I was appalled by Bob Costas on Sunday evening in his rant over the tragic situation in Kansas City where a murder and suicide took place leaving a 3 month old little girl an orphan.  He used the tragedy and crime as a springboard for the left-wing agenda to destroy our 2nd Amendment Rights and disarm American citizens.  It is not a new example of opportunistic use of a crisis or tragedy to put forth a political agenda.  This was clearly expressed by the Obama administration early on when Mr. Rahm Emanuel declared, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”  Forget the people hurt, the real issues just use it to gain political mileage for your radical agenda!  I WAS APPALLED!


            Mr. Costas people having guns are not the problem people are the problem.  In this particular instance there are so many factors, many of which have yet to surface that played a major role in this tragedy and not one of them involve the need to DISARM LAW ABIDING AMERICAN CITIZENS.  I admit I have never been a Costas fan but this pushed me over the edge with regard to watching him in the future.  Realizing the network that employs him, I am not the least bit surprised by this but it was the wrong time and the wrong place for the argument.  I disagree with the argument to begin with but if someone wants to broach it I have no problem with that but to take advantage of the situations sensitivity as well as the timing and the pain being endured not only by the families but possibly thousands of other people it was inappropriate.

             Mr. Costas, we already know that Mr. Belcher had some serious problems prior to this incident.  He and his girlfriend, the mother of his baby were having problems and had been for some time.  According to reports they argued frequently and sometimes it got very tense.  According to statistics of the over 1700 players in the NFL about 2% of them have faced abuse or violence charges.  But, nobody is blamingfootball for this, head injuries, the medication he was taking, drinking, and a host of other things.  Oh no, they blame the evil gun.  Forget the fact that, if we are honest, this was a MURDER then a SUICIDE and so the issue was not the gun it was the individual.  I don’t know and don’t pretend to know what mental, physical or emotional issues he might have been having.  Recently in Arizona a man killed two family members with a Crossbow and then himself with a knife but nobody suggested that we ban bows, arrows, and knives.  There have been multiple NFL players involved in situations where intoxication while driving was the problem but nobody blamed the car or the alcohol distiller for the problem.  When thousands of teenagers are killed in Chicago and other cities across this nation over things as trivial as loud music nobody is blaming the “Gangsta Rap” with its violent lyrics or the home environment where the teen lives in a single parent home where the father has multiple children with multiple women and bails leaving the mother to do the best she can nobody is blaming personal responsibility they want to blame the evil gun.  THE GUN IS NOT THE PROBLEM PEOPLE ARE!

             Saying that guns do not keep us safe from government is a broad generalization that won’t hold water.  While I am willing to concede that my guns might not keep a rogue government from inflicting harm if it so chooses, it will protect my family if a thug breaks into my home at 2 A.M. to do whatever it is he or she has in mind.  My guns will protect me if I am in a public setting and a lunatic with a gun decides to shoot everybody in the place.  I just might be able to save my life and the lives of countless others because I have a license to carry a firearm and do.  I am well-trained and know how to control my emotions so that it would be inconceivable that I would allow any situation to escalate by my actions that would lead to violence. 

             If I place my 9mm on your coffee table how long will it be before that gun gets up and shoots someone?  IT NEVER WILL!  There is always a loose cannon at the end of the gun to cause that problem.  Recently I read that a man took a piece of rope and strangled his wife and two children but didn’t hear anybody wanting to ban rope.  A mother in Texas drowned her children in the bathtub but I didn’t hear cries to ban water and bathtubs.  I’ve known of situations where people took prescription medication to not only take their own lives but cases where they used it to take the life of another but didn’t hear anybody suggesting that we ban all prescription medication, some of which is needed to keep their personality disorders in check so that they are somewhat functional.

             The argument that because of this incident or any incident like it suggests that we need to ban all guns is more than ludicrous it is a direct assault on the 2nd Amendment and lacks reason and sensibility.  If you are a gun control activist and sympathetic with this type of action and decide to disassociate with me I’m sorry to see you go but I am adamant about my belief in this and will not change.  You can pass all the gun bans you want yet people lacking sensibility and rationality as well as criminals will find a way to get a gun or something else to commit their crime.  YOU WILL NOT SAVE LIVES, in fact you will cost them.  Statistics support my argument because in the states that allow concealed and even open carry there is less gun violence than in those with strict gun bans such as Washington DC and other parts of this nation.

             Mr. Costa, Mr. Gun Running Attorney General, Mr. President, and every progressive, socialist, liberal that wants to ban guns I say to you – GET THE FACTS!  There is little doubt that someone in Congress was waiting on this because before this man’s body was cold there was something on the floor to BAN GUNS.   No doubt it had been prewritten and they were just waiting on something to allow them to float this idea again.  It is a continual barrage and assault on every law-abiding, constitution believing American and the first step in a Tyrant being able to take over is to “disarm the citizens.”  I’m afraid I have to agree with the words of Charlton Heston on this, “Out of my cold dead hands Mr. President.”  I do not intend to leave my family unprotected in the face of the level of depravity that our society has descended.

             We MUST bombard our elected officials and do everything in our power to protect our God-given and Constitutional Rights if we want to maintain any semblance of being a Free Nation.  I urge you to continually stay in contact with your elected officials even if they are strong proponents of this type of measure and let them know that you are strongly opposed to the banning of our right to keep and bear arms.

             May God bless and protect you and may God deliver and wake up America!

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