It’s not my fault, so it must be yours…..

From the inception of the Obama Presidency, finger-pointing, blaming everyone and everything by his administration, but NEVER taking responsibility for their own actions has inundated us. I heard recently that since he would not be able to run on his record, his brain trust decided their campaign would vilify whomever his opponent might be through character assignation, innuendos, misrepresentations, and the like to divert attention from his failures and somehow make him appear as the principled one in the discussion. It will be a vicious campaign with more mud-slinging than we have seen in the past according to this report. That would be consistent with what has been happening for the past three years with this President. He has yet to accept responsibility for anything. He insists that he inherited an economy so bad that even his team didn’t realize how bad it was and were not aware. Yet, he was in the Senate leading up to the election so how did he not know? That would suggest incompetence, ignorance, lack of due diligence and lack of qualifications for the job he was seeking. He fails to recognize that since 2007 until the 2010 election the Democrats controlled both houses of congress and for the past three years the White House as well. Any reasonable, mature person would understand that at some point you have to accept responsibility for your actions. If you are the leader, the bulk of responsibility and accountability belongs to you and integrity would suggest that you man up and accept it. Yet, we continue to hear the “Blame Game” being played and it is tiring and we need true leadership in Washington.

The Blame Game is not new in fact it began in the Garden of Eden or even before when satan received the boot from heaven. But, back to the Garden of Eden; when God came to Adam about his disobedience he blamed God and Eve. Genesis 3:12-13“The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me from the tree, and I ate.” NASU Way to go Adam, it was God’s fault for giving you a weak partner not your fault for being weak yourself. Then when God addressed the issue with Eve she blamed the serpent. Genesis 3:13 “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.” NASU It has continued throughout the biblical record and history and is evidenced in many, if not most, problems we are seeing today. Another significant factor is what appears to be Pathological Narcissism in this President. I believe that when a person refuses to accept responsibility for their own actions it is evidence of immaturity, inability to face reality, is often driven by a radical ideology, and is frequently evidence of extreme narcissism. In short, the person CANNOT accept or face the fact that they have failed or are a failure; therefore the fault has to lie with someone or something else.

Some things that I have seen from this President that suggests to me that he is a Narcissist are:

1. He is rigid and inflexible in his thinking and dealing with others. (In my opinion, he truly believes that he is the only one right and everyone else is wrong. Likewise, he believes that if anyone disagrees with him it is a sign of a lack of intelligence and they are due treatment as children who need a stern correction and lecture, if not punishment.)
2. He believes that he cannot be wrong. (He uses rhetoric, false information, blatant misrepresentation of facts, and deviations from the truth to substantiate his correctness. I believe this comes from his indoctrination from childhood and that he was never held accountable for any of his actions. It was the evil empires of the Western world, Capitalist, the White Race, Conservatives, or one of a myriad of other possibilities that brought him to the place he is today in his thinking.)
3. He is arrogant, boastful, and pretentious. (His body language and his words convey a message that he believes that he is smarter, better, more deserving, and ideologically superior to everyone else. How dare anyone, disagree. The “main-stream media” helped to fabricate an image of him as being a type of messiah that was far above anything that the world had ever witnessed and he truly believes it is true.)
4. He has demonstrated a desire and willingness to punish criticism and is aggressive in his response to criticism and disagreement with him or his ideology. (He has a documented enemies list and through his Czars and other agencies of government taken steps to punish anyone and everyone who disagrees with him.)

I don’t know the depth of his disdain for this country but from his own writings and from reported comments by his mother and grandparents, he is a man driven to achieve the “Dream of his father” who was an African Anti-Colonialist, socialist, who hated the Western world and its culture, and was a racist. He even said, in “Dreams From My Father”“It was into my father’s image…that I packed all the attributes I sought in myself.” His father hated the rich to the point that he wanted to increase taxes on the rich up to 100% and developed in his son the idea of “redistribution of wealth” a clearly socialist or communist ideology. His associations and mentors have been radical ideologues who share much of the same sentiments as did his father. He spent over twenty years in a church where the pastor, a man he said helped shape his life, espoused hatred for Israel, expressed racist sentiments, and openly denigrated the United States of America. It was only after this became a potential issue in the campaign did he leave that church, which would appear to have been for expediency rather than ideological differences with the teachings of the church. Influenced by people such as Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Frank Marshall Davis, Alice Palmer (a radical leftist who introduced him to Ayers), Gregory Galluzzo (who initiated him into community organizing from a leftist point of view), Mike Kruglik (who helped train Obama on Alisnky’s organizing methods), Rev. Jeremiah Wright, John L. McKnight (a professor at Northwestern University also schooled Obama in the Alinsky methods), he became the ideologue he is today. Obama has stated regarding being tutored by McKnight, Galluzzo, and Kruglik as being “the best education I ever had, better than anything I got at Harvard Law School.” With all this in mind, how can we fail to see why this President is so determined to undermine the Constitution of these United States and dismantle our system of government and as he promised to“fundamentally change America.” Sadly, the change is not in the best interest of the vast majority of Americans and will destroy American Exceptionalism and relegate this great country to third-world status if allowed to continue.

I’ve only touched on a few things regarding this President and the dire state that our country is in. I readily acknowledge that it did not begin with him and the blame for our condition is vast and far-reaching, but he is the one who has succeeded in moving us to the point of no return. The 2010 elections were a step in the right direction but only a small step. In my view, we need total house cleaning in Washington and the professional politicians (with a few exceptions in the current membership of Congress) removed from office. We MUST HAVE not NEED TO HAVE men and women of integrity, who value and honor the founding principles and documents of this nation, elected. People, who will honor God, honor the desires of WE THE PEOPLE, provide the true checks and balances the framers designed and desired, and stand firm in doing THE RIGHT THING. Will we see that? At this point, I honestly do not know. Too much money, too many special interests, too much elitism and cronyism, too many entrenched politicians and bureaucrats in place to say we can accomplish it short of a Miracle from God.

That is why I continue to call for a concerted, national commitment to intercession for this nation. We cannot just labor to achieve certain results at the polls we must prostrate ourselves before God in honest, humble repentance and seek His face and favor. We need a Moses, a Joshua, a Deborah, a Gideon to step on the scene and under the Holy Spirit’s guidance lead us to the place that God desires and once again be “One Nation Under God.” Please do not allow politicians to devalue us and attempt to manipulate us through their “Blame Games”. Let’s hold them accountable for their actions and shine the light of examination upon their records not just listen to their words and mostly empty promises. AMERICA needs us like she has never needed us before, so please STAND UP FOR AMERICA and defend her, she is worth saving! God Bless America and God Bless You!

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