The Predictable I’m referring to is a group of people, namely the Democrats in Congress and the Media and they are incredibly predictable.  The growing chorus for “impeachment” is reaching a crescendo and will result in the Democrats voting on the Articles of Impeachment against President Donald John Trump.  It is going to happen, and channeling my best Rush Limbaugh, “Don’t Doubt Me on This!” 

I know that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have, until recently, cautioned the rush to impeachment but the noise made by the rabid base, those possessed by their intense hate and the bruised egos of those who thought the election was a lock is having its desired effect.  The desired effect for those who want an immediate impeachment to take place.  I wish I could say that this would be a ‘nothing burger’ because once it reached the Senate the Republicans, in control would vote it down and not convict.  I wish I could say that with certainty.

I am cautious because of those like Senator Mitt Romney and some other Republicans who very possibly might vote with the Democrat bloc and vote to convict.  I am convinced that regardless of the evidence or lack thereof, those decisions have already been made and being conveyed to Chuck Schumer and possibly Mitch McConnell.  Politics is a very dirty business and the ‘ole boy network’ of political cronies is very powerful.  The bruised egos of those who were defeated by Trump and the desire for power, acceptance into the club, and future political aspirations weigh more heavily on their minds and hearts than the constitution or the will of the American people.  That’s the state of politics in America today!

Most people do not understand the impeachment process.  I would venture a guess that if you surveyed 100 or 1,000 people and asked them what a president had to do to be impeached a very large percentage of them would say, “break the law.”  In that statement, I am conveying that I believe that deep inside the hearts of most people is the desire to be somewhat fair.  The Constitution clearly states that a president can be impeached for ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ but truthfully impeachment is a political game, not a criminal one. 

When people discover that it is the House of Representatives that gets to define ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ you quickly realize just how political this is.  Being alive is both a ‘high crime’ and a ‘misdemeanor’ for the Democrats regarding Donald Trump so the constitutional intent is out the window in this as in most attempts to impeach a president. 

Robert Mueller knew he had no case for obstruction or collusion, so he did the next best thing for his party of dissenters. He wrote summaries unheard of in investigations where there was no intent to indict.  He offered innuendos and opened the doorway for more and more investigation by both the FBI and Congress.  Mueller was not truly investigating a crime but attempting to build a case or open a pathway for impeachment.  Mueller has spent his entire career destroying the lives, careers, and families of people with little regard for guilt or innocence.  He was the Democrats perfect choice and he seized the opportunity to do some damage to a man he detested and a party he considers anathema.

It appears that the Democrats have little choice, or they lose face with their avid and rabid supporters on the Far Left.  The noise-makers like Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, and Talib as well as Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Elijah Cummings, Nadler, and Schiff will likely make it impossible for the establishment to back down.  They would never risk their position of power by refusing to chase a pipe dream of impeachment and conviction.  In fact, I would argue that conviction is not their real concern.  They believe that impeachment would be enough to tarnish Trump to the point they could win the White House and possibly the Senate in 2020.  They just might be right!

Although Nancy Pelosi said, “I do believe that impeachment is one of the most divisive forces – paths we could go down to in our country.  But if the facts, the path of fact-finding takes us there we have no choice, but we are not there yet.”  Let me decipher that statement, “yet means until they know they have enough votes in the House to impeach.”  That’s what yet means!  Yet means until they can sufficiently spin the redacted Mueller report and leak as much of the unredacted report as possible through their willing accomplices the MSM to garner public support.  Yet means, after they have polled and polled and polled the voters to see which way the wind is blowing.  Facts are inconsequential and unimportant, political jockeying and positioning are!

The Process Crimes that people associated with Trump faced had one motive.  It was not to truly bring the guilty to accountability and to serve justice.  No, no, no, a thousand times no!  It was to provide a base perceived solid enough for the Democrats in Congress to pursue impeachment.  His work of indictments was rightly labeled, the proverbial ‘ham sandwich’ and ‘pettifoggery’ by one client’s attorney. 

The written report was the cornerstone of the entire plan, it seems.  It is part of a larger scheme to grow the power and control of the federal government.  It is part of the scheme to divert the attention of the public from the true agenda of the Democratic Socialist and Totalitarians.  It is to distract the voters from their plans to attack our 1st, 2nd, 4th, and other Amendment Rights as well as bury us in debt and taxes.  It is an attempt to deceive the voting public and cause as many as possible to buy into the idea that Trump is evil, and the purists and saintly Democrats must save us from this evil. 

The Left wants to control our cars, guns, money, speech, and freedom.  They will do what they plan to do if they are not prevented from ascending to the highest office in the land and gaining control of both Houses of Congress.  I am sounding an alarm that will be dismissed by many, including some that are on the same side of the political issues as me.  America, we have an election upcoming that could very possibly mean the difference between Freedom and Tyranny.  I plead with everyone to think carefully, pray diligently, research valiantly, and vote your conscience for America in the next presidential election and Congressional elections.  America needs her patriots more today than possibly any time in our history!

God bless you and God bless America!



I am serious!  The zealous pursuit of winning elections has forced our National Security to the back burner and that is unacceptable to me.  The ideological insanity of today’s political world is as dangerous if not more dangerous than many of the known threats we face as a nation.  I wish I could just be fed up and wash my hands of the matter, but we are talking about the Republic, our liberties and freedoms, and our posterity.  This extends far beyond Party Politics and has become a detriment to our nation and our people. 

Frankly, I don’t care if the politician is a Republican or a Democrat.  If they are willing to ignore clear and present dangers and needs to pursue some partisan political objective or election they are anathema to me.  America is far too important for politicians to be focused on winning elections and amassing power as their primary objective.  Why have power or position if you are not going to address the genuine needs and threats against this nation?  We are not your serfs or plebs we are Americans, your equals and Constitutionally the overseers of government. 

America is supposed to be a government of the people, for the people, and by the people.  Today’s politics and politicians have prostituted the process and it has morphed into an aristocracy of the political elitist.  The voters, citizens, taxpayers are often viewed as the uninformed masses and incapable of governing ourselves.  They, the political class, are the informed and the rightful owners of government, at least in their minds.  They are not to be questioned only obeyed.  That was never the intent of the Founding Fathers and I do not believe the desire of the clear majority of Americans. 

Today, we have, through the politicizing of everything, created a condition where the Constitution is so misinterpreted that even those who are devoted supporters of that document fall prey to the delusion.  One example I will cite is the insanity of calling the actions of the Muslim Schools to put on a program where children, some under the age of ten, sing to their god Allah and pledge themselves as human cannonballs to kill and behead the infidels.  How is that protected speech?  If you cannot incite a riot, cannot yell fire in a theater, engage in subversion and sedition legally, how can you call for the murder of those who disagree with you? 

Who has allowed this?  I lay the lion’s share of the blame at the feet of those in Congress, past and present.  I lay it at the feet of those former Presidents who participated in advancing the fallacious idea that the purveyors of this so-called religion are peaceful.  This abuse of children can and likely will produce terrorist of tomorrow.  We have allowed members of C.A.I.R., the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic Society of North America, and other devotees to this ideology become advisers to Presidents and other federal agencies. 

Today, about the only person in Washington willing to speak, somewhat forthright, about the dangers of Islam and the Islamic jihadists is President Trump.  He is called everything but a human being for that stance. When children are taught to sing about sacrificing themselves for their god and killing those who do not submit or acquiesce to the demands of various Islamic causes that is child abuse at best and sedition and treason at worst.  To call that protected speech while condemning anyone condemning homosexuality or any of the radical causes such as the neo-Nazis or White Supremacists is hypocritical and delusional. 

No, I do not support the neo-Nazis or White Supremacists and condemn racism and hate on all sides.  However, to insist that Islam is a Religion of Peace is to ignore the teachings of their Koran and the recruiting in their Mosques and by their Imams. 

Congress, if you are more interested in your Position and Power than you are America you are undeserving of being afforded the luxury of your Congressional seat.  I would like to see every politician, Republican, and Democrat who places position and power over America and the critical needs and issues of today allowed to seek other employment. 

We have a crisis at the southern border and politicians, especially the Democrats are disinterested and only focused on damaging President Trump.  They ignore the needs of our infrastructure, the threat of terrorism, the concerns about national security, our failing educational system, and dozens of other items.  They ignore the failures of the V.A. in addressing the needs and the care of our veterans.  They ignore the theft of Congress regarding our Social Security funds while seeking ways to buy more votes through entitlements.  They ignore travesty after travesty but invest millions of campaign dollars seeking reelection.  They have buried us and our posterity in debt with no regard to the ultimate cost. 

Power and Position was never the intent or purpose of our Founding Fathers.  They almost universally believed in citizen representation and part-time politicians.  We need politicians or public servants who are willing to invest their time and make the necessary sacrifices to go to Washington for a term or two and then return to private life.  The influx of new ideas, the realization that theirs is not an invitation to become an oligarch would be refreshing and beneficial for everyone. 

The internecine feuding in Washington is shredding our Constitution, endangering America and Americans, and opening the door for the nefarious objectives of groups desiring to conquer America.  The followers of Islam do not have as their primary objective taking America by force but by politics.  Politicians, seeing votes to secure a win, rather than the dangers of those they sell their souls to are as imposing a threat as those groups they open the door to.  We can stop this, but only if we unite and go as a bloc of voters to show them the door and reestablish the Republic to its Constitutional status. 

I am committed to defending America against all threats both foreign and domestic.  God bless you and God bless America! 


I had a devoted liberal who is avidly behind every Democratic candidate and equally avid in his hatred for Donald Trump and most Republicans in Congress, tell me that the Democrats are the only party that cares about America.  He gives Mitt Romney and a few others a pass, claiming they are more like the Democrats than Republicans.  His words, not mine. 

I asked him to expound on that premise and give me definitive reasons for his claim and back them up with factual data.  He said, “Well they care about human life and therefore want to deal with the epidemic of gun ownership.”  He cited Kamala Harris as the Democratic hopeful most likely to use the power of the presidency to confiscate all dangerous guns.  When I asked him to define dangerous guns he said, “Those automatic assault rifles we hear so much about.”  Automatic?  I tried to explain that it is illegal without a highly restrictive and costly authorization to own such a weapon.  He was aghast and asked, “What about the AR-15?”  I tried to explain the difference between a semi-automatic and automatic and he would have nothing of it and said, “You are wrong because the media and the Democratic candidates all say the weapons are automatic.”  Talking to some people is about as productive as talking to a wall.

Kamala Harris, one of the darlings of the Democratic Party avowed on a town hall aired by CNN that if Congress did not pass gun legislation (to her liking) within the first 100 days of her presidency she would use Executive Fiat to achieve her objective.  Tell me again that the Democrats do not want to strip from us our 2nd Amendment Rights and that they are not seeking to ban and confiscate our firearms. 

My friend, (I use that term loosely) also said, “Senator Warren has a beautiful plan to relieve the burden of the overly expensive and burdensome obligation people encounter in seeking a college degree.”  I said, “Yep, she has a plan but to call it beautiful is a bit more than I can embrace.”  I then asked him about the cost of her plan and how it would affect those of us who pay taxes.  I tried to explain that the ‘freebies’ being offered have a price tag and somebody has to pay the bill.  He said, “You are wrong, she said that the rich would foot that bill and it would not affect the average American.” 

Senator Warren has promised to forgive all student loans (at least in theory) and make college free for everyone.  Her plan would eliminate $50,000 in student debt for households earning under $100,000 per annum but then said that those families with household incomes over up to $250,000 would have their student loan debt written off as well.  Her plan would phase out the debt at the rate of $1 for every $3 earned over $100,000.  Her plan by conservative estimates from all source would cost approximately $640 Billion to $1.25 Trillion.  Who pays this debt? 

Let me answer that question this way.  We All Pay!  We will pay forever with our lives because anytime the government provides it requires a certain amount of control.  The idea that we can tax, tax, tax, and tax and that hurts no one is incredulous even to 1st year Economic Majors.  Tax the Rich, make heavier burdens via regulations, taxes, fines, and fees on business and those earning the most money and it gets passed on to the consumer.  It is passed on via higher prices and lay-offs of personnel.  It frequently results in small businesses going out of business and that throws more people in the unemployment lines and increases the financial burden of the government.  How is that a good plan?

We talked about voting age as well as allowing convicted felons to vote and his argument was that teenagers were affected by school shootings and what is being taught in schools, so they should have a say in politics.  He also argued that felons had to live with the decisions made by politicians, therefore, they had the right to voice their choice via the ballot box.  He, as some have argued, “The sixteen-year-old who works and pays taxes must be allowed to vote because ‘taxation without representation is wrong’.”  I tried to explain that minors are represented via their parents and it is medically and scientifically verified that they are, as a group, not prepared to make that kind of life decision and that even an 18-year-old is, at best, borderline in this matter of being capable. 

I brought up to him his own childhood and asked if he could remember being sixteen.  I shared some of my experiences and decisions at 14-18 and asked if he thought those decisions were those of a responsible adult.  He said, “Well, kids make dumb mistakes and don’t often think things through.”  Wow!  Yet, he still wants them to vote!  Maybe we should evaluate whether he should vote at 60+.

I reminded him of a recent report that Soros-Backed Groups were diligently working to restore the votes to 1.4 Million felons in Florida.  The Bill was passed by Florida voters and in an effort to give some sanity and clarity to the legislation, Florida Representative James Grant, a Republican introduced a bill to ‘guide the implementation’ of the Law.  One of the conditions he included was that the felons must not only complete all the terms of their sentence including parole or probation but must also pay all court costs and fines both civil and criminal before they could register to vote.  The Democrats are all-in in their opposition to his conditions.  They claim that would disenfranchise felons who could not pay their fees and fines.  I suggest that it is biblical to require them to pay.

The Soros-backed organizations are attempting to apply immense pressure on legislators to defeat this bill of conditions.  The ACLU and the Brennan Center for Justice are both heavily supported by George Soros and his ‘Open Society Foundation’ which has donated $50 million to the ACLU and millions to the Brennan Center.  Florida has become the focus of the Leftists because of its pivotal role in the 2020 elections and in previous elections.  They declared, “The road to the White House runs through Florida.” 

My liberal friend supports this effort and efforts like this.  He also supports no Voter Identification being required to vote and even suggests that it is not necessary to register, the fact that you are living in America is sufficient reason and justification to allow you to vote.  So, please tell me again what the Democrats are for and how what they are for is good for America? 

I will vote no on the toxicity of liberalism, the insanity of Socialism, and in defense and support of the Constitution.  I will vote no on the Democrats in November 2020 and in the foreseeable future.  I may not always vote for the Republican. When I don’t see the choice as a binary one I might vote other than Republican, but I will, as things stand now, vote against the Democrat.  Call me whatever you choose but I am Pro-America and stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom in defense of the Constitution and the Republic known as the United States of America.

God bless you and God bless America!


Those on both sides of the political aisle would probably say, Amen, to that statement but let me clarify what I am talking about.  I believe that one party more than the other is on a campaign to infringe upon our Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties as identified by the Constitution of these United States of America.  The slate of candidates being offered by the Democratic Party are all proponents of Big Government, most of them fully embrace Socialism, and each of them wants higher and higher taxation.  Those are just a few of the items on the table. 

Those items affect our liberty, freedom, and inalienable rights but there are others that are possible more directly aimed at the limitation or revision of our rights and freedoms.  The inane and insane agenda to plunge us into the pre-industrialized eras and take from our right to ‘keep and bear arms’ which means stripping us of our ability for self-defense are clear infringements on the rights guaranteed not granted by the Constitution.  Our Founders sought to identify certain inalienable rights that did not and could not come from the government but from the Creator and protect them.  Those of the Left believe the Constitution to be antiquated and in need of revision if not replacement.  They do not recognize God-given Rights only Government-given liberties. 

There is also an assault on Freedom of Speech, Religion, and Thought.  The PC Police driven by the Snowflake Society is engaged in a direct assault on Freedom of Speech for anyone disagreeing with their liberal slant.  They are demanding that the government establish restrictions and mandate laws to force a Christian into the adoption of and cooperation with lifestyles and beliefs that are anathema to their core convictions.  The Founders would have been up in arms over that, as should every Freedom loving American.

History gives us incredibly dire and clear examples of what can happen to a society that fails to fight for its freedom.  The slow erosion of liberties is like water dripping on a rock, it bores a hole and weakens the integrity of the rock.  Those in Nazi Germany who sought to coexist with tyranny found that coexistence was impossible for anyone outside the ideological slant of those in power.  The plight of the Jews is well documented, and the horror of the holocaust should remind us of the need to be vigilant and diligent in the oversight of our government and those seeking to lead.

In modern times, we are witnessing government’s like that of the People’s Republic of China grow increasingly totalitarian.  Unlike the United States, the people of China have not enjoyed the provisions of self-rule through Representative Government and the erosion into complete totalitarianism is blossoming like a rose and the fruit is on the vine.  The Chinese government has systematically and effectively taken more and more control of every aspect of the people’s lives and stripped them of liberty after liberty. 

I’ve seen reports on the Chinese digital experiment that could rightly be called digital totalitarianism.  It began on a large scale in 2010 and has grown exponentially since.  This allows the government to both monitor and control every aspect of people’s lives.  We have the buddings of those designs in American technology and people are dismissing it as though it were nothing more Orwellian fiction.  The people of China are graded on a social credit scale and a lower social credit score can and does dramatically affect the individual’s life and could cost them their very existence.  There are designs for that in America and those designs are embraced by one party far more than the other.

I have long warned that for Big Government to achieve its objective of total control it must collect massive amounts of intricate detail and data on every citizen.  No one is too unimportant for surveillance.  Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the other social media venues are working in what appears to be a coordinated effort to build the platform and amass the data required for Total Control.  Yet, when I say that, many simply shrug their shoulders, roll their eyes, and say, “Conspiracist.” 

In the 2020 Elections, we will either vote to give the quest for control by the Leftist paramountcy or we will reject and defeat their agenda.  Millions of Americans are buying the snake oil that is being packaged and sold regarding the inherent dangers of Climate Change or Global Warming. 

They are buying the philosophy that somehow the inanimate firearm is the problem and by stripping law-abiding gun owners of their rights crime, murder, and evil will be eradicated.  They are buying the idea that the rich and corporations are the problem economically and if they are taxed into non-existence everyone will be better off.  They are buying the theory that it is within the scope of a woman’s right to choose and a matter of women’s health to kill that unwanted baby in the womb, disregarding that unborn babies right to life.  They are buying the idea that borders are inhumane, and we are citizens of the world, therefore, people should have free ingress and egress into America.  They are endorsing the philosophy of justification to force a Christian to abandon their core convictions to accommodate the beliefs of another group. 

We are being asked to voluntarily surrender our rights and freedoms and open the door to the very real possibility of having our Freedoms so abridged that any who hold to a conservative, constitutional, and/or Christian view being labeled a criminal.  In a totalitarian government, those of us not in power could find that our ability to read what we choose, watch what we desire, blog what we believe, go where we desire, and interact with others subject to the whim of the ruling powers.  We could lose those liberties or face jail time or death because of our actions or our inactions. 

I believe that is what is at stake in the 2020 Elections and people will either blindly, knowingly, or deludedly open the door to the surrender of their rights, liberties, and freedoms.  Sadly, their volunteering will not just affect them but all Americans.  No, I am not saying the Republican Party is saintly or right in everything.  What I am saying is that the National platform of the Democratic Party and those seeking to lead that Party are dangerously wrong for America.  The toxicity of liberalism the drive toward Socialism, and the stripping our nation of the ability to maintain its sovereignty is deadly. 

Therefore, if you like your Freedom and desire to keep it, please consider voting NO on the Leftists in November 2020.  I truly believe that our Constitutional Republic and our Freedoms are hanging in the balance.

God bless you and God bless America!


In our politically charged world filled to overflowing with Political Correctness and interminable raving against the current president, I have an observation and a question for everyone.  My observation is that considering the incessant diatribe rhetoric allegations and calls for violence against him, he has been surprisingly calm. 

Before, you blast me claiming that he is anything but calm try to put yourself in his shoes.  Try imagining every day of your life being called a traitor, accused of treason, called a phobic degenerate of some kind.  Try imagining every day of your life where someone on television, in the media, in Hollywood, and in Congress calling for your head.  Try imagining every day where someone is calling for your murder, beheading, the rape, and sodomization of your family and more.  I doubt you can imagine that but try anyway.

Now, try to place yourself in his shoes with the power to fire people under the Constitution and end some of the attacks, would you?  I dare say that most would, but he has not.  He allowed the Mueller investigation to continue even when, I’m sure, he would have liked to nip it in the bud.  He has gone on the offensive and defensive on Twitter and people are calling him every name under the sun for that.  He has called the investigation and charade of the Democrats in Congress and the complicity of the Republicans in allowing them to drive this bus a ‘witch hunt.’  Does that make him a traitor, a racist, a bigot, a phobic degenerate or any of the charges leveled at him? 

I recall former President Barack Obama jumping into situations and taking a side before the facts were known.  I recall the Obama’s and the Clinton’s using various federal agencies to target their perceived enemies.  Bill and Hillary called Ken Starr anything but a human being in his investigation of Bill.  Barack Obama used the IRS, the DOJ, and other agencies to target those who opposed him.  Donald Trump has done less of that than either of those two, but somehow, he is an unrestrained loose cannon that is mentally deranged and unfit for the office of the President. 

I am a Christian, a veteran, a lover of Freedom and Free Speech and consider my self a conservative constitutionalist and a patriot.  That being said, I can tell you, not proudly, but factually, that had someone gone public with the call for one of my children to be kidnapped, raped, and sodomized, I would not have been calm.  My indignation would have reached the boiling point and I would probably not have been too concerned if it was righteous or not.  That’s an honest confession and may make reduce your opinion of me.  You can touch me all you please and I can exercise restraint but touch my family and we have a problem.  I may have to do some serious repenting later but in the immediate, we have a problem!

President Donald Trump has endured over two years of digging, fishing, and investigations into every aspect of his life.  If he does not fully disclose every document and detail that those attacking him want, he is worthy of impeachment to them.  They all seem to forget that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others still refuse to give various bits of information requested by those trying to find something on them, but that was okay.  Seriously?  What happened to ‘equal protection under the law’?  What happened to unbiased and bipartisan searches for the truth?  My observation is, that is a mythical creature when it comes to Democrats investigating this President and anyone connected to him. 

In the Hillary scandals, we are told, “that’s ancient history, move on.”  With Brett Kavanaugh, everything from his childhood on was fair game.  With Barack Obama we are told, “that’s ancient history, move on.”  With Donald Trump, everything from the time of his birth is fair game.  The mantra has been and will continue to be that Donald J. Trump is the scum of the earth and so reprehensible that no sane person could support him, although millions did.  The attacks on his name, his character, his victory, his agenda, some which are quite similar to previous presidents is never-ending.  In the minds of the Left and those who detest him so deeply they’d prefer Hillary as president, Trump is garbage and anyone supporting him is, in the words of Hillary, “Deplorable.”  Barack Obama called those of us who support Life, the 2nd Amendment, and our religious freedom, “Bitter Clingers.” 

How are those words acceptable but Trump calling MS-13 Gang members animals, which they are, vile?  It is my observation that this President has demonstrated incredible restraint when, if he were what he is accused of, a tyrant, a totalitarian, and the myriad of other classifications, he would have squashed those opposing him like a bug. 

Those on the Left like Bernie Sanders who want Government Everything are more totalitarian than Trump has been.  Those on the Left who have rioted in the streets destroying public and private property while committing acts of violence claiming to be Anti-Fascist are being Fascist in their actions.  Trump has not done that.  Barack Obama called for those who supported him to ‘get in their faces’ and he called for his followers to ‘bring a gun when the other side brings a knife.’  Hillary expressed that she believes the rest of us incapable of raising our kids because she supported programs, as did the Obama’s that would strip parents of their rights and ability to train their children according to their beliefs.  She even said, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  No, Hillary, it takes a mother and father in a loving home following basic moral principles to train a child to become a responsible and productive adult.

So, it is my observation that no matter what President Trump and his supporters do, they are wrong in the eyes of those on the Left and worthy of extermination.  It is my question for everyone, “If you had to walk a mile or one day in his shoes and have the charges hurled at you that have been incessantly hurled at him, how would you respond?”  

If your plan is to give me a pious response, I must remind you that God is listening and one day you will have to give account for any prevarications.  I’m not saying you would respond in a full-blown attack, but would you have used your power to retaliate?  I believe that Obama did, I know that the Clinton’s did, and can say without fear of having to retract my words, George W. Bush did.  They all did in some measure.  Does that make any of Trump’s flaws justifiable?  No, but his ability to continue trying to achieve what he promised is impressive in the face of this daily fusillade or accusations and innuendos.

Love me or hate me, I love America and will back any President that is willing to put his all on the line to defend and protect this nation and preserve our freedoms and liberties.  I pray that millions wake up before the 2020 elections and help those of us who want to see limited government and a restoration of the Constitutional Republic defeat the followers of toxic liberalism in the Party of the Donkey.

God bless you and God bless America!


I wondered why President Trump did not declassify much of the information regarding Hillary, the Steele Dossier, and much more months ago, but think I see a picture that is hopeful.  It appears that he, probably through the advice of some astute legal and political counsel waited until they had taken their best shot and came up empty.  Now would be a perfect time to put it all on the table, making public the declassified documents, data, and information.  That would put the Democrats and Media in a tizzy and in a pickle, they desperately want to avoid.

If the President declassifies much of the information regarding the Russia probe, the FBI spying, and even the involvement of Barack Obama or his administration, CNN, the New York Times and all the liberal leftist propaganda machines would not be unable to squash it.  They would try but the public and some that they are determined to keep in the dark would have the light shined on them.  Would it matter?  I suggest that it would to those on the fence, but not those on the Far Left or the Far Right, those camps are entrenched. 

I believe that his restraint was a stroke of brilliance and stole from the Left another possible means of accusing him of obstruction.  He waited, they dug, dug, dug, and manufactured and still came up empty.  Robert Mueller violated so many ethical protocols in his report as well as violating the constitutional guidelines and restraints imposed on him.  Do the Democrats care?  Not so far as I can see, but then what would I have expected.  Mueller’s letter as an addendum to his report was designed to provide them a tool to attack and proceed with their never-ending and desperate search for something to hang their impeachment hats upon. 

The public needs to know and the Department of Justice needs to investigate the process and the players in the FISA warrants obtained, the lies told, the fabricated data, to spy on Trump and his associates.  The public needs to be made fully aware of what Obama knew as well as when he knew it.  We need to know the depth of his involvement either directly or indirectly into this attempted coup to overturn a legitimate presidential election. 

We are not a third-world dictatorship where those in power ignore the rule of law and violate the constitution.  We are the United States of America founded on the premise and principle that “All men are created equal and have inalienable rights including the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”  We have a long-standing principle that everyone is “innocent until proven guilty.”  That has been violated and ignored.

I believe that the declassification of as many documents as legally, constitutionally, while maintaining our national security will benefit the President and the GOP in November 2020.  Of course, the Left would insist that the declassified documents only tell part of the story and are slanted to benefit the President.  They would ignore facts, decry truth, and spin the spin to dupe the dupable keeping them in the fold of liberalism and blind to reality.

I believe that the very fabric of our American Republic is under attack by the Left and those wanting to, as did Barack H. Obama, to ‘fundamentally transform America’.  This is war and failure to recognize it will destroy us.   

If you have not, I urge you to search out and read the letter of Emmet T. Flood to the Attorney General in his response to the Mueller report as well as the investigation.  He details the flaws and failures as well as the incredible legal defect of Mueller’s report and actions.  If you read it objectively you will see the partisan bias from the beginning and the ignoring of ethical and normal prosecutorial procedures by the Mueller Team.  It reveals another reason for the President to declassify as much as he can and release it to the public.

We are witnessing many of our Freedoms and Liberties being eroded in this process.  Before you suggest that the Democrats going after Trump does not infringe on our liberties as citizens, I suggest you pause and think.  If the inversion of “innocence and guilt” are applied as a normal investigative process where does that put us? 

Imagine being accused of some crime and rather than the investigators seeking to find evidence of the crime, they put the burden of proof of innocence on you.  Simply, you become guilty and must prove your innocence.  You are laden with the burden to exonerate yourself.  It is bad enough to be accused of something because the stigma and doubt linger forever in the minds of some, but to be further burdened with exonerating yourself is beyond the scope of the law and the constitution’s guidelines.  That’s what this has been, and it is not only an attack on the President but every citizen who runs afoul of the Politically Correct Police and Ideological Leftist in power.  That is frightening or should be!

I have long prayed for God to expose all the corruption in government no matter what stripe the guilty wear.  I want to see the Swamp drained and the Deep State dismantled.  I want to see America return to being, the Constitutional Republic our Founders established, and we have enjoyed.  I want to see a return to Citizen Representation in Congress rather than career political elitist who have never held any other job governing us.  I want our full constitutional rights, liberties, freedoms, and privileges restored and see a society where everyone is expected to and does carry their own part of the burden of maintaining a Free Society and Republic.

This limited discussion explains, at least in part, why I cannot support the National Democratic Ticket for President.  Their diatribe, rhetoric, ideology, and agenda deter any possibility of my voting for them.  They oppose virtually everything I believe in and hold dear.  They pretend to be for the people but are for themselves and expansive dictatorial authoritarian government and control.  Yes, there are members of the GOP who are not much better, if any, but at least as a whole, the GOP’s basic platform is one I can support most of the time.  I ask that you join me in this struggle and pray for sanity to prevail, freedom to remain intact, and the Left go down in flames in November 2020.  It is up to us!

God bless you and God bless America!


Freedom and Liberty are two words that engender deep emotions in the hearts of millions of Americans and people around the world.  However, they are also two words that are frequently misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misapplied resulting in a condition that hinders rather than advances them.  Virtually, every American would contend they are supporters of both and want them preserved.  Yet, the divide in America along ideological lines politically, morally, economically, socially, and spiritually reveal that we do not all support the same thing when it comes to Freedom or Liberty.  That is a problem!

Freedom is not being able to do what you want when you want, or even where you want.  Freedom and Liberty are terms embraced by our Founding Fathers and the Framers of the American Constitution to project a truth they understood.  They recognized that both had limitations or parameters within which both had to operate in a Free Civil Society guided by a set of laws, a constitution, and a moral code.  They never intended it to be interpreted to mean citizens could do whatever they wanted without consideration of other people and their rights.

I don’t mean to be crude but the sexual activity between two consenting adults engaged in within the confines of their homes is their business.  The operative and qualifying words are ‘consenting adults’ because even if it is within the four walls of your domicile, pedophilia is both morally and legally wrong and impermissible.  You can do what you and another consenting adult can do what you wish in your own home, but you can’t do that same thing on a park bench, in a subway, on a bus, in a restaurant, or in any other public place.  That would be an infringement upon the rights of others so even though you have Freedom to choose within your own home you do not have that same freedom in public. 

If I exercise my right, any right, and it truly infringes upon your right, my right cannot supersede or supervene upon your rights.  I am not talking about Freedom of Speech as some seem to believe that if one speaks in a manner that is offensive or disagreeable to another they are restricted from the right to speak.  I may not like what you are saying, totally disagree with your premise and thesis, and find your tone objectionable but that does not preclude your right to say it and say it in the manner you desire.  There are limited constraints on speech such as shouting fire in a movie theater or inciting a riot or subversion. 

Your religious beliefs and mine may be polar opposites but you have the right to believe and express your beliefs publicly and privately without infringement by the government.  Of course, if your religious beliefs include the extermination of a group of people other than those following your tenets that is not acceptable in any civil society.

Our Founding Fathers believed in and incorporated the oft-quoted and well-known phrase in the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence that must be examined and embraced if we are to remain the Free Constitutional Republic they established. 

The original draft of Jefferson’s words read; “We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness…”  The Committee of Five edited it and gave us the revised version found in the Declaration of Independence.  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” 

We do not have to like or agree with each other but based on the Constitution and I believe the teachings of Scripture we must respect and honor the inalienable or unalienable rights of others.  Life is more than breathing and existing it defines everything about our existence. 

It includes breathing and existing, but it must include the right to live that life freely without undue interference or restriction from any other person or government.  It is a right given by God.  It is the right to self-determination. It is the right to experience, associate with, and practice what we believe.  Let me add, every human born on planet earth as well as those being formed in the womb have the right to Life and the expectation that others will honor that right.  Violating that right is justifiably met with swift and severe consequences legally, morally, and biblically.

Liberty is more than being able to do whatever you want whenever you want to do it.  That is not Liberty it is anarchy and Freedom cannot exist in anarchy.  Anarchy, if allowed to continue long-term results in oppression, coercion, and absolute control by some outside force. 

Anarchy is, by definition, no rule, no law, no order.  Anarchy results in utter chaos, increased civil warring factions engaged in violence, and undisciplined activity.  It results in Tyranny and Tyranny is also no government or no self-government and obliterates a Republic.  Direct Democracy produces both and although many of today’s politicians and some in institutions of higher learning insist that we are a Democracy in America, we are not!  We should never want to be because of the violation of our inalienable rights it would invite.

I believe that the declaration of our Founding Fathers regarding the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness is so far-reaching it should become a stand-alone class in Church and the educational system.  No, I do not mean everything about the Declaration or Constitution, those are worthy of study in their own right but those few words to define our major reason and objective in the break from Great Britain in 1776.  Liberty is not the complete pictures and does not cover the full scope of the objective.  Liberty is encapsulated within equally significant commitments by our Founders to Life and Happiness.  I believe that Life and Happiness give form and substance to Liberty.  All three must be protected against all enemies foreign and domestic.

It would serve us well to reread and study the 14th Amendment in the context of the Declaration of Independence and those guarantees of our inalienable rights.  I won’t go into a long treatise of this amendment but suffice it to say that whenever a government becomes destructive of inalienable rights, it is the people’s right to create a new government with principles and power. 

I am not advocating a coup against our government or our present form of government simply trying to say that the federal and state governments have no right to infringe upon our inalienable rights!  That is part of the sought guarantee and recognition of the right to Pursue Happiness as well as to have Life and Liberty.

This is another in the multitude of reasons I reject the National Socialist Leftist Liberal Globalist Democratic Party and the RINO approach and idea of government.  I support limited government and desire a government of the people, for the people, and by the people.  Both sides of the political aisle have disappointed me and have engaged in agendas and policies that abuse and seek to infringe upon my inalienable rights.  I remember them when it is time to vote.  I remember them when I go to prayer.  I remember them when I speak to others.  I am a lover of America and desire that each of us is afforded our inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

God bless you and God bless America!