Just a few years ago, it seems, I was a child growing up in East Texas in a rural setting in a home with two loving parents who loved God, respected the rights of others, and gave us moral moorings that still anchor our lives today. I could not imagine seeing the calendar rolling over to the year 2000. We imagined via the Science Fiction movies and comic books a world that would have flying cars, teleportation devices, and other innovations that were way outside the box. Now we have computers and other devices that almost take us to those places but we are not advanced technologically to the point of the Sci-Fi world of our imaginations.

In those times, growing up, the country as a whole had a “moral compass” and while there was corruption, crime, graft, deception, and dishonesty, there was a basic honesty or moral fabric to our society. We honored the sanctity of marriage, respected our elders, had a sense of pride that motivated us to “earn” what we received and did not expect a free ride. Today, it seems that we are losing that “moral compass” and are drifting if not rapidly declining into a society that is so “self-centered” and has such an “entitlement mentality” that we accept the ideology that “the end justifies the means” in all things.

We were not coddled growing up, nor did our parents instill in us that any problems or difficulties we faced were the fault of someone or something else. They were obstacles that come to virtually everyone and it was up to us to overcome through hard work, honesty, and faith in God. Our parents taught us “self-sufficiency” in the sense that we took the talents and abilities God had given us and developed them and made the best of our situation. They instilled in us the “Fear God” in a reverential way. We learned that we were expected to give an honest day’s work for a day’s pay. Our parents and grandparents taught us to be courteous, helpful, considerate, respectful, and loyal. From early childhood respect women and giving them the place of honor taught in the Bible was ingrained in us. Patriotism was instilled in our hearts at an early age and we believed that America was a nation founded upon principles of Freedom, rooted in Bible truths, and that every American had the right to believe what they choose and express that in a civil manner.

Today, it seems that we are losing our MORAL COMPASS and have abandoned the philosophy of earning a living through honest labor. It seems that we have abandoned the principle that God and His Word are foundational in our lives and society. We have allowed those who do not believe in God and want to transform this nation into something other than what the Founding Father’s established and envisioned to attempt to remove God completely from our Public Lives! We have abandoned the clear teachings of the Bible regarding many things and even enacted laws that strike down the commandments of God. As I muse over those things I am reminded of the disciples as they responded to commands to violate God’s directives – “Who shall we obey, God or man?”

We have a President today, and I readily acknowledge that he is not the first, that has no respect for the Constitution or American Exceptionalism. He says on one hand that he is a Christian and then takes positions for political expediency that violate the very biblical principles he claims to espouse. So many in our society are so filled with hatred that complete annihilation of those they hate be it based on race, gender, sexual preference, or something else would be perfectly acceptable to them. We still claim to believe in God yet our actions suggest that if we do we do not consider Him to be OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT, or OMNIPRESENT. We have become isolationist in the sense that we are more interested in “What’s in it for me?” than we are in “What is right?”

America is heading in a direction that breaks my heart and I know that it breaks the heart of God. We must return to our foundational roots and regain our moral compass or we will become nothing more than an afterthought in history. It is time that this nation, elect people to serve in the various offices from the lowest to the highest that recognize the sovereignty of God, the sanctity of human life, the God given rights of all people, and reestablish, a moral compass that moors us in the pursuit of honesty and right. I am not suggesting that we legislate that everyone believe in God or that we pass laws that mandate such, but I am suggesting that as individuals and a society of civilized people we must return to our MORAL FOUNDATION. I am convinced that we can make that transition and return to our foundation where we see a restored America again.

I cannot change the world but I can allow the Holy Spirit to change me. I cannot live for the rest of society but I can allow the Holy Spirit to order my life according to the principles of God’s Word. I cannot eliminate all dishonesty from society but I can eliminate it from my life. Therefore, it is my objective to “cast all my care” upon the Lord and allow Him to transform my life molding it into that which He desires. I believe that the more I accomplish that the more my moral compass will become evident to others and as that transpires the Love of God will become more evident and more will be drawn to Him thus changing lives for good. It does not take everyone doing this but if I can motivate one and that one motivates one, over time, we will touch the world.

Just a few thoughts about my life and life in general! May God bless you and may God bless America!

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