We have never been at this juncture in the history of America! We are living in uncharted waters politically, economically, individually, nationally, and even spiritually. I have often wondered what our Founding Fathers would think if they were able to step on the scene of American politics today. We have allowed our nation to drift far from their expressed and intended purpose and design for this great nation. We can blame the left, the liberals, the socialist, the Democrats, and Republicans; but if we are honest, the ultimate blame comes back to us. We allowed it to happen! We have been the proverbial frog in the pan where the water was gradually heated and instead of leaping out of the pan the poor frog sat there until he died. We have watched a slow erosion of our liberties, the dismantling and circumventing of the Constitution; and possibly because it did not directly impact us or did not impact us too severely we did nothing. We watched and sent the same politicians back to Washington again and again to create this untenable situation and unsustainable debt that our great-grandchildren will be unable to pay. The question is frequently posed to and asked by me, “Can America Survive?” Can we survive if we do not put the brakes on this runaway train and reign in the abuse of our Constitutional liberties and freedoms? I believe it is time to bring Washington to its knees and boot out those who will not truly be “Servants of the People” and “Represent We the People.”

Although it is not a new thought I have been contemplating the last Presidential election and I saw how the candidate Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Sorento or whoever he really is, the left, and the media conspired to elect an individual who was completely unqualified for the job. They hid relevant personal information that no other has been able to hide. They labeled anyone who questioned him or anything he had done or not done as a racist. There was such infatuation with the idea of the first black President that they overlooked that he is half white and completely disconnected from the black man or woman of this country whose lineage is traceable to slavery. Yet the black community overwhelmingly voted for him not based on policy or ideology but because of the color of his skin. I know this was true for many, because I questioned numerous people, raising particular issues without identifying them as Republican or Democrat issues and almost 100% of the time they would state that they opposed it. Yet, when I would identify that the issue we were discussing were views held by Mr. Obama himself, they would tell me, “I don’t care, I’m voting for him because he is black.” If I stated publicly that I was voting for anyone because they were white, I’d be branded a racist; so, please tell me how their action is not? I do not vote for a candidate based on skin color but ideology, philosophy, record, and what platform they embrace.

We are now facing another Presidential election with this same individual seeking a second term. Sadly many are still adopting the same stance they had during the first election. Admittedly, many are voting to stay on the dole; they do not want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg for them. They want to keep receiving from the government, so they do not have to do what the rest of us do, work to earn a living and live within their means. They are willing to give up their liberties and allow the government to make life decisions for them. They expect this President and his party redistribute the nations wealth (although taking from the middle class could hardly be described as wealth, because the middle class are not wealthy). They want anyone who has invested themselves and accomplished success punished and forced to support them without having to spend the energy, develop the ideas, and run the risk of losing everything themselves.

We have a President that has openly stated in his book, that “if the political winds turn sour he would side with the Muslims.” He has alienated our friends and embraced those who would destroy this country and even vow to do so. We have a President who openly laments that the Constitution restricts him from being able to do all he desires to do to bring this country into a state of tyrannical rule and socialism. We have a President who is so narcissistic; he either cannot or will not open his eyes and see the price the American people are paying and will pay for generations for his policies and actions. We have a President who wants to not just punish but obliterate anyone who opposes him. He goes out of his way to put in place Czars and use agencies of the Federal Government to take punitive action against businesses and individuals that he does not like and that are vocal in their opposition to his policies and ideology.

He has openly stated that he wants to change the National Anthem to something that does not inspire the patriotic spirit that our current one does. He wants something less offensive to those in nations that hate us and for what we stand. He wants to eliminate any reference to bombs bursting in air or our military might. He has expressed that for those reasons both he and his wife have disdain and they even harbor hatred for the flag of this great nation. He did that in a 60 Minutes interview that the network conveniently edited out so the public would find it difficult to know how he really views this nation. (Imagine that! They spent 20 years in the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Church, where that type of thought was regularly preached from the pulpit. His mentors were domestic terrorist, and those who would destroy our system of Capitalism. His father was an avowed hater of both the British & Americans and espoused the ideology of anti-capitalism and was anti-globalist, wanting to bring down the Western world.)

We have a President who continues to live the life of extravagance while most Americans are struggling to keep their heads above water economically. I do not begrudge any President a vacation but the number of vacations, the entourage that follows him, and the expense to the American taxpayer troubles my sensibilities. It is beyond rational comprehension, considering the economic times we are experiencing. He spends like money grows on trees and seems to give no thought to how future generations will pay the tab. He claims that he wants us to become less dependent on foreign oil but refuses to allow us to tap our natural resources here in this country which would more than offset our need for foreign oil. We could have the oil, natural gas, and develop alternative energy sources at the same time, but his hatred for the oil companies and desire to totally control prevents him from allowing us to glean that which God has provided under our soil to keep us free and whole. He told us before his election that he would fundamentally change America. He has, and is in the process of dismantling the very framework of this Nation. He is putting people in the judiciary who will trash the Constitution that is so precious and vital to our continued liberty and freedom.

I have had people tell me that America deserves him and that it is God’s judgment upon us for our sinfulness. To that I have to protest and say “nobody deserves this.” I do not believe that God’s desire is to see America destroyed while allowing nations such as China, Iran, and other totalitarian governments to flourish and survive. I know the Biblical prophecies regarding the “End Times.” I know that for many of the prophecies to come to pass America and Britain as free nations cannot continue and will ultimately fall. Yet, will it be God’s judgment on these nations or our slothfulness that brings it to pass? You might argue that they are the same but I challenge you to think that through.

If you hold your freedom precious and love this Nation then you face a critical decision in November 2012. You can support someone with a legitimate chance of unseating this current President and give us a chance to recover or you can vote for Obama or someone who will effectively take votes away from a viable candidate and consequently cast a ballot for the current President. Some will not like that statement and probably no longer want to hear what I have to say; but, I know it is the truth. I do not like voting for the lesser of two evils or having to settle, but I can see no future in this President having a second term. I too am a man of principle and hold my faith very dear. That is why I have said repeatedly that I will diligently seek the face of God to find out for whom I am to cast my ballot. I believe the Spirit of God’s direction, at this time, is for me to vote for the Republican candidate and endeavor to get as many others to do the same as I possibly can. If God directs me differently I will obey His direction.

Until the decision is final I will continue to pray that God moves on the hearts of voters to select the individual He desires as the nominee. Once the process of nomination is complete, I pray that God moves on the heart of that nominee to align himself or herself with His purposes and desires of the Kingdom of God. I pray that the nominee puts the nation ahead of any personal agenda. I pray that God moves on the hearts of men and women throughout this nation to vote as He desires and to seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. I love God and love this country. I fought under her flag and will do so again if necessary to preserve her.

I pray that this next year brings you everything that you need, and that you walk in health and wholeness. I pray that God directs your path and opens the doors He wants you to go through and closes the ones that are not His purpose for your life. I pray that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers. May God bless you richly and may God bless America! Whatever you do, please stay energized and active in securing for America a Hope that is real and a Future filled with continued Liberty and Justice for All as One Nation under God! Thank you for reading this post. If you wish to share it please feel at complete liberty to do so!

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