freedom’ and ‘women’s rights’? 

The empirical evidence is that human beings do not deplete the world’s resources but help to discover and produce more for use by mankind.  People who are invested in Freedom and Free Enterprise make the planet better.  It is better materially, economically, and environmentally.  One of the major reasons for population growth is the dramatic reduction in infant mortality and longer lifespans due to research and production by people.

The Malthusian Theory and those advancing their ideas of Population Control such as Ehrlich have suggested that there would be standing room only on the planet.  In the 1970’s they argued that in just 25 to 50 years the world population would be over 10 billion, but it is much nearer 7.5 billion.  Population growth has slowed over the past few decades and freedom has proven to be an incredible motivation for contraception.  As people prosper and enjoy freedom, they make the personal decision to have fewer children.  Even in China population is not the problem or a threat to the world. 

Let me open Pandora’s box regarding this theory.  If it is implemented, who decides who can and cannot marry or have children?  Who decides who lives and who dies?  Who decides if a person is too poor or ‘defective’ enough to warrant their extermination or prevention from enjoying a family of their own?  Who?  You guessed it, the politicians and their appointed bureaucrats.  That becomes the most despotic of all conditions and that is exactly what the Democrats are pushing for.  My question is, “Which of them will volunteer for extermination, to save the planet?’’  NONE!

The attempts of man to mandate the population’s size and reduction is to assume the position of being god.  I believe that their theory and agenda is diametrically opposite of the Judeo-Christian view.  I believe it opens the door for disastrous and diabolical results regarding human rights.  It will do nothing to resolve and potential environmental problems but will, in the end, make them worse.  Controlling the size of the population is not the answer, human ingenuity is.  Therefore, this is another of the myriad of reasons I reject the Left and will vote against them in this and every election.

God bless you and God bless America!


I continue to believe in the American people although sometimes that is incredibly difficult.  I don’t trust the polls, but I do view them and take them into account when I am assessing the situation politically.  I weigh them and try to determine which bent they pollsters have ideologically.  I seek to know who did the poll, where the data came from, and if those producing the information have a revealed political agenda.  Facts matter and polls could be valuable if they are honest and unbiased in their questions.  However, few are.

When the Democrats reclaimed control of the House of Representatives after the 2018 elections, I expected much of what we have gotten.  I wondered if there would be any moderate Democrats (if there is such a creature) would speak out against the incredible shift to the far far far far left by the party.  I was pleasantly surprised that a few, precious few, did.  I wondered if the leading voices in the Democrat Party would listen and heed their cautions.  They did not, which was no surprise.

The Democrats had a noticeable if not sizeable advantage in favorability among the voting public prior to that election.  I wondered if they would squander their political capital as the Republicans have frequently done and blow it?  I cannot say for certain that they have, are, or will but there are signs that encourage me that they are losing ground.  That is good for conservatives, constitutionalists, and the Republic. 

The Tsunami of Blue did not occur as they predicted but they did pick up over 40 seats as opposed to the Republicans who gained marginally in the Senate.  A recent poll that I saw suggested that the Blue advantage had vanished.

I include this poll because of its source.  You cannot accuse the pollsters of being heavily pro-Trump, this was the New York Times and Pew Research.  Many are suggesting that this shift must be laid at the feet of the Democratic 2020 presidential candidates.  There are specifics that can be referred to as catalysts but being deaf to America is the #1 in my view.

Of the Left’s key issues here’s what was reported:

Decriminalizing illegal border crossings – 67% viewed that as a bad idea while 27% thought it is a good idea.  Slavery reparations – 63% viewed that as a bad idea with 26% thinking it is a good idea. Replacing private insurance – 55% viewed that as a bad idea with 40% thinking it is a good idea.  Repeal Obamacare – 50% viewed that as a bad idea with 45% thinking it is a good idea.  (The Left is still winning on that last one. Why I will never understand.)

When it comes to the impossible Utopian dream of Free Everything the poll was interesting and disturbing:

Free Public College – 45% thought it was a bad idea and 51% a good idea.  $15 minimum wage – 42% thought it was a bad idea and 55% a good idea.  A Green New Deal – 34% thought it was a bad idea and 60% a good idea.  Millionaire Tax – 34% thought that was a bad idea and 61% a good idea. (Envy and Greed kicked in big time).  

Pathway to citizenship for illegals – 32% thought that was a bad idea and 63% a good idea.  (Goodbye America if that happens as the Democrats are proposing.)  Regulation of drug prices – 28% considered that a bad idea and 67% a good idea.  (What the government regulates it controls and it won’t stop with drug prices but distribution as well.) 

Voluntary Medicare for All – 26% thought that was a bad idea and 69% a good idea.  Gun background checks expansion – 10% considered that a bad idea and 88% a good idea.  (Know that the gun control and confiscation movement is picking up steam.)

Some of these make me wonder if people are thinking beyond the question.  Let me answer that, No, they are not!  Support for the Green New Deal is seemingly strong when those same people are asked about government control and cost, the support drops dramatically.  I wonder how the questions were posed and how much thought people put into their answers. 

I continue to hope that if the Democrats nominate someone like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren that the public will immediately reject those extreme radical views and in the words of Nancy Reagan, ‘Just say No!  The stakes are incredibly high in the 2020 presidential election.  Actually, it is high in all the elections.  If Biden wins the nomination, he might voice some more Left Center views and have some support that I believe Sanders and Warren would lose.  That is if the American people actually think for a millisecond.

We are facing a crisis in America politically and if we fail to defeat the Leftist, Activists, Globalists, Socialists, Democrats we will watch the incredible destruction of much of our Republic if not its complete demise.  Call me an Alarmist, I don’t care.  I see the danger and I’m not chicken little yelling that the sky is falling and do not have my finger poked in the hole in the dam.  The threat is real, and it is imperative that we pray like never before, work tirelessly, and above all Vote and Vote for America and against the Destruction of the Republic proposed by the Left.

God bless you and God bless America!


Hypocrisy is too kind, but since I refuse to use obscenities it must suffice in my description of what is happening today politically.  Calling the coup against Trump and the attempts to overturn the 2016 election a Witch Hunt is too kind, but it too must suffice.  We have spent millions if not billions of taxpayer funds in pursuit of fallacious intelligence and investigations into the president’s so-called collusion with foreign governments to subvert our electoral process. 

Someone recently argued, “Well we spent millions investigation Benghazi too.”  We did, and tragically nothing was done about it.  Therefore, I don’t care if it is an investigation by the Republicans or Democrats if there is nothing forthcoming to help us drain the swamp, then what’s the benefit to America?  The only perceived benefit is in the minds of the politicians as they hope those expenditures will endear them to the voters and facilitate their ascension to power or allow them to remain in power.  That is tragic for America.

The current phase of the Coup to oust President Trump and overturn the 2016 election or to win the 2020 election should be laughable but it is so dangerous it is diabolical.  The blatant lies of Congressman Adam Schiff of California should result in immediate action by Congress, but it won’t.  I say that because the factual evidence clearly reveals that too many in both parties are swamp denizens and far more interested in CYA than getting to the truth. We are secondary in their concerns and America is only a tool for them to achieve their objectives and agendas.

The pretend conversation between Trump and the Ukraine president as presented by Congressman Schiff was deemed a parody.  However, the Congressman intended it to be a representation of factual evidence and designed to sway voters to their side.  If Trump says anything, to them, he is a liar and the worst human being to have ever lived.  That is beyond tragic and helps to expand the divide in America pushing it nearer and nearer the uncrossable chasm that will destroy us.  I condemn that kind of activity by either side and pray for us to once again learn to listen and pursue peace with principled purpose.

We know that the so-called whistle-blower did not follow proper protocol and report to the Intelligence Committee Inspector General (ICIG) his contact with Congressman Schiff or his staff.  That makes it suspect and smells of collusion and an attempt to hide the truth.  I believe it was more than a nervous oversight as some have argued.  I believe it was intentional.  That is cause for concern or should be. 

The whistle-blower reportedly told the ICIG, Michael Atkinson, that he was a registered Democrat and had a prior working relationship with a prominent Democratic politician. That Democratic candidate has been revealed to be none other than Joe Biden. Imagine that!  That too is cause for me to be suspicious.  I would say the same thing if the whistle-blower were reporting on a Democrat and was a Republican operative.  I would say that, especially if the whistle-blower did not have ‘direct knowledge’ of what he was blowing the whistle on.  That is, at best, hearsay and at worst, a blatant fabrication in the style of the Steele dossier. 

I find it amazing and unbelievable that the ICIG would say that he did not know how the Schiff tweet in August and other statements by the Congressman appear to reflect the content of the whistle-blower complaint.  Well, Mr. ICIG, maybe you should find out.  The tweet and other statements contained classified information, a violation of federal law, but the ICIG seemed to be unconcerned about that deviation from legality.  I wonder why?

Schiff had previously contended, “we have not spoken directly to the whistleblower.”  Was he saying that he personally had not?  We know that his staff had and had conveyed the information to the Congressman.  Therefore, to consider the Congressman forthcoming and honest in this matter would be a stretch.

It is interesting that a ‘fact-checker,’ Glenn Kessler, who has been quite anti-Trump would call the Congressman out for ‘blatant lies’ regarding the whistle-blower complaint.  When Schiff was asked: “Have you heard from the whistle-blower? Do you want to hear from the whistle-blower? What protections could you provide to the whistle-blower?” [Sam] Stein, an MSNBC contributor, asked on “Morning Joe.”

“We have not spoken directly with the whistle-blower. We would like to,”
Schiff responded. “But I am sure the whistle-blower has concerns that he has not been advised, as the law requires, by the inspector general or the director of national Intelligence just how he is supposed to communicate with Congress, and so the risk to the whistle-blower is retaliation.”

Mr. Kessler said that Schiff’s response was ‘flat-out false.’  I do believe that would make it a LIE!  Mr. Kessler noted at least two other instances where Schiff was dishonest.  One of them was during an interview with CNN Reporter Anderson Cooper and the other during a Capitol Hill Press Conference.  He is being dishonest now in the secret hearings trying to pressure witnesses to change their story. Corruption is visible! But, since Mr. Schiff is the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, an avid anti-Trump Leftists, he was using Parody not telling Lies, right?  That’s what they want us to believe.  I do not!  A Lie is a Lie no matter where, when it is told or who tells it!

The New York Times, a propaganda arm of the Democrats acknowledged that the whistle-blower gave an early account of allegations against President Trump to a House aide who outlined it to Representative Adam Schiff, who is now leading an impeachment inquiry.  Brit Hume of Fox News responded: “This puts the whole impeachment inquiry in a new light.  There is no getting around the appearance that collusion-truther and Trump antagonist Schiff was a partner in this from the start.”

America, we have a clear choice in November 2020.  It is not simply a vote between Republican and Democrat but we are facing diabolical evil. We either vote for those who support infanticide, eradication of our borders, the dissolution of our Republic, transforming us into a Socialist nation, and taxing us into oblivion or we vote to reject them.  I have made my choice!  I am voting against destruction and voting for America.  I am voting for Faith, Family, and Freedom and will vote NO on the Democrats in November 2020.  Please join me in voting for America!

God bless you and God bless America!


Before you get your underwear tied up in knots find out what I can support them in.  I believe that you just might join the chorus “Just Do It.”  Okay, enough with the tease, what am I talking about and what can I support her and them in?  In Not Reproducing!  No, I do not mean that everyone stop reproducing but those following the extreme lunacy of toxic liberalism and advancing the hysteria of Climate Change and taking their anti-American positions.  Please, stop reproducing!  Just Do It don’t talk about doing it, DO IT!

She made a statement recently that is a slap in the face of all the WWII Generation saying that “bad-ass” Millennials are the true greatest generation.  Seriously?  This 29-Year Old Ex-Bartender is the final authority on what generation is the greatest and why?  I think not, and her continual drivel and diatribe are further reasons that I say, Please Don’t Reproduce!  Ms. Ocasio-Cortez please follow the fear of your heart about having a family and don’t. 

I know that sounds a bit harsh and I may have to repent over it, but if she truly believes the lunacy she keeps advancing, the thought of her raising children is terrifying.  Imagine what they would be like ideologically.  She claims that Climate Change is waking her up in the middle of the night causing terror in her heart and mind.  Hey, I am awakened in the middle of the night frequently, but it is not fear of Climate Change that is causing it.  Most of the time it is the urge to go and empty my full bladder.  I wonder if we took the actions, she suggests would that solve that issue for me? 

She has stated that she fears there are untold numbers of ancient deadly diseases hidden with the glaciers.  She is petrified that if the glaciers melt those diseases will be set free to destroy humanity.  Of course, she uses a hypothetical that some in the scientific community have stated that there might be some dormant diseases locked in the frozen-ice of the glaciers.  I wonder, does she truly live in such paranoia and fear that she wants all of us to be traumatized over what might be if?  The “if” is the problem, the “if” is not based on science, fact, or data.  The “if” is in her head and she wants us to share her paranoia.  Thanks, but no thanks.  I face enough real problems to live in fear of ‘what if’?

She has argued that Climate Change is going to cause the oceans to rise to dangerous levels and swallow up entire cities.  She has contended that the warming of the planet and the melting ice is going to cause a massive increase in the mosquito population which will infect millions with new deadly diseases. 

Those are just some of her tales of terror that the evil lurking danger of Climate Change is going to bring on humanity if we don’t stop it.  After all, we only have about a decade to handle the climate.  As if we could control the climate, but we had better hurry before it is too late.  I wonder if she has been prescribed with powerful anti-depressants?  If not, Ms. AOC I suggest head to the nearest E.R. and get some medication immediately.  I don’t want you to have a nervous breakdown because of your irrational fears.

I agree with others who have said, “If I believed that Climate Change would truly cause a dangerous rise in sea levels to the point that it would flood both coasts and destroy entire cities, I’d be more inclined to join her.  If I believed that entire cities would be underwater, and the result of Climate Change would be the unleashing of new deadly diseases upon the world, I might become paranoid too.”  However, I do not, and I do not for two reasons:  The Bible and Factual Data.

There is scientific data to support the notion that the earth has warmed over the last century, but not as she chants and to the degree she insists.  In fact, the scientific data indicates that the recent warming has made humanity better off not resulted in catastrophic disaster.  There is no evidence that the sea levels are rising enough to produce any genuine concern.  But, AOC, and Al Gore along with scores of others are insisting we are on the brink of destruction and Climate Change is Public Enemy Number One. 

Think about the fact that over the past few millenniums the earth has emerged from the ‘Ice Age’ and the warming has produced immeasurable benefits that continue today.  Agriculture has benefited and thereby humans are better off with higher crop yields to satisfy the needs of an increasing world population.  Global plant life has increased, and the warming has reduced the deadly bitter cold that is estimated to kill 20 times more people than higher temperatures.  Does that sound catastrophic? 

Let me offer this little tidbit from Patrick Michaels, Ph.D., and a former fellow at the Cato Institute.  He said, “we don’t live in the best of all possible climates, so what’s happened as it’s warmed this half a degree in the late 20th Century and the CO2 has gone up, what we have done is created a greener planet and the greening of the planet is profound.”  Does that sound catastrophic?

Joe Bastardi, chief meteorologist at weatherbell.com stated, “in the fossil fuel ear, in spite of a four-fold increase in the population, the number of deaths related to climate has plummeted.”  Wait.  That can’t be, right?  Not with the alarm that is being sounded by the ‘settled science’ crowd of the ‘unsettled science’ world, like AOC, Al Gore, and all the Democrats wanting to be President.  But facts are stubborn things and it is a fact so deal with it AOC and alarmists.

They want to force us to abandon all fossil fuels and nuclear energy in favor of the costly and unreliable Green Energy.  The empirical data is that conventional power plants and nuclear plants last longer than solar and wind facilities.  That means more cost, less availability, and unreliability.  But I would like to ask, “Where does she or the Greenies think that all the rare earth minerals that would be required to build those facilities they propose would come from?” 

Tragically, frequently the only place to get those minerals is from countries with abysmal human rights records, like the Congo.  Millions of animals have been killed and millions of acres of land destroyed with significantly higher costs and the use of child labor are the result of their proposals.  Doesn’t that sound peachy?       

Although Global Warming may cause some problems for humans, it will never cause as many problems as the Leftist Agenda housed in the New Green Deal.  The innovations and benefits derived from any shift in climate will far outweigh the problems cause to humans and we will work our way through it.  I support keep the planet as environmentally clean as possible and being good stewards of our resources. At the end of the day my position is I trust God and therefore I refuse to live in fear.

So, I conclude by saying, “I support AOC and the Liberal Left in their decision to not reproduce.”  I am chanting, “Just Do It!  Just Do It!” I hope you hear the sarcasm in my words and realize that I wish no human ill.  I just weep for my nation and world over the paranoia and acceptance of the diabolical lies being advanced by the Climate Change Alarmist and Activists. 

God bless you and God bless America!


Now that I have sufficiently alienated some people who ascribe to the Leftists Liberal Globalist ideological view, let me proceed.   Of course, there are some who are in the Never Trump Consortium that also may take exception to my title and my forthcoming postulation.  I am interested in truth and want to see the Swamp of DC drained as much as humanly possible.  I want to see the dismantling of the Deep State to the degree it can be achieved.  I want to see a restoration of our Constitutional System of Republicanism.  No, that is not the Republican Party but Governmental Republicanism as experienced in a Republic.

Many, including some who are not Trump supporters, are seeing the Ukraine Impeachment endeavor of the Democrats as being a bit ‘fishy.’  In my view, it smells to high heaven with corruption and has all the earmarks of a political coup.  It is damaging to our system of government and further divides the Republic.  If you don’t like Trump, vote for his opponent in 2020, do not seek to destroy him and allow the collateral damage to the Republic to continue.  This will ultimately hurt all of us, not just the targeted ones or those targeting.  It will harm the entire Republic and that is a baneful exercise that should be rejected by anyone with a smidgen of rational reason.

What is going on in the process led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi?  It is nothing akin to the normal process or constitutionally prescribed method of impeachment.  She has orchestrated the entire situation where virtually all of her committee chairs get the information and are involved in the process.  That is not the norm for Congressional action, but the new norm for the Democrats. 

There are six different committees involved in this process.  You would expect the House Judiciary Committee to be involved but the Financial Services Committee led by the infamous Maxine Waters?  What’s up with that?  Now there are six different longtime Democrats vying for ‘air-time’ to spout their vitriol and advance what is often fallacious rhetoric based on hearsay, not fact. 

Just a few weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi had abandoned the quest to ‘Impeach’ the President but suddenly, she reversed course.  What changed?  I believe that the Democrats realized that there was a genuine possibility that Trump could be re-elected and that sent them over the edge.  That placed them in a quandary. 

They had to decide if Joe Biden was expendable because he likely will become a casualty if they pursue Ukraine as a pathway to Impeach Trump.  By his own confession, Biden is guilty of what they are accusing Trump of.  How can they stand behind him if they go after Trump over this?  Of course, we must never forget that they are Democrats and do not believe the normal rules of decorum apply to them.  They also believe their supports will ignore the facts and the hypocrisy and still vote Democrat regardless of who that Democrat is.  They are probably right on the last count.

How anyone can argue that Hunter Biden’s arrangement with the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma is anything, but ‘corruption’ is beyond me.  There was no viable reason for Hunter Biden to be working for the company other than to sell access and influence to his father and Barack Obama.  How would you like to have a sweetheart deal in the tune of $50,000 per month to be on a board of a company? 

Many who have access to the full transcript of Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s President have found nothing illegal or impeachable.  One Congressman, who has read the transcript multiple times said that he came away with the following impression:  “It’s almost like the president is suggesting if you have information that helps get to the bottom of how all of this Russian collusion hoax began with, started out with—and maybe it included the Bidens, maybe it included Hillary Clinton, maybe it included Obama administration officials, then do me a favor and help us put it to bed so that our country can move on.”  How is that a bad thing?  How is that illegal?  How is that not part of his obligation to America?

If we remember that Bill Clinton signed a treaty with Ukraine for the U.S. to cooperate with them in investigating potential corruption, we might want to tap the brakes on Impeachment.  How do you impeach someone for doing their job and allowing our Justice Department to work with another nation in uncovering corruption?  Well, you do it if it is Donald J. Trump and you are a Democrat fearing for your ‘place’ and ‘position of power.’

It has surfaced that Nancy Pelosi may have known what was in the transcript of a July conversation by Trump and Zelensky before the document was released by the White House.  She claimed that when Trump called her to discuss the call, she already knew what was in it because it was in the public domain.  The Problem, Nancy, It Was Not!  That smacks with the possibility of being a political setup and hit job. We now know that the Democratic candidate the whistleblower had worked with or for was none other that Joe Biden. Imagine that! 

Fred Fleitz, a former CIA analyst and chief of staff to former National Security Adviser John Bolton, has raised questions whether the intelligence official who lodged the whistleblower complaint might have had help in writing his complaint.  That help appears it might have come from Democrat lawmakers or their staff.  That reeks with a very ugly smell, even if your sinuses are clogged.

The complaint has all the earmarks of having been written by a law professor and includes numerous legal references and detailed footnotes.  It has an unusual legalistic reference on how this complaint should be classified.  There are virtually no examples of polished whistleblower complaints in the national archives or anywhere for that matter.  I suspect that there was outside help and this is another of the many political hit jobs launched against this president.

Additionally, this complaint surfaced and was directed to the House Intelligence Committee on the heels of Adam Schiff advancing numerous complaints in August 2019.  Congressman Schiff accused the President of abusing aid to Ukraine to hurt Joe Biden.  That includes a tweet on August 28th that eerily resembles the whistleblowing complaint.  Imagine that?  I hope his identity is revealed and House Republicans ask him under oath if he spoke to press or Congress regarding his complaint. 

America, this is another coup attempt like that we have witnessed and endure for over three years. It it the attempted political assignation of President Donald Trump.  You may dislike him and are willing to vote against him but surely you do not want America and our System of Government to receive what could be a fatal wound to Impeach Him.  Elections were designed for America to choose who leads them, not a backdoor coup when the one you wanted does not win. 

God bless you and God bless America!


This issue is a political argument, not a scientific one.  Regardless of what the Left or the Right says, it is political!  There is no settled science, no empirical data to support the argument for man-made global warming or climate change.  No genuine threat to the planet, only hype, hysteria, paranoia, and fear-mongering.  How’s that for infuriating some and hearing a hearty Amen from others.  There is no middle ground on this issue, and it has gone bonkers politically, nationally, and even globally. 

The Leftist Socialist Globalist Progressive Democrats and any Republican that argues for government intervention on ‘Climate Change’ is either deluded, dishonest, or has failed to use reason and logic.  Yes, I am making a statement that will alienate some and possibly get me booted from various Social Media Platforms and unfriended on Facebook, but it is what it is.

I had a person attack me regarding Global Warming or Climate Change and said, “You may not believe in climate change, but your grandchildren will.”  My response was and is, “No, mine won’t.  They are being taught to think and have faith in God.  Yours may because you believe in it.  My grandchildren will be laughing their behinds off at the hysteria and paranoia being advance by the Leftist because the predicted cataclysmic worldwide destruction will not occur.  It will be another of the long list of failed prophecies regarding the doom of man-made global warming or climate change.” 

This is not and has never been about a threat to the planet and life on earth.  It has been about money, power, and control.  You must destroy Free Market Capitalism if you seek to impose Socialism on society.  The ignorance of the millennials and others regarding Socialism is astounding.  Many of them truly believe that Socialism is about everybody getting a piece of the pie, suffering ending, and all things transformed to equality.  They do not understand the historical data about this failed philosophy and the tyranny involved in its implementation.  Why?  Because they have never been taught the truth.

What good is Free Everything such as Free College if the students are not qualified academically to be in those classrooms and cannot manage the material being taught?  What happens then?  I will tell you what will happen, and it is not pretty.  The structure and content of the classes will be lowered to the lowest level of the class and we will have an entire generation of people with college degrees that are functionally illiterate.

Expanding that even more we will have a national debt and deficit that finally fully bankrupts our republic.  We will have taxation so exorbitant that businesses will cease to exist, many will cease to work because working produces no benefit.  Why work if by working you only take home a small portion of your salary?  Why work if you can draw a larger sum from the government than you can by working and paying taxes?  Equal?  Yes, but not in progress but in poverty and pain. 

The war on production, which is required in the Greening of America, seeks to place in the hands of the government control of all production.  Sadly, millions are buying the hysteria and hype fearing that we will not have a life-sustaining planet and atmosphere by the time the millennials are 55.  One party is fallaciously touting itself as the champion of humanity and proclaims that it will do or try to do something to turn the tide.  The Left insists that even if they cannot prevent the impending cataclysm caused by the climate, they will at least slow it down. 

If you live in fear of annihilation by the climate and one party proclaims it will push all its chips to the center of the table to avert that disaster and insists the other party does not care if you die, who do you back?  When the Democrats insisted that all seniors were going to stop getting the Social Security checks, they won the votes of millions of seniors who were terrified of that prospect. 

It did not happen and if we could have moved beyond the needless fear and found some Conservatives able and willing to articulate the reality, we could have avoided that setback.  If you live in fear and truly believe the hype about Climate Change or Global Warming you will, out of fear, side with the proponents of waging war on fossil fuels.  You will be wrong and give up liberty and control to the powers that be, and we will all suffer.

It would take a total abandonment of my faith to embrace the hype of the Left regarding Climate Change and Global Warming.  I would have to shelve my confidence in God.  I would have to ignore the incredible structure of the planet and the universe.  I would have to become chicken little to believe that bovine flatulence or smoke from factories or automobiles is going to destroy the planet.  One volcanic eruption puts more CO2 into the atmosphere than all that man does.  God knew it when He created this planet and is not an absentee landlord.  He is, was, and always will be in control.

The scientific data indicates that we have virtually the exact carbon emissions as we did in 1985.  NASA has reported that the rise in global temperature has been 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit from 1880 to now.  Wow!  That is a signal that we will be fried in our sleep inside ten years, right? 

The recent CNN attempt to elevate the hysteria to the boiling point was nothing but a political ploy to help the Democrats defeat Trump.  They attacked the Free Market and Capitalism but failed to tell the viewers that the United States with its economic system and use of fossil fuels was the world leader in reducing carbon emissions over the past 15 years. The main reason for this reduction was “fracking” and natural gas.  The candidates kept making ‘scientific’ claims that are unverifiable, bogus, and some outright fabrications. 

You cannot ‘tax’ carbon emissions and solve the problem.  Ending oil and gas exploration will not solve the problem.  Banning nuclear energy will not solve the problem. Banning plastic straws, incandescent light bulbs, and putting filters on cow’s butts won’t fix the problem. 

Bernie Sanders one-upped the others and proposed a dangerous agenda.  He blamed human population growth as the cause of climate change and insisted that we must curb the size of the population.  That is not new and an integral part of Agenda 21.  If you give the federal or world government the power to decide the size of the planet you also give them the power to decide who lives, who dies, as well as how and when.  That, in my view, belongs to God, not man. 

You can believe that man-made global warming and climate change is the most dangerous enemy since WWII if you choose. I choose to believe the Bible when it says, “God created” and God’s Promise that so long as the earth remains there would be “summer, winter, heat, and cold.”  This is a political ploy to gain control and control means loss of liberty, restrictions, regulations, and repression by the federal government.  I do not believe the federal government should be all-powerful or to be viewed as the final authority in all things. 

God bless you and God bless America!