Now for another installment on Liberty and Freedom.   As we turn our attention to Monday, July 4th, our Independence Day, we need to evaluate the present state of affairs in America, in the government, society, and even the church.  It is my view and that of many others that America is in a crisis and needs to ‘reclaim’ our Freedom and our Land.  We need to return to our Moral Moorings and more than anything and return to God and our Christian Heritage. 

There are biblical principles involved and as we wade through this, I will attempt to identify several things I believe to be germane.  I hope to identify our condition.  I also hope that in some small measure I can identify how or why we got into this mess, and what, if anything, we can do to rectify it.  There is a solution.  I pray that addressing these issues will not result in diminishing or dampening anyone’s celebration of this incredible day in American History and that of the World.

If you do not agree that we need restoration, then what I have to say will not resonate with you.  However, if you see, what many of us see, and realize that our liberties and freedoms are being systematically stripped from us and our moral moorings as a nation have drifted, it may.  If you are interested in seeing America restored to our foundational base and be the Republic our Founders envisioned, then I invite you to take this journey with me.

I do not believe we can achieve or receive the fullness that our Founders envisioned, and God desires individually or nationally UNTIL… Until what?  Until we have followed His directives and placed ourselves in ‘right standing’ with Him, His Word, each other, and the Constitution.  I believe strongly in a biblical principle that ‘preparation always precedes blessing.’

In 2 Kings 3:16, the prophet Elisha gave some specific instructions to King Jehoshaphat as they prepared for battle with Moab.  He said, “make this valley full of ditches.”  Israel complied and the next morning water had filled the ditches.  Moab awoke and the glistening of the morning sun made the water appear as blood and they assumed that Israel had turned on each other and ran to the battlefield to collect the spoils of victory.  The result was a complete slaughter of Moab and a victory for Israel.  I use this example to demonstrate that when we do what God says, He provides.

Another example is in 2 Kings 4 where the prophet Elisha instructed the poor widow to borrow vessels.  She filled the house with borrowed utensils and the prophet poured them full UNTIL there were no more vessels.  The only limitation to her miracle was the number of vessels.  Her obedience or preparation enabled the man of God and God to do a miracle.  God will never go beyond our capacity or our obedience. 

In Matthew 12, Jesus identified some of the evidence of God’s Kingdom and Restoration, which can be applied to America and the restoration of our Freedoms and Liberties.  He called them Works.  He included the casting out of demons (trespassers on the promise), healing of the sick, and provided the reality that IF we follow God’s directives and seek to be realigned with His principles, purposes, and person, He will fulfill His promises. 

Our founding fathers expressed their realization that America came into existence because of the providence of God.  Today many in America believe we became what we became through our own strength and ability.  Some believe we achieved greatness as a nation on the backs of the less fortunate and our beginning was corrupt, and must be atoned for, and transformed.   I believe that even with our errors and sins in our beginning we originated for God’s purpose to be a catalyst to advance the Kingdom of God on this earth. 

In Matthew 12:25 our LORD declared something that is incredibly important spiritually, personally, and nationally.  He said, “Any kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.”  We are divided in America beyond anything I ever envisioned could become a reality.  The hate and vitriol that is hurled about vehemently is eroding the foundation of our Republic and will be our destruction if not quelled.

We have a condition that can be identified as generational hatred.  It is being advanced and perpetuated to our hurt.  We have the systematic engendering of a brand of hate that hides cloaked in the claim of principle and justifies itself by attacking everyone and everything that disagrees.  Some claim to be constitutionalists and even conservative political idealists who have allowed personal animus toward particular candidates to cause them to join forces with those who would otherwise be deemed, enemies.  I suppose the philosophy “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is applicable.  The result is division, estrangement, and the erosion of many freedoms and liberties.  The result will be the destruction of the Republic.

In Matthew 12:29, the Lord Jesus brought to light a reality that could easily be applied to our American predicament.  Jesus identified the strongman and in Luke 11 He expanded that and identified that this ‘strongman’ was fully armed.  The defeat of that strongman required one that was stronger to come in, disarm him, and reclaim what has been taken.  In America, the nefarious seekers of ‘fundamental transformation’ have divided us and weakened the fabric of our republic.  They have pitted us against each other when the objective of many on both sides of the equation is the best good for America. 

The problem lies in not understanding the result.  The problem lies in forgetting how we came into being and distorting the intent of our Founders as declared in the Declaration of Independence.  We have lost sight of our Creator, His Holiness, and His Provisions for us and become selfish and self-centered.  In many cases, we have lost sight of America and only viewed politics through the prism of our bias and personal ambitions.

Our Founding Fathers declared that they believed in self-evident truths.  Today’s academia and many political ideologues do not believe in ‘self-evident truth.’  They do not believe in a Creator. Therein is the problem.  When we eliminate the Creator, we also render ineffective if not null and void the idea of inalienable rights. 

I had a person that does not believe in God insist that they believe in inalienable rights.  I asked, “Where did those rights originate?”  He could not answer other than saying that they were either product of man’s desire or the gift of the government.  Yet, he claimed to believe in limited government, the constitution, and conservativism.  I am unable to connect those dots because, as our Founders declared, ‘these rights are endowed by the Creator upon man.’

God enabled America to become the Free Constitutional Republic for a purpose.  That purpose extends far beyond us being personally or nationally prosperous.  If material success and political prosperity are the purposes for our existence then we are prime candidates for greed, envy, covetousness, jealousy, ambition, and hate to prevail and destroy us. 

If there is no moral framework and mooring to which we attach our reason for existence, we will not seek the best good of everyone but our own interests.  I have heard all my life, “You have to look out for number one because no one else will.”  That is antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and contrary to the declarations of our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, and the writings of our Founding Fathers. 

Our Founders and the Colonists believed that among those endowed rights was the Right to Life.  Therefore, we must ask, “What is Life?”  That would take a book to detail, but it is more than just breathing.  It is more than possessions.  It is the ability to pursue your purpose without undue restriction and regulation by a centralized power structure that seeks to dominate. 

They announced that there was the right to Liberty.  It is necessary to ask, “What is Liberty?”  It is more than not being in jail, prison, or chains.  The word carries the idea of Freedom, and that freedom must begin on the inside.  If I am Free on the Inside, then even if I were in chains, I remain Free.  Government cannot give me that, it comes as an endowment of our Creator.  Then, the right to Pursue Happiness.  But “What is Happiness?”  I contend you cannot have that quality of life unless you are allowed to live free.

We have talked about the vision of the Founders and even identified some of our conditions in the loss of liberty and freedom.  However, we have not begun to address the How, the Why, and the Remedy.

I believe those things can be capsuled in the reality that we have been deceived into believing that a benevolent elitist governmental hierarchy can provide those things for us or are charged with doing so.  Ignorance is the first step toward enslavement politically. It is tragic, but we have become ignorant of the devices of the devil politically. 

We have allowed the politicians to watch over the matter of government without giving the constitutionally mandated oversight.  Our ignorance as to what they have and are doing, coupled with our being ignorant of our authority and power has enabled the devious to become a ‘strongman’ taking over our house (America).

We can see the needed Restoration.  But that will not be a reality unless we return to the moral moorings of our beginning.  We can see Restoration, but only if we invest ourselves in the oversight of government and cease to allow the politicians to manage the politics of the nation.  We can see Restoration if we stop allowing the desired division promoted by the devious to thrive. 

If a restored America is our desire, then we need to take note of all politicians and parties that seek to weaken our Constitution, infringe upon our inalienable rights, and force us to comply with edicts that violate our conscience, conviction, and faith.

I believe that all who believe in God must become intercessors and as intercessors do the following: 

  • Repent for our own sins and failures. 
  • Repent for the sins of the nation. 
  • Recognize what Jesus did for us at Calvary. 
  • Recognize that the devil wants America destroyed. 
  • Recognize that the devil has no power over us or America UNLESS he finds some legal ground within which he can operate. 

Therefore, Repentance is Required, even if we are not personally guilty of those sins that give the enemy of Freedom opportunity.

I see a deeply divided and troubled America and that causes me great sadness and concern.  I know in my heart of hearts that if we continue this hate-filled decline into degeneracy and division we will witness the end of the Republic.  I believe that to support an ideology, candidate, or political agenda that weakens our moral moorings infringes upon our liberties and rights, and denies the right to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness is to abet and enable our own destruction. 

Therefore, I ask that you consider becoming an intercessor and pray for America.  I ask that you become involved in the process.  I ask that you carefully consider every candidate, and governmental proposal considering how it affects our Freedom, Liberty, and the ability to pursue Happiness.  I ask that you PRAY and then VOTE!

God bless you and God bless America!


Now for our second installment on focusing on Liberty, Freedom, and the Free Constitutional Republic, we have been blessed with.  I feel the need to remind everyone of what Independence Day truly means. It is far more than fireworks, hot dogs, apple pie, and a long weekend. It is about Freedom!

I am saddened by the prevalent hate, vitriol, paranoia, and anger in today’s world. We are standing on the precipice of destruction and most can only see the presence or absence of their preferences and view all who oppose them as mortal enemies. I see that even among those professing to believe in the Bible, Jesus, and identify as Christian. We are in a dangerous place and only God can change that.

Now, to the topic of today. I do not know about you, but I consider defending our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms a prime objective and responsibility of every freedom-loving American.  Any politician who is willing to bypass the Constitution and strip us of our inalienable rights is not a friend of mine nor America.  Any politician that attempts to sell the ‘snake oil’ solution of giving up liberty in hopes that the government can issue an edict that will keep us safe, is not my friend or a friend of the Constitution. 

Every politician elected to a national office is required to take an oath to both protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.  They are not afforded the luxury or privilege to cherry-pick which part of that document they protect or defend.  They are required by the Constitution and by moral decency to honor all of it whether they like what it says or not.  That is how we have survived for over 240 years and how we will continue if we do. 

Some accused me of being a Trump cultist and a Trump apologist and insisted that I never criticized anything he did.  That was and is blatantly false.  Today I am going to once again call into question an action that his administration pursued.  An action that administrations before him pursued. That action was the push by the federal government for tech companies to give the government ‘backdoor access’ to encrypted applications on our phones, computers, etc.  In my view, is questionable for several reasons.  I am concerned about the violation or potential violation of our constitutional right of protection from ‘unreasonable search and seizure.’ 

Some argue, that if it keeps us safe from one terrorist attack then it is worth it.  That is the same argument for ‘gun control’ but rejected when it comes to abortion or securing the border.  It is cherry-picking.  The words of Benjamin Franklin echo in my mind.  He said, “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  I know the word ‘deserve; is a bit harsh, but the truth is that if we give up liberty hoping for safety, we will end up with neither.  The country and the constitution will suffer as a result.

Encryption is the process used to encode data to prevent unwanted third parties from accessing a user’s personal profile.  The algorithms for encryption are many and varied, but their intended purpose is to protect you and me from the nefarious intrusion into our privacy and personal information.  Smartphones and computers utilize encryption to permanently lock our data in case of theft or if an unauthorized individual attempts to access our devices. 

Of course, those are not always successful, and hackers also use algorithms to break the codes and steal our personal data.  Viruses such as hackers have used the infamous Ryuk ransomware to successfully encrypt the files and steal information from hundreds of businesses around the world. 

I can appreciate the government wanting to protect us from terrorists, they should.  I want them to be able to do just that.  However, if they ignore the privacy of private law-abiding citizens and violate our constitutional rights, is that the right approach?  Sadly, my concerns are realities in today’s national intelligence communities. They are watching is more than we know and if we knew we would be horrified.

Terrorist organizations use apps like Telegram which features end-to-end encryption to communicate with each other and disseminate their radical propaganda.  That is dangerous and must be addressed.  Hackers and drug dealers also use that application for their diabolical purposes to communicate and safeguard their information.  If it is documented or there is reasonable suspicion that there is criminal activity then a warrant from the courts could and should be used, but not blanket access by the government. Of course, ‘reasonable’ sometimes becomes subjective and misused.

I realize that it is ancient history but in the 2015 terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California we have an example of the dilemma and difficulty posed for the government and its citizens.  The Islamist Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik took fourteen lives and injured twenty-two more in their attack.  Those terrorists deserved no protection.

Again, I know this is ancient history, but still relevant.  During the investigation, the FBI recovered Farook’s work phone, the iPhone5C, but was unable to unlock the device.  They requested Apple to create software that would allow them to access the iPhone of Farook.  Apple refused to do so, and a third party helped the FBI unlock the iPhone, but the information retrieved was limited. 

Apple’s refusal escalated the discussion of where the line should be drawn between National Security and Consumer Privacy.  That is an especially important line and one that is not always easily distinguishable.  I am very much interested in protecting against terrorists and incredibly determined to maintain our Constitutional Rights.  That is the kind of issue that could keep me awake at night.  Being torn is an understatement. 

Edward Snowden leaked information about the expansive and extensive government surveillance.  I am not trying to defend or condemn him, but the revelation was troubling and the extent to which ‘big brother’ is watching is concerning.  With the immense arsenal of the federal government to spy on citizens, the encryption issue may sound almost moot, but is it? 

The loss of privacy by law-abiding American citizens should always be a concern.  Let me offer a scenario and you decide how far you think the government should be able to go in its quest for information. 

If the government can deem that it has the right to all personal information and private communications for national security purposes what is next?  Could that not also argue that they have the right to control and determine what technological devices and technology we are allowed to utilize?  Could they not seek to be allowed to audit all our personal files on our home computers, tablets, or any other encrypted device at any moment for any reason?  All in the name of national security?  Before you say, “Well I have nothing to hide so go ahead, what is to prevent some nefarious ideologue from twisting things for their purposes?”  Are you confident that would not happen?

The conundrum is that we, as private citizens, want to be safe and protected but we also want to maintain our constitutional right to privacy.  Our current legal system is based on the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.  I fear that allowing unfettered access by the federal government to backdoor encryption will violate our personal privacy to the point that we will find ourselves not only unsafe but under the thumb of the tyrannical elitists in government who want total control.  I do not want America to become another China or any other despotic country where people no longer have true freedom.

Yes, I am perplexed and troubled over this and many other things.  However, I continue to stand for the Constitution and our inalienable rights and freedoms.  I also stand staunchly for discovering any criminal and terrorist and prosecuting them to the full extent of the law.  It is a perplexing situation and one that is not easily answered but with the push of the Left toward Total Control and Socialism, I fear for the personal freedom of all citizens. 

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer.  Lord, please keep us free while keeping us safe!


I will be presenting articles connected to our National Independence through the end of the first week of July. I feel compelled to rehearse our Independence, Liberty, and Inalienable Rights.   

Independence Day, July 4th is a special day in American and World History.  It is a testimony of God’s Providence and Power as well as the resolve of the colonist desiring freedom.  Long before the first shots were fired at Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775, the seeds of Independence and Freedom had been sown in the hearts of many in the American colonies. 

Our struggle for Freedom stretched from 1775-1783 (and in many ways has extended to 2022).  There are many examples of the Providence of God and all of them are inspiring.  In April 1775, the armed conflict began at Lexington and Concord with the ‘shot heard around the world.’  France entered the revolution in 1778, siding with the American colonist and shifting the war from an internal civil war into an international conflict. 

When the British surrendered at Yorktown, Virginia, in 1781, America had effectively won independence, but the war did not formally end until 1783.  Prior to the war, the colonists led by George Washington, John and Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, and John Jay among others detailed their grievances to the British Crown in September 1774.  Their efforts were summarily dismissed and were ignored.  In May 1775 they met again to authorize further action, but by that time fighting had already begun. 

The Second Continental Congress convened in Philadelphia adding Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson to the mix.  Those delegates voted to form a Continental Army and appointed George Washington as the Commanding General to lead the military efforts of the colonies.  The Battle of Bunker Hill inflicted heavy damage on the British forces led by General William Howe. The British won the battle, but it gave hope and impetus to the American cause inspiring them to continue their struggle for freedom. 

By June of 1776, the war was in full bloom, and on July 4th the Continental Congress voted to adopt the edited version of the Declaration of Independence.  That document was the work of a five-man committee including Franklin, John Adams, and Jefferson.  Thomas Jefferson is credited with being the most significant contributor and the author of that illustrious and powerful document.  The British response was to send a fleet of over 34,000 troops to New York to crush the insurrection. 

The British routed the colonial army on Long Island and forced Washington to retreat and evacuate New York in September 1776.  Washington later shocked the British with a surprise attack in Trenton, New Jersey, on Christmas night and won a victory that reinvigorated the enthusiasm and hope of freedom in the troops and colonists.  By the fall of 1781, the American forces had forced Cornwallis to withdraw to the Yorktown peninsula in Virginia.  Washington moved against Yorktown with 14,000 troops and 26 French warships which trapped the British blocking their retreat.  Cornwallis was forced to surrender on October 19, 1781. 

At the surrender, General Cornwallis claimed illness and send his second, Charles O’Hara to formally surrender.  O’Hara approached the French General Rochambeau to surrender his sword, but the Frenchman deferred to Washington who nodded to his second, Benjamin Lincoln to accept the sword.  One slight was met with another, and the spirit of pride and independence has long lived in the hearts of Americans and is part of what has made America the Great Nation she has been and still is.

Today, America is standing at another crossroads in our history and the entire world is watching.  This nation has long been known, as the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  We have long been viewed as a beacon of enduring hope, and a place of genuine promise.  On Ellis Island, Lady Liberty stands with her torch raised high and immigrants from all walks of life and all over the globe come and see that as a beacon of hope.  The American Dream was alive and has been thriving for over 240 years and is now in the crosshairs of destruction and fundamental transformation. 

Is the American Dream dead?  I hope not!  I am proud to be an American and proudly honor the flag that waves over this land and provides the symbol that declares our belief in Life, Liberty, and the right to pursue Happiness.  Former President Barack Obama went on a world tour apologizing for America and decrying the idea of American exceptionalism.  I took was first angered by that then wept bitterly that the American people would allow a person that had such a negative view of this nation to be president. I still weep and fight against the rage within when anyone verbally or visibly disrespects this nation, the land of my birth. 

Tragically, many seem to have forgotten where we came from and what has made this nation the Great Beacon of Hope she has been for more than two centuries.  We did not become a superpower and a great nation by osmosis or accident.  It was the result of following the principles of liberty espoused in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution and embraced by our Founders.  It was more than simply having great ideas that have made America great.  I believe that America has been great, in part, because it has embraced good and followed key moral and biblical principles.

Have we failed and sinned, at times?  Yes!  Have we fallen short of the founding principles, at times?  Yes!  But America has been an international defender of freedom, and often a rescuer in times of crisis.  I would never insist that we have always made the right choices, acted morally or rightly, and pursued the right things with the right motives.  If I were to argue that, it would be an insult to history.  However, our core principles and constitution are based on the right, the good, and the moral, and provide the pathway to being and doing right.  That has dramatically changed.

I contend that during this upcoming celebration of our Independence we remember that freedom must be passed as a legacy from generation to generation.  We must never lose sight of the reality that we are always one generation away from losing our freedom and liberty.  Essentially, we are always one election away from despotism, tyranny, and fundamental transformation. 

Key elements such as hard work, willingness to risk, and daring to dream have been key factors in our success but are not the real reason for our greatness as a republic.  Our real source of greatness is found in our recognition of our Creator and His granting us providence and inalienable rights that we have defended.  At our beginning, we dedicated ourselves to the purposes of God and until more recent history have honored God as the true source of many of our blessings.  We have drifted from those moorings and if we want to keep America great and free, we must return to our founding principles. 

That is why I will vote in November and in every election to keep America free and therein keep America great.  I will vote against the globalists, liberals, progressives, and socialists who want to strip from us our freedoms and liberties and become our overlords.  I will vote to defeat every candidate that is advancing a globalist, godless agenda.

God bless you and God bless America!


I purposefully left out of my title what I am talking about hoping that I can address a critical issue without the censors taking my headline and placing it in File Thirteen without any examination of my arguments.  I doubt that will work because, in today’s ideologically charged world, ideas are crimes if they disagree with the toxic ideology of those seeking to fundamentally transform our republic.  Disagree with the Leftists Woke Agenda and beware, you will be a target for eradication or elimination.

What is the motive that has been fully exposed?  Actually, there is more than one that has been exposed but the motive behind all of them has the same root.  That root is Totalitarian Control and pressing the populace into compliance.  After all, those in power know better what we need and even what we want than we, right?  They are, in their minds, far wiser than the founding fathers, all voters, and even God.  Well, if they believed in God, they would think they were wiser than He.

I will address two topics in separate blog posts, with more in the hopper, but those two are at the forefront of my concern for our Liberty in America.  What are they?  The Transitory Plan to eliminate fossil fuels and force us into the New Green Energy and electric vehicles.  I will also address the push to totally eliminate the 2nd Amendment. The plan is to strip citizens of their Rights and make all firearms illegal except for the government and the bodyguards of the elitist.  Both, have far-reaching implications regarding our republic and our inalienable rights in all areas. 

I am convinced that this administration is purposefully creating hardships in America for sinister purposes. Those hardships are unnecessary and unwarranted, but needful and useful for them to forcefully advance their agenda.  They are no longer willing to take the years needed to erode our liberties and slowly achieve their objectives.  They seem to fear that their window of opportunity is short, and believe that they must move rapidly or else they will lose the opportunity.  I believe they are right, to a degree, but with the spinelessness of the GOP in recent history, I am not sure there is a need for urgency is present. 

Fuel prices have soared since the inauguration of Joe Biden and the Senate loss by the GOP.  Upon entering office, Joe Biden, as promised or threatened, re-entered the Paris Climate Accord, canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline, halted leasing programs in ANWR, and issued a sixty-day halt on all new oil and gas leases and drilling permits on federal lands and waters.  That was catastrophic for our energy production and facilitated the astronomical price hikes Americans felt and feel at the pumps as they fuel their automobiles. 

The Forbes brothers revealed some disturbing information on a news program regarding the amount of oil in the ground in the United States.  What was said, is nothing short of incredible and reveals the diabolical nature of what is transpiring.  The U.S. Geological Service released a report in 2008 (not updated since 1995) revealing that in the western portion of North and South Dakota and the eastern portion of Montana, the Bakken holds an estimated 503 million barrels of oil untapped.

Couple that with the U.S. Oil Discovery – Largest Reserve in the World Stansberry Report Online released in 2006 we find that hidden 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the Rocky Mountains there are more than Two Trillion Barrels of untapped oil.  Yes, I said Two Trillion! That is more oil within our borders than is known in the rest of the world.  What could the possible motivation be for not extracting that oil and making it available to Americans?  That circles back to the title and their motivation.  It is sinister!

Now, let me address a shortage that few are even aware of, and I believe you will begin to see if you do not already the motive.  China can bring America to its knees without invading Taiwan and controlling the world’s microchip production.  They can and are doing it by curbing the export of urea and other exports. 

Urea is a product used in fertilizer, which has almost doubled in the past year, but it goes beyond that and is even more devastating.  By reducing the amount of Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF) our transportation industry is in dire straits.  That will impact food shortages to the point of making famine almost a guaranteed eventuality.  DEF is an emissions liquid required by the EPA in diesel engines manufactured after 2010 to reduce emissions.  Without it, many trucks would not be allowed to travel at more than 5 MPH or even be started.  We are finding shortages across America of this product.  The motive, what could it be?

I read a sarcastic response proposing that a possible solution would be to use human urine with contains about 2% urea.  It was suggested that a mere sixteen gallons of human pee would infuse two hundred gallons of road diesel for the delivery of needed goods.  Let us consider that possible solution.  The average human excretes about 800-2,000 milliliters of urine daily.  That would equate to about a gallon every three days.  We need about 37.6 million tons of urea which are projected to double by 2027.  So, I guess we should all start collecting our pee.  Yes, I am being factitious but then, am I?

Joe Biden has acknowledged that they desire to transition to Green Energy and Electric vehicles ASAP.  The administration’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm made an astounding admission that reveals their agenda.  She said, “We are going to get to this clean energy economy.  One hydroelectric project, one solar panel, one wind turbine, one geothermal project, one advanced nuclear reactor, one electric vehicle, one battery at a time.” 

The United States depends on fossil fuels for more than 80% of its energy consumption.  She acknowledged that Americans are paying exorbitant gas prices and that it is unlikely that there will be any forthcoming relief.  She said, “The Department of Energy has an energy information administration, which is an objective entity that does analysis projecting the prices of gasoline.  They said that things might stabilize by the end of this year, but the price of gas is likely to remain above four dollars a gallon.” 

Joe Biden used an executive order to destroy our fossil fuel industry and effectively canceled the much-needed Keystone XL Pipeline.  His other actions resulted in soaring gas prices and the trickle-down that became a flood of destruction to our economy and has created hardships and shortages that will only grow worse.  Secretary Grandholm believes, as do the purveyors of this agenda that the soaring prices will pay dividends in securing their objective.  She said, “Ultimately, this price hike that we are seeing globally will likely remain high.  We want to make sure that at the same time that we are calling upon an increase in supply, that we are also accelerating our future to clean energy solution.”  (Emphasis mine).

Joe Biden admitted to a Japanese audience that the high gas price, largely created by his actions, is a tremendous shift away from reliance on fossil fuels.  He dissed the pain we are feeling and said that the prices are a necessary part of an “incredible transformation that will make us stronger and less reliant on such fuels.”  No more hiding by the Leftists pushing us toward their agenda. 

The blatant refusal to consider technological solutions to reduce Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, an objective that they demand is necessary, is telling.  We have technologies that would do that very thing and allow us to enjoy the benefits of the God-given resource of fossil fuels available under our soil in America.  What is their motive?  It is Totalitarian Control and unless they can force us into an economic condition where we are totally dependent on the federal government, they fail.  That brings me to the next topic, Gun Control, and the Second Amendment.  I will address that in another blog, but they are already at work with the help of RHINOs in the Senate and the House.

Wake up America and let us unite to restore our Republic to the Free Constitutional Republic it was created to be and secure our Freedoms and Inalienable Rights.  

God bless you and God bless America!


I have been shouting it from the rooftops to everyone who might listen that the Left will unleash chaos, confusion, and hell before the mid-term elections trying to stave off the potential losses they face.  They will leave no stone unturned, and nothing will be off the table.  They will demonstrate their willingness to destroy anyone and everything that threatens their hold on power in government. 

The SCOTUS ruling on abortion, the potential of overturning Roe v. Wade as a federal mandate and returning it to the States is one issue they will push to the limit.  Why Chief Justice Roberts is delaying is suspect. The fearmongering that is at the root of the claim that this is the first step in banning interracial marriage and things like that are blatant fabrications designed to create paranoia, hate, and fear.  They are not real and anyone with the IQ of a watermelon would know that.  I do not mean to insult watermelons. 

I have predicted that one of two things or a combination of both would happen regarding the COVID pandemic in the summer before the November elections.  I have believed they will either declare it defeated or there will be the unleashing of a new strain or variant and send shockwaves of fear into the hearts of millions.  Guess what?  The Biden administration recently suggested that we need to brace for a new wave of COVID in the fall.  Amazing, isn’t it?  The predictability of politicians does not require one to be a soothsayer, just pay attention.

They offer almost zero information regarding this new threat and have predicted that up to one hundred million Americans, almost one-third of the population could become infected.  That is unless Congress provides more funding for more vaccines and other treatments which have not prevented infection but will magically do so under the guidance of the Democrat Party.  Now, they seem to have found a more palatable tool to send shock waves of fear and paranoia through the hearts – Gun Violence.

I recently saw a suggestion that the Republicans have the power to fix the Government if they win in November.  The truth is both parties have the power to fix what is wrong in the government but neither party truly wants to do that.  At least, not the cadre of establishment politicians in positions of leadership and authority.  They want their brand of power.  I will say that the overall position of the Republicans is more pro-America than that of the Democrats, so I will pray for them to regain power.

If the polls and public sentiment do not shift dramatically by the November elections the Republicans will likely reclaim the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Will they win a super-majority?  I do not know and have doubts, but they will be in a position to be the much-needed brakes on a runaway rogue administration that is enacting edicts that are destroying our Republic.  Will they be that?  I can only hope.

One of the major tools the Republicans could use if they reclaim the House of Representatives is found in the Constitutional proviso that declares Congress holds the power of the purse.  Our present Constitution, largely ignored by many in politics and the public makes that clear.  Article I, Section 7, Clause 1 clearly states – “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives, but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments on other Bills.” 

The requirement is that all bills must pass both Houses of Congress in identical form or be amended and passed by joint resolution.  Only what is in the bill and sent to the president for signature become law.  That is the method the GOP could use to fix much of what is wrong. They could engage in fiscal restraint and constraint.  Will they do that?  Not likely, because the Republicans have been guilty as the Democrats in spending for their own benefit.

It is time to fix the Department of Education. The best solution might be to end it and return it to the States.  It is time to deal with this spending nightmare and stop just slowing the rate of increase in spending but actually cutting spending.  With the budgetary process followed in today’s government, there are almost universal built-in increases in spending.  If that is 10 percent and they make it 5 percent, they tell us they cut spending but actually, they only slowed the increase.  Spending still went up by 5 percent.  Time to go to zero-based budgeting and start at zero every year and justify every cent spent.

I would argue that Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House would result in a smaller government than Kevin McCarthy who is an entrenched establishment politician.  The Republicans could pass a single appropriations bill rather than the endless omnibus spending bills we have been exposed to for a long time now.  Congress has chosen the omnibus path to protect its members from public scrutiny and having to keep their campaign promises to reduce spending.  It is time for that to end!

We have an Internal Revenue Service, which is anything but a service for the people that have become weaponized politically against constitutionalists and conservatives.  If the GOP’s victory in November becomes a potential tsunami as some believe there are some mandatory priorities that must be pursued.  They should immediately revise the civil-service laws that prevent them from removing incompetent and corrupt bureaucrats from their positions. 

There should be an immediate and dramatic cut in funding for every federal bureaucracy and massive restructuring of other agencies such as the CDC, NIH, FBI, CIA, and IRS.  The Internal Revenue Service and the tax code need immediate attention.  We watched Lois Lerner walk free even after documented corruption and criminality under Loretta Lynch’s DOJ.

This will make some angry, but the corruption in many activist groups such as BLM and the spending by politicians to facilitate their activities must be addressed.  The millions spent by Patrisse Cullors; the co-founder of the group must be addressed.  I find it interesting that the Elias Law Group which supposedly took control of the books of BLM is now missing from the listing of that group’s registration filings in Florida and Oklahoma.  The Elias Group was deeply involved in rigging election laws for the Left.

The IRS looks the other way when there are violations of the law by the Left but becomes laser-focused when it is a conservative or Christian group.  The allowed bypasses of the law for tax-exempt organizations to contribute their resources to election campaigns is too blatant to ignore and Congress needs to step up to the plate, take responsibility, and do their job to fix it.  A great fix would be to go to a flat tax and virtually eliminate the IRS.

However, with the information now available it appears that the biggest crooks uncovered in the Durham investigation are the FBI. Will anything be done?  It is unlikely and it is also doubtful that the FBI will uncover the leaker of the preliminary vote of the SCOTUS with any substance.  They will probably react as they did to the anomalies and violations that occurred in the last election.  If it reveals a crime by the Leftists, it is a nothing burger to them.  But, let a conservative, Republican, or Christian take a stand in opposition to the ideology of the Left they find it easy to uncover what happened.

However, I continue to see small rays of sunshine like the SCOTUS voting 9-0 regarding the flying of a Christian flag in Boston.  Also, the Vermont schools widely displayed the BLM flag beside the American flag in the wake of George Floyd’s death.  That was blatantly illegal but okay because it fit the agenda and ideology of the Left.  The painting of BLM on the road in front of the Vermont State House was a direct violation of the law.  Using taxpayer funds was deemed okay and any protest was deemed rooted in racism.

Students can wear gay pride T-shirts to school but not one that says, “There are only two genders” or one that displays Bible Quotes.  But those are tips of the iceberg of the divide, the disinformation, and misinformation being pursued in today’s America.  It is time that we return to our moral moorings and return to the Bible and God for guidance in our interpersonal relationships.  It is time to stop fanning the flames of hate and return to civil discourse.  It is okay to disagree.  It is not okay to allow hate to drive us to destruction.

God bless you and God bless America!


I have been labeled so many things, being labeled a conspiracist for what I am about to say will simply be another in the extensive list of monikers that have been ascribed.  I have reached a place in my life where although I care what people think, I realize it means little in the scheme of things.  Truth is far more important than someone’s opinion of me.  Sounding the alarm when there is danger is far more important than trying to protect my image.  That does not mean I seek to be purposefully caustic.  I do not! 

I like to be liked and enjoy feeling wanted and even needed, but when I see my nation heading down the slippery slope of destruction, how can I be silent?  If you disagree with my observations or my warnings, that is your prerogative and right.  If you wish to write your own blog dissecting my assertions, that is within your right, so go for it. 

However, if you are genuinely concerned about America and desire to keep our Constitutional Republic the Free Republic it was established and designed to be, I ask that you consider my observations. 

When I speak of ‘Wagging the Dog’ or ‘The Tail Wagging the Dog’ I am referring to the sleight of hand used by politicians to divert our attention away from what is really happening or the true objective.  The phrase usually refers to something important or powerful being controlled by something less so.  It has been a tactic used by politicians and presidents to distract from and hid the truth.  I believe that we are possibly witnessing a massive ‘Wag the Dog’ in the traumas of today’s America.

We have some profoundly serious and real problems in America!  That is an understatement!  Those problems include economic issues that are on the brink of being catastrophic.  We have energy issues that are dangerously close to rendering people incapable of working, traveling, or conducting most of life’s business in person.  We have moral issues that are shredding any semblance of sanity and/or safety for our children.  We have violence issues that are so horrific that many hearts are failing them for fear of what they see happening. 

Those are horrific, dangerous, disruptive, and difficult, but are they the real issues or the real objective?  I suggest that, while they are, in themselves, each terrible and need to be addressed, they might only be hiding the true agenda from public sight.  If I am right, then we will see more and more of the kinds of things we have been seeing and each will transcend the previous making us more willing to embrace governmental control.  Could it be that is the objective?

Gun violence is beyond terrible and when it involves innocent and defenseless children it is doubly horrific.  The politicization of mass shootings inspiring a call for a total ban on firearms, disseminating false information, and fanning the flames of paranoia is, I believe, only a tool or a pathway to an objective.  The demand for immediate action that is not thought out and surpasses reason is drawing out those with any measure of celebrity making them experts.  Doing something due to a lack of understanding of the real problem only exacerbates the problem.

I saw that Coach K of Duke University made the statement that the desire to own an automatic weapon is disgusting.  He went on to expose his ignorance on the issue and the firearms being used calling them ‘automatic’ when in fact both the pistols and rifles used have been ‘semi-automatic’ not ‘automatic.’  We have a ban on automatic weapons, and it requires a very expensive and difficult to obtain a license to own one.  Coach, I respect your right to an opinion and preference but before you open your mouth, please know what you are talking about.

Sadly, this is not relegated to guns it is spreading to all sectors of our society and all the issues we are facing.  Those who are devotees of Climate Change and Green Energy seldom speak with facts regarding fossil fuels but out of fear, and paranoia, and become rabid in their attacks on anyone disagreeing.  We need fossil fuel, and it is the most readily available and reliable source of energy we have.  We can develop alternative energy, but the indefensible position that if we do not do so immediately, we will destroy the planet is false.

Those who demand the right to abort a baby regardless of the stage of development in the womb insist that failure to allow unlimited abortion is an assault on women and will cost lives.  Seriously?  Cost lives?  What about the sixty-three plus million babies that have lost their lives due to abortion?  I know that is a hot topic that will get me banned from social media, but that entity in the mother’s womb is a baby and if we value life, how do we devalue that life in favor of convenience and choice?

The Bible makes a powerful statement in John 8:32 – “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”  The absolute best defense against error regardless of what we are speaking.  Truth is factually accurate and remains constant and absolute.  The best method of detecting counterfeit money is to become unshakably familiar with the real.  When you know the truth, you find detecting the false reasonably easy.

However, the master deceiver of all times and those schooled in his tactics sometimes present distortions that make it difficult to discern the truth.  I am convinced that ignorance of our true history in America, real science, and the Bible make us easy targets for deception.  

I want to always be compassionate and as understanding as possible.  I want to heal the hurts of others whenever possible.  I want to love everyone as unconditionally as possible.  But, if I attempt to demonstrate love, compassion, and understanding by allowing that which is dangerous and harmful to become the acceptable norm, I am neither loving, compassionate, nor understanding.  If I do that then I am participating in the abuse that they bring.

Governmentally we are, too often, played like pawns on a chessboard.  We become useful tools to advance their objective.  If they can distract us, ‘Wag the Dog’ and cause our fear and sense of guilt to reach the point of surrender and plea for them to take control, we lose freedom. 

I believe that many, if not most or all, of the issues prevalent in today’s world, are either manipulations, ‘Wag the Dog’ ploy or examples of ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ tactic.  If we believe in Freedom, we must pay attention.  If we believe in God, we must engage in intercessory prayer.  If we believe in inalienable rights, we must demand that all politicians regardless of political affiliation honor, protect, and defend the Constitution and the Rule of Law.  Failure to do so will produce a result none but those in power will like.

God bless you and God bless America!


I have contended for a very long time that the reason we are in the position and condition we are in today is because of apathy.  Well, that is part of the problem the most significant is our abandonment of moral sanity and God, but apathy is a prime reason.  I do not mean apathy on the part of politicians or the political ruling class of elitists, but the apathy demonstrated and manifested by the general public and too much of the Christian Church.  You may discount the last part or all of what I have just stated, but if you examine what is happening in today’s America and much of the world, you must admit, that something is terribly wrong.

We are being invaded and are experiencing a war inside the borders of the United States of America.  It is not a declared war by Congress, the White House, or the Media but it is a war, nonetheless.  People are being killed, bullied, harassed, and endangered and it is not getting better.  The policies of the current administration piled on the heap of previous bad policies of presidential administrations and Congresses are bearing fruit.  The fruit is bad, and the results are bad.  I believe that most of it could have been averted had it not been for widespread apathy.

I am appalled at the increasing number of deaths as a result of this invasion.  I am stunned at how much territory is being ceded to the invaders directly or indirectly.  I am horrified by the increasing number of rapes, executions, and a level of fear that is being instilled in the hearts of our citizens.  There were and are things we could and can do, but apathy allows it to continue while complaining but not becoming engaged enough to bring it to a halt.

We have at least two million illegals entering the United States each year.  If that is extrapolated over the next decade, we will have over twenty million more illegals inside our borders.  How many will that bring the total to?  Estimates by government entities are that we have about eleven million here now and that would bring us to about twenty million.  I believe some of the more honest evaluations that we probably have upwards of forty million now and will have 60-80 million in ten years. 

Couple that with the desire, design, and plan of the followers of globalism and toxic liberalism to give them the right to vote as Citizens of the World our elections will forever be moot.  Those seeking to transform America will have won and even if we awaken from our apathy, it will be too late to recover.  Those who desire constitutionalism and conservatism, or republicanism will be deemed threats to society, and efforts to reeducate or eliminate us will be forthcoming.  Is that paranoia?  I sincerely hope so and hope that I am wrong, but the statistical data available suggest that my concerns are not unfounded.

We have endured the cries to ‘defund the police’ and the Leftists have embraced the idea that the police are systemically racists and not worthy of our support.  Are there bad eggs in police departments across this land?  Of course, but there are bad actors in every segment of society.  By and large, the police do a good job fulfilling the thankless task of keeping the peace and protecting us. 

In 2020 when the ‘defund the police’ craze reached its zenith murders of Black people (mostly by other Black people) increased by 32%.  That is appalling and should send chills down every spine.  If it happened in that community can any of us feel safe?  The number of carjackings and thefts has skyrocketed.  The number of home invasions has escalated as weak-willed DAs have positioned themselves on the side of the offenders.  Rapes, murders, muggings, assaults, and other violent crimes are increasing exponentially due to bad rhetoric and policies. 

Apathy has created a situation where few criminals are arrested and brought to justice.  The statistical data is that 54% of reported violent crimes are unsolved.  Unfortunately, many of them are charged with lesser crimes and released with or without bail and continue their violent acts of terror. 

This type of activity can be corrected, but not without a major attitude adjustment on the part of Politicians, District Attorneys, Media, Ministers, and the Public.  We have to become willing to back those tasked with enforcing our laws and lose our fear of retaliation and report what we see and know.  We have to demand from our politicians that they secure our borders allowing only those who follow the legal pathway of immigration are allowed to come and remain.  We must demand from our politicians that they follow the Constitution and the Rule of Law.  We must evict any that will not do so.

We have shrugged our shoulders at the dangers of ‘Woke-ism’ and ‘Political Correctness.’  Those following the agenda of the followers of those ideologies desire power and control.  Hate is driving a wedge between Americans making civil discourse impossible.  Hate is irrational and Anathema to Freedom. 

Apathy has placed millions in a vacuum where they are afraid of offending the Woke crowd.  Apathy has allowed politicians to seek to make any rejection of their toxic diatribe and rhetoric a crime.  We have elevated the feelings of the few to a higher status than the inalienable rights of all.  If Freedom of Speech is not extended to everyone it effectively becomes a weapon and destroys our Liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and granted by God.

Apathy has allowed Big Tech to engage in illegal censorship of anyone disagreeing with the liberal agenda.  Too many Big Businesses are drinking the Woke Kool-Aid, Hollywood has long been in their corner and education has been grooming generations to become the standard-bearers of that ideology.  Apathy allowed this to transpire. 

I have been branded with so many derogatory monikers, I stopped counting.  There are those within those who claim to be Christians who deem me evil, misguided, mistaken and deceived.  I cannot be silent when I see the imminent danger that is upon us.  I cannot seek to isolate myself in a cocoon of selfishness.  I have disregarded my own personal safety to speak out and will continue to do so as long as I have breath.  I believe in Freedom for Everyone!

America, we must not allow the apathy that has gripped our nation for decades to continue. We must rise up and determine that we will do all we can for posterity (our children and grandchildren included) to give them the Constitutional Republic our Founding Fathers labored so valiantly for.  If you are a believer in the Bible and the God of the Bible, I urge you to seek God for guidance and begin interceding for America and the world.  It matters not what political party those seeking to control are associated with, they are a threat to our Freedom.

God bless you and God bless America! 


There is so much rhetoric, paranoia, fearmongering, and misinformation regarding the possibility of Roe v Wade being overturned.  The truth is that none of the many-faceted fears being projected are even on the radar.  One Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is married to a white woman so stop the insanity that the Republicans want to end all interracial marriages and the myriad of other distortions being projected.  This is not a war on women it is an effort to follow the Constitutional guidelines and return the issue to the individual states. 

I am not a proponent of abortion for many reasons and the chief two being murder is wrong and my faith resists and rejects it.  Neither of those will carry any weight with the pro-choice crowd.  The reason for their rejection is a misunderstanding of the bible and life or rejection of the biblical directive and their insistence that that being in the womb is not a life and therefore nothing more than an unwanted growth.  The callousness of that and ignorance of true science is astounding. 

Sadly, many people form opinions and call them convictions based on emotions or how they feel.  I need more than my feelings to guide my life.  If I did everything, I felt like doing at the moment I felt like it, I would be a dangerous person.  I seek to know what true science says on the matter of that being in the womb that is growing and developing.  I also, seek to know what the Bible says about the matter.  Therefore, I endeavor to use critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and logic in the formation of my opinion and conviction. 

I find it interesting to research what the Jewish people thought about abortion in the ages past.  The Bible’s original language of Hebrew and Aramaic makes connecting with the Hebrew people’s historic view valuable.  It does not make them infallible, but God’s Word is.  In Judaism, there is strong importance placed on pro-creation, based on the blessings found in Genesis 1:28 that we “should be fruitful and multiply.”  That is only possible in a union between a male and female or man and woman. 

They did not believe that sex was limited to procreation but also for pleasure and the Bible speaks to that issue in passages such as Exodus 21:10. The apostle Paul also addressed it in the New Testament.  God designed sex to be beautiful but only in the confines of marriage.  You may disagree and that is your prerogative.  It does not mean you are right, but you have the choice to believe and embrace what you choose.  I seek to be guided by the directives of God and that is validated in true science, especially in the issue of abortion.

I heard someone argue that overturning Roe v Wade would force a woman carrying a dead child in her womb to deliver the dead child full term.  That is beyond ludicrous because if the doctors determined that the baby in the womb was dead it would not be abortion, per se, it would be a needed surgical procedure to relieve the woman of the danger of that dead entity in her body.  A living child in the womb regardless of the stage of development demands protection. 

I sometimes wonder how people who are rabidly pro-choice can believe their easily refuted and unscientific rhetoric and arguments.  The idea that the fetus (baby) is nothing more than a lump of cells growing inside the woman’s womb is easily defeated.  The scientific data is readily available to inform us that that so-called lump of cells, at conception, has a unique DNA, unlike or not exactly like any other living organism on the planet.  The exception would be identical twins. 

When that argument is debunked, they turn to rape and incest and justifiable reasons to abort that life in the womb.  As bad as those are and they are bad, they amount to an extremely small percentage of abortions each year.  At what point is it justifiable to blame that baby that resulted from either of those events?  If you cannot bear the thought of raising that child, then give the child up for adoption where someone who has no such bias can give them the love, nurture, and affection needed to help them develop into a contributing member of society.  They (the baby in the womb) are a creation of God, and no human has the right to take their life.

I heard and read the argument of pro-life advocate Stephanie Gray Connors as she debunked the violinist argument and the kidney argument used by pro-choice or pro-abortion advocates.  She debated philosophy professor Andrew Sneddon who made a well-phrased argument for abortion. 

She said that the Holy Spirit whispered to her and said, “Stephanie, I made the uterus for a different purpose than the kidney.”  When her turn came, she said, “Professor Sneddon makes a very compelling argument until we ask a simple question: what is the nature and purpose of the kidney versus the nature and purpose of the uterus?”  She continued, “Because when we ask and answer that question, we come to see why a parent should not be legally obligated to give one but actually obligated to give the other.”

She unraveled her revelation saying, “The kidney exists in my body, for my body.  The uterus exists in my body every single month getting ready for someone else’s body.  Every month my uterine lining is thickening in great expectation for the implantation of the next generation.  Therefore, you could say the uterus is unique from all other body parts in that it exists more for my offspring than for me, and they can therefore claim a right to that in a way the preborn or born could not claim a right to your kidney.”

The effort of the Democrats is to pass a bill that would be signed by the President making abortion the law.  That bill is diabolical and would force Christian doctors to perform abortions in violation of their religious convictions.  If the doctors failed to comply, they could be fined, imprisoned, and lose their licenses.  This bill known as the ‘Abortion for All Act’ is a direct assault on Christianity and seeks to expand abortion far beyond the current authorization levels. 

The revealed examples of body part harvesting from aborted babies by Planned Parenthood and the more recent barbaric experiments conducted by the University of Pittsburg Medical Center and Magee-Women’s Hospital are horrifying.  It has been revealed that of the thirty-one studies reviewed, one in five did not obtain fetal tissue from the Pitt Biospecimen Core as reported.  Those tissues were obtained from a commercial tissue supplier, Advance Bioscience Resources (ABR). 

Does that name sound familiar?  It should because it is the commercial tissue supplier who was exposed for trafficking baby body parts from Planned Parenthood facilities.  That organization became Planned Parenthood’s scapegoat when they were first caught selling baby body parts in 2015.

I find it amazing that even Joe Biden in 2015 believed that life begins at conception.  He said, “I’m prepared to accept that the moment of conception is a human life and being.”  He went on to say, “But I’m not prepared to say that to other God-fearing, non-God-fearing people, that have a different view.”  Well, Mr. President, I am prepared to say that to anyone regardless of their religious or moral views.  Life begins at conception.  I believe the Bible’s assertion that God knew our parts before they were formed in the womb, and we are all creations of God regardless of how that pregnancy occurred.

You may not accept my view.  You may find me reprehensible and reject me and my views.  That is your choice.  We all have the right to believe what we believe, but the final judge of all things is God whether it is accepted or not.  As a Christian, I cannot and do not support abortion.  I believe that Life, every life is valuable to God and the defenseless lives in the womb are especially precious and deserving of our protection.

God bless you and God bless America!


That may sound like a foolish question and one so obvious that anyone could define it and understand it with ease.  However, defining success is like most things in life, something that means different things to different people.  I think most would agree, that success is in achieving our objective, whatever that might be.  Success, for some, is possessions, position, pleasure, and things material.  But the question remains, “What is Success?”

When it comes to the current administration, how do we define success?  Their rhetoric diatribe and spin are that Biden is Building America Back Better.  Their talking points insist that the economy is better, border security is better, national defense is better, education is better, and on and on.   Their definition is that whatever the Leftists do is a catalyst for America’s success and everything the Right does is anathema to our Republic. 

If I look at what is happening based on facts, real statistical data, inflation, national security, and the situation on our southern border my definition differs greatly from theirs.  If I consider what is happening in our educational system, political correctness, energy, and our international standing, my definition differs greatly from theirs. 

I contend that this administration has failed in virtually every issue facing America and Americans.  That would include crime, race relations, immigration, national security, energy, the economy, and regulatory controls.  I dare not omit the overt attempts to throttle free speech for anyone disagreeing with their rhetoric, diatribe, and spin.  They, on the other hand, would call those successes. 

Thus, the question surfaces once more, “What is Success?”  I am not Diogenes searching for “one honest man or politician” but an American seeking the truth.  Pilate’s question to Jesus is fitting, “What is Truth?”  In his 1957 lecture on communication, John Gage asked, “Why must we search for the Truth?  Why don’t we have it?”  I have been asking that question of politicians for as long as I have been able to be involved and vote. 

The line Jack Nicholson spoke in the movie A Few Good Men echoes today, “You can’t handle the truth!”  I asked a politician about an issue and was told, “You need to just let us handle this, you don’t know enough to even ask the right questions.”  I asked, “Then, what is the right question?”  He said, “You people just need to let us handle things, we know more and know better than you what needs to be done.”  I said, “That’s how we got in this mess,” and our conversation was over.

As an American who tries to be abreast of current issues, studies history, and believes in God and the Bible, I believe we have the truth but are blinded by bias and personal agendas.  Politicians, like most people, will reveal their true intent and colors, when they think they are safe.  Sometimes, politicians like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer let their mouths overload their behinds and reveal more than they intended.  They do so when they think we have been hoodwinked and their secrets are sufficiently hidden.

We live in a world that has largely rejected absolute truth and prefers that its version of the truth take preeminence over facts.  I believe that much of the transition away from Transcendent Truth has been due to decades of mind-numbing educational revisionism and atheistic teaching as well as much of the church trying to be more like the world to attract the world.  Both have proven detrimental to holding to absolutes and transcendent truth.

The only way to connect to transcendent truth is through faith.  It is the God-oriented doctrine of our origins and life itself that enables us to exercise the faith needed to receive and adhere to absolute truth.  The moral fiber of our world has deteriorated dramatically in the past 50-plus years and today many feel that all that is needed is to be as good as the next person and not do a lot of bad things.  A life-altering connection to God through salvation is tossed aside. 

Just saying we are something does not make it so.  I believe that for us to be successful in turning the Republic around and restoring moral sanity and constitutional integrity we must reclaim education.  The idea that a kindergarten child is capable of deciding their sexual orientation is beyond insane.  That child barely knows the difference between a boy and a girl and certainly does not have the mental capacity or maturity to understand anything about sexual orientation.  Behavior is learned and if the groomers are allowed to succeed in producing a generation or two of confused children, we will have confused adults running the world.  That is not success, it is destruction.

One of the greatest failures in our world today is the inability or refusal of all sides to listen to any opposing view.  That is not relegated to the followers of toxic liberalism, globalism, and progressivism, it is also found in conservatives and even Christians.   I believe that none of us have a corner on the truth.  I believe that all of us have flaws in our logic, missing links in our theology, and sometimes allowing our personal biases and preferences to isolate us.  If everything is us against them and tit for tat, we will never see the America our founders established again.  That ship will have sailed forever.

Many waste valuable time arguing over their version of the truth and insist it is the only real truth or the best truth.  Sadly, unscrupulous politicians and people always take advantage of division.  Confusion and chaos are the friends of the tyrant seeking to enslave people.  The more divided people become, and the more chaos is present the easier it is for the would-be lord and master to offer their version of utopia and in the pretense that it is for the best good, bring out the chains.

Seventeenth-century French philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal whose religious conversion led him into a life of asceticism.  Out of his pursuit of thought came the Pensées which is a collection of fragments written and spoken by him.  His view of the best ‘version of the truth’ is one that unites Earth and Heaven and restores full access to the Source of our Being.  It is the truth that enables one to become a forever resident and practicing participant in unadulterated Christianity.  It draws all conclusions from the Source rather than attempting to meld God and Truth into our desired view.

Is Joe Biden’s administration a success?  That would be ‘yes’ and ‘no.’  It is yes if the objective is the fundamental transformation of the Republic and the reinterpretation of the Constitution to suit the Leftists’ agenda.  It would be yes if open borders, gender blending, and governmental interpretation of truth are the objective.  It is a resounding NO if you are a Christian and/or a Constitutionalist. 

Our economy is in shambles, inflation is out of control, border security is non-existent, cronyism is rampant, and the weaponization of our intelligence, law enforcement, and the IRS is real.  If that is the goal, then they are extraordinarily successful.  If everyone is viewed as equal under the Law, protecting the defenseless and innocent is the aim, then they are abject failures.  If racial discord is the desired target, then they are astoundingly successful.  If making everyone dependent on the benevolent government, then they have attained a measure of success.  If indoctrination of the gullible, modification of the children, and bribery to buy votes is the objective, then the word is successful.  If it is not, the failure is more apropos.

Our Founding Fathers viewed success from a governmental position to be one where the federal government was limited, and the people were allowed to follow their dreams unimpeded by overreaching mandates and regulations.  They believed that those within individual states should have the autonomy to determine how their state was run.  The federal government was extremely limited.  Today, the opposite seems to be more accurate. Therefore, I believe the view of the Founders would be that today’s American Government is a Failure!

God bless you and God bless America!


If my use of biblical references causes you heartburn, then stop reading now, because I will be using the Bible, my faith, history, and facts in an attempt to articulate my position on America.  I believe that we are a nation that has, at least governmentally, turned its back on God and our founding principles. 

Our first president and the father of our country made a powerful and even prophetic statement in his farewell address in 1796.  He said, “The propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of right and order which Heaven itself has ordained…Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.  In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens.” 

He also said, “…reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principles.  It is substantially true that virtue and morality is a necessary spring of popular government.”

The Psalmist said in Psalms 33:12 – “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, whom He has chosen as His heritage!?”  The apostle Paul wrote in Romans 1:18 – “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.” 

The current condition of our American government is reflective of a people or nation that has abandoned all moral and biblical truth.  Truth for the modernists, progressives, liberals, and globalists following political correctness and fundamental transformation is only what they deem to be the truth.  Sadly, we have a society that no longer believes in absolute truth.  Absolute truth that is found in the Bible, in God, in moral rightness is anathema to many today.  As Joe Biden said, “We choose truth over facts.”

Taking that thought or statement to its ultimate we have to ask, “Is not truth verified by facts?”  Also, “Would not truth and facts be harmonious?”  If you have the facts, you are able to arrive at the truth.  We can only conclude from his statement that this was another of his gaffes if we are super charitable.  However, it appears that he and those of his ilk believe that ‘truth’ is whatever they define it, and facts are inconvenient hindrances to that presentation.  Therefore, they reject any facts that do not defend their position.  Facts are facts and they do not lie.

I find it less than a surprise that former President Barack Obama and wannabe Hillary Clinton would contend that the 1st Amendment and Freedom of Speech do not include social media.  They want more regulation and censorship of what they call misinformation and/or disinformation.  However, what they believe is legitimate is not harmonious with factual evidence.  If they don’t like it, it paints them in a bad light, or hinders their cause and agenda, it is Bad and must be Banned.  That is not the actions of Free Constitutional Governments but Dictatorships, Oligarchies, and Tyrannies.

The one-time mouthpiece of the Left David Horowitz has been deemed by some as an American prophet.  He once had a regular column in the online magazine Salon.  He consolidated those articles into a book entitled Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes.  That was in 1999 and it reads like it could have been released today.  In that sense, it is not only insightful but prophetic.  Thus, identifying him as such.

Today Salon is probably better identified with celebrating pedophilia and hating conservatives and constitutional ideas.  Horowitz was there when he was still an accepted member of the Left.  He was a part of the New Left when it was new.  In his book, he dismantles his ‘ex-comrades’ of the Clinton era and attempts to set the record straight with details, facts, and surgical precision.  For whatever reason, David Horowitz had an enlightenment and realized the fallaciousness and danger of the agenda of the movement he was a part of.  They want him silenced because, in their words, he is disseminating misinformation and disinformation. 

Imagine Hillary Clinton, attempting to lecture anyone on disinformation.  She tweeted, “For too long, tech platforms have amplified disinformation and extremism with no accountability. The EU is poised to do something about it. I urge our transatlantic allies to push the Digital Services Act across the finish line and bolster global democracy before it’s too late.”  Wow!  The purveyor of the fallacious lies of Russian collusion, Benghazi, and so many other things wanted to lecture anyone on morality or truth. 

We now have valid information that the ‘Spygate Researchers’ did the work for former Special Counsel Robert Mueller as he investigated the Russian Collusion hoax.  Imagine that!  The purveyors and architects of the hoax were providing the research for the ‘unbiased’ Special Counsel.  Yes, that was sarcasm. 

Special Counsel John Durham’s team asked lead Georgia Tech researcher Manos Antonakakis, “Do you believe that DARPA should be instructing you to investigate the origins of a hacker (Guccifer_2.0) that hacked a political entity (DNC)?”  He said, “Yes.”  Not surprisingly Georgia Tech gave Robert Mueller a large file of Trump-related material that mysteriously was lost.  The fact that those who were participants in the hoax were participating in the investigation if not criminal, is beyond any semblance of unbiased investigation searching for facts and truth.

Joe Biden’s nominee for the 11th circuit court, Nancy Abudu, was nominated to replace the newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Jackson Brown.  Who is she?  Senator Chuck Grassley wrote to committee chair Senator Dick Durban a blunt revelation about Abudu.

He said, “Abudu works for a disreputable organization that has no business being a feeder for positions to any judicial office — not even of a traffic court — let alone the second-highest court system in the United States. She is a political activist, not a jurist, and is unfit to serve at the federal appellate level.”

The actions of Abudu and the SPLC’s smear tactics against the Family Research Council almost resulted in a mass murder at their headquarters.  When a jurist participates in disinformation and fans the flames of hate they should be given no consideration for a position on any bench of any court.  The SPLC has a decades-long history of managerial corruption and unscrupulous actions.  The first conviction under the post-9/11 District of Columbia terrorism statute revealed that the convicted terrorist was shown to have been motivated by the SPLC’s ‘hate group’ designation of the FRC.  When I heard that he had nominated her for the Circuit Court, I thought Seriously? Wow!

America, we have banned God and the Bible from all things government, education, and largely the public square.  We have targeted the 1st Amendment protected Freedom of Religion which includes conscience and attempted to force Christians to abandon their faith to accommodate government edicts that violate their faith.  We have allowed various government bureaucracies, agencies, the intelligence community, and the justice department to become Gestapo-type enforcers of the government edicts.  Believers are, in many ways, being treated as the Nazis treated the Jews. 

We can salvage America?  It will not be easy and will be costly.  I believe that America was founded and won her independence by the providence of God.  We were, and our founders sought to have her identified as a Christian nation.  We developed our laws on the foundation of God’s Word and encouraged the consciousness of God as Creator and benefactor.  We have abandoned that and now treat many of God’s precepts as outdated and archaic.  We have, it would seem, had our consciences seared.  I say that in light of the tens of millions of babies slaughtered in abortion.

It is not important what anyone thinks of me, I believe in God, I love America, and I stand for Truth and Right.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and not just my truth or view.  I will defend everyone’s right to believe and speak what they believe.  I believe in the ideal that was presented by the founders and the Republic they established.  America, we have been and can be a beacon to the world and a powerful instrument in God’s hands if we return to Him and His Truth. 

God bless you and God bless America!