I am not coming here today to tell you that I have the answers to what happened or the clear direction of where we should go or what we should do. I am coming to say a couple of things in hope that it will help all of us move toward the next step.


What do I mean? We can either fold up our tents and crawl into our own little worlds trying to protect what little we have left and watch the rest of the world go to “you know where” or we can resist and refuse life as rugs walked on.


One way, and the most important way, is to make “intercessory prayer” a part of our lives in a significant manner.

A. Pray for the “leaders” even the ones we don’t believe are legitimate leaders, that God will move on them, expose them, or do whatever is necessary to bring them into the light.
B. Pray for our “fellow believers” that God will protect and provide for them in this time of crisis.
C. Pray for “lost souls” that God will somehow engineer their situations so that they will become receptive to the message of the Gospel.

Another way is to selectively choose issues that are critical to us and go on a “letter writing campaign” to our elected officials.

A. Pick an issue such as the “cover up” of Benghazi and the criminal and even murderous/treasonous actions of this administration and contact your elected officials with regular follow-up. Write, email, text, call them at least once a month or every couple of weeks expressing your desire to see Congress take action up to and including “criminal prosecution.”
B. Make a list of issues and on a rotating basis – “weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly” contact your elected officials on these issues and not only request follow-up but follow-up yourself so that they will know that you are serious.

A third way is to “become involved” in organizations such as a local Tea Party or start one and begin planning now for the next election cycle with potential candidates, campaign strategies, and efforts to raise funds.

A final way is to “prepare” yourself spiritually, emotionally, financially, and physically to protect and defend that which is rightfully yours and your family. I won’t go into detail as to what that might include or involve I will leave that up to you. My family has been and will continue to seek to hedge against the dollar’s devaluation with things that will retain value and items with which we can barter. We also are securing generators that can operate should the power go out to give us some stability in our home. We are seeking to amass a supply of non-perishable food supplies and locate possible places we can turn to for the harvesting of game, fish, and producing vegetables should that type of crisis arise away from the city and in secluded areas. We are also prepared to defend our home and our persons against those who would come in and forcible take what does not belong to them. We cap that off with regular and consistent time of communion with the Lord, not making it last but making it the capstone of what we do.

I cannot speak directly at this time to each of you as to what is right for you but we are working on possible contingency plans that address various scenarios and as the Lord nudges my heart I will share some of those. Until that time, I offer the aforementioned items as possibilities for you to consider any or all of them.

America as we have known it faces doom without divine intervention from God and a unified, concerted effort by those of us who I would call “patriots.” We did not get out the vote in this election. There were millions that, for one reason or another, who opposed Barack Obama, chose not to go to the polls while his base and supporters did. That is a shame but a reality and we can’t change that now but we can work toward making sure it NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!

It is my genuine prayer that God bless and protect you and that God deliver America!

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